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Friday Art French rapy cry and there ain’t no show like the multi-time
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morning combat Friday August 25th 2023 and your two favorite co-hostesses
with the most s’s are back together again your boy BC right here the beige bass star at Brian Campbell and the man
next to me the best damn combat sports analyst that they got going today it’s Luke freaking Thomas Luke we got a great
show to set the stage ahead of UFC Singapore with some okay Bet look back on an incredible pfl playoff night back
on Wednesday evening and touch on the odds and ends maybe do a little Gringos uh in Columbia breakdown from you
interested in getting into that fun segment but it’s Friday we roll out the balls like every gym teacher slash
football coach you would rather go into the office and sip Hooch than teach uh to the kids of America uh we’re gonna
have some fun just the same today I know it was the great amazing tooksters first
day of school today if I can share that publicly and I got a lot of love across the way to to uh my favorite Thomas big
day big day Violet’s first day at school very excited about that that was a lot of fun and a lot of Terror this morning
but uh we got it done we gotta we don’t what would you say about the Combat Sports slate of fights I would call it
um not premium but definitely not garbage I don’t think that’s fair right heavyweight championship of the world
they’ll be at stake unboxing on Saturday not garbage not garbage yeah I mean you know okay but also Mike Tyson saying
some wild ass [ __ ] we’ll talk about that speaking of wild that [ __ ] I’m on like day nine of diarrhea this is great
man this show has turned to [ __ ] indeed Luke I wear this uh T-shirt with purpose
I do want to shout out the uh the untimely passing that’s age 36 of uh Windham rotunda AKA Bray Wyatt a a
legend when it comes to character development and storytelling in his WWE
run and you know a third generation Superstar the the son of IRS mic rotunda
the grandson of Hall of Famer Blackjack Mulligan the nephew of Barry and window or Kendall Windham um this one hurt Luke
I don’t tend to follow the the wrestling space day to day but I don’t know if you’ve had any exposure of the great
Bray Wyatt who it’s looking like the reports say had a uh basically a heart attack that was fueled by a covet heart
issue but man this one was tough to take wrestlers die young Luke that’s what they do this one was tough though did it
hit you at all no I mean I didn’t I don’t know who he is but I I have the you know it’s hard to explain this like
I all the people that I know that really like pro wrestling really liked that guy
if that makes sense because he’s the only name that kept kind of circulating Bray Wyatt Bray Wyatt Bray Wyatt in
either in conversation or on social media but you know what are you gonna say 30 was it 36 years old 37 years old
whatever it was dude that’s just an insanely insanely uh untimely really
quite tragic and um I did see this also didn’t Terry Funk who was sort of like a
legend of the of the game great pool he died this week too yeah I mean like a bad week for pro wrestling unfortunately
I mean hey I mean you could do a whole show on the legend of Terry Funk in so many ways a great actor too people that
never brought that up a lot but uh hate to see that but how about a good call out Luke today the 16th wedding
anniversary of Jay and the boss lady Don Paquette so I gotta applaud that Luke because Jay
Paquette is back watching this show he belongs the code dunk of the year last
year a lot of love for the folks out there at Mount unikey so so congratulations across the board and and
uh all right Pete to those we’ve lost but Luke great show today Mikey more mile on the ones and twos a reminder for
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honest he’s probably going to win again right like he might be an awesome best show it’s up to the fans look it’s up to
the fans okay that’s what it is at the end very good all right you know what’s up to us making typically pretty bad picks across the
board but we’re here for the long haul you know it’s called okay Bet Luke and I go head to head every week that we can
five picks a piece and in the end one of us will go to a concert that damn did we
not want to go to and I’m Luke I’m going to be optimistic I bet you we get the the MK duck cams there we get Jake Von
Amsterdam up in the bullpen so we really we really are going to experience this at the end your updated standings
because three weeks ago Luke how about this for Success you and I combined for nine out of 10 picks correct you going
5-0 which I think we’ve only each done once in the past I went four and one on that ass
before I show you the updated standings here’s the intro this one’s called okay bad
[Applause] and Luke Thomas I’m getting closer but
you’re holding you’re holding serve here 61.55 and three is the plus 500 record
of Luke Thomas at the moment I’m at 58 and 61. so almost 500 almost I refuse to
go away bro I’m like clay Collard right now right and and there we go
uh you are the champion the reigning week to week Champion you can go first or second Luke you’ve got Champions
Advantage uh UFC Singapore which will take place a reminder to folks 8 A.M
Saturday morning Eastern time the start of the main portion of this card which
we broke down in detail on Wednesday a pretty damn good card for an in-between fight night uh definitely four five six
fights worth focusing on Luke Thomas you’re going first or second here
um I’ll go second I’ll go all right first look uh for the main event we try to pick the biggest fight of the weekend
there’s two big ones so because they’re both lopsided and potentially one-sided in terms of the odds we allowed
ourselves to go either way so look I’m gonna go with the boxing we’re gonna preview in a second water this may or
may not mean but unified heavyweight champion Alexander usick is in Poland on Saturday and he’s going to welcome one
lost Rising heavyweight Daniel Dubois as the odds from our friends at Caesar stand at the moment it is minus one
thousand for USIC plus 600 for Dubois Luke I don’t think that like
necessarily explains this matchup and we have talked a lot both together and when
you were gone about boxing odds in general you remember Luke you were there at the MGM
um uh Oxen Hill Maryland card in which Gabrielle maestre of Venezuela shocked
and knocked out Trayvon Marshall when he was like a nearly 1 000 Underdog um I’m gonna go Alexander usick here for
all the reasons you expect he’s an A plus heavyweight do was not I mean that pretty much sums
it up but you know this is not a shot in the dark we’re going Main Events here I’m gonna pick who’s sick to win
okay fair enough so I’ll go to the MMA side of things again you know there’s not much of a breakdown that’s really
necessary we kind of went over UFC Singapore on Wednesday the odds by the way BC when we did Wednesday’s show Max
Holloway according to our friends at Caesars was a minus 750. he’s now moved to even minus 800 so like it’s only from
the odds perspective getting worse so listen could Korean zombie win he has a big punch and you know uh it’s always
possible but highly unlikely give me Max Holloway in my main event pick Luke this
is the last time we’ll be able to really focus on this fight one thing we missed in the build up a lot of people dm’d us and said how did you guys not talk about
this apparently this is the final fight of tkz’s career or is expected to be and
that’s why the UFC was so willing to sort of make a potentially on paper lopsided matchup yet it is two
featherweight Legends who circled kind of each other in this division for a long time but just never crossed paths
remember tkz did have the big gap of military service in the middle there um so if this is it for tkz Luke do you
think he will have a better chance than the odds and the you know sort of phantom media reaction is telling you
against a Max who against Arnold Allen still looked like he was super Elite yeah no I mean listen if it is in fact I
saw some of the headlines too that if this is his final fight let’s assume that it is right like this is going to
call it a close when do you ever get a great MMA exit like dude
yeah that’s it that’s about right okay but she went out as Champion not like a you know sort of a faded version of
herself she went out on top and that’s that’s different you know I’m talking about the people who are not Habib the
people who are not Amanda Nunes or you know even George St-Pierre uh against the Hendrix fight went on his hands and
knees a little bit even though he won controversially but you know what I’m saying dude it’s gonna be more like Frankie Edgar at the Garden than
probably anything else so you know between how good Max has looked and and everything else it’s probably going to
be sad and you know kind of kind of a bummer I don’t know I have a feeling
with it if we’re really going to play the last fight element to this that tkz is going to be willing to dial
a bit back more into the original Persona we came to know him as as the blood and guts Warrior who will
walk in with his hands down and not care Luke do you think there’s an element there where because Max is not a
decorated finisher although let’s let’s give him the respect of having knocked out Jose Aldo and consecutive title
fights um that tkz may be able to linger and turn this into the violent entertainment
we expect sure yeah I mean listen everyone’s kind of been like oh Max is going to beat the [ __ ] out of him I actually think it
could be more competitive than that uh even with the odds might say I mean yes
tkz looked real bad against volkanovsky but most people look kind of bad against
volkanovsky at least in the this version of him anyway the more recent version of him so you know what does that mean really it’s I don’t know exactly what
that’s yeah he’s not on that level and looked kind of bad but before that he gave Dan he gave some real trouble and then ige is a talented guy the problem
is that was 2021 we’re now in 2023 so you know his best win or his best most recent win was
um two years ago so like look do I think uh and Max is kind of hittable we’ve seen that before as well so listen if
Max’s chin is degraded in some kind of way at age 31 with a lot of miles it
could definitely be a lot more competitive it’s just like again dude the when Max is moving downhill on you
in a five-round fight with that pace he puts on you over seven strikes landed per minute which is exceedingly High
yeah could it be competitive and fun absolutely does tkz have a big punch no doubt about it always good for theatrics
it’s just like again hand raised or not hand raised who you picking yeah Max right yeah absolutely I think that’s
that’s a safe and good uh call let’s go over to our favorite of the week Luke I love this matchup we’ve talked about
what’s at stake here and how much we love it it could be the third best fight on the card or or second if it plays out really competitively it’s a
featherweight matchup Giga chikaze Alex Bruce Leroy caceres both have won seven
of eight in the Octagon the questions about them are a little bit different as are the expectations look for chikaze he
had won seven straight uh since entering remember he lost his Dana White Contender series fight won two fights on
the regional scene came in seven straight wins and looked to be in this same category of like who’s next at
featherweight who the hell is coming the hell on uh a position that toporia has taken over but Chicago losing that
pretty damn wide and surprisingly why why decision did Kelvin cater has reset
our expectations on the flip side you got blue Bruce Leroy who very quietly at
age 35 is is kind of starting to figure out it out minus 250 for Chicago I like
it Luke he’s the better fighter of the two he’s the more dangerous one can we try to frame that loss to to cater and
how wide it was as an aberration and then notice that it has been a long time since he’s been in there while that
certainly can fuel the questions about it meaning that he’s been gone for uh what is it uh 18 months
I kind of I gotta believe Luke he comes back strong with a bang and although I’ve liked the work of casares somewhat
quietly to sort of re-establish his name as a contender there are levels to this fight if Giga
can reset here with the time off and the frustrating loss he’s still a major player in this division at age 34 and a
hammer that is knocking on that door I I think this is a smart and safe bet give me a giga at minus 250. yeah I like that
one too I think he’s just also like who’s got the more known brutality quotient it’s Gidget
right like he’s just a bit of a hammer in that way um for my favorite pick it wasn’t you’ll
be proud of me I didn’t pick someone who was like minus 8 billion or something that I know we’re not supposed to but you know you get the idea but uh I did
pick someone who is a room service Diaries alumnus in this particular case give me Aaron blanchfield she’s sitting
at minus 160 over Tyler Santos at plus 135 again we kind of went over this one to a degree on Wednesday BC but I’m
gonna pick her because Santos as we said before really does have the better overall uh positional Jiu Jitsu and I
and I really want to highlight how important that could be in stifling someone especially in a three-round contest it could be a real big deal but
she goes to decision a lot and I still think though that on the defensive end blanchfield will be able to
um not get overwhelmed if something goes poorly and then the other moments really kind of put it on her particularly in the standing Department so we’re gonna
see it’s a big test of Aaron blanchfield but so far man she just looks better and better every single time it’s a tough
fight it’s a close fight but give me Aaron blanchfield as your favorite a minus 160 to get her hand raised in Singapore so I’m glad that it played out
that we’re making the picks on this fighting consecutive order as we slide into the underdog category Luke I’ve
talked about Ad nauseam how much I love this fight I do think that based on the
information we do have you’re a little bit more confident at the totality of blanchfield’s striking game because I do
wonder if there’s some levels even though a reminder I’m ultra high on what blanchefield is doing and the momentum
and the confidence and just the I mean she’s 24 years old and she acts like this is like playing you know pickleball
with your buddies or something yeah I’m gonna go in there and I’m gonna win the the title at 120. okay she’s destroyed
people has it been Fool’s Gold though was was andrage not you know cashing herself out and there to be stopped was
the Molly McCann win which we understand the levels and the difference there that really helped blanchfield announce
herself as someone was that a little bit of a Fool’s errand here’s what I think at the end of the day they’re going to
go the distance and it’s going going to be competitive but if I can get Tyler Santos at plus 135 or wherever the odds
landed at and she’s fresh off I get it with a gap in time but she’s fresh off that performance against Valentina
shevchenko where she nearly did what Alexa Grosso ended up doing which would Shock the World Tyler is big for the
division and I’m I’m wondering here Luke if she can neutralize the wrestling
success that blendfield has had the overwhelming dominant wrestling success and make this a striking fight over 15
minutes could Tyla Santos just be tough enough difficult enough to leave it close where look you know it may come
