UFC Vegas 80 Predictions

In this article, we will be discussing the upcoming UFC Vegas 80 event, specifically focusing on the main event between Grant Dawson and Bobby Green. We will also provide predictions for the co-main event between Joe Pyfer and Abdul Razak Alhassan, as well as the featured bout between Alex Morono and Joaquin Buckley. Additionally, we will analyze the matchup between Ricky Glenn and Drew Dober. So let’s dive into the breakdown and predictions for each fight on the card.

Grant Dawson vs Bobby Green

The main event of UFC Vegas 80 features a matchup between Grant Dawson and Bobby Green. Dawson is coming off an impressive win over Demir Ismagulov, showcasing his dominant wrestling skills. On the other hand, Green is known for his fast hands and reflexes, as well as his recent victory over Tony Ferguson.

Prediction: Grant Dawson by Submission

I believe Grant Dawson will utilize his superior grappling skills to control the fight and eventually secure a submission victory over Bobby Green. Dawson has shown his ability to chain wrestle and impose his ground game on his opponents. With five rounds to work with, Dawson will likely look to wear down Green with his relentless pressure and ground-and-pound. I predict that Dawson will find an opening to secure a submission, possibly a rear-naked choke, in the second or third round.

Joe Pyfer vs Abdul Razak Alhassan

In the co-main event, Joe Pyfer will face Abdul Razak Alhassan. Pyfer, a young prospect, has shown promise with his well-rounded skills and impressive jiu-jitsu. Alhassan, known for his heavy hands and knockout power, is coming off a win over Claudio Silva.

Prediction: Joe Pyfer by Knockout

While Alhassan poses a threat with his striking, I believe Pyfer’s youth and athleticism will give him the advantage in this matchup. Pyfer’s grappling skills could also play a factor, as he may look to mix in some grappling exchanges to neutralize Alhassan’s power. I predict that Pyfer will find an opportunity to land a knockout blow and secure the victory.

Alex Morono vs Joaquin Buckley

The featured bout of the evening will see Alex Morono take on Joaquin Buckley. Morono has gained a following with his exciting fights and striking ability, while Buckley has impressed with his athleticism and knockout power.

Prediction: Joaquin Buckley by Knockout

Although Morono is a tough and durable fighter, I believe Buckley’s athleticism and power will be the difference in this matchup. Buckley’s ability to set up shots and his dangerous high kicks could pose a threat to Morono. I predict that Buckley will land a knockout blow, potentially with a high kick, to secure the victory.

Ricky Glenn vs Drew Dober

The matchup between Ricky Glenn and Drew Dober features two fighters coming off knockout losses and looking to bounce back. Glenn is known for his striking and toughness, while Dober is a well-rounded fighter with knockout power.

Prediction: Drew Dober by Decision

While both fighters have the potential to finish the fight, I believe Dober’s well-rounded skill set and power will give him the edge in this matchup. Dober’s ability to mix in strikes and grappling could pose problems for Glenn. I predict that Dober will utilize his striking and control the fight to secure a decision victory.


In this article, we analyzed the main event between Grant Dawson and Bobby Green, as well as the co-main event between Joe Pyfer and Abdul Razak Alhassan. We also discussed the featured bout between Alex Morono and Joaquin Buckley, and the matchup between Ricky Glenn and Drew Dober. Based on our analysis, we predict that Grant Dawson will win by submission, Joe Pyfer will win by knockout, Joaquin Buckley will win by knockout, and Drew Dober will win by decision. We look forward to an exciting night of fights at UFC Vegas 80.

