ladies and gentlemen happy Sunday to you wherever you are in the world we are now
live sounding like a real news reporter let me know let give you all a few seconds to jump on oh I’m hearing myself
I need to put my headphones in for crying out loud get your headphones in
Whispers my word what a fool what an absolute fool I am there we go sorry
about that sorry about that so let me know if you’re all here on the chat in the comments if you’re ready if you’re
seeing me let’s go that is correct ABS my word look listen let’s just get right
into it Sean Strickland and new can you believe it uh if you saw my preview I
didn’t give him much of a chance I didn’t I don’t think anybody did I think the general consensus throughout the world of mixed martial arts was that
Izzy was just too much for him simple as that but I tell you what he
wasn’t Izzy never show up and by the way that’s not me taking away from Sha Strickland’s performance sha Strickland
was awesome sha Strickland the number one thing that he did what was have confidence in himself he didn’t allow
himself to be worried to be bullied to be intimidated because the thing is a lot of the time when you step in there
with somebody that’s one of the greatest which is he certainly was right you put
them on a pedestal so when you walk out there right it’s really really hard to get into your groove to get into your
game because you look at them as this kind of like cult-like Godlike figure
that oh do I even deserve to be here well Sean conceived believed achieved
dodgy hodi nice one brother um yeah he truly believed in himself he walked him
down throughout five rounds he cut the cage off and he didn’t leave him any room to operate is he needs a little bit
of room to operate okay he’s a longer guy to use that reach he’s a great kicker to use the kicks you need the
room when you pressure but when you pressure in an educated manner that
makes it very very hard to use those tools Shan walked him down he was just enough to pressure him but not close
enough to get caught with the shots uh he believed in himself his defense was on point his reactions were on point and
when he dropped him in the first round that’s when Izzy knew oh my God because
that right hand from Izzy that was unbelievable it was unbelievable what a shot so what happened was he backed him
up and this is is’s fault as well is he backed up throughout the majority of the fight listen I don’t want to kick him
man while he’s down is he’s been a tremendous Champion you cannot deny that um but he but he was backing up the
entirety of the fight and he backed up to the fence where it’s easier to have yourself taken down and it’s also easier
to get caught with a shot the reason why it’s easy because you can’t move away there’s a fence behind you Izzy has
great footwork very fast feet normally he’ll move out the way he’ll Bend out the way but when there’s a wall behind
you you can’t do that so sha through a left hook and then Izzy threw his own
left hook well a straight shot A to B is always the fastest route Shan through a
left hook a right hand and as Izzy Izzy’s guard was here he went to throw the left that’s when he got caught with
the right he got dropped Shan jumped on him almost finished him and my word what a tremendous start absolutely incredible
and then throughout the fight throughout the fight is he just it’s like he was
expecting to find that one shot Hail Mary it’s like he was he had too much
confidence that at some point I’m gonna catch him I’m gonna take him out of here like I have done to other people like I
did do to Alex Pereira you know and you can’t think like that you can’t expect that you can’t rest the success of your
Title reign on Landing one shot you got to work and that’s what Shawn did sha out worked him throughout 25 minutes I
mean and that was clearly clearly evident you know he works harder using the basics the fundamentals a jab and a
right hand of sure great footwork great confidence great conditioning uh but but
the the just the basics a jab and a right hand against someone that has been hailed by myself as one of the most
sophisticated Strikers that we’ve seen in the UFC so there’s a quick breakdown of what actually happened we’ll answer
some of your questions and we’ll talk about some people are saying turn the mic up all right well I shall oblige
it’s pretty godamn loud um so I’ll answer some of your questions then we’ll talk about what we think is
going to be next uh so let’s have a look at this Rudy prito please shout out my
bro leaky bom PS you’re the man bisin shout out leaky bom big up yourself brav
uh I’m so happy for Sean he is the American Bisping reminds me of Bisping versus Rockall a lot of people say that
they always say that he looks like me when I was a skin head um it’s quite the compliment these days so thank you very
much I thought sha would do this says Jim Lotus did you did you really it’s
easy PE it’s easy for people to say that now you know but still uh better ban to
M or Sean come on bro bisin Mike is low as always it’s not it’s not maybe maybe
you need to turn your computer up maybe you need to turn your headphones up whatever it is now the question is of
course look what went wrong with Israel Arna I don’t think anything went wrong I
granted I can see the argument for maybe his schedule was ridiculous which it was
and I know a lot of people have been pointing out that Shawn has been on quite the schedule as well and he has he was on the last fight of 2022 in the
first one of 2023 uh but it’s not quite the same kind of pressure as championship fights however you know
there is some comparisons to be made there I think maybe Izzy was a victim of his own success you know got a little
bit confident maybe a little bit complacent again you can’t take that away from Shawn Shawn went out there and
beat the guy an got a pull up right now it says what was the biggest factor in the upset is he had a bad night Shawn
was awesome on the night 87% correctly saying Shan was awesome on the night Shan’s tricky Shan’s Got offbeat Rhythm
and timing he’s hard to hit he’s very elusive but he will walk you down throughout the entirety of the fight and
not a single takedown attempt either which I thought was tremendous you know what I mean because everyone tries to
take easy down showan out there and said no I’m just going to stand the whole time because I believe in myself he Hey
listen belief is a very very powerful tool um Mike thoughts on Izzy effing his
dog come on who’s that based Manel cap come on bro we were should have been on
the live yesterday um that didn’t happen no one’s eing any dogs out here let’s be honest
uh was this more of a great performance this is from Ryan was this more of a great performance from Shan Strickland or more of a terrible performance from
Israel atna should Israel get the rematch and that’s basically the real
convers ation point right and I think it was a little bit of both I think it certainly wasn’t is his best night at
the office that’s for damn sure and it was Shawn’s best night at the office alternatively uh but you can’t take away
from Shawn he was great is he wasn’t but you got to look at the factors was it Shawn that made him not look great yeah
it was to a certain degree he walked him down the whole time he put him under constant threat Iz he was constantly
moving away constantly circling off the fence constantly ing around if you
wanted to be a hypocritical you could say that he was running the whole time at some point you’ve got to stand your
ground the only round that Izzy won was round two and that was when he stood his ground and that’s when he went forward
you know um again listen I respect Izzy in what he’s done you know what I mean
but there was just oh God I got to choose my words carefully you know
slight air of arrogance you know what I me even after he got dropped after round one you know he was like well yep over
the top and then just like as if like so what who cares I’m not troubled I’m not bothered I’m Israel LNA do you know what
I mean and again I’m not trying to kick the man while he’s down that’s called being a victim of your own success because he has been quite frankly he’s
been brilliant throughout the entirety of his UFC run uh and I think maybe that affected him there you know and no point
was there a sense of urgency we saw in the corner of Shan Strickland that you
know the corner were they were on at him I mean I thought Eric nixi did a tremendous job right he saying I love
the term that he used he said listen he’s kind of snake charming you now he’s kind of hypnotizing you you’ve got to go
for it uh I thought that was fantastic work and there was a sense of urgency even though Strickland was winning the
fight there was a sense of urgency in the corner of arisna it was a complete opposite energy there was an ER of
arance about is it and again I don’t want to say you know I’m not trying to kick a man while he’s down and the
energy in the Corner was just like timid blah like do we even really
care of course they care but I just you can’t rest on your LS and just expect you can’t expect anything you can’t take
anything for granted got a super chat here from Jumbo that says I told everyone who would listen you don’t win
going backwards versus a cardio machine everyone’s delusion I is pretty is is
pretty striking he’s too good clowns well I don’t think that makes them clowns jump but you did have a good
point going backwards you don’t win fights you don’t when you’re going backwards as well in a fight you’re not gaining any kind of momentum you you’re
allowing your opponent to dictate the pace you’re allowing them to have the Octagon control you’re allowing them to
essentially be the aggressor you know I do think there was a certain element of is he going backwards he thought that
when he went backwards against Pereira against defense kind of played posum a little bit and then he got The Knockout
I think maybe he thought that was going to happen but every fight’s different every single fight is different and you
can never ever take anything for granted Dian weasel says what do we think about Iz he fighting Chim next well izy sorry
Chim is GNA get through Paulo Costa we’ll talk about that shortly that stuff’s coming up Sheamus 90 says no
rematch is it is now one and two in his last three correct great point and that
