Magic & Andrew MMA Betting Show Episode 82: UFC 293 Adesanya vs Strickland

one what’s up everybody welcome back to the magic and Andrew MMA betting show
we’ve got episode 82 UFC 293 taking place this weekend arasania versus
Strickland and the main event uh gonna start from the bottom of the card and work our way up as always but first uh
Magic would you like to address your Twitter being deleted
yeah I mean for being a man of the people and a speaker of the truth they have tried to
cancel me there is no other explanation to the situation I didn’t do I mean it’s not that I didn’t do anything wrong I
did probably say that I was going to kill someone’s dog I had my reasons that I could
in front of Ajax justify no problem but it’s like a I can I have said worse
things like 500 times it was just that someone told people to
report me massively or something but we are back we have never been more
back than we are now I like it I like the energy um first Friday night Kiefer Crosby
versus Kevin Doucette any opinions here yeah this is great fight have you taped
this actually oh yeah do you think I could put at least a couple hands from Kevin you said yeah
for sure I mean he went to Split Decision with a 40 year old why not bro he went to a split decision with John
Fitch with his father the father of John fit they look he looks like Ananda that
guy yeah this is a ridiculous fight I think that discrepancing crossed me
inside took his monitor in his absurd because like you said Wednesday’s fight if he
gets grappling going in my opinion Crosby has fought the better people even if he lost some of them Joseph has only fought guns
in the original scene and yeah why not I mean I think the values could cross be inside but this is a mess
this is this is a fight between bombs so honestly this doesn’t belong in the UFC yep I’m with you here if I had to pick a
side I would mean uh Crosby just having fought the better competition and has a little bit of grappling upside but he
gets hurt in every fight I think both are a mess defensively uh I’m not taken
aside here I lean towards ends inside the distance and unders uh but not a ton to say here
uh next up Landon kinones versus nazrat hack pressed
um I think you like the underdog here for me it’s a pass I feel like hack crash is the tier two higher
um lean towards the under but I haven’t played anything what why do you like he known as in this spot
yeah I haven’t got my account back that this guy said that I got I got my people working on it
I I had I have contacts in the highest version I may get it back who knows
not looking good yeah I don’t know how you like how how do you
justify this price on natural unless he finishes in round one or something like that and yeah he’s fast and he touches
everyone but I think it’s a massive route and he’s massively overpriced every time
Quinones has power has volume goes forward the fact that Jason Knight submitted him
in like one minute in The Ultimate Fighter means nothing because hacks parad cannot even submit his taxes bro
this is going to be a striking fight then maybe hacks lands early big or puts him
on his ass but I think I think the side is Quinones I think this is a relatively close tracking fight
fair enough uh we’ll see um I’m just going in the order this bank as has it from bottom to top
in my original account and I don’t know who you are it means you did something that a clown will do or say something
because if not I’ll either block you I’m not apologizing by the way
foreign next up let’s talk about Felipe dos
Santos versus Manel cop I think cop is the um this is his rightful favorite
here he’s a more skilled fighter Felipe dos Santos coming from that Brazilian
camp with the blonde hair with the dyed blonde hair that seems to have unlimited cardio and durability I’ll leave that
one up for um yeah but yeah
that guy has seen things yeah and um yeah only 22 years old he’s
aggressive I just don’t think he’s uh on the skill level he had to compete with cop I do think that maybe after some
experience here and a little bit of time to improve he’s probably um able to put together maybe some a
stint in the UFC in the future uh what are your thoughts on this fight what are your thoughts on uh dos Santos’s future
in the UFC this is the third fight of the night no my order is just messed up
huh I was like there is no way this is I mean there is a four to one favorite
here but this is a good fight I think probably a brawl on this cup they say this decides to Grapple
yeah this guy has I mean he’s on the shooter box camp or whatever
they will have this superhuman ability to take damage and guard the occasion
shall notice but yeah I would fight I think cops should grab a little bit here especially if
dos Santos gets sloppy the submission could be there doesn’t go looks good
because Felipe is going to bring the fight yeah caps should get it done but good fight I
mean I think they blonde hair thing it’s not blonde how do you call that in English died please dehydrated or
something die yeah I think that has something to do with the stuff they are taking like hundred
percent use recyclists in the 90s with that hair
