well hello and welcome to the wing in podcast where my man has forgotten to comb his hair because it’s all looking
like the rocks at Vasquez Rocks in California this is how I comb it these days man what are you talking about this
is all I do dude that’s fake that’s a fingers wave thing man what is that John
I haven’t used a comb or a brush in maybe 20 years I swear to God having
music no come on this is all I do brush on your head feels great John I don’t
touch him really no no that’s the problem now what do you mean that’s the problem
what do you mean this John you don’t touch any of those things your hair
stays the same time you wake up I see they just kind of stick it’s the same thing 60 years it’s been there like that
yeah it’s not changing see for me like I let it just do whatever it wants to do and yeah I just kind of temper it the
way if it’s going that way I let it go that way yeah that’s a nice word you’re tempering yeah right I just let it go
the way it wants to go you’re so educated look we’re a little late today but let’s uh let’s not forget because while we’re late let’s go ahead and give
this an honorable mention everything because we were ready to go
it was two o’clock in the morning yeah I was ready and I was on this and you my
man we were sitting here talking and then we started saying what happened to Dave where’s Dave and then we started
calling David there was no answer and it was like damn I hope Dave is okay do you think Dave felsing no no David doesn’t
fall asleep no not Dave Dave’s one o’clock in the morning where he’s at it’s no big deal yeah Dave’s not a false
kind of Dave Dave what happened what happened baby well that’s why you got a new producer called Henry here today
it Henry came in from Home Depot
the most Lots he edges the edges the weeds he does it all man Henry’s a
multitasker around the house do some electrical works these Henry doesn’t fall asleep on the job oh man
but you know what Dave brought up a good point you can’t I say bro you were late he’s like I wasn’t late I
just never showed up I was like you’re right you can’t be late if you never show up oh no Dave be honest yeah what
time did you finally wake up and realize oh not long after you guys go off because I because I saw that they missed
calls or not and I was like ah crap and that’s like normally I don’t feel bad when like when like our our you know
when things don’t line up with us because we’re always all over the place all through this but the last night man I felt like absolute because of
that man it’s so horrible I think he was relieved when he texted me he’s like hey man I just I I was like I said don’t
worry man we get we get it I gotta be honest we weren’t bad yeah we were talking we were laughing about it we
were more concerned that wonder if you were okay or not yeah I was just concerned that you were not at a bar none yeah yeah I know yeah
well like throwing kids in the pill for about four hours and then
and I was like I have a sofa in my studio here so I was like laying on there I was laying on the cell phone
what are you doing I was like what are you doing show us the sofa come on come on Aaron show everyone the sofa all right don’t be shy there’s Dave
show us the sofa sofa’s like there it is oh it’s so comfortable yeah I’m just
gonna lay down here for a minute I won’t fall asleep you you know that sofa looks
like something you’d see in Hollywood where they sexual assault people that are interviewing
couch that’s a Harvey Weinstein Cassie Couch right there that’s what it is
Tanya’s the one that picked out that’s how you ended up with two babies
she had you lay down two babies later right there on
that couch get it my man get it oh no we we
were just more worried that you were all right and then once you sent me a text I was like ah now you’re cool I’m surprised you couldn’t me snoring in
Dallas up there I gotta be honest man John it’s painful to watch these
fights so late I mean oh I’m already an early riser right and like I’m telling you hey East
Coast is getting hammered it is so hard to wash these things and now you know see now you know especially last night
when we’re with the uh like the sh the fights the fights were not good last night I mean there was a couple stand-ups
because it was I mean there was a couple there was decision decision decision decision decision it was like oh come on
well someone finished here the worst part was like I’m gonna give an example real quick is the Ian Gary fight yeah
bro you could have got him out of there you were torturing me watching you just go through and I think hold on you know but you get
in and we’ll get into that fight but I do think he wanted to try to torture
his opponent yeah I know but I guess
but here’s the thing is it really just kind of made me feel like you couldn’t finish him
that’s what it made me feel like we’ll talk about it let’s let’s look but before we start off on any of the the
fight card stuff but let’s go ahead and get right into max Holloway put out something go ahead Dave why don’t you read it real quick and then uh John yeah
I’m sure the whole world knows at this point about the fires in Hawaii really sad and uh Maui which is horrible being
there um one of the most gorgeous places ever um max holiday comes out and he um made
a comment about everything that’s going on in Lahaina no it’s heartbreaking uh you hear the stories you hear everything
I don’t know if you’ve been following the news in any way but here the state the government is so many levels I’m
straight up gonna see it they failed the people of Lahaina and it’s kind of heartbreaking when it felt like they
were lollygagging too after everything happened the people the Hawaiian people the locals there they’re the ones that
stood up that took the responsibility they are helping and are still helping as we speak it’s super heartbreaking
all right so on my side I don’t know about you on your side John but I’ve got a lot of friends that are from Hawaii
from you know a lot of friends that are from Lahaina yeah so yeah they run yeah
it’s ugly it’s not only ugly just the way that they handled it at all the fires broke out and what did they do
they sent the kids home they’re from school there was incompetence that led
to people being in situations that they never should have I don’t care about the property look I’m being honest I mean if
if it’s my property yeah I care but you know you can property is property and
human life is something else and you know I think right now Josh they have
somewhere right around a hundred verified deaths and when you’re talking about verified deaths you’re talking
because they have identified those people this is gonna get way up there this is
going to be in the high hundreds up to a thousand people this is way above what people are
understanding right now from what I’ve been told from people that live there it’s unbelievable and part of it is you
know they’re having a hard time moving things because they have people that have been burnt and they’re they want to
identify them they don’t want to you know uh to serve the body make a make a mistake
and disrupt something where they can’t identify them it’s a horrible position to be in but you know when you see I I
don’t know you know it’s if you’re unlucky enough to be in big fires I’ve been in big fires
I I’ve told everyone throughout my life dude I’ll I’ll swim in the ocean with
sharks I which I do I’ll do all those things I don’t with fire I can’t hurt fire and man I’ll tell you what if
you’ve ever been in a big fire which I have it is the scariest goddamn thing because
it’s you are burning when you’re there it’s so hot the air
you can’t breathe it’s unbelievable and it’s unbelievable how fast a fire moves
so I feel so bad for the people there in line and the fact that I mean they stop
you know people have been trying to reach out and and donate things and do things and they’re stopping that it’s like what the frick help these people
that’s when the the locals took it in the upon themselves to start doing things on themselves by bringing the
boats in through a different channel to get the the materials to the people that need it so what I’ve read so far is that
FEMA is out of money this is the okay look without getting too political guys what did they just
give to Ukraine thank you I have I have American citizens who
have been freaking just destroyed and you’re giving things across the world
way to go this is the one of the most upsetting things look I like I said I’m
not trying to get political I’m simply saying we’re sending billions to another country we have Americans Hawaiians
people that need our help and they’re stopping even locals from bringing in
product bringing in food bringing in water they’re having to do it through a different Channel why I don’t understand
this at all I can’t wrap my head around it and the sheriff the um the chief of
police yeah chief of police though they’re not even allowed they’re not they’re not allowing any media to come in and ask questions or answer any
questions they’re not doing anything they will give people any type of
um confirmation of what the hell is going on and so that’s the saddest part to me is
then I mean like I said without getting political the administration is went
reached out and said yeah we’ll give every family 700 per person what did we just send to Ukraine we sent
over a hundred billion dollars what are we doing what are we doing as a
country this drives me absolutely insane we don’t take care of our own I feel for Max I feel for every person that has
been involved in this every person that lost somebody every American that is on that island
right now my heart’s broken for you guys I wish there was some other way we could help I wish we could do more for you
guys and I from what I understand like they’re not even taking in shipments
anymore they’re not allowing outside stuff to come in I have no idea why what would be the reasoning behind that
please someone in the comments explain to me maybe you’ve got some some other reason why we’re not allowed to get
blankets clothes I mean all these things I’ve donate I’ve donated a ton of like clothes that I had like old fight shirts
not they’re still brand new in the packages but just stockpiles of stuff that I had I donated at all supposed to
be going out there to Maui but they’re saying that they don’t even know if it’s gotten there because they can’t get it
to anybody there to deliver it to people yeah um my heart breaks for all of them like
I said I’ve got a lot of friends that uh live there that live that are on Maui that are on Oahu on in the Big Island
all those things they said like it’s just it’s one of the most corrupt areas right now in terms of politics and it’s sad it’s sad to see I
don’t know what’s going on nobody knows what’s going on um but you can see that
that no these go ahead really these Realtors
these corporate people they’re not gonna let a catastrophe go to waste they’re
reaching out to families trying to buy their properties they’re trying to do whatever they can to make money these
these people haven’t even more in jail over the fact that some of their families lost it’s really sad it’s really sad this is what it’s come to
this part of what you know their entire families have been destroyed and it’s
you have I think they’ve had I want to say 11 suicides now of people who have
lost their families and have now taken their lives because of it it’s a serious
problem and they need to do something to John try to help the people do you you know what I want to get back to
is is horrible as horrible as September 11th was September 12th was amazing yeah
you never saw this country in my in my lifetime I never saw this country United
more so than that day and I don’t that’s we need to get back to that I don’t care
what it takes I don’t I like I said I’m not trying to get too political I don’t want to get into all this Democrat
Republican I want to just go right to the fact that like if we stick together black white asian Hispanic doesn’t
matter all nationalities if we stick together there’s no one that can beat us we can
be strong enough to do anything helping Maui is the one of the easiest things that we can do
that it just doesn’t make any sense I can’t understand why we can’t unify to help them and get get more resources to
them as soon as possible and making sure that they are not put out for too long I mean I’ve seen videos of them you know
trying to flee the fire in the ocean oh yeah it’s it’s sad it really is sad horrible my heart goes out to them and I
hope that hopefully we get them more than 700 here pretty damn soon that’s what I hope all right look um
like I said let’s move on I don’t wanna I I can I can talk about this all night if I don’t want to
um I wanna let’s move on let’s go right into uh let’s talk about something yeah let’s talk about some fights we’re going
