In this article, we will be discussing the upcoming UFC 293 event, headlined by a middleweight title fight between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland. We will analyze the potential outcomes of the fight, the fighters’ strengths and weaknesses, and make our predictions for the event. Additionally, we will provide a breakdown of the full card and offer our picks for each fight.

Adesanya vs. Strickland: A Clash of Champions

Israel Adesanya, the reigning middleweight champion, is widely regarded as one of the greatest champions in UFC history. His striking prowess and technical skills have earned him a dominant reign at the top of the division. Adesanya’s ability to stay active and consistently defend his belt is commendable, and he has proven himself against top contenders time and time again.

On the other hand, Sean Strickland has been making waves in the middleweight division with his aggressive fighting style and entertaining performances. While some may underestimate Strickland’s chances against Adesanya, it’s important to note that he has the cardio and wrestling skills to potentially pose a threat to the champion. Strickland’s forward pressure and relentless pace could potentially give Adesanya trouble if he’s unable to keep up with the output.

Potential Outcomes: Knockout or Decision?

When it comes to predicting the outcome of this fight, there are a few possibilities to consider. Adesanya is known for his striking power and precision, and a knockout victory is always a possibility when he steps into the Octagon. However, Strickland’s durability and cardio could potentially allow him to survive the full five rounds and make it a decision fight.

It’s worth noting that Adesanya’s output in this fight may not be as high as it was in his previous fights against opponents like Paulo Costa. If Adesanya chooses to conserve his energy and not go for a high volume of strikes, the fight could potentially become boring. However, both fighters have shown that they have the cardio to go the distance, so a decision victory for either fighter is not out of the question.

Expert Predictions: Adesanya by Knockout

While there is some uncertainty surrounding the outcome of this fight, the experts seem to lean towards an Adesanya victory. The panel of experts predicts that Adesanya will win by knockout, TKO, or DQ. They believe that Adesanya will want to put as much hurt on Strickland as possible and take the opportunity to make a statement in the fight.

The experts also mention that Adesanya’s previous behavior after wins, such as his humping celebration against Costa, suggests that he may have something planned if he secures a knockout victory. However, it’s important to note that these predictions are not set in stone, and anything can happen in the world of MMA.


In conclusion, the upcoming UFC 293 event featuring the middleweight title fight between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland is highly anticipated. Adesanya, the reigning champion, is known for his striking prowess and technical skills, while Strickland has been making waves with his aggressive fighting style. The potential outcomes of the fight include a knockout victory for Adesanya or a decision victory for either fighter. The experts predict that Adesanya will win by knockout, but anything can happen in MMA. Fans are excited to see how the fight unfolds and who will come out on top.

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couldn’t tell by now so that’s what we’re going to be uh doing we’re gonna go the following week and I think the card’s way better because this is we had
who gives a [ __ ] fights we have who gives the [ __ ] cards T this is the who gives a [ __ ] pay-per-view of the year of
the year but yeah yeah it’s just not it’s stacked with a bunch of [ __ ] fights it’s not even that they’re they’re
catering too much too like the Homeland the demographic yeah I’m
France which we’re gonna get into obviously UFC friend but we’re talking about UFC 293 out of Sonya Strickland it’s obviously what we’re here for in
case you’re new we talk our [ __ ] middle we give picks and we give crazy parlays um and we’ll get into that in a second
but this card is just full of names that they all know I don’t even know I mean
do you guys get pumped for Jamie Malarkey to walk out my biggest thing is you got Izzy and Sean Strickland in the
main event take them off this is a [ __ ] [ __ ] Fight Night here’s an apex this is worse than Apex fights this is a
[ __ ] fight night if you take out Izzy and Strickland two of us avalkov could barely be a a [ __ ] a main event on uh
on a Saturday night thank you [ __ ] it’s bad terrible it’s bad there’s not a
single woman’s fight they couldn’t get a Jesse Rose Clark out there right because she’s Australian no no I think she’s out
of the UFC isn’t it no I’m just [ __ ] around but who’s our other one Casey O’Neill she’s Australia she couldn’t fight I couldn’t find anybody but we got
blue diamonds Blue Diamond is back that’s it yeah I mean this card stinks guys we’re gonna have some fun with it
like we always do but I guess let’s get into the uh the topics yeah I mean uh before we get into France if you need a
uh a landscaping crew I heard poeton is out there
he’s doing the circular motions guy not efficient at all I gotta say
there’s some spots in the yard that I have to do that you do have to kind of go in a circle because you don’t want to spill it on the next person’s [ __ ] but
that’s a bad thing he just keeps going like where’s the lines dog okay but he’s hilarious just
barely speak like English we find it funny that he’s mowing along yeah he’s mowing a lawn and he’s still hilariously
I love that guy yeah love that game he’s probably mowing Glover’s law he’s such a good addition to the UFC position like
who would have thought like he was he was just looked at as like oh this this guy that knocked out Izzy and then where
he’s grown himself just even from like a personal brand like he’s grown so much just having the UFC behind him and
that’s why we say these other leagues aren’t [ __ ] because the UFC is the top dog he’s in the he’s a prime example of
somebody that came into the UFC and now look at his name same thing as Michael Chandler
I hate when people try to it’s like do you think I’m watching One Championship on TNT at [ __ ] 3am ever no I like to
sleep no I have time for one week and one League only and every now and then a pfl or a Bellator Fight may get my
attention it’ll have to be usually a main event you know me and Matt watch pfl one Friday night and I wanted to [ __ ] put my head through the TV it
was brutal it was broke tried to watch a whole card Matt you remember that right I do I mean how bad I think we spent
more time laughing at the product than we did anything else yeah especially the magomed Maga medal so Magneto
they could not show his goddamn it was Ralph yeah oh so yeah so like TJ said uh
obviously UFC’s where it’s at uh what do we got now yeah French let’s talk about the frenchmans this will lead into the
card okay it will gone you know he did get the victory inside the Octagon but uh he did catch
an L that night too he supposedly you know his home was broken into and he was robbed of over a
hundred and sixty thousand dollars worth of jewelry yeah ouchie I first of all [ __ ] scumbag
you know I feel about it 100 [ __ ] weird it’s always somebody you
know and just to be I mean because obviously the whole world knows where you are yeah and that’s that
happens all the time Super Bowls it happens uh big NBA finals games players stuff have gotten robbed and [ __ ] and
it’s like I I don’t still I guess if you’re poor you’re poor but
you’re living in Paris you gotta I mean kind of have something right or is there just many bums out there as there is in
La I don’t know I don’t know I did see a picture actually you’re right of how many people in the street but to just be
Brazen enough to do that like I wouldn’t even want the cops to find them if I was gone I would just want to figure it out
