UFC Noche: Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2 Full Card Previews & Predictions


We will be discussing the upcoming UFC Noche event featuring the highly anticipated rematch between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. This fight is generating a lot of buzz as both fighters are looking to prove themselves in the octagon. In this article, we will analyze their previous fight, their strengths and weaknesses, and make predictions for the upcoming rematch.

The Rematch: Grasso vs. Shevchenko

The first fight between Grasso and Shevchenko was a thrilling encounter that ended with Grasso securing a fourth-round stoppage victory. However, it is important to note that Shevchenko’s fights leading up to this rematch were starting to get closer, raising questions about her dominance in the division. Despite this, Shevchenko is still considered one of the greatest fighters in her weight class.

Grasso’s Striking and Movement

Grasso showcased her striking skills in the first round of their previous fight, landing some solid shots and displaying great movement. She was able to tag Shevchenko, even from a southpaw stance, which is impressive. However, as the fight progressed, Grasso overextended on her shots and got taken down by Shevchenko. She also struggled to defend against Shevchenko’s ground game, ultimately leading to her submission loss.

Shevchenko’s Dominance and Evolving Style

Shevchenko has been a dominant force in the division, but her recent fights have shown some vulnerabilities. Shevchenko started to back up more on a straight line and was willing to stand in the pocket, which resulted in her getting tagged by her opponents. Her counter-striking game was not as effective as before, and she relied more on evading shots rather than countering with her own offense.

Predictions for the Rematch

The upcoming rematch between Grasso and Shevchenko is a highly anticipated fight. While Shevchenko is slightly favored, Grasso has shown improvement in her performances and is firmly in her prime. Grasso’s movement and striking skills could pose a challenge for Shevchenko, especially if she can avoid Shevchenko’s takedowns. However, Shevchenko’s experience and top control could be the deciding factor in this fight.


The rematch between Grasso and Shevchenko promises to be an exciting and closely contested fight. Both fighters have their strengths and weaknesses, and it will be interesting to see how they adapt their game plans. While Shevchenko is the favorite, Grasso’s movement and striking skills could make this fight more competitive than expected. Only time will tell who will come out on top in this highly anticipated rematch.

first title fight and a fight night since 2020 it’s UFC Noche from Las Vegas
this week some big time fights including that rematch in the main event you’re not going to want to miss it keep it
locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it
and just like that we’re back and getting set for another big week of fights as always one half of your host
noodle Craig Allen Twitter and Instagram at Craig Allen FNP with me to my left here right no it’s not too attack of
iloa not Allen respective socials Matt Allen FNP and look at it I mean the
first title fight in a fight night main event since figurado versus benavidez number two that was back in 2020 and
this is going to be the first fight night ever at T-Mobile Arena the first non-pay-per-view UFC card at T-Mobile if
you don’t look at The Ultimate Fighter Redemption back in 2017. a big time deal
because you look at it Mexican Independence Day and what says Mexican Independence Day like a fight night card
in Las Vegas Nevada I know it’s wild but Canelo fights there for his Mexican
Independence Day fights it’s a tradition it doesn’t get it this time and if you do look at it that main event Grosso
versus said chipchenko in their first fight it was chefchenko winning two of the first three rounds Grosso on a
little bit of a spin from shechenko grabs about gets her naked choke and it’s all over but you look an up and
down in this card five total Fighters representing just Mexico as it is many
Mexican Americans on this card as well and a lot to look forward to with some of these prospects some high-flying
action type prospects on this card there’s a lot of really well matched fights up and down this whole entire card I think it’s an exciting one it’s
too bad that they have gone so long without having a title fight on one of these Fight Night cars because I think it’s always a good way to just promote
whatever title that might not really be worthy of getting a main event of a pay-per-view right maybe it’s a weight class that people aren’t that excited
about hey let’s throw it on as a fight night card and a lot of people will gain more excitement and there will be more traction gained around that division
another Grosso shivchenko too being brought out in this way is the perfect place to have this kind of a fight because it might not be a fight that ooh
all the MMA fans in the world are clamoring over because they have to see it happen again but it’s an oddly important fight for the division it’s
not often you have an all-time great it kind of you know in their swan song If you will so I think this is going to be
a really important fight and a fun one too because Grosso did look greater last time out proved a lot of people wrong so be interested to see how well shipchenko
responds three total UFC debuts at the bottom of the card seven ranked fighters on this one and a lot of sophomore
showings none bigger than a man returning exactly six years to the day
since his UFC debut that’s Alex Reyes second timeout taking on the short notice opponent being Charlie Campbell
so some big time fights in this card only 11 total slated as we tape this on
Sunday night if anything changes you know where to find us here at Fight Night picks on YouTube so make sure you subscribe for all of those videos to
come toss a light to get that traction rolling you’re going to want to keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it
and it’s a UFC debut times two coming up this weekend we have Dana White’s Contender series vets out of Sweden it’s
Thunder Josephine Knutson she’s going to be taking on the sawed-off Savage
man and for marnick man I don’t know if she’s going for title of best or worst
nickname but when you look at marinick man and some of the performances that she’s had there’s no denying that she’s
deserving of that nickname she’s willing to pull guard at all costs she has great Jiu Jitsu offer back she’s got a Trippy
body lock I was gonna say a tricky but I went with trippy she has a Trippy body lock to trip take down and she’s very
aggressive when the fight does touch the mountain for man she wasn’t able to get it done in her Contender series fight
last year I picked a gangster on her Dana White’s Contender series show and sure as Bruno Brazil went out there and
listen marnick man I was down on her striking defense that’s why I picked Bruno Brazil but Mario McMahon with the
hands down Bruno Brazil with the foot up and she was able to land the shin on the face and man goes down it’s uh down
ghost man down goes man like she’s Joe Frazier that’s it it’s a call heard around the world so for man she takes
some time off she builds herself back up earlier on this year she fights with the LFA against Amber Brown a former Invicta
Autumn weight title Challenger somebody that have fought hamasaki uh what Ashley Yoder uh he had a lot of big names on
Brown’s record but Brown was coming off of a three and a half year layoff again former Adam Lee moving up to straw
weight and in that match up man in the first round struggled in the grappling in the second round she was able to
Rally back through it the third round was very close but man was able to land some good ground and pound during the middle moments of that third round she
ends up picking up the decision to win so man gets that win over seven and six Amber Brown and now after a while she’s
in the UFC and man’s one of those interesting Fighters because as big of a Grappler as she is we’ve seen her if you
go over to his her Instagram trust me when I say this I spent two hours watching tape study on this fight today
I watched marnick Man fight in boxing contest this year at least one of them on my journey through the YouTubes man
going out there boxing like she strikes in her MMA there was a little bit of a jab throws the left hook just goes to
the well with that left hook like it’s me playing UFC four doesn’t throw much of a leg kick again struggles with some
of the Striking defense and in this fight mod for marnick man a another fighter out of Montana very
underrepresented State when it comes to Big Time MMA yes now all of a sudden sudden you think of the bantamweight
champ Sean O’Malley but after that who’s out of Montana The Dana mean key chardine who else do you have it in
Montana not so many some ironic man representing Montana mixed martial arts her life partner is also a fighter so
look out for that 12 and five with no one no contest is Gage Saunders but
overall again Matt from Arctic man really is do or die with those takedowns and if the fight doesn’t touch the match
he can struggle a little do or die with a lot of our game is the real issue when I went back and watch man I just want to piggyback a little bit off of your
striking defense note it’s not just as bad out of she’s stationary on the outside with her hands up she can be
known to freeze a little bit when she’s moving backwards and that’s what does concern me it’s not a matter of hey my hands are up if you hit my hands that’s
good if you go around them good for you she will just kind of get hesitant on the outside especially backing up on that back foot and that’s how it did
lead to that head kick loss that she suffered on Contender series that’s the thing that I do worry about with man you bring up her grappling it is very strong
when she’s able to get it in position so she can have success in but man somebody will jump from mission to submission and
not always secure the position after it and that’s something that does worry me in Imagine really against anybody in the straightaway division because a lot of
these Fighters we’re seeing it 115 pounds remember when Joanna was champ it was a lot of specialist right everybody in the top 15 they were just good at a
different part of MMA whereas now you have to be pretty well-rounded informatic man I do like some of the
things that she’s able to employ in her game but I don’t like her striking moving backwards and from the Southpaw position I think if she could weaponize
or move it a little bit more she’d have that much more success because she’s kind of tricky with the way she holds her hands and her head she does a good
job of getting inside and outside of the pocket but she doesn’t make her opponent meet her halfway to accentuate her own
punching power and if that was a part of her game door hey every single time you enter the distance she’s making you pay with a good shot it would make her that
much more difficult of an opponent to deal with especially in a matchup like this so this fight is on short notice you have to look at it Josephine Knutson
fought back on August 22nd against Isis verbeek over on Contender series and due
to my travel schedule with work you haven’t seen a contender series show from us so I follow along on Twitter
order on Tuesday nights and buy golly by gosh gosh darn it were people upset that
Josephine Knudson didn’t get a contract so far out of 25 fighters on Contender
Series this summer as of taping Sunday before another week of contender Series 22 of earned contracts and Knutson was
not one of those Fighters taking on verbeque and it was a story of these are two Strikers if you look at it for
Knutson in 2018 she was a world champion Muay Thai she got a win there over Janet Todd you know former one Championship
champ Jana Todd so for Knutson I looked at her as being one of these Fighters that from the outside without watching
any of the tape okay she’s a striker right she trains an All-Stars Training Center you’re only going to get better with your takedowns and your takedown
defense and then you go through it and you watch these Josephine Knutson fights and inner fight against verbeek the
first strike that she throws after a bit of a feeling out process a head kick and rocks of her beak and then just like a
pleasure man Anton turkalio to the same gym she runs forward with a flying knee and then she gets into clinch position
and after watching all of these Knutson fights not just the fight against Isis for before he lost the Austin fight Dana
White said I just don’t see it or I just didn’t see it tonight he wanted to see more of the finishing instinct when you
go back and you watch these Knutson fights she gets into a lot of clinch positions she tries to throw a lot of
uppercuts and they’re very good and she’s incredibly strong when it comes to the wizard positions now you hate to see
that now yeah after Jack Jenkins kind of popped that elbow against chepe mariscal
last weekend but going back through her fights again she beats uses for being against jacinta Austin I thought Austin
won the first in the third round in that one as well the fight that Knutson had
on uh road to UFC against yodam so who was somebody that had fought zhongwei
Lee so it’s coming off a three-year layoff and yet Knutson is a minus 1300
she was able to defend the takedowns use that wizard get things into the clinch and bust up her opponent and striking I
think if you look at for Knutson very very intelligent card really good with her leg because she keeps her hands
really high she doesn’t tend to Tire as these fights go on defensively incredibly sound and we’re striking so
good her clinch work it sets up some of her knees but not a lot of elbows the uppercuts are good sometimes she can
hang out in a clinch for a little bit too long but she seems to be stronger than 90 percent of these women are for
just sent to Austin where that’s a split decision win in her second to last fight Austin on the same day is going to be
fighting for the vacant octagon championship in this Division and if you don’t know now you know octagon is up
for the world MMA Awards promotion of the year so that’s a big promotion and Austin is a really good fighter won her
next fight after losing a split decision to knitson so when I look at this fight Matt this is my hand off I think Knudson
wins this fight nine times out of ten and I don’t think it’s over when you say stuff like that it makes me nervous even though Knudson again she fought on
August 22nd it was announced on August 29th a weekly later that she’d be taking a fight on short notice against Yasmin
lucindo lucindo’s out of the fight so it was announced on September 8th that Myron McMahon would be stepping in and
both these Fighters now making the respect of UC debuts I agree with everything you said about peanutsen but there are a few things about her game
that I don’t really enjoy just the way that it all works together in a big Synergy because she does do a good job on the outside but another area of her
game I’m glad you bring it up is the clinch and she does do a good job offensively with the clinch you will see those uppercuts dirty boxing we’ll see
the elbows over the top but she’s just meeting her opponent halfway to shoot for some takedowns and make her life that much harder and that’s the one
thing about her game that I don’t know how it’s going to translate up to the UFC level because if she is having success on the outside and decides to
