UFC Vegas 79: Fiziev vs. Gamrot Preview Show

Welcome to the UFC Vegas 79Fiziev vs. Gamrot Preview Show brought to you by MMA Fighting. Get ready for an explosive matchup as we delve into the details of this highly anticipated UFC event. The stage is set for an intense battle between lightweight contenders Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot, but that’s not all. This event promises an action-packed fight card featuring other thrilling matchups, including Bryce Mitchell vs. Dan Ige and Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson-Gomez. Let’s dive into the excitement and explore the fighters’ chances in this electrifying event.

Key Takeaways:

  • UFC Vegas 79: Fiziev vs. Gamrot is set to be a high-stakes event in the world of mixed martial arts.
  • The lightweight contender fight between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot is generating significant buzz.
  • This event also showcases other exciting matchups, including Bryce Mitchell vs. Dan Ige and Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson-Gomez.
  • All fighters have successfully made weight during the weigh-ins, ensuring the fights proceed as scheduled.
  • The event will be held at the UFC APEX in Las VegasNevada, offering fans a thrilling live experience.

Fiziev vs. Gamrot Breakdown

Let’s take a closer look at the Fiziev vs. Gamrot matchup and analyze the key elements that could determine the outcome of this thrilling lightweight contender fight at UFC Vegas 79. Both Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot bring their unique skill sets and impressive records to the Octagon, making this an intriguing clash to watch.

Fiziev, known for his explosive striking and dynamic Muay Thai skills, has garnered attention with his knockout power and flashy techniques. His 9-1 record speaks volumes about his ability to finish fights. On the other hand, Gamrot, a former KSW champion, boasts an impressive 19-1 record and possesses a well-rounded skill set encompassing strong wrestling, solid submission grappling, and decent striking.

This matchup presents an intriguing clash of styles, with Fiziev’s striking prowess pitted against Gamrot’s grappling acumen. Fiziev’s ability to maintain distance and use his striking to keep Gamrot at bay will be crucial, while Gamrot’s takedown attempts and ground control can neutralize Fiziev’s striking advantage. Both fighters have shown resilience and durability in their previous fights, so this bout has the potential for an exciting back-and-forth battle.

The outcome of this fight could depend on who can impose their game plan more effectively. Will Fiziev be able to land his devastating strikes and avoid being taken down by Gamrot? Or will Gamrot be successful in putting Fiziev on the backfoot with his relentless grappling and ground control? Only time will reveal the answers.

As we eagerly await this highly anticipated bout, it’s worth noting that predictions for this fight are split, reflecting the evenly matched nature of the matchup. Fans and experts alike are in for a treat as these two talented fighters step into the Octagon, each with their own game plan and strategies.

Rafael FizievMateusz Gamrot
Record: 9-1Record: 19-1
Striking: Dynamic Muay Thai skillsStriking: Decent striking
Strength: Explosive knockout powerStrength: Well-rounded skill set
Style: StrikerStyle: Balanced, strong grappling

Fight Card Preview

In addition to the Fiziev vs. Gamrot showdown, the UFC Vegas 79 fight card promises fans an action-packed night with compelling matchups such as Bryce Mitchell vs. Dan Ige and Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson-Gomez.

Known for his exceptional grappling skills, Bryce Mitchell will face off against the hard-hitting Dan Ige in what is expected to be an explosive featherweight clash. Mitchell, with his undefeated record in the UFC, will look to continue his dominant run and showcase his submission prowess once again. On the other hand, Ige, a seasoned fighter with knockout power, will aim to deliver a knockout blow and make a statement in the division.

Meanwhile, Marina Rodriguez and Michelle Waterson-Gomez will bring their exciting styles to the octagon in a flyweight bout. Rodriguez, a skilled striker with a Muay Thai background, will look to showcase her precision striking and assert her dominance in the division. Waterson-Gomez, known for her well-rounded skill set and ability to adapt in the cage, will be a formidable opponent and aim to secure a victory in her pursuit of a title shot.

UFC Vegas 79 Fight Card

FightWeight Class
Rafael Fiziev vs. Mateusz GamrotLightweight
Bryce Mitchell vs. Dan IgeFeatherweight
Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson-GomezFlyweight

With an exciting lineup of fights, UFC Vegas 79 is set to be a memorable event for MMA fans. Don’t miss the action as these fighters step into the cage at the UFC APEX in Las VegasNevada. Tune in live on ESPN+ to witness the thrilling battles unfold and see who emerges victorious.

Weigh-Ins and Event Details

The tension is palpable as all fighters successfully made weight during the UFC Vegas 79 weigh-ins, setting the stage for an exciting night of fights at the UFC APEX in Las VegasNevada. Fans can catch all the action live on ESPN+.

The weigh-ins, an essential part of the pre-fight process, took place at the UFC APEX, where fighters stepped on the scale to ensure they met their respective weight limits. With all the competitors making weight, it’s a clear indicator of their commitment and readiness for the battles that lie ahead.

UFC Vegas 79 promises to deliver an unforgettable night of MMA action. The event will feature thrilling matchups, including the lightweight clash between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot, where both fighters will be looking to make a statement in their quest for championship glory. Additionally, fans can look forward to the intensity of the fights between Bryce Mitchell and Dan Ige, as well as Marina Rodriguez and Michelle Waterson-Gomez.

For those unable to attend the event in person, ESPN+ provides the perfect platform to catch the fights live. MMA enthusiasts can enjoy the exhilarating matchups from the comfort of their own homes, witnessing every strike, takedown, and submission as it unfolds inside the Octagon. Don’t miss out on the electrifying atmosphere and high-stakes action that UFC Vegas 79 has in store.

Rafael Fiziev155 lbs
Mateusz Gamrot155 lbs
Bryce Mitchell145 lbs
Dan Ige145 lbs
Marina Rodriguez115 lbs
Michelle Waterson-Gomez115 lbs


As the UFC Vegas 79 event approaches, fans can look forward to an explosive night featuring the Fiziev vs. Gamrot clash and other exciting matchups. The lightweight contender fight between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot is sure to be a thrilling showdown, with both fighters eager to prove their skills and climb the ranks. MMA Fighting will be providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of this highly anticipated event, ensuring that fans have access to all the latest news and insights in the world of MMA.

In addition to the Fiziev vs. Gamrot fight, UFC Vegas 79 will showcase other notable matchups. Bryce Mitchell and Dan Ige will go head-to-head, bringing their unique skills and strategies to the Octagon. The fight between Marina Rodriguez and Michelle Waterson-Gomez promises to be a fierce battle, with both women vying for victory. These matchups, along with the rest of the fight card, are set to deliver an unforgettable night of MMA action.

The weigh-ins for UFC Vegas 79 have already taken place, and all fighters have successfully made weight. This ensures that the event will proceed as planned, with fighters fully prepared to showcase their abilities. The event will take place at the renowned UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, providing a state-of-the-art venue for the fights. Fans can catch all the action live on ESPN+ as the event unfolds.

Stay tuned to MMA Fighting for comprehensive coverage and analysis of this highly anticipated event and the latest news in the world of MMA. Our team of experts will deliver up-to-date information, post-fight analysis, and exclusive interviews, keeping fans informed and engaged throughout the UFC Vegas 79 event and beyond. Don’t miss a moment of the excitement as the fighters step into the Octagon and leave it all on the line.

