Tony Ferguson vs Paddy Pimblett FINALLY a Good FIght For Tony!

Get ready for a thrilling match as Tony Ferguson vs Paddy Pimblett heats up the UFC world. At UFC 296, Ferguson, who has suffered six consecutive losses, will face off against Pimblett, a former Cage Warriors champion and an up-and-coming fighter. This highly-anticipated matchup presents a crucial opportunity for Ferguson to turn his fortunes around and redeem himself in the Octagon. While some consider it a potential mismatch, Ferguson has faced top-level competition during his losing skid, including former champions Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje. Despite being undefeated in the UFC, Pimblett is coming off a controversial decision win and recently underwent ankle surgery. The betting odds currently favor Pimblett, but Ferguson is determined to prove his resilience. Don’t miss a moment of this exciting fight!

Tony Ferguson’s Struggles and the Importance of a Victory

Tony Ferguson, who has suffered six consecutive losses, is in dire need of a win to turn his fortunes around in the Octagon. After a series of heartbreaking defeats, Ferguson finds himself at a critical juncture in his career. The losing streak has undoubtedly taken a toll on his confidence, but he remains determined to reclaim his position among the top-level competition in the UFC.

Despite his recent setbacks, Ferguson’s resilience and fighting spirit cannot be underestimated. He has faced some of the toughest opponents in the lightweight division, including former champions Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje. These battles have showcased Ferguson’s extraordinary skills and proved that he belongs in the Octagon with the best of the best.

Now, facing Paddy Pimblett at UFC 296, Ferguson sees this matchup as a crucial opportunity for redemption. A victory against the up-and-coming fighter would not only snap his losing streak but also reignite his career. The odds may currently favor Pimblett, suggesting a potential mismatch, but Ferguson’s experience and determination make him a formidable opponent.

Can Ferguson regain his winning form?

There is no doubt that the outcome of this fight holds immense importance for Ferguson. A win would not only silence his critics but also provide him with the confidence and momentum he desperately needs to get back on track. It’s a make-or-break moment for Ferguson, and he is fully aware of the stakes involved.

Only time will tell if Ferguson can rise to the occasion and secure a victory that could potentially turn the tide of his career. With the Octagon set for a clash between two fighters hungry for success, UFC 296 promises to be a captivating event that could shape the future of Tony Ferguson’s journey in the world of mixed martial arts.

Tony FergusonPaddy Pimblett
Six consecutive lossesFormer Cage Warriors champion
Has faced top-level competitionUndefeated in the UFC
Desperate need for a winRecent controversial decision win
 Ankle surgery

Paddy Pimblett: A Rising Star in the UFC

Paddy Pimblett, a former Cage Warriors champion, is considered an up-and-comer in the world of mixed martial arts. His impressive skills and performances have caught the attention of fans and experts alike. However, despite his rising status, some believe that Tony Ferguson has a good chance of winning their upcoming fight at UFC 296.

With an undefeated record in the UFC, Pimblett has proven his capabilities inside the Octagon. But his recent victory over Jared Gordon came with controversy, leaving some questioning his dominance in the lightweight division. Additionally, Pimblett recently underwent ankle surgery, which could potentially impact his performance in the upcoming matchup.

Ferguson, on the other hand, is desperate for a win after suffering six consecutive losses. Despite this losing streak, many still consider him a formidable opponent. Having faced top-level competition such as Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje during his skid, Ferguson has proven that he can hold his own against the best in the division.

This fight between Paddy Pimblett and Tony Ferguson presents a unique opportunity for both fighters. While Pimblett aims to continue his undefeated streak and solidify his status as a rising star, Ferguson sees this as a crucial chance for redemption. With the odds favoring Pimblett, many view this matchup as a potential mismatch. However, based on Ferguson’s experience and determination, it would be unwise to count him out just yet.

Table: Paddy Pimblett vs Tony Ferguson – UFC 296

Paddy Pimblett12-0-0265’10”73″
Tony Ferguson25-6-0375’11”76.5″

Betting Odds and Match Analysis

Betting odds currently favor Paddy Pimblett, indicating a potential mismatch. However, it’s important to consider Tony Ferguson’s history of facing top-level competition during his losing streak. Despite his recent struggles, Ferguson has been in the Octagon with formidable opponents such as former champions Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje. These battles have tested Ferguson’s skills and determination, making him a resilient fighter who should not be underestimated.

Ferguson’s experience against elite competition could prove valuable in this matchup. While Pimblett is undefeated in the UFC, his recent victory over Jared Gordon was marred by controversy, and he has also undergone ankle surgery. These factors could impact Pimblett’s performance and give Ferguson an opportunity to exploit his potential weaknesses.

With the odds favoring Pimblett, many may see this as a one-sided affair. However, it’s important to remember that MMA is a sport of unpredictability, where anything can happen once the fighters step into the Octagon. Ferguson’s drive to snap his losing streak and prove himself should not be underestimated, making this an intriguing matchup that could go either way.

FighterBetting Odds
Tony Ferguson+175
Paddy Pimblett-225

Despite the odds leaning in favor of Pimblett, the fight between Ferguson and Pimblett promises to be an intense battle between two fighters with a lot to prove. Only time will tell who will come out on top in this highly-anticipated matchup at UFC 296.

The Crucial Opportunity Ahead for Ferguson

This fight presents Ferguson with a crucial opportunity for redemption and a chance to snap his losing skid. After suffering six consecutive losses in the Octagon, Ferguson is in desperate need of a win to turn his fortunes around. The upcoming matchup against Paddy Pimblett at UFC 296 could be the perfect platform for him to showcase his skills and reclaim his status as a top-level competitor.

