In this article, I will be providing my quick picks and predictions for the upcoming UFC Vegas 80 event. I will be analyzing each fight on the card and giving my thoughts on the potential outcomes. From Alexander Hernandez vs. Bill Algeo to Grant Dawson vs. Bobby Green, I will break down each matchup and provide my predictions. So, let’s dive right in!

Alexander Hernandez vs. Bill Algeo

I believe that Bill Algeo has the durability and stamina to weather the early storm from Alexander Hernandez. While Hernandez is coming down from 145 to 155, his stamina may not be the same. I expect Algeo to potentially drop the first round but then take over and start beating up Hernandez in the third round. It will be a close fight, but I like the durability of Algeo in this matchup.

Felipe Lind vs. Yan Calaba

Yan Calaba is a fighter who has been getting knocked out left and right. Although he won his last fight, his chin and wrestling are questionable. On the other hand, Felipe Lind is a former heavyweight with good speed and decent hands. If Calaba comes in with his wrestling background, Lind has the ability to reverse positions and potentially submit him. I believe Lind will be able to control the fight and either win by striking or submission.

Drew Dober vs. Ricky Glenn

Drew Dober is known for his striking, but he has a tendency to get hit and knocked out. However, I believe that Ricky Glenn does not have the same speed as Matt Frevola, who knocked out Dober in his last fight. I expect Dober to be the better striker in this matchup and come out with the win.

Alex Morono vs. Waen Buckley

Waen Buckley is a powerful and explosive striker, but he lacks technicality. On the other hand, Alex Morono is a more technical striker with underrated power. Morono is also a high-level grappler, which could be a problem for Buckley if the fight goes to the ground. I believe Morono will be the better striker and can handle himself on the ground if needed.

Joe Piper vs. Abdul Razak Alhassan

Joe Piper is the favorite in this matchup, but I need to see more from him against better competition before I start betting on him at such high odds. Abdul Razak Alhassan is known for his knockout power, and if Piper leaves himself exposed, he could get caught. While I still pick Piper to win, I want to see him go through some adversity before I fully trust him.

Grant Dawson vs. Bobby Green

Grant Dawson is relentless with his grappling and wrestling. Even if he gets tired, he keeps pushing for takedowns. Bobby Green is a skilled wrestler, but he lacks power and may struggle off his back. While I am a fan of Green, I believe Dawson will be able to secure taked owns and potentially finish the fight with a submission. I pick Grant Dawson to win this matchup.


In this article, I have provided my quick picks and predictions for the UFC Vegas 80 event. From Alexander Hernandez vs. Bill Algeo to Grant Dawson vs. Bobby Green, I have analyzed each matchup and given my thoughts on the potential outcomes. While these predictions are based on my analysis and opinion, anything can happen in MMA, so tune in to see how the fights unfold. Thank you for reading and make sure to check out the event!

