UFC 293 Pregame Preview: Adesanya vs. Strickland | Tuivasa vs. Volkov | Morning Kombat

the UFC is back at it in Sydney Australia UFC 293 the pay-per-view
you’ve been waiting for pregame preview well you you have a big
stop nightmare blunt rotation we’re back where we belong doing a pre-game preview we can’t get up on the roof today so
what I wanted was a little remix to the set some mood lighting maybe stand us up
spin it around because at the end of the day men will talk real talk like men do
you think that’s Reggie Jackson Define my life I just want those mental just look a little different be a little
more comfortable maybe be a little bit edgy back something’s gone and I’m a little bit angry it’s a bummer
you’re not feeling good you know I can tell though it looks I can see it in your eyes yeah but you are either High
yeah sick sleep deprived that’s right or guzzling Pepto-Bismol these are the
forms some of those yes the Pepto has like played no role in my life because
these days so that part I’ve fixed foreign
on Saturday September 9th in maybe you can call it September 10th if you live down under the UFC is back at it in
Sydney Australia well that’s a knife right UFC 293 the pay-per-view you’ve
been waiting for and the return of middleweight champion Israel adesanya I felt as co-host of the award-winning
morning combat in this great vehicle we do call pregame preview that I should acquire the three greatest Minds in
mixed martial arts Luke Thomas Chuck Mendenhall back at it UFC 293 with the
only caveat Luke the only one that you would dig deep within yourself look in the mirror and speak with real
talk yeah like men do nightmare blunt rotation look at this look at look at I mean you know what the Brits use the
word geezers they just I don’t exactly know the way they mean it but I have a feeling it’s this dude three
[ __ ] geezers I mean look not a thing cool about it this guy includes
himself on one of the the greatest Minds in MMA yeah and then you call me a geezer I haven’t
had a chance to talk yet sorry what’s up guys what’s up guys what’s going on yeah yeah thanks for having me back by way of
Colorado yes
wait there’s two Connecticut guys over here I mean and obviously if you’re looking nobody else it is nobody likes
this material and I wanna I want you all to know I understand that and I don’t care well here’s the deal you can’t even
offend those people the Connecticut normally we would fill the space Chuck as you already know with great fight
talk great banter great breakdown and predictions but one of the enduring themes about UFC 293 we can’t lie during
this tumultuous 2023 calendar year this card ain’t deep brother it ain’t
deep at all it is top heavy to the tits yeah Chuck can you give me an opening grade on 293.
D Plus C minus something like that I mean some of the fights may end up being okay like
you look at them and you see the potential but in terms of name values right hype things like that it’s not too
good where are you on the idea about how the UFC kind of managed this car where they didn’t have a headliner till they
wanted obviously to be trickest with Whitaker and I actually did an interview with the submission radio guys and they
brought up a point it’s like should the UFC have done the Whitaker DDP fight in 293 it would have diminished one card
but dude this card could have used that shirt I could have used that fight I mean a lot more sense we’ve been extra
critical for a lot of things UFC this year but we always perk back up when the fights deliver International fight week
delivered UFC 291 in Salt Lake City had some big moments we’re just coming off a big pay-per-view could this card
overachieve yeah they all could they all could even all those in between fight nights that have been crappy this year
but on paper this one I know you got UFC Noche two weeks later on paper this thing or maybe one week later on paper
this just ain’t great Chuck it’s not and I’m not sure that Strickland is the guy
you want in there I think he’s been in what five different five round fights and four of them have won the full five
rounds so you you can see a you can see the path and remember is Israel before he had
this uh Alex badetta series was starting to get accused of being a little boring too like yeah you know but by one bald
member of the media Chuck so we’ll see you know we’ll see it is about aristana it is about his return He
was going to ask though like what is it the main reason this fight under under the fight or the card the main event or
the card in it under delivers on what grounds to you specifically what about it
I could see a scenario although I think that Strickland is a forward guy like he’s a pressure guy he’s going to bring
the fight if it turns into one of those things where Izzy is waiting to counter the whole time or something like that
where it’s just being reluctant to engage kind of like the cannon ear thing or you know those type of fights I could see it kind of
changko in the Carmouche rematch where she was just well if you’re gonna fight that way I’m just willing to go 25
minutes with the intake home the w we don’t want that one played out like if you were throwing punches in there yeah and right about here we certainly don’t
want that so we can we can blame DDP for this fight with Strickland right now happening although I don’t hate the
fight style wise like it’s going to be somewhat interesting from Strickland’s obnoxious you know usually Rapport and
the build to a fight toward fight night but should we also blame another man for this fight happening right now not a
plane a train or an automobile a bus a bus he didn’t necessarily
in that fight but it was a little shocking that he got railroading the way he did and that catapulted with good
timing Strickland to the top to the title here we are I think all of this plays don’t you think I mean when you look at all the potentials that could
have happened you end up kind of getting a constellation I feel like in this situation you already mentioned DDP like
that might have been the fight that people that was the one that was in the imagination first I think Sean Strickland it feels a little bit like
he’s a mandatory in a weird way because he’s just he’s there and he’s the guy and I think that the lack of competitive
nature I think a lot of people kind of see it like Vegas does which is that Sean Strickland probably won’t put up
