Top 5 Most Feared Fighters in MMA

In the world of MMA, there are fighters who stand out as particularly intimidating. These individuals strike fear into the hearts of their opponents and even their fellow peers. In this article, we will discuss five of the most feared fighters in MMA history.

1. Alex Pereira

Alex Pereira, the former middleweight champion, is undoubtedly one of the most intimidating men in all of combat sports. Since making his debut in November 2021, Pereira has left a lasting impression on the UFC. His ability to knock people out in devastating fashion is a major factor in why he instills fear in the MMA world.

One of Pereira’s most notable victories was his vicious knockout over the current middleweight champion, Sean Strickland. This victory showcased Pereira’s potential and solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with. Pereira also played a significant role in the career of Israel Adesanya, as they previously met in kickboxing matches. Although Adesanya managed to take the title back from Pereira at UFC 287, there’s no denying that Pereira haunted his dreams for a long time.

Recently, Pereira has moved up to the light heavyweight division, where he looks even more powerful and just as fast. He is set to face Yuri Prohaska at UFC 295 in an attempt to capture the vacant light heavyweight title and become a two-weight division champion. Pereira’s presence in the octagon is truly intimidating, and his knockout power is something that every opponent should fear.

2. Yoel Romero

Yoel Romero is known for his unrivaled athleticism, crazy physique, and downright terrifying presence. Starting his martial arts career as an Olympic freestyle wrestler in Cuba, Romero didn’t make his UFC debut until the age of 36. However, once he arrived, he quickly made a name for himself.

Romero went on a seven-fight unbeaten streak, finishing his opponents in brutal fashion. He captured the interim middleweight title after a vicious knockout of Luke Rockhold at UFC 221. Although he lost the title fight against Robert Whittaker at UFC 213, Romero’s ability to finish fights in spectacular fashion solidified his status as one of the most feared fighters in MMA.

After leaving the UFC, Romero joined Bellator and is now competing in the light heavyweight division. He looks even more deadly at 205 pounds and has landed some devastating blows. Romero’s athleticism and intimidating presence make him a true freak athlete of the sport.

3. Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou has rightfully earned the title of the “baddest man on the planet.” His size, stature, and fighting style make him a terrifying opponent for anyone in the heavyweight division. Ngannou’s knockout power is unparalleled, and he has sent many opponents to the shadow realm with his devastating punches.

One of Ngannou’s most memorable knockouts was his decapitating blow to Alistair Overeem, which showcased his earth-shattering power. But Ngannou’s dominance doesn’t stop there. He has also shown his ability to dominate in all areas of MMA, as seen in his fight against Cyril Gane, where he threw his fellow heavyweight contender around like a featherweight.

Although Ngannou never had the chance to prove himself against Jon Jones, he has set his sights on another formidable opponent: heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury. Teaming up with Mike Tyson, Ngannou is looking to prove that he is the true baddest man on the planet. While many view Fury as the favorite in this matchup, no one can deny that anyone who takes a punch from Ngannou will not be getting up anytime soon.

4. Wanderlei Silva

Wanderlei Silva is a true legend of the sport and one of the pioneers of MMA. His aggressive fighting style, rooted in street brawling in Brazil and refined with elements of Muay Thai and kickboxing, has made him one of the most feared men in MMA.

Silva’s career started in the bare-knuckle organization Brazilian Vale Tudo Fighting, where he earned the nickname “The Axe Murderer.” He made his UFC debut in 1998 but didn’t find immediate success. However, Silva’s career took off when he joined Pride, where he became one of the biggest names in the sport.

During his time in Pride, Silva went on a 17-fight undefeated streak, delivering brutal chaos in the process. He held records for the most wins, most knockouts, most title defenses, and longest winning streak in Pride history. Silva’s relentless style of fighting and deathly stare made him a force to be reckoned with.

Although Silva’s second stint in the UFC had its ups and downs, he always delivered outrageous fights for the fans. His brutal knockout of Brian Stann in 2013 showcased his power and cemented his status as one of the most feared fighters in MMA. Silva’s aggressive style and relentless approach to fighting will forever make him a legend of the sport.

5. Jon Jones

Jon Jones is widely regarded as the greatest of all time in MMA. His dominance in the light heavyweight division is unparalleled, and his ability to dismantle his opponents with ruthless intention is truly terrifying.

Jones became the youngest champion ever in the UFC at the age of 23 and went on to defend his title multiple times. His ability to attack his opponents’ limbs and deliver devastating strikes sets him apart from other fighters. Jones has showcased his aggressive and technical style in memorable fights, such as his finish over Lyoto Machida at UFC 140.

Despite his success, Jones has also shown a dark side outside of the octagon, tarnishing his status as the best ever. However, his brutal and relentless style remains a testament to his skill and dominance in the sport.

Jones has recently moved up to the heavyweight division, where he aims to cement his legacy further. His upcoming fight against Stipe Miocic at UFC 295 will be a true test of his abilities in the new weight class. Jones’ mean streak and vicious style make him a fighter to be feared in any size gloves.


These five fighters have left a lasting impact on the world of MMA with their intimidating presence and dominant performances. Alex Pereira, Yoel Romero, Francis Ngannou, Wanderlei Silva, and Jon Jones have all instilled fear in their opponents and have become legends of the sport. Whether it’s Pereira’s knockout power, Romero’s athleticism, Ngannou’s earth-shattering punches, Silva’s aggressive style, or Jones’ ruthless attacks, these fighters have proven time and time again why they are to be feared in the octagon.

As always, the world of MMA is filled with many other fighters who could have made this list. If there’s anyone you think should be included, please let us know in the comments below. Thank you

