UFC Vegas 80 EXPERT Picks & Predictions Revealed!

In this article, we will be breaking down the full card for UFC Vegas 80: Dawson vs. Green. We will provide our picks and predictions for each fight on the card. This event promises to be an exciting one, with some highly anticipated matchups and potential for explosive finishes. So let’s dive right in and analyze each fight in detail.

Grant Dawson vs. Bobby Green

The main event of the evening features a lightweight bout between Grant Dawson and Bobby Green. Dawson is on an absolute tear, having won his last several fights in dominant fashion. He is a relentless fighter who excels in grappling and has a knack for finishing his opponents with submissions. On the other hand, Green is a seasoned veteran who is known for his exciting fighting style and ability to put on a show. However, stylistically, this may not be a favorable matchup for Green, as Dawson’s grappling skills could pose a significant challenge for him. We believe that Dawson will continue his winning streak and emerge victorious in this fight. Our prediction is that Dawson will secure a submission victory over Green.

Alex Morono vs. Joaquin Buckley

In the welterweight division, Alex Morono will face off against Joaquin Buckley. Morono is a well-rounded fighter with a background in Jiu-Jitsu. He is known for his technical skills and ability to control the fight on the ground. On the other hand, Buckley is a powerful striker who has gained attention for his highlight-reel knockouts. While Buckley may have the advantage in striking, we believe that Morono’s grappling skills will be the difference-maker in this fight. Our prediction is that Morono will secure a victory, potentially by submission.

Joe Pifer vs. Abdul Razak Alhassan

Joe Pifer will take on Abdul Razak Alhassan in a middleweight bout. Pifer is a skilled fighter with both speed and power in his arsenal. However, Alhassan is a dangerous striker with knockout power. Pifer has shown some vulnerabilities in his previous fights, particularly in his exchanges where he leaves himself open to counterattacks. Alhassan’s power and striking ability could be a significant threat to Pifer. While Pifer certainly has a chance to win, we believe that Alhassan’s knockout power will be the deciding factor in this fight. Our prediction is that Alhassan will secure a knockout victory over Pifer.


In this article, we have analyzed the main card for UFC Vegas 80: Dawson vs. Green. We have provided our predictions for each fight, taking into account the fighters’ skills, styles, and recent performances. While these predictions are based on our analysis, anything can happen in MMA, and upsets are always possible. We look forward to an exciting night of fights and can’t wait to see how it all unfolds in the Octagon.

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this week oh [ __ ] so let’s uh let’s go Mage what
do we what do you got for us here Mage Mysterio yeah I mean uh we finally got ourselves a co-main event for New York
UFC 295 and it is a banger it’s her [ __ ] is tell him what it is
Yuri pawashka is back yes for his title and he is going up against Alex pajera
yeah [Laughter]
uh that’s exciting especially for the crooks we’re all going to be there and any of you that got tickets to that uh
super expensive man of uh super expensive card uh we’ll talk about Jerry Gordon’s tweet actually too about how
expensive they were he spent 20 grand the tickets but man what a fight thank God they added that I don’t know if I
can pull the clip maybe Matt can I’ll play it right now I think Mage called this and another fight and I had no idea
this was coming this is not the fight I was expecting to get at MSG for us but dude put that under a jump you get
Pereira and Jones on the same night I mean I’m not knocking here I’m just saying we saw it’s crazy at the Garden
last year he’s electric like it just makes everything all of it’s worth it now to me I know to you guys too that
really helped it out and we obviously got some other fights but so let’s we can just dive in real quick we’re obviously gonna give our picks then
how do we feel about this match do we are we leaning any type of way early it’s it’s tough obviously I think most
people are leaning the way of Pereira just because he’s just a more technical fighter but then you got a guy in Yuri
that’s just oh wow man and then make that’s anything they think of like what year he took from Glover he’s not
gonna be able to take those shots from Pereira you know what I mean and that’s what I’m just thinking is this is just
you you see this fight and you just think of violence [ __ ] like the rest of the card obviously will watch it
whatever but like this co-main event and Main Event is just like amazing I’m a
man obviously I’m A Jones guy I’m older than you guys he’s my goat and it’s not even close to me he’s always been with
me so that’s it’s like [ __ ] 12 13 years old Jones is my guy but I’m not
gonna lie that fight has the potential to be a competitive you’re talking about yeah that has potential to be boring it
does it does it has potential of John to just maybe just do a little just a lot of grappling and because Steve bacon
grapple too he made the Francis the first fight uh with Francis boring so I think that this is going to give us
the fireworks we’re looking for and then we also got some more fireworks like frivolous ain’t the knee but so this is
just adding a big boom at the top of that [ __ ] card that now don’t tell me that pay-per-view isn’t worth [ __ ]
the 80 bucks right We complain a lot that’s not where I wouldn’t pay dollars for this one like the Australia card
this is well worth it I think the next card is well worth it we are ending out the year in the bank the next three I
mean it’s just a minute we’re going to get into these fights because obviously we’re not rehashing anything other than Bryce Mitchell’s Bible something so you
you said you’re leaning Which Way Matt which way are you gonna go yeah I’m also Leading The Way of Alex yeah I just
think his power is going to be too much um and I think
the ring rust may hurt Pro ashka here that’s that’s another thing straight into like a world-class kick it’s been
over a year right yeah yeah but after but we know he can we know he can mix it he could grapple
if he can and that’s the thing is Pereira really has he has I know he’s with Glover every day but has he gotten
up to that kind of level well we just saw him against behovich and blahovich is a black belt in Jiu Jitsu and he was
he wasn’t even able to hold Pereira down that much during that last part so it’s true he’s improving a lot yeah I mean