Despite being considered an up-and-coming fighter, some analysts believe that Pimblett may be in over his head against Ferguson. The betting odds currently favor Pimblett, suggesting a potential mismatch. However, it’s important to note that Ferguson’s losing streak has come against top-level competition, including former champions Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje. This indicates that while he may have fallen on hard times, Ferguson still possesses the skills and experience to pose a significant challenge for his opponents.

Pimblett, on the other hand, is undefeated in the UFC, but his recent performances have raised some questions. His controversial decision win over Jared Gordon was met with criticism, and the fact that he underwent ankle surgery adds an additional layer of uncertainty to his current form. This creates an intriguing dynamic in the fight, as both fighters have their own motivations and obstacles to overcome.

Former championUp-and-coming fighter
Experienced in facing top-level competitionUndefeated in the UFC
Desperate for a win to turn his fortunes aroundLooking to continue his rise in the division

As the fight draws near, the anticipation and excitement surrounding this matchup continue to grow. Both Ferguson and Pimblett have a lot at stake, and their clash in the Octagon could be a turning point in their respective careers. Ultimately, it will all come down to who can seize the crucial opportunity for redemption and emerge victorious on fight night.


With Tony Ferguson’s need for a victory and Paddy Pimblett’s rising stardom, the Tony Ferguson vs Paddy Pimblett fight at UFC 296 promises to be an enthralling clash in the Octagon.

Ferguson, who has suffered six consecutive losses, is desperate to turn his fortunes around and redeem himself. Despite facing top-level competition during his losing streak, including former champions Charles Oliveira and Justin Gaethje, Ferguson remains determined to snap his skid and prove that he still has what it takes to compete at the highest level.

On the other hand, Paddy Pimblett, a former Cage Warriors champion, is a rising star in the UFC. Although some may consider this matchup to be a potential mismatch, Pimblett’s undefeated record in the UFC and his recent controversial decision win over Jared Gordon cannot be overlooked. However, it’s worth noting that Pimblett recently underwent ankle surgery, which could potentially affect his performance in the fight.

With both fighters hungry for victory, the Tony Ferguson vs Paddy Pimblett matchup is a crucial opportunity for Ferguson to redeem himself and prove that he still has what it takes to be a formidable force in the Octagon. While betting odds currently favor Pimblett, Ferguson’s experience and determination cannot be underestimated, making this fight one to watch for all MMA fans.

