UFC Paris LIVE Post Show | Reaction To Ciryl Gane's Dominance, Rose Namajunas Dropping Debut At 125

thank you yes the victory horns are back
and they’re sounding for some Hometown Heroes zero gone man
and pure Benoit Santini closing the show with big
victories to cap off the UFC’s return to Paris and it is official ladies and
gentlemen the best crowd of 2023 is what we just saw today the akker
arena in Paris absolutely on fire from moment one all the way through serial
guns one-way destruction of Sergey Spivak in the main event crowd was
absolutely on fire we’re here to talk all about it welcome to the UFC Paris post fight show we’re live in the MMA
fighting YouTube channel I am Mike Heck being joined by two of my favorites first Mr Jose Young’s getting ready to
travel internationally to Sydney Australia for UFC 293 how are we doing Jose are we
all packed you’re ready to go 12 hours from now I will be 30 000 feet in the air on a Sunday and I will land in
Sydney Australia on a Tuesday not fun but looking forward to uh some fist
fighting action Down Under yes and also joining us Mr hot take Mr no gray area I’m sure he’s got thoughts
opinions takes as he always does Mr Jed Mishu hello Jed how are you
I mean on the one hand I would love to go to Australia that sounds really fun on the other hand I don’t want to go to
Australia for this card so on those mixed emotions for you because I don’t
know how to feel for you uh but this card this card we just watched was fine
but that crowd was electric Mike best crown of the Year by far absolutely and it made the event better
than it actually was so Jose uh let’s begin with you Cyril gone bounces back gets Sergey Spivak and
a lot of people look to this this is a classic strike Striker versus Grappler matchup this is
the definition of it Sergey Spivak shot for a takedown in the first round after getting kind of battered up a little bit
by sterilegon who’s just moving around just out athleticing Sergey Spivak and
then Sergey went for a takedown and Cyril gone just sprawled and laid on top
of him and stood right up and the look on Sergey spivak’s face I typed literally into our private slack Channel
Sergey Spivak is screwed after that whole situation it turns out both five minutes later fight was over Cyril gone
bounces back Big Win bounces back from the loss to Jon Jones what did you make of Cyril gone’s performance in front of
his home crowd I mean he essentially pitched a perfect game uh like you said he showed off
enough aspects of his game that showed improvements like I said in the preview
show that this fight could go any sort of Direction Just because obviously I think Cyril gone’s the better fighter
than Sergey spivec but spivex strengths are Cyril gone’s weaknesses and that’s
obviously the grappling and wrestling Department obviously when Sarah gone fought France
and Gano I can’t imagine he thought Francis would rely on such a wrestling heavy attack so don’t know how much
wrestling he did in Camp and then good luck anyone in the world beating Jon Jones because he’s just the greatest
fighter of all time so I would imagine Cyril gone spent a lot of time wrestling like he said he was going to do after he
lost to Jon Jones because he never really did much of that in Camp when you know he was fighting jirezino and volkov
and Derek Lewis and Junior dos Santos like these guys that probably aren’t shooting for double legs or single legs
too often so uh clearly when the first when Sergey shot for that first takedown
grabbed a leg and sorogon basically jumped out of it like just jumped out of
it and landed on Sergey spit back I was like well this fight is pretty much over at this point because that was sergey’s
Best Shot they were still dry he was against the fence and Cyril gone just I mean who would have thought being a
freak athlete would be the best base for MMA in the heavyweight division uh yeah it was a wrap it was a perfect game
great crowd great reception great performance this is exactly what Sarah gone needed I said it was like similar
to like when Derek Lewis’s last performance he just needed a perfect performance that got people talking that’s exactly what Sarah gone did in
Paris today Chad listening to no bets barred when you and GC were talking about this fight
you guys said probably within like the first three minutes we we would know exactly how this fight was gonna play
out and I think that’s kind of what happened here but at the same token because of how this all played out Jed
what did you take away the motionless like did you learn anything truly new about Cyril gone in this one because
it was kind of it wasn’t a great shot from Sergey Spivak he didn’t come out with uh I’m just gonna tackle you right
away I’m gonna try to stand with you maybe try to throw you off your game a little bit and Cyril’s like okay I’ll do
this so like what did you take away the most from this performance I learned that my priors were correct
about Sergey Spivak I learned nothing about serial God this was the outcome that I felt was by far the most likely
but I had like some trepidation just because statistically Cyril God is really bad at
defending takedowns he has that number will improve from this outing depending on how many spivack gets credited with
but it was like 40 takedown defense coming into this fight and like look
stats are have a lot of issues with them in general particularly given his sample size but still basically the only two
dudes who ever tried to take him down did so well and so I had some concern that like maybe this dude truly just
does not understand wrestling and Spivak is good enough and has been a
very effective like clinch takedown artist that if done something happens I can’t be shocked but I thought that this
was the most likely outcome because uh there are two cheat codes in in MMA the
biggest one is athleticism and at heavyweight it’s the one that matters by far the most and they they were playing
in different sports like show that to someone who knows nothing about fighting they’re like yeah those two those two
dudes are not the same like I don’t need to see that one of them’s hitting the other one the way that he is simply
moving around as if Sergey Spivak is stuck buried in mud is clearly he is
going to win a fight here so uh yeah I learned nothing about gone I suspect that we will learn more about
him when he does fight Tom aspinall but I am I thought that there was a world
where maybe maybe we’re all underestimating Sergey spivex been on a good little run here granted he hasn’t
beaten anybody good but like still 28 maybe maybe he’s gonna be something nope
nope it’s just two years and there’s nothing wrong with that you know top 12 heavyweight in the world but that’s
that’s my biggest takeaway so Jose Jed mentioned it Tom aspinall
did what he said he was going to do after his recent win over marching Tabor I’m gonna fly to Paris I’m gonna sit in
the crowd and watch Shiro gun Sergey speak fight and I’m gonna fight the winner now asper dollar has already kind
of run over sir gates to be back so I don’t know if the appetite would have really been there for that one but I
think this is the result that Tom was kind of hoping for that he could fight a guy who has won an interim title and is
fought for the heavyweight title on two different occasions Jose so Sergey pavlovich is there we got gelton
get ready to fight Curtis blades I think this Jon Jones getting ready to fight stupid there’s a lot going on here at heavyweight
are we doing in your opinion Cyril gone Tommy aspinall is that the fight to make or do we gotta wait a little bit and
