UFC Noche: Grasso-Shevchenko 2 Scoring


In this episode of Morning Kombat, Luke Thomas and Brian Campbell discuss various topics from the world of combat sports. They start by talking about Roy Jones Jr. and his cornerman, Tom Yankello, who is known for his boxing knowledge and high-quality training videos on social media. They also mention the power duo of Triple G and Shakhram Giyasov, who have both shown their heavy hands in the ring.

The conversation then shifts to Jake Paul’s presence at a Jets game, where Aaron Rodgers suffered an injury. While they don’t blame Jake for the injury, they do mention the questionable turf. They also share a heartwarming video of a smart dog who impresses them with his intelligence.

Moving on to regional MMA, they discuss a spinning back kick knockout by Devin Smith, who is Rashad Evans’ godson. They also mention the trend of karate fighters getting knocked out by opponents with strong hooking punches in karate combat. They highlight a head kick KO by Travis Miller in CFFC and a head kick KO in kickboxing. They then share a funny birthday invite from the 80s and 90s and discuss the struggles of lifting heavy bags on trains.

The hosts then talk about college football, including a sideline catch at the OU game and a sign at College GameDay. They also share a funny moment from an Iowa quarterback’s interview where he unintentionally uses a homoerotic phrase.

Next, they discuss unique football jerseys, including a Lions jersey with the number 69. They also share funny t-shirts spotted at Packers games and a boxing knockout of the week.

The hosts then discuss a video of Conor McGregor on a boat, speculating on whether he will fight in December. They also rate tattoos, including a blackout sleeve and a poorly done UFC-inspired tattoo.

Lastly, they share videos of a slick mover at a bar and a funny slip and fall incident. They wrap up the show by promoting their social media channels, merchandise, and upcoming interviews.

Overall, the episode covers a wide range of topics from combat sports and includes humorous commentary from the hosts.

have one more win because I don’t have the new one dagger okay okay uh you know they didn’t tell they told me math
wasn’t a part of this Luke but I believe that I am one win higher than you and then you have like three more ties than
I do that might be right that might be right I don’t know what’s on dude it’s on it’s on I let you worm your way back
in like the Unworthy piece of that you are and here now I’ve created problems for myself now you know you let
me in the house Luke you let me in the house and suddenly There Was You Know coins missing off the dresser and you
know there’s uh all these buns but no dogs you know what I mean like nothing ratches up anymore Luke it’s gonna turn
bad for you so hey oh teal get up in the bullpen with that bass brother you know what I’m saying let’s get this guy let’s
see Gore guts with me that’s still gonna happen uh so so I guess I’m still no no BC’s in the lead
because he’s got one more win although you do have an upside down record so I’m 65-65 and four literally no better than
flipping a coin BC is 66 but then 67 and one so he’s got two more losses one more
win and then one draw so technically who’s in the lead at the moment I don’t know I I don’t yeah I remember how this
would work I would think yeah I have a 500 record but can we phone a friend how
mad would your brother be if we put him on speaker right now just to use his Doctorate in math to to figure this out
Luke oh so BC he has the higher win percentage because I have more draws even though you have one more loss than
you do a win so it really would depend by how we measure it but I’d be fine with that if that’s how you want to do it can you call your brother to get
accurate he would he would hang up immediately he would hang up all right all right with that in mind though we have a lot we have a lot to get to so
let’s set the table here let’s get to topic number one so over the weekend you can check it out if you haven’t seen it
already youtube.com morningcombat for my Noche UFC post fight show that is
available to watch but of course that means we did not get BC’s opinion on something the main event goes to a split
draw so Alexa Grosso retains her title because she didn’t get it taken from her
but she did not win the fight nor did she lose and no one won or lost as I mentioned no she said she won I don’t
know if you heard her after she said I heard her I heard her but I mean there’s no official record that she wanted to draw okay but the scores are kind of
interesting BC before I throw it to you I want to put them up on the screen I sent the graphic to uh Gaff before the
show I believe we have it it’s just a picture of the scores here we go we’ll talk about all of them in just a minute
judge Mike Bell had it 47-47 that’s the one that sent the internet Ablaze saldio motto had it 48.47 for chefchenko giving
her rounds one three and four and then junichiro comigo had it for 48.47 for
grassa which is of course how I had it as well thank you guys I appreciate that all right BC let me ask you the question
I know it’s a draw but who won that fight it should have been Valentina shipchenko
and it does in a lot of ways come down to that swing fourth round Luke did you just say you scored it three to two for
Grosso yes but I do recognize three to two Chev is completely understandable so
I think that’s what it is it comes down to that fourth round obviously it’s the 10-8 fifth round that made this a draw
which look who got done wrong in the end I think it was Valentina not a robbery although
not certainly not the correct score if you had it three to two Grosso I got no problem with that I scored a three
rounds to two chefchenko I gave her the very close fourth round based on the damage of Landing the elbow that led to
that cut and I think her jab was just more consistent to try to offset those knees to the not nearly grounded
opponent and the takedown that Grosso did early but Luke while I said sort of
like damn the stats in the first fight here’s what my eyes saw Grosso was the better fighter I think that was actually
flipped over this time around this rematch was so hotly contested just a beautiful fight in so many ways to see
the adjustments from both and obviously Grosso for the second straight fight was able to capitalize on I’m not an error
or mistake from from shivchenko but was able to sort of turn that trip take down defense into taking her back and having
the grounds for a 10-8 that again just doesn’t feel right at all but chefchenko closed the gaps in my
opinion in the key areas in which I felt she was overwhelmed on the feet with the boxing particularly when Grasso went to
the Southpaw stance in their first fight this time around chefchenko was busier her counter left hand across the uh
right over the top was perfect accurate throughout she mixed in the good body kicks and she leaned on that wrestling
to win rounds without pouring out the gas tank in the end like the first time not you know not an egregious pour out
but I think that was the difference in that first fight Grosso was fresh or late I thought the opening of round four chefchenko might have looked like she
was slowing down a bit like maybe the taxing nature of rounds two and three and all that ground action uh caught up
to her but it didn’t look she fought fantastic yes Grosso peaked late yes she had a beautiful finish to steal around
that was probably going to go chefchenko’s way and that’s ultimately the art the argument against that 10-8
everyone’s gonna go well there wasn’t enough damage for a 10-8 and I do think you’re right but I think what makes that
10 8 so much more egregious is the fact that she was winning a a close and not
that exciting round leading up to that change which meant that should have been enough for 10-9 and nothing more you
know and then you again you can certainly add in the key glaring factor that there just wasn’t enough damage being done uh beautiful fight
sucks that the 108 had a cost it but even if that 10-8 didn’t happen Luke is there an argument for Grosso 3-2 yes
there certainly is round four you really I do believe could go either way but I think snapshot as a whole shechenko was
the better fighter Grosso was not able to figure out the takedown issue she was able to work out of some bad positions
and stay alive and allow room for that fifth round rally and you got to give her so much credit that’s the big thing
she brings to this matchup against this Legend is the fact that Grosso is sturdy strong never gives up in so many ways
she was the perfect fighter to be in the main event in this Noche close-up reaching out so aggressively the Mexican
fan base but did she win the fight that’s the key question no and I think unlike the first I don’t even think she
won the story of the fight this is a 35 year old all-time great in chefchenko who went back to the lab got in even
better shape got even more focused and made the right adjustments to I think as
a whole perform good enough to get her hand raised um unfortunately this Mike Bell situation Luke we’re not even coming
down really to that debate of who won the fourth round because that scorecard from him kind of ruined it kind of
ruined it you know hate it hated it
bounced back cleanly in round two like in uh similar to the first fight on the
first one chefchenko came right back to take it but I think round three was it chefchenko round and then Luke comes
down to that round four so you scored round four for Grasso again I have no issue with that but Dan does it suck that this one Rogue 10 8 scorecard
literally was the decider I hate that I want to talk more about you of chenco’s performance because I dug
deeper into the numbers and they were actually very surprising at first they were not on my first glance at them when
I was doing the post fight show because you know I’m trying to host and look at numbers at the same time I didn’t catch this detail but I caught some other ones
but first let’s talk about that 10 8. now I have another graphic that I sent to Mikey this comes from Eric mcgrack in
combat sports lawyer or just a lawyer but Combat Sports law I think is his website this is the Nevada criteria for
10-8 and I can’t go through all of it we kind of know what we’re looking for but
they say a result is referred to as 10 8 when it uh meets the following principles Iran has to be scored the
winning unarmed combatant must have dominated the action of the round had duration of the dominance and impacted
his or her opponent with effective strikes effective grappling Maneuvers or both that diminish their abilities of their opponent a score of 10-8 round is
not the most common score for round but essential of course then they go on a little bit they say a score of 10-8 does
not require an unarmed combatant to dominate or impact his opponent for the entire round which we knew and of course
the judge can use it in certain cases flip to the other one there’s a second page to this very quickly if we can
uh let’s see here there we go and with respect to what dominance and effective aggressiveness and effective
grappling means you know I I we can’t go into reading all of this folks can take a screenshot or they can go and look up
this these bylaws for themselves BC I I did read them and I encourage other
folks to do the same I don’t know what someone could see in there and then look
at what happened in round five as as a 10-8 round I mean to your point chevchenko was basically winning a close
but you know I thought relatively clear round in the fifth until about 90 seconds left now that the tide turned
dramatically after that so that’s why I gave it to Grosso I thought she did the more impactful work when it mattered but
there was at least some debate some debate about who even won that round the
the notion just on that it could be 10 8 sort of is inherently contradictory and
more to the point like Chris Bell apparently excuse me Mike Bell what am I saying Mike Bell scored a few of the
rounds that he judged over the course of the evening 10 8 many of them very good I’m actually glad he’s willing to use
one when he feels it’s appropriate I would just say this is a simply a clear-cut case of a good efficient and
Mike Bell actually is a pretty good judge but I don’t I I literally don’t even know what it could be like if he if
she got the back BC and held it for the duration which she did mostly but not entirely but also really landed heavy
blows that were causing her to constantly thrash and ride in agony or cut her or like did some you know
substantial damage combined with submission or just getting absolutely chicken winged out with a half Nelson or
something you know some kind of really aggressive mean level of control that’d
be one thing and it was good but it wasn’t even close to that honestly it’s one more baffling 10 8 I think I’ve ever
seen so I think he got caught up unfortunately so the after Grosso took the back took advantage of what
chefchenko was trying to do countered it so quickly so beautifully full level of urgency you have to love everything
about that had a submission threat then she Tran I’m sorry right before the submission threat this is what set up
her being able to lay chefchenko back and try the choke it was a flurry of ground upon that was the best stuff you
know uh Grosso landed all fight outside of that beautiful three-punch combination that drop Chef jenko around
two and I think Belle got locked up in this part Luke for about five seconds those are the type of sequences of
strikes that leads to stoppage I was holding my breath even though when I re-watched it I knew the outcome already
because I’m like oh crap like she’s on the verge of getting stopped yes in that moment that you know Val had a bite down
she had to move quickly to get out of that into her credit she did I just think that Bell took the image of that
how close it did appear that she looked to getting stopped combined it with the legitimate submission attempt which
followed but didn’t go anywhere but what he forgot about unfortunately Luke was not only the entire round before that as
we just talked about but you got to give Chef tanko this credit understanding the situation knowing how to win those
