Suga & Tim React to Sean Strickland's Win Over Israel Adesanya | TimboSugarShow | EP.252


In this episode of the TimboSugarShow, Suga and Tim discuss a range of topics, including their love for spicy food, the tragic incident of bullying at a high school, and their personal lives. They also talk about upcoming fights in the UFC, their travel plans, and their future goals. Let’s dive into the highlights of their conversation:

Spicy Food and Bullying

Suga starts off by expressing his love for spicy food and how he enjoys going to restaurants to try out their hot dishes. The conversation takes a serious turn when Tim mentions a tragic incident where his manager’s niece took her own life due to bullying at her high school. They both reflect on how schools can be savage places and express their condolences for the young girl.

Love Life and Future Plans

The conversation then shifts to Suga’s love life, and he shares that things have been going well for him. Tim asks about their plans for the future, such as living together and having babies. S uga mentions that they haven’t had serious talks about those topics yet, but he doesn’t see why they wouldn’t discuss them in the future. He mentions that his girlfriend will be flying out to a wedding they’re attending together. Tim advises Suga to wait at least a year before moving in together, to which Suga agrees.

They also discuss the possibility of Suga moving in with one of his friends if a room opens up in their house. They joke about how their friend Jobin will live in that house forever, as there have been about 300 different people living there over the years.

Travel Plans and UFC Fights

The conversation then turns to their travel plans. Suga mentions that he will be going to Montana for a few days, and they discuss the possibility of recording a podcast episode after he returns. They also talk about upcoming UFC fights, such as the Electra Grasso vs. Valentina Shevchenko and Kelvin Gastelum vs. Jack Hermansson fights.

They mention that September and October will be busy months for fights, but they also have other travel plans that they can’t disclose yet. They hint at a trip to New York in November and going back to Montana for their friend’s fight in October.

Suga also mentions the viral video edit of Aljamain Sterling’s fight and how everyone laughed at it. They discuss the upcoming schedule for the “Sugar Show” and when Suga’s teammate, Sean O’Malley, will be back in the Octagon.

RV Trip and Content Ideas

Tim suggests that Suga and Tim should go on an RV trip with some of their friends. Suga mentions that he recently bought his mom’s RV and wants to take it on a camping trip to practice driving it. They discuss the possibility of doing archery and other activities during the trip.

They also talk about creating content during the trip, such as vlogs and fun challenges. They joke about getting a flat tire and not knowing how to change it, which would make for entertaining content. They also discuss the idea of using a forklift to lift the RV tire, which they acknowledge would be a difficult task.

Suga mentions that they should document the trip for about four days and decide on a destination. They joke about the challenges they might face during the trip, but they are excited about the potential for fun and engaging content.

Teeth and Hair Discussions

The conversation takes a lighthearted turn as they discuss their teeth and hair. Suga mentions that he has a gap in his teeth that he has always disliked. They talk about the possibility of getting their teeth fixed, with Suga expressing a preference for fixing his teeth over his hair. They discuss the option of Invisalign and wonder how long it would take to fix Suga’s gap.

They also talk about hair implants and whether they would consider getting them. Suga mentions that he would prefer to have his curly hair back rather than getting dreads. They joke about the idea of wearing a wig or getting hair implants.

Future Plans and Confidence Boost

The conversation wraps up with discussions about future plans and goals. Suga mentions that he wants to start a podcast and a film production company. They talk about the potential for merchandising and sponsorships, which could boost their confidence and help them pursue their dreams.

They also discuss the progress of Suga’s warehouse and the possibility of having a section for photo shoots. They joke about the depth of their ideas and the potential for success.

The episode concludes with Suga mentioning his upcoming plans for fresh merch drops and promoting their Patreon and Snapchat accounts. They sign off with a message of love and gratitude for their fans.