yeah mixed martial arts mixed martial arts
Halloween like our martial arts we like your mix [Music]
enthusiasm it doesn’t get much more mixed than this weekend’s card uh UFC
Vegas 79 physiv versus gamra thank you everyone uh for tuning in to MMA
fightings live TV show right now I I will be your host today I want Mr Alexander Kaylee and I am so lucky to be
joined by the Magnificent Jose youngs apology accepted and the equally
magnificent life
[Music] uh okay I don’t know he says yeah yeah
it’s spoke volumes it spoke yeah well uh anyone who’s just tuning in to the weigh-ins as I’m sure you guys all were
uh there was a little bit of drama at the end there we thought Dan Argueta might not make weight literally showed
up in the last minute and uh based on the feed I was watching anyway uh shout out to ag.fight
I think they weighed him in on a side scale anyway it’s a whole thing we’ll have well isn’t it isn’t it age isn’t it
AG fight AG that’s AG yeah but don’t you pronounce like it’s
not dylasha I don’t know it’s it’s a lowercase G yeah I’m pretty sure it’s AG fight it’s
a Brazilian Outlet shout out to Diego what’s the AG stand for couldn’t tell
you well I say AG because I’m cool that’s how I pronounce it I’ve heard it both
ways uh we’re not here talk about that we’re here to talk about perceiving camera a very very cool main event I
actually think a pretty decent looking card uh there’s a there’s maybe a lack
of stakes here a lack of drama we’ve had plenty of drama lately perhaps that’s why I haven’t quite gotten my blood up
yet but hopefully talking about it with you gentlemen today and uh discussing with the fans in the
comments will get me a little more excited but on paper a fine card a fine finite card nothing wrong with it all we got we got
recognizable veteran names we’ve got ranked Fighters we have fighters who are certainly uh could be competing for a
title in the future we’ll start off again talking about our main eventers uh Rafael fazeem and matush gamra uh both
guys you know not quite a lightweight title picture right now for Steve coming off of entertaining loss to Justin
gaichi gamra just just squeaking out that Split Decision win over Jalen Turner but I don’t think
anyone would question that it’s a uh impressive performance on Saturday could propel them just that much closer to the
top five and once we get one of those squatters to kind of you know pop plop out of their uh physique and or gamma
should fit in nicely but Jose I’ll go right to you uh what’s your level of excitement use
whatever gauge you want you know we’ve got all these silly systems here at uh MMA fighting we’ve got the the gymnastics rating system that I always
throw out there we’ve got Jed michoud’s patented Michelin star system Jose evaluate this however you want tell
me how how excited you are and in what uh capacity this Main Event [ __ ]
slaps that’s what that’s my rating this rate this main event is so good like everyone that has followed MMA fighting
for the last several years knows I’m a big metallic gameroff fan and I’m a big Raphael physique fan
um I this main event is not gonna bring in the you know the outskirts of the MMA
fandom they might use this as like a weekend off maybe you know they’re burnt out for the last few weeks skip the next
few weeks and then go right into the big Abu Dhabi card but this main event is so good physiv is one of the most violent
fighters in all of mixed martial arts regardless of white classic Gamera is one of the most well-rounded Fighters
you’ll ever see I believe his only losses are to banil Darius and then he’s stumbled in his in his um
UFC debut to gurram uh which was a short notice replacement and he was I think
that was his first professional loss in general was to gurram um in on in Abu Dhabi and after that he
just rattled off some a bunch of wins and I have beating Armin sarukian in 2022 2023
whatever year that fight was irate wins over Armin very highly and that’s what
gamra has and then I also I rate wins over uh RDA and Brad Riddell very highly
so this is as I like to say the definition of just high level martial arts don’t care that it’s in the Apex
don’t care if it’s in a sold out crowd Jose’s personal rating I don’t want I’m
not giving it a number rating but this Main Event [ __ ] slaps and I can’t wait for this I’m very glad there’s a five round fight because these tours two
of my favorite fighters to watch and two fighters that should people should be tuning in to watch because they don’t put on bad performances
yeah uh you mentioned the firestikion uh he won he won decision there it was it was a close fight some people say it
could have gone the other way uh my best friend Mike heck’s favorite fight personal his personally favorite fight of 2022 like I said absolute Banger
incredible mixing the martial arts awesome fight uh the fight was say could you could have made the case should have
gone gamro’s way and that was that was a split call so he has just had a ridiculous uh degree of difficulty of
just looking at his past few years even in ksw I rate Norman Park I’m again I’m an ultimate fighter guy Norman Park
Ultra fighter guy from way back of course a veteran of the European MMA scene so he fought they fought a bunch of times uh uh Claver koiki I mean
that’s a good win and then in the UFC Jeremy Stevens Diego Ferrera our monstercion uh he fought but like say he
lost a beneal that’s a tough fight and then just fought uh top 15 guy in jail and Turner so gamra has been facing
pretty much nothing but Killers for the past like three years it’s it’s been a hell of a run and now he gets another one in perceive
um now physive I think I I think in the eyes of the
more casual fan I guess now that these guys is super famous but I would say physiv is maybe because he’s a knockout
artist he’s got that appealing stand-up style maybe he has a little more currency I could be wrong uh Jose do you
think he’s closer do you think uh as long as he gets a win here that uh he’s maybe one fight away from title talk
while gamer might be further do you think there’s someone there more similarly uh positioned
hmm it’s a good question I think they’re pretty comparable I
don’t think one is only one’s ahead of the other because gamra’s lost to beneal
dariushu’s top what three and Fizzies lost Justin Gates whose top three
I think they’re I think the winner of this their neck and neck right now and I like this is the type type of fights we
need where there’s a lot of like as you said there’s squatters and the welterweight and lightweight division where they’re just kind of holding their
spots and we just want them to fight to see who moves forward in the division this is that fight neither of these guys
are top five ranked I believe and maybe they’re probably win like the 7-8 range and this is going to get them maybe to
that sixth spot I don’t have the rankings in front of me but that’s just my personal rankings in the top of my
head um yeah they’re neck and neck this is whoever wins is going to be they’re not
fighting for the title in 2023 but maybe by the end of 2024 if they rack up a few more wins and depending on who the
champion is because um let’s not forget when Islam was fighting Charles was it Islam Islam was
fighting might have been Dan hooker or Charles Oliveira one of the fights that Islam fought in Abu Dhabi I can’t
remember which fight card it was but gamra was on that card he fought when he fought Anil 280 UFC
280 that sounds right I don’t remember but whatever fight card that was uh I believe it was Habib took a photo at of
the press conference and it was gamra was sitting behind Islam and Habib was like these two will fight for the title
soon so if Habib is already saying that maybe he has some still has some Sway in the
UFC maybe Islam has some Sway in the UFC gamrod’s incredibly popular in Poland like he is a big deal in Poland maybe
that can push him a little closer too because he has a more International uh audience but physiv is I
aesthetically the more pleasing fighter like you said so if he goes out there and just wheel kicks gamra then you’d
have to him which is not out of the realm of possibility the way this guy fights and he’s again never been in a
boring fight he will kicks gamra gets an impressive Victory one or two wins away
again does again it’s the lightweight division is the best division in MMA Jose you are spot on with your rankings
at least according to ma fighting’s Global rankings we have physiv at number seven camera and number eight and we’re
essentially the same as UFC’s rankings they have them six and seven but we have again we include other promotions in
there so we just have bellator’s Usman or Michael Madoff slotted in there above them but otherwise yes essentially uh
six and seven in the UFC so yeah I think we all agree really like when we say outside the top five literally outside
the top five and they just kind of need that opportunity to get in there uh I like that you mentioned that there’s a
potential for fame for gamra because I feel like both guys not that they’ll ever I don’t think the
the chance of them crossing over in North America and becoming huge stars is that likely but that they do have a
presence outside of just like enjoying watching their fights gamma like you said he’s got that ksw Fame he’s choking
out uh he’s choking out talk show hosts over in Poland I know that’s a while ago now but that still sticks out in my mind
fazeb has a really quirky kind of funny social media presence yeah he’s a good
feel for it yeah he’s he’s a good follow and all of his interviews all of his post fights yeah he’s got a lot of play
after so that he’s doing it right especially like when people say like oh you need to know English to kind of sell
yourself he knows English but not it’s obviously not his first language and I think that kind of endear is endearing the way he talks trash and makes jokes