fights or put herself in that spot in that final minute after fighting off the choke attempt she was busier from the
bottom with with Grasso on her back I’m not saying these are great strikes I’m not saying these strikes are landing or
even hurting but she’s showing the judges I’m fighting this entire time to
get out of this I’m almost going even with her throwing punches over my head at the very least Luke that’s grounds
for fighting off any form of a 10-8 that shouldn’t have been there to begin with I just think he got caught up in that
you mentioned his history John Morgan had done the research uh Mike Bell did five cards uh five ten eight rounds over
the entire evening uh one was that first round of Lupe godinos his win over Reed
rewatched it seemed perfectly fine he gave three 10-8 rounds and the Knudsen
victory over man and those scorecards were like 30 to 24 30 to 25 so yeah that
that makes a ton of sense there so he’s not a judge with a bad reputation who had a horrible night
he just scored the most important sequence in round of the fight completely incorrectly in a way that you
know I mean obviously let’s be honest here he doesn’t know what everybody else is scoring he doesn’t know the temperature
around this this is a real pressure on this job but how many more times in the
big moments are we just going to go hey man that’s because MMA uses the boxing 10 9 system or hey man that’s because
the rules are the rule set is so vaguely written and some people are you
know using the word damage which isn’t even in there I know Big John wanted it to be but it’s not other people are
taking the loose definition of impact and yes you can impact somebody with with grappling control but no this was
not a 10-8 round and it’s it’s we’re past the point of hey Luke what’s your this week’s rant on how MMA uh judging
should be changed we’re using a completely wrong system which is setting these people up to fail and it’s not a
shock that they’re failing because not like all these guys have great reputations from commissions with great reputations this kind of feels like a
show but it plays into the idea of what Dana always says and what the company message is take it into your own
hands finish your opponent don’t take that chance well that’s not modern day MMA we’re going to go to the cards a lot
in modern day MMA and uh Luke it’s like unless the commissions are going to put their heads together and make a change
this is what you’re gonna get okay this right here and this wasn’t a could have gone either way that 10 8 was an error
of a score but it affected the entire r work potentially of where these two fighters are going and it’s like if
you’re fine with that UFC and state commissions then we’ll just sit here and keep explaining it to the people but
that’s where it’s at I mean I just have to accept basically that the entire
commission structure in North America other places too but certainly in North America US and Canada
um and I guess Mexico now too and at least as far as MMA is concerned but in any case the commission structure has
basically decided that they have a a judging system that for the vast majority of any pro MMA bouts which can
include UFC and everything else underneath it as a pro contest for the vast majority of those bouts this this
judging system is pretty good it actually is like for the vast majority of abouts that exist and take place in a
calendar year it’s fine the problem is it’s uniquely shitty for adjudicating close fights it’s just so bad at it it’s
so not it’s so not designed to give you the actual Nuance that you need to get
these right and so we’ve given these guys Tools in a retrofitted structure
that don’t really work all that well and so you get like this but you know what can you do BC let’s if we can focus
in on that chefchenko performance because in real time up until that fifth round rally and again you can still make
a very clear case for shivchenko I did notice she had more offensive urgency I kind of felt like you did anecdotally
that like she did more to kind of hustle her way through this fight and that should have maybe been a bit of a again
with that if she hadn’t done that had an arm throw which was just so ill-advised but neither here nor there
that she kind of looked much improved but you know what was funny about this so I went back and I looked at the
numbers and I love that here’s one thing I love about this rivalry we didn’t get a full five rounds the last time we got
three plus nearly four and then this one we did get five so we’ve got a lot of different data to to you know that
mirrors itself across two different fights here is what shows up in the data for this one
chefchenko um pushed close to what I’ve seen her
Max numbers be in five round decision contests but came up short just a little
bit everywhere she landed a little bit less per round than she normally does she actually attempted fewer than she
normally does at her high water mark She’s normally attempting 50 strikes around she never reached that Mark once
in this fight she got close she got like 48-49 one time but she never actually reached over the 50 threshold it was a
lot of control time round three was on the ground the entire round I mean for sure for sure she had control time in
the first five too for two rounds so like you know I mean there’s there’s something to be said for that too again if someone had a fifth round the last
one did not have a fifth round so there’s something you know mentioned there as well but even then we see like
in terms of the amount of strikes she had there were significant strikes over her total that decline nearly 20 in this
fight if you look at what she was able to land to the head that was pretty similar but there was a drop off in a
lot of the other categories in other words and by the way she got the same amount of takedowns but she had to get it with one more attempt so she was
actually less efficient with the take down with the takedowns as long as you can tell she was attacking my point being is
I I think you can make an argument that she was trying so many different things that it kind of muddled her numbers a
little bit relative to the first one however what I think you can also say is if you look at the proportions of what
she was doing right in terms of her targeting in terms of the output the basic Contours stay the same so my
takeaway from this is that was the best you were going to get from chefchenko that was the best you were gonna get she
was trying at maximum ability uh in terms of you know volume output mixing
of things really trying to make a steady attack when it was reasonable while taking away the more Dynamic features of
her game that got her in trouble like for example the spinning attacks I honestly if they make another one and
we’ll get to this in a minute I honestly don’t know what more adjustments she has to go to whereas I feel like Grosso
actually has still some things that she could lean on that could make a difference like I I guess I’m trying to
point out what makes it if you’re a chefchenko fan who score for the fight for her to me what makes it extra kind
of awful aside from the fact that the judging was bad was that was a great performance by her and I actually don’t
think it can get better I really don’t I know like the story of this fight the reality is regardless of how God scored
the story of this fight was that the great aging Champion went back to the lab and came out even more efficient and
like I said an even better shape I mean you could see it and then obviously the way she was dialed in but it was a lot
of leaning on whatever strengths were there I mean for your Grosso is good enough on the ground where she’s not you
know I know she had there was that sequence in the first fight in in the second round or the third round uh wherever where were chefchenko you know
looked like she was close to finishing had a lot of dominant ground pound you don’t really get a lot of a lot of uh
top time ground and pound on Grosso but just leaning on that control time and those strengths and that she had in that
area and leaning on I thought she did such a good job to take away the advantages that Grosso had in South Paul
in that first fight with that box action stance where she darts in and out and she did that with the timing of catching
her with those left crosses and really making that that jab work that all got taken away that is the story now you do
have an interesting argument on if they go forward in the series can she do better that’s going to always be a problem when you’re more or less a
finished product and you have a young Riser who just keeps getting better and Grosso does look like she keeps getting
better even if this performance in my vision was a little bit less effective than it was the first time around but
that’s also because of exactly that the adjustments that chefchenko the great Champion made I mean look she told even
though she didn’t win this fight probably should have or could have right because I had it three to two so could
have she should have won by only losing a 10-9 round which means she could have but or should have in that case but
despite that um the younger fighters gonna gonna have more chances or more opportunities to
make those adjustments in Rise but doesn’t this speak to chefchenko’s Greatness and she basically telling that
stat you know of the 35 and over to gfy I mean this was you don’t often see the
Aging like with the hit you know what I mean history tells you that more often than not the Aging Champion loses the rematch again sometimes even easier and
look I thought she had a better performance and maybe the the strike totals don’t compare to what she’s used to I don’t think she’s fought an
opponent in this division who has the combination of clean striking and great striking defense as Grosso does but look
at how shivchenko adjusted to that and still found a path to Victory she still might be the best fighter in this
division Luke right now she still might be the best overall yeah but I think she is the the Sans and the hour glass are
starting to move I mean let me tell let me ask you about this because it’s something I brought up on Saturday night I would love to get your response and
this to me remains eternally surprising what I said on Saturday night was there is not always a clean connection between
someone being much stronger as a physical athlete and then also having more punching power there often is a
correlation but they’re not totally tied together and why I bring that up is BC you know where I’m going with this when
they lock up physically Valentina is simply much stronger she just is like there’s just no denying it on the other
hand dude the punching power of Grosso really set her on fire in this fight now
she was so much better about rolling with it when she had to she had some good defenses I’m just saying when it
did land wow dropping her taking her off of her feet in the second round is it
that we just didn’t realize that Grosso is such a dynamic puncher or is Father
time starting to dwindle the the punch resilience of someone like Valentina shevchenko no I I think it’s more in
category a and more to the full physical and mental Evolution I mean she has got
from she has gone from you know pretty good to very good to like great in such a swift progression where it I think
it’s a combination of all the factors finding the right division that doesn’t diminish some of her potential greatness
because of how taxing that weight cut was and then the evolution of not just her body filling out so maybe putting
more weight down on the shots but Luke she has evolved she used to be a you know especially at strogan she was a
good boxer I had some of the best pure skills but that didn’t always equate to Danger now her ability to sit down on
punches and throw perfect technical three-punch combos that the great
Valentino would pull the sword of 30 years of experience and 17 kickboxing championships just both times she got
dropped right first fight and second they were on beautiful combinations that she just didn’t see coming Luke
show me on your on one hand how many Elite female MMA fighters at this point
in the sports Evolution have that striking ability I’m not talking about a big right hand off the jab like Amanda
Nunes has and and you know she’s got great technique she also’s Next Level power so did cyborg cyborg is a very
technical fighter she’s evolved but I mean Grosso is like she’s like a boxer in there Luke so in that regard I don’t
think it comes down to chefchenko’s punch resistance changing she hasn’t gotten beaten up a lot in her career or
put in precarious situations right the fight she’s lost have been to newness in the UFC on that level and a lot of times
it comes down to just a mistake or strategy change or maybe she was physically outgunned just a bit at 135
or maybe the judges got it wrong and the shift in the newness rematch I don’t know but no she that I mean Luke well I
mean 135 this is at 125 there might be something to be said for what the weight cut does at age 35 to her absolutely but
let me ask you this question did chefchenko show you anything in this rematch that suggests she’s going in the
either direction at all in terms of going you know getting old I didn’t see anything dude I mean I
thought she came back and was better than ever she’s just fighting a great fighter this is a lot about the fact
that Alexa Grosso was a great freaking fighter and a and a worthy Champion despite that 10-8 round 100 I do I the
broad Strokes of that I fully agree with and again I’m not declaring what you know what state she’s in she looked to be in tremendous physical condition
maybe Grosso is just a really you know incredible puncher um but I just I feel I go back to it uh
one more time and we’ll go but we’ll spin this forward in a minute I want to make one last point on the fight but I do just feel like when you look at this
effort it was so comprehensively well done from chefchenko where she was a lot
of times check hooking her way around that one two that was so valuable the first time from uh Grosso she had you
know she was threatening off of her back at times when she needed to she did make that tragic mistake for herself in round
