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We will be discussing the upcoming UFC Noche event, featuring the highly anticipated rematch between Alexa Grasso and Antonina Shevchenko. We will also be analyzing other key fights on the card and their potential impact on their respective divisions. So let’s dive right in!

Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2: The Rematch

The main event of UFC Noche will see Alexa Grasso and Antonina Shevchenko face off in a rematch. The first fight between these two fighters ended in a unanimous decision victory for Shevchenko. However, Grasso has been on a tear lately, winning her last four fights, and she will be looking to avenge her previous loss.

The Importance of a Win for Grasso

For Grasso, a win in this rematch is crucial. Another loss, especially if it is a one-sided affair, could be detrimental to her career. It would give the impression that she is not able to compete at the highest level and could potentially hinder her chances of moving up in the rankings. On the other hand, a win would not only avenge her previous loss but also solidify her position as a top contender in the flyweight division.

The Need for a Disciplined Win

Grasso’s coach emphasizes the importance of a disciplined win for her. It’s not just about going out there and trying to finish her opponent. It’s about having a well-thought-out strategy, considering factors like resources, positions, and sequences. This approach will not only help her secure a victory in this fight but also set her up for success in future fights.

The Risks of Pushing Young Talent

One concern that arises when it comes to Grasso is her age. She is still young and relatively inexperienced compared to some of her opponents. While it’s not uncommon for fighters to enter the UFC at a young age, there is a risk of pushing them too quickly. The UFC prefers to have fighters who are willing to go through the ranks and prove themselves before getting a shot at the top. This is not to say that Grasso is not ready for this fight, but it’s something to consider in terms of her development as a fighter.

The Potential of Shevchenko

Antonina Shevchenko, the older sister of current flyweight champion Valentina Shevchenko, has shown great potential in her career. She has been on a 10-fight win streak, including a 4-0 record in the UFC. Her recent breakout performance has garnered attention and put her in the spotlight. This rematch against Grasso is an opportunity for her to further establish herself as a rising star in the division.

The Future of the Women’s 125-Pound Division

The fight between Tracy Cortez and Jasmine Jasudavicius is another important matchup on the card. Both fighters have been on a rise in the women’s 125-pound division and a win for either of them could potentially lead to a big fight in the division. Cortez, who is on a 10-fight win streak, has been perfect in her recent performances. On the other hand, Jasudavicius has shown great improvement and had a breakout performance in her last fight. This fight will give us a better understanding of where these fighters stand in the division and their potential to become future contenders.

The Rise of the Women’s 125-Pound Division

The women’s 125-pound division has been gaining momentum and has become one of the most exciting divisions in the UFC. With fighters like Valentina Shevchenko dominating the division, there is a lot of talent and potential for exciting matchups. The division has taken over the reigns from the 115-pound division as the money women’s division. The rise of fighters like Cortez and Jasudavicius only adds to the excitement and competitiveness of the division.


The upcoming UFC Noche event promises to be an exciting night of fights, with the rematch between Grasso and Shevchenko taking center stage. Both fighters have a lot on the line and will be looking to make a statement in their respective divisions. Additionally, the fight between Cortez and Jasudavicius will provide insight into the future of the women’s 125-pound division. Overall, this event is a must-watch for MMA fans and will surely deliver some thrilling moments.