much of a fight you know what I mean so I think when you factor all that in something some of the luster comes off of it from even from the pay-per-view
like General Buzz that you get from them I think for me BC the way I look at it is uh there are some good parts about it
uh but the biggest thing that I think undercuts it is like these two were never on a collision course they they
clashed at press conferences but they were up to this point categorically like pretty different parts of the division
Izzy as the champion or you know obviously only in title fights and Sean like on his way up but you know having setbacks that were noteworthy as well
but he stays active he like does UFC solids he fights at the Apex he’s reliable to like short notice and he is
a technically proficient fighter I think for the most part it’s a very he’s a good fighter he’s he’s a fighter
certainly worthy of a lot of respect but I think like when I just like look at
this fight it’s like I just I literally am not even sure like what path he could take to win I
genuinely you know put up a fight yes but win I honestly don’t know what that was off the top he got here by the fact that
Izzy has already cleaned out this division like kind of multiple times he so there’s a lack of fresh opponents he
also got here because they gave him somewhat of a soft tune-up get well fight against a Boost Mobile off into Strickland’s Advantage yeah he
railroaded him he took him out of there he absolutely broke him and finished him but do you feel like because Izzy came
out publicly and said well for this fight to actually happen Strickland had to agree with the UFC not to embarrass
the brand one thing that we know that we’ll typically get well if Strickland eventually faces out astania at least
we’ll get a crazy build if we don’t get a crazy build this entire thing of failure oh
I think I don’t know if it will be a failure like that well first of all didn’t the fight sell out did it not sell out before they even knew who the
headliner was I mean UFC just no matter what seems to have strong ticket demand wherever it is so it’s in a strange way
I’m like it depends on what we want to consider a fail will it be a dud it could be
um but I think it would be more based on on the on the way the fight plays out than the lead up I don’t know what what
are you expecting from this type of build up like what everyone I know is like can’t wait for the press conference yeah everyone everyone I know what do
people want to see that because if we’re we we’ll criticize Strickland for almost being over over the line over the threshold of taboos over the lines okay
Jesus people people hate that I uh argue this line but tell me it’s tell me it’s wrong in this particular case at
a bare minimum people want to see Sean Strickland for reasons I don’t fully just whatever but they exist but they
want to see them sling arrows at Izzy they want to see him verbally get taken down a peg or two but I think most
people realize skill for skill you know it’s this is a tough challenge well
Strickland’s got to play his role and I mean and I know that’s a cloudy statement to make because this is not pro wrestling you are though required to
sell a fight even if Strickland has limitations Big Dot based on like UFC saying if we’re gonna put you in the Marquee and you ever want to have a
chance to you know if I to be a star here don’t do this and this and and to hopefully he won’t but he needs to say
all that stuff question Izzy’s toughness question his resume question all this [ __ ] get try to get in his head so that
if he does get splattered which is the better his expectations that’s sort of the full cycle of a fight right you pay
to see the villain get taken in some way are you I I want to ask you guys this
because you’ve seen you seem to both agree that Strickland’s in over his head here do you give him any show like basically
I think that his thing is to break you we just mentioned that last fight yeah you don’t think he can break a guy like
this mentally strong as is he and then style wise you get into the styles of the fight like you don’t think that he brings anything to the table dude and
also just I mean dude there’s a big gap in
um footwork ability between the two yeah like a big gap a big big gap and what did we just come off of UFC 292 or
algeman we talked to Matt frivola today like whenever people will see it’s no big deal but yeah so we just should just be honest on certain levels even if you
want to respect Sean Strickland’s a fighting abilities we’re not asking you to care about anything else just as actual fighting abilities they’re strong
but even then the things he relies on dude I mean just think about it there’s basically two gears he can play right
people killed him for the Pereira angle because he was driving it on a guy and using his hands for defense he has this
kind of style what is he this way so he has this one hand up and he kind of holds this one around here and you’ll see him bring his hands up and like try
to catch with a lean and whatnot get almost a shoulder roll almost a little bit there’s a little bit going on but the point I’m trying to make is uh he he
transfers defense a lot like the movement is all part of it and poeton got him to do it like what makes you
think is he could not do exactly the same but take advantage of the same kind of that’s exactly what he specializes in
traps tricks is it the outside for another fight though say that didn’t exist and they were going into this fight would you feel different about
string I feel like that’s the one fight that we serve because most of us why taking a split decision was very good because he hasn’t redeemed that yet he’s
not a bad fight he’s a good fighter he’s a good fighter but but to be honest he hasn’t redeemed what the loss to poeton
meant which is means you’re stepping up to the to the fight before the title fight to that level look Strickland got
this fight by timing GDP not being available not being not you know and then the
timing of just getting the call but if you believe that Strickland doesn’t
have much of a chance here and he almost has to just play the crazy villain to give to give this card white
guess because this is as is this as weak as a paper view card could be top to bottom I know it’s in a lot of ways
playing to the oceanic region there’s a lot of local fighters on there Carlos alberg’s great looks are going to get showcased together he’s putting together