on my own and obviously you’re not breaking in that house we’ve gone in there oh yeah you [ __ ] [ __ ] you
ain’t doing [ __ ] dude if he was on his way home they weren’t doing [ __ ] you know what I mean but that wasn’t the
case poor goddamn Gone But Not poor damn gone because he went out there and looked like an
absolute stud I was proven wrong I got an egg on my face I went on four on the last four fights of the night I started
off hot six and two or something like that yeah oh it absolutely happens I’m not mad at it like that it’s just I
didn’t see that one right I guess I don’t think speedvack did what I thought he was gonna do either he didn’t really do anything you look terrible you just
looked bad look at me want to be there and as he’s taking this beaten he doesn’t want to be there the ref could have stopped that about 10 seconds
earlier too a lot of damage was going on that night they could have stopped I think it broke his yeah he broke his rib
yeah I saw it pop up okay but now I’ll ask you this
where do you think he stands with an aspin all like I know pavlovic’s the
backup right would you rather be the backup to the Jones fight or would you rather be in the next match like would
you rather be gone I’d rather be fighting on that card than be a backup like I would rather it be like Aspen
aspinal versus what gun is that is that the fight that yeah that’s I mean they showed us but we were talking about the
live look I haven’t seen asphalon as soon as the fight ended they showed him in the crowd if I’m asking I’m pushing
the B on that undercard or maybe he doesn’t want to he would be on the main card right 100 I think maybe
100 maybe to kick it off yeah you’d 100 and then he gets his Jon Jones Jon Jones all out or something you wouldn’t want
to put it directly underneath yeah you don’t want to put too heavy you’re gonna look for something else you wouldn’t want to do that um I don’t know personally do you guys
think I think pavlovich is better than God I agree but I feel like if you put
aspinall versus gone on that November card
the winner of that is probably the only person that John would also be willing
to fight next to get one more great [ __ ] point he’s not fighting guys he would never fight gone again so
me so you’re right it’s either I think God still has to take a back
seat yeah but in my opinion you’re just more recency biased he just [ __ ] fought for me it’s aspinall and
pavlovich and he’s right behind them I agree but they we now that we know pavlovich is the backup fighter we know
that we’re not we can’t get yeah I think it’s stupid that he’s even being a backup fighter yeah I don’t like the
fact that the prices of the tickets are the way they are and you have a backup fighter and you only have four fights
announced yeah that’s crazy well hopefully I start hitting us with some heaters you’re going there for the main
on this one it is what it is hopefully we get Leon Colby or somebody you’re not
gonna it would have been announced already yeah I don’t know either way the heavyweight Division I heard somebody say it’s like it might have been John
Anakin you know you guys know Johnny answer my [ __ ] in this industry he’s my idol
he said we’re in a great place with this heavyweight event the [ __ ] we are the [ __ ] you are in a good place with this
division you got three guys God’s about to fight for a third he’s pushing for a
third title fight already right you got two guys that are about to retire yeah and only way One’s Gonna stick around is
if like I said if Aspen all does that’s the only way and and gone he’s not gonna fight right it’s just not gonna happen
they got Jay Hilton as well okay that’s cool but he’s not up on that and he’s not a big he’s not there yet yeah we
know him he’s getting there dog he’s that rapper that’s got three mixtapes out hasn’t made his debut yet but we all
talk about we listen to his car because we’re hardcores and we’re going to his shows with a thousand people but like Joan sells out [ __ ] stadiums do you
see them there’s a there’s a difference here like we know who al-made is the people in this community knows about me it is that’s not selling the fight on a
broad scale you need large names the only reason Jones is fighting steepe I mean I think that fight that’s why the
number’s so crazy when we get to that fight dude he should be minus 600. I don’t think Stephen wants to do this I didn’t even see the number what’s the
number it’s mine it’s like 450. for Jones so you got to think he doesn’t want to be there so how is this division
in a good place there’s three four [ __ ] guys so if you want to throw out mating that’s cute you got three guys three more points and still are a
lightweight division bantamweight division are just endless up to 12 13 you’re like man killer killer killer
killer these divisions this division stinks yeah Point Blank I agree all right let’s move on it’s just a bunch of
Tubbies anytime we got a couple on here let’s face it yeah
they just knock them out every time yeah here we go what’s what we got we’ll move on down let’s talk about the ball headed
broth yeah the bald-headed broad broke her finger in the first round pinky finger could not make a a right fist
and she still looked you know like she still pushed forward I thought she won the third round which I think every
judge gave her no she lost 30 27. on one card but the other two she got it um
yeah I mean but Manon Fior she’s a uh
no maybe guys this one I gave you guys this one I was not confident in Rose
sure enough if she doesn’t break her pink I’m not sure that she doesn’t win the second round she’s got her [ __ ]
legs she should have used her legs she did I said that the whole time in the live you know going high kick she only threw like two
of them she definitely won the third round in my opinion it’s listen Jamal
Hill was the one who said Jamal Hill said it these pieces shoes piecing her up yeah even me as a guy with some good
paper on Rose no she wasn’t piecing her up and the third round she was I thought the second round she got off some shot
first round was clear dominance the other way she doesn’t belong in this weight division she’s just look out powered in my opinion she
was saying this to you she was defensively getting out of the way of a lot of [ __ ] though defensively she could
get she could maneuver her way out of there she just didn’t have enough power on her end that’s what it seemed like I’m still not impressed with this Manon
bit broad I’m not I’m not I’m not who else is in this division so somebody said I saw on Twitter uh Blanche oh she
runs through blanchfield nah I I have turned my after Blanchard’s last fight I have changed my opinionally I think
she’s really she’s so well-rounded she’ll be she’ll be fine against someone
like Manon yeah in my and I I think she’s gone away on the floor I think it’s the opposite you think Monon wipes
no no the person that said uh for yours better I think Aaron just [ __ ] mops
the floor yeah I think Aaron gets her on the ground and I think she gets rid of her real quick with a submission yeah uh what’s next for Rose who the [ __ ] cares
she’s cost me a lot of money sorry honey go back down to 115 or call it quits grow your hair out and do an only fancy
Leaf Pat in the dust you’ll [ __ ] not regret it you’ll thank me later Rose yeah that’s another thing too no Trevor
Whitman I don’t know what the issue was there if they’re just not working you want to fly to [ __ ] Paris
that’s why was there anything else to draw from this car that’s other than Saint Denis
I don’t believe so I’m in the crowd all right I’ll say this crap yeah the crowd
cheered when home girl tripped in the first fight they thought fair and caught uh caught what’s her name cavalconte
they thought she caught her she literally tripped on an invisible line in the Octagon the crowd went nuts like
mbappe scored the goal it was crazy to me that’s cool and all but bro that sway
is judging a lot just so we’re clear yeah that [ __ ] when you’re hitting your Macy Barber air jabbing