yeah I think it I mean maybe they are taking something so brutal that they are losing her or or change the scholars
you never know they are taking something very good I would like to know maybe maybe it’s something really rudimentary
and that they just have figured out how to beat the test but they are all on their use don’t be afraid to say it I
mean it’s blatant and if you figured out what they were on would you consider taking some
yeah and signing for the UFC there you go I will put it on no problem
it’s not too late um I mean I will never take anything but if
I was a fighter 100 yeah I will be I will be used to the guilds
listen I’ll go in whatever [ __ ] order I want how’s that
but you are named you cannot tell anyone to tell you what to do you cannot tell
anyone what to do Hilaria what kind of name is that
that is let’s see we’re gonna go with Shane
Young versus Gabriel Miranda next uh what are your thoughts on this one yeah I I bet on Shane Young his last two
I don’t know what I was thinking he I mean it he inside 24 7 like they say you know
but when you look back he has never really beaten any one good in the UFC or in his
career he’s lost to every good fighter his face has that mongoloids
durability and his volume and his pressure but he was always hitable and slow and now he looks short so
he looks to me pretty Factory I mean maybe maybe he survives the early assault and can’t get a decision down
the stretch or something like that maybe I like to stop it because Miranda gas is bad and he’s kind of a quitter not a quitter but slows down dramatically
but Miranda is I mean Miranda is way bigger than him I don’t know if people realize Miranda looked bigger than
Sunday near lightweight he’s very very used and he has power he’s aggressive he’s going to land because everyone
lands from Young and he got 15 submissions and he has a tremendous Guillotine choke I think
Miranda is going to to get this done early yeah for me it’s a tough one obviously
Miranda has grappling outside he’s a finisher he’s very sloppy but he’s big
young lost a few in a row definitely the better striker it’s a hard fight for me to predict if
you put a gun to my head I would take Miranda um I don’t think this one’s gonna go a full three regardless uh did you did you
say that already do you think this one uh ends inside
inside the distance for both I think if you take finish you you better take Miranda right I mean I I
can’t tell what I can see what you are telling but when Miranda loses outside of Sunday he mostly gets grounded for
decisions on bottom [ __ ] like that he’s one of these guys that when he’s here to retire pulls guard loses time and young
doesn’t really have that power or that pressure anymore so I don’t know maybe I’ll drop line you
know what I mean looks very short for the relation between young finishing upside and the overall finishing upside
makes sense makes sense uh Charlie Radke versus blood diamonds I’m picking Radke
here not really enthused about him at minus 300 obviously no blood diamond decent kickboxer and then um on the flip
side you’ve got radkey making his UFC debut has some grappling outside Blood Diamond has shown to have next to
nothing off of his back he should be able to get it done but again not enthused to lay this price when they’re
75 already implied I feel like the line’s about right um what about you
yeah I don’t know how anyone can bet this guy at minus 300 against anyone only but on the other hand do you really
want to put your heart and money on Blue Diamond I mean he’s [ __ ] horrible I
don’t I don’t I don’t get it what is it I mean what is this coming from because he has trains there and he’s not even from Australia
where is he from he’s in the UFC he keeps getting fights yeah he sucks he’s supposed to be uh
this unorthodox high level kickboxer he’s just funky he’s not good he’s not
good at kickboxing he’s just like funky and oh he reminds me of Emmanuel
Augustus you don’t know I know you don’t watch that much boxing but Augustus what was much better in comparison but yeah
the drunk Master he reminds me of that guy this guy is not good but I wouldn’t bet
it yeah he is he should lose his nickname I feel like blue diamond is a good
nickname and a good movie he sucks so I hope he he vacates the
nickname like if like if it was a world yeah I think if he loses here he’s got to give it up
yeah I agree these prelims are very rough I don’t even know if this is the prelims anymore but
um Jaime Malarkey versus John mcdessi Malarkey one of those guys I like
betting as an underdog don’t really like betting big chalk on him uh Mac Desi
he’s on the older side fault once a year every year for the last five years he’s
probably one of the most inactive fighters in the sport over the last five years I know he’s been dealing with some injuries and yeah just not really
enthused to bet him in any capacity on the flip side you’d have to lay a big
prize on Malarkey who just got knocked out a few months ago not overly physically imposing I think um Malarkey
is the right favorite again it’s a pass for me gonna be a lot of these on this card um do you have anything you like
here yeah this guy knows boxing