down to who landed more or or who was demonstratively pushing the fight forward I think this is the first time
we’re going to see some pushback against Aaron blanchfield and I think if I can get Tyler Santos at plus money giving
that size experience and probably what is a chip on her shoulder to the idea of how quickly she’s been forgotten she was
not granted the immediate rematch that she might have deserved for such a disputed outcome I know she had some issue issues with her team not being
able to get a Visa which which canceled this fight originally in February and then of course the whole drama about her may or may not have been paying her team
enough and all that I think she’s going to come in super motivated her side of the story is kind of falling a bit under
the radar in terms of how excited we are about blanchfield I would not be surprised here if Tyler Santos kind of
just equals Blanche filled out in most categories and then does enough to get her hand raised in a close competitive
hard decision where blanchfield will kind of have to reset what things do I need to just work a little bit more on
look she’s 24. she’s incredible but we’ve largely outside of that Aldrich
fight only seeing her in first gear this will be the fight she’s got to show more gears and this will be the fight I think
she gets what most people get is that early competitive loss that truly teaches them I think you cannot Overlook
Santos at plus 135 and I’m taking it all right yeah uh I’m a little surprised
by that but you know Mikey can we show the face off here as we as we talk about this fight at the moment Luke I got
fired up watching this nothing too crazy nothing too did you get fired up or horned up which one I knew that was
coming nothing too crazy here nothing too juicy good intensity from blanchfield but you see the size Luke
this is called blade Shield’s got got an exam on Saturday a very difficult one yeah I like the way you put that because
Also Mikey one more time roll it and just watch the very beginning as they as
they face off here not a huge difference in size but the
person and I’ll double check this it looks to me like the person with the longer limbs is actually Tyler Santos
which is going to Aid in her particular skill Department right which is Jiu Jitsu like she’s going to be able to do
sort of body triangles and whatnot so if you look at the dimensions yeah she’s got a two inch reach advantage and we
don’t have the leg reach or anything like that but I’m going to guess that that’s more substantial as well that’s only going to Aid her that can Aid you
on if you do inside tripping if you do outside tripping a double to an outside trip body triangles any kind of uh guard
work obviously any kind of uh lengthy appendage like that from your arms and
your legs if you know how to use it and we have clear evidence that she does it can really age you so I like the way you
put that it’s an exam I just feel like it’s one Aaron Blanchard’s gonna pass but you are right to say that she’s a real threat before I throw it over to
your Underdog pick uh Mikey put out a poll in our live chat so hopefully everybody was able to swim aside from
the misogyny racism and dead bodies from the Titanic that are still floating in there Luke and they the poll was who’s a
better lock to win on Saturday from our main event picks is it Max Holloway against tkz or Alexander usick against
Daniel Dubois 60 say Max is a better lock at the moment Luke will you trust
those folks yeah I think that’s about right sure okay uh I can’t believe you you passed on
this as a Connecticut guy but you know you also don’t listen to apathy so your Connecticut credentials are certainly in
question but I will say for the underdog give me Parker Porter over Justin tafa
now listen I don’t have a strong inclination about it and to be clear like listen to the to the odds our friends at Caesars have this contest
Parker Porter at a plus 125 just in top of minus 150. it’s a close fight it’s a close fight it could go a million
different ways but I gotta tell you BC Parker Porter 148 has a lot more experience he’s now he’s a lot older
he’s 38 years of age but his last contest against Braxton Smith who yes was very much overmatched and he did
lose to Justin tough I’m just sort of pointing out you know the guy has made some improvements he has lost a bunch of
weight it has made him more mobile it’s a heavyweight contest if taffa gets way too out in front of himself a guy
like Parker Porter does have enough skills to make him pay and hey [ __ ] it why not the guy’s from Connecticut let’s throw a couple of shekels his way in
terms of the betting give me Parker Porter has an upset I’ll take it that’s what scared me in picking him either way
because he’s a Connecticut guy and I got to stop making emotional pics about women in the UFC I like and people I’m
I’m down with Luke so I avoided that completely but never forget that Parker Parker Posey here fought uh Jon Jones in
his third Pro fight in 2008 outside of the UFC like that’s the most wild and ridiculous random early resume stat that
I remember in a while look outside of maybe that um uh what’s his name that Forest Griffin fought you know Dan
Severn who fought like 300 consecutive fights in the state of Michigan probably
still fighting look probably still fighting right now as we speak to somewhere in a stuck East parking lot yeah yeah him and Jeremy Horn just
adding to their respective records every other hour but uh yeah there you go right there that’ll be interesting to see it comes down to whether Parker Port
is in shape he was in shape last fight he seemed to be a different fighter even at this late age but uh here we go the
tour of taffa let’s hope uh I mean I really you know I’m already regretting the pick I mean I’m picking a you know
Connecticut white guy over you know a Polynesian uh Pacific Islander that’s
probably like a real bad bet but [ __ ] it I’m locked in sorry the difference is between you and me is I want you to be
at a jam band show Luke that’s the difference between you and me I think right now uh I’ll go over to the
category of over under will it Go the Distance yeah Luke I did take the easy way out here I was waiting for you to
use your Championship Championship advantage and stop me but Aldrich versus nah on the preliminary card of the UFC
of course uh JJ Aldrich against Liang na women’s flyweight bout it doesn’t matter in this case who wins Luke statistically
are they going to go the distance probably Aldrich does not have a stoppage win in the UFC she’s been
submitted a couple times though um that’s this is safe and and you let me have it this is me standing on the
the other side of the Court allowing my team to play four on five in pickup ball hoping the team misses so they can throw
me a full court cherry picker Luke you talked a gang of [ __ ]
about how I was you know just absolutely welfare cleaning the system just I I
mean just abusing and using it and then all of a sudden you realize wait there’s a meth if you can’t beat them join them
the Brian Campbell story huh if you can’t beat them off Luke then just subscribe to their only fans that’s how
I live my life you know what I mean I told you when I was in a fraternity we did a we did a uh we did a uh an event
with a sorority like some kind of I don’t know what the philanthropy was and we made shirts that they didn’t know about but then they had to wear that
this is awful I was 20 years old what are you gonna do actually I wasn’t even in charge of this but I did wear the shirt uh if you can’t beat us on the
field beat us off was really the name oh wow wow yeah that’s great if it looks
like the Glory Days of misogyny yes that’s great I know I look back at my time from like 20 like I’m not even that
anything I did up to the age of 25 and I’m like Jesus I was really stupid and awful this is uh I’ve learned a lot
since then I’ll say that thank you thank you for that growth and evolution all right from for my uh does It Go the
Distance or not I am gonna say give me Smith versus span the rematch
will not go the distance so the first one didn’t even get out of the first round now of course I might be jinxing
myself and they could take a much more different approach and be calculated and it kind of sucks and whoever I don’t
know I just don’t buy that I don’t I don’t really buy that sometimes you know Smith I think is long on the truth and I don’t know if his body’s gonna hold up
that’s sort of one thing to pay attention to span I do think is just his best chance of winning is is trying to
move on downhill on a guy trying to Corral him which just creates for better action I mean yes I I certainly see a
case where a more considered approach would lead to a decision in this one but
you know I had to pick one that you didn’t and so in that case give me Smith versus span not going the distance all
right so I got a chair for uh span to have the offensive wrestling success of
a home Invader so this becomes a stalemate Loop that goes the distance here I’m cheering outright for Anthony Smith just so you know okay I’m cheering
outright for a guy that I read I mean you’re saying that you’re cheering out I am I don’t know if you’re actually cheering out right I am cheering for or
factory town mma’s finest Anthony Smith thank you uh KO or sub Luke I’m gonna go
back to Connecticut here I feel this is a safer way to play this Parker Porter on the tour of taffa against Justin
taffa I don’t know who’s gonna land the big one Luke uh the odds might favor tafa in that regard let me see what are
the odds on oh the official odds on this fight tougha minus 150 favorite plus 125
for Parker Porter somebody’s gonna get ko’d in a heavyweight fight including
one or two fat guys like yeah this is the odds right I’m gonna go under on this the chaos um I I don’t have a great
pick on this one because of all the ways we had to kind of work around stuff because it’s not a great car there’s a lot of names on here that are you know
barely hanging on to a UFC uh contract at this point so give me
toshiomi Excuse me toshiomi Kazama taking on Garrett Armfield this is a bantamweight contest because I’m uh
sitting here at uh 26 years of age has a fair amount of finishes on his win in
fact if you go through his days in pan craze he lost his opening bout via decision after that wins via stoppage
wins via stoppage wins via stoppage and a lot of these ground of pound heel hook arm lock arm lock and it goes on and on
from there BC Garrett Armfield joins us here at 26 years of age he lost his opening UFC bout um to David
onama via arm triangle but he has some weird naked jokes up and down here as well uh so give me the fight in this
particular case give me the kazami versus Armfield about ending via sub could be totally [ __ ] off on this one
you actually might take the lead with your picks here if I’m being candid with you but we are where we are thank you thank you for being candid uh so I’m
three wins back but you do have two more uh three more ties than I do so I wonder
I’m about three and a half games back right I I know I already showed you my SAT math skills my point is can I take
over the lead this week if you have a disastrous outcome yes I can Luke so I’m
coming I think You Hear Me Knocking Luke I think I’m coming in I got hippies and and Weirdos and I got hopefully a jam
band show or or something awesome there okay I can’t wait I’m gonna take enough Edibles to overdose I want to be clear
about that and speaking of jam bands and Edibles uh a happy and amazing 59th
birthday Forever Young to uh MK Super Fan otil Burbridge Luke of dead and Company
Fame who’s out with his oh teal and Friends tour right now getting rave reviews and has a new record coming out
Luke of Jerry Garcia Robert Hunter uh dead era collection covers uh hashtag
let otil sing by the way does a beautiful china doll just makes me want to tear up but uh shout out to otil we
got nothing but good news today Luke okay it’s a good news bro program I’m going to see Pantera in two weeks how about that all right is it where what
location DC uh well it’s they say Washington DC [ __ ] it ain’t it’s
way out in Virginia it’s a place called Jiffy Lube Pavilion oh that sounds so
redneck yeah that’s crazy oh it’s super [ __ ] redneck it’s the most redneck uh place on Earth anyway
um but you know I did the number where like it’s one of these places where if you don’t leave your concert early you’re going to be stuck in traffic
trying to get out forever yeah so I paid more for parking passes than I did for tickets and I bought good tickets all
right that’s a little late I get it strategic I get why but that’s a little bit old man like I’m gonna scam the
system I’m gonna I mean dude my wife my wife we obviously we just went on vacation and she’s like you know I don’t
understand people who stand up when the plane lands and I’m like right you don’t understand that I grew up in an insanely
chaotic environment and it has [ __ ] up my brain to the point where I get anxiety if I don’t stand up I get
anxiety if I don’t crowd the gate before we board I’m trying to that’s true like anxiety that one time one of my biggest
pet peeves of you is when we were on that same flight that time and they announced we will be boarding shortly which to me means oh I got 25 minutes to
go to the bathroom get more food like whatever and you’re like BC they just called we got to get up right now we gotta get in line we gotta go and I’m
just like don’t be that guy yeah I’m that guy and I don’t and I want to be clear like I’m not saying it’s the best approach I’m just saying I can’t quiet
the people who are telling me the world’s gonna end if I don’t do those things so you see what I’m saying look
we are all in this together and we are here for you and we love you yeah don’t don’t
um don’t do the things my parents did because then you end up with me is really the answer here I’m a big fan of
Rob Thomas Luke I would never push him they did some good things but I’ve got so much anxiety bro that I have to pay a
shitload of money for a parking pass so I can get out on time I really what it is what it is
um are you an instant change the channel if um that song uh that Rob Thomas did
with Santana comes on that cannot leave your brain once it once it infests it um because you’re so smooth you know
that song I don’t love it or hate it I don’t love it or hate it you know what I don’t like is the other one he did
um the I like the guitar riff but I don’t like the song it’s like it reminds me of a West Side Story oh yeah yeah
yeah growing up in Spanish Harlem yeah um the rip is sick
[Music] that one that’s cool but like I’m not a Santana guy dude Santana rules I I went
back and bought the entire 70s collection look there’s there’s not a dud even the bad ones are great you know I mean I’m in love I’m loving this
anyway Luke no one can you don’t care about that no no and also our audience doesn’t know who Santana is let’s be clear about this yeah yeah yeah okay uh
okay Bet in the books but before we get into our five topics this week Luke we got some tremendous excuse me bonus
content available at youtube.com morningcombat not just my chat with
Junior dos Santos talking Francis aganu usada old balls a lot of
stuff ahead of his bare knuckle September 8th rematch with Fabricio ver Doom look you had a hell of a sit down
with Chito Vera uh before we throw to the clip to tease it uh how was it she
told bear wrong I mean Uncle Gringo
yeah yeah all that stuff look how good was it how was it tell me please Tito was great he