it affects the [ __ ] yeah so I don’t know the crowd was dope but it’s only because
they don’t get it I don’t know the chance I’m not a soccer guy guys I don’t do the soccer chanting and I know Matt don’t do the soccer
chant even though he’s a big soccer fan uh we don’t do the chanting so again I didn’t get why I prefer the
old-fashioned because you know what that means it’s boring when the fighters hear the woo they know
they know oh [ __ ] is boring right I’d rather that you guys are cheering on a boring ass hug Fest on the fence they
were cheering grappling on the fence guys it’s insane I’m not knocking them for it I’m just saying like oh calm the
[ __ ] down dude not my first question was do you guys know what’s happening so you guys not know what’s going on here did
you think this is special I don’t know [ __ ] it same thingy World beater yeah whatever I went against them yep
yeah gosh these guys crushed yeah he’s huge for the weight division yeah
so you think he beats somebody in the top eight right now everybody
‘s got the Striking like way better striking thing come on God give me a name throw them down in the comments
out of the top eight or nine okay I’ll just go top ten in that division who beats him
who doesn’t beat him I want to know Jalen Turner you think Jalen Turner can’t beat him no oh I like that matchup
though that’s a good matchup right there Mick Maynard Junior over here saruki and that’s the sick fight too oh stop yeah
oh Armin [ __ ] mops him and drags him around that [ __ ] octagon all day are we serious oh I don’t know if
you’re trying to get a rise out of me this week another good matchup would be for vola
we love our New York Maddie Steamroller for all around here obviously then I’d be on football you know we would okay
um we do it we should talk about I think it was the gomis Giannis gamori fight oh
that weird stuff kicked to the dick that wasn’t a kick to the dick yeah the ref just stopped it without even really
giving him like well he like turns all the time out because if that’s if you’re I don’t know how the rules are but I
would just say if I was interpreting it if you get kicked like that and your body language reacts like like a liver
kick essentially I’m shutting down that guy clearly shut the [ __ ] down so if you
as the ref deem it a legal kick oh can’t let you go on any further this dude’s not defending himself he’s clearly out
of it I didn’t see him kick him in the dick right if you’re the ref and then in real life I did not see a kick that was
a clear body kick and that should have been a TKO he would have just bludgeoned him after that would act like he would have finished that that was a very like
we didn’t see a stoppage like that in a while no but you’re in France it’s kind of that defend yourself at all times
like he turned his whole back and started walking towards the cage like you can’t do that if anything like hold
yourself and be like and be like this to at least like try to get some time but even then the ref was like nah I wasn’t
and it was it wasn’t a low blow so it wasn’t it was a purpose [ __ ] hanging up all your stomach or some [ __ ] yeah
shout out to William Gomez for getting the job for the boys that was the one that helped me stay above 50 again for
the week good cashier as well first round knockout that was beautiful that was that was a that was a nice one he
got clipped earlier though in like the first 15 seconds but the boy knows English so that was kind of sick yeah
the boy knows English he uh yeah that was a nice knockout so and we had that I had that in the first round sorry once I
learned this Discord you guys will have those plays prior to me doing them because I hit another one what was the other one I hit a couple fights after I
don’t know I had another first round knockout plus 650. I forgot who it was can you look it up yeah yeah [ __ ] it I’ll post it on the
board all right anyway what are we doing we getting into the uh the Olympics yeah
these uh lines are brought to you for well we’re doing our picks for UFC 293.
okay and the lines are brought to you by the boys over at betonline.ag hit the link down below go
over there make a little deposit I got the best lines in the game you can bet anything you can parlay anything and if
you got a little Casino it’s you got a little slot machine thing you know you can got it they got they got I know you
can’t do it in certain States all right so go hit the boys up over bet online.ag you can even bet you know like props MMA
props like who’s gonna be Sean O’Malley’s next opponent who’s looking at it oh yeah it’s pretty cool yeah yeah
they got all the funky [ __ ] over over there minus 300. oh hey wait what yeah
O’Malley’s next opponent Oh I thought you said to beat him boy sorry who is
gonna actually be Jesus Christ I was like did somebody not go empty the Brinks truck on O’Malley at that point
then good Lord anyway here we go so let’s start it off with these hunk of [ __ ] fights of the
night yeah I mean we got a Frenchman to start it off Kevin juice set minus 145
going up against Kiefer Crosby plus 125. all right well I think this is a double
double debut right uh what do we have at a juice set
what do we do here can you click on him for me Matt he just does the better job I’m not gonna lie I don’t there’s a lot of guys on this card I’m a little
unfamiliar with especially these two guys he’s got like three straight yeah three straight wins in where like hex fight what is this
what is this hex fighting fight series hex fight series shrunk what’s the second one I can’t see
it from here sharkin shuriken sure sure cans sure can fight oh my good Lord and
then we got Kiefer Crosby this guy is a straight up Striker but he’s been finished I think three times
recently right I don’t like guys that get finished you know unless it’s unless it’s me it’s
your lady um right well I don’t like to see because you know that’s a guy that can yeah that means he’s not even in the UFC
you’re not even in the UFC yet but he’s a boxer he’s a boxer first and foremost he did win a boxing match I think prior
to this I’m not wasting time on a lot of these fights guys we’re gonna Breeze through them I’m gonna go
I’m gonna go juice set here just because like I said I don’t like the guy that gets finished like especially when you
have like he’s been finished three times prior to the UFC probably chinny give me Kevin you set or I’ll say it minus 145.
Hammer him yeah I mean he’s just he just does a better job mixing it up obviously Crosby more of a boxing guy juice that’s
also bigger ckb guys so yeah I’m taking Kevin yeah Drew Jets baby
here minus 145. love it [ __ ] two jet that’s what happens when you get for
prison City kickboxing that’s why I didn’t mention it he got [ __ ] tripped off what we got next oh this is the
official next up we got Shane Young minus 184 going up against Gabrielle
Miranda plus 159. who gives a [ __ ] fight of the week oh no who gives a [ __ ]
pay-per-view T go ahead take the floor blood I mean you can’t trust Shane Young
uh what is it three I believe stash on Miranda three fight losing
streak um although Miranda pretty good on the ground his loss I think he made his
debut against Symphony um that law has age will I mean we just saw sanctity in his own age well he lost
no oh this last fight it was his last fight yeah sanctity who it’s a decent loss he’s not on the three fight loses
that’s what it is hasn’t fought in a [ __ ] year exactly he’s been in the gym working you better hope and like I
said you just can’t trust Shane Young here I think Gabriel’s definitely gonna look to push the pace possibly take down
the fight take him down and then possibly look for the submission but the plus money on Miranda you’re going with
Shane Young here who as I said is on a three fight losing streak and I just can’t outside with that so give me
Gabriel Miranda here at Plus 160. yeah Hammer sorry I was three over uh
I’m gonna disagree just uh for the sake that I lost too many last week and he won too many and he’s going dogs so I’ll
go favorite I’ll just take Shane Young why the [ __ ] not minus 185.