to get into some fights you want to talk let’s talk UFC first then we’ll go to pfl absolutely let’s go right to the UFC
well we have the the fan wait go ahead I’m sorry no do you want to talk about the main event first sir absolutely
let’s talk about the manager let’s go let’s go you know I want to say there’s there was a lot of good things here and
it was funny because we were texting just as the fight started and you told me
John I got a feeling Sean O’Malley’s going to get done tonight yeah yeah right and I was like well you know I’d
love to see that happen but not too sure it’s gonna happen right well you were right I was wrong
and it’s hey it is part of you know what you know occurs in fighting and you see
things at times damn how’s that better I’m always
slapping things so anyways it’s a matter of gone do it again again what the hell
is that how’s that better no no no
there we go there you go Sean O’Malley when he walked into that
cage he did look nervous you know it was funny because Dan Cormier picked it up too and I was like he looks nervous and
I was talking with another guy you know the judge’s voice in the end uh he said he goes he looks nervous I said yeah he
does and I said look big moment I mean this is pressure it’s all about how you
handle the pressure and then aljamin Sterling you know came out
looked like he was pretty relaxed but it was and I said it to you in the first thing
I probably would have given you know al-jamin the first round just based upon that last little bit because it was very close it was leg kicks compared to you
know every now and then you know a nice jab or something by O’Malley but it was the the movement and the footwork
of Sean O’Malley and I told you this dude his footwork is beautiful right now his lateral movement and the way he’s
controlling that distance is giving algemane problems and that was what led
to the Finish because if you look at he got algeman to overextend algeman overextends trying to land a
left hand and he goes right over the top once he’s extended out he’s stuck there there’s nowhere for him to go
and it was a beautiful right hand over the top that and aljamin saw it coming you know I was one of those ones when
you know you know you see it you go oh that’s gonna hurt and you know and it puts you down and he went after him and
I’ve heard all kinds of things about you know it was an early stoppage I don’t believe it was he actually went out at
one point got brought back again yeah you can watch it he uh he came back in but he did get put
out he comes back in he’s fighting but it was a matter of it all got to the point where when he’d rolled it looked
like he was starting to cover up and that’s when the stoppage came but it wasn’t going to change he was going to take more abuse in it
it’s one of those you look and you go you never know this is why you fight the
fight because I really the way that aljamin was able to come into other guys
that are good Strikers into range and get his hands on people and do good work
it was not there he was struggling against the distance and control of Sean
O’Malley and I don’t blame him look that’s not an easy thing to deal with and sometimes you don’t know how bad
it’s going to be until it’s there and then he was struggling with it but man I tell you what I want to give Al
Jermaine a ton of credit because like he handled that loss and he handled it like
the champ that he is he said the right things you know like he actually said in
the game something about well you know are you going to move to 45 and he goes
Sean O’Malley can do that Alexander volkanovski can do it too so I’m gonna have to rethink some things
but look he’s fought beautifully in the last couple of years it’s a loss if it’s the you know
if it’s the loss of the title then you know I’m sure that bothers him but man he handled it like a champ and uh
he was good champ while he was holding the belt he fought the best guys there so that’s the thing about being champ
man you’re always going to fight the next guy up that is man they’re they’re looking for it it’s not easy to continue
that run I got a long ways to go let’s go all the way back to the Peter yawn fight and
what did I say during that fight after the after even though he got the win it’s very controversial Sean O’Malley gets to win over Peter Young and I say
to myself I don’t think that he won but but he’s super impressed with us we’re
super impressed with his performance because he had fought pretty much nobody up until then I mean he fought chitovera
but Cheeto wasn’t where he was ranked at now when he fought him so it was like kind of like they were both kind of in
that little area of like hey we break it we lost the Cheeto I know but I’m saying though is that when he cheetah was the toughest guy he fought but Cheeto wasn’t
ranked where he is now Cheetos started making gains after that where Sean he made gains also but he’s also for Sean
it was more of a business decision on who he fought at those times he made sure that he tried to get the easiest
fights he could for the amount of money he was making brilliant I mean we talked about that and said hey he’s being smart
yeah I mean he handled look he has handled his career phenomenally right now I mean everything
I’ve seen him do right now he’s he’s at the top of the food chain right now he’s done it all very very well and who’s to
sit back and go man who am I to tell him how to do anything this kid’s doing it all he’s doing it
all right um I look at where he came from after the Peter John fight I don’t know what it was but I also know that I’ve been
there before it was a little bit of a switch where you’re like wow I can really compete with these guys I can
beat these guys it’s that switch that confidence is key kind of situation we’ve always talked about that switched
to me after that fight he realized even though he’s he got lucky I wouldn’t say
he got lucky he skated by on that on that decision he got the win it was a close fight he was a close it was a
close fight he got the win so good for you have to win but this lets you know that there’s that little bit of him
getting that win understanding like I can stop this guy’s takedown sure I gotta take a knock I was able to get back up several times I was able to
strike with him I was able to hurt him I was able to do all these things this guy was putting it on aljo the
first fight he’s like yeah and then he can’t you know I’ll just came back in the second fight and had had great great success yes against him but it was a you
know it was a good fight the second fight but aljo was able to Nodge out and get the win that confidence that he has shown since
then he’s at another level now he understands how good he is and what I saw also was
right from the beginning I saw the the hesitation of algeman Sterling because of the speed and the reach of Sean
O’Malley and since we have started this podcast what did I say about body types
This Tall long and lanky body type is perfect for this sport Anderson Silva
Jon Jones Luke rockhold Sean O’Malley guys that are built like this for their
weight classes and Tall long and Corey sandhagen they’re they’re problems their problems Israel their problems uh Alex
but they’re problems for people they are problems because of the reach the speed and most of the time they got
power as we saw last night this little 135 pounder he got some crack you know and so when when you’re a wrestler
trying to get in close that distance the hesitation on the feet you can see that aljo was very uncomfortable right off
the bat of the speed of Sean O’Malley the accuracy of his push kick the accuracy of his jab the quick one-two
combinations and getting out and circling never letting his feet settle in front of him he fought a beautiful
fight now he said oh I kind of hurt my rib a little bit whatever it was you know and
he was he didn’t grapple for six weeks yeah but let me just be honest with you that might have been a good thing
because as I’ve started to think about this right is we spent half our camp trying to get
better at the things that will help stop the person we’re fighting instead of getting better at the things that we do and so I’m like thinking to myself this
guy spent more time using this footwork he spent more time yeah exactly sticking and moving
stepping off doing different combinations off of that movement learning how to face yeah his face
faints in faint Out close the distance he landed that shot so beautifully he was just right right outside of range I
mean I gotta be honest he did a better one con he did it better than Conor did against Jose Aldo Conor got hit against
Jose Aldo this guy he slipped right out of position probably about an inch inch and a half then came right back in with
the beautiful right hand sat him to his face beautifully done by Sean O’Malley everything that he has done
it’s led him to where he is right now he’s the champ he is the champ there’s new there’s a new boss in town as Michael Jordan used to say when he’d
walk in to you know to train him with Magic Johnson Larry Bird and those guys nope there’s a new boss in town There’s
a new boss in town he’s he’s the guy right now um everything he did last night and his
marketability all of those things now John he called out Cheeto I get the
Cheeto situation Cheetos deserves it but where do you put marab as a number I
deserve it yeah but where do you put Corey sandhagen of course beat cheat though just beat Cheeto you’ve got two
guys two guys that have just beat Rob font I got two guys I got two guys I got you
and you have Henry sahuto in there trying to try to get a shot saying you’re not even the best person
in the state you live in look if if I’m Sean O’Malley though I
mean I kind of believe the guy you want to fight is maybe Henry because he’s he’s smaller
he’s a good wrestler he’s a good wrestler but so is aljo the speed and the reach is going to give Henry some
problems I mean maybe that’s the guy you want to fight plus I also think the marketability of Henry sudo I think I
think him uh Olympic gold medalist two two Division champion like I would take
Henry with the big money fight over Moab and over Cheeto now I understand the other with the Chito thing he wants that
back but I’m thinking Henry but apparently he’s not I don’t know I don’t know what his name is look at the one guy if I was
if I was in Sean’s Camp which obviously I’m not but the one guy that I would say we’re gonna put him off down the road
it’s Corey yes Cory matches up very well with him matches up in the stand-up
matches up on the ground he matches up pretty well I say you say
put it off but I say I want that fight next that’s the fight I want to see next because the two of them they’re
holding this you want to see that yeah I know you want it if I’m a coach I’m saying let’s let’s go ahead and avoid him for a second there you go that’s
what I said if I if I’m in you know O’Malley’s you know Camp I’m like no I don’t need that fight right now can I
throw this in there a little bit though yeah marab has been waiting patiently yeah
but when you say patiently he’s been waiting there saying I don’t want to fight for the title okay my friend yeah
I guess it’s okay I’m okay with it I was just got finished
Mirage should be number next in line and Rob just still he’s still shot O’Malley’s jacket there’s a little bit
of markability there um but you have that fight now I want to know well algerman certainly be as patient as
marab was waiting for the title if Murad wins the title is he going to wait around is he gonna be like hey I’m gonna
go ahead and just let my guy do his thing while I fight all the normal contenders I think this is where you’re gonna run
into like if like Al Jermaine has got his thing you know he’s mad at you and me
that’s fine yeah but he’s a quality person he really is you you look at him
I don’t know him and you go hey he’s got his together yeah he’s gonna come at people that you
know he thinks they’re you know in some way dissing him or not agreeing with what he did or something like that but
everything that I see he has stayed mostly you know with the same training Partners the same camp overall he’s gone
different places you know to test the waters and see different things which every guy should but he’s loyal and I think he’s very
loyal to Morocco and I think he would do the same thing that barab if Rob ended up being champion
I honestly think that aljo would do it the same way all right well I mean we’re gonna find
out I think yeah we will because if I’m the UFC so aljo don’t prove me wrong
if I’m the UFC though I’m thinking morob’s up next so then that automatically probably puts
that probably puts algebra going to 145. but if you’re the UFC is that the fight that’s gonna be look you can look at it
right now hold on hold on just tell me this you saw that crowd and no matter
what there’s always you know good Fighters that don’t have that X Factor
Sean O’Malley’s got it he’s got it people love that guy they love the