rush into her opponent and try to get some of those uppercuts off you are just getting rid of your own space that’s helping you get the win in the first
place so I do think she’s the more talented Striker on the outside and I think that’s primarily where this fight’s going to be contested at but if
she does have that tendency to close her own distance off it is going to make me worry when she’s facing people at a higher level of competition again 27 and
5 in kickboxing Muay Thai for Josephine connects in the former World Champ there from ironic man very Adept once it
touches the mod for Knutson sometimes she can hang out off her back and she throws really good Up Kicks you saw that
in summer fights the the fight against verbeek you saw a little bit of the grappling you did see it against Austin
she will throw up the triangle the arm bar so on and so forth to get herself out of position as well so you look at
this fight it was thrown together on incredibly short notice we have a look at the topology vote surprised us there to you I’m gonna say over under 90
percent Knutson in this one I think it’ll be under but she’ll be the favorite and 424 total votes 95 cannot
send an 83 by decision we live in a world where Sean Strickland is a middleweight champ Matt anything is
possible this is a direct quote from me last night if you told Sean Strickland the fight can go exactly how he wants it
to go I still don’t think he’d win so hey that’s an L on my behalf I I do think though that Thunder Knutson brings
back the win to Sweden in this one I think she’s gonna get the win but this is a fight that really interests me for both Fighters movie moving forward who
they could fight next in their possible matchup because if knitson does look good against man is that definitely going to tell me everything I need to
know when she’s facing these other kind of prospects moving up the division not necessarily so I would like to see her have a really nice performance and then
we can start talking about what’s next but I do have her in this both of us going with Sweden’s Josephine knitson to
get the win in the matchup let us know if you have the sawed-off Savage out of Montana in this one some big time fights
on the card Matt we’re looking forward to Fernando Padilla taking on Kyle Nelson that’s a good one keep locked in
with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it foreign
debut in a long awaited return we have the former Dana White’s Contender series
2022 main eventer it’s the cannibal Charlie Campbell in a battle of
aggressive nicknames is going to be taking on the Executioner Alex Reyes a former UFC co-main inventor in a debut
yes that’s right for Alex Reyes he’s going to be making the return exactly six years to the day from when he
replaced Thiago Alves on three days notice to take on Mike Perry that was
UFC fight night rockhold versus branch in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania yes Chris
latte where were you in attendance for that one yes Ian Cole was there as well with Ryan Reeves Toronto Maple Leaves
enforcer but when you go back and you look at that fight Matt Reyes taking it on short notice former lightweight and
what do they call him Junior welterweight champ over with king of the cage Reyes take that one on the short
notice fighting a human chicken that was Mike Perry in the build up to the fight red is with a little bit of nervous
energy in the cage but once they get down to business it was a little bit of clinch work for Mike Perry you think
he’s going to threaten with the elbows like he did against hot chocolate Danny Roberts instead he pops that knee up
there and Reyes is out in the first round so for Reyes if you don’t know the story after that fight E coli after a
stem cell injection then he had spine issues he’s had a Litany of injuries to
get himself back into the cage and he has had a little bit of a fallback plan he does own cage combat Academy his
brother you know him former light heavyweight title Challenger Dominic Reyes the guys like Carlos alberg are
calling out when Reyes is on a four fight finish losing streak but for Alex Reyes what got him to the dance really
good takedowns hyper aggressive in these lightweight fights and when Alex Reyes gets you down to the mat it’s over like
your toast and he’s one of those interesting guys kind of similar to a jack Dela modeling if it’s on this card
in terms of his record where Alex Reyes loses first two fights as a pro and then finishes 13 guys in a row like he’s
lisanne in the 90s only to make it into the UFC to take on Mike Perry so Matt for Alex Reyes it was a Cinderella Story
cut short the glass slipper’s gone I don’t know how many more jokes I have left in the chamber but Matt I know you
were excited about Charlie Campbell coming on to Dana White’s Contender series you were sold a bill of goods on
this guy I still am the guy is an absolute Wild Man and buy the Jeepers he might not be credited with all the
knockdowns but I counted four knockdowns for Campbell against Chris Duncan only for him to eat a straight right hand and
get dropped in a one round burner against Duncan last year Campbell comes back his last time out he takes on a
tricky fighter known as Josh Streaker who was nine and five and knocks him out so for Campbell Matt I had a fun
re-watch on his tape let alone the tape on Alex Reyes which is very aged at this
point it’s like popping in a VCR but I know you’re down to clown one lightweights have knockout power like this I think this is a very exciting
Fighting fight and I think these are the type of opponents they should be fighting right because who do you give a guy who’s been in the UFC for seven
years too but he’s only had one fight right like the list is going to be fairly short for potential opponents but
Charlie Campbell’s one of those fun prospects who is he gonna win every fight and become UFC lightweight champion probably not but is he ever
going to be in a boring fight like we have Daniel lucerta on this card who has lost four fights in a row more often
than not by stoppage but guess what no they’re all yeah they’re all I know I’m just saying most of his losses by stoppage you know what the problem is
though they’ve all been pretty exciting so it’s kind of hard to just say like Hey kid hit the road we don’t want to
see you anymore and I do think Charlotte cable is going to become one of those types of Fighters hopefully not gets his UFC career started off on four straight
losses but I do think he’s gonna be a fighter that no matter what his record is in this organization it’s going to be somebody that you want to watch but for
Alex Reyes in this matchup I’m gonna have two really hard things that I’m gonna be looking out for a if he’s not
able to secure that takedown and he is just forced to be on the back foot kind of meeting Shirley Campbell’s fire with his own fire when he goes for those
forward flurries I think he’s gonna have some trouble and face a little bit of adversity in those positions but if he
can make Charlie Campbell really work hard early and I don’t mean win take down attempts and really secure them all but just make sure the Campbell burn
those arms out it might take a little bit of the pop out of his shots as this fight does continue because I don’t think Reyes is going to be in there to
just eat shots for 15 straight minutes I think he’s gonna try to put those wrestling shoes on earlier than later but it’s like Rachel’s son and always
says like you don’t get better at something by not doing it right and with all this time off it is really concerning to see what version of Alex
Reyes we are going to get in this because you bring it up quite a few injuries the amount of time off itself like in six years you might be a
completely different person completely different so for Reyes I could be really curious to see what types of improvements he’s made I’ll use two
different examples to try and play it off you look at a guy like Mike Malott has a good fighter who I’m thinking Mike
Malott takes a really long time off becomes coach team off milk comes back into competition Bob’s your uncle he’s
in the UFC the other guy that did it was a guy that beat Ike Valley flag and it
took like five years off that guy Matt Wyman lost 3-5 fights in a row in the comeback punctuated by that Jordan
Levitt slam loss to send him into retirement so when you look at Alex Reyes owns that Gym training with guys
like Bobby green down in Southern California but also mixing it Up in Vegas with some really good training
Partners so look out for Alex Reyes in this one really big on the feet really heavy shots but also with the takedowns
when you look at Charlie Campbell obviously he’s got power in his hands really long extension on his shots
utilizes reach the majority of his fights he tends to be one of those power punchers at olongo Weidman MMA but when
I look at a guy like Charlie Campbell I have one giant red flag that scares the bejesus out of me in every single fight
is it the giant like slab that he has like a Dennis Schroeder bit of like you
mean the MVP Dennis shooter show some respect when I look at Charlie Campbell
he when he’s in the pocket and he’s having success with his strikes he tends to throw incredibly naked leg kicks and
his hands go from here to down below his waist and he drops I’ve got the call he’s got he’s got awesome leg kicks you
go back and watch his fight with Bellator against Naya Noah dung he’s a big Underdog that fight in Uncasville
Connecticut that was headlined by Michael Chandler against Benson Henderson but Campbell beats him by TKO
due to the leg kicks and Campbell utilizes leg kicks in every single one of his fights to great effect however
again he drops his hand so far down and you saw him throwing a kick dropping his
hands and eating a right hand in tight from Chris Duncan and that was downfall not fight so going back and watching all
the tape on Charlie Campbell I thought his takedown defense was pretty good you saw that against him chunky boy 163 for
155 the Santos three fights ago Chuck or Chuck Campbell Chuck Campbell goes over
to yes real close chick magnet Punk and he’s like call me get me on the phone and CM Punk has no idea what to do it’s
like he’s never touched a mobile device in his life but when you look at this fight Matt again it was originally supposed to be Natan Levy and Charlie
Campbell with about a week’s note is to take on Alex Reyes who’s been getting ready for multiple fights for years on
end so Matt we don’t have any odds posted for this this fight was just announced but we do have a look at the topology vote surprise to us there to
you I’m gonna say over under 80 on the younger fighters taking this on short notice I think it’ll be over mainly just
due to the time offer Reyes all right and it is a lot over it’s 388 total votes 91 Campbell 84 buy knockout and I
have a hard time taking Fighters coming off the layoffs you mention one another guy charges Dan hole the man mountain with about four years off fights Jurgen
to Castro beat somebody finish but when they’re these guys with these really long boats of inactivity I just struggle
to take them especially when you’re a few weeks away from your 37th birthday so for me I’m gonna go with Chuck
Campbell with the leg kick red flag is a giant one if I could throw one up there I agree with it 100 the reasons that you
bring up for cable potentially getting the loss in this he does leave some openings when he is having his most success and that is concerning right
it’s like I like Dylan Brooks a lot more now because he played for Canada than I thought but there’s some players out
there where they make their first shot it’s kind of the worst thing that could happen to them right because it gives them that false sense of confidence if Campbell does start to start moving
downhill with a lot of his strikes it can leave some of the counters but I just don’t know if Rey is with all this time off is going to be the guy to
really make him pay for it once he does start to fight borderline ranked group and Frank lightweights like guys like Jalen Turner are gonna make you pay for
things like that in your fighting style I just don’t know if Reyes again with all this time off is going to be that guy all right we’ll see who’s able to
get it done will it be the cannibal or the Executioner both of us going with Charlie Campbell out of long gone
Weidman MMA to get the win some big time fights on this card including Tracy
Cortez against Jasmine Jazz business up next you’re not going to want to miss it keep it locked in with fighting Apex we
always say let’s get into it
thank you you’ll see Noche must uh kind
of coincide with the blue moon because coming up this weekend we have a Tracy Cortez fight they never happened she’s
gonna be taking on Canada’s Jasmine Jazz The Vicious and if this fight goes anything like the FIBA Basketball
Championships Matt maybe Canada will be able to beat the US once more and when you look at a fight like this it’s got
to be a little bit awkward I mean for Jasmine Jazz fizziest she gets to walk around backstage and it’s kind of like
that Brian windhorst meme she gets to see at least three you know what’s going on with the Utah Elise Reed in the backstage they fought
in a title fight over cffc and it was Jazz busiest losing I’d say now a controversial Split Decision against
Reed in that matchup but just as busy is able to carry it Forward also make it to the UFC BK Hanson in a debut lose a
fight to Natalia Silva and since then Jazz vizius has definitely taking a level up with her striking in her last
two matchups against Gabriella Fernandez who was a turtle offer back in the the takedowns Jazz business was able to kind
of carry through with her natural martial art which is the wrestling former Canadian silver medalist champ in
the freestyle discipline but when you look at it for jazz visius or Last Time Out Vancouver against Miranda Maverick I
and most people had her pegged to get the loss and she was kind of having some trouble in the first round against
Maverick but by goodness she was able to Rally back round two round three and work in her striking and look very very
good so she’s looking to carry forward that momentum with Niagara top team into this fight against fight Ready’s own
Tracy Cortez for Cortez she was due a fight back last December against Amanda hebos and that fight was out due to some
medical issues so for Cortez this is the first action since she was able to beat Melissa Gatto by decision and that was
quite a while ago exactly back in May of last year I mean even before that I went over Justine Kish by Split Decision
where Cortez missed weight by half a pound she get dropped in the third round of that one really quickly but Cortez
has had some really close fights she was known as a finisher outside of the UFC she had that Invicta Split Decision win
over Aaron blanchfield I re-watched that fight today I still think blanchfield won the first round the third round
Cortez gets a win over Maria Agape of a on Contender series and then she’s been Off to the Races but we primarily seen
Cortez’s wrestling in the UFC whether it’s been at 135 pounds or at 125 you
think of the fight against Stephanie Edgar where she’s able to dominate in that discipline against somebody who’s pretty unaccredited on the ground but
again for Cortez we almost want to see a finish we almost expect a finish and this is a battle between number 14 and
Cortez number 15 in jazz divisius and a bit of a shark tank all of a sudden in the flyweight division so I’m eager to
get your take on this fight because both of these women their Styles kind of complement each other and it could