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five star getting ready for Polaris this weekend couple days away I feel okay you
know feel feel okay I’m excited about the match just to kind of get out there
and compete have a little fun um I think my opponent is taking this a little bit
more serious than I am you know I’m just going to you know put this out there but
uh I don’t blame him it’s a big opportunity obviously going against a big name so he wants to give himself as
big as an advantage as possible coming in so respect to him for that um makes
me regret not doing a couple more training sessions and laying a little bit off the mri’s but uh it’s all good
I’m on vacation so it is what it is is I’m still pretty damnn confident in my skills and my abilities to go out there
and and put on a good show and get my hand race should be fun though U Mike
Grundy is a tough dude UFC vet former wrestler still coaches current Brown
Bell and Jiu-Jitsu and I think he won a couple of tournaments in the BJJ scene
with a lower levels I think around like the blue purple level um so he’s doing
his thing so this is going to be a very interesting match to see how we both kind of jockey for position on the feet and to see who makes that first critical
mistake as a wrestler going for a grappling position you might see me butt scoot and pull guard just to get the
action going I kind of just want to keep the fans engaged with some type of like
competitiveness so that they can see high level display of uh BJJ so it’s not like a boring pushing match for a
wrestling standpoint because I could do that with him and just kind of just go Toe to Toe there and just keep it kind
of in that neutral area but that’s not fun right um um I’m doing this have fun
it’s not a it’s not like a competition in the sense of like like price fighting
for money whereas you know everything’s on the line so it should be fun um I’m
looking forward to it this my first time in Wales been to the UK a couple of times after this trip we’ll be out in
London hanging out we got to go to the Brewers Fay is that what it’s called Next Door
so they took us out to Mera hung out with the boys Oben Oben Oben
Oben Oban Oban one of the H Fighters he just got signed to the UFC through the
contender series congrats to him well to wait look out for that guy we got to get some Spar in today um I messed Grundy my
opponent and I asked him to go from 165 to 170 so I didn’t have to cut any weight like at all like That’s how
little I want to cut it was supposed to be originally be 160 and then then yesterday when I landed I realized how
far 160 was I was like yeah no I don’t really want to do all that like I’m kind of good um can we do 165 he agreed to
165 he was ready on wait today and then I asked for 170 after my workout is 167.5 I was like
dude let’s just not cut any weight I don’t know how much you’re cutting but I’m imagining you’re pretty you’re
bigger than me and he was already on weight I’m like how are you on weight am I just ridiculous with my weight and
you’re just more disciplined or whatever it is and it is not even more
disciplined it’s like just taking it more serious than I’ve been taking it I just kind of like wasn’t really paying
attention to the weight should have just said 170 from the jump I just didn’t want them to throw a big welterweight
guy who’s cutting down to 170 who’s going to be weighing like 190 pounds when we compete so it is what it is it
should be fun um we got to do some MMA drills today and then we did some light baring over at sh MMA thank you guys for
having me down those guys been great got to move around a little bit with Jack sha just Drilling and then um with some
of his other guys Oban Oben Oben I’m just call him Obie and um Levy I think
one of the guy’s name is and then another big dude and another smaller young cat who’s about 18 that kid is
going to be a killer where he’s older man so watch out for the for the the welshmen cuz they’re coming man they got
some they got some good things going over there especially with the coaching system and how um Richard sh is kind of
putting in the time and making sure these guys are coming up and doing the right type of training sessions and things like that so it should be
cool um I’m I’m excited this is a down week There’s No fights this weekend guys
there’s no fights this weekend um they we’re getting some questions if you want to yeah let’s do it so let’s answer
these questions Jake people are asking about s dong versus peteran oo so I’m
going to put a poll in in the chat and then I want you to give oh you can put a poll in the chat I’m going to put a poll in the chat but and then give your
answer and then we’ll come back to the poll okay um so my thoughts on this fight it is a bom burner you got two
power punches um song doesn’t really kick as much I feel like PE kicks a little bit
more than song does song’s more of a just a power puncher looking to send you to the Neptunes um so is PE when he
comes to striking this is going to be interesting because I think s is a pretty big dude for the weight as well
he cuts a lot of to get down I know this firsthand from how much the coaches told
me he at least walks around that I don’t think they’re lying I think you know he walks around just as heavy as I do um
they were telling me I was big I’m looking at him like I’m big guys come on look at this guy standing next to me we
took a picture with next to each other and I was like this guy’s a tank of a man uh highlevel
fight I’m not sure who takes this cuz obviously Yan has only struggled with
wrestlers the one Striker he struggled with a little bit and I don’t want to say struggled where it was kind of back and
forth was sha Ali but shaal is also
51 and even then I still think Yan kind of out struck him if I’m if I remember
that correctly throughout the entire fight Yan out struck him I mean I know the third round the knee and then Yan
got dropped I think when it’s a striking matchup striking Affair Yan tends to do
well but it’s going to be interesting to see how he does with a pile puncher like s Yong and we’ll see how good song’s
defense is when it comes to two guys with a very similar style and see who could land that first kill shot and I
think that’s what it is it’s a battle of who lands that first critical shot cleanly between the two of those guys
because I think they both hit hard enough where they can end the fight especially when both guys are committed to standing up and striking so I just
looked at the stats it says Yan landed 97 total strikes while on Ali landed 91
so Yan out struck on Al okay I wonder if they took out on ground strikes as well I’m assuming they probably are um I
think I think Yan should win this fight because he’s a little bit more diverse
in his attacks um s Dong’s tends to load up a
lot I think he had a little bit of a tough time with Ricky Simone until he didn’t and then the fight with Corey
Shan Haagen even though Cory took him down a couple times um I just think the kicks of yan and his
style of always going forward is what’s going to make this interesting you know I I just think um
there was a couple times where Stan was able to touch him and kind of get out of there he was swinging big shots and
missing kind of like it just seemed a little bit aggressive and emotional versus like
really timing and setting up his shot so that’s what’s going to make this interesting I’m leaning towards Jan who’s a little bit I don’t want to say
test tested but he seems more proven um and it’s the highest of the highest level anyone can win this I I’m just
leaning towards Yan obviously for Yan To Win It does does and looks better for
myself Mor Rob and ali um and yeah so that’s where I’m going we got a super
chat um that says have you been to B team in Austin I just saw walking Buckley be training there or are you the
one gym kind of guy like Charles ala I train everywhere man I I’m
probably the biggest gym horror out there why why though like what why do
you like to train in other places I think it’s cool to train in other places to get different insights on how people
are training um what their training week looks like I know only one way of really
training per week and it’s Monday lift in the morning Monday night grappling
MMA grappling Tuesday Morning uh or afternoon is either grappling or night
night time we do grappling or boxing and then Wednesday is either just a drill day or I take it completely off Thursday
I Spar and then if I Spar in the morning I do something easy at night or I don’t
do anything at all and then Friday I either do Jiu-Jitsu in the morning and then I ride the bike at night or I just