yeah I think he definitely does his best with with things that she has he’s had a lot of good interviews good appearances on the mar and things very memorable
like that so uh yeah both guys again could be could develop that you know slightly above called following
you know not a level but they could be sporty solid b-level Stars uh in in the UC and again even potentially more
famous around the world you know we’re just talking about uh North America at the moment but on paper this is your classic Grappler
versus Striker matchup camera at the grappler of course a physique of the striker not that both guys aren’t well-rounded but they’re both known for
what they do best uh Jose do you see any scenario where this plays out differently where this turns to a
stand-up war on gamro it’s willing to engage or physique shows off his grappling and maybe uh you know gives gamma some headaches there or is it or
do you expect it to sort of play out on paper as it looks this is going to be a mix they’re going to mix
the martial arts as we say um physiv I would obviously give the edge in Striking and camera I would give
the edge in wrestling and grappling but both of their camps they’re not like both of their who the people that are in
their Corners are going to prepare them and they’ve fought the best of the best like visivas fought RDA he’s fought Brad
Riddell he’s fought Mike Connell like these are good Strikers and good wrestlers and grapples gamerat you know has fought the long lanky Grappler
Strikers and Jalen Turner like Armin sarukian is one of the best most well-rounded mixed martial artists in
all of MMA calls during Ferrera is one of the heaviest top games and one of the best Grapplers in the division and as
Jeremy Stevens declared he’s one of the hardest hitting featherweights slash lightweights in the UFC at the time so
these guys have seen it all in the UFC this is going to be a well-rounded mixed
martial arts competition I think it’s going to play out on the feet on the ground against the fence everywhere like
this is the type of fight that we want this is the type of fight that I love so again beautiful Main Event can’t wait
for it yeah I I think we’ve done a great job selling it and uh you’re and I like what you say about their skill sets
because it’s it’s not just the one guys knockout artist one guy’s a great gapler though those are statements are both true these are legitimately guys you
could see contending for and I would go so hard to say like potentially winning the lightweight title now
if as long as Islam’s at the top you’re gonna have one everyone who goes in there is you know minus 200 sorry plus
200 plus 200 Underdog and that’s a credit to Islam not necessarily anything bad against like any of these about any
of these contenders that we bring up or these two contenders that are fighting on Saturday so yeah that that is what’s so exciting this is this is free this is
on why say free uh for you uh you folks in the US with your ESPN plus subscriptions it’s all at ESPN plus I
believe no ESPN no ABC no ESPN Deportes no ESPN news or also just log into your
ESPN Plus at uh when is this card what is this card going down Main cards 7 PM uh prelims at 4 pm
let’s get to our predictions guys uh Casey I want to get yours too uh but uh Jose I’ll go to you first of course uh
How does it go we sort of just know no prediction no prediction no prediction man you’re pretty you’re gonna have a
good time that’s your prediction you’re locking down I I don’t want to make a prediction because then I’m going to want to be
right and I literally just want to see a good fight also I’m a very big gamerop fan and I feel like that would be a
disservice to physive uh if I like you know part of me always will lean Gamera because he’s one of my
favorite Fighters but I also I it would that would be unfair to physique more MMA journalists need to you know openly
admit that um but yeah I’m not making a pick this fight is so good what are the odds who’s the betting
favorite I believe uh physiv is this very slight favorite I would I would
agree I would agree with that like on paper I would favor physique but I’m not making an official prediction I like
I very much enjoy watching both of these gentlemen fight uh I’m just looking forward to a good competition
oh you’re so emotionally invested I like it I like what what is it about why is it why is Garrett what was the moment in
gamma’s career that made you well I just I’m all in on this guy I’m a big fan of guys that you know that he didn’t go
through the like not I’m not one of these guys gonna like poo poo on the contender series like I understand why
people dislike it that I think that’s more of like a monetary thing rather than a finding Talent thing
um but gamrat he was the like there was a point in time when we were like Chandler
signs the UFC he gave you signed to the UFC like Gilbert Melendez when he signed to UFC like the UFC would just gobble up
the best lightweights of each promotion and they would just hit the ground running and I always felt like gamra
should have been involved in that that com that conversation of like best lightweights that should be in the UFC
and I just think that ksw was just reaching the masses in the western of
the western world and then he signed and he was supposed to hit the ground running stoned against gurram and then
went three in a row and then Main evented and I just feel like he’s proving a lot of people right and I just I I just really enjoy his style of fight
he’s just a really good well-rounded martial artist like he’ll heal hook you he’ll key lock you he’ll knock you out
with punches like he’s just he he’s a high action Striker while also a high
action Grappler and I really appreciate High action Grapplers I think we need to normalize fight of the knights where
it’s just crazy scrambles and everything doesn’t happen enough and I I just think like what physivist just striking just
all action high level super exciting gamrod is the same with his grappling
and wrestling so I’ve always just been a fan of that style just go go go and
doesn’t really I know that Jalen Turner fight was a little weird but that was you know last minute Jalen Turner is
freaking long um yeah I just I’m just a fan of his fighting style that’s literally it
Casey similar question why do you love Raphael FaZe even why are you picking him to beat Matrix camera
this is honestly one of those fights where like has a fan I’m really bummed
someone has to lose because it just pushes them farther back in line um and especially if it’s got like a Zeb
loses you know it’s a two fight losing streaks and everyone’s all like Bro you’ve lost two straight fights here you’ve lost no 200 last three fights all
that stuff you know but um yeah I’m just bum someone I love this matchup I love as the main event it’s a
perfect main event for a fight night card um but I am gonna pick gamrat by a very
close super duper super duper competitive decision um just because I’m I’m gonna go I’m
gonna go with the I’m gonna go with the fighter that has slightly more ways to win and um I just I’m pretty much like
Jose I just love watching game rap I love watching for Z fight um but uh I think in the small cage I
think this will be no actually I don’t think it’s really advantageous to either fighter in the small cage but um yeah I just unless
Gamera has lost a step um I think he takes a very close decision but it’s one of those it’s one
of those fights where we’re going to pretty much see both fighters in the same same uh same scale
we’re not going to be going oh Gamera really he’s like he’s so much better than what I thought he was I think come
in just I think we love both Fighters and unfortunately someone has to lose one of those type fights
okay so I’m gonna cheer you up because uh as as we’ve seen recently uh we don’t no it’s possible that no one loses uh we
actually see we’ve seen that several times not just that main event of course not just passed by uh our debt Daniel
lucerita is building up for days saying oh this is gonna be amazing this guy might go over five with five uh five
finishes losses and uh sure enough I was wrong we got a wonderful Phantom call from Chris ioni and uh Dan Lucero listed
the other day and then the main event this is a five rounder wait wait wait we’re talking about physiv and gamra and
you’re bringing up Daniel the Sarah any time
that fight by the way is it’s been rebooked him and Edgar charas a lot of unanswered questions there uh we’ll get
that settled but uh this is a five round fight Casey I I am not predicting a draw don’t worry
people I’m not going there I’m not going to troll You by saying we will get a a bizarre 10-8 uh but I’m just saying I
just want to cheer Casey up he sounds very sad that that’s something I think Jose is a little sad too there’s someone else but I don’t want us to lose yeah or
someone also has to win look at it that way so someone will get closer to a title shot uh I was gonna say guaranteed
but there’s no such thing as guarantees and you see some guy the guy the winner of this fight could go on to win two more fights and still not fight for the
title we know how this business works but yeah but putting it putting aside title implications as we have made very
clear this is an incredible high level awesome fight that’s what matters to us as fans for
physique and Gamera hopefully this does uh and or gamerat hopefully this does lead to bigger and better things but in
the moment just judging this fight and avoid it is just so fantastic to watch I’m also going to lean cam Rod I think
in situations like this where the skill sets uh and experience are so close and so similar uh their athleticism
everything that their physical traits are so similar I will go towards the grappler I think can I watch has more
ways to control this fight um it’s going to be hard as hell for him to take physique down and keep him down
but I think he’ll do enough so I’m kind of with you Casey uh it’ll be close it’ll be like convincing I do think we
