mix martial arts mixed martial arts how do we Vector martial arts we like them
back then [Applause]
[Music] it’s just so perfect for title time USA
the fighting city of Boston Massachusetts as tomorrow night the UFC returns to the TD Garden and brings with
it a fascinating main event for the bantamoy title we get a second title fight in the women’s strawweight
division we got some heat on a welterweight fight there’s a lot of interesting storylines going down here
at UFC 292 we’re here to talk about it right now welcome to the UFC 292 preview show here at mafighting.com I am Mike
Heck here in Boston the room where the ceremonial not the ceremonial wins the
morning weigh-ins kicked off a little while ago all the fighters made weight main event official all the fights are
made official joining me is my best friend the man who is not even calling this event UFC 292
but the man who is calling this event the tough 31 finale there he is the incomparable Alexander
Kaylee AKA how are you Ultimate Fighter 31 finale finally
finally I I wasn’t sure we would get here it’s been a long 12 weeks with with
everyone that my fighting crew but especially GC Connor Burks and uh E Casey lein who were with me on every
episode shout outs to Mike as well and Jen Mushu who chimed in on an episode we are finally at the finale that’s all
we’re here to talk about the two biggest fights in the card Austin Hubbard versus Kurt hollabaugh
and uh bracketona versus Cody Gibson so Mike Let’s Get Right do you want to just get right into it or do we want to talk
about some of like the undercard stuff first I mean what do you want to how do you want to do this I mean we can we can start so what would
be the main event is is Kurt in your eyes is Kurt halibut Austin Hubbard the main event of this card
oh it’s Brad Katona Cody Gibson I mean Brad Katona looking to become my first the first two-time Ultimate Fighter
Champion you make this history the ultimate ultimate fighter or multimit fighter as I prefer uh Cody
Gibson a nearly decade long journey to try to get back to the UFC and then yeah you got the co-main with uh Kurt
hollabaugh and Austin Hubbard which is which is could easily be the main mic but everyone’s here for Katona and Gibson
well I’m very curious after hearing what you just said what the gymnastics score for you is for UFC 292 because we do
have the two title fights technically it’s four title fights if we count The Ultimate Fighter finale bouts
where are you at here we got algeman Sterling Sean O’Malley we got the second title vote John Wayne Lee and Amanda
lamosh we got some fights with some heat on it we got the two tough fights we have some the first two fights of this
card Andrea Lee versus Natty Ice Natalia Silva and Marina morose uh versus the
other Silva on this card Karina Silva those are two really good fights to kick off this card so where is the AK lead
gymnastics score right now for UFC 292. I’m so excited man It’s gotta be at like
a 9.6 9.7 I just love the story lines going into this fight I love the
matchups I love the matches that they managed to Cobble together uh you know even though they lost some Fighters I
think they put together some really good they called up some really good replacement opponents that are intriguing and challenging in their own
way love silvermania to start the card obviously I love The Ultimate Fighter finale um two of those fights Chris Weidman
coming back it there’s just so many good positive things that can happen and if everything clicks everything lands and we get some
good competitive fights some memorable exciting finishes maybe a successful Chris Weidman come back fingers crossed
again this could be one of the I don’t want to say action-wise I don’t know people’s gonna say it’s one of the best cards of the
year but one of the most talked about like but four months from now it could be I think I think we could we
could be we could be talking about this one especially if there’s an upset in the main event boy I mean we’ll be remembering this one not just this year
but we’ll remember it for a long time so I’ll go 9.7 9.7 that’s how highly I I
think this card can go yeah yeah yeah I don’t even know if you like 290 and 291 were that high for you AKA
doing some tens I’ve given some tens uh 291 wasn’t what was the last time
what was the last time I gave it 10. there was a pay view early this year I’ll try to remember uh it was 288.
I don’t know there’s some there’s been some tents not too okay no you can’t no
one gave 288 a 10. nobody in the in the on paper the aftermath any of it that is
not a 10. somewhere in there in that car yeah right well it will be talked about for
four months or for the next four years if like you said Sean O’Malley can pull off the big upset and defeat Al Jermaine
Sterling and it’s been real interesting here AKA because everything on paper tells me that this should be the
algebrae Sterling show he should not walk through Sean O’Malley but he should have a relatively fun time getting
through this fight and getting a pretty sizable payday at that because Sean O’Malley is the biggest star in the
division and everything on paper tells most pundits Sterling should do very well here if he just sticks to what he
does well on the flip side Destiny is hard to stop and Sean O’Malley feels like the karma
the good Juju everything the momentum it’s all on his side and no matter what happens on Saturday just this night on
this night when he steps in the Octagon about your main Sterling it is meant to be that he will walk out of the TD
Garden as the bantamweight champion what have you made of the build and and sort of the the destiny thing I don’t know
how much you believe in that when it comes to Combat Sports in certain moments in the sport but a lot of people
just feel like you know what doesn’t matter what the matchup is stylistically Sean O’Malley’s is going to win the belt because that’s what’s
supposed to happen here Mike it’s funny you mentioned the word destiny because I just put up a feature
on MMA fighting a.com about fighters who were received a lot of hype and were
seemingly destined to win a UFC title ahead of their very first championship challenge so you guys check that that’s
on uh and myfighting.com right now it talks about Conor McGregor and Brock Lesnar Holly Holmes in there even though
I don’t know how super hyped she was going to that Rousey fight which kind of had to be mentioned Cody garbrand some other names in there Darren till
um all kind of to put context into what Sean O’Malley is trying to pull off here and what he could be capable of if he
does well as far as his star power his his his influence his uh whether he
himself Will Go On on a long Reign so it’s funny it’s fun to look at what happened to people in the past and where
their careers went after uh win or lose so I love I’ve loved the build up to this
the only thing that sucks was that we had that weird murky situation where right after uh aljo wins that close
decision over sahudo of course we know that um sugar Shawn O’Malley should be
next but it did feel a bit awkward for them to just sort of immediately go like oh well it’s booked it’s booked it’s already done it’s booked happen uh you
know a couple of months for now like a somewhat of a quick turnaround for the champion algeman Sterling and and we all
knew algae certainly wanted to fight Sean O’Malley we all knew this was the fight to make the only and he was I thought he
was pretty reasonable saying let me get my Medicals checked let me make sure I’m I’m okay to get
back and train and give myself a proper Camp before this and it somehow it turned into this thing you know just
fodder for Sean O’Malley and for the fancy maintain a white saying like oh we don’t know what’s going on with alja why
he’s not agreeing to it that part was so silly I’m glad that’s in the past I’m glad you know
it’s coming some interviews but it is by no means the main narrative going to this fight the narrative in this should be aljo looking to continue to make
history uh extending what is already a record of title defenses could could extend that reference to four in the
bantamweight division Sean O’Malley possibly ascending to that level of stardom that you cross over stardom that
you only see with McGregor Lesnar Ronda Rousey because that fan base is there
and so that that I’m glad that that is what we are focusing on I’m glad that’s what the OC has done I think a pretty good job of pushing since the fight was
actually officially announced and you know we’ll get to our predictions Mike some people might think it’s an obvious
fight to pick but even if you think that just the Intrigue going in I it’s so compelling the trauma is is everything
it should be for a title fight I’m all in this is if I was just rating this one title fight it’s a 10 out of 10.