attitude they love the way he fights they love the way he presents himself even outside of fighting and so the UFC
doesn’t get these kinds of guys so often they have it with Israel Israel is a big
seller they had it with McGregor we just you
know things have happened and you know injuries and then you saw that and so he hasn’t fought in a long time
they have it now with Sean O’Malley and with Sean O’Malley you’re looking and you’re going what’s
the biggest fight that I could make is it murab or is it against the guy that
we have footage of beating Shadow Valley and we can get Sean O’Malley possibly getting
revenge on him what’s gonna what’s gonna be your bigger seller I honestly think the Henry’s Judo
is a bigger seller it might be he might be and look at it the one thing about Henry Henry can sell a fight Henry
will talk his ass off you know he already look he already started saying look you’re the second best fighter in the state you live in
you know you know in the bantamweight division there you go nice line yeah nice line you know I’m not not too sure
it’s the truth but nice line I mean it’s hard to give Henry the title
shot though coming off of a loss you know and Rob’s rights Corey sanhagen and Corey sandhagen yep
so so you could put Mo Rob and and Corey sandagan together and Cheeto and
O’Malley together no I think what you would do is you would put you would put marab and Henry
suudo like it was supposed to be two wrestlers gonna have to get after each other that’s the fight I want to see and
then you put Sean O’Malley either against Corey sanhagen or Chito and I think if marketability wise you’re
probably gonna put him against Chito because he’s already got the win over him yep but for me as a total fight nerd
nerd I want to see the Corey stanahan fight because Corey sanhagen is the
sniper he’s a super they’re both nice they are but Corey’s I look at Cory’s
mom there’s certain times that you can watch fights and this is you know the way it
was when Connor fought Eddie Alvarez look at Eddie Alvarez is a freaking dog
he’s a great fighter he is and man he’s come he’s he’s shown so much heart in so
many fights but in that fight when he lost his lightweight title to Conor he was just
outmatched at everything he just couldn’t do anything right he’s just a fight so he didn’t fight smart at all he
didn’t he didn’t but nothing worked it’s just you know it was all everything Conor did
made it look easy you know and he would sit there and he would he would get Eddie to you know swing at him he would
just take a step back get just a minute here comes the shot you go
man range control distance control and that
counterability Landing the big shot the only difference was one did it with a left hand while Sean O’Malley was doing
at the right hand because that was the same thing that you were seeing against aljo for only you know around and a half
if that but he was just he was so in control of
the range and his footwork was so good and the
faints that he was doing was just they had Al Joe guessing and you don’t want to be guessing they’re out there
fighting no I get it I get it I understand what you’re talking about like so let’s like so if we’re talking about what’s next
does aljo get the automatic rematch yes or no I don’t think so I only so either being honest I don’t think especially
off of what happened in that fight and the way it happened you know the first round was you know
I’ll give it to aljo would you but it’s yeah but it’s I mean it’s because of that last little bit because really
nothing happened but when you’re looking at it it’s this it was a smart round for
O’Malley I’ll give up that round to get my reads to get my distance to understand exactly
what is happening and then put just a little bit of doubt in Al Joe’s
mind about oh this is not quite the same that I was doing seeing in practice and all these
things so you know yeah you may have lost the round and you know the judges as far as oh because it was so close you
know and it was a close round this is you know this is why you need a 10 point you know nine five ten and then nine
five because that no one deserves a full point on that one but I look at that and I go
that was so close not a whole lot of action and then the the whole
part of the footwork and the setup and then knocking them out you know that’s
you got to get you got to give it that’s not what you’re going to give an automatic rematch to it’s got to be more
than that my opinion but I have a question though we often talk on here about hey this guy deserves an automatic rematch because because of what he’s
done in the division he’s been championing for this division has too many whoa whoa whoa whoa let me finish
let me finish go ahead okay I apologize is it we talk about that because it’s based on the fact that like all the talk
up to this one he’s the best bantamweight that has ever existed no who said that I do not hear the whole
oh I hear the the the marketing we you and I had a conversation last show about he might he he was potentially better
than dogs he’s not up there with dom as much okay
I like Al Joe and I said that but so the conversation though the UFC and the dces
and everybody else was that we’re basically saying that he is considered to be probably up there with the top guy
being the number one band I’m Wayne of all time no I love like I like algae I
know he doesn’t like me but I like aljo I think he’s phenomenal you can’t go
through the the division the way that he went through it and and he made a lot of
it look easy and in this division it’s the most dominant
division in the sport he has been phenomenal but I don’t I still don’t think he’s better than Dom I don’t think
I mean Domino obviously is older and we’re comparing like well yeah I can’t compare him now with dom now but when
Dom was in his prime and aljo’s in his prime I’m probably still gonna say I Dom was
the guy that I would have gone with but I could have been wrong will Don been away for so long and still coming back and be
able to beat guys like TJ yeah you know um and then TJ like I put TJ and maybe
in him probably in the same category you know I might even put aljo a little bit ahead of TJ given the the
positive tests those are things that I look at like and I’m sorry I’ve done that for for every
Champion that has tested positive I look at it that way so and and all Joe’s never tested
positive and he deserves all the respects in the world for not testing positive and so if I’m going to put someone ahead of somebody I’m gonna
probably put aljo ahead of everyone else except for probably Dom you know okay
um I mean so where does aljo go from here or yeah where does algebra go from here and where does O’Malley go from here
I’ll just got to make a decision on you know he was he was definitely looking towards going to 145. do I think he’s
going to do it now I don’t no I don’t I don’t think he’s going to and I don’t think he should I think he you know the
only question is and only he knows in his his uh coaches know how how is his
weight cuts how bad are they or you know it wasn’t smart for him to think about going there anyways John
and I don’t well look at vulcanovski is a bad decision
for anybody let’s just be honest okay he said I’m gonna go to 145 so I
can take on vulcanovski good choice no that dude is a monster
now he is one of the most dominant Fighters there is in the sport and he’s
just getting better all the time you know he’s improving so no I didn’t think that was the the wise choice but I
understood it you know hey you know try to make something happen try to you know you know go take him on okay take on the
monster but I think Altra still has a place and I think he could come back and get that title back he has that skill
set either he is a dominant Grappler when he is on the ground with people stand-up wise you know
again he’s okay he’s obviously you know not in Sean O’Malley’s you know league as far as being able to stand and
control things you know the way that O’Malley is but it’s not bad and he’s always you know working and getting
better at it but his ground game is so good he can beat anyone If he if he hits the ground look at San Hagen yeah who’s better
who’s better than the stand-up sanhagen or Al Joe yes of course no doubt Corey but hits the ground look at what happens
no I agree I agree with that um I mean like I’m looking forward to why don’t we
see this fight why don’t we see either Henry vs morav or we see Henry versus aljo
because we just saw Henry versus aljo see it again both of them coming off losses
all right well Henry Henry vs Rob makes sense yeah that’s a good he does I agree
with that it does and that was already scheduled and then it fell through yeah so let’s go ahead and I mean if you see
the Henry versus The Mirage and then you have Corey’s already lost to to aljo maybe you can get it back try to get
there and you have Cheeto fight but where does that lead Peter yawn yeah Peter Yan’s on the outside right
now yeah yes yep yep coming off what three straight losses
two down Joe one to uh one to Sean O’Malley yeah three straight locks got one win in between there to Corey
sandhagen so that puts it right there and then you go well that’s crazy yeah this guy’s so dominant he lost to aljo
then he oh he’s sorry he beat he beat Corey that’s right beat Corey Corey then he lost to aljo lost a shot O’Malley and
lost to oh that’s right I forgot about the Murad fight yeah my shorts are memories
[Laughter] um we know why yeah yeah
um this is such a stack Division I mean like I really can’t complain on where they decide to go with it but I’m gonna
go back to the Sean on my life situation Rashawn the confidence in which he grown and
he’s grown since fighting Peter yawn and getting that you saw that his whole demeanor the week of the fight all the
interviews the questions all the things the way he presented himself he handled it so well
John one person was one person was in aljo was talking about going to 145
um you know just kind of like this is you know this is kind of my my farewell
to this division one song yeah you know when I’m done mopping up this kid I’ll
let him know who there’s levels to this game that kind of situation and the other one was very
you know whatever happens happens I’m gonna go out there I’m gonna do what I can knock him out I’m sure you know he’s
gonna be on SportsCenter you know it’s
charm alley knockout in the first round whatever it is yeah poop stain
album Jermaine Sterling is what he called him but it was it was like he’s got he’s got something man he’s got
the hit Factor but let me let me let me wrap this up and uh let me wrap this whole thing up in a perspective of from
a promotion standpoint yes I’m having him fight probably Marlon
Vera or Henry suhuto one of those two guys I’m having a fight I’m not having him fight marab
there’s a good chance Robin I’m not having to fight Corey sand here there’s a good chance he loses to morob
I don’t know I look at the Corey fight I think it’s a 50 50 fight okay I agree I but I’m not taking that
chance if I’m a promoter that’s what I said it all depends on what you want you know so
I think look he when he walked to the cage he said he was nervous the whole
week of the fight every video I saw all I saw was a young man that was focused
he seemed laser focused on what his job was whereas aljo was on the other
Spectrum I’m gonna do this I’m gonna show him there’s levels I’m gonna go to 145 I’m gonna fight for the title there
his mind was in another Direction and look after two or three defenses of
a title your mindset is this is way easier than I thought it would be and you’re having success
whereas Sean O’Malley hasn’t had that success yet his toughest fight was against Peter yawn
I mean you know Marlin was a tough fight but I’m saying like in terms of level of competition to get him to that next
title shot or whatever was get in there it was it was Peter John and
if I’m a promotion I’m thinking a hundred percent I’m getting them in the Cheeto fight or I’m getting in the uh or
the I’m getting in the Henry fight those are the two biggest names in the division that will make me the most amount of money the only thing that I’m
not allowing is what Sean O’Malley was talking about the most in his press conference
and he’s not fighting Javonte Davis
yeah you won’t have a champion anymore man he’ll get knocked the out oh my
God yeah I don’t get it why why are we doing this Jesus why is it that MMA guys think that
they can go over and fight world-class boxers no it’s so
it it’s like it’s like the bodybuilders that think they can fight John I’ve said this I don’t know how
many times I’ve sparred with Robert the ghost Guerrero and and he he got he got he got tooled up by Mayweather and to
think like and and when I spar with Robert I was his first four rounds every time I start with him of 12 rounds of