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timbow sugar show gummies the other night when you came over we had nachos they hit you ever no really
but I remember I went soaked up outside and that got me so maybe they did maybe they did well remember we were walking down the road and we were talking about
killing those chickens and I was like getting emotional about it oh yeah it was weird I thought that was a good time I had a I forgot I had an edible because
I smoked an hour or two hours before whatever and I had an edible I forgot and I was like what I felt like I was on
mushrooms a little bit yeah I’m talking about killing chickens and like you’re getting all [ __ ] he was like I would just do it I’m like how could you even
well no why I don’t want to but I would I’m like yeah but the fact that you’re saying that you just would just cut if
it was ready if it was ready well I’m not hard now but if you were
you said if it was done laying eggs and it was ready for it to go and then it was real cute because Sean goes well
who’s for you to decide if it’s ready and I’m like you got a point what if you just let it die of old age well that’s
up to you and you’re wasting a [ __ ] chicken I’m like but you can have an endless amount of chickens right now
why because they lay eggs yeah but they’re not getting [ __ ] by a big daddy so the eggs are the eggs that those are not
baby chicks we’ll get a big daddy you could no I mean
episode 252. Sean Strickland did it holy
kids man what a [ __ ] it damn you’re wrong believe that believe that uh rip it yeah
I I mean I I think a lot of people are wrong not me I mean you weren’t that confident I’ve been saying it uh
Garrett’s got footage how many times though every main event where you say the opposite guy that loses and then
randomly one time you go shout out my boy Garrett having the camera on me because I’ve been saying it forever and
I’m always like I’m like damn someone’s really confident when they’ll make bets but when they’re like no I’m not gonna make bats it’s like all right zero
dollars yeah if you only if you have two you only have one if you have one you have zero that’s it doesn’t apply in
this area if I was like bet on that I’d be like damn well [ __ ] just think about this Blake could have no
idea right now yeah that’s true he could have no eyebrows hey you know what I’m upset
about though right now for real real they need to give Sean Strickland the [ __ ] credit because he shut down
Israel out of Sonya and he was walking him down who’s not giving him Credit Union Sean Strickland is one of the best
strikers in the UFC hands down 100 I don’t know who’s not giving them oh Dana White’s going oh Izzy looks slow tonight
he didn’t show up no I think there’s probably a mixture well dude Sean Strickland it would be a nightmare to
fight he wasn’t punching a lot so in the beginning it was hard you can’t counter Izzy one on the counter you couldn’t
counter he wasn’t throwing you just constant pressure constant pressure and when he did throw Sean would counter heavy and he throws hard and he looked
fast he had a good Snappy [ __ ] jab sneaky right hand wasn’t a load up it was right down the middle it’s crazy
that [ __ ] literally just spars Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and just looked like a [ __ ] in the
press conference he was talking about too he’s like he literally felt like he was fighting an amateur he felt so good
um and yeah Dana said Israel looked like he was in slow motion and the rematch should be next but this the strikes were
135 to 94 in favor of Sean Strickland dude for him to do that for him to do
that and like ignore ignore what Izzy did to uh pahera and all these beasts
and go out there and just like stick to the game plan flat-footed March him down patiently March him down with such good
defense it’s like that was such a good performance bro and I really don’t think Izzy deserves a rematch he’s one one and
two in his last three there’s other people that deserve the title there’s this is stack right now it’s time to go
it’s CR I mean it didn’t look like the Izzy that thought Alex had a fight before it didn’t look like that easy but
that could literally just because that’s just Sean Strickland Styles make matchups dude and that was a [ __ ] very interesting fight also though like
you see it with shivchenko you’ve seen with all these Champions that defend their belt multiple multiple times it’s
like yeah every probably every fight Camp those five round fight camps are so grueling after you’ve done three four
five of them it’s like just to even have any longevity you probably got to start taking things out
you’re not training as hard as you were when you first initially got your title fight so having those camps back to back
to back to back like he does he probably is not okay who knows what’s going on do you
remember when we were making Burgers over at Sean’s and I go you go how Schmidt how can Sean Strickland beat him
and I said he’s got the wild throw and the power and the punches yeah and you said I I don’t know dude every fight I
ever said that and where everyone thinks this is gonna be one-sided it’s like in
my heart it’s like I know how fighting is it’s like yeah that was crazy but good for him he’s been in the UFC for
nine years people don’t understand he’s been in in around he’s fighting good guys did you see the Tweet let me find
it Daniel cormier’s tweet uh Daniel that’s so great do you think he changed
the game too with his performance last night like now people can see how to like fight Izzy going forward I I said
that’s a certain style you got you can’t just do that you can’t be [ __ ] bro that is yeah that style that’s Sean
Strickland’s style and he is an expert at that style he spars so [ __ ] much
no no one else could do that but Sean Strickland you Izzy headlined UFC 236 243 248 253 259 263 271 276 281 287 293.
that is [ __ ] that’s goals that’s insane dude that is that’s he was never
knocked down ever before never knocked down before oh yeah you didn’t even get knocked down by patta huh and uh
yeah so and Sean Strickland didn’t even really wrestle and I was expecting him to come in and take all these risks and
try to grab hold them put them on the fence try to take him down but he’s like you know I’m gonna stand up with him the whole time even his Corners were saying
hey put him on the put him on the map put him on the mat and he’s just he was just locked in he felt like he couldn’t
be touched on the feet and it looked like he couldn’t be touched it looked like Izzy’s one chance like they negated
that left kick so well that Izzy felt like he just had nothing yeah cotton
I mean that just shows you why you have to be so well-rounded is he imagine if
you had you know good ass [ __ ] wrestling like look at Corey when he’s [ __ ] he wasn’t getting out struck by
Rob by any means but he was able to just [ __ ] fight a MMA fight Strickland’s got great
grappling too but it’s like you weren’t winning on the feet any of those rounds you gotta [ __ ] mix it up yeah I mean
[ __ ] yeah Conor reacts to the Sean stricken thing he said The Spar only method crowns the UFC new middleweight
champion the world well done Sean unlucky Izzy two quality operators as well as complete opposite characters
facing off where else would you get that incredible what a sport [ __ ] what a sport dude the UFC is so crazy
so crazy dude how about that guy that bet 220 000 to make 30 000 that Izzy was