like that was one of those ones online where people thought he lost yeah I mean I didn’t because when we bet him that’s I’m very biased all right so that’s a
big I’m super I’m super [ __ ] pumped for that [ __ ] so we want to stay on that card then we’ll move to the December one all right so what else did we get on
that what else did we get on that car yeah you did mention it we did get math revola versus Benoit which was also
mentioned on this show you said that that’s crazy yeah I got the inside
call him the mysterious one he’s a mysterious Mage you know what I’m saying Mage Mysterio okay as as we like to call
him around here he did call that out Banger Banger Banger two [ __ ] ex-military guys like we were about this
pre-show uh the tweet I want to like make them some [ __ ] flag shorts like right like the military shorts military
cam oh sure that would be sick they both deserve it why the hell not if we’re given uh Bible man his camouflage shorts
we can certainly give these two gentlemen who are gonna they’re not gonna do anything sure to give us
an absolute War yeah right this this is uh this is the the gaichi Chandler fight
of MSG seems to deliver us like all these parts every year right this is going to be that JG Chandler the
Poirier was it Poirier Chandler right we got to see four times in a row those things were those things crazy those are
crazy I mean we’re on our feet for all three rounds of that gagey fight I remember that like yesterday like everybody’s on their feet all three
rounds it was insane this has that kind of potential obviously the names are a little less but you got Saint a knee you
guys love him he’s he’s definitely on the column but we know footballer can stop steam he can steamroll through that
[ __ ] train and derail it real quick if need be it can happen I think the odds are you see we like Airlines you
guys seen the lines man plus 330 right is that what it is early 3 30. you gotta love that you you absolutely have to
love that number if you’re if you’re thinking about going for Volo because you’re gonna get knocked out probably five plus five hundred I don’t know I
don’t know now again these guys are saying to knee fans I think he’s great but I’m just not there yet with like
being all in on him and that’s why I’m leaning that way it’s New York all day [ __ ] okay in New York all day
yeah I mean even Diego Lopez on the call too very exciting yeah tonight would be
the night though some low-key names that it may not be the biggest name value but the the fight
style of these guys like Saudi calls on here I’m sorry you got to the first two
or the sorry the in the main event those are arguably two of the top five biggest names in your organization right now
Pereira and Jones yeah it just is yeah I don’t care about anything else those are two of the biggest names you have I’d
say out of five yeah like they’re gonna draw and I like I’ve talked about this before when you got guys on a contract like Pereira he’s already getting what
he’s getting he’s not getting points especially for this it’s a vacant title fight it’s not his pay-per-view so you
can afford to put a guy like him on there and have Jones get his points I mean it’s it works out for everybody I’m
so excited now like I couldn’t I don’t know it’s gonna be a great time pat sabatini Josh van
McKenzie [ __ ] dirt on that card guys and my girl Richie oh Battle of the
tightness doggy we got hey can I get some love we got all the [ __ ] cheeks on that card I mean that is gonna
be a car except for Schnell and Earth bring my binoculars to that one
four point x uh get that new iPhone 15. uh Jared Gordon
and uh Mark Madsen right so let’s get into that so Jared Gordon spent 21 000
on tickets said he got a discount they’re I mean a discount those look like what we paid yeah those look like
the same price member so their friends and family five
percent discount it must have like covered like a partial tax but dude Jared Gordon [ __ ] he makes okay money
he’s locked into a decent contract it is what it is how many other opportunities he gonna have to fight at the Garden
probably like I said maybe closing out the the prelims or being like the first opener on the on the main card yeah like
he’s not gonna have an opportunity like that you spend the money spend it while you got it man you can’t take it with you bro Mark oh man oh man he’s probably
gonna get [ __ ] up by Mark Matson that crazy [ __ ] Jesus all right and so then let’s move on to
the is it yeah that’s what I said oh yeah okay he’s black so what do we uh got
what we got next we’re moving on to the December card which has some amazing announcements
the co-main event of that will be alessandre Pantoja going up against
Brandon Roy Val your boy yeah yeah hey Big Roy Val fan here came I do hey we I
said he deserved it I said this was the times division’s [ __ ] week I don’t need to see Moreno in every single title fight as Mario had six straight title
fights you know what I mean it’s like get somebody new in here we know manil cops [ __ ] common yeah right pause
he’s definitely on the come up Kai car France also on the coming I can’t wait
till top kills him bro that was that is gonna be that is gonna be a live stream You’re Gonna Want to tune into because I
will make sure I’m on camera when Manila cop destroys him but whatever so this Division I mean it’s starting to get some blood in there right it’s okay but
we got to spread it out we can’t have Moreno in every goddamn fight so that’s that’s definitely a great fight for Roy
Val in my opinion he just deserves it he’s one of those this could be a Strickland situation man a guy you don’t expect he’s just getting
his little chance boom you give him and then she takes a football field he might come home with that belt but Colby
Covington Leon Edwards guys we thought we were going to get that in our card I’m actually happier with the fight we
got at MSG I don’t know what do you guys think drop that in the chat which fight would you rather be there for Leon
Edwards Colby Covington or for a Pereira and uh Yuri me I like the one we got
but I’m very excited for this fight too I’m glad it got done yeah I you guys should know but I’m not a
massively on Edwards fan I think he’s I think he’s overrated I do I do his brother got
killed killed by Johnny Edwin’s nasty bro I would love to see him come over here but these guys are going to be
coming over here right Bellator Michael Ben and Paige making it did he sign to
the UFC or is he still a free agent I’m not positive on that you might have to look that up but whatever but Dana said