had just shaved so he was like in a good mood you know and um we talked tattoos I don’t know if Folk’s been paying
attention we didn’t talk a whole lot about it but there was a political assassination in Ecuador and uh for
folks who aren’t like like uh attuned to it dude Ecuador’s experiencing violence like Colombia did in the 90s like it’s
it’s really really really bad so we talked about that because he was making a point like I’m here in the States but
like my mom my dad my cousins everyone they’re all still back in Ecuador it’s a really really really bad time and
Ecuador but beyond that um you know it’s I love talking to Chino because he already fought Sean
O’Malley’s and he fought other like really decorated punchers like John lineker and we kind of know the
differences between O’Malley and lineaker but I got him to explain like when you’re up against a guy like O’Malley who does have good power but
it’s different kind of power than a guy like lineker how do you explain how you navigated that what are the differences and he went into all of that plus BC to
set this all up we played a game of rate that attack hell yeah
let’s see this [ __ ] Mikey we’re gonna show you some tattoos and you just give us your honest opinion I’m like you I’m
a bold we’ll hold kind of guy you know what I mean like I like American traditional I like Japanese tattooing
but we’re going to show you some UFC fighters tattoos you just give me the chitovera opinion how’s that sound all
right here we go all right let me pull up my list here we’re gonna get going uh first one up we’ve got Alan Belcher
let’s throw this one up here what do you think of this one Cheeto ah that wasn’t really shitty to do that’s a zero over
ten all right very good uh next is Darren Elkins the damage on the chest there
yeah he’s joining my man uh Belcher right there that I mean he’s fighting
his cell he’s teaching his face and he wouldn’t [ __ ] with the with the with those metal that yeah that’s bad that’s
not good it’s not my favorite either okay a couple more of these Austin vanderford he fights in Bellator what
about what do you think about the throat tap there uh the eyeball yeah that’s that’s really Cody diamond
right there I mean Cody pulled it up first so yeah you don’t want to be sick on those type of it’s well done that
it’s a better looking traditional one not yeah I agree I think it’s a Well Done tattoo I just wouldn’t want it if
that makes sense yeah like too much color maybe I mean it says the guy with a lot of color but yeah
dude he didn’t hesitate to urinal cake his peers Luke not even a yeah no I try
to be like you know a little bit like political about it like well it’s not for me cheeto’s like yo that [ __ ] sucks
bro but God bless him I gotta get him out of have you seen this [ __ ] one day Luke because he would be brilliant he
was just like yeah that does a shitty tattoo zero of ten yes great thank you very much all right Luke uh people can
check that out morning combat or youtube.com morningcombat uh very interested in watching the full length
available now let’s transition into our five topics and Luke we let’s let’s let’s be honest we were supposed to
preview the pfl playoffs on Wednesday and we kind of ran out of time and didn’t get to it it was a card worthy of
uh of mention and the way it played out in the theater in Madison Square Garden for a few of the Marquee fights uh this
was worth your time this was a great story coming out of the main event but maybe an even better fight the
lightweight semi-finals met Shane Burgos against Clay Collard and Luke there were
a lot of story lines coming in because of the controversial slash questionable way
that Burgos even made the playoffs from the Natan Schultz situation
then they left around and put on a three-round classic first and foremost straight up Luke is this the best fight
in smart cage history I think that it is and I think that it is by a considerable margin this is to
me the best fight in pfl history now I’ve not seen every fight in pfl history but for a lot of the folks who have
they’re they’re also saying this as well and if you guys missed it and you’re an ESPN plus subscriber you can just go get
it um on the on the platform there and you can re-watch it it was absolutely
fantastic it was a shame that it was only three rounds I wish it could have been five and BC I really want to say
something about this first of all Collard you can tell how much work he’s done in boxing and how much it has
changed his game the body work the rib roasting from him you can see here on some of these highlights truly
exceptional really really good stuff it gave Burgos problems and that left hook I mean sat him down by the way it was a
calf kick right before that left hook that it actually knocked Collard off of his feet so it was back and forth salted
assaulted the inside of the left leg there of Collard to like maybe you’re
going to be limping when you’re 60 levels like he he beat the [ __ ] out of it Luke he beat the [ __ ] of him but I really want to say something about this fight like it was there’s been some
great finishes that obviously this fight didn’t have when it went to a decision so you know you might have a different fight or a different fighter in pfl that
as a fan you care about if you’re watching out there fair enough but what I think really stood out to me BC and I’m being serious about this a lot of
times when the people puts on a show because they have not really sort of created I think a dynamic fan base yet
for themselves I think you know signing Jake Paul and and uh signing a little bit of the female boxers that they’ve
signed and signing Francis I think will potentially move the needle in the other direction a conversation for a different time but what they did really well this
time was they had a crowd decidedly behind Shane Burgos at least one of the fighters in the cage and when you watch
this fight it wasn’t just that the guys were back and forth which they were it was great super great but on top of it
dude the crowd was really into it they were at the theater at Madison Square
Garden I believe oh my God God man I’ve never heard a pfl crowd make a fight
better in the way that this crowd did you know a lot of times we talk about
like the pandemic fights and you know how much you missed the crowd and the crowd Roars when there’s action but it was more than that dude they were a part
of this fight in a way that you just don’t typically get from The pfl Experience both guys not even trying to
go for takedowns everyone did their part it was and you know the matchmaking here
this was the fight that Shane Burgos was not supposed to be in it was supposed to be the Natan Schultz fight where he was
able to go ahead and the whole thing we we discussed that previously so the right guy won in the sense that the
person who had meaningfully won the whole way through and correctly one ends up getting their hand raised but nevertheless the matchmaking here worked
out well for them I think we can say that the crowd did their part everything about this just worked more of this pfl
please I want to stay on that so just for the record clay Collard wins Ace got to be surprising unanimous decision 2928
and all three cards we’ll get to him in a minute because his story has been incredible but Luke I’ve kind of
outright took a big Doogie in the middle of the star smart cage like the last four episodes and I do think rightfully
so with everything from the show controversy to the fact that like everything positive about pfl this year
has been about building toward next year which is putting a Target on them and a lot of pressure let’s see if they can deliver but I thought this year suffered
with all the usada incidents and all that um or the drug popping incidents that led to them seeking out usada
but not only did this fight deliver I I really I focused much longer on this uh broadcast than I normally do I really
enjoyed the broadcast so Dan Hardy into their friend of the program we loved him on our London live show earlier this
year I thought he was tremendous especially I like him as an interviewer there but I think you know I’ve always
loved Randy Couture and um the packages that they showed along with the use of
both Brett okamoto and um Ian Parker the the betting expert I thought they were very smart usages of them it just it was
a very strong broadcast maybe it helped that the fights turned out to be very good but Luke now this brings back in uh
clay Collard that feature that they showed before the main event so I didn’t realize Collard who like his story is
just so incredible already of going from journeyman to like somebody who’s now
going to be fighting for a million dollars and floating between two sports and being the the really the top ranked
star of the boxing you know covid bubble um they showed that he had already lost
a brother and then his hero his best friend in the world his older brother just just died in a drowning and it was
Clay who rescued him but rescued him too late I mean you know that’s gut-wrenching but as Clay’s wife talked
about all that did was lead clay directly back to the gym with a focus that she had never seen before and to
see clay Collard essentially kind of square up and just go into the phone booth against a decorated UFC action
star and pull off another one and now he’s on the verge of fighting for one
million dollars that’s an incredible story and I really thought the pfl told it perfectly where look it hasn’t been
the best year for them but they’re rallying here in the playoffs this was a good ass card Luke this clay Collard story I don’t think we can overplay it
this is absolutely incredible what he’s done over the past three years it’s one of the best stories in Combat Sports
he’s not you know in boxing we talk about there’s guys who are called professional opponents right another name for there might be journeyman but
they’re professional opponents it’s guys who get brought in who dude they’re not terrible Fighters professional opponents
right they’re not completely awful but what they are is designed to be just a test for somebody who is really good for
someone who like promoters believe does have a bright future and Clay Collard was brought in I think many times as a
professional opponent but dude he he didn’t get the message he’s a professional spoiler that’s what he is
he’s the guy that shows up and beats the hometown guy he’s the guy that shows up and beats the promoter’s favorite son
he’s the guy that shows up and ruins all the plans and does it in two sports you
just can’t believe it his story I like that you’re in I completely agree I you know we we take dumps on every promotion
when they deserve it or when we think that it’s merited but we also need to give them praise when it’s warranted I thought the pfl knocked this one out the
park I completely agree they really told that story very well and Clay Collard is
such a perfect guy for the pfl Ford these like last chance Redemption
stories for these guys that were never going to be promotional Darlings and they just turn themselves into one
that’s what he’s become like if I was the pfl I don’t know listen oam one on
the other side of the bracket and he looks like he’s the best version of himself you know Clay Collins got a tough ass fight Shane Burgos was
stylistically favorable because he wasn’t going to go for a takedown and he was counter punching and wasn’t as
active at least not until the third round of this contest and that really set up College chances for winning
but but oam is going to be a different story so I don’t really know if he’s going to win that kind of a contest I
guess we’ll see when they fight by the way here in Washington DC for the Championships in a few months but the
point I just wanted to make was this guy’s story is one of the best ones not just at MMA in all of Combat Sports you
gotta love what he’s done for himself really really commendable and pfl featuring him in the way that they have
it it just works it just it just keeps winning too and that helps but I didn’t even know about the whole tragedy on
that side of it so look he beat legitimate prospects in that in that pandemic running top rank to where there
were people that were wanting to vote him for like most improved fighter of the year or comeback fighter of the year or whatever or newcomer whatever
Prospect of the year like he was getting recognition in that area but since returning to MMA full time in 2021 with
bfl he’s six and two overall and he’s beaten Anthony Pettis Jeremy Stevens
Stevie Ray and now Shane Virgos like the two losses were both decisions won by
split decision and one of them to to house manfio who’s established in pfl uh
this is incredible it’s really incredible in Luke like he did square up and was there to be hit he made this a
brawl and Burgos was willing to be in there with him and like I said was violently chopping up the leg but
there’s something to be said not just about the character and toughness of Collard his boxing experience is translating so well to the to the to the
pfl because yeah he needs people willing to stand in front of him but the accuracy and the power is making a major
difference in this case not just that did you see him did you see him rolling under hooks as well to get out of the way now again by the time the third
round came on Burgos was putting it on him so if that fight had gone five rounds who knows but for the first 10
minutes make no mistake about it he out struck Shane Burgos completely cleanly I
want to talk about oam in a second but let’s talk about Virgo share Luke there’s a trend going on right now in
Burgos by the way wasn’t the late end of his career washed up let’s stop a pfl on the way home this
was considered a not in his prime but a strong pickup as a free agent signing and I don’t know if
you recall but Dana White sort of blamed his team for not signing Burgos when they had a chance
but what does pfl become for UFC vets a place where we think they’re just going to arrive and be a threat for the
million dollars and beat up on second tier guys but whether it’s Pettis Stevens
um you know Rory McDonald insert name Luke they are not having big success in the smart cage something has to be said
obviously about the seasonal format and the mental and physical grind that these
guys go on yet here we have Shane Burgos who’s only one win two defeats and three
pfl fights now Luke are we not talking enough that he was a featherweight stud in the UFC and these are lightweight
bouts what would you say about the pfl free agent experience for Shane Burgos overall
well in this particular fight again I think if it had been five rounds I would have served him better it was a it was the main event but it wasn’t five rounds
like it would have been UFC I think that’s part of it um that that the that there’s certain
guys are going to be tournament guys right certain guys are going to be like I can turn around quickly uh my game
doesn’t uh change much when I’m only doing three rounds or I don’t have elbows or whatever certain guys games
are going to adapt better through that process I think Burgos um you know he’s following three round bounce before obviously but in a contest
like this he would have been better served in five and I think that’s part of it I you know I go back to this one it’s like did he miscalculate did he
miscalculate well on some level yes right on some level he did otherwise he
wouldn’t be one in two but like when he announced that he was gonna make the move to pfl did any of us think that
that was a bad idea no like no we didn’t so I mean hindsight’s 2020 now