or what or what [ __ ] Sono thought 34 million to this day I still think the
[ __ ] talk from Sean Strickland really gotten Izzy’s head even at that press conference we were at for Sean’s fight when they weren’t even fighting I think
Izzy was saying everything and Sean Strickland had the funniest comeback for everything a guy
yeah everything dude it’s perfect people he’s a [ __ ] character it is but The Spar only method it’s crazy he does that
like he says put me up with the best kickboxer best boxers and I’ll get the best of them sparring oh Jesus did you
see what he said about Kelvin he said he made him quit yeah there’s coaches yeah I thought that was pretty interesting I
believe it dude it looks like I mean it looked like easily he could have went five more rounds the way he just stands
there flat-footed almost straight up just walking forward was barely even breathing at the end of the fight crazy
[ __ ] him up yeah 170 pounds 50 I mean yeah he looks big now like he look that
was the biggest I feel like Sean Strickland looked yeah big Cavs do you guys want to see the rematch is that
what you think should happen next I mean I feel like a little bit he got out glassed he really did it
wasn’t like a man that was a close split decision if it was a split decision then yeah but there’s those other middleweights that make sure Maya versus
Sean Strickland or what about DDP dry kiss yeah I forget about DDP he’s just
coming on he’s well no I mean Izzy I’m sure he wants it I bet that [ __ ] like I don’t even just give him a break yeah
but he won that rematch with Alex Pereira and look how much of a storyline that was wouldn’t it make sense for him
to actually want to do this rematch and get yeah maybe like [ __ ] like in six
months maybe I don’t know yeah give it a little time let them let them defend the belt once
um [ __ ] Sean stricklands like I mean those are Paulo Costa the coach uh uh
Izzy’s coach was talking about there was an alternate kind of uni Universe where Israel performs his poorest or poorly
where Sean could win training camp was great I’m not going to make any excuses in regard to that leading up to the fight it was great sparring partners
everything all the technical things that have to do with the camp were perfect no excuses there that just shows you how
gangster strong Strickland is really yeah that was [ __ ] that was
interesting you see that little uh 125er yelling at Kai crazy couple f-bombs got dropped on some
homophobic slurs that that manal cape made that fight him versus Kai is more
interesting than pantosia versus anybody at 125. oh for sure for sure if I use a
little bit of beef goes a long way and I wonder if Dana like the way Dana reacted to those slurs was like perfect he said
we make mistakes I’m not holier than you either so we’ve all been in positions where we’ve made mistakes and it’s how
you recover from it and how you carry yourself after you make a mistake he came out and apologized on his own free will we didn’t tell him to do anything
the fact that he did that I mean he means it I’m sure people accept his apology and some people won’t
what would someone in the NFL or MLB guy do if someone said that on the mic it’d be out yeah be canceled right
God damn I might drop one and apologize that’s cool with you guys like he didn’t mean to say it in like the way that I’ve
actually said it traditionally used I feel like he was addressing the whole team like that because of how much hate
he had towards him and everything language barrier
I like that she actually did really good she did really good and she was looking hot as
ever Oliver which doesn’t matter all of her input is like that’s pretty good yeah I mean usually people are trying to
pitch in just just saying dumb [ __ ] but that just seems so natural to her she really did a good job algeman Sterling
booked faced Nathaniel wood at Polaris 25 a little Jiu Jitsu match RAB won’t
fight [ __ ] tankinio though at that match or no that’s a different one was it Polaris it might have been is
Polaris the Abu Dhabi event I don’t know so I wonder if they offered the tequino match to murabb and I mean that’s that
was Rob’s not going to beat him he’s not stupid well Drake lost 500 000 on Israel
um that sucks just engaging weighs in his potential UFC fight with Conor McGregor I’d be lying if I’d said I
hadn’t dreamed of ending his career that uh a pizza we had last night was good we
ordered three pizzas yeah salad I had was good yeah I had five pieces of pizza
that’s a lot what are you feeling this morning you feel filled up dude I [ __ ] hit 46 mile jog no I don’t I
didn’t feel too bad it was early I felt like we ate it pretty early how was filming with Juan Thelma and Juan was
fun I know Garrett had a [ __ ] hell of a time because the Garrett and Chris kind of double teamed the camera angles
and audio and stuff I gave away ten thousand dollars he’s gonna give I think he shot his scenes um
later but it was fun giving [ __ ] people cheddar was it there wasn’t any like nervousness like there was like oh
at the gym the gym prank there were this jacked [ __ ] black dude and Juan’s like let’s go up to him ask him how many
reps he’s got he’s like all right how many reps you got it’s a girl a couple more and he’s like let’s do it again like every 30 seconds and the guy was
being really nice until the last time he was [ __ ] annoyed and Juan just he’s good at it loves it I can’t do that was
so hard for me and then going up to this girl and saying how many reps you have she’s one I have one more so I’m and he
just kept going I had to go up a couple times that [ __ ] had me [ __ ] I was like but giving away the money to that we
went to the ASU Campus and I was people like yo okay I have a pick and I’d give him a hundred bucks maybe like get
confused it was fun jacked yeah that uh it went pretty oh sorry yeah me and Sono
went and can I say what you did for me and Sono [ __ ] we pull up shots like well this is a good spot to film the
exit outro I’m like okay and then he goes yeah oh and I can’t forget about my
boys and whips out 500 each for me and Sono holy [ __ ] [ __ ] yeah
[ __ ] Legend did you spend it yeah this motherfucker’s like dude let’s go get tuggies on me I’m like oh God damn I
need money put that in your savings and he did which is in his sock tell him you want to go get some tuggies I do I
actually do need milk uh that Sean are you holding up the thing saying no to
aljo tweet went pretty crazy oh people love that I know John Tahiti like yo we gotta Merch this up we gotta clip it we
got a merch it boy let’s get it all right uh Tyson Fury claims he would beat
Francis Nagano in an MMA fight that press conference I didn’t watch any of it didn’t know it was even happening
and I still haven’t really seen any clips of it have you Francis I watched Tyson Fury you watched
it I watched it just because I love Tyson dude he he takes the mic he walks around the stage like it’s a performance
starts talking [ __ ] Tyson freeze the man when it comes I guess what I’m saying is this doesn’t seem like it’s very well
promoted it’s not in our face it’s not like it probably doesn’t need to be these Saudis are paying the money they’re like it’s nothing to them still
needs to be promoted though what if Tyson Fury loses what if Francis newganu knocks him out
bro that’s what did I say about Strickland Izzy but I feel like it’s such a small chance yeah
I feel like it’s so different bro I feel like it’s so different watch the way