fight was a one side domination from Strickland Dr dupi should be next for Strickland yeah we’re going to get to
that in a minute what’s next and all that good stuff uh Pereira has now beat everyone who Israel has lost to sha
yamah hovic Pereira is Izzy’s dad you guys you guys are [ __ ] Vlad also
says never got a chance to thank you for the content you put out as well as all the exciting FS that you gave us well thank you very much Vlad and thank you
to all you 2352 people that are spending your Sundays dissecting what went wrong well
it’s what went right for it for Sean Strickland everything went right and yeah uh jumbo say saying there a cardio
machine Strickland is a cardio machine and he has a kind of economical style
but he looked like he could have gone another 10 Rounds by the end of that and yeah he didn’t even really get out
of second gear you know what I mean at the end he was like trying to go for it and he was calling on to wizzy because I
think that was then he had the realization that oh my God this is it uh end that pant I’m not get into that yet
we’re going to talk about what’s next for him in a little bit buddy so don’t get ahead of yourself bro um so so now
I’ve lost my flow where I was going to go I don’t know gez uh yeah listen you
know is he just he there was no sense of urgency and when he watches that back
he’s going to be kind of frustrated with himself you know listen he he didn’t speak at the press conference he got out of there pretty quickly said he wanted
to go be with his family I get that I understand that although there’s been a lot of haters towards Israel this week I
think Sean Strickland did a really good job of you know getting the crowd on side for him and not speaking at any
kind of length at the press conference will only fuel the uh the haters as well
you know as Conor McGregor said you got to be gracious in Victory and humble in
defeat or gracious in whatever the [ __ ] it was that he said he said something like that I forget what it was uh but
anyway uh yeah Shan Strickland is the man Shan Strickland is the man would I fight John F in a celebrity boxing match
no man alive d r Cliff no man alive could ever get me in a boxing ring with that man Sean strickling first title
defense crazy HD vids don’t try and make me say um racial things right that’s
just stupid Sha’s performance and the performance of you versus silver which one do I think is better well of course
I’m bloody biased aren’t I do you know what I mean I’m going to say mine there was more excitement uh and I think also
by the way I did a video who’s the greatest middleweight of all time is is Israel Arna or Anderson Silva and sadly
the reality is listen it’s Anderson Silva it always has been and it probably always will be because now listen it’s
incredible what I he did in being a two-time champion and the way that he came back but he’s now lost two out of
his last three as our friend said just a moment ago and I think that’s the problem when it comes into the rematch
do do you think what Sean had to say at the press conference had an effect on izy on fight out and that comes from Ron
Chang you know it very well could have done it very well could have done that’s what trash talk does I think Shawn wasn’t
being overly um you know strategic with the trash talk he was just having fun living in the moment but talking [ __ ] I
I I think the way that he turned everyone on Izzy I think the amount of [ __ ] that Izzy was getting online I
think the fact that he had to jump on Twitter and kind of defend himself I think it all kind of got to him a little
bit um but the main thing that got to him was sha Strickland and Shan
Strickland’s right hand that dropped him you know because that dropped him hard bad and those follow-up shots they were
thuing blows from Strickland so I think that gave Izzy probably a little bit of
a flashback to what happened with Alex Pereira you know it made it made him remember he’s only a human being and
that kind of affected him throughout the fight and moving backwards throughout the entirety of it and as we all know
and as I know and as everyone knows you can’t win a fight going backwards okay you don’t I mean you can you can but
when it’s razor close the guy walking forward is going to be the guy that’s getting all the attention so what do we
think about a rematch a put that up in a poll please brother um Dana White said
that a rematch makes sense um listen it’s not my company they
they call the shots would Iz he want a rematch probably would sha Strickland welcome it I don’t see why he wouldn’t I
don’t see why he wouldn’t because he didn’t get a mark on him he had a barely had a scratch on him I mean Izzy didn’t do anything he didn’t
really land anything of any real significance I don’t think Izzy was rocked I don’t even think he landed one
flush hard shot you know so why wouldn’t Shawn take that rematch and and and for
Shawn it’ be a real good opportunity to say hey look listen this wasn’t no bloody uh no fluke M input says what’s
more impressive we did that one there Vlad said that we’re not we never got a chance to thank you we did that one all
right bloody hell lot of super chat’s coming through is getting dominated worse than being koed that’s a really
good question from alfha Kenny a very good question and a very relevant point in my humble opinion when it comes to
considering a rematch because if I got caught let’s just say
that rightand in round one if that caught him and finished him right well
we all get caught it’s it just happens you could say well he got caught but he
didn’t get caught I mean he got caught in round one he got beat systematically
thoroughly for five rounds so it’s not like so stricklin was clearly the better
fighter it wasn’t even close every three Jud all three judges saw the exact same
way 49 to 46 Shan strickling with the second round going to Izzy and that’s how I saw it and all three judges saw it
and I think as soon as Izzy and sha heard that for all three judges agree
4946 even before they said I knew you can see from the Body Language they both knew we knew you
knew so I think that does affect it I think that does affect it now in terms of the rematch to be fair hold on we got
some more former beanie man caused his upset is his jaw is broken thoughts on
is his behavior post fight what was is what was is his behavior post fight no
Aunt I said does he deserve a rematch that was the poll we’re going to get there’s a flow as you know uh but
whatever who who should get the next title fight d dupi i he ham up versus Costa ant’s just going off and his
[ __ ] all now just doing whatever polls he wants I said can you put a poll up do you think there should be a rematch but whatever um I’ll just
[ __ ] end that um so what what was it here thoughts on is’s Behavior pul fight
are you talking about the press conference or in the cage I I I I didn’t see anything that
was controversial if that’s what you refer referring to I didn’t see anything that was controversial uh so Behavior post fight
yeah I I don’t think I’ve got too much of an issue it would have been nice to see him address his fans and the people that have supported him you know the
people that tune in for him at the post fight press conference but I get it listen he’s you thoroughly disappointed
you know but you do have to go out there and be man enough to to say a few words and congratulate your opponent and I
think he did did that but he kept it to like 90 seconds and then got out of there you know hey look listen we all
handle with it in different ways you know know I mean you got to understand that is is an extremely proud man and
that was a massive blow to his ego because he didn’t get caught he didn’t get caught he got systematically beaten
by a guy that you could say that has a limited skill set because it was just the onew the jab and the right hand
checking leg kicks low pressure good cardio great confidence but in terms of the actual tools that he used it was a
jab in the right hand a jab in the right hand he out booxed him you know what I mean and all these kickboxers say oh
I’ll beat a [ __ ] boxer easy cuz it’s limited well it all depends on the individual Rafael Chason says salute to
you Michael BisMan from Rafael Chason the venezuelian captain thank you brother do you think that Alex Perera is
going to go back down to middleweight I don’t think so he’s got a title fight coming up against Yuri perasa reportedly
I don’t know if that’s official and I don’t know if he even if I even know but it’s that’s the fight that’s rumored
isn’t it so why would he do that when he’s got a title fight at light heavyweight he can be a two-weight
Division champion so I don’t think so think so does izy deserve a rematch there we go
the guy putting the polls up finally finally listens yes or no yes 18% no 16
66% no strong view 177% so you guys feel quite strongly and quite adamant about
that um yeah yeah it’s
interesting I kind of agree I said that on my video last night listen I don’t want to go against the flow of the C
they they they obviously they make the fights you know but he’s lost two out of his last three
you know what I mean that doesn’t really signify the
need but but you know we we’ll see what happens but um does he is he even want
it does is he even want it I mean I’m sure in his mind he wants it but would he want it straight away I’m not sure
that he would because you know and again I’m not taking away from Strickland I got to keep saying that because because
we know Strickland has a lot of fans and it’s I’m not taking away from Strickland but when you look at the schedule of Israel ad asagna it is mind-blowing to
be fair and so what what I’m saying is does he want to go straight back into another five round title fight against
Shan Strickland that just beat him you know if we look at uh I’s schedule here
it’s pretty impressive uh these are all title fights when I get down to it in a second so we haven’t got the dates here
let’s move it over here where are the dates where are the dates oh there we go the dates were there so these are all
title fights uh February October March September March June Feb July there look
there’s been there’s been a lot they’re all they’re all the title fights but look at these he’s been going like a maniac and they’re all five round fights