just see how this all plays out over the next few months I mean it’s that’s probably going to happen especially if
they want to do another big fight night in Europe um I mean Mr Mr London Main Event versus
Mr Paris Main Event would just make sense to do it in Europe and all Europe uh big heavyweight tilt would be awesome
to witness so obviously the UFC will probably put it somewhere like Minneapolis for whatever reason
um but I don’t if it’s uh if you’re asking me what I would do um I’m also working under the assumption
that the winner of like especially if Jon Jones wins wins which I think he will um
in Jon Jones either vacates the belt or retire and STP retires and there’s a vacant belt I would personally like see
pavlovich versus Tom aspinal and I would do Cyril gone versus the winner of jail tonight versus Curtis blades
um just because Cyril’s Owen two in big you know Undisputed heavyweight title fights and pavlovich and uh Tom aspenol
have not had the opportunity to fight for that yet pavlovich is weighing in again as a backup so I’m going to assume
he’s one half of the main event of any vacant heavyweight title fight and I just would like a fresh face up there so
I would say Thomas malpavich main event cereal gone versus the winner of Jonathan I made a Curtis blade so that’s
just what I would do anyway but I’m not going to try to pretend I know anything about the UFC matchmaking
because we asked for all kinds of things and they never work out
Chad what do you think happens here because it’s by look Michael people feel about
Michael Bisping as a commentator in his post-fight interviewer but yeah he was not great tonight but he has
not been here at least in like two years but in this case he’s in the cage talking to Cyril gone who’s coming off
this big win and he does exactly what he should do hey see that guy right there
that’s Tom aspinall he called you out he came here to watch you fight
any interest in fighting him Sierra gone completely no sells him and
it’s just basically the answer is listen I just want to get back to the belt and whatever I need to do to get to the belt
that’s what I’m gonna do so I immediately heard that and was like huh that’s kind of interesting I’m
surprised he just completely no sold this idea what did you think of that just no selling Tom Aspen all together
was that smart in your opinion uh no I would also I’d one of my issues
was with Bisping I think he is better at post fights is than doing his live commentary one of my issues is he just
like he is doing exactly that he’s feeding narratives and I know that like
the UFC probably wants that but that’s not really what should be happening like
let the fighters create the narratives that they want to create don’t you don’t have to insist on them uh because I mean
sure we think it makes sense and Tom Aspen all wants this and I guess UFC wants it but like
until God doesn’t seem to give a about it so we don’t really need to be like hey this this is undeniable we have
to there are plenty of other dudes Tom aspinall could fight so he just doesn’t seem to care about it
um I suspect he doesn’t care because he’s gonna get tuned up if he does take that fight but uh I’m not entirely
surprised because his whole demeanor heading into fight week was dude I don’t
need to have a Face-Off with Tom Aspen in the cage after UFC Paris like he’s he
is not he’s concerned about doing him and not giving any ancillary shot anywhere else and maybe that’s good
maybe that’s bad for him promotionally I’m honestly not sure uh but I am not
shocked that he didn’t take the low-hanging fruit because it he could easily be like actually I’d really love
to face jailton Almeida next like you guys say I can’t defensively grapple if he beats Curtis blades let me fight that
dude and I’ll show you that so not shocked uh and I don’t care enough
fair enough uh to busy week’s defense he’s got the earpiece they’re telling him essentially like what to say and
what to ask so yeah it’s kind of I get I get through there doing it but that part just rubs me the
wrong way like that’s the Fighter’s time to do something not your time to be like hey here’s
here’s what you’re supposed to say say it like if you guys want them to do that talk to them backstage and it put them
through media classes and be like hey here’s where we want you to go with your career if you win here’s what you should do not we’re gonna ham-fistedly have
Michael Bisping try to real time put words in your mouth because it doesn’t come off smoothly
uh well one thing UFC told Cyril gone after the victory was you got yourself
fifty thousand dollars because he got himself a bonus uh Morgan Sharia got a
Bonus one day I’m gonna pronounce that correctly uh fight of the night no surprise Benoit Anthony versus Thiago
Moises uh those are your bonuses for UFC Paris who will talk about Benoit Anthony would he accomplished
tonight in a moment but uh let’s talk about the co-main event General we’ll begin with you man and fioro versus Rose
Nami Eunice I believe you had a bet on Rose Nami Eunice I picked Rose to win Casey picked Rose to win it just was a
value pick more than anything and I think kind of you and I were in the same line of thinking here that if Rose is
going to move up to 125 she’s gonna take the time to do it and accept this fight she is going to be ready to go she’s
going to be focused chip on her shoulder and everything and even if she had that tonight Jed it just didn’t seem like it
was enough man it kind of pushed around a little bit she was just bigger she was stronger and Rose didn’t really she
didn’t really she she had some moments in the fight I thought if you’re gonna give her a round it’s the third and the
two judges who scored it for Rose uh who scored a 29-20 fioro gave Rose a third round but
what was your biggest takeaway from fiora’s win over Rose Nami yunus was it more on the man inside or on the
roadside well first of all the most important thing is that Brock Bowers just scored the first touchdown of UGA football
season so let’s go baby go dogs second uh my biggest Takeaway on this fight
that we’re supposed to be talking about not QJ football game that’s going on right now is uh remember earlier when I
said there’s like two cheat codes in May and one was athleticism and it’s the biggest one particularly heavyweight I
think I haven’t done I haven’t crunched numbers but I’m starting to believe that the biggest cheat code particularly in
the lightest weight classes is less less athleticism though that is very important and just being a horse if you
are just a sturdy immovable human being at lighter weight classes uh that is
very very strong weapon to employ that’s what we saw like uh this doesn’t
need to be that everybody dunk on Jamal Hill for his bad takes contest because Jamal had a really bad take being like
roast beast roast peace Furrow up and he got dunked on by it basically everybody on Twitter as a result of it
he’s like almost right he’s not right she didn’t she did not like tune up furo
in any way and she didn’t win the fight but you could see that she’s better at
fighting like she is better at the composite pieces of fighting she cut more angles she had much more diversity
to her attacks she was slipping her defense was much had much more layers in
depth as opposed to engage or disengage like she is better at the pieces of it
but she there was too big a gap between them physically for her to generate the
kind of offense that that was meaningful like she would land shots and Furrow would eat them fine uh there was really
no issue there Fiero never hurt her either but the damage accumulation like at the end of the first round they