he’s on a nice run that’s one of the rare sort of like I gotta watch that that’s kind of bury him he’s at least on
the main card right I believe I’ll double check but I believe that’s for forever well they haven’t identified that he wasn’t even part of the Showcase
you know but I do I do think the UFC views him as a priority I think they’re just a little bit cautious okay we need
Strickland then to do his role and and help selling the fight is there any access though or not access
is there any chance is really what I’m saying that because the DDP upset of Robert Whittaker opened this door to the
likelihood that GDP and Izzy would happen and then suddenly it’s the who’s the real African Champion all this hype
is this a trap fight is there any elements I feel that a little bit but it’s really
because Izzy just got through going through a series against a guy who I think put a
lot of Doubt on his name took his belt he had to go get it back obviously he did that in spectacular fashion but that
you always wonder about that because you have now uh the hype escalation and everything else he’s going home uh
there’s a lot of things going on his life he hasn’t struck me as the kind of guy who loses Focus but at the same time they’re always kind of trap fights when
there’s a guy that you’re watching for in the future and you just got through something really big in the past
Carlos oldberg is on the prelims oh man oh well here’s how I explain that it’s like a true professional a champion
somebody like Izzy who has all these defenses and he’s decorated should they’re almost like
responsible enough to never have an off night or if they have an off night they can repair it and not let it turn to disaster but the reality is I just don’t
believe no matter how dedicated you are that preparing to fight Robert Whittaker or preparing to fight whomever compared
to somebody like Strickland who’s not quite there but dangerous enough but not quite that threat it has it’s just like
anytime there’s an opponent change it has to change the level of intensity that you were once preparing for that you’re used to so that opens the doors
for trap fights or big upsets to happen but does anything in Strickland’s makeup the kind of upset that Juliana Pena had
against Amanda I guess in theory could happen to anybody Amanda didn’t have a great training camp she got overwhelmed by the offense she got worn down she got
exhausted she got to submit it happened okay short of a disaster for Izzy does Strickland actually have the game that
that if this was the Trap night remember Joel Romero at least had the threat of the strike but Izzy was you have to
almost beaten him up and it was closer than it should have been maybe is there any elements I feel like the best
would almost be like uh Amanda Nunes versus Giuliana Payne in the first fight where basically
whatever reason Izzy is just not there like you’re saying he’s just not there fully gets heavy work early and somehow
it starts going downhill and he can’t recover and suddenly he’s just in deep water that’s the only way I can see it where somehow he’s getting hit with
stuff and he just doesn’t have it you know but I don’t foresee it we haven’t seen evidence that he will do that kind
of fight you know he’s the kind of guy who walks you down he literally just walks you down cross stepping the whole way he does other kinds of things with his footwork but where does he do his
Ko’s like all of his yeah you know he he makes people like work a lot and then it’s along along the fence line that’s
where he finishes guys off he’s a fence line guy dude like that’s hard to trap Izzy in places like that it’s not
[ __ ] easy what would be your equivalent like obviously like in the middleweight division the history of the middleweight division you’ve had another
champion Anderson Silva where would you put like what would be the equivalent of this challenge Dave you know what I mean
Dave Monet um so so the Patrick the Patrick rotate one okay but the difference was Patrick
would take Petro take a bang he had good power okay is this very uh it’s the is the answer tell us lightest or or the
submission guy who missed weight uh he’s a coach oh god oh Travis well Travis Luther actually is a I mean he’s not the
Michael Jordan of grappling but he is a very good I’m not saying that you get to a title level you’re legit in some form yeah but really we’re not giving him a
chance right we’re not giving him a chance I think I think I think it’s the way I look at it is if Izzy is not on his A-game I think anything’s possible
but if he is on his a game I just don’t see what the how there could be a deciding factor for him I don’t know
what that would we get a drink update I was doing coffee to start because I’m old and I wanted to but now I’ve got the
IPA in there from from uh that you’re drinking the same thing on the water and Delta nines
well I haven’t been able to tell I’d say that much does that show the evolution of our bodies as now we can barely even
stomach the alcohol that used to be the foundation of this segment and this this is supposed to be a tailgate what
happened what happened to us is probably about the bigger question what happened we’re
pathetic [ __ ] sex lips you know it’s that trt thing what are we doing I’m just waiting just sit on the needle yeah
seriously dude Drop The Vape and pick up the needle I’ll tell you what when I was on vacation dude it was so [ __ ] humid
that I never had to use nasal spray the entire time I was there wow it was like the dude it was I was like four days in
I was like dude I don’t really I haven’t even [ __ ] used it man remember you told me three years ago you
were so addicted to The Vape that you would have one in the mouth and one in the nose when you’re like I did not tell you that these are alive
you know Ryan Campbell can be reliably counted on to steer the conversation to buttholes specifically specifically the
penetration yeah um Kevin Bacon type thing is this if this is what it is on paper
which is a stay busy for Izzy in fact they kind of rushed this thing it feels like it feels like and they forced it
well then remember they were waiting for his immigration structure because immigration status to be resolved just through the powers of government because
there’s an application process with a Visa that he needs we’re all just kind of like waiting on the paperwork to get