oh damn this is her moment to become a three sport world champion Tom sohee the
number two Contender has now reeled off nine straight wins I’m excited about the interim Adam wave title is going to be
electrifying right through the city like British
boys what’s up fam welcome Monday morning it
is Monday morning September 25th yeah man that’s it it’s Monday morning
that’s our show uh how’s everybody doing out there hopefully as you’re listening
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you guys checking in with your boy here fresh off the plane from Spokane Spokane
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that after the fact not July I was scared uh uh forget the name the Davenport the
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uh my brother Jay books the hotels doesn’t believe in ghosts and looked that stuff up and I do so it’s a bit of
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fight World goes you know this is the first week in a long time we don’t have a big UFC event
to look forward to which is all good uh you got college football popping right now
um to see Buffs listen if as a Colorado boy it was a tough weekend if you’re a
Colorado fan because the Buffs lost to Oregon uh which kind of expected you
know people go you know all what’s up cu’s not real you know the all this hype you know the
media hyped it and I told you guys the start of the season is the expectations put on cu
are so outrageously insane and I told the the expectations man that all these
people are put on we won one game last year we’ve already won three and beat
TCU who’s a top 20 team we’re doing just fine and then when you say no we’re good
man it’s way better than last year like oh moving the field goal moving the field post here I’m like yeah we’re way
ahead of schedule for my expectations where I never thought we were going to beat Oregon now part of me is like yeah
I bet it goes better than we thought it didn’t we don’t have an online d-line when you play against the big dogs that’s what happens so they’ll get there
but everybody’s like oh we knew they were over hype those are those were your weird expectations of them I I’m
perfectly happy where we are SC I think they do better but are they gonna be that seat to be damn tough as these
defense ain’t [ __ ] though so we need the the offense be firing on all cylinders
but those that old lines give me an issue man all season long all season long I’ve been they go to bowl game which is insane to say look my
expectations are I better get a bowl game what bowl game I don’t know probably a
pretty good one because they bring eyeballs down but if for them to win one game last year and Dion taking a bowl game is historic they’re probably gonna
make some horrible movie about this in 20 years so get your mind right and I bet it’s way better than Rudy Rudy’s
offsides um so you know C got their butts kicked and then uh the Broncos I wasn’t able to
watch it the NFL’s hard for me to watch because Sundays I’m usually with the kiddos they’re Sports so NFL football is
hard to watch I catch the highlights or I have NFL Red Zone uh sometimes Sunday Night Football Monday Night Football
every now and then it’s kind of hard to watch um I saw my Broncos lost 70 to 20. 70
points seven how somebody not getting fired 70
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froggy he could just kick the field goal I mean the most points ever scored in the game how somebody’s head’s not rolling Sean Payne’s or Russell Wilson I
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23. let’s get to the fight business here uh there dude there is I know it’s not a
fight week but there’s a lot of news there’s a lot of news in the Real
Housewives of the UFC you had a fight night uh this past weekend on Saturday night
um obviously gamerat physieve didn’t go how we wanted it to physive uh broke his foot right was it a foot no they think
they say me it looked like he hurt his foot too is it just me did you see a chin or no and it was it his knee from
what I saw yeah they haven’t reported on it yet there’s no no legit actually new source saying what happened to his
injury there just a broken foot you’re out a hot second torn ligaments out a hot second you know yeah
see here um UFC lightweight blah blah blah
keep going down uh did you see you posted at the hospital
well hopefully there’s no ligament damage done there not great or knee snap is what it says here well that’s not
good that’s right you need just a snap for the hell of it you know it’s not like you’re anchor when it pops when you’re going upstairs if a knee snap
you’re probably looking at some ligament down she’s out of hot set yeah uh you know nothing against gamma he’s a Savage
and then I think the talk of the night was Bryce Mitchell over Dan ige Bryce’s getting pieced up
um but then you know Bryce was just taking advantage in the grappling department and that’s why he won 3 27 29
20. I was more comfortable 29-28 because the damage inflicted from Danny gay I know how they scored damage I thought uh
29-28 but I think everybody had Bryce Mitchell winning and that boy gets on the mic and he goes full
full you know Jesus yeah yeah a business great because
people think it’s Bisping like oh we’re good but it’s a producer in there like no more no more we’re good you know so
bizman was getting some heat for that but he’s just doing his job yeah you can’t let just some dude go wild on there about the you know some of that
stuff but and he kept going and going and going he’s going hard on the page yeah he’s going hard in the page Danny getting there too the only thing again
the only thing I like whether it’s Strickland whether it’s Izzy
um any of these guys is if if that’s him do it run no matter whether I agree with
it or not do it if you think the Earth is flat and you’re the Heart of Heart thing is flat run with it Daddy you know
that’s why I’d prefer prefer a Bryce Mitchell or a Sean Strickland opposed to
Kobe Covington now Kobe stick obviously works but we know that’s
not real he doesn’t yeah that’s not real that’s a very WWE type of gig he has there but with Bryce Mitchell we know
that’s just well that’s in his place that’s in his veins and I appreciate it I’m a huge fan
so uh but yeah as far as fight fights go
um the biggest one going down since there’s no UFC but uh just as big as one
Championship you got a big old one Championship Rada Tang fought this uh past weekend as well lost I thought he
won the fight I did too I think that helps uh co-sign that it’s DJ uh Mighty
Mouse also thought he won the fight yeah but people are criticizing it because it’s like we’re judging it from an MMA point of view yeah we don’t really know
Muay Thai yeah but we’re right though aren’t we right I I decided one too the other guy threw good kicks but I thought
Rob tank was going after it I did too but again I don’t have a trained eye for Muay Thai so uh my I feel like Mighty