do Jiu-Jitsu in the morning take the rest of the day off and I Spar again on Saturday Sunday is a complete rest day so it’s interesting to see how other
people do it and see how they give their body more time to recover or seeing if I’m doing things well or
this bits and pieces I can steal from other people whether it’s certain types of training techniques or training
sessions the way they do things and I think it’s good to just see how everyone else trains I mean I talked to Manel cop
and he pretty much trains seven day a week which I think is insane I don’t even know how he can physically do that
based on what he was saying and how much he says he runs and my brother how like
how how do you even have time to do that and actually live life so much like it’s nuts I don’t understand and I don’t run
at all but it’s not like their their cardio is like significantly better than mine and I’ve always been like this since the beginning of my career I know
I’ve said I’ve been feeling more tired in the later rounds as I’ve gotten older this weight cut is just taking a lot out
of me that that last day but I still feel when I was younger when my gas tank
was like that for days I wasn’t running so I was just doing the aerodine bike I
think CU you do the you do wrestling a lot which is like hard cardio and like you understand your body and like how to
wrestle without getting tired as much so like because you do that all the time
it’s like your cardio is just better I get tired when I wrestle but you you you
always talk about how like you know when to squeeze when not to squeeze when to just lay on somebody or try to pull them
down like where you’re not expending energy unnecessarily yeah but even like the Transitions and stuff like that’s
yeah that’s a little different but for sure um I don’t know I I think it’s good to train in other gyms and get different
looks like even here seeing how they train I didn’t get to go to all the pro practices but seeing how they train today like it’s nice to see a coach do
it one technique and then the team is doing that one technique and you often times
see people would have kind of start like uh we got this one kid in my gy I’m not going to call his name out um but we’ll
be doing a specific thing and then he’ll do it like one time you look over and
he’s doing like I don’t know just something like what would you he’s doing like spinning back
kicks we’re doing like a one two three hook to to the low kick like basic but
repetition repetition we’re building into something else and then he’s doing like spinning back kicks on the side and
you’re just looking at I’m like bro what are you doing that’s not the drill so
being able to go there this morning and see how they train and seeing that the guys were actually like doing the drill
the entire way through and not be like okay I’m bored I’m just going to make up some random now and start doing my my own thing um if that’s the point is
like what’s the point of even having a coach unless the coach says let’s have a little bit like your own twist after we
do this let’s try to add a little bit of pieces to this so yeah we got another Super Chat um Ryan said huge fan of you
aljo Ryan was wondering what your take on what you think make John what what
you think makes Jon Jones so great and what’s the perfect game plan to beat him
so that’s from Ryan uh what makes Jon Jones so great I’m say it’s his tunnel
vision and dedication to the sport like yeah he parties and stuff like that but when it comes to training man he is an
absolute dog in the room he is one of those guys who we would say is the first
one in last one out type of people especially when he was younger I don’t know how it is now he’s got a lot of
kids um he’s made a ton of money already he’s a heavyweight now the talent pull up there’s a little bit different than
what it was at 205 um I’m probably say it’s even I’m GNA say arguably weaker
respectfully I’m going to say it’s not as thick as it is at one at 205 pause um
I think that’s what makes him really good he’s got this determination and will to win that I just feel he’s
willing to go there where a lot of people aren’t willing to go to that dark place and I think that’s the difference
between him and a lot of these other guys um you saw Dominick Reyes arguably won that fight um Alexander Gustafson
Arby won that fight but those were two unique situ circumstances I
always say with the gustavson fight I feel like he didn’t train as hard as he’s ever done in the past where I think
he was kind of thinking he was just going to go out there and and kind of blow past him and it turned out being
one of his hardest fights in his entire career where he actually had to go to the hospital um it doesn’t happen very
often for Jon Jones and I think the game plan to beat a guy like that in my opinion is boxing and being able to pick
off a couple CP shots at a time you can’t start throwing tons of combinations cuz you start getting too
crazy with John like you got to know when to throw combinations and went to kind of back off and pick one shot at a
time if you watch the fight with him and Gustafson how Gustafson the first fight he would throw something and then kind of get on his skape cut an angle and
then pivot out of there he’s light on his toes he’s bouncing Dominic Reyes constantly moving um you see John he’s
kind of more plotty but he throws these long range oblique kicks the Jabs the
thow the spinning back kicks he’ll throw the side kicks so long-winded answer but if I’m fighting Jon
Jones as a wrestler me knowing what I’m good at I think you blow me up to that
weight class um I think utilizing a lot of footwork cutting angles let him get
frustrated and chasing you and taking bad shots which he kind of took a bad shot against San it was just s gan’s
defense was just so horrendous that John was able to just get it anyway
uh it was just when I say bad shot I mean it was far it was kind of far away it wasn’t the ideal perfect drill
position kind of shot where you’re like okay this is clean you know what I mean if that makes sense um and I think you
can see that in some of his other fights where he doesn’t get the take down you got to remember he’s human so you got to
just be able to match that like what actually works footwork works when someone is trying to take a shot you
know John’s going to try to take it down what can you do to kind of deter that you got to kind of get into the a little
bit you got to be worry worri about the clinch he’s good in the clinch he’s good with foot sweeps inside trips um inside
leg trips so there’s a lot that goes on it’s not easy so me trying to give a a blueprint to beting Jon Jones is not
easy I think the best thing you could do is be an i as a clean boxer with good footwork and good hips on the sprawl um
being able to get the under hooks Pummel out and being able to strike and and make him pay for his takedown attempts
and try to chip away little by little and probably win a point fighting match more so than a um I’m looking to put you
away kind of thing you got to hope that shot comes and John’s been cracked before we’ve seen him been touched he
like I said we’re all human it’s just do you believe you can actually go out there and beat a guy like that where
he’s coming in with the absolute most conviction that he deserves to win and I
think that’s what makes Jon Dron so great and one of the best if not the best of all
time um Power donated a few bucks and said would love to see you versus Holloway at
featherweight then get the title and I put up a poll I said what should
Alo do next to fight sha Ali rematch or go to featherweight and fight Holloway and it’s 640 in favor of
featherweight you know I I man I I honestly guys I really have not who is
this power This was um Power yeah Power shout out power thank you for the
question and thank you for the donation as well um I’m going to be honest I have
not taken the time to look at the division for 135 or 145 to see
what’s my next best move contractually I get paid the same thing I would get paid to fight whoever I’m fighting whether
it’s a Holloway Arnold Allen Elliot Toria J shakaz Calvin Kar um s Yong pan
trilogy um the only way I would get a pay BMB would be strategically to fight
for a title I would get the Challenger fight Pur pay other than that I go back
to my contractual paying which is different
so it it’s got to be a fight that makes sense for me I want to have the fights that people actually give a about
not just go fight some guy coming off the contender series and respectfully to those guys but you know I’ve cut my
teeth in this game for a couple years now I’ve been with the company for almost a decade at this point next year
it makes 10 years in February so with that being said a fight with Holloway