I’m Chuck Mendenhall and I’m here to record another one of these pre-game previews this one
on Mexican Independence Day Grasso versus Chef tanko 2. what’s sure I’d be back in the studio here it’s been a long
time since I’ve had an invitation uh to join the crew I’ve seen Rashad Evans uh
Aaron bronstetter just to name a couple of guys who’ve been floating through pretty sure they lost my number but I’m
back here you know what I mean I’m resilient all right they finally found your number to call you back exactly nightmare blunt rotation one more time I
think generally we get together for these things for pay-per-views or big shows like that this one’s just a fight
night so you know it’s big if they’re calling in the big dog for that one both men have grown a little bit in their
waist um we’ll hire chuck oh sorry
but it is good to be back it’s always fun to visit Jersey City and uh it has been too long I think it’s been a couple
of months for me so this would be good all right here’s the thing Saturday September 16th Mexican Independence
weekend in Las Vegas no canelo’s not fighting no you got pushed out the UFC
is fighting yeah T-Mobile Arena UFC Fight Night UFC Noche and we are not racist trying
to be no morning Combat coming at you with the pregame preview Brian can’t we are white co-host Luke Thomas in the
middle of a family member in these parts they finally found your number to call you yeah exactly the Iron Man or the
Iceman or you know the ice hole Chuck Minden yeah I like that icehole truckers
nightmare blunt rotation one more time look at this so this is a this is not too long removed from UFC 293 where in
this kind of weird year for the UFC where sometimes we get bad matchmaking this is really good matchmaking and then
for my money really good product placement and brand awareness for the for their customer for the UFC which is
trying to cut into that traditional Combat Sports the two big Mexican holidays you know Cinco de
Mexican Combat Sports holidays Cinco de Mayo the Las Vegas trip for Independence Day in September they’re going that on
that day no Canelo he’s September 30th in Las Vegas and they’re bringing a free TV card
with the championship on the line at 125 pounds in the women’s flyweight Division and new mexican-born Champion Alexa
Grosso in a rematch with Valentina shevchenko first and foremost Luke is is
it USC no change does that make any sense UFC Knight what are we doing here yeah UFC Knights I guess it doesn’t make
sense to do uh pelear or pelea uh yeah it’s a little too much so I guess they
just call it UFC Noche listen I’ll tell you what uh I don’t necessarily I am a big fan of what they’re doing I
think that this is a great thing that they’re undertaking uh it makes sense in Las Vegas it’s a new way to promote I
tell you that if you see it when you go to Canelo far you obviously see it but BC it was an eye-opener for me because
all the times I’ve seen big Mexican Fighters they were on like a big Canelo card so you know even great names
sometimes don’t stand out or it’s like other Latinos but like when David Benavides fought a Kayla plant you got
to see yeah and I I was like you know you don’t expect him to have the Canelo following dude it wasn’t far behind like
I was blown away at how much they rally for him these are Rock ribbed fight fans
the UFC has made massive inroads into this Market they have a great opportunity for a great fight putting it
on basically I think it’s still an ESPN plus but certainly not on pay-per-view um you know I’m gonna call it a home run
they’re gonna fumble some stuff which is the one I was making but in general in general this is great well not only is it great the card’s not a pay-per-view
but it feels like a special event given the fact that it’s in almost a pay-per-view slot on a normal
pay-per-view weekend for for boxing on the highest level but Chuck given that to the people there’s something to that
it’s a strategy this card’s actually deeper than the pay-per-view card just a couple weeks before UFC 2. like considerably deeper
but like it’s a better rate event can this gamble work is grosto the right fighter at the right time in this
Mexican takeover Revolution with Brandon Moreno and we’ve seen you know all these new Yaya Rodriguez got to the title level aldana yeah can this work can this
really work I think so but I mean they’re almost a little late and I know you can’t change the date of September 16th but at the same time you know there
was a moment when this might have been a huge event if you heard Rodriguez had come through in his situation if aldana
had come through in her situation um who knows I don’t know what they would have done with this card but I
think that you have enough man we used to kind of place Kane Velasquez and be like okay let’s see and then we’ve kind
of talked about Henry cejudo too these are guys that weren’t Mexico born they weren’t going to do but they were they
were moving shows down to Mexico City they were doing that sort of thing and it it felt like they’re making the animals this feels like the actual
inroads this feels like the moment and if you look at some of the the fights that were scotched off of this card uh
you know it was going to be even better it’s going to be a huge event and I still think it’s a very good as long as that main event is intact I think we’re
in good shape but I mean they were trying to kind of Stack this card it would have been five really good fights
if it had come through the way it was supposed to so I think your answer to it could this work I think it could maybe they got lucky that there’s no big major
boxing event here but the continued education of the Mexican fight fan to put UFC on that same level well you need
the Homegrown stars and they’ve proven that they can do that and you know Luke Kane it didn’t work as an experiment but
Kane was always the shoot first wrestler to be fair uh he was supposed to be the big promising guy he certainly wasn’t he beat Brock for the local second
generation or third generation Latino Market but going to Mexico you know my wife one time made a point about Kane and uh when he fought for Doom because
they did a bunch of media and she watched it she was like I don’t know if you know this but for Doom Spanish is better than Kane’s like like
substantially you know but now but now you’ve got a is somebody who can actually inform you on yeah she heard it
she was like she was like I think it’s it’s improved substantially sensitive but especially pronounce Bruce Lee
but the point being I’m trying to make here is you know they didn’t quite have the local turn and the way they needed
and you know there has been some faltering in 2023 but the first fight between Grosso and shivchenko I
rewatched it for obviously for today what a fantastic fight this was what an interesting rivalry one of the cases of
an immediate rematch I do think makes sense and a very interesting tactical battle there’s a lot to like about this
and it comes at the perfect time where this division is I want to say resetting but really launching for the first it is
it is it is resetting but but basically what I want to mean is this division’s identity you know it hasn’t been then
the Nico Montano era it had this division’s identity has been Valentina and she’s been incredible and she’s been
all time great in that run but all great runs come to an end so Chuck when we look back we’ve been blessed with some
crazy upsets in the past 18 months of MMA right from Leon Edwards poeton all the way through Juliana Pena so many big
moments what should we have seen coming about the chefchenko upset lost with
Alexa Grosso in March and are those answers more about chefchenko or more about Grosso in terms of what we missed
we get into these tidal wave moments where we’re like who’s the goat who’s the goat we were talking about these terms almost uncertain terms in these
moments I I feel like she had kind of assumed that especially with Amanda news having lost a pain yet at one point fairly recently and
you’re basically building her up but we saw a very competitive to the point where you’re like the scorecards go go
either way in her previous fight with Tela Santos and I think that that was maybe a red flag but I think the bigger
red flag honestly man you I think you might have pointed this out at some point 35 is kind of a magic number where
people fall off unless you yeah there’s a stat unless you are a uh the heavyweight division right I feel like there’s you
was it you I think it was you who’s talking about this it was 229 for a 35 year old anyone under 35 excuse me
anyone over 35 final fights and that’s basically it’s like 50 50. welterweight and