Hammer him go ahead next up we have bad card Man Charlie
Radke going up against Blood Diamond plus 260.
king of Zimbabwe um Blue Diamond what what has he done seriously has he
done he’s just Izzy’s friend that’s it now I get it you got you got choked out by Jeremiah Wells one of the arguably
one of the better Grapplers in this division period right he’s one of the and then because gay that was just a
brutal boring fight terrible um so he’s done nothing since he’s come to the UFC he’s like 36 years old oh
she’s probably lying about that but he’s probably 44. okay check the birth certificates tonight he’s 35 right like
you know how I feel about guys that are that age man like how old’s how old’s radkey it’s got to be a little younger right 33 33 just above that Prime
the thing is he’s more of a stand-up guy Blood Diamond did have as it was unfortunately fighting two guys that are
more grapple heavy and that’s not what he’s good at but his defense wasn’t bad it’s not the worst right against a
rosuke or kosuke however the [ __ ] you said his defense was all right he’s I think he stopped five takedowns
we’re in a standing matchup he does work with the one of the greatest Strikers to ever live you know the numbers kind of
it’s kind of Juicy does he get off the schneid here or does he go all in three and get the [ __ ] out of this promotion
he goes 0-3 [ __ ] promotion give me Charles Radke minus 310.
it’s hard to put your money in something that’s unproven yeah all right here we go we got a debut against the [ __ ]
Savvy capable vet yes sir next up we have nazrat hack power asset
minus 500. I don’t care we got Landon Quinones plus 375 at last
five fights don’t believe that because he lost on The Ultimate Fighter correct no I knew that he lost to Jason Knight
right yes yes um and then that doesn’t even count on his record his one loss on his actual
record was a way way before that I think correct keep going yeah split this time
off who’s my email has a [ __ ] I think he’s got a w or two in the UFC at this point so it’s not like you know it’s not
a bad loss a lot of finishes uh on his resume against who no you’re right
because I mean am I gonna say Jason Knight is he as good as Nazareth you know nazarat’s got ground and pound for
days he’s a big boy this is obviously an easy fight to pick
on paper right but some of these guys gotta breakthrough some of these some
dog has to win right did any dog win last week Jesus Christ as I say that
um I don’t know where do you stand on this man all right 500 is a wild number on nazrat who’s been disappointing in a
couple other bouts yeah but I think I think nazareth’s been in there he’s been in the USC for a pretty long time oh
it’s been a while did he loses to guys who are very good I mean Bobby green and Dan hooker and hooker Drew Dober like
those are those are decent losses to have but other than that this is a fight that he’s gonna win his victory is going
to fight that he’s very capable Casey holds a special place in our hearts yeah yeah but also winning this last battle
who was that against win against Hoffa Garcia’s win against who also fight
something 48 years old but yeah I think he retired on this card I’m just saying minus 500 is a crazy
[ __ ] number yeah I definitely don’t like the number but you guys can stay tuned for you know
parlay action but you know that’s headed but yeah man I mean even though the
number is bad I still think nasserite wins this so give me Nazareth hack press at minus 500.
oh he put the finger up Hammer him and yeah
yeah I mean decision machine I’m just gonna say Nazareth you know just brings
us to a decision so Nazareth hack hack press whatever number by decision
I’m catching you [ __ ] on English [ __ ] all day today okay
[ __ ] Costco I don’t give a [ __ ] I hit it on myself when it’s warranted that that was way more
here we go we got them boys wait I hit it I hit it all right um you
know this is a crazy if I took this dog I might as well oh no bro you’re down
six units listen guys I’m not gonna I wouldn’t put drastic amounts of units on this I’m
just as a pick for this why not like I mean if I that’s just that’s just a free L it’s not though the guy’s not bad and
this dude loses shitty decisions to Bobby green and Dan hooker and beats up John mcdessi and can’t finish them all
right guys give me nazrat amarim [ __ ] bums
I swear to God when that [ __ ] knocks out [ __ ] Nazareth I’m trying to hear it from me
here we go what do we got next next up we got Jamie malarkey 270.
going up against John mcdessie the bull
the bull Adam 22 is looking for Mac Desi he needs another bowl
like I just said Mac Desi’s getting super old Malarkey’s like 11 years younger than him Malarkey’s way bigger I
think he has the longer re he’s he’s gotten way more advantage in every goddamn Department right
that’s who uh he finished up last time was Malarkey yeah you know got him out
of there in the second round prior to that Francisco Prado he beat my guy Prada yeah I’m a big fan of Francisco probably
still think he’s got a bright future ahead of him um we got a Michael Johnson split
Victory prior to that Devonte Smith Eagles the eagle that’s right this is
the guy yeah he has the he fought the Eagles wide receiver Devonte Smith yep I just can’t I mean Mac says he’s too old
I just can’t I don’t bet the old guys when they’re facing a young Prime guy like Malarkey Malarkey just ran into a
really game fight last time out man that was really it and and he just lost to Nazareth at this this goofball Mack does
he yeah this is not a dog I’m gonna jump on so yeah this is easy give me uh the uh
Jamie Malarkey minus 270. Hammer him yeah I mean see him at the
top on this one Jamie Malarkey mine is 270. see you hammerum
next next up we have Jack Jenkins minus 205.
going up against chepe mariscal plus 175. T Jack who Jack
whoa Jacob that’s our boy the leg [ __ ] killer
but everybody that went into that Trevor Peak uh fight against uh what’s our boy
here I don’t want to hit the button on myself again all right I’m just gonna call him chappie I wanted to say Marisol but whatever so Champion went in there
monster Underdog right and he he made peek look like a goofball
right I mean he goes out gets the W after that fight we all said oh [ __ ] well he’s definitely guaranteed himself
because I think he took that fight on like what a couple days notice yeah yep he’s guaranteed himself at least an extra he’s probably going to guaranteed
himself a couple fights if he didn’t sign a contract because I’m not positive I don’t look into the contracts the guys who just came into the league I believe
he did yeah so good for him because he went in there massive I don’t know Trevor P we got to see the true colors of just winding loopy throws
yeah it was slamming like just does not care caution to the wind type fighter so
how much stock do really put into that win then you know what I mean do you took a lot of shot
a shot in minute marker chepe still had something left in the tank that’s very impressive regardless of the beating he
took okay but he’s facing our boy Jack Jenkins like I
said the leg assassin he’s broken I think five of the last seven legs he’s faced okay well I mean he I think there
were two unanimous victories all right and it was a split against emmers we all thought he won also he was a big
favorite I think in that fight too and it was it got a little dicey at the end we got a little scared we’re like oh wait a minute hang on yeah I remember
being very on the fence about that decision right yes I think Emerson is a
very good fighter I think I think he’s very well-rounded fighting he’s solid yeah capable vet
um the content his Contender Series wins we you know this show we don’t put stock on that Contender series [ __ ] until you
come out here and you get a couple W’s and he does have a couple W’s they just happen to be decisions and you’re just
gonna get what I just you’re gonna get nothing but calf kicks calf kicks he’s breaking this guy’s breaking shins left
and right but he’s quick he can strike I just don’t know what
what if mariscal wants to take this to the floor you know what’s Jack gonna be able to do that’s why I think this number’s kind of
skewed man for what I saw this kid last time maybe it’s too quick of a turnaround what was that only two months ago a month and a half ago the chat by
Peak fight the Hat couldn’t have been that long ago I mean I remember doing a goddamn thing we did it was on the same card yeah it was they both won an ABC
card yeah back in June so it wasn’t I mean we’re talking two and a half two and a half months right quick turnout for both guys
both decisions chapis was way tough here I I think they’re they’re actually factoring that in it’s gonna be tough
man I like Jack a lot I jack the mustache Jenkins man I do I like him a lot I hope he goes out there and breaks his leg but hats off to chepe chippy
cheapy like cheese parlays so give me uh Jack Jenkins minus 205.