definitely interests me because if I could beat him I think I’m consensus the
number one Contender or should I say the next title shot Challenger at 145 uh
that would be ideal and it’ll be interesting to see how I do it that weight class having the extra weight um
not doing that severe of a dehydration weight cut and then seeing if my cardio goes back to where it is in the room cuz
I I’m telling you guys room room Alo is different from the one
out there under the lights even though I still think I do a pretty damn good job I do think I leave a little bit of my my
endurance and my strength in that SAA
and the sauna blanket I’m not using the sauna more the sauna blanket when I’m doing those severe dehydration so it’d
be interesting to see how I do there I look forward to potentially fighting Max Hollow that would be a fun fight an idol
of M A guy I fought with coming up on multiple cards and a guy I got to train
with uh we never really got to get that close though you know he’s kind of more reserved um I’m not sure where that
changed for him if he’s always been like that but you know the last two times I went to Hawaii uh I didn’t really get to
train him all too much I got to Grapple a little bit um we never sparred or anything we did like the touch Spar into
a live takedown um scenario but I got to watch them Spar and it was amazing to
watch back in 2015 and I tell you what man the guy was
he was just unreal to to watch a guy like that work and see how high of a level he was at from a striking
standpoint it it made me realize why he was one of the best and why he was one of my favorites and why he was one of
the best featherweights of all time so we’ll see I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet again I I have not taken the time
to sit and look at everything and map out the landscape to see where’s my best path to challenging for a belt again or
to just having fun fights with fights that matters with people that people don’t give a about that fight
and just for me at this point is just about the legacies and what I’m going to
do with these last few years while I’m still in the game oh yeah oh yeah brother
they said they said Algin could kill Brock Lesnar in a street fight I mean I
could cuz he may be 360 bro but I’m 170
come at me I’ll be 165 tomorrow Brock leso would kill me man that guy get if
he grabs a hold of me he actually knows what he’s doing a little bit wasn’t he CH he was Champion right yeah yeah so
it’s not like he’s like doesn’t know how to fight no no he not like like Bradley Martin being up some YouTuber what do
you what are your thoughts on Bradley Martin I don’t know I talked about so
here’s my thing about Bradley Martin I just I know everyone’s been giving him Cloud some there’s some comments saying like why are we entertaining this dude
it’s just funny because he actually I think he actually believes what he is saying and I know some people are saying
nah he’s just taking a piss I’m like nah dude I’m telling you when I’m sitting there with him listening to him talk
watching some of his other stuff I’m telling you there’s just something about it he gives us this energy that he’s
like extremely confident in what he’s saying that he actually does think he could do the things that he’s spewing
out into the universe so to him it might be a joke like oh I’m getting my views I’m rolling these guys up getting the
internet talking but I actually do think in the back of his mind he thinks like this guy really doesn’t know like I would really him up and back of my
mind I’m like this guy really doesn’t know I would really kill him I would legitimately destroy this man if it was
a fight a street fight to the death bro I don’t think he’s leaving I really don’t what’s the strategy cuz like
you’ve seen him punch and if that’s the guy that’s attacking me I’m telling you I’m on this
guy’s back and even if he gets like takes was able to swing me off of his
back one time he’s going to be so exhausted then I’m going to do it again
probably kick him in the balls hit him with the stone cold stun up and then finish the job I’m going home
he’s on the floor face down ass up so what if you get on his back and you
have him in a choke and he just Falls backward and all his 260 falls on top of you with all that force all that 26
Falls right on top of me and I land flat on my back and it was the perfect jump
that he’s never practiced a day in his life but it was just gonna be so perfect in the street fight because it’s life or
death and he needs to get the perfect jump of 260 Landing flat on my back I
don’t know what I’m going to do I I think the fight’s over I think he wins I mean cuz I that seems
like that seems possible it’s very ridiculous um it’s very ridiculous Garrett ber who donated said would you
go to the Timbo would you go on the Timbo sugar show uh yeah I
mean I have no reason not to um it’s funny because Tim wel
actually invited me on and he never followed up so I was like uh I guess I guess he was thinking I was probably
going to be like salty about it or he probably thought it was going to be a good idea I don’t know what he was thinking but um I was definitely going
to say you know I think I deserve a rematch more than Sean earned the title shot so what do you say that’s that
would have been one of the questions I would have proposed to them like so that’s probably why they don’t want to
do it because they don’t want to face that question yeah it’s kind of it’s kind of silly and even when we did the
Aiden r stupid interview and then um oh somebody asked about that interview what
did you think about doing that I thought it was so dumb really yeah like the guy was asking questions that it was just
like what is this it was kind of a joke um but then sha even asked me something he was like he well he didn’t ask me
something he said something and I was like I fight the best guys or whatever um I forgot what exactly he said but I
said something along the lines of I think I don’t know whatever it was
his thing to me though his rebuttal was you’re fighting me because I’m the biggest payday of your life that you’re going to ever get and I started laughing
and I go yeah you’re damn right but it was true I was like that’s the only reason I jumped back in to to take the
fight so soon CU I knew I wasn’t ready but it was more so like I’m going to use this financial incentive flip the switch
my head mentally which I did I had a really good training camp um yeah um but
I still think in hindsight if I can see it all play out I I I would have a hard
time picking yes go forward or no just take a time out to kind of reset your brain and your body and then go back
when you’re like at 100% so that you can more than guarantee that you’re going to be in a better spot to win the fight
because again he can land that right hand at any moment he can land that left hand at any any moment in any fight it’s
more so me not making that mistake of getting outside myself so I do think
having that a longer reset and some proper downtime would have been enough for me to like I haven’t made a mistake
that bad since marlem Mor I know some people was commenting I seen some comments saying that you do that all the
time but this is the first person who was able to capitalize on it and I’m telling you like you go I don’t
think so there was a like they said you even did it with Henry uh Henry’s it’s
just different like when you know what a threat is from a certain guy like Henry doesn’t have that threat so when I do
certain things it’s not really it’s not really of concern because he’s never
shown that where if he caught me with that it’ be like very surprising but him
San Haagen uh pan like I know what all these guys bring to the table TJ Dill showw like we study these guys they like
they like threw in and threw out and just thoroughly TJ Dill show thoroughly
knowing all his tricks his traps and uh I think we do a damn pretty good job
of making sure we minimize the mistakes and I haven’t made a mistake like I said I haven’t made a mistake that bad since
the mise fight where I just rush in blindly into an attack and obviously we
all know when you go forward into an opposing Force it’s like a car crash I
think I did a pretty good job of still seeing it because if I didn’t see it at all I think that shot would have put me out flat but the fact that I seen it I
was able to kind of brace for it like ah this is going to suck H boom and then I went Face Forward I was like okay I got
to abort abort abort plain turtle on my back um yeah um somebody the Marshall
CST said what are some of your favor favorite 90s rap songs
albums favorite 90s rap songs you know I don’t I don’t really remember the name