what’s going on guys welcome back to Wei
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the action quick pic video for UFC Vegas
80 first up we got Montana De la Rosa
versus JJ aldrid and this one is going
to be a close one I’m leaning towards
Montana in this match up and a lot of it
has to become the short notice for JJ I
think JJ is the better striker in this
matchup she can probably hold her own in
the grappling but in short notice
Montana is a girl that is probably one
of the most talented girls I’ve ever
seen with a 12-8 record has lost to mosy
really really top level competition and
in this match I think that she can just
kind of wear down JJ JJ if she can
control the distance control the
Striking she can win this matchup but if
this starts turning into a dog fight
like man Montana I keep want to say
Montana like Montana made it against
Macy Barber I think that Montana can can
definitely dog fight her way to a
victory in this match and maybe not get
the takedowns in the first round a
little Hit or Miss there but in the
second round start taken over get the
taked down get the grappling get the
control and start winning this fight so
I am going my in this matchup I
understand that JJ has grappling in her
own she’s probably the better striker in
this match but short notice is a big
concern against somebody that can be so
persistent like Montana De la Rosa
Montana hey you’re my girl this match up
you know what I’m saying so uh you know
hit me up you know on the Instagram my
Instagram Nate Manz versus Matas and
this one’s going to be very interesting
I I do not I’ll be honest with you I
don’t understand the odds at all I
understand Matas is a shoot the Box guy
he’s very aggressive guy he’s a wild guy
but from what I’ve seen so far he’s kind
of a first round or buz type of guy in
that last matchup came in did all the
wild stuff with really no effect in his
last match I know it was a high level
competition and then really started
fading and Nate is a guy at 125 it’s
going to have crazy crazy length uses
that length pretty well with his
striking what I do worry about is he he
he can get chinned he can get hurt and
Matas is a guy that can get in your face
and if he lands going to hurt you if he
gets you on the ground he can out grab
you Nate can get taken down as well so
this is one of those situations where if
you’re going to play it you might as
well play Mata first round in my mind I
I wouldn’t play the minus 200us 250
whatever it is let’s get specific with
it cuz after the first round this is
going to be a close back and forth fight
and I think that Nate being the cleaner
Striker can really kind of start beating
up Matas in the second in the third
round of this fight if it gets there I
do worry if it does get there so my pick
for this fight it’s gonna be a little
bit Aster right I’m going with Nate but
I’m gonna be very worried those first
three four minutes of this match
especially if he gets taken down because
Matas is going to be very very good in
the grappling so I’m going Nate here but
I’m just hoping that it gets out of the
first round if it gets out of the first
round I feel a lot better about it if
you’re going to play a if you’re going
to play dogs here I mean Nate I think is
not the one two Play Just Because the
first round’s a little bit dangerous but
it might be a live bet situation we’ll
see how it plays out but Nate is my pick
for this matchup Morata versus Vanessa
and this one I I this one’s got me f
though I mean this one I don’t
understand the odds of this listen I
know that Marat is a wrestler and she
should be able to get the takedowns and
she should be able to control somebody
like Vanessa but Vanessa is a girl that
wants to be on the ground she doesn’t
mind to be on her back she will play
that game and I’ve seen Morata in those
situations against Verna she got her arm
snapped now marata by the way Jack
Jenkins take some notes on how you deal
with a broken arm Morata fought an
entire round with a broken arm so Jack
Jenkins maybe toughen up a little bit
but Mara is a girl that has found
herself in some trouble on the ground
even in top position Vanessa is a girl
that I know she’s not the the best
Striker but marata is not a good Striker
I think the the Striking in this matchup
is 50/50 and Vanessa’s probably going to
be the one moving forward the issue is
is marada marada can she keep control
and stay out of danger for 15 minutes
and I’ll be honest with you with the
long layoff with as tenacious and
resilient as Vanessa is I don’t think
can I’m going to have a lot of dogs on
this card there’s going be a lot of
asterisks with these dogs if I’m playing
the Vanessa side she is going to be like
my pick but I’m playing her and I what I
think the be one of the better values on
this card is going to be is going to be
Vanessa inside the distance decision o
action cuz marada could just lay on a
for 15 minutes I don’t think she’s a
she’s a threat to finish Vanessa’s very
tough but Vanessa’s going to be very
very live on the ground that’s where she
wants to be that’s where marada is going
to take this fight so I’m picking
Vanessa but a little bit again like kind
of the Nate the last fight a little bit
of an aster here don’t just tail random
you know let’s get a little bit more
specific inside the distance is no
action something like that but Vanessa I
this a 5055 on the on the feet and I
think she’s the more dangerous person on
the ground she could get out wrestle for
15 minutes but we’ll see how plays out
