Insights from UFC Vegas 79: Fiziev vs. Gamrot Post Show

UFC Vegas 79Fiziev vs. Gamrot was an event filled with thrilling matchups and unexpected outcomes, leaving fans and experts alike eager to dissect the post-show analysis. The night showcased a mix of impressive performances, unfortunate injuries, and surprising firsts, making it a memorable event for MMA enthusiasts worldwide.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rafael Fiziev’s unfortunate injury in the main event halted the anticipated clash between him and Mateusz Gamrot, resulting in an unsatisfying conclusion to the night’s proceedings.
  • Bryce Mitchell displayed his grit and determination in a captivating performance against Dan Ige, solidifying his status as a rising star in the UFC.
  • Marina Rodriguez showcased her dominance in a stellar performance against Michelle Waterson-Gomez, highlighting her striking skills and control in the octagon.
  • Veteran fighter Tim Means achieved a surprising first, leaving spectators in awe and raising questions about his future in the UFC.
  • The matchup between Fiziev and Gamrot, a clash between a striker and a grappler, provided an intriguing battle of styles before being affected by Fiziev’s injury.

The post-show analysis of UFC Vegas 79Fiziev vs. Gamrot offers an in-depth breakdown of the event, covering the main highlights, fight breakdowns, and updates on the fighters’ health. Stay tuned for more UFC highlights, news updates, and comprehensive recaps of the fights from this event as we delve deeper into the world of mixed martial arts.

Unfortunate Injury Halts Rafael Fiziev vs. Mateusz Gamrot Main Event

The highly anticipated main event took an unexpected turn when Rafael Fiziev suffered a debilitating injury, forcing a disappointing end to the night’s proceedings. Fiziev, known for his explosive striking and relentless pace, was engaged in an intense battle with Mateusz Gamrot, who showcased his grappling prowess in an attempt to neutralize Fiziev’s striking power.

The injury occurred in the second round when Fiziev threw a powerful kick that appeared to land awkwardly, causing him to collapse in pain. The fight was immediately stopped, and medical personnel rushed to Fiziev’s aid. It was later revealed that he had suffered a significant leg injury, prompting concerns about his future in the sport.

The premature ending to the main event left fans and fighters disappointed, as they had eagerly anticipated a thrilling showdown between two highly skilled competitors. The injury not only halted Fiziev’s momentum but also left unanswered questions about the outcome of the fight had he been able to continue.

FighterRafael FizievMateusz Gamrot

Despite the unfortunate turn of events, Mateusz Gamrot’s victory cannot be understated. The Polish fighter demonstrated his resilience and adaptability by successfully implementing his grappling game plan against a formidable striker. The injury may have impacted the outcome, but Gamrot’s ability to capitalize on the situation cannot be denied.

The aftermath of Fiziev’s injury leaves many unanswered questions surrounding his health and future in the octagon. Updates on his condition are eagerly awaited, as fans and fellow fighters hope for a speedy recovery. The impact of this injury on Fiziev’s confidence and fighting style remains to be seen, but it is certain that he will be determined to bounce back stronger than ever.

Bryce Mitchell Impresses in Gritty Performance Against Dan Ige

Bryce Mitchell showcased his exceptional skills and unwavering resolve in an enthralling showdown against the resilient Dan Ige. From the opening bell, Mitchell displayed his trademark tenacity, relentlessly pursuing takedowns and grappling exchanges with his opponent. His relentless pressure and technical expertise on the ground proved to be a major factor in the outcome of the fight.

Mitchell’s grappling prowess was on full display as he smoothly executed takedowns and transitions, controlling Ige on the mat for extended periods. His ability to advance and maintain dominant positions, including back control and mount, showcased his high-level skill set. Despite Ige’s best efforts to escape and counter, Mitchell remained composed and calculated, never losing sight of his ultimate goal.

I was very impressed with Bryce Mitchell’s performance against Dan Ige. His grappling ability is simply next level. He showcased an incredible display of technique, control, and determination throughout the fight. Mitchell’s relentless pursuit of takedowns and his skillful transitions on the ground were a joy to watch.

Throughout the fight, Mitchell’s striking also made an impact, as he landed clean shots on Ige during striking exchanges. His ability to seamlessly transition between striking and grappling demonstrated his well-rounded skill set. Mitchell’s unwavering resolve and willingness to engage in a brawl, even when faced with adversity, further solidified his reputation as one of the most exciting prospects in the featherweight division.

The Key Highlights of Bryce Mitchell vs. Dan Ige Fight:

  • Bryce Mitchell’s relentless pursuit of takedowns
  • His exceptional grappling and ground control
  • Smooth transitions between striking and grappling
  • Ability to maintain dominant positions on the ground
  • Unwavering resolve and determination

Overall, Bryce Mitchell’s gritty performance against Dan Ige was a testament to his skill, heart, and determination. With this impressive win, Mitchell has surely established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the featherweight division, and fans eagerly await his next appearance in the octagon.

FighterStrikes LandedTakedownsSubmission Attempts
Bryce Mitchell8942
Dan Ige5210

Marina Rodriguez Dominates Michelle Waterson-Gomez with Stellar Performance

Marina Rodriguez left a lasting impression with her commanding display of skills, outclassing Michelle Waterson-Gomez in a one-sided affair. From the opening bell, Rodriguez showcased her superior striking ability and precise technique, dictating the pace of the fight and leaving her opponent struggling to mount any significant offense.

Throughout the bout, Rodriguez’s striking accuracy was on full display, as she consistently landed clean, powerful shots on Waterson-Gomez, showcasing her boxing skills and devastating kicks. Her ability to seamlessly transition between different forms of striking kept her opponent off balance and unable to find a rhythm.

Not only did Rodriguez dominate in the striking department, but she also showcased her defensive prowess. She skillfully evaded Waterson-Gomez’s attacks, slipping and countering with precision. Her footwork and head movement were impeccable, allowing her to avoid damage and maintain control of the fight.

In addition to her striking, Rodriguez’s ground game was equally impressive. She displayed excellent takedown defense, thwarting Waterson-Gomez’s attempts to bring the fight to the mat. When the fight did go to the ground, Rodriguez displayed her submission defense, calmly escaping any potential threats from her opponent.

Overall, Marina Rodriguez’s stellar performance at UFC Vegas 79 demonstrated her immense skill set and solidified her position as a dominant force in the women’s strawweight division. With her impressive striking, defensive prowess, and well-rounded abilities, she has undoubtedly positioned herself as a top contender for future title opportunities.

Key Takeaways
Rodriguez showcased superior striking and precise technique
Her defensive skills were impeccable, evading Waterson-Gomez’s attacks
She demonstrated excellent takedown defense and submission defense
Rodriguez solidified her position as a dominant force in the women’s strawweight division

Tim Means Achieves Surprising First in UFC Vegas 79 Clash

Tim Means made waves by achieving a surprising first in his UFC Vegas 79 clash, solidifying his position as a formidable competitor in the promotion. The seasoned veteran showcased his skills and resilience, leaving fans in awe of his performance.

With his trademark aggression and technical prowess, Means dominated his opponent from the opening bell. Utilizing his striking abilities and well-rounded skillset, he unleashed a barrage of strikes, overwhelming his opponent with precision and power. It was a masterclass in control and execution.