UFC Vegas 80 these are the full card predictions and the betting breakdown
after an off week we’re back at it and I’m looking forward to talking about each of the matchups on this card so
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400 PM eastern time do not miss the fight companion and let’s get into the
first fight of the night the ladies going after it it’s Montana the Roa
versus JJ Aldrich I’m gonna be picking the side of Montana de Roa in this fight
here I feel as though she has a bit more
potential than the side of JJ Aldrich I think she’s a little physically stronger and more athletic neither girl is uh
somebody I’m jumping up and down about as a future world champion but I think that de Roa might out muscle her in the
clinch could be competitive in the standup of maybe some more moments for D Rosa on the feet she’s younger too right
so the D Rosa side I see with more potential in the long term I gotta go D
Rosa I gotta go decision I think she’s got better wins and Aldrich I mean granted Aldrich has that Jillian
Robertson win that looks you know fairly good if you look at the last couple you can see losses Tatiana Suarez loss like
she’s a top tier fighter she might be one of the best fighters on the [ __ ] planet Macy barara lost she’s a good
Contender then you got a win over lipsky here the laang fight or Nang La fight
holy [ __ ] that match I don’t want to say it doesn’t count because it is a legit
win and in fighting every [ __ ] win counts but I’ll be 100% honest with you
guys that girl is for a 19-6 fighter crazy Reckless low fight IQ like yeah
good that JJ won the fight she had two losses lipsky beater and then blanchfield beater I think De Rosa does
too I’m gonna say De Rosa on the cards minus 125 for a win for De Rosa Aldrich as the
underdog in this fight she’s sitting at around plus 105 I like Montana to win close money
fight for a good reason these girls are fairly competitive I got De Rosa getting it done she’s going to win the fight
let’s keep running up the card next fight on the card we got Nate MZ versus
Matas Menon I think that Menon is gonna win
but I feel like it’s going to be harder than what like the betting lines will have you believe in I feel like the side
of Nate mess is kind of like criminally underrated I feel like he gets slept on
a lot and he’s actually pretty good I like Nate mz’s style he’s a long guy
that can uh definitely fight pretty well from the outside but it’s also good on the inside too and when opponents are shooting takedowns they’ll threaten with
Guillotine chokes good Southpaw stance for him just I don’t know I feel like
there’s certain moments where he kind of gets a little bit Frozen in there and then I got a Sho the Box Diego Lima
prote who yeah he lost to Javid basharat is it Javid or fared because I mixed the two up on the r yes he lost to Javid
basharat that’s not even a bad loss the basharat brothers are absolute Savages
with well-rounded skill sets I think that Menda has good Muay Thai he’s
aggressive he’s powerful he’s got the strength advantage in this fight being the shorter guy but he’s not at a reach
disadvantage which is something I like I expect him to put a lot of pressure on Nate MZ and I do think he gets a
decision win I know Nate last time out was locked in a quick sub by teiru Lov
one fight prior to that though I mean we got to give him some respect we got to give him some accolades Right the dude
went distant with Umar Nago medov this is a big opportunity for Menon Menon MOS
I’ve heard it multiple ways but I think it’s MOS that’s how they’re pronounce it around now it sounds like he’s a Frenchman I think he’s gonna win I think
he’s going to hurt Nate mayus a couple times on the feet he’s going to back Nate up and pressure him against the
page and I think the younger fighter wins this fight here I like menos for the victory now I don’t like the betting
lines you know in the minus 225 is not horrible we saw at open even money
though right so a lot of money now coming down spreading the lines out Nate MZ plus 190 is nus a horrible Underdog
he’s not I don’t think he’s a terrible underdog if you were like yo I want to play the dog in this do you think he has
a shot they man us is 14 and three for a reason and he’s got some UFC wins he beat Tony gralley the Luke Sanders fight
the Johnny Munoz one was like a coin flip type competitive matchup MOS is looking for his first UFC Victory yes
he’s an inflated line I really think he can win the fight I’m gonna go MOS by a decision over Nate MZ in the second
fight on the card next fight ladies going after it once again kanako marata