of the albums man but you know I like a good uh metham Man red man um what was
the static shock no damn it’s so long I haven’t heard
some of these songs or like know the names B Ron was one of my favorites um but the meth Man song
was microphone Checker Supreme protector something something something like that
it’s actually a really good song um that was one of my favorite tracks from those guys uh Buster was one of my favorites
coming up Lil Wayne was definitely one of my favorites love all the droughts um
the Carters uh who else did I used to listen to I used to listen to like a a lot of
one-off so I couldn’t afford like music like my parents never paid for like iTunes and things like that the disc we
get everything that you didn’t have Spotify as Aid no we didn’t as we didn’t have that we had a lot of disc um dis
we streamed on Lime wire and and what the other one freeze that pip and
that piff um but there’s another streaming one lime wire and ah I’m
drawing a blank lime wire was Napster Napster was another big one so that’s where I used to get all my music from so
I never really knew like the album names and stuff it was just trying to get what I could get CU I can I didn’t have money
to AFF fortunat now I got my own Spotify account and I got a Duo you should like
make a public playlist I do I do have 90s playlist ’90s that you would listen
to that would be cool I could do that so maybe I will do something like that um I do have my own playlist now it’s called
ratchet Funk Master or ratchet funk I think it’s ratchet Funk yeah so it’s
like all the Ratchet I like to listen to when I want to just get ghetto um yeah a Spotify all they okay um next
one Wes Wade said got my second F second boxing fight this weekend any advice on
how to deal with the nerves listen man the nerves are what fuel you they keep your your senses sharp um they help you
with your reflexes and it could also make you tired you got to be comfortable being in that zone and I I think the
best way to kind of handle it is just kind of trying to REM it’s trying to remind yourself that it’s just like practice if you could do that I think
you’re going to have some success throughout your career I think that’s the the hard the hardest part for a lot
of athletes is being able to channel that energy the nervous energy and using it to fuel them more than anything the
nerves should kind of get you like oh like I’m ready to go kind of thing I get
nervous all the time even for the m fight I got nervous I got nervous for every single one of my fights um the
only one I actually never got nervous for was Mara marah fight bro and that
was we all know how that went and it just felt like I was so slow
I was just I don’t know like everything I was thinking to do I felt like it was
just so weird like I felt everything I didn’t feel like I had the adrenaline rush to to like numb the pain a little
bit I threw the very first kick came out my hands up put my hands down through an inside Lu kick he checked it and I was
just like ow this Mar he checked the very first kick got D
I was like that hurt that hurt um but yeah I think if if you
can Channel your energy use it for positivity and visualize what you’re going to do visualize the things that
your opponent can do how you can counter that I think you’re going to find yourself having success but nerves are
very normal you can’t go they don’t go away it’s your fight oflight system reacting knowing what’s about to happen
and it’s going to help make you better sharper faster stronger because that’s what you get when you get those nerves
all those senses get heightened and believe it or not and I think it makes you a better competitor so it’s just up
to you to kind of shift your mind and to like to remind yourself and remember that you have put in the work if you put
in the work now and that you deserve to win and remember just because you deserve to win doesn’t mean you’re going
to win it’s doing the things that going to help you win and trying to remember all the things you did in your training
specifically for your opponents that’s going to help you to get your hand raised Colton said please fulfill my
fantasy of seeing you both to one 155 Colton damn dog you trying to get me
killed I you know it was funny I I feel like I can definitely not go up to
155 about I mean I would I there are some matchups there that I
think if I can weather an early storm and I could take some of these guys down
um and I I truly believe I have some the best Jiu-Jitsu in the entire world and
in the game um and it’s not even let me let me ref phrase maybe it’s not like
straight up BJJ but I think for MMA I think I have some of the best like
ground game in the world I think um I mix it well compared to a lot of the guys and I
know how to kind of go from striking to grappling and mixing both at the same
time I think that’s what makes my game um a little bit more uh challenging for a lot of other
people so I I could definitely go 155 I don’t know if the UFC would ever allow me to do that I think they’ be like nah
son you’re not about to be a band weight going up to 155 I don’t think they’ll allow it but there are some matchups
there where I’m like dude if I take this guy down oh come on I’m just in my head I just go come on come on really I put
up I put up a poll could aljo fight at 155 43% say yes
I mean I don’t I don’t know if I’m going have the same success some of those guys are like 190 but I grapple with favola I
grapple with nas I grapple with Charlie and I do pretty good with those
guys and I’m a band weight you know so I could definitely do well there but
those guys hit hard so it’ll be a matter of like the
game of try not to get clipped before you take them down so that would be the game um G asked what’s your
excitement level for the KSI and Tommy Fury card so that has KSI versus Tommy
Fury and then Jake Paul versus or Logan Paul versus Dylan
danis I don’t I I don’t get mad at these freak Show fights anymore man I mean it is what it is
uh Jake Paul’s on this one Logan Logan PA but is he actually like training I know
Jake’s training so respect definitely training I mean he’s training now but is he actually training the way like Jake
Paul’s training like I feel like Jake Paul’s actually all in where Logan’s doing WWE I think I think Logan’s been
like for this Camp he’s been really training every day but I don’t know if he’s like been train he’s they say him
and Jake both say that he’s been training boxing this whole time but I think Jake’s been doing it like all in
every day where Logan is like maybe doing one workout a day but not
like maybe he’s hitting pads or something every day but not like that we’ll never know but he’s fighting Dylan
Dennis yeah I know Dylan Dennis is not the best puncher he’s a Grappler so of
course it makes sense for you know these guys to pick a matchup like that it’s
kind of like uh when they pick Ben ashren it’s like come on man come
on I I do wonder how much ben ashin got paid for that because that was just bad
that was so bad I don’t know my excitement level is not very high am I going to watch it I don’t know
maybe I’m actually going for Dylan Dennis respectfully why is that because
I I just feel like from what I’ve been seeing in the media it just seems like Dylan’s actually right about what um
about some of the stuff he said about Logan outside of the the female stuff like that stuff I don’t condone whatsoever I don’t think you should be
doing that Dragon even though even if she is what she is the guy the guy he’s dating her now is kind of like it’s a
little bit it’s a little bit um distasteful in my opinion I know they say all is fear and Love and War but
this is uh it’s a little distasteful for me so um I don’t know who I want to win
anymore whatever whoever wins double knockout my excitement level is not very
high for two guys who barely box to go out there and box like and what are they charging us 70 bucks for this to watch
this stream East um Adam
skinski said gamrat versus Islam what do you it’s a great fight gamrat gamrat
versus Islam is a great fight yes there the only one Islam that I know if if
we’re talking Islam makach versus Arman shauki on short notice coming in taking
down Islam multiple times reversing the position getting up to his feet getting taken down of course um losing a close
fight with Islam makev what happens with makev fights
shukin with a full cam and then you see gamrat fighting Arman shaukin he beats him in a very close fight also but it
goes to show you how good of a Grappler gamad is and now he’s finding some success with the hands especially in
that fight with FIV FIV normally just blitzes everybody he does not care but