yeah Sean O’Malley’s become sort of an adopted New Englander because there are no Boston guys on the car there are no
Massachusetts fighters on this card but Sean O’Malley’s just be kind of kind of become like the adopted fighter in
Boston which is just nuts it is shot on Mali country which really makes no sense because he’s not from here at all I know
he’s the last name makes sense but it’s just very strange that a kid from Montana is so over in Boston ahead of
this big fight so there are a lot of interesting story lines that go to it so I want to touch on one of them AKA I
want to talk about the pressures on both of these guys because to me I feel like Sean O’Malley has I’m not gonna say he
has no pressure but he has very little pressure in this fight because of his star power because of the way he has
presented himself if you watched him and heard him at the media day very Pro wrestling-esque he’s putting aljo over
as the greatest bantamweight of all time he’s supposed to lose this fight if I lose this fight then I’m the last guy to
fight the guy so it’s kind of technically the champion anyway she’s saying all the right things and on the the other side algebraic Sterling feels
like this is going to be pretty quick work because Sean has does not have a great resume and Sean has painted that
picture well if I don’t have a great resume and I beat you what does that make you as a champion what does that
make your resume look like so Sean is saying the right things I feel like there’s some pressure but very little I
feel like he could bounce back to a title shot very very quickly I feel like 97 of the pressure is on algebrae and
Sterling heading into tomorrow do you agree with that or am I absolutely insane I I don’t know 97 but more it has to be
more on aljo because he has said I’m going up to featherweight after this and that’s with the assumption that he’s
beating Sean O’Malley I think any time he’s added a caveat in interviews it’s like oh well if and if if by some chance
I lose to Sean you know then I might cons I might consider coming back but generally he’s saying he’s saying this is the last one because I’m going to win
and then I’m going to get out of the way so my buddy Murad was really can then can then conquer the division and
continue this this Sarah Longo lineage um so this at that aspect there’s pressure on him uh the fact that like
you said he hasn’t necessarily given O’Malley all of his props he’s certain he certainly credited him as a striker and I think if you know if you if you
look at his shoes closely he he has said you know Sean’s a worthy challenger but definitely this week he’s focused on the hype aspect he has
focused on the how did this guy get here who is he beaten which again as you said it’s like that’s
that’s poor pro wrestling promotion on aljo’s part because yes if you beat this
guy well now you beat a guy who you say is beat nobody if you lose to him you just lost a guy who you say has beaten nobody meanwhile O’Malley taking the
opposite tact if I win I’ve knocked off I beat the best bantamweight there ever was to become number one that’s just
basic promotion great self-promotion um and it’s a typical in an interview you lose it softens it’s a tip of the
cap to your opponent it’s like hey I went in there with the best and I lost there’s no big deal right so uh I but I
uh back to the pressure question yeah man it’s it’s a lot on aljo if he gets knocked out by O’Malley I mean
not not to keep Harpy on the McGregor comparisons but when Jose Aldo went in there with
McGregor he was favored I believe he was favored a lot of us pundits in the MMA media who
were still skeptical of like how good McGregor really was we’re like well this is the fight this is the one where this guy gets
exposed and people see who that the CH why The champ is the champ why this guy coming up is just a big hype job and
although as much as I hate to say it has never that 13 second knockout will always be
part of his legacy and when you when you McGregor Fanboys it’s all they bring up all the times oh the 13 seconds 13 seconds this is why McGregor should be
ranked above although in the all-time great talks he knocked him out in 13 seconds that clip has been played a million
times and although again his legacy cemented in stone but that part is is something that will always be people
always bring up when trying to bring them down and it sucks it shouldn’t be that way but it is the same thing will happen with Sterling If he if he gets
knocked out by O’Malley holy crap his whole title run which is already one of the strangest title runs we have ever
seen will be called into question if he’ll say see see it just he uh he finally you know he finally faces this
guy and then and then he gets knocked out and how great A Champion with Sterling really which is so unfair because I think Sterling’s run has been
very good um any question marks about it are out of his control uh but again I can I can
I can say this all I want people in the media critics can can say this all they want
what a lot of people are going to remember if it goes down as O’Malley wants to go down Saturday is him knocking Sterling out cold so if that
happens that’s just a huge hit to Sterling and his legacy it shouldn’t be but it will be and if it goes the other
way like like you’ve said Mike before um O’Malley has plenty of chances to bounce back
I don’t even like I don’t even mention like I don’t even really ask that question for like a legacy perspective
because even though Al Jermaine Sterling has said that he has met with UFC brass ever since this fight was booked and
there was a bunch of talk about how am I being promoted and the way algeman has
been sort of portrayed By Dana in the promotion I wonder what this mean like if he goes
out and loses with this thought about moving to 145 and maybe he he might just try to angle for that rematch but
I don’t know how confident I am that he would just that he would get it you know what I mean like if Sean wins he’s gonna
have a lot more sway in this and he’s already planted the seeds that have barlin Vera beats Pedro Munoz he wants
to fight Marlon Veron December and have that rematch which is probably the biggest fight in the division that can
be made right now so if Sean O’Malley wins this wins the title how long of a
road is it back to a title shot for algebraic sharing whether it’s a 35 or 45 could Sean O’Malley potentially knock
algebra and Sterling out of the title picture forever if he wins tomorrow
it’s a little harsh and I think if Sterling doesn’t get a rematch
and I and and I am someone who’s against the media rematch typically I love the bantamweight division there’s so many
people I’d love to get a title shot I want to see Cheeto and I’ll uh and O’Malley fight against someday certainly
for the title would make it even more compelling um but given the circumstances under which we’ve seen other Champions get
rematches uh if it almost feels unfair to not give
aljo that shot right and I boy he’s been talking about Dana White
Privilege a lot he that he would be uh doing the Dana White Privilege media tour if he lost O’Malley and did end if
he wanted a rematch to be called for it like right away either the press conference or like within this week
and didn’t get it I don’t know again I’m not even saying like that he he he’s it’s like an
automatic like always had such a dominant run that to give him a championship not giving reaction be wrong I’m just saying based on what
we’ve seen I feel like they’re Champions have accomplished less who got immediate rematches
uh so Ken O’Malley knock it could he possibly permanently knock him out of title picture yes yes I don’t think it’s
right I think and this is maybe me being blindly optimistic and
somewhat ignorant of how the promotion has worked with Sterling in the past