underway to 125. we’re talking about chefchenko who’s had a competitive over three different kinds of Combat Sports
going back 20 years she’s 35 years old you wonder it’s not a Max Holloway
situation like where you know he like you mentioned he has an odometer that’s running but he’s still showing up and he’s still doing it but you do Wonder
with chefchenko has she lost that thing because I I thought she looked great for
them you know you just watched the fight I thought she looked good through especially as the fight was going on and then she gets beat in the fourth round
but she wasn’t a little bit trouble early in that fight so a couple times she was in trouble so she was in trouble there was a crucifix that shipchenko got
in the second round I believe now eventually the great part about what Grosso did was she like relentlessly
worked out of it but she certainly lost that round she had her back taken in the third round as well but again you know did well to fight it off but the story
that fight as far as I can tell is two things one it turned shift Jaco into a wrestler she was matter of factly just
losing on the feet had her moments but losing on the feet and the thing that really stood out to me when watching it again man I got it I really believe this
is true it happens for all Champs they they have a bunch of advantages that the rest of
the division doesn’t have and that’s how they Excel so fast and beat all their rifles but you can only get so good and
you’re you’re you can’t really improve and then when you fight the best over time a lot of tape develops on you the
Grosso team they knew not just what the right ideas were but the actual tactical
choices they made about working around her lead hook and all the her defensive Tendencies they had a brilliant game
plan and she was they’re all of the tape on her is now starting to work against her because well-schooled Fighters can
really begin to dissect her and now the division’s catching up you’re right and Valentina was as busy and decorated as
anyone we’d seen it did feel like if there were some things we should have saw coming then maybe it was the Valentina
you know facing real competition against Jennifer Maya for the first time where she had to make some adjustments and then certainly Tyler Santos fight was a
a stopping point on asking a question if things had caught up to Valentina or is there parts of her game that isn’t
completely well-rounded I think the best thing I can say about the way the title changed hands there is it wasn’t necessarily like Nunes Pena one that
even though Pena had this incredible moment that was caused by her heart and will you could not have watched that
fight including the comments afterwards and putting the pieces together not realize that wasn’t the best of Amanda Nunes that that felt like an apparition
it did the rematch seemed to confirm that right it just melt the rematch doesn’t always confirm it but it really
did right there grassro didn’t win this by accident even if you’re focusing on the big chefchenko mistake which led to
the Finish she finished even the back take was even Nunes getting finished by Pena we always said well look she didn’t
actually test she kind of just fell apart and like was like a dead body and they just weighed the I know she tapped but it was more out of just exhaustion
this was fight the champ at her best no excuses no injuries and submit her yeah
so should we look at Alexa Grosso who by the way is the betting Underdog in the rematch which I understand as somebody
who’s trying to protect their stake like Leon Edwards was against Usman and improve it’s not a one-hit wonder or is
she someone that like could have legit staying there is another stat they don’t know the compounds almost with the uh
you know being 35 but the person who loses the belt generally in these rematches you know doesn’t do
well like they come back and I think that there there’s that’s where Amanda news kind of booked a trend to be honest and I remember pointing this out back
then but there’s something psychological that happens too and you mentioned this I’m like okay so grosser comes in well
prepared what are the adjustments that Chef shank is going to make and then what how does Grasso counter but at the same time I think the psychological Edge
now goes to Grasso he’s the younger fighter you’re doubting now like Vegas
is doubting I think some people I’ve talked to certain people who think that the first fight was fluky but you’re like now you’re doubting somebody and
putting an extra chip on her shoulder to do it again you know what I mean and I feel like you look at it this kind of in the those
abstract kind of uh intangibles and I kind of want you you like grass also they’re booking her in a kind of
emotional moment September 16th into you know Mexico they’re they’re kind of counting on her showing they’re making
her the face of the flag that’s a big moment so Luke is it is there any elements to it that’s fluky like it was
a chefchenko mistake that set it up but boy did Grosso slide into the moment and make a finish happen that we wouldn’t
have we wouldn’t expect it that would it so the there’s a there’s a competing narrative if you want to believe it the
reality was Grosso won the fight on defeat to the extent that it was on the feet certainly the first round but then
rounds two and three were chefchenko rounds kind of in a boring way but through wrestling there is at least an
argument to make that you could see chefchenko physically picking it up in the fourth and maybe Grosso starting to
fade when she made that error that Grosso legitimately took advantage of because of her good preparation like
there there’s nothing fluky about that the rematch to me the biggest question is the physicality and the takedown
defense and the ability to cause separation between Grosso and chefchenko if she can manage that there’s no doubt
in my mind she can win there’s a different fight from distance and that represents where the odds are like again we go back to his footwork being a part
of takedown defense all of it being related because again shipshaco couldn’t do a whole lot to her except we had good
positions so Grosso can survive but that’s not enough to beat her if this fight’s gonna be there you gotta shut
that [ __ ] down quickly can’t you do that shivchenko even at 35 still a physical Powerhouse all right crosstow in that
fight showed us that she was better than we thought but it’s really about this larger reinvention to this new weight class he was she she you know weighed
out of the former weight class at 115 which had the deeper pool and that 125 suddenly infused with everybody
including Rosemont I mean it’s wild how deep this division got she’s the queen of this division is it was it more about
just finding the right weight class than allowing her skills to because I didn’t feel like there was anything actually fluky about the way she won it she was
at the right moment the right time and she delivered the right performance so how how good good is she compared to
this growing division around her I mean give me the answers Here Charlie I’m feeling black thought she’s definitely
become better and better there was a time between 2017 and 2019 I believe where she went two and three she loses
to like Felice herrigs like this and you’re sort of like damn Chuck but I
mean lost a police [ __ ] no I’m just saying like you you wouldn’t think that that would be on her
resume but there was a point in time because she had a lot of hype before that I felt like she kind of had some
hype but that took it away and I have to I mean I’d be lying if I said I I foresaw that
she was going to come back and become a champion and like kind of turn it on as she has but she’s been a very bright fighter she’s kind of was it her the the
Lobo gym what is a yeah yeah I mean I feel like they’re yeah they’re really well coached which means wolf yeah and
they’re they’re well coached and I feel like she has shown that and I think just her showing up in that fight the first
round you could tell that there wasn’t a lot of intimidation there you imagine that like there was this is somebody who
we’d put up almost on a mythological level in that in that women’s flyweight like we were talking about chefchenko in
terms of well you know the goat and all these things and sometimes people just aren’t buying
into that they use it as fuel but you could just tell that she was not going to be intimidated look how well they scouted her they scouted her dude they
knew all the different parts of her Tendencies of her of her shot choices again they were overmatched physically
when it came to it but at distance remember how many times she was able to cover distance and then get Valentina