landed pretty even amount of shots and Rose’s face is jacked up because she’s getting hit by somebody who has 10
pounds of muscle on her and is a horse and so it just is sort of how that fight
immediately in that fight I thought man Rose might be able to win like she’s she has a an edge and skill here maybe she
can parlay that into a victory and in the third round she came out well I still scored that round for furo but I
was doing live vlogging so like I’m not married to that decision but she just she couldn’t hurt pharaoh
and when she got hit it it showed it it moved her body physically more she has
no future at this weight class unless she really puts on like a lot of actual
muscle to to compete here at the at the upper end of it and so that and uh also I did not realize that Trevor Whitman
wasn’t going to be coaching her had I known this and had I known that this was the Pat Berry show I probably wouldn’t
have felt as confident in my rose named Eunice pick coming into this fight hand up I I missed that one
I think most people missed that one because that’s probably been the biggest question I’ve been getting is where the hell was Trevor Whitman on this fight
and who knows at this point Trevor’s not a guy that does a lot of media maybe he’ll comment about it on social media
but glaring hole in the corner I know for Roses fight with Carla Trevor was
there but he wasn’t saying anything he was just kind of there while Pat Berry was shouting out
the instructions and we know how that fight went and tonight no Trevor Whitman whatsoever what was you what did you think of the
fight Jose I know like you didn’t get to watch it all but what did you think of mana’s performance and because I I feel like this is going
to be more about Rose losing than man and winning I think Rose losing is going to get more of the headline so
what did this performance do for Manon because she called for the title shot Aaron blanchfield beat Tyler Santos last
week seems to be a two-horse race between these two ladies at this point we got the rematch for the title between
Grasso and chiffchenko coming up in two weeks who’s ahead now after this win
well in terms of how the fight played out um none of you guys are on the preview show with AK and Casey and I and this
went exactly as I said Rose is without question the better martial artist all around like Cuts better angles has
better striking has better grappling everything she’s just fighting a bigger woman and that’s that was going to be
the deciding factor there’s a reason when Fighters move up in weight they tend to start lower on the totem pole
and work their way up every now and then you get something like Jessica Andre who just eats count kagan’s liver in their
first fight and gets thrust into a title fight but like you saw what does in Poirier and any a lot of other guys that
move up and wait they start outside the top 15 or on the out like right at the 15 Rank and then work the way up so by
the time they get to the top five of the division their body is used to it Rose just looks like a straw weight that just
stops cutting weight she didn’t look like a flyweight like man and mannon was very clearly bigger in terms of who’s
ahead between her and Aaron blanchfield I would say it depends on who wins between Valentina and Alexa Grosso and
it depends on where the UFC is going to go with these fights geographically if Valentina wins uh obviously a man in
Valentine Valentina fight somewhere in Europe would probably be really popular idea because they both have ties to
those regions and then if Alexa wins if they want to do another May card a Cinco de Mayo card
um in Newark or the New York area that’s where Aaron blanchfield is from I would imagine that’s what they would do so I
just think if who’s ahead I think Aaron blanchfield is ahead I think she has more I think
she I think Aaron blanchfield is ahead but I have no confidence in saying that neither woman blew the doors off or had
like the super impressive uh performance Aaron blanchfield beat Tyler Santos someone that almost beat Valentina and
man and Pharrell beat a straw weight that was unranked at flyweight neither was an overly impressive performance so
I buy this thing Aaron’s ahead maybe a step ahead and it’s just gonna depend on who wins and
where they go geographically because that seems to be how the UFC makes decisions these days
Chad where does Rose Nami Eunice go from here it’s tough to go back to 115 with the
way things are playing out right now 125 is Crazy Town but what happens
I don’t know uh on what Jose said I agree in large part I will say I think if Valentina wins uh they’re at this
point they will just run the trilogy now I I was skeptical of that but I think if she wins now they’re just gonna do that
as a three match and we’ll get Aaron versus Fiero for a number one contenders fight you know sometime in the similar
time frame there so that’s my guess as far as Rose that’s why I didn’t like this fight I thought this fight like was
fine um but the downside of it’s really bad for Rose because I what is her career at
this point um probably does just go back to 115 I don’t it didn’t look to me like she like
really put on weight to move up like like Jose said look like she was a strawberry who didn’t cut so she can go
back but and you know if it’s hey I just wanted to try and see and now I’m gonna go back okay but that
moving weight classes is a desperate move and I said this before it’s like it’s a thing you do when you’re out of
options and you don’t know how else to get back to the title Etc that’s not where Rose was Rose lost the fight in
like the belt in an awful fight but she had two wins over the current champion and we just needed like a win at
strawberry it would be right back in contention so I don’t know what like
what this was about because it wasn’t about winning because she was never going to beat the top of the if she
can’t beat men off hero she can’t beat the other people in this weight class so I don’t know I guess she goes back to
115 or she should do the things she should have done it first and just go back to the farm you are happy on the
farm continue to do that America needs plenty of farmers out there and that’s
that’s a good life too and you don’t have to do this yeah it’s gonna be real interesting to
see what she does because she stays at 125 who’s she gonna fight Natty Ice like is
that kind of her Futures fighting somebody like that at this point uh no I mean maybe you just give her I’d
watch I’d watch the hell of that fight I think you’d give her the like what’s her true kegian you know like you do the
older hands at the weight class and see if she can succeed against somebody like that
or or no
Barbara just had surgery she’s out oh did she okay yeah we I don’t care what happens in November
can we just do the trilogy can we just do the rose Jessica and Josh Trilogy we could do it at 125 we could
do a 115 for the love of God or we just do that isn’t just gonna draw matched up
already right but yeah she’s fighting Mackenzie Dern but let’s have her fight the loser of that
her management for continuing to roll her into fight like she’s trying to get six fights in this year and she keeps
getting her ass beat what are we doing so dumb so dumb
it’s gonna be real interesting at 125 it’s gonna be real interesting to see what Rose I’m used is gonna go and boy
is it gonna be real interesting to see where Benoit santinigos man what a first
round between him and Thiago Moises he just laid the wood on Thiago boys’s until like the last 50 seconds of the
first round and Moises started Landing some big shots and things are getting real fun and then round two happens and