yeah I’m taking Jack Jenkins as well here minus 205. see you at the top Hammer him Bang
what we got next next up we have Carlos oldberg minus 245. going up against
plus 210. yeah well you guys thought we were laughing like Matt’s upcoming pronunciation it wasn’t even that we
think of Carlos oldberg we think of what Tay what does he fight I mean he fights all the [ __ ] man [ __ ] ramu [ __ ]
chukwu he’s fighting I don’t know [ __ ] but this time we got we got a Jung
the opposite of everything that they usually put in front of us
in his last fight um so what’s he got three straight
finishes yeah he’s looked [ __ ] crisp lately we got him he’s like power looks insane well I think I had him twice two
of the last three of those Knockouts arguably he did have Kennedy in that fight like he should be undefeated in
the UFC but that that fight with four or five he blew his load and then that’s when Kennedy was able to catch him so
that’s why like this guy like after that first fight bro he’s just been on an absolute role
uh we saw Jacoby could do last time yeah so we know what Jacoby’s capable of so we know he’s good he did he also beat
Kennedy or he beat Kennedy that’s their common opponent the only way to victory that I can see winning this is if he
implements the grappling but ckb does such a good job I watched all the YouTube videos and
stuff like that you see why these guys train they do they do such a good job prepping these guys for takedowns and
they all have good takedown defense we see it in Odyssey oh no I know so that’s what I’m saying is olberg’s so
good on the feet is gonna need to take this to the ground and I just think he has to I think he’s got a good take down
the fence to control the distance and if it does get close I I think he’s able to control the takedowns as well yeah I’m
with you yeah so we’re on the same page we’re on the same page I also think we were on the same page with uh how it
actually goes so we’re gonna go with our guy here who’s just knocking people out left and right Carlos alberg minus 245.
Hammer them [Applause] and I like the street to continue I
think it’s four in a row this dude’s gonna get propelled up uh even higher than we already have them especially in
this very weak light heavyweight division yeah I’m telling you you get a big knockout here that’ll be four in a row and it’ll be five wins in a row and
there ain’t much more to go in this division man they’ve got to put somebody in the top ten in front of them then top
five and I think he’s got a chance because of the way this division is shaping out right now so give us Carlos oldberg by knockout TKO or DQ
Hammer them yeah I mean I’m not sure what the number will be on there I feel like that’ll probably be plus 125. yeah
it’ll be something small but it’s better than minus 245 I see the fight playing out that way so give me same thing
Carlos oberg by knockout hammerum all right up next next up we have Anton
turkosh minus 125 going up against Tyson Pedro
yeah yeah what a dumb fight another with another dumb heavyweight fight this goes back to our conversation at the
beginning of the show main card by the way
yes why Pedro’s not that good and neither is Turkish he’s got two UFC
fights he’s lost both of them why do we keep doing these main cars guys on his third fight about to be on the way out
oh I get it so you have to pay him because obviously Izzy’s taking every dollar from this [ __ ] pay-per-view Strickland don’t get any points this is
bad I when I tell you I do not give a [ __ ] about this fight I would flip a coin we’ve done it on the show before
we’ve rolled dice right and I just can’t roll the dice on Turkish because I think he stinks I also think Pedro stinks
right he lost to [ __ ] bukaki he’s good he’s good though he’s not good bukaki had to
work his way back in the league and then just lost his last fight he’s not that good but he’s got a win over Harry hunter Harry hun sucker that’s your
[ __ ] boy right but anytime he faces anybody with a name OSP Shogun hula when Shogun hula was [ __ ] 40 right he lost
in 2018 to Shogun hook it’s not like it was a 2015 Shogun a tear uh
right these are to me these are not he loses
I just told you I’m I can’t or I think turquoise is terrible now not a good
debut to walk into when it’s gelton Almeida right that’s a scary son [ __ ] but got him out of there in the first
round like you’re supposed to then goes and gets a decision with Vitor Petrino Vitor Petrino
I mean if it was Belfort I could understand it was Petrino I cannot bet turkosh just give me Pedro on the home
[ __ ] on the Homeland the hell’s the goddamn number in this stupid fight oh he’s a [ __ ] dog I can throw this in
the dog parlay how about that give me Tyson Pedro Plus 105. Hammer him like the number here give me
Pedro here plus 105 man [ __ ] out of here what a [ __ ] gun this
is the worst pay-per-view man it’s bad it might be it’s bad next up we have a rematch of a Fight Night juicer
Justin taffa minus 210. going up against Austin Lane plus 180.
this is that fight I feel like that one fight who I think it was a couple weeks ago I can’t think of the name but uh
dogarian this is our dog this is my Bulgarian winner tonight this I really like this fight I like this number great
number and we’re I mean I’m very confident me too and I did make fun of Junior topless the junior top of last
week this one this top up I’m never I’ve never been keen on very just boring try
to stay on the outside like there’s nothing I don’t like his style I don’t think he’s that great again
only on this card because of Australia he beat Parker Porter our guy and he beats hun sucker he lost to Jared
verandera that’s where I draw the line if you know if you know any in this show
he’s a big Bandera guy no he’s actually not and really cleared up he called Jared mind they’re a fat sack of [ __ ] on
a tick tock clip that has 60 000 views okay he lost the vandera that’s where I get off the train Austin Lane former
Jacksonville Jaguar I other than Greg Hardy if you used to play football I’m always going to lean your way like
that’s like Eric Anders that guy will always be around because he can beat a lot of guys right he might not get to
that top load but he can beat a lot of guys I think Austin Lane comes in into this kind of head a heavyweight division
with athleticism like a Tom aspinall he’s got power he’s better than tafa and
he’s huge he’s huge he’s six foot six I believe six inch reach Advantage as well he’s he’s [ __ ] big for this division
as well man this is I cannot believe they must know that Austin Lane’s like broken foot or something I cannot
believe this is plus 180 yeah this has to get back down by the end of the week as you can tell he already is as you can
tell we’re big fans of this pick for the night like that’s exact you couldn’t nailed it better this is like the dulgarian pig I was so confident at
somebody at plus 140 plus one fit you know in that range I’m very confident in this one especially in this awful
division um you can keep your top foot to yourself give me Austin Lane Plus 180.