leaning back and then drill her you couldn’t believe you’re like oh my God she keeps doing it they knew if they can scout that well before what’s to say
they couldn’t do that again like this is a very well like the the Strategic abilities of the coaches over there is
high level like they’re in this fight make no mistake about it I believe that Valentino is 35 now the first fight in
March before she she turned in good shape sure for her birthday on Instagram there’s been a lot of creeps probably you know commenting she’s probably
firing a lot of guns she has the grossest audience her fans
100 are into autoerotic asphyxiation which is you know if that’s your bag
the whole album about that topic probably probably and more than that you know that’s a fair point but I’m just gonna say like her fans
I mean you need to go to horny jail you know so how big of a you’re talking to one of them please you said Amanda Nunes
Buck the trend of winning back the title especially at an advanced age [ __ ] without telling me you do no [ __ ]
some ways arastania did the same thing although he’s we we consider him closer to the to the peak of the Prime in a lot of ways but he went back in there after
losing the title how big would this win be for chefchenko is this win merely to put the to put a giant wad of gum on the
hole in the side of the dam of her eventual rise to all-time greatness which she’ll still get to she she’s
proved that she’s earned that but how big a win from a GSP correcting the Matt Sarah you know hole on his resume and
doing it organically I think it would be big in the sense that from this you know from the people in
the boat I don’t feel like it was a fluke so if she goes in there and makes it seem like a fluke suddenly she goes
in there and blows right through Alexa grass you’re like well I mean now we’re this is crazy like she’s you know be
able to restore but we just haven’t seen that but I I think if she’s able to if she’s able to regain to recapture that
title we were already talking about her in the stratosphere of like the women’s all-time Fighters I mean to me that
would be a big deal because I just I feel like these this is when it starts to go stack against your age you have
somebody who like you were saying not not intimidated I think you’ve worn the target long enough now where you know
just stay hungry at that level and to be that Target for so long to overcome that is very difficult you motivate somebody
that talented and dangerous to be at their absolute no question best like she’s gonna have to be here you’re going
to get some dangerous version even at 35 of Jeff jenko look you know that I don’t think there’s any question she’s
strategic as well she’s technical when is she not technical I mean even when you make a mistake or over commit to a
certain kind of technique whatever you whatever you want to attribute the loss to Grosso to lack of focus you know no one can have performances all the time
dude she’s a [ __ ] dude she’s an institution and she is the institution of this division but you know I mean
that’s who she is but again I go back to it man I think like uh I really think people are sleeping like they always
talk about like the hunger of Mexican Fighters like the willing to go to war but she got outplayed in on the feet in
the first fight she got outplayed that’s where she took the back the back happened standing on the feet she got out played on the feet fair and [ __ ]
square no no two ways about it it’s crazy too because if you look at the stats and I mean you just watch it but I
just kind of glance at the stats she was getting outstruck but of course a lot of that’s inside right like it’s a lot of
um inside stuff but I just think that having done it once you know and then still being doubted
works for grass so if you just kind of look at a psychology the way that she’s uh her the way she talks and things I
think it benefits her in the end it’d be really interesting I mean I love this type of fight because
you could see the path easily for chefchenko in that first fight like what it was going to be do you just ratchet
it to a 10 and just say like all right I don’t care if we spoil you know Mexican Independence Day and everybody Boos me
but I’m gonna win the way I need to win you know what I mean when we saw chefchenko at her greatest which was the
Run initially she had as as FlyAway Champion she could win any single way and she certainly can even if we felt
she had holes in wrestling against Santos you know she worked as hard as crazy to build up to the Grasso fight to
try to repair that hole she can do everything do we need to see her though be more offensive in trying to prove
this point and come back and win this because when we have seen her out of necessity you think of like the second half rallies against Amanda Nunes I mean
chefchenko is awesome she’s known more as the counter Striker and maybe that’s where she’s at her best but if she goes
attacking grosto here and becomes the impressive when did she do that do the same Jessica eyebrow she had to do it
against Holly Holmen I mean I know see the thing is Grosso started out as not necessarily a slam dunk Prospect an
interesting Prospect a good Prospect but it wasn’t like she was like Bo nickel or something right holy [ __ ] [ __ ] from
Mexico that’s right I think all of us were like can Mexico at the top obviously but this is the best it’s ever been in Spanish-speaking MMA so like you
know seven eight years ago you had a question of like how far they could go dude they’re they’re ready like they’re
here like they are on par with it and uh that last fight was was fascinating to see I I really think that the limits
where she couldn’t do that in the wrestling game and I think you’re gonna have to to win this one we’ll [ __ ] see yeah damn this is a great fight in
the midst of a great Division and a crazy month for this division you think whoever died you guys get though you get
the sense like chefchenko her identity is fighting right like she’s just such a yeah so I feel like
there’s certain people like she travels almost nomadically from Camp to Camp she’s been doing it for so long
and I think that she looks at herself as like I think she looks at it like what
happened that night is not it yeah this is what’s about to happen is that it’s just that weird like she’s got
something to her that just always keeps it alive like she is if she shows up and does it it’d be because that’s her mindset too like she just okay but she
is that person and that’s where she belongs you know but Chuck even if she wins here I do think heard like already
she lost the title recapturing what that is her days are numbered uh 100 whether
whether she beats Grosso or not yeah I don’t like my point like the rest of the 125ers are coming before like if that’s
a second win over chefchenko it says a lot about the further forward trajectory of how we should look at her and what
she has accomplished and for shishenko to regain it it’s a another massive you know Jewel on the crown
but is there any scenario in which this might demand a third fight I’m not really sure because the people knocking
on the door next from Aaron blanchfield to the winner of Rose Nami Eunice and Minon Farrow to like a solid group you
got the Old Guard the same guard that already fought Valentina and lost that are still in that top ten but the ones
coming behind them yeah also are very and we are recording this before before Rose yes Macy Barber from Miranda
Maverick King Casey O’Neill I mean you’re starting something and accumulate names I mean I feel like you get to that
point in in all these divisions because you could you start to make you can start to make cases for lots of rematches but
there’s points when you’ve got a lot of exciting possibilities in your contenders you got to keep it rolling
right we would only get a Trilogy if this was a fight of the year and chefchenko won correct or people thought
um she got away with like a horrible robbery it’s not like something like that which would be unfortunate yeah
which obviously would no one no one no one wants not trying to jinx it without you what do we settle as the true meaning of this fight to chefchenko’s
resume you can argue that she’s on the Mount Rushmore of women’s MMA right now you can certainly make that argument
okay she if she wins this and regains her title and adds more title defenses against these other big names so they
arose as a potential huge one if she gets out of that early fight we have no idea um if she doesn’t win though and this is
the end of her title Ron who knows who she could fight on the way out or how long she would want to stay fighting but