While known for his striking, Means also displayed his versatility on the ground, showcasing his submission skills. With a seamless transition, he locked in a submission hold, forcing his opponent to tap out and securing the victory. It was a statement win for Means, highlighting his ability to adapt and excel in all aspects of the fight game.

Tim Means Achievements 
Surprising first in UFC Vegas 79 clashA demonstration of skill and versatility
Dominant performance and controlShowcased striking and submission abilities

Means’ remarkable achievement further solidifies his position within the promotion and sets the stage for intriguing future matchups. As one of the veterans in the division, he continues to prove that age and experience can be valuable assets inside the octagon.

The UFC Vegas 79 event was filled with memorable moments, and Tim Means’ surprising first was undoubtedly one of the highlights. Fans eagerly anticipate his next appearance, curious to see what new feats he will accomplish in the highly competitive world of mixed martial arts.

Striker vs. Grappler Clash: Fiziev vs. Gamrot Fight Breakdown

The Fiziev vs. Gamrot bout showcased a classic clash of styles, pitting Fiziev’s striking prowess against Gamrot’s grappling expertise, resulting in an intriguing battle. Fiziev, known for his explosive striking and knockout power, wasted no time in asserting himself in the octagon. From the opening bell, he unleashed a barrage of strikes, displaying incredible speed and accuracy. His kicks were particularly devastating, causing visible damage to Gamrot’s legs.

However, Gamrot’s grappling skills couldn’t be overlooked. As Fiziev moved forward, Gamrot constantly looked for opportunities to close the distance and take the fight to the ground. His takedowns were smooth and well-executed, effectively neutralizing Fiziev’s striking and forcing him to defend against submission attempts. Gamrot’s control on the ground was impressive, and he showcased his ground and pound skills with precision.

The turning point of the fight occurred when Fiziev suffered an unfortunate injury. While defending against a takedown, Fiziev’s ankle twisted awkwardly, leaving him unable to continue. It was a disappointing end to a highly anticipated matchup, as both fighters had showcased their skills and determination throughout the bout. The injury undoubtedly impacted the outcome of the fight, preventing a definitive conclusion to the striker vs. grappler clash.

Table: Fiziev vs. Gamrot Fight Breakdown

FighterStrikingGrapplingTakedownsSubmission Attempts
Rafael Fiziev++++00
Mateusz Gamrot++++32

“The Fiziev vs. Gamrot fight exemplified the age-old battle between striking and grappling, showcasing the strengths and weaknesses of each style. Fiziev’s striking was dynamic and powerful, while Gamrot’s grappling prowess was on full display. It’s unfortunate that the fight ended prematurely due to Fiziev’s injury, as it would have been interesting to see how the clash of styles would have played out.” – MMA Analyst

As fans eagerly await updates on Fiziev’s health, it remains to be seen if there will be a rematch between these two talented fighters. The bout was a testament to the diversity of skills in the UFC and the constant matchup challenges presented by different fighting styles. Striker vs. grappler clashes like Fiziev vs. Gamrot provide fans with exciting spectacles that truly highlight the complexity and strategy of mixed martial arts.

Updates Awaited on Rafael Fiziev’s Health

The UFC community eagerly awaits updates on Rafael Fiziev’s health, hoping for a quick recovery and return to the octagon. Fiziev’s unfortunate injury in the main event of UFC Vegas 79 left fans and fellow fighters concerned about his well-being. The severity of the injury and the expected duration of his recovery are still unknown, leaving many anxiously waiting for updates from Fiziev and his team.

Fiziev’s absence from the octagon will undoubtedly have an impact on his future fights and career trajectory. With his explosive striking and dynamic fighting style, Fiziev has quickly gained a dedicated fanbase and showcased his potential to be a top contender in the lightweight division. His absence from competition will leave a void in the division, and fans will be eagerly awaiting his return to see him continue his ascent.

Injuries are an unfortunate reality in the world of mixed martial arts, and fighters like Fiziev face the challenge of balancing their desire to compete with the need to prioritize their health and recovery. The support from the UFC community, alongside the expertise of medical professionals and Fiziev’s own determination, will be crucial in ensuring a successful recovery and eventual return to the octagon.

FighterInjuryRecovery Time
Rafael FizievTBDTBD

The exact details of Fiziev’s injury and the timeline for his recovery are eagerly awaited by fans and media alike. Updates on his progress will provide insight into when we can expect to see him back in action. Until then, the MMA community will stand by Fiziev, sending well wishes and hoping for a speedy recovery.

Recap of UFC Vegas 79: Fiziev vs. Gamrot Results

UFC Vegas 79 showcased a thrilling night of action, with several memorable moments and outcomes that left fans on the edge of their seats. The main event between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot, unfortunately, ended prematurely due to an injury suffered by Fiziev, leaving the audience disappointed and craving for a definitive conclusion to the highly anticipated matchup.

One standout performance of the night came from Bryce Mitchell, who displayed his impressive grappling skills and tenacity against Dan Ige. Mitchell’s relentless pursuit of takedowns and his ability to control the ground game earned him a well-deserved victory, solidifying his status as a rising star in the UFC.

Another dominant performance was delivered by Marina Rodriguez, who showcased her superior striking and defensive prowess against Michelle Waterson-Gomez. Rodriguez’s precise combinations and effective footwork allowed her to dictate the pace of the fight, ultimately leading to a convincing win.

Veteran fighter Tim Means also achieved a surprising first during the event, further highlighting the unpredictable nature of mixed martial arts. His remarkable accomplishment added another layer of excitement to the already action-packed night.

Rafael Fiziev vs. Mateusz GamrotMateusz Gamrot (Injury – Round 2)Rafael Fiziev
Bryce Mitchell vs. Dan IgeBryce Mitchell (Unanimous Decision)Dan Ige
Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson-GomezMarina Rodriguez (Unanimous Decision)Michelle Waterson-Gomez
Tim Means vs. TBDTim MeansTBD

As for Rafael Fiziev, updates regarding his health are eagerly awaited. The extent of his injury and the potential impact on his future fights remain uncertain, adding an element of concern and anticipation for his fans and the MMA community at large.


The UFC Vegas 79: Fiziev vs. Gamrot post-show analysis offers valuable insights into the event’s top matchups, providing a comprehensive overview of the fighters’ performances and the outcomes that unfolded in the octagon.

One of the unfortunate highlights of the night was Rafael Fiziev’s injury in the main event, which led to an unsatisfying end to the highly anticipated matchup. Despite the premature conclusion, the event showcased several standout performances.

Bryce Mitchell’s gritty performance against Dan Ige displayed his determination and skill in the octagon. Mitchell’s relentless pursuit and grappling prowess proved to be a formidable challenge for Ige, solidifying his position as a rising star in the UFC.

Marina Rodriguez’s dominance over Michelle Waterson-Gomez showcased her striking ability, effective defense, and overall control in the octagon. Her stellar performance solidifies her position as a force to be reckoned with in her division.

Veteran fighter Tim Means achieved a surprising first during the event, further solidifying his reputation as a skilled and versatile competitor. His accomplishment highlights his continued success in the octagon and raises anticipation for his future fights.

The matchup between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot, a clash between striker and grappler, provided an intriguing dynamic. Unfortunately, Fiziev’s injury influenced the outcome, with Gamrot ultimately securing the victory. Updates on Fiziev’s health are eagerly awaited by fans and the MMA community.