I think of Sterling one of the rematch they would give it to him so that’s where I lean that’s if I’m betting money I would say Sterling as long as he acts
somewhat quickly letting his intentions be known uh gets that rematch if he does some sort
of I need to take some time to think and and we don’t hear from him for like two weeks the UFC will move on from him so
quickly you won’t even you’ll barely remember that he was the champion that’s how quickly they’re ready to move on but
I I think he can influence their hand a little bit um so I will go no I’m an O’Malley win does not
definitely knock Sterling out of the title picture um but Sterling’s gonna have to play his
cards right if that happens because the UFC uh is not going to feel like they owe him anything
yeah that’s gonna be super interesting either way just aljo because if aljo wins he’s the lone holder of of the
title defense record in the division he he will still have the title for the most consecutive title defenses in the
division him moving up to 145 is interesting some people feel like a win solidifies his run because it has been a
very strange Title reign winning the title by DQ then the split decision then the TJ fight with the one armed and the
one arm and the injury then the sehudo fight with the weird split decision and the just a horrendous scorecard that if
that judge just got it right then Henry suhutto would be the champion right now it’s just wild to even think about and
now he’s fighting Sean O’Malley and he feels that the aftermath of this fight should he win is well shot was not that
good to begin with so what are the chances that a dominant win from algebra and Sterling especially if he finished
him in the first three rounds people will be like you know what this dude is the best bantamweight of all time or do
you think they’ll react the way that aljo kind of feels that he still won’t get the credit that he’s due and that
Sean just wasn’t that good to begin with it doesn’t help that he’s doing the Sean’s you know a hype a hype uh machine
product like that was the worst thing he could have done because he’s uh and he’s probably doing it in a he’s trying to
get ahead of it I I get it he he I think aljo thinks like okay I can outsmart people but I’m
going to get ahead of this because people are going to say this after I beat him so I’m gonna say before and then it’s like well I knew all along
that people were gonna discredit this win but that’s like trying to get ahead of a narrative that’s not controlling a
narrative uh maybe he’s given up on that because he’s done a lot there’s one thing aljo has done throughout his
career he’s been very good with uh media he’s been very good at doing media appearances with reacting to things said
about him with reacting to things uh said about things that he said he’s very online
he’s very uh uh media Savvy um again mileage may vary on on how he’s
handled some of these situations but he is very active as far as reacting to things but in this sense he might be a
little too proactive because again if now we’ll run it down like I said let’s say he beats let’s say he beats uh
O’Malley let’s say it’s like uh you know not a super thrilling decision win like he doesn’t submit I’m not super then you’re right then he says oh well you
just beat a hype train a guy with no grappling a guy who’s like your style is good against and then sahudo I mean you barely won against the Hutto did you do
the shot the one arm we could we go on and on one the title by DQ uh Split Decision against yawn in the rematch
it if it won’t legitimize it because I think it’s legitimate already I think this is
a great title run things with again some very high level competition circumstances out of his
control that have put whatever asterisks on some of these performances so if you don’t think it’s legitimate
already I don’t know of him beating O’Malley changes that so I’m like I don’t know if that answers
your question because again I think it’s already legitimate and I think people who already think it’s legitimate win or lose win or lose shouldn’t change that
let’s say he gets knocked out by O’Malley on on uh Saturday for me that doesn’t delegitimize his title run it’s
been a great title run and he lost to wife who I think is a pretty good Challenger um if he but if you’re
anti-algia if you think again all these asterisks are should be blown up and matter than him beating uh O’Malley is
not going to change anything so technically I guess my answer is no Mike I don’t I don’t think anything happens on Saturday will make it extra
legitimate and that’s what makes this all very interesting because if on top of that
even if aljo wins that means he’s going to vacate and go to 45. who’s going to fight for the vacant title does Sean get
right back in there is it going to be murab versus Henry sahuto like it’s going to be real real fascinating to see
how this all plays out and we’ll probably talk about that more on on to the next one on Sunday a live Edition which would be on this program but okay
let’s just get right into this let’s make the pick let’s make it official right now according to our friends at
DraftKings Sportsbook Al Jermaine Sterling the favorite minus 258 The Comeback on the Challenger sugar shot
O’Malley plus 210 AK who leaves the city of Champions as a champion themselves
I’ve you know wrestled with this in my mind no pun intended I just can’t see a
world where O’Malley can stop Sterling’s takedowns as many times he needs to because uh we talked about it on the uh
live way and show my kind of saying like is is this a puncher’s chance situation does O’Malley need to catch him with
something and knock him out and I think no matter how you expect O’Malley to win uh it has to be he has to keep the fight
on the feet I’m sure he’s practiced a ton of jujitsu practice a ton of wrestling he probably even enjoys it he probably likes grappling practice I’m
sure he does and good for him but there’s we say it all the time there’s like a lifetime of training a certain
skill and you’re just not going to catch up with it in however many months you have to pay or even how however how long
um you know O’Malley’s been been training in MMA right uh because Sterling’s been wrestling his whole life and he’s very good at it it’s not like
he’s a guy who’s been wrestling his whole life and we don’t see it in the cage we see it in a lot of his fights it’s it’s it’s it’s
emphasized he’s improved a ton as a striker he’s good Striker too but that wrestling is his base and he goes to it
when he needs it um if O’Malley suddenly becomes you know Prime Chuck Liddell sprawling and
brawling sure he could knock Sterling out he could out strike him over 25 minutes
but we’ve seen wrestlers take O’Malley down as recently as oh sorry people use their wrestling I don’t want to I was
gonna say pyoto yon I don’t want to pigeonhole him as a wrestler but he’s a guy who certainly can wrestle and he did
against Sean O’Malley while they might have while they may have different approaches to doing it it’s it’s I still view O’Malley’s
takedown defense as a significant weakness and while aljo I’m sure would love to prove that he can outstrike
O’Malley uh he can always fall back in the wrestling and he should and I think
he’s going to take O’Malley’s back more than once O’Malley may be able to survive one of
those exchanges but he won’t be able to survive the entire fight Sterling by submission we’re naked choke uh round three
I’m going round two if you listen to a bets barred I’ve I’ve laid this out I’ve actually uh for the
sake of science I’m actually like placing bets on this one because I’m gonna be on the show I’m not gonna be like hey this is what I would do but I’m
actually not going to do it um I have some exposure on algeman Sterling I have a bet on algeman Sterling inside the distance I have a