done so you know the way you know when you’re waiting on the mail I don’t know how like you know spine tingling that is
as action so it kind of had a and they’re here kind of accidentally well my setup was to say this would be an unexpected final hurdle to get to what
has suddenly become a big fight which would be the drisk is drinkist do plus C fight are those the only two
middleweights left that Izzy should face will face yes
yes this fight DDP and he should move I think so too I think so too by the time
he moves up though could potom be holding the title no no right you know I don’t know how you guys
are seeing it but there’s a little bit of a like so you start to make the comparisons because
they’re still running parallel to each other you’re talking about Pereira he goes up he beats yawn right like he
beats obviously Izzy was not successful in that now he’s going against Strickland who
Pereira already beat in the first round and you take these comparisons right they they feel like they’re still kind
of playing off each other uh if he’s not able to kind of do something similar if he’s not able to make it look as easy
you know what I’m saying it starts to it starts to reflect a little bit more on Ferreira what are you saying Luke is
that this rivalry ain’t close to being over with no I don’t think so the Pereira and yeah I think there’s life in
it still I think I mean I mean also like you know this is a huge moment for Izzy we’ve had this debate here a million
times how popular is it how popular it is I really believe we have to say out loud again my biases well known here you
love the guy well he turned a corner with that win over Alex like this is the highest his popularity has 100 ever been
I feel like he leveled up with that we’re not saying he’s showing him alley I don’t know that you I’m not saying that but I am saying it felt to me Chuck
as a skeptic or something a little bit like he leveled up yeah he did I think the whole thing boosted him there was so
much and I think that this is necessary at some point it’s kind of like the Anderson Silva with Chael Sonnen coming around you have to have a guy who’s
gonna drag it out of you right like it’s going to be there has to be a guy that adds doubt to the scenario and he got
the guy and it actually played out perfectly for him takes the belt they have to do it again everything being written about what you doing over here
everything being written about that’s how I use the bathroom
remember I had to pay one Lira for one piece of the phone book to go take it to go take a dump but everything being
written about it was basically like this guy has his number and it could end up being the Alex padetta story and then
because if he wins that last fight all of a sudden you’re like no this is just his trajectory watching and he’s the one running off with it he freaking wins it
knocks him out and then it’s like here we are you know what I mean so I think his stock went way up it’s just a it’s a human interest and also BC lestick on
this Sean Strickland you could say what you want about the necessity of the mega Madoff fight or you know whether that
was the right one to make dude I’m not saying that Mega made up is a pushover that’s not my argument but for a guy
like Strickland that was not super difficult work in general you had to be careful but it was not it was it was as close as you’re going to get to a
tune-up fight you know and he’s taken that right into this fight I do believe he’s going to be very ready for this
highly motivated and as much as I’ve been dismissive of it you know there’s been times where like you just don’t
imagine this is the guy that’s going to beat the the the the man in this division like you just you know you just couldn’t believe it
um it happens when you least expect it so is it a nightmare scenario if Sean Strickland goes into the to Australia
wins that belt and suddenly you have this awkward champion who couldn’t and then do they like insults the country he
better I mean seriously if he wins it he better not consider a baby face turn and
could he have like a Colby Covington Brazil moment which was controversial and to a lot of people gross but
nevertheless it put him on the map on um Savages that’s what it is they say no
like no you don’t ever notice that no I don’t know why they do that it’s like
n-a-u-r it would be one of the more unpredictable outcomes but we should
season ourselves we should to the idea that this is happening more often than not the big upset Pena over newness
listening to Leon and I’m losing a second time by the way maybe it’s not I don’t know is that a monster upset well
yeah the method that Leon did at fifth round head kick yes uh poeton just walking in and off the streets suddenly
and becoming the champion and knocking out astani it does happen I fear that it would deliver a blow to
Izzy’s whatever this thing is the sheen of it’s not invincibility because we’ve seen him lose but there’s the sheen of
cool that he carries like it would somehow that would that would be a rough one to lose this one in Australia and also you
just got a rematch with the other guy you know and you’re able to get through him I don’t know how they would play that but it’s just it derails so many
plans it would be yeah I mean I think that Izzy’s time of 185 provided he keeps winning is is super limited I
think he wants that opportunity at 205 again and prefer to go differently he’s been bulking up slowly over the years
since I’ve seen him over the years he’s getting a little bit bigger a little bit bigger um you know and I think he learned he learns valuable lessons from the fight
with blohovich I think the one that the blowjovich that potato fight fought was good but not quite the same for hovich
um in any case I do think it’d be devastating but in either way I feel like 205 is calling
um if you were to lose you could almost consider that to be like the the decision just just go do something fresh
because we’re gonna say he can’t rebound from difficulty like we know for a fact he can absolutely go to that place yeah
34 years old is Izzy this would be shooting for his fourth title defense obviously the First Defense of his
second Reign for Strickland it wasn’t just straight from poeton to a boost to
hero in between he lost a split decision to Cannon near in between he came back want a decision over imavov so look