five but you know in general I thought had a very sharp like what do we need to get rid of what do we need to focus on
where does this fight need to be contested and again she get dropped in the second and got in her back taken in the fifth but other than that really put
on a very I guess a tough opponent a great performance I just go back to like I really don’t know what else she could
I got two questions for you then we can close on these beautiful ladies in this in this part of the conversation who won
who would have won this fight Pride rules I think that decides it I know you had it three two Grosso without the 10 round but who would have won this fight
Pride rules who was the better fighter on This Night Luke I probably would have well that’s tough
chefchenko might have gotten it I agree with you I agree with you that’s better she was better for longer stretches
which is again not how it scored it scored based on different ways but I can see why that that might favor
her but again it would be close because there are people who’d be like oh well you know what when it mattered Grasso was better I could I can see that case
too all right there’s one other thing uh Ethan Chan was an MK donk who jumped in my DMs and a couple other people had
something similar to this but I want to get your question maybe I overplayed the idea that it was a huge chefchenko
mistake on the spinning back strike that led to her getting submitted in the first fight but again I think there were
other factors in there I thought chefchenko was fading just a bit but what these people are saying Luke
Ethan in particular is okay however you want to frame that that’s still a mistake that was countered and led to
her defeat she also had a mistake on this trip takedown effect that led to her defeat and he’s claiming in the
second Nunes fight that chefchenko had a similar mistake on a trip takedown attempt in round five which led to her
being on her back which may have played into the visual of the judges down the stretch is there any truth to the idea
that has absolutely brilliant and historic and amazing as uh bulla is
that maybe a couple times you know there’s a fumble or two in the in the biggest key Drive of the game you know in the playoffs here a couple times you
know there’s more than a few fumbles she’s done this on a number of occasions um I don’t think it’s in any way unfair
to bring up that I mean first of all like the head and arm throw is such a scourge of women’s MMA now the
great news about it is you got fighters who by the way I mean some of the men do it too of course but like you know for
example like one of the guys who does it is uh he didn’t win his last contest but uh Sergey Spivak when he does score with
the head and arm throw and he lands in scarf hold he’s actually pretty good from it like there can be Ronda Rousey
stopped Alexis Davis from there from scarfhold like you can do good things there but what ends up happening is they
don’t have good enough wrestling typically although she does but she just has bad habits and she just goes for
this like you know throw which is kind of like you know it’s just Amateur hour for somebody who’s trying to wrestle back a UFC title it’s not a very
effective throw you have to have the sequence after the throw really well understood you have to have that positioning locked up up there’s just
better ways to go about fighting this contest and she has fumbled this a few times yeah it’s you can absolutely
question not her I guess her overall fight IQ was quite good and her Talent is obviously very very high but in some
of these like presence of Mind moments she does make categorical errors and
there are there are people online I don’t really share the shot in freuda but people online being like yeah if you’re gonna go for head and arm throws
in round five you know you deserve to lose I don’t think that’s quite true but I understand why they look at this and they’re like dude stop doing
these techniques that are from 2009 and don’t you know women’s MMA should be in
terms of the wrestling much more advanced and again the better fighters in general much are they’re so much better in terms of wrestling than they
once were it’s just this weird anachronistic kind of bug that stuck around in the women’s game a little bit
do we explain the chefchenko loss in the first Nunes fight at 196 is kind of just running out of time or or figuring it
out too late figuring it out too late because also Nunes I think really faded down the
stretch in that one a little bit if memory serves so um and also three round versus five but she definitely she definitely and she
got whooped late as early in that fight too but she stormed later on in the contest anyway there’s a few different
things but um she has made that mistake uh many times all right before we go to number two last thing I just wanted to say dude
what a wonderful rivalry for this division yeah this is not one I ever expected to get to maybe three fights
from I think you share my appreciation for this this is well matched uh it’s fun to debate these results I mean I
feel bad for both of them in the sense that there wasn’t any Clarity but dude what a great way to lift and magnify
this division to the masses and we’ll talk about UFC Noche or Noche UFC later but do share my enthusiasm for what this
kind of fight and this whatever we can do I mean this is the best division and female MMA and that was one of the best
title fights in terms of ability countering you know stamina I mean it
was just beautiful to watch and and to see these two now kind of oddly linked together yeah we didn’t see this coming
and it kind of fuels the the key question here entering into topic two Luke all right so let’s do it topic
number two this is very easy I’m gonna spin it right back to you BC very simple question we stay with the fight but we
do in fact move it forward so my question to you is BC what makes the
most sense now at Women’s flyweight should they run it back and do a Trilogy fight between these two back to back to
back or should Grosso defend against a fresh contender I want to have a knee-jerk hot take this
is the way right let’s do it Mandalorian but Luke I really think the arguments on both sides are are are very compelling
okay this matchup rules Valentina was winning the first fight but cleanly lost
it right and then I feel like she won the second one do you show respect to this great champion and do you try to
maximize the momentum built here on Noche UFC of this great fight and not
only go another time because it’s sort of like it is unfinished business between them I mean this this does
change it I thought I actually was on that side for the Holloway vulcanovsky
argument of let’s do a third one there because I recognize that these are two great Fighters and I felt that Max won
the second one you know maybe over time that argument feels less and less passionate but I was kind of okay with
that I think there’s some level of that argument in here for Valentina and then what’s your worst case scenario if you
went that way even though there is a bottleneck on top of this division of potentially marketable and breakout
Fighters would it be awful if you had to do Manon for all versus Aaron blanchfield in a true number one
Contender fight not the end of the world Luke but you would be taking the two of them and putting them against each other
and you know one go one way one go the other you can I think you can argue just the same due to the popularity
particularly in Pharrell and then obviously the fact that blade Shield does look tight already right now in saying okay let’s not do it next but
let’s do it soon like you know two fights from now would it hurt would it kill
I don’t know I think you might just look at this and if you’re the UFC and go we love the rub that Grasso is getting from
matching herself against this all-time great fighter and it’s a little bit unfinished and it just busted through
the roof of Noche UFC and this Main Event fight delivered look what would it
kill them to go to Mexico City with this trilogy that’s the thing when you have an
opportunity to do something big and crazy like that I don’t want to see Blanche shield and
fro have to fight each other necessarily you know what I mean there’s a lot of contenders right around there that I want to see the future the same argument
we just had at middleweight I don’t want to see Izzy next right now and then another immediate rematch there’s different circumstances with that but I
do think in this case I mean Chef Chat not a raw deal not a robbery well but yeah kind of a raw deal
Luke shepchenko might deserve the respect to run this back another time and just the fact that these two put on
two really really good fights that are like the best representation of of this Division and in this sport on the female
side sometimes you do have to capitalize on timing Luke what would be a bigger fight
this in Mexico or anything else I mean that’s the argument right anything else
you like anything else but this in Mexico I don’t think folks understand the economics of what it would be in Mexico
first of all like our producers bringing this up but of course we all heard when Valentina was asked I went back and I
was like how quickly did she go to oh it was because it was a Mexican Independence Day thing how quickly did
she go to that to blame that on the judge’s decision and it was almost immediate it was very very that’s a fair
point so it was in the post-fight interview and then again in the press conference yeah she doubled down on it
and I was like okay all right that’s one way okay all right so that’s one part but it would just be basic economics
like again if you’re trying like the the predominant pay-per-view buying audience is the U.S followed by Canada right if
you’re trying to sell pay-per-views to those people who are going to buy the pay-per-view I’m assuming it would be on Pay-per-view if not that does change
economics a little bit but if you’re going to put it on pay-per-view um you know you have to sell in an arena
which can afford it the ticket prices in Mexico are going to be significantly lower because the dollar is so strong
and then you wouldn’t be able to really Marshal the kind of media attention from indigenous media that would be us-based
media for that for the pay-per-view buying audience to Mexico to let them know about it so it would have to be another fight night card which again you
could do but then it goes back to the other side of things like it just it doesn’t I would I would love to see it
in Mexico I’m not gonna hold my breath I think is the way I would put that but also I would just say this and this is
why I made that point as explicitly I did in the first topic BC I think you can really make a case that
chefchenko was the better fighter overall on Saturday night again I saw I thought Grosso won but I can see this bigger argument that you have made
and others as well and that you know the draw is unfair and then also maybe you can look at this and
say right but that was her window that was it that was the window right there to get it because now you’re only
going to get older there’s not many more adjustments she can really go to to like I mean what what meaningfully else she
could tighten up certain things right but now you’re again you’re stripping away pieces of her offense as she does is having to get rid of the spinning
backwards everything get rid of the spinning kick having to like really change some of your offense to minimize any potential counters if you do even
more of that you’re really dieting out your offense at that point I don’t know what else she could reasonably do except
for a couple of small adjustments meanwhile I do think Russell has a chance to add even more to the repertoire and this is my other point BC
you don’t just have number one a number one Contender right now at Women’s flyweight you got two of them you got
two of them sitting there waiting it’d be one thing if there was like Oh Aaron blanchfield is waiting for this you could say well maybe hold on dude they
haven’t even figured that out I know what folks are going to say well have them fight but then you’re just cannibalizing one Contender for the
other no oh I think if chefchenko wanted to sit out and let Grasso defend winner
of that gets shivchenko I’ll be totally okay with that I think a fresh matchup is exactly what this division needs I
don’t really care about they need to move this along that’s an easy decision insane would you admit it’s not an easy
decision now the Mexico factor with chefchenko’s comments does change that and what I also forgot about was what we
talked about last week Luke we have no movement on this bantamweight title and if you do want to maximize your time
left and try to make some you know a big historical move then yeah Valentina going up to 35 and fighting you know
Juliana Pena or Holly for the vacant belt or whatever Pennington whatever they want to do there that would give
her a chance right now after such a strong performance to potentially win a title in a second weight class and then
you’re always going to have the window open could Grosso and chefchenko meet a third time you know a little bit down
the road before chefchenko is done that’s why I said off the top Luke it’s a really hard decision
um it is a really hard decision right now so the and let me ask you this if the way you lean is correct
that we do we do move the division forward and what’s what’s to support that argument the fact that the Mexican
Champion is still the champion yeah that supports it very well by the way um who next then do you take do you try
to capitalize on the on the commercial promise in France of what Pharaoh is or
do you go right to Blanche field knowing that Bell could change hands for all we know you know what I’m saying especially
with the with the wrestling troubles Grosso has had with Valentina blanchfield blanchfield uh her case for
being number one Contender to me is stronger than furos by I think it’s very close Luke because I was doing this in
my power for pound rankings of who should be higher well I have uh I have blanchfield and Pharrell at four and