either be an awesome fight kind of a stale fight I don’t know and that’s exactly how I was gonna start stylistically these two mirror each
other in a lot of different areas that’s why I think it will result in a pretty fun fight the thing about Tracy Cortez is it does does feel like you kind of
know what the result of our fights are going to be after the first two or three minutes of the first round right like if she’s able to secure the takedown if
she’s not getting stuck in too many compromising positions on the mat well she’s probably gonna race to repeat for
the second round and if she does have anything left in the tank she’ll probably do the same in the third round and let’s think about Cortez I think her
cardio comes down to more her pacing and her ability to go out there and get the takedown more than her having poor cardio by any means I just think she
spends a lot of energy trying to get those takedowns and if you do a good job defensively you can burn her out quite a bit and make her just a diminished
version in that third round and that’s where this fight does get interesting because I was really impressed by the pace that Jasmine was able to put on in
her last performance and not just the pace just the consistency was nice to see out of her because we had really only seen a lot of the grappling out of
her before the last couple of matchups and before her last loss so it has been nice to see her continually add new things into her game even at 34 years
old because that’s not often an agent Flyway that you see Fighters make these wholesale adjustments to their MMA skill
sets but Jasmine has been able to incorporate a lot more of the Striking into her game you gotta talk about that
Jim little bit too when you mention that with Niagara top team because you see my team Arc Antonio in the corner former
fighter he main event at a St John New Brunswick fight 20 years ago but also Anthony Romero you’ve seen Mike Malad in
the gym as well and he’s seen some other ontario-based Fighters kind of mix it up there so credit where it’s due with
nagatop Team I just have a really hard time at this point in this fight I think Jasmine probably has the more well-rounded game I’d say at this stage
of her career Tracy like you had said does go for a lot more of the wrestling and it really does seem like hey if she’s gonna win a fight it’s gonna be a
lot with her wrestling or top pressure and if she’s gonna lose a fight well she’s not gonna be able to acquire any of those things but I will never get
this out of my head after we saw Carlos fires a fight Tatiana Suarez you have two fighters who are both really good
wrestlers right both much better than the contemporaries are with the wrestling as far as might have been like only five percent better with her
wrestling and that fight didn’t look close at all so why don’t you worry about this matchup being hey if Jasmine or Cortez even has that five or ten
percent Advantage with their own wrestling will that be enough to just use that one tool of their game and get the win using that so Cortez struggled
in some of the submissions against Melissa gato which is going to be able to win the first and the third round in that matchup gets the win against uh
Justin Kish judge scored 30-27 Cortez the next judge 29-28 rounds one around
three Cortez the other judge round two round three Kish I think it was kind of crazy that judges weren’t unanimous to
giving Kish the third round because she was able to off the body kick land a right hand that drops Tracy Cortez and
again I didn’t think that she won that fight against blanchfield however when I look at Jazzy busiest in this matchup
historically how have I picture us the vicious fights good question listener and Watcher I picked Kay Hanson to win I
picked Jasmine to win her second Fido I pick Gabby Fernandez to win I pick Miranda Maverick to win I’m owing for
and picking Jazz Fizzy’s fights in the UFC she’s got 78 takedown defense so far in that small sample size so we’ll see
how this one goes because I think activity on the feet Cortez continuing to train a fight ready you’re only gonna
get better in that discipline with Santino DeFranco and Eddie Chaw there as well well but when you look at a fight
like this Matt odds they’re pretty darn close Tracy Cortez a slight favorite roughly minus 130 in this one we have a
look at the topology votes man surprise us there to you I think the Lion’s Share gonna be with Tracy Cortez I’m gonna say
over under 82 and a half percent Cortez I think it’ll be under 82 and a half but she’ll be the favorite it is under 831
total votes 71 Cortez 89 by decision so you’re going with Tracy quartz is in
this one I feel no I haven’t split down the middle as you possibly can be the reason I forgot that wrestling point is
though if Cortez can’t just be heavy enough in the top position I think she can win rounds that way and again I don’t think it’s going to be the most
aesthetically pleasing way to go out there and win around but top pressure guess what that does a lot better than the person being on bottom defending
against said top pressure so I do think I’m gonna slightly fade or sorry slightly side with Tracy Cortez but it’s
a difficult fight because if she’s not able to secure those take jams she hasn’t shown us enough improvements in
the other parts of her game at least at this point for me to really be convinced that hey she could win a 15-minute fight just using the clinch or a 50 minute
fight just using her boxing I think those things are starting to come along but not enough yet and that’s why I have a hard time with this fight and for
Cortez it’ll be interesting to see I mean with a brother that’s a fighter with all the story you know her story
kind of coming into the UFC a lot to digest and I’m sure we’ll hear quite a bit about that at UFC Noche for me give
me Jasmine Jazz visius maybe we’ll go over for fun picking her fight so far we’ll see how that one goes I’m going
with Canada’s jazz busiest and I think again activity on their feet we saw that against Maverick we saw a good gas tank
there as well and we saw the takedowns play a bit of a factor the only time we’ve really seen Jazz busy struggle is
round the outside killer Natalia Silva was able to get her down a couple times and she was so was able to get two
takedowns in that matchup as well go two for three in the fight but for me I’m going to ask visius we’re split on the
pick in this one let us know in the comments who you have let us know what we have in all of these fights because
Matt the next one it’s gonna be Edgar shiris taking on Daniel lucerta you’re
not going to want to miss it keep locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it
thank you fiery flyweight’s in need of a couple of
wins coming up this weekend we have Mexico’s own Pitbull Edgar scheida is going to be taking on miojo Daniel
laserta you might see it out there Daniel de Silva and your friends might tell you hey everybody from Shoot the
Box Diego Lima they win these days no your friends are telling you Craig he’s lost four straight put it to rest why
are we still talking about him well they’re really talking about shoot the box like it’s uh Danny Cage’s monster
Factory but all I know is where the comparisons stop at shoot the box is the fact that yeah he might dye his hair
blonde and yeah he might have pictures on his Instagram with Charles Oliveira but for Daniel lucerda he’s had four
fights in the UFC I can break him down really easily how’d they go for him finished in all four of them but gosh
darn it they’ve been fun and it’s last time out he had CJ Vergara on skates in
the first round of their matchup I counted four knockdowns the UFC officially counted two Lacerta had
Vergara running the opposite way and then in the second round Vergara was able to get the fight down in the mat
there was a point where Lacerta had him in a bit of a calf slicer like he was Brett Jones but then Vergara was able to
spin out of the position get on top and Lucero wasn’t able to play Jiu Jitsu for any longer you saw a lot of big elbows a
lot of big shots from Vergara and the fight was over so it was one of those unique two-round Flight of the knights
but for Lacerta it’s been a wild run he’s able to drop Jeff Molina early in their fight only for Molina to Rally
back he’s able to get the fight down to the mat against Francisco figueredo and then that other figuredo took his leg
home with him in a neighbor he was also able to go there against Victor altamarano drop him early springboards
back up and then altarano drops laserta who had his hands way out just ate that
punishment that was coming down against altamrano so lasserta gets this opportunity to right some wrongs in this
fight but as fun as he is boy he’s fast and loose with his style this is what Daniel assertive reminds me
of you know those kids in like fourth fifth sixth grade who plays Sports and they’re amazing like way too good at
that age to be at that level but then they started to get older and they just kind of rely on those exact same things
that made them great when they were younger but they didn’t add the other components to their game Daniel assertive reminds me a lot of
those kids because he does can he finish fights in the feet Yes can he finish fighting the mat yes and if you just look at a snapshot of everything he does
you’re probably thinking wow this guy’s a very talented fighter but once you look for all the gaps in between the
main skill sets of MMA the things that aren’t just pure wrestling the things that aren’t pure kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu Taylor does miss a lot of those
components to his game and that’s why even though he is on this bar fight losing streak I’m not gonna sit here and tell you I have an easy time predicting
his fights because every single one of those fights has had a flash for hey he did look better than I probably thought he was going to and I’m glad you forgot
the last performance because I completely written him off that last time and I’m like oh CJ for girls gonna dust him and then he still gives you a
reason to believe in Dana lucerna and that’s why no matter who he fights whether it’s a box full of pool noodles at a Walmart or some entry-level UFC
fighter he could easily win a 50k bonus based off Spinning Wheel kick was the first knockdown straight left was the
second the third knock down another Spinning Wheel kick and the next one was a flurry of punches and I again I
counted four knockdowns maybe the last one was a wobble against Vergara but laserta is one of those guys where he’s
won all four of these fights in the first 30 seconds and then after that other things have happened to cause him
to lose him by finish and if you go back and watch the certified on the regional scene before he was in the UFC it was a
lot of kind of similar games when he gets tired do you think he says like oh this never happens oh boy my
conditioning yikes but when you look at Lucerne all the training Partners in the world you saw a very young it was weird
when the promotion yesterday and yesterday for us was UFC 293 they go well Lipe Daytona he turns 23 tomorrow
so in the graphic they show him as 23 but you’re still 22 though but Lipe Daytona comes in has a fight of the
night against a number 10 rank Manila cop we’ll see if Lacerta can try and pick up some of that magic when you look
at a guy like Edgar chaitas he’s one of those really really interesting Fighters the former kombati you can see it right
there Flyway champ it’s Edgar shairez and if you consider this matchup Matt for shaida’s it’s an awesome opportunity
to be able to fight on a card like this with a lot of your teammates he’s an enthron gym guy Brandon Moreno spent a
lot of time there he’s kind of all over the place for his camps but you also have Yasmine how Reggie on this card and
if you go down through the performances you already recognize him from Dana White’s Contender series he did lose to
Clayton Carpenter but if you watch the first round of that fight he gave Clayton Carpenter everything he could handle in that first round shaida has
won the first and the rest of the fight was very competitive but you watch a guy like shaida’s when he’s striking he’s
all over the map he can spin kick like the best of them inside of a phone booth his hip flexibility is insane some of
the kicks that he throws but the spin back elbows as well so shyitas definitely posed a tough test for Edgar
I hope you appreciate this he reminds me of a sparkler it was recently Canada day you had an odd relationship with
sparklers I feel like you got burned by them every single always grab the end of it but that’s what I mean so you would
know better than anybody once you light a sparkler can you get it to stop not really and for Edgar is he does fight a
little bit water well I guess he put it in water but he does fight a little bit like a sparkler once he gets going it is
very difficult to slow that momentum and slow that pace now when we look at a guy like Edgar sheida’s his last time out
Fury FC 55 he’s going out there and he’s taking on a decent level of competition but if you do the kind of the Deep dive
on the record all 10 of the shaida’s wins are by finish the combined opponent record 56-29 and one but I mean the last
couple it was a little bit chintzy so he’s got a fifth round loss he’s got decision losses like when Edgar is
forced to really elongate his game and force to become that same fighter that he is in those first initial verses it
is really difficult for him to elongate that success and I mean with Fury you had a pre-main event promo in cage from
Brandon Moreno on Dana White’s Contender series as they’re making the walk shaitis has Moreno in his corner and
there’s also brainer Moreno in a tiny screen in screen giving a breakdown of Edgar Shades so a lot of kind of support
there from the champ but my biggest part about this was my the fight that he had
against Vasquez were poor Frank Collazo and I’ll put it up there that was the most disgusting non-finished call I’ve
ever seen in my life and shaides was struggling in that fight quite a bit like he could have had a few of the
rounds very close but in that once they got to the title rounds or the championship rounds it was a triangle
choke that was synced in where the guy Vasquez is completely out the referee
doesn’t see it the commentators are yelling stop the fight stop the fight and then he goes for an armbar
dislocates his opponent’s elbow and then finally Vasquez wakes himself up and tops out of it it was wild to see that
again you can go back and watch some of the combate fights the uwc fights for shairas the tape is readily available
and shaida is in that debut against tatsuro tayera second round third round struggle with the grappling first round
I don’t normally go by the Numbers however he was 27 of 30 on his
significant strikes that’s a massive percentage he was able to really land a nice leg kick to kind of drop for a
quick second tayeda and then when Toyota came in close in the phone booth as I said about shaida’s it was a short left
hand that dropped tatsuro taeta in that first round so for shaida’s he was able to go out there and show a little bit in
that matchup but again that fight that he took was on a week and a half’s notice at a catch weight of 130 pounds
against one of the hottest prospects in this division shairas is one of those Fighters we’ve likened him to a little
bit of a chepe mariscal where shade has fought good Fighters before coming into the UFC he didn’t win all of those
fights you don’t get to 10 and 5 by doing everything the right way but for shaida’s another good opportunity to