um I would just say this the thing about tournaments where you know you like why
is oam doing really well versus not oam’s game has gotten really complete
right he knocked this guy down with his hands the last opponent he fought I forget the guy’s name the one on
Wednesday he knocked him down with his hands and then finished him off on the ground he was always kind of a ground operator and didn’t necessarily have the
the the skills on the feet well now he does so he’s in a much more completed well-rounded stage which means no matter
the kind of opponent no matter the kind of notice he’s he can play the levels however he needs to that’s really not
what Shane Burgos has Shane Burgos might benefit more it turns out from a
Matchmaker model where they can be like okay who would he go well against and it worked well here when they put him
against Clay in terms of the action and again if it had been five rounds I think you maybe would have won but you see what I’m getting at like if you’re a
really kind of if you’re an action fighter that the promoter likes but you’ve never really been in that title contendership you have to kind of ask
yourself does the tournament model work best for me and I know what they say oh I can beat that guy can beat that guy
right can you beat that guy under those circumstances where you’re fighting every two months where you’re fighting
only in three rounds where you’re fighting without elbows and I think that that deserves much more consideration
than it used to it’s a similar debate to me BC it’s we don’t you don’t have it as much anymore because it’s just not
really as relevant but it used to be really relevant in the 2000s how a guy’s games would translate from The Ring to
the cage or vice versa because it would really make a huge difference for the guys from Team Quest who were all
wrestlers and how that would change the dynamic about whether or not they had the cage to really work their game
against it’s a similar kind of thing it’s not so much the opponent although yes that is true it’s the circumstances
under which you are fighting is your game situated for that and I think it turns out that Virgo obviously quite
talented but I don’t know that this kind of style works out best for him and if
you’ve been an established UFC fighter which Burgos has been and you’re on a specific schedule it can’t be easy to go
back into the fire of fighting in a microwave in short turnarounds this is not UFC one through ten or whatever
where you’re doing one night tournaments but this is a much shorter turnaround same thing when Bellator used to have
the tournament format we used to hear the same thing it’s a different mental and physical preparation and you have to
believe Luke you are at the mercy of the results you may win a first round fight but it may create a nagging injury that
you’re [ __ ] out of luck if that becomes a problem in your preparation or how you compete here
um but also do you like him as a lightweight in this in this promotion why why is he not fighting a feather do
they not have a featherweight tournament that would decide it right partly partly that I think partly also you know again what kind of weight can
you make if you have to fight consistently versus peaking and then going down then you have a fight like
six months later and then you peek and you go down like there’s a question of how fast he can get his body ready for
that weight class um I would say that you know I tend to think we get better results from him at 145 than we do at 155
um in general so yeah that’s not to say he couldn’t do it at 155. it’s just you know yeah I just think 145 is gonna
be better for him I just want to ask you quickly before I talk about oam uh is
this a is this becoming a negative for pfl’s free agent uh shopping if Fighters
might not love this short season format I know they have a pay-per-view Division and a lot of the big names are going
there but is this a turn off to potential guys in the midst of their Prime who might be looking to exercise
the the free agent window strategically I’ll just say this I don’t think the tournament is really the pfl’s future
not like the way they’ve been doing it where it’s just everything that they do and everything is built around it we talked about this before Ad nauseam I
won’t belabor the point but it’s the same problem in 2013 2014 that Bjorn Revenue ran into when he was doing this
exact same model if you really want to be in the pay-per-view business if you really want Stars the Matchmaker model
has plenty of problems but it is better than the other ones even for how much it
sucks and how much it can be unfavored I think if you really want to recruit Talent you want to keep them there and you want to build Stars you have to pair
back at to a bare minimum you have to pair back the the tournament model and go Matchmaker model and I think they
will I think you’re right quickly here on oam we got to give them his flowers here it was a second round knockout of
Bruno Miranda TKO excuse me he dropped Miranda and he really took his time on the ground ended up in full Mount and
was able to produce a stoppage the defending pfl lightweight champion is now 9-0 since coming to pfl and joining
the smart cage back in 2021 and that was after taking two years off when his UFC
career ended with three straight defeats this has been an incredible turnaround for Him Luke he should be rightfully I
believe the betting favorite here against Clay Collard uh the names on his win streak of going 9-0 here do include
Burgos already Stevie Ray house manfio Natan shul Martine held Daryl horcher
shout out to Daryl horcher for being one of the most Savage victims in habib’s run um Luke this is really really good he
he’s he should be the favorite to defend his title here and what another another physical breakthrough performance for
OEM yeah I mean he was a guy in the UFC let go too early or I’m not sure how he ended up parting ways and then signing
with pfl in terms of whether it was acrimony or whatever but this is what I mean this guy has a complete game and
very very experienced now as well right that’s the other part too knows how to manage around knows how to manage risk
knows how to beat guys no matter what they’re kind of doing for him and is really quite gifted kind of everywhere
that’s that guy is going to be tough to beat you know knows how to train knows how to fight knows how to work around
knows how to make everything count in the right way I just you know Clay Collard story is incredible but the oam
story is really one that shows like what kind of guy works in this model it’s the
kind of guy who was not quite at his Peak but then really rounded out to this more complete game has all the
experience everything I just mentioned bringing all of that to bear in a tournament like this he and by the way physically strong for the weight class
as well he’s a tough tough out he this is this has been nothing but a blessing for him
and he’s earned every bit of it all right so on the lightweight final it’ll be Collard versus oam and in the
welterweight division defending Champion Sada Bucy got a split decision win over Carlos slail and he’ll be taking on
former 2018 pfl champion magomed magomed karimoff who advanced by division so we
got some more finality here ahead again ahead of the DC final but Luke do you have any type of update because it has
been quiet to the rumor that continues to die and rebirth that Bellator could
end up in the hands of pfl what do you know I don’t have a small I don’t have a big one I have a really small one but I was talking to some folks about this
yesterday um it’s still in the my understanding is it’s still the pfl as the clubhouse
leader for this my understanding is and again no one from Paramount told me this but um Paramount is still wanting to make
the sale of Bellator happen as soon as possible uh the only thing that’s kind of interesting is apparently the idea of
keeping the brand separate has picked up some steam that’s something that they’re very seriously considering which I think
would be just a monster mistake um and I don’t think that that would last at all but the the the minor update
is pfl still your Clubhouse leader to buy Paramount wants to make it happen and that the brand separation apparently
has a lot more legs than it once did which I think is a mistake but I guess we’ll see what happens in the end there
you go there you go um I agree with you if you’re going to do it you gotta you got to do it for the names do it for the
depth of the roster and the names and it wouldn’t be nothing if they did that that’s a big move that’s a big ass move
look quickly here on topic number two we got championship boxing this weekend when three Bell unbe in unified
heavyweight King Alexander usek who Tyson Fury is busy with and Gano busy
with his reality series and not going after the most important fight in boxing to be very honest with you in terms of
what that would mean uh usick’s gonna defend against mandatory Daniel Dubois
six foot five not small we’ve seen Dubois before we can go to the Face-Off
early this morning in Poland after both weighed in and there you see look at
usik looking like Donald Trump at 220. you know what I’m saying yeah 63 pound weight Advantage for Dubois two inch
height Advantage Luke U6 manager in the middle when he puts on the shades That’s My Doppelganger right look at that he’s
got a fatter face but yes it’s not it’s pretty close I mean can we go Mikey can we split screen this at all
Mikey can we do it do we have that technology
I don’t think we have that technology right at the ready I think I just turned into six manager right I would take some time all right you got you got the joke
hey Luke um so here’s the thing on Dubois he’s been considered you know a future
problem for a while he’s been very good at times
but he really only has one name on his resume and that’s Joe Joyce and he did get stopped late and got his you know
orbital grown like dangerously broken you have been skeptical of this so am I
going to ask you this question are you going to ask me Luke let me ask you let me ask you if I may let me let me let me
flip the script if I can because we were talking about this fight and previewing it and so here’s the challenge I want to
give you BC right I know you’re hosting today but I’ll do this part which is give me a reason to care about this
fight Alexander usick versus Daniel Dubois that has nothing to do with what
fight is set up for the winner yeah yeah and I get that I get that
so here’s what I got to say like obviously this should be Fury versus USIC without question or usick against
you know Deontay Wilder or whatever right like what’s the biggest fight available it’s a mandatory so it’s sort
of a must do for a mandatory this is a great opponent in DuBois now I just shared legitimate questions and I think
those questions are real he’s destroyed third tier B minor you know B minus heavyweights in the third tier variety I
don’t dog him for the Joe Joyce loss under any circumstance those were two unbeaten Rising Fighters uh and Joe
Joyce since then although he did get upset by by um by Zhang Zhang Joule and they’re
going to have the big rematch coming up he’s looked great at certain time since then Joe Joyce is a puncher they got
into a big fight Dubai lost it it’s fine that happens but it was not on his level but with
this said Luke Dubose like the best mandatory you can have like there is a lot there and will it be enough to
challenge you sick no what I’m probably going to tell you is more of the idea of him staying busy and setting up that
that eventual USIC fight but the answer to your question is this compared to the option of having usig
Sid Idol you’ve got a chance to watch one of the 10 best pound for Palm fighters in the game today Alexander
usick who is in the midst of authoring one of the best all-time resumes and
Legacies that we’ve ever seen in boxing history from gold medalists in the Olympics to a first four belt Undisputed
cruiserweight champion after cleaning out that division to now on the verge of upsetting his way to that same feat at
heavyweight we’re only going to get him Luke he’s still at 36-37 we’re only going to get
him a handful of more times right seeing him operate against at least somebody with a with a pulse and the threat of
more it’s not like it’s not worth your time but is it groundbreaking and boxing is
it super hyped behind it no it’s in Poland it’s going to be on ESPN plus I think the main event start is expected
around the 5 PM eastern time it’s going to be a one fight card there’ll be a triple header at night with Jared big
baby Anderson the main event but I Echo your womp womp sounding statement but I
do think these odds are ridiculous minus 1000 for us to pause big he’s got a pulse he can fight should he be a
problem in the end no if usik ends up stopping him and ultimately outclassing him then I’m going to tell you uh that
rusick still got it at the top level and we need to have this Fury fight happen right freaking now I mean here’s the thing for me right
tell me what I’m missing the the one really good guy he fought in in Joyce broke his [ __ ] face yeah like
it’s not that I disagree that he had he has potential or that there’s still time for him to turn the corner it’s just
like in his last fight too I mean I guess there were some knee issues but he got dropped like what three times or whatever it was he came back and won
against Lorena lerina however you say his last name yeah and uh you know it’s
not like he doesn’t have potential but like every time the potential is right I should say the one time the potential
had a real chance to be actualized he got worked so it’s like what am I I mean here’s the thing right 2023 has been an
amazing year for boxing but it doesn’t mean every boxing fight even one with some consequences because there’s some
titles on the line here sure it doesn’t mean that we have to say it’s also great like I don’t think this one is also
great I just think it’s a fight well the reality of being a four belt Champion is you’re going to have mandatories and
there’s going to be a lot of the opponents who suck and we’ve never heard of them and so I’m taking that as sort of a in a bad case scenario this is a
decent case um I got questions about Dubai we’ll answer that on Saturday um would if this was Wilder or Ruiz
instead if usik was just looking for biggest name available you’d be excited right rightfully so you’d be fine if it was Wilder I would definitely be excited
and even with the Ruiz I would be excited and not necessarily as much but yes yes anything where you know I felt
like they were a real uh well it’s not that I don’t think Dubai’s a danger to usick I just don’t think he’s enough of
a danger to matter in the end the other two guys I do think would be so yeah I would care a lot more and I do believe
uh Prince Naseem Hamed’s son I think it’s pronounced Adam his name is a-a-d-a-m
um he is making I believe yeah I think he’s making his Pro debut Saturday on the zone so that’s certainly something
worth watching and I mentioned in Tulsa they’re going to have that triple header uh the undercar begins 6 50 p.m Eastern
on ESPN the ESPN plus so Luke Jared big baby Anderson is back here pretty quickly and he had a big close-up fight
last time and there was certainly a lot to light now there was a late opponent switch ended up being former Champion Prince Charles Martin and I think there
was equal a lot to love and then still some unanswered questions he’ll be facing Andre rudenko in this one and I’m