this week he’s open he wants some of these guys to come over Dude we can get Evelyn in the mix if we could just pick
uh pit bull for Bruce what’s his name Patricia Patricio no there’s two of them
right yeah so they put the pit bull he’s he definitely here he said he wants to come over here he needs to you got to
test yourself against these dude if you can grab the best from over there or one of those like this pool of
Fighters would be so awesome then this UFC really does become a monopoly you won’t be able to [ __ ] stop him yeah
Nothing’s Gonna Change we think nothing’s gonna stop him anyway but you are not stopping them at all
there will be no these things will cease to exist at some point if they can grab all the cream of the crop from Bellator
and I’m excited for it uh I think Colby Covington buries Leon Edwards that’s just my early prediction I may change I
changed the prediction all the time but I just hope he steamrolls him bro yeah dude if you go you’re gonna have it the
picture will come true yeah O’Malley Strickland and [ __ ] uh Colby if that picture comes true man that’s one of the
greatest prophecies in Internet history here yes that was that gonna be in Vegas that’s at T-Mobile Arena uh and then you
got then we got who else Matt we also have chavcot rochmanov returning he will
be fighting Stephen Thompson hey again we got to break down these cards later but early thoughts are hey man Steven
still looks good at his age I know I usually go against them older dudes he’s a different type of cat I know what kind
of shape he’s in I and from what we saw out of uh shaft Cat last time out with
George George Neal with George Neal you know you know I mean George Neal Connor
he I mean he was catching him a little bit but that was a very competitive fight back and forth ultimately rachmano
has got the win but now you’re going against a pristine striker in Thompson where
is shafka gonna look to wrestle now because if he stands there with Stephen Thompson man if he got caught by Jeff
Neal Stephen Thompson’s going to be even worse unless if he incorporates that yeah but then you go back and you just
look at all the fights Thompson’s had against these Crafters like yes I was in the building when [ __ ] Gilbert did it to him for three straight rounds he
could not do anything yeah he can’t do nothing with these guys man so again Shopko turns into a boring fight because
Thompson’s not necessarily going to get submitted but he can just still just stay there yeah just stay there make it
a boring fight and then I would say we don’t I guess we’ll talk about it yeah we’ll touch on the two go ahead
just the two all right so we’ll touch on this one first then we’ll go with Patty pimblet returning Jesus he is fighting
Tony Ferguson yeah how many people jumped out in the lake like I jumped on
the ledge last fight not many people did people are still [ __ ] you’re still on the left still how they’re saying he has
a chance he doesn’t have a [ __ ] chance I do think no no I do think what
Patty pillman’s gonna [ __ ] knock his head into the Raptor oh my God what are we doing here you look terrible I hear
people saying he looked good in this last fight he’s still good in the first round all those last three four fights
no that’ll be seven finishes oh my God what are we doing they’re almost Daddy’s too quick I’ll be honest with you
they’re a very similar fighter himbler actually fights like a young person because he can do Jiu Jitsu but he’ll
[ __ ] he’s a wild man Striker yeah right and he could submit you they’re very similar it’s almost like Tony fighting
himself in the [ __ ] his younger self and Patty’s gonna probably destroy him and that’s gonna be a great name for him
to have because Styles make fights Jared Gordon was a bad style for Patty yeah why are we giving Tony this thing he
needs the money and he’s finishing out a contract here you know these guys get nine fight seven fight contracts so
they’re locked in and they cannot [ __ ] leave he probably this is it it’s probably his last bag
re-establish his value Paddy does because right now his stock is like way dropped off he needs to build that back
up here but even if he goes out and kills him does his stock really rise that much from the real fans to what
he’s supposed to do you know that’s right you’ve been there before kind of deal like we we kind of I think we know
what’s going to happen like I said we’ll break it down further when we get there but I I don’t I don’t necessarily hate
it I’m not mad at it he’s got to fight his contract the guy wants your if you’re locked in and you only get the money to finish your fights out Tony
Ferguson doesn’t get [ __ ] needs the money he’s not gonna tell you that he’s still a lawyer and he’s got the hunger no he’s needs the money we all need the
money everybody needs the [ __ ] money that’s what you do this for so all right what’s the last one that got announced
last one is Ian Machado oh baby versus his teammate Vincente Luke yeah I like I
like that that the teammates are doing it like against each other and for me growing up this is just this reminded me
of something this week when I saw that and I go I used to hate like I hate murab and and aljo having
that really it’s like no you’re not being be competitive even like Cormier and Kane Velasquez years ago like they
were never gonna fight each other I don’t understand that I had kids that I would hang out with when I was younger you play video games and they don’t like
playing against me I don’t know if this guy dominated them or they know like I hated that bro they would be like yo we could play on the same team whoa tiger
no I’m trying to destroy you and this shows ultimate like just competition
yeah right you’re in the same time hey bro let’s [ __ ] let’s let’s do it let’s close the gate and let’s really
get after it and let’s just [ __ ] go go have a good time yeah hey Luke I had that brain bleed he looked great last
time out against dos anjos Oh by far by far the biggest test and
that’s that’s I’m excited for that one because I really think Luke can beat him yeah but I’m excited to see it all right
anything else oh wait a minute well what on this card no I mean I was gonna say
last did yeah it’s Sunday last night I mean did everybody else tune into like
biggest probably one of the bigger fights of the Year Canelo uh Charlo no you idiot
super fight main Sterling versus Mike Grundy
hey let’s put a bit right there look at this poster oh my God Al Joe uh
apparently had a grappling match against uh Grundy and he won who was out there supposed to fight in that grapple match I’m not crazy
but we got an even bigger super fight in Mike Grundy and I mean Mike Grundy