kind of get back on the horse and he does have quite grappling in his own right I know we didn’t get to see that the last time out against Toyota but
guess what tatsuo is really really really good at this stage of his career and that is the 1X factor that he brings
into this division so I do expect Chinese to have a lot more success with his own grappling especially in this matchup because if laserta does just try
to March forward not even March for just Blitz forward wildly it’s gonna leave those openings for him to not only get
caught by counters on the feet but also for cheyanna is to go underneath get the hips and go for the takedown because if he’s able to get that top position on
Lacerta I know asserted can be squirrely off the back I don’t know if it’s going to be enough though to actually put Edgar in compromising positions to where
he won’t be convinced that hey I just keep on getting these takedowns over and over again because he’s got a great
submission repertoire in his own back pocket I think this fight’s gonna go this way these two guys are gonna go
rock em sock’em robots and one of the two is gonna drop I have a really hard time offering you a prediction in this
fight because Edgar shade is more than a two to one favorite in this matchup and not all four fight finish losing streaks
are created equal this isn’t BJ Penn taking on yair Rodriguez we have a look at the votes over on topology Matt
surprised us there to you I’m gonna say over under 70 chaitas I’ll say over I’m gonna say
over it is over 783 total votes 89 shaida is 60 by Naco for the 11 percent
that have Lacerta 62 by knockout so again I think it’s whoever drops first is
going to be the one that might lose it even though we could have a multiple knockdown type situation maybe it’s like a Dan Hardy Carlos caught it two hooks
land and whoever gets up gets up but uh yeah like I said I have a hard time trying to offer you a pick in this fight
you know what I’m never gonna do though pick a guy who’s lost four straight fights by stoppage guess it’s just a rule I have you know if you’ve been
stopped in four straight fights I’m probably not gonna pick you to get off the horse in your next one so Lacerta again I can’t say it enough times he’s
gonna make this fight exciting Win Lose or Draw I just don’t see it being a winner a draw so that’s why I have Edgar
in the matching we’ll see if a mass bulk order of blonde hair dye is able to pull out the victory this time or if Daniel
asserta is the second coming of one of his teammates that everybody forgets Thomas Almeida it was bright until it
wasn’t Matt both of us I’m also going with Edgar Shades in the matchup it’s hard to pick a guy on a four fight
losing straight to win but he’s got a shot in this one so let us know we have Down Below in the comment section some
big time fights on the card Main Events a title fight on a fight night at T-Mobile they’re stuck in the deck
you’re going to want to keep it locked in with fight day picks we always say let’s get into it
out is Chris Curtis So Fluffy Hernandez is to fight Roman Coppola on short
notice out is Fluffy Hernandez so in our short notice is Josh friend a guy won a
fight a few weeks ago weighing 189 pounds and out of that he was looking for a new contract well gosh darn it he
got it so Matt Josh friend represented by Jason house a manager who’s known to Corner his Fighters which is a little
bit unorthodox but for friend his last time out he got the win over Jamie Pickett and he’s riding somewhat of a
win streak coming into this matchup friends one of those guys where you knew
that in the bright moments sometimes he didn’t shine himself the brightest he saw that against Gregory Rodriguez in
the middleweight Main Event it was the finale of a little bit of a tournament four-man tournament that they had for
the belt frim got finished in that matchup but he moved it Forward he fought on a Dana White’s looking for a
fight card and then he ended up in the UFC lost in a matchup two Anthony fluffy
Hernandez then he was on the losing end against Sean Gore in it was like if you
had a friend that liked to take daisies and go pop the head like you saw a Gore
submission that was absolutely grotesque so for friend his last two times out he’s definitely proven some people wrong
gets the win over SD Dumas as an underdog utilize that Slippery Rock wrestling University Wrestling that he
has in his back pocket and then his last time out did about the same against Pickett and this is the part that I have
to accentuate in a fight like this against these two guys Matt Roman Coppola was in the same position not
that long ago and both of these Fighters are a reason that you morons that fill up comment sections and Twitter comments
have to just take a step back and this is my point when people go why do you
guys talk about fights that happen years ago this fight is precisely why you go
back and you watch what got these guys to the dance because for Roman Coppola he was a fresh-faced newcomer with AMC
fight nights Global he became their middleweight champ on a seven fight finish streak comes into the UFC and
loses by submission of Kyle Roberson takes a lot of time off and loses to
Albert derive and everybody casts these guys off when they lose two fights to start the UFC career as chop liver well
sure enough Roman Coppola in its last three fights is finished his last three opponents and all you had to do was
watch how impressive he was in the regional scene to be able to tell people that geez this guy’s a pretty good
fighter and not just a guy on a two-fight losing streak not just some Rando so I guess but I gotta also say
I’ve never seen a guy start his UFC career off on two losses and immediately thought to myself oh he’s gonna fight
for the title soon like I think both parties do have a little bit of Merit to them I agree with you you’d have to go back and look at the body of work
somebody had but I’ve never won and I watched a lot of ufcs okay I’ve never seen a person get their career off to an
O2 start immediately thought wow they’re destined for me no but when you’re trying to talk about the fights you can’t just go well this guy lost you
can’t call people morons though for not believing in people who started Owen too you just look at people that they’re the
type of people that talk to their friends and they go geez did you hear about that and then you question them on it and they’re like oh no I just read
the headline they’re they’re headline news readers they’re mouth breathers and at the same time and I agree with their
big points don’t see the forest through the trees so when it comes to a fight like this when you look at Josh friend
when you look at Roman copulov they do it in different ways friend is one of those guys that’s gonna strike to wrestle and then once he gets down and
the fight to the mat he can be a little bit tricky for Coppola tricky soapaw Sidewinder performance bonuses last time
out against Claudio habero an awesome awesome accuracy to his shots in the first round of that one he did get stung
by that big what was it a left hand that habera was able to throw if it wasn’t was a straight rate but regardless at
the very end of the first round of that one only to follow it up with an undefended head kick to not because you
block off so when you look at this one Matt two guys at different points in their career it does feel like a big
step up for friend on the shorter notice in this matchup though in total kapolov had a month to get ready for a fight in
Vegas and friend had what like a week two weeks it is a big step up for a friend especially his level of competition but I do think he has all
the skills to go out there and win this fight especially if you can figure out what copy love is doing at range but there’s one big thing about Josh friend
that even in his last fight that he won he does and I don’t like it when he’s uncomfortable on the outside on the feet he won’t have that tendency to just rush
for the clinch and if he’s doing that against a guy like copy love not shooting it for takedowns it’s very different closing the distance for a
body to body overhook underhook is more just you getting your head out of danger and then trying to chain wrestle from that position which are things he can do
don’t get me wrong it’s just if he’s doing that against Roman copuloff more cognizant of hey I gotta get myself out of danger instead of hey I gotta take
him down so he’s less of a threat I think that’s a big difference in mindset and execution too because if friend is
just trying to clinch up to avoid some of those bigger shots on the outside copula still does have to see receiving power in weird angles too he can get
uppercuts even when your chest and chest he’ll hit you with weird shots and I think those are the types of shots that could hurt friend and get his attention
but if REM can use some of those uh entrances to take down copy life it’s gonna be a completely different fight
because copy love will load up a lot on his shots I do like the accuracy don’t get me wrong even on his hooks and his
overhands he does do a pretty good job of once he throws them he does land on his point but he can get caught loading
up a lot of those bigger power shots and if he does find himself not just throwing the techniques for the techniques if he is trying to knock out
Josh friend and not letting The Knockout come to him it could be really difficult night for copula because for as good of a striker as he is once he’s moving
forward fighting the fight on his terms when he’s moving backwards nothing he’s a bad Fighter by any means he’s still a
very dangerous one at that but it eliminates a lot of the tools from his own toolbox you bring up the head kick
kicks are something he does a lot better when he has his opponent behind the black line so when he is behind the black lines and when he’s able to start
incorporating the kicks along with his boxing he becomes a much more difficult fighter to deal with in my mistake copper log got his performance bonus
against prunes Soriano as an underdog in that win but the last three fights he retires Manzo Alessio de kiriko beats
Puna Soriano and then very very recently was able to get the win over Claudio habero for Josh frem you’ve seen him
succeed against long ranging Strikers like Joel Bauman on the regional scene but when you do look at this I did
listen to an interview my MMA News John Eric Poli one of the best stressed interviewers out there always in suit
and tie and polai asked them about the new deal it’s a new four fight deal for Josh friend he said he took four or five
days more or less to reset get back from the gym try not to blow up in terms of the weight which is obviously underlined
by a little bit of a a funny funny thing being 189 your last time out and he said
the weight Cup made my arms feel like a million pounds that was a quotable from his last time out because he was at 189
so Matt back to back South Park camps for friend as he said in his own words in that interview so he’s looking
forward to another one in this matchup kapilov is a big favorite at about a three to one we have a look at the topology votes processary to you
topology voters been wild lately I’m gonna say over under 85 percent copy off
I’ll say over let’s say over it’s oh my 776 total votes 96 Coppola of 84 by
knockout for the 4 that are framed 27 by knockout and 43 by decision Matt I’d
like to hear from the fans as to who they have in this one and why for me I have Roman cough love I think that
tricky Southpaw striking is gonna lend Credence when it does whether it’s at distance or in the pocket I think he has
such an advantage with the Striking and the power we even saw it in the fight against Albert arrives they’ll bust up
that I that always gets busted up so for copper lab though he did struggle in the takedowns but Daria is very good he’s
like a dog on a bone with those takedowns that got him to the ACA ACB Walter eight middleweight Championship
so for me I do have Coppola on this one trains a lot with arm and Petrosian at
Universal Fighters and ratty team you’ve seen Coppola out of that gym as well with razul magamad Ali as his coach so
for me a couple of trains with a lot of wrestlers and a very very good striker in this division so I do have him in the
fight I’ve also got caught a lot but again if he does find himself waiting behind those two black lines trying to set up that one big Power Shot and not
really reacting as well to hey I’m striking down digging for under hooks trying to defend takedowns I think he is
going to be able to win this fight largely based on the Striking Advantage I perceived that he has but again if Fred could get him backed up get him up
against the cage and force him to try and decipher what’s a strike and what’s to take down I think he can go out there and get the win but I do have copula
both of us going with Roman cop love to get the win some big time fights on this
card including the title fight in the main event and hey a call Main Event Kevin Hall and taking on Jack delamada
you’re not going to want to miss it keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it
UFC Noche and on the card at strawweight Lupe cadenas was do a rematch with Sam
Hughes Elise Reed was due Cynthia calvillo calvillo’s oh he was out godinez gets read and we get a fight
Matt when you look at this matchup for Lupe godina’s two wins in a row she beat
Cynthia calvillo and her last time it looked pretty darn good against Emily Ducati and if you look at it for Elise
Reed gets the win even with the takedowns of jinyu fry and that’s one of those things for Elise Reed a Taekwondo
block belt to the nth degree she’s been a gym owner since the age of 25 you hear that all the time at a kick side martial
arts in New Jersey but when you look at it for read I mean strikes on the outside the kicks on the outside those
really are her Hallmarks and you saw it even in her fight as an underdog against Melissa Martinez Martinez really good
with the boxing Martinez is crashing the distance Martinez goes for body kicking off that Reed throws a punch drops
Martinez in the first round so Fareed a really interesting case because we probably haven’t seen the best of her in
the UFC she does have a record of seven and three but interesting for her on
this three and three run is the fact that she’s been an underdog in even some of these wins I mean Corey McKenna and
that aforementioned Melissa Martinez fight so Fareed I mean the the mat is lava in just about every fight because
if you’re getting submitted by Muay Thai Striker Loma me then Lord only knows
what could happen if for Lupita gadina’s boxing really the Hallmark I always talk about that Lindsey garbat BTC title
fight but for uh godina she can go out there she can put the wrestling shoes on in her own right she was one of those
Fighters that tried to do the unthinkable fight on a week between fights she gets the win down a straw
weight she moves up against Luana Carolina wins the first round of that one and then gets outstruck on the outside and tended to fade as that one
went on but kadina is really able to prove those naysayers wrong in those lost two wins beats Ducati was a great
outside Striker loves to throw the kicks both to all three levels and along with
her boxing so when you look at this fight I think one of the big story lines that people are gonna throw away on this
one but they will mention in the main event Lupita godina is for this fight not training at Titan MMA in Vancouver
she’s training down at Lobo gym in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico Matt the