going to be honest I don’t know what’s on about redenko despite the fact that he’s got a pretty clean record here Luke
this is another step in that advancement at least big baby staying busy but after
that fight and that performance against Martin do you think big baby’s close to to really testing himself and really
going to the title level I I think he’ll wear out his welcome if he doesn’t right I mean there’s a lot of hype for him
we’ve talked about like is he in this for the Long Haul even he tells you he’s not in this for the Long Haul so how
many of these rudenko fights can you really get away with probably this one maybe one or two more total but the
clock’s ticking like people want to see this big athletic American dude fight someone of note whoever that ends up being you’re not going to get that
necessarily this weekend but if he wins I think the the appetite for him taking fights like this will Wayne and the
appetite for him to be in bigger fights will be uh enough that the one one or two of those will get made as well and
that with that decision went over Charles Martin unanimous decision snapped his unbeaten start of Knockouts he’s now 15-0 with 14 Kos just 23 six
foot four athletic aggressive powerful fun to watch we’ll see what happens uh radenco is 35-6 but uh not a household
name there couple other names in that undercard shushu Carrington’s back you always got to see him so check that out
let’s go to topic number three here Luke uh Mike Tyson he’s going to train Francis and Gano it’s a real thing and
they’ve made certain media rounds to make this public and it’s they sell they’ve coincided with with Riyadh
season and and how big this fight will be in Saudi Arabia Luke and yeah there are sports washing elements and we don’t
Dodge that there’s also a lot of money over there and that’s why these big fights are happening but Mike Tyson has
said a few things here uh do you want to set this up Luke so Mike Tyson was on
the Jim Rome Radio uh show uh previewing Fury versus enganu and he said something
that really caught my attention in like the weirdest way he said that Tyson Fury who mind you
fought Deontay Wilder three times has never faced a power puncher like in
ganu we have the audio let’s hear it from what you’ve seen in your work with Francis do you think that he can handle
Fury’s punching power absolutely because you know
um kaising Fury he got dropped by a small guy I forgot his name Covington I forgot his name that drop first early
in his career and listen this guy punches like man God knows who man
he’s fast he he moves quicker I worked for the speed and listen he only had to
land one or two listen if if you’ve never Tyson never
been in the ring with a guy that could punch this hard you don’t think no I think this guy punched hard at
anybody here before let me ask you this like you’ve got a profound appreciation for the Tactical and the technical
elements of the sport going back to your time of watching film of the all-time greats with custom model when you were
young like strategically other than France is hitting him in the face what does he need to do to win this fight
oh he just need to go all out aggression punch into the body being into the head as we’ve been working with
he moving his head he’s giving it together and he’s really determined to do this stuff he really wants to do this
with his country and people his uh whole patriotic Pride this is really
interesting I’m very ecstatic about doing this like they said before shout out to the CBS Sports Network
there Luke a channel that you and I you know we’ve been around right we’ve been
hanging on that but not yeah we put our flag down on that so Luke here’s the I’ll get into the the punching debate in
a second and it’s a big one because as you mentioned Fury’s been in there and been knocked down four times in three fights against Deontay Wilder and took
some giant clean punches from him I want to ask you this first though I
just want to get this straight about Tyson because like you know for the record here like I’m happy for Francis he’s getting the bag it worked out like
I’m cheering for team Francis to try to live his dreams and go for it I don’t like again that there’s no title on the
line here even though this is kind of a carnival fight but like it’s not like Tyson Mike Tyson
has been you know a dedicated trainer of late I just want to make sure this isn’t like all about the Riyadh season part of
it and the big bag Mike can be getting like is he saying all these things and this into it as the trainer of Francis
ingano because he can really add value and he really believes in ganu can win
or does this feel like money grab slash yay Riyadh season I don’t know if I
believe the words coming out of Mike’s mouth is what I’m saying and that’s obviously said with full love and respect for Francis but we are talking
about an uphill battle here well also like here’s the part about Mike that I just can’t be certain about
does Mike remember that he fought Wilder I mean Mike was like uh his name was
Covington I can’t remember it’s like Cunningham that’s his name and you know Mike is you know did you go
to my local dispenser you can buy Mike’s products Mike is usually high as a [ __ ] kite these days you know and God
bless him I’m not even mad at him for it I love it right it’s true yeah I legitimately wonder when he did the radio show did he realize he’s fought
Deontay Wilder three times because I mean the question is this really this is what it comes down to right
of all the power punchers that Tyson Fury has faced clearly Deontay Wilder is
number one Deontay Wilder I’ve said this before is not just powerful for this generation he’s historically powerful
he’s probably top five of all heavyweights in terms of power punching now the other guys might be ahead of him
because I’ve said this before as well they had a different array of punches that when they landed they all did
Devastation where it’s just it sort of seems like it’s more linear punches um the straight right
that does the damage for Wilder but dude when he lands it it’s just it’s curtains for you it’s Armageddon you can’t do
anything really about it and so the question is like is Francis a harder hitter than that I mean BC here’s where
I come down on this you tell me what I’m missing is it possible that Francis is a harder
hitter than Wilder yes it is possible Right but here’s why I’m a little bit hesitant to just declare that I know
he’s more than that we have seen guys go from MMA to boxing and the power just
doesn’t translate the same now there could be a lot of reasons for that they’re used to fighting at different ranges they’re used to different kind of
cardiovascular output they’re used they’re punching mechanics typically aren’t as good right guys who have a
refined ability to punch in general are going to punch harder than guys who don’t even if they’re naturally less
powerful mechanics mean a lot so I I want to be clear that like you know I’m not in any way saying that Francis is
only a hard hitter in MMA gloves he could go out there dude and lay one on Tyson and we actually discover holy [ __ ]
Mike Tyson was right he is the hardest puncher the test and fury he’s ever faced but to date I think you do need to
have a little bit of hesitation one in respecting who Deontay Wilder is whatever you want to say about his
boxing mechanics they’re better than than uh Francis inganus and again not
just powerful for this generation powerful historically and I’m not going to say it’s impossible but until I’ve
seen Francis in boxing gloves yes and what he can do I think you got a side with Deontay Wilder in this case it’s
not an easy transition it’s why Anderson Silva doing it and doing it cleanly like in the Chavez fight where the footwork
was just there and I know Silva’s trained boxing and has had Pro fights before but he had the rare style and it
was just perfect to change don’t it’s the footwork also the the goal for four ounces gloves to to the full one I know
they train in full boxing gloves but that changes potentially the the power
impact um so here’s the deal I want to put respect back on francis’s name and say like is he on the short list of of the
people who we deem to arguably be the most powerful One-Shot Strikers in the history of Combat Sports yeah he might
be so yeah this might be true it might actually be true in the end that if you stood both Deontay Wilder and Francis in
front of the punching machine that Ivan Drago was working on in Rocky IV with the Russian scientists right there uh
could he get to a higher number that equals decapitation it’s possible I don’t know though like what I’m like I
think Mike’s got the right idea and I think we talked about this with Eric nextick in the past francis’s chance of
using that power and francis’s chances in general are early in a brawl there’s
no question about that so this is the right thing to do I just think it’s I thought it was interesting that Mike
Tyson took this job though because like Fury is his namesake and that was always like a big part about you know when
Tyson Fury was born premature and had health complications and his dad was like no my son will be the heavyweight
champion of the world one day and I’ll name him after Mike Tyson and you know that was right around when Mike Tyson was on top in the late 80s and uh not
that that would be a disqualifier and Tyson doing this but I don’t know I just questioned if Mike’s there to promote
the fight and play up and got his chances or if
isn’t like is this a real partnership is in ganu gonna develop the Custom Auto like Bob and we’ve come up with the bomb
strategy I mean it’s gonna all play into the entertainment Factor but I’m just I’m I’m surprised by this
pairing in relationship I really Ambler I don’t understand it as well because Mike’s we talked about this previously
Mike’s boxing style is like it would Mike’s boxing style actually would be good to fight Tyson Fury but
you got to be like Mike Tyson built to do it which Francis is not yeah he
doesn’t have that that trunk lateral explosive footwork too like to be able
to to move into position so quickly and expertly and and with all the stability it’s very very difficult to do that he
makes it look easy it’s not easy it’s really hard so that part’s weird I’ll say this man again I want to be clear for MMA fans who are watching this and
according to the poll we have up 54 of our fans think Wilder hits harder I think that’s right I’m not saying Mike
is wrong we don’t know if Mike’s wrong I just think we should be very careful about diminishing one of the biggest
power punchers the heavyweight division has literally ever seen yeah dude if Francis goes in there and flat lines
Tyson I can’t tell you how big that would be not just because of you know the winning
side of the equation how improbable that is but for Tyson to your point Tyson
Fury to have fought one of the biggest power puncher has been knocked down four times and survived and you couldn’t do
it against Francis dude Francis would then belong in the power puncturing category even in boxing of the elite of
the elite right yes but there is a scenario with hit with that power that it could be a one punch flash finish no
okay okay but hold on hold on hold on so let me throw this back at you imagine it looks something like in
boxing what Francis did to Overeem where it’s just this demonstrable KO where
like he just I mean thrashes him with the power well then we’re having a different conversation aren’t we yeah oh
yeah yeah we are I I just you know will here’s the key question because we still
debate some people still debate to this day for maymac whether Floyd you know I have I have confirmed from members of
Floyd’s camp that he did not take that camp cardiovascularly as serious as a real fight his strategy was to do what
he did hide behind the high guard wear Conor down and pick him apart late when he’s fatigued and it worked perfectly
now Floyd also had ABS who knows right is that just or you know is that just uh urban legend who knows but there are
people that believe Luke whether he did it strategically or not that Floyd carried Connor and it led to the the
idea that the that the cardiovascular here is much different it’s something Sean Porter talked a lot about ahead of
the Nate Diaz uh Jake Paul fight in terms of it’s easier to get gassed out in boxing when you’re used to the
physical demand of MMA which is different cardiovascularly um do you think Tyson Fury who loves to
toy with danger in the ring and be a Showman does he try to stay away from Francis completely to make sure that the
that the one punch chance that he has which is Big it’s big if it’s a if it’s a clocking shot but Fury’s got great
defense great hoop head movement he’s also six foot nine and taller he’s also got an incredibly Long Reach and he’s
also way faster as we perceive it than Francis will he even be close enough for
that one punch to have a chance before like round six in your opinion that’s a great question because after
round six I do think the chances go up uh but again folks don’t understand how
hard it is you’re only throwing punches right you’re not doing anything else you have to constantly move your feet if
you’re going to do it well and if it’s a 12 round fight that’s 36 minutes of fighting you know the most you’d ever do
in MMA is 25. it’s ten Luke it’s a 10 round 10 round contest okay fine still
30 minutes it’s still five that would be a six round MMA ballot I mean that’s hard as [ __ ] to do for a heavyweight I
mean it’s a lot of fighting so I do think it is very very different again people don’t even realize that carrying your hands with the wet gloves when
you’re not used to it with like it’s harder and harder and harder to do yeah I mean listen all this is improbable it
could just be we’re buying into something we have Mike’s trying to say to sell the fight
um you know I I don’t know I feel like uh in Ghana’s best Chance is going to be
high guard crowding and walking in working the body and then coming over the top a little bit of esot Cruz style
BC yeah it’s like can a guy who’s never boxed before pull that off probably not
right probably not uh Luke let’s transition to topic number four and it’s the fighting future of a
big name free agent and former Bellator Welterweight Title Challenger Michael Venom page MVP now Luke he um
he said in this free agent period that he feels like he doesn’t need to prove himself that his reputation holds firm
and that he wants the Michael Chandler treatment can you explain what he means by that so basically what he had argued
was that maybe I’m getting part of this wrong and if so the audience can correct me but the basic idea is that like you know he doesn’t need to go fight a I’ll
make up a name that you know some folks had suggested like renette for cretanov like renat from that freneticov the guy
who beat um Kevin Lee right so some kind of dagestani guy who’s going to leg lace you and all this kind of nonsense he
doesn’t really feel he he he needs to do he doesn’t have to prove himself the question is you know what are some fun fights you can make what are the sort of
the appropriate Matchmaker model fights that you could make that would one
showcase why folks are excited about him but also be like you know a good enough of a not a test of his skills per se and
like you know do you have enough well-rounded ability to compete in the UFC but rather you know are you good enough to go you know fast track to the
title or something like that um so you know he believes that Michael Chandler didn’t have to do that he didn’t Michael didn’t have to start at