sparring that he did with a fresh guy every four rounds so he would just he was using me for warm warm enough yeah
and by the first second round I was putting it on him I was tattooing him up by third and fourth round I’m lucky I
had to get knocked off you didn’t even know what a tattoo was bro he me up it was embarrassing like I remember
on Wednesday he hit me with a clean shot he stepped out to the side hit the corner I turned right into a
straight left and Bop I was like my legs went all stinky on me I was doing the
Zab Judah on ice skates it was embarrassing it was embarrassing
but he was so nice he’s like you all right man I’m good I’m good I’m good let’s go let’s go he’s like bro you all
right this guy fought at 126 pounds he put me on Stanky Leg I’ve been
hit by a cost check I’ve been hit by Fitch I’ve been hit by Paul bonatello Mike Kyle all these guys Luke
rockhold just that dude he rung my bell he me up with one
little quick shot look at you got guys that are what they do is work those two
hands two tools that’s all they do yeah and you think oh you’re gonna sit there and just walk in and be able to fight
with me no stop John I was straight out of Chris Tucker which way which one of y’all hit me it was I
threw a combination who on the outside hit me I was like I was like where’d he go like in the movie uh Top Gun
where did who go I turned around boom boom I was like oh he
he had to stop for a second you’re all right I was like yeah I’m good I’m good okay I got it yeah yeah my legs went
straight I couldn’t get my balance I was like it’s like you good you’re going oh yeah yeah you better get up off
the ground yeah I wasn’t on the ground but it was man it was brutal he hit
me with a clean uh shot Bam um but overall I think um I was gonna
have to they’re not gonna get him not first off from promotion standpoint aljo is you can see with the you can see
that I wouldn’t say they’re not happy with him he just wasn’t the ticket seller they wanted to be Champion yeah
you have that conversation about Fighters you see it all the time some of those Fighters just don’t lose they keep
winning and it pisses the UFC off because like I can’t Market this guy I can’t sell this guy the public does not they’re just not interested in him
I was just it seems like a very good guy John you you know him more than I do
um and look if he he’s I don’t know great you know but he’s but he’s he’s friends with Frankie he’s friends with
all those guys over in the uh he’s friends with all those guys they’re great they’re great guys
to each other exactly I love master I love Chris Wyman I love Frankie
Yeager those like those are like three of my favorite people you know what I mean so um he’s got to be a good guy
he’s got to be a good guy I know he doesn’t like I said I know he doesn’t like you and I right now but man now Joe
all right that’s right I got nothing but love for you I know that you were mad at me over some comments I made and you
know joking around with you and stuff but hey brother I I expect you I expect him 100 to be back and I expect him 170
back fighting for the title I don’t know if they’re gonna automatic title shot though but I think he’ll be back 100 uh
let’s go to the next one Willie Zhang taking on Amanda lamos this is the one that put podcast Dave to
sleep it was it’s not the almost put me to sleep John I almost fell asleep too
by round three I was like gosh get up and walk around but it was just domination let’s just be honest you know
nothing against Amanda Lambert she’s tough she’s got power but she was not
ready for the complete package and the athleticism of Whaley Zhang Whaley just
did what she wanted throughout that entire fight but I will give it to Amanda Lambert she hung in there she
took a lot of abuse at times she didn’t mark up too much but she took a lot of abuse did not quit never gave up but you
could see as the rounds went by you could see the just all the energy of her was just
dropping with each one like I don’t know what to do you know I can’t stop what she’s doing
and you can take a look what Whaley did as far as you know her takedowns and the
in the varieties dude she hit that inside trip like she was Henry sahuto you know that’s where she lives I know
and she hit that and I went well look at there Henry you know and it was beautifully done and you go oh my God
you know and she just a different technique every time and it was just too
much yeah what it is is that as Fighters get better you start seeing
their progressions in terms of how they chain the things together and they make it look so fluid she hit the she had a
combination against the fence I can’t remember what round it was I want to say it was round three she snatched single she’d step back she ran the pipe
sat her right to her ass and just dominated from the top position she made it look seamless it was beautifully done
and it was it was easy but it’s because of the technique that she used to get it there she hit it with the combinations
she wasn’t thinking about you know um defending the legs she just covered her head with her hands next you know she
snatched singles she pulled the single that’s why he called a snatch single she pulled the single to her broke her
balance a little bit and then she put all of her weight down on that thigh and sat her right to her butt and then just dominated the top position for
the rest of the round she was phenomenal like my only gripe about it all was like
she could have got her out of there now I know the limos is tough I’m gonna go in I’m gonna I’m gonna ride hard
in the painting as Ian Gary this guy this guy but the Whaley
Zhang and the in the limos fight I get it Lemos is super tough she’s tough she’s durable you know all of those
things Whaley’s got to work a little bit more on finishing the fight submission wise but I’m gonna give her a pass on
that because I don’t know how much Dimension Game she has I know that she’s developed in the wrestling I know she has good stand up she’s got power she’s
got all those things a good ground pounds her good elbows all of those things but when that stuff’s not getting through enough because all the person
has to do is defend by covering their their face with their forearms you’ve got to start working on side chokes
taking the back you know neon belly like neon belly doing ground a pound but let them roll away take their back from
there whatever it is you’ve got to work on something different to get to those positions to finish the fight and
outside of that man but really like she’s she has progressed so much because of from what I can see from
Henderson now I don’t know how much Henry is involved as of now but I know she spent a lot of time with Henry
during uh her last two fights that she was with John Wood now John Woods
phenomenal phenomenal you know um in Las Vegas he doesn’t get enough credit no he doesn’t
yeah but he’s a fantastic coach and that’s who she’s been working with so
she she has continued obviously she works her ass off they say that she’s always at the pi you know living in
Vegas there she you know has John Wood come up she either goes to the pi or she
goes to Syndicate but she is progressing and she’s getting better because she’s
always athletic super fast very strong very athletic but it’s the techniques
that you see her applying now and the way she does it at times is like damn that was that was really nice that
was beautifully done and I agree with you the one thing that I would expect now is
you just need to progress in setting up the Finish how do you get that finish
against something like that how do you how do you force them in the direction you want it to go so you can get the
side choke or get the you know rear naked well a couple times it looked like she was going to get there the only most
was able to you know defend the whole thing but I mean the it wasn’t close no
here’s the thing like I’ve said this I don’t know how many times women’s MMA are stuck in the they’ve surpassed the
Frank Shamrock era they’re past that but oh yeah well they’re in that mix of
the 2004 2006 era of The Ultimate Fighter Cost Check Fitch they’re in the
George St Pierre you’re in the George St Pierre kind of coming up right now and guess what Whaley Zhang is leading the
way oh yeah she’s leading the way like outside of that I mean like there was there’s um Valentina Alexa Grosso I mean
like she’s good she’s not I feel like there’s still something I got to see more on her I know that she got this the
submission against Valentina valentina’s been the Champ for so long it’s look
anyone’s been champ for a long time the motivational factor is yes it’s hard to get excited for everybody it’s exactly
exactly and if I’m Valentine I’m like man this girl she’s wearing number six there’s always she’s beating me
I’ve been mopping all these girls so it’s hard to get motivated and she she made a mistake she got caught we’re
gonna see what happens in the rematch um but no I look at way Lee Whaley has she
has breached that all she needs to do now is a little bit more submissions because she’s so good on the feet she got great cardio you
know she’s gonna be there on the fourth and the fifth you saw it against Johanna again Jay check you saw it against her and so I expect her to be that one that
kind of breaks that threshold to get the women’s females MMA into that almost the
current state of what it is now I mean they were behind but they’re making leaps and battles above they’re they’re
gaining so fast because they’re training with all these these uh these Fighters that are in the now you
know well I think I think a lot of what you’ve seen in women’s MMA though is you’ve seen there’s been such a
disparity in Talent there’s a there’s been the couple that were super good and they just dominated
you know the other Fighters there would be you know one or two that were close and then a you know a section of 10 or
so that were below them yeah and if you put them against them they’re just they’re there just wasn’t going to be
that ability to get past now you’re getting it to where it’s very much like
what the men is as far as they’re all competitive they’re all very competitive with each other and you’re seeing
there’s not a whole lot of uh superiority
I think way Lee is that person but she’s she has her Kryptonite too her Kryptonite is someone by the name of
Rose Nami yunus yeah and uh so there’s always going to be that person that gives you style wise
gives you problems but Rose’s Kryptonite is someone that can wrestle yes and so Whaley’s going out there and
trying to fix that see but I I was I I always looked at Rose she gave like
Carla she just she gave her too much respect yeah in the wrestling because she could wrestle too it’s just you you
gave too much to one person as far as allowing them to dictate the fight too much based upon their their
your preferred skill set next fight oh this is the one you want to talk
about so Ian Machado carry against Neil magni you know Neil magni taking the fight yes you say on a week’s notice but
he was training for this show it just changed opponents
who is he fighting before I’m not too sure I could find out Dave
can you look that up who is Neil magni supposed to fight before this um
look I have no why is it that Ian Gary hates Neil
magnet because I think Neil magazine I couldn’t I couldn’t fathom he wants to say he’s a scumbag it’s like dude bro he
he took the fight he took the fight so you can get paid show them answer some respect I know somebody else Stephen
Thomson turned it down Dana White no Dana White came out publicly and said did he turn it down
before turn it down that’s the fight that they had offered him they said no Dana said I offered him Stephen Thompson
Stephen Thompson will not be fighting Ian Gary He’s like Stephen Stephen Thompson’s already turned that fight down I offered him to fight it tonight
Jeff Neal Neo magnets no it’s supposed to fight Jeff Neo no Ian Gary was
supposed to fight Jeff Neal but who is Neil magni supposed to fight I don’t think he was supposed to find anybody he wasn’t on this card he was he
was they said he was training for that uh that show oh so can you look up who Neo
magni was supposed to fight on this car I’m trying to find it here I think okay yeah I mean look I I look at
I like Ian Gary I think he’s I think he’s perfect for the sport I think you’re gonna get he’s a little over the
top right now so hopefully dials it back a little bit it’s a little cringe when people talk yeah it’s a little crazy
what are you getting I’m getting like a sloppy seconds Conor McGregor okay that’s about you know and
I like Ian gear I think he’s I think Gary’s talented well I look at it a couple different ways he’s he’s better
looking than Connor okay he’s got a great fighting style he’s he’s uh I’m sorry but he’s bigger
than Conor which means he’s already more marketable he’s definitely bigger yeah he’s big I’m saying like those things
like if I was a 205 pounder I’d be a multi-millionaire