five and I’m like who should be the one that’s in front if I think if you look at who they beat in the timing it’s pretty damn close
yeah I mean they’re both number one contenders but to me I think what blancheville has done has been a little bit more hard-nosed than in your face
and therefore not merely more intriguing but somewhat more respectable
um so I think they should go with her and people might say well then you lose the fight between the third fight between
shivchenko and Grasso no you don’t you can just do it again you can make it for five rounds you don’t like you don’t yes you would
lose the impact of the potential title but guys there’s a division that has to be taken care of we can’t I mean
I I will admit this there are certain times like for example after UFC 293 people being like Oh immediate you know
immediate that would be the rematch between Sean and Izzy and I’m like dude there’s not much of a case like the guy
lost cleanly here you do have that case you do have the ability to have a
conversation like is this the kind of fight that qualifies for another do-over
immediately again it is that kind of fight I recognize that however I just
feel like we’re doing a massive disservice to the rest of the division in order to indulge a rivalry that we
don’t need to see necessarily indulged on the terms that would be more ideal but hardly necessary move the division
along it was a draw she’s 35 years old she had two shots to retain her title she couldn’t do it move it along have
Aaron field fight and let’s see what happens all right yeah again you make a great compelling case
but then let me ask you this if it’s not 30 or let me ask you this what what should be next for Valentina what should
be should it be 35 should it be rematched with Tyler Santos should it be
her and manolfaro how about I mean there’s a couple different how about you want I mean not you wanna how about Rose
in Valentina two former Champions that’d be a heck of a main event somewhere on a fight night I mean what do you do Luke
if I’m her I’m taking whatever path is closest to the title so if that’s 135 against Holly Holm who you know they’ve
got history obviously that went chefchenko’s way I would take that if it’s hey sit out you’ll get the next one
after there’s a defense I would take that you know she is a you know a decorated champion in this organization
and again if she had lost cleanly I would say to what I would have I said about Izzy last week which was you know
you do need to fight another one again I can understand if they wanted to have him sit out and then wait but fight another one would be great I don’t think
she has to fight anybody else I I mean to get back into the title queue I don’t I don’t think that but I do believe that
they got to start rotating this through a little bit because you know there’s just they’re going to make the Log Jam
even more difficult and then they’re going to create sub-optimal matchmaking Behind These two by forcing people into
competitions that don’t do them any favors down the road the time to move the division forward is right now you
can always revisit this fight for a third time that’s what I think I heard you say that yeah I heard it I
heard it a few times yeah well here’s a better question what do you think the UFC is going to do
um unless they’re folding that 35 division this opens up a a a life raft
for them um if they did the best matchup you can do for I think the combination of
Commercial Appeal also with we’re not really sure what it’s going to look like or who’s going to win in my opinion is
Valentina and Juliana Pena because you know Pena hasn’t fought since losing the title to newness in the rematch and I
think it’s yeah comical that Yahoo sports would have her number one pound for pound but I do think in the two
fights with nunesh she showed that she’s star ready that she wants to smoke all of that so she actually would be the
perfect foil to sing Valentina if this is you know an option if this is what she wants in the UFC wants to go do that
above even a Holly Holm rematch or or bringing Rocky Pennington and I think that’s suddenly a big fight he got the
historical nature of the two Division champion possibility Pena could be in the you know can be a star again could
talk trash can do all that stuff um I think that’s the direction Luke and uh look even with that division being uh
Baron is is all hell right now uh you can’t discount what that means to a to a
resume right you know she walks away okay you never beat newness but two Division champion have a big argument in
in the newness rivalry um that’s not nothing even with a shitty division Luke that’s something big right that’s big
you could still you could still fight Grosso a third time to Echo Luke Thomas’s point you could and also like I
mean here’s the top five right now at Women’s 135 let’s just go through it five is Holly Holm who she already beat four is Caitlin Vieira that would be a
fresh matchup three is my RO Bueno Silva I think she has a modest suspension related to
um some kind of anti-doping violation two would be Raquel Pennington and then one would be Juliana Pena guys I gotta
tell you I mean you know if you’re a shivchenko fan which one of those is like the the death
matchup I can see a couple of difficult ones but I don’t see anyone where I would clearly pick them over her that’s
the entire top five so like there’s a Chicago she has options dude she did she did not in any way perform poorly except
for the end of that fifth round which I thought was just you know awful but okay they’re not gonna make her fight for row
right that’s not happening then if I were her I would just be like what are you doing I no I would not take that
fight I would not throw what what are you gonna get out of you’re gonna beat someone you probably can’t
already beat to hold your spot I mean you know I just don’t even it no no Luke
Mikey believes she would smoke manal so let’s assume he’s right that would make
it even worse yeah but if she goes there just blows the doors off of her now you’ve ruined the contenders chances to
have a fresh fight and also she just keeps replaced by by a fight that didn’t
need to happen it’s like why the would you do that okay what if I told you that over the next year this would become the third best division in the
entire sport what if I told you that what would you say would you be telling me that with your pants around your
ankle that’s so unfair there’s no documented hits there’s no paper trail would you tell me that on a date with
Lauren bobert at a Beetlejuice showing in Colorado and she’s touching you
I don’t I don’t understand this reference Luke it’s insulting to me because of that I mean you know yeah
there you go you don’t you don’t you don’t follow the news cycle at all do you like yourself I live in the news
cycle of my own mind Luke which is always taking me back to 1970s okay I made such a good joke about public
groping that I thought you would really get behind and you just hung me high and dry because you have the reading stamina
of a five-year-old really is the I’m gonna get to the end of Dune don’t worry I got a five year plan here set up okay
I’m gonna read all 800 Pages believe me we’ll get your your pla your pledge to read Dune is like on par with like your
home mortgage amortization schedule it’s like you know two pages every month for
the next 30 Years is really the way you’re doing this um all right let’s go to topic number three if we can move the chains on this
uh show here how about the co-main of NPC Jack Dylan made Elena defeats uh uh Kevin Holland
Uh Kevin Holland and you know there’s a sort of few different takes on by the
way some people thought Holland won but this is the way I’d like to ask the question for UBC did Jack de la medalena prove with this
win that he’s ready for the top ten I think he did I think he did not all you know not in an overwhelming exciting
way but I I don’t call this fight boring I think he was basically like setting up shop on the outside having success
winning this the technical battle although let’s give Holland credit he made some adjustments there were some times he landed some big shots I think
if anything I’m like Hey Kevin Holland where were the takedown attempts to do something I mean obviously he I guess he
could have been confident enough that he had it I you know I gave rounds one and three to Jack I admit that two of these
three rounds are pretty damn close but I I do feel like Holland winning cleanly wasn’t the fight that I saw I would have
liked to have seen what happened if Holland had shot that the wrestling has been a big part of his reinvention at welterweight but in the Striking battle
which was competitive Jack set the terms and Kevin went along with the dance and the better technical fighter won and I
thought he landed a couple big shots he had the threaded kicks as you see in that picture right there uh but overall
did he regress it all coming off of a weird sort of close fight in the last minute replacement last time no I think
he’s still showed you that skills-wide I mean look what are we seeing again from Strickland to the you know Grosso upset
in the first of chenko fight to Jack in this fight striking defense is it a new thing Luke Jack is is fighting under
some legitimately responsible and effective striking defense that allowed him to get off his shots and and for the
most part land the better strikes in Holland no there was no exclamation point on this but Holly we talked about
it coming in Holland was it was a real wild car for the top end of this Division and maybe this was close yet
but it should be close against somebody of Holland’s ability outside of the lack of a ground attempt at all from Kevin
Holland Jack Jack took another step forward and I was impressed by it so I definitely feel like he looked top
10 ready with this one and you mentioned striking defense I had a whole rant on this on Saturday night dude I got to
tell you for the better Strikers in MMA you’re starting to see significantly better defense and it’s comprehensive
it’s partly the way which they are manipulating range it’s partly the way in which they Implement their guard and
then strategically how they use that garden and what circumstances also there’s starting to be better footwork
and guys using lateral movement and then you know getting in on strikes exiting that kind of stuff they’re just putting
themselves in the right positions at the right time then exiting defensively at the right time as well Kyle Nelson also
on this card had a strong performance related to that not quite as good as um not quite as sharp as JDM with the
higher end Talent he’s facing but nevertheless like very commendable and it’s something that is noteworthy for
folks who’ve never trained like offense is always the first thing that people go to and learn and it’s actually defense
that kind of catches up later with some exceptions here or there but um it’s good to see the defense is
making its way more responsibly and more thoroughly into MMA striking now the fight itself I disagree with your
recitation of it first round I thought was good segment I thought was okay third one I thought was just sparring it
didn’t look to me like either guy I’m not saying they weren’t stepping on the gas but they were a little bit out
of ideas and then just didn’t change a whole lot in the end now it was more on
Kevin Holland 2 change and I did think he took the third as a consequence but it was a little bit too little too late
and the fight kind of stalled out a little bit by the end of that and that’s not their responsibility they’re not you
know people think they’re entertainers they’re not explicitly in that way but you know they were getting booed by the
audience which I didn’t agree with but I understand relative to the promise of what that fight represented it kind of
stalled out and was boring by the end of the third all right but in terms of how Jack De La Madeleine looked dude he
looked good he had you know what the difference was between him and and Kevin Holland BC
he was just way more focused and disciplined with how he was fighting he
was not going to strike on Kevin Holland’s terms if he could avoid it he was maintaining Stout defensive uh you
know guard structure and choices about when to go he was clever with his setups he would throw multi-punch combinations
he had an answer to at least some extent for that kind of Philly shell that leaning Philly shell that Kevin Holland
was using that that also did pretty well for Kevin in terms of you know blocking some shots but even then JDM was able to
get through and it looked to me like he was definitely ready for a step up in competition however it also just kind of
you know the thing about Kevin Holland it’s like he’s got all the ability in the world
and he has been very explicit that like he’s not hunting the title and so
I I don’t you can’t begrudge a guy like that like Nate Diaz is the exact same way like they have figured out a lane where they feel like they can probably
maximize wealth with the time that they have and an opportunity just by staying active and then kind of being that
Gunslinger hero and that’s better than trying to literally be the guy who can beat everybody else and I I understand
that um at the same time though I just didn’t feel like I got the best out of Kevin
Holland in this fight which is partly credit to JDM of course but I don’t know it’s like
how specific was the training around JDM in this fight because it looked like once he was able to get going with more
volume in the third he was able to do a little bit more but again it was too little I don’t know I agree that the
fight got worse as it progressed uh I didn’t I wasn’t bored per se but I disagree on your scoring of the third
round all three judges and myself gave the third round to Jack Della made Elena all three judges gave the second round
to Holland which I did and then two of the three gave round one to Jack the third judge who scored it for Holland
2-1 Holland yeah but uh yeah I mean look the onus was on Holland to change his
Fortunes in the fight and he never stepped on the gas to do that now again did he feel like he was leading in in
the fight or felt like if he took more chances Jack was going to be there to counter it’s hard to say but I do agree
