UFC Vegas 79: Fiziev vs. Gamrot FULL CARD Predictions and Bets

In this article, we will be discussing the upcoming UFC Vegas 79 event and providing predictions and betting insights for the full card. The main event features a highly anticipated matchup between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot. We will also be covering other exciting fights on the card, including Brian Battle vs. AJ Dobson, Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson, and Bryce Mitchell vs. Dan Ige. So let’s dive in and analyze each fight in detail.

Brian Battle vs. AJ Dobson

Brian Battle is coming off a loss to a wrestler in his last fight, where he struggled to find success. However, Battle showed great determination and never gave up, constantly working throughout the fight. In this article, we believe that Battle will not be easily controlled by AJ Dobson, despite Dobson’s wrestling success. Battle’s constant movement and resilience will make it difficult for Dobson to dominate him. With Battle currently at -170 odds, he seems like a solid pick for this matchup.

Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson

Marina Rodriguez is a skilled boxer with solid speed and power. However, she has recently suffered two consecutive losses, which may have affected her confidence. On the other hand, Michelle Waterson, also known as the “karate hottie,” has a wealth of experience and has fought some of the best in the division. Waterson is a slick striker who utilizes kicks and distance effectively. She also has a strong wrestling game, with 22 takedowns in her last 15 fights.

In their last fights, Rodriguez was exposed in her takedown defense, while Waterson showcased her impressive kicking skills. If Waterson chooses to wrestle in this matchup, she could have the advantage. However, Rodriguez is known for pushing the action and keeping her opponents on their toes. This fight is likely to go over two and a half rounds, as both fighters have their strengths and can potentially neutralize each other. It may be worth considering a +3.5 bet on Waterson, as she has the experience and skill set to potentially secure a close decision victory.

Bryce Mitchell vs. Dan Ige

Bryce Mitchell is a dominant wrestler with a relentless takedown game. He averages about three takedowns per fight and has an accuracy of 44%. Mitchell’s striking may not be his strong suit, but his grappling and control on the ground are exceptional. In his last fight against Ilya Topuria, Mitchell struggled with his takedowns but still showcased his grappling prowess.

Dan Ige, on the other hand, is a fantastic kickboxer with speed and power. He also has solid BJJ skills and underrated wrestling. While Ige’s takedown defense may seem low at 56%, it’s important to note that he has faced tough opponents in his recent fights. In his last fight against Nate Landwehr, Ige defended four takedowns and showcased his ability to stay on his feet.

This matchup will come down to Ige’s takedown defense. If he can successfully defend Mitchell’s takedowns, he has a good chance of winning the fight. However, Mitchell’s control on the ground is exceptional, and once he gets a takedown, it’s difficult to shake him off. Mitchell’s personal life may be a distraction, but it’s unclear how it will affect his performance in the cage.

Overall, Mitchell is the favored pick in this matchup due to his dominant wrestling and control on the ground. However, Ige’s striking and well-rounded skills make him a formidable opponent. It’s a fight that could go either way, and it may be best to stay away from betting on this one.

Rafael Fiziev vs. Mateusz Gamrot

The main event of the evening features a highly anticipated matchup between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot. Fiziev is a phenomenal striker with traditional Muay Thai skills. He has incredible power and mixes his punches and kicks effectively. However, Fiziev has a tendency to get drawn into brawls and abandon his technical striking.

Gamrot, on the other hand, is a skilled wrestler with decent striking and a diverse set of attacks. While he may not have the same power as Fiziev, he makes up for it with his busy and relentless pace. Gamrot has the ability to outwrestle most fighters in the division and has shown resilience by quickly recovering from knockdowns.

At first glance, it may seem like Fiziev’s striking will be too much for Gamrot to handle. However, upon closer inspection, Gamrot’s ability to quickly recover from knockdowns is impressive. This fight will ultimately come down to Fiziev’s takedown defense and Gamrot’s ability to hang in there on the feet.

In a five-round fight, Fiziev’s striking and power may give him the edge. However, Gamrot’s wrestling and ability to push the pace cannot be underestimated. If Fiziev can defend takedowns and inflict damage, he has a good chance of winning. But it’s a tough call to make.

In conclusion, Fiziev is the favored pick in this matchup due to his striking skills. However, Gamrot’s wrestling and resilience make him a formidable opponent. It’s a fight that could go either way, and the outcome will depend on Fiziev’s takedown defense and Gamrot’s ability to hang in there on the feet.

Overall, UFC Vegas 79 promises to be an exciting event with several intriguing matchups. From Brian Battle vs. AJ Dobson to Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson, and Bryce Mitchell vs. Dan Ige, there are plenty of fights to look forward to. The main event between Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot is particularly intriguing, with both fighters bringing their unique skill sets to the table.