the bottom and then work his way up through tough guys who maybe weren’t ranked and blah blah blah he he got to
start much more readily he got to start well was it was Dan hooker his debut I believe I forgot that right yeah yep and
then he went through a guy murdered after that yeah and who did hooker not a easy guy to beat that’s not the point
but a guy who stylistically uh is gonna be an action fighter right a guy who has
very experienced himself and a guy who’s gonna stand and kind of bang with you uh in as much as he needs to I guess
obviously he took down NASA National hack brass but we get the idea so what he wants is somebody similar to that
give me another stylistic action fighter who the fans know and respect that would
make a fun fight with a big enough name such that a win over that automatically
propels him into a much more interesting conversations rather than a tough dagestani guy who no one wants to fight
that doesn’t mean much if you lose you know or even if you win let’s compare it to Eddie Alvarez who was in a similar
territory as Michael Chandler based on age when he came in and I never expected Eddie Alvarez to make the run to the
title that he did I thought he’d be in big fights and be fun but Eddie got Donald Cerrone as his first test and
then after that close loss had to had to go through like not easy names to quickly work himself into the title shot
and then he wins the championship so shout out to Eddie um are you asking me essentially for a Cerrone type but would
that be the Michael Chandler treatment yeah you know what I think the Cerrone fight is fair I didn’t think that was an unfair fight for Eddie any any
underperformed in that fight I mean the reality of Eddie Alvarez is folks always talk about how he got rocked and then
would come back which is true like he was famous for it right and we all know would love Eddie for that reason but
Eddie also had times where he would just kind of underperform right against Conor McGregor do I think that that’s the best
that Eddie Alvarez could do no I don’t I don’t I still don’t believe that I mean Conor got the best of him Conor did you
know take nothing from Connor he just did an amazing amazing job that night but that’s not the best Eddie Alvarez
has to offer and I think most people who are honest know that so the reality is he tends to at times underperform but
then we all know the story he comes and storms back and does really great either in the fight itself and the round itself
or in his career so I actually think that’s a very appropriate fight so a tough test that fans love Donald Cerrone
might take you down but he didn’t he leg kicked the [ __ ] out of it and we don’t mean today Donald Cerrone we mean the
Donald Trump from 2015. yeah the one the one that the one that uh Eddie got at that time I think that would be very
fair they didn’t they didn’t do Eddie Alvarez dirty in that contest they didn’t do Mike Chandler dirty and I
think they should give something similar to MVP the question is like do you think MVP is right that he deserves that and I
would argue what would be the point of signing him if you didn’t like yeah the
guy draws a crowd in London we know that so it’s work or don’t but make it work on the terms that it’s supposed to be
there for that’s the thing because if you’re the UFC you either believe that he could be a star and you might want to
to try to support that with the matchmaking to give him a chance to be or you just might want somebody that you
can help continue to make stars out of your risers if you think MVP’s more Sizzle than than legit and you love
getting one up over former Bellator fires which I don’t even think is part of Dana’s like mindset at the moment or
or you know he’s not fighting that battle that would dictate that I want to quickly read before I give my pick uh
what MVP said to David arasania the brother of the champion here on I Believe YouTube saying I want top five
top 10 Macs I don’t feel like I need to prove myself all over again I just want to go in there and we’ve seen it with
Chandler he fought a top 10 Dan hooker great first win that just sprung him to the contention that’s the route I see
myself in I don’t see it any other way I don’t need a warm-up fight and it’s not like I’ve been out of the game for ages
I’m ready to go now Luke I know you want me to give something similar to whatever it has against Chandler I mean against
um cowboy Cerrone back in when he made the leap but wouldn’t this next name I’m about to
say be the ultimate perfect feaster Famine of what it could give you the name I’m talking about is Conor McGregor
at welterweight Luke I know you’re like that’s crazy and stupid why would we do that if MVP is not ready for prime time
on this level he’s not going to take Conor down and it could be this bounce back win for Conor that’s massive and further pushes Bellator down and UFC as
the king or or you could Fast Track MVP off of that if he got a pay-per-view win
like that um and he could suddenly become an attraction Rising Contender that you can take big Chances with in the matchmaking
and it might just work out for you for a bit Luke am I crazy here yeah you’re crazy you’re crazy I don’t think that’s
an appropriate use of his time at all in either direction the ones that our fans apparently are suggesting would be Ian
Gary which would be a good one but I don’t know how you skip out on the Wonder Boy one two guys with a point karate Background by all means at 40
years old this is what I mean like do Wonder Boys Still tough to beat um it’s a favorable style you don’t have to worry about the guy taking you down
and you’re beating a guy with a name I don’t know where he’s ranked currently so I don’t know if it fits that five or
ten model but that one works well for me we’re also hearing Uh Kevin excuse me Kevin Holland love that choice Michelle
padena I don’t really like Gilbert Burns I don’t really like I especially don’t like Gilbert Gilbert is way too tough I think Gilbert would beat him I think
rather handily and I don’t I don’t know that makes a lot of sense but the other ones the guys that will knuckle up with
him the guys that will sort of meet him in the middle there that have names that can create excitement and beating them
means something yeah give them those give them those how about this would Bilal take that if it was promised the
title shatter has waste of time dude’s gonna take him down dude what the [ __ ] is the point of that what the [ __ ] is the point we’ve seen I’m not saying he
wouldn’t do better than Logan story but it would be something like the Logan story fight okay it needs to be someone
that mvp could look great against so you’re not going to put him in there with the wrestling then why don’t you put him in there with an older name
especially when moving up do you like Poirier against him I like that I take that 40 is a fun one
yes that’s a good one 48 could go for a takedown but you know it wouldn’t be his first choice by any
stretch the imagination um yeah I like that one that’s a great one Gilbert Burns which I think you
mentioned in the fans mentioned is also I mean he’s a black belt world champion like dude that’s a real bad idea okay
that is also a bad idea I kind of like the Conor one it’s um I don’t have I think you can still
put people over with Connor I know Mucky was questioning that did you see what Darren till said about Connor
no Darren till I you know I don’t we have said something like you and I have
talked about this we have said similar things but not quite the same which is that he doesn’t think Connor
ever fights again and is having a hard time letting go you know he doesn’t train the same way he’s living his life
and like we all have said it too like I don’t know about all the crimes he’s alleged to have Commit but like putting that to the side for just a moment just
in terms of like the life he lives where he’s on boats and you know he’s showing up on red carpets and Miami Heat games
and you know I know there was some issues there but whatever like living a life like a rich celebrity is basically
my point like if you live a life like that that’s not a Fighter’s life it’s not you can
fight like that but you’re not going to do all that well if you even fight at all and he just thinks like he can’t let
go of this idea that he’s still you know this like decorated kind of guy and
won’t fight again I still think Connor fights again but to hear another fighter say that was kind of interesting well we’ve been waking up to the idea and
sometimes we’ve made references or jokes or been serious about it too it seems like Conor’s like living the rock star
life like living potentially the drug life and you know he did sort of reveal ahead of the Habib fight that it was all
in on Fitness but also all in on the other stuff and you know you’re not going to get the best of yourself and certainly not against somebody like
Habib but that’s a long time ago and he should have learned these lessons but Luke I’m just fresh off of watching that
Untold Johnny Manziel documentary on Netflix which really focuses on
rightfully so that beginning with once he got to the NFL with the Browns now he’d always lived an aggressive party
life and that’s always been a part of who he was and you know he wasn’t the student who watched any tape and that helped lead to his bust run in one year
with the Browns as an NFL quarterback but it really showed in him admitting it that basically beginning with when
things got hard there in Cleveland he just turned off stopped caring and went full on into self-destruction party mode
that lasted many years do you think Connor’s really in the midst of that
that he’s on a destructive dark path and maybe some of this idea of him crying
about the usada thing but then not doing anything to change it is really his way of having an excuse not to fight and he
might be in the midst of one of these absolute free Falls and why the hell are we not woken up to it yeah that I mean
that’s absolutely on the table I guess you know I’m so far removed to declare that that’s what’s happening is hard to
say but like how could anyone look at what’s happening and say that that hypothesis
you just offered seems off like it’s like it could explain just
about everything that we’re looking at for Better or For Worse so yeah I mean the Johnny Manziel thing is weird dude I
watched part of it too like the [ __ ] guy didn’t watch tape I mean I know in MMA we’re used to guys like oh I don’t
watch tape my coaches watch tape guys a quarterback of the NFL does nothing but watch tape like you kids I don’t know
it’s like I don’t even know how to explain how to do that job without watching tape you have to watch hours of
it daily and he didn’t watch any it was the equivalent of what a lot of us have
went through where up to a certain level in your schooling for some people that’s 12th grade even you can dominate without
putting in the work on just intellect and ability to take tests and I can cram when I need to I can you know but I’m
faking it most of the way but I’m keeping up a high grade average and then you get to whatever level some college some high school and you get woken up
abruptly at what is demanded of you he’s the equivalent of that in football and it’s like even if he I wanna like he’s
small Luke and there was always going to be odds against him making it but then again the rules have changed so much to
allow for an aggressive athletic quarterback in ways that they never would have tried to back in the day uh
but yeah he completely self-destructed and once it got to the point that the work got too hard just wanted out and
you know and I understand that and I get it I mean you know it blew it but at least he’s open and honest about it now and it feels like he’s trying to make
some positive change in his life but that’s what happened and maybe that’s what’s happening to Conor I mean he’s not I just feel like Conor has built a
life for himself that has nothing to do with the fight game yes right so he hasn’t left the
fight game you know that’s not what I’m saying he’s been building up this wealth building up this portfolio of Friends
building up this I’m going to be at this event and I’m going to be involved in this business and whatever none of that
has got jack [ __ ] to do with being like like what is you know I don’t know uh
what is um what is volkanovsky doing every day like yeah he’s got meet and greets and stuff like that but that dude
is just hard-nosed in the gym that’s just not Conor would you like to see Connor kind of go the De La Hoya route
and like get into promotion and get at least have some dedicated job in the fight game that could use his games
aren’t even good anymore right didn’t he say about KSI like the guy couldn’t box eggs even he worked in an egg boxing
facility or whatever the [ __ ] yeah right he’s watching things blow his gimmick is washed his game is washed and enough
matchmaking with him on the fantasy side Luke because I don’t know he may not answer that Bell you might be right you may not into that bill again it might be
where we’re at here anyway Luke we we could end up being dead wrong about it but at least we have a segment dedicated
every Friday in this show where unlike the rest of the people we’re up against for podcast Awards we don’t have an
accountant they don’t have a compatibility Ombudsman segment where they stand trial to find out if what they said was
absolute [ __ ] and they in fact if you have receipts and you have enough balls to bring it to our table
maybe we really were okay get to the segment dead wrong
[Music] I try to be the Crypt Keeper creeper and set that up it just keeps going it does
yeah yeah you know I just I just yeah I just go all right number one here from Edgar Luke on Wednesday’s episode BC
joke that everyone called him McVeigh in his 20s because he had a very Unabomber
haircut true fact if I got a haircut walked into Stop and Shop where I worked in college Luke right away people like oh I have a
Timothy mcvaylook is back way to go who are you gonna which building are you gonna blow up that was a thing Luke okay
anyway this is strange because McVeigh was the Oklahoma City bomber right Unabomber Ted Kaczynski was big old Ted
Kaczynski that joke really blew up in your face so is he saying that I called McVeigh you can’t be the I mean like the
Unabomber if you saw him he had like a beard and like long scraggly hair I know the difference that was a uh a slip in
the moment the Unabomber was big old Ted Kaczynski that joke really blew up in BC’s face you really bombed on that one
good dad joke skills right there by the way Ted Kaczynski just died at super max not just but really did recently yeah I
think he hung himself I think he killed himself yeah well that’s a good oh that’s interesting okay so he says my life is so sad so very sad regards Edgar
Lugo Vasquez so thank you Edgar for the dad did you ever read his Manifesto Edgars no I’m not really no no uh
kozinski’s no I have not uh he was he was uh you know in terms of
like obviously he was an evil guy but in terms of his ability to well in terms of
by the way uh it’s not here anymore but there was a museum here in DC called the Newseum they have since like demolished
it but they had one section for like all the things the FBI had ever captured and
they had uh they had his Shack they had the F they had the unabomers like you
could go and look at it like dude it was it was not money my man was living hand to mouth out did they recreate it or did
they physically move into this music they moved it that’s the real one yeah it’s the real one I guess they were