Francis throws his punches and you’re fighting the best heavyweight in the world
one little think and it’s all over that’s the thing you never know how healthy Tyson Fury is because you watch
the series with him and he just doesn’t seem super like mentally stable so you don’t know but still he’s the best
skilled boxer I feel like he’s gonna take Francis out in three rounds he’s too sharp too long with his jab
like France is going to launch some overhands it’s like yeah he’s seen those what if he gets a little cough a little too calm
first round knockout chill out no
Justin gaichi says he doesn’t think Jorge Mas but I’ll be our BMF title would be a thing because he looks like
he weighs 240 pounds uh did you oh uh Justin said
Mazda looks 240. did you watch the bare knuckle MBA who won the main event junior junior
it was a good fight too it was a [ __ ] good fight those guys those guys are
beasts I’m curious what kind of bread they made like 200 Grand I don’t know he made it sound like they’re making a lot
well when they said when Jorge offered the fight to Schwab they’re like what
that kind of money so it can’t be Millions no I can’t imagine I mean [ __ ]
Nate Diaz throws doubt over Jake Paul’s MMA rematch what the [ __ ] or with [ __ ] pfl promo Proclamation fight yourself
they said 10 10 mil too it’s like I’m surprised Nate’s like 10 mil to go fight this guy and pfl I mean yeah I don’t
know it’s it’s interesting who knows I don’t know uh post Malone said cutting out soda
helped him cut to 60 pounds that’s [ __ ] the truth just sucking on some sugar tits Bryce Hall says he’s fighting deji in January
um Logan Paul that fight’s coming up Logan Dylan that shit’s just been going absolutely crazy Nina [ __ ] put a
restraining order against Dylan really suing him for a lot of money [ __ ]
that fight is that that they need to switch that to the [ __ ] Main Event how are you gonna have a co-main event
that is that much bigger than the main event Tommy free reverse KSI is a big it’s exciting did you see ksi’s video
that [ __ ] had me [ __ ] rolling do you see that bro of him talking to uh
talking to Tommy and Tommy’s dad bro you gotta watch this this [ __ ] had me [ __ ] hella loud I saw his dad go
all crazy and flip out and like flip some tables
that day will be a constant reminder that you lost to a YouTuber
you can train all you want matter
soon you will face reality and it will hurt you you will be a disgrace to the fury name
your boxing career will be destroyed when I’m done with you
you don’t want this as much as I do you don’t need this as much as I do
no pressure Tommy I’ll see you soon
it’s pretty I thought that was pretty funny I’m gonna try to do that one Cheeto sounds like you don’t want this
it sounded like the movie Split definitely uh some silly [ __ ] going on
there you know what I mean oh for sure Dominic Cruz raises doubts about Steve mioces training and Readiness for upcoming fight against Jon Jones at UFC
295 given you know just lengthy time out from the octane with nearly three years since his last fight crew’s questions the visibility of mioces training and
express his concern about his chances and reclaiming the heavyweight title damn Steve hasn’t fought for three years
Jon Jones coming off an easy win yeah you wonder you wonder you maybe
you wonder how healthy steep is what he’s been doing on those three years off I think I think that fight might be more
competitive than people think I really do just because Stipe is like
he can grapple he’s got a [ __ ] gas tank I wonder how big he is these days
I know it’s like God too big it’s not good not big enough not good it’s like how to say I think Jon Jones
is his athleticism and everything I think he’s going to bully Stefan really
he made it look he made cereal look who knows why that fight happened the way it did different different Fighters cereal
and and Stipe I think yeah but like Jon Jones is like that’s the greatest of all time conversation you have yeah every
time you’re at the table but steep it heavyweight wise he’s got to be up there too greatest of all time heavyweights
what do you think and DC was even piecing him up before he readjusted and then was able to get that body shots in
he was I mean it’s like you might not be able to readjust against Jon Jones did DC ever knock out Jon Jones
no hmm okay you look like DC how about this
from James Clear we’ll switch it up a little bit just for fun how about this enough courage to get started enough
sense to focus on something you’re naturally suited for enough persistence to stay in the game long enough to catch
a few lucky breaks a lot of hard work that’s your recipe Smitty you said yesterday how did Mike Malak blow up
with uh Logan Paul and I I I’m curious to how he did too
was he always making the the burger review content oh I don’t know I don’t even know if he was a Creator before he
met Logan I wonder if that’s what I know he met Logan at uh he’s working furniture shop
and Logan thought it was cool I mean and then he started being on the podcast I guess fans liked him for the podcast
then he started doing the night shift with but that was huge because of Lana yeah porn star
that’s what really helped him there then he started doing not a porn star yeah
many possibly could be working at the new uh my new shop here and be the the guy that’d be selling memberships and
slanging drinks possibly possibly we’ll see possibly we had a great interview he
said he’s ready to go and then two days later he’s like I’m not doing it I need full time with Benefits yeah which I
mean hey you can’t I mean benefits benefits you get you’re working for
benefits you’re just depressed you were awesome it was only 16 hours at
first and no one it wasn’t 16 hours it was it was 20 but now it’s up to 30.
yeah once you got up to 30 that was due definitely doable yeah I think it’ll be good I’m looking forward to it looking
forward I’m looking forward to what whooping Cheetos ass I hope they
announced that I hope that happens I hope that comes true I’m just gonna keep spitting it out until it [ __ ] happens
baby I’m excited I dude I I’ll if I could just pick and I was just 100 healthy get back into Camp right now
[ __ ] book something I’m fired up ready to kill someone not really like Sean Strickland but
you know how about this one actually but actually people spend a lot of time talking about other people’s bodies gossiping about other people’s
relationships critiquing other people’s businesses Etc keep your eyes on your own paper work on your body nurture
relationships improve your business we all have plenty to improve God you know what I’ve been [ __ ] lacking and and
do want needing to do more of I wrote it down that I have to do is just meditating more more and more and more
so [ __ ] powerful just [ __ ] just get into that that point
in your mind where you’re just like just no thought like there’s such a
powerful um state of being been listening to Joe dispenzo guy again a little bit more too
and it just [ __ ] get you fired up just the power of meditation but it’s so easy I go out to the farm I’ll [ __ ]
surf I’ll [ __ ] make some prize picks check them watch check X check insta instead of just [ __ ] sitting down I’m
gonna do 20 minute meditation I wonder if like it would be better for us to like pick up an hour or something during
the day where the phone’s legit aren’t allowed because it’s almost like with the Snapchat now and the Instagram and