how important is this fight getting a win in cementing what we feel like she’s already accomplished what do you think
one of the most consistent and decorated and accomplished champions in history what does she need this to retain all
that does she need this win to sort of she’s kind of solidified herself win or lose I don’t know you tell me but I feel
like want to lose like where she’s at what she was able to do with this Division and uh I forget well how many
was it like nine nine in a row like something like that yeah it’s ridiculous so I feel like
it really comes down to for the longest time it was kind of like Mana Nunez Valentina I I still at this point would
probably have Amanda now number one yes and then I would have chefchenko I don’t know if it would matter to me if she’s not working there too she is cyborg is
there the only difference and I I this is always the hardest thing to Grapple with this all the time is like Cyborg’s level of competition over the years it’s
just it’s not her she has good wins she does have good wins that’s why I post this and her longevity is insane because that that’s 100 that’s why I posed this
question because the one negative against what chefchenko has done now she already established herself at 35 even with losing twice to newness and and
both were very close she already established that she’s a all you know she’s a great threat in that division what she’s done at 25 has been amazing
but now that the division has caught up to her she had a close fight with Maya had a real close fight with Tyler Santos
loses to Grosso if she loses again how much would we look at what she accomplished and say oh you’re saying
well that division stopped it was Jessica I it was 2kg and it was Lauren Murphy well sometimes the larger the
larger picture does have to sort of unfold that way doesn’t it so that’s what I mean is they’re more at stake in what she needs to do here to prove she
can beat the new generation yeah I mean listen the reality is the best way to leave a division is when you have to
hand back the belt to everyone because they couldn’t take it from you what GSP did again people said he got lucky in
the Hendricks fight whatever he still won it’s what Jon Jones did I mean you’re talking about the people who just you know you you literally cannot get
this off of my hands so I’m just gonna have to like let me give it [ __ ] Chumps that’s that’s what you want if
she was able to beat this if she was able to beat Grosso I mean there’s still a question of other ones but to do it at 35. yeah I think would be I wouldn’t say
necessarily her most important win but in the catalog of important wins that one would hold a special place yes I do believe wins back the title and if Rose
can advance quickly in this Division I think that’s a big fight that they would make and I’d be all in for that but win
or lose win or lose for chefchenko does she get offered a vacant bantamweight
title shot is that what the promotion seems to be waiting for in advancing what has happened post Amanda Nunes
retirement we don’t know what’s going to happen to 145 it feels like Dan is going to fold it 135 you can argue they should
keep it alive need some help please don’t need some Renovations lost the best thing that could happen for women’s bantamweight and the promotion or a win
and just moving up right away but moving up I think that would be the better scenario when she wins it moves up I
think that’s the better scenario so you wouldn’t need her to say hold on hang around and fight blanchfield first hold on hang around and fight you know she’s
smart she’s mistakes upstairs clear blanchfield and goes yeah if I’m if I’m if I’m chefchenko I mean everyone wants
to pretend Elite Fighters don’t pick and choose who they fight a [ __ ] course they do not all the time but sometimes
it when it matters especially when they’re moving weight classes I wouldn’t [ __ ] blame her her resume is again in
this scenario well that’s already amazing but in the scenario you’re positing it’d be even better he couldn’t criticize why are you smirk because you
use positing I’ve never actually heard it used that way I’m gonna start saying is that it you know Greek derivative of
all right well that’s your main event for UFC Noche yes not a pay-per-view card close enough which is why cocoa
the pregame preview treatment where it goes without saying so I didn’t say it off the top but you know what you’re
getting thanks to the magic of this Modelo that Chuck’s drinking in this ipa’s last name you’re still getting the
magic of real talk yeah let’s hear it particularly like men do no one wants to hear this
but in this era of suffrage Luke suffrage it’s like ellipses not plural for suffering uh not necessarily I don’t
know um but I was going to say it was but I’m not gonna say my wife’s last name but let’s just imagine it sounds like Gutierrez right yeah when my wife used
we used to go to bars she would say her last name with her accent and the [ __ ] bartender every time be like
what what [ __ ] name he’d be like lady I can’t understand you and I would literally go over there and just like
this I’d be like yeah go tierres and he’d be like why didn’t you say so [ __ ] yes and he’s going to find it right away
you know every situation needs a gringo to clarify yeah yeah yeah I was like I was like step aside let me handle this
I’m doing the hump yeah okay so our co-main event and I think this is I
noticed I’m starting to get gray hairs in my mustache it’s over for me bro the gray has taken the drapes match the carpet oh yeah dude that means he’s got
a yeah a-hole yeah wow what is yours amazing
So speaking of [ __ ] no uh let’s go on this card if this ends up being the co-main event I’m certainly into it okay
this is not a pay-per-view it’s a glorified Fight Night card now I like this card a lot but Kevin Holland is coming the hell on right at welterweight
got nothing to do with MMA but it’s great and that submission win over Michael keyesa the second straight win
seemed to elevate in my opinion Holland away from being Donald cowboy Cerrone
2.0 I’ll fight anybody at any time and that’s my rhythm and I’m gonna win and lose some and talk [ __ ] in the cage now
I think he actually is a Walter away Contender only he’s fighting the guy who
could have next in this entire division Jack Della madalena unbeaten in the UFC
15-2 overall but Madeline is coming off a split decision against a guy you never heard of in a fight that he was very
good who was unheralded turned out to be quite good all I’m saying is this is a tough fight for both of them it’s an
important fight for the welterweight division Chuck what excites you the most about this one I think honestly in his
last fight madalina like the situation being what it was like what he moved off a card he goes back a week he takes on
this is the third opponent he was supposed to be facing within that amount of time right the fact that he was able
to win it at all should speak some Vibes it’s funny that we focus on we should have put him away but we’re used to him smoking guys in the first round he has
like three was it four in a row like he had four in a row in the first round he was put in a very difficult situation
I think you’re closer to the truth on this but that the the duties face then just happened to be a little better than people understood he was a champion out
of a good Jersey promotion it’s one of those type of things so the fact that he got through it to me is like all right he’s got some metal
now you know we’re supposed to get him against Sean Brady and which always was like oh this could be uh you know come
to Earth moment for this guy but for both guys yeah exactly yeah the guy’s name basil heph has yeah was the
gentleman who pushed yeah he was good he was good good
um or is it Bastille I don’t know I don’t know this to me is kind of going back now to almost like the Sean Brady
thing where like you you’re casting a lot of Doubt right onto the situation if we’re trying to escalate uh and trying
to put this guy in a situation where he can be in contention soon this is a tough test I mean this is
Madeline is not going to wrestle I mean I don’t think right he’s not going to try to put him is he going to try to do
anything like this like wrestle him put him on his back like what we saw like the Kryptonite for Holland uh earlier
like what a couple years ago when guys were doing that but I feel like it plays out mostly on the
feet and so like it could go that way I mean it could go either way also Holland kind of gets tuned up a little bit early as well and then rebounds on the feet
too so it’s an interesting one I feel like there’s a people who are real high on Jack Dylan medellina for a lot of good