versus Vanessa demopoulos I’m picking marata to win for sure this to me is
slight no-brainer here I think marata is gonna have a big physical strength Advantage I know demopoulos has pretty
decent Jiu-Jitsu but like look at marata she’s got that thick frame she’s explosive fast and physically strong
definitely can throw some heavy ground imp pound if you give her the chance to posture up from top position she also
moves really well she has a nice bounce to her style she’s a southpaw I’d say she’s faster more athletic more
physically strong and I think better overall the mopis has got okay standup decent Muay Thai for sure I’ll give her
some credit okay maybe is an under assessment like she’s got UFC victories
and she’s not a girl that does horrible she beat jinu Fray even though I thought that she actually lost that fight Maria
Oliva legit win granted like Aliva they said wasn’t she doing a movie before
that fight like she didn’t even come prepared kavo kavage whooped her though kavo kavage put it on her Gomez War’s armar but she was dropped then yeah J.J
Aldrich beater I think marata can win a decision I mean she’s been out for a while two years but her loss to Verna
jju DOA not a bad loss especially because the shoulder was dislocating she still wanted to fight the heart on this
girl is off the [ __ ] charts beat Ronda Marcos who now you know we don’t even think about Ronda Marcos but maybe
at that time three years ago a decent Grappler and Veteran morata’s winning
for short marata is a minus 350 favorite
with demopoulos as a plus 285 underdog
that’s can she get a finish though I’m having a hard time seeing I don’t know I’m feeling decision right you see she’s
got some subs but like to sub up Vanessa demopoulos I think it would be more likely Morata to potentially ground and
pound stop a deop then sub her up because her jits is good I like Morata I’m gonna say unanimous decision I’m
going Morata for the win though for sure I think she gets uh nice victory in her comeback fight here in the
UFC next fight on the card it’s Johnny Munoz Jr versus aori
quong I’m actually picking aori quong to win and I think that Johnny Munoz Jr is
okay it’s just he doesn’t have any like X Factor ability that I look at in this
fight and I’m like yo he’s gonna get the knock on people will say to me I already can see it bro amen zahab slept aori
quong how can you pick him okay aori only got knocked out once ever as a pro and that was to aan zahab with like a
weird overhand left shot that came through and that’s how the game goes and actually I pick a hobby to win that fight as an underdog but I still think
aori quong is quite a dangerous fighter he’s definitely the harder puncher he
has a solid wrestling base I think Johnny Munoz is okay with his hands but
he’s gonna be spamming takedowns and like he doesn’t have this crazy success rate of being able to outg Grapple guys
I think that he has decent grappling skill when he does get to the floor but a is going to be strong as [ __ ] and I
feel like it’s going to be really hard for Johnny Munoz to now get him down but then do work from top and then we’re
looking at the standup I don’t think Johnny Munoz is a heavy-handed guy I think aori quong has more power than
maybe even you know his UFC knockout record shows what does he got just he’s got the one KO and then he’s got the
decision but he can crack though he’s got a mean left hook he’s a heavy-handed guy with like that kind of uh
intimidating like upright modified MMA Muay striking Muno junor standup just
doesn’t really impress me so I’m going aori quong I think he’s going to be powerful I think he’s going to be
dangerous and I do think he writes the wrong of the last one which was three months ago against zahab a flash
knockout I think he can beat Johnny Munoz Jr in a uh you know a knockout I’m gonna say a knockout even money fight
here minus 113 for Munoz aori quong minus 107 if you’re on the Betton side
you want to throw down on it I guess one potential concern you can say and and I’ll you know say it’s a fair concern is
the fact that aori just was knocked out three months ago but Johnny Munoz doesn’t have huge power and will really
take a money punch I don’t think he’s that slick either I think aori can can sleep him I think aori is more scary
than him on the feet and I think that ultimately he can find that chin and get a knockout wouldn’t blow my mind if they went distance but I’m going aori for the
win and I’m calling knockout officially next fight is Chris Gutierrez
versus Montel Jackson sat on this one for a little bit and I’m
going to pick Chris Gutierrez initial Instinct inside of me I felt was