the Twitter and then I got patreon then YouTube and it’s like it’s so much like
when is it just too [ __ ] much and I still don’t feel like I’m anxious depressed or like overdoing it I just
know I could benefit so much more from just I know how powerful meditating meditation is it’s [ __ ] I’ve I’ve
felt in my life but I just am slacking in a sense to where I could be doing it more yeah did
my 10 minutes this morning I did you know I wonder if we would be able to do that an hour hour at some point in the
day we’re legit you can’t touch it doesn’t matter I wanna I wanna go to that that Buddhist temple place and
check that out and see how long I don’t know if it’s open in the week I need to just go in there meet them find a good
spot to surf uh I have my airpod in this this is a
good one I sent almost to you this one to you many people view their habits and routines as obstacles or at very least
obligations to get through making the morning coffee driving your kids to the next activity preparing for the next
meal we often see our routines as chores to be completed but these are not moments to be dismissed they are life
making coffee can be a peaceful ritual perhaps even a fulfilling one if done with care rather than rush to completion
it’s about the amount of attention you devote to the simple moments and whether you choose to appreciate them or
bulldoze through them on the way to the next task find the beauty enjoy in your daily rituals and you will find beauty
and joy in your daily life to love your habits is to love your days and to love your days and to love your life ah yeah
that’s good I’ve been enjoying uh my chickens in the morning going out there I’ve been having to change their water
every morning letting them out it’s been more peaceful optics oh dude I love the farm it was crazy going home last night
because Danny and Daniel and Elena they were been at the end house cleaning and doing stuff so they just decide to stay
out there so I got to the farm 10 30 at night dark hear the Crickets it’s just it was
[ __ ] really cool and then I went and just surfed outside and then watched a little porn I ain’t even realize yeah
all right come on channel don’t do me like that that just shows how important the the power of thought truly is dude
yeah 100 percent and what do we mean by that Schmidt by
everything you just said it’s how you think however you think it and look at something that is really how
it’s gonna be something’s awful and we can look at it awful but if we look at the good things of that are about it
perspective it’ll be better you can definitely change your perspective you’ll be a pessimistic person optimistic person and you think that
can change I got I was thinking about this too how it’s so easy to say well it’s just happened in our childhood we just
programmed that way and we just kind of get in this [ __ ] mindset well it was programmed that way but we can change
that so much and I I truly think the only way to do that is meditating getting good at meditating being able to
meditate while doing nothing and then that can translate into being able to meditate going through life you think it
takes like a certain level of person to actually start that practice though like do
do you think or is this level a certain level of like discipline not not really
discipline maybe um just intellectual being being smart
being like I’m gonna do this and actually do it compared to a lot of teenagers they’re like meditation like I
think it comes down to discipline 100 and laziness it’s it’s and I’m referring to myself too and I’d say I’m slacking
and just surf it’s me being lazy and not disciplined if I literally I know what to do put my [ __ ] phone down
put a 20 minute meditation on I do do meditation naps pretty much [ __ ] every day and I feel like those are
amazing but those are more four naps I feel like I still get a good you’ve been quiet you’ve been reading any I mean was
the last time you sat down read a book for 15 minutes I did that towards the end of Camp I was reading a little bit
but I’ve been reading nearly as much I’ve been writing wrote today just for like 10 minutes but this one’s pretty
good books hold hold most of the secrets of the world most of the thoughts that men and women have and when you’re
reading a book you and the author are alone together just the two of you God it does feel good you sit down if you
can get into a book that you like it actually feels good on your brain really it’s hard for me to find a book that I
like really hard for me I don’t know why um but but when I do I feel so good but I
feel like I can go through five six seven eight books and just like nothing really brings me in like porn oops huh yeah you
ever try reading like a fun story like I tried I couldn’t do it I couldn’t read fictional couldn’t read anything fake
tried but maybe you try again or I just didn’t read the right one there’s you know millions of books out there when
you’re reading something can you picture what you’re reading uh I can picture your titties in my face when I’m reading that’s hard that’s a
genuine [ __ ] question I was a big dead ass I wish I could read fiction a little bit more and be into it maybe if
I found one that I was really into well I like the books that you know like the Art of War and like the Robert
Greene books like the stuff that like makes you kind of develop as a human yeah I like that [ __ ] too sometimes I
find books I’m like they’re just there’s so many unnecessary words
then I’ve heard that I’ve heard people talk about that like like the publishing people it has to be a certain length and
certain stuff and it’s like you have to add [ __ ] random [ __ ] to books that just aren’t necessarily necessary
yeah it’s like I don’t wanna I’d rather but isn’t there like websites you can get like the notes or whatever they’re
called the [ __ ] cliff notes right the breakdown it’s called you can go to you can pretty much find a lot
of different books and it says the make the main breakdowns of it who knows how much they miss too but even if you’re
getting good [ __ ] out of it it’s like [ __ ] well you don’t know what you don’t know well UFC enhances the hunt to stop
betting by Fighters others in MMA you sent me that yep prohibit and I took it into complete lab associations or
[ __ ] whatever on the hunt looking they have lists of people Fighters coaches names and if these prohibit
people see them betting they’ll [ __ ] they’ll catch you yeah [ __ ] you said
they’re trying to set people up they’re trying to [ __ ] I mean they’re trying to looking for everyone’s name they know who they’re [ __ ] looking for
um did you see Dylan danis sparring footage yeah it didn’t look good bro he’s looking at the
ground just throwing it did not look good I’m so curious the odds the odds have to be I mean Logan’s got to be a negative a
thousand he’s got to be is that that’s a favorite yeah it’s crazy because he’s literally never won a
boxing match I know but still it’s like such a big [ __ ] such a good athlete and he
does have skills like it’s I think yeah I don’t know I feel like you’d beat KSI right now but yeah I’m hard to say
did you see that quote from Rob we’re not here to take part we’re here to let algor take over I thought that was pretty interesting when did he post that
um human skull found in Goodwill donation box in Arizona Police said no apparent link to any crime it’s probably