reasons he was entering Beau nickel hype territory for a short season for a short season and then you know the last fight was I think he performed quite ably I
think short notice fights really skew perspective about what’s happening but there are no situations there are people
who are concerned I’m going women Rick’s story beat Nate Marquardt he’s thrown into that yeah derailed all this time
it’s crazy it’s like it’s hard to just change opponents like who made Rick story bleed from the ears
there are some people who even the people who are high on him they’re a little concerned he takes big punches
takes some risk and against some of the better guys which I think Holland certainly is at this point a dangerous guy I think we would all agree there are
people are wondering uh does he come back to earth with this one they’re a little bit concerned they don’t know I don’t know you’ve always been a hashtag
bodyguy Does della madalaina enter Joaquin Buckley biggie of WWE chest Fame
as arguably having the best pecs in the game Buckley
I think is a strong Contender yeah yeah for uh you know he’s got great cans yeah
yeah it really does we’re seeing them all please Brock Lesnar for a heavyweight certainly had an interesting well he had that
sword though even Cheeto said he was cool with it you know you got to take that for what it’s
worth oh you asked you know about Brock Lesnar yeah we did it looks like a girl I think he’s a you know it’s kind of ugly but it works for him you see that’s
also showing respect to a man that is so large and that even in his 60s would would still kill us all dude I look like
a used car salesman in the 70s haircut and beard combo I’ve just look at this
[ __ ] looks pretty good who looks at this and goes this is a great combo this is a great combo that’s a good combo
apparently your wife and your employer yeah they can for now for now yeah for now for now Chuck
Della madalena looked like the brighter the Bro the guy with the brighter future just you know one fight ago maybe Luke
saying he’s just Mitch McConnell on air maybe we’re just saying what did I say maybe uh but Kevin Holland just showed
with this two fight win streak that he seems like he’s ready to be a fact there’s a quick turnaround at always for Kevin Holland who is most likely with a
win though usually after going to another weight class too it’s like and then he’s like right back but who is most likely to literally leap into legit
title contention with a woman made Elena would because I think that this type of win especially I I just think that he’s
you know he’s carrying that tension wire into it like is he a guy like this or not I think this is a guy to give him over that home but if he goes in there
and does what he’s been doing to the previous four guys not the last couple the previous Four Guys where he just gets it done explosive kind of uh it
comes out of like it comes out the Victor quick fight like that I feel like it’s him man I feel like he
he’s that guy that’s what they I mean I feel like they’re that’s what they’re kind of grooming them for right like they want him to be the guy but
um this this would be the one to me that would show he’s always looking for the next big guy in a big Market to be the
face is he you know his time is limited grooming is big in him and made to be fair though husband coaches you know what I mean
just I know people like how come you want to enroll your daughter in Jiu Jitsu I’m like well yeah pretty good reason actually
pending dude Celine Dion remember she had that manager slash 50 year old guys they got married I mean it had elephant
you know Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis also dipped a little low you know we don’t hold that against them
alone did as well wow oh Carl Malone yeah yeah it turns out Karl Malone’s a
real bad guy yeah he could have been defensive coordinator of Penn State you know what I mean you
know I mean it turns out that way it’s like we’ve got a 15-minute show again everything’s getting cut up look the Kevin Holland welterweight
transformation has there been changes to the game or is this just a better weight loss no it makes much better decisions better footwork uh I think better take
down defense uh more well-rounded just more thoughtful just more thoughtful really a guy making much more considered
decisions rather than just kind of going out there with feel and like the other part too is he still talks [ __ ] a little
bit yeah but he’s even dialed that back a little bit not as a personality not when there’s a microphone but like in
the cage he’ll still do it a little bit but you can see a much more like in the moment present fighting versus in the
moment on the camera and it has I think in general I mean the Hamza fight was you know didn’t go his way but he’s not
fighting homs on here and I think he’s a you know a tough test they will fight anyway and he does he can’t he rescue though because I feel like at one point
kind of Holland was the guy that’s almost done madelina’s spot like he was the guy that were watching he was a
pandemic Superstar he was and then like you know he gets taken the ground back to back one’s live on ABC I felt like at
that point it was it’s just plummets even though he’s had good moments since then the right way class he got more screen
time than Fouche it’s true but like if say he wins this is a weird one too because sometimes you go take out the
prospect that everybody’s a little excited about people kind of hold it against you a little bit Yeah so like I
don’t know how he is CM Punk the same thing happened you know well kind of it’s kind of true remember
that do you remember the Highlight Reel they made of like somewhere in practice CM Punk taking some sporting Partners back and everyone was like guys he
figured it out then they showed his suplex from WWE figured it out he figured out Jiu Jitsu he did it he did
it and then he goes in there and just gets I mean worked like I want to remind you that job and do those kind of fights
in the UFC Notions you know what I mean is he a bad
guy or a good guy Phil bro Phil Brooks team the character I mean normally a good guy who fights
against evil though almost like a Diaz guy kind of yeah he’s a he’s a he’s a Counter Culture hero okay that’s the best way to say it but he rails against
establishment yeah I’m saying like even though he’s like deeply entrenched in the firmament of it yes yeah it’s kind of like the role we play in MMA media
fair enough fair enough we’re nothing if not Hypocrites now with John Morgan I feel like it does
all right uh yeah he might be pretty good I don’t know first question I’m just gonna hold this award to remind yeah Always Something There to Remind me
um all right that’s what I got on whole Holland hold that like it’s your cat look at this guy Bob dobelina
um when I make references like that most people don’t get it you know I’m into early 90s rap you know what I mean yeah I just you know Public Service you only
know the white rappers can I get my close-up cam just to remind people it is uh
wow I got that I got that in Cartagena I was like this is perfect for Uncle Gringo by the way this is true what
Violetta said the other day I texted I texted BC about this and uh I had like
pictures I was looking at on Google photos on my browser on my on my on my thing and there was like a bunch of different people I forget exactly what I
was looking for and she was like where’s your brother and I thought she was talking about um my brother Matt Uncle
Matt and I was like who she goes Uncle Gringo holy [ __ ] I was like I was like
hopefully dead baby girl shirts see the thing that I can always you know that prevents me from ever truly like cutting
Luke off from the rest of my life is took he’s like one of the better humans of all one of the better Creations she’s
an angel don’t you forget it Aisha Aisha yeah so glad to meet you hey let’s continue on down this card because
there’s a bantam Wing I had to buy wipes when I was on Colombia can you imagine being 44 and going to the pharmacy and be like I need butt wipes you need a
camera crew phone do they not have TP there they do but it was dude it was um have like rocks in it I had to like but
I had to find a way to do it I needed some softer treatment you know I needed I needed some help they do have harsh
yeah put some aloe vera uh there’s gonna be a bantamweight fight and Terence Mitchell’s in it
but that’s not the story so what’s there story Terence Mitchell Terence Mitchell so what’s the story
Morning Glory why don’t you run down for five five or ten minutes just Terence Mitchell’s resume for us I don’t think I
can Don’t Look Back in Anger I don’t I heard you say um Raul Rosas Jr looked as