BSD just mowing down Thiago boys this just looks so much more physical just
looks so much bigger in there like Thiago looked like a bantamweight compared to Benoit Anthony it was crazy
but now since moving back to his natural weight class at 1 55 that was Anthony is
4-0 four finishes and now he takes on a perennial top 20 guy and just mows them
down impressive performance I think he opened up a lot of eyes Jose what did you make a Benoit Santini today
that was some performance was it not that dude just secretes violence
um if it just felt like anything he wanted to do and props to Tiago Moises
like he was in there fighting back as long as he could until his body just gave out on him I thought he was hooked
at the end of that round and then he had that flurry that I don’t want to say it rocked uh Benoit saying to me but like
he was very clear like oh he’s still throwing so maybe I shouldn’t just rush in um smart move too
um that dude is he is now appointment his next fight
will be appointment viewing everyone in the MMA landscape that knew about him like this was one of those fights they
circled now it doesn’t matter where or who he fights next people are going to tune in to watch that dude get covered
in blood either his own or someone else’s blood yeah he secretes violence and he’s going to be a lot of fun to
watch moving forward especially if he stays a lightweight how excited are you because Chad you you
and I are on the same page lightweight is the best division in the sport bantamweight is very good oh my god I’ve
been hammering that yeah that’s it you’ve been that way as well you’ve been that way as well we’ve we’ve argued with
people in Boston about this as well uh but Chad I mean lightweight now we have
this guy we have this guy now added to the mix and he may not even he might be one of the 15 best lightweights in the
world he’s probably he may not have that number next to his name after this performance although
he’s probably gonna end up in my rankings on the MMA fighting Global rankings after what he did today how
excited are you to see this guy start taking on dudes with numbers next to their names because there’s some fun
fights for that guy dude he’s super fun I’m pulling on my rankings now to see yeah he’s probably
gonna make it into mine um he’s probably gonna slide into the 15 spot after this uh again being a Haas
Mike he’s just he’s just a gigantic human being in there against Jaco boy says
who’s been a you know top 25 top 30 lightweight for a long time just hanging
around being real good and BSD was just like sup bro uh Wicked kicks just just a
violent violent dude he’s awesome uh I don’t know if this makes sense like you know promotionally or where they’re
going that’s for you to decide Mike you have a great program on this this very website this very podcast network uh but
what I think we should do is we should call up Matt frivola and we should just let the chaos ensue just let these two
dudes hit each other and see what happens because it will be violent and awesome so Madison Square Garden UFC 295
that is that’s exactly the fight to make spoilers this guy rules like yeah this
guy’s really fun and like that’s that’s the thing there’s some other parties you could talk about on the fight card and
like I know that this is pedantic and kind of disrespectful in some ways and that’s
just who I am like you choose who you want to be as a fighter and you can choose to be Taylor
lapolis you know or or you could choose to be Benoit Anthony like you this is a
choice you can make um what was or I’m sorry William go me was like the bad one it’s like
yeah sorry I was the too many Frenchmen and I
it was hard uh don’t be William gummy like just be a dude Who’s Gonna Come and
Get rugged with it and like it’s just way cooler because you’re probably not going to make it to the
belt because no one reasonably is ever going to make it to a title it’s impossible to win a bell but at least be
fun as hell while you’re in there to get down and that’s BSD is every time it’s always a good time uh and yeah like Jose
said dude’s going dude’s gonna become real popular if he keeps us up yeah what a performance him and frivol
is gonna be fun beard like two good beards just going after it two crazy fun Fighters getting after it do it at MSG
provolo would love that he’s been calling for MSG and fight wanting him to fight somebody on that card for so long
uh I love that match if he’s willing to turn around that quick let’s freaking do it uh Vulcan owes to me are getting a
submission people just ripping up their betting tickets all over the place Vulcan gets his first submission what a
dirt back what an absolute Dirtbag move the second sub ever
was this was this the fight that GC was like I might uh take a little shot at that sub prop and you’re like well don’t
do it because it’s gonna lose I don’t think this is it no it couldn’t be it because no he answered his first
submission was like the his second fight or whatever is the only submission he had in his career because I was on the
TKO prop because I was like Bogdan isn’t very good I watched him fight he’s not good I don’t know what Bisping was
talking about like this guy has the look of a guy who can come in here and do like no he actually looks awful and
vulcan’s gonna win and then he Taps him and it ruined my betting ticket Mike is very upset
uh Morgan charrier kicked off the main card nasty body kicks gets the TKO win
at three minutes 51 seconds sent the crowd into a frenzy that none of us
Casey was there okay bring in Casey Casey I don’t know where you are Casey was at Paris no you were there you were
there on the preview show he was there for the preview show all right what how
you were there and I paused the preview show to basically just talk about that
fight and I was like I am more excited for this fight than any other fight outside the top two fights Casey was
like you sold me on it Casey did it deliver oh yeah yes yeah dude sure he is yeah
yeah that was the fight I like circled and I was like if you’re watching one fight
outside of the top two watch Morgan charree fight that dude is super fun is
super popular he has a massive audience and I think the UFC is going to have has I’m not
calling him like a Sean O’Malley Superstar but if they go anywhere in Europe stick him on that card and he’s
gonna have fans flock to him that was such an awesome performance like when he kicked Manolo like his body left the
ground like he was like punching a football that was an unbelievable performance and man I was nervous
because I when I tell people to watch one fight it oftentimes doesn’t work out sometimes
it works out because like I said there are three fights that I have ever prayed to like the fight God’s for in my entire
life there are three they were MVP and Paul Daly didn’t work out they were
Brian Ortega and the Korean zombie didn’t work out and it was Nick Diaz Robbie Lawler too very sad
so when I was like Morgan charade is the guy to watch I was a little nervous and he delivered with flying colors
yeah nasty performance it was a really good matchup for him too which is the second body kick is chef’s
kiss like the first one that crumples him up and he’s falling and gets up and then just just like goes right back to
it like a punch oh that’s that’s the good stuff baby
both feet were up both of manolo’s feet was off the ground like he was in the
air like getting punted it was unbelievable it was yeah that’s some good stuff man and you know it’s wild
the most boring fight on the main card uh ended up delivering the more
memorable kick just
Jose what did you think of this because if you guys didn’t see it William go me has added to this list that we’ve had