overall for all those questions we’ve kind of had about Holland’s true focus and direction through this walk this was
not the fight where I wanted this performance meaning he left a little bit too much in the gun sling you know and
didn’t bring it all Luke and the holster um because he was just coming off a victory that really kind of opened her eyes to is this guy a title Contender
here is this guy moving in that direction you want to see him leave no doubt and I don’t even with the split
decision finish I think there there wasn’t doubt to me who was the better fighter in this case and that turned out to be Jack so credit to jack for
bouncing back from an up and down performance last time but yeah Luke if you’re not in it to win it all
I don’t know what I mean I know you can be in it to to entertain you can be in it for money Derek Lewis has laid out
that plan a lot but come on Kevin Holland get after it dude you’re really freaking good I mean Luke he’s long as
he was split in the guard of Jax very tight defense and key moments particularly in that second round which
I thought he won um I don’t know you know he might have had success on the ground if he would have
if he would not not spam the takedowns but make it a credible threat in there you know what it’s here’s the thing to
me again I I I don’t know about the takedowns I feel like dealer Madeleine’s takedown defense is pretty good so I don’t know about that but maybe from the
clinch that would be a little bit but you gotta find out don’t you have to find out Luke yeah I also feel like if Kevin Hollins
got these long ass arms he should be using them for like body lock stuff a little bit more regularly to like mix things up but the thing that gets me on
with the Kevin Holland stuff is it’s you’re right it’s like I again I’m gonna say one more time I don’t mind the guys
who are like I just don’t think it’s worth my time to be like I’m gonna be able to beat everybody but that isn’t a
get out of like jail free card that isn’t you know you don’t have to you know maximally try every single time
that’s not quite what they what it means it means you gotta like Target how you take fights and begins to and then you
know what kind of frequency and everything else and I just felt like I don’t begrudge him being like I don’t
want to chase something that you know it just doesn’t interest me I want to keep this competition schedule fine but then
in a case like this I still don’t think I got everything Kevin Holland could have brought to the table I think he’s more
talented than what he showed credit to JDM for taking a lot of that away but I don’t think he’s the sole reason a lot
of that was gone I thought there were some other things that could you think about the talk in between them Luke a couple times it got a little spicy in
there hated it hated it apparently he was saying stuff to him like hey we should train together it’s like dude that’s just the I mean you
know look I’m just an sitting in my desk chair in my office like what do I know but I just know that the
ones who are like the most insanely competitive don’t do that that’s what I know no my guy Anthony Smith does you’re
stealing from my children remember he told Johnny Walker that business that was wrong I was like what the you know yeah he’s like did I wait did I
sleep with your wife in Scotland I’m not sure wait wait who are you again yeah that was the only that was the yeah yeah
okay in any case um well I guess we’ll see what happens I don’t think by the way I don’t think Kevin Holland’s stock
dropped you know some significant amount or anything like that and I don’t think jdm’s like exploded but I do think this
was a meaningful step up and I’m excited to see him against the top ten I think it’ll be oh by the way of Vicente Luke
fight Count Me In yeah that’d be magic I’d be into it let’s do it okay all right topic number uh four BC let’s
let’s quickly touch on the Raul Rosas phenomenon so we both thought he was gonna get a win and he did turned out to
be by KO versus via sub but he got it just the same inside of a minute in the first round now this was a fight he was
widely expected to lose to excuse me to win BC and he does the job so I’m trying to figure out what’s a fair way to give
a guy a grade for winning a fight in the UFC that he was expected to win but of course it still has everyone is very
quick to remind us just 18 years old give me a fair and appropriate grade for his performance how about an a because I
mean when when you finish somebody so quickly which can happen when you have a you know a bow nickel level hyped young
Prospect and Rosas has his own lane in terms of hype because of the age you’re not gonna always learn a ton who knows
right until this guy’s in there against legitimately someone with a with a pulse even beyond the guy that he fought last
time which created all this doubt but he went in there and showed us explicitly that he’s adding to his game I know he
made all the comments of you know I fixed the holes I figured it out and yes young fighters of any kind 18 years old
or not tend to need the wake-up call that an early loss gives you I know his situation is different with the age and
level of hype but he responded to that perfectly he went in there and didn’t just take the guy down submit him in a
second be like well this is what I do better than anybody else he showed offensive intention to come in there
with a high pace and land big shots that was an absolutely beautiful looping bomb that scored the knockdown that led to
the finish it was really good ground and pound really good intention confidence ferociousness it helps of course it’s
Mexican Independence Day weekend it’s Noche and you know it comes out in the sombrero dude what else would you have
wanted from him here uh this was an absolute perfect comeback to restore the confidence again doesn’t answer all the
questions but it never does unless unless you keep beating one bigger name after another and all different kind of
fights he he has a long time to get there for what we’re trying now with the 18 year old version of him I feel like
this this sealed the hole remember on on Full House when uh Michelle and DJ accidentally and Stephanie they’re
playing around with the dads like closet thing and they put the thing through the hole and they had to You Know cover it up quick with a really poorly done
plaster job Luke this is better than that I never saw that I never saw that
all right I think you’ll remember they had that song Dad Dad Dad you remember
that I don’t that’d be okay okay but uh in all seriousness I I think I’d
give him probably I’d give him maybe an A minus I don’t think A’s a little stronger because you’re a hater admit it
you’re a Rosa I mean I might be a Rosas hater because I’ve been saying his name wrong all day but yeah I mean at least I
know his name you’re a row sauce hater from the day one of um
hype skeptic big difference I don’t have anything personal against I don’t know the kid how the everything the
only person you hate worse than Rose Rojas Luke is every white person all right which would include me which would
include me but in all seriousness again I think it’s an A minus because let’s talk about the good part which what you
identified you know he had less than one significant strike per minute Randy didn’t have a lot of minutes but dude
you know how many uh um strikes he landed not in this fight but the one previous over the course of three rounds
do you know how many how many did he actually land two two punches in in 15 minutes he
landed two so then he does this performance and you can’t give him an a dude he was tremendous a minus a minus
no dude you got to learn to read between the lines here a little bit or teach me here Professor salt and pepper okay I
will I will I ask you questions about boxing all the time I don’t pretend to know everything I don’t know everything about MMA but I do know what I’m about
to say which is so look him opening up and going for the like the Striking on the ground is
obviously just a much better choice and it’s good to see that that I consider meaningful progress that’s one two he
dropped the guy on the feet which was uh he had to kind of punch across his body to do it because his positioning was a little bit off but again we’re you know
we’re talking about UFC striking so I on that level I think I give him two thumbs up as well so those are great things
that I think you should take from it I just think that you need to stop there right like people like here’s the
problem people can’t just say uh he’s a good Prospect who made a couple of meaningful changes that will
set him up for the future that is to me the appropriate takeaway that’s not what they do what they do is they go oh here
we go he’s back he’s the future of MMA blah blah blah guys let me ask you a
question do you think he’s the only 18 year old in America right now who could
have beaten Terence Mitchell on Saturday and done it inside of a minute because I don’t think that I don’t think that at
all I think there’s there’s probably several that could have done it here is the problem that I have he had made
better decisions with his offensive weapons all good all good but he’s
raging in fights still he is swinging wildly as and he overwhelmed the
guy who just you know didn’t have much ability to be there which was fine that was his job but my Pro my point is you
can’t look at that and then declare this is an elite Prospect who is destined for great things what you can say is he’s a
obviously Green Fighter who is starting to Round the Corner little bit on some of his more known deficiencies but he is
very green how do people not see this he is so clearly I don’t think people are fighting this battle that you’re
creating I think the loss last time you’re me took all of that like a lot of that air out of this why is it
now popular why is he popular no he put He put a lot of the air back in the balloon with the performance but I don’t
think people are saying this guy should be fighting a top 10 guy or fight for the title next I mean the kid’s 18. no
no nor am I said that where did I say people said that I didn’t say that that definitely stop against right now the
people that definitely saw multiple people saying oh my God he’s the future of the sport on Saturday night I
absolutely saw that numerous times that’s that’s insane to say and it’s not me for me to declare that that’s not
true but my point is like how on Earth could you declare that based on everything we have well I don’t think
I’m trying to Define what they’re saying I don’t think they’re saying he’s going to win a championship in a year I think they’re saying at 18 He looks this good
he is the future this war dude if he doesn’t fail he will be the future of this war look who’s doing nothing about
what he is doing tells you he’s gonna win in the future
people but you got to give it a chance here you know dude okay you have to give it a chance I understand what I’m trying
to get everyone to wrap their head around is he’s green like like really green not
like a little green majorly green like where he has to be in a year we’re not
even like bordering on the idea of anyone in the top 15. that’s only fair to his development I’m trying I’m just
trying to get like people they want to heat Praise on him and say look how good he is at 18. you could find someone else
in the United States at 18 to win that fight as quickly as he did on in the United States you could do that that’s not some like re this is not Bo nickel a
three or four time Division One champion pulled into MMA and they just literally can’t find a guy to stand in front of
him long enough Rojas t-shirt Luke you’re making me want to buy one now wear it on the show
everything yeah because everyone wants to just buy into the hype and not the actual tape and what it says and then
when I come along I’m like well the tape doesn’t say that oh you’re a hater no no no he’s he’s the man you are
being a hater right now I mean he already had the humbling moment of it’s not going to be perfect you’re not going to win a championship
what do we do in grading people like this it’s the UFC when Jon Jones came around we only noticed his age after he
started beating the out of people that’s what I’m talking about you beat the out of the good people first and then we’ll note your age it doesn’t
work the other way around and as long as people keep inverting that relationship they’re going to keep getting the
analysis of this totally fine for these people okay real question are these people educated or are these the same people that you tell me their opinion
doesn’t matter generally I don’t know how pervasive the views are
about him um relative to his actual upside I I am
obviously speaking somewhat anecdotally but I just want folks to be like be happy for what it was he has his back
taking ability is great like it’s legitimately very good right he is very very good at that um he’s strong he’s physical right
that’s these are all good signs but the way you’ll know he’s really turned a corner is not by raging through a guy
who he’s overmatched against it’s by methodically beating someone who can offer intelligent resistance
that’s what I’m talking about look I don’t think they’re trying to match
him to get him a championship in a year I think they’re just like this gets really good he can connect
hold on hold on I’m trying to get to a point here before you cut me off then you can have it my point is him in
motion at every level will be a reality show because it’s like oh that’s not really young kid let’s see what he does I saw him lose one time I don’t believe
him always getting better he’s getting better that’s what this is going to be it’s going to be incremental updates no one’s talking about him Bo nickel is
different he’s 27 he’s married it’s different please stop pretending please stop pretending that this is not partly
a conversation oh God my Siri showed up on my screen God damn it
um hold on one second please tell me that this is you you understand that what’s partly Happening Here is like
it’s the same it’s not quite the same thing this is not quite true in in any kind of style of promotion the