elevation there is 1566 meters the elevation in New Jersey
whether it’s at either kick side location Princeton or Hillsborough less than 100 meters Lupita gadina is at
elevation at least read at sea level I don’t know what came velocity yeah oxygen 10 altitude 10 every night
and it didn’t help him altitude tents and actual elevation aren’t the same thing just saying well not everybody who
fights in Mexico or Denver is undefeated it’s a nice thing to have in your back pocket but I don’t think it makes all the difference
Kyle Nelson beat Marco Polo Reyes in Mexico City and that’s the next fight
I’m going to talk about but I think that’s just a little bit of an added X Factor for somebody who likes to wrestle
a little bit in along with their box it is the only question I have in this fight is can lapidic dynast get at least
read down to the mat and could you do it for about more than seven minutes because if she can do it for more than that amount of time I think she’d win
decisions I think she can beat her with her boxing regardless I think that’s a much more difficult way of winning if
you’re finding somebody who is a primary Striker and you’re also a Grappler and you’re well-rounded do you think your coach is telling you hey strike with
them no they’re saying hey do the thing they’re really bad at which would be defensive grappling and grappling in
general so I don’t think Adidas can win this fight if it’s only on the feet if it’s just 15 minutes I would pick a lease reading this matchup if it was
just 15 minutes of striking but I think Adidas is able to not only mix in the takedown but mix in the clinch to
eliminate some of the Rhythm that Elise Reed can get into when she is able to mix in her combinations to kicking range then yes Elise Reed might have a chance
to win this if she is able to just keep kadina’s offer for the majority of the fight but I think Adidas is a good enough job with not only your takedown
attempts the clinch as well to just get time and get moments off in those positions to win this fight based on
decision because I think both Fighters can have a really hard time getting a stoppage winning this matchup either godinez with a submission or a TKO or at
least raid hanger with a big shot on the feet and completely changes in the complexion of this fight I also said Sean Strickland probably wouldn’t drop
Israel out of Sonya so hey what do I know I just think that if you’re looping into cadenas you have all the tools to
win this fight not an easy way but a much easier way so why would you go out there and just try to strike and for
Elise Reed they’ve continued to throw a wrestlers I don’t know if they want Elise Reed to be out of the UFC but if
you look at it I mean Corey McKenna that’s a win over on Corey McKenna is close to home soil and Reed was kind of
on the losing end in a short notice fight up a weight loss against Jerry Eubanks to take the UFC debut but since
then I mean 50 takedown defense in the UFC it’s not the greatest thing in the world but it is the number that is on
the page Matt if you do look at it numbers on a page for godinez or last time out 119.5 was the weight but she
didn’t miss the weight it was a catch weight at 120 pounds so we look at this matchup cadinez is a big big favorite we
have a look at the topology vote surprise to us as they are to you I’m gonna say over under 85 percent cadenas
I’ll say over they are wild oh my gosh 693 total votes 97 gdina is 82 by
decision there are three percent of fans that have a lease read to win this fight including contrarian millions and people
that like to be different Matt I do have loopy godinez in the matchup it’s MMA anything can happen we know this but for
me I do think kadina is again switching it up working at Titan or working not just at Titan in BC you know a lot of
those Fighters out of BC the train in the similar areas like Sarah Kaufman like uh Jamie Lynn horth who’s in the
UFC Now 23 year old bantamweight might not be doesn’t matter all these women that train together and utilize
wrestling good striking but also for gadinas to go down to Mexico work it with Alexa Grosso Arena aldana
Alessandro Casa with Jiu Jitsu and that John and Kate hair John K plus 8 hairdo
that is Diego Lopez to work in a little bit of background game too for those reasons I have Lupita gadina’s matchup
but if you guys ever hear me say he’s been trading with Andre olowski down an American top team pick against whoever
I’m about to pick I do have kadine has though because I think she is so much more well-rounded in the matchup I don’t know last night at UFC 293 we did hear a
and he has Marcelo gome in his corner just something you don’t hear every day but Matt both of us going with the
Mexican Canadian in the matchup Lupe godinez to get the win some big time fights in this card I can’t wait for the
co-main event at Walter weight Kevin Holland taking on Jack delamada check that video out and toss a like on your
way out you’re going to want to keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it
and it’s a second look in the UFC for team oyama sub two minute knockout
winner we’re talking about Ella Valiente Fernando Padilla was war tiony the war
master that night no Josh burnout would probably say no but Padilla was able to get that win he dropped Julian erosa
twice and tiony said I don’t need to see any more but Dio looking to turn the clock forward take on the fellow
Canadian Muskoka Cottage countries own the monster Kyle Nelson and when you
look at Kyle Nelson he’s one of those guys that just got a bad draw out of the gate early on he takes on Carlos Diego
fajeda up a weight class had some success early in the fight ultimately got finished in that one but for Kyle
Nelson he might be too 4-1 in the UFC but I think the big snapshot for him is
his last three fights and it’s a win a loss and a draw and even in the loss he
loses against Jai Herbert but he’s able to land 15 thudding leg kicks that made a difference in that fight especially as
it went on the draw he’s taking on Duo Choi had success in the wrestling even though he had five takedowns he was
losing that fight on the feet Duo Troy decides in the third round I’m gonna just nudge that head in a little bit
closer to your head he loses a point due to a head butt in the third round so it ends up as a draw now since last time
out he’s a big Underdog in Vancouver on that pay-per-view card headline by Nunez taking on aldana and in that one my Kyle
Nelson on the winning end against Blake Builder and Builder was having some success early on the outside Kyle Nelson
he’s got kind of a creaky stance to him he just marches guys down he’s a little square he throws you’re moving her head
way too much to become Nelson just everything moves he throws that leg kick quite a bit and it was weird because
where he was able to touch up Blake builder at the end of the first round I thought it was a really close round
until Nelson landed a big right hand that kind of got Builders attention and after that round two round three Builder
wasn’t willing to crash the distance and then Kyle Nelson was able to have all the success on the outside and that
might not happen in a fight like this where Nelson’s fighting at a disadvantage in terms of the reach by five inches by the numbers and two
inches in terms of the height but when you look at a guy like Fernando Padilla there’s a lot to like about this guy in
this fight El Valiente the brave Mexico’s own Fernando Padilla the former
Fury FC Champion gotta win on Fury FC 46 looking for a fight he was signed to the
UFC and that was back in 2021 you look at a guy like Fernando Padilla he hasn’t
fought in a meaningful amount of time he did an interview and that’s coming up with a guy that you guys know and love
from MMA Sucka James Lynch and in that one the question was well why is there such a layoff and the quotable was just
the Visa really uh to be real with you just the Visa issues and other than that he’s been training for the last couple
of years and Padilla comes out of a great gym we’re talking about timoyama with some of the best in World former
champ Carlos farza calling Yama we’ve seen him corner a lot of fighters in the UFC before Padilla you look at all of
the fights he starts off his pro career back at 18 years old in Mexico in a
co-main event slot of all things and that was a car that was headlined and one half of it was Jorge Gonzalez you
know the guy that was supposed to be in the UFC but he had a dirty you saw the Saucy and uh yeah Gonzalez just couldn’t
make the walk a few years ago so when you look at it for a guy like Padilla at such a young age he was able to accrue a
nice record he fought a good level competition he had a loss back to Dan ige that was two fights before he gave
was in the UFC he had a win over Derek Minner where Minner was beating him and he took him down and then all of a
sudden Padilla just pulls out a submission win and winners just like laid out on the canvas it was just a
crazy win over with the LFA Padilla continues he gets rolling his last loss was a spike Carlisle four years ago he
beats Nate Richardson by Split Decision I went back and watched that I thought that Padilla won that one and then his
last time out against Cameron Graves it was like listen Padilla might struggle in this area in that area Padilla was
walking him down beating himself and Padilla with all of those successes on the regional scene and whatnot he’s a
tricky guy because he doesn’t check leg kicks at all like at all and he stands heavy on his lead leg I don’t know what
it could look like in a switch stance situation and the other thing for Padilla he does like to snap that jab
out there sometimes with not much behind it I mean you will see the right hand you’ll see it as a hook and uppercut so
on and so forth not a big guy to be throwing faints out there but the leg kick situation does kind of concern me a
little bit in this fight it concerns me a little bit but the thing about Kyle Nelson is is he well around it he is he can win fights on the feet he does do a
better job on the outside than I think a lot of people would believe at least offensively and I think that comes down too he’s normally eating shots from that
position too in a lot of his matchups so they won’t look a little bit more 50 50ish or even a little bit less so for him if he is eating a lot of those shots
but it can have success in that one position the thing that I do like about Kyle Nelson though is he’s not going to beat himself he’s just gonna try so hard
that it might put him in positions where could get beat and I know that might sound like I’m trying to poke fun at him but I’m not at all he’s gonna pressure
you forward he’s going to make it an ugly fight until he can’t anymore be it because he’s eating so many shots and I
do like that kind of a style I guess somebody like Padilla who I had a lot of question marks coming into the UFC especially based on who they gave him in
is the opening fight juicy he’s a good fighter Julia Rosa I know he’s been stopped early in some matchups but he’s
one of those Fighters that hey if you catch him cold you could probably knock him out look really good but if you can’t catch him cold he can ease his way
into the fight it’s a really long 15 minute night for you out there and for Padilla I was really impressed see him go out there and get the stoppage so
quickly but that’s why I kind of have to get ahead of myself right now is it one of those performances where I try not to
Hype it up in my mind so much because it is against a well-known fighter who we all know can look really good on his best day but a rose is another one of
these guys I brought this up with uh JB Malarkey last weekend it’s hey Malarkey can look really good in some fights but
when you catch him early it looks that much worse but Padilla I just want to say I don’t want to put too much stock
into the last one even though it was a great win and whatnot I’ve said a lot of those question marks like you say no only with the light kicks when you can
eliminate some of the rage that he works with you can have success against him he holds those hands very high and almost like a borderline tie stance it leaves
the body open it does leave the legs open and if Kyle Nelson does have the game plan of hey I’m putting my head in his chest I’m just gonna make it an ugly
fight try to incorporate my own boxing I think he can have a lot of success I just worry about how many shots Nelson’s gonna eat on his way in to close that
distance and against Philly quarantillo Kyle Nelson was on the receiving end of takedowns against in a costume he went
out there in the dry Herbert fight he struggled at range against the boxer that could play out in this fight as
well but when you look at it for Fernando Padilla when he needs to go in for the kill he goes in for it and you
saw that against Rosa one two three then it ended up as a nine punch combo drops
sarosa twice tyony says no more they protested the stoppage a little bit on commentary and then they seem by the end
of it like they were cool with it but Matt when you do look at this one we’ll see if Nelson’s gonna go out there and employ the takedowns we did see it
against Troy we also saw it against Matt sales but for Nelson in six of seven UFC
contest he was the underdog the only time Nelson has been favored in the UFC was at elevation fighting against
Mexico’s own Polo Reyes and he stunned the crowd getting an early knockout win against the guy who’s been knocked out a
timer when you look at this fight map Padilla is a pretty big favorite in the matchup
we have a look at the topology votes again they’re wild this week so I’m gonna say over under 90 Padilla I’ll say
under let’s say under and it’s slightly over 783 total votes 91 Padilla uh 25 by
decision 66 percent by knockout for the nine percent that have Nelson 75 by decision why was Kyle Nelson able to
beat Blake Builder who’s a good boxer but gets clipped gets rocked in his fights who has good stick-to-itiveness
and good wrestling because he was able to show that against Shane Young Shane Young Madam speakers Kyle Nelson threw a
lot of body kicks on a lot of leg kicks and again I can’t highlight that enough he could try and do that against Padilla here and he could have a lot of success
with it too if he stands at that range I don’t don’t think he’s gonna have a lot of success with it I think that’s where what’s going to lead to his downfall if
he does try to play that outside game it just brings in what I said the last video why would you do the thing that gives your opponent the best chance to
give him a win if he stayed a range against Padilla he does have much more punching power he’s got better variety
to his shots too because Nelson is much more traditional with a lot of his boxing offense he’s not really going to wow you with the crazy things he does on
the feet whereas Padilla is going to make you pay with unorthodox shots they’re going to commit at weird angles he’s got that weird shovel hook too that
almost comes in at like a three-quarter angle actually those are all weapons he can use against Kyle Nelson to Halt some of that forward pressure Nelson brings
into the cage I’ll go with Padilla in this one as UFC Noche kind of feels like he’s really wound I know that’s kind of
a lame way to go about it but when you do look at Fernando Padilla I think we brought up some good points for him as well as for Kyle Nelson this one so
please let us know in the chat who you have in the matchup toss a like on your way out we got some big time fights in
this card Holland versus Della and in the main event Grasso shipchenko and number two you’re not going to want to