grossed I love it that’s a gross commitment to accuracy and detail like did people go to like Dahmer’s condo and
and like uh keep the rug to sell it on eBay one day I mean that’s pretty gross it’s Grim well I mean he didn’t hack up
people there weren’t like murders committed in the actual cabin um so it’s a little bit different but
the other point is uh uh they had letters from like Saddam Hussein that he had written to
um George Bush and [ __ ] like that like a bunch of weird stuff it was it was odd yeah it turns out that that mass killer
was a weirdo who would have thought look I mean lived in the loan in the woods on the run with a long beard who would have
thought right yeah yeah I do have an uncle that lives uh deep in the woods like that Luke I think he just likes being alone too so shout out to Uncle
Rick you know uh houses how’s his Wi-Fi is it worse than your shitty Wi-Fi it’s probably a
lot better Loki was always ahead of the game in those areas all right let’s keep it going over to Jaden he says hello
long time listener but first time complainer oh it’s me again BC must not have had time to watch the video because
the one he mentioned that was posted following UFC 292 of the main event oh he’s talking about when I said O’Malley
was the first uh full fight they showed after a pay-per-view on social media to promote O’Malley he said this was not
the whole fight in fact UFC only posted the second round and the post fight remarks from the sugar show please do
stay quirky BC also Luke have you heard of The Vape alternative fume or fum
alternative fum fume I haven’t Vaped in a while good good to hear you dirt Hole uh Luke
Jaden was right and I was wrong apparently they posted just the second round but still that was a big move for
the UFC committing to promoting the star of O’Malley true or false yeah funny that they took that from Showtime boxing
who Dana was saying the the Showtime boxing production is not that great I don’t know it looks like it was pretty good to me yeah
um This Dana versus Showtime war is kind of comical Luke but uh you know I’ll take arms in this side and Luke all
right you know I’ll do it all right uh let’s keep it going here from John uh
Dear John he says Hey donks on Friday’s mailbag Luke said that the Burger King in DC was the last Burger to have 80s
Nostalgia decorated inside that was false my mom lives in Glen Cove Long Island and her Burger King is still
decorated the same and infested with roaches
well I tell you what when the news said it was shutting down which it did shut down they said it was the last one in
the country so that’s why I repeated it but the fake news media got me again I guess look when I used to be addicted to
uh debauchery and fast food and Wendy’s was our like unique Gourmet fast food we didn’t have it in my hometown still
don’t but we’d go anywhere for it I remember like adding up my debauchery over the years I’ve like thrown up in
Wendy’s and then eat finished my meal I’ve cracked my pants in a ways like I’ve done everything possibly gross in
there uh to Echo off of the mystery of Big John’s exploits in Tokyo have you
done damage in Big Chicken in that same Regard in your uh area wherever that is You’re gonna laugh at this I actually
never ate at the big chicken not once what no it’s a landmark and what town is it in Marietta Marietta Georgia yeah
okay so if somebody said where’d you live in Georgia was it always Marietta no so I lived in three different towns I
lived in Nashville Georgia for a Time the and I lived in Valdosta Georgia which was the big football capital and
then I moved North to Marietta which is just outside Atlanta okay so they’re all Atlanta suburbs yes
no no no only Marietta the other two Valdosta is like the last City before you hit Florida it’s like it’s in it’s
in Lowndes County Lowndes County is literally on the Georgia Florida border you were some you were the redneck
Riviera you were some Panhandle [ __ ] you were a dubbo yeah dude I mean this is why I say when like we were like oh the
South has charm I’m like go [ __ ] yourself just just eat all the [ __ ] you don’t know what you’re talking about nope nope
enjoy yourselves at proud boys Pavilion Luke for that great concert you’re about to steal all right there you go uh let’s
uh that’s the three dead wrong oh no we got one for you we got one we got one
special one that they sent in it’s a dead wrong for BC and they want me to read it BC
you know because I’m a normal human I’ve never eaten at Arby’s and um
you know that’s one thing about you that makes you just an absolutely disgusting piece of white trash [ __ ] I also did whip-its in the Arby’s parking lot so I
mean that just adds on to it Luke all right so here we have a dead wrong for you from a man who goes by the name of
Devin or could be Devon I’m gonna say Devin I don’t really know but let me read it as follows this is a dead wrong
for Brian the this past week I don’t know how old this is so but but you recently went over like I’ll get to it this past week
I was enjoying the mailbag episode you guys put together I think we as fans really appreciate the fact that you
pre-record things for us when you’re gone however there was one part of the episode that rubbed me the wrong way Luke asked Brian for the best when
excuse me the best Arby’s order to which he obliged two beef and Cheddars curly
fries and a jamocha shake was the order is that correct yeah that’s it that’s that’s the winner that’s sex right there
Devin says this is the equivalent of the missionary position for a washed dude
with a love of gas station food you’ve got this one completely wrong and here’s his credentials my tenure at Arby’s
lasted from ninth grade to 12th grade and I’ve enclosed a picture from about
15 years ago to prove my experience do we have that Mikey uh no pick LOL okay
Arby’s has so many better options on the menu and in my opinion Brian’s credibility is shot soon he’s only going
to be relegated to buy one get one cameos because nobody can trust the hoser so maybe he’s a Canadian Arby’s
fan I don’t know all right the correct Arby’s order is as follows chicken bacon
ranch sandwich no lettuce loaded baked potato extra shredded
cheese jamoka shake and he writes admittedly this is a banger and Brian is for this
is right and then he adds apple or blueberry turnover both are fantastic PS
Brian says Quebec like a man who’s never been there it’s Quebec not I don’t know cubic I don’t know how he says it uh
Luke no disrespect to you or any of the thousands of fans listening but I got a message for one man Brian Campbell get your [ __ ] together I’m waiting for your
Arby’s order first of all if you’re a Canadian talking about Arby’s do they even have them up there Luke all I saw was Tim
Hortons up in my uh my motherland of quebecois up there Luke the people that I love and felt one with not like this
clown but I will say this to that first of all you’re substituting the order
with with chicken at a place that’s known for the sloppy gross beef and cheddar that looks like you know leaked
soccer goalie nudes Lucy like just ridiculous right um but I’ll also say this Luke I’ll also
say this I did not so I I was Arby’s was a was a victory fast food meal for me it
was a like attraction it was a once a year twice a year Thing I Never Had
Arby’s in my town there was one at the gross Waterbury Mall in Connecticut uh
that I that I did hit at times but um I wasn’t like that wasn’t part of my
routine so yeah missionary position but that was like the order at the place
that had this nostalgic feel because I never had it in Connecticut for a while and then my uncle used to bring to it to hang out and that was our stop and it
was it Arby’s was like royalty of fast food for me and then you know I did a lot of whippets in the parking lot while
chowing down beef and Cheddars and you know those memories are just so nostalgic and great so uh yeah I guess
I’ll take that I never explored the menu because I always felt like well I gotta ask you what is it well you’ve been
cheddar you got to go after what they do great you know what I’m saying I have to say asking to go to a fast food place that’s not Chick-fil-A and Order chicken
is always dubious to me you know indeed indeed okay but comment chicken bacon ranch sandwich how was it no lettuce
I’ve never had it because I’m trying to tell you I was in a regular Arby’s guy I was like an attraction occasion Arby’s
guy and why am I gonna order chicken at freaking Arby’s where it’s like I’m with you on that one a little bit this guy
worked at Arby’s but still all right the loaded baked potato extra shredded cheese I gotta tell you I’m not going to
[ __ ] fast food to get a baked potato eat [ __ ] if you go to Wendy’s and you get the chili you’re 65 years old I’m
sorry I’m not going to the salad bar all right perfect single you know did you have the
apple or blueberry turnover I have never had that from from Arby’s wow
okay so you haven’t had you have you’ve never had this guy’s order well yeah I’ve never I I I’ll admit I
have not gone deep down the menu but I did have it two to three times a year and each time felt special and I kept it
that way Luke okay very good all right shout out to the beef and
cheddar it’s a it’s a lifestyle hey Luke let’s close with this you are fresh off the bird from a I’m gonna assume a
beautiful family vacation in Colombia not Colombia uh just so that people know
and shout out to the survivors of that earthquake that you texted me about Luke uh not what the hell’s going on it ended
up being not that big a deal but they had two earthquakes while I was there well Luke shout out to everyone fighting
the good fight in Hawaii I mean there’s just been craziness with the weather lately and then my wife tried to get me to watch that movie on Netflix about
that tsunami from 20 years ago you know what I’m talking about that I saw it I saw it that was I was unsettling at best
see the only thing I really fear in life Luke outside of chicks with neck tattoos
who smoke cigarettes is um is natural disasters like like aggressive thunderstorms hurricanes
tornadoes like I feel like any other situation in life when we don’t have control I’ve got I’ve got peace and and
but we have no control in those circumstances Luke Mother Nature will kick your [ __ ]
all right so how about a Gringos guys yeah look yeah there you go here we go and by the way you know the people in
English it’s pronounced the same either way it’s Colombia Colombia but in Spanish c-o-l-o Colombia c-o-l-u Colombia so
that’s why that’s where you would get the differences okay I got five things for everyone I’ve now been I realized this I talked about it with my wife I’ve
not been going to Colombia for 10 years 10 years I’ve been vacationing there basically every single year I can’t even
remember how many times I’ve been now I’ve been a bunch of times and I’ve got like I’ve got a list of five I’m gonna make it six here on the on the um I’m
going to call a bit of an audible on things real simple ways to have a good time enjoy yourself stay out of trouble
appreciate the culture all the things you’re supposed to do whenever you travel internationally right all that kind of could I survive a trip a
vacation without you with like my family if I were telling you I’m flying to Columbia for vacation would you allow me
to do that would you have fears for my livelihood I think if you took my advice here you’d be just fine how about that
I’m ready all right number one [ __ ] don’t drive don’t [ __ ]
drive I cannot tell you how many people have told me they’re going to rent a car when they go to Columbia dude shut the
[ __ ] up that’s the worst idea you could ever have Colombian I have been in
Egyptian traffic right I have sat through that I have been in traffic in
Istanbul right I’ve been in traffic in various parts of Europe all over the United States I have never in my life
seen driving and traffic like you get in Colombia and more importantly not even
the traffic just the driving dude there’s painted Lanes we’re supposed to
stay in none of that [ __ ] means anything they are in and out they’ll go the wrong
way down the the road they’ll move into the opposite side of the road just to get around there’s people on bicycles
you drive far enough outside the city you got to drive around people on donkeys that’s a real thing that has
happened to me I’m not doing a bit on this whatsoever the infrastructure can be better or worse depending on where
you go do you remember the first time BC you ever went and sat in a New York City Cab and you couldn’t believe how much
you were risking your life by all the [ __ ] turns my future health and hygiene yeah a few times look yeah dude
it’s that on steroids they will borderline hit each other the rules don’t mean anything red lights don’t
mean anything green lights don’t mean anything stop signs don’t mean anything nothing means anything other than
getting from point A so point B let an experienced driver do this for you and
by the way it’s easy to hire drivers like if you want to go from not just cabs or whatever but if you want to go from like City to city like a nearby
thing or even the suburb it’s super cheap to hire someone who will just be your driver for the day it’ll cost you
like how much do we pay that guy we paid him 70 000 pesos what was that that’s basically I paid him less than 20 bucks
for a full day of driving full day of driving and this [ __ ] is going I mean he’s going around donkey he’s
trying to upsell [ __ ] Luca to you at all no no no no you can get like the biggest cab drivers do yeah you some
some guys like that exist but there are real dudes who do the real job the right way I’m just warning you dumbasses I
cannot tell you how many Americans like I’m gonna rent a car and go see the countryside this ain’t Tuscany don’t do
that so we had a family vacation book three years ago that we ended up having to cancel uh because of changes in our
schedule and it was to go to Costa Rica and stay in the mountains and the plan was to fly there drive two hours to the
coastal city and then climb these massive mountains in a four-wheel drive and I remember thinking like that this is going to be the end of me but
wouldn’t have been fine look I don’t know Costa Rica I can’t say I’m sure all parts of Latin America are not the same in that way uh because for example like
Cartagena does not have the same kind of traffic that other places do but uh don’t [ __ ] drive is the answer don’t
drive don’t drive hey we’re gonna drive don’t do that don’t recommend that at all that’s a real bad idea that’s number
one number two carry cash now that sounds counterintuitive you’re like oh I might get scammed no dude you’ll get
scammed not carrying cash it works the other way around so when you get in a
cab for example BC do you think they have meters they don’t have meters no and when you go to pay 20 000 pesos they
can’t break your change if you uh if you have a car they can’t take it and B if you only have a 20 or let’s say you only
have a 50 they can’t break it they can’t break you at all so then they drive you around to a place who can break it and
now it costs even more it’s still pretty cheap by the way because the Dollar’s strong as [ __ ] but the point being is here’s my recommendation if you are
going to travel to a place like this take out 300 thousand pesos from the ATM it’s about eighty four dollars this will
carry you so [ __ ] far I cannot overstate it and also there’s a bit of like a sad part to this story as well
there’s these guys who have you know who will sell like you know the toys that light up when you turn them for like