we won’t have that much controversy um fingers crossed but I I am going a camera decision as well yeah honestly no
output no um outcome would surprise me except for a gamrod like straight up Ko
um of physiv um like a one punch KO but outside of that I think every I think everything’s
on the table really as far because like both guys are incredibly Dynamic both guys are in their Prime and uh just a
super duper fight and I I love it and I am not like Jose on this one I I despise
that it’s in the Apex I this deserves to be in front of two billion people but
it’s gonna be in front of uh 24 Rich dudes so whatever apparently a one
persistent troll uh Danny Danny Gabriel I was saying someone’s in harassing you guys find that story fighting.com there’s some Heckler that
Danny gay cannot stand uh let’s go to the main event speaking of which uh what is what a intentional segue by me Danny
gay fighting Bryce Mitchell looking at our rankings uh then you gave the number 15
featherweight he’s just hanging in there and Bryce Mitchell number 13. professors are coming off his quote unquote first
uh career loss he did lose to uh future two-time Ultimate Fighter winner Brad Katona he was submitted by him uh in
tough 27 as we all remember uh but his first official loss official submission to ilio toporia now the big big thing
heading into this one uh there’s always a lot going on with Bryce Mitchell but just talking about his fighting career
uh was that lost to prayer and how poor he looked I think most of us had picked a prairie to win I think most fans
picked a party to win we all view him as a future title Challenger someone who should get that shot sooner rather than
later no no I want actually according to apologies only 53 of people were picking
over Mitchell so coming into that fight it was very close it was very a biggest bite so I’m just gonna throw that either
I didn’t remember that well and that’s a lot that’s a good sample size too so uh yeah you guys you gotta you gotta
remember the the circumstances leading into that fight which I’m sure neither of you
quite remember but tapori was coming off that big knockout win over Jai Herbert but he got clipped like that was a [ __ ]
that was a war before he melted him and then Bryce Mitchell dominated Philly and
Edson Barbosa the two fights before so Ilya was coming off a very back and
forth battle that he won by knockout Fair like Fair like he won by knockout fair and square and then Bryce Mitchell
first Edson Barbosa was not close at all so that doesn’t surprise me that was a
lot closer than people that that it was a lot closer than we remember in photo wise tapori went on to submit him and
Bryce mentioned well I think it was Bryce Mitchell himself who later said he was dealing with some sort of injuries wasn’t 100 didn’t you know if you if you
thought you didn’t see the best version of him in there you’re probably right uh either way I I see a lot of chatter now
saying he was that lovely word and Anime he was exposed rice Mitchell was exposed
but I don’t know if that’s the case I do feel like he had enough night I believe I kind of believe the injury story he was he’s been pretty active in the UFC
he came in on the blue right that’s what he claimed yeah yeah and even if you don’t believe that stuff I think Elia
tempura is also just really good so I don’t know if that necessarily takes away from Price Mitchell but I see a lot of I did I do see a lot of people saying
uh that he wasn’t it kind of brought him down a notch as far as their view of him
as a contender I don’t know if you guys feel that way I don’t know if you think this is a must win for him to preserve
his chances of of you know ever fighting for a title or if he can lose against a tough Contender like Danny gay and still
and still bounce back Jose is this is this a must win no because this division is so good and you lose two in a row you
win two more after that you’re right back in the contention I know and especially because what the
featherweight division has gone for that the other divisions don’t really have outside of middleweight is the champion
wants to be active and he wants fresh contenders so like Ilya like remember
he’s like oh I’ll fight Max or if Volk wants to like you know go to lightweight or whatever and volcanovsky’s like no
don’t fight Max Holloway I’ll fight you like and then so if he wants you know fresh faces and say he beats Ilya and
then Bryce Mitchell wins a few more or Danny wins a few more and Vulcan also he’s like hey fresh face you might not be top five but you’ve won three four in
a row I’ll fight you right now I think that any one of the Federal Way division of the top ten that hasn’t
fought the champion is only a few wins away from fighting the champion especially if it’s vulcanovski because he has been very vocal that he wants to
be active he wants to be a fighting champion especially if the lightweight division is like gaichi’s gonna fight
for the title next seems like vulcanasi is going to stick around a feather way until he gets another shot at Islam uh
especially if Islam is the champion so yeah I don’t think I don’t think either a lawsuit for either guy ige or Mitchell
throws them out of contention uh with especially the volcanovsky at the top
wow that’s right that’s I’ve missed it because I like that very very Prince of positivity of you because I I have a dimmer view of it I don’t know I feel
like it’s positivity it’s just realistic I I feel like both conferences guys are
in that mix of like you know volcanovski is always saying like oh I need guys to step up I need guys to step up I need
them to like you know stamp themselves so no one can tender and I feel like both these guys are pretty far off but I
don’t know yeah maybe maybe ige crowns uh Bryce Mitchell in the first round maybe Bryce Mitchell you know dominates
him and wins a dominant decision or he gets submission and changes the whole narrative I don’t know uh I I swear I am
just viewing this as a as a weirdly risky like I don’t know why I’m more
fixated on what both these gentlemen have to lose and they have to gain Casey am I being too negative here I’m
supposed to be the positive one I’m being too negative in my am I too you know you guys trying to you about not liking the fact that one of the guys had
to lose in the in the main event I’m now I’m worried I’m like oh because Jose you mentioned the depth and
like what a shark tank the division is and yes it’s you know you can get go on a run but also that depth is also works
against you so I don’t know Casey am I being too negative um uh slightly I think
um I think are we talking about must win in the sense that they’re gonna be fighting for
a title within like a year and a half no I I mean I mean for their jobs you know
no definitely not for their jobs but I mean like I feel like a Mitchell especially if he loses this fight because at least any game’s been around
for a bit I feel like Mitchell if you lose this fight um after the way he lost to Ilia toporia that he’s gonna fall on
that list of people what’s going like just appeal is going to write him off write him off as a contender you know um I I think that’s possible but I don’t
know maybe Jose’s right maybe they’re it’s easy if if he loses the same way in
the same dominant way that taporia beat him then I think we’re kind of
were more questioning okay Mitchell’s just kind of we we hear this ceiling not necessarily like he’s exposed or
anything it’s like okay he’s he’s just a not just a it’s an incredible feat to be
a top 10 featherweight in the UFC so when I say just a top 10 by the way I’m I’m not trying to just diminish that but
I I just think Bryce Mitchell could if he loses his fight dominantly he’s still a quality featherweight I feel a
borderline top 10 guy who obviously needs to um uh expand his game a little more
because now everyone knows what they’re getting with Bryce Mitchell maybe a little before kind of through some people it kind of surprises some people
how dominant he was with his ground attacks um but if guys like japoria and ige
can’t prepare for that now and when he when he hits that kind of upper echelon featherweight you know maybe it’s just
time for Bryce Mitchell kind of to kind of just improve his game uh but I don’t that I don’t think
yeah I just don’t despise a fun fight I like to fight but I don’t think it’s a must to win for either either guy
honestly because I don’t think either guy is really an entitled shot contention with next
year and a half especially gay I don’t think but um Mitchell even if he loses I think he
attracts so much attention from everyone good and bad that I feel you know he’ll be fine
Casey gave us a prediction give us a prediction for the fight what did I predict uh oh you’ve done
have you done your typology predictions already yeah I did oh look at you doing your homework ahead of time yeah where
did I put it where did I put I have it here ah Danny gay decision
hmm uh do you think he keeps it on the feet he thinks just keeps it on the feet and shows off that boxing or do we get
to see do we get to see some of that highly bonded like PK Jiu Jitsu which I mean we see sometimes but not I think uh
ige’s uh top game will uh negate a lot of Mitchell’s um uh ground attacks I
think I don’t think I don’t think Mitchell’s gonna be able to get the takedown on a ige uh consistently and I
think he gave his boxing um will uh beat up uh we’ll beat up
Bryce Mitchell basically um I think I think this will be I feel like Danny gay is kind of Ilea to
poor light I think illegible words just like a better version of Danny gay and Danny is
also a very good fighter I think but just I think this is a better matchup for Mitchell but I still think ige has the advantages to win a a competitive
decision okay Jose where are you going which direction you’re going with this I’m gonna go ige don’t know how he’s gonna