Remember, these predictions and insights are based on analysis and observations, but anything can happen in MMA. It’s always important to do your own research and make informed decisions when it comes to betting. Enjoy the fights and may the best fighters emerge victorious!

my name’s Angelo and welcome to we want picks I’m going to break down the entire UFC Vegas 79 fight card giving you my
picks my predictions and my bets but before I do let’s talk about Noche UFC
overall great card it was a live audience those fans were incredible they’re cheering for their Fighters they
are loud it’s not like those weird French fans that were like sitting in silence doing nothing absolutely
incredible incredible event to watch live I’m so glad that it wasn’t in the
Apex and it was an actual full-size Arena Jacob dominated last night up 5.4
units he picked a perfect card obviously there was a draw and a no contest removed those he picked a perfect card
outside of that his lock of the week was Alexa Grosso that is a draw that’s not a win that’s not a loss that is a draw
here’s my opinion on that on that fight at least I thought it was a close enough fight right it felt like Alexa had some
success obviously it felt like she was getting some of the better exchanges on the feet with definitely losing the
grappling exchanges overall close fight she dropped Valentina I think it was in the second round but if you look at the
scorecards that one judge scored the fifth round a 10-8 none of those rounds
were anywhere near a 10-8 and Alexa dropped Valentina in the second to score the fifth to 10-8 is literally criminal
you’re messing with I’m not even talking about betting money you’re messing with people’s livelihoods people’s money
you’re messing with everything to throw up a random score like that and I know what happens I don’t know if the judges
can talk to each other I don’t think that they can but I know this guy’s looking at his scorecard really wants
Alexa to win and playing games and he’s like uh 10 8 in the fifth to make all of
this correct it’s absolutely wild that’s that guy should be investigated it’s literally insane to make the fifth round
of 10-8 let me know in the comments if you disagree I would love to hear somebody who isn’t that dude explain how
the fifth round was a 10-8 and score cards like that are a problem it’s one thing that everybody wants to make fun
of the judge that’s on the wrong side of a split everybody wants to talk oh Sal diamado Sally’s always wrong fine and
maybe he is but he’s seeing rounds differently than people right he’s he’s he gives a 10 and 9 to a fighter that
you thought you know should have been on the other side to do a 10-8 when nothing meaningful happened is wild I can see
you’re watching the fight you’d think grappling is useless so you don’t count it even though the person spent their
time on the back blah blah but fine it’s wrong but fine but to look at a fight to
look at a round where not much happened and to say 10 8 for somebody is
literally criminal that person should be investigated obviously we had the no contest that referee Dominic Cruz went
in on that referee for stopping that fight when he should have I can understand that mistake more than the
10-8 because that’s the Heat of the Moment you’re watching something he picked up his arm his arm went limp like that guy has to make a decision a split
second a judge has five minutes to watch a full round then has time to think
about what they watched yeah okay yeah this is my script there’s no rush they can take as much time as they need to
score there’s no rush especially on the last round and he took that time and put down a score like 10-8 literally wild
I’ve spent way too long complaining about this guy overall no J UFC was a great card I’m just dead even for me but
the safety parlay did hit the safety parlay all time up over 20 units seven
and three in the last 10 events so that’s uh seven out of ten that’s a 70 hit rate for the safety parlay so it is
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UFC thanks a lot uh Jay Rico 450 off
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and we will send you fifty dollars let’s go ahead and break down this card this
is an interesting card because it’s before a break I hate cards before a break because I feel like there’s a
lot of pressure also there’s a lot of wild lines here you’re going to hear me go through these cars there’s a lot of
fights that should be kind of close that have wild lines there’s a lot of Fighters that aren’t very skilled they’re not very good there’s a lot of
weird layoffs and if you don’t know the UFC has contractual obligations they have to offer every single fighter on
their roster at least three fights they put all this together to avoid this Anti-Trust lawsuit which they’re ending
they’re gonna end up there anyway but they have to offer every single fight on the roster at least three fights and
what ends up happening when you get towards the end of the year we get a lot of really sloppy fights because oh God
we forgot to give these people their offers oh my God we have to get you’re gonna see a few of these well we got to get this person on the board which is
going to be absolutely terrible for some of these picks and breakdowns and Bets but this card I do think I found some
decent spots hopefully you can’t hear this dumbass puppy that we had to get we
had Mommy we had to get this puppy and all it is doing is tearing things apart to my left
loud as hell hoping the microphone doesn’t pick up on it everybody else in this house asleep because they’re all lazy not me come here look come here