Gutierrez has the Striking capabilities to win and I think that he took one loss
to a really proven veteran Pedro Munoz who’s been in the rankings forever and
it’s like all of a sudden now Chris Gutierrez is being slept on because he’s an underdog against Montel Jackson now
granted Montel Jackson is actually pretty good right he’s a long as hell guy he’s got good length he doesn’t have
huge power in his hands though and I think that there’s something that Monto Jackson has that’s a vulnerability here
for Chris Gutierrez is the fact that he has somewhat of a wide stance right I see [ __ ] leg kicks landing and
obviously the takedown threat is very viable for Montel Jackson it’s a factor in this fight I think that Chris
Gutierrez is being slept on by the books though and I think that he’s a very solid kickboxer who was just a favorite
going in to fight Pedro runoz now take it on Montel Jackson who is good nonetheless Montel Jackson’s good I’ll
agree with that but he’s not like overly good he’s quick well that’s why his nickname’s
quick but he’s got quick hands he moves pretty well on the outside Works a decent job mixes in wrestling can
definitely embrace the grind when he needs to but like I’m never overly impressed with Montel and I feel like
sometimes he’s a bit stiff I could see Chris Gutierrez hurting him I mean Chris Gutierrez had everything going for him
he looked like a future title Challenger knocks out Frankie Edgar before that the Deno win and then Pedro Munoz beats him
up and it’s like now big Underdog here against Montel Jackson I just don’t know with Montel
right beating Ronnie yaaya doesn’t tell us a lot Chris Gutierrez would crush him beating Julio Arce something I could see
Gutierrez dominating in JP Bay I think he Chris gu would knock him out Jesse ster like you look at the opposition yes
Montel Jackson is on a nice streak and he’s he’s got good wins and he’s a solid fighter he’s got a nice reach Advantage
here and normally that reach Advantage would concern me a [ __ ] ton but the reason is I’m not overly concerned is
there’s not huge power with Montel and also the fact that Gutierrez uses his legs extremely well I’m gonna pick Chris
Gutierrez to win yes he’s an underdog and he is a dog for a reason it’s because his opponent has like you know
some clear physical advantages over him a huge reach Advantage is is a [ __ ] huge thing plus 160 for Chris Gutierrez
as the underdog to Montel Jackson the minus 185 favorite I think Chris
Gutierrez can get a win by knockout here I feel like he could hurt Montel the leg
kicks are going to be a huge key to Victory could also get on the cards too in a competitive three rounds I’m not
sleeping on Chris Gutierrez I’m not writing him off after a loss to Pedro Munoz Montel hasn’t proven himself at a
high level yet he’s got all the physical tools to be a dangerous Force at 135
pounds I mean 75 and a half inch reach is crazy but he’s not a heavy
hitter I think Chris Gutierrez can win this thing I’m gonna pick Chris Gutierrez over Montel Jackson guys I’m
gonna I’m GNA ride with his side Montel might go out there in style but I’m gonna believe in Chris Gutierrez man
I’ve always been on Chris I’ve been a fan I’ve been believing in him before whereas Montel like I’ll pick him but
he’s like I don’t want to say he’s underwhelming against Yaya you look great next Fighters are featured prelim
kolina kaval kavich versus Diana belb I’m picking Diana belb to win the
fight I think that it’s kind of surprising that kavo kavich is you know a big favorite here but also just look
at the physicality 5’7 to 53 68 inch reach to
64 10 years younger for Bel there’s some advantages here and I know the last
fight you’ll say bro but you didn’t even [ __ ] rely on the reach in the last one fair point but different fight different matchup different division
this is the women’s game too I think B is real vicious she throws like good ducking straight shots does have some
heavy kicks that she can work as well and I’d say she’s athletic and improving she’s only 27 kavak kavich is 37 kavak kavich I
thought was done with her career a while ago and now you know respect where it’s
due right she’s on a tear Feliz hering win great win sure not a great name like
high level at least the time hering at one point was pretty good Gomez Warz okay sure vessa deop okay sure I think
that Diana Bel is going to be a scary fight now Bel makes mistakes she gets
put on her back sometimes I just don’t think kavo kavich is gonna have an easy time from top position if they are on
the floor can she chain wrestle all night I think Bel could stop takedowns tricky women’s fight I’m going