Mouse knows what he’s doing though and a lot of other experts you know are out there saying rotting one so that’s a bummer yeah uh but probably my
top three uh favorite person to watch fight in one Championship
um our girl stamp fear tax is fighting this freaking weekend man
stamp uh you guys know her she’s a two sport one Champion world champion she uh
you know she won the first Adam weight MMA Grand Prix for uh them and uh yeah
she beat uh oh no she was gonna challenge Angela Lee grocery fighting is on a nine fight
winning streak she’s unbeaten in three fights and one Championship I’m taking stamp all freaking day she’s so
entertaining and I get to see it firsthand when I was in person and I thought she was a big star like you know kind of with the hard course here in
America dude when you see it in person she’s a superstar in Denver Colorado and
freaking Calabasas California over you know over in Europe over in Asia she’s just a big ass star and I when she was
walking out and she does her dance she looks all cute you’re like you better get your mind right girl and then she gets in there and it’s that’s just her
thing she’s so much fun to watch so damn entertaining yep yep see her do her thing number one verse number two is
going down for the interim Adam weight uh World title and made this freaking weekend and then also uh Daniel Kelly
who’s one of my favorites the little Phenom Jiu Jitsu is fighting Jessica Khan Jessica Khan and uh that is the
first ever female Adam weight submission grappling World title on one Championship you you know what I’m
saying when my girl uh Daniel Kelly uh Philly’s Finest even though she lives in Jersey though but she’s Philly’s Finest
born and raised in Philadelphia and we had her to sit down they flew her out from New York to sit down and she will
be on one-on-one with me this week to preview her fight just her life struggles everything she’s gone through
to get to this point in her life and she’s one of the baddest women on the freaking planet doing it she’s doing it
in a major way because she’s the this is the first female world championship title fight and this big of a program
ever so it’s going down man it is going down just Khan beat her before but that
was another promotion hot second ago so um and Jessica Khan she’s very
credentialed as far as legit GI Jiu Jitsu very credentialed so uh Daniel
Kelly just she’s a professional so you see there’s a different Dynamic there Daniel Kelly’s not worried about the ibj
FF all those that stuff um ADCC she’s not she doesn’t care about that all she cares about is being
professional win this title so uh you know who I’m siding with so I’m excited man I’m excited and I also have this
different uh set of rules fight going down uh Wonder Girl is fighting it I
would how would you describe to I would say it’s basically MMA boxing yeah because here’s the rules you have young
young versus Wonder Girl and um here’s the breakdowns it’s three
rounds three minutes each all punches are allowed no kicks no knees no elbows
they’re using a 10-point must system but here’s the thing so just punches are loud nothing else four ounce MMA gloves
this base what Tyson Fury want to do with Francis boxing but in MMA gloves
could be dope let’s go down September 29th 8 PM Eastern all right and that is on Amazon
Prime baby yeah all right Tim what do you got
um all right there’s a bunch of cool fight announcements but oh the UFC is just yeah but you get a fight you get a
fight you get a pretty good fight but this came out just recently Israel adesanya he pled guilty to driving drunk
in New Zealand it was like three weeks before his fight yeah when you look in the details of it
uh he was driving buzzed not defend him you cannot drive drunk I think he just
barely made that limit yeah he barely yeah it’s like I think out there the legal limits 50 milligrams per 100
milliliters of blood he was at 87 so maybe had two drinks decided to drive you know if you’re tipsy you know Tipsy
driving is drunk driving we’ve all seen those Billboards right um but there’s a difference between
being hammered and driving and Tipsy and driving shouldn’t do either yeah uh so there’s no defending Izzy here
the all this does is push the narrative that Izzy didn’t take Strickland serious
I would like to hear from Izzy Moore and he on his YouTube channel he released you know some stuff about the Strickland
fight but I’d like to hear more honest opinion about this DUI because
again all this does is push the narrative more that hurt Strickland’s performance ah dude Izzy was drunk
before the fight he was drinking that’s he didn’t take Strickland serious man that’s how you know Izzy’s gonna beat him up next time they fight in the
rematch I don’t sign with that I I don’t I don’t tend to
head in that direction um I’d be curious because I’ve known I mean not myself I never drank maybe I
would have done better if I did but I know a lot of guys at the highest the high levels world champions who would
drink during Camp not get hammered but have a few drinks with red wine GSP red
wine a beer hair some whiskey a little tequila made a little cocaine you know what I’m saying so some of you guys can
operate at a high level and still get away with that stuff so if I I’d be curious and again for idiot stuff
because he’s he’s a role model so even my kid loves Izzy he’s seven he knows who is he is so
you don’t want to say yeah I do drink during Camp so he has to be kind of delicate with this but I’m curious when
Izzy fought uh Alex Pierre this the second time they drink they drink the
first time do you drink when he fought Whitaker you know that would help you
know put push away the story of ah he was even taking him serious now if you’re Izzy do you want this out
you know what I’m saying is this does this do more good for Izzy going look dude he was drinking during Camp that’s
how you know he was in focused I’d like Jeff is he’s like every Camp including uh you know all World title defenses
even when I lost I was drinking like in hammered not drinking every
night not doing you know the wild boy stuff but yeah I have a few drinks in every Camp it helps me relax helps me
sleep I’m not saying that’s the case here I’m just curious if a he’s done it
before if B he comes out and goes yeah dude I didn’t
take Strickland serious I thought I was gonna walk through him I was out till three in the morning drinking didn’t eat right it was whatever dude we barely
trained for this I’m curious I’d like to hear from him not you know the forums and the chatter
the MMA Twitter none of that stuff I want to hear it from the horse’s mouth has he done this before is this how he
usually operates because that’s going to help push aside this narrative that Izzy wasn’t prepared or focused on Strickland at all because
again if he goes yeah when I knocked out Whitaker when I act out Paulo Costa when I fought you know insert big name you