turd this little bastard hi
is annoying uh his favorite hobby is to take a dump on the rug and let the
Roomba push it around and I don’t know about you guys we don’t play that game
like this house is immaculate spotless 24 7. like my wife walks around just
like ah this is dirty and the house is immaculate you hear him but yesterday he decides to
take a dump and the Roomba is just like let me smush this around so yesterday was not a particularly fun day
I love dogs don’t get a dog it’s not worth it what do you do why would you just make a friend you don’t need a dog
don’t get a dog they’re not worth it let’s go ahead and finally break down this car opening up the UFC Vegas 79
fight card we have at timiris Vidal taking on Montserrat Renault maserat Rendon is a Grappler she’s gonna
stay in your face she’s gonna throw that jab she’s going to look to work in some takedown so striking’s a bit stiff she
is long but she’s got a tight guard wall plotting forward so she like comes in I don’t want to say Mike Tyson because
that’s gonna make you think that she can she does have that tight guard and she just comes forward and then throws from
there she doesn’t have big clean wrestling takedowns but she does have
some solid clinch work some decent trips she’s listed as being undefeated but it doesn’t take a lot of tape study to
realize that a couple of those decisions at least one of them was a gift but she’s a big strong Grappler that’s gonna
come forward try to bully you to the ground is essentially the breakdown of Montserrat tamiral former soccer player
BJJ brown belt she immediately starts working forward looking for those takedowns she’s gonna throw typical big
overhand looping shots press you to the cage and then she’s gonna try to get the control and the takedowns once she gets
it to the ground she is just chasing submission She’s Dangerous on top and off her back and she’s always looking
for something her striking is almost non-existent right it’s just big blah blah blah and then immediately trying to take you to the ground but she’s tough
enough to just eat shots on her way in and she’s coming off a wild jump knee
knockout win over Ramona Pascal this is the easiest breakdown I’m gonna do on this card Vidal she’s the spot all day
long she’s better than Rendon at rendon’s best thing she hits hard she’s strong she has more experience she is a
minus 245 on the Sportsbook that kind of sucks but frankly she should be minus 500. I love Vidal in this spot I think
she is parlayable I I really don’t see her losing this fight an older slower
less experienced fighter without the danger that tamiris has I’m on tamiris
all day long all these jump Cuts in the editing is because uh the freaking dog this
freaking dog I was just outside for 20 minutes for you was a half a second I was outside for 20 minutes go potty go
potty come on buddy go potty come on let’s go potty no let’s go potty get that out of your mouth go potty it’s
it’s I my mornings used to be my mornings and I
could do all of this up at five by seven eight I’m done then everybody else
starts waking up nope nope now I’m raising a rat an expensive rat next up at UFC Vegas 79
and we have Mizuki Italy taking on Hannah Goldie Mizuki has been a
professional fighter since she was 16 years old 16 years old and as you can imagine with 13 years of experience
under her belt she’s actually pretty well-rounded for the most part she’s gonna be a busy Striker not much power but plenty of volume she’s coming off a
three-year layoff not because of usada not personal reasons now she blew out her ACL she’s gotten surgery uh she’s
gotten it taken care of she assures everybody the time off is actually good for her to sort of reset and she’s been very vocal this is a new beginning for
me she’s one and one in the UFC but she had some two really tough fights she had a uh loss against the manual emotion a
decision and then a win over Wu yanan she’s taking on Hannah gold Hannah Goldie is short she’s Jack she’s strong
as hell but she doesn’t fight that fight you look at her you’d think she would be a bully but she isn’t she’s not grinding
You Against the Cage she’s not using that strength to just sort of rip you to the ground and push you around she’s also a volume Striker she’s constantly
coming forward keeping it high energy she’s jacked no real power like everything that you see physically does
not align with her fight style or any damage that she does she’s essentially and I’ve said this about her in the past
Energizer bunnying her way through those fights just High Pace fast moving never
stopping incredible cardio really nice pace and she’s coming off that KO loss to Molly McCann pretty much a year ago
this is a sloppy fight with a three to one favorite in Mizuki a three to one
favorite she hasn’t fought in three years and look what happened with with uh Reyes
last night granted that was six years not three but three year layoff is a
very very long layoff especially because of injury so we have three years removed she’s coming back Hannah’s not a great
she’s not gonna be ranked anywhere but she’s busy she’s gonna keep coming in forward she’s going to be in your face
she’s going to be in great shape she is not going to have any ring rust and they said yeah mizuki’s a three to one
favorite Mizuki should win this fight the inactivity is worrisome Hannah’s non-stop Pace can absolutely win her
decision neither one of these women in particularly dangerous the over two and a half were definitely gonna get a two
and a half round 90 over two and a half here is the only thing that you could bet and feel good about nobody should be