Vanessa you know what I’m saying so you
know on my Instagram JT lines you know
moo junor versus Ori long and I’m pretty
sure AI long I think I used to call him
AR key Lang or but I’m pretty sure it’s
AI long listen Johnny Munos Jr I’ve I’ve
been back and forth on this guy he was a
former lock of the week got knocked out
with one punch then I went completely
against him in this match up it’s going
to be very interesting we learned and
what I’ve been trying to tell you guys
about Johnny Muno Jr who he is a
Jiu-Jitsu nerd he is a Jiu-Jitsu nerd
you’re going to see him in the Striking
he looks like he knows where he’s doing
but when he backs up in the Striking I
mean his just chin straight up in the
air and he can get knocked out
especially against a guy like AI long
but his takedowns aren’t as bad as they
seem from his last fight if he really
goes all in on the takedowns he can
probably get arichi long to the ground
if he can’t get the takedowns we’ve seen
he’s comfortable pulling guard that’s
why I say that Jiu-Jitsu nerd he will
pull guard and on the ground he’s very
dangerous I mean very very dangerous he
couldn’t catch wiie cat in anything but
on the ground even off his back he
probably can catch AI long in something
the issue is I just can’t I don’t I
don’t I cannot put my money and I cannot
put my picks on a Jiu-Jitsu nerd
somebody that is pulling guard so early
in fights drives me insane and I’ve seen
him get knocked out before arichi long
has decent Tak down defense he’s got to
know what’s coming in this matchup and
all it really takes in my mind is going
to be one shot for marichi long to end
this fight so again here’s another dog
play I know it’s kind of a pick him
fight but it’s a Richi long if you’re
going to play Johnny Muno Junior you
might as well just play him by sub you
know instead of the the minus 105
whatever you’re going to get sub plus
150 plus 200 something like that you
might as well just play him like that
that’s probably how he’s going to win
the fight but I’m taking a reachy long
here I think he can find the shot defend
the first takedowns and I hope that he
doesn’t play the game at all on the
ground but if he does and Johnny gets
the sub I would not be surprised at all
so this is another one where it’s like
I’m making a pick here but it’s like I
can see both sides of it Richi long is
like my official pick but you know
Johnny’s definitely going to be live if
this goes to the ground so let’s move on
to the next Chris Gutierrez versus
Montel Jackson and this another one
where I’ve been back and forth Montel
Jackson is the better overall fighter
right he’s got the wrestling he’s got
long rangey striking with sneaky sneaky
power it’s it’s kind of weird how he
throws that power because he doesn’t
look overly fast but when he lands it’s
like oh yeah he definitely has power and
Chris Gutierrez I know a lot of people
are down on him because of his last
fight with Pedro MOS but that fight was
a fight where he never really got
comfortable you you hear about Fighters
all the time time talk about getting in
the Flow State and fighters in the Flow
State Chris goodier because of Pedro
Muno is all these faints and all his
pressure the Striking pressure never
really got in that flow state in this
fight I think he’s going to be able to
get in a flow state right I think he’s
going to be a lot more comfortable
striking against Montel because Montel
is a guy that will sit back he will wait
A lot of times if you’re betting on
Montel you’re you’re in a situation
where like dude I just wish he kind of
did a little bit more I wish he did a
little bit more he just never goes all
in even in t Downs even in the Striking
he never see him really go all in it
seems like he just doesn’t have that
next gear the issue is he does have that
wrestling and that’s why he’s going to
be my pick for this fight I think that
he’s going to you know get a little bit
tentative in the Striking Chris is going
to get in that flow state in the
Striking but boom those takedowns will
be there to steal rounds and steal this
fight I think Chris is going to look
much better than the Pedro Muno fight
but he’s going to be looking good and
almost too good right because once he
starts f finding that flow State Montel
can go to the wrestling as a high level
wrestler and just kind of nullify
everything in that fight so my pick I
almost did go Chris gooder I’ll be
honest with you he’s going to look
better in my mind but because of the
wrestling overall fighting style I
believe that Montel is the better
fighter that’s why the odds are the way
they are but this is probably going to
be a very very close fight and if Montel
does not wrestle he definitely can lose
his fight so Montel is my official pick
but I hope that he wrestles one takedown
round is all it takes two minutes left
130 in the round get a takedown get that
control win the round move on let’s get
out of here Chris a dangerous guy let’s
move on to the next Carolina versus
Dianna I’m not picking against di come
on not guys I mean look come on man I’m
not picking against de Bel be I will say
that this is probably going to be a back
and forth matchup I am officially done
picking women favorites in a decision
fight if that I think that made sense if
it’s a decision fight if I think that’s
this is probably a decision fight and
and and there is a a high favorite minus
150 M I am not picking or laying money
on females like that anymore I will take
the dog value or at least the dog pick