win I just favorite ige like like when I filled in for Mike hack on onto the next one I explained
like your victories over someone that’s all well and good but it’s who you lost to that I take more stock
into and losing to Calvin kater Chan seung-jong Josh shemet and evoiv I think
those are ige’s losses all four of those guys I would favor against Bryce Mitchell
I just figured in also Eric nixik is on a roll right now like that man can do no
wrong with cornering his fighter so you got Eric nixik in your corner I think that just gives you the edge and I don’t
think Bryce Mitchell is a bad fighter whatsoever I think he’s obviously a little one-dimensional I don’t think
he’s ever had a knockout victory in his career uh Danny gay has fought five
rounds against Korean zombie and survived um beat that’s in barbalista two I I I
think I picked that some Barbosa I think I thought Edson won that fight I think that was a kind of a controversial win
but but a win a win nonetheless um I think yeah I just think Dan you
guys fought better opponents he’s not past his prime yet I think he’s early 30s Eric nicsick just kind of tilts it
in his favor so yeah I I also don’t know how Bryce Mitchell trains at all like
never seen real footage of him training don’t know who’s in his Corner um yeah
and very good at fighting too he can’t he can’t leak that footage he knows people are watching he keeps that secret
that footage secret to him right he can’t he doesn’t even want the government to know that he has I don’t they can watch him with I’m pretty
confident that Bryce Mitchell isn’t afraid to keep anything secret so
I mean there’s there’s his that’s not the truth that’s for sure but you know
uh you guys talked me into it I kind of was leaning Mitchell going into this but you guys have made some very compelling
arguments and also I feel like if all three of us pick ige then we can’t be wrong that’s my I think if we’re all and
and I I don’t know why I Really Wanna I get I really want to get this right I really want to get this card right I think we all agree it’s going to a
decision I think I I would be surprised by a finish either way honestly I’d be
surprised I agree Christian ige knockout I’d be surprised Mitchell submission very surprised he gain uh Mitchell
knocker excuse me or even a TKO so I think this has to go to a decision and you got and the listeners May notice
a theme uh when we get to the I do because I do want to talk about the third fight as well normally we go to
like the Deep Cuts here but I do want to talk about give the third fight some attention but yeah I’ll go eBay by decision as well for the reasons you
guys said great coaching that veteran experience Mitchell’s you know that it really feels
like he only has one route to Victory and it’s a good route it’s a great route in MMA a lot of people can take that
route that wrestling grappling route uh is he on that level where he can become a top eight top seven guy with just that
one skill maybe I’m not convinced yet if he does Danny gay uh that’ll be doing a lot of
convincing for me for sure so uh yeah we went all through ige but according to apology uh we are off 72
percent of the fans are picking Mitchell and Mitchell Mitchell is a slight betting favorite too yeah yeah so uh so
so I guess these Emporia laws really hasn’t um hasn’t um soured people on
Bryce Mitchell I think I think people are going you know what he had an off night he came in sick
um he he’s very open about making a mistake for taking that fight you know he thought he could man up and you know
it’ll be tough turns out um you can’t do that against Great Fighters like toporia so um we’re gonna give him a mole again
basically and uh what’s well at least the fans think that way and um we’ll see I’m uh I like this fight though I think
this is gonna be I think this is gonna be a really dirty ugly fight oh for sure it’s gonna be I think there’s going to
be a controversial Victor oh oh and you don’t just mean Bryce
Mitchell possibly winning and saying something controversial when does he ever does he say things controversial no
no again the truth is not controversial so technically no uh but yes I I will agree across the
board and I think I think that the topology the the 72 Mitchell I think maybe people are just overlooking Danny
I’ve done it before I’ve done it many times for sure Danny games is like because he doesn’t look like he’s
as they say it’s not like he looks good getting off the bus like Edson Barbosa and Ilya you see that man walking down
the street you just assume that man’s gonna beat you up Josh Emmett too evoy of two Nate landware for sure like Danny
has like is like a really nice guy and looks like a really nice guy so I just
think Danny doesn’t get enough credit as being an incredibly high level martial artist no and again I’ve done it I I’m
as guilty of it as anyone I’m sure people go through the predictions any any fights he’s having the main card I’m sure I’ve picked against him several
times yeah and then yeah we talk about it you just hate Danny gay
uh but I wanted to go ahead remind me how did um how did the
moth fight how did that go if Danny gay was it on the ground or did did he win that kind of standing in on the ground
against ige that fight I’m trying it was quite up in the ground I believe
I’m pretty sure there was a 30-25 scorecard in there so it wasn’t a competitive fight okay
[Music] this uh wrestling wrestling is very good
if life is very good um okay let’s talk about one more pair of veterans here Marina Rodriguez and
Michelle Waterson Gomez they are me they’re the uh third to last fight on the card again I do want to give them
some attention uh Marina number 10 in our rankings Waterson Gomez not currently in our star weight rankings
but still hanging around on the UFC’s uh official rankings so I like the placement of this fight I’m glad they’re
giving these veterans their respect I don’t really care to pick a winner but
I’m more interested in the uh rewards slash consequences of this fight both
women coming in very tough stretches Marina Rodriguez looked like she was probably deserved a title shot at some
point in the last two years has now lost two straight fights and is feels very very far away from the championship
picture uh Waterson Gomez three straight losses five of her past six both women
uh a little bit up there in Asian experience and I don’t mean to call them old it’s just that uh Michelle Waterson
has been fighting professionally since 2007. Michelle Watson Gomez she is in her 16th year Well into her 16th year of
uh professional fighting competition and I want to say shows no zones of snow signs of slowing down but that’s what I
want to ask you guys it are we near the end of the uh quite memorable Michelle Waterson Gomez experience
I think yes she’s in the yes yes
yeah I thought she was going to retire after the Lemos fight honestly and I say that with
um no Insider knowledge whatsoever but the lamosh fight wasn’t particularly
competitive um and then she took the fight in Miami and I think that that was a close fight
right uh she did okay she did okay in the first round she wasn’t like blown out in
the first round I I remember because I think I had picked uh Michelle Waterson Gomez by decision and remember after the
first round I was feeling okay I’m like oh okay she wasn’t like smoked and then uh I mean lamos is just a younger more
explosive fighter and submitted him yeah um was she’s lost five of six or something
like that five of six yeah and I thought she lost against Angela Hill too and yeah and and she’s almost
40 right she’s like she’s 37 she’s 37 years young 37 years young but look at
this run of names though I know I know yeah I’ll go ahead Joanna Carla Angie
Angie yeah Marina yes that’s the first time yeah Amanda lamosh and then I
cannot remember who she fought her most recent fight yeah those are monsters and then even if you
look at before that her losses are to like these stores and like rows like literally like five of like over the
last 10 years that’s the best straw weights in the world like she’s
I she I yeah she’s I love her fighting style because she’s just down to fight whoever
she’s like next woman up but yeah I would imagine she’s closer to retiring but I will say Casey probably knows
better than me okay so I’ll tell you in a second but I will say the fact you love her the fans love her I’m a fan the UFC loves her she
she has been such a great I think Ambassador for the UFC someone who they they love sending out for to do media uh
again because she’s just so seasoned she’s just been in this business a long time she’s she’s not gonna make a misstep she’s pretty loyal to to the
promotion uh so I think as long as she wants to keep fighting I have a feeling to let her do so but yes I guess Casey I
guess I have to I have to go to you you’ll know a bit better uh what’s your read what’s your read is it time for uh
the karate hottie to to lay down the the key as it were I don’t know
um I don’t think that uh it’s this is just a weird fight for the UFC the book it doesn’t really make any sense no more
than anything this fight’s just odd um let’s not forget the first time they
fought that was like a last minute throw together at flyweight oh yes yeah yeah yeah that wasn’t even a drawing they
needed a main event volunteered yeah yeah so um yeah nice
it’s just kind of an I still think it’s just kind of odd fight putting two kind of veterans together
um that with no real purpose um I don’t know it’s just but for as far
as Michelle Waterson or no is she coming near the end of her career of course she is uh is this if she takes a bad loss is
this the last night is this the last time we’re gonna see her I very I very much doubt that um I would hope Michelle Waterson kind
of gets her her last UFC fight in front of a front of at least a decent sized crowd I think she’s earned it
um but this fight really should be tailor-made for Maria Rodriguez to win uh they’re about the same age but I feel