that one he didn’t come out as crazy as he normally does because he was I think he was very respectful that if he opens
himself up he’s getting taken down by a guy who’s made a career off of slipping punches and kicks and taking people down
I think that is a very interesting fight and this is what I was saying about khabib he never fought like a highlevel
Grappler with wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu it’s always been Strikers
yeah you’re going to be the greatest to do your style over others if the others are so deficient in in that category
where 135 and 145 it’s a lot harder to do that because guys are just a little
bit more well-rounded overall where um that’s why the khabib and ala fight when
it never happened when it was supposed to happen that’s why the MMA Community was so like just bummed out because that
was the test to really see how good khabib is when when Tony Ferguson is in
his prime and can grapple defensively can grapple offensively doesn’t mind getting taken down can fight off of his
back and use jiu-jitsu off of his back um now we have ala but he’s not the
greatest wrestler but we know he’s good off of his back right so now you have
gamrat who’s good off of his back can scramble he can get takedowns and he can
submit you from top that’s a very complete that’s a complete Grappler right there so for me I’m very
interested to see how gamra does if he gets to that title shot situation if Islam were to beat Aliva again I think
it’s a very interesting matchup and uh that’s why fight his fight man I I think
Styles make fights and you see how good vinoski was able to do coming up a weight class not he didn’t bul up he
didn’t even take the time off to bulk up or anything like that he didn’t go the Jon Jones route I need three years off or anything like that he L just went up
after he just fought couple months later against Islam makev who’s supposed to be the next coming of khabib and he gave
him a hell of a run for his money arguably a draw or he should have won the freaking fight in my opinion
but he didn’t but you got to respect if he can do that you could get a guy who’s
going to be a little bit stronger more natural for the weight class even though we’re all cutting weight so it’s not
very natural um and gamad or Arman Shuki if he gets to that title shot situation again those are very intriguing matchups
to see how those guys would do against Islam makev Islam’s guy has he’s heavy
as the head that weighs the crown man he’s got his work cut out for him this Al Vera fight is going to be tough he already had a bond burner with folosi
that was the most beat up he’s ever been yeah he’s been knocked out before but he got caught he didn’t take a beating the
vinoski fight he kind of got beating up a bit um five round war and then he’s
going to fight Oliva this fight’s going to be fair very different he’s had a long layoff and then for him the next
guys coming up are gamrat you have shukin who’s also right
there even though he just lost to gamarra not too long ago but then who else is there at 155 I mean you can’t
you can do Justin gaii again even though he never fought Islam so there’s that but that’s a
striker so I don’t know you know I just don’t want to keep seeing the same matchups but gatei is ready to retire so
it’s a rematch or if uh again it’ be a first chance for him to fight and redeem
himself I guess with the shortcomings against kabib gagei would be interesting it would be cuz he’s gotten a lot
better I wonder if like he learned from the grappling you know what’s crazy
about that too is like the Gage fight was so close with Dustin porier but porier was looking like the better
cleaner striker in that fight he was and then he just throws up a head kick that he never that he said he never even
practices and it lands which is weird cuz it was the exact same headkick that land on kamaru which is G’s
teammate yeah so so it it’s fascinating in that regard because
people like one round is not enough and that’s why almost one each round is like different
fights it froze for a second do
something okay okay that’s so weird um okay someone as Darren Miguel said
thoughts on Bryce’s ground game and then Flat Earth he asked about I’m saying what’s his name uh Darren Miguel Darren
what’s up I’m gonna tell you one thing
freedom freedom am my home up right
um Flat Earth I don’t know what that’s about I I probably would have fell off
the earth a long time ago the earth was really the Earth was flat yeah I should have fell off a while then but I should
have fell off somehow I’m still on the earth um I thought his performance was good back and forth man you know Dan had
a really good opportunity of I don’t want to say closing the show but closing the Gap in that third round after he got
taken down with doing some damage and that last bit of the sequence I’m just not sure if he was aware of the time but
it was a really good fight fun fight Bryce show that even with the time off and maybe there is something to the thing that he said about with the ilot
fight or then again yo freaking eay Just Hits so hard he hit so hard but you can see the
tenacity of Bryce no deterrence no quitting that guy one eye
shut and it’s interesting how the do the doctors Let It Go the guy’s eyeball was
completely shut the doctors Let It Go but then there’s other fights where it’s like a small cut and they look in the
eye and then they stop the fight I thought they were going to stop the fight but they let it go and if they
didn’t we wouldn’t have seen Bryce push through the pain and I don’t want to say
a comeback but it kind of looked like it wasn’t going well for him and then he came back and and uh closed it out do
you secretly watch MMA guru’s videos I actually do not watch any of
MMA guru’s videos um not because I I don’t want to I just don’t have the time
I really don’t have the time and I don’t know if he’s ever offered anything of
importance other than like just banter he’s entertaining yeah but is
when I say important is like anything that can get value out of than just like I’m just tuning in to laugh yeah you
know so it’s kind of like why am I even tuning in unless it’s like live and I could just jump in for a couple minutes
of laughing and then going out I think fans like when a fan gives their perspective sometimes like CU it’s like
from their it’s like they can relate to it more yeah versus like you you’re like such an expert it’s like it’s like a
different type of content yeah um yes you’ve been booed since the first
yaan fight if you had to do it all over again would you have continued to fight instead of winning the championship on a
DQ Jason GT asked this question is so tiring
but uh the best way I can answer this is I had more time on the clock I laid down so that I could try to
recover because I knew if I try to stand up right away I would have been too
dizzy exhausted and the acting would have looked a lot worse had I stood up so I
thought I did the smart thing by just laying on my back and just told the doctor I told the ref the doctor just
give me a little bit more time and then uh couple seconds later they they call the fight so in hindsight it
worked out for me um if you’re asking would I have
continued I would have continued if they given me the time to say hey five minutes is up what do you want to do you
know every fighter says the same thing I’m G to fight I don’t I don’t know any fighter that goes out there when it get
low blow or poked in the eye they’re like yeah I just don’t want to fight no more like I I don’t think I’ve ever seen
that you know I I I’ve seen people say like oh when they ask the doctor and they like can you see and they go no I
can’t see and they always tell us in the backroom whatever you do do not tell me you cannot see because if you say that
I’m G to have to stop the fight so we never say that that’s like what they teach us now kind of a thing kind of
weird so you’re like you you say other things like um like can you can you
continue it’s like yes I can continue or you could say like I need a few seconds
so to kind of like stall the time for them to like bring the doctor in wipe the eye so it was kind of one of those
situations but it’s just fascinating that people make it seem like I I told the doctor or the rap to like stop the
fight I never never once did that I’m not saying you’re saying that but they’re saying like would you go back
and do it differently because like how could I how could I have done it
differently in that situation like I said I laid down and then the doctor no the ref went over to the the doctor or
did he go to another ref and he called the fight like when I watch the replay and I’m laying there I’m laying on I’m