what I will say here I believe in this
fight just from watching film there’s
going to be more wrestling and more
grappling Than People expect people
probably expect this to be kind of a
back and forth 15minute striking Dianna
throw that little wild overhand r as she
Ducks her head kolina is probably the
more technical better Striker but Di’s
tough man but I’m thinking that there’s
going to be more grappling here and
people forget that Dianna’s pretty
dangerous off her back so my play here
I’m picking Dianna for you for obvious
nothing against Caroline but I mean
she’s like 38 39 now we got di coming up
2728 you know di how you doing but I’m
saying right now my my Wild play for the
week last week I had Charles Jordan by
sub that was my Wild play I won $1,000
off that play DI B sub for some reason
feels like an interesting play for me I
think kolina maybe just kind of slow
down the pace of Dianna clinch positions
we’ve seen di get taken down before she
thinks that’s the path of Victory Dianna
pulls off something random armar or
triangle something like that that’s my
random play honestly if you’re picking
this as a 50-50 fight Carolina is the
better Striker so you probably do want
to go with Carolina in this match up but
I mean is diab Bell beat him man it’s
the and I I’m telling you right now if
she last time she fought she sold her
fight warn sports bra for like $500 like
could have bought I was one of the first
people my card went I’m ready to go now
she sells it again that thing’s going to
be hanging up behind me DI Bell be is my
Play My pick my love by the way di my
Instagram uh JT Bill Alia versus
Alexander the Great Hernandez and this
one is like I I don’t understand why
Alexander is going to 145 once again I
mean we saw him go to 145 just not he’s
not really a I don’t want to say he’s
not a durable guy to begin with he’s
he’s okay durability wise but at 145 you
seen he’s not really a durable guy and
when you are not a durable guy coming
down in weight and you’re fighting a guy
like Bill alio who is like Mr durability
that just seems like a cause for concern
for a guy like Alexander because
Alexander is a guy that after the first
round you just see him just start stair
stepping down now against Jim Miller he
did okay he kind of hung tough but that
was at 155 against a 40-year-old Jim
Miller Alexander’s got to come in he’s
got to set the tone early he’s got to
get in my mind he’s got to get Bel ala
out there in the first round either that
or he’s got to play very very smart he’s
got to almost Point fight Bill AO
because Bill AO is a guy that is very
hitable he can get beat up but the
second you start fading he will
recognize that and he will jump on top
you so Alex needs to do two things go
all in try to get Bel Alo out there
because he can get beat up he can get
hurt and maybe this is the one time you
can find finally get B Alo out in the
first round or he’s got to just say Hey
listen this is going to go 15 minutes I
got to take my time and just point fight
almost the way that he was fighting Jim
Miller because Bill Alo will get beat up
he will get bust up and if you just
point fight him for 15 minutes and you
don’t try to chase a finish you can win
that fight but Alexander seems like a
guy from what I’ve seen in the past that
he will Point fight Point fight Point
fight let’s say three or four minutes in
the first round think he has Bill Alo
hurt and then he’s got a rush in go for
the Finish blow his load Bill’s going to
do what he does weather the storm smile
at you and then knock you down and maybe
submit you so my pick here long story
short is going to be Bill Alia because
he is the perfect until I see him not
fold to the pressure I’m going to
believe that he can weather the early
Alexander Hernandez Alexander coming
down 145 isn’t going to have the same
same stamina at 155 he’s going to
weather the storm maybe drop the first
round but then take over and really
start beating up Alexander thei and the
third round so close fight we’ll see
what happens in the first round could be
interesting but I like the durability of
Bill Alo in this matchup let’s move on
Felipe Lind versus Yan calaba and Yan
calaba is almost like the Andre fialo of
whatever of of 205 I mean at this point
the guy was just getting knocked out
left and right I know he came in his
last fight finally got the win but I
don’t know how anybody can trust him I
don’t know how anybody can trust him or
how he can be a favorite against anybody
especially against a guy like Felipe
Lind Felipe Lind is a guy that at 205
has looked fantastic and he can weather
storms he knows how to slow the fight
down to a pace but if it turns into a a
brawl against a fence Felipe ly is a guy
that will bite down and has good speed
and decent hands against the fence and
if he lands on calaba he’s going to
knock him out but if calaba comes in
with his wrestling background and thinks
I’m just going to take this guy down
Felipe Lyn’s former heavyweight is a big
strong guy would take down the fence can
reverse those positions and is a black
belt on the ground can really find
calaba in some trouble cuz calaba is too
he is Mr what doc Dr Jackal or Mr Hyde
is that Dr Jackal or Mr he on the if he
calabas controlling the fight he’s on
top he looks I mean he looks Unstoppable
he’s got the ground and pound he looks
nasty the second he goes to the bottom
or the second somebody’s on his back he
completely turns into a different person
I think Felipe Linds does that in this