know has he done it before that’s what I want to know it’s a bomber I wonder if he was going
through some stuff too who knows I I told you guys this heavy lies the crown man when you’re a champ it’s a
different level of pressure especially is he think of me title fights he’s been in all the marketing all the media all
the endorsements not the UFC endorsements those or whatever I’m talking about outside of that his YouTube channel the merch there’s all
this pressure on you you can pull it a million different ways you gotta do this media obligation so when you’re the
champ heavy lies the crown I think he was just like he’s done it so much he’s been at the height of the sport the
thing he’s just like I need a break and this is his Outlet you know signs would point to that
signs would point to that we’ve never seen any of this behavior from Izzy we’ve never seen him on folks in a fight
again is it a case my my only question it can’t come from anybody else not his
coach not his teammates has come from Izzy were you just over training you need a
break or is this your typical behavior in Camp and we’re just now finding out about it and you’re that much of a badass you’ve
been able to kind of get by on drinking and doing your thing and having fun you know respond to trolls on social media
and you’re still the baddest in the middleweight division that’s impressive yeah does he does he have a splash of
Jon Jones in him you know it makes him human dude it makes him human everyone makes mistakes don’t beat
him up too much all right so moving on to the big fights let’s start with 295 the co headliner is
Europe this fight makes my wiener hard if I could book one fight if the if Dana
White was okay man you can make one fight this year this is the fight yeah nothing makes me more excited for this
fight this is better than the main event I’d rather watch this than the main event dude Yuri versus Alex Pierre is
First Team all violence UFC 295 should have those pictures of them with their
Warrior face paint on just say violence that’s what this fight is it’s so damn
good I’m so excited for it yeah for the title which is great
and then UC 296 is freaking stacked so here’s what we have so far
you got Leon Edwards Kobe Covington they announced that pantosia Brandon Roy Val
shout out to Brandon Roy Val for getting it done the the one that’s getting the most
attention which we will focus on and get to Tony Ferguson versus Patty pimlet which I’m super excited for then shopcot
Wonder Boy Thompson UFC 296 is freaking
fantastic and and then also on that is uh Vicente
Luken uh that was also announced like yesterday you Machado Gary Vicente and does that kick the main card off
I don’t know it’s still early so well it’s not even on the OC’s website yeah it is where what do you mean
it’s on the website so yeah no talk about Vicente Luke oh gotcha but I assume because there’s
only four fights on that main card yeah so maybe Ian Gary’s amazing for sure who are you gonna put over I mean I guess
they could put him on the prelim main that’d be silly engine is a big name that is a fantastic card yes it is that
is the best card of the year Wonder Boy Tony Patty pantosia Brandon
Roy Val Leon Edwards Kobe Compton and Ian Gary take my money I’m not stacked take my
freaking money uh so let’s talk about these matchups Leon Edwards Kobe
Covington is interesting interesting one I had somebody in spoken at the meet and greet asked me about who I have in that fight
if Kobe was more active I would take Colby all day Colby two
years off and Leon Edwards has been a little more active and we’ve seen his improvements against Kamala Usman I it’s
it’s a tough pick if if if this is two years ago before Kobe took all this time off and had the
issues with Jorge and you know you kind of had this two-year laugh is a long time dude long long time and then to
take those years off and then jump into a title fight very tough and Leon Edwards is only getting better his
takedown fence is only getting better so we’ll see we’ll see the one thing Kobe has on his side is that cardio
um you know so his last fight was March 5th 2022.
so he’s looking at so March 5th 2022 he’s fighting December of 2023 that’s a
you know not two years but it’s damn near it’s a hot second it’s a hot second
layoff to jump into a title fight um and remember his last fight was against you know or a friend of the show
Jory Mazda doll but he went from Camaro to Jorge you know where he had a you
know was that Talent of his career so um it’s tough I’m a Kobe fan Big Kobe
fan like Leon Edwards too it’s tough to pick Kobe with that long layoff as good as Leon Edwards looked against Kamara
Usman so we’ll see on that uh Pantoja Brandon royville it’s a fun fight
Brandon’s earned it um let’s talk about the one everyone’s talking about Tony Ferguson Patty pamlett
so when this first got announced um a close friend of mine text me goes it’s not announced yet but I think
they’re doing Ferguson versus Patty pimlin and I go finally finally Tony gets a winnable fight
person goes I agree he can win this one I thought that was kind of the
General census that everyone was like oh finally Tony’s gonna fight finally he gets not that’s
an easy fight but he’s look at look at his last look at his last seven fights strength of strength of schedule he’s an
SEC dude this is his last seven fights Bobby green he got submitted right that
was a tough one uh but Nate Diaz which was you know short short shorter
notice fight right Michael Chandler Darius Charles Oliveira Justin gaichi
before that was Cerrone Anthony Pettis Kevin Lee dos anjos what
looking through these kids fighting man now I know he’s lost one two three four five six in a row I know he’s lost six
in a row it doesn’t look good but who’d he lose to Justin gaichi how that changed his life yeah that fight that
started it off gears off of him Justin gaichi Charles Oliveira Darius I mean
what are we that’s insane Michael Chandler insane look pretty good on that till you got Spartan kicked in the face
the Nate Diaz fight tough one Bobby green tough one so the Nate Diaz by Green very tough fights for him but just
look at that murderous Roe impossible for him to win those fights at where he’s at right now
my my question for anybody out there going I can’t be UFC’s doing this Tony
Ferguson we see what’s going on here it’s clear as day they’re just feeding this young line to Tony Ferguson
my question for you guys is hey do you really think Patty pillow won his last
fight most don’t so you’re probably coming off the loss of Jared Gordon okay uh before
that the only people of Patty’s beat is Jordan Levitt uh uh Vargas
he he hasn’t he’s had they’re impressive fights he’s been hitting all those fights then the one fight where the guy
was pretty damn good he they gave him the sin but most people think he lost okay my question for you guys out there
who are so so against this fight with Tony Ferguson Patty pimlet
what aspect of mixed martial arts is Patty pimlet better at than Tony