well this guy gave young Floyd Mayweather a real fight like much better
than world than some world champions for real he stopped him in 10 but that was that wasn’t money my where that was pretty good he [ __ ] up people and that
he put uh like he gave him a competitive fight for some rounds he was good the drunk master if you were in tayunki maybe he would
have won something which fight is this again sorry um
like Untouchable but molar is much much bigger than him so you play his round props late if he’s not dying magnesium
is like 75 years old and not a Panzer monarchy historically durable his last fight was I’m not going to call it a
fluke but kind of a fluke don’t you think so the the finishing sequence and everything yeah I guess
I think he’s going to be in touch implements his game plan pressure against defense some takedown
significance volume he’s the bigger guy he has power I think he’s going to get it done with too late stoppage a nice job he does he’s a nice
guy an easy to Rude guy he’s easy to root for was that right are you buying him in round three
yeah and to do I have matured I I have missed so many of those so you take miss
too late for the average price I mean that was fun when I was betting 25 if you are betting that plus a couple
series not fun anymore yeah when it happens round two
um Jack Jenkins versus oh I know I know this clown yeah I remember him now
well then you guys should get along then now I haven’t he has a sense of inferiority
or something I I never give anything to him I swear I just say whatever he’s like oh my I don’t like Mexicans
I mean we conquered you with like 200 men that is
and he’s not afraid to do it again don’t make me get the whip
Jack Jenkins versus chepe Marisol uh Jenkins was a guy was if you remember
very high on going in the contender series I thought he was UFC ready he won his
contenders fight got a solid or not a solid one got a clean win in his UFC debut then he got matched up with Jamal
emmers I thought this was the perfect spot to fade him controversial decision but nonetheless
he’s about minus 200 here against chepe who made his UFC debut recently uh up a
weight class he beat the goat Trevor Peak I feel like if Marisol wrestles
here he is a path he has that wrestling background Jenkins on the feet though should be cleaner technically like
kickoff side um but I think this is this is could be a dog fight I just lean with the more
technical guy in Jenkins I also don’t think Jenkins is a bad Grappler either but I do think Marisol is probably more
like the land takedowns uh where’d you land with this one I think Jenkins is going to be to become strong and
powerful for him honestly like when when has mariscal grappled with his judo throws a good fight
he loses to the gold people yeah his game and he has some skills but I would love grapple treble pick like no
sweat seriously in a grappling match I will tap him 80 times he’s a city of grappling I mean it
wasn’t that mariscal is [ __ ] Gordon Ryan suddenly yeah he was mounting him like nothing Trevor picked I mean has
anyone ever been in trouble speak guard is just half guard mount self control nobody has ever been in his garden it’s
non-existent doesn’t exist that’s why he doesn’t work on it why does he need a guard
if he’s not using it yeah I think Jenkins is going to be able
to dictate where this takes place I think he can stay upright then I think this is the fight where finally his left
kicks show up in the UFC he’s like example
yeah that’s a very specific matchup and that
was a long time ago sabatini today beats the living [ __ ] out of Mariska yeah
that’s a good one began to pick I agree
they pick era is you bonus young taking on uh Carlos alberg what
are your thoughts here I parlay dulberg inside the distance and if he doesn’t finish or or even worse Lucius I will
probably take my life in embarrassment that’s that’s my breakdown
come Comfort is going to be so much faster and cleaner and the check Hook is going to
be there on the right hand and I hate to be betting on this guy because I hate I mean he’s so dislikable
there’s something about his face you know what I mean the [ __ ] Calvin clay model it’s going to step up and get bonked
very soon but it’s not going to be on Saturday I feel I think he gets you dumb fairly easily
yeah I think olberg being a favorite makes sense sizable favor I bet him a
couple times his last two fights but I think and I bet against Darwin Zhang I I
think the Market’s appropriately adjusted on both I wouldn’t lay this price just because
Jung does have some power and probably a little bit of grappling upside but that
being said alberg definitely better technical Striker I tend to think he picks him apart
probably knocks him out late probably I mean I’m rooting for you
yeah because this is about numbers but I’m rooting for junk
go down he said suicide and that reminded me of
Rosa majunas we haven’t celebrated Carlos but I don’t know why
yeah by the way Andrew has paid his debt some people were asking me on Twitter and I saw people tagging you and you
were upset the Andrew Andrew has paid his debts I mean imagine doubting the best lightweight in the world