fight calaba is going to come forward
maybe get clipped a little bit go to the
wrestling Felipe is going to be strong
reverse him against defense get a taked
down and really really hurt this guy
either in the Striking or in a
submission so I am going with the upset
here Felipe lens I just don’t know how
anybody can can trust the chin of calaba
and not even the chin even the wrestling
and the grappling Felipe Lind obviously
he’s a little bit older but he’s looked
fantastic 205 I’m going Felipe Lind in
this matchup let’s move Drew Dober and
Ricky Glenn I told you guys about Drew
Dober last time I said that chin ain’t
going to hold on forever Matt fol was my
lock of the week against Drew Dober I
got trashed that entire week oh my God
Drew Dober is Gonna Knock Out and finish
M fora in this match up I think the same
not going to say the same thing’s going
to happen but from the for the rest of
my life I will tell you guys be careful
with Drew Dober cuz he does get hit I
mean he just he does get hit the
difference in this fight is I am going
to pick Drew Dober I think that a Yad
should probably be more like a minus
200us 400 minus 450 for a guy that gets
hit that much is a little bit crazy to
me especially because he does get
dropped constantly got knocked out in
his last fight he’s going to say it’s an
early stoppage or whatever but he was
pretty hurt by fola the difference is
fola has really really nice speed I
don’t think that Ricky Glenn has the
speed of a Matt fora which makes us a
lot different in this matchup also Ricky
Glenn got put on his face in his last
fight as well so I understand the odds
and the love for Drew Dober against a
guy like Ricky Glenn who had a long
layoff came back beat some okay guys got
knocked out um so I am going to go Drew
Dober he should be the better Striker
and what should be a mostly striking
match up and that’s pretty much as
simple as this in just you know minus
400- 450 for a guy that gets hit as much
as him that gets stumbled as much as him
that gets Frozen as much as him that
just got knocked as well a little bit of
a red flag there but Drew Dober is my
morono versus waen Buckley I’m a big
Buckley fan man after that last fight
versus F he got on the mic get bu baby I
I [ __ ] love Buckley but I will say in
matchup I think he’s in a little bit of
trouble man cuz Buckley is a guy that he
isn’t the most technical Striker isn’t
the most technical wrestler everything
he does is with that athleticism it’s
with explosion it’s with power and Alex
morono is almost the the the the perfect
yin to that Yang the way that he fights
now he if you guys have never seen Alex
morono fight when you watch him when
that fight starts versus Buckley you’re
goingon to be like oh my God this guy’s
going to get knocked out and he very
well could get knocked out Buckley could
come in find the Power Shot snipe him
and put this guy out that is very that
is very possible in the realm of
possibilities that’s why he’s a favor in
this match up but Alex morona with that
high guard the Tippy Toe style he is
very good at waiting waiting and the
power that he has in the pocket in those
short shots when people try to get wild
on him is is really really going to be
detrimental to wae Buckley in this match
up I watched that fight versus simburger
and Buckley and simburger aren’t exactly
the same but simburger is another guy
that strikes with explosion right boom
he’s coming in fast he’s coming in hard
he’s coming in heavy and morona was very
very good at not only working the jab
and was beating up the eye but but when
he would Blitz in morono would beat him
to the spot morono is a guy if you guys
don’t know about Alex morono he he’s a
very experienced guy underrated power
very very very very highlevel Grappler
like very high level Grappler but he’s
not a Jiu-Jitsu nerd he has said yeah
I’ve got this grappling I don’t like
using it I think it’s kind of boring so
he likes to strike the reason I bring
that up is Buckley is a guy that if he
starts losing the Striking exchanges or
to kind of Steal rounds he will go to
those wrestling blast doubles those
those big explosive takedowns that is
really bad news against a very highlevel
Grappler cuz in the explosion you’re not
technical you’re losing positions you’re
falling over the top of people and if
Alex morono decides for whatever reason
in this match up hey I think I’m going
to start using my grappling he is 10
times the grappler that waim Buckley is
in this matchup so long story short I
believe that Alex morono is the more
technical Striker the better striker in
this matchup and also o is the better
Grappler I understand that Buckley is
going to be live for The Knockout he’s
got the crazy power he’s explosive he’s
strong he’s a tough guy he’s fun I like
Buckley but I think maroto is a better
Striker has power can eat a shot okay I
know that he got knocked out by ponan
nio but that was on five days notice and
he was beating the [ __ ] out of ponan nio
was beating the [ __ ] out of simburger as
well um I’m going ask morono here in the
upside I think he’s the better Striker I
think he can handle his own on the
ground if it goes to the ground I think
Buckley’s really in trouble
and that’s how I see it I just I’m going
to take who I believe is the better the
better fighter in this match I believe
it’s Alex morono and we’ll see if he can
not get knocked out by Buckley but
that’s as simple as this is uh let’s
move on to the next one Joe Piper versus
Abdul razak alassan and boy What minus