Ferguson striking no
no grappling probably Patty’s biggest asset you think
he’s a better submission artist than Tony Ferguson wrestling no way you know better wrestling Tony
there’s no way now if this is four years ago three years ago
Tony mops the floor with Patty at this point but it’s not it’s a more weathered
slower uh less dangerous Tony Ferguson but to say that Patty pimlets more
dangerous than Tony Ferguson is insane to me he’s not a world-class Striker he’s not
some guy where it goes down to the ground it’s over he’s not a Damian Maya down there
I I’m just and I’m not saying I’m picking Tony to win all I’m saying is this isn’t a terrible fight for Tony
it’s not some weird fight with UFC’s feeding this young lion this old
weathered veteran I look at that I go literally my first instinct and the the man who I was texting with knows the UFC
better than anybody I know goes yeah thank God Tony finally got a favorable fight I thought they I didn’t think
about it man no [ __ ] hell yeah and then you go online people like oh this is so disrespectful how can they
give tony a fine like whoa I’m just reading the room wrong here
because I look at this go finally they’re giving Tony a break again not saying he wins
but compared to his other fights man I think he has a better chance than
this than he has in the past [ __ ] three years I again my argument is and I you guys
know this I love Patty a huge fan of Patty Patty has a ways to go before he’s a top 15 guy
Tony Ferguson’s fought everybody as dangerous as all get out even at his
ripe age of whatever he is in in fight years 77. you know he’s 39. get it older
you know world-class vet I get it all the miles on him look bad in his last fight doesn’t look that version of Tony
that we’re known and accustomed to when he was probably the baddest 155 on the
planet uh him and khabib and there was a time where if in the prime I probably was side with Tony in
the prime never happened income fruition but to say all this is ridiculous this
is so foul UFC this is so dark look how they treat their vets I’m like ah ah
where is that energy when Frankie Edgar had his last fight against that monster I I don’t see that I don’t see that
angle here I look I go okay Patty’s not some dude who’s gonna throw some crazy flying knee or you know some crazy
knockout artist okay I like that this could be a war this is perfect for Tony
again not saying he wins but damn compared to Justin Gates you Charles
Oliveira Darius Michael Chandler Nate Diaz Bobby green okay
perfect and this and I think there should be Tony’s last fight win or lose if he wins
this get out of there dude trust me you’re not gonna get another one of these get out of there
it gets worse from here if you win this one they’re not going to give you another matchup like this I like it if
you’re a Tony fan you’re like okay I can see him win this one you’re not saying that when he’s fighting gate you you’re
not saying that when he’s fighting Charles all over you’re not saying that when he fights Darius I’m not saying that we fought Michael Chandler we
fought Nate Diaz the Bobby green like oh my God Bobby’s so explosive this is a bad idea
I see Patty I’m like hmm I could see him winning this one or I could see him losing but he’s not
going to get absolutely starched I’ll take it yeah were you guys against it no we all
said it’s a great matchup were you cool with it too or no yeah I think it’s his best matchup that
he’s gotten in the past seven by two percent but do you think Patty wants it yeah yeah yeah I mean the odds are Patty
wins I’m just saying it’s not like he’s this plus one one thousand hundred
dollar plus 240. okay yeah that’s about right you guys don’t want to fight in a hot second all I’m saying this isn’t
some master it’s not like Hamza Nate Diaz that was ridiculous that was
clearance day what the UFC was doing we’re like what and even the UFC was like holy [ __ ] we gotta change this up and they switched them because it was so
wrong to do that this isn’t that this is like good send off for Tony win or lose
he’s not he’s not going to get completely annihilated they’re not giving them just engage on his final
send-off not giving them fuzzy some dude who’s just some Savage who you’re gonna see
Tony get hurt by with Pat I’m like all right thinking of grappling exchange I want to see what happens here it’s a
good fight for Patty who we love here love absolutely love Patty good fight for Pat you beat a guy like
Tony Ferguson even though he’s lost six good feather in the cap for Tony you got this young buck who’s not this crazy
knockout artist who isn’t some explosive dude who where you’re gonna end up on ESPN highlight in Flatline I like it
that’s all I’m saying I like it shaft got one boy Thompson I think out
of all the fights that’s a very tough fight for sure I’ve got tough fighting people think I would
assume shop got uh is there odds on that I’ll check that’s not walking the park for shopkat
uh minus 465. so he’s a he’s a bigger favorite than Patty over Tony yeah
and you guys are cool with this one though not you guys online you guys are cool
with this one because Wonder Boys older than Tony I know he looks better inside the doctor I’m just saying Wonder Boys
older than him they’re getting shot cut he’s a minus 465 favorite
if you have to bet on Underdog would you bet on Wonder Boy Tony Wonder Boy you guys are pieces of [ __ ]
yeah me too me too yeah me too me too me too
oh that card’s tasty though yeah yeah tasty and Lucy versus Gary that’s gonna be
that should be tough for Gary right uh Vicente Luke in Gary Gary’s gonna
have such a reach Advantage you guys know how I feel about Ian Machado Gary
Vicente Luke is such a Savage right so good at everything it’s just a awful matchup for Vicente
Luce very tough fight for him very very tough fight for him
very tough fight I got you and Gary all day on that yeah
we going Sizzler five days a week because then it’s Off to the Races then we’re because Vicente
Lucas ranked what right now
10. uh and they got Ian at 11. yeah you beat him then then it’s off the races
uh so what’s gonna happen is Ian Gary versus Vicente Luke a winner I assume
will fight Wonder Boy or shopkat especially shaft guy I think he has a
little more work to do he needs some bigger names in his cap it’s weird they still have Hamza at um
four he moved on you know
what else you got you let’s see oh so this was uh Francis and Ghana was
on Joe Rogan’s podcast and then you know I think Wilder also accused Tyson fear
of cheating with the glove somehow so you can punch through the side you know all these he just had like video evidence apparently and it looked like
the glove was floppy so now Francis is saying that him and
his team will have to double check even if the commission says it’s good they have to see it themselves they do that anyways though you have one someone from