they’re all championship fights they’re all fights where you got to do a lot of media attention press conferences
buildup countdown shows I know Shawn did have a schedule as well but but it’s not quite the same when you’re a part of
these five round World title fights with massive ramifications the whole pay-per-view is centered around you
they’re coming to your town they’re coming to your training sessions they’re doing the countdown shows it’s all
negative energy it’s all time consuming it’s mental energy taken away from you
and then you’re doing five round training camps every single time you know it’s hard so the point I’m making
is that maybe for Israel Arna the best idea might be to just go and have a
little bit of a break he’s 34 years old he’s been a Workhorse he’s he deserves some time off because if he rushes back
and let’s say you know let’s said izy and Shan rematch if he rushes back and
he loses again well then he’s never going to sa for another rematch and that’ll be three out of his last four
that he’s lost and some people might start talk about the beginning of the end that he had his era but more
importantly will start to affect the confidence of Israel Arna as well we’re only human you know what I mean once we
start losing fights it all changes it all changes upstairs and when your own
self-belief is tarnished you’re not the same version of yourself it’s as simple
as that when you are undefeated you are a [ __ ] to deal with because you truly believe no one on planet Earth can
ever beat me right but once that gets chipped away at once that self-belief goes and you realize you’re only human
then you style changes you start to take less risks he didn’t take any risks in that fight you know him but he just got
soundly beaten so I’m not sure that would be the smart thing for Israel at asagna of course do what he wants and I
respect whatever the UFC’s decisions are but on your on the poll right here we
got 1,300 volts almost it is a 70 80 or% 80 82% of you
said no I mean that’s pretty emphatic that’s pretty conclusive um um so very
very interesting let’s do some of these uh super chats down here we got quite a few of them coming in then we’ll talk
about the next opponents I bet EA is pretty disappointed with is he again I saw I saw some funny meme today that
when people win the when they get put on the cover that then they go and lose the fight it happened to McGregor he got
choked out of khabib it happened to who was it Maz Vidal got knocked out of hman so on and so forth but you know hey hey
that’s the way the cookie crumbles Silva wasn’t a title fight Whittier got
Heria yeah that’s that’s a fair points from Jimmy gner right there all right
let’s go back to some of these chats and let’s talk about who should be next right let’s talk about who should be
next let me just bring up the rankings here we go we got the rankings right here so I’ve been on the bloody so
number one Israel Arna obviously this hasn’t been updated the number one guy right now is Shan stri without without a
shadow of a doubt the number one Contender is Jus dup then is whiter Jared can Marvin vori
so you got ham chv versus Pao Costa the winner of that certainly has
uh three certain things of Life Daniel Baro and this is from Daniel Baro who’s
a very very smart man ladies and gentlemen pay attention to what I’m going to say three things which is
certain in life death taxes and Michael BisMan is the coolest well thank you
Daniel bar anyway back to what I was talking about stop talking about myself uh so number
one well hamack versus Costa the winner of that one certainly if it’s hamac Chim
Ham’s a massive Star right and he’s blown through everyone other than Gilbert Burns who he beat but it was a
war um he would have a very very good shot of being the next guy but drus dupi is the number one Contender right so it
should be him but there’s another wrinkle because Jared caner was the backup fighter and Jared can here has a
win over Shan Strickland as well so an put this poll up who should be next is
he although we know it’s not going to be drias caner or the winner of Hamza Costa
because it’s one of those four okay but who do you think it should be if you want to ask me I think the next person
should should be drias dupi I think the way that he knocked out Robert Whitaker
the way that he’s gone through the division I think drus dupi without question deserves that fight he has
earned the right for a title fight however I wouldn’t be mad or annoyed or
even scratch my head if it was any one of the others Jared caner was a good case he was the backup fighter just like
Kobe comton was the backup Fighter for Leon Edwards and kamaro Usman now he’s fighting for the belt so he could make
the same case and of course Jared Canan beat Sean Strickland in a very close fight hamac Chim if he was to beat Paulo
Costa again no arguments there Paulo Costa wouldn’t quite uh feel that one
quite as much but still there’s your contenders who do you think it’s going to be an stick the pup brother he’s just
ignoring me now my Paul guy in the background the channel manager ant get the poll up um DDP but won’t be mad if
it’s ham out yeah yeah there we go there we go he’s on it with the polls let me know in the polls um so yeah Strickland
beat Jared well well well exactly byy be says there stricking beat Jared caning
it it was one of those close fights the reality is we got to respect what’s in the history books and the history books
show a win for Jared caner it was close it was one of those fights it’s like I
could say that I beat chel sonen doesn’t matter it’s not registered in the history box and it was a close fight
could have gone either way so you can’t say that right the reality is though they have some kind of unfinish business
because he was close Jared’s got a win over him and he was the backup fighter so there’s a lot to talk about here
um you know a lot to consider but my pick would be dri dupi I think he’s earned it Dylan L says Paul C again
middleweight division hotting up I mean hold on let me get this let me get off that sorry bo boys and girls you’ve been
staring at a bloody mini version of my face for quite some time um yeah
middleweight division got Paul cig just beat Andre mun he’s got a big fight with Brendan Allen coming up don’t count out
Brendan Allen he wants to fight Shan Strickland again as well hi Master bis and I thought Shawn won every single
round it wasn’t even close um but he won four out of five significantly by a huge
margin I thought round two went too Izzy I thought he put a bit of pressure on there but that was it one round and it
was close it was a close round and maybe I’m giving maybe I’m giving him a little bit too much credit there but uh but
regardless we all know Strickland won fair and square almost 4,000 people on the stream thank you all for being here
Wht is a great fight too yeah you got to think that Robert Whitaker is very excited by this new uh
development just looking at the poll as well you guys have 58% drick is
dupi you guys are smart all 4,000 of you are very very smart people because that is the case drick dupi he’s the next he
is the number one Contender on the rankings in the records through hard
work he has earned that shot and driz versus Shan Strickland that would be a
really fun match up because durus doesn’t have that pretty style that I he
does the man fights and Sean uh you know he’s more of a boxer with some good
Jiu-Jitsu so it’ be a really really fun fight really would uh anyway let’s go back to some of these questions that you
guys are asking imposing hold on we got another Super Chat here I’m so happy for Sean hold on I can’t see [ __ ] because
I’m a contact lens hold on guys hold on I should have got my glasses on before I did this contact keeps moving he’s the
American Bisping oh I think we did that one yeah he is if I was a
redneck um hey no Sean’s awesome man God bless him he’s hilarious he’s got a great message it just shows you know you
um you work hard you can turn your life around Sean didn’t have anything easy nothing was gifted to him you know
sounds like he was dragged up not brought up you know so fair fair play to him fair play you
know you got to be happy for that man a man that go went out there not to mention the motorcycle accident that which almost ended his career you know
and he got knocked out at welterweight you know he wasn’t like he was always this version of himself he’s reinvented
himself he’s worked his goddamn ass off he’s surrounded himself with some tremendous coaches and people and look
at what he’s achieved you can’t help but be happy for that man the question is
how mad is he going to be uh in general what do we think uh so we know and put
this poll up do we think Sha’s going to be a controversial Champion do you think he’s going to be a mad man do you think
he’s going to cause trouble I think it’s going to be hilarious and I think he’s going to be wildly popular uh AC coming
back to life Strickland embraced his inab Bisping Legend best wishes M from Scotland thank you AC coming back to
life appreciate you brother uh Alex should have gotten a rematch the South African should have gotten this last
fight it looks like Dana is protecting Izzy I’m glad Izzy lost you know there
seems to be a big shift of momentum in terms of the support for Izzy which I
don’t understand all the hate now I know there was all the dog stuff but come on right we’re all adults here right I
think and we’re all mature enough to realize that Izzy isn’t out there
molesting dogs okay right he he he he fiddled with the dog’s penis for a
minute and he just it was a little bit of a stupid immature childish thing to do you know which was regrettable but I
don’t think he’s out there bloody doing all that stuff but um he he seems to have you know turned a lot of people off
recently so what do we think and put a PO on about something to do with the popularity is Sean oh here we go is sha
going to be a controversial Champion Noah calm down LOL of course he will be so for 100% of course he will be of
course he will be is he being racist against DDP yeah okay all right I
understand that wasn’t helping himself there the dry humping against Costa Bas
being what he did was disgusting yeah all right blah blah blah I’m British half plan and I blah blah blah well DJ
pepm why don’t you just go [ __ ] yourself and get off the stream if you just want to talk [ __ ] then off your pop lad