betting on Mizuki three to one favorite three years removed and it’s not like you know it’s not like when Tatiana
Suarez was out for a while like a World level wrestler not just a busy six
losses just a busy Striker no real danger three to one favorite this this I
open this by saying there’s a weird card they’ve let the contractual obligations a lot of sketchy this is one of them
this line makes no sense to me I get it hand of gold he’s probably more focused on her social media career and then her
fighting career but Mizuki hasn’t done either next up at UFC Vegas 79 we have Muhammad
uzman taking on Jake Collier this is actually a decent fight we got Jay
Collier this guy’s a busy Striker not much power but he does have a lot of volume impressive cardio especially
considering he looks like that and that he used to be 185 pounder that just just
Dad botted his way up to the heavyweight division he doesn’t really wrestle very often but he does have a couple of
takedowns in his back pocket he even took down Andre arlovsky twice in that loss which a lot of people think was a
win he’s coming off the decision lost to Martin bidet where Martin’s activity was the difference but you know Jay Collier
in a lot of these fights they’re closer than they should be like people think he’s going to get blown out he keeps the fight close he stays busy he has cardio
shockingly and uh he’s gonna be there he’s not a guy you just run right through and push out of the way he’s
taking on Muhammad uzman this is Kamara usman’s younger brother doesn’t have that same wrestling background as kamado
does but he was a standout football player he transitioned to MMA a little later in life considering he’s 34 and
he’s only a couple of years in style wise he isn’t great at any one particular thing but he’s composed for
this lack of experience he’s going to sit behind a jab he’s going to methodically work forward he has very
real power he stays tough on the other end as well meaning you can beat him up he’s not going to quit he’s not going to
break he seems to be evolving into a wrestler for some reason uh but he did go two for 12 or 2 and 12. so 14
attempts only hit two of them in that win over Junior taffa I mentioned cards
like this are tricky a couple of underskilled people over the hill kind of people but the reality is
this fight kind of matters because if Muhammad uzman loses to Collier there
goes that like okay maybe we can build ourselves a heavyweight Prospect here if Jay Collier loses the hominusman he’s
definitely going to be cut Collier has a great chin he’s got a busy jab light years more experience but I do
think uzman can win this fight just with sheer physicality Jake could 100 dance
his way to a close decision the pick’s gonna be Usman because of the side and speed difference but the only bet I
would even consider here is if we get lucky enough to get a one and a half round line because oh they’re heavyweights and then over that should
be a lock right Jake is tough Muhammad stuff Mohammed does have some power in his hands but Jake’s got a decent chin
and this might be a sloppy sloppy sloppy fight but the reality is this fight
actually could have some implications on definitely Jay Collier’s career and certainly Mohamed Usman the UFC is going
to want to push him and then try to turn him into something so we’ll see what happens we’re going to be rooting for that one and a half round line so we can
Hammer the over if you’re a premium member link the Discord if we get that line if we do hammer it you will get
alert to your phone if you’re not a premium member just become one you cheap cheap bastard then we have Jacob McCune
coming back after a little time away taking on Cody Brundage Jacob malcoon is a Grappler he likes to plot forward he
wants to throw everything with power before transitioning and because of this all of his punches are looping
everything goes with power everything’s got a little curve to it even his jab isn’t straight up it’s like a little a
little bit of a hook to that jab he does send it with a lot of power though he steps into everything and that does
leave him open to be taken down but it adds sting to all of his strikes he’s a capable wrestler he’s going to lower his
level shoot really well time takedowns most of his shots are clean they’re right up the middle they’re in the
middle of the cage and that works well for him he averages more than seven takedowns per fight and he’s coming off that win over Nick maximov where his
takedowns were Relentless but his chin was a bit questionable he’s taking on Cody Brundage this guy is a heavy-handed
kill or be killed wrestler he’s got no problem coming forward no problem throwing heavy and then he’ll work in
some wrestling he does have a pretty high level wrestling background before transitioning to MMA and he does bring
that to the cage he averages almost three takedowns per fight but even dominant wrestling performances can’t
always keep him safe he’s coming off that ridiculous loss to SD Dumas like it was clear Cody Brundage is gonna
dominate this dude and he was dominating and then all of a sudden his fight IQ
left his body it was it was like a an alien just sucked it out of him his
fight IQ left his body and he’s just jumping for guillotine like with with a half a second of
wrestling effort that was Cody brundage’s fight instead let me jump
Guillotine it was it was absolutely nonsense we’ll give him a little bit of credit it was short notice but what an absolute joke that loss was Cody is
riding a three fight skin but honestly he actually has looked good at least at
one point in all of those fights he dominated McCall early with the wrestling he almost had Rodolfo out on