miss any of the action keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let let’s get into it
biggest Beast Mexican Dynamo the Golden Boy Daniel Zell Huber gets a big step up
in competition coming up this weekend he’s taking on two-time UFC fighter yes
that’s right it’s the Spartan Christos yagos a guy who’s fought a shark tank of opponents if you really have a crystal
thiago’s moment that stands out in your head because oddly enough I do have one yeah go ahead
set the record for most submissions in the UFC against he did it against yagos who just made his return the second time
around the UFC and that’s something that a lot of people might not make a big deal about but that’s a pretty good name to have as a submission wait on your
record yeah Christos Yaga well yeah or lost I guess but for Christos yagos kind
of like from My Morning Jackets the waterfall too yeah I got that one on vinyl like the song still climbing the
ladder still paying my dues Crystal’s yagos representing kill Cliff FC is
gonna be one of those guys I mean he was able to get a win over Sean Soriano and then uproot his life from California to
train with Sean Soriano at kill cliff in Florida since that time we all goes went
on to lose a few fights he lost the arm and through again and Thiago Moises and in the moist ass fight he kind of cracks
it looks like Moises got a little bit of a cut inside of his head Moises kind of grapples to the point where he gets the
back he gets the choke in and it’s like a no hook neck crank I went back and watched it today yago’s tops that’s the
end of the fight but y’all goes last time out there he’s taking on Ricky Glenn and by gosh he cold cocked him and
he’s snog he hits him and then Glenn springboards and not it’s a knockout so
a performance bonus foreign performance bonuses to his Ledger and
the big knock against yagos and kind of the weird thing about him especially in that last four fight sample size I know
we use five on in to decry the last five fights but or describe to cry whatever you want maybe we showed it from the
rooftops maybe my neighborhood’s weird that way but when you look at Chris osiago’s just a four fight sample size
being the one that I’m talking about they’ve all ended before the end of the second round and that’s been a little
bit of a kind of a pin if you want to pop the balloon of yagos it’s well when it goes over three rounds you look at
his fight even against Carlton minus he starts to get tired in that third round but friago’s Workhorse he’s good at all
the things he is but defensively he can struggle in some of the things this the thing that I’ve or this is the problem
I’ve always had with the skill set of yagos because you’re right is there a single thing he does in the Octagon that you really have a problem with just when
you talk about a skill set not really like oh he’s been submitted by tiaga Moy zest and Charles only Pharaoh that
doesn’t mean you’re a bad Grappler by any means and y’all goes to his credit is a very talented traveler but think about yagos though that I hate is he’s
not like a guy who gets tired and still fights like the same fighter he starts to fight dumb when he’s tired and it
won’t necessarily do the same things he does when he is 100 energized those hands get pretty darn low when he’s
tired and he still will walk into a lot of volume and those have been things that do tend to loosen those third rounds and that’s been my big concern
about yagos I know he could win the first round I know he could win the second round and guess what he can put on a surprisingly High pace for a guy
who does have those cardio issues in the third round and that’s why I do think yagos more than anything as a pacing problem if he could just figure out a
way to extend give 20 of your volume in the first and second round and just save those for the third round because guess
what you’re still probably doing more than enough to get the win in the first and second round if he’s not getting clipped by a major shot or taken down
for a lot of time because yagos for being his ball-rounded as he is he can struggle against opponents to our Specialists of that one area and we have
seen that throughout a lot of his uh UFC tenure if you are a very talented boxer on the back foot who can defend a lot of
takedowns well he is gonna have a hard time with you because he can’t switch it up and use the other facets of his game but this fight for Daniel zellhuber is a
very important one at least for me because if I was the one making the rankings or at least in my mind’s eye
these are the type of opponents I like prospects to be fighting right yagos has been there well Trey Ogden had looked
really good but guess what his next time out against Lano vanata who’s another Wily vet who’s been there and done that
like he looked pretty good in that matchup but he was able to hurt Lando I just mean guys like laying up and adding Christos yagos I think are the types of
opponents that you want prospects to face because they are well-rounded they do have holes to their game that are easily recognizable but if you’re able
to get a win over types of talent like that it definitely proves that you deserve a spot in the UFC and you have a
skill set you can build upon in the future the only thing I struggle with I mean Daniel zellhub where I describe and start the video as Dynamo the kids got
Maine’s favorite soda he’s got Moxie and Frizzell Huber it’s kind of like that J
Cole song he has that awesome fight against Lucas Almeida loses the first round it’s a fight of the night style
wins the second wins the third and then he goes out there against Trey Ogden and it’s it’s like that tune
I never been here before yo I ain’t never been here before he had a little bit of stage frighten his first time out
and for Zell Huber he couldn’t get it up against Trey Ogden so he ends up losing that fight and it’s weird because if you
look at cell Huber just physically I know he’s young he’s 24 he’s got what uh two inches in height and six inches big
reach in this fight but against Trey Ogden he kind of got walked down he couldn’t utilize those gifts that he has and zel Uber if you watched him on the
regional scene he could take guys down he could utilize no hook Jiu Jitsu when
no no body lock and that’s kind of one of those things like Josephine Knudsen can do it when she’s fighting unranked
women’s straw weights in her UFC debut but when you’re Daniel zellhuber and they’re giving you a jiu jitsu black belt in Trey Ogden or Orlando venado
with his wrestling or Chris osiagos you can’t do that but for zel Uber’s last time out against vanata in tight he’s
able to succeed with his boxing he lands that big knee then out is down and Jason Herzog got a move fighter Gotta Move
fighter and he said it a lot but a lot of the shots hitting the the arms the glove whatever but so Huber nearly
finished but not in the first round in the second round and out of finds himself back into the fight but Zell
Huber the resolve again in that third round and he gets the decision I had a 29-28 that way too so roselli Uber in
this fight representing extreme Couture Eric nixik Riding High he’s a big favorite in this one and we
have a look at the topology votes Matt surprised us they already to you I’m really happy for Nick sic by the way you
know just for a long time was a guy who kind of went behind or under the radar no one really gave him all the glitz and glamor and stuff even though he had
really great fighters on his roster so he’s happy he’s getting the recognition he deserves extreme Couture is today’s
TriStar MMA and now when you look at this one Matt again Zell Huber is favored we have a look at the topology
but surprised us there to you I think they’ll be closer than the odds would suggest or you throwing 90 at me I’m
gonna say over under 80 percent zel Huber I’ll say over well I said under 90 not under 80. come
on yeah so they’re 84 percent there’s almost 800 votes 84 Zella Hubert 74 by
decision for the 16 that have yagos 56 by decision give me the underdog the
Spartan christociago’s to get the win I know it’s the unpopular pick in this one but I think he all goes with his
takedowns with his forward pressure he very well could do the old Jaime monarchy against Muhammad naimov just
zombies weighing hands down looking for that takedown like Sam Alvey against uh who was it
but for me I do like Chris osiago’s in this fight and I do like him to kind of
push the pace against Daniel huberty I just think everything yagos does is a little bit too wide that’s it like all
fast and loose he is fast and loose you know he’s not worried about it but for yagos when he is having success with his
strikes guys he throws straight shots there in the middle can always have success again and zel Huber has a
beautiful jab he does and he’s also a better Striker up close than you probably assume looking at him yes he
has all those tools at the long range but he’s got better power up close I was saying you bring it up it allows him to
throw the threat and the actual knee up and that’s a big weapon form a very powerful one at that so this is what
I’ll say about this fight I have cell Huber to win this one but I think he’s gonna look better than he should in this one and lose the next because the UFC’s
gonna be really hyped up about it if that makes any sense they’ll say hey fight David Tamar next and that might be like
a bit of a step too far you know I just think for cell Huber he’s another one of these Fighters that if you just want to talk about the strengths he has all of
them like he is a very talented fighter but there are some weaknesses there that as he starts to develop a higher level of competition I could see his opponents
starting to exploit them and that’s why this yagos fight’s really fun because yagos is so well-rounded so probably have success in at least one area if you
want to go out there there are great Twitter threads that are made up by Al zolino over on well Twitter and he’s put
out some really good stuff about Winners off of Dana White’s Contender series what their win percentages are there’s
been a lot of Fighters so it’s not that great but check that out Matt a big time matchup in this lightweight division
moving us forward to another heck of a fight once we get to the end of UFC Noche that title fight up at the top
Grosso take on shivchenko you’re not going to want to miss it keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it
this week’s what the fight uh I don’t know if Dana White’s gonna take that moniker like uh you know if you
don’t know now you know but Matt coming up this weekend on the main card Raul Rosas Jr fought on the main card as last
time out he wrestled in the first round against Christian Rodriguez he gassed and then rounds two in rounds three he
got beat up and he lost that fight to Rodriguez now he gets to take on the Alaska known tear bear Terence Mitchell
not for Terence Mitchell his records moved around it was 15-2 it was 15-3 now it’s 14-3 uh win by disqualification was
kind of notched off the Record but if you look at it for Terence Mitchell he took a fight on a few weeks notice last
time out against Cameron Simon went out there in the first 10 seconds threw a double A got the takedown and then in
the ensuing scrambles and everything that was after it Simon ended up on top Landing the ground and pound back flat
that was all she wrote so Terence Mitchell took that fight it was back in July yeah so Terence Mitchell got
finished not that long ago now he didn’t get coldcocked and knocked out it was a TKO but it definitely wasn’t a good
lasting reminder though neither one of these guys had good lasting reminders and if you look at it Mitchell’s last
time out was at T-Mobile Arena this weekend we have a known commodity a guy
that fought on The Ultimate Fighter season 24 after Brandon Moreno and alessandre pantosh in the first episode
it’s Terence Mitchell the former Alaska FC champ he was on Dana White’s looking
for a fight was it his fault the Nick The Tooth got kicked off that show probably not but it was that show where
Matt Sarah and Nick The Tooth get into that grappling exchange so if you look at it for Terence Mitchell who came in to The Ultimate Fighter seven fight win
streak Dana White’s looking for a fight and from looking for a fight then he ends up on the show and that was
Tournament of Champions everybody was a champ from a regional organization so Terence Mitchell in that fight gets to
take on the Australian Kai care of France now on on Facebook 2.9 million
views on YouTube from a random account with just the Highlight 5.3 million
views of Terence Mitchell mean mugging and putting his fist in Kyra France’s
face in the Face-Off only for Terence Mitchell to get absolutely bodied in 30
seconds and if you go back and watch that fight it’s just two overhand rights that wobble in the first time then it’s
an overhand left that drops them then Terence Mitchell gets right back up overhand right good Night Irene as
Michael chavello would say I don’t know if he has that trademark so we gotta throw that out there but Terence Mitchell he loses that fight on the
ultimate fighter in 2016. now people are going to say in the co-main event well Moreno pantosa that’s not a real 2-0
brother because that one fight was just an exhibition fight I watched Terence Mitchell get knocked out and so did
millions of other people so he took to about a year and a half layoff so 2016 to 2018 he gets a win in 2018 then he
takes another long layoff until 2020 and he’s been active of late but when you’re fighting in Alaska in the lower weight
classes or in general there’s very few Jerry cannineers Justin buckholtz
there’s a lot more Victor Rodriguez fight against Adriana’s Terence Mitchell
has been a big fish in a small pond now awesome to see him get this opportunity because when he strikes he lets it all
hang out and his head kicks are insane so for Mitchell at flyweight I don’t know how he made it at 5 10 and they had
him in The Ultimate Fighter 73 and three quarters is the reach so overall for Mitchell really aggressive but not very
good in that one so now Matt we get Terence Mitchell He’s 33 he’s a big guy
for bantamweight he’s taking on Raul Rosas Jr who we threw up the red flags
we said listen this guy’s 17 bridging on 18. listen we think that he has good
conditioning and cardio but we don’t actually know it we said that every time and people relatively find him people
thought geez he’s 18 he probably he can just piss in the wind and as much fun as he wants but yeah no if you haven’t gone
and ridden a stationary bike or ran a mile you probably don’t have great cardio when it comes to an MMA fight
Junior found out it the hard way so when it comes down to this fight Matt do I have Rosas Jr to win yeah I do I’ll get
that out of the way right now because I think he’s a powerful Grappler both these guys grapple quite well Mitchell
is very fast and loose with it when it does come to you you’re really on that one get into the mat maybe I’ll make it
a thing but for Rosa Junior very powerful when he does come uh you know and get things down to his preferred
spot in an MMA cage both these guys strike the same way again it is wildest
person but I do think Mitchell’s a little bit better with his striking at least like he’s had a lot more time to practice at least 15 years like oh that
hell of a head start but for Mitchell like there’s so many openings there for talented counter Strikers to take
advantage of could you imagine if Terence Mitchell had to fight John lenniker oh my God that would be the worst fight of all time or the best