your corner looking at them laced up the gloves that’s nothing new it’s a narrative it’s something to say I guess for Francis to poke at Tyson but you
don’t get tysonself by cheating with your gloves that’s so stupid I thought the takeaway from that was I think it’s
good for Rogan I’m sure Rogan knows but it’s good when you hear it from the horse’s mouth with Francis the way the
UFC manipulates the contracts yeah the extension stuff the extension so he was like you know I was hurt I want to fight
in july that I’m gonna fight in June I was like uh what no I’m good
like oh we’re just checking we’re just checking then you notice extension in the mail so it’s their way and he was
like I only have a year left it’s their way of keeping you it’s like six months it’s so dirty it’s uh yeah oh it’s six
months yeah it’s crazy it was the same thing with the ultimate fighter contract you remember I was like wait I’m done I thought like no dude you got two more
fights like no no I thought it was a four-year deal they’re like yeah but that one time where after your fight and
you didn’t go like what and back in the day they didn’t even send you the notice you would go into the negotiation think
you were done they’re like oh no you actually got a year left because remember we hinted the idea of you fighting Brock Lesnar hinted at the idea
of you fighting stuff on struve and then you said you want to fight later I’m like yeah we had a discussion like yeah
it’s basically turned down a fight like what so it’s just it’s good to see the the
underbelly of the business it’s a it’s a dark business they’re gonna you know it’s the fight business you know
every fighter is like yeah that’s how it goes but I think it’s good for the public to hear that’s that’s what your
animal you’re dealing with one of the tactics yeah yeah it’s not cool yeah and the sponsors where you lost a 1.2
million dollar in crypto because they signed with crypto and then and you signed with UFC right after yeah
and then new company’s like sorry dude now we can’t work it he’s like oh this is ridiculous UFC’s like we’ll take all
the money but here’s 10 grand put that on your shorts and you have no say stuff yeah
you get it from both sides you get from the UFC business standpoint and then for the fighters it’s a nightmare
yeah but it seems like they are really really wanting all their money in every possible way possible the UFC that’s why
that’s like just as much as possible I know that’s why they have so much money that’s why I couldn’t run the UFC yeah you can’t you gotta be cut throat I
couldn’t do it all right so this is just a Time Woodley was on a rampage Jackson’s podcast
recently and he for I didn’t know he had any issues with Izzy but I guess he says he wants to beat the [ __ ] out of him why
if they’re uh if he ever made a comeback he’d want to fight Izzy something weird where he said like
um oh he says because he’s capped that’s fake that’s what the kids say what
what’s weird I can understand cap if it was a way shorter version of the word fake it’s not like fake’s a long word
right yeah okay so because I’m not gonna say cap because I’m 40. uh because he’s fake
what they said he was never Izzy arasanya how do I do this again Izzy adesanya I get on the same show TMZ and
they asked me who was uh who was next up I said I kind of like this Israel kid he’s kind of different but he’s got some
Pizzazz he’s got uh his own character he’s flashy but he’s good martial artist he’s one of the one to watch out for
this when he first started out so I gave him respect then they asked me who did I want to fight whoever’s at the top so
you’re at the top my brother it’s a salute I never wanted to fight Nick Nate Diaz or Conor McGregor or George Saint
Pierre because I thought they were weak easy and whack yeesh uh I thought they was the best to be the
best you got to beat the best okay kind of confusing but he basically said you know he was giving Israel a compliment
by saying he’d want to fight him because he’s a good fighter and I guess Izzy you know didn’t take it well and now he wants to beat the [ __ ] out of him but it
is he say anything back I didn’t see anything with is he saying so clearly Woodley’s Master wouldn’t take into Conley by uh Izzy who fired back in a
series of interviews Willie went on to lose the title okay
interesting I mean Woodley and his yard never fighting all right this is outside the UFC I don’t see the UFC bringing Woodley
back I love Whitley Woodley but I think those days are over yeah there’s so many issues with the UFC
I just don’t see him come in agreement yeah and there’s so much movement at middleweight I just don’t see it
happening um also uh Rampage said that when he went to the Jake
yeah Jake Paul Nate Diaz fight that uh when he saw Nate in the locker room hit one of his pecs was smaller than the
other so he’s like what the hell happened he tore us back no so apparently Nate said that he had a pinched nerve in his back and then so
you know you know your muscles kind of well that that means it was pinched for a hot SEC yeah I had it when I was in
college playing football I got so many stingers the nerve endings in my arm like just
losing muscle yeah so my right arm was small on my left arm yeah it sucks so we must have had that for a hot second yeah
so just Randy saying like you know that’s pretty dope that he went out there to fight still yeah he was really injured that’s why he had to fight a
certain way too he this I think he said something he had to fight Mexican style because that’s cool yeah yeah NATO
Savage uh this is a little older but I don’t think we discussed it Mike Perry says that his new deal with bkfc because he
signed with them and not anyone else uh is around eight million dollars damn yeah guarantee he said all together if
that’s if he wins all of his fights I have to say they put about 8 million on contract let’s go ahead and put that out
there because F them they’ve got to fight me now because I’m ready to make this money I got this money on paperwork
I got this house I’m paying for I’ve got this family I’m paying for I’ve got all these expensive things going on I’m ready to fight promote talk some smack
and punch some people in the face eight meal for Mike Perry that’s pretty awesome I need a breakfast meal though
yeah I’m guessing it’s an eight mil if you go undefeated you know or is it a guaranteed eight Mill
yeah mbft bkfcs had their struggles paying people trust me
all right um now we won’t do that one this is just a
quick one because Misha hasn’t been fighting for a while I guess and she’s coming back to fight Julia Avila I’ll
take it December Fight Night never met with me she’ll fight that’s Misha’s record right now so lost your last two
and the girl she’s fighting is should have lost one of her last two coming off a win though yeah
uh this was super dope so I guess Korean zombie he said during
when he was leaving the Octagon or whatever someone took his gloves you know his retirement gloves yeah so max