Hammer them yeah I mean I’m with it as well Austin Lane here plus 180. give it
to me and I would normally give I I normally give more props guys I I had numbers
just this week I don’t see a lot this could be a real boring night I hope it’s not it’s Australia these Australians are
bangers man but I just see a lot of boring fight matchups go ahead next up
Manel cop juicing minus 340. going up against Felipe dos Santos Plus 280.
finally gets a fight who’s that cop yeah he’s only well the thing is he’s only fought what once in two years this will
be his second fight in two years everybody keeps pulling out scared to fight oh he got caught juicing for a
couple of them I think oh anyone’s about pulling out oh guess who pulled out most
recently if you’re new around here fan favorite Kai Kara France I’m not a fan I’m not a fan at all T loves him and he
just ran right into the wall of he’s the one that [ __ ] pulled out of this fight and he was wearing a New York
Yankees hat in his interview to do it would you ever disrespect the NY like that no yeah he was getting rocked in all his
flights [ __ ] bum so I’m happy that he’s not here okay give Felipe dos
Santos a chance The Undefeated newcomer making a debut uh is this a debut or no
yeah it’s got to be a debut yeah I mean he kind of looks like Amanda Lemos
what does he not that’s a man dilemma your [ __ ] price the same color hair
man your [ __ ] faces look similar go back up Matt that’s Amanda limb
that’s that’s a man lemosh all right bring it back down please what do we got here does this guy like to finish fights
or what he does except for his last two it seems like when these guys get a little more competition and guys that
aren’t oh and 27 they can’t finish him but we got a clear Jiu Jitsu guy here
manila’s good everywhere you know it’s quicker it’s probably stronger you know he’s stronger he’s been juicing
um like you said people have been pulling out from fighting them uh he can’t seem to keep fights together I think he’s had six canceled ballots in
two years whether it be him juicing or whether it be injuries from and whatnot that’s just the luck of the draw his
good wins are the odaid flying knee which was incredible I mean I was [ __ ] boom right off the rip Zuma
ghouloff I mean these are all around correct it hasn’t aged well against Sumo glove because Zoom gloves just cannot
[ __ ] win poor [ __ ] guy and poor haircut but we all I think we all know which way this fight’s gonna go it’s
gonna be a row we always end up saying a rough debut for that guy right this is a rough debut for Santos right oh terrible
terrible debuts tough to be seven to one but you know what they probably said hey take this fight boom you’ll probably get
another one or two maybe get a chance to beat up a beat up a [ __ ] tomato can later so with that said give me Manel
cop minus 340. Hammer them you yeah I mean this is kind
of like uh all right cop we found you guys we found you a fighter here he is but the only thing I’m worried about I
haven’t looked into is he uh uh shoot the Box shoot the Box Guys these [ __ ] guys just I think maybe
that’s what I’m saying I think maybe in the first round we may be a little bit nervous but I think cops I think it’s cops too strong yeah I think cops’s
overall is the better fighter it’s just these shoot the Box guys they’re just [ __ ] dogs but yeah at the end of the day I’m signing a cop here so see him at
the top not giving a prop but if you were to do it
just take a decision man it’s flyweight yeah flyweight yeah sideways fly weights
you know kids got any cardio they’ll be all right we are up to the co-main event of the
evening Alexander volkov minus 250. going up
against Thai to ivassa plus 210.
he’s back hey let’s be real man Bam Bam’s a couple [ __ ] hooks away maybe even one or two
from have from beating gone and maybe he would have got we don’t even talk about that enough what if two two of us have
pulled that off would he have gotten a Jones fight you know what I mean bro they just talk about it I mean they just
he then he would have had bro he was on a [ __ ] roll like he even popularity but that’s what I’m saying like name
value-wise like once he knocked out Hardy that was a big like moment where he does the Shoei and stuff then knocks
out Sakai which was nasty then beat Derek Lewis which that going into that fight that had a lot of hype behind it
yeah because you know those are two fan favorites we knew something was gonna happen that was big and then loses to
zero gun say he knocks out cirrogon where is he at because he probably still would have had to fight pavlovich but
yeah but that’s the thing I don’t know because that’s that’s tough he wouldn’t he wouldn’t have gone right to a Jones fight but he still had that same fight I
don’t know because UFC like that he was such a big name at that they were desperate where it’s like I don’t know
if they would want to feed him to a pavlovich where right no you’re right especially when he would have been riding that kind of streak and all
Knockouts like seven in a row and now he would have knocked out two times in a row yeah we need to win here man yeah he
definitely needs a win here I like the number uh Volcan of on the other hand here’s a guy that he’s he’s uh he’s very
yeah soup [ __ ] more than cable which is 16 and four in the UFC he’s [ __ ] his losses are only really to the big guns
of the league yeah Derek Lewis who knocked him out Curtis blades who just dominated wrestling them all all day his
laws Tom Aspen all put him in that [ __ ] nasty arm lock and then you got the gone lost but he went decision with
God and guns Just you got to think of this style as well as God’s more of a in and out type of guy very very movement
oriented where taito ibasa isn’t going to be [ __ ] moving out and stuff no if we can compare if I’m gonna grab
somebody that he beat that we can compare I would say uh go up a smidgy there it would be the rosenstrue right
kind of just I’m gonna come in here and just try to throw Haymakers as well yeah
obviously uh wrong went off that’s a different kind of fight uh so I don’t really know
who to compare this to like you said the gun it’d be the only real thing we could look at and it was a decision I don’t
see two of USA going in here to dance he don’t dance no he does chewies on the stage of Luke Combs concerts and also
just stylistically I think volkov obviously volkov is such a great fighter but at the same time like tuivasa does
such a good job against guys who were in there and going to like brawl with him kind of like even Cyril gone kind of got
into he’s got a bait Volcan that’s what I’m that’s what I’m saying I don’t think volkov is a guy that’s gonna put himself
in such a position to get hit trading with two like getting into a trade that’s what I’m saying so you think he’s
gonna stand you think he’s gonna I think he’s gonna play it kind of safe you know Tui Bossa mate he’s got the leg kicks
man that’s the only thing is if he can chop down the legs of vocals but that’s what I’m saying it’s just whatever just
what I’ve seen from volkov here I I want to obviously we want Taya to win this but I just gotta side with Volcan here
at minus 250. hammerum oh
[ __ ] yourself we’re doing chewies if he wins and if he does it by knockout it’ll be a showy in
the intro the next week I’m going with the big boy here to get back on track full golf I think is a perfect person
for him to fight right now he is susceptible to a knockout of big hands it can happen and I think if we can just
like you said the leg kicks are going to be key if we can get after that front lead leg early I think he gets like a