his feet and then the SD Dumas I just trashed the guy for it but early in that
fight when he actually wrestled he looked phenomenal and it was clear he was going to dominate but he managed to
lose all three of them anyway he has power to knock out Jacob he’s got the wrestling to control him I still think
he’s gonna look good early and then somehow lose this fight malcoon has trash control which is why he gets so
many takedowns but his cardio doesn’t stop and that pressure is probably going to be the difference here if he doesn’t
eat a big right hand early he’s in a dominate this fight so Jacob mokun is the pick pretty confident in him to win
this another jump cut that dog has no chill no chill whatsoever we’ve got Tim
Means taking on Andre fiallo Tim Means is a ripe 39 years old but
doesn’t really show his age right he’s not coming out there falling over looking exhausted he’s still his high
volume gritty Striker he’s going to work in a takedown if he needs to he has tricky striking because he’s got that
long karate style he’s going to switch stances on you hard to put him in any single category at least you know fight
wise technique-wise or style wise because he’s going to come out he’s going to do all the things he’ll strike
with you he’ll work in takedowns if he needs to he’s going to be dangerous on the ground he’s going to be dangerous on the feet very well-rounded guy very
active guy he is coming off of the submission loss to Alex morono where he actually had his wrestling going early
but was caught in that Guillotine he’s taking on Andre Fiel this guy’s a striker got a nice jab heavy leg kick
solid takedowns when he needs them he’s got huge power in his hands he is very tough but he’s also very very hittable
and his chin is absolutely gone he has a negative three to six striking differential and if he doesn’t get The
Knockout he ends up being overwhelmed and outstruck he’s coming off his third knockout loss in a row this time to
walking Buckley at his in his second fight at 170. Andre is the two to one favorite right now and I get it yes he
has no Chin whatsoever but it’s not exactly like Tim Means is this one hitter quitter kind of guy so the books
are assuming that a heavy-handed fiallo is gonna get to Tim put him away early I
just don’t see it that way Tim has proven to us over the last 11 years in the UFC that he’s tough as hell he has
fought a who’s who of welterweights he’s kept many of those fights close even in the losses the problem is he’s 39 years
old he is slowing down a bit right he doesn’t look 39 but he certainly doesn’t look 25 either so he’s slowing down a
bit and fighting one of the hardest punchers in the division in fialo so
it’s not a fight that I’m excited to make a pick on because oh you know like you could lose a bad decision you could
lose a razor thin that’s a bad pick it’s like well a little bit of context is helpful I’m not excited to make a pick
here but I do think Tim Means can squeak this out super low confidence but what does fiallo have right just big heavy
power in his hands takedown defense is at a not great 60 percent Tim Means can
be very busy if he avoids the power he should be absolutely fine the Striking differential for fiallo is not good on
his side so I think a Tim Means A busy gritty guy can sort of stay in his face
stay busy with the Striking avoid the big Power maybe work in a takedown and somehow squeak out a very close decision
I don’t see Tim Means just getting lights down early the Tim Means is not that Van Zant or Cameron Van Camp who’s
just going to get smoked early trying to look all handsome for no reason I think Tim Means can
ugly this fight up squeak out a win very very low confidence pick in the dirty
bird then we have a very very good fight this could be fight of the night we got miles Johns taking on Daniel Argueta
mile John’s a good strong wrestler he’s got heavy hands explosive speed the wrestling used to be the core of
everything that he did but like so many others he found some power in his hands and then he just abandoned that wrestling overall he consistently sits
on that power waits for you to come forward and then he’s just gonna throw bombs he’s coming off that win over Vincent Morales where he was low volume
he was winging punches he was sitting on power but he actually attempted a few takedowns and that squeaked out the
decision for him he’s taking on Dan Argueta this guy’s a short stocky wrestler he’s going to come across the cage wrap up your body muscle you to the
ground he’s got very nice pressure he leaves almost no space for his opponents to work up he says one single game plan
in his fights and that’s get you to the ground and pound away he’s coming off that no contest with Ronnie Lawrence
where it was clear he was going to win that that fight as a pretty good-sized Underdog going into it and I love
Argueta in this spot he has the desire to wrestle which is something that Miles lost years ago miles does have a 92
takedown defense but I dug into it because that worried me I was like oh is Dan not gonna be able to take him down and then I dug into it I washed
the tape I looked at all the stats it’s a bit inflated because other than sexy Mexi who also doesn’t use his wrestling
miles Johns hasn’t fought somebody with a wrestle first game plan so he’s getting like these sloppy non-restlers
he’s having some success striking then they take trash shots they’ll just dive in a leg something like that so now his
takedown defense is inflated I trust our greater to come forward I trust him to
stay on the hips and I trust him to outwork Miles John so Dan Argueta pretty confident pick