just laying on my back trying to gather myself and then when I watch the replay I’m laying there and then Mark Smith
goes over he talks to somebody and he calls a fight and at that point I was like damn I’m never getting another
title shot again because I I thought I thought that was going to be a no contest and I thought Dana was going to
say we’re not doing the rematch we saw that fight was going so in the sense of people thinking that that’s that was
your immediate that was my immediate thought like damn I’m not I can’t believe this is how my title fight went
after I worked so damn hard to get here and I just botched the entire weight cut so wow um it’s hard to say would I do it
all over again because I’m like I didn’t I didn’t do anything wrong in the sense of sense of that uh if you’re saying
would I have like try to just jump up and then risk falling over and then just calling the fight immediately I guess
maybe we could have done that um but that’s really it cuz like I said I would have taken the full five minutes to
recover and just chill the out on my back until you know I I’ve always seen guys who get knocked out or cracked
or wobbled and then they get up and they say what what and then they’re falling all over the place and it’s because you
it’s like spinning around in a circle as fast as you can for 10 seconds and trying to stand in place and you’re
going to stumble so it’s the same exact thing your equilibrium is off so the smart thing I thought was to just stay
on my stay on the ground and I told him it was a little dizzy but I was like it’s fine if I lay down if I stay here I’m fine and then uh he was like okay
take your time I think that’s what he said take your time so I took my time and then he went over and then they called the fight I think people thought
like because they were Whispering like a couple feet away from you or something they thought you heard them I I saw that
too and I was like what that was the last thing I was even thinking about like I didn’t even I didn’t even hear it
was weird cuz I was watching that fight live and I never thought you were faking it I never that was like a narrative
that emerged like a couple days later it emerged because moral posted a picture of me at the house know with my friends
that picture that ruined everything yeah I’m like yeah I legitimately was throwing up that night like I did
nothing wrong there even to this day it’s still crazy that people still talk to me about it like oh you acted and
like oh my God the fact that people think you can act something like that after being hit that hard it’s
insane to me that’s the part that’s insane and then some people say oh that was a soft head or it wasn’t that hard
Anthony Smith I’m like bro can we put these two knees side we should actually just post that two knees side by side
and just go Um virtually identical just like taking a piss like come on come on
guys um Kenny asked rockold was supposed to Grapple Craig Jones on the 21st but
the event gotten cancelled how do you think it would have gone down if they did 21st of this month
maybe um Roco is not a bad Grappler man him and Chris Wyman Wyman won
ADCC right or or did he lose in the finals I think he won it I think you just told me you won it yeah I think I’m
pretty sure Chris Wyman won it and rockle is a pretty damn good Grappler himself wrestled really good black belt
and Jiu-Jitsu he’s done some crazy submissions in in the the UFC as well um
I think it would have been very interesting but I do think if Craig Jones starts attacking the legs which is
like saying does water get you wet um or is the sky blue I I think Craig Jones
would have started to attack the legs and that could have been very problematic for Luke Luke’s been looking a lot slower lately too like even when
he was boxing looked very labored his mouth was open the whole time it looked like he was struggling to
breathe yeah I hope I don’t look like that on Saturday cuz I’ve been partying my freaking ass off but I’m like I
better not look like that cuz that just looks like old and like time to retire bro but like the guy the training you’re
doing you don’t look like that you’re still getting everybody but there one thing looks like something in
training and then the next thing to do when you compete yeah I don’t think I’m going to look like that but if I did
look like that I might be looking in the mirror like bro you sure you want to keep doing this you sure about that
seriously you sure about that I mean if I look like complete like that I mean Rocko looked like complete in
that match I’m pretty sure he knows it like respectful he probably just he probably barely trained and just took
the bag yeah but that’s what I’m saying like he looked awful I heard like he kind of doesn’t train as much anymore I
would think like I’ve heard from people and he probably thought he was going to walk through Mike Perry I mean is a lower lower weight
class right yeah so I could see why he would think that Perry for at 170 R for at 185 yeah and also 205 the 205 didn’t
go well no but um just saying he’s a big dude Weidman won the ADCC East Coast
trials in 2009 and earned an invitation to that year’s World Championships he competed at 88 kg and lost on points to
Andre gval G in who was like and then he was submitted by
Vinnie yeah in the absolute division so I mean that’s pretty Dam pretty damn
Andre gval is like he’s like consider yeah one of the greatest of all times in grabbling so Wyman’s a beast like it be
Wyman should be doing stuff like that I know I know his leg is still a little um
especially after that fight but yeah I think uh I think Craig Jones would have won I just think he’s just
more in it than Luke is right now Luke is kind of just training for fun doesn’t seem like he’s training seriously at all
Luke was just in a fashion show yeah and more power to him he’s getting bags probably yeah good for him but I just
think it like even for me you hear how I’m talking like I I don’t want to just be going out there to go get smoked like
even if I’m having fun partying I still want to make it somewhat competitive or should I say very competitive I mean
yeah I mean you should win matchup wise but he’s been this guy’s been like like no This Guy’s in the lab he wants to
beat you yeah I’m like damn I’m actually that actually made me more nervous I’m like damn dude I’m just out here for fun
you over here taking this like as a freaking world championship run right now so now I’m like damn I got to
tighten some things up um Rodrigo Mont asked have you smoked the sugar strain I
heard it hits does he have his own strain of I don’t know I don’t know if he’s being
cheeky I think he is um but if he does have a strain of weed that’s kind of cool yes I guess not as cool as having a
real um someone was asking me to make my own like a funk the funk strain I’m was
like I don’t know if that’s good for me to to make because if I’m trying to work with other brands at all but unless it
makes so much money that it’s like doesn’t even freaking matter I’ll definitely do
that I like to smoke occasionally it’s like chill you like Edibles or smoking more I like
the Edibles more because smoking with the lungs and everything I feel like it’s just a
little bit easier so I can continue to push a higher threshold I agree I feel
like it’s not even worth smoking cuz we can take Edibles that too and but it’s
just a different vibe like you’re not gonna sit in a circle and eat Edibles with your friends but you can sit in a
circle and pass a blunt you can sit in the circle pass a bowl a bong a GB whatever yeah
so it’s a little bit different the same thing like you can sit in a circle and in a group and talk and drink sip on
some beer or sip on some funk Harbor um coming soon mix it with some nerd Focus shout out nerd Focus sponsoring me for
Polaris 25 uh a lot of good stuff and any other fight announcements I heard
bow Muhammad has a fight I don’t know why why do people on him wait hold I think I think think he might be
fighting Kamar that’s the rumor let’s just say like hypothetically if that fight
happens how do you break that one down I think that’s a sick fight
bow might be better at doing the Usman than Usman is at doing the
Usman explain I just think Bala is just really good at
pushing people against the Cade and doing nothing respectfully like or like holding you
down yeah he’s just very good at he’s a strong dude yeah like I’m not saying
it’s his fault you can’t do nothing but it’s a lot of the opponents who get there and they just don’t do anything to
get off the cage or to get off the back he his last two fights he hasn’t
attempted a take down well with Burns and then with um uh Sean Brady yeah cuz
he knocked out Brady and then Burns had the he kind of he kicked the out of burns like with his actual kicks I’m