Marina has less um years on her fight years on her and
um yeah I kind of expect Marina kind of to win this pretty handily you know a
very very uh just uh pedestrian was it 30-27
victory for Marina Rodriguez I don’t really expect anything big from this fight um but I think Rodriguez should kind of
dominantly win and um Michelle Waterson Gomez will go on and um
I’ll probably if I just uh just a newcomer to the UFC and that her next fight possibly could be her last fight
though depending and you would love for that to be in New Mexico right if that could happen somewhere in New Mexico
but yeah people yeah Southwest yeah just somewhere yeah
I I if it would really uh mean a lot to me as a fan if she got the same kind of
ending that we just saw with Robbie Lawler that we just saw with Korean zombie like I’m not I’m not people can
judge how they want like how how you know if she’s on the level of those guys but I think as far as popularity certainly way up there and I yeah she’s
gonna get the same retirement as like Roxy when she lost in you know she came and did a press conference even though
she lasted oh yeah I would hope so say about that yeah I don’t think you’ll get the video package but you know even Dana
spoke about Roxy when she lost and I’m sure he will with Michelle yeah and Michelle Waterson her her best years
were also at Adam weight in the UFC of course never had AdAway Division and
for the fans out there if you can go watch Michelle Watterson versus Jessica Penny that’s a banger one of the best
Championship bites I’ve ever seen so go check it out it’s an Adam white fight um Adam White championship fight and Invicta find it you’ll love it so she
she headlines her second like she was headlining fights right away almost yeah like she won her UFC debut
on a really stacked card in retrospect and then it was the day after 189 so
like not a lot of people watched it but then her sacrifice against Paige and like a main event
uh yeah uh she’s again she’s had a great legacy uh and if Michelle Watson Gomez
out there we apologize for like eulogizing you like we said as far as we know maybe she wants to play for another three or four years right we don’t we
don’t know but if we are near the end you know it’s never it’s never a bad time to show I think your appreciation for someone’s career and she’s had a
very very very very good one you know maybe maybe never got to that uh UFC title shop but like you guys said Invicta animate champion at one point
was one of the you know three best Adam weights in the world I I won’t go as far as say number one I mean we know you
know ayaka hamasaki was out there and um had a strong uh Adam weight contingent but uh absolutely in the top
three and uh that’s that means something I think I mean I think that means something so I’m glad I just want to talk about the fight don’t care about
the winner like we said it’s a weird fight that they’re even booking again uh in the first place but I guess like Jose
said they’re kind of at least it’s a it’s more of a formal prepared fight as opposed to uh both women stepping up for
the promotion to uh to get the main event let’s talk Loki Banger before we get to some questions here uh anything jumping
out at you Jose any and I’m gonna ask you to pick one fight I was like I know how you are you you want to show everyone love I get it you you know
every fighter you gotta pick one fight one fight
hmm I just pulled up the card right now okay
um I mean probably Tim Means Andre fiallo
because the loser probably won’t be in the UFC oh probably that I think they’re both on three fight losing streaks or
something like that so probably that just because I think Tim Means is a very
exciting fighter and people that watch this show know that I have never been sold on Andre fiallo regardless of
what MMA fighting tells you you weren’t you weren’t uh you so wait you you didn’t think that uh Jake Matthews
beating him made Jake Madden is the top five welterweight no it’s the point where I’ve said this
multiple times where Jake Matthews beating Andre fialo made me less impressed with Jake Matthews
like you beat up me yeah you beat me essentially wow
no I’m just gonna be selling this fighter I think Tim Means is gonna rough up
I think Tim Means is very good in mixed martial arts and I also very much like
Tim Means where he’s like Kevin Holland where you’d be like oh who do you want to fight next because like going for the
balance off he’s like bro this is my day job like this is how I make money really don’t care who I fight he’s like uh
Henry Corrales where Henry cross once said I don’t know why they call me I just answer with what date am I fighting
that’s essentially Tim Means you could put him against anybody and he’s like what am I getting paid and where I like
I enjoy watching Tim Means if I used to train at Power MMA for a bit so I saw him you know
Crush some pads and I always felt like he was at points he looks like the best
fighter in the gym and then when you get to the Octagon you just run into like Matt Brown or it’s Yago Alves where
they’re also like you know does that make sense no he beat gargoyles yeah but like all right that was a tough
fight oh yeah yeah we also got beat by Matt Brown so it’s like Tim Means I think at any point in time could have a
banger fight against anyone in the in the welterweight division Morgan nominated like it’s one or the other there’s no
like it’s either a war and he wins or he gets dominated I like to means a lot that’s my that’s
my low-key Banger and I honestly think they should be on the main event because Tim Means has how many fights Tim beans
have 50. this will be his if you told me to improve 60 MMA fights I would believe you he has been fighting professionally
since 2004. and he is 39 he will turn 40
next February so the dirty bird has been around uh I as I always tell people don’t gamble on MMA if you must use
DraftKings promo code either May hour to means right now plus money plus 136 he is a slight
Underdog so if you guys have faith in one Mr Jose Young’s uh feel free to Splash a little okay and you can blame
Jose Young’s if it does not go your way this will be his 28th time making the walk to the UFC octagon it’s a lot of
times yeah that is wild and I remember I remember when he signed to the UFC like
I was I had just started covering MMA I think he was like 15 and one or something like that
he was one of those Fighters that uh notoriously uh but um he passed out in
the sauna and wind up oh yeah I think that was his last fight at 55 uh he’s
passed out in the sauna hit his head and then he was out of the fight that’s right who was he supposed to fight
I remember that I don’t know oh I’m not going to the Google machine right here
who is that Sean Strickland no no all right
he was scheduled to fight maybe it was Donna Cerrone it was Donna Cerrone no no I don’t know I don’t know who it
was I can’t where is that fight I don’t know yeah actually I was not easy to find no but yeah
people in the comments shout it out you know listen we got we got YouTube we’re live for a reason we’re live here hey UFC 151 he was supposed to fight Abel
Trujillo and then he passed out in the sauna and replaced by Marcus levester
who is who is a guy that we don’t talk about enough for being that a guy that
should have been great and just wasn’t now this was his first run with the UFC
he has two he said yeah yeah yeah he uh after he lost he um he came to UFC won
two fights lost two fights then he won two fights outside the UFC and he’s been
back ever since jorgeous 10 years ago he finally basketball 10 years ago that is
some wild stuff but yes Pro fight number five zero for Tim Means uh another fighter you know I’m not he thought he
fought Bobby green and came in the cage he fought his fortified yeah his fourth
ever fight was against Spencer Fisher it’s crazy what a career he did you he
did he has he debuted the year Royal roses was born
that was his first pro fight Casey do you have a banger I got a banger looking at this list here oh I’m
going um the uh the return of Mizuki in a way
oh yeah for a few years um I’ve I’ve always been a big Mizuki in
a way fan um uh uh I just I think I think she’s just a
super talented fighter probably the fastest hands uh at Adam White and um
she’s been out for lots of injuries uh she’s had she had a tough run um she thought she lost against some very
talented Fighters but um her coming her last fight um three years ago against Amanda limosh
but um yeah silver losses Amanda limosh and Vernon James I know she lost she lost to
Alexa in Invicta in a crazy in a crazy good fight too crazy anyway yeah Banger
fight and it was a actually she and she lost it Carolina Banger fight also yeah so uh her losses
uh she’s she’s lost against really really good Fighters um but I’m just excited to hear back uh
hopefully she’s uh healthy and um now she’s like almost yeah now she’s 29 years old so she
should be hitting her athletic Prime right now so uh she comes from her and her brother are just amazing Fighters
her brother fighting Horizon um so I’m just excited to see her fight and um I hope and she does well and I
think this is a good matchup for against Hannah Goldie and that’s yeah I can fight it tonight so uh both both her and
Goldie come back from long layoffs Goldie first fight since July 2022. she got her first UFC win and just kind of
disappeared I think she’s been doing well with I believe uh I think I’ve heard the only fans who’s doing only
fans she got she got like eaten alive by Molly McCann in England
like 2021 or something like that just fought like once a year oh wow my notes are so flat wait oh I’m looking at
someone else okay so yeah her first fight since July okay so I had that right July 23rd 2022 I forgot I got the
uh didn’t update her opponent uh so anyway yes but then she disappeared apparently been doing very well outside MMA more power to her and uh Casey as