dog I’m going for the dog but not just because she’s a dog I also I’d be picking Bel if she was the favorite
sorry guys I got to wipe my nose a little I’m still I’m still recovering man still recovering this nose is is taking a [ __ ] beating this past week
and you guys haven’t seen me every day per usual the people that know they knew that I got sick on Sunday I think that
the side of Diana belb can win this fight scrapping on the feet maintaining
some distance not getting put on her back consistently she’s going to be faster she’s going to have the better stand up to Cavo kavich she might knock
kavo kavich out I’ll pick Bel I’ll pick a decision but I would like to see a knockout plus 134 for Bel she opened up
at plus 130 then spread all the way to plus 185
kavak kavich the minus 154 favorite I’m gonna go Bel I think she beats karolina
kavak kavich big physicality Advantage the younger fighter all the potential in the [ __ ] world here I’m going with
the side of belb to get the win let’s go belb for the W and last time out I mean
she beat uh Mariah Oliva got to give her some respects for that win I know Vera is not super top tier but she’s got like
a menacing frame at the very least being tall and long let’s jump to the main
card if you guys haven’t yet make sure you smash that like button if you’re new to the channel subscribe it’s Bill alio
versus Alexander Hernandez good main card opener I actually think it’s going to be a hell
of a fight and I’m gonna pick the side of Bill alio to get the win and I’m
going to say submission win guys I think he’s going to end up locking something up because I feel like the side of
Hernandez he comes out a little wild he definitely is dangerous in the early
rounds but I hate him at 145 I think that he cuts a lot of weight to get down
here and that gas tank is going to be less than it would be at 55 when you got
bill alio that can do a hard three rounds he can grapple he’s going to be threatening with submissions he’s got a
tricky unorthodox striking style and I think Hernandez at times is overly willing to absorb damage I think the
tricky style of alio is going to be honestly a key to Victory it’s going to get him to win I’m going with the dog
for sure I think the dog in them is alio rather not the betting lines I’m going with the the dog the dog in the heart
now dog on the lines no alio is actually a bit of a favorite here bill alio is a minus 131 favorite with Alexander
Hernandez as a plus 11 Underdog those lines don’t really shock me I see it as
close money fight I think alio rear naked strangle alio for the win and I’m
picking him by sub I see it at the end of the second or into the third Hernandez fatiguing a bit after a heavy
start early and maybe some real dangerous moments but alio will have the durability to survive he will weather
that storm and then he will get a finish himself I’m going bill alio for the win I think he’s pulling it off last time
out he subbed up TJ Brown split with Andre fely fely’s a monster it’s not a bad uh split [ __ ] up Herbert Burns
beat up breu that’s a big win and then uh you know you look Jim Miller win for Hernandez it’s at 155 then he lost to
Billy Q at 145 I don’t want him at 45 I think his body responds better at 55
obviously he wants to make a cut because sees it as you know a more realistic path to a world championship is 145
pounds rather than 155 but I think Bill alio is g to give him hell so give me
alio for the win over Hernandez I think that Hernandez at times breaks too and I know won’t break next fight on the card
Felipe Lind versus ion cout laa this is a weird one I’m gonna pick
Yan cout laa because ly’s like he never looks good at least he hasn’t late like
I know you say bro but he’s won three fights in a row okay and I guess the OSP knockout but he beat the corpse of OSP
Maxim Grisham fight is clinching holding like you know what give me a [ __ ] pillow between that fight I I’ll take a
little rest on the fight companion not in this one one though cuz he’s fighting somebody that’s an absolute Menace Hout
laa gives it hell he’s coming off of a quick knockout of Tanner Boer he hits really hard he wrestles really well and
he attacks people early and is willing to throw caution to the wind and bring
that gas tank all the way to [ __ ] E doesn’t care he’ll do it he’s a menace
I like the side of cout lava here yeah I sleep on cout lava sometimes but when you see that he’s only9 got a lot of
room to grow I think he’s going to be like an absolute pitbull in there with Felipe Lind he comes out like a bad out
of hell and I think Lind is slow he doesn’t have hand speed really he’s got okay striking from the outside he’s got