In conclusion, UFC Vegas 79 delivered an event filled with memorable moments, intense showdowns, and surprising outcomes. The post-show analysis provides fans with a detailed breakdown of each matchup, giving a deeper understanding of the performances and the impact they may have on the fighters’ careers. UFC Vegas 79: Fiziev vs. Gamrot will be remembered as a night of thrilling action and unforeseen developments in the world of mixed martial arts.

hey y’all welcome to the show Welcome to the UFC Vegas 79 postf
fight show brought to you by uh this is Alexander Kaye welcome you all to this fine post
fight program uh UFC Vegas 79 literally just wrapped moments ago we’re here to break down all the action we being
myself alander keite uh the lovely Jose
Youngs apology accepted I’m the lovely and also talented
SL and also uh does he does not M I’m muted yes he does not speak he’s beyond
words he’s more than words like extreme yeah which I’m sure we all remember uh
kind of a bummer kind of a bummer to I thought what I thought was a pretty solid card it took a bit of time to get going if we’re talking about you know
going from the very first fight to the end but I think we had some very solid action someone asked me on Twitter was
this one of the worst cards of the year I don’t think so at all thought it was a fine was a fine fight night that was very solid some very good back and forth
fights some good finishes uh but the final fight of the night definitely did not have a good finish not satisfying we
just saw Rafael phib go down with what looks like a leg injury don’t want to speculate what kind
but it appeared to kind of be non- cont he throws a kick uh the kick is blocked
his posting leg is the one that appeared to get injured not the kicking leg so uh you know in other sports that is usually
a bad sign but we don’t know hopefully it’s it’s it’s it’s something harmless we can see uh Rafael pH back in there
but hopes uh you know thoughts and prayers to him a lot of Fighters online giving their thoughts and prayers as well but uh Matos gamr officially the
winner U this was a pretty highly anticipated lightweight fight I think we were all very excited to see it after
one round it was looking awesome we were seeing good striking we seeing good scrambling really exciting scramble
right at the end of the round and uh you know I think we were all thinking oh yeah this is we were hyping up this fight real big and this is this is
paying off but injuries happen in every sport they definitely happen in MMA and they can happen in Main Events too so uh
Jose how you feeling after uh this card in general but of course that uh that unfortunate incident we just saw it was
kind of a bummer of a card not in terms of Matt’s quality but
like how things played out and things that were said like there were a lot of
one-sided fights that I’m like ah this is a little sad to watch there was some there was a disqualification there was
talks of secret lasers there was an injury in the main event it just little bit of a bummer of a card but all in all
like in terms of action it was it was very it was it was a decent like the it started off not great like the first
what two three fights weren’t great and then like the miles John fight was was really fun Charles dardan obviously did
his thing apparently the only Canadian on the UFC roster Accord so whoever said that on air uh but yeah a little bit of
a bummer in terms of how things played out a bit but action-wise not bad not
the worst card not the worst card definitely not the worst card is there anything we can take away
from the main event we we we I thought we did a great job of breaking it down the stakes for both guys how good they
looked going into this fight you know their recent form does this move either guy towards the top five towards a
contender what fights could be next we get this abrupt ending is there anything
we can take away from what we saw Jose that lightweight division is still the best division in MMA and the top of the
division is a little stagnant and it’s a lot of people that not like not as bad
as welterweight but like mat gam beat Rafael FIV he gets in the top five he should be fighting someone in the top
five I just don’t know if any of those guys are willing to take that fight and that’s the difficult part because if mat
gamra had just like or Rafael phiv like we said had like dominated or or like submitted or wheel kicked or like
something super impressive like like Justin gy versus Dustin poer or something like that then we could be
talking about all these fun matchups but there it there was a definitive ending but it wasn’t the ending that we wanted
and I’m not saying it was an accident by any mean because like gamr said in his postf fight interview like he had been practicing that defense quite a bit but
no one wants to see an injury especially after that awesome first round I don’t
know where CamRock goes from here because he should be fighting someone like a Dustin porier but they’re not
going to give him that because Dustin por is probably not going to take that fight so uh they also train together so
that’s like a whole another thing because like a bunch of lightweights train train at at Michael Chandler’s there too benil darus is there too but I
always hear Armen is gonna fight benil and gamad already fought Armen and I
guess that there’s the main event next week but that still seems a little low for gamr so murky Waters at the top of
the lightweight division that’s for sure did he call out Charles Olivera
after he he did that too and I’m like well he’s like my dream fight is Islam
but that obviously can’t happen so I want to fight Charles I’m like come on guy like no your Division I mean
honestly if he fought if Charles loses I wouldn’t hate that fight that fight would kind of make sense but if if if is
if Charles wins you’d assume they’re going to do the rematch the TR fight where I think gam was going I think he
assumes that Charles is going to lose the rematch or lose to Islam a second time and that he would get that fight but he kind of got ahead of himself um
he is also doing interview not in his native language so you know maybe he couldn’t quite articulate what he meant by it Casey what did you think of the uh
his post fight speech and the that particular call out oh I didn’t listen to post fight speech okay he called for
Charles I was setting up this beautiful post show yes we yes uh he called for Charles he called with Charles olera
again and and happen it’s not going to happen like these guys don’t keep up with the fight me they’re just worried
about their own thing they’re like I don’t know dude I don’t care about call outs I don’t care like you’re when
you’re at the top either gamr fights someone right above him or slightly right behind him that’s about it I just
want to see gamr fight again and I want to see Mr FIV get healthy I want to see
him back in back in the cage and hopefully um in the future make get a rematch the pro it’s it’s it’s super
tough because like just going off of the UFC rank which is what they’re going to use when they try to make these fights
not the MMA fighting ones like ph’s probably going to I mean game’s probably going to jump up to six they’re probably
GNA swap places Michael Chandler is right above him he’s gonna fight Connor he already fought and lost to benil
Dustin the D Dustin’s not Dustin’s not gonna fight him Justin’s not gonna fight him Charles already has a fight so if he
wants to if if mat gam wants another fight like relatively soon he has to B
basically go to outside the top 10 or fight like a Jaylen Turner moono fola
type guy that those are like the only guys he has to go way outside the top 10 and these opponents are so dangerous
too you know I’m just like like he just fought Jaylen Turner uh to sort of I guess hold on to I would have ranked him
ahead of Jaylen so maybe hold on to his spot I don’t know how high they had jayen that was a super tough fight I mean you saw how dangerous that fight
was uh he did take that one on short notice but still I’m I’m thinking this yeah yes yes
tap your mic tap tap your mic what’s uhhuh it just sounds Echo is it not
coming to it’s sounds again I’ve got a lot of mic problems uh I’ve got some production problems on my side I I am
not proud of it okay I’m not proud of it but this mik heck the microphone lot of
mic this is where we are right now let me uh I’ll just make sure I using the correct mic but yeah I apparently am
anyway I apologize I apologize I need to get a new mic it’s in the system all right apology
accepted thank you well you that’s why you said it ahead of time yeah oh oh real quick though on the post fight
thing though gamra was confused though because he thinks and I don’t blame him because like people are asking oh was