and we got Charles Jordan taking on it Ricardo hamos Charles ordain is a fun
come forward Striker he has a phenomenal chin he’s incredibly fast he’s got great timing he’s willing to take chances with
spinning attacks flying techniques he’s not the most technical guy in the world but he’s an absolute dog he’s gonna keep
fights ugly he’s gonna stay in your face and he’s coming off that one-sided beating over the incredibly pathetic
Chrome Gracie saying this guy’s a very dangerous fighter he’s
pretty good everywhere he’s tall rangy he’s a striker and then he has slick BJJ on the ground he’s got high kicks
spinning kicks a great jab solid double leg kick so just pop crack your legs if
it hits the ground he’s always hunting for a submission he’s very fast in those grappling transitions he’s coming back
after a wild knockout over Danny Chavez about a year ago this has fight tonight
also written all over we got back to back great fights here two exciting guys that are gonna take chances they’re
gonna look for stoppage I love Charles Jordan right he’s incredibly exciting he’s very tough but a lot of people
confuse toughness with technique he’s not the most technically sound guy and people are able to avoid his chaos and
keep things technical those people can beat him they can pick him apart I’m gonna go slight lean for Ricardo here
because I think he can pick his shots I think he could even work in a takedown but if he doesn’t have the early success
I think he’s gonna have a very long night so Ricardo Hamas is going to be the uh the the pick not insanely
confident in that but I do think that Charles jourdain is going to try to create chaos try to make it ugly and
Ricardo’s gonna be a little more accurate with the Striking a little more accurate with the kicks and be able to avoid that sloppy mess and just sort of
pot shot his way create a grappling exchanger too and pull off the win
we got Brian battle taking on AJ Fletcher spoiler alert uh Prime battle’s
my most confident pick and I have a one and a half unit moneyline bet on him this guy’s a dog he’s a dog he’s
constantly pressuring constantly working towards something he has shown us that he’s got Solid Ground game and he’s never out of a fight he averages
basically one takedown per fight miserable 20 takedown accuracy which
isn’t great but he’s improving at an incredible Pace every single fight he physically looks different his skills
are more polished he’s coming off that quick knockout win over Gabe green Gabe rush in Brian landed that big overhand
Brian battle in every single fight just looks better his hands are getting phenomenal we’ve seen him out work
people Brian battle is the type of guy you can actually trust we break down a lot of Fighters and there’s a lot of if they do
this if they do what they’re supposed to do then though Brian battle is not a guy you have to worry about he will do what
he’s supposed to do he’s taking on AJ Fletcher this guy’s a powerful wrestler he’s got some Dynamic striking when you
break down his film you’re gonna see the Striking you’re gonna see knockdowns you’re going to see Knockouts but he’s
actually a fantastic wrestler and a Grappler who uses those big strikes to set things up he does an amazing job
with his takedowns where he’s going to attack on your feet when you start firing back boom drop shoot right in
there with the power with the speed once he hits the ground he’s pounding away he’s incredibly fast any movement any
scramble boom he’s right behind you boom he’s on your back I’m very animated today anyway
you can trust AJ Fletcher in that he’s going to be fast he’s going to be athletic he’s going to be strong you
can’t trust him for his fight IQ he’s coming off that win over Tema garimbo he
looked hesitant on his feet he did win a scramble after being taken down which is you know you expected from a better
wrestler in a wrestling matchup but the real red flag though is he struggled with reach he started doing wild things
like pulling Guillotine and that’s where you cannot trust him AJ Fletcher is a wrestler two fights ago Brian battle
lost to a wrestler he was taken down he was controlled and Brian battle had very little success but with that being said
Brian battle never accepted bottom he continued to work every single second of that fight and AJ is not renat
fakradinov that is not who AJ is even if he does have some wrestling success in
AJ he’s not going to be able to control Brian he’s going to start to flail throw out nonsense Guillotines because Brian
is never going to stop moving AJ struggled with temba’s reach he’s
absolutely going to struggle and be lost with Brian Brian seems like a great deal at -170. I have a one and a half unit
bet on him he is probably safe to Parlay as well then we have Marina Rodriguez she’s
taking on Michelle Waterson it’s Michelle Waterson Gomez now I’m not doing that whole thing we’re calling her Michelle Waterson especially graphic
wise you’re going to give me a name like that and expect me to squeeze it it’s just not happening you’ve been Michelle Waterson
sent your entire fighting career in the last two fights I have to add a whole word not happening Marina Rodriguez 16-3
very good very good fighter but she does coming off two losses in a row and it
feels like all the youngsters like to say fraud checked it feels like she was either fraud checked or just okay A
Couple of bad matchups but she’s a very good boxer she’s got solid speed solid power she does have raw one punch
knockout power just okay takedown defense and that was exposed in her last fight overall Marina Rodriguez a pretty