stepping in on short notice against aljo Polaris 25 guys no I’m just kidding that
[ __ ] was just that was uh that was just funny when I saw that poster I said Grundy Grundy
I said you’re really lowered your standards here and then uh and then the
only other thing I would say is before we get into the picks so we all saw Tyson Fury signed Inked he
Inked a deal for probably the biggest heavyweight fight in a while the biggest one that you can have right now
obviously he books the fight with usik only what three months after a France
yeah Francis Francis is a big old [ __ ] that’s how confident that’s how
confident Fury is and also that’s how bad this fight is probably trending guys if you’re gonna take your money out and
buy that I feel bad for you man I can literally just watch the whole thing on Twitter every time every time it doesn’t
matter or t can hit the stream and then live chat it to me like I I don’t need to see it I’ve been beaten like a dead
horse for months now I that we don’t care but this shows you that he doesn’t even [ __ ] care so I’ve been right all
along nobody gives a [ __ ] about this fight Francis is done guys and this is what I meant by like Bellator Fighters coming
over and like pfl is going to be [ __ ] obsolete that’s all they got is him and he’s almost 40. how much what are you
gonna get the return the ROI your return on that France investment is not going to be good I’m telling you right now
telling you right now I don’t even care if he beats Fury well that’s the thing is if Theory knocks him out and then
he’s he still doesn’t even fault in pfl how much does that lower his stock even more that you know it’s like I don’t
even he’d have to win that fight against Fury for anything yeah I feel like it’s it’s not a lose-lose because he’s obviously probably gonna get like a 25
million dollar bag yeah he’s gonna get paid it’s gonna be the biggest one he’s ever gotten which is fine I get from where you come it’s the ROI if he was to
face Jon Jones and even knock him out just the level of like super stardom
that he would have you know in a sport that’s growing way faster than boxing ever could imagine you know what I mean
you nailed it so yeah [ __ ] so on that note Francis is a big old [ __ ] all
right let’s go is that all Maddie yes sir time to get into UFC Fight Night
Dawson versus green at the old UFC let’s go the UFC Warehouse baby aisle six
small octagon what do we got first Mr Mage first up we have JJ Aldrich minus
125. going up against Montana De la Rosa plus 105. hell no oh [ __ ] dude I mean
just when you you thought the [ __ ] just the brutal women’s fight to start a car would just end they give you this
guys if you’ve been around long enough you know T what do we have normally every week this week we do have an
actual well every week we normally have the JJ Aldrich pick of the week this
time we actually have DJ Aldridge pick of the week and also it also categorizes
as a who gives a [ __ ] fight of the night I’m glad they started off after Vidal did that to me a couple weeks ago on
that last card like she really Chris lieben was the one that gave her the yeah too and I trust him okay so the
rest of the judges are terrible but um after what happened to Vidal I I’m just done I’m done caring about opening
card women’s fights bro so I’m all set I mean I think we know who we’re taking I mean you don’t care but I do care JJ
Aldridge pick of the week featuring JJ Aldridge minus 125 give it give it to me
let’s go come on Hammer them love the number yeah and you can see you at the top all right let’s go that’s [ __ ]
hilarious man the JJ alter Patrick you guessed it it’s JJ all right mage
yeah next up we have matouche Mendoza minus 225 going up against Nate manes
plus 190. all right I’ll be honest with you man Mendoza I like this kid a lot he takes a
lot of chances he’s willing to give the two to take or willing to take two to give one but he’s got constant pressure
he took Javi down a couple times like Javed bash rap world class right undefeated him and his brother right
still great that was his debut you know what I mean came in with the blue hair he gave Jeff
you know he could handle took him I mean again he’s got to be careful he likes to throw those crazy spinning spinning heel
kicks and just he likes to throw a lot of spinning stuff he flies in with with just
no regard to human life but that’s gonna that’s gonna favor him
against Manus right yeah I mean what is he on a two fight losing streak I think
he might have won his last one I’m not too sure um no but yeah nothing really impressive
since he’s came in yeah two fight losing streak tough losses obviously against Umar and tagir that’s what I’m gonna say
is the Umar fight is what I would look to for this fight but Mendota I think is a better Striker
than Umar at this point I really do I still do I’m not saying he’s a better Grappler yeah but Manus has good power
in the hands you you saw the Gravely if I knocked the guy clear out the next week yeah
um but he’s very susceptible just getting taken down held submitted so I think if mendocha plays this right and
and just maybe kind of uses his striking just to sneak in and get those takedowns and grapple with him I think he actually
could put him away um he’s just a crazy cat especially in the first round he’s going to be aggressive as [ __ ] so let’s get this
[ __ ] card rolling um the number looks right to me but it might give you something special uh so give me machus
mendocha minus 225. hammerum
like I just said I think he’s going to just be able to drag him down at some point and just you know maybe in the
first round when they’re dry as long as he doesn’t let Manus hit him with that right hand I think we’re okay give me
Mendoza by submission Cameron you got anything yeah this is
another guy Brazilian shoot the Box these shoot the Box guys come in and they just like to shoot the Box we love
them some of them do lose but they’re willing to like you said they’re willing to give some and then
they’re all the same exact fighter I I like him as well so see him at the top
good moving along next up
we have kanako Morata oh this isn’t it [ __ ] you again
look down to the next one I got excited you’ll know what yeah it’s 400. nice
haircut against Vanessa Demopolis if you straightened
your hair it flows 3 30. [Applause]
uh honestly T if uh you straightened your hair like Snoop did in the mid 90s
you would look like marado I’m just saying I like the stripper man
she just couldn’t get off pause well not pause because she’s a girl she just couldn’t get off um against Carolina who’s also on this