the celebration kind of odd because I think I think he thought he broke and initially I think we all thought uh with
the block he had elbow blocked um ph’s leg and maybe broke his foot or broke his shin with his elbow block which is a
legit which is a legit block but upon uh physique for yeah further review of ph’s
reaction seems like it was the posting leg that phys his knee got messed up on which blew out so kind basically the
injury was a complete fluke I understand gam Rock trying to oh yeah I block that which is fine I’m not I get it you know
but it looked like it was the completely just a posting leg and a complete fluke injury um so uh that that in terms of
post fight his post fight interview that’s the only thing to take note of that that that yeah I yeah again it all
happens so quickly right I mean he even he even didn’t even know the fight was over right he saw he went down he went in for some ground and pound because
that’s what he’s supposed to do that’s his job job that’s that’s our Instinct yeah yeah so he didn’t know he had no idea what happened uh he just thought I
think F fell back and then it you know it ended pretty quickly thankfully so not not too much extra damage for pH but
yeah uh again gamr not doing interview in his native language a very confusing situation you kind probably still
feeling somewhat the high of a victory but not really being able to celebrate it and also kind of right like do a call
out that you would normally do when had a big win I think we were all more concerned for phys in that moment I
don’t think the Chandler fight is unreasonable I know I apologize to all
the uh tough hang viewers out there I know I was beating that drum saying Michael Chandler is gonna get that
Connor fight don’t give up my friends don’t give up I I’m starting to lose Faith uh I’m starting to lose faith I
have to be objective Casey don’t be disappointed me I have to be objective i h and just looking at the facts there’s
a just possible that fight does not happen and if gamron wants a big name
and not go outside the top 10 because we as Jose pointed out it does feel like that’s what’s going to happen Never
Gonna Happ probably his best shot Chandler’s probably his best shot right never gonna happen no Chandler just
gonna wait years and years and years for Connor I think I don’t think Michael Chandler is gonna say all right I’m done waiting for
Conor McGregor to fight mat gamron who does he fight
exactly there’s literally no one right now that there when I say there’s literally no
one I don’t mean there’s not literally anyone he like he should fight mat gamrot I’m assuming that Michael Chandler is at the point of his life
just like Dustin por where Dustin por literally said you can go watch it on M fightings YouTube channel I don’t want
to fight these upand coming guys I want to fight you know bigger names that’s what he said and I feel like Michael
Chandler is on that same boat so unless they’re signing the corpse of Eddie alvare away from bkfc I don’t think
there’s anyone that chanders right now is going to be like unless it’s like gatei or pory rematches I don’t think
there’s anyone yeah it’s it’s a huge drop off I mean but I don’t know how much of a choice these guys are going to have eventually if they if they need to
fight if they need to get a paycheck if they need to stay relevant and not be you know not fall out of the rankings I don’t know if this is too much of a
change of subject but whose fault is this is this the UFC’s fault or is this a Fighter’s fault for what this this
rank squatting kind of we have who spot is is this a UFC just not paying money
guys the lightweight division is not wasn’t as bad this past year because like we
had the the Turner gamrs we had the Armen versus whoever he fought we had
like we had um like gagei Po rematched when they did like they were there in the rankings we had like gaii fought
phiv when phiv was a super dangerous opponent that wasn’t very popular L benil darus was on that long win streak
and still fought Charles oliv who had just lost I don’t think lightweight is as bad as welterweight I think right now
there’s a little bit of a log Jam over the last like month and a half welterweight was
bad lightweight is not as bad yeah uh but I think Casey you point we always
say it comes down to Dollars and cents and so there’s other reasons there’s political reasons there’s career timing reasons but at the end of the day if you
told Michael Chandler he’s gting get x amount of dollars you know maybe not Connor money but like a big fat check to
fight msh gamrot yeah is a tougher fight than
Connor he’ll get paid way less and make and a c her opponent yeah I don’t think he would like cuz again great website
you go to YouTube channel great website and at the UFC 292
post uh guest Fighters scrum we were backstage Jose Young was backstage and Michael Chandler literally said I don’t
need the money I want to fight Connor I don’t think it’s going to be a dollars and cents thing with Michael he says
that the biggest lie ever he I lie here’s the thing
he want fight Conor for the martial arts honor and not the paycheck no I think he wants to fight Connor because if you
beat Connor then you become very famous that’s literally it I don’t think it’s money I don’t think it’s money for
Michael Chandler but as a great man once said as a great man once maybe the greatest man once said Every Man Has a
price ha so you have to add in the laugh it’s part of the quote uh so I do think just
to not just talk about Chandler specifically but as Casey pointed out these guys want yes they want fame
Prestige but they want the money that comes with those things as well and I think if if the money was right you can
make any fight you want to happen but yeah absolutely this is this is a whole other again this is a whole other discussion said Casey maybe you’re
getting a little too in the weeds here very disappointing end to the fight I’m not sure what else we can say I don’t want to uh oh I’ll say people in the
comments throw out who you think should be next for gamrat but I will give my own pick on on to the next one tomorrow
and I will gladly steal your answers if you guys throw one in there and not give you any credit so please feel free to leave something in the comments there uh
cuz we certainly had plenty to talk about in the co-main events did we not
very good fight very good fight I think a very enjoyable three rounder Jose you were saying I have not seen the post
fight bonuses yet you’ve been saying you were saying earli this week we need to normalize uh rewarding fights that are
grappling contests as fight of the nights and I thought this was a wonderfully entertaining grappling
contest I’m not a Jiu-Jitsu expert by any youling so even as a dirty grappling
casual I was mesmerized by some of these exchanges like like it’s not just big
scrambles it’s like the way these these moments were developing because Dan eay is so so good on the ground but you know
when you have that relentlessness of Bryce Mitchell it’s hard to deal with that’s how you win fights but defensively Dan gate I thought was
fantastic did everything he could and I thought Bryce Mitchell did enough to win but it was a really good fight so uh
just your thoughts on that one Jose yeah I was like watching a human rub Rubik’s Cube in there like they would just like
constantly shift around one another like Bryce spell would attempt a transition or a taked down and Dan eay would defend
takedowns beautifully and then Mitch Bryce Mitchell would kind of have what’s
the word like counters isn’t the word but I’m just going to use it counters for like Dan E’s defenses like when Dan when eay tried to sit down against the
fence Bryce Mitchell adjusted and secured the takedown Dan eay had the whizzard and then Bryce Mitchell like in
the third round when he got that when he got the back from that super awkward position I thought that was a lot of fun
um yeah it was a very very fun grappling uh MMA fight obviously in a real
Jiu-Jitsu competition it was not the highest of levels but when you add punches and kicks and ground pound it
was it was a very enjoyable fight to watch if you like high action grappling and Danny gay was obviously getting the
the the better on the feet Bryce Mitchell remains continues to show he is very
average at striking when you’re looking at the rest of the top 10 of featherweight he’s much better Striker
than anyone on this panel I will admit that but if we’re talking the top 10 of the featherweight division probably not
the best but like I would favor him against like Giga I would favor like the Brian Ortega fight would be fun like the
yay Rodriguez fight would be fun like if if Bryce Mitchell can get you down have
fun with that because seems like a difficult guy to get off you I think Mitchell versus anyone is actually