probably the best language to ever do it could you imagine what he could do to BJ pen
yeah I mean he’s going to eat mahati for life he wet the bucket
but the Andrew has paid I mean he has not paid technically he has placed a bet for me for the amount say hopefully
because I’m on the same side as you yeah
for the um for the football game but Justin tapa
versus Austin Lane I know we’ve broke this fight down before obviously I didn’t look at this like in full honesty
I didn’t look at this I didn’t have anything last time and I was like what’s what has changed it went 30 seconds damn
and I don’t care is this the worst fight of all time yes
I don’t want to watch this like honestly and it’s going to be like 5 A.M come on
man this sucks why are these people in the UFC yeah I mean I’ll give a very brief
breakdown I think tough is going to knock him out but Lane’s longer and if taffa just somehow trips and ends up on
his back he’s a complete fish so yeah the pick is tougher but no bet
yeah I mean that [ __ ] has the power and all that it we talk about it it’s kind of incredible nobody has has been able
so far in the UFC to ground tougher because he’s an absolute seal on his back it’s going to happen and look
obvious eventually but [ __ ] Parker Porter cannot win against the tougher family so
we’ll know soon we’ll know soon can we get the speaker versus staffa if taffa wins that’ll be something and get this
like the first of the free money let’s pay back inside playable up to
minus seven thousand yeah that’d be a good bounce back spot
bro if they make us pay back inside like minus 200 they can stuff I I put 25k on
that I mean minus 200. minus 200 yeah same that
should be like minus two thousand I mean I mean how far can you go at heavyweight against the puncher how far can the
books go on and inside the distance line you know what I mean yeah it’s basically like he has to knock
him out on the first Exchange I mean I don’t think they can make us
playback inside like minus 400 or something right yeah
um two of us versus volca what do you got here honestly I think bulkov is going to beat
the [ __ ] out of him like I don’t I don’t think that is going to be able to close I think it’s the
best chance and probably what he’s going to do is try an early assault die with his owner that’s the best chance for him
get early on bulkov and kill or be killed probably killed but
yeah the range this is not really competitive managed to land the big one on Silgan
I’m not sure how that happened but he put him down and he has power and he has he’s relatively fast for his build on
his size but bulkov I think people have not realized how good balkov is and since killer he
seems kilos to kilos to sirul gun he has put some good weight on it was very apparent in his last fight especially
against strawberry he’s going to be a problem I don’t think
gum beats him so easily in Army match he hits much harder now I think maybe
it’s just me but I I think he has a future he may be may even get the belt bulkov the aspinal fight was like you
know what I mean I bet that’s been about submission but how repeatable is that outcome so fast
I don’t know I think bulk official level above he’s the better Grabber he’s bigger much better technically skills
the range to be his life to one girly but I honestly think bulk of -250 is very playable I would make bulk of minus
400 minus 500.
yeah I kind of feel like volkov is the deserved favorite probably minus 200
minus 250 makes sense but it’s still heavyweight and volca has been very very very inconsistent like okay that’s a I
mean the tibera fight was what less than two years ago the aspinall fight was a weird look
in that fight he was he was like more lethargic managing his distance he didn’t look good that night I agree that
he didn’t look good but it’s entirely different scenario like imagine if the Massachusetts
yeah and that’s my that’s basically my same um thought with two of us as I had with
taffa where if he ends up on bottom like he’s completely done vocab obviously much longer better at range he
definitely should get it done um I kind of lean towards the over though I feel it I haven’t bet it but I
kind of feel like yeah just wants to keep him on the outside probably isn’t going to take any unnecessary risks
against two of us two of us is very durable too I mean he got knocked up by so what like he took some of the auto
shots I’ve ever seen in that fight I think volkov missed too late like the moment this settles at range he’s going
to murder him to the valley with the tip kick but it was very very subjective uh
not subjective like how do you say that susceptible right yeah good job
basically native level bilingual
yeah I think it’s going to hurt him to the bottom is too late when they said when the range settles and put him out of there
yeah and uh one more before the main event uh Tyson Pedro taking on end time
couch I um I like Pedro here podcast is going to be on you again here Andrew
like like last week when you met voices now go with your take for this fight and
the chat is going to be you bonus yeah whatever I I think this is a good