Holly found out that story and Max always said I’m gonna send you you know my gloves from the fight because that’s the memory from the fight as well so he
sent those in so he can have him sent those two Korean zombie okay that’s like the Korean
Zombie Road Max Holly just sent me his gloves as a gift and then after that Korean zombie and his team donated 20
000 to the Maui Food Bank oh it’s dope yeah that’s great yeah
now according to Bryce Mitchell Satan started those fires he says a lot of stuff it wasn’t it
wasn’t uh natural fire is what he said but yeah yeah he’s going through some stuff though man his personal life with his ex
and all that stuff there’s a lot going on yeah um I don’t think we talked about this but
so Angela Lee revealed recently that when she did have she had a crash I remember that too when I had to uh she
said it was an accident it was actually a suicide attempt oh that’s horrible and then she does now finally admit that her
little sister did con you know she took her own life which is horrific horrible yeah horrible but uh damn so that so her
sister I wonder if the brother or and I don’t you know mental health does it
is it genetic can it carry down I think so but I mean I have people in my family
that struggle with it I don’t so I don’t know if it’s hereditary you know but that’s terrible that poor fam I love
Angela Lee yeah I guess none of them really talked about it so now they’re finally talking about so hopefully the kid you know the
the one little brother and the other brother hopefully now that they’re talking about it they can open up if they’re dealing with these issues see
how horrible my speaker Angela is a dime yeah and she’s a champion yeah you know her family comes from you know they’re
all fighters yeah monsters yeah it’s horrible that was like one of the saddest things area her little sister
like awful unimaginable oh there’s gonna be some sort of announcement too from Angel Lee on the
fight night or fight again right I don’t know if she’s gonna make an announcement yeah godspeed man
it’s terrible yeah um Chris leiban I guess the last fight that just happened that’s his first
debut in Nevada as a judge so he’s judging and refereeing that’s what you need especially if they’re a
sound mind that’s what you need you need former fighters who know what the hell’s going on so they’re not giving 10-8
rounds for no reason yeah
all right um can we take a little break and do a Arcadia read oh I can’t wait for Arcadia Arcadia is a festival that
is happening November 2nd through the 5th at area 15. not to be confused with Area 51 don’t show up to Area 51 you’re
probably gonna get arrested come to Area 15 in Nevada all right and it’s hosted
by my boy Aubrey Marcus featuring Headliners Chromeo I love their music Dr
fresh elderbrook Jai Wolf The Glitch Mob Troy boy it’s all going down that is
November 2nd through the 5th area 15. it’s gonna be a great grand old time
this is your chance to be part of something legendary stuff in the world where anything is possible and the
beauty of human expression takes Center Stage as we come together to create a More Beautiful World tickets are selling
out so get your freaking tickets all you got to do is head to
Arcadia with a K we’re at a-r-k-a-d-i-a right now again that’s fit
for slash a r k a d i a you got Chromeo performing my boy Aubrey
Marcus hosting get you some Area 15 not to be confused with area 51.
all right see here oh
have you seen as in Barbosa lately this is him now Jackson super Jack and he posted this
video he got obviously I think after he posted that picture he posted I was like we’ll do that over
and then he shows like a side by side here look at that difference nuts dude yeah I don’t know what he’s thinking but he’s
like straight it too like I just jacked it like it looks like he got leaner input
that that’s when my skeptical hip lies go off when someone gets leaner that could be diet leaner with more muscle is
very difficult to do but more power doing whatever he’s doing is working and whatever acai some of them Brazilians
are taking he got his hands on it yeah yeah enjoy that wheel kick and I just saw this from Todd Duffy he looks
freaking jacked and lean he’s always been jacked but now he’s even leaning he looks like
um the dude from Beauty and the Beast he does he looks like a prince yeah
and he was supposed to fight a ryzen I think a few days ago or this weekend but something to do with the I don’t know
Visa or something happen but there you go yeah he’s jacked I love
Todd Duffy he’s a great dude Savage too super Savage is that itching that’s
pretty much it dude because we got three parts three parts yes we do yeah
Steve rinella coming in on firing the kid Steve’s one of my favorites and then we have a medium also a ghost guy
Jonathan Mark Jonathan Mark which is my that’s my thing that’s my thing y’all clearly I booked that guest can you tell
who Brian booked and who I booked I got the ghost Guy Brian got Steve all right he’s gonna do a reading on you and
broccoli I think yeah yeah that’s gonna be dope we just got Brian can’t be so like anti-ghost yeah like you got to
give into it you know what I’m saying otherwise we don’t have a show that’s like me being anti-hunting or a vegan and bringing Steve Brunell on you don’t
have a show it could be fun if you argue about it uh this week this weekend I
will be at skank Fest that’s right your boys come to skank Fest it’s me and Brian count together at skank Fest we’re
doing a live pod with this gang Fest Bros that’s big Jay Gomez
um who am I forgetting big J Luis Gomez um all the boys from uh skank s will be
on stage uh Dave Smith he’ll be there as well um it’s so it’s gonna be fine on the kid
skank Fest live pod I think that’s at 8pm Friday night I have a set earlier
that day on Friday they have two sets Saturday night that’s skank Fest Las Vegas Thursday I will be at Overkill in
Sacramento turning my TRX to a demon TRX SRT Hellcat baby I can’t wait uh outside
that I’m in Iowa October 13th and 14th Niagara Falls November 4th and 5th those
are almost sold out so get your tickets Niagara Falls New York tickets just went on sale uh on my end but they’ve done
the work on their end so that bad boys so to my fans get tickets now Niagara Falls New York Chicago in December uh
get your tickets got a bunch of more tour dates being announced new tour being announced new management holler at your boy all right
um but skank Fest see you this freaking week in Las Vegas Nevada then Iowa Niagara Falls New York Chicago for the
rest of year but uh that’s it I will be documenting creating dope content turning my TRX and over a thousand
horsepower demon Hellcat alright so thank you guys for tuning in enjoy one
championship this freaking weekend the best to do it stamp Fair Texas find Daniel Kelly that’s all going down on
Amazon Prime one Championship get you some till next time be safe see you guys love you

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