entertaining I I abolutely I’m not’s he’s not he’s not a lead
blanket as they say he’s like an act High action gra yeah very unfortunately
you got to kind of you have to separate Bryce Mitchell versus Bryce Mitchell the in cage fighter oh we’ll talk about
that I know I’m very focused on his actual fighting style um I actually is
if I score this fight round by round I actually scored it by I actually gave the fight to eay but Pride rules
Mitchell won the fight I think the right guy won the fight for sure so uh so I have no issue with the score um but um
but just talk about Bryce Mitchell in general um I just think it’s amazing he is a legitimate top 10 featherweight in
the UFC in a in a very tough division with really I don’t want to say zero
striking but he’s not really a threat striking at all and yet even with this
non threat in 50% of mixed martial arts he can still beat a lot a lot of a lot
of guys and he be a very quality high level high high level gatekeeper Dan eay
and he won tonight and I was I was actually thoroughly impressed of Bryce Mitchell and I I don’t think a healthy
Bryce Mitchell beats Elia toora but I do believe that we did see a a a weekend
version of Bry compromised a comor compromised version diminished version of Bryce Mitchell when he fought Tor I I
don’t I don’t think that that I don’t think he beats toor but I think that is a more competitive fight much more akin
to what we saw tonight but obviously you know a little different but um no Bryce mitell is awesome um I love watching him
fight I love his grappling style uh um and I think it’s pretty amazing you know
Danny gay comes from an amazing Camp amazing coaches Bryce Mitchell comes from a small MMA School in Arkansas with
no other notable other Fighters or training Partners or coaches and yet somehow he finds something there that
which makes him a really really good entertaining um mix martial artist and
um I’m I’m always I’m always impressed by his fighting style yeah I I like that you put some Arkansas on on the Arkansas
I like that Casey I like that uh yeah I I I scored it for Mitchell super close fight he he’s just another guy who’s an
example if you have an a-level skill I think his address I say it’s far I’d go as far as say a level maybe not A+ maybe
I wouldn’t put him above the elite at the elite elite of Grapplers but very strong skill and you have great cardio
and you’re tough as hell takes you pretty far in this industry takes you pretty far in this industry we’ve seen we’ve seen a lot of Fighters have great
careers with it and Mitchell might be in that area yeah maybe he’s not a top five guy we don’t know but firmly in the top
10 and I think would give a good fight to a lot of the guys in in the uh near the top of the division I’m seeing a lot
of comments about the uh judging I will say as someone who has been pushing very
hard for people to recognize like yes damage should be prioritized 100% I don’t have a problem with people scoring
the fight for eay but but I don’t think I should say we we need to remember in
the rules it is not damaged the phrasing in the rules is not damage it is impact
it is impact impact is the word they use the impact that is uh that has the greatest effect on potentially ending
the fight so it’s a little specific and it’s certainly uh open to interpretation
which I think is why we have a lot of problems and this is where you know people are saying how how could Mitchell win that second round eay you know
opened him up open went with that punch and I agree I scored the second round for eegay but I I kind of understand the
3027 Bryce not my favorite scorecard but I don’t think it’s like a terrible card I think Bryce controlled A lot of that
round and was doing was effectively attacking on the ground and trying to do things to end
the fight on the ground we can’t just say because someone gets cut that they automatically win around because no no
you guys know Cuts can Cuts can happen just from the seam of the glove seam of the glove someone’s toenail cut someone open it doesn’t mean they landed super
damaging strike I thought eay was doing good stuff in the feet but for me the cut is not an automatic 109 for eay if
you want to say because in general he did more damage with the Striking in that round totally understand but I thought Bryce’s grappling was really
good so I would have given round two to eay I had a 2928 Mitchell I understand 2928 eay as well it’s a close fight it
was a close fight great fight um but let’s not confuse damage for an automatic round win and if you’re interested I find this really
interesting uh according to fans fan scoring MMA decisions o 70% of fans gave
eegay round one 76% of fans gave eay round two and and I understand that with uh so
in to in total 64% gave eegay the fight um it’s not how’s the media how’s the
how was the soal MMA media this is actually interesting media did not score like the fans uh there I would say about
two-thirds of the media had it for Bryce Mitchell with a third of those fans
giving all three rounds to Bryce Mitchell which I kind of Highly disagree with but but like I said I feel the
right guy won even though by rounds I think eay won but if that makes sense
right I I don’t want I don’t want Pride scoring I don’t want to say Pride scoring but the I don’t want I don’t
want to say that word but the the Gap that uh Mitchell won round three was so
much bigger than the gap that eay might have won the first two rounds in my
opinion right this comes down to our issues in general with the sort of the 10 n scoring system and how weird it is
that some of 10 n are so different I’m really interested how much the the discussion changes too if those first
two rounds because essentially rounds one and round two were kind of the same the first three minutes were were eegay
dominating the dominating the standup then he get taken down and basically is him working off his back or getting out
of a submission for the last two minutes and so seems a lot of people gave the
rounds to Mitchell because of that if you switch those around put the first two minutes of eay working off his back
and then the last three minutes of him getting beat Mitchell getting beat up I don’t I think we have more of a different discussion here and maybe
changes the perception of it for sure for sure this is why this is why judging is difficult I I am someone who’s not has not been as hard on judges as people
I know people are quick to every time there’s a controversial card oh my God judges suck get rid of all the judges overhaul the I’m like it’s not they’re
not as bad as you think it’s it’s a scoring system that is pretty difficult to wrap your head around and that I’m
fine with constantly nitpicking and criticizing the judges there are some bad ones don’t get me wrong there are some bad ones but the people think like
every judge is bad I’m like that’s just not the case uh I want to go we’ll talk about the speech in a second I do want to go to a comment from Alex L here not
me another Alex L who I think sums up the damage thing best uh damage would be a rough criteria anyway some people show
damage more than others you can fart in Nate Diaz’s face and it blows his skin apart but it won’t end him in a fight so
that’s how I think I’m going to explain it from now on when people ask what’s the difference between damage and impact and why shouldn’t we rely on damage
because you know you can fart in someone’s face and blow their skin apart it doesn’t mean that they’re uh they’re get close to losing the fight uh Jose I
do want to go to you because I don’t want to talk about the postf fight speech too much I’ll give a quick summary for people who maybe didn’t see
it Bryce Mitchell very Pious came into the ring with a Bible uh tells Dan eay I’m donating $5,000 to you because Danny
gay is from Hawaii we this is for you know to help victims of the Maui Wildfire fires and we need to show that
Satan can you know cannot do anything in the face of the power of Christ so you
know got religious with it not the worst thing and then uh had to repeat this uh this conspiracy theory he said before
that it’s a an unfounded conspiracy theory by the way that the the fires are manmade and anyway he went off a little
but didn’t go full Bryce so Jose before I move on your quick thoughts on Bryce Mitchell’s post fight speech well
people’s religions I don’t particularly like do you you know like you can
believe whatever you want as long as you’re not harming another person um I have no patience for government
conspiracy theories I just don’t um because they’re just unfounded theories and you can say whatever you want
doesn’t mean you’re right and a lot of people don’t believe that and I just have zero I have zero patience for it I
have zero patience for uh space laser theories I have zero patience for 911