promoter when they have a prospect that is interesting sometimes they will end up turning into somebody really special
that does happen time to time it’s pretty rare but it can happen pick your favorite example of such but what they
want to do in the interim before it’s clear is lean on the suggestive side that it will happen I’m merely trying to
motion that’s promotion you have to get people to so why am I obligated to indulge that because nobody’s fighting
the argument that you’re fighting against unless it’s you’re so wrong dude they’re obviously some nerds that have
that are trying to like rile you up Luke but nobody’s trying to say like he’s not saying in the post fit interview I got
this many days left before I beat Jon Jones’s record he wants to be the youngest Champion he still said that
wasn’t but he’s also 18 like it’s going to be each fight is going to be a its own chapter in this reality show you
think he can be let me ask you seriously you think he’s good enough now that in within two years it is at least
conceivable that he could challenge for a title I mean if he if he turns out that he’s great and he starts climbing
it really fast but I think we learned from the last fight that’s going to take some time and I think the UFC got enough
of a a scare there that they’re going to realize let’s just keep raising the bar a little bit fight by fight and they can
see he could still be a constant growing brand for them you know I mean they lowered the bar from the last one pretty substantially yeah they had to they had
to make sure that this isn’t a train wreck and he could pass that test with an a Luke so don’t be an a-hole a minus
a minus a minor making me want to pronounce his name right every time I’m telling you that Luke well listen if that’s what it takes to get you to do it
then I’m here to help but I just want you know you’re just sitting here like trying to be like oh we should feel good about the promotion of how he this guy
is being marketed and then sort of like talked about in The Wider community and then I’m like well that’s not really based in reality and like oh you’re a
hater guys I’m not a hater for not indulging promotional fictions that’s not that I mean you’re a hater when you
have something personally against a kid he’s good for 18. let’s see what happens I wish you had the same passion in our
building seven debates Luke I really wish you how was that like a crime I don’t understand that’s a crime all right neither here nor there he’s he
looked he’s gonna he’s gonna get another good fight and he should win the next one we’ll see what happens all right last but not least BC it does bring us
overall to the event at large the Noche UFC event NBC I don’t know if you were
able to watch the entire broadcast but dude they were doing all kinds of fun stuff where they were playing different music of like you know Mexican origin
for the tale of the tape graphic and then they had the weight classes all in Spanish and then they had all these
different graphic packages and of course the Mexican-American fans or even the Mexican fans more generally showed up
big time at the T-Mobile this felt really big it was aided as we discussed by a fantastic main event but I just
want to get your thoughts did you feel like Noche UFC was a success as a branded and marketed event yeah I felt
it was huge I felt they hit perfect I love that there was this badass title fight not on free TV but you know as
close as you can I mean is it did it air on regular ESPN or just the plus I think it I watched it on plus but I do believe
it did it on ESPN so I mean it got such Prime placement look here’s the deal I love all fight fans of all race Creed or
whatever but I really love Mexican fight fans they make the boxing amazing and fun and they showed out to this this
worked this was huge the Mexican champion won even though it was a draw
great Moment by the way between her and DC you know I won the football you didn’t actually win but no they won the
whole thing I felt yeah look is there a little like a little hard cheesy lean into some degree and it’s
certainly strategic don’t ever Overlook that it’s a financially strategic move but I felt they did it very well and if
and look I’ve always loved the idea of majors of of feeling like certain pay-per-views are different from the
others that it just means more Madison Square Garden means more right the December one means more they were
already talking on the broadcast almost like it was matter of fact like man we should do this every year yeah you should I don’t care what it’s on
Pay-per-view free TV or not um it’s a great way to continue to grow that fan base and look at how look at
the dividends and how quickly how quickly we’re getting Mexican complete Fighters that are coming out of there in
this first generation of of ones that have grown up and said okay we can go either way here boxing or MMA and
um I really had nothing negative about it Luke even though it was very aggressive and and purposeful in that regard that crowd was amazing if we’re
gonna play up how incredible the London and Paris crowds feel on the TV this was
right up there this was a pay-per-view feel and it was the right fight the right match up the right face of Grosso
who is a a warrior who’s constantly getting better who has star power she’s fought her ass off in an incredible
fight that you could do an immediate rematch if that’s the decision that the company wants everything won on this
night and that’s why I I lobbed in the the Rosas comeback win because I mean his his embracing the crowd and to see
they’re like you know I mean look that’s what it’s more about the Rosas thing than anything else every fight for this
guy is going to get bigger and bigger and bigger because man I mean if you want what else could you want if you’re the UFC to have a core of elite Mexican
Stars which you have in a in in the ex-champion Moreno and we just saw Donna fight regardless of that big egg Luke
and now you’ve got Grosso who’s a decorated battle tested champion and then he got this 18 year old Prospect
Mexican-American like this could be this this is this is everything hit everything freaking hit on Saturday and
it was fun to see uh I would say not not everything hit but like I I the broad
Strokes of that I very much agree with I mean dude don’t you feel like two things sort of really occurred to me MMA fans got a taste of what it’s like
for like the Mexican-American fans to be here and what it’s like to watch Boxing
didn’t you feel that way it was like yes dude this is what you get when you watch Boxing you get this kind of it’s
like the Mexican the Mexican and Mexican-American fan base I just folks they’re as Rock ribbed fight fans as
you’re ever gonna see oh dude it’s I was I was in San Antonio for Showbox on the highway they’re every Regional show
that’s coming up has its own like billboard not video screen billboard but like full billboard this guy versus this
guy Saturday night Santa I mean like the the appetite in general is just amazing right it’s so it’s so great so we got a
chance to see that but also I just feel like BC UFC fans in particular they’re
looking for something to feel a little bit different they’re looking for something to be remixed for the UFC to try something new and again they’re kind
of just borrowing what boxing does they had a mariachi band playing outside the T-Mobile uh we’re gonna be seeing the
Canelo fight probably in a couple of weeks so you’re going to see something like that there for that event I mean it’s a very it’s a staple of what you
know a big Canelo fighter a Mexican-American or Mexican fight is in Las Vegas so you know they didn’t reinvent the wheel but they’re bringing
some of these like really important workable elements from boxing and then just applying it to MMA at a time where
now it makes so much more sense because again it is the full package it was Alexa Grosso it was all the other
Mexicans on the prelim card it was I certainly agree Raul Rosas Jr it was all of these different things coming
together adding a little festivity adding a little Pomp and Circumstance to it promoting and I think it turned out
great I would say they you know done everything they tried was a home run I don’t know if you heard like they had uh
Brenda Moreno in English joining the Dominic Cruz DC and John in a commentary table
I don’t know how much that worked poor Brenda didn’t work that didn’t work but but I don’t hate the effort I don’t know
100 I’m glad that they tried it it was a great attempt and again he does commentary in Spanish it must be very
difficult to do commentary in a second language so I certainly applaud his effort but I don’t know how well it worked for English-speaking audiences
but short of a couple of things like that two thumbs up for me I thought this was a home run event it’s just crazy BC
that a 10-8 round five from Mike Bell almost ended that whole Mexican
Revolution where they all had the belts it almost undid all of it okay what do
you say though in response to valentina’s comments that we referenced earlier in the double down and the whole idea that I would have won this fight if
it was you know she’s basically looping Mike Bell’s 10-8 score card into he got he fell into the romance of of of uh UFC
Noche is that is that bitter competitor is there any value there what what do we do
with that that seems pretty salty to me I mean listen on the one hand could it be true that
um the spirit and festivities of the moment had some kind of subconscious effect on
the judging to make it go in the direction that it did that is certainly plausible but a there’s no way to prove
that or to really understand that we don’t have any way of knowing and more to the point a Grosso scorecard is
totally fair so I understand why she doesn’t like the 10 8 you don’t like the 10 8 I don’t
like the 10-8 I get that part but then attributing it to like Mexican fan enthusiasm not just reeks of saltiness
to me it doesn’t it doesn’t strike me as a very compelling argument yeah yeah I get it I get it there was a you know
Bell had shown himself earlier in the night with enough 10 8 that weren’t wrong so I get it um closing with this I
I shared my fears and fears in previous episodes about the TKO www let’s not WWE
fi this UFC too much but I I wouldn’t hate if Raul Rosas Jr took on the The
Legend killer gimmick that was probably best done in the WWE by Randy Orton where it’s just like you got this young
guy who could be something special so what they do one after another is call out the old former Champions and just
mercilessly beat them if they started a Legends tour where like hen and Burrell could get back in the bullpen for
another fight and then they got a fight you know you gotta fight Faber you gotta fight crew Dom Cruz you gotta fight TJ
Cody I mean would you be down for that Luke come on that’s actually you know what I tell you what if you can go there and do that uh and he can win yeah
I’d be down but you know let’s let’s let’s let’s get him to the winning part and then we’ll have those conversations all right there you go that’s our top
five here uh before we get to the DMS let’s quickly tell everyone about you know our next partner ag1 the daily
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ag1.com morning combat drink81.com morning combat all right with that in
mind BC it’s time for the viewers to ask uh us questions it’s time for DMS from
dogs all right here we have it uh from
uh uh Oso aldaco I’m not sure how this is supposed to be pronounced or written
who’s who is the they put who okay yeah who is the female fighter of the Year
Grosso blanchfield uh izawa psycha I’m not sure who izawa
saika is but okay I don’t I don’t know I don’t have this information are we being set up or is this legit Luke probably I
probably just said some kind of racial slur in another language that I don’t know so all right all right I’ll I’ll have you back on that Luke they’re
asking right now who’s on Pace to be the fighter of the year
well if Grosso had one cleanly it would be her but because it’s a draw I don’t
know I really don’t know I mean just that upset alone and then to
come back in the rematch and not lose maybe I mean I mean for for all we can joke about her saying I won and DC
correcting her she did Win Luke you’re the champion you draw you hold the title now we’re talking about it yeah yeah
what should be next I mean that’s the Champions Advantage right there do you like the idea of ever giving
fighter of the year to a non-champion I always feel like they’ve got to do something huge to be in that in that
conversation has this been enough from blanchfield to to be in this convo in here again they want us to give a fight
of the year it’s September like there’s time left so let’s see what happens but I’ll say this even if she
has to fight Manon Fiero and she wins I think she would be a top candidate I really yeah it’s coming on dude she’s
coming on all right from the double they have an explanation on izawa here Luke it was the rise in Adam way Champion I
know but I haven’t paid attention to rise and I apologize so that’s on me uh why don’t you just karate chop your hand
in the air Luke can get us in trouble I mean you know that’s that’s your favorite maneuver guy that’s your
favorite maneuver all right the doubled of official or of vivial they spell it
weird uh okay what are the best fights booked between now and the end of the year outside of the main event dude it’s
got to be Hamza versus Paulo Costa right UFC 294. that’s a great one um whoever over Paddy fights especially if it’s our
boy frivola who you can check out the room service Diaries episode that we did last week with him that went live um
that would be a big one I mean there’s a lot of this weekend this weekend gamrod and Rafael physiv that’s a sick yeah
that’s that’s a that’s a good one that’s a good ass one yeah it’s a great question
trying to think of who’s the problem is here’s the problem BC we got a couple of big ones but like I don’t give a like we’re gonna cover and have fun with
Tyson Fury and Francis but like you know it’s just uh it’s a it’s a
fight to get money it’s not every morning yeah I really care about blades Almeida and heavyweight look I recall
