TYSON FURY is “totally disrespecting” at FRANCIS NGANNOU

In a recent video, former UFC fighter Michael Bisping expressed his concern over Tyson Fury’s lack of respect for Francis Ngannou. Bisping believes that Fury is overlooking Ngannou and not taking the threat seriously. Despite Ngannou’s background as a mixed martial artist and his knockout power, Fury seems to be focused on his next fight against Alexander Usyk. Bisping warns that underestimating an opponent can lead to disastrous consequences in the fight game.

Fury’s Disrespect for Ngannou

Bisping points out that Fury has already booked his next fight against Alexander Usyk, who is considered the next best heavyweight in the world. This scheduling decision shows that Fury is not giving Ngannou the credit he deserves. While Ngannou may not possess the same boxing skills as Fury, he is known for his knockout power and ability to end fights with a single punch. Bisping questions whether Fury is making a massive mistake by underestimating Ngannou and not taking the threat seriously.

The Importance of Respecting Your Opponent

Bisping emphasizes the importance of never looking past your opponent and always expecting the best version of them. He shares his experience as a fighter and recalls how he became the champion of the world by not underestimating his opponent, Luke Rockhold. Bisping warns that one shot is all it takes to change the outcome of a fight, especially in the heavyweight division where the power of punches can be devastating.

Ngannou’s Knockout Power

Bisping acknowledges Ngannou’s knockout power, citing his fight against Alistair Overeem as an example. Ngannou’s punch is said to be equivalent to getting hit by a Ford Escort going at full speed. While Fury may be an incredible boxer, Bisping believes that underestimating Ngannou’s power could be a grave mistake.

The Risk of Underestimating Your Opponent

Bisping brings up the historic upset of Mike Tyson by Buster Douglas in 1990. Tyson, known as the “baddest man on the planet,” was heavily favored to win the fight, but Douglas knocked him out. This serves as a reminder that anything can happen in the world of combat sports, and underestimating an opponent can lead to unexpected outcomes.

Fury’s Focus on Money and Entertainment

Bisping acknowledges that Fury’s focus may be on earning as much money as possible and entertaining the fans. However, he warns that focusing solely on money and entertainment can tarnish a fighter’s legacy if they end up losing to a lesser opponent. Bisping believes that Fury should take the fight against Ngannou seriously to ensure his legacy remains intact.


In conclusion, Bisping expresses his concern over Tyson Fury’s lack of respect for Francis Ngannou. While Fury may be an exceptional boxer, underestimating Ngannou’s knockout power and not taking the threat seriously could lead to disastrous consequences. Bisping emphasizes the importance of respecting your opponent and never looking past them. He warns that one shot is all it takes to change the outcome of a fight, especially in the heavyweight division. Bisping also highlights the historic upset of Mike Tyson by Buster Douglas as a reminder that anything can happen in combat sports. While Fury may be focused on money and entertainment, Bisping believes that he should take the fight against Ngannou seriously to protect his legacy.