over the last few weeks of shots to the ding ding that are like on the border
on the borderline of like is it or is it not and the referee is just like
okay do you want to go do you want to go and like no one said anything and he’s just like all right I’m stopping the
fight and it was rule to TKO like what this is so no idea what was happening and so people
like who are rewinding and watching it really closely were telling me so this was just so bizarre wasn’t it
it was very bizarre and I’m very ha like I’m not happy it happens but I’m thankful that it happened in of all the
main card fights this one probably had the lowest stakes in terms of like hype and title contention and name value so
if there was going to be one one mess if I was I’m glad it was on
this car but it was bizarre because even Giannis was like he seemed very confused about what was happening and then I
can’t imagine what was happening to the fans in attendance because like us is when we were watching through the
television the commentators did their best to try and figure out what was going on if I’m in attendance and will
and gomi does that and they call the fight and everyone seems confused I’m pissed uh luckily you know everyone was
still high on that Morgan charade uh fight and this was probably felt like a bathroom break fight I honestly good
placement honestly before the chaos of the top three fights top four fights started yeah confusing all around don’t
know I don’t know I don’t know because I can’t say I agree or disagree because it just felt like such a bizarre turn of events I have
yeah it was bizarre is the word I would say yeah from gamori’s Team I am appealing
this it may not go anywhere but you absolutely have to appeal it uh what did you think of this shed right call I mean
was it low was it not like and then just how the referee handled it how do you grade it
it’s just it’s weird like I knew it was happening the whole time um and I get it uh if
this feels like a situation that just is going to occur at some points and we can’t just like be too upset because the
ultimate end result is there’s going to be an appeal process so get overturned to a no contest and sometimes you’re
going to have things like this in a perfect world The Ref like at a very
Baseline the referee in real time who is the Arbiter of things that are illegal or Fair believed that that kick was was
a fair kick and so not once but twice implored both fighters to continue and
the one dude turned around and walked away and so that by definition is hey
he’s not willing to fight I have told them though the fight is legal continue he turned around walk that’s that’s him
quitting the fight has stopped pretty reasonable and un like it is very
obvious that neither dude really registered what he was saying and so the
best the best answer would have been like hey stop I said the fight is on can
fight each other and then if they continue to not then you can call it but you know that’s not what happened and we
end up with this result uh I think the attitude is correct if the even if the
outcome was poor like the idea of that that a lot of fans and seems to
sort of be a a thing here is oh well it was pretty clearly a low kick and so you should stop the fight
he didn’t think it was and if he’s the referee and did not believe that that kick was illegal that’s correct like the
way he handled it should be how it goes it shouldn’t be well I’m gonna stop and defer and we’ve seen Herb Dean and a lot
of people oh he’s acting like he got poked in the eye blah blah blah there is no way to make up for this that way like
if the dudes just came in the system so I think his heart was probably in the right place the execution was really poor uh but ultimately we’re gonna get
this will get overturned to a no contest and it’s unfortunate but it’s not the
end of the world and sometimes weird things are going to happen when people are fist fighting that’s just the name
of the game uh Taylor lapless gets the winner for Colin loughran shout out to Kyle Locker
in for I mean putting the spotlight on these prelims I mean that dude should get a bonus just for making it
interesting and the walkout to no music was incredible even if it was a mistake
because there happened to be musing of the walkout so I don’t know if like he planned it that way but geez
Louise was that fun more people need to do that if you’re trying to be the villain
do that that was that was very very well done it’s a shame that you lost because
that was great yeah he walked on just like stared each fan in the eyes like had his back to the
it was great it was great uh angelusa Reese McKee crazy fight uh
angelusa gets the win this was kind of like on the surge of really bizarre scorecards because yeah apparently a
judge thought Reese McKee didn’t win that third round which is yeah weird
super weird uh Reese Wiki remains windless in the inside the Octagon crazy
and just mailed it in before the round was over like yeah Steve Arena we’re
good this is Steve Rita from Massachusetts just putting out scorecards even though there’s a finish in the round come on now uh the other
fight Nora can uh Cornell versus Jocelyn Edwards when I heard when I heard Jose 30 27 30
27 29 20 I’m like all right Jocelyn Edwards clearly won this fight and here’s here’s what I put on Twitter
like 29 28 but 30 27 wouldn’t surprise me I’m not saying that Nora winning is like
egregious I’m not saying that because it was a close fight but to say that Jocelyn Edwards did not
win a single round in that fight that is egregious 30-27 is awful Jose isn’t it
that’s a terrible card that’s real bad that’s about as bad as you can get
um again thank God it wasn’t in a super high stakes fight near the top of the card I’m not am I crazy in the fact in the
sense that like I scored at 30 27 for Jocelyn like I thought she won all I think there is a very real world that
she won all three rounds so the fact that two of the judges thought she lost all three rounds was when they I’m with
you when they announced 30 27 30 27 I was like oh Jocelyn won and then when they announced Nora’s name I was like I
don’t know about that fight don’t really care to watch that fight over again to see if I was wrong but in
the moment I was pretty confident Jocelyn had won what do you think Chad weird one
yeah 30 27 uh is bad it’s it’s it’s just if you wanted
to do 30s 27 Edwards that is much better than 3027. I had a 29 28 I didn’t think
I I gave the second round of canola but uh I think that that there’s a much better argument that Edwards won the
second round then there is Chrono won the third round if nothing else so uh sure
super weird really really bad scorecard um odd that all of them were in
agreement you know just just some home cooking that’s that’s that’s why you hold the vents in in a country get a
little home cooking going your way so uh like Jose said not to be super boring uh
I’m not gonna watch this back to see if I care to change my mind and thank goodness it happened in a fight that no
one’s really all that upset about and as Jose didn’t say the most important
thing here is the universe evens itself out because Jocelyn Edwards took a stone
cold robbery officer and so now she loses a probable robbery here and that’s
the way the world balances itself out over time so when am I gonna when am I
gonna get my four BTL wins back from Jed
when do I get my win back from BC he literally didn’t give an answer
it’s really true that’s that’s like those degrees that’s like a fighter saying I’m just
not gonna fight the last round and then getting the 30-27. there is just chaos outside of my house