the strangest item ever to happen in Goodyear donated to Goodwill store by employees of a thrift store in Phoenix
knew exactly what to do when they saw what looked like a human skull in a donated box
it appears to be it appears this human skull is historic and has no forensic significance meaning there appears to be
no Associated crime well that’s good at least yeah I mean what else we just your dad
died and you [ __ ] took it a while and oh sorry man I’m [ __ ] like that yeah
shout out job this is my first time being on the Pod since my dad died and I appreciate all the love I saw the comments when I wasn’t gone
got you through the days that was you but he’s been handling it like champ we
had a good conversation the other night when I was [ __ ] tripping on my uh my goddamn Edibles
and uh schmitty’s handling like a goddamn champ and he was saying how just the people around him really [ __ ]
helped him get through and you can’t even imagine without the without the jobans and the love that he’s gotten and received
shout out yeah I mean I told him I was like [ __ ] I’ve never had to deal with anything like that yet like my grandma passed away but I mean it suck but we
weren’t super super my [ __ ] dad can’t even imagine that that’s what Andrew Tate said he’s like there’s I forgot
what the other ones were but there’s four or five things that’ll like change you as a person that happening and some
other things too getting AIDS probably would yeah but
it’s crazy it’s just gonna happen to all of us eventually yeah it’s true but the fact that he gotta live a long life
Super Lucky luckier than most he lived too yeah yeah yeah
your dad was a cool [ __ ] I’m glad I gotta meet him okay this was on Twitter random thing
here 20 things 21 things every father should teach his son how to throw a
punch the power of willpower hey never give women power over you oh Sono oh
that reminds me remind me after this gee I’ll just say it right here bro this [ __ ]
yo clingy ass holy [ __ ] bro this
[ __ ] bro the second his boo thing came over it was on the couch like this like she’s
mine did it did it it’s mine did it move we went to McFadden’s watched the fight didn’t move went back to the house
she was like standing in the corner he’s like cute like this grab her hand pulled her in I didn’t see
them not touching because of him for hours oh yeah he had her and he was like
Hey I get it she was cute she was that’s your thing that’s your boo but I was like this [ __ ] is gonna that’s
it he’s got ish he’s got [ __ ] mommy issues bro he just didn’t want
it yeah why why um number eight it’s so it’s not okay to be a [ __ ] do you remember at any time
that stuck out in your life where your dad’s like don’t be a [ __ ] like don’t what the do I remember um
not not really a Michael more so any you book guys
more the brother doing that what would your dad say just quit being a [ __ ] puss yeah quit being a [ __ ] man up get
your [ __ ] together my dad saved me one time from getting my ass beat when I was in like high school middle school I was
outside of movie theaters and I’m literally Brennan was there literally probably and there’s a whole bunch of people circling me about to get my ass
beat my dad pulls up get in the car Ricky get in the car and I’m looking at the guy who’s about to beat my ass like
huh what do I do
number 11 the importance of physical fitness um for 15 opportunities everywhere speaking
of physical fitness we got are you working out today are you gonna try to just come oh you didn’t sleep too good yeah one time I just randomly thought
about this one time I accidentally took an Adderall right before right before bed and I was like hella up all night oh
where the hell would you do that oh I just [ __ ] I don’t know Tim what do you think I did all that [ __ ] know dude
what would you have uh studied studied hard yeah I would have probably followed the some stoicism [ __ ] probably honestly
just jokes I’ve never even [ __ ] taken Adderall yep and it says at the end here Modern Men are weak feminine and
depressed holy [ __ ] describe my friend group jokes
well feminine persona for sure yeah
it’s got myself a little chai latte at bully Brew down the road here at Holy Brews food it’s really his next level
delicious but I’m sorry go ahead I like coffee man dude the set this I got the
the daily starter Sammy it was just two fresh eggs fresh bacon melted juice and
fresh sourdough you don’t know fresh farmer Shawn I bet those are good dude it is so fun going out there and there’s
no in there laying an egg for Daddy sorry dude I I had some coffee and I just
wow I love making coffee I don’t get how shmitty I do get it
you go to Starbucks you’re only interaction with a female and you get your favorite drug second favorite drug
in the world I do get it but I find so much joy in making my coffee heating up
the water poured it in grinding the beans smelling it I have so much joy of
making it for Danny knowing she’s gonna enjoy it I just don’t I think you’re truly missing out
in so many different areas and I feel like an idiot talking about this for the 4 9 437 and it’s pointless for me to
keep bringing it up I mean a lot of people don’t they’re not they don’t know really I think most people don’t know
about what quality coffee is there’s just folders put it in my machine and just drink it the high from a quality
coffee the quality beans is so much different than a [ __ ] Starbucks or
BlackRock or some shitty ass unorganic coffee with shitty milk shitty honey
it’s just a different High I forgot what the ladies told me about what’s how Starbucks does their beans
but it’s something like you’re like what the hell it’s probably I mean stuff like companies like that is cheapest it’s
profit profit profit profit that’s why I’m about to be trained by the greatest Coffee House in town here still with
your Starbucks no I don’t think you will I don’t think it’s gonna be life-changing Champs grab your pocket
and makes you do it I’m gonna take a training course I’m gonna be taught by the best of the best and we’re gonna make it that’s our Sage because because
I was like well I respect that sure he wants 40 hours with benefits but I’m like bro you have the opportunity to be here 30 hours a week you’re going to be
around us all the time you’re gonna have time for your content you’re gonna have time during the day for all your stuff compared to 40 hours a week okay I have
an extra thousand dollars in the bank but I have zero time and I hate my job and they treat me like [ __ ] there and
I’m just a little robot there well I’ve been telling this 100 and I have benefits that I never use well couple
but that’s why when we came up with that other plan Plan B for that I like that money yeah I’ve been telling schmidty
and well Brandon the tube like do start merch start merch I’ve been telling them
this for probably damn near two years and he’s like he literally always says oh I will I will champ so finally he
came to my house the other day I had to [ __ ] get on my laptop find a website sign in start creating
the merch for him to finally go home and be like let’s do it Brendan jobans he’s
gaslighting no no no no no no no no hold on hold on tell the true story let me finish what I was about to say he’s gaslighting that energy right there no
when we were together we were it was like two best friends like oh dude it was fun we were having it was fun I
enjoyed it this is POD energy right here so I honestly got to tell tell the tell