was an inside job I have no patience for fake moon landings I have I have no patience for any of that
because like what’s I just don’t have patience for it like when someone brings it up I I tune out I’m like you I I I I
have nothing else to say on it you’re tuning out right now just just talking about it your brain it’s so silly and so stupid and
people like are like oh Germans are trying to use Uber to take over America I’m like for what reason for what reason
and they’re like they’re just doing it I’m like okay great good to know I’m going to go use Uber now I was a little
I was kind of waiting for uh Mike bising to like pull the microphone away but I guess it it kind of that part came out
of nowhere I guess the conspiracy part he he was kind of borderline like all right we’re talking about the Wildfire is good he’s donating money he’s Dona
$5,000 that’s good sure lead uh you know have have e eay looked a little uncomfortable I think he I think he
handled it as well as he could he just kind of was nodding along and then they did a bit of a post fight prayer I don’t
know what E’s belief system is is I don’t know if he’s just humoring Bryce Mitchell or if he was super into it I couldn’t tell but he did look a little
like uh let’s let’s get through this let’s not make a big deal out of this let’s get I just lo I just lost a fight
I just lost a fight you know that was is M I just lost half my paycheck you know this sucks you know thanks for the Maui
check yeah I appreciate it a tough fight too he probably always wants to go back and like you know be with his friends his team patch himself up drink some
water rehydrate like that was a tough fight that’s a hard hard fight that was a hard 15 minutes you but but you you
you you mentioned should have bisbing like was he think about pulling the mic I’m glad he didn’t because if all as of
all the crazy stuff Bryce Mitchell says I in a weird way I still kind of appreciate it because that’s what makes
the sport so fun and dumb and exciting because we have guys like freaking Bryce
Mitchell who would just say the crazy as crap and we who can fight the highest levels and then we have guys like Dan
eay who are equally as good and this is they’re cool dudes you know just hey you know I just want to get back to my family you know see my baby and know I
just think it’s I always I always just find that that aspect of the sport so interesting so um in all the craziness
of it I’m still like it’s still better to have the craziness than be
boring uh it takes all kinds to move the world as they say or in Bryce’s case I guess Flip Flip the world over tilt the
world I don’t know how you guys want to phrase it but it takes all kinds as they say uh we’ll get some questions a second
but let us talk let us talk about probably what was going to be the most talked about fight of the night before
uh gamron phiv kind of ended so unceremoniously the a bit of a strange
booking Marina Rodriguez uh Michelle Waterson Gomez rematch rematch of a very good five round fight uh but just you
know uh the timing seems been odd uh Marina dominated this fight incredibly
vicious first round effort just a Muay Thai Clinic slicing up the karate hotti and uh definitely leading to some online
calls for people said oh they should stop the fight and they’re saying maybe the corner should stop the fight uh Jose
I’ll go to you do you think we should have seen a Stoppers there from either referee kri Hatley or do you think her
Corner maybe should have not let her come out for round two
um difficult to say um I didn’t really have an opinion on it and then when they
put the camera on her between rounds and she was like like
I think it was Winkle John was like trying to give her instructions and Michelle was just like trying to catch her breath and just spitting out blood
I’m like well she’s clearly not listening to what you’re saying and then she just goes I’m overreaching and then
wink was like yeah you’re overreaching I’m like okay so she understands what she’s doing so I don’t know I don’t know
what the right answer is I think if they had stopped the fight I wouldn’t have complained and if the fact that they
stopped it when they did I’m also not g to complain I I don’t know the right answer I’m not in her corner I wasn’t
I’m not the ref I I wouldn’t have complained if they stopped the fight though but I’m also very much on the if
a fighter is continuing to fight back then you should probably give him an opportunity to fight back yeah I don’t
know if anyone would have complained except for maybe Dominick Cruz in the call who probably would have said I’ll tell you I know a thing or two of our early stoppage is because you know uh he
rarely mentions the Kei Peterson incident right so he probably would have commented that in some way I think he
what was his what was his verdict I think he said it was he kind of approved right of letting her yeah yeah I think
he handled it well I think hand it well who was the ref who was the ref I’m sorry this is Carri Hatley Carri Hatley
uh Carri Hatley uh I feel is known for having some very late stoppages so okay
um but this at least consistent it was consistent and Casey I want to go to you specifically because we have talked
about this before this isn’t a secret we we do sometimes feel there are such things as girl stoppages in MMA where
you know if a referee sees a a woman fighter taking like a lot of damage especially where it’s visible you know it’s not like a flurry but like in this
sit exact situ situation where one fighter is bloodied bruised getting battered we have sometimes you and I
would agree we have sometimes seen stoppages that maybe if it was a man they would have let go on so I think
that’s why in this situation I was kind of okay with how everything played out and like Jose said I don’t even necessarily blame her Corner because
they have a better you know idea of what’s going on in her head and they’re right up there they’re right in her face uh but I don’t know where did where did
you stand are you glad it wasn’t stopped or uh did you want were you calling for that one to to be called off it was one
I was glad it wasn’t stopped I thought actually the I thought uh Carrie Hatley did a good job I thought the corner did
um Michelle’s Corner did a decent job um of making sure that she her head was still in the fight and I feel like she
was I feel like she still wanted to fight I feel like she still had that will to win um but I would have been
okay if there was a stoppage in the first round I actually scored that first round a 107c and basically if you throw a 10 s
out there agreed agreed yeah 107’s kind of mean to me that you could have
stopped that fight it would have been fine but like I said um Michelle Watson is a experienced veteran fighter these
are two top 10 fighters in their weight class they deserve that respect of
basically earning that chance to get their ass kicked to get that win and um
I don’t have any issues with it um it was a it was a very one-sided fight I mean I picked Marina Rodriguez to win
but I was shocked at the dominance that Maria Rodriguez had in that fight so I
don’t know um I I guess we can talk about the Futures next but um no issues good job Mr Hatley and actually good job
of Dominick Cruz I felt and basically saying hey hey this is what we signed up
for this is it and and honestly there wasn’t a lot of head trauma in the sense that the the head wasn’t bouncing back
or swiveling around it were Cuts Cuts obviously are super not optically
optically I grant it does look bad and I am happy we did not get the quote unquote girl stoppage k
uh do we see the karate hottie retire within the next year whether this is her last fight which I would doubt or do we
think that she do we think her and her team start angling for that one last fight within the next 12 months what do
you think that is up to her if she is okay
it’s kind of that Korean Zombie thing where you have to accept I’m not a
championship level fighter anymore and that’s Michelle Waterson just simply isn’t she’s a borderline top 15 straw I
think at this point um could be worse I’m not not sure honestly so she needs to decide for herself does she want to
be brought in to be to build up these upcoming straw weights or just you know
lay it on the line go hey this is my retirement fight let’s have a big celebration give me a proper opponent uh
and that proper opponent I think should be Jessica pen who I think is kind of retired but you can pull her AB
retirement and do Michelle Waterson versus Jessica Penny too and it can be kind of official double retirement fight
for both those ladies it can be a rematch of their legendary evicted Adam weight championship fight so that’s my
two I should have given a little more context here before I throw to Jose uh Waterson Gomez now 6 and8 in the UFC her