you man to Mizuki first fight since August 2020 uh a bunch of injuries primarily in ACL so she’s only 29.
plenty of time to come back uh taking all that time off might have been really good for in the long run we’ll see this
could be the start of something uh but that’s a tough division right now so we’ll see uh
uh I will say I’ll quickly shout out I’m fascinated by mother Mo Usman Jake
call your fight I’m not picking yeah I’m not picked this to be the fight of the night or anything I just I don’t know if
Usman is good I do not know if he is good I have watched many of his fights before I came to the OC I’ve watched
some of the ultimate fighter I’ve watched him in the UFC now I cannot tell you this guy’s good I am dazzled by his
last name his you know his his Kumar being his brother by him being a fairly
athletic heavyweight uh and I I feel like all these factors have clouded my ability to pick his fights so he should
run through Jake Collier everything in my minds and he will run through Jay Collier but I I don’t like it could be
an extremely boring decision he could knock him out in the first round I don’t know more likely he goes to distance I
honestly couldn’t tell you but I will be mostly locked into the heavyweight contest because I don’t know what MO
uzman is I just don’t know it feels like he should be a contender
but if anyone’s watched a good like healthy portion of his fights it’s he’s fine he’s fine he’s an
adequate heavyweight uh he looks good coming off the bus looks great coming off the bus he’s kavara’s brother but
bigger he’s got to be good how can he not be good and I’ve watched him fight many times and often go like wow this
guy’s not what I expected uh let’s go to the before I say anything too harsh Casey
let’s go to the questions please do the question all right what we got here what
do we got Joseph Boza what does ak’s gymnastics rating for this card I feel like I need
to take the the ched my shoe a page out of Jed’s book and just say I’m not gonna rate Apex cards I don’t know like it’s a
weird thing to review like uh I’ll go because they’re so Random they’re so
random and also the gauge for them is so weird because I don’t know if people when they see let’s say one of these cards turns out like oh there was like
five finishes on the prelims like that that you know that totally surpassed expectations and in my mind I’m like did
it like for me finishes do not equal a great card like there it makes for a
digestible and uh exciting card I guess but it does mean it was great it just means you you had other mismatches or
you have fighters who aren’t that experienced and not defensively responsible and you get exciting finishes so it’s really hard to put a
proper gauge on it but I have been asked so I will provide I like this card a lot I’ll go 8.8 that’s what’s pretty high I
know I know pretty high especially since I’m predicting um the last three fights to go to a decision but I think they’ll
be good decisions I think I think the physique camera fight will be a thrilling five rounder and I think Mitchell ige for 15 minutes are really
gonna assess each other so I’m definitely looking forward to those um the prelims maybe leave a bit to be
desired but there’s Intrigue here there’s Intrigue here uh Prince of positivity rating 8.8
you guys can uh adjust according to uh to that you guys know I’m very positive when I write these cards so you might
want to knock it down uh two or three points instead but that’s wrong with that actually I think this is a perfectly
fine apex card honestly it’s fine it’s a good Apex card it’s a good Apex card
guys I don’t like it it’s in the Apex but just have it down the street at one of those theaters which just have a
couple thousand people there just like they did the the marab fight was it what happened to the Palms what happened to
the Palms yeah yeah just what happened to that they just don’t it’s just too small that’s just I don’t know no Palms
doesn’t zombie exists anymore the bomb’s still there I don’t know again it might not exist anymore yeah I don’t know
that’s sad ever um since we are MMA fighting not UFC
fighting fine oh right okay so uh we have that’s right and this is we have
Bellator 299 on Saturday a stacked 21 fight car do you like fights
guys commenters comments do you like fights guess we’ll get 21 of them yeah we’re down to 20 sir we’re down I don’t
want no what happened I don’t know typology says 20. oh let me are you lying to me what no you’re probably
right sorry guys you just be dealing my clicking for a second here I want to read what fight did we lose uh uh
something Luke trainer first I don’t know it was a one of those
uh let me see Uber viscosis
that’s all uh yes we are down to 25 that’s still a lot of fights I don’t want to hear people saying that there’s
no fight like you know complaining about the fights this weekend because we got a lot uh Edwards versus Evelyn great matchup I think Edwards is actually a
pretty live dog and this is coming from we’ve been very supportive of uh Evelyn as a contender we have him ranked very
highly in the ma fighting Global rank what do I have them ranked at tell him what I haven’t ranked yet I don’t do you have a number two
one he he right now he is the iPhone he is the number one middleweight in the world
Johnny Evelyn if you so people if you have seen our rankings and you see the ones next to that you see six six number
ones next to Sean Strickland one next to uh trick is to play C and one next to
Johnny Evelyn he is unmasked the mask is off now you know who the number one next to Evelyn is
strict I don’t know I don’t want to go there but right now I I understand yes I
understand you you look very good he’s looking very good I I think if you put him in the UFC he could be a world to tell a contender right away uh Jose I
don’t know if you agree let’s go ahead talk about this anyway either way they’re very good Fighters that’s all
John emblem is very good um
Fabian Edwards is slightly less good if Edwards wins tells it you’re so lucky
to play part in our rankings if if baby and Edwards wins our rankings and our
power because Evelyn is I think oh no he’s not in our top 20 pound per pound but he’s got some votes but our middleweight rankings I don’t know what
it’s going to do because I can’t I mean do you just throw Edwards in the top ten it seems a little crazy then
again it’s not like middleweight super stacked maybe you would maybe I don’t know it’s not my problem
Jose it’s out of you this is out of your pay grade uh Edwards Evelyn yeah I like I like the main event a lot I wouldn’t
put it above I certainly wouldn’t put it above cam rot and uh
everyone from ATT sings the Praises of Johnny Evelyn he’s like he’s like one of
the best trading partners because he just doesn’t stop honestly Sean Strickland versus Johnny Evelyn would
just be two guys just running at each other for 25 minutes because they their
cardio just doesn’t give out I want to see some of the comments here skywriter says Edwards versus Evelyn
tough fight Garrett Clemens Strickland would walk the dog with Evelyn so does not give me Evelyn much of a chance
walk the dog like all right whatever uh
I think we can Vijay says ranking voters should be disclosed Hey listen to the podcast we kind of just we kind of say
it on the show I I know it’s it’d be consume the products people consume the product is really what I’m saying
so and um this card also has a pretty fantastic co-main event too very excited
about that I was gonna say do you want to tell us what I had to look I’m sorry I didn’t know I
didn’t know go ahead raise yourself freaking Aaron Pico versus Pedro yeah yes Aaron Pico who has received some
votes in our rankings he hasn’t I think he he did crack in at some point around like 15 14 and the other people just
jumped over him it’s just a problem he just doesn’t get because fights just keep falling out for him or he had the weird the shoulder injury just kind of
things just kind of yeah set him back but the whole Aaron Pico kind of
experiment is really based on his potential and I think everyone just go
man that guy’s got a lot of potential he just needs the matchups to prove it and I feel Carvalho is now a decent test a
name a guy that’s fought for uh I don’t know if you fall for the the I don’t know if he’s fought for the Bellator title nope
okay yes he has yeah he has it was but I think it was pit bull but I think it was in one of those Grand Prix in front of
yeah okay so it was like you fought Pitbull by default and it was not an enjoyable fight yeah
paperwork decision or no Pitbull just ate him in like a minute like it was not
competitive okay I all I know is that fight like
peachy because because Pedro Carvalho is a Portuguese like he’s he’s Portuguese
in the sense he’s from Portugal and he and he fought he fights in SBG so pizzi was like so
high on him and then when he signed up to fight Pitbull there was like like gee and guillermick and Cruz on our side did
one of those like where he had both guys talk trash at each other in Portuguese and then they translated it and I was
like really excited for this fight because everyone kept telling me what a good fight it was and it just wasn’t like pit bulls like you’re not good and
just treated him like it yeah that was pretty much prime pit bull in 2020 yeah people was just like I
think at his Peak I think people still passed his prime right now but at that point I think Pitbull was just
unfortunately at the time we couldn’t have the UFC Bellator matchups but I definitely put that time Pitbull was
just just good yeah yeah Casey do you know how old Aaron Pico is right now
what would you guess 20 27. Jose what would you guess
do some math just do some mental arithmetic I’m trying to think of how old he was when he debuted and doing the math in my
head I’m gonna say 26. it’s far down Jose but close enough Casey yeah he’s 26 years old he turned