a length Advantage but he’s not a heavy puncher at this point and I think he’s going to be getting cracked up by cout
laa and if they if they clinch up coute laa will out grapple him I’m going with the side of coute laa I think he get a
knockout maybe ground and pound cout laa should get a victory minus 155 for coute
laba with Lind the plus 135 Underdog I like cout lava to get it done I think
he’s winning here I think he looks impressive like three fight losing streak he had recently the span loss
forgivable Johnny Walker forgivable forgivable not forgiv I don’t know what the [ __ ] I’m saying forgivable you know
en zetu fight en zetu 65 man he’s a freakish frame I think that H coute laa
can beat a Felipe Lind he’s come out of a nice knockout of tenner Boer where he showcase some big Power and he’s got the
wrestling threat that he can bring into this fight so give me coute lava give me win and give me knockout let’s go let’s
keep running up next fight on the card we got Drew Dober versus Ricky Glenn I mean in an
alternate universe this is the main event because Ricky Glenn has a draw with Grant Dawson who’s the main event
and Drew Dober has a recent knockout win over Bobby green so you know what this is the uh you know low-key Main Event
right right here now looking at where these guys are at right now you got to pick Drew Dober to win and I think he
probably gets a knockout Ricky Glenn has never been a big puncher and yes I know he got a stoppage win like three fights
ago against uh Walkin Silva and you know Silva gave hell to Arman suuki inro
we’ll talk MMA math all day then yagos knocked him out pretty quick in their fight Drew Dober can definitely crack
and I see him putting a lot of pressure on Ricky Glenn Glenn’s best best game though is taking fights to the floor
working his grappling I think he’s going to be forced into a standup fight because I don’t think he has the
wrestling to you know easily get Drew Dober down or at least consistently get him down and then be another thing to
hold him down and then when you look at them mixing up on the feet Dober definitely hits harder Drew Dober
definitely punches harder both guys are notoriously durable though so Ricky Glenn that was his first knockout loss
that was theago fight last time first knockout loss as a prma fighter Drew Dober was knocked out by frola last time
out and that was his second ever KO loss but first in the UFC it been a very long
time I think that the side of Drew Dober can potentially get a knockout here but
I will say this concern is two guys coming off of knockout losses right four
months ago and four months ago potential guny maybe earlier on a bit more of a
feeling out process than we’re normally used to with Drew Dober just something to consider saying that’s an absolute
guarantee but maybe but Dober likes to crack we know he likes to bang and he takes a really good punch but he takes a
lot of punishment I don’t think Ricky Glenn’s got the stopping power to do it and I I guess the truth is is I’m like
do I see Drew Dober getting taken down beaten up and finished off submission or
you know some type of ground and pound have a hard time seeing that so I’m picking Drew Dober to
win I’m thinking there’s a chance for a knockout but decision is not going to blow my mind either I’m picking Dober
though to get the W method of Victory is what it is then you get stupid lines like this minus 425 for Drew dolber and
Ricky Glenn plus 325 there’s not a0o per chance Rick
Glenn somehow wins his fight especially if they both play it more patiently we
got a fight going long maybe Glenn lands a couple of takedowns get some good positions on the ground I don’t know
plus 325 that’s a big Underdog tag for a guy that’s skill set outweighs that tag
like he has a draw with Grant Dawson Rec regardless of him getting [ __ ] up the first two rounds he dominated that third
round beat up Grant Dawson I think that the side of Drew
Dober gets it done I’m picking Drew Dober but I think the betting odds are
stupid here really stupid way too where they open at let’s find out they open
that minus 410 for Dober damn Drew Dober is the pick but uh you
can’t fully count out Rick Len and when you see odds like that it’s like a trap line almost but he probably win he
probably let’s get to the featured B of the night it’s Alex morono versus Walken
Buckley I’m gonna be picking Walken Buckley I like Alex morono a lot I’ve
definitely become a fan of morono in the past few years he’s always given good
fights he cracks on the feet he he’ll eat some shots to land some of his own too moves well on the outside good