the truth you’re like sweetie I’m gonna start this [ __ ] hold on no no listen how long have I been telling you to start
merch start since day one for like about two years okay so what I just said is correct all of this true I wasn’t and
I’ve been telling you that for a long time multiple times and then you came over to my house I pulled up my laptop and said this is how [ __ ] easy it is
I found a website and I started creating Brendan schmittee merch and then you and
I finally because you got it in your brain how easy it is I know and then you went home so what was I gaslighting
about just the the like oh such a hassle now we were doing it but I was saying
it’s like it literally took me basically doing it for you to do it oh yeah you’re
correct sir because I wasn’t Gastly yes sir no no just gas again just gas gaslighting the energy because it was
fun energy I wonder if for your guys’s merch though if you guys could get like a a more like an animated picture of you
guys right instead of already that mic thing I didn’t like it oh
no just just where there’s the mic on the show I put a pot leaf didn’t you see the back you didn’t see the back see the
back well I just I just clicked on the link I didn’t see the back no the back was cool with Branch I like that design I like the first time I said that I like
the first design that I made at the house with the pot leaf The Arc and all that three months I can release that I
thought it was just the mic and the shirt I’m like I think we could we could probably go buy that at the dollar store and you could just flip it oh thanks Tim
no but I’m saying on the front they’d want to see like oh how many people you guys out there would
buy a blank shirt I didn’t see the back well then it was pointless to say that okay for hyping up my merch Hey Joe wins yeah
me and Brandon started murdering it no it’s in we just dropped it this way oh he did it’s live right now I can give
the link man look at this hoodie damn look at this shirt oh wow
where’d you put the date that people because it’s a pre-order then people can order up into which day up to 21 days so
then it will ship after 21. yeah and October 13th was the date okay 21 days to be able to order the merch yes please
and then rock out a rocket yes I’ll use it I’m glad I said British me show on
the back yeah literally I thought it was just on the front I’m like this is just our starter merch we’re starting yeah this is how I started because guess what
Tim I was saying I’m like I’m a perfectionist too and Sean was all like just start well no he was saying I’m a
perfectionist like you and I said no no no I started knowing it wasn’t gonna be the best quality it was going to be the best I could do at the time yeah and I
got it in a [ __ ] shout out to everyone that supported it when I was selling stuff 100p and shout out to anyone that does support us I too just
want to make sure that when they buy it it’s something they’re happy with I don’t wanna I don’t want to just jip people for something they don’t want and
it’s money yeah man of course my god of course that’s how I was talking to him but I was stoned I came up with that
first idea here we are that was how you were what do you mean that was how you were that’s how we came up with the
first design baby oh no I like it I like them I mean I didn’t know the back had all that [ __ ] that’s sweet well you know
yeah yeah you’re James coming along together over there the [ __ ] floors that coffee little counter the chairs
wow it’s coming together isn’t it I had to get it I mean I had to get a little a little bit just I’m learning [ __ ] as I
go but I mean I had to get an ice machine and there’s a whole different world when it comes to ice machines that’s the whole world itself and
espresso machines a whole world in itself and uh but the the ceilings are
black you got a different espresso machine no yeah oh okay not yet and you were able to rent out your other one who
bought who got that uh Church no way full circle it was a church when you got it yep yep damn what religion I think it
was uh I think no um it was some African-American folks so
I’m not sure exactly what reason that could be Christian there’s black Christians
um that’s what I was just saying I could have been something wow but they were from they didn’t they had an accent oh
they’re from [ __ ] Africa yeah damn that’s sweet that’s cool I bet that church would be [ __ ] dude that [ __ ]
probably lit probably would we should go okay how about this boys describe your
this is Tate news said this describe your dad in one word
true we don’t say it describe your dad and Woodward Schmidt if you could described
him Brave Brave uh Brendan uh I got one I
got one called punctual he’s an on time kind of guy very to the point uh-huh yo
you don’t hear mine yeah face horny Facebook official really yeah
yeah what is that um okay yeah yeah is Facebook official with
this girl what about your dad she’s my mom [ __ ] I mean
probably all beat down dogs not one word old beat down dog yeah I’ve been listening to the pbd uh podcast with
Habib it’s really good what are you laughing oh yeah what do
you think was that good I’m halfway through it’s really good he’s a [ __ ] it’s so crazy they’re they’re he’s like
I am from Pakistan I don’t give a [ __ ] about Money Dana could offer me a hundred million dollars I don’t need
money I I just he’s like I get what I need just talking with my mom
I wonder if the UFC could take that in the negotiations with like them and stuff like okay well will you fight
we’re gonna have you fight Connor again we’ll give you ten thousand and uh he doesn’t even care about I mean
back back then though if you ever heard him say that oh uh I wonder if they could have brought
that in well you don’t care about money ten thousand bucks yeah it’s easy to say that now after the fact 100 yeah I think
he still knew his worth but you don’t care about money I mean yeah but maybe him personally maybe he
gives a lot of it to gyms and stuff and like you know what I mean so you sure I mean yeah I don’t know
it’s [ __ ] wild and then he tugs lately any milking tables uh now I’m
looking yeah I’m looking but uh been on Snapchat Tim Welch Mt uh Snapchat that’s
a whole nother thing make sure they’re [ __ ] fun it’s a good time Sono made his public profile I was trying to tell Schmidt to make his public profile might
as well dude I mean if you want to start especially gonna be selling merch yeah just being engaged with the fans all day
he’s nothing like it I think the Snapchat might take over
I think I mean I love it Snapchat’s my favorite app right now 100 what do you guys think actually YouTube and Snapchat I like YouTube a lot yeah probably
YouTube and Snapchat Instagram what like what’s kind of your thoughts on Instagram because you’re still pretty active on there I guess you’re following
so huge on there I mean I [ __ ] Instagram will probably always be my little baby that’s that’s my biggest
platform 3.7 male followers is my biggest platform yeah it’s crazy the whole SnapChat thing
it’s literally just so it’s a different it’s just different yeah you you not
afraid to let it rip on there for some reason yeah I don’t give a [ __ ] about being goofy if my I found ain’t looking too cute I know you give a [ __ ] hello
I was singing to my sandwich today Max like 99 of his views are [ __ ] women
bro I have 97 male audience on all platforms
I’ll tell you exactly so that means there’s about three girls on each platform mine’s about six percent women