short of the disaster and the catastrophe and the early cut or is he you know has a Weidman leg cracker just
you know whatever I mean he’s in a fish I think he can I don’t think he can game plan to victory that would shock us
that might surprise us not in ganu wrestling gone that no one saw coming
is that for you yeah I did see that one Woodley till was also a big hit in my house you know
remember that time I put 20 bucks on the draw of Golovkin Canelo won because I knew it you know what I mean yeah I
remember yes it was a good time so is is let’s carve a path
I think honestly that it would have to happen the way I just said where he kind of hurts him in some kind of exchange he does put a lot of volume he’s a high
he’s a high volume guy in your face guy and I think if he’s able to effectively do that the thing is the guy he’s going
against punishes aggression so well that I’m like I don’t see him doing this but for whatever reason if he goes charge in
there and lands something and hurts him overwhelms him I could see a scenario there where he just hurts him and maybe
all right what is he’s not the same at that point what if it’s the type of dedicate dedicated defecation defecating
what if it’s the type of I am drinking now so it’s a excuse what is that what it what could happen what if he targets
the legs of honestly and sometimes even among Elites dude who has he put out with leg kicks oh here’s what I’m saying
though it’s not about putting out it’s about it’s about leveling leveling putting out I thought this was talking about like you’re talking about Izzy
like who’s like one of the most proficient and effective leg kickers in the [ __ ] yeah I know who he is this is about leveling the playing field ways
that Strickland could be in this fight in non-overly dramatic ways
I think he can survive a plan I don’t think he can be a guy who can just survive and win yeah right I don’t think
that he has to take a risk he has to really crowd him really kind of go for it and yeah four times all the way
through five rounds I mean that is there’s something to be said that he’s had the experience yeah of the deeper
rounds and he’s able to he’s I think he went through and the only way he lost was the split decision so and he out struck him by like 30 strikes in that
fights yeah he’s certainly shown that he can hang around but it’s a certain kind of guy he just walks down that is true
he’s just able to uh he just rolls with punches he catches him he’s not gonna catch Izzy with 180 strikes like he did
Uriah Hall or he’s not going to be able to do that remember the leg kicks the poeton landed on Strickland and like he
went the jab to the jab to the bodies what set everything up the hook like he was the leg kicks to proton landing on Sonya which did play a role in Catching
him in there absolutely absolutely but it’s like your poeton is a devastating leg kicker Sean Strickland is a
threatening one but he would have to do a lot of work right it has to be accumulator what superpowers is he going
to lean on cardio yes fantastic cardio his daring nature to the extent to the
extent it’s relevant uh he has outstanding defensive wrestling uh it’s not going to the ground good strike
defense very good strike for the most part because he has a good system that he works that is for the most part very
effective um he is well coached he has an experienced uh excellent corner I think that matters in close contests I don’t
know that this will be one but it can be certainly be a Difference Maker in the moment um and you know listen he has a [ __ ] ton
of experience he has a [ __ ] ton of experience so this is his 20th UFC fight
this is what I mean sixth in two years I guess since 2022. this is not a bum like don’t you know I know I don’t love his
World Views but not a lot of people do but if you’re just evaluating him as a fighter he He commands respect he’s good
look will you allow his altar ego DeSean Strickland who wears that black do-rag
and shows up sometimes during interviews is that like see Thomas Howell playing the lead role of black people he’s carrying him
you expect a stoppage if AutoZone is the heavy favorite he is and he is he’s got many reasons for you to put your money
in that side is it going to go the distance I think if he’s on his game he stops him inside three yeah yeah I think so too
because it’s easy to imagine a scenario kind of like what padetta did with uh with Strickland where he just
he gets Goofy for one minute that’s all it takes is one Split Second it reacts he goes in there and does something he
gets punished and he’s down I could see this happening you know in this fight early so and I also think it does matter
it Izzy on some level to perform you know I don’t think he really loved that three fights you know those three fights
with Canon Airways you know he’s getting the decisions I don’t think he really he was labeled by by the knee jerkers as as
boring as safe right that’s all that you know that’s what the potato thing has revitalized like this whole like excitement level commanding stoppage um
so getting to listen there’s a way he shines here as potential but again Sean Strickland it’s hard to see what the
path is but MMA is [ __ ] unpredictable and if he’s not really you know focused
it would be Madness are you expecting an aggressive call out DDP get your [ __ ]
together are you expecting what do you do yeah I think you I think if he gets a big ass KO Chuck yeah he’s going to say
DDP and then 205 I think he’s gonna say both I think so too oh [ __ ] I mean the DDP
One’s Gonna they in the end if he gets through Strickland does it emphatically has this homecraft uses the mic it ends up being a big hype
machine for that fight doesn’t it like it just kind of adds to that whole thing yeah so I thought you were doing the in
the end it doesn’t really matter one thing I don’t know why it doesn’t really
matter how hard you try hey maybe the car leads the two you know how it is wow where’s a home invasion shooting when
you need one wow wow all right hey let’s go to the co-main event maybe maybe the
only other story we’re talking about on this 293 card it is an interesting storyline of heavyweight shoe drink and
bar buzzling big Power knocking
hey Julie it’s Hardy right yeah let’s bang brother so I like this this is a
tough fight Alexander volkoff in his crosshairs tough fight in the situation for tuivasa which is two straight losses