400- 450 – 500 this ballooned up I think
minus 575 at one
point good luck you know I I am going to
take Joe pip for here but I need to see
something else I need to see something
else against better competition than the
last two people he’s fought and knocked
out before I start laying minus 400
money against a guy like Abdul razak
halasan CU that guy will put your lights
out and if you watch Joe Piper fight and
you really dig into his fights I watch a
few of his fights he gets hit he leaves
himself exposed those thing that I see
happening here I’m not saying it’s going
to happen Joe Piper is going to be my
pick right he’s the he should be the
better overall fighter even if he needs
to go to the grappling the the wrestling
he should be better there Abdul’s got
some Judo but other than that Joe should
be better what I worry about for Joe
Piper is almost the um the Alex paja
versus izzy2 fight where Alex was really
having some success really having some
success got Izzy against the fence and
really dropped his hands cuz I’ve seen
that from Joe time and time again he
gets he’s patient he’s patient he’s
patient he realizes I’ve got somebody
against the fence I want to put him out
and he starts dropping his hands to lay
combinations and against a guy like
Abdul you don’t want to do that so long
story short Joe is going to be my pick
but I need to see a little bit more I
need to see I need to see him eat a
couple shots go through a little bit of
adversity in some fights before I start
putting him in parlays at minus 400
money lines atus 400 I know a lot of
people are going to be chasing inside
the distance uh I just need to see a
little bit more
from Joe pyer but he is going to be my
pick we’ll see what happens let’s move
on to the main EV Main Event time Grant
Dawson versus Bobby King Green let me
start off by saying I’m a huge Bobby
green fan if you guys have listened me
break down Bobby green fights I think
I’ve picked him for every single fight
he has ever picked even against Islam
when he came in short notice against
Islam I sat here and I was telling
everyone listen Bobby Green’s a wrestler
he knows how to wrestler he he he is
going to be the better Striker I would
not be surprised if he gave Islam a lot
of trouble in that fight and maybe even
snuck out a win in that fight and I
truly believe that cuz Bobby does have a
wrestling base he was a high school
wrestler he’s a he’s a good wrestler the
issue is Grant Dawson and I’m a kind of
a grant Dawson hater too I said that the
Mires magula was going to come in and
smoke Grant
Dawson the second I
saw Grant
Dawson get a highlevel mixed martial
artist like deir ismagulov and a [ __ ]
Full Nelson in the third round of that
fight I said I am never picking against
this guy I’m never picking he got a a
high level this is the top level demirez
Mula has the talent to be a champion
obviously he’s not going to be anymore
it’s a very high level he’s at a [ __ ]
Full Nelson guys and the third round of
that fight Grant Dawson is so relentless
with his grappling with his is wrestling
even when he gets tired and even if he
gets on bottom to pull guard he will he
will get in those deep half positions
and find sweeps to win positions to win
this fight I love Bobby green I think
that he definitely probably can make
this a back and forth fight he’s got to
extend this fight for as long as he can
and hope that Grant Dawson gets tired in
the fourth and fifth rounds and maybe
that happens but to bet on somebody to
get tired is a very very dangerous bet
especially when that person who gets
tired or could get tired isn’t a [ __ ]
quitter and Grant Dawson to his credit
even if he gets tired will just keep on
pushing for it and Bobby green is not
really a guy with power which is the
biggest issue here if he was a guy that
had the one punch power that could
really hurt Grand Dawson we’ve seen
Grand Dawson get hit kind of get chinned
a little bit before I would feel better
about it Bobby green is probably just
going to be defending takedowns going to
get taken down and unfortunately Bobby
green off his back or somebody on his
back is not the same type of Bobby green
as somebody that’s using the Philly
shell in the Striking or is in top
position against a guy like Tony
Ferguson so I understand the odds I
would love nothing more if Bobby green
came in and exposed Grant Dawson because
he D Grant Dawson kind of drives me
insane but Grant Dawson’s just so
[ __ ] resilient with those takedowns
man I mean he’s 21 for a reason he is
just nonstop I think that he has an
opportunity to end this fight early he’s
going to be trying to chase a finish and
my mind to make a statement Main Event
against a guy like Bobby green and I
think he might be able to get it done it
could be a submission Grant Dawson
second third round submission something
like that I am going gr Dawson back of
my mind I probably will be rooting for
Bobby King Green I love that dude I love
everything that he’s about super cool
dude but for the pick I got to go with
gr Dawson thank you guys so much for
watching this quick Pig video from me
your boy Jacob aka the freckled Salam
make sure you like the video by the way
subscribe if you are new become a
premium member it’s only $10 a month I
will be live for the contender Series
this Tuesday so make sure you check it
out I don’t think I’m going to be live
next weekend so you better watch me then
appreciate you guys I’m out

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