simple as that his bird fed his dog we go through some of these see these
controversial topics um and I’m G to end that Paul mate put
up as people’s opinions changed on Israel out Ofna you know put up a few
options if you can and I’m just trying to get a gauge uh because he was cheap cheed but so was sha and you can’t help
but cheer for the underdog when somebody like that that’s had a tough life that was probably never destined to be in
this situation that people didn’t hearm mark years ago as becoming a potential Champion it’s truly inspirational you
know it really is it and you got to celebrate that man so so of course a lot of people cheered him but are people now
booing easy that’s the question and that’s that’s that’s a real question we got a super chat here oh God Jesus
Christ Mike is the blueprint on Izzy out also must disagree with Dana can’t be
pissed at Jared Gordon for trying to fight with an injury and DS dupi for pulling
out uh the blueprint on Izzy well the blueprints always been there the
blueprint which is what Sean did pressure like I did against Anderson Silva I always said I could beat
Anderson Silva and there’s definite parallels between Anderson Silva and Israel adaga and if I was to fight Izzy
I would have done it the same way I fought Anderson in his face boxing taking the the reach the range and not
giving him any respect that’s exactly what I did to Anderson Silva granted at the end of it I looked like I’ve been in
a car crash and Sean didn’t have a scratch on his face so there’s a little bit of difference there uh
but Anderson was also the greatest middleweight ever is he Gro my dog says
Barry oh come on bazer next match up for whiter delid or Costa well so whiter
isn’t going to get the title fight of course um just got knocked out of D dupi
when we look at the rankings I’ll do this one more time so you guys see so you have a bit of context I
mean who is that I mean he beat Marvin vtori they’re talking about Robert whiter again here yeah I mean he’s
beaten Derek Bronson did Whitaker ever fight po or Costa maybe Whitaker there it is
Whitaker fights the loser of poo Costa and hamach Chim which I just throw it
out there now I reckon will be poo Costa I think I think ham a force of nature
man he really is he really is let’s have a look at the poll results here and thanks for all 4,100 for being here has
your view of Israel LNA changed recently 46% of people say yes because of his
Persona 8% of people say yes because of the result I don’t like that I don’t like
how you change your view of someone just because they lose a fight and then 27%
oh sorry 21% pardon me said no still a fan so 45% of people it is now say yes
because of his Persona I like I he my interactions with
him have always been very very solid they’ve always been pleasurable I’ve always found him to be um not arrogant
at all but I guess when you carry your self with an air of arrogance it can
piss off the every man the lay person the Casual fan the people that are working their asses off and I think sha
actually embodied this sentiment perfectly last week he said I represent
I mean he said Israel Arna is the embodiment of the Superstar the LeBron
James the Conor McGregor and all these type of people because he drives a flash car and he has the jewelry and all the
rest of it and he’s right and sha Strickland rocks up in a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans and just works his
[ __ ] ass off and I do believe that people can get behind that because they can resonate with that and they can see
themselves in them you know but of course you know that’s not the be all and end all sometimes we’re a fan of
just the Brilliance of the fighter anyway we got a super chat here G Jesus
051 some people compared this loss to Silver’s loss against widman but at
least Weidman stylistically and on paper looked dangerous sha was treated as a
meme and overlooked everywhere even on paper I don’t think and thank you very much G Jesus I don’t think you can
compare this win Strickland’s win over ad aagna I don’t think you can compare
that to weidman’s win over Silva is he tried in this fight he was
just outgunned he was out hustled he was out match he was beaten faren Square
Anderson Silva in the first fight against Chris Wyman acted like a he truly was drinking his Kool-Aid to
use an American expression he truly was thinking he was Untouchable he truly was a victim of his own success because he
just messed around and W Weidman caught him with a shot and he’s like pretending to be knocked out and [ __ ] and then he
got flatlined you know so you can’t compare the two there no way and then in
the second fight he snapped his leg you know what I mean so again you can’t this fight here Shan Strickland walked him
down the entire time and beat him at his own game simple as that he did Bert says
have we guys talked about Sea’s amazing coach yet we did before he pushed Optics pressure not watching a snake charmer
amazing coach it was an amazing coach and that wasn’t the only amazing part
the energy and the motivation that he provided to Shawn the entirety of the fight was fantastic I said earlier in
case you missed it and on the the other side of the Octagon in the corner of Israel LNA they were flat they were
monotone there was no passion and I didn’t like the way that Izzy when he was rocked was just like
you know just like not bothered not concerned I don’t want to say it because
it’s like I’m [ __ ] on is I’m not I’m a fan but it was like he was too cool for school some there’s nothing wrong
sometimes in realizing that shit’s not going well there’s nothing wrong
sometimes with having a look of panic on your face and being thinking [ __ ] this isn’t going to plan man [ __ ] I’ve done
all this work and I’m losing and I’m this close from losing my belt I think people like that I think people like to
see someone go [ __ ] right I got to go to work and the coach is saying what the [ __ ] are you doing you got to go to work
you’re going to lose your belt do you want to lose your tarnish your legacy lose everything you worked for do you
want to become a meme do you want everyone to turn against you do you want your opponent to prove everyone correct
right but there was none of that there was none of that and I didn’t understand it I didn’t understand it super chat’s
coming in thick and fast Victor Chavis says a been thoughts on Strickland DDP matchup I think it would be an incredible fight I really do I’m a
massive fan of uh dck dupi I’ve got an interview with him this week by the way on the channel so keep an eye out for
that one also you pick for hamzat versus Costa early leaning towards hamzat thoughts about the MMA Guru having a
direct impact don’t follow that guy uh DAV Devon sing says Dana wants an easy
rematch which is unwarranted and shows favoritism and made excuses for Izzy at the post fight press conference thoughts
honestly well thoughts honestly and you’re all going to go company man I thought izy looked slow I thought is he
looked uninterested you know was that the trash talk was it the overworking
was it the schedule you can say a ton of things we can all agree that was not the
best performance from Israel araga it was not simple as that we have seen him
look faster we’ve seen him look sharper we’ve seen him be more entertaining you know but was that the style and the
pressure of Shan Strickland the answer is probably yes but but you can’t say that that wasn’t the best version of is
it you know what I mean but again that might have been because of Shan so whichever way you slice it though it
wasn’t the best one uh so more Super chats coming in this is just my opinion this is from
track phone virtual magazine this is just my opinion and shout out to all
5,000 of you on here the problem with izy is that he’s been the champion for so long I was talking about this earlier
and I was going to go to this next the same thing happened with George St Pierre Floyd Mayweather Errol Spence
after a while people like the guy after a while people don’t like the guy on top
and that’s a real good point and put a poll up on that buddy because I don’t
think it’s necessarily true that people don’t like the guy on top but there is a format and and and and a a pattern in
society where people root for the guy on the way up then when they get to the top when they’re sitting on the
throne they don’t quite get the same support and maybe that’s because they bite themselves in their own ass maybe
because they shoot themselves in the foot maybe they act too cocky they get too big for their own boots and people turn off or maybe it’s just people like
the underdog and they root for them but once they get there they don’t want to root for them anymore but the reality is that when you’re the champion when
you’re a longtime Champion now I don’t know the fact and figures on this and I’m just going purely off rumors but
Israel arisna from what I’ve from what is rumored online is in the good good
good you know millions of dollars range per fight you know he’s I think it came
out recently a while ago he was the second highest paid on the roster after Israel Arna I don’t know about Jon Jones
being back now the reality is he’s a very very extremely wealthy man he’s
world famous he’s got Legions of fans he’s got endorsements Galore right and
I’m going somewhere with this so stay with me that brings with it a lot of pressure because you don’t want to lose
it and we’ve seen it with tons of other champs as well George St Pierre I love
George I’m not talking [ __ ] he had a very conservative style towards the end of his run because again the pressure
heavy is the bird the heavy is the burden of the crown or some [ __ ] what is
it let me know in the chats let me know in the chats heavy is the the burden of the crown it’s not that you want Rebecca
Jesus Christ um heavy is the what let me know anyway whatever who cares Moving on
but what happens is they they they start a conservative style because the the pressure gets to them I think you could
say the same for Valentina chevchenko recently she lost the belt she’s fighting next weekend against Alexa
Grasso um we saw it with joy St Pierre we s with Israel had ass you to a certain degree it’s not a nice excuse
not a nice excuse don’t give your dog to Izzy no one’s taking my dog reminder