brutal one against God oh my God but then you package that by coming back so
soon rolling the dice was a pavlovitch that cleaned it up right we’re already coming back so soon not really thinking
that decision through in my eyes although that’s who tied to ivassa is or you know as Matt frivolas Instagram says
all gas no breaks that’s who he is but there’s only so many times you can get knocked out and spectacularly
against guys that are better than just worrisome are we expecting some level of reinvention because if Ty if Ty comes
out and knocks out volkov that’s a reinvention man but stylistically his demeanor may be put in a shoe condiment
or something before drinking out of somebody else’s like Soul what
still tonight what are you talking about um um 17 first round finishes combined
with these guys Jesus so if he’s real this is probably the wrong fight for him to completely reinvent them not a good
fight action bad fight for him it’s a bad it’s
it’s a tough one it’s I know what you’re saying it’s a tough rebound fight and this is a volkov man being who he is but
I think it’s because it’s in Australia he wants to fight in Australia he performed there out of the gate really
well this is the shoes and all that but the last couple times he’s been there didn’t go with his way and I’m like then you
factor in kind of I don’t know I I feel like it could be a little bit of a setup for him and uh but I feel like
somebody’s gonna get I don’t feel like he’s gonna reinvent himself for this fight I feel like he’s gonna go in there and try to to win the way he wins all
right Luke I want to ask you this in some ways you have full-blown AIDS is mirroring
a almost like a new version of Derek Lewis and what’s the biggest hit or miss
on Derrick Lewis it’s like if he’s in shape and not in his back doesn’t hurt and he tried then we know he can still
pull in deep even in his late 30s he can still pull deep land the big knockout he’s still so athletic powerful all that
does Ty two is Ty toivosta’s top tier game dangerous enough that we can go
into each toy of Austin fight saying well hey if this is the night that he put it together like Derek Lewis anything can happen or does he need that
reinvention I’m teasing Luke I mean when you look at the game technically is there a whole a major hole he can he
can work on closing up that really could lift him to True content if he doesn’t level up which is possible right I do
think he is talented we know he’s very young he’s obviously suffering some setbacks but I I do think he has shown
maturation skill development and so if he levels up I think it’s an interesting contest if he doesn’t like if he is who
we think he is he is technically outmatched he is dangerous because he can leap into position obviously we know
he’s got tremendous KO power like this is this is a thing but he’s quite hittable for people who have great time
and great accuracy good use of range which volkov has really kind of turned into at this point this is maybe the
best one we’ve ever seen give or take right he’s uh he relies a little too heavily on the you know the spirit and
the heart you know like he’s like I’m gonna show everybody that I can you know even take those punches and go through like it’s not this is not a Modelo
commercial this is real life right it is man but I think that that’s been to his detriment you know it’s just it’s aging
him very quickly to go in there and fight that game I mean I don’t know listen again I’m not in any way being disparaging I hope I don’t know what his
financial situation is I don’t know what to what were the other factors that have nothing to do with like smart decision
making about what fights you take and when that could have gone into it but he did take the fight so that is a fact and
it was in terms of managing his career uh a really unforced error it didn’t
need to happen again not knowing with the broader circumstances no doubt about it on the flip side volkov here’s what’s
interesting because I thought when he walked into that loss against aspin all that it might actually be time for volkov and what I mean by time is he
showed some great flashes we know there’s some limitations to his game but like one of these days he’s still young
enough he’s only 34 I thought he’s going to put it together and really look like a heavyweight title Contender and maybe even end up getting to that level then
he got wiped by aspinal but what he’s done in that same year and a half time off is a stoppage win over Rosen strike
and then that stoppage win over Romanov has he done enough to repair the the
times he has put his head above water at the elite level and come up short because I don’t look at him as a gatekeeper in ways I look at a lot of
This heavyweight division which there are there is a lot of average parity in there I think he’s above that but has he
shown you enough because this fight may not actually show that to us right because if he carries it from the outside and looks I mean but has he
shown you enough on this comeback isn’t it crazy that division though is so crazy you can be like look at allowsky
how many times he’s kind of down and out and then he just kind of all of a sudden he’s right back in the the conversation I think the victory would put him back
into the conversation but I think you have some tear structure right now you know with the aspinalls uh and the guys
if so Jon Jones and the guys that are kind of pavlovich those guys I’m not sure he enters that conversation but
maybe he’s in that four or five range where he’s he’s right back there so maybe he’s a fight or two away from like
I mean he wins this he’s he’s a phone call away if they need it right I would say that’s probably true I mean three in
a row in this division especially when you when UK guy when you knock guys out like that you know you get the finishes I think
that that bodes well for your chances if they need you you know look if his takedown defense can can be a consistent
Factor can he win the UFC heavyweight championship or do I just think because he kind of looks like me that there’s this weird doppelganger thing going on
um to me I would say that the win that aspinal has over volkov
is I you know disqualifying of his chances of getting a belt I think might be a little strong but it’s not a great
look if you’re asking about title potential because it’s not any kind of shame to lose to Aspen no but aspin all