Bi-Lo spot on Pedro after he dropped the ball as a minus 250 in his last fight
much faster better Striker nine UFC fights terracols two UFC fights lost
both of them um I want I went into tape for this fight wanting to bet
um wanting to bet on Tara College I was like oh someone who attends takedowns against uh Pedro is going to be a good
look but it’s my boo yeah I I mean his entries
are some of the worst I’ve ever seen he’s hittable you can only rely on your chin so many times without it cracking
and it just on another night he probably gets knocked out very badly against Petrino but yeah I mean
I get the concerns about Pedro’s cardio I just do feel like it’s being overstated a little bit if you look at
the strike count in round three versus bukowskus it was still very close on strikes but yeah
um I I think Pedro’s gonna get it done and I think Pedro’s actually being underrated as a Grappler too black belt
and BJJ black belt and Japanese jiu jitsu I I think he should be the favorite here
I think if you play Pedro you play him by submission Plus 500. it’s not a bad look I mean he has
nothing after around don’t you see anything but I don’t agree with that though like like
what what’s an example of that like what is complete tomatoes to everyone
is tercal is not a tomato Kim he’s Owen two in the UFC bro the pleasure man
looks like I could hit him with a baseball bat in the face and nothing will happen like he took some of the
biggest shots like I’ve ever seen in my life against Petrino he wasn’t even hurt it was ridiculous he has that Alpha chat
Joe that is unbreakable what is Tyson Pedro going to do to this man he’s like
a Pity Pat puncher with his straight jab and he’s right the pleasure man is going to go face first into his punches take
it and then take him to the [ __ ] swamp in Sweden in the winter that the weather is cold
the water is called in that swamp unless your mom miss too late system bed
I mean I still have nightmare from the Petrino performance when he was losing the back and all that very autistic
performance by the pleasure man but if you look at like if you reverse it
for handicapping you know autism is like the best base for MMA right so it was bad but good
performance thinking said Petrino
I think I think he can take whatever Pedro throws at him he’s going to hit him yeah so what is the pleasure man
welcome to the pleasure Manila
is going to get it done and Pedro is going to melt again and he’s going to pretend that he hurt his knee again or
something because when the pleasure man gets you to the swamp it’s over don’t forget the last time we had this
conversation with with Petrino and pleasure man I mean I was right about everything I
said wasn’t that like what it happened I mean he took
everything he took Petrino down he got the takedown so I said he would he will get from the body looks it was just that
he has an autistic episode and he forgot how to take the back and sit like that
um anyway on to the main event we’ve got Sean Strickland versus Israel addisonia
arasani a huge favorite and I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about Magic’s 10
unit bet on Auto Sound impression where um one of the he he actually messaged me
right before that fight started he said bro a second I saw arasani with the dog collar on I knew it was over he even
wanted to wear one on podcast one time but I said I I had to draw the line somewhere
um but yeah I think that uh arasania rightful sizable favorite here I
obviously like Strickland as much as the next guy but he comes forward heavy on the lead leg I think out of Sonya leg
kicks are going to be there all day people are saying what a Strickland grapples he didn’t do it against prayer
and arasani is actually a pretty good defensive Grappler I think this fight could go a couple
ways it could be one of the typical like ho-hum autosanya boring 49 46 type
decisions or I think arasania could completely make a point and style on him Drew up his leg and finished in mid to
late I don’t like Strickland’s defense to kicks but yeah I mean I’m saying all
this and all this is baked in the line I mean he’s minus 650. I have zero interest in playing this fight to any capacity
I leaned under at early price to embed it it got bet um so yeah all around pass for me and we
root for Sean Strickland is he uh the leader of the Free World this week
at this price I I actually remember it’s funny you say that I remember this is
probably a year or two ago you you DM me and said that you think Strickland would be Addison yeah I vividly remember that
I mean this is this is [ __ ] absurd
that would have killed an elephant kills a horse it’s perida
nobody hurts him he rolls the bunches lasagna cover this line he has to I mean
not finish him this has to be not competitive for him to cover his prize
has the the upsiding I will say he has the the better volume the better pressure the better pace
he has a great job he’s very good at making people I mean you know I do I treat this a lot of faint people into
retardation he faints a lot he makes people crazy he makes people gas it’s a lot of pressure and he’s the better
Grappler in the fight how don’t you bet this guy at plus 500 plus 480.