uh he just turned 26 he just turned 26. uh what day is it today I’m sorry no he’ll turn 20 you know what
you’re both right he’s 26 today tomorrow he’ll be 27. so you guys
everybody wins everybody wins you guys yes his birthday’s tomorrow apparently I I had to look at that right now his
birthday’s tomorrow um it’s crazy because we all remember he was kind of I just want to say someday we’ll be
saying this about Junior we’ll be going like wow can’t believe Raul’s 26 27 Assuming he’s still fighting Nema but uh
but yeah he was uh man the hype around Pico when he debuted I really think this is a
you talk about must wins this obviously is he gonna retire if he loses his fight
but so much of that hype goes away if he loses his life I think you know we his
early losses we kind of not give him Mulligan but he was super young into his career he kind of this is pretty kind of
his Jackson kind of 10 years is when he was uh fighting out of um under AJ McKee
uh AJ McKee senior so he just wasn’t the same guy and after those losses he did
go to he did go to Albuquerque and um we’ve seen just a a more composed
disciplined fighter if he loses this fight though it will be a big bummer in
terms of what I think for Bellator in terms of uh their star-making potential they’ve they even that all the money and
promotion they’ve invested in Aaron Pico I think this is a big fight for him in front of a big crowd and um if he wins
this I would expect if he wins this especially dominantly I would expect him
to uh maybe if I put the title next no sure he’s still too far away no he’ll
fight Jeremy Kennedy rematch for an interim title I think okay that same way yeah either his Pitbull because pit
bull’s still technically the featherweight champ and I don’t think he’s gonna be fighting anytime soon yeah does Jeremy Kennedy fight would make a
lot of sense because Jeremy Jeremy Kennedy quote unquote beat him but it was an injury I think Jeremy Academy is
the most underrated fighter in all of Bellator I agree yeah I agree and I think you know give Pitbull time to
recover and if Jeremy Kennedy beats Aaron Pico fair and square then he you know that settles that and if Pico beats
Jeremy Kennedy he gets he finally gets to take photos of Bellator gold and then the pit bull fight we were talking about
forever is going to have is it gonna be forced to happen Aaron Pico in the pfl
okay minus 1100 favorite to win this common
event he is uh he’s got some quite a bit of gas behind a minus 1100 car value plus 700 super these are like
I don’t even these odds are just insane but everything we’ve said like this is his fight to win this is fight to win
and again keep himself back to you know going towards uh uh what once felt like
an inevitable title shot um and it’s not far off it’s not far off so take care of business on Saturday and we’ll you know we’ll revisit this whole
Aaron Pico thing but minus 1100 favorite yeah that card by the way which tell people
11 am prelims main card 4 P.M it is happening in Dublin Ireland so uh it’s gonna be you
know not normal times oh hold on I need to confirm something yeah yeah okay I’m
seeing what I’m saying I’m seeing lots of people hold on hold on hold on hold on according to according to go Stephen
Thompson quote this is Stephen Thompson’s Twitter UFC offer and I accepted Rockman Rockman
off let’s close out the year strong December 16th can’t wait
okay breaking news so Stephen Thompson versus yeah Rockman off cozy let’s go at
cozy asking us what are our thoughts nice I mean good first Wonder Boy for taking
this bite I think I’m with everyone I think we’re all looking at announcing shopko’s gonna run to him but hey Wonderboy is a super
tricky matchup for people not to fight I wanted for other one but so be it no no me neither but who do who do we want for
Rockmart I want I wanted Rockman of gas alone to be realized and I wanted Stephen Thompson to fight Kamara Usman
in the main event of the December 2nd Fight Night card oh love I wanted a shop car versus it
was mine that’s the fight I wanted right but like but like Stephen Thompson and Wonderboy I mean Stephen Stephen
Thompson wanted by Stephen Thompson who’s been have never fought it’s like RDA and it’s like already that bike makes a lot like like just fight like
just fight just do it just do it uh but yeah uh I think uh you know we’ll break
it down I guess as the fight gets closer but I do feel like it’s gonna be a lot you’re gonna see a lot of shopkots gonna crush on Shopkins gonna crush them but
the more I think about it I’m already starting to like knock myself into bro how can you how can you not respect
Stephen Thompson
I don’t want to hear are you crazy man or or or Casey that oh he should have fought he should have fought an
overweight Michelle he’s just trying to take easy fights now like is he is he turned down turn down Ian Gary to fight
shot [ __ ] Rockman off like bro come on yeah yeah respect this man respect I
don’t want you know I don’t want I don’t want to fight this grizzly bear I’m gonna fight this silverback gorilla
instead yeah right have fun with that what’s a really cool hat
uh Casey one more we want to squeeze in here are we uh yeah uh what else we’ll squeeze in one more
uh oh we didn’t talk about this fight at
all so let’s go ahead and mention it Forest Daniels uh Brian battle is very
durable with decent cardio Jose AKA Casey can you see battle losing the first round coming back in the second and getting the submission or KO Victory
he is fighting AJ Fletcher um
man I honestly haven’t thought about this fight that much uh I could see him I I don’t mind AJ
pleasure I could see battle dominating the fight I’m pretty high on Brian battle at least the level that he’s competing at now I don’t know what his ceiling is but I do consider him to be
uh you know at the top of the tier that he’s currently competing in so like Brian battle so I don’t know I don’t
even know if it’ll be that uh that dramatic but uh for us maybe you have a better read than this than I do I don’t know Jose maybe you do Casey
uh Brian battle I didn’t think too much of him coming into the UFC but man when
he lays leather on you he he’s got some power so uh I think he’s coming off that 14
second knockout over Gabriel but like missed weight though right you missed yeah and like go go watch that fight gay
Green [ __ ] crazy like I wouldn’t even see crazy in MMA is a good thing Gabe
green fought like an [ __ ] in that fight you just ran like when have we ever in
our life see Gabe green fight like that and he decided to do it and then Brian battle was like what the [ __ ] are they just like punched him one hey but I’m
about took advantage of the situation so legitimate it just missed white though which is Obama but he apparently he made
weight today everything’s good just had a little off day um AJ Fletcher oh man
he always throws me off because his arms look so short it means Gabe Green’s arms are also very
short yeah uh it’s a fun fight it’s fun fight uh we’ll see um
uh yeah um it’s a it’s a proper placement on the
card on an apex card I don’t know Brian battle ultimate fighter 29 middleweight winner as we all remember
of course oh he won uh I know he won yes uh he was supposed to fight Trey Sean Gore Gore got hurt and then brand battle
beat up oh I could look this up who did he beat up who’s he beat in the finals
did end up fighting and I think Ryan battle Peter so all was oh one more note
before we head off I do see people on a lot of uh people a lot of I do see a lot of people mentioning uh
Chris lieben that’s right we heard uh our pal Mark romandi over at ESPN break the news that uh Crystal even will be
judging his first UFC event he has judged he has ref other MMA events uh this is his first time judging in the
UFC so all eyes will be on him all eyes are gonna be on the judges a lot freely following the Mike Bell Fiasco uh so
we’ll see how Chris leaving uh Chris even does but good for him it looks like he’s earned the spot like I said this wasn’t out of nowhere
um he’s been doing a lot of work in the regional scene so yeah I’ve seen Chrisley been ref and judge fights locally all the time so
yeah good for Chris on getting this opportunity and uh you know at fingers crossed we won’t be mentioning his name
at the end of the night that’s the Chris Lehman if we don’t mention your name at the end of the night it means you did a great job that is the that is the goal
of a judge that’s what every judge wants if you don’t talk about her you don’t know who they are that means they did a
good job exactly uh but yeah uh interesting way I don’t know how many fights he’s doing I don’t know if he’s doing the main event but uh
we’ll definitely keep an eye on it so that’s all guys that’s all for USC Vegas 79 I think we can all agree a pretty a
pretty fine looking UFC Apex card not a bad way to spend your evening you’ll be watching this you can watch Bellator
before this Bellator again is on before the UFC we got Misfits
who is boxing tomorrow night I what’s the main event help me someone help me I’m old
Jose Casey what is the I will all right you gotta deal with my typing right now against my religion
it is okay Jose is offended apologize Jose I please don’t be offended by me it’s Hispanic
Heritage Month you’re not allowed to ask me like this okay Idris Virgo and Aaron
Chalmers is in the main event knockout artist phase temper fighting ginty
okay I’m at the point now where I don’t want to read these names because I don’t know oh of course and most importantly uh professional MMA
social media man Ben Davis Ben the Bane Davis fighting Anderson Silva spun and
everybody else so far this is where we are guys in Combat Sports now this is happening
this is happening so check that out on wherever you guys normally watch these this this it’s things excuse me because
I don’t know tune in thanks guys thanks for joining us for the USC Vegas 79 preview show
happy birthday AKA thank you

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