that Izzy follows dog fetish Pages anyway um proper says too often in
MMA we focus on the loser of a fight when there are a star which just takes away from what the winner was able to do
correct and we’re going to talk about Sean in a minute I he looked impressive because Strickland sh unimpressive
because Strickland shut him down with his game plan I know buddy proper if you were here the whole time that’s what I’ve been saying Sean walked him down he
had the perfect game plan Izzy didn’t respect the threat he didn’t Iz he didn’t respect the fact that he had to
have a sense of urgency sha walked him down his reactions were too good he didn’t bite too much on the faints he
blocked all the leg kicks and he by far landed the more shots I mean Sean Strickland beat won him beat it out of
him took that belt off him fair and square I there is a little part of me that would be interested in a rematch to
see what is he would do differently I know sha would do the exact same thing because that’s what he does in all his
fights you know we got another one here someone says I can’t my bloody writing
is too small I I gotta make the screen bigger hold on just going to pull this out so the writing gets bigger and I can
read uh say so happy for Sean oh yeah no I did that one already so Shan Strickland
what a guy I mean it’s unbelievable this year alone in 2023 I think that’s the eighth heavy is the head that wears the
crown thank you Mr Schwab good old Brendan sh in the chat heavy is the head that wears the crown correct
yeah you know prove you’re not sry about it and get Strickland on the show I’ve had him on the show I will ask him to be
on the show what do you mean sorry about it why would I be sorry about it I’m happy for the man that man went out
there and did it the old fashioned way he [ __ ] fought tooth and nail worked his way up beat everyone along the way
all right lost a Pereira had a quick one with Jared caner beat two people two main events turned around walked him
down beat [ __ ] Israel Arna there ain’t no being so you got to celebrate that man what he did was unbelievable so
and no one saw it coming that’s what makes it even more impressive two years ago I don’t think people were talking
about Shan Strickland being the champ if you’d have brought that up two three years ago people would have laughed at
you so that and again that makes it even more impressive we got a chat here Kai O
Sullivan says I got to stop [ __ ] around my contact lenses I got to get new lenses Kyle zivan says enough a
visit fair enough do you think sha will have a long reign as champ his style is mental and could cause issues to any
challenges um see that’s now I am going to sound like a hater I don’t know I
don’t know I don’t know I think he’s a very good fighter do I think that when you consider all the different
styles um would he be able to clean out a division like Israel I don’t think so
I don’t think it all depends I mean dras dupi may be the next fight it might be
Israel AR but if we just assume it’s drias dupi drias dupi is a [ __ ]
of a man and what’s his record now like 18 and2 something like that undefeated in the UFC six fights five stoppages you
know against really good competition essentially knocked out Robert whiter with a jab do you know what I mean so um
hold on we got a Paul here were are you rooting for Sean rooting against izy rooting for a change in champ 82%
rooting for sea massive massive support and he deserves it and again it goes back to what I said the every man they
can look at Sean Strickland and see a bit of themselves in them you know when when you get two it’s interesting
because Conor McGregor’s not an every man but he still has a tremendous amount of support you know he’s gone around the
world on Lamborghini yachs you know but people well a bunch of simps they all still kiss kiss his ass and call him
King and [ __ ] on Twitter kind of [ __ ] grow man refers to another man as king unless you’re talking about me that’s
okay um so all right let’s go to some of these chats let’s Sean end the hams at Height
please well ham that’s a tough fight for anybody buddy Sean Ferman says love you
Mike Strickland reminds me of an American version of you a lot of people have been saying that John Smith says
is’s problem is that he always promises to have silver style finishes but he has
a lot of GSP style decisions you’re right also the painted
fingernails cheesy Elsa lines and the dog [ __ ] from the past give his critics
too much ammo I’ll agree with you there buddy I’ll agree with you that I’m not a fan of the fingernails how does he fight
with those fingernails they must remove them they must they would scratch the [ __ ] out of you track track track phone
virtual magazines back people don’t want to see you succeed when you’re no longer the underdog at one point McGregor used
to be the underdog now people can’t stand him you can’t be the underdog when you’re on top yeah you’re right um not a
hater genuinely curious and I will expect respect your reason why did you
never oh shut up because what do you think Devon it’s my bloody it’s my bloody boss it’s not of not of my
business you fool um let’s go along here see some others enough a visit yeah we did that
so real quick let’s talk about tiu ofasa anyone interested in titto of V is Alexander
vov uh and by the way great night fights great nighted fights in Sydney UFC
excuse me 293 delivered in many ways tied to of ARS in the Cole Main
Event it was a tough one if you’re tied to a Vara fight he just didn’t have what he needed to beat volov he went out
there throwing those heavy low kicks hold on why that will the UFC hate such
an opinionated champ sketchy ask will the UFC hate such
an opinionated champ I don’t think so you say I bet they ha L I don’t think so
um the UFC don’t tell you what to say they don’t tell the fighters what to say and how to behave um they really don’t
you know what I mean if he wants to be opinionated he’ll be opinionated and and you know let’s be honest UFC’s a
business at the end of the day people are cheering for him supporting him and getting behind him which they clearly
are you know and he’s a popular Champion then hey so be it who gives a [ __ ] and Dan is no snowflake just because he
might say some controversial things who gives a [ __ ] do you know what I mean nks 432 says mike ham out wants to fights
with with sha he needs to stop chirping and fight already correct also you may be tough but those boys at middleweight
are big and not easy you’re right you’re right the thing that affects hamzat is that he hasn’t had the strength of
schedule which he needs and requires you know he’s fighting soon in Abu Dhabi
it’s been a long time since he fought in the states when will he fight again we don’t know generally they go to Abu
Dhabi once a year um you know so yeah it’s it’s it’s the lack of schedule
that’s hurting hamap he wants a fight with Shawn I think he’d give Shawn a good fight there’s a lot of people that
would give Shawn a good fight there really is you know that and that’s what’s so impressive about what what
Shawn did last night you know we can’t all stand around and say Sha’s the pound-for-pound number one what Shawn
did was go out there and beat Israel arisna in an amazing fashion and he’s always in every single fight and that’s
why you respect him you know what I mean because he’s a tough son of a [ __ ] um Philip farag says hey Mike hard
it how hard is it to commentate Anthony Smith’s fights I guess it must be tough since you have to since you have to keep
your cool and stay professional and try to be unbiased but you’re doing a great job in my opinion thank you Phillip um
well you got to keep it professional you got to keep it professional and leave your emotions you know in the hotel room
to be honest um I didn’t find it too hard to be honest I didn’t find I think if anything
I overcompensated the other way and gave span too much credit because I was aware the people will be looking to talk
[ __ ] uh so thank you very much for the question now all right let’s go down to
some of these chats down here I think dupi beats izy as well I I I think he would have done he would have beaten
that version last night does Shan Strickland become the next or Ali McGregor poier with his win over is he I
don’t think so I think he is going to have a large fan base I think if he
continues to win one win alone isn’t enough if he continues to win and he
continues to be hisself you know because Strickland it’s not an act with Strickland he’s not acting like the way
he is that’s who he is I trained with Strickland for a long time I know what he’s like that’s what he’s like he’s
always got something to say he’s always controversial you know what I mean he’s always he speaks his mind speaks his mind and you
and and listen you got to respect that you have to respect that and I do um but I don’t know about being like a a Conor
McGregor but if he continues to win he will if he can go on a dominant run if
he can take out let’s just say Izzy is the next fight if he can defeat izy again if he can beat drick
dupy and then he can beat a Robert Whittier well then then we are talking
about Superstar for sure I mean the man is a superstar now being the middleweight champion of the world makes
you a superstar it’s as simple as that so he’s already a superstar but can he really become one of the big draws if he
can win the next two or three without a shadow of a doubt without a shadow of a doubt Alex F
says that I was the faint goat in my opinion why was Adan not effective with
his faints against Strickland because he wasn’t threatening
he wasn’t threatening with the faints he was backing up the whole time
he was avoiding conflict and damage do you know what I mean he was backing up the whole time so when when somebody
hits you hard o and he gets a reaction you’re like [ __ ] and then they start fainting and all this you’re like oh
[ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] he’s going to get me again but there was never any of that there was never any danger there was
never any threat Strickland didn’t get hit flush once so the faints weren’t
effective and he wasn’t throwing as many FTS and Izzy I thought was too busy trying to look
cool than trying to win the fight what do you think do you think that’s a fair
comment do you think that’s a fair comment was is he to focus on trying to look cool than to win the fight maybe I