multi-multi-million if I was 205 pounder can you imagine if I had a fought you know if I was the if I thought the way
that I fought at 205 you take any guys you take you take though you take the guys at 155 145 you put volkanovsky it
in in a big man’s body and he has all the skills he has at 205. he’s
those guys up because we’re just better people we’re better Fighters than those 205 better people not better people
we’re better or well-rounded yeah we are women because you have to you have to be because we’re just better
athletes and better Fighters than those guys we are better let’s be honest because you can’t just because you can
run and jump hold on let’s just be just because just because basketball
players can jump and dunk doesn’t mean they’re better athletes than us it drives me crazy no they they couldn’t
run to the mailbox without getting tired are you are you okay those guys have you lost your mind those guys
man I will kick their leg one time and they’ll fall down that’s it those little chicken legs have you seen all those
basketball players oh the Cavs are like this big around I have small legs now
you’re kicking a basketball player hell yeah those guys up I will all them up I think it’s the funniest thing
that all this LeBron six eight six nine I don’t give a kick his leg one time he’ll fall down timber
I don’t think magni ever had an opponent prior no they thought they said that he stepped in look he just like that’s the
thing like I I look at what Ian Gary the stuff he was saying he’s a scumbag he’s like what did he say to get under your
skin that’s why two is he literally took the fight on short notice so you can get paid so they got
some respect after you beat him third I’m sorry but the guy took the fight on
one week’s notice and you didn’t get him out of there like you had him hurt in the first round
with leg kicks how surprised hold on how surprised were you
Josh the very first leg kick dropped him the old magni down the second late kick
knocked him down yeah it’s like wow I mean obviously there’s some power on it
because Neil’s been kicked before he he understands how to accept it and it actually put him on his ass a couple
times he he was never in that fight no he was
so out of touch with the range and everything in that fight that year I felt new I I I give him credit because
you know the frustration that you saw how he was he was perplexed it was like
Jesus Christ I can’t get close to this guy nothing to do when he did he wasn’t able to out out grapple him up
against cage or any of those things so I mean being Gary like look I like what he’s
doing marketability wise the trash talking all those things but afterwards the one that Conor did majority of the
time outside of the Habib thing was he showed respect to the guys he fought this guy was good this guy fought me
this way this guy even when he lost guy was talented God was this like the guy got in there and fought you do you know
how difficult it is it doesn’t matter I don’t care if I’m fighting I agree with you a guy is not even ranked that guy
stepped up and fought anybody that’s gonna stand across yeah that cage and walk forward and try to do to you
what you’re going to try to do to him you got to respect yeah I mean there’s only been one maybe two guys in my whole
career that I looked across the cage after the fight I was like yeah you I still don’t like you yeah Gary
he did the whole thing anyways um look but I
think you got to give it to him he looked great but if you’re the promotion what are you thinking I’m not worried about the performance
like if there’s one thing the UFC has has shown time and time again and Dana will say he goes they’re Fighters what
do they say you know they’re going to say things that’s just that’s they’re Fighters and
they he’s right you know yeah when when I remember look I
remember when when I was coming up I came out I threw a couple songs out there that I wanted to walk out to and Dan is like nope that’s different yeah
I’m like but it’s different different time they want to control that BJ Penn different times BJ Penn had songs and he
wanted to walk out to and they said no do you remember remember when he fought Jens pull over he had to come out to the
air of the night or whatever it was by Phil Collins is that is that the name of the song what is it called yeah
something in the air tonight yeah something in the air tonight whatever it was it was he came out they’re like we just need DJ because BJ would run out to
every he’d run out for like he’s like no we need him to stay up on the stage until until the Beat Drops and I’m
convincing yeah and I’m convinced to this day that that’s what cost him a fight
because he would have been in a rhythm had he got to the cage on the time that he was ready oh my God are you kidding
me that way John John just play along first Just Go With It just play along what
lost what lost BJ that fight let’s be honest cardio cardio yeah it was it was an arm bar
that he thought he had yeah right at the end of the round and he had I’ve got this it’s over and the round ends and
he’s like I gotta go fight deflated deflated done yep absolutely no I know
man I was within that whole training camp and I was like man this is sparring with him and stuff understanding like
what he was doing I was like man I don’t know but hey he was so good at the time man it’s so good yeah he was all right
enough enough bagging on Ian Gary I think he’s the future I think he’s got a lot of talent good but I’m gonna say
right now they train in the same gym him in shopkat and I would love to tell you how that
sparring goes but I can’t get enough to watch out if I but I know exactly how it goes I know how it goes to I’ve talked
to him so so I mean Ian Gary but if you’re eating get your mind right buddy no no no no no no
look at if you’re Ian Gary you’re doing things the right way you know you’re building you’re building your brand you’re looking fantastic in the fights
just keep doing what you’re doing and keep going back to camp and get better and everything and you’ve gotten you’ve
got some ground to make up you know you’ve got grounded makeup because there’s people that are in your camp
that are difficult to deal with right now so hey keep getting better he’s
doing the right thing we give also I mean you got a couple of Burns in that camp you’ve got uh come on Usman in that
camp you’ve got and you got Logan story over there who I know by Gary no I know I know I get it I understand but like
hey he’s he found he had to fight Usman I get what you’re saying okay look let’s
uh look without I don’t want to go through every single one of these fights that we’re a little bit of sleepers but
you got Batista versus black sheer you got marlovera versus I was really Munoz and you’ve got to be impressed go ahead
and yeah actually for a guy coming back a week later I really thought that was going to be a hard thing for him he
actually fought damn well it was a close fight uh he fought his ass off
lost the decision but I I really strong credit because coming back a week after a fight it’s too hard for fighters to
get the emotional roller coaster out of the way I agree and that’s exactly what happened what a week or two later was it
last week he fought right or two weeks ago yeah last week last week it’s a roller coaster your emotions your body
your mental it’s all prepared on that one night to fight look BJ Penn told me
this long time ago I think it was the first time I fought uh Governor Melendez he goes Josh
I remember because BJ used to come in and watch me spar with Gilbert early in the in in uh when Gilbert first started
coming to AK he’s like and he he would see Gilbert get the best of me almost all the time inspiring he just the
pressure the tenacity just the aggressiveness the power and his punches he’s like Josh you don’t got to be
better than him every single day in training you got to be better than him that night that’s it and just so happened I was better than him that
night these like these fights this is exactly with back chair you you build up
your eight-week Camp you’re six week ten week whatever it is your Camp is for that one night to be better than that
one fighter to take a fight a week later yep you’re just you’re you’re doing
you’re not doing yourself a good young fighter in Batista exactly you’re you’re cutting yourself short you’re shooting
yourself in your own foot by doing that this is this is not a this is not a Sprint man this is a marathon
you gotta build up build up build up to get to that title shot yeah you had
momentum you lost it now you’re coming off now you’re coming off the loss I know in reality because Fighters because
I know the way we think man two wins I’m on my way I’m on my way yeah but then a win and a loss
I’m not on my way anymore you know you’re actually one more fight away from being cut
that’s the way to look at it be honest like your heart you’re you’re
one you’re you could be one fight away from being cut that’s the problem so don’t don’t ever take those chances
especially as a young fighter don’t take those chances build your time take your time do it up uh marlovera versus Pedro
hmm okay that was exactly what I thought of the fight ah about you think Pedro was was Pedro
was Pedro elisee did try for a takedown so I was I was happy to see that Pedro
actually was kind of going back to his you know Roots a little bit at least making him think about it but Pedro was
you know looking to counter and Marlon was too good with his setup and his
defense when he would throw his shots he would get himself off that Center Line and Pedro was throwing but the guy’s not
in the position for him to land the good strike against him and stuff and it just just built up over time did not win by
you know oh he dominated fight no it was a close you know close round to round to
round but Marlon Vera won one he won the fight and he looked decent doing it but
he wasn’t it wasn’t the Marlin bear that we all expect which is the guy that keeps building to the point where he’s
knocking the guy I mean you you said it was like it was close fight it was close rounds but then they had Marlin winning
30-27 almost all the cards because there’s close rounds yeah but they were all close around yeah I think I had just
it was just edging him by I think I had pager winning the first I had Marlin one in the next two I think is what I had if
I recall overall though I mean look until Pedro goes back to utilizing his wrestling his
grappling and a little bit more of his kicks he just becomes a boxer as he slow as as the fight goes on but he he just
relies on his boxing he did start to kick though yeah he did he did he was having success with it too yeah he just
got away from him and then Midway through the second round and then the rest of the fight was just boxing you got you gotta admire him though he’s
tough as hell man he takes a big shot yeah speaking of a tough son of a man Chris Weidman
ah you know this is one of those ones you’re looking you know great win for
Brad and Brad was under a lot of pressure too Brad has family in Lahaina
he had a lot going on in that and he’s trying to you know deal with all those things so it wasn’t an easy thing for
Brad but Chris Weidman coming off of basically a two-year lap you know based upon the leg injury and stuff
Chris did everything he could do he just Brad
his wrestling defense was good Chris he slowed down a little bit he’s not
quite as explosive as he used to be because he used to be able to explode and get guys to the ground with with uh
you know going from a single to a double and stuff but as soon as his legs
started to get eaten up you knew and man I’ll tell you what he was tough as hell in that he kept going forward he kept
trying he kept you know doing it because his legs were getting just annihilated by Tavares
and he never stopped you know you know you know that today he’s on crutches he’s not walking or he’s sitting in
there you know sitting in a chair with ice up on his legs you just look and you go you know
Josh supposedly he blew out his ACL ACL or
MCL yeah and uh so he’s not just him with his eyes his legs up in ice he’s having surgery probably tomorrow or
Tuesday yep well they’re not going to do surgery until his his legs the swelling goes away and then he’ll have surgery
and then he’s going to have another nine months of rehab and something like
that at least it’s time to stop yeah and I feel bad for him and I you know
God damn he was just a hell of a fighter at one time and it just you know bad
luck and bad injuries and things just happened to him and it just never came back after that rock old fight let me
speak to you guys from um from like where I can directly relate
and John I would think you and I were texting during the fight and I said he’s faster than Brad Tavares when he throws
and he’s committed he just was never committed there was one or two times throughout the fight he committed and he landed some big shots against Brad