bet on algebra and Sterling round two I have a bet on algebrae Sterling round three couple sprinkles and guess what
Mike guess what friends forever because I listened to the show and I did the same thing I’ve also got algebra by
finish in rounds two and three because of you so we are riding and dying on this one together I don’t know how I feel about that
I don’t know if this is a jinx I am the worst protecting things I am the worst predicting thing so this might be bad
for you oh man yeah maybe maybe not submit your predictions article that would be might be a great thing for my
best but and I’ll talk about this with the co-main event as well nothing would
surprise me here like just maybe there is a sort of like Kismet Destiny style thing that happens and Sean O’Malley is
just meant to win the title tomorrow in Boston he might just kick algebra and Sterling in the face we have no idea and
that’s what makes this fight so interesting so let’s go to the co-main of nak we have jeanway Lee first title
defense in the second Reign after just running over Carlos barza takes on Amanda lemosh Amanda obviously a very
dangerous fighter in her own right I remember Casey Lyden was incredibly high on Amanda a couple of years back right
we’re in the thick of the pandemic and here she is getting ready to fight for a world title so great read by our
wonderful producer ekc but I I’ve brought this up a million times AKA and I’ll bring it up to you right now I feel
like nobody’s talking about this fight nobody’s talking about it it’s it’s the Shawn O’Malley algeman Sterling show and
now it has become the Ian Machado Gary Neil magni show which we’ll get into in a moment and this one’s just just a fun
fight that’s not getting any love are you surprised that this is not getting like any attention it’s very strange I’m
not surprised at all and I love this fight but I’m not surprised the most the announcement of the fight at first was
this was itself a surprise to everyone um not that lamosh well based on meritocracy the most
didn’t deserve it because she lost to Jessica and Josh not that long ago in a submission of the Year candidate uh
fight um and the two women who beat Jessica and Josh uh Yan Chao Nan and Tatiana
Suarez you know we we want to see them fight boys don’t see one of them fight
zhangily preferably both you know a perfect scenario for the UFC would have been yawn getting able to fight uh Zhang and China sometime this
year and then Tatiana Suarez uh fighting her either at the end of the year or early next year right that’s but
the champ wants to fight the champ needed an opponent lamosh great performance against Marina Rodriguez who
has just had so much bad luck she she feels like she’d done enough to earn a title fight but never got that signature
win and then lamos just runs through her and lamosh takes that spot so the fight kind of came out it wasn’t the fight we
expected it wasn’t the fight we necessarily wanted it’s just the timing worked out
um there’s a you could say there’s a language barrier too of course you know uh from China from Brazil they don’t
speak the same language I don’t think they’re interested in talking trust to each other either way um even if that wasn’t an issue if
anyone’s watched embedded this week their segments are have nothing to do about each other they’re barely talking
about each other it’s just training and dieting and it’s just not a dynamic match-up personality wise but on paper
great fight definitely legitimate Challenger lamosh has so many finishes at 115 people
complain sometimes about strawberry division not having no finishes and the motion I feel like has like half of them that happened last year she’s just
that’s that’s how she does or within the last two years um and Jang has obviously finished her she runs through people she’s uh she’s an absolute Juggernaut so
people should be talking about more Mike they should be I think we’ve tried to do our part but I don’t blame fans for
uh not knowing that this is happening and and not necessarily being at the
front of their conversations when it comes to UFC 292. yeah I mean it’s what happens John Wayne
Lee versus Johnny and Jay check one like no one was really talking about it except Dana was when Dana was like
really promoting he was putting that fight over and some of the hardcores were into it ended up being one of the greatest fights of all time so maybe
lightning will strike twice but AKA it’s been very interesting here in Boston because between fans fellow media
members that I’ve spoken to and even some of the security that was working at the Garden during the press conference
yesterday Amanda Lemos is kind of the dot the Darling Dog on this car a lot of
people feel like she has a much better chance of the betting lines are indicating so before we get to our official pick
what would be a more shocking result in your eyes Sean O’Malley winning or Amanda Lemos winning
uh O’Malley O’Malley because I’m with the I’m with everyone this is one thing I don’t like about the
lamosh Zhang matchup is that lamosh has a really good chance of finishing shangly is a super athlete
um great technically she has everything like that you need to be a dominant Champion but I think she also has a lot
of good Challengers like of the three names we mentioned I think I feel most comfortable picking her against Yan
shonan but it doesn’t mean a lot of people picking Tatiana as far as against her and I’m like you said there’s probably a
handful of thinking in Manila mosh and the one question for me is Zhang’s defense she’s not like the best
offensive Fighter um we’ve seen her knocked out we saw her war with Joanna
this is an issue um if lamosh hits you and I think she is gonna
I think she is going to catch Jang a few times she could put your ass down so this is not a case where uh like there’s
an opponent where like oh well how how is she gonna beat Jang it’s like there’s a lot of ways she gets done she’s she
has good juices too she can finish she can finish via submission so you know me I’m always going chalk
I’m always playing it safe uh so of course you know if you ask me when the fight was booked I’m leaning towards the champion but again lamosh could really
spoil the UFC’s plans to have Jan shonan and Zhang Wei Lee um fight in China you
could still do that fight you could have it be a non-title fight um certainly since it probably wouldn’t be a pay-per-view they do in China so
you can do a non-title uh five round Main Event featuring Yan and Zhang but boy you’d really like to have that title
in there um that’s that’s that’s sort of the idea and it seems that the cards were aligned it perfectly
but now you have a real spoiler in the most here so for sure I would find O’Malley
um beating Sterling more shocking I I think lamosh is as live and underdogs as you can be
well her price tag is the underdog is Plus 250. John Whaley very sizable favorite minus
310 what’s the official pick AKA have you you felt like John Wayne Lee at the beginning but as time has gone on are we
flipping are we flipping over to the Challenger it feels like I’ve done everything possible to jinx Chang Willie not that I
believe in that sort of thing we did a UFC 292 primer this that went up earlier
this week and one of the questions and I’ll tell you right now I was responsible for making the questions one of the questions was what’s next for
Zhang wheelie after this fight so I was I’ve been super disrespectful to alamosa’s Chances
this is more to do with again my confidence in Zhang Whitley yes I think she can get caught yes I wish she was a
little bit sharper defensively but I do think she is pound for pound one of the top three fighters in the
world and I trust her I I after the going into the Esparza fight I was like I think