card later and we knew what kovalevich what we were getting into it’s like a bedroom that can clearly she’s got the cardio she can just keep striking keep
striking bringing pressure uh Vanessa couldn’t handle it um she’s at that age you know how I feel
about 35 36 we’re just starting to lean over the edge you got Morata coming in 30 years old
um they’re both I mean isn’t she honest I mean she was on a streak right was Vanessa on her winning streak prior to
that she was ah no just one-on-one no yeah she was on like a two-fight win streak okay but yeah so Morata in that
fight against gender Robo though dude super tough she got her [ __ ] shoulder fractured son and she had to be told by
the refs um you’re done like she wanted to keep going man this she’s tough dude this
girl’s and she’s had two years and I know two year layoff is tough but I think she’s just a lot more skilled than
Demopolis I think she gets it done man I would like to see how she responds early I’ll get my feel probably in the first
two minutes after you do something like that to your shoulder but she’s just so she’s not gonna quit and she’s not gonna
quit she’s probably gonna apply most of the pressure here and what I saw at Demopolis last time ah didn’t seem too
promising she may want to go keep the only fans rocking so I’m gonna take a shot I’m not taking a shot she’s a
massive favorite so give me kanako Morata minus 400 and just throwing this in it’s not a prop special it’s a
women’s fight guys take it by [ __ ] decision
all right who do we got next legendary fighter on this show we got
Johnny Munoz Jr minus 113 going up against Eric Lang yeah hell no let’s go
baby Eric [ __ ] Lang if you know you
know okay I’m not referring to him as anything other than Eric Lang that’s his name that’s his name of course it looks
like one but it’s two trust me ask the mysterious Mage um so we got the battle
of the two and three UFC records here I mean it’s the battle of the bums yeah let’s be honest can’t trust either of
them uh Lang just gets uh I’m calling him gets knocked out last
time uh in the first round real quick right uh you got Munoz Jr who a couple
fights back got I think knocked out by Tony Gravely who has the aforementioned Tony Gravely in in the first round he
lost the decision last time out to Daniel San Santos this is just one of those fights well the thing
is first round
that’s what I’m hoping to get man and if I do get that that this thing is split right down the pipe it is yeah
so you’re gonna look to want to take a knockout prop again we’ll I’ll get into that after the fact I think I’m gonna take a shot with my
man Lang he’s legendary out here get a t-shirt it’s right there good t-shirt um so I think I think we have to oh you
want you oh you’re gonna do it too I think we have to here the Mongolian murderer bye so give us uh Eric Lang minus 107.
see we’re not finished [Music]
yeah we’re definitely not finished give us the Mongolian murderer bye murder that’s it TKO okayo
not actual camera I don’t want to see I don’t want to get indicted in case he actually kills Johnny Munoz
all right what do we got Mage next up we have blonde Health Jackson’s finest 185.
going up against Chris gutierreza [Music]
dude plus 160 on Gutierrez yeah but that’s because I mean he looked terrible
again was that Munoz right yeah terrible against Munoz it showed me a lot about
him it’s like we saw the Frankie Edgar kick or was it a knee or a kick it was a kick right but we’ve learned by now not
to put much stuff Knockouts man that’s it I I don’t know
Montel Jackson is solid dude his only two losses his debut was against Ricky Simone okay that was his debut lost a
decision it wasn’t like he got [ __ ] put out there because we know Simone can get you out of there um and his other loss was give it give
it to me he had another decent loss wasn’t it who the [ __ ] was it I can’t really think no not him go to the other
page the other guy yeah give me a [ __ ] Montel Jordan This Is How We Do It
yeah who was it Brett Jones again not not the worst but not not the
best fighters in the world but we got other than that oh there’s Ronnie Yaya if I was incredible he crushed RSA right
JP based I mean he’s just he’s winning the fight supposed to he went back if you go back far enough he choked he choked out [ __ ] Brian Keller yeah
that’s that’s a nice badge to have back then like three four years ago I like Jackson a lot here Gutierrez just
left me sour because we we put a lot into him that was a lot of stock into him on that last fight against against
Munoz man and Munoz showed me something so yeah I think I’m just gonna
say [ __ ] Chris Gutierrez what about you you on the same train yeah are you you’re going to take the plus it’s the
same exact thing as as we said you know he had a great knockout over Frankie Edgar but at this point you just can’t
put a lot of stock into that and you got a guy Montel Jackson who’s on such a good story confidence is that is at such
a good high right now yeah yeah and Goodyear is just probably gonna play with the leg kicks all day he’s just got a low leg kick try to keep that range I
think Montel closes that make sure he doesn’t get get that off so let’s go let’s let’s do it let’s go with the
Montel Jackson minus 185.
the profits don’t ever [ __ ] bet [ __ ] Chris Gutierrez ever again
what we got next pal next up we have Carolina minus 157.
going up against Diana balbita Plus 137.
[Applause] hey the picture you sent me and I did
see it on the internet not many are it’s tight as Alexa Grasso’s new photo and she is stunning yeah absolutely gorgeous
you catch her in [ __ ] aisles [ __ ] two looking at the produce she’ll put you in a [ __ ] show dog you have no
idea she had that [ __ ] suit working all right so this is a another brutal
fight both these women are like 13 7 15 and 70 identical record yeah
um one is just 10 years younger you guys know how I feel about that I’m not spending wasting my bunch of my time on these women’s fights anymore uh Bell
beat is not necessarily the greatest she beat Maria Oliveira last time out right but prior to that she was you know she
lost three or four um but Cola cage has just been around so long I don’t know maybe maybe this is
the Demopolis fight all over again she’s on a three fight win streak after going on like a fire fight losing to speak
true exactly but the what but she was facing Rosso [ __ ] uh Andrews Watterson so
she I think these are the key wins yeah man I [ __ ] don’t want to do it I feel like taking plus money
it’s a woman’s flight I’m gonna [ __ ] you give me Bell B I’ll take the girl 10 years younger give me Diana belvita Velveeta cheese Plus 137.