Tyson Fury mocks Francis and garnu
totally disrespects him as we say in
England takes the piss whatever way you
want to slice it whatever you want to
call it he is mocking him he does not
take it seriously he does not respect
the threat of Francis inganu one little
bit and why do I say that well it’s very
simple he’s already booked his next
fight against Alexander usick who is the
next best heavyweight on planet Earth is
boxing Francis and Ghana on the 28th of
October in Saudi Arabia and now he’s
already scheduled his next opponent a
very very serious threat a man that is
undefeated a man that just beat Anthony
Joshua twice in a row right so what is
he doing he’s overlooking Francis enganu
he’s taking the piss he doesn’t give him
any credit whatsoever look listen and
gone it’s not a boxer he’s a mixed
martial artist we know that he’s not as
tall he’s not as fast he’s not as
skilled but the man can bang and he can
knock people out and I’m telling you is
Tyson Fury making a massive mistake here
because in the fight game they always
say never look past your opponent never
underestimate your opponent always
expect the best version of them when I’m
commentating UFC fights we speak we do
what’s called fighter meetings on the
Wednesday before the fight I speak to
them all I said listen you get the job
done here what do you want next what do
I hear it’s the same thing every single
time oh I’m not looking past my opponent
I am not thinking about another fight
right now I’ve got my hands full with
this on Saturday night after that I’ll
think about it and look listen I get it
Tyson Fury is unbelievable the man’s
undefeated he’s got one draw he’s a
boxing Phenom it’s ridiculous okay it’s
incredibly quick it moves like a
middleweight even though he’s six foot
nine but when you look at Tyson Fury and
the weight that he showed up to the
press conference again is he
underestimating him because
it looked like I I listened advertising
Bureau fans if you see this Tyson shout
out brother and good luck
um but it looked like the old Tyson Fury
when he kind of went off the boxing for
a little bit a while when he went into
depression when He piled on [ __ ] tons of
weight and Tyson does not give a [ __ ]
and that’s what I like about it because
he’s absolutely hilarious you’ve got
Francis in Ghana there carved out of
stone Tyson Fury walks rocks over the
big wobbly belly doesn’t give a [ __ ]
even Mark Francis like yeah have a go on
that have a good feel you know have you
got a victory huh the man don’t give a
[ __ ] right but he’s out of shape he’s
not in the best shape and the fight’s
going down in just over three weeks and
as we know he’s taking on Alexander
usick right that says to me he’s not
taking this threat seriously and I
understand that I’m rightfully so
because he’s one of the best heavyweight
boxers if not the best heavyweight boxer
of this generation but it’s two human
beings and Francis dingarn who hits like
a Ford truck coming at you about 50
miles an hour or so they said his punch
is the equivalent to 96 horsepower which
is equal to getting hit by a Ford Escort
going as fast as it can we did some
tests that’s what they say it’s like a
Ford Escort I think it was regardless
the man can bang he almost decapitated
Alistair over him if you’re a boxing fan
he was a great fighter in the UFC back
in the day so you’ve got to give the man
a little bit of respect because anytime
two human beings and two human beings
that train step into a ring or an
octagon anything can happen and
certainly in the heavyweight division
one shot can change everything but Tyson
Fury doesn’t seem to think so because
there ain’t a man out there born from
his mother that can stop me or beat me
anyway maybe he’s not born now this fact
is going to be an absolute Blockbuster
rumor is 200 million dollars that is
what Tyson Fury is getting paid for this
Eddie Hearn refutes that he said it’s
probably more like 100 million 100 Mil
200 mil either way it’s a [ __ ] to an
adult right but then he’s fighting
Alexander using right is he
disrespecting music as well right listen
if potassium Fury goes out there and
pulls this off two fights in quick
succession back to back takes out one of
the most dangerous guys to come from the
UFC and then takes on the next best
heavyweight on planet Earth beats them
both makes it look easy and walks off to
the bank with 200 300 400 mil whatever
the number is right the man will go down
in history that will be unbelievable but
[ __ ] can go wrong when you underestimate
your opponent look at what can happen I
hate to bring myself into the situation
when I thought Luke rockhold and I
became champion of the world he
disregarded the threat and I told him
yeah you’d beat me once before but every
single fight is different and one shot
that’s all it takes and that’s all she
wrote and I became champion of the world
and ended up in the Hall of Fame could
you imagine if Francis is gone who does
that oh my God people’s pets heads will
be followed up all over the place right
it’s more than likely not going to
happen but if you speak to Francis and
garnish coach Eric Nixie he was saying
look listen we have that offbeat Rhythm
we have that real timing he doesn’t
follow the Rhythm and the rule set and
the skills that a boxer has right and
that’s all well and good and yeah maybe
when you Spar a noob right when you Spar
someone that doesn’t really know what
they’re doing when when someone that
doesn’t follow all the rules they do
have weird punches that come from weird
angles you know that’s what people said
about Conor McGregor versus Floyd
Mayweather right but the best I can
relate to is when you box a new starter
a beginner right they don’t know what
they’re doing they’re kind of Spazzy
they’re all over the place and they
catch you with stuff that they shouldn’t
do that’s not enough to be Tyson Fury
let’s just have it right if France is in
Ghana who’s gonna win this fight he’s
gonna do it in the first two or three
rounds he’s gonna get a hold of Tyson
Fury push him into the corner and then
just swing like an absolute Maniac
because if he tries to pick his shots if
he tries to pick his shots number one is
not fast enough he’s not skilled enough
and he just won’t land he will be
hitting fresh air all day but if he
throws him in the corner uses his power
uses his strength uses the wrestling
whilst he can before the ref breaks it
up and just swings like a maniac you
never know outside of that it’s all done
simple as that but more importantly is
he taking the piss out Francis in Garden
because if he doesn’t respect you you
never know look the biggest upset in the
history of boxing was Mike Tyson the
baddest man on the planet who just
happens to be training Francis zinganu
taking on Buster Douglas that went down
in 1990. nobody gave Buster Douglas a
chance but what happened he knocked him
out and the odds were 42-1 if you put
100 on Buster Douglas you would have
walked away with a profit of 42
000 and that bet came in that that came
in if that doesn’t tell you that
anything can happen in the squared
Circle in the Octon in a ring on the
street I don’t know what does so for the
love of God Tyson get in the gym get
training because I’m a fan I’m a huge
fan and I’m a fan of Francis they’re
gone I made the best man win Alexander
using’s probably sitting there thinking
oh my God this is brilliant come on Phil
I’m very few
probably thinking this is awesome I’ve
got the toughest fight of my life he’s
distracted with Francis and ganu right
he’s having that kind of circus that
freak show that spectacle that money
making cash grab whatever you want to
call it USIC is there training is
goddamn ass off bringing in tall
sparring partners from all over the
world to be the best version of himself
okay I get what Tyson’s doing listen
he’s being a shaman he’s being an
Entertainer he’s trying to earn as much
money as he can and I respect him for
that because that’s why we all do this
but Legacy history that is something
very important that’s infusion already
got all the money in the world okay as
simple as that he smashed it he’s
knocked it out the park but if he loses
to Alexander usig man that will taint
his legacy forever and he will never
forgive himself so you’ve got to take it
seriously because it’s two men entering
simple as that and Francis inganu even
though he’s not a boxer he’s a very very
dangerous individual but still I’m
looking forward to it it’s going to be
fun Francis zingano let’s be honest is
gonna lose but anything can happen just
as Mike Tyson okay 42-1 Buster Douglas
knocked him out if you put a hundred
dollars on him you walked away with 42
000 okay I mean that’s the best example
you will ever see and here we have Tyson
Fury absolutely taking the piss mocking
Francis ingarnu not taking the threat
seriously one little bit
I can’t see the humor in it though it is
kind of funny it is kind of comedic it
is Tyson Fury to a Goddamn team and if
anyone can pull it off well it is Tyson
Fury let’s be honest but still there it
is there’s the video subscribe ring the
bell let me know what you think in the
comment section and I’ll see you soon

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