you have to wait this line if he was if he was a well-mannered American with a college degree you will
bet him I’m not I would rather this Iraq would rather this type of Personality for
fighting I just I think he’s very very live like no no
joke no no I’m not trying to make this humoristic like this line is absurd it
does have a functional job that’s a great I I don’t know how you get to a strict them wider than plus 200 or
something like that who are you picking like regardless of the line Sean let’s stop it that’s my favorite you’ve you’ve
had a couple over the years of like some bold predictions on bigger
favorite but my pick what I think is going to happen you know what I mean when you are going to line a fight there
are a lot of factors you have to you know but it’s not like you cannot say I think the
the guy I kept the favorite is going to win always you know what I mean kind of I think California is the
rightful favorite but I think the line is absolutely my pick is a Strickland I think it’s going to be able to get on his face get his job to work and there
is this myth that the street like that Strickland doesn’t have power when he commits he has power
people he doesn’t let go all right cool
well done okay you are going to be like oh two round
three you are going to be I can’t believe I passed on this yeah I was trying to give you account I know
Joe Rogan is not going to be there because it’s overseas it’s going to be Germanic right it’s going to be using it
oh Sean’s all over the gender bender this is getting ugly here
the Strickland is talking to him now ah what are you going to do now you [ __ ] gay
you try to masturbate your dog [Laughter]
the bad friend of Timely haven’t you seen that
um you usually look good but that’s not a
good look well yeah people are betting lines I
just got I got sent lines plus four and a half early I didn’t bet it but I bet
minus five plus one and a half plus 104. I think the Chiefs are going to go by that to win by W’s where do you see
three five I’m looking at the board right now and it has fives and four and a halfs it’s foreign
minus 110 if you can get minus five plus 104 I think that’s a very good
price I mean it’s 14 cents for that for a team that is going to win
by 32. now I think it’s going to be again with
a lot of points and I think the the chips win by double digits thanks Troy yeah okay maybe it is on
FanDuel I don’t have that on my odd screen I have like the the Baton lines the circles the
Pentacles I
just took it I just got confirmation from from my Cambodian team of betting kids
I took half a unit I told you before Sky moon plus 190 half unit
and Justin Rose half a unit plus plus 650. is he gonna play
if he doesn’t play you get your money back we just need one snap Justin Rose the
leader of the Free World foreign he’s getting targets today like [ __ ]
Watson gets what two Targets a year I think he’s going to be the big man in
the entrance today Justin Rose he’s very good no I haven’t taken anything for next
week yet this is the guy that sees holes in bulkov’s Striking defense
oh that’s what he said World Cup is open for the overhang right I mean it’s the only punch to vasaka so if he lands it
like a genius this guy toast bits defense
I like it that’s a good one too but I think I
think the Chiefs are attacking through the air but I’m going to play the bills to cover I’m sorry but
the wheels were minus two and a half last year ataro head against the Chiefs and now they are managed to knock off
against the [ __ ] Jets who no disrespect have not proven anything I think that it can be very very good this year but it’s yet to be seeing however
around the road there’s playing I think the defense can be very good but we have not seen anything it’s the wheels the
wheels with everything except Bob Miller and with Joe Salen to win by a field goal
too yeah but take off your shelving he’s a he’s like a [ __ ] quarterback that
can bulldoze everyone it’s quick one he has no injuries you know it’s close game you just go Rush trash trash
in Russian it’s gonna be a good game yeah I think so I’m hyped for that game
like what does this even mean well like what a stupid comment are we are we ready to wrap this I can’t
deal with these people anymore either is so fed up with you guys
what the stupid thing to say
AK has been hurt every time he has been hit he he was scared by [ __ ] Gastelum
bro I mean
yeah my algorithm has the job was winning but by 120 points with with Lawrence throwing for 12 for
12 touchstars that was big season a Steelers big season Chiefs big season
I think the Miami Dolphins are going to be proud and I think Taco Bell retires before the end of the season
yeah super Sharp how does that even happen I mean what
what is what excuse I don’t really know what that means this kid on the Jets is really good bro they
rookie from last year this guy from the coast no the running back no yeah
he’s really really good I mean he’s like super black you know what I mean he’s a monster athlete monster athlete so good
he gets into the fire too he’s no he’s no [ __ ] when defending he goes for the ball I like him
I I need I need 20 sauce gardeners in my team
yeah that’d be nice
I already said that to my old account I think the chips are going to win it again
well I’ll probably take some filters I think Cowboys are going to make the Super Bowl Jaguars I think are going to