little kids or whatever this guy still be one it was it was uh 40 000 pesos and
all I had was a 50. all he had to give me back was ten he had no change he had no money to break so like the one I’m
trying to make here is a lot of these people are living hand to mouth and like don’t have the actual ability to give
you change also the dudes and the dudes at stop lights who come and like pour [ __ ] on your windshield and then and
then wash it you can’t just tell those guys to [ __ ] off because they won’t like they’re not gonna listen to you so you
got to have like a couple thousand to like Chuck them you know to keep everything you got to keep the system working did you ever try the opposite
though did you ever try to tell them to f off and like you know I will third world so I asked my wife why we do Round
And basically the cab driver was like not a good idea that’s exactly what he said he’s like not a good idea Doug
don’t do that so like if native people are like we don’t do that I’m gonna listen to them now of course
the flip side is if you go to a nice restaurant if you go to a nice place of course all of them take cards all hotels all travel agencies you know all those
places all take cards like you don’t have to worry about it but I cannot overstate this do not rely on that you
will end up in trouble or just getting scammed out of your [ __ ] like it’s gonna happen now from the from the skits and
bits files of uh nothing a double leg couldn’t figure out if [ __ ] turned the wrong way for you there as a gringo
traveler would you rely on your background in jejuts to nullify the
situation no it ain’t worth it you can have it okay I’m not dying because some poor kid hasn’t eaten in a day okay but
if you’re in it let’s say you’re in it because sometimes you’re just in it Luke okay you’re in it well yeah I mean if you’re being attacked then yes you
should defend yourself but like if someone pulled a gun would you mckenza teen some guy just to just to prove that
that time was well spent only if I absolutely had to only if I absolutely had to yeah and it sounds like I’m
telling you that Colombia is something like super dangerous hellhole that’s not what I mean I just mean you gotta learn how to travel smartly you got to learn
how to travel safe I’ve literally in 10 years of going to Colombia I’ve never one time had an issue but I also don’t
do dumb [ __ ] when I go I keep it straight and orderly right so there you go number three this is the good part
and the bad part here’s a story for you BC music is everywhere now 99 of this is
a wonderful thing if you get in your car by the way no one plays like reggaeton
there like it it’s in public you just don’t ever hear you hear it in the clubs or whatever or in bars but in the cab
they’re playing something called like vaginato which is like how do I explain that it’s like uh
abortion style r b or something it’s it’s like love songs for like country people or whatever
in any in any case it’s everywhere in every Town Square everywhere you go every restaurant every bar everything
and music is everywhere it’s a huge part of the culture and you should lean into that and enjoy it because it’s such a
wonderful part of going there it’s new music you’ve never heard live performances everywhere it’s fantastic
but BC yeah there’s a limit to that [ __ ] dog
at pools and at beaches it will drive you [ __ ] insane what
they pull someone will show up to the pool with a big ass Bluetooth and
without any permission by the way there’ll be signs that saying like don’t use your Bluetooth they’ll just do it anyway and they’ll play music loud as
[ __ ] that you never asked for and everyone just seems to tolerate it and I’ll make a point people are like oh if
you’re going to another country you have to tolerate their ways well up to a point up to a point here’s a perfect
example my wife and I took Tookie to the beach there was this dude going up and down the beach on his bike but there’s
always people trying to hustle you on the beach there right it’s just always a thing so you have to learn how to say by the way you’re the worst Chamber of
Commerce member in Colombia history right now listen to me there was a dude rolling around on his bike had a
Bluetooth speaker I’m not kidding like this big and he would rent it out to people who ever wanted it the couple in
the beach tent next to us and they’re all right next to each other turned it on rented it from the guy it’s like 20
000 pesos for an hour like nothing like five bucks and played I mean mariachi music that you could have heard from
space dog that’s how [ __ ] loud it was even my wife who’s Colombian as [ __ ]
looked at me and was like let’s go even my wife did that so warning to everybody
however you want to handle it you can handle it you can ask them to turn down they’re going to say de malas like too bad it’s not gonna work
the music is everywhere and almost every time it’s not only great it’s charming
and it’s [ __ ] awesome but there are going to be some limits to that as well you should be forewarned about it okay
that’s No Limit Soldier just so yeah no limit soldiers I mean by the way this lady next to me at the pool had one
phone that was playing a religious service like oh dios te bendiga like this whole [ __ ] you know and then on
another phone she was doing FaceTime calls yelling over the service on the
other phone and then she laid down and obviously the FaceTime call finished she just let on speaker the religious
service play while she laid down eventually fell asleep and turned off but this is what I’m talking about you have to be ready for [ __ ] like that it’s
like it’s it’s in your face so far this this segment has been more offensive to Latin people than than the Gringo poppy
no no no I can’t like for example here’s the best side of it right you go to the Town Square we saw this old gentleman
playing guitar he was playing uh Buena Vista Social Club which is like Cuban music dude it was
amazing it was amazing to see and like the street performances in Cartagena where we had like they’ll marry it with
dancers so they’ll have big bands out of nowhere dude I cannot overstate how awesome that part is but there’s always
two sides to it right in any system people are going to go too far right they’re going to go too far so just a
heads up on that and by the way this is just for Americans to stay out of trouble not to get into it okay four here’s the good news eat all the things
can’t can’t tell you enough how good the food is including street food it is the
best I put up I sent Mikey I don’t know if he has it I sent him a picture look at this meal that I had on the left you
have a shrimp and lobster stew that had been cooking for like 45 minutes with a top layer of cheese that they baked it’s
called there’s a only kind of soup you can get in our stew in our Cartagena it’s called a cazuela on the right you
have coconut rice and you have fried plantains up top is a kind of like a sour cream they call suero on the right
there is this cocktail sauce they call Aji it’s a special kind of Ahi it’s a Caribbean Ahi and then a bunch of limes
okay BC I’m not exaggerating it’s a top five meal I have ever had in my life in
my life the seafood if you’re on and you got to eat regionally if you’re in the mountains eat what they eat in the
mountains if you’re on the sea eat what they eat in the sea wherever you are eat relative to that region the food in
Colombia is a 10 out of 10 that meal one of the very best meals I’ve ever had in
my life don’t be the Gringo that goes to [ __ ] Burger King Mikey don’t be the
guy who goes to all the American joints and just gets the [ __ ] that they’re used to if you’re gonna go to this place you
gotta lean in the food will do you right okay I’m not gonna take that quietly
Mikey’s not going to continue to take that slight quietly all right all right yeah yeah he did do that let me add a uh
a number five here we don’t have it we have a different number five but let me add a five here here’s another do if you’re especially if
you’re a guy but even if you’re a girl as well do get a haircut do not be afraid at all of getting a haircut or
trimming or getting your hair done first of all it’s Dirt Cheap you can get your beard trimmed and a haircut for like 20
000 pesos like five bucks like nothing and it is expert level good you’ve never
gone to one of these places and seen anyone that works there with a bad haircut and by the way you can just walk
on in show them a picture you don’t need any English dude so many places you
travel to you’re like I don’t know if I trust this person trust these people they know what they’re doing when it
comes to getting a great haircut it’s cheap it’s easy to get they’re everywhere they’re in every Mall they’re
in every place you could ever go to get a haircut the best thing you could possibly do and also one addendum to
that BC I don’t know how you’ll feel about this shopping malls in Colombia are still like a thing like it’s still
it’s still a place where people go to it’s still all the best like things you can buy are it’s still like they’re
they’re still happening there in ways where I think in America they’ve somewhat declined no over there like if
you someone’s like oh let’s go to the mall to eat that’s a good idea like the food court there will be very very very very good sure right some kind of thing
all right last but not least and this is just for my Gringo folks right okay please don’t work cargo pants I mean
you’re just asking you’re just asking for problems I mean nothing is more Gringo than showing up and wearing cargo
pants the Europe the Europeans do this too by the way they show up in a backpack dude I’m not saying you’re
gonna get anything super bad happen to you but people are gonna know you’re not from around there and that’s going to
make things a little bit harder to negotiate with price and blah blah blah BC do not wear cargo pants whenever you
visit the great state or the great country I should say I’ll bring a different colored pair for every day Luke I was surprised you didn’t have
number six do not knock it in your own goal in the world cup or did I break off right I mean what are we doing here he’s
talking about National trauma okay but in all seriousness I’m telling you
if you don’t drive hire someone to do it if you got enough cash on you about 3 300 000 pesos for the week enjoy the
music wherever it is but know there might be some limits for you as an American that you’re not used to yeah eat all the good food get a haircut and
don’t wear cargo pants like a [ __ ] head you’re gonna have the time of your life I’ve been going for 10 years the people
of Columbia are some of the nicest people in the world it’s one of the best places to see it’s quicker to get here from the East Coast than it is to get to
California go see it just do it smartly those are your tips it’s like eat everything every salad I mean just you
know BBL Heaven Luke uh 65 people didn’t say they’d rather travel with BC yeah
you’re going to go to lame ass places and do lame ass [ __ ] then but they’re gonna have the best possible time Luke they won’t be lectured the whole time
all right yeah that’s true I will do a little large educated sophisticated man so thank you for the Gringo’s guide to
Columbia and uh I will have a similar one about Quebec no just kidding but I
did love me some k-back Luke but the food there will kill you it will slowly kill you this is is why heart disease is
in my family I blame the quebecois uh that’s the show for you probably the best two hours of your week or your
money back because uh you know great price that we offer here uh you can spend a lot to ask a question on Luke’s
live chat on Thursdays and remember that cameo.com Brian Campbell is the is the
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uh Luke I want you to know and tell you to your face that I cheated on you yesterday and recorded with Jed meshu
because he’s got this show uh damn they were hot and he’s like you want to come on the yuana episode and we’ll look back
at her career and I’m like my partner would never let me do that so Luke I was there and I was loving it okay did you
guys bang we kind of did my Keck was the referee it was great yeah it’s like rule number one in an orgy no
eye contact right that’s always you know that’s always it right what happened so I saw some comedian on Tick Tock asked this he’s like what happens if you
finish first in An Origin you just gotta stand around and watch you know you know that’s getting pretty gross yeah yeah our sauce did you see that
Theo Von clip on Instagram where he interviewed that guy who said that if you died in your house and the
authorities didn’t find you that cat your cats would eat you within 24 hours and the dogs would wait a few weeks
because they love you more I don’t know how true that is he said that the cats will eat your brain within
24 hours and I can’t stop that image in my mind I can’t stop right now I might be I’m a little defensive when I see Zoe
because I know I’m going to get clawed and and bit because she’s an aggressive like Basic Instinct level lover Luke and
I can’t train it out of her because I don’t really speak cat but uh yeah that’s what’s happening I hope your cat
slashes your face that’s what’s going on Luke nothing’s right I’m uh I’m torn
yeah um that was Luke Thomas this is your boy BC Mikey Moore model is our great CBS producer I’m the ones in twos
um I don’t no live show this weekend but we’ll be back with a bang come Monday right Luke
yeah I mean I’m gonna try and do a post-fight show tomorrow but I don’t think it’s gonna work you should I don’t know I don’t want to like get the fans
hopes up I’m gonna try but like it’s gonna be tough it’s gonna be tough I will say Luke I mean this Tyler Santos
Aaron blancheville fight I can’t freaking wait that’s the biggest fight of the weekend I can’t wait
yeah I would agree that’s the one I care the most about too I would agree yeah the future is going to be at stake right
in front of us we’re going to see it uh 125 is Wild next week Rose versus monal look this can be great it’s next week
yeah it’s shit’s happening it’s happening Lisa or is it the week after Mikey am I wrong I think that’s next
week bro all right isn’t wait so and I think the week after that
is a pay-per-view with his pay-per-view although that pay-per-view is a little that’s my newer yeah that’s that’s uh
that’s that’s Shia Shiite uh yeah there you go Luke okay that’s it um thank you everybody for watching the show I mean
it’s just so much fun to be your host your co-host here um Luke with the jazz hands that’s interesting but uh you know
tip your waitresses take care of your brain take it seriously um next week for Rose wow wow things are
happening quick gone Rose a lot of France happening next week that’s Luke Thomas I’m your boy BC we love you and
we are out of here uh you know pose loyalty all that great stuff thank you Jay piquette happy anniversary all right
that’s it that’s it Mikey I’m done all right everybody ready go Thursdays and Sundays on CBS buckle up because it’s
gonna be a long season the battle is on now CBS reality Titans we are the
strongest force in this game team up with MTV Challenge Legends people are coming for blood and it’s gonna get ugly
well y’all are very good at is lying to people’s faces America’s challenge Champion
The Challenge USA new Thursdays and Sundays on CBS
I’ve seen my future let me show you yours [Music]
boom there it is [Music] it’s a win-win
you can’t deny the people what they crave I like this plan it’s a good plan