complete fighter she can grind out a win she can get a finish she’s coming off that loss to Verna janaroba where she
controlled the Striking but she was taken down three times and she was controlled for 12 minutes she’s taking
on Michelle Waterson aka the karate hottie she has been a professional fighter for 15 years she’s got ton of
cage time with some of the and she’s fought some of the best that I’ve ever done it she’s fought multiple Champions
Rose Nami Eunice Carlos barza Joanna j-tech style wise she’s a slick Striker she uses kicks and distance really well
with a little bit of wrestling in her back pocket she has 20 two takedowns in her last 15 fights and despite the 33
takedown accuracy she can time her shots really well she’s coming off her third loss in a row most recently a very close
decision to Luana Pinero where Michelle waterson’s kicks looked absolutely phenomenal if I knew Michelle would
wrestle this is what we just talked about with AJ right if I knew Michelle would wrestle and she was gonna do what
she’s supposed to do I’d be all in on Michelle Waterson yeah she’s 37 years old but Marina’s not young she’s 36.
Michelle should have the more Dynamic striking the more well-rounded overall skill set and far more experience but
she’s also been very inconsistent Lacy it seems like she’s disinterested or ill-prepared I trust Marina just to
smidge more in this matchup to push the action keep her boxing in Michelle’s face this is definitely an over two and
a half play like Marina’s got that raw power but Michelle’s maybe you can submitter but you’re not
just gonna get in there and take Michelle’s head off from it she’s too experienced too tough too good of a striker for that to happen so definitely
an over two and a half round play potentially a plus three and a half on Michelle if you don’t know plus three and a half is you’re buying points on
the judge’s scorecard so the way the math works out is if Michelle Waterson loses a 29-28 decision or better meaning
wins the fight then or even loses a split decision that’ll get it for her but anyway if she
loses the 29-28 if she wins the fight all of those things then that bet hits we’ll see what happens with the odds and
if that’s even worth it or not but the pick’s gonna be Marina Rodriguez I’m probably gonna bet the over two and a
half round line maybe parlay it with another one or two of these lines then we have the co-main event of the
evening we got brass Mitchell taking on Dan ige Bryce Mitchell is a dominant
wrestler he’s the PowerHouse wrestling state of Arkansas as I like to joke but
that hasn’t stopped him from having success being from Arkansas has somehow despite all the odds Bryce has managed
to be successful no offense to Arkansas he averages about three takedowns per fight he’s got an accuracy of 44 so
basically he’s diving at legs his striking is awkward he doesn’t even pretend to be a striker he keeps his
hands low he just starts shooting and working from there if he gets you to the ground which is pretty much a guarantee
he’s taking down everybody including Ilya toporia in that fight he’s not going to strike he’s going to start working for submissions he’s going to
keep control and he’s got some of the most incredible grappling scrambles you’re going to see he’s coming off that
whomping by Ilya taporia where he had a takedown but he went one for nine he had
a fight after that it was canceled and like he remember his shoulder you’ve got a lot of weird stuff going on
but anyways taking on Danny this guy’s a fantastic kickboxer he’s got speed he’s got power also solid BJJ and some
underrated wrestling his takedown defense is gonna look low at 56 but he has only fought Killers these last
couple of years he’s on a two-fight win streak and that was after a three fight skid that most recent win being a
decision over Nate landware where he defended four takedowns this entire fight is going to come down to Dan ige’s
takedown defense Bryce is striking absolutely sucks right he’s clueless on the feet if he can’t wrestle and Ilya
showed us all that there are levels to this wrestling if he can’t wrestle then Bryce Mitchell’s it’s that’s it there’s
just no way he’s gonna win this fight the problem is I don’t know if Dan ige can defend all of those takedowns if
Bryce is anything he’s persistent regardless of how many takedowns get stuffed there’s another shot right
behind it he has incredible control so when we break down Fighters like Jacob mulcoon averaging seven takedowns per
fight that’s because Jake and malcoons Control sucks Bryce Mitchell has phenomenal control when he eventually
gets one of those takedowns you can’t get rid of him he’s just an eighth layer of skin right there’s seven layers of
skin so he’d be the eighth layer you cannot shake him he’s gonna be on you he’s gonna Scramble with you he
potentially will find something but even if he doesn’t he’s going to be racking up control time so Bryce is going to be the pick here but I’m gonna stay away
from this for two reasons one Dan ige is fantastic a ton of high-level experience
this fight meaning oh I’m fighting a really good restaurant that’s not gonna scare him it’s not going to be worried about the wrestling he may not be able
to stop it but he’s not going to worry about it and two Bryce’s personal life is a disaster right now if you follow
him on social media he’s he’s talking about my ex-girlfriend came and ruined my fruit trees and she killed my I’m
just asking please will the people help me out my fruit trees are dead and then like oh man his ex-wife or girlfriend or
whatever and he’s got a he’s got a kid with somebody else and it’s a whole thing and then all of these other videos