minus 157. hammerum [ __ ] all right what we got
next up we have Bill algia minus 131 going up against Alexander Hernandez
plus 111. Hernandez fight at lightweight or was it
featherweight in his last his last bow no it was lightweight so now he’s moving back down again is he no
because he fought Jim Miller Jim Miller’s lightweight yeah and this is lightweight this is a lightweight belt
is it oh this is a featherweight these guys going back down yeah I don’t why is
what is he doing he’s so confused because he fought Barbosa at 145. so much he had so much [ __ ] promise man
like I I thought the world of this kid like after but then like I was there when Cerrone [ __ ] beat his [ __ ]
head in and I was like oh that was his welcome so you know welcome to the NFL moment or welcome to the league that was
like welcome to the [ __ ] League bro like that that was a tough moment algo
TJ Brown I mean a TJ Brown win right you lost to Andre feelie and felia I mean has he
looked that good yeah I mean Herbert but you beat the fake Burns it’s the fake
Birds it’s not the real Burns ah join us and burrito exhaustion from damage you
remember that fight yeah he was so tired it was crazy he could barely like walking from damage oh I don’t want to
get off the stove I think yeah Gilbert like carried him out of the eye yeah
I like I still love the power of Hernandez man if he can if he can just get you close to that cage get you with
an elbow and he lets the hands fly he can put you away with one punch [ __ ] it yeah I’m sticking with my guy
man I still believe in this kid he’s still young give me Alexander Hernandez Plus 111.
Hammer him in fact [ __ ] I’m going on the limb [ __ ] took two weeks off we’re back
proceed with caution this is a [ __ ] tough card like I said I like the power of the kids
still I think he uh possibly sneaks one in give me Alexander Hernandez by knockout TKO or DQ
camera oh buddy boy
yeah I like Billy Q I don’t like Billy owl oh here comes the Hulk who we got Mage
next up we have ion kutelaba minus 155 going up against Felipe Linz plus 135.
yeah so so he got off the schneid last time with
a Tanner Bowser win which was that like the only time I took Tanner Bozer and I
think I had bet kulaba in the previous three like against Kennedy uh Johnny Walker and span he lost all three of
those and he got finished all [ __ ] three of those fights man you think a Tanner Bowser fight is gonna like really clear my mind on that like what do you
think you think I mean have we seen from lens as well you know what I mean it’s like I don’t know he’s got some wins but
he’s on the streets on a three fight winning streak against [ __ ] Maxwell OSP a bunch of old guys marching project
Neil you [ __ ] look at all these cancel bouts [ __ ] Ben roethlis canceled three times don’t tell me he
hasn’t fought nobody that’s because all these guys are pulling out you’re pulling out like kudalaba’s Father should have pulled out
included lens yeah a minute ago we’re talking about right now I gotta live in the moment baby okay terrible if you
were taken off like that Charles Oliveira’s is [ __ ] seven and seven fighter no you gotta let a guy [ __ ] go through a process Trust the process
don’t you argue with me I [ __ ] the Hulk bro you cost me so much money he’s gonna go he lost three he won one he’s gonna
go back on a snot he’ll be the guy who loses four of his last five okay give me big ass Felipe lens I think he does it
by decision I think this is a boring [ __ ] fight but I’m not gonna give that prop give me Felipe Lin’s at uh Plus 135.
need a couple doggies in here I got a big dog here tonight but this is this is a
this is a dog I need you give me the Hulk coup de la but minus 155.
yeah our boy’s back we got Drew Dober minus 425 going up against Ricky Glenn
plus 325. we always say Ricky Glenn we just assumed he races NASCARs I thought
we were gonna get a better line on Dover here because of him getting knocked out on his last one I thought we’re gonna get maybe a little better line here but
wait Dover didn’t get knocked out in his last fight he won his last fight didn’t he no he got knocked out by uh I’m sorry
I was thinking of the Bobby green I’ll stop singing the Bobby green fight so I mean he went back on a run we know it we know what dober’s capable exactly that’s
why I was kind of hoping maybe we could get like yeah the [ __ ] Maddie’s boy because
knocked his ass out last time right so you come in he’s lost two of his last three I think what is he in the UFC four
and four we got a 500 fighter yeah this dude’s been he hangs in there but
like when yagos knocks you out like that you think dover’s not gonna hit him with a [ __ ] clean left or right yeah he’ll
do it in the first round probably 10 times over is a Savage right I just like this guy man it’s a guy I can bet on and
I know I’m getting all the effort out of my money I know I’m getting the effort out of my money so that to me that’s
valuable right the line sucks but you know we’re coming with a prop on the back half of this so give us Drew Dover
minus 425 the [ __ ] chin
like we just said I mean if you’re catching left hooks from Chris Jones
dover’s gonna hit you with a few more and probably get you out here in the first give us Drew Dover by knockout TK
or DQ Hammer him he’s already see him at the top on that one you know
right okay whoa what do we got next next up we have
Joaquin Buckley minus 200. going up against Alex morono
plus 170. okay he’s black parents Newman action here listen I’m coming for the
[ __ ] money you piece of [ __ ] right what do I call guys what Matt what do I call uh Terence Buckley or whatever
I did that on purpose obviously yes Joe Queen Buckley what I normally call him Matt Terence Newman not new mom this is
a show where today’s episode has Eric Lang and [ __ ] Terence Newman yeah on
it you know what I’m saying JJ Aldridge this card is [ __ ] mysterious I love it so what are we gonna do here T do we
uh it’s in the great white here in Alex Murano the great white
no I mean I mean he’s just he’s he’s a veteran at this point he’s been able to
stand in there um obviously probably will look to wrestle here I would think he’s not
gonna stand there I think he can with him and he can do it but Buckley’s showing pretty good takedown defense
he’s very explosive obviously the much more athletic guy if you just look at the two but he’s also got that power as
well and lately um I’m pretty sure he’s been on a no he’s not he’s won one [ __ ] time he lost he beat fialo who
obviously [ __ ] stinks after what we saw again last year for two weeks right Chris Curtis [ __ ] knocked his titles
yes shout out to Tim Tim Means right yeah shout out to Tim [ __ ] without our guy durag durai
listen I don’t give a [ __ ] yeah and he well Al Hassan who’s also on this card
he beat him um I don’t love this uh fight here I
should be honest with you that’s the truth it’s very tricky this could easily go three rounds morono a nice [ __ ]
decision hell I think he might be able to choke him out God I think he might be able to choke him out there’s an image in my head who is it who is morono
facing where he got caught but then ended up winning that fight where he was it was probably Tim Means he got hurt
bad I think it was Tim Means yeah yep he got hurt bad in them finished him in the
third late in the third and he had that fight wrapped up oh that that’s the one the positive fight he was up two rounds
and then you’re like oh don’t you just get through this round he stayed on his feet man it’s like Buckley can easily
catch him with that [ __ ] Power Man and this is 170. he he this he may have
found his home here at 170. you’re right you’re right I’m not mad at the choice so where are you going I’m gonna I’m
gonna go with my guy new monster okay Joaquin Buckley minus 200.