if he could really be you know a Dana White Contender series graduate the youngest I feel like you’ve got thoughts on this I mean like I feel like I’ve
been right about this he could have been the first Teenage UFC champion for all we know Luke but then he had a close-up
fight a step-up fight do you remember the gentleman’s name who sent him to a decision defeat oh uh I’d have to look
it up Rodriguez Christian Rodriguez should I make that up um what could the guys in the back tell
us I mean I do have I do have the internet right here I can I know but I’m lazy all right so Chuck Raul who’s the last guy
yes I’d nailed that yes good very good job yeah dude like everyone is like oh my
God he’s so great I’m like yes for 18. he is very very talented for 18. there
can be simply no denying that he is a skilled Fighter for his age but putting him in the UFC now is at best
questionable did we not learn from Freddie Adu
hey DC United Legend DC United is that a song yeah the the Screaming
Eagles Redskins shots in the Screaming Eagles but uh but everyone was like oh my God
he’s so great and I’m like guys you haven’t grown into your man strength you haven’t had that much training time you just haven’t it hasn’t been enough time
and so like the fact that he is good at finding the back to you know and staying on there but there’s just uh he is green
he is green as [ __ ] so like could he turn out to be good yes but you are
risking this [ __ ] guy’s development by just throwing him even with a soft treatment in the UFC throwing him into
the UFC against like grown men like 25 years old um we’re gonna see what happens dehydrated [ __ ] after a flight home from
Colombia right you know because he tries to keep those liquids in wipes Chuck
how do you bounce back from that I mean he didn’t lose with one punch KO I mean but he got solved he got
exposed exposed he did not have a deep game on your side because you know who’s the guy’s name Terence um
Mitchell Mitchell you know he beats Terence Mitchell it just keeps setting up I’m not sure you’re going to have
like what you do with him it has to be one of the slowest if they’re doing it without being negligent you know you you
probably want the slowest kind of build right like to put him right what if you put him in there against TJ dillashaw’s other arm just to
draw we draw that’s a stupid joke I want you to know I think that’s a stupid joke
on the record but if he loses and I this is where you’re like man he’s 18 years
old if he was feeling Invincible you’ve just beat that out of him before he even had a chance to really get annoying so
you hate to see that honestly as precocious as he might seem you don’t want to put him in situations where you
kind of break them at 18 years old or where you put them in situations like that look what lost him that fight was
it was it just an experience was it lack of cardio was it the big moment got to him what is it I mean probably a few
things I think you know when you’re 18 and you’re beating up everyone in your gym you think oh I can just do that I’ll
just I’ll just do that at the UFC and then you realize that [ __ ] doesn’t work the same way I guess another Pro fighter who’s got some decent experience who has
like you know more or less earned this position and he didn’t have anywhere else to go and so once he faded he
didn’t you know it was a big Learning lesson for him so the question is this like you know I’m being sober about where
he’s at and I think what he’s risking but you’re asking like what you know what can you do here let’s see how he
takes not just losses but like what lessons he learns from that his cardio wasn’t where it needed to be and his
strategy wasn’t where it needed to be and like you need to see some adjustment around that just thinking you’re going to get on the guys back right away and
choke him out right away there’s a boxer who was on maybe the J one of the Jake Paul fights who’s 18.
H2O right the the where would you compare like so that like compare that
for me like you’ve gotten solve is maybe better yeah yeah right but still tomorrow would not be no well he didn’t
then again he would not be ready for the operation by a killer Christian Rodriguez did what he has a good fight right he’s a talent so that’s not a you
know I was gonna say if it was boxing you wouldn’t he wouldn’t be in there with with a tough opponent but would he be in there with a Christian Rodriguez
level um no no that’s what I’m saying no I feel like if you want to do it what’s
fair I mean and we’re just that’s the whole point you’re not supposed to be that’s why he is looking better that’s why he has more composure sorry Chuck
but I mean if you want to be fair which the UFC traditionally doesn’t do either you belong in the UC you don’t right they don’t they don’t try to do the box
and they but you’d almost have to follow that for it to feel right I mean yeah because one more loss especially if it
kind of goes down where it’s just over matched and you can tell that he like you see the green as clearly as you did
in the last fight it’s just I don’t know it feels he he just feels all wrong he’s not he’s just here too early he’s just
here too early stage Northcutt endured that a few other people have it happened the [ __ ] out of him I mean look you’re
asking a lot of a teenager which is why you’ve been sort of cautious from the beginning in this role so Luke does it
does it is it just survive in advance and will rebuild the hype or does he need a hype win no I don’t think he’s
anywhere close to fighting good guys so well I’m not saying that but does he need a spectacular win no he needs he
needs he needs a uh disciplined one that’s what he needs he needs a he needs
a one that is a considered um how I’m gonna attack this round then the strategy for the next round based on
that approach we take the following frame if it goes that long what resources what positions what particular sequences everything that’s what you
have to that’s what I want to see like just going out there and be like I want to take this guy’s back and you have to play Speed chats what’s the mission I
mean in UFC too just the way it has been set up it doesn’t matter in which way you’re incompetent right you could be
too young like you can be too young you’ll be CM Punk who just you know they throw in for whatever appeal you could be James
Tony’s trying to cross over it doesn’t matter if a guy is in over his head it’s a huge it’s a horrible look yeah because
they’re not used to having that they don’t want guys in there who are just like an average Joe trying to get in a
fight and I’m not saying that Rojas is like that but he’s he is so young that you just don’t want to have that look it
doesn’t fit they prefer to have guys that are in there that are willing to accept 12 and 12 and go through the dwc
that’s true though and also listen he speaks fluent Spanish and if you’re the UFC you know do you want someone so you
could say is like an 18 because in boxing the Canelo was you know like a really I think he went pro at 16 15.
yeah 15. I mean you know they’re having a teenage young Mexican sensation would be great for them that would be but I’m
telling you they pushed them out too quickly what will happen I guess we’ll see but they are risking it big time no Che means UFC Knight what would be UFC
morning um would you could say maniano the next day or you could say well this evening would be breakfast I’m not sure
nothing great I have the cognitive recall of a
lobotomized chimp at this point yes call me angel on the morning
I hope your beauty pairs I hope your pubic hairs turn to fishing hooks there’s only one other fight that I
believe really matters truly matters on this card and it’s certainly in my house it matters a lot we can talk so much and
we have about the renewed strength the Resurgence of the women’s 125 pound division the new stable of titles
risers baby who is rising more in the game of MMA on
a 10-fight win streak including 4-0 in the UFC
then Tracy Cortez Yup she’s on this card who’s taking on another 125 pound riser
in Jasmine Jasmine card right who’s this we don’t know yet we don’t know the full layer I believe that fight is on the
main card it should be so look Jasmine just had a breakout performance to to show us exactly who she is after massive
Improvement she had some stumbles on the way up Cortez though has been perfect for 10 straight fights well this is so
should I explain that how good is this fight in terms of like the future of this division Luke outside of the the
exit of the Brian Ortega relationship and the things that we that we also care about so remember
you had the win over gato but I think it wasn’t necessarily the most inspiring performance obviously before that