against the fence he was the faster fighter in those in those areas and he had the longer reach to get it done he
just chose not to commit to a lot of things and the proof is in the pudding when it came to his wrestling what the his career was based off
of his single leg snatched to the dump his whole career the way he sat uh Mark
Munoz down snatched a single and sat him right to his butt yeah you’re talking Mark Munoz a guy that could arrest him yeah I want to say he’s a
three-time All-American I want to say three-time insecure or two times
I think two times champ three-time all-amer two times Champs three times the guy can wrestle the guy can
wrestle he made it look easy in the takedowns last night he looked like he never wrestled before in his life double A he
couldn’t lock his hands but let’s be honest his his level change
is bending at the back it’s just not right because his legs are
just not there I okay so look the Benny at the back is okay when you’re snatching the single
because you’re pulling it to where you can actually keep your back straight so he’s bending at the back to pull it that’s the way he used to snatch his
single he’s not doing that now he’s just shooting the double and he’s actually shooting the double not even shooting a good clean double with elbows in and
shooting and penetration he’s shooting one hand over the top shoulder and one hand on the ink on the on the back of
the knee almost like he’s trying to like clothesline you and hit you with a like a knee pick knee pic it just it just
wasn’t working and I it just like you got to get away from that change it up do something else his whole career on
his takedowns when he fought Anderson the first time he had he hit the single leg dump when he fought uh Mark Munoz
single leg dump his career was based off of how fast when how fast he could hit that snatch single sit under their ass
and then dominate from the top position with his ground a pound and submissions he’s got good submissions yeah people
don’t realize like he’s got good submissions man he’s a dog on the ground in the top position he was a monster
exactly and so he just he’s gotten away from that he’s good he I think he should
retire he’s he’s not he’s not hurting for money um he’s do I think he’s from what I
understand he’s doing just fine but he’s not hurting for me he just loves the sport I get it I understand you know what are you doing for he wanted to
prove this I think more to himself but if he tore his ACL or his MCL you’re out for another year you’ll be 40 41 by the
time you come back yeah he’s 39 right now I believe God click on him 30 click on him 39 I think
yeah he’ll be 40. June 17th yep so by the time he comes back he’ll be just about 40. yep
yep I mean as much as I love watching them fight I think he’s been he’s a very talented
fighter he just uh he’s taking a lot of damage as of recently in his his last fights and this fight was no different
again it’s just gonna keep piling up the injuries and these are look I I look at more from a perspective of
John I get up every single day and I’m like damn it hurts it hurts you
know and it gets worse yeah I know and here’s the thing from 40 to 40 almost 45 now 40 to 45
it’s way worse 30 45 45 was when I really started to feel it there’s what
yeah it gets way worse yeah 36 36 times I just want to leave you with that 36 to
40 I was like okay it’s I’m stiff when I wake up and I’m still working out you know once or twice a day getting my you
know now I mean John I hadn’t worked out a long time because I was moving to Texas so there was a lot of things going
on but the last three days I worked out I worked out on Wednesday Thursday Friday and you think oh my God I am so I
was so sore getting out of bed I was like God this is horrible and I got a coal plunge and a sauna and a hot
tub and all this I use all of them and I still woke up this morning going gosh damn what the hell was going on
with me right now this is horrible one of the things I want to say though Brad Tavares
yeah again he had a rough time with what was happening did you see him after the
fight you see what he did he helped Chris Weidman
going back to the locker room put him under put his arm over him got underneath him and started walking
Brad Tavares is a classy man can I can I say something classy fighter I have yet to meet a Hawaiian
that is a douchebag well hold on Hawaiian fighter
or what I mean I’ve yet to meet a Hawaiian that I know of you know there’s a douchebag and I’m sure that I’m sure
there’s the douchebags come in all shapes and sizes all right and but I’ve yet to meet one that’s a douchebag every
single time I mean I’ve met a Hawaiian like one that I’ve gotten to know they’re great people man they’re
great people and uh you know and brought to ours is no different great phenomenal
person super nice tough fighter man really looking look at where he came from yeah
and look at the career he’s had he’s amazing amazing amazing fighter and that was you
know just just showed what a Class Act he is great job my Brad all right let’s uh
let’s go ahead and uh go through some of these which fights you want to talk no let’s go back which fights you want to talk about this people are going to talk
about RoboCop Greg Rodriguez against in that one you know the big question
was the elbow to the back of the head you know is that what you know knocked him out and when you take a look at
where the elbow lands we talk about P everyone’s got this whole idea that the back of the head is
these headphones boom and anything back of that that’s back of the head no
okay it is from the crown which is that point back there straight down one
experience and where he got hit it’s you know what that’s right at legal and so
people are going to sit there and complain that’s the back of that yes I agree with you medically speaking it’s
the back of the head but it’s not the illegal part that he’s not allowed to attack so
I’m going to give a little bit of love towards Brad Katona but I’m also going to give a little bit of uh shade towards
Cody Gibson Cody you this was your fight to to lose and you found a way
to oh you did yeah you were the superior fighter you were the better fighter you had the more you were more
athletic you had the all the natural features of being a top level fighter you’re tall you’re long you’re
lanky I can’t say it enough why the hell were you crouching down as if you want
to make yourself his height that was one two was whoever you work with
did they not show you how to use a knee or an elbow your height you are a monster for that
weight class use your damn knees every time you get on the clinch you had no idea what a knee was I wanted to
pull my hair out man I was like watching him going you’re losing this fight because you have no idea that you
actually have knees as a weapon it was driving me nuts John I was so I was so
like on the edge of my seat going kid throw a knee throw just just throw one just throw one and you’ll love it like
just I just said you’ll love it I made a career my career like I’ve made a living
off of my knees you asked Mike squigg I took him out of a couple fights by throwing these to his body that separated ribs John Fitch same thing not
proud of it I’m saying though that my knees were considered to be some of the Dangerous Ones Islam one of the guys
towards my end of my career he’s like man brother no knees before his fights brother no name me like you you have to
use your body type and they don’t have to be hard they just got to be at the right time just gotta touch in the right
place just think about this Cody Gibson over under as I do a little back step
just Elevate like you’re turning the you’re turning the corner a little bit but I’m elevating one side
and I’m dropping the elbow in the other anytime I’m elevating on that left side stretch that lever’s there just throw
the knee it doesn’t have to be hard 45 degree angle right up in the liver beautifully done not hard but it knocks
the wind out of them it makes them think about it and all they want to do is get out of the clinch with you and you just keep doing it keep doing it and just
drive me nuts watching you fight last night like do you have not have coaches in your
corner telling you throw a damn knee kid just one I mean You Gotta Give It Up you
do have to give it up for Kurt uh holuba yes in the other
beautiful transition from the arm bar straight you know as as he was turning
you go you know look at he knows and he’s just sliding the leg up over on top beautiful setup on that triangle but
Kurt hollabaugh is one of those guys you take a look at he he reminds me of a force Griffin and that you know he’s got
that same he’s very tough he’s gritty in what he does he’s got his Basics that he
sticks to and if you can’t get past those Basics he’s gonna beat you yep you know and uh tough tough loss for Austin
Hubbard because Austin’s actually he’s a he’s a good guy tough guy he’s got a lot of talent you know he just got caught by
a guy that knew did the right thing at the right time well I guess tonight for me the overall recap of all this thing
is I’m gonna go right into this next fight too which is uh Natalia Silva versus Andrea Lee I’m gonna go through
petrovsky was but I I’m not gonna talk about that fight okay um but look Andrew Lee
and the same thing with the Cody Gibson and the same thing with um the Chris Wyman and the paper Pedro
Munoz Chris Wyman fought a great fight given his legs being up dude your quarters gotta be your
Corner’s gonna be yelling at you change up the tempo of the fight Andrea Lee for
some reason this quarter was who
no no they were not telling her to wrestle they were never telling her to wrestle they were telling her to to
throw more combinations they were telling more pressure forward yes no no pressure go for it wrestle kid this girl
is faster than you she’s more accurate than you she’s hellacious better footwork than you over yep she is
that girl made it look like she was Thompson she I thought she was Stephen Thompson for a sec just peaceful
people dude she was all over the place man you’re throwing more damn varieties
of kicks and everything and she looked great you know what happens John when the fights are not like super fan like
super fantastic is I start this judge in the corners for the shitty job they’re doing and I’m like what are you doing
make some adjustments make some changes I I kid you not I would have fired I would fire some of my coaches if I was
coming away from this performance Andrea Lee you are way better than this you’re not bad on the ground you’re pretty damn good oh she’s damn good she’s damn good
on the ground why was there never a take down now I know that would not have been easy to get a takedown because Silva’s
movement the way she switches stands all those things but you weren’t even like you weren’t she wasn’t even getting
close enough to get a takedown she was trying to hit her with a one and two punch combination with the kids
the takedown comes when you’re thinking about it too and when you’re thinking about striking
and that’s what you really seemed to be doing is she was trying to horrible you know what match up in the Striking area
and that was just never happening there was moments out there man where I know she’s actually a fantastic Striker but
she was just too slow for Silva and it just showed civil would throw three or four punches and and Andrew Lee was
throwing one and maybe getting the second one off but missing getting all Air she was starting to look like podcast Dave out there and I swear to
you it was just I was like damn really come on no all right hey that’s gonna wrap up our UFC talk and uh wow all
right podcast Dave I’m giving you credit because if you look like Andrea you’re a good looking person you are a good looking son of a all right well
hey before we uh move on to the pfl talk let’s go right into onlyfans.com weighing in onlyfans.com weighing in I
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super easy follow us over there at onlyfans.com weighing it
all right let’s go into pfl oh the pfl had their playoffs but yeah
this was the one that I was like I kind of uh prognosticated the outcomes of these
fights damn I was pretty damn good with it Josh but he did for her going against the crochet King in Maurice Green
look six eight versus six seven both guys good stand up
probably for her a little bit better on the ground but it never really went there until he was able to land the big
shot on Maurice Green put Maurice down and then was able to put him out uh big
win for for Harry going on now he’s got to go against Ghost officers not an easy matchup for him but when you’re that big
and you’re athletic and he is athletic you got to give him credit the guy 6A can sit there and do backflips and
stuff he’s athletic so um that was a big the biggest win that