Hammer them and uh again I like to find the dogs when I can I I think I think
Murano just does do what he wants maybe in the grappling Department um I’m not gonna give sub but look look
out for that I mean he’s already plus 170 so I don’t need no prop so take we’ll take that but man hey if you can get plus 600 plus 500 on submission look
at that so I’m gonna go with Alex morono the teacher man plus 170. hammerum
I mean he teaches all the Jiu Jitsu classes Jim he definitely looks like a teacher social studies yeah yeah you
probably did what do we got next we have Joe pifer minus 475. act like Joe Biden
going up against Abdul razak Al Hassan plus 375. yeah okay now I gotta ask both
of you a question here do you think this number is Justified this is not a
terrible number bro terrible this is strictly all name value man and it’s
what kind of name value is it I mean it’s like Joe Biden B Joe pipe I don’t know if I want to beat Joe pifer in this
situation do we not think that Abdul can’t put him away did you watch
go to pifer’s last fight who was it who was his first mirror chart was it the mirror story you know it’s funny he beat
Gerald twice in a row he beat him in a regular fight and then I think a month or two later he beat him in a grappling
uh event right but can somebody pull that up for me yeah oh
who who was that fight was it amadovski no his last very last fight go up one more it’s very last fight was mayor
sharp man oh all right sorry you went too low wow okay so what so it was that fight so do we trust Mirza the amadoski
fight was nice too but this guy has also been choked out and knocked out right in
very well he it had well he got slammed heavy in the contender series I’m not gonna that’s still a slam I don’t give a
[ __ ] you get injured you get injured right oh it’s like physiv’s foot it is what it is man it should have been
called uh [ __ ] something else but whatever should have been a no contest
so Piper though he can get knocked out here man Al Hassan has some he’s got
some knockout signs right he put Roberto away last time right yep okay second round yep did chericho what the [ __ ] is
that nasty head kick nasty I thought he won the decision against Buckley right this guy can fight man this guy can he’s
got power dude he’s ripped and this number when you see that guy walking the octane if you don’t know the sport and
you see how has to walk in there you will go that [ __ ] looks scary as [ __ ] yeah am I wrong it’s a scary
looking guy he’s got the power pifer may have the speed though that’s the only thing pifer’s got the speed and
he’s got power don’t get me wrong but how hot since got that just you get hit by him and it’s [ __ ] over I again
that I the reason I was talking about the obviously sativa when I was talking about the piper fight I don’t know if it
was Gerald but it was that other fight before that if you see him in the exchanges against
defense he leaves himself wide open when he’s throwing now if these two are exchanging and if he lands but Al Hassan
lands I got a feeling that Al hassans is going to do more damage right he leaves
himself wide open it’s something to look at he he has that he does have that hole I don’t know man this number’s so big
that I look stupid when I pick [ __ ] guys like uh drikis right plus 330 plus
three foot no like some this [ __ ] happens this is Joe pifer guys this is not
a high level name I don’t know how this number is this way unless Al Hassan’s like being paid on the side and told to
throw to his fight I’m gonna take a [ __ ] chance yeah I’m not do not [ __ ] tell me fade me 100 but at minus
475 I don’t like Joe Pfeiffer at this number I don’t know so what I’m not gonna do is I’m not
okay I’m not gonna be Joe pifer I’m gonna take Abdul razak Al Hassan at Plus
375. I just think the value is too good
on that side you know pifer don’t he can’t he obviously he can win this fight but the value and everything our house
on the the power I just got sick with them here man I’m going on house and see him at the top on that man wow
he’s too good not too bad exactly if they exchange it’s a middleweight bout
we got some heavy hands going yep it could be lights out for both gentlemen but I’ll take my chances yeah because
I’ll use that in some small parlays to juice them up absolutely I’m not gonna hit I’m not gonna Hammer [ __ ]
three units on that garbage go ahead where are we at we have the main event we are at the main event of
the evening boys excellent we have Grant Dawson minus 400 going up
against Bobby Green Plus 300. Grant Dawson is on an absolute tear look
great I love this guy yeah I pick him every single time he is just non-stop
he’s like marab but he’s way more fun yeah because he tries to [ __ ] punish
you when you’re down on the floor and he holds you on the floor and then if he needs to you end up turning your back
and he chokes you out he’s got two weird naked jokes in his last three right the isma gulab fight he just domination
domination domination dots there was no at no point did you think you were gonna lose that [ __ ] BET right
how many fights do you want in a row seven eight nine I mean he’s on [ __ ] fight how do you go against that man I I
can’t and Bobby green is obviously just a good name he’s fun to put in these Main Events he fights four or five times
a year it is what it is but stylistically this is not a terrible matchup this is not a good fight stylistically for Bobby green no
terrible matchup now does Dawson want to sit there and trade with him no play this [ __ ] to your advantage to Austin
but do it like I just said be fun with it when you take him down he’s gonna start firing off shots and then if if
green gets up he’s gonna continue to go that to me I can that engages me to
watch the fight yeah I think Dawson’s a Madman I think he’s I I mean I’m telling you right now um it’s lightweight so