overhand punch punes it’s just Buckley is so much more athletic so much more
muscle mass in the frame too like if you see them I don’t know we’ll see how they look inside of the cage but when you watch tape of Buckley then you look at
morono like it look like two different weight classes looks like two different weight classes I think that the side of
Buckley’s power is dangerous but not only is it going to be OneTouch KO power it’s going to be setting shots up and
something that I feel is a potential X Factor is the fact that Buckley has
great dexterity in his legs and Slick high kicks if you look at Alex morono
he’s an orthodox fighter right and he’s going to be throwing punches out there but Buckley from the Southpaw stance is
going to be threatening with kicks I can see morono leaving that right hand a
little low a little long because sometimes at times he leaves it out there just a tad the high kit the high
kick of Buckley Grant that’s what you got a knockout of the year with a spinning back kick to the face you got a high kick knockout last time out
Buckley’s high kicks are dangerous now I know Alex mno is definitely going to be preparing for Buckley’s high kick threat
but either way his style could potentially get caught with a big high kick and I think that would be fight
over so I am gonna pick Buckley by knockout I’m thinking there’s a chance of a high kick but even the hands of
Buckley he’s so explosive he could hurt Alex morono in this fight he’s gonna have a speed Advantage morono is an
absolute dog and he’s got a fun style to watch but he’s fighting a much more gifted athletic specimen than
himself morona is a plus 150 dog I think that makes sense Buckley is a minus 175
favorite I’m just having a hard time seeing morono knocking out a Buckley I think Buckley’s chin will hold up well
in this matchup and I think he’ll be the one doing the damage so I’m going with Buckley the more athletic Fighter the
more explosive fighter and ultimately I think he’s going to end up getting a knockout dude I think he’s putting Alex
morono to bed I’m going with new Mana Buckley over uh the great white Alex
morono Buckley by KO guys that’s the pick in this one next fight on the card
is the co-main event it’s Joe pyer Versus Abdul razak alhassan I’m picking
Joe Piper to win this fight I feel like he definitely is in for maybe more
trouble than the lions look like because he’s a big ass favorite CA Abdul razak alhassan can crack really well he’s
super explosive he’s coming off of a nice knockout of claudo heo granted heo is like I don’t want to say super mid
but like he leaves a lot to be desired that’s a nice way of putting it because his hands don’t always return to his
face he has a lot of fat on his punches and razak alhassan takes advantage of that he’s extremely dangerous guy he’s
been in the UFC a very long time he’s a heavy handed power puncher taking on Joe pyer though who’s 11 years younger has a
bit of a reedge not crazy a lot taller I think that Piper’s definitely got the better Jiu-Jitsu of the two I think he’s
going to be faster on the FI power for power I mean it looks like Abdul razak
al-hassan would have that one shot thud it’s just I think Joe pyer could avoid
those shots by just being be a more cerebral Striker really and I think also
there’s a chance of pyer mixing in some grappling now the Judo Thunder is the
nickname for Rak alhassan because he has a judo background normally has a very good base but I can see pyer giving him
problems in the grappling positions as well I think pyer can get a finish here potentially too I can see him hurting
Abdul razak al-hassan in the third even the second round could be earlier as well but I think early the power threat
from Abdul razak alhassan will have pyer playing it a little more cautious because you know in that first round
even the first two rounds Abdul razak alasan when he’s got that you know near full bar of stamina he can let hands fly
I think he could potentially get chinned by pyer though now it wouldn’t blow my mind if pyer dropped him and then
followed up with a sub attempt and it wouldn’t be crazy if Joe pyer was forced to go distance here but I’m gonna say KO
I’m gonna go Joe Piper by knockout looking at the win the mirart destruction he broke mirart beat up
amedovski really not UFC caliber and then you see a recent loss there split with Buckley Abdul razak gave it hell
that fight DK djo the Italian knockout win there there m beat him and Chaos
Williams chinned him in one shot man you know that chaos Williams knockout kind
of jumped the stock of chaos through the roof but unfortunately like the reality of him has been bit of a let down lately