fight of all time depending on who you choose one Championship like to see UFC fighters lose in their promotion exactly
so maybe we could get a free match of uh Sage Northcutt versus what was his name Cosmo alessandre that was a hell of a
car he’s almost retired though but yeah Cosmo was on some stuff probably that’s all I’m gonna say my point is though
Terence Mitchell is a very wild Striker like but he’s gonna have success he is gonna throw a lot at you put his foot
all the way down to the gas pedal and just kind of figure it out as he goes and even if he is having success doing
that against a guy like Rosas Jr it’s going to leave the opportunity for Rosas to get in on the hips it has some kind
of success with his own grappling and you’re right Rosas am I all that sold on him after the last fight not at all but
he does at least have a very good foundational skill set being his grappling being his BJJ it is something
that he’s proven to be able to go out there and get UFC wins with so I agree with you I think he’s gonna win this matchup but there’s no way in telling
what his future is even if he just beat Terence Mitchell he could be Mitchell in the most dominant 15 minute decision you
have ever seen he could 30 20 the man and I still would wouldn’t be all that confident about what Rosas Junior’s
future is Junior is in a category now with prospects like Sage North got thrown
into or chase Hooper you’re very good you’re very green and they have to give you fights so this is what we get Matt
Rosas Jr a big favorite stay away from it we have a look at the topology vote
stay away from it I’m gonna say over under 80 percent stay away from it I’m
gonna say over don’t you put it in your mouth remember that yeah you might get sick Canadian concerned children’s
advertisers if you grew up they were looking out for us uh 804 total votes 89
Gross Junior 76 by decision for the 11 that a Mitchell 49 by decision 22 by
submission 21 by knockout they don’t always shake out they make 100 again I have Rosas Jr in the fight I can’t offer
you up much more than I’ve offered so far but uh yeah I think it’s gonna be a highlight reel in somebody’s back pocket
do you remember body break body break to do was that the same thing yeah I mean
okay yeah the house hippos no no no no Joanne and Hal were doing their own thing body break was their own thing
concerned Canadian children’s advertisers the house I was very young as you could tell that was something
else 90s ads in Canada they were black they were good I have for a massage Junior in this fight I have no idea what
to expect it’s like that creepy skull drug guy like you want some of these that was terrible that was scary make
sure you check out the rest of the videos co-main event is next Kevin Holland taking on Jack delamado Lane and if you want to take a break go watch
some old concerned Canadian children’s advertising videos ugly entertaining you can spend a couple hours doing that
before you come back keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always say let’s get into it
event coming up at UFC Noche we have two ranked welterweights duking it out it’s
a Trailblazer Kevin Holland taking on Jack Della madalena an awesome fighting for Kevin Holland his last time out big
time bonus getting the first round submission win over Michael kiesa for Jack delamado tested as much as we’ve
ever seen him tested inside of the UFC against Basel Hoffa’s and people can take that fight six ways to Sunday and
tell you who they think I’m gonna tell you what happened in this fight because I got a big kick out of it Jack Della what a fight that people thought was
gonna be super one-sided so everybody thought hey he’s gonna win by first round knockout since the fight was I’ll
say kinda close I gave him a 10-8 in round three so did I so I thought it was 29-27 so did I kind of a close fight I
guess if you lose a round my point is it was closer than people expected it to be someone started this whole conversation
of oh he lost this fight or I just got to be honest I don’t really see it I’ve watched that fight six times now and
I’ve tried to score it as biasedly against madalina as I possibly can and I just think that’s what the big
conversation was coming out exactly Hafiz wins the first the second one round is competitive but Della ends up
getting the win and then Hoffa is having taken the fight on less than a week’s notice he gassed his arms out and
everything his energy systems weren’t there and it was nearly a 10-8 in the third four Della but when you do
consider it Della just stacking the bonus cash in the bank coming into the UFC off of contender series beating
angelusa and after that loosa win beats Pete Rodriguez and then the bonuses come in beating ramazanami performance bonus
Danny Roberts performance bonus Randy Brown performance bonus and a big tall rangy Striker similar to Kevin Holland
and now Della is here and what do we like out of Jack Della he can get it done in either stance he can rip it to
the body and he’s one of those unique Fighters that’ll mix that right into the non-liver side and it pays against his
opponent opponents so when you look at a guy like Della obviously we’ve seen the takedown defense can be an issue we
talked about that even before he was on Contender series and in the UFC but now it’s a glaring hole and you’re going to
see guys looking to exploit that for Kevin Holland again just as last time out against Casa having success in the
Striking I threw up some pictures there getting ready for the hauling case a fight where Holland’s hit in the midst
with Eric nixik and he’s throwing a lot of the uppercuts of the pad what does he do to start that fight off I just love
the thought of you sitting behind your computer like dude I’ve seen something 30 years of uh yeah the show and that’s
just all I can think of but Kevin Holland was going out there hitting Michael case with the uppercuts kiesa
goes for the clinch Hall and pushed them down to the mat and then as the Fight Continues Casey gets caught in the DARS
Colin rolls we’ve seen this story before it’s the end of the pocket but if you look at it for Kevin Holland I mean some
losses to the wrestlers at 185 you look at the losses in the last two or at
least the last two losses where he considered retirement one to Stephen Thompson in a fight of the night
where the right hand was broken and he couldn’t throw it and then at the end he finished he gets finished on the stool
but if you look at a fight like this Matt it’s gonna be of a little bit of like that Foreigner song one of your
favorites hey games because for Kevin Holland his last fight in Vegas and he’s
six three and one with an oak contest in Las Vegas proper but his last fight at T-Mobile Arena was in that reshuffled
one against up near the top of the cards yeah they give him Alexa cross so they’re like a weird curveball he gets a
very interesting one here against Jack delamat Elena again uh wild time for
Kevin Hall and the Apex star but a really hard strength to schedule coming into this one and these two guys their
Styles match up so well to fight each other could tell about Elena perhaps stop Virgil hill with a body shot oh
y’all must have forgot I have a really fun time with this fight because I have no idea how it’s going to go and
especially in all the areas that both guys are really good at he ripped the takedown defense of madalena it is a concerning Factor but what’s the one
thing everyone’s talked about with Kevin Holland I don’t know for years since he’s been fighting anybody good start back to the Thiago Santos fighting his
UFC debut the guy has great grappling like his BJJ is very good he’s got great submissions I do think he does a decent
job defensively on the ground the big problem with Holland is he can get out muscled by stronger wrestlers when they get that top position and his takedown
defense isn’t as good as the rest of his game at this point offensively Kevin Holland is as talented of not only a
striker but an offensive Grappler as you will see he can do a lot once he gets the fight going in his Direction but if
he reacts to damage like he did in the Wonder Boy Thompson fight in this fight it’s gonna be weird like if he’s turning
his back kind of walking away just not reacting well to the strikes that made Elena can land on him Jack Dylan made a
line in a is a really heavy-handed Striker and I I know Kevin Hall had a broken hand in that fight like he was going through quite a bit but still he
was getting hit by shots and rocked on the feet and if he gets into that same position against a guy like Della madalena it might not be as not that he
didn’t get stopped by Wonder Boy Thompson but he could get finished soon after so I’m not throwing the graphics up there this time but I’ll mention it
Holland breaks the hand against Wonderboy seems like it’s still healing he fights Santiago ponzanibio wins first
round wins second round in the third round down panzanibiozaralian and Holland is jabbing and kicking his way to a wind
he’s not throwing the right hand you see the finishing sequence what does he do right hand crap left hand and it’s over
that was pretty well the only solid right hand that Holland landed in that pawn zenibio fight and that’s why I mentioned he was throwing it as an
uppercut and he was throwing it against kiesa so hopefully it’s doing better it seems like it’s doing better but I don’t
know that because I’m not Kevin Holland so when I look at this fight mod for Della he’s got things to pick up on to
where he could have success when you crowd Kevin Holland sometimes there’s a pullback with no counter and you’re able
to land against him sometimes he gets caught behind the black lines and they can be a Sitting Duck or he
does have good movements down the middle like an MF or two Kevin Holland has really good movement but sometimes he
will kind of get himself caught against the fence freeze and yes his Jabs and his straights are very good but that’s
to where Della can start to attack the body attack the head the thing that I hate about this is It’s a Fight Night
with a title in the main event it’s at a big arena with a lot of fans Robbie
Lawler Nick Diaz was five rounds I don’t understand why this is a great point but
when I look at this matchup map for Della I’ll be interested to see I mean he’s gone out there against the good Punch or gone Tit for Tat and come out
on the winning end and angelusa we’ve seen how good loose has been since that point so I I also have a hard time
making a pick on this one I can preview it to the end of days this is the fight that I went back to though and I think
it told me the most out of both guys in their fighting style I think Kevin Hall is going to look like he did against McCain Buckley and I know Buckley made
his debut against uh Kevin Holland in that matchup so listen it was uncertain notice but guess what Kim Buckley’s a
good fighter he might not be top 50 and he might not be ranked anytime in his career but I think we all know that he’s not a bad Fighter by any means and what
does he do he puts his hands up he moves his head left to right gets very low and then responds with boxing combinations
and blitzes madalena puts his hands up doesn’t get nearly as low but still you
get the idea marches forward uses a lot of those boxing combinations if he can crowd the distance so much that Kevin
Holland just almost overreaches when he does try to land his shots then okay Madeline is gonna be able to win this
fight but I think Holland’s gonna hit him with counter shots down the middle on the way in that’s really going to keep him from just standing in that
pocket without anything coming back his way so I feel like a lot of people would be surprised that I’m not picking Madeline in this fight but I do have
Kevin Holland I just think the way he strikes is going to be a good counter for what Madeleine tries to do it was announced today the Marcel dwarf bomb
it’s like a woge bomb that Joaquin Buckley’s gonna be fighting another Texan fighter a guy who loves to
commentate MMA fights it’s Alex morono so look out for that welterweight fight that makes me happier that it should
Joaquin Buckley I also went back and watched that fight and for that reason at Kevin Hall now you should just base
it off in one fight go back and watch fights and make your own approximations but hauling a slight favorite the odds
are very very close we have a look over in topology I’m gonna say over under 65 Holland I think they’ll be under I think
Madeleine will be the favorite oh boy yeah yeah 844 total votes 55 madalina 44
by decision 49 by knockout for the 45 that have Holland 40 by decision 27 by
submission 28 by knockout would it surprise you if Holland pulled his game plan like you did against Alex
struggling a little bit with the strikes get her down to the mat but this is my problem with Kevin Holland when he does
decide to use his own grappling this is my thing with any guy who is a primary Striker I know Holland’s a Grappler but
still you get the idea his wrestling isn’t at the Forefront of his game when you go from your primary skills set to
your secondary skill set and try to flip it up all of a sudden you’re going to leave holes and openings to the people who primarily use that as their skill
set be it the wrestling for Kevin Holland just aren’t going to leave him for Holland he will get really long on some of his takedown attempts he will
leave himself exposed and if he does decide to do that and leave his head in the wrong place madalena has insane
power up close and if Colin is leaning on him trying to get the takedown in one of those awkward positions up against
the cage I think matalana can make him pay for it so that’s why I do think Hollows can be hesitant to go out and wrestle a lot but if he hurts madalina
with a shot I don’t think he’s gonna try to finish him up with ground and pound I think we will see Kevin Holland switch to that grappling mode and try to get
the win via something and you’ve seen Della be able to get the win especially against where Amazon and me gets taken down early pops back up Bob’s your uncle
sends him down like a sack of potatoes we are in agreement on this one but not with the fans both of us going with
Trailblazer Kevin Holland to get the win let us know what we have please Down Below in that comment section toss a
like and we move it forward title fight in the rematch in the main event Alex Grosso taking on Valentina keep it
locked in with fighting Apex as we always say let’s get into it foreign
a big time fight the title fight rematch between a future Hall of Famer bullet
Valentina shechenko taking on the rising Mexican Star Alexa Grosso as always one
half of your hosting to a Craig Allen Twitter and Instagram X and Instagram at Craig Allen FMP with me to my left
you’re right Tyree kills Super Fan oh he’s good at Matt Allen FNP and Matt when we look at it we’re excited because
the Browns and the Dolphins won today if you didn’t guess were football fans for sure but what we can be fans of is this
rematch Valentina in the original matchup a big favorite you go back and you watch the fight you dissect it the
first round Grosso looks amazing switching or stance is working from Southpaw Landing some big strikes in the
second and third round shipchenko getting the takedowns at one point getting her in almost the amount of
crucifix position Landing some good ground to pound but at the end of the third round the takedown’s getting a
little bit more labored and then we get into the fourth round shift she’s like a whirling dervish like murab Deutsch