started to surface of him from probably years ago bashing in a window just
yelling at the chick who killed his fruit tree it’s a his this guy’s life right now is a mess and if you remember a couple of months ago where he pulled
out of that most of our Evalia fight he started I’m broke I have no money I can’t like Bryce Mitchell’s life is a
mess right now I don’t know if that translates into the cage so Bryce Mitchell is going to be the pick
insanely low pick because if he gets the wrestling going that’s it I mean Danny
is not gonna be able to shake him but a bunch of red flags with everybody’s
favorite redneck then we have the main event this is a very good Main Event a very
very good Main Event Rafael fizziev taking on mataus Gamera Rafael fizzle of this guy’s a phenomenal Striker
traditional Muay Thai Strikers got incredible power great volume he mixes his punches and kicks up really well and
that’s what’s expected from a high level Striker and Coach even though he is one of the most technical Strikers in the
division he will absolutely get sucked into a war he’s going to abandon all techniques he’s gonna chase a knockout
he has impressive takedown defense at 90 percent and he’s gonna need every single
bit of that in that fight because he’s fighting with Taos gamron this guy’s a nasty wrestler decent striking diverse set of attacks he doesn’t have
incredible power on his feet but he is busy and he pushes a pace gamrock can out wrestle everyone in the division who
isn’t banil Darius and also has the ability to hang on the feet not going to
win all those changes but he will hang on the feet he sends a Relentless pace and even when he’s knocked down which is
basically every single fight he immediately pops right back up he’s working right back into those wrestling
exchanges he has seven fights in the UFC he has been knocked down in four of them but finished in none and that’s an
important point to make there the guy’s getting dropped but nothing’s happening with it my instant reaction when I saw
like this was the match-up well as well physio is going to finish gamrat he’s an insane Striker gamron has that
questionable chain he keeps getting dropped but then you look a little deeper and you see ah knock down let me go watch that knock down
it just immediately pops right back up he’s never fully on ice skates so he like literally drops but he’s not wobbly
he doesn’t have gazelle legs he just drops and he’s right back up seemingly at a hundred percent instantly
and that’s what makes this a little okay maybe physio is not going to be able to just put him out instantly physio is
absolutely going to be the better Striker gameron’s absolutely going to be the better wrestler it all comes down to fizziev’s ability to defend takedowns
and inflict damage which is such a tough call to make I’m not a leading Fizz I have here and I know that’s probably a
surprise for a lot of people I tend to favor wrestlers the problem is this is five rounds if this was three rounds I
actually would probably go camera but this is five rounds Camron has to be perfect for five rounds and we just
watched Fizz I have I think Fizz I have beat just engaging in that fight I thought it was two rounds to one but whatever we just watched Fizz if go to
war with one of the scariest like I don’t give an f guys in the division and
if he’s got that mindset that willingness to go out there and bomb away and make this fight ugly and and
just put it all out there he eventually is probably going to catch Camron beat him up make it happen right
now the reality is physiov probably gonna win this fight he is gonna be my pick
um which is I don’t think I’ve ever picked against gamra I think this is literally the very first time I’m picking gamro to lose
um frankly gamron at this money is probably great money great money if you
think he’s gonna get the wrestling going so let me know in the comments what you think I’m very very curious I have a feeling that this is going to be the
fight that everybody’s arguing about in the comments section and your people drive me nuts with these comment session
arguments because you go in there everything’s an absolute fact nobody has ever well yeah I could see gamron
winning it’s gamro there’s no way fizzle it like everything’s an absolute fact
and then you disappear into the Shadows when that doesn’t happen either way should be a great fight Great Main Event
guys let me send you 50 bucks all you need to do is go to wewampix.com bets
sign up with any one of our partners make a deposit and I send you fifty dollars as a thank you it’s affiliate
marketing they’re gonna pay me I’m gonna slice off a piece of that pie I’m gonna give it right back to you weonpics.com
bets then you can take that money and become a premium member you’re gonna unlock all the tools all the information
everything you have ever needed including the line movement tracker this can give you opening odds current odds
win probability and line movement for every single fight on every single card you’re gonna get detailed data metrics
and analytics you’re going to get courses we literally have courses to teach you how to do things like play
DraftKings fantasy and you’re also going to get more than me and Jakey boy we got running mouth MMA that’s three of them
giving you picks bets all of that you’re gonna get artem who’s breaking down pfl
LFA Bellator far more than just UFC and the pick Doctor Who is an AI picking
fights just based off of data and statistics alone we want pix.com click become a member it is only 10 a month

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