just you know got the submission from half guard on top got to take down with relative ease like volkov has really
improved a lot of his uh physical abilities and his technical abilities I think is the biggest development but
he’s big and kind of plotting and relatively speaking a little bit slowly think about how fast and explosive a guy
like aspinall is and he’s technical like that’s always going to be going to be a
sliding doors guy I have a feeling at some point he’ll look at and say like you remember the Derrick Lewis fight he’s winning the fight and then he just
at the very end he’s man the guy could have already been
there and then he slide you know I feel like he get he’s one of those guys you know gets the penultimate spot and then somehow doesn’t get there and then he’s
right back blades his role just so that’s well dude he pushed Curtis blades to the absolute limits and
um you know was overmatched wrestling but like kind of proved to he is dangerous like he certainly is worthy of
respect you’re asking just against the very best athletes I do think his size limits him a little bit all right what
would two of us have to do to really surprise us uh I don’t think surprise is the word
right but I would just it’s more than it would be nice to see him do you know a
real um thoughtful approach a more thoughtful approach is sort of what I would like to
see I do think that it is always a time to kind of bite down on the mouthpiece and he’s good for that but we already know that what I’m saying is can he go
back to what we had seen a little bit before where you thought okay now he’s starting to put it together I I don’t I hope that that is not lost I want to see
that more than anything else the surprising thing for me is it just doesn’t take damage and getting it done right because I feel like for him to get
it done he gets beat up you know dude that gunfight was a bit yeah I mean to
be to be fair he had him hurt you know it’s like he has him heard and he could have finished that fight it’s such a
roulette type of game you know and if he can engage you in it he’s always got a 50 50 shot but the guys who are a little
more skilled and know how to to fight to combat that generally win that sort of also gone by the way against tuivasa
remember he’s gonna have fast feet as well and he’s gonna be able to like use footwork I don’t I don’t think if you can expect volkov to do in terms of the
nimbleness athletically what a guy like gone can do yeah burning them get quick and Nimble all right oh here we go yeah
you only know the white rappers laughs give me some Eminem all right well you
know Tui vosta is going to be fun to see you know who else is on this card I mean you know I do Manel cops on this card in
a flywheel with Felipe dos Santos unfortunately it was supposed to be Kai car France obviously yeah yeah so that’s that syndrome this is where that they
got some bad luck you know they got some bad luck that’s bad luck um if rising Rising Stars
um we’re talking about Carlos Solberg yeah yeah and we’re talking about a very good looking man but we’re also talking
about this one three in a row including what I want to know and this is not that’s not like uh what’s it what’s the kid’s name that was put on the uh uh the
prelims in England the 21 year old kid uh you know what I’m talking about I don’t it is it’s an illiteration
he uh it’s it’s not like he’s him but somehow they have kind of a similar trajectory they keep getting stuck
regionally in these cars not that he’s es I know that olberg has fought elsewhere but he’s always kind of buried
on this card so this would have been a nice one for him to kind of be boosted and he actually has four wins in a row three by knockout and overall he’s eight
in one we’ve only seen him fall to that knockout loss to Kennedy and jekwu I have the recall memory of a lobotomized
chimp he’ll be taking on um yeah should I mean put your put your
stock in kind of I mean I’m a little bit this is a showcase then right well I’m a little bit more interested in the post
fight DMS that he’ll receive than than the bonus or you know I mean you could there’s different kinds of bonuses Luke
you know the company does there’s certain guys that there’s just like little volleys you know I feel like this is one of those fights you know where they’re just like all right go this
we’re going to slide the stake under the door go get it you know all right let’s pause for a second we just had Matt frivola in here spoiler alert as we
mentioned earlier on the on the room server’s Diaries and he’s hitting this point you know Chuck where he’s he’s walking in just like the chance at Big
Fame and money and if he gets Patty pill but holy [ __ ] and you know Carlos Goldberg if he can continues the win streak he’s going to be considered even
at 32 as a lightweight heavyweight Prospect but if we stumbled into a UFC
round if you were just some Average Joe in your daily life and then suddenly you’re Matt frivola and you get hot and
you go on a run Chuck you just got to be laying pipe all over the country right I get just just
[ __ ] just I mean you gotta just you’re gonna have a window to be in that shape to be that cool stuff you know
Johnny Walker in Scotland Goldberg’s probably got that whole island on lockdown but if plumber if Chuck
stumbled into a UFC career I mean I felt like uh you’re right Faber back in the early days when when he came over the
UFC and all that was just walking around basically like Hugh Hefner out with the pajama robe and remember when Strike Force had shows at the Playboy Mansion
oh that’s right remember whenever Urijah Faber told us he never had an issue with getting ladies so it never mattered yes
yeah he was like yeah it didn’t really change [ __ ] I still just get asked constantly I was like oh like you think if you could have been like a Backstreet
Boy for like an hour you could have really made that 60 Minutes made the most of that 60 Minutes that was you
know those good halftime play that right you can get a nice house in Florida yeah well you can live all right oh yeah well
speaking of other fights on this card worth watching how come I just yeah yeah yeah
or am I just addicted to you yeah yeah that’s where it is uh what else do you want to say about UFC 293 or Australia
or Sydney in general ever binge I’ve never been to Sydney um but I I know her
no there’s not really much else to say about the card all right I mean I think you’ve got to be real at the end of the