great call Great call I love that fight yeah so there’s a few good ones although that might be a main event so this is
non-main event Edition um but okay what I’m saying like even those big fights they’re just kind of
kind of weird yeah so I guess we’ll see all right from Campbell Parish
in honor of what country oh Country Fair season what is
your favorite fair food now this motherfucker’s just writing gibberish yeah he is he is uh okay so look there’s
a great question and we’ve all you know we’ve all gorged ourselves at the fall fairs just going from corn dogs are for
Animals I’m sorry they are but you know you know in my old days Luke I’d get down with that I think the best thing at
especially in New England fairs is the Thanksgiving um
burrito I get or no Thanksgiving like so it’s it’s a rap Luke that has all the
Thanksgiving Fixins in it including cranberry sauce so it’s basically a hot turkey
but it’s got gravy mashed potato it’s got everything in it dude that thing is tremendous you know that I mean because
there’s no better meal in life than the Thanksgiving meal and you can get that in a in a One-Stop shop in my hand type
of like just Beauty yeah no whatever County Fair is selling Thanksgiving in a wrap is selling you the Boston Market
version of that absolute feces loaded to the gills in that rap no
chance dude how was the answer not funnel cake funnel cake with powdered sugar on top how was that about yeah
dude no don’t get powdered sugar if you have a chance to do the the funnel cake with the marinara on top you got to go
there and the cheese I’m sorry I’m sorry what it’s called fried dough are you kidding
me but you wait the funnel cake but instead of sugar you put
tomato sauce on you cover that in Parmesan cheese and you have yourself
sex in your hands I mean are you kidding me right now you’re just an ape that’s not a classic that’s some remix to guy fear to get fat no no that’s how we get
down in Connecticut Luke on the regular okay by the way I meant to tell you this is true like some place opened up in DC
next time you come which will be never but next time you do oh yeah it’s a place here and it’s like I forget the name but it’s got like Connecticut Pizza
in the title it’s already everyone I know who’s been has been like dude it’s the best pizza in the city I have to go
you missed a lot on Connecticut because I get you haven’t seen great views of it I mean you’re at the you’re at like a
motel I’ve seen most of Connecticut and it uh it looks like I mean you’ve seen the emergency room in Norwich yeah
you’ve seen some awful spots but you you were wrong we got great food including Pizza we got great schools Luke we got
extremely high taxes and um and you have the rudest service workers ever so no I
will not be checking that place out look um once again BC try the BC Comedy Hour on the servers here and because they
rebuffed his comedy they’re now bad servers that’s a very interesting way of looking at it well the price is also
insane for anything the price is insane yes you are right about that all right from house 12 Damien
don’t know who the that is what was the most Carney moment in MMA history oh
Jesus so I saw this tweet that from this fella I don’t know is that Damian the Donk I don’t know is he
still is he incarcerated I don’t yeah he’s tweeting from prison I can’t tell but I saw somebody respond with the
answer Dada 5000 versus gimbo a heart attack
man paid side for that Kate side that’s I mean okay the other moment and the
most of the moments in my opinion would come in the first couple years like joseon getting punched in the balls by
uh by what’s his name until until he attacked me it was TKO via ball punch
like that’s literally the fight that sparked my fandom because I was at a family get-together in like the middle
of nowhere in Pennsylvania and my grandfather would not stop talking about this and laughing until he was crying
that I was just like oh this new UFC thing everybody’s talking about no I gotta watch it after that that’s as corny as it gets Luke
but the DOTA the dot a heart attack was yeah I mean that’s that’s Peak uh
yeah so I was there for that if you guys want to go check it out I think it’s probably still on the MMA fighting
YouTube page I did a post fight show with Sean El shoddy we were there for that and our post fight show was we were
me and him looking at each other being like what the are we supposed to say about what was the main event was that hoist versus Shamrock 3 I believe
that’s right yeah I believe that boy dude in hindsight Shamrock like that
fight was real weird right what did hoist hit him with the need of the stomach and he knocked him out that was weird I don’t even remember that detail
but I still I always tell folks this Kimbo is still the most popular fighter in Bellator history no doubt and not by
a little bit but like a lot but like it’s like the number two is not even in the same Stratosphere as him
um yeah I did a big feature for ESPN that week about the slop of that fight card and uh you retweeted it Luke you
wrote essential reading oh there you go I’ve always known you were full of
yeah yeah yeah all right last but by the way uh for folks who didn’t see it the
um moosen was a show that had all kinds of weird on it and then uh the
the one with the lip on it like the weird lip on the cage what the was the name of that the Yama pit Yama pit
fighting oh yeah that was weird do we put Justine kish’s moment in this at all look was that no that’s like gross but
not Carney but the just bleed guy that’s pretty corny yeah that’s his Guardian that’s as Carney as it gets do you know
that Todd Grisham was in the crowd for one of the early ufcs that was in like Alabama I wonder if it was the just
bleed guy crowd I got to talk to him about this he would like he went when he was like 16 or something I imagine going I had a friend Luke who saw Andrew Dice
Clay in his prime run when he was like like 10 years old his parents let him go imagine that coming of age in that
moment maybe Todd came of age next to the just bleed guy or that guy behind him that was smoking that joint you see it so the guy whose parents let him see
Andrew Dice Clay at 10 years old what does he do in prison now oh wow wow I
think he’s a landscaper I love that guy that’s my guy by the way Bobby Bruce yeah but uh no there you go Luke is that
it we got to get to this oh we got one more we actually got one more and this one’s pretty interesting and we verified this what I’m about to read to you is
true from Platinum Mike Perry what are your thoughts on media Mike Perry and is
there podcast protocol so Mike Perry I think he instagrammed us today he
responded to our accounts uh DM question yes BC I don’t know how you feel about it uh I’m I’m ready for Mike Perry to be
on that RSD couch yeah Mike can our people call your people can we make the travel work and make this work
and figure this out and because what is the protocol what are the rules first of all on that couch where many a hooker
has perished Mike there are no rules but when it’s involving Mike Perry my favorite fighter right uh Ocean’s daddy
if you will yeah I mean look well it goes without saying that that would be our highest rated room service Diaries
couch episode but by far right like that would he do drugs with us I think the
answer is yes maybe maybe but the stories that he’s
going to be able to pull dude I mean Mike is an incredible Storyteller to begin with but you know remember in that
bar when he took that old guy out look I mean Mike’s been through the Wars Luke you know Dylan Dan is tapped all right
he tapped to that security guard you know what’s funny I I always check the trending videos on YouTube that one but
the Face-Off between he and Logan Paul has been trending for like days and I don’t know where it’s at now but last I
checked was like Friday it was at four million views I mean that thing took off like a rocket well they sell
pay-per-views because that double header’s not it doesn’t stop so by the way on my live chat she’ll bring us up to you because you were requested and I
think they made a good point actually we talked about it but we should really have like a moment here we need to do a fight companion for Dennis versus Paul
dude we do yeah we need to like have fun with that so if the producers are watching or whatever and you’re like hey what’s something we could do and I think
that fights in October we need to have a fight companion that would be pretty corny our fight companion for that
Kearney card that’d be great yeah I’m into it but also Mike if you’re watching this we’d love to get you on the RSD couch uh I don’t know he lives in North
Florida right not South Florida Greater Miami I think does he he moved
down to Miami no we’re being told it’s possibly the Orlando Orlando
next yeah we have a home office only in Fort
Lauderdale that’s uh what’s that two hours away from Orlando um uh oh
oh they say we were in contact with his Mandarin last trip okay yeah yeah dude we’ll figure something out with Mike Perry we’ll get him we’ll get him we’ll
figure something out all right and that’s it for DMS from donks BC I want to see your feces all right I scoured
the globe for the highs and lows The Good the Bad the Ugly the in between Combat Sports Beyond there’s going to be some elder abuse too so get ready buckle
up big species faces coming at you [Applause] [Music]
I mean that’s just the greatest intro that man tremendous and we’ve definitely got male viewers Luke let’s go to Noche
UFC Las Vegas Lupita gordines slam slam Luke Analise Reed let the boys
be boys on this one yeah it’s godinez because there’s no Enya over the end but to your point look at this you teeing
off on her High amplitude throw she beat the dude we didn’t even talk about the
arm bar sequence in the first round yes yes that’s like a that’s like
a WWE Spike slam maybe this TKO influence is rubbing off Luke she puts
her flat on her back but just the strength to do something like that God damn dang all right uh let’s listen in
on lightweight Charlie Campbell as he does his best Dwayne The Rock Johnson impression did you think about my boxing
it doesn’t matter what you think it doesn’t matter what you think
shout out to Dwayne Johnson The Rock I’m a huge fan put me in a movie or something you know I love a good WWE
reference so I’m gonna let you live in the Octagon tonight oh that felt a little a little like hey
TKO group recognize me brother I can speak pro wrestling bits fail in public
uh it makes me horny I just it’s just I don’t think if yeah it failed pretty miserably are you kidding DC was like
I’m gonna let you live it failed miserably yeah it did all right all right well we met you in Raul Rosas Jr
bounced back with a bang here’s just a little here’s a little look at that finish just sliced right through the
mount and this is so much better keeping them out turning the guy over and then just going to work yeah poor guy just
had to get saved yeah it was good work once he got to that position it was toast all right now you’re coming around
on him here we go he’s the future I give him fair coverage not promotional fiction
[Music] Tracy Cortez and Jasmine Jazz divisius Luke had probably the the fight we were
most focused on the prelim card with Cortez by the way continuing her unbeat and run that’s a that’s a nice Victory
but did you see the it got a little hairy in there let’s listen in on this
one in your hair right watch this [Applause]
talking that ish Luke that get you fired up or what yeah well they showed the replay she did grab a fistful there it’s
hard to know how intentional it was people think it looks that way but it can be reactive and just kind of instinct but she got she grabs them no
doubt about it yeah did you see Cortez dedicated the win to uh Henry sahuto’s
sister who just passed away after a long illness I know which is really quite terrible I’m sorry to hear about all of that um but yeah and I will say this
here’s the interesting part about this BC Cortez looked amazing in the first round definitely faded in the second so
now it’s 1-1 heading into the third and I was like it was gut check time she still has issues fading but she answered
the call this time and was defensively sounded enough and still like put out enough offense to take the third it was
a great performance by her still some things to work on but she looks quick hands was an accurate puncher especially in that first round where she did look
the best of the three yeah I I agree with you there it was a really nice win to show that she’s ready for the next
level Luke Sean Strickland’s been Champion for like a two days and he’s I think he’s already broke in the title
let’s let’s check back in at the home of Strickland here I don’t think he has enough guns
yeah that that wow that’s a that’s just a bonus to them what else is going on in
this by the way the ammunitions on the wall in case you want to break in and uh arm yourself yeah that’s a deterrent uh
but there we go duct tape on the title you know he’s he’s playing the blue collar or every man role except for all
the artillery behind him uh he’s playing it well Luke playing it well there people seem to be buying it that’s not
uh the UFC wasn’t one of the best fight of the week took place Luke the truck stop was though don’t mess UF around
with some 18 wheelers you’re about to find out Luke okay let’s see let’s see he’s chirping he’s chirping backing up
oh balls my man came out with like a like a
what like a croquet club or something okay what is it like a like a like a kid’s cricket bat what the is this
guy doing looks like he’s being electrocuted thank you
uh the gift the audio on that was great the guy in the truck who filmed this was going sick but yeah I mean you know you
you messed with the mess with the bull look you’re gonna get the the bat there’s no question play stupid games Win stupid prizes uh I mentioned I was
in Showbox Luke San Antonio Hometown boy Ramon Cardenas in the main event
although he’s the underdog improved to 10-0 in his home City with this second
round stoppage of Raphael Pedroza who was unbeaten coming in let’s let’s listen in on the action that finished it
off okay what he’s doing right now
[Applause] now that’s a wake-up call
wake up call I am so excited about 9 11.