don’t know because that maybe a bit too too damning anyway let’s answer some of your questions who do I want to see Paul
Felder fight Jim Miller UFC 300 somebody said there in the chat that’s perfect
Paul felder’s coming back good for him I wish him nothing but the best Paul felder’s a solid guy man really really
nice solid guy I got to get him on the podcast maybe this week just just a proper working class solid dude smart
guy works hard it’s a shame because he was loving the triathlon stuff but his
hip is not in a good way apparently the doctor said he’s got the hips of an 80-year old man so it looks like he’s
coming back to mix martial artarts the mental patient ANS put a poll up what was the biggest upset George St Pierre
losing to Matt Sarah was it Holly Holm over Ronda
Rousey or was it sha Strickland over Israel ataga and you guys have it 45% of
you think that that was the biggest upset do you think that was the biggest upset in UFC history I mean that’s
that’s that’s saying a lot maybe it was maybe it was did we see the biggest UPS
in UFC history wow that’s crazy if so crazy if so
um the reality is you know Sean did it he’s the man
should is he have stayed for the Press yeah I think he should I think he should I think he’s just gonna give even more
um Paul Felder versus Sergey pavlovich next go on rabie Rubenstein I think he’s
just going to give more fuel to the haters you know what I mean people that maybe think he has an ER of arrogance is
going to add to that you know what I going to say well he couldn’t stick around and address the media you know he wants to stand there and say it when
he’s the champ when he wins you’ve also got to do it when you lose you know but who knows who knows what he’s going
through you know you got you got to take that into consideration it’s massively disappointing but it will only fuel the haters that’s a fact which fight in UFC
history would you like to have been able to commentate perhaps something before
you began your commentating job well Chu Lidell versus vandelier Silva that was an incredible fight so we’ll just go
with that one because that was when I was uh fighting coming up I remember we might give them a lot of
crap but respect to the judges for all scoring it 4946 absolutely the Big G you’re
absolutely correct there we love to [ __ ] on the judges when they do a bad job and
we should because it’s an important job and when they get it wrong and when it’s wildly wrong and wildly conflicting it’s
really really frustrating but they got it right last night all three of them on the same page
4946 as soon as I heard that I think everyone watching as soon as they heard 49 46 knew strickling God it so well
done to the judges you know that’s why we got to you know we do have to give credit where credit is due and that’s
why when you see that fight recently at the contender series or there was a stoppage recently as well that was
really really bad you know and that referee I forget the name made a terrible decision and in Paris there
was a terrible decision when uh he called off a fight because someone said they’ve been kicked in the groin you
know you why say fight on you don’t call the [ __ ] fight off you know you got to remember that Mark Godard Herb Dean
Big Dam merliot these guys are the gold standard you know so but people make mistakes people make mistakes sha has
just as had has had just as busy of a fight schedule if not busier than is he sha mad is sha made Izzy look bad no
excuses no greatest Adventurer uh I’m not taking away from Sha’s win I’ve said that a million times the the pressure or
the schedule that uh sha had was nothing like is’s you can’t compare the two sha he’s been busy you know when you’re
flying all over the world when you’re the world champion when you’re having the countdown when you’re the champion
there’s people pulling at you left right and Center promoting a pay-per-view main event is different from the fights that
sha had that’s not a disrespect respect it’s the facts of the matter take it from somebody that’s been there that
knows right there’s a big big difference in terms of the demands the media the
interviews the pressure people pulling you from all over the [ __ ] place uh
it is different it is different my friend but I understand what you’re saying schedule wise maybe it is
comparable Kenny says Marvin said Shawn once told him he had a dream they fought
for the belt together Shawn got teary and said it was one of the greatest moments how serendipitous if it happens
the ca boys hey you never know Marvin vitori sha Strickland I mean on paper
that would be a tremendous fight what is vitori ranked these days there he is
Marvin victori number four victori is still at number four you know you never
know you never know that that could be that that could come true that would be absolutely fantastic what are you all
doing for dinner just a slightly go off topic for a second I’m cooking dinner here tonight Rebecca’s not feeling well
I felt like [ __ ] all week um but she’s still significantly less better than me
so I’m going to uh I’m going to cook what are you all having for dinner tonight because I’m starving let me know
in the conversation but still who’s that talking [ __ ] shut up Cyclone all right we just don’t [ __ ]
watch a burn says what’s up Beast Bing love you man huge fan wondering if you know about if there was any truth on
something wrong with hamza’s Visa earlier this year I do not I don’t speak with Hamza I don’t know anything about
that brother so uh but we’ll see we’ll see I’m just excited to see him back in the Oxon against um I was just talking
about it Pao Costa Pao Costa with the juice V took a lifetime beating from
caner and stricklin was right when he said he RIS the short bus with Dewey Cooper oh dear is funny man he has some
great on liners he talks steak and chips fish and chips homemade chicken black bean sauce with rice oo hope Rebecca
feels better soon thank you sir chicken and rice I’m thinking Burgers oh tacos Pizza see I’m going to cook though
normally I cook steak but we’ve had steak a couple of times this week they
don’t like even like MMA cenon and strickling at the same press conference would be end could you imagine Kobe
convention and sha strickling at the same press conference oh my my God that’ll be the most watched what’s Mike
going to cook full English fish and chips door Dash no I’m cooking I’m cooking I’m going to do something with chimmy chewy sauce oh spaghetti maybe a
homemade spag ball I might do a spag Ball but I’m on a big chimmy chwy sauce
Vibe at the minute so I might do chicken chicken thighs in a marinade Chim churi
sauce with some barbecued sweet corn corn on the cob oh my mouth’s
[ __ ] my mouth is watering steak is great anyway enough of that guys 39% of
you think I’m getting door Dash I’m cooking I have a Sunday roast I know but it’s a whole thing you they don’t really
have butchers in this part of America where I live they don’t have butchers you know what I mean The Butchers there’s no butchers back by here you got
to get a big piece of meat got to do roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings and everything that’s a whole thing I’m
not doing that I am not doing that I’m going to cook a bit of dinner I’m not doing a full-on roast that is um make
crab cakes oh that sounds nice get Rebecca on the show I got my
lotion Suarez junor come on is Rebecca’s favorite fighter still Izzy pissy pants
I don’t know we’ll have to ask her we’ll have to ask her has to be a
full English you Muppet whoa whoa whoa tell spaghetti that bisin loves him thank you what’s with the insults
totaling three cheesee oh I Lucas makes his own pasta he’s got a pasta machine anyway let’s get back to the fights
enough of that crap we’re going to wrap it up in about another 20 minutes or so so um yeah the Night Belongs to Sean
Strickland nine or eight new champs this year of course Pereira was one Izzy was
another one Sean Strickland is one sha Ali Alexa
Grasso Alejandra panta who are the other two who are the
other two Amanda Nunes did she get the belt
back this year Islam No Leon no Jamal oh Jamal
Hill then we had yeah Jamal Hill and then Yuri praska but Jamal Hill I cut
for Rebecca every night good Chef turkey Twizzlers beans and chips let’s go
anyway Peña p no that was last year weren’t it I think when she beat uh Amanda Nunes new cooking show with bisin
coming soon I’m doing it I’m doing it guys I’m doing it uh what happened y’all
nothing happen so we’ll do I’ll tell you what we’ll do now I’ll do a few of your questions and a few of your comments and
then I’ll leave you to your day the Big G you’ve been talking to till mate you think he’ll ever come back to the UFC seems like he’s looking to do a one-off
boxing fight yeah it does um look like he’s targeting that I haven’t spoken to
him much lately to be honest I wish him all the best I will reach out soon though I’ve been so busy I’ve been
flying all over the goddamn place oh yeah Jon Jones of course Jon Jones and
Jamal Hill thank you fur burgers smothered in underwear that’s a peculiar
dinner you’re eating there brother do I think I can change the world
bisbing I can change the immediate world around me yeah cooking show with Rebecca
I know how many curls should I do in a set depends what you’re looking for brother if you’re trying to get strong
you want to keep it in the 6 to eight range if you’re looking for hypertrophy get the pump 10 to 12 I like to go for
12 because I don’t like to go too heavy these days because obviously I’m getting older I don’t want to injure myself my
body’s already been injured enough so I go heavy enough to where you know I do
build strength and I break down the muscle fiber you know but I also want to get hypertrophy I also want to burn
calories so I want to do 12 12 reps heavy enough that you get a bit of strength strength training but also you
get the pump you get the burn you get the sweat you know strength training BS
me to death you know doing four or six sets and then you wait four minutes for the glycogen to refill it’s not really
how I like to lift weights all right hey bis my man what are your thoughts on the Swedish MMA guy
who was the one who got us here like a Bisping in a way can hamat reach the same status love your content and your