Valley just going for the spinning shot and out of the spin she gives her back with the Spider-Man
meme hangs out for just a hair too long of a split second grass so rushes to get
the back is able to kind of disable her opponent get the trip and then Grosso on
the back gets her a naked choke and just like when you’re making pickles Matt did you hear the pop on the jar yeah we
heard that pop she was able to get that submission win so shevchenko’s face two different colors out of that submission
and the belt is gone now when you look at it traditionally in MMA especially in
the UFC when you have these title fight rematches you don’t always see the fighter that was the champ go on to win
the belt in the rematch we have seen it recently though we saw it with well is there a lot of Sunny when he fought Alex
Pereira and he saw it with Amanda Nunes when she fought uh Pena in their second matchups but by and large it doesn’t
happen very often so when it comes down to this matchup Matt shevchenko take on Grasso grosso’s one and one and one some
more we know that she struggles with the takedowns although fans will say well Grosso is a better Grappler Grosso is
going to get the takedown again I want to meet these fans just because you have a submission winner for somebody doesn’t
mean you’re automatically the better yeah get ready to read our comments don’t worry when you do look at this
we’ve seen Grosso struggle against Barber struggle against Esparza with the takedowns but when it’s on defeat she
can succeed however again even round two round three in their original matchup shevchenko is winning in those striking
exchanges in those two rounds because even though Grosso had that success from soapaw in the first round she left
herself out there kept her feet back and over extended on her shots that not only gave shevchenko window to counter it
also opened up all of those easier double eggs that shirchenko was able to land so we’ll see where things play out
in this matchup again Grosso training in our native uh Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico
which I mentioned earlier 1566 meters above sea level she moves around Jim’s every time but
training close to Vegas for this one so you look at the fight Matt I think again another awesome fight I’m glad it’s
another title fight in the main event the last time he had a title fight and a Fight Night Main Event it’s figareto
Benavides too and it wasn’t even close so hopefully this one’s a little bit closer than that but I know you’re excited about this rematch and I think
it’s it’s one that’s warranted because you’re talking in that that high air of
esteem or we’re talking about a future Hall of Famer but they did that before out of Sonya versus Strickland they did
that before Sterling versus O’Malley they were given those goat statuses out there so we’ll see how this one plays
out this is where this is and I jump on you every time you say this they is the promoter of the company Dana White and
guess what the promoter is gonna do promote his Fighters and say the current ones are the greatest ones ever so
you know my part I was saying one of the dumbest things I’ve ever said but I will defend
it this fight is one where either the champion is gonna look great and retain or the challengers gonna win and you’re
probably saying well yeah no Matt there’s the only two results you could possibly have in a title fight but please allow me to explain for a lot of
these title rematches you’re right normally the champion retains and looks great they just shut the door on the
former champion who is trying to make that one last hurray in the top not only 15 but just in that title picture or the
former Champion comes in and kind of has one of those y’all must have forgot performances and maybe even gets a finish and I could see that being the
opportunity in this fight especially if shivchenko does go for a lot of double leg takedowns because her ground and pound is so good from that top position
and the thing about Grosso wins she can’t get back up to her feet in the majority of her fights wow
no in that crucifix position that shivchenko had where you think okay Valentine is finished a title fight in
this manner what could happen Grosso was able to get herself out and back up you were correct but those are positions
that leave a lot of wiggle room that’s why people don’t use full Mount as much as they use half guard because half guard gives you more control you’re
right crucifix is a dominant position you can get great ground and pound from but it also gives the opponent a lot of room to at least buck and try to create
separation and yes Alexa Grasso can do those things but when she’s in those set positions on the match she does have a
difficult time getting back up to her feet and she can get her butt caught up against the cage and her back got up against the cage and that’s a position
that shipchenko can do very well and she likes that risk control to pull her opponent back down to the ground but we
talked about this a little bit before we even went on aircheckos fights were starting to get closer though before she did give out the title it’s not like she
was the same dominant champion who was going out there getting doctor stoppages and tkos and head kicking Jessica eye
her fights started going not only to decision but they started getting close by the time that they were done and they
started asking or they started having you asking hey like is she still the great that she once was and shipshaco is
the greatest fighter in this weight class is history no matter what probably I won a top five women’s fighter of all
time probably like it’s a very short list whoever’s in front of her cyborg Nunes Rhonda shivchenko Holly yeah there
I’d say that’s a very sound top five or straw weight did maybe zhangwei Lee’s up there there you go either way though she
is probably in that top five category and that’s why this rematch is more than Justified I just think on the feet she
is going to continue to have a little bit of trouble we haven’t seen her have that same Killer Instinct of hey I’m gonna stand there be bop in the pocket
and then counter with my own shots she’ll move out of the way a lot more often than just try to counter and then respond to their own offense and I think
that if she does do that kind of gets behind in the significant strike numbers it’s gonna be a lot for her to make up in those Championship rounds but even
though we haven’t seen Grasso in those fourth and fifth rounds nearly as often as we have subchenko by any means grassroot does have great output and
great cardio in a very steady gas tank too yeah Grosso it was weird I mean 87 to 59 are the significant strikes
through three and a bit rounds when you do look at it was a fourth round stoppage win four Grosso who is The
champ chefchenko is doing a decent job of counter-striking on the outside getting backed up round two round three
she did land a lot of those shots once it was on the mat as well but when you look at somebody like Rosso she had all
that success in the world in Southpaw at the start you have to think shivchenko along with Pavel and antonina they’ve
been the Dream Team they’ve been training that a little bit and when you do look at a fight like this again Grosso is one of those Fighters it’s
going to be really interesting and you heard Daniel Cormier say this I found this really really interesting he said
something to the effect of your Challenger they’re always bringing
the best to the fight when you’re the champion you’re always facing the best version of that Challenger and I thought
except Alexa grosso’s teammate Irina O’Donnell was terrible against them the champion gains 30 when they win the
title because it’s a newfound confidence and your skill set so it does go both yeah I thought hey I don’t know about that but when you do watch her also have
all that success tagging shipshankle even from soapaw Landing the right hook doing really good work shivchenko the
one thing that I noticed in that fight and I’ve noticed in these last three fights Jennifer Maya gets taken down in
one round loses one of those rounds and then in the fight against Tyler Santos back and forth 50 50 split decision
though most thought that should change one if you do look at it shivchenko started to back up a little bit more on
the straight line not cut angles as much be willing to stand in the pocket but also get tagged in those situations so
when you do look at this matchup mat shipchenko is slightly favored in the fight I like to hear the you want to
fight was a precursor to that No One’s Gonna remember this because she beat Juwanna like 50 44 50 45 like she made
her mostly every single round but in the fourth round of that matchup Joanna was moving forward she clips with a head
kick that I’m not going to sit here and tell you it’s Thunder like crazy but still they were solid strikes that we didn’t see shipshaco not be the same
fighter on the retreat as she is moving forward and you’re right I agree 100 she doesn’t move just enough out of the way
of shots to respond to their own office now she will just evade the pocket completely sometimes and that’ll be concerning if she has that same game
plan and it will be he had Korean zombie a few weeks ago 10 straight Main Events retires after he fights Max Holloway 10
straight title fight fights for Israel out of Sonya loosed about the Sean Strickland you see a theme never you say
those words did Valentina loses the Nunes UFC 215 abandon weight for the ban away title fights Priscilla cachueira
instead of fighting Nico Montano that one was not a title fight main event and
since then shivchenko’s fought in 10 straight title fight main events so when it does come down to this one we throw
it out to you folks YouTube Community tab almost a thousand votes 55 going with Valentina to win in the rematch the
comments here Matt here we go Chandler wait he’s out there every he is responding to his comments I think
Grasso takes it again maybe a decision this time kind of like Leon versus uzman Valentina is getting old and I think
she’s been figured out we got Kent Fitzsimmons saying grassy takes it by summer decision we have best friends
we’ve got Prado man 1000 saying Alexa Grosso is going to be more dominant this time around chuchenko has issues on the
ground with multiple Fighters and I think Rosso is going to take her down and get a unanimous decision win and we got Bill Cipher this fight is rebound or
retired for shivchenko Grosso made her look like a bum in that fight that back take at the end submission came way too
easy hopefully uh whatever Back Alley Jim shoshenko trains at Basic Ground defense this time that’s a funny cop
okay any comment a lot of the comments I’ve seen a lot of the stuff I’ve seen on Twitter completely disregards the
entire fight and everybody just looked at the result and I mentioned this earlier on on this card
headline readers you don’t go out and you read your news you just read the headlines and you take that with you in
your day because you might have a fun fact and you don’t care to learn about the world watch the fight you’re so mad
at these imaginary people watch the fights it’s every week with this
Matt I have a hard time picking the fight because Grasso looked great with a
striking in the first round and then the wheels fell off in the second and third round so to speak because she
overextended on shots and got taken down and then in a moment of flurry where shevchenko was doing a spinning shot she
got taken out got her back taken in that second and then got herself submitted and wasn’t able to get out of that choke
whatsoever could barely even fight it I’m glad one of our commenters did bring up the second uh Leon Edwards who’s been
fight because I do think that’s a fight that you are going to learn a little bit from right it was a rematch that a lot of people felt was a fluke win the first
time around right Usman was so dominant up until that ending and then Leon Edwards lands the head kick out of nowhere and for Grasso it’s not like the
this fight was his one-sided as that one was but things weren’t trending in the right direction for her up until she was
able to take the back off of shanko but I do feel like Grasso is firmly in her prime right now and I do think that
we have seen her get better every single performance in and out and we haven’t seen that regression out of her just yet so could shipshaco go out there put on
the wrestling shoes have a great top position that top pressure and be able to win this fight I think she could but I do think grosser’s gonna be able to
use that movement to really evade some of their state gems as someone like shimchenko I honestly have a hard time
and the more and more you go back and you watch some of these fights chefchenko just dusting everybody until she faces Jennifer Maya and then there’s
a little bit of a in the armor then she goes out there and she’s taking on Tyler Santos and it gets a little bit
closer and even though Santos lost her last fight usually those title Challengers that lose and then take a
lot of time off tend to lose again after that and she did lose to a really good fighter in Aaron blanchfield after
winning the first round so when I come back to this fight
yeah I got Valentina to win it again I like what I saw in the second round and the third round obviously like the
stick-to-itiveness of Grosso to step on the pedal in that fourth round to go out there and get the finish and win the
belt and so on and so forth but for me I like shivchenko with the takedowns I think she can dictate those takedowns a
little bit more we’ll see if the conditioning and the cardio are able to play out for chefchenko because it
looked like she was starting the tire in the second round in the third round carry that over into the fourth round and again she’s
by saying she’s not a spring chicken she’s 35 and six months old or so she’s been fighting since topology though yeah
she’s been fighting since the early 2000s if not earlier so it’s been a long and story career for Valentina so we are
split on the pick in this one I hope we get one of the great crowd pops of all time for Alexa Grasso though I really do
like on Independence Day for Mexico like Mexican Champion but still like it’s
just those types of atmospheres they really hope are set up to really justify this fighter and this Champion I saw the
UFC gave her one of those cool belts like they gave Yaya Rodriguez leading up to his title Fighters that’s that’s up
to the winner in this one is it not what they get that cool like bedazzled I’m taking that the one for grass that’ll
look pretty cool so I think I just like the fact that they are starting American and hopefully we will see this the more
like individuality of the fighters because it helps them a lot more promote themselves to Progresso I like the cool belt that has nothing to do with the
fact that I think she’s gonna win this weekend I just like the movement and the fact that again I think her movement not only can help her evade some of the
strikes of shipchenko it’s GitHub or stay out of the way of some of the wrestling offense only 11 fights on this
card as of Sunday when we tape it if anything changes you can find more here at fightne Apex make sure you subscribe
and keep it tuned in for all of that two hours before the prelims we have the show question mark kicks we offer up
those final thoughts previews and predictions and we get to talk about the week that was if there’s any weight misses or anything go squirrely you can
always find us here at Craig Allen FMP model and FNP you don’t want to keep it locked in with fighting Apex we always
say let’s get into it