this is a tough division but there’s not many guys I’d say you put in front of him and I wouldn’t think he’s gonna win like he’d be a favorite
against a lot of guys in my mind yeah I’m talking top 10. I think he’s one of those top guys yeah I’m telling you
right now I think he can go in there and beat Dustin Poirier right now I mean that oh hardly I think this [ __ ] guy is the real [ __ ] deal man and the
number makes sense so we’re gonna have to try to find another Lane there or you just put him in all your parlays to try
to maybe Spruce it up a smidgy don’t waste much time again on this Main Event man this is we love Grant Dawson over on
this side bro he just does nothing but cash for us so give us Grant Dawson minus 400
hammerum I gotta keep real with you man I think
he submits them I think he puts it on him I think maybe if if green can make it to the third or fourth round he’ll be
tired as [ __ ] Grant Dawson it looks like he just got done with a light Jog and I think he puts him in a choke give me
Grant Dawson by submission Cameron I see the same exact thing you
know obviously he’s not on the level of maybe a marketev but the way Maka Chef was just able to take down green with
such ease I see the same exact thing playing out I see Dawson taking the back eventually getting that sub so see him
at the top at the top gotta be honest with you man I would love to see him again Grant Austin in his own fight like after once
we get Grant Dawson some name value I think we absolutely I think this guy I think he’s really got potential man yeah
and that’s why they’re putting them as the main event because obviously the UFC sees it as well yeah I I personally man
I cannot wait for Dawson to just get up and move this way he’s got he’s gonna his style bodes really well
I like him [ __ ] America yeah [ __ ] love that guy man so shout out to Grant Dawson and all right ladies and
gentlemen it’s your favorite time my favorite time it’s parlay time for the
boys and as I said earlier in the show The People’s parlay nobody’s nobody sent one guys I know we took a week off but
usually you got to send them the week prior and none of you did and if you did and I’m just being an [ __ ] right now my apologies I do get a lot of DMS now
so it may have slipped through the cracks I I apologize for that but for next week send in a three leg parlay
minus 200 on each line or better right so not minus 300 not minus 250 is gonna
be below that minus one three lagger 25 free roll if we pick you to be on the show it’s 25 for free for you so just
try to find your easiest way to Victory so that’s the people’s probably but we don’t have that this week so we’re gonna jump right into it for Mr Mage uh Mage
mysterios major money line parlay of the week Maddie who we rocking with dog yeah
this week we are going with Carolina kolkovich
minus 225. oh and Montel Jackson minus 185.
and what’s that pay in my man plus 264. dropping the bombs on you giving you
over two and a half to one can’t be mad at that also head over to we want picks.com to see the unit plays Maddie
will be playing he also likes to play a few extra parlays over there um I think couple hit couple weeks ago yeah promo
code now sir all right oh baby it’s time for the cheap ass parlay of the week cocaine isn’t cheap brought to you by T
and he also just this thing hits man I think he’s like six for his last eight seven for his last nine or something on
this it’s some call it free money so T what do we got already to kick it off we’re gonna go with Mateus Mendoza minus
225. I love that [ __ ] place okay he’s black then to bring it up a little bit we’re gonna go with Grant Dawson minus
400. okay he’s black and then to top it off give me the chin Drew Dober minus
425 guy he’s black that’s live Mage what’s that baby pain plus 123. oh he’s giving
you plus one point two three that’s plus one holy smokes doggy all right yeah
that is very crazy all right bombs away time boys my three leg parlay is gonna
get us well over ten to one this week well it should should be like 11 12 to 1. Let’s drop some bombs on them let’s
start it off with Alexander Hernandez plus 111. I’m coming for the [ __ ] money you piece of [ __ ] let’s go with
Felipe Linds to destroy the Hulk at plus 135. I’m coming for the [ __ ] money
you piece of [ __ ] and give me Alex morono plus 170. I’m coming for the
[ __ ] money you pieces one what is that paying sir plus 11 40.
round them up three three Lego get you a [ __ ] 1101 boys better jump on the
train all right finally we got the show parlay where all three of us pretty much do draft style I think I went first last
time we made Tigo we made I went first he went last so we’ll let T we’ll do snake draft style we’ll let T go first
this week Mage can go second and I’ll go third T who are you throwing in the show
parlay I’m gonna take probably one of my favorite picks uh matus Mendoza here at
minus 225. oh he knocked him down
hey speaking of getting a knock down he will be getting a knockdown this weekend Eric Lang
Madness oh [ __ ] um I just I’m not a few I really like
Alex Hernandez this week give me Alex Hernandez plus uh 111.
what’s that pain sir plus 490 coming for the [ __ ] money you piece
of [ __ ] [ __ ] beautiful all right all right guys uh that’s a wrap go buy a
t-shirt go sign up on uh we want pics.com uh promo code mouth
tell you what we’ll do a live this week if in the comments you I get at least 20
comments that just say yes live give me a yes to the live con plus your other
comments so put that down there we’ll do a live on Saturday for this terrible card because we like to get you through and then we’re definitely doing lives
for 294 and all the upcoming [ __ ] so shout out to everybody for tuning in
thanks for subscribing liking commenting uh tell your mom your daddy’s sister your uncle your cousin cast them tickets

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