he’s had in his career I mean I look at him he’s he’s extremely talented if I look at heavyweights I
mean he’s a problem for a lot of people so I know ghost off is uh ghost off is good he’s tough he’s good he’s good
wrestling good from the top position but do you want to be young but do you want to be on top beautiful he’s got a good
job sure but I look at uh for her he’s got he’s fast he’s got good stand up and
when he gets on top of you or if he’s on even if he’s on the bottom his submission threat is his top level so I think I think that his
switching of camps now that he’s at ATT he’s getting I don’t want to say better
coaching better looks he’s got people that he’s to train with and he’s got coaches that can sit there and give him
ideas and change up a style of fighting that matches where he’s at at this point
in his career and I think you’re seeing that the performances are coming
yeah so it’s good for him all right the next uh next fight all 15 seconds of it
I said you see look let’s just be on Larissa Pacheco is
a real fighter when we talk about 145 pound you know fighters in the women’s
category there’s not a ton of great talent that’s why at 155 there was hardly any Talent but at 145 there are
some Larissa Pacheco is one of them she can fight she’s good she’s got good stand-ups she’s got a good ground game
she will throw her hands and uh
known as a boxer kind of she got Blitz big right hand down the middle that was
about all it took put her on her butt that was the end of the fight that’s what I expected yeah this is just
a way better finder I feel the same way about goldsoft he was a better fighter he just got to the
top position worked to the Armstrong he just doesn’t have enough experience right now nope nope but the
other fight though that you and I were talking about because we’ve actually called some fights from both of these yeah some Arena not Tina
and Amber leibach live broad rocker um Mohawk not Tina Dime Piece By the way
um uh you know she’s married to Sergey
please just don’t hyphenate it please they couldn’t make it even worse
oh well you get it right um just dominant Performance top position swing to the arm bar great job
nice job but the fight that really impressed me that whole night was the uh Nathan Kelly versus uh Damien Nelson
fantastic fight great fight bar murder from beginning to end these guys were
slinging literally like 40 seconds in 30 seconds The way Kelly came out he was slinging
you know Damian Nelson kind of was a little bit like hey Jesus Christ man because Kelly was going after him and
David Nelson just kept on you know sticking in there and then yeah his reads
puts her shots on Nate and Kelly evened it up a little bit but overall Dane Kelly put on a great performance but
that was a good fight yeah really good fight I agree I agree I thought it was a fantastic fight if you haven’t seen those fights on this card that’s
definitely the first one I would start off with it was a fantastic fight it was back and forth uh moments of guys
getting dropped getting hurt whatever it was but then Kelly like edging it out it was an unanimous decision but I mean it
was a lot closer fight than you would think they were back and forth great fight though great fight
um all right that’s gonna wrap up our pfl talk what else you got for us there Dave we got a lot of news we’re about an hour and 20 minutes in we got a lot of
news to talk about though too so let’s go ahead and talk let’s go talk to me goose oh
are you awake hello Dave Dave are you okay Dave I’m gonna wake you up are you on
the couch I know I’m mute because Lincoln came in for a minute get off the couch Dave yeah sorry
um there’s one fire announcement that we’ll talk on and there really isn’t a ton of news is obviously all the Fallout
from the from the fight card but you guys covered all of that which is why we’re we are in our 20n so um the only
real thing outside of the big pay-per-view is um Kevin Horn got a fight a quick turnaround against uh Jack
Della madalina all right good for him
I’ll tell you what I I this is one of the I am surprised because they got the fight that’s gonna take place in
Australia right don’t they have a show coming up that’s going to be yeah September um as Sev
Strickland is it yeah that’s right is he against Strickland I would thought for sure they would put
this fight on there I thought madalena would be on that card instead this one is at the Apex I think what the the week
before the week after uh this one yeah this fight is September
16th oh and it’s a week I think the week before um
because I think that’s later in the month let’s let’s see it’s uh that’s on September 9th the week after
that’s the week after yep yep yeah I thought for sure they put the Jackman uh delamanolina on that
Australian card but yeah that’s a good fight between him and
Holland can be yeah battling is very good at going to the body he throws great body shots his
status good I do think that Kevin Hall if he gets the top position his Jiu
Jitsu is way better than about Elena and he can give him problems I think that Kevin Holland is
the better fighter all the way around it just depends on which Kevin Holland shows up though that’s the
difference you say ah I don’t think so but no he is the better fighter all around just you don’t know what’s the better fight which fight IQ is going to
show up that day true he’s the better fighter but that’s but that’s the problem with Kevin Holland well John
hang out with me for a second I’ll educate you okay hang out with me I just don’t know what Kevin’s going to do
because we have this whole we had this whole thing with when he was going to fight Wonderboy and you’re going with
him and I don’t blame you I understand why and I was like I don’t trust him and yeah it was that
lack of what are you doing I hope you have a distinct advantage in this fight
use it and he did this is the thing I I’ve heard this from I don’t know how long I I do I actually because I’ve
actually am in my in my career John I’ve seen it I’ve seen I’ve seen myself
sabotage myself is that you Fighters or athletes or athletes people
I should say people more so they sabotage themselves from being successful sure and I feel like Kevin
Holland is almost like does that he does it all the time like but he’s a great guy that being a great guys don’t do
with me being one of the best ever he I’m not saying he could be one of the best ever but he has the potential
to be 30 years old it’s crazy to me at 170 pounds that’s that is the perfect
weight class for him because he is six foot three he’s got a huge Dam reach
he’s fast he’s fast he’s got a good ground game that if you’re gonna say if
there was any weakness in his entire package his wrestling is where he
still has to work on so his grappling’s not bad no his grappling is good wrestling is different and he’s good at
getting enough if he when he chooses to get up instead of hanging out on his back scroll down when he’s going to start to talk to
someone or not yeah yeah Stephen Thompson he should have beat he took him down a couple times and just let him
back up dummy okay the chimaya fight I understood but he got paid a ton of money ton of money for that fight so he
took that fight because of the switch of whatever happened uh the vittori fight the darkest fight the Derek Brunson
fight like with with uh Victorian with with Bronson Brunson he just kind of wrestle he’s got you know just held down
got out wrestle yeah yeah I wrestle that’s his weakness I understand that the vittori thing did he get arrested in that fight I can’t remember you gotta
wrestle okay so that’s before I took him down but hopefully he’s made some change he’s gonna get better at the grappling but look there’s fights though on his on
his lost record he shouldn’t have he shouldn’t have the Stephen Thompson loss he should have won that fight that would
have put him right in the conversation of hey I’m one fight away from him be a title shot
derp derp duh 170. he’s yeah you got to take a look at you you can look at the
Derek Brunson in the Marvin vittori and the docus those are all at 185 pounds
it’s now take a look at 170. what’s he done yeah yeah the the con the Tamaya
fight like you said you know he took that that was a the man
but obviously I do I agree with you I think he’s the better fighter I don’t think
he’s better everywhere I think you got to give it to Jack Dale I’m not gonna let his stand up John say that
again good without without stumbling said the name properly John go ahead say it again Della madalina
the first time you literally just spit it out say it fast no one understands what I said let me pause this question
to you as he quickly becoming the dinosaur ones yeah Diego Sanchez
does he still have time to fix that at 30 years old so he can fix it oh he’s got time he’s
he’s a good damn fighter man he has got all the talent that he needs to become
the best guy there is in that division he can beat anyone he just there’s a couple areas that he needs to tighten up
on and he needs to it’s a seriousness you know as far as
when you’re well gonna go into a fight so it’s I want you to have fun and it’s about have fun and I’ll tell everyone
hey have fun but that doesn’t mean that you’re talking to someone in the stands while you’re fighting somebody look
there’s a couple ways looking at this though Dave you just brought up you said Donald Cerrone Diego Sanchez you know
what those two guys have in common they fought for titles this guy’s not even close to a tunnel right now so he no I can’t put him there
until he gets to a title shot now he has all the ability to get to a title shot do I think he can get there hell yeah do
I think he can win it I think he can at 170. I think he can if he focuses for
say a year year and a half by the time he’s 32 30 32 and a half 33. he could be
champ he could be channeled that’s he’s still young yes he is his prime won’t go
away until he’s about 35 maybe pushing 36. he’s got time and like as long as he
takes care of himself but his whole wishy-washy of up and down if I’m not gonna get the fights I want I’m gonna go
back to 185 cool you’re just gonna get beat at 185 like you were before stay at
170 be dominant there be as long as you fight smart you have the chance of getting to a title shot that’s what the
money’s made don’t be the guy that just gets by and just puts on fan favorite
fights do that at the end of your career like Michael Chandler’s doing now okay like he’s done everything he’s wanted to
do for his career he’s fought for the title twice there he’s been the belt or Champion he’s done everything he’s just
out there right now for the big time money grabs he understands where he’s at you Kevin Holland you will never get to
the big money grabs unless you win more fights and get to the title shot you gotta be more exciting than what you are
talking to the crowd is not exciting especially when you’re getting beat the way you’re getting beat I love coming I
love Kevin Hart Calvin I love Kevin Holland I love I love the way he fights his body style again is perfect for the
sport he’s dangerous to everyone he’s just got to fight smarter be smart while you’re out there it’s one thing to have
fun talk is another thing to do in your your post-fight interview it’s another thing to win you gotta always win what
else you got for us Dave
I sent you a um what I send you I sent you a Michael
Chandler thing my my yeah we’re gonna talk about the bow knuckle thing too John yeah we’re
gonna talk about these two things okay the bow nickel thing is more funny but the Michael Chandler thing in the news
is uh let me let me um drop it over here yeah Michael Chandler I’m going to give you
guys a little uh thing on this
oh well I mean obviously oh whoops oh there’s booty right there
I’m sorry I just saw booty what nothing uh you want me okay you do
it you do it Dave you do it you do it buddy all right here we go I just gotta refresh the page yeah
refresh it and put the sound on it turn the sound on too buddy so just to follow up on your comments you don’t care
whether he’s in the usato pool or not like Conor well I mean obviously being
in the usata testing pool is a prerequisite to competing in the UFC um what I’m saying is
are we splitting hairs with the whole he’s got to be in for six months thing but as how how long was Beau Nichols uh
opponent in the you saw the testing pool he signed on six days notice right this is what we do all the time it’s just it’s an interesting thing because of the
because of the character the platform that Conor holds who he is we want to
just dissect and make a huge deal out of this certain time frame type of thing
you know that that’s all I’m saying I mean ultimately there’s guys being signed all the time and they’re
competing um but he being in the use out of testing pool is a prerequisite to
competing with us and uh look the bottom line is this he’s by the way Michael Chandler