right now we have we’re getting like the all the roofs are getting replaced and then they chose like right now seven
o’clock on a Saturday uh let’s just turn the radio up full blast Let’s uh let’s
clean up the driveway let’s blast the leaf blower even though I it’s just it’s
I’m just glad I’m just glad that someone is actually working on your house because my parents have been trying to
redo their roof and as you guys know how contractors are they’ll go about three weeks without showing up so Prosper you
for finding anyone that will show up so I live in a like an attached
townhouse and we’re forced to get it done even though our roof is in like decent shape like they’re just coming to
do the roofs and you can’t park your new driveway you can’t even park near the house for the next two weeks uh and
we’re just like okay oh yeah and by the way you gotta pay all this money for it on top of it so you’re welcome
but yeah does this work pre or post hurricane oh it started before the hurricane and
then they took two days off because of the hurricane that didn’t hit us never does
it never comes through I mean this better be the cleanest driveway I’ve ever seen with all this
noise going on we did find like a dozen Nails in the driveway the other day which is super fun
um so maybe this is a good sound for all of us uh Jacqueline kavikant to get to win and freed basharat speaking of fun
Fighters with Bright Futures just Clayton Rodriguez had nothing for this man The Bachelorette Bros they are a
problem at 135. uh Casey Come On In
that is a very very brutal t-shirt or a sleeveless shirt I should say
wow wow holy too soon
a little bit I mean I love it but it’s it’s a state Cliff was Cliff was
sleeping in Kirk’s bed that day too so if anything it would have been Kirk if you know Cliff wasn’t asleep
all right what uh what what wow so people just listening Casey’s wearing a shirt that said it should have been Lars
which is insane I mean it’s a statement if you had an
option I mean I don’t want any of them to die no no one says that but you know if you
had to choose you know just uh maybe we can choose some questions
and change or something
okay you’re wearing it uh Chad I’ll start with you did God’s
wrestling Defense level up or Sergey that bad I don’t I mean maybe it leveled up we
just don’t have any idea uh yeah Sergey didn’t do anything to give us any
sense of what happened he didn’t ever get close to anything like if if God had
really like hey look at him he sprawled and turned the corner and got like no he had like one sprawl the whole time and
it was from a shot that was not like a deep power trouble it was basically
circuit just bent over at the waist and ran at him like no we have no idea maybe
it leveled up we just have no clue
I think it leveled up from zero to one no I know I just maybe that’s just me
being a curmudgeon yeah sterile I mean like I said I can’t imagine serial did that much wrestling before the France’s
fight and if you look at everyone else he beat they’re not big wrestlers so I just think he had a game plan for Sergey
and it was a bunch of defensive wrestling and they were still dry and so the fact that he literally jumped out of
a takedown was very impressive I would have been curious to see if the fight lasts longer if Sergey ever got a hold of him but he didn’t sorry and I also
and I also think that Cyril’s defensive grappling in his defensive wrestling
the lack of it was kind of overblown because of the Jon fight and people just don’t understand people don’t for they
just forget how good John is that he’s the arguably the greatest fighter to ever fight and Jon is a very
good Grappler and a very athletic dude and he could do that to pretty much anybody he wants to so to compare
Sergey Spivak to Jon Jones is like it’s it’s ridiculous it’s a ridiculous
comparison yeah so you have you only have to have gone facing spebec you know you have to worry about certain things
when you face Jon Jones you have to worry about everything including you know it’s freaking Jon Jones and it’s a
title fight and it’s it’s a giant deal and surugan he the bed that night
he did not sit the bed tonight you know I’m not saying Jon Jones wins every time he has gone that easily but
you know everything went perfect for John the night everything went horrible for gone that night and um I just think
we I think you know God’s trying to write the ship a little bit and um yeah it’s a great
performance yeah has gone it has gotten eliminated that kind of
did he have a boring fighter label on him or is that gone is that is that gone
he’s gone a couple things he had a he he was like I think there
were two fights in a row in the I mean it was like a combination thing it was two main events in the Apex that went 25
minutes against gyrosino and volkov and he just out struck them like they were 50 45s so they were dominant and he
wasn’t like crushing though it was just
fight like 18 minutes of that fight was like against the fence yeah yeah with zero just put pushing him against the
fence and like Landing knees to the legs and just it was just an inside clinch battle with
like it wasn’t all that thrilling Dane is the one that cut it yeah yeah and Dana Dana like hammered home the
the kind of boring label to those fights because he wasn’t very kind I felt
Bisping was trying to give God that boring label in the first round if you listen to commentary but by the time the
fight ended bisbing was all like what a great performance but in the first round he was like I don’t know if God’s looking urgent in there I was like what
are you talking about dude it’s like he’s beating the guy here he also basically like the just the way he views
Reese McKee is a competitor he was made he basically crowned angelosa like the next welterweight champion because he
beat Reese McKee tonight like it was wild it was insane all right I mean Al also he he survived
the last round against Reese McKee as well make sure you point that out
and Reese McKee survived the second round just oh just uh splattering from angelosa
that was crazy Jose to your point you made uh sometime earlier this week I
don’t remember what time we were talking about it when you just get the name you know the Irish zombie or whatever yeah
that’s how you know Korean zombies dope yeah when people are labeling giving you
a zombie and your race love it love it all right uh
co-main event question for the crew uh Jose will begin with you would Rose benefit from trying
one Camp elsewhere to freshen things up it really seems she needs a new look and approach to get her to fire again what
does she have to lose Jose um
I think she would need another head like a different head coach maybe or just try
one because like if if she’s not with Trevor Whitman anymore maybe you should just like
like everyone has their specific coaches for specific things but then you have the guy like the head coach that kind of
puts everything together and that’s like Greg Jackson did that at Winkle like Jackson Winkle were like you had Winkle
John do a lot of the Striking and you had other guys doing Jiu Jitsu and you had guys like Izzy Martinez is down
there doing a lot of wrestling stuff and then Greg Jackson was just like The Mastermind maybe she just needs something like that Trevor Whitman seems
to be very good at that but like you brought up in the when she fought in Phoenix against Wei Lee I mean not
Whaley Carla it just seems like Pat Berry was the one steering the ship and maybe that’s maybe
that’s not what she needs maybe she needs an unbiased person that
can put it all together Pat Barry’s very good Striker I wouldn’t rely on Pat Berry at all to tell me what to do in