Zhang is peaking at the right time so we thought we all thought she would be Carla she did in pretty dominant fashion
I would pick her to win a rematch with rose number junis I don’t think we ever get that sorry a third fight excuse me if they were to fight again I would pick
Zhang I think she’s peaking at the right time I think that’s when what’s going to keep her from uh getting into trouble
against Amanda lamosh so give me Zhang to score a finish I’m gonna say second
round uh second round knockout
good pick uh I have John Whaley inside the distance um a parlay piece as well I also have
the uh the under three and a half combined with the under four and or no
yeah I I I I I I have two unders which I got him at I think under four and a half in the in the main event under three and
a half in this one for plus money I think Amanda is a live dog I I understand why she is a popular pick
despite being such a it being such a wide margin on the betting lines but
I feel like this is a puncher’s chance kind of an opportunity like I I just think Zhang is just at the peak of her
powers right now I think she’s just so good I think she’s peaking at the right time and I think if this fight happened
two years ago or two years later I would think Amanda lamos would have a a really good chance but right now it’s going to
be very very tough to beat John Whaley maybe Tatiana Suarez can do it maybe yanjan on can do it I think Tatiana
Suarez from an athletic in a competitive and just a Powerhouse a physical perspective I feel like Tatiana Suarez
has the best chance to beat John Whaley so with that I do think Zhang’s gonna get her out of there will Amanda make
things a little hairy for jean-wee Lee betters I think there might be a moment or two but in the end I think jeanway
Lee will weather any kind of a storm and she does get her out of there uh within the first three rounds so that will be
an interesting fight till that happens we’ll touch on two quick things and then we’ll take some questions before we get to get out of here AKA but
the big fight that has sort of stolen headlines over the past few days is
involving Neil Magny AKA Neil magni the the Wiley vets doesn’t talk trash
doesn’t get fired up even killed not the case this week if you saw at the press
conference in fact I talked to John attic a little while ago John was telling me that in the fighter meeting Neil Maggie was pretty pissed off in the
fighter meeting too saying that nobody he has ever faced nobody is ever prepared for has gotten him as angry as
he is this week and the press conference things just got a little bananas they
went back and forth Ian Machado Gary for better for worse has gotten people riled up whether it’s because they’re pro-en
or against him but AK Neil magni has become one of the
big story lines heading into this card what have you made of the build it hasn’t been pretty I know the internet’s
community MMA fans were like oh get this guy off my television screen I saw a lot of that
on Twitter what have you made of this build and end of this matchup now that Jeff Neal’s no longer competing yeah uh
I’m fine with it like uh I’ve said many times we’re getting the better of two meals uh Neil magni defeated Jeff Neal
in the battle of the Niels a while ago uh turning Jeff Neal into Jeff Ned um you know a lot of people don’t
recognize that but in a sense he’s got the I don’t own the UFC rankings if Neil is higher right now based on where the
careers have gone since but uh I do know what we checked earlier today magni number 11 in the uh UFC rankings not
that those rankings matter MMA fighting Global rankings check about um so I like the fight I like the fight
I have been mostly ignorant to the trash talk uh I did I was informed that I got
very ugly at the press conference in Machado Gary the the Conor comparisons were
unavoidable um once he started succeeding in cage Warriors He’s from Ireland
um he’s a confident guy he’s got his his uh his wife Layla’s does an excellent
job being his manager sort of guiding his career I think she’s helped him a lot with developing this persona
uh but at times it almost feels too put on too online
um the Jeff Neal stuff was also got very ugly he like had an old mug shot of Neil and they put it on his T-shirt and they
were kind of like you know putting all across their social media and selling it and if people found that funny or amused by
that that’s fine I I get it it’s this is a nasty game guys are gonna you know trying to get in each other’s head but I
I for me that does nothing for me I just think that’s ugly I think it’s a little gross and then um with Neil magni this week it was you
know bringing up some stupid comments Maggie made about uh I’m gonna beat my opponents I’m gonna beat one of my
opponents like I beat my worse than I beat my child or something horrible thing for Magna to say and just
as bad I think to bring it up uh as fight promotion so I I understand what Machado Gary’s trying to do
I if it gets people interested in him again this is the fight game
um it is McGregor s McGregor also crossed a lot of lines ahead of his fights uh I’m not a fan of I’m not a fan
of it I’m still a fan of this fight I I again I’m not like holding a lot of
this against Machado Gary it’s sort of the game they play it’s a hate the uh don’t hate the player hate the game
situation but I do think based on some of his behavior and the whole I’m carrying 292 thing uh if he loses on
he lives on Saturday it would be Darkly hilarious and I think he has as much pressure as anyone you know you asked me
the top uh Mike who has more pressure aljo or O’Malley and I wouldn’t quite put on that level but he might be third
he has even more than the co-main he has a ton of pressure on him to deliver because he has talked a big game
we and a lot of the media sites have aggregated his comments we’ve put it out there we’ve we’ve Amplified his voice
and he’s and now he’s facing a short notice opponent he’s gotta win he has got to it the one thing smart he
hasn’t run down magni as far as how good Magna is he’s given magnets like skills credit but boy he has talked a lot and
if he loses uh it’ll hurt him in the short term no nothing nothing major but um it’s one of those losses that
everyone’s going to hold against him pretty much for the rest of his career no matter how successful he is Far and Away the biggest favorite on the
card minus 485 The Comeback on Neil magni Buster of 70. yeah we’ll see how this plays out main card wraps up with
uh or runs out however mind you uh Mario Batista versus Damon Blackshear Damon Blackshear turning around a seven day
notice after a twister submission like six days ago in Las Vegas so he’s
felt pretty Breezy throughout this fight week it’s the main card’s gonna kick off with just a tremendous fight between
Marlon Vera and Pedro Munoz I feel like Pedro’s being slept on in a big way I am
leaning Marlon Vera in that fight but I feel like no one’s given Pedro credit which is kind of the story of his career but I do want to bring up before we get
to the peeps AKA Chris Weidman stepped on the scale made weight successfully first time he has done that since before
the Uriah Hall fight we know what happened there the catastrophic leg injury the road to recovery just kept it
just kept going and going and going and finally the All-American the former middleweight champion of the world is
going to step back into the octagon and face Brad Tavares at UFC 292. John
Amic was telling me that that moment for Chris Weidman when he got announced into the press conference and he got a big
pop from the Boston crowd it kind of put him in a really good place it was almost like he needed that
because he didn’t really know how he was going to be perceived in Boston was he going to be cheered whether it’s gonna be booed will