minus 475 for Joe Piper with Abdul razak alhassan as a plus th 375 Underdog plus
375 yeah I think uh body bags is gonna get the win gez minus 475 big favorite
like razak alassan you can say he’s got a punch his chance but 27 prospect on
the come up confidence through the roof good striking good grappling good
athleticism it’s Joe Piper’s fight to lose here and I don’t think he’s gonna Piper for the win let’s get to the main event of the
evening if you guys haven’t yet make sure you smash that like button if you’re new to the channel subscribe it’s
Grant Dawson versus Bobby green yes I’m picking Grant Dawson is anybody
surprised let me know if you’re surprised in the comments there’s definitely going to be a few Bobby green Believers out there I just think Grant
Dawson’s gonna out grapple him like significantly the dominance of demir’s
magila really jumped out and made me say wow Grant Dawson he can wrestle his ass
off like he’s the uh closest thing to the dagestanis from you know a white boy
from Florida could ever be I think Grant Dawson does a good job getting this fight to the ground he’s going to be
looking to press Bobby green probably cage work we’re in the small cage which I think that comes in handy for Grant
Dawson backing Bobby green up there green wants a scrap Green’s got very good hands he’s incredibly fast he has
nice reflexes keeps his hands low at the end of the day I think Grant Dawson will
be pretty educated with his standup and picking his shots intelligently looking to then mix in the grappling Onslaught
and it’s not just going to be one takedown it’s going to be Grant Dawson looking to chain wrestle looking to get on top looking to do work and he doesn’t
just have three rounds to do work he has five which I think that’s an important factor but something to note is Grant
Dawson brutally gassed against Ricky Glenn and that’s why it was a draw because he was dead in the third round
and Ricky Glenn was beating him up he was killing Ricky Glenn in the first two rounds I think that Bobby green if he’s
putting those bad spots on the ground I think he’s getting finish though I’m going to say Grant Dawson win by
submission I think he can get him in the second or third I think Dawson is going to put a high paac grappling Onslaught
on Bobby green and unfortunately I don’t think green can keep up Green’s coming off of the W over Tony Ferguson last
time out was a little over a month ago before that he had that no contest with Jared Gordon because the head clash and
then Dober flatlined them and then makev really [ __ ] them up on the ground and I think Dober Dober I think Dawson is
going to look at that fight with makev and say okay if we put him on his back with the pressure that I got he’s going
to be in trouble and Dawson sens that draw to Ricky Glenn he’s been on a tear and looking like a killer strangled
Jared Gordon strangled Marco Madson and then beat up demirez magov for three
rounds and magov is a very feared Striker I think that Bobby Green’s on his back getting beaten up but I don’t
think he hears the final batt I’m going Dawson going win by submission I’m thinking re naked choke is very live re
naked strangled I should say minus 400 for Grant Dawson yes he’s a wide
favorite he’s in a very winnable match up here against a legend of the game high-profile veteran Bobby green but
Bobby’s plus 300 as a dog I think he’s in trouble Grant Dawson’s gonna beat him I got Grant Dawson in the main event UFC
Vegas 80 going down this Saturday I am so glad to have the UFC back my people
if you enjoyed the content make sure you smash that like button and if you’re new to the channel subscribe and turn the
post notifications on too don’t just put them on personalized put them on all so you don’t miss a video I’m trying to
drop tons of content you guys know the daily content flow is now back money line tomorrow Contender series picks
tomorrow and then you know Tuesday the live stream for contender and so on so forth so keep it locked in on the
channel you don’t want to miss a thing let me know what you think of the pcks in the comments down below drop your pics in there and if you have nothing to
say in the comments you just enjoy the content as always drop a w in the chat to boost the algorithm for your boy
recording the show off of the new machine the new uh PC so this is the uh
first ever new pc full card breakdown hope you guys enjoyed it thank you guys
for watching I appreciate you all for tuning in to the show and I will see you all in the next one peace

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