beating Kish and Edgar and then Vanessa mellow she hasn’t really been tested against someone else has been a rising sensation in a real way in this division
here it comes finally we’re gonna get a good look what was she what we have seen has been very interesting and promising a lot of ways not perfect but a work in
progress and there’s nothing wrong with that but now we’re going to bring that picture I think a little bit more into Focus yeah uh it’s a great fight I
actually love this fight yeah great different different like uh Dimensions like one tall and ranging another one a
little more short and stout but still all pretty technical it’s good yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m with you I had a job
description we’re just gonna put that right in and
walk out of the bank is Jasmine Jazz divisius now
a future threat to this title in this division so maybe I didn’t see that last it was a Miranda right though I did not
see that fight going down the way it ended up going neither so I would say the eyes are on her now
right like and that that’s half of it is just having people pay attention I think this is a night it’s a big card for her to be on this is a good spot
um Canadian but the UC would lost some Canadian talent to stand up yes and I if
she’s able to do that in this fight against Cortez I think that I think she enters that space I mean people are
paying attention I felt like she blew up on that last fight on social media I was like this was pretty crazy if you you
can sometimes see it in that sort of thing people were paying attention to her you know yeah I feel like the winner of this fight could be a riser could
make some noise could get a big fight in this division either way it’s a big win for the for the other person like
beating Chris Cortez and something and being just vicious to being something yeah this is good matchmaking you got a solution in that regard and this
division’s been on fire I mean chuck would you agree that 125 has taken over the Reigns for 115 as the money women’s
think so now I mean it’s crazy because we’re filming this before we get the uh
the rose named Eunice fight sure but given her you know given some of the things that are happening like rose entering the picture and where people
are at where the stage like people coming up the people are in there I do think that it’s uh it kind of reminds me of what men’s bantamweight was last year
like where all these guys eight guys you could match make any win it would be pretty funny yeah yeah I prefer the
baron era at bantamweight yeah hand and Barrel Palm for pound King you know he just pulled out of a fight that he never
agreed to you see that what he just got pulled from a game bread card and then he was like I never actually agreed to
that because he was going to fight bare knuckle ever man yeah that’s that’s a bad idea right I mean he’s probably still only 29 but he’s been on a rough
side or just all the CTE huh he was on top of the world at one point yeah his brain got rattled his brain got DJ all
right well we have broken it down not a pay-per-view but it’s got big fight feels UFC Noche going on in Las Vegas
and uh we gave you the real talk because by the way there’s a bunch of different Mexicans on this card and by the way
they’re all from different gyms like entering Jim is on this one Lobo Jim is on this one but real quick I just want to shout out the Mexican Farmers make
sure we name them because that’s why they’re there uh let’s see by the way there’s also like Roman Coppola on
taking on Josh friend which is like so he’s still on the fine but you know like why the [ __ ] is this here uh Edgar
chaidez is on this card I can’t read this [ __ ] Daniel Zell Uber I guess is on
this card um who else is uh Fernando padillas on this card and Lupita godinez who I
didn’t realize this she he trains out of Nova Scotia now really that’s that’s uh that’s dancing
territory if I’m correct maybe British Columbia I’m not sure which Titan is do you think she’s been to Mountain Nike
uh if I’m right about Nova Scotia and it’s not British Columbia because I’m the opposite side of the country uh yes
I would say yes that’s the maritimes have you been up there Chuck never been all right I hear it’s nice During certain times of the year probably
[ __ ] cold bro yeah probably in Atlantic time over there have you been you’ve been to Canada you’ve been
I’ve been to Canada but never up in that area no I mean dude Canada’s Great yeah I like it I do love Canada I’ve been
from Flint lawn to cam loops uh you know going over to the whale watching I went whale all over the place in Quebec yeah
how about that that was pretty wait wait that’s well Lawrence right yeah Tofino that’s why I won the uh in British
Columbia the Vancouver Island man talk about like you’re talking about whales whale’s breaching on it’s like Utopia
out there I love the chicks my people are from Quebec where where you know so
like you know people in the US are always like you know I back the blue I backed the blue of Quebec if they want to leave Canada I’m willing to go with
them they almost did when we were kids I’m willing to go with them I just remember that vote in the 90s they almost [ __ ] did that no that would
put me on opposite sides to that Ontarian um Aaron bronstetter and I’m you know
I’m willing if I have to take arms in that I’m going to stand with with history and stand with my people stand
with the quebecois do you think Ariel would turn Co over to Ontario or do you think he’d stand with us and fight for
the big for the for the um for the fleur-de-lis for the for the big one that’s a great question because you know what he’s a little bit he did
jump to the Knicks from the next to the Raptors thing yeah yeah I wish I didn’t know yo that’s your quarterback you’re
going to defend him he’s also Nottingham isn’t he like I don’t even know at this point he’s no he’s definitely a Knicks guy he’s a forest fan whatever he said
no he’s a Knicks guy he’s a Nicholas Guy like he he would die for nodding him but you know it’s a that’s a loser franchise
I mean let’s just be honest I mean the Wizards are too if we could go on an aerial Hawaii like streak of
podcast Awards that’d be pretty incredible that guy is his I haven’t seen the inside of his house but his shelves must be filled with Hardware
yeah um yes probably yes yeah all right sure well um Chuck couple
messages also pictures of his family I would imagine yeah beautiful family that
guy’s God he does he does he really does so that was getting stupid
no Trey Thomas over here I could have predicted a a surly ending from one Luke
Thomas but he made it to the Finish Line he’s just trying to finish he’s a marathon man I hope he gets to sleep
tonight he deserves but put some color promise of morning combat our special guest Chuck Mendenhall of the ringer yes
oh Spotify yes sir of themth.com I wear your hat all the time it’s my favorite
midlife crisis happy besides the Bob the Bob Marley One Love hat or yeah baby all right pick one up at themith.com do you
want a shot oh can you grab the Cannibal Corpse also we have the Brendan shop tiger thick do you want a shot of tiger thick
oh boy actually you know what I’ll tell you this much the tiger thick is better than the Cannibal Corpse whiskey for sure you know the thing about shop is my
ride this yeah he snuck in a tasty whiskey yeah he did he did actually it’s pretty good I don’t drink anything’s
shop touch is pretty much as gold well would you say the Mountaintop moment for him was oh [ __ ] this is number one was
Crow cop it was an expensive bottle right there was jobs Mountaintop Crow is that the New Jersey fight like the crow
cop one was good that was a really good ass knockout yeah yeah that’s like yeah uh did he beat Gabriel Gonzaga too
probably not I can’t remember he had a good one in Jersey I forget no I get them all mixed up but
uh well that’s some good moments yeah who called his second fight I did yeah he had one in caught in the uwc in the
Patriots The Ultimate Warrior challenge or the only fights back then I did yeah I wasn’t I was your Memoir is going to
be fast you should know that uh my career has not progressed as a commentator because I was quite terrible at it very bad very much you can find
Luke’s further broadcasting work on Showtime thank you very much for the great staff here that have stayed up you
know a long time to put us over here and for Chuck making the trip it’s been great
this is to the night to the night time because it’s the right time
get [ __ ] You Wanna you’re trying to find more to say
these are the longest yeah here we go let’s go [ __ ] up I touch myself
I want you to love me I forgive myself I want you to remind me