people still remember what he accomplished but when he got introduced and he came out from behind that curtain
the crowd in the garden went absolutely bananas for this guy and it did something to him so
not a lot of people talking about this I feel like this is a extremely under the radar storyline with the main event and
with everything that’s going on with Ian Machado Gary and Neil magni Chris Weidman coming back after that horrific
injury you saw him on the scale what are your thoughts on the return and the match of the Brads of ours
I’ve always been a big Chris Weidman fan because he was one of the first Fighters that made me feel smart because when I
was still sort of in my naysense MMA fans stage um or at least just starting to feel
like I had some understanding of how MMA worked it took a long time I I probably I still don’t
um the first Anderson Silva fight I had picked Wideman to win pretty confidently
pretty confidently and it wasn’t some I was all in the Wyman hype train always got a smash Silva it was more like I was
just looking like their ages and the way they were trending I’m like and just oh how long can silver maintain this and I
liked everything about Wyman’s background as far as like his his ability to Grapple um how quickly he seemed to have taken
to the Striking game he picked up some really big knockouts um so I I was very excited why in this
chance and when he won I was I was at a uh I was at like a Boston pizza or something and I was just like I got up I
was like my my pumped my hands in the air and I see some people disappointed in shocked and I was just like I didn’t
say anything but my body language clearly said I Told You So to a room with strangers who I
hadn’t spoken to war to so I have a fondness for Chris Weidman um I’ve enjoyed his career for the most part the
highs the lows and really looking forward to him coming back Brad Tavares the perfect matchup a guy who they don’t
expect to you know be a for you know just knock them out in the first round maybe knock him out at all
it’s not really uh Tavares bag it’s also a tough name it’s a reputable guy I think Tavares I’ve had him in the
top 20 top 25 of middleweight for ages just because he’s that gatekeeper he’s that that tiers GateKeeper
and he’s won more than he’s lost generally so I like I like that matchup but I’ll tell you Mike I am the worst person
if if I was to be on the watch party watching this fight I would be the worst person to have on because I’m gonna be
very tense and nervous during this fight um I I’m not expecting the injury to
just like you know immediately flare up again or for him to take a leg kick and then just get dropped I I have a lot of
faith that he in what he said that they’ve done everything they can to you know rehab surgery whatever I’m sure
there’s what there’s a I don’t know how much metal there is in that leg now but that’s it’s hard for me to see it’s
it’s he’s out because he’s up there in age two right this isn’t just like oh he’s coming back he’s 39.
he just turned 39 he’s been fighting for quite a while now um so I’m optimistic I’m predicting a
win but there’s that right does that part of me that the MMA devil that’s
just like cannot get the worst case scenario out of my mind so uh I will be uh I’ll be a bit of a wreck watching
this one yeah I believe I mean just depending on the timing that could be the first thing
that’s on when the watch party starts is the Chris Weidman fight because it’s gonna be on right before the
pay-per-view starts so we’ll see what happens that is a very interesting fight very much looking forward to it we got
Gregory Rodriguez Dennis to lulin that’s not going to the cards more than likely Austin Hubbard Kurt hollabaugh for the
lightweight tough finale Championship Brad Katona looking to become a two-time tough champ taking on Cody Gibson we got
Andre petrovsky getting the Gerald mearshart test and then we have Andrew Lee versus Natty the ice Matilda Karina
Silva versus Marina morose sneaky deep card I like almost every single fight on
this there’s something to be intrigued by in every single fight on this card it’s a good one so with that said let’s
bring in the man the myth of Legends The Undefeated ekc lighted where is he there
he is how we doing let’s take some questions uh we can roll fry for the next 10 or so
minutes just because that’s how much battery power I have left in my camera so yeah
by the way guys uh how do you grade the UFC 292 lineup through a little poll B
very strong B grade 55 a pretty good too 24 but I thought there’d be more A’s I
think this card is really really good but b b’s not bad 55 I don’t know it’s got the potential it’s got the potential
to be really really good I think so
all right hmm but we’ll see uh let’s go to the peeps
oh I see someone asking okay go ahead let’s look at this one if this is The Ultimate Fighter finale
and not UFC 292 does that mean that this is the tough hang finale and not the previous show
uh technically yes but it’s not the same with that GC Conor much Mike my best friend as much as I love you uh GC Conor
Brooks would have to be here I can’t do a tough hang finale without him so uh Casey there’s another question I’ll just
pull up real quick uh Brandon wants because we were just talking about it is this weidman’s last fight either way
um nothing would make me happier than seeing him win and retire but I have a feeling if he wins he’s definitely it’s
definitely like I’m back I’m back give me a top 10 guy next I so I don’t think no way why I’m retired I know I would
love to see go out on top Chris what a story that would be you come back and it went but almost no chance Mike I don’t
know I don’t know yeah if he wins I’m going for that title
Israel out of Sonya I’m coming for you if he loses bad I think he retires
I kind of like look if Chris Weidman can go on a run that’s great deep down in the pit of my
stomach this is how I kind of hope this all plays out Wyman and Tavares go to war like they
just have a great competitive fight it’s back and forth Wyman lands a leg kick takes a leg kick
we get that answer to that question early and it should say really close fight 29 28 maybe we go to splitty City
Chris Weidman goes the full three rounds in a competitive fight with the top 25 guy and he’s just like look
I got in there I did it I’ve done what else do I need to do I’m done I’m satisfied
if he loses bad we’re just gonna feel awful about it if he wins he’s just gonna keep going but if he loses like a
really competitive split decision at least gets to the cards like I think that’s a victory in itself and what a
perfect time for him to kind of ride off into the sunset I’m not here to tell him he like needs to retire or anything like
that but as someone who was on the watch party when Frankie Edgar got obliterated and
retired watched Luke rockhold retire but then not retire two weeks later and watch Robbie Lawler retire the way that
he did I feel like Chris Wyman deserves a really good moment and not a scary
nasty sad one and I feel like the best chance for us to get this kind of a
moment is for him to go out and have a great fight baby beyond the losing end with the Tavares and then he can ride
off into the sunset so that’s what I’m kind of hoping for um but if he wins I don’t think he’s going anywhere
okay yeah there we go thoughts on why I’ve been
still saying he is title I mean I know AK if you’re gonna put yourself through this like shouldn’t that be somewhat at
least in the back of your mind that maybe I gotta maybe I got something I’ve been there before maybe maybe getting
the surgery and having this bad stuff happen to me maybe this is just setting me up for something spectacular
a month a month pass from the 10-year anniversary of his knockout of Anderson
Silva so 10 years ago plus a month just to kind of get me skilled