second he can get into this if we can get into the second round he’ll get a knockout by then so give me give me Bam Bam give me tied to avasa at plus 210
Is that real hammering oh don’t tell the boys yet
[Music] yeah knockout is gonna be what plus two two one plus two plus two thirty
probably but hey if it’s a little bit if it’s plus three I say take it but either way I like I like to put it on wax if
he’s going when he’s definitely gonna win by knockout TK or DQ so it can be tied to avasa by knockout TKO or DQ
heavyweight division man that’s the only way it usually happens you know what I mean here we go yeah we’re up to the
main event the middleweight championship
minus 650 going up against Sean Strickland plus 475. Izzy the Chinese
the true Chinese okay he’s black hey buddy boy get ready for a great
press conference week at least I hope yeah now most of us all out here think
we don’t even need to discuss this this is a throwaway pay-per-view is we needed somebody to fill in because uh drikas
couldn’t fight or whatever the logistics are the issue so we put a guy like Strickland in right so we all just
dismiss it you know Izzy’s minus what [ __ ] 400 minus six feet holy [ __ ] that thing moved I feel like it was 490
like a couple days ago yeah y’all just assume he’s gonna run through him which makes total sense
a Pereira down man down boom you’re done right but we’ve also just seen him weather a storm
in that last fight against a Boosie everybody’s all on his training you know I know I took Strickland I don’t know if you did yeah but I I think Strickland
can bang with anybody right Peloton hits different Strickland can wrestling is a black belt
in Jiu Jitsu we talked about Saturday I’m just trying to find a route I don’t see it happening but if he wanted to implement that game he could make the
fight a lot tougher that’s what I’m gonna say agree or disagree you gotta have to
implement something that’s going to have to mix it up because if he thinks he’s going to stand here and just strike with Izzy it’s not happening so he’s going to
need to incorporate those takedowns as well he can’t just sit there and fight
Izzy no nobody can’t do that no in this division no other than a poeton that’s the only other guy in this division that
can stand there yeah no I don’t think I don’t think I guess I’m gonna got him out of there buddy that fight’s over
here I think he’s an evolved since then of course I’m not saying that but could
you imagine Strickland knocks him out and [ __ ] gets the bill could you just imagine Strickland as your Champion like that’s the funnest that’s the funnest
thing to think about here could you imagine he shakes this [ __ ] up bro in that [ __ ] list that says uh potential
Champions O’Malley him and Lee uh and uh Colby all three could you imagine oh boy
what if it happens is is he taking him lightly this happens this happens and
you’ll hear a guy talk about it yeah I didn’t come in and train for him properly blah blah I didn’t you know I
should have done more you know is that this kind of case is he quick turnarounds man the guy’s incredible
he’s so good yeah and to defend your belt and to always be on the chopping block and put yourself out there is even
more commendable the the guy is one of the greatest Champions to ever walk the cage man ever yeah that is I’m never
gonna take that away from him as many times I’ve picked Pereira against him but I’ve picked him against everybody else
I gotta you know I gotta like to have a little fun but in reality he’s one of the greatest Champions to ever walk the face of the [ __ ] Earth especially
with the consistency of I’m gonna just stay active stay active
can Strickland make this [ __ ] boring enough to where he survives five rounds or is
this just gonna be I don’t know if Izzy knocks him out guys I don’t know if I’m there I don’t I I
would entertain a decision because the cardio is there for for both gentlemen at this point especially if Izzy doesn’t
put out an like uh you know doesn’t have an output like he does against a Peloton right where you have to throw all those
strikes I feel like this could end up being boring I hope it’s not I just would like to see Strickland wrestle Matt your thoughts Main Event come on
I think Strickland’s just gonna walk forward yeah Billy cell baby he’s gonna fill his
shell out the whole way yeah I think he’s gonna try to do that and I don’t think that’s gonna work out for him in
his favor um I do think Izzy is taking this serious I do think Izzy takes what Sean
says about him personally and I think is he’s going to want to put as much hurt
as he can in the time that he’s allotted could we say this is a similar to the way he felt about like Costa because
that’s why he like he humped his ass like when he wins he might do some other like he’s got you know he’s got something set up for if he gets The
Knockout yeah I don’t know man like I said guys I’ve been trying all week to find an Avenue and
have you found it no no no it’s a one-way Street man it’s one-way Street and you know what bring it in bring it
in bring it in it’s a prop that’s been used multiple times and it always gets thrown off but man close enough to his home turf
it’s not actually New Zealand but guys for the first time with the with the
with the figure in my hand let’s go give me Israel I had to Sonya and still against Sean Strickland we’re still
throwing it man
[Music] yeah obviously you guys know he’s been looking for Avenues I’ve been looking
for Avenues we can’t find them for Strickland Israel adesanya gets it done once again painted nails and everything
pieces up Strickland give it to us Israel adesanya by knockout TKO or DQ
painted nails hammerum knocks him out he might give him like a little like John Cena accent what a return for that man
um yeah well listen decision you want to get you wanna no I’m with you I just said see you at the top I said whatever
you take I’ll go with but I’ll say if I’m gonna pick a round I’d pick the
I’ve picked the fourth round I’ll just go deep I’d go deep because Strickland has cardio the grouping that I did for
the main event this past you’ll do it again two three four yeah right in the middle I like that if it
gets to the fifth man both guys are tired that’s when I think Strickland should lean on that [ __ ] if he if he has
I’m just look again I want to see a competitive fight like I don’t want to see success
who doesn’t want to see the guy challenge yeah because we’ve seen poeton knock them out that’s different that’s like a history there that’s not gonna
affect that you’ll always have those fights he’ll still be massive he would get an instant rematch if he ever lost I
just want to see a competitive fight I don’t want to see a minus 600 fight you know I don’t want to see a jail time mix
I like Strickland yeah as far as like he’s entertaining I don’t like all his views I’m not sitting out in the [ __ ]
middle of the desert wanting to shoot people like I’m not him but he’s entertaining and that’s why we watch this [ __ ] if we didn’t want to be
entertained we’d watch [ __ ] Bellator God anyway tarlay [ __ ] time boys your
favorite time of the week where we give out all of our parlays including the people’s parlay I forgot to mention at the top of the show what the people’s
parlay is every week first of all you gotta follow us on Instagram got a DM us on Instagram okay and give
us a three fight parlay which each line each leg of the parlay must be minus 200
or better so you cannot come in with a minus 300 minus 300 minus 10 minus 200
or under okay three leg parlay if you win I don’t care what the odds are it could be 28 to 1. if you hit it you’re