we’ll see you in September yes I can’t wait
there’s a karate job in the air for all of us Asian viewers what do you think of
uh rat tail I gotta say boxing is tremendous the
haircuts I’m sorry excuse me
this guy had nothing no answer for it at all again what a shot
something about Cardenas in San Antonio 10-0 as a professional in his home
yeah Luke I had a mcgregor-sized uh you know rope there from the Mayweather
weigh-in was just loving live boxing frozen steak in your dungarees it was great I was also happy to see you
there’s no question about it all right we move on from there uh it’s time for real recognizing real which we can get
behind we can respect how about Jamal Charlo do you know that he moved I don’t
know if this is full-time or temporary from Texas to Pensacola and he’s now working on the regular with Roy Jones Jr
preparing for an eventual return from this two-month two-year absence excuse me um what do you think about this this
pairing of Roy Jones and Jamal I don’t know about the pairing I don’t
know I mean I guess we’ll have to see I don’t know I don’t know what Roy’s um
training skills and record look like you could probably tell me better but what I will say is this I think getting out of
Texas is probably a good idea right I think separating himself you know being
around just a training environment other people who care about him in that way and just living there like that a little
bit I think can only benefit them so I’m actually really glad to see that I don’t know if he’s cut if he’s broken up with
Ronnie Shields I think they might be still together but I think this is more of just like a one-on-one mentorship with Roy that I mean Roy’s become a
trainer it’s been hit or miss he tends to try to go with athletes that he can teach uh you know certain tricks too and
better themselves it I mean sometimes I don’t know it’s tough It’s it’s tough when you’re that great in such a natural
sense that Roy was I mean I mean obviously Roy put in the work but he was just the quickest
Chief Corner um Roy’s Chief Corner Tom youngello I don’t know that name I
follow Tom youngello on Instagram dude this guy is a Encyclopedia of boxing knowledge and he you know he’s
been taking some of these fights lately um Tom trains a bunch of guys but he has been like training and cornering I guess
Roy in this late stage or whatever this version of his career is Tom’s the man have you ever seen any of his stuff on YouTube or install on social media like
it’s all high quality I will definitely look out for it let’s keep the real real Trend here Kazakhstan forever my guy
Triple G and your guy shot Rockman off Luke right is that or what I’m sorry what’s his last name I just got
rachmanov yeah Rockman off there you go I would love to see it this is a power Duo if ever there was one they’ve beaten
the out of a lot of guys between those two yeah yeah heavy hands indeed across the board love love me some
Triple G even though I mean he’s washed Luke it’s I mean he had a great run but uh it’s it’s you know yeah so are we so
are we uh also real recognizing real this was moments before Aaron Rodgers found out they’d never walk again Luke
but at the Jets home opener there it’s Jake Paul hey hey what is Jake Paul doing there did we
blame Jake for the uh for the ensuing injury or no I’d probably blame the turf but Jake probably doesn’t help you know
what I’m saying probably not and uh your wholesome video of the week uh this gives new meaning to the term dog
sledding does this dog dumb as or something no he’s a genius watch this
yo this dog is like way smarter than Tookie is right now yeah yeah he’s awesome look at this guy yeah this dog
rules yeah I started off so negative and now I’m like no this dog is this is the Leonardo da Vinci of dogs I mean yes all
right time for your Regional your Regional Roundup Luke remember Regional MMA anything can happen here is Rashad
Evans his godson Devin Smith in his comeback fight getting the spinning back
kick KO damn watch if they can show it again watch him step out he’s gonna he’s gonna maneuver the guy to his own left
and then he’s going to watch him step across boom um great shot really well set up
well-timed congratulations young man that was extremely impressive I believe that was LFA the promotion there Luke
let’s keep it going to karate combat we all remember Sam Alvey right he beat Rashad Evans he also just knocked this
guy straight out here in karate combat dude Jack slack talks about this all the
time and I didn’t pay attention to it because I just you know don’t have bandwidth for karate combat but apparently one of the big things that
they’re seeing in karate combat is someone will just go in there be like a karate master and a karate champion and
get viciously knocked out by anyone who can throw a a good hooking punch yeah usually it’s the left hook here it was
show it one more time uh Luke nozita here there are just watch it’s just a right hook and it’s not a big one hands
down just pops them with it um apparently hooking punches beat karate you know how like Jiu Jitsu is
not real apparently karate isn’t either if you can throw a hooking punch yep uh let’s go to cffc here’s Travis Miller
with your head kick KO of the week
right to the mouth right I thought it was gonna go to the body and when I mean look at their difference in physiques
whenever you see that you’re like dude some promoter just uh the promoter just tricked this guy we
got one more head kick it comes in the world of kickboxing hell whoa whoa actually that
might be the best head kick kale of the week damn I gotta tell you dude head kick Kos from heavyweights when they
land like the Gonzaga did to Crow cop and then his foot went backwards and they are I mean hey kkkos are
devastating but at heavyweight they feel like extra lethal indeed I always tell my kids Luke that
everything in the 80s was just so much weirder they wouldn’t believe it check out this birthday invite
actual birthday invite from the 80s and 90s chicks dig guys that eat out [Music]
oh that is awesome that is awesome I mean they’re not wrong but
yeah that’s so true so it turns out yeah hey rough week for women and tables
here’s the younger version First oh no okay okay happy birthday to you
there you go and no and let’s bring on abuela for an older version of this tragedy
okay oh no she’s just oh here we go in the yoga pants this is gonna go so bad it’s gonna go so bad maybe not all right
dude this is the exact same kind of lady who when she gets on Amtrak is looking
at me being like can you help me put my bag overhead and I’m like no lady eat that table off I’m telling you bro
here is the dude I want to say this is all of America the world watching if you
can’t take your bag the kind you would ordinarily check in at a flight if you
can’t lift that overhead you’re a piece of I want you to know oh come on I
mean you know there’s a lot of people that can’t you’re saying they should check it that’s what you’re saying check the damn bag right I’m saying people
don’t realize because so what’s the what’s the limit on flights like you can’t be more than 50 pounds a little something like that right that’s how
much a bag can be before like though it’s true yeah the ones that you check yeah unless you’re a first class and so what I’m saying is when you take a train
they don’t have a place for you to put bags like that at least not very much so you might have to take that same kind of
bag and put it overhead and they’ll always come to me on the train car and they’re like yo can you help me out and
I’m like lady if you’re like 65 I’ll help you you’re 45 you’re just weak well okay but I mean you’re a large
man Luke with big muscles okay it’s not their fault no I’m a man who needs his privacy that’s what I am I’m a man who
respect I have here here’s me on the train ready here’s me on the train
okay BC this is international sign for leave me the alone that’s also you
during our our meetings by the way just so the public gets a little a little a little Intel on that yeah there you go
hey college football is back in full gear Luke I’m not talking about Colorado in 3-0 with Coach Prime how about this
sideline catch at the OU game watch this
oh he did the Alfred poopinoo remember that guy the Chargers that is that’s so great
yes yes by the way I’m a big coach uh Prime fan are you oh hell well he was like my favorite player of all time in
the pros so in the NFL so yeah yeah I still have an old sign somewhere I’d have to find it when I went to go see
him at Fulton County Stadium which was two Brave stadiums ago when they handed out signs that said neon Dion for when
he was playing oh you still have that that’s badass yeah I kept it I kept it so it’s somewhere I have to dig it up but um got my toe spacers yeah yeah
right toe spacers uh let’s go to college game day look over Stanford Steve’s shoulder here Luke you’ll see your sign
of the week chicks get rammed by our by our Gamecocks apparently yes that’s
right yes why Gamecocks yes yes yeah there it is right there okay and uh Luke let’s listen in on this Iowa Iowa
quarterback uh Johnny come lately I’ll call him you know really everyone just being on
the same page because we know these guys are gonna come uh a lot I mean there’s
[Laughter] but uh I mean we have to be on key with
our Hots we got to be on key with our protection so um
yeah we’ll be well well Luke I mean football is
homoerotic there’s really no two ways guys are just talking about coming on each other not that there’s anything wrong with that Luke no no it’s fine but
it is what it is but speaking of football uh time for your football jersey of the week I don’t think you’ve seen this one out at the commanders game
I mean it’s kind of direct it’s direct it’s it’s in your face what team is that
is that like uh is that like a Seahawks jersey like what is it I don’t know is
Detroit so it’s a lions Jersey uh I don’t know that’s that’s that’s team e Jack but yeah there he is number 69 in
your score there’s team LoJack for your car and team ejac for your for your uh yeah let’s go to the Packers game here’s
your T-shirt of the week in the NFL I’m not saying I like it I mean this lady
I I honestly would rather get castrated than fulfill the message of this shirt
and here’s your runner-up for t-shirt of the week you could probably catch this guy at any gas station in the uh
dude look at this toothless Smith oh come on he bought that at the
Minnesota State Fair Luke he probably had this guy will wear this to a court date that’s what makes him awesome yeah
you know what I’m saying sir how do you flee to using meth on public school elementary school grounds lady I do
pedicures on camel toes all right I gotta get out of here look
let’s go to the next one here’s your uh boxing knockout of the week yes indeed
this was a pretty good KO it’s a great KO but people were acting like it’s an amazing Chao I don’t think it’s an
amazing one no I mean he was you know he was dead out on his feet and he got he ate two more shots yeah that’s what it
is all right uh Luke um this is a couple weeks old but I never got your reaction
to uh coked up Creepy Connor in the banana hammock on the exercise bike I
mean look are we doing this again
no this is not from the Mayweather weigh-in but uh this guy is so in love
with his own uh uh bulge with his own bump Luke he takes
many many bumps actually he’s into it it appears but uh he’s on a boat huh I mean
is he gonna fight in December Luke no no doesn’t look like it doesn’t look like it all right uh let’s go to your best
bumper sticker we’ve got this week you ever see one of these tell your rides Luke I can tell you ride dick
got him yeah yeah time to rate that tat Luke what do
you think about full sleeves like full black sleeves so uh I don’t they’re called it’s called
blackout I believe um they’re actually harder to do than you might imagine this is not that this is like some combination of geometric
and mendalia whatever the word is um but it’s not they’re actually they’re in reality they’re actually really hard
to do but um this is not it’s not a poorly done tattoo but it’s not my favorite okay uh
what about this one this UFC inspired tattoo next it’s probably bad why UFC fans No Good Inc yeah I mean
this is wait is that Ray Flores disarm Luke
uh yeah I mean this is a not a very good one um you know the the look look at the
line work on the Belt it’s kind of all over the place so yeah it’s not that great all right all right um let’s see what we
got to close here uh you ever see a guy like this in a bar Luke a a a slick
mover oh yeah oh yeah
my man yeah that’s pretty good he probably got like
a half a beer in there yeah slick moves right there X Lex and our final one Luke I promised elder abuse listen in where
is it I just hey watch out
it’s slippery yeah man
Trail look at this
what’s this I just hey watch out slippery
all right it’s slippery
yeah man oh that’s so nonchalant like the other
guy just completely broke his back and he’s like yeah man it really is slick out here you know all right look I gotta
go I gotta I got an interview I gotta do so why don’t you just take it home it’s been great doing this show with you okay thanks yeah welcome back nice to see you
glad you because as you make it back from San Antonio in one piece all right nice to see you let’s let’s set this up
for everybody here if we can very quickly uh of course thumbs up subscribe all that fun stuff if you haven’t
already there’s our socials you can follow us there very quickly one more time morningcombat.store for all of the
merch that’s available for you you can go check that out uh let’s see Showtime is the label that pays showtime.com get
a 30 day free trial if you like it you can keep it if not feel free to bounce morningcombat gmail.com back on
Wednesday interviews in between lots of stuff going on this week keep it locked thank you for watching the show today we
greatly appreciate it we’re out of here and until next time may all of your gains be loyal
for the first time ever waiting Undisputed Kings fight on boxing’s biggest stage
Mexican icon and hunt for pound all-time breaks Canelo Alvarez takes all the
elite Superstar set on making history Jermel Charlo two kings one Road
[Applause] Canelo vs Charlo for the Undisputed
World title Saturday September 30th live on pay-per-view it’s about dry it’s
about Legacy that’s why I’m here
when you want to win something this big you gotta risk it all but I’m ready and I prepare myself for a
different kind of fight my whole career has been about Jason Canelo
on this Beauty

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