saying yeah and people were getting pissed saying oh he didn’t finish him but then I compared it I said you guys
got mad at me because I finished TJ and said I didn’t finish him fast enough because his arm came out the socket but then on the other side of the coin I’m
hearing people saying and I I read the Twitter comments and they were saying um they were mad at
him because he he got injured and he still couldn’t finish an injured opponent and Gilbert Burns as if Gilbert
Burns is not still a Savage like TJ Doo is still Savage but I still finished him like even with the one arm oh it took
you too long Gil burn still Savage you didn’t finish him oh you should have been able to finish him it’s just like
there is no like what is it but people generally just get pissed at Bow because
of his style but I think like like you said and like we’ve all seen his last two fights he hasn’t really initiated
any grappling sequences so not saying like he’s changing stock completely but I think he’s shown that he’s willing to
improve and evolve um um and try to put on some more fanf friendly fights but at
the end of the day he his job is to get two checks it’s not his fault that burns got hurt he did what he was supposed to
do and one against a guy who’s still swinging hay makers at him so you got to be respect U respectful of that and not
get taken down or not taken down get clipped by a guy who went toe-to-toe with hamach jayv and dropped him and
then before I mean Shawn Brady was like the second coming of Christ yeah Shawn Brady was supposed to be the next big
thing undefeated and then Bal just knocked him out inshah in the Holy
Land he just took him he took him to Dubai and just knocked him out ended and then sea Brady hasn’t fought since no he
hasn’t damn really since that time since October I don’t think he’s fought I’ll
I’ll double check that but um that would be wild it’s almost a year that is it
bro but that time went kind of quick did I feel like you just fought TJ
n kind of I have been busy man oh I’ve been
busy yeah he uh he had two fights scheduled but they didn’t happen Okay so
he fought BW and then he was supposed to fight in March against Michelle Pera and then in
July against JDM and now he’s scheduled to fight Kelvin Gastelum
he schedu to fight me yeah I don’t know I I think bow style
is very problematic when he wants to be will he try to strike with Usman I think he might actually usman’s got a very
good jab though and a nice onew but will he be willing to stand up
and trade with balao I don’t know I think USA’s probably thinking he’s going to need to
strike with him but then I think the improvements that BL has made are going to be pretty damn solid
who do you think’s the better Grappler him or Bal or kamaro overall I’m going
say oh damn I don’t know we’re talking clenching we’re talking takedowns we’re talking getups we’re talking top
position bottom position cuz kamaro’s not like I feel like he’s not taking everybody down but
he’s really hard to take down which you have to consider I mean he got taken down twice against Kobe yeah but before
that he had no takedowns yeah no one took him down but they don’t count that so crazy
um yeah I don’t know who’s a better grappl it’s really hard to say I don’t want to say it’s not Usman because of
his last two fights with Leon Edwards but he looked really good in Salt Lake City the last one was like
okay um but then bow who has he fought like Usman stylistically really
nobody body and it’s not his fault it’s like none of the tie high up guys want to fight him because he’s a tough
style it’s hard for me to go against Usman though I don’t know but then Usman
also might be on his way out he could be so I mean Bal hasn’t
been kicked in the head like that well despite that I don’t even think that’s the thing that matters I
think he’s just been training so much his knees are shot first time for him to run in a very long time I think he’s at
a point where he’s made enough money where he’s okay to just go out and ride off to the sunset after a couple more bags and be like I I’m out thanks for
the cheese I smell you laters um
yeah it’s been an hour You’ been going for an hour oh damn um but somebody did comment that
they’re over there and they’ll buy you a pint of majer over where next door
um I can’t drink tonight man uh maybe Saturday night after the match I was
going to drink tonight but Grundy’s being a grump right now he’s being a grinch he won’t give me the 170 lb
allowance otherwise I would have had a beard tonight maybe two yeah you got to lose four PBS yeah it’s probably
yeah I got to go suffer in the sauna I mean it’s only four PBS but I drove
morning maybe hit the SAA I’d be all right weigh in at 9: to3
um Kenny ask thoughts on the best body for wrestling I thought wrestling favors the larger guy but DC did well despite
always being a smaller guy except linky John I don’t think DC was the smaller guy against who he said DC he’s saying
DC was always a smaller guy yeah he was though like shorter yeah but like he’s
still yeah but he’s talking about body structure right now so yeah so he put a
heavyweight and a lot of those guys were like 6’5 6’4 he picked them all up and
dumped them on their heads I feel like the shorter guy does better right no usually the longer guy is usually the I
mean the shorter guy is always going to be more explosive but that’s usually for like a wrestling match you’re talking a fight it’s definitely a bit different
you can even see like boganowski how well he does but um if we’re talking
solely just wrestling I think the shorter guy typically has a harder time
but they’re also harder to get a hold of and get underneath their hips because it’s so low to the ground but DC does
does such a he does such a good job of controlling his center of gravity his base his wall and being able to get
inside get that high crotch switch to the backside and lift and just dump guys
and take them for a ride making them all feel like Superman they all go we um will FWC said
who do you think is the best unranked bandam WI I would have to say Aman’s a hobby also I would love to see you fight
Max Holly um best unranked bwe man there’s so many good
guys uh the best one I mean the BOS Ro brothers are both really freaking good
you got Adrian jannis he’s probably not ranked anymore if I’m not mistaken but he’s still pretty damn good um he lost
to ra font in a barn burn of of two minutes of the fight that lasted in one
round who else um there’s this kid named AR Arman
Gareth Armfield Gareth 135 I think he’s had like two fights in the UFC right now
he’s pretty damn good he just knocked out the Japanese dude um in the first round he’s a heavy hitter good boxing
mechanics fundamentals um very basic but good but again it’s like looking at
these guys versus the competition that they’re going with I think all these guys are kind of neck and neck it’s just
like who’s having the better day sometimes versus like who’s fighting a
specialist um we’re not seeing too many of those right now but there’s a lot of good guys
man there’s so many good guys and his hobby is really good as well I think he’s really
good um I think we do one more the last one uh are you coming on vacation to
Costa Rica ooh I’m supposed to do a retreat in Costa Rica in either December or
February um if that doesn’t happen then I’m not sure when I’m coming to Costa Rica but that is the tentative
plan right now um I actually can’t wait to get out there it’s going to be fun and it’s not going to be like whales
where it’s super cold I freezing right now we came from Bal to come to this why could we come here why couldn’t P do
this like earlier in September so that I could have came done this while I was a
little a little bit warmer here still maybe like 10 degrees warmer and then we could have went to Sydney Australia Bali
and I wasted that week going out to freaking da I mean only pretty much it
it did work out at the end for Anthony yeah to get to watch him but to go out there and delay my the start of my
vacation for my brothers was just a pain in the ass cuz they neither one of them fought they both Miss weight and it was
just kind of a embarrassment but yeah
um other than that guys I hope you’re ready for a Saturday make sure you guys tune in poers 25 on UFC Fight Pass
bringing the funk some funk harba sponsored by nerd Focus as well thank
you guys for always tuning in don’t forget to hit the like button I’ll see you guys soon and maybe we’ll make a
2024 return at a new weight class or maybe just maybe Uncle Dan comes this
senses and gives his boy that rematch or give it to
morab thank you guys

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