commentary keep it up thank you to Bas Westing who’s the Swedish MMA guy oh Gus Gus G
gustofson Alexander gustofson Legend Man legend do
I think Tom aspino will be the champ by the end of next year I think he will and
I can’t wait I do I do think that I do think that and that’s not because I’m
biased it’s not because I have a a friendship with Tom I’m friendly with a lot of Fighters on the UFC roster I think there’s a potential that
Jon Jones and stepe M both retire on the same night which opens the door for a
new Champion now I don’t know Jones has mentioned that he has floated that idea
if Jones beats stpe I think there’s a very good possibility that Stipe retires I think
if stie wins if stti beats Jones or stti loses to Jones I I think there’s a good
possibility that he retires he’s no spring chicken and Jon Jones has done it all you know so
that would open the door for the next best heavyweight of course we got Sergey pavlovich and Tom aspo I’d like to see
them two fight I think the next chance probably GNA be whoever would win in a fight between Tom asol and Sergey
pavlovich on the feet I’d favor Sergey but Tom aspino is very good on the feet
he’s very fast but also he’s well-rounded he’s so well-rounded good question though Mike
do you plan on living in America for the rest of your life or do you have plans to come to back to the UK I’ve been
coming back to the UK a lot more obviously my parents aren’t getting any younger uh so we’re going to be spending
Christmas in clithero and yeah we do but we’re probably in a perfect world we’ll
have a residence there and a residence here and flip back and forth because the kids are always going to be here now
their lives are here you know so it’s kind of like kind of boxed in here for that
reason uh M Michael BisMan can a full force kick to the front of the neck be
serious chin to Adam’s Apple yeah of course he can if you kick someone in the neck hard as [ __ ] that’s G of hurt like
a proper [ __ ] Hamza wasted his prime ah he might still be in his prime how do I
see makev versus Olivera 2 going probably the same that’s Islam mahv
probably not him but uh probably the same outcome although I think Ola has a better go I think he does a bit better
this time um what’s next for B Neil Dar I’m
not sure brother I’m not sure my little lab was training with Alan Clarkin love you Mike oh well Alan Clarkin is a
tremendous coach uh Black Knights In Berling Lancashire can’t go wrong
training there my friend so well done to him to your little lad tell him to send
my best Alan Clark and all the Black Knights I believe Shawn I believe sha
will sha I believe Sean Winan a superior wrestle will adapt and our perform him
confidence and Home Advantage especially in Vegas will be crucial Izzy’s best bet is a knockout Izzy look scared as the
fight progressed yeah I I wouldn’t say scared
but he I wouldn’t say scared but he was like unmotivated and he was just he was just out hustled he couldn’t figure out
he couldn’t figure out Strickland all right the hockey player gamer says what do we think about the
Connor versus Chandler fight yeah kind of been forgotten about not spoken about recently does Connor still have what it
takes is he taking this seriously or not not I don’t know if he’s taking it seriously or not does he still have what
it takes that’s the real question you know generally we only have one prime you when it comes to fighting ability we
hit our Prime you can hold it for a while and then there comes a decline that’s generally what happens we could
argue that Connor’s Peak was 2016 and he’s kind of been on the decline now if
he takes it seriously you know in a few months he can drastically change his
ability his Fitness his style his cardio everything so we don’t know we don’t know you know success is a real [ __ ]
it’s a real problem for professional fighters maybe that what happened to Israel as well certainly seems to appear
to happened to Conor McGregor but he could come back and beat Michael Chandler for sure he could of course he
could I don’t know when that fight’s going to happen though but thank you for the
question uh the hockey player gamer LOL Tony has his prime still coming Tony
Ferguson let’s go Conor needs to get sober what did he say I’ve been on the Gogle every night do you think the wolf
is the next big thing well his lack of regularity in
terms of his fights is something that’s holding him back so how do we respond to the MMA
gur’s video about you I I I haven’t even watched it bro I don’t waste my time he’s just a hater any and people love to
they love to um focus on hate because it’s good it’s easy to hate on people it’s easy to look at someone in the
spotlight and just talk [ __ ] do you know what I mean I prefer to give Fair analysis and give someone credit where
credit’s due and if someone’s not doing well then give them [ __ ] people like to hate on anyone that’s successful
majority of people because you know they’re not them they’re not having that success or they want to strip them down
and that’s all the guru does uh M for 15 months Jack clout is
amazing Strickland versus Paul Craig who wins Paul
Craig Strickland’s the champ right now although him being the Champ’s going to inspire you Paul Craigs your dricus D
all of these people you know heard Strickland was going to channel channel
his inner Bisping before the fight and he did just that thank you who said that Han over fist one all
right why do I call him a hater if you don’t watch because I’ve just seen a few of his videos where where just like the
video topic where he talk [ __ ] about Mark Gard he talk he just every video is just him talking [ __ ] on people that’s
why I make don’t ask me about him again uh alcohol did a number on Connor yeah
alcohol’s a [ __ ] it’s fun Mike is sakuraba the original
BMF quite possibly quite possibly kazushi
sakuraba I mean what a guy that was moved up several weight classes Tu on
all comers the Gracie Hunter might have been I don’t know about the original he’s definitely the Japanese BMF that is
for sure bacon sausage egg beans and black pudding fried bread mushrooms tomato OJ cup of tea to smash it down
that is a classic English breakfast for you right there do I know what have I heard of
Resa Chini he’s a close family friend of mine who’s been in the London MMA circuit for a
while no don’t know him mate can’t say say I have cannot say I
have um comeback gig for DJ Mak B in Manchester yeah you want to book DJ
Mikey B let’s go I am available I might be DJing over the Christmas period
around the Manchester area do you hear about the fight of Nicholas Dolby comes from Denmark where
I’m from I do know Nicholas Dolby I was talking to Nicholas Dolby in Paris actually last week when I was there
we’re having a very very good long talk very very nice guy Master Bisping Sean
took that strap he did I hope you make a lot more movies thank you sir got a
actually got three films coming out I still don’t consider myself an actor but I do have den of Thieves 2 red Sona and
then another one coming out and I got a couple I might have my first lead in the
pipeline but we’ll see about that anyway do you put tomato sauce or brown sauce on your full
English I use chipotle sauce now I used to be ketchup but now was too sweet for me last one from me Mike appreciate the
answers do you think Mohamad mive will be Champion one day well it’s It’s just tough isn’t it I mean he’s certainly got
all the potential and he got off to a great start but when you look at people like Moreno and panto they’re unbelievable and chubby boy you are
right shout out Clio indeed why do you think Izzy ducked the post fight
interview and presser seems like a cop out I expected more from such a great
great champ oh yeah see the thing is and and you all think you know cuz some
people think I’m I’m like some dick rider for iszy I’m not I I appreciate a
great performance when I see one and I’ll will call it how it is but I can’t just go out there and start
talking mad [ __ ] about people you got to remember I commentate these people’s fights you know what I mean sometimes
obviously I don’t do pay-per-views generally so I don’t think I’ve never called an easy fight but you know what I’m saying and I have to meet bump into
them so I’ve got to speak with a level head you guys are anonymous online so you can speak all the [ __ ] you want and
be as an insulting or as as abusive as you want you know I will see these people you know I work for the UFC as
well so you know but the reality is to answer the question regarding the postf
fight press conference I would have preferred to see him because again it opens the door for more negativity to be
aimed his way it will the real it is he’s just lost his
championship belt for the second and third H second time in three fights and
he just lost his belt to a guy that he probably never thought would ever beat him and he just lost his belt to a guy
that had done a pretty good smear campaign with this whole dog stuff you know what I’m
saying so his mind God knows where his mind was the reality is in hindsight I
think he should have stuck around you know know Dominick Cruz for example when he lost to Cody Garra
got so much props and so much respect for the way they stood there and held
court and took questions from the media when Conor McGregor lost to Nate Diaz
and I think to Dustin poer the first time again he got a lot of uh Applause
and respect for doing that when I’ve done that people have always admired that and respected that and that’s what
you have to do you know generally you have to be man enough to face the
music you know and he didn’t do that and okay some people will criticize that but
who knows maybe he comes out and talks about it maybe he does some interviews you know so as I say I understand the
criticism but we don’t know how upset he was you know what I mean yeah yeah I would have done but
still I’m not Israel out of sign you so what your wife think of that
fight being that she likes Izzy and Shan is a good-looking
fellow Jesus Christ now Chara Strickland’s my wife’s favorite fighter
Jesus Christ Reed K got to ask answer this one
says I’m sure somebody has already asked this but I feel like Sha’s fight had similarities to your fight with Silva
you’re right A lot of people have brought this up already mate not to take away from Sha’s incredible Victory but