brilliant yep absolutely brilliant you were already right now setting the
standard that you don’t care whether he’s tested or not that’s one two is you’re making it public so now that the
UFC can always say he didn’t care so you can’t come back can we talked to Michael Chandler about it boom you can’t yep we
talked to him he’s made it very public he didn’t care doesn’t matter if he’s on steroids doesn’t matter if he did a six-month testing we cannot be sued we
are no longer liable for this anymore he’s released all liability by saying
this look it’s brilliant by Michael Chandler he wants the cash he wants the money grab that’s the fight to get
whatever it takes to get it that’s all he cares he’s even come out publicly and said I don’t give a if we fight at
170 or if we fight at 155 I’ll fight him at 185. I don’t care Chandler walks
around about 190 all five six of them okay he walks around about one
I’ve seen I’ve seen pictures of when he made weight at 155 and sent
pictures that night he was 188 189. I’ve seen pictures if he sent it to people that I know and they show he’s like this
is him now by the Night by The Night Time so he knows what he’s doing he understands what he’s doing and uh
brilliant on his part I think very very smart move I’m still up in the air
whether this fight’s gonna happen or not I believe I believe this happened in 2023. yeah he’s made a public that is
not I think it’s already come out but it’s not going to happen in 2023 yeah it’s gonna happen early next year they
finally came out because Conor was saying you know I can’t get a fight you know they won’t let me fight I’m
definitely not fighting you know and you know in December that’s what I wanted to do
but if you wanted to do it you should have gotten yourself back into the usata pool well John that’s a prerequisite
nope no look I’m gonna argue this I’m gonna argue with this no
don’t argue oh all you want John I’m right John give me two give me two clean drug
tests and I’ll fight you give me two clings give me two clears nothing to do with it you’re too
if it’s five I don’t care it’s a matter of you know when you went off
when you went off of the usada testing regiment you knew what you were doing
you knew why you were doing it and you knew that you were gonna have to give them samples for six months
John you could have started any time you wanted John all you got to do is pick up the phone
hey I want to get back on call Jeff novinski he’ll put you back on the list
he will send the people out there and he will start your testing process so to
sit there now to complain oh they won’t they won’t give me a fight no you’ve got to do the things that’s going to put you
in a position to get that fight and the first thing if you’re Connor is you got
to get back in that testing pool here’s the thing is I spent 99 of my career
well no I mean like there was drug testing but it was very minimal let’s be honest like
I’m sorry I could give two shits like okay Chandler’s come up it’s kind of
this very similar way like he came up kind of relatively in the same not behind me quite a bit but there was
still not a lot of drug testing they tested you three weeks out from your fight and they test you again either the night of the fight or the at the
weigh-ins like you knew like you knew but I’m simply saying like that’s all you need
for the money for if if Chandler if that’s all that matters to Chandler you’re you’re laying the game you’re
laying the guidelines you’re laying the guidelines the things you’re laying the guidelines
the UFC has set guess what the UFC can move the goal post anytime they want they’re the boss they pay usada
they make the rules let’s not forget that they can move that Gold Line you’re wrong about it they can move the goal
line anytime they want and they decided I’m not moving the goddamn go live oh they’re gonna move not fighting oh
they’re gonna I’m not fighting right now he’s not fighting right now but he’s gonna fight before six months I can tell you that I think he’s gonna fight before
six months because he’s got to get two clean tests but as long as he gets included like you said I just said that but hold on
if he wanted to get that fight if it was important to get back into the cage and
start fighting he would have already have put himself into that testing I think that he’s the
one in control he is he is he is but I also think that he he’s at a stage in his career where he
really believes he moves the goal posts for wherever the the UFC he makes the UFC walk his line
I’m sorry man but you’re coming off a lot of losses in a row you’re not moving the goal post as much you used to Buddy
and it’s it’s slipping away and this is one of those fights I think look I think Michael Chandler could starch
him starch him now I think that I think that Connor definitely like if you see any
shades of old Connor he can start channeling he just starts chanting the problem though but I’m simply saying
with one with Chandler Chandler has been active he’s fought the best of the best like he’s continuing to
be active he’s always training the guys the guy’s a freak when it comes to his training he loves to train he’s
addicted to it he’s he’s like a heroin addict when it comes to actually training you know and so he loves it
Connor on the other hand not so much she’s right now and then Dale training
now on that but you’re not going to beat guys like Michael Chandler training now when you’re when you’re training on top
of the yacht how much intensity really is there oh so
much intensity so much are you saying I this fight’s obviously
not taking uh place until uh New Year’s in 2024 but what are you thinking I’m
thinking it’s going to be like January I think it’ll be the first fight in January I think they’ll break off they’ll try to get it to be their their
kickoff fight their big big show in January for the new year we’ll try to make it that the bottom line is they’re
gonna bend the knee a little bit to they’re gonna they’re gonna I think I think it’s gonna be like probably four to five months they’re gonna go ahead
and allow them to fight they just want to show a little bit of hey we’ve got the clean test otherwise we’re making a
mockery of our own system and they already got sued for it once yeah but then when you have Michael Chandler or
green it doesn’t really matter anymore you have Fighters coming in all the time last minute Replacements that are new
fighters to the UFC that there is that that it’s given up they’re tested and as
long as they’re tested comes back clean they’re in the fight yeah and they don’t have the six months but it’s because they have not been part of the program
he’s been part of the program it’s a different element it’s not the same he’s
going to have to be in it for a while yeah I get it all right next one this is we’re going to end this uh show on a
funny note is it a podcast one yeah yeah yeah okay bow nickel and uh you’re
saying that wrestling is pretty Mid First Time
we’re gonna fight at some point and and people will will realize that there’s levels and and it’s it’s just so funny
you go into a world of MMA where there’s no other sport where people know less
and think they know more alhamdul right about that okay forget that yeah go get
that there’s another one there was another where’s the other one that I sent you it’s on there or Beau Nichols yeah that one right there got an
interview that one right there that one right there uh how much of the four minutes you want to play oh no I mean it’s probably pretty early
I think it’s the whole thing about him yeah saying him and uh him and Anthony gasar could beat up a chimpanzee
this is the one I think it’s a small chimpanzee I’ll wreck agree I’ll put him in a
guillotine dude now credit we’re credits turn this up please whoa could hold on
while his wiener was getting ripped off
stop because most people would go
oh God Beau Nichols said that he and another person who’s the stud Russell
from Penn State fantastic yeah said that he could he and Anthony could
beat a chimpanzee and I’m just selling a boat don’t try
because not only will you not beat that chimpanzee he will eat your fingers off
of your hand he will rip your nuts and your dick off of your body and feed it to you okay
chimpanzees first off they’re not these nice little people get
in touch with the babies okay A a true male chimpanzee is a ungodly
strong animal that doesn’t have rules okay it’s
not going to just wrestle you it’s gonna eat you okay its hands are unbelievably
strong it can hold on to you the tendon strength is completely different and he
will rip parts of your body off that is just what they do John you and I
were talking each other we were talking about this earlier we said the first thing about this last
night was sleeping yeah what day was sleeping the first thing they’re going to do is grab your dick and your balls and rip them off oh yeah and then after
they’re done with that when you’re in panic mode they’re gonna start biting mode yeah panic mode you’re gonna
be pretty much dead at the time because your balls and will be hanging there you’ll be in shock but they’re gonna bite your fingers off
because they know that’s the next stage of that’s the next weapon you have to use they definitely bite fingers yes and
then after that they’re gonna eat your face yes I mean we’ve they’ve had they’ve had
people that raise chimpanzees Jesus that a chip is gone Rogue
and absolutely just destroys the person you know I mean it’s like you know
a Silverback Gorilla people will they at least give a Silverback Gorilla the the
the respect that oh it’s really strong a chimp is freaking really strong the
tendon strength of what it can do there is no technique that you have that’s
going to beat it no nothing because they all get into Guillotine yeah get into Guillotine and he’ll use his other hand
to grab your balls this is not like you better be wearing a still cool he will
grab your nuts yes stick his finger in your ass and rip your balls and
taint off oh jeez I love it oh can you imagine hey John do you remember when
you’re on the police force you walked into a house and the guy was this deep in someone’s ass like that’s exactly
what would happen that’s what would happen to both Anthony gazar and Bo nickel are stealth wrestlers
they are just you guys I’m sorry guys you guys don’t have a chance you guys don’t have a chance
do you remember the Lorena Bobbitt story where she cut her husband’s dick off and then yeah yeah threw it into the force
she tossed yeah he went on to do porn I guess apparently um UFC I met him geez so this guy I saw
this I mean like these chimps what they do is they’ll rip your dick off and just beat you with the bloody end oh and just
it just just beat you can you imagine just
getting beat with your own dick with a bloody end that’d be the worst feeling ever John have you guys have you
guys just imagine imagine somebody beating you with your moment the moment
that is happening the chimp is beating you with your dick it’s over long after before that mister okay can you imagine
a chimp having your dick in his hand and just smacking you with the bloody end just blood squirted
everywhere and you’re just going there’s a reason why man has guns okay chimpanzees are one of
those reasons be ripped off or the blood all over your
face I think I think it would be the first part that would bother me the most so I
mean I can’t stop laughing this is horrible oh geez
we it was like and I don’t know who came up with the question for him or was it
that he don’t even know I think you definitely have not been to
he doesn’t believe it I don’t think places that have chimpanzee this is a total clickbait it’s like they are
unbelievable oh dude all right guys well hey that’s gonna wrap up our show go to Wayne immerse.com
pick up some of our merch available about everything wayneenburgs.com we had to end on a
funny note and that was a funny note that was pretty pretty damn funny all right guys I want to thank you guys so much for tuning in sorry we’re a
little late but uh podcast Dave fell asleep last night during round three of the Whaley zank fight so we were up
until 2 A.M waiting he was still asleep phone call after phone call but hey you can never be late if you never show up
that’s the way that’s Dave’s motto and look I’m actually kind of in all support of it like I think about the model right
like hey if you don’t you can never test positive for code if you never got tested correct like that’s kind of a
good motto to have very very similar to what you know podcast it was in last night and I never did test positive it
never did all right guys wait Big John take us away buddy hey for everyone out there I hope you enjoyed the fights like
we did remember on Wednesday there will be a a pfl coming up for their last part
of the playoffs yeah on Wednesday you have to watch fights so everyone out there enjoy beginning of your week I
hope it’s a good one and we will see you