visualization is a hell of a thing I’m sure if you ask 9 out of 10 martial artists um how important visualization is to
their careers and to the results they get it they’ll tell you it’s hugely important
um Weidman has definitely in his mind played out the scenario where he comes back tonight to get to window Tavares gets top 10 opponents next fight and
then you know if the cards fall just right gets a middleweight title shot whether it’s against Izzy or someone else
um it’s it’s a hell of a thing uh and these endless he wouldn’t have gotten as far
as he’s gotten without you know without dreaming without so corny without dreaming without imagining
it without picturing how would go I’m sure he’s visualized how him finishing Tavares on Saturday right so
uh yeah see my thought is I can’t imagine it being
possible that he can fight his way up to that level I think middleweight just has some decent contenders ahead of him that
he would not get past but I have no problem with him having them good for him that’s where his head should be at I
guess but um I’d also have like I said before would like to see a retirement but that’s just me
take a couple more uh why is Batista still on the main card I would think
they would have slid the Weidman fight on there with Cody falling out so I asked Mario was asked about this at
media day and he said that he was cool fighting Damon Blackshear or anybody else as long as he stayed on the main
card Sean O’Malley is a long time teammate training partner fighting for a world title being on this main card
meant more to him than the actual opponent so and the UFC gave him his wish and that’s what’s happening and
it’s fine it’s fine but I think TV perspective
since this was uh the Weidman fight was always planned to be the main event of the prelims I’m pretty sure uh ESPN had
a bunch of promo packages and stuff kind of built ready for that time in the TV slot
um and if they put Batista there they just wouldn’t have those packages put my packages ready and those promo packages probably wouldn’t fit into the
pay-per-view broadcast so I’m sure there’s some TV issues too that go into this but uh you know gotta pop that
rating man yeah yeah I’m not I’m not gonna complain
bantamweights rule uh if you want to make the whole plane out of bantamweight I would support it secondly I think
Weidman is getting the free TV I I obviously getting the free TV Rob right he’s leading he’s closing out the UFC uh
sorry the ESPN main card there’s a lot of casual interest I think in weidman’s return and I think you’re
much more likely to get a return on that by having him on ESPN what a moment you can build up right National Television
then saying oh if you want to see why items return you’ve got to buy the preview I don’t know if the juice is worth the squeeze there so I know
Weidman wants the prestige to be on a main card but I do think being the featured ESPN
um fight here actually means something so I think he I think he should be okay with it and I’m totally okay with it
yeah white man wins I’m sure his next fight will be on a pay-per-view portion of a card for a main event of some sort
of fight night yeah there’s gonna be a million plus people watching him fight tomorrow yeah yeah uh
[Music] um oh
which fight can steal the show uh the show stealer and a low-key Banger or
maybe it’s both for you AKA and is it Kurt Hall about Austin Hubbard or is it Brad Katona Cody no see that steel the
show implies that they’re not already the headliner you know you can’t steal the show when everyone is already
looking forward to your fights the most that’s like 1A and 1B so you can’t it’s going to be one of the silvas it’s
gonna be one of those I think I’m just I’ll go I’ll say Natalia silver Andrew Lee because I think Natalia Silva can
put her away but if she doesn’t it’s gonna be a pretty competitive and fun um three-round fight even she does put
her away I think that’s something to watch so I’m all in on civil Mania I hate having to pick one over the other but I will just pick one and I do like
uh I do want to see where Natalia Silva goes but I think I think Karina Silva is fantastic as well and um her weird sort
of rematch with uh Marina Rose is interesting but yeah I’ll go into Thai Silva and Andrew Lee
Casey all right I’m also going silver Lee and as a backup I am going Cody
Gibson versus Katona yeah yeah yeah I think I think that fight that’s got some
um real beef and um I’ve I’ve always just personally as a fan been a big fan
of uh been a big fan of Cody Gibson’s fighting style so I am excited to see what he can do in there and Brent Katona
is a quality bantamweight that should honestly never been released from the UFC in the first place
nine years nine years since Cody Gibson last fight in the OC 2014. look at that he’s one fight away from getting a new
contract what a business is saying what a business as far as still the show
I will say uh uh Whaley versus limos I think yeah I think that can be a crazy
exciting fight much in the same way that uh you mentioned earlier uh Joanna versus Whaley was kind of a it was it
was a co-main event what was the main event for that card that was the wasn’t that the Izzy Romero
card yeah so that had a lot of Buzz coming into the fight Izzy Romero and
awali and Joanna was kind of like well it’s a good fight that makes a lot of sense and we’re excited to see it but we weren’t really talking about it and um I
don’t I don’t expect a fight of the year but I do think the Motions thing are gonna be it’s gonna be pretty awesome
fight I I think Cheeto Vera Pedro Munoz is gonna
absolutely rule I think it’s gonna be super super good and it’s not getting
it’s getting some attention but it’s not going to get a lot it’s getting the attention because people think Marlon Verge is going to win and fight Sean
O’Malley and like the big rematch and Pedro’s just like all right dude I’m up
here too and I’m coming off a really good win and have you seen the guys I’ve lost to like I lose to the very very
best so I love that fight I love the fact that Pedro is kind of like that Silent Assassin guy right now he’s like
all right let him forget me let him downplay everything that I’ve done in my career I’m gonna go ahead and fight this
dude and I think stylistically there’s a value on him from a betting perspective I understand why people
would want to side with Pedro and take a dog shot at him I mean Loki I’m picking Munoz I think I
like Millions a lot and I I feel bad that he’s not people aren’t talking about him you know people are talking
about O’Malley Vera but I think I I want to see O’Malley Munoz just as much if we
get that match up you know if the stars lying but I don’t think there’s any
fight on this card where the result would shock me I’m trying to like truly truly Shock Me Like There’s No One who
I’m like oh there’s there’s no lock for me in this car let me put that way if someone asks like oh what’s your lock for this card like winner I have none I
honestly don’t think there’s like there’s no fight where I’m better than 80 confident that this well 90 there’s
no fight where I’m better than 90 confident that’s one one of the fighters going to win I love the matchmaking for this card
interesting the one result that would surprise you is if Kurt Hollowell beat Austin Hopper
by decision really that would oh by decision okay okay yeah no if Kurt wins he’s gonna this is gonna run him over in
two minutes that’s just what Kurt does and Hubbard wins decisions so
yeah and Gregory Rodriguez Dennis delulin will not be fighting for the middleweighty middleweight title I feel
pretty confident in saying that because they’re just gonna beat the hell out of each other I’ll take one more and then we gotta get
out of here one more will the UFC AKA try to keep aljo at