be a good prize I mean you play numbers but if I have to pick one I mean this [ __ ] macombs you know
they are going to be there in the playoffs I’m beating him in one game it’s hard I mean he’s the best to ever
do it
man I just banned that guy from the chat I’m gonna take I don’t take any prisoners
you say dumb [ __ ] you’re getting banned I’m sorry
I mean it can’t go much higher than it is now I mean I don’t think it can get much
wider it’s Insanity already like how much wider it can get I it’s it’s plus 500 at some places I will be shocked if
it gets to like plus one plus 550. yeah it can’t really get much higher than
that why does everyone in America hate Dak Prescott I think it’s decent I don’t think I like
him I mean he takes some questionable decisions sometimes but I think it’s a good quarterback like they scored like
crazy with him yeah it is not the magic Mafia
yeah everybody that watches football soccer knows that this this year’s Golden Ball
should be erling halam the biking Kevin Holland you said erlin early in
Holland is that you have another thing Helen
it’s a monster monster yeah he deserves the Golden Moon he didn’t score in the finals or anything
but they are going to give it to Messi and that that that’s not deserving like he has got like four penalties come on
they got gift if the championship it wasn’t it was embarrassing
I think Argentine is a lock I didn’t even know these people were playing honestly is this soccer I mean
if you don’t specify this can be okay I’ll take Argentina without looking at
the odds I’m going to assume it’s soccer or football
it’s a good prediction Argentina’s never played never played song with a functional Jab
he sent that yogurt in the United States thanks for having me isn’t that a what
yogurt like a yogurt do you eat yogurt you know
made with milk yogurt yeah
this is that’s funny yeah I I was taught by hang
on I was talking about this today with them it’s like yeah but with with b not b
Giovanni Google it I know what it is exactly
um sometimes but I don’t originate it yeah sometimes I read it but yeah I do originate it out of my ass
yeah this happens a lot here in Europe when someone is playing a match or in other sports I mean he should have had
better security I guess orado I mean if you are if you are like a famous person
why don’t you have like three or four prey dogs in your house assuming you have you have a garden I will have four
gigantic I don’t know five dogs whatever kind of price protection though
every week right now because they are the two best
yeah Mastiffs when Andrew gets married I’m gifting him a Spanish Mastiff I told him I think he thinks he’s it’s a joke
but I’m gifting him one I’m going to appear there in front of
200 people that don’t know me with a [ __ ] dog under my arm laughs
yeah this is kind of hilarious
hopefully in December I don’t know though yeah it’s going to happen before the end of the year I think he’s already in Camp it only it can only be
what might not be legal the dog I thought everything was legal in
Florida yeah I think it’s illegal
no like not a not a single person I know watches ice hockey I don’t even know if there are that ice cook I think in my
city there is a nice coffee team actually but there are no like I I guarantee you nobody goes to watch that
[ __ ] I would rather watch paint dry I like hockey
I mean must be in the culture or something I don’t I don’t get the appeal like you watch it I watch it on TV once
and you don’t even see the how do you call the thing the pastorian
p-u-c-k Park yeah book Park
that’s how you call it the thing you hit with the with the Hawkeye but thanks
you you cannot even see it on TV yeah you can I don’t know must be must be the trained
American eye it’s not that popular here either like people definitely watch it but
it’s a thing in Canada right yeah I think in northern European countries
it’s a thing too but I’m not sure like Lithuania all these countries that nobody sure they
exists she’s from Lithuania nobody knows knows if it actually exists like so has
anyone ever been to Lithuania I don’t think it’s real
you don’t think Lithuania is real do you know anyone in your life or ever that has ever been to Lithuania no
it’s like Antarctica they tell you it’s terrible
yeah this guy gets it cookie pot
that’s funny as well is this the worst pay-per-view card of all time
I mean it has just been tough and the other guy fighting him so that alone put puts it
in a very high place on the modern UFC cards yeah
it’s bad for betting it’s bad for viewing yeah I love I mean if you’re not kind of
disappointed me I thought he could have punished namayuna as much much worse
I wouldn’t say it’s huge here I mean like there’s definitely more popular sports it’s more popular here than it is
in like Europe for example at least some places but uh uh yeah there you go
Fox here I hope she gets cut she’s not going to get cut but I hope she loses but the next one I was upset because I
had figured late props too and like when he was starting to really get to her that cut happened and I was worried she
was turning [ __ ] white did you see the fight like live yeah
he was like from the from the neck up he was [ __ ] white he was turning transparent I was like she’s going to
lose Consciousness or something and I’m going to lose my weight I was legit worried he was she was she