fourth straight loss six of seven and she s too seven to seven the Ang Hill
fight and she has been fighting professionally since 2007 so she is uh if she fights until next February it
will be 17 years in the game and again when you look at how much how long she’s been fighting high level competition
it’s a hard hard 16 17 years so uh same question to you Jose do we see uh Kate
hotti uh consider a retirement fight in the next 12 months yeah probably that I mean again
I’m with Casey like I’m never gonna I’m not jet I’m not going to tell a fighter to retire um but I like the Jessica pen
fight I think it makes sense for both of them um because she’s not in the top I would imagine she falls out of the top
15 and I don’t want to you know feed her to someone that’ll do like you know I
just don’t I want to see both like Jessica and Michelle has given so much to the sport I think it’s a good fight for both of them to go out it’s it’s
very reminiscent of like the Jim Miller cowboy fight where obviously Jim Miller didn’t retire but like that fight just
made sense for the end of their care like and then they tried to book the L’s on fight for a while with cowboy I like
those fights just two vets that should just throw down inside an octagon and yeah I’m all for the pen
fight uh we have bonuses I’ll get to those in a second first I’ll just recap the rest of the main card we had uh we
had Brian battles submitting AJ Fletcher poor AJ Fletcher I don’t know is like the third straight guy uh third straight
like six foot plus welterweight they’ve put in his way I don’t know what AJ fler did for guy keeps getting in there with
with giants uh gets submitted and and Charles Rodan with a very impressive wrestl Mission win over Ricardo hamos
now we have our bonuses here uh Charles Jordan got one of them and Marina Rodriguez the other and then fight of
the night goes to a prelim welterweight battle between Tim Means and Andre fio did they get it right
guys um I enjoyed watch I enjoyed watching
the miles John Dan aretta fight more than means but I get it because that was a little more back and the Tim Means had
a little more drama because they both got hurt at times but in terms of just a fight that I I was I watched that entire
fight and like halfway through the second round I between J’s and AR arua I was like this is a fun fight I am having
a blast watching this so maybe that’s the only other one I can think of but I guess yeah great fight love watching
miles John’s go Casey would you want to change any of those for fight of the night uh theight or or performance
bonuses or did you think someone bones are fine um I would like to see in a performance bonus uh well I I would give
it to Mitchell eay honestly for figh I thought just a higher level fight um but I also can’t speak about means fialo
because um I was watching another Channel at the the same time the best middleweight in the world defend his Bel
so I can’t the Tim Means Andre fala fight just confirmed everything that I had been saying for a long time is that
Andre falo no Andre falo is a very good boxer and that’s it that’s about it that
dude that dude had the he cut he he has good box angles and he has really fast hands Tim Means adjusted and fiala had
nothing for it yeah he’s just like I’m just G Tim did the silly thing of mixing
the martial art and Andre F’s like what is happening and then like man falo loses he loses big you got to respect
that he 50 G’s richer he’s 50 G’s richer that dude just walks forward Tim
Means was throwing those elbows and then F adjust falo did he didn’t adjust but
he just wasn’t hesitant in the second round like he came out hot and then Tim Means was like oh and then like got
clipped a few times and then Tim means basically he did this thing where he was like very hurt and backed in the fence
and falo did this very stupid thing that we always say like oh vet like that’s what separates like veterans and like
these newcomers he just ran in and tried to finish him and Tim Means clinched up caught his breath and then just started
elbowing him a bunch in the head like just walks right into his trap fio uh I
wonder if this will save his job that is four straight lost for him fight of the night used to be a pretty good for job security I don’t know if it is anymore
I’d have to look recently I think there’s been fighters who have won fight night and still either knock contract renewed or cut Tim Means this was his
50th Pro fight and by the way this may surprise you his first ever UFC fight of
the night bonus he’s always in good fight the night yeah he’s always in good fights
performances yeah he’s performs but it’s never actual straight fight all right so happy happy fight number 50 to Tim Means
and uh fight number 50 extra 50 Grand how appropriate and Andre fio maybe hanging on and congrats as well to
Marine Rodriguez and Charles Jordan for the those bonuses Casey what do we got as far as questions go oh questions
that’s it go to the questions I know well I I heard I know we got you’re a busy man I heard you got to go to the club later
hey oh sorry well I didn’t say which club okay all right all right there’s only one club to go to an
LA all right uh I don’t even know what that means I don’t even get that joke I’m not you don’t live in America bro I
don’t live I’m so far away from you guys wait wait wait wait before before cuz we
we cover we’re MMA fighting not UFC fighting there were some other important fights can we talk about those briefly
sure we uh we had we had 20 important fights happened in I know 20 important
ones there a few they’re all they’re all important what was your favorite what was your favorite Bellator prelim fight
Casey oh I watched none of the prelims oh come on fighting every fight is important
here according to M fightings docomo some JJ Wilson I’m I’m a JJ
Wilson fan so so it was nice to see him coming back moving up to 55 and he had a nice comeback Victory um but that’s when
I tuned in so I missed the uh first 10 or so uh locals fighting but then uh I
did see the J you watch the debacle with the debacle of the Peter quey fight tow in the eye yeah what a
bummer legal soccer kick was that what I just I just saw yeah he soccer kicked him I was like all right that was stupid
and then that was that was a W uh we saw we saw one of the best knockouts of the year uh Mr I don’t say
his name Levan Levan shley chle there you go that front kick to Sab Sabah talk
about a guy who’s always an exciting fight Sabah homasi talk about a guy oh man yeah and Happy Trails to
Daniel whel he retired fighting for a long time yeah retired tonight after 50
what 7,000 MMA fights yeah 7,000 F approximately 7,000 yeah give or take
Aaron Pico Big Win Main Events highlight real knockout dude Aaron Pico this was
the Aaron Pico this is one like unreal unreal I uh I’m going to Albuquerque in
a few weeks so hopefully I’ll get some Matt time of Aaron Pico he won’t he won’t put me on a stretcher in 30
seconds he’s dangerous and he’s he’s not even in his physical prime yet you guys he’s 26 years old he’s he’s in amazing
shape I mean his his his pre- prime is better than most being’s physical prime
dud Aaron Pico this is like Daddy Pico now now that he’s a yeah now he’s all about that baby and
like it’s like his baby and his horse and that’s what he that like he now he has even more motivation like yeah um
he’s I I think I think the the Aaron Pico experiment at Jackson’s is finally
G is finally kind of coming together and I I’m very excited to see what you
Bellator if or Bellator SL pfl or whatever whoever actually have no idea
what what happens next with ver Pico I don’t know if it happens with the contracts it’s going to be wild I don’t
know if they’re free agents who knows it’s gonna be kind of a crazy time with all these um this Bellator sell and
stuff because um Aaron Pico and Johnny eblin are top of the top of the top of
the yeah the rankings in the Johnny Elin you’re number one ranked middleweight in the world
battle battle through someity against I think very good middleweight Fabian Edwards I hate people saying like oh
this was just some random title Fabian Edwards is really good he’s number 14 in our in our rankings in our Global I I
don’t know why people were talking to Fabian Edwards I’m not sure no he wouldn’t make it the UFC like why wouldn’t Fabian Edwards make it the middleweight is not like this insane
Shark Tank of division I think Fabian would be a top 10 middleweight in the UFC he’s very good and Johnny iin
definitely be top five if not again number one he’s he’s he’s looked excellent he’s someone asked me how many title defenses is this guy gonna put
together I said as many as he wants if he stays in Bellator frankly because I think he’s super deadly they have good competition there but I just think he’s