the rest on your grappling department so if she thinks she needs Pat Berry to be her striking coach then that’s great he
was like bad Barry’s a very good kickboxer but I think she just needs a masterminds that is the one driving the
ship when she sits down on that stool and there’s someone that sneels in front of her telling what to do maybe she just
needs a different voice that can like like Tony Ferguson when he fought Justin cage he didn’t really seem to have a
head coach he had a bunch of Specialists and then when they threw Eddie Bravo in the as the guy to go in there in the
final round he’s like you should do an eminary role I’m like probably not against Justin Casey that’s a very bad
idea maybe she just needs a mastermind that’s like running the I don’t
know I don’t like being the guy to tell Fighters what to do with their career it’s just from the outside looking in
don’t maybe don’t get rid of Pat bear if you’re feeling comfortable as him as a coach but just get a different voice is the one
putting the game plan together yeah I mean I’m sure you agree with the shed like
going around and training with different people and getting different looks sure it doesn’t hurt right
yeah um look it’s it’s always very hard to say what it
what any fighter needs because all fighters are different uh I largely think that most Fighters would benefit
from changing up their coaching structure every couple of years like just just because you don’t want to
stagnate and this game moves so quickly and things move so rapidly even if you’re with somebody like ATT or
whatever you’re just you’re going to fall into routines you get a lot of similar looks and the same stuff and
there are Fighters like Max Holloway who can stick with one one team the whole career and it can be incredibly
successful for them but uh I have always thought that you should make more use of
that and just get different eyeballs uh because I think Trevor Whitman’s a terrific coach I know that he may not
now I don’t know what to what extent he’s now involved with her but I think Trevor Whitman’s as good a coach as
there is in this sport I think even if Rose was still working with Trevor Whitman every day given her last two
performances have gone a change of pace go you know go go met
see what half El Cordero can teach you because Trevor Whitman’s teaching you a different way to fight and maybe Cordero molds you a little more in his own image
maybe you become much more of a pressure fighter Rose has always been really good at kicking like maybe Cordero Can can
get her to be a little bit more proactive with that like go I mean ATT I
always think everyone should go to ATT it’s the best gym in the world with the best coaching staff and the best everything uh but I mean any of it you
know Henry hoofton and Company whatever they’re calling themselves Now kill Cliff they got I think every fighter
should change it up every couple of years particularly if they’ve fallen on a hard streak like just all right it’s no it’s
nothing bad about my previous coach but let’s see if something new works for me because
that’s just how life works you stick at a job for 10 years and you want to change you want something different
something to reinvigorate you Rose seems to have gone about that by saying yeah I
want a new challenge I want to go up to 125. that’s way freaking harder it would be like what if I just challenge myself
by working with new people and seeing how this goes so I would say yes but you
really have no idea until until she does it and they’ll see if it works yeah for
sure I mean look at John Wayne Lee goes to Henry sahudo’s Camp much different fighter uh it just continues to get
better she was at Syndicate she had like John Wood in her corner for the I’m at a Lemos fight and maybe the best
performance of her career so obviously and she’s going back and forth to all different places to Thailand and
such she’s just it works for some people it doesn’t work for everybody so but yeah but I mean if she wants to do that
and just wants to expand her Horizons no one’s saying like leave Colorado forever
you know what I mean but like if you want to go get some looks here and there go ahead if there’s something you want to work on go find the best in the world
and spend a couple weeks there and then go back home and do what you normally do we’re talking a lot about Rose
um what did we learn from Pharrell what did you what was your takeaway from Manning’s performance tonight did you
learn anything new or because I thought that that was kind of like and since it’s a bit of a trap fight for a minute
for fro even though it’s a big name if she wins we’re kind of like well Rose wasn’t good rose wasn’t good at 25
rather than saying Whoa man it looked amazing so I thought man is takedown D
was a big difference in the fight the way she stuffed Rose three or four times pretty like pretty hard sprawls and just
made Rose kind of pay for those takedowns I thought that really changed the dynamic of the fight and with rose
not having interview or wrestling maybe her hand was really limiting her grappling uh I thought that was a I
thought to me that kind of um hurt the comments hurt the confidence of Rose a lot in the fight so um what did y’all
think we’ve managed tonight I gained a little bit of respect for
um the takedown defense was less Salient to me just because Rose isn’t like a
great wrestler she’s a functional one she took wayley down a bunch and like can do it but uh the first one I saw was
enough to be like oh that’s never going to work for Rose uh she simply does not have the physicality or to to do this
with the technique barriers that exist within her at this point so uh I didn’t take a lot from that but
um I guess when you took that away when Rose knew that wasn’t there now I thought she oh she’s she’s kind of
cooked I mean I wonder how like yeah I I have no idea the things that uh I
will say impressed me or that I certainly gained a little bit of appreciation uh
Furrow has I mean for most of her career she’s largely styled on people
um not like styled on them but like jukigian she just simply knew true
Keegan couldn’t hurt her and just threw a lot more than shakigian did and like that’s just how that fight went
um roshi couldn’t really track Rose down that much Rose was very out whenever
whenever funeral would throw anything Rose just immediately disengaged and so
it didn’t let Pharaoh really keep like a super high work rate but it was really steady and I thought she was doing some
pretty good things in there I was like uh particularly with a right hook like whenever Rose would commit to stepping
in manal was really getting her right hook in uh she was countering leg kicks
she didn’t check a lot of them which is an interesting thing but as Rose started to go to Kix more you started to see
Manon register that was coming and here comes the left hand or a hook uh to to
keep pace so she was doing some things tactically showing a little bit more to her game uh than she has previously or
at least from what I’ve seen so that was good but it wasn’t like a oh she is
she’s leveling up it’s like yeah she’s she’s getting better she’s steadily improving and that’s good I still think
she will really struggle with certainly the top two women in this weight class and uh probably with Alexa Grosso as
well though that fight could be a lot more competitive what’d you think Jose what did you take
away most from from Manon I’ll help me with myself
um pretty much everything Jed said also the ability to you know she had that massive gash on the side of her face and
she kept fighting forward because I don’t think any of you were on it because I think Casey was