do you think Izzy chokes or Shan just did a great or did great or both bit of both sh was fantastic sh was fantastic
Izzy wasn’t good Izzy wasn’t good he backed up he was the victim of his own
success I’m repeating myself now for people that have been on here for a while but the man put a super chat in so
I’ve got to answer Yeah Izzy had a terrible showing can’t say it was a good one Strickland had a brilliant showing
probably be Izzy probably had a [ __ ] night because of the Brilliance of Shan Strickland let’s have it right quari
Osan says the real BMF is someone who fights with one eye [ __ ] right never cheated I managed to fool the doctors
and the staff regarding the eye you’re right and won a freaking Championship with one eye you’re right you are the
BMF love you from Morocco well my brother I am so sorry to hear about the
sadness about the terrible earthquake that happened in Morocco um it’s awful
if you guys haven’t seen the news I’m assuming you have over 2,000 people confirmed dead already it’s just awful
so my thoughts are to you with you my brother brother uh and uh wish you and
all your friends family and extended people out there the people of Morocco we all I’m sure we all Echo that
sentiment oh this is a good point I was going to bring this up so him it’s crazy says Jaylen Turner was my training
partner for Anderson Silva and for when I beat rockold and jayen Turner was Shan
Strickland’s training partner for when he beat Izzy I was thinking that today this morning when I woke up uh because
jayen Turner is the perfect training partner for for rockold Silva and for Israel arisna Jaylen Turner is that good
on the feet he’s incredible uh and he’s very good now at grappling as well you know he got
slightly out hustled against matage gamr right last time I got beat off Dan hooker as well but he’s a tremendous
training partner so there you go yeah a special mention to Jaylen Turner there we go we’ve been going for
1 hour 17 minutes if anyone’s got any last questions get them in soon cuz I’m
going to jump off I’m going to go see my family I’m going to go have a life love from the UK
thank you Ben fragi I he four and three in last seven Jaylen Turner is a beast Sean got
more Che in Australia than is it I know surprising right Bas me my thoughts on
Tyson Pedro win yeah let’s just go through some of the the fights real quick some of the other fights because
we got to give a special shout out to some of these people here we have them here so Strickland
incredible Alexander volov put a beat down on tyu aasa really was I mean it
was a tough match up for Tai to vars I did think Tai might get on the inside and swing and catch him but uh volov
looked good used a length used the height used the reach used the front kicks used the bloody uppercuts my God
he punished TI to ofasa fight of the night manell cop versus Felipe dos
Santos keep an eye on that name Felipe dos Santos my word incredible win really
what sorry not an incredible win incredible debut against a world class opponent manell cop was incredible the
faints the shot selection that was a real mixed martial arts fight Pedro taffa volov Shan Strickland they all won
striking matches largely Manel cup versus Felipe dos Santos that was a real
mixed martial arts contest high level grappling Jujitsu wrestling kicks punches knees elbows all on display
manell cop was Sensational well done to that man I like what he brings to the table his star has risen this
week Felipe sorry Justin Taffer knocked out Austin Lane not too much to say to
that one just tremendous just tremendous uh what a shot it was one minute 22 took
him out of their beautiful right hand and Tyson Pedro 2 minutes 12 uh took a couple of shots of Austin Turk Ali at
the beginning but it’s not I starts I finish and Tyson Pedro gets back to winning way set the crowd on fire
obviously being from Sydney so note from 63rd says people say Izzy looked slow
this was because he dropped he was dropped bad in that first round yeah simple as that the man was unconscious
Hey listen for sure man that that certainly plays into the factor that will affect his confidence it will affect his speed it will affect his
output it affects the entirety of the fight that’s because of this work that Shaw Strickland did so a good point
there Reed care says apologies about that last question I feel as though sha
had real baby face turn this past week and showed that behind the tough Persona
sha is a good guy what do you think his commercial pay-per-view viability is as
champ I agree I agree I think I think he showed some sides of him that are likable you know what I mean he’s a wild
man he says crazy stuff he says funny stuff he’s hilarious he’s abusive if you have if you’re not a little snowflake
then you will find the stuff that he says funny I do um I think his viability
is a commercial pay-per-view champer very good very good the problem is staying the champion if he can stay The
Champ for two or three fights he’ll be a bloody rockar I’m telling you he really will so
he did amazing stuff there all right MMA fighters can’t box
it’s beyond them shut up uh just make sure I haven’t missed any super chats here doesn’t appear so
pardon me Sean get pay-per-view points he won’t have done as challenger no just
want paty to fight and know paty should make a comeback soon enough um Sean is funny that’s correct
thoughts on caps and radkey Octan interviews people say [ __ ] in the Heat of the Moment man people say [ __ ] in the
Heat of the Moment bisin describe your feelings when you entered the ring against rockold in the rematch how
nervous is a man in that moment I actually wasn’t nervous I didn’t feel any pressure whatsoever not trying to
sound tough or anything like that just tell telling the reality and the truth of the situation got your own a got your audio
book playing in the background thank you L gapo hoo are you concerned for Sea’s
mental health he seemed like he’s hanging on by a thread no no no no no this is the thing Sean’s very
mentally tough I believe yeah I do yeah Mike you have a
video God bless you thank you so much it means a lot this is again from K our friend in Morocco I have one question
Strickland do you want to see him punch the living hell out of Jake Paul in a boxing match after he beats the style Bender using only his
boxing I just want to see anybody just beat Jake Paul and just Jake Paul to [ __ ] right off let’s be honest it he’s
so full of [ __ ] he’s so full of [ __ ] he makes out like he’s out here spearheading the for the rights of
Fighters he’s not he’s thinking about himself he wouldn’t even let his own brother [ __ ] promote his energy drink
at his his boxing event for crying out loud what do I think about the organization octagon MMA European
organization don’t know much about it never watched it to be honest so by all accounts decent outfit though
decent outfit so yeah sorry Lucas don’t know too much about it but from what what I hear um from what I hear seems to
be doing big things what’s up B my question is do I think Kobe kton becomes champion before
retirement I don’t know man I don’t know he’s got a tough outing against Leon Edwards we saw what Leon did to kamaru
Usman twice we’ve seen the improvements from Leon Edwards uh and I think it’s a very very tough fight for Colby
carington if he can’t beat Leon Edwards I don’t think he becomes champ
no it’s not an easy fight for Leon that fight could go either way but I think it’s a very tough fight for both men I’d
lean towards Leon Edwards he just looked [ __ ] fantastic last time out against kamaru you should debate Strickland on
the the Second Amendment I should I should but the my only point about the Second Amendment stuff is the guns is
that I come from a country where we don’t have guns I’m not trying to take away people’s rights or anything or anything like that it’s just that it’s
just crazy when I turn on the news every day and I see innocent people being killed that’s all I want I just don’t
want people to get shot when they go to the mall I don’t want kids to get shot when they go to [ __ ] schools and maybe less guns might be a part of that
now I understand the gun culture a bit more but I just come from a gun a country that doesn’t have guns I’m
starting to understand it more now now though I understand the culture more the longer I’ve been here in America so you
know I stay out of it do what you want to do I just come from a country that don’t have guns and most countries don’t so it’s just a little weird for me J
Paul deated Diaz Woodley ask silver Jake Paulo’s only loss was to Tommy Fury he used to do real TV shows right what’s
your point North London Diaz was [ __ ] awful Woodley didn’t show up and never
does asaran can’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag Silva was about 44 that was decent though to be fair Jake Paul
lost to Tommy Fury who’s the only professional boxer that he fought he’s picking out smaller guys washed up past
their Prime far too old that don’t [ __ ] box there you go north London
put that in your pipe uh Kobe to win and compete complete the
meme right guys I think that’s it I think I’m done I think I’m going to
go guys thanks for watching I hope that was fun for you had a lot of people on the stream here today much respect thank
you all very very much take care enjoy your weekends subscribe to the Channel please if you haven’t done that oh mate
I know there’s a lot of guns in the UK there is there’s tremendous amount of guns all the [ __ ] criminals have them
of course they do but if you caught with a Gun there’s it’s nothing like out here in the states mate let me tell you that right now everybody has a gun that’s
what I’m saying so yeah there’s guns in the UK but not like the [ __ ] States [ __ ] get get a grip get a great
letters Barry Barry gizard you had your chance you’re done
thanks champ have a great day Rob Mason Adam green tea Paul Man soul licks one
last comment recommendation please do a podcast with Sean Strickland I’d love to man I’d love to I’d love to and once
again my thoughts to everyone out there in Morocco so terrible so terrible Anon
C thank you Kenny my man Andrew Fuller Justin watt Matt CLA
if St meets beats Jon Jones does the next part of Tommy twolegs Journey play out oh God snafu Dill Roberts Kobe’s the
go all you people all four 5,000 of you that were on here Galida Webby H you’re
the guys all right I’m out of here I’m done