was she was bleeding like a pig like we say here foreign
she was really turning white I’m not joking like she doesn’t look like that normally
yeah I I saw that video very funny yeah she should be in a mental facility
she can probably like make an organization or something with a Hungarian fight their groomers
all together with with some good name and you could you get the the initials then
ftg fight the groomers I like that yeah
with ftg that teacher will sell him like
like this yeah the Hitman was blatant and intentional I don’t care that everyone
thinks she’s the best person on Earth that was [ __ ] intentional like she [ __ ] bulldozed her with the hit
yeah that’s a very distasteful comment even for me
yeah it was not getting put up on the screen yeah put it up so everybody knows this guy’s a prick
I mean this guy that BJ Penn choked out in the end he was a good fighter I forgot his name but that fight was quiet
I don’t I don’t I don’t recall anyone bleeding that much like just one of the Fighters doing the
bleeding uh Bobby green headbutt Jared Gordon yeah but he wasn’t living yeah
it Gordon doesn’t bleed it’s only heroin in there
yeah he was drunk or something he likes to hit the bottle I think big fantasy guy I think probably
what makes you think that what I base that one yeah
so you actually won this podcast Castle yeah I mean he looks super fat between fights
I actually think he could make 185 185. kiss you out of shape and hit with her
stupid [ __ ] so I guess he’s hitting the button big handy guy for sure foreign
ERS they have to they have to stop the fight because of the amount of blood in the canvas and the fight got stopped
this guy from Denmark I forgot his name it was him in a five rounder versus
another guy in the main event in case I know who you’re talking about uh what’s his name yeah this drunk with the guy
with the back tattoo he’s a drunk too like actually recognized by him
yeah yeah that fight got to stop because of the amount of blood Margo that was like
I mean I don’t think it was that bad but I think Margo that was like I’m going to fail to fit to fell down or something a
little like look like an idiot you know what I mean maybe yeah I think I stopped the fight to protect himself not the
fighters it wasn’t that that bad but it was a lot of blood
and yeah football is back after seven months of walking through the desert
football is back yeah should be a fun season you look
like a [ __ ] intellectual with that pen up there or whatever it is I am
one of those it’s a good question I don’t know
Martin who’s who’s Bradley Martin the big bodybuilder guy
oh the guy that’s it he thought he would fight an idea [Music]
didn’t you answer that question already in the podcast what did I say you said yes
I’ll say yes now you are adopting yourself not good not good brother
right now I prefer to watch NFL but soccer here is huge like I played my whole life soccer soccer indoor
everything I’m good at playing soccer everybody is here I think that the average soccer player in the street here
moves the floor with everyone around the world honestly perk up maybe I maybe
Brazil it’s up there but the rest of the world you got nothing for us in the streets of soccer
you guys ever gonna watch along yeah remember I wonder who hates everyone he’s in his
hater face so I don’t know
also I think we will have like a 10 second discrepancy or something it happens all the time I think my stream
is later so I’m not sure I’m not sure it can be
we already talked about that man yeah we did
I don’t know who that is a guy from the Spanish Federation of sugar that kissed a woman in the in the in the lips like
one of them World Cup and all that we’ve covered like every every trending topic
in the news I think yeah wait until I just have my political affairs
best comment the best comment I got when I tweeted that you got a banned from Twitter it was someone saying who am I
going to get my Central African War news yeah he’s a subscriber great guy great guy
she’s my guy that’s the funniest [ __ ] ever I live I’m going to keep tweeting the same things
well I think I I have like I’m I mean obviously I I have like over 9 000 followers or whatever and I got more
rich but I think right now with 100 170 700 I probably have like 75 80 percent
they’re rich like I see the views the twits are doing I don’t know if they are they are you know what I mean if I had a
lot of not active people following or if I was just Shadow underwater but they are doing similar moments will be all
right my entire network is working so I don’t give a [ __ ] if they cancel me
okay fair enough what do you know about Brazil Hilario this guy pretends to know everything and he’s just a Mexican
I don’t this yeah we are much better at this point Mexico and Brazil whoever you
want and there is no way you’ve been to Brazil everybody knows Mexicans don’t have planes
when we went there we took all the planes from the Aztecs
all right let’s wrap this thank you guys for tuning in it
follow Magic’s new account um yeah like the previous one it was my
game how do you say this low bar underscore underscore lover looks sounds good yeah it does sound good makes sense
okay it was my game underscore MMA before and now it’s my game underscore MMA bets
and yeah I’ll be here all week uh good luck this weekend and we’ll see
you next week