day Luke okay listen uh I’m amazed you know MMA has real volatility I mean never see it coming and uh it’s such a
cheap thing to be like but it could turn out to be a good card it’s true I know it doesn’t matter it’s
always in Prospect right it’s always like you’re always looking at a card when it goes in does it compel you to watch I don’t know that there’s a lot on
that besides that talk you got a Justin tafa Austin rematch that’s a rematch someone yeah that’s that’s going to be
reported someone’s gonna get laid out for sure um you know Jamie Malarkey and John mcdessi here uh that’s a fun story
that’s a respectable scrap yep uh Blood Diamond against uh Charlie ragoff
one other note one other note that the Aussies put me on to uh if you’re just doing the math on this is that if you
look at the workload of the corner of Izzy uh obviously Eugene bearman he is
cornering six Fighters wow this car six Fighters years and my under including the main event obviously it’s a good
payday yeah that’s a lot of work but that’s a lot of work and also they’re doing the like inside of New Zealand or
maybe Australia the day before they have a another kickboxing event which he’s also cornering a slew of Fighters that’s
what he’s doing that and then doing that the next night now if anybody can do that it’s Eugene bearman make no mistake
about it but I I I my only wonder is BC uh is that too much of a workload no
matter how gifted a coach you are I don’t know I don’t know the under him and that gym does he have a lot of generals that can carry sure yeah so I
mean it seems like from what I can tell a well-run operation there’s no way to check this I don’t know how you do but that’s got to be
nearing a wreck I remember when Jackson would be like making four three or four and we were making a big deal but six
that’s what Jedi Goodman’s Twitter for them okay that guy’s got all the stats if not Jedi get it for us wait yeah yeah
uh Luke you were able to stay awake for this whole show so I’m happy you did it you smelt the microphone a few times
what’d you pick up uh meth amphetamine I was ready to catch you man that’s not right uh nose beers a lot of no
you know just seeing my life flash before my eyes 44 has been great it’s been great you’ve had a great run uh we
did say Luke as a tribute to Owen Hart that if you did perish during this we would finish the show the show would go
on but I understand I understand yes but um I guess that’ll do it for UFC 293 in
this incredible breakdown of men acting like man I do want to go to Australia I hear it’s wonderful got to
get over there now that’s that flight though [ __ ] that flight that flight is the biggest what would you do that could
you do that you couldn’t do that I mean how do you do that sober that seems like a horrible idea you’d have to get drunk
twice though it’s like 15 hours from L.A um I would I would bring a lot of Edibles yeah there you go yeah Chuck
you’re from Colorado yes they say so you should know a lot about Edibles Edibles yes uh we’re fluent in Edibles out there
yeah your old Grandpa Charlie Mendenhall the first dude I want you to pick out the old gummy bear yeah in 2014 I I did
a glory show as a sideline reporter and it was my first time in Denver where weed was legal and I was like oh my God I’m gonna go wait when was it I remember
2014. it was the first Bakery it was the first time I was like oh my
God I’m gonna go see this it’s gonna be great and I went in there and I bought just a chocolate bar that’s it and I was like how much do I take he’s like just
one block and I tasted I’m like well this guy doesn’t know what the [ __ ] he’s talking about no one of these so I had though I had like I don’t think I had
the whole thing I have most of it and then I went to bed and I woke up like 12 hours later and I called my wife and I was still high as [ __ ] dude high as [ __ ]
wait is this was that a Broomfield like uh yes I remember First Bank Arena First
Bank Arena is that is he on that or was it the next one he was on he actually fought there he was not if he was he was
not one of the main attractions um yeah I think he might have been do you guys want to close with like uh
impromptu doo-wop karaoke type like we’ll play different parts [Music]
of the the lead guitarist of Cannibal Corpse reached out come on yeah this is this is true story because I told her on
MK the long story short is I kind of made a joke on the the live stream for Spence Crawford and that one of the the
dude the lead guitarist Eric Raton was watching and then shot me an email yeah and then I showed him all the times I’ve
like been to concerts and [ __ ] he invited me backstage when they come back on my ground you guys are great Rock Connections how great is this you have
great connections you got any favorite bands Chuck just shout them out okay start with start with Ringo okay maybe
we’ll get him on there I’m singing I’m seeing in a couple of weeks I’m pretty excited about that or what’s left of them Luke yeah there’s only two that are
actually part of it that’s not a joke that’s accurate yeah no they the drummer got murdered uh and on stage and so did
the guitars that brown was there for at least oh wait the guitar’s got some dark matter all right we’ll see if this makes
the the final uh cut but uh 15 minutes until then for that was Luke Thomas on
the far end that was sleepy right yeah it’s just bashful over here Chuck Min and all yeah
be your boy BC Chuck we can find your work all over the place the ringer yes Ariel helwani’s um you’re new you’re no
working partner over there yeah yeah um yes we do the ringer show after every pay-per-view and every Thursday
basically now it’s kind of it’s Wednesdays or Thursdays but we do a preview show does that see on your head stand for Connecticut or coming back
it’s uh interpretable Ron but uh all right uh Chuck will be at uh the Laugh
Factory he’s got a lot of kids he’s got a harder fight because McGregor at the weigh-in you know what I mean yeah okay
Trump Connecticut sucks this is probably where we’re going to end it right here maybe even the relationship of those
standing at the moment but you know we had a good ride like you’re doing them all right dude finishing off love and
hate and get it wrong just cut me right back down the size yeah
I really don’t want to come back down from this Cloud but we’re out of here okay I mean just take it