only getting 25 you’re maxed out I feel like I have to explain this we don’t we pick one person a week to do it usually
on pay-per-views we pick more than one well I’ve been getting my ass kicked lately and you’ve been winning
speaking of the devil my man Jack gindley he hits this week okay so I have to give out another 25 hours of Jack
gimley Jack go to DM send me your information preferably PayPal and we’ll get that over to you like we do every
week if you hit so those are the rules go follow us on Instagram right now and send the DM if you want a chance to win
the 25 it’s a free roll it’s literally who is what other shows are doing this I don’t know I mean people are doing some
trivia stuff like I’m literally just free giving you a three shot parlor I don’t care what I’m giving it away and we’ve had multiple [ __ ] winners last
pay-per-view had two winners I’m not happy about it because I didn’t back it up this week I think I would play this
guy’s ticket so without further ado Matt who do we got for the people’s
parlay this week and what do they got yeah we got uh our boy Chris D
Christie the guy is an absolute [ __ ] loser yeah you know and he is rocking with
Shane Young minus uh we know minus one 184. little [ __ ]
crying about it he is going with Jack Jenkins by knockout little [ __ ] crying
about it he’s also going with Izzy by Knockouts all right little [ __ ] exact
number but you can do it later on the week you can figure out when they release the numbers of The Knockouts and stuff and so we don’t know what’s paying
but here’s Chris D’s people’s parlay of the week oh
all right for the real meeting Buddy Buddy Buddy four weeks in a row
correct yeah four weeks in a row holy smokes plus 200 plus 300 plus 440 or 490
and plus 210 again this week if you just been taken if you would have taken Maddie’s major money line parlay just
for it and kept rolling it I don’t even know how much you could have bought a couple houses already this guy’s on a
[ __ ] hot streak so you may want to listen Maddie Mages major money line
parlay of the week give it to him yeah we’re uh we’re starting off we’re going with Jamie Malarkey minus 270. oh
we are going with Austin Lane plus 170. oh
and we are going with Carlos oldberg minus 245.
let’s go and that’s what plus 421.
buddy don’t miss out this week if you missed the last four weeks don’t miss out okay and also the major money line
uh parlay plus will be over on wewontpix.com remember go check out over
there we got all our unit plays and all our actual bets that we’ll we will be betting uh with units since you guys
like unit plays over there so the ones we’re super most confident we always get asked which one you most confident blah
blah we don’t have time to answer all the DMS anymore I’m sorry guys it’s just I try to answer every comment it’s just very it’s getting difficult so you want
those answers go over and check out we want picks.com use running uh code mouth code Mouse Okay up next is another
parlay that has just been on fire we lied last week he didn’t hit last week he was two for three we had that mixed
up because you’re five for your last six five for the last six of these have hit
so and it’s free money man it really is I’ve said this before if you don’t like 100 to 150 return on your money that’s
your fault okay this week you might get a little less than that but still if you can get something around even money for
three guarantees that this guy’s giving you every goddamn week I mean I don’t know what to tell you do you not like
free money okay so without further Ado this is tease cheap ass parlay of the
week cocaine isn’t cheap already boys so like I said I get I’m getting tagged in
stories everybody’s like oh poorly cheap ass parlay hits again I cashed up for this much here it is this week Manel cap
minus 340. okay he’s black then the spice it up just a little bit Nazareth
hack press minus 500. okay he’s black and then the absolute
best number I could find on the card he is black Izzy out of Sania minus 650.
okay he’s black and Matt that’s paying what sir minus 125.
so just picture it like you’re betting one fight minus 125 you’re getting great odds pop the 300s put 500 000 on it or
whatever you bet 50 bucks and you’ll you’re guaranteed to return almost if we’re returning five out of six weeks
now of course we’re on to me now who’s missed I have to dig in the crates I’m not allowed to play the big favorites
all right I’m just the guy who gets the juice I’m here for the juice you said you were gonna make it I know and I don’t watch it no and you know what
those are over on we want picks.com okay these are the free plays that’s another thing these ones are free you know what
I mean imagine what we’re gonna be giving you over there imagine okay so I’m gonna dig into the crates like I
always [ __ ] do for the bombs away parlay of them okay
up first this one wasn’t hard for me like we said right off the bat this was the one that
jumped out to me that I really liked it’s Austin Lane Plus 180. Izzy the Chinese the true Chinese
then I’m gonna go with uh Bam Bam to avasa let’s see plus two tens
plus 210. Izzy the Chinese the true Chinese
and Tyson Pedro plus 105. is he the
Chinese man plus 16 16. wow
I think that [ __ ] hits this week man super live minus that tuivasa okay but
you know it’s long it’s a lot it’s definitely [ __ ] live um and last but not least the show parlay were us three Knuckleheads like
to put our heads together and try to come up with a parlay for all of you that all of us can agree on
um Maddie Mage you’re up first who are we rolling with yeah my lock of the card Carlos oldberg minus 245. yeah I work
with retards see yeah we’re high on them this week I’m gonna go Austin Lane here plus 180. nice that’s gonna get bumped
the money I work with retards that’s the one I should have picked Tea but anyway give me the leg killer the cast killer
Mr Jack Jenkins I work with retards Matt that’s paying what sir plus 466. not bad almost five
to one of your money can birds come on now I think I should as a card that this
is there’s money to be made there are spots to be made there is but I gotta be out these last two weeks for me I again
not even that I started the card hot last week and just terrible [ __ ] finish just that them last four fights
they rattled me so I’m just uh you know I’m just trying to stay that’s why I didn’t give a lot of props this week I’m
let me get back into the groove I’m just gonna dig out go check out the unit plays on we want picks I promise you
those babies are going to be a roaring this week Manny Mage has been on fire yeah a little code mouth and also go
check out our boys at uh bet online.ag other than that go grab
yourself a goddamn t-shirt come on boys right here boom boom boom little t-shirt little beer cozy shout out to Christy
always flexing the beer koozie online my guy’s gun show uh my boy Bobby bought a tank top they’re they’re pretty [ __ ]
fire I’m not gonna lie get over there and get one while they last um other than that guys enjoy your weekend no Live this week we’ll be back
to the chef tanko okay I said Chef tanko look at this [ __ ] do you speak it we’ll be
back for chefchenko Grosso two uh next week with Kevin Holland JDM I really
like that car a lot better and I got some [ __ ] to do this weekend gotta prep for some football again I like other sports so that being said we’ll see you
bastards next week good luck on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon for all you big time gamblers tell your mother your
dad or your sister your uncle cousin yeah see you cash some tickets