bantamweight if he retains where does his division go if he wins I don’t care okay so we know yeah they’re like do
whatever you want they don’t care go let’s go for another belt yeah sure do you I it’s I can’t we really can’t
overstate like how poorly I feel like the UFC has um promoted algeman Sterling
since he came to the UFC they for whatever reason they refused to put him on a main card uh for the longest time I
think he was on one I want to say Fight Night Main card in his first like five or six fights and it’s weird because he
was this young guy pretty exciting I think pretty exciting style person like good good with the media good on the mic
um and they just would not promote him in a meaningful way it was very bizarre even as Champion I almost feel like they
they’re reluctant to push him as one of their big guys like they don’t want they don’t push him as an a-level star
um some of that again maybe because he’s in the media so much and does so much of his own promotion the UC either you know
feels like they don’t need to be involved or they don’t um uh they don’t
support it I don’t know um we we’ve said there’s many justifiable reasons why fans you know
might have not been on the uh alza main Sterling bandwagon just his title ring is so bizarre but you know we we always
say that the promotion’s job is to sort of smooth these things over and make this guy you know help make Sky marketable and sell pay-per-views and
make you money and the UC has not done that so I don’t think they care about keeping Olive Joe bantamweight
they’d be happy I think to move on to murab or again Sean O’Malley get him back into another title shot sooner
rather than later um they’re fine they’re fine with Al Joe doing featherweight staying at bantamweight it’s not something they’re
having meetings over let’s put it that way yep if this is maybe some talk about
after five maybe two but two hypothetical but if O’Malley loses a competitive competitive decision
is there a chance at UFC and and aljo vacates is there a chance O’Malley might get another title shot coming off a
close loss yeah just because yes okay a very good chance okay dude if alja goes
if aljo goes out there and submits him in round three if there’s still good okay oh wow okay all right like it’s
very it’s that possible that’s why like to me Sean O’Malley has very little pressure because if he loses like so
what you can he at worst he can go and fight anybody else and one win gets him
back that’s just where he is in this Division and in his standing with the company right now so to me I feel like
they’ll do Murad versus a huto and if sahuto somehow isn’t ready to go Sean O’Malley’s getting getting right back in
there and fighting for the title I feel pretty confident in that if of course in all of this yeah if O’Malley
uh 14 seconds um starting somehow some some sort of
just incredible win like that yep zomali will he become the bantamweight Connor
in terms of just well I know there’s no economy yeah Conor McGregor is Conor McGregor but could he find could
I don’t know maybe what what what the UFC was hoping Cody garbrandt was going to be they might get with uh with Sean
O’Malley in terms of just um making that 35 division just like a
marquee real Marquee division you know and with that kind of champ and the government O’Malley is way more famous
than Cody was before his title fight like O’Malley’s legitimately I don’t want to say he’s he’s like a uh you know
a super main string star like I don’t think he passes the mom test I think if I if any of us you know if I ask my mom
not yet not yet if he gets that type of win you know and more importantly
there’s an age group that knows who this guy is I think I I say it all the time I’m old uh I’m sure people who are out
there you young uh hip cats in the comments tell me like do you have friends who aren’t into MMA who who know
who Sean O’Malley is I would wager that they probably some sort of clip of him on a clip of his highlights on Tick Tock
Instagram whatever uh maybe you’ve seen something funny he said a funny clip from his podcast
um he stands out he’s distinct and he appeals to a certain fan base so I I don’t know if he can be the Conor he can
be you know that level star yet but he is going to ascend to another level of stardom if he
pulls off that again maybe not maybe not AAA tier but like just a notch below like maybe clearly the biggest
bantamweight star the UFC’s ever had sure we could be talking yeah I think oh I think he’s already there yeah oh yes
yeah yeah exactly he might already be uh despite not even having won the titles so that’s a big moment there is so there
are there’s so much potential for O’Malley to become a Next Level star on
Saturday I don’t think it happens but if he gets the result that he’s been calling for for months now
um it will happen he’s a tier one star if he was titled on Saturday yeah he’s not in McGregor but
he’s he’s sitting at the table with the Jon Jones’s and the izzies and them for
sure if he wins this fight someone in the comments EQ says my friends are idiots
that’s why they know Sean O’Malley that’s a huge demographic for MMA the 80
is trust me that that means it’s probably many many many many many more
idiots who also know who Sean Amelia is who maybe don’t know love MMA but maybe love him some Somali and we’ll uh we’ll
be curious about how this fight goes wow thank you that’s a great way to say I I think that’s what’s exciting about the
main event is that I think we all see that kind of Next Level potential in
terms of even just as journalists just like man the stories that are gonna and just the direction of the sport that
could it could go if O’Malley wins dominantly and just who because you just don’t know it’s just kind of a new
frontier in terms of I guess the Phantom whites so it’d be fun
I feel and just just think about the street cred it gives it gives data whites Contender series O’Malley becomes
the second Champion he’s like the first dude that they like basically hand-picked to come on the show and
possibly go for a run like this I mean Jamal Hill just won the belt now Shawn O’Malley that’s the second Champion it’s
just a huge boost all around like do you have the UFC like I said will never say this danaway will never say this they
are so hoping shot O’Malley wins this fight they’re so hoping that out that Destiny it in fact rears its head and
and Sean comes through and it’ll be a wild moment like I’ve already pictured what the reaction would be if Sean
O’Malley knocked out Al Jermaine Sterling tomorrow night at the watch party I will lose my if that’s what
happens and just like wow I cannot believe that this has happened like
almost like how McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo it would kind of feel like a similar thing to me yeah as the more
we’re talking about the more kind of like I was like I’m kind of feeling the same parallels kind of coming into this fight I know Connor’s Conor said there’s
no real comparison but this feels as close as we’ve gotten to it since then
yeah I like the comparison all right yeah you can go ahead and hit the music uh we’re done we will be Jose and I will
be heading over to the Garden there’s a 30th Anniversary q a going down with uh Rob font Calvin kater Joe Lauzon and
chel P Sonnen taking questions from the peep so he will be there and we’ll have
ceremonial weigh-ins and then I fly out to New York first thing tomorrow morning we’ll have the watch party the people’s
pre-fight show 5 45 PM Eastern we’ll have all the winter interviews post fight press conference host fight show
AK and I back on Sunday for on to the next one there’s just a lot going on so for all of your UFC 292 coverage
throughout this weekend stick with us here at MMA fighting.com so for Casey
for AK I am Mike Keck thank you for watching we’ll see you later on everybody
thank you