a notch above um so yeah huge win for him a really good night really good day for belor frankly I think uh people if
you’re not in the Evin bandwagon now I don’t know what you’re waiting for because he’s beating good guys he beat
musasi if you’re only comparing to UFC guys that’s just so silly then you don’t know what you’re watching then you don’t
know what you’re watching when you see Johnny Elin fight because he would clearly be a strong competition if not
favored against many of the fighters uh in the UFC’s top uh 10 right now so I
don’t know maybe we’re overhyping I don’t know guys I don’t know maybe we’re overing yeah all right I think we can go
to questions now let’s go to some questions case you you you uh what do we got yeah Al again not me hypothetical
for AK Le Bry Mitchell has you in a be hug telling you to lead the nation in prayer what do you do well uh guys as a
non-practicing Catholic I have been in many situations where I have had to uh go along with prayer not to say that I
am not a spiritual person I’m a spiritual cat as much as anybody but uh I I I would not um call myself the most
spiritual person so I do know how to play along uh that’s that’s the nice way to put it so Bryce Mitchell if you want
to wrap on that Bible for five minutes and have me next to you not Dungeons and Dragons I’m sure I can handle it Jose
what do you what do you what’s what’s uh what are you chuckling about um when you say play along it just oh that’s I don’t
know it’s not like we’re playing a tabletop game or something I’m just saying if anyone’s ever if everyone
anyone’s ever been to some sort of where they’re not quite like you know Jing you
know Ving with what’s going on you kind of have to to fake till you make it and uh uh praise be I have I have done so
before but yeah I’d be all right I don’t know if you how you guys would react in the situation all right um some more
comments um potential gam rat’s next
fight Al again gamrot versus aard hallway on a side I don’t know you’re
shaking your head yeah happen I think Max Hollow would jump up to fight Justin Gat here for the championship but I
don’t see anyone or like I don’t think that’s happening Justin Max holway is in that same boat as gaii poier Chandler
where it’s like i’ we’ve done it like I get it I just want to fight these massive names yeah and be because
they’re not getting paid they’re not getting paid more or less or whatever to fight these um no names like gamat no
names um see what we got here what else we got here
uh can we talk about Chris leeven oh I’ve got I’ve got J Ray B2
here I’ll I’ll just grab this one it says uh isn’t it and I saw other people asking about Chris leben Chris leben uh
judged the very first fight of the night between Tam FAL and monster rendone and also the Tim Means Andre falo fight
which uh didn’t really require scorecards but all the fighters all the judges had it uh 2018 for Tim me going
to third round so no nothing to talk about there uh I I’ll read Jose both
thoughts on the media asking moner randone what her thoughts were on Chris leben being the only judge not award her the W versus Tamir Vidal I also have jry
B2 in the comments calling it a dooo card full disclosure I probably was not
watching the fight super closely so I can I do not know how dudo this card was from what I could see I I didn’t get the
sense that either fiday was dominating I know uh renon was giving vadal a lot of problems with their grappling but I
think this is where we get into the control versus damage discussion but again I I I almost don’t feel qualified to talk about it did you guys have a
better view of uh I think the descenting round was round two no media member scored it for um vid yeah every media
member had a for renden um at 2928 I’m assuming it was round uh let me see what
the dissenting round was yes round two so I’m assuming it was round two I don’t actually remember round two I was kind
of watching Loosely so uh women’s Phantom weights guys women’s Phantom
weights I I we owe both these women an apology for not OP it’s aot division in the sport and we really should be paying
more attention to it congrats on moner rone for remaining on it’s Jed and Damon’s favorite Division I like oh my
gosh all the time they just DM me randomly can we talk about women’s Fantom weight match ups today they don’t even they don’t even DM me they just
tweet about it check their Twitter feeds it’s nothing also this this question is
asking what we think about the media asking don’t care yeah what was that I go for it oh J you are the media you are
the you are the guy who asked no I’m like I don’t care what my fellow media people ask when it comes to this like I
would have asked it if I was there I don’t think it’s this is a this is a nothing Burger whether they asked or
didn’t ask okay I think I think the interesting thing is you know so let’s just kind of just for the take
of argument Chris leben had a bad scorecard this isn’t a good scorecard so all those Fighters make the best judges
that’s not true paying attention and knowing what you’re looking for makes the best judges so I’m not saying Chris
Le had a he’s a bad judge or anything but I’m just saying the whole Fighters being a judges being a better option
isn’t true just paying attention and being good at your job is what’s most important yeah yeah and and again I’m
sure ceven did his best this is his F his first time ever doing UFC card and he’s worked his way up to this level
everyone turns into bad I’ve seen I’ve seen um Chris leben do plenty of um I think uh he’s refed he refs um down in
California all the time so I see him all the time so uh I’m happy he’s now getting a travel travel stifen
stifen so he can go to Vegas and um yeah do all that fun stuff there I think we I think we’ll see him again I think we’ll
see him again I don’t think this was an egregious again maybe the card was bad again I don’t know fortunately it was on a fight that was pretty low stakes and I
didn’t hear Too Many people talking about it I would be I will be the story moving forward is if like you can’t he
can’t judge certain fights because he’s has relationships with coaches and
Fighters that’s more of the you know like if tomorrow all of a sudden there’s a story that like Vidal like TR like she
had trained at the same gym as Chris lein or they had the same coach or whatever then that would be a story but
right now I don’t think it’s I don’t think it’s the biggest deal in the world oh yes thego Sanchez Ross Pearson uh
situation of course of course uh oh gosh never forget uh Casey what else we
got uh you you run the show you let me know how many are you guys doing on to the
next tomorrow we are and I have not even thought about matchups all right so I’m not going to bring too many matchup
questions people I just want to say with this background AK you look like Jesus
Christ with people someone ask why I’m glowing and let me just say this particular poster the face to all I
think about when I see these face Toof face posters are uh the classic cover of Hall notes’s H2O album if you guys have
never seen it Google it I don’t know why they do these face to- face posters because that’s the only thing I think of
uh all these guys one of these guys miss is a wispy mustache to complete the look but notably my dad’s least favorite
musical act ever oh that’s saying a lot wow I’m just saying that’s literally
when I hear holl and oats that’s the first thing I think of I don’t think they’re that bad my whenever growing up
I’m like God I hate holl o and he just Chang randomly also hat he also hates that
band America you know the the I’ve been through the desert on a horse whatever that did they say that yeah my dad’s
like that song is he’s like that song sucks wait so holl not does hos speak on with private eyes right Private Eyes you
make my dreams come true maner manator they a lot of good songs watch you watching you we’re done
we’re done okay we’re done great great way to close out the show uh thanks everyone for joining us I thought I thought Vegas 79 was a pretty good card
it’s always going to seem that much worse when we don’t perfectly fun I wish
the main event had happened a little bit more very unsatisfying but over that was poopy but here we are props to all the
fart as usual props to all the staff who puts this stuff together props to Jose Young props to ekid uh props to me props
you know you got to love yourself guys props to jar Jared letto showing up for U UFC Apex car front row baby jarto
legit he’s legit props J letto I guess uh and props to everyone of course for tuning in again I cannot thank you guys
enough thank you for uh for letting us do this and then guys come to your homes so peace out for
now bye

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