I you might have been at a pro wrestling thing and then Mike you were on vacation and Jed actually Jed you were on it when
we talked about um can’t remember who was me you and Eric on a post show when I was producing and
I brought up the point that Rose throws a lot of cheeky head butts a lot oh yeah
and no one ever that’s veteran right there yeah like respect that’s
some Henry sahudo game she throws a lot of them so once there was a clash of
heads I was like well I saw that coming about a mile away and the fact that that thing was leaking bad so I like I said
with zombie the ability to fight through to to maintain your composure in the middle of pain and blood is a big deal
so in terms of her skill set didn’t I learn a whole lot just because Rose just seems like the smaller fighter but the
ability to fight through damage like because Jed said kind of styled on a lot of her opponents um that was the biggest
thing I liked you know to have this big leaking thing on your forehead and still be able to fight an incredibly high level
to me man and fioro is just like she’s like she’s like Paul
Molitor out there like Old School Baseball fans can understand this I mean
she’s just she’s just so solid man like she is just fine hitting singles and
doubles and she’s very good at it she’ll just hit singles and doubles all day long and just boost that batting average
up she might flirt with 400. if you need to hit a home run once in a while she’ll come through if you really need her to
but she’s happy hitting singles and doubles she’s a she listens and when she’s effective with what she’s doing
she doesn’t Veer from it at all like would she know she’s onto something she
just sticks with it and she did it here she felt Rose didn’t
feel like rose could hurt her she wasn’t afraid of dealing with her on the feet she wasn’t afraid of Rose taking her down I was actually kind of surprised
that man didn’t shoot more takedowns and then I think as the fight went on man it was like I don’t even need to try to
take her down because I’m just winning all these striking exchanges like rose is moving around well but she just couldn’t even get
to to man in real really in this fight like the third round she had a little more success and she had moments
sprinkled throughout but I felt very clear very confident it was 2-0 heading
into the third and if you scored a 30-27 man and at the end like it wouldn’t have shocked me it was a clear man and win
and then Rose just had a little more success in the third but yeah singles and doubles man very effective in the in
this fight I Casey to your point I think the thing I’m going to take away from this fight
and that I would love to see if like she registered I was also surprised Mike that men didn’t take like go for more
takedowns but I think that she just recognized that she didn’t really need to and grappling with throws maybe
brought in a different level of danger that was not like something she needed to uh I would have loved to see her
spend more time in the clinch because she beat the hell out of Rose when they were clinched up like every time they
engaged in a clinch when I was was beating her up like she landed a couple of really nice knees inside and they
didn’t clinch for very long but I thought she could have gone to that a lot more and maybe that’s an area that
she can be like really good in because she is so physical and she had a lot of success you know tonight with that
the knees of the body were nasty in the clinch really really mean like real
mean stuff from her in the clinch yep yeah um what I learned I guess I mean I was
actually I wasn’t too high I mean I knew man it was a top 10 fighter at 25 but I
I wasn’t like I was still in the kind of Defense but I I was impressed tonight by a performance and Rose just I hope she
goes I hope she goes back to 15. that’s all I don’t care who she fights if she wants to work her way up be a a French
I don’t I don’t know if she’s okay if not being the best or working I don’t know I just hope she goes make 15. I
just don’t think 25 just 25 doesn’t look right for her just felt off wasn’t I’ll
tell you I’ll tell you what my other takeaway was Chad and I’m curious to get your take on this and was what if the
UFC reversed things what if they had done Manon vs Tyler Santos and they did Aaron blanchfield versus rostam Eunice
like how much differently would be would be looking at things right now like Jen like if they did Aaron like if Aaron
blanchfield fought Rose daviudice tonight how would that have gone uh ambulation would have killed there I
said that coming like before this fight happened I was like yeah if she fights Rose she would just kill her
um and again I think Rose number units might be the single most talented woman competing in mixed martial arts today is
not me hating on Rose this is me having a very clear understanding of the role physicality plays in combat and uh
exactly how that fight would go would be pretty bad um because Rose is not like the best
defensive wrestler and Aaron Blanchard would just Crush her uh conversely sign
me up to just watch Tyler Santos and monofiero B haases at each other and see
what just two Rock Solid people who are just there like I don’t I don’t know
what that fight looks like and it’s probably not the most fun fight ever but it’s intriguing to me if nothing else so
that would have been a great switch up uh instead we got what we got and now there’s
a bit of I don’t I don’t know what’s gonna happen my you know I’m gonna guess
that Aaron blanchfield gets the next title fight over Manon offices but uh
Maybe not maybe even on now gets to fight for a title because she beat Rose who’s very small
it’s do we I hope the UFC does not book blancheville versus
I only think they booked that if they do uh uh
you can’t go wins and they book a Trilogy I think we are for sure getting that fight and I’m okay with that um
even though I still think it’s a little dumb okay yeah I just because I think banjo is going to have that title
eventually and then if she beats Pharaoh on the way to that title then which does have the title like all the contenders
she’s already kind of beat on the way up there so just uh just think about our future so last comment since I think we
got we got an hour uh where is it
the hair on this foursome could not be any different that’s very true what hair baby what
yeah we should we should reverse it we should have put you in the second slot Casey Jose in the third and then Jed in
the fourth Pokemon evolution yeah from length from length but Jose Jose’s got
the thickness Factor so we gotta figure that part out maybe he goes forth but it’s my uh brown pride baby we got
good hair well done all right I think we’re good early day MMA 7 21 PM I feel like I feel
like you undersold Palmer I think Paul Molitor was a much better baseball player than Madam for Rose an MMA
fighter I it’s just a comparison 10 guesses I
can’t tell you who Paul Molitor Paul Molitor how to spell that man’s name
Marty or Lefty I can’t tell all monitor is one of I want to say four or five
people in the history of baseball which is more than a century old to have I
think 3 000 hits a 300 career average and 500 stolen bases
do I think do I think man and fioro is going to pay like 27 Seasons how many dingers how
many dingers did Paul 300 I think 300. well but over like 37 Seasons yeah
[Music] he had ten he stole home he stole home
like a dozen times in his career
when she fought Victoria Leonardo so it’s not like she’s never had the chance all I’m saying is Paul Molitor is very
good at baseball and manafro is good at MMA love y’all neither let you down good
night everybody