for SNAP so what’s six percent of like seven hundred thousand six percent
yeah I got some I got I got some ladies six percent of 3.7 million
Jesus yeah but I don’t know I’m [ __ ]
can I shout out Marcelo for giving me a hands hat you sure can Michelle will give you a hand drop it’s a weird shout out go ahead and tell everyone joven’s
marcelo’s the [ __ ] man and guess what else he’s gonna do he’s hooking me up with a matching tat that my dad had
that’s dope that’d be cool we’re at uh I’m gonna put it above my knee on my left leg Yeah Marcel is a man he’s done
so many paintings in the gym I’m gonna try to get some in the new coffee shop some of his art just uh like a place
there yeah so he can sell it through God I need Marcelo cover up my six nine tat supposedly Steve got completely [ __ ]
over by Six really which sucks I mean Steve already you guys saw I guess he tweeted about he went crazy about it
right you saw that I guess you guys showed me that I got six completely [ __ ] Steve over on Rumble got a fat
bag didn’t do his deliverables and just [ __ ] Steve kind of took the wrath of it all and just not a good friend so I
wonder if like like Steve’s close enough with Rumble that I don’t think I don’t think Steve’s even posted on him right
now I don’t know if that two is gonna fit there like your original thought was champ it was just a [ __ ] one thought
hey something’s sick to get covered over I don’t like getting sitting down for
hours and getting tattoos anymore I’m so [ __ ] over that in my life yeah I won’t do that anymore
our same so I’m not gonna get nothing crazy I would rather would you do the new hot Trend where
people are getting put to sleep for the oh I haven’t seen that that is weird hell no yeah anesthesia is so bad for
your health but if I wanted like a [ __ ] if I could have two people working on me and I have like a fresh canvas and I wanted like a crazy amount
of [ __ ] done I would go really yeah they tattooed your face in it or like
without you knowing like like an alligator face or something yeah you know you could be no you come out in
your tongue split that’d be fire I thought about doing that when I was like 18 I’m a [ __ ] pierced I would not be
surprised if you had your tongue split that would be sad how many times how many surgeries have
you had Tim surgeries where you’ve been put under
price six six or seven oh wow I’m at 11.
damn that makes you get put how many times have you got put under for your earlobes 11 11 times just for the year
all for my ear that’s crazy that makes sense why you’re like [ __ ] one operate 10 of them were for tubes one of
them was to repair a hole in my ears at least not Dr Bailey um
I want to uh I wanna [ __ ] see the sit down with Dylan Dennis and Logan Paul
I know where’s that drop I don’t know but it’s there’s been some good Clips coming out about it and it looks interesting
I know he’s stuttering that was I mean Logan his team definitely ended that up
perfectly yeah um but yeah I want to see that that would be good the sit Downs those are
always they’re do they’re doing a good job promoting that fight I guess Dylan is I’m so curious It’s Crazy Dylan gets
zero percent of the Pay-Per-View so he’s getting a flat fee obviously but I mean that’s that’s good for Logan
Logan’s gonna present to the pay-per-view like okay he’s probably making 200 Grand
maybe yeah I wonder maybe maybe a little maybe a little more but still for that making that much money for being as
his record it’s absolutely insane but does he ever separate the money from
like his personal life though because it’s like how damaging is this to his life I would hate to act like that and
then be able to come into this gym and people think of me as like that guy I mean it’s like how much money is that
really worth no exactly yeah I mean if you if you if you just live on out you don’t really go into
public ever really care but if you’d like to go to the gym and going to Sprouts and like go with places it’s
like [ __ ] he’s probably not like that he’s probably fine but all that shitty post is [ __ ] yeah exactly though like
that I mean even with Sean Strickland it didn’t seem like he didn’t burst into this title scene until he started talking and just being being crazy but
it still with him he still kind of spreads a decent message don’t you think yeah women belong in the kitchen I 100
agree or I mean just jokes jokes jokes but how important is it to [ __ ] talk
when you’re especially especially in top five top ten in the UFC and you have an option for that title shot or you just
stay humble and quiet like banil
that press conference between Izzy when we were at between Izzy and Sean was the
funniest press conference I’ve ever been to literally made that it made it yeah yeah yeah I mean you got to take
advantage of those moments mohana p on God no kizzy with a cap with it did you guys see the the Kid die from the one
hot one chip challenge no yeah and now they’re pulling them from stores me and
Brandon would do that on our pods we did it Brennan almost died the first year and so I didn’t let him do it anymore and then I about died you guys made
Michael do it right yeah yeah my kids in the old apartment yeah dude so yeah it’s
crazy that like how would you feel isn’t it crazy like if your kid what if Elena went and ate a chip one day and died you
know what I mean like it’d be so [ __ ] sad oh that makes me think yeah yeah they pulled the chips from the stores
and [ __ ] me and Brandon said that on the Pod I’m like how many kids because there’s mean kids they just know the future dude how many kids are ruthless
at 14 that make poor little Tyler eat five of those [ __ ] so especially when they have Tick Tock and they see what
shit’s going viral yeah and they got their little brother yeah dude you’re not gonna you’re not you’re
such a [ __ ] well don’t be people and that’s the thing too is like I love spicy food I always like going to
restaurants and seeing like seeing how hot their food is or something so this is crazy and kids are savages because uh
my manager’s niece at her High School the girl killed herself there from being bullied
oh yeah 16 years old and you imagine like like schools are in Savage places
like and then there’s chips yeah they could who knows how uh how’s your love life been Brendan oh that’s been good
it’s been good it’s been good I mean my confidence is up you know I mean like how’s your back been feeling big
are you even slacking because you have been lifting I should lift I should doesn’t your back feel strong when you lift actually yeah that’s okay you’re
still looking jacked so you guys are do you guys ever talk about the future
sometimes hey do you get babies in marriage you guys see I mean you see yourself living together in the near
like six months to a year [ __ ] I mean we haven’t gotten we haven’t
gotten into like serious talks like that yet but I mean I don’t see why I wouldn’t talk I mean I’m gonna she’s
gonna fly out to this wedding we’re going to how how long have you been together six months not even like
five dude wait at least for a year before you guys move in I guess I don’t
know you’re a good [ __ ] gentleman you can handle that [ __ ] you don’t get straight crave strange like some people I don’t I don’t I literally don’t
um yeah yeah yeah no she’s awesome I I appreciate just being down here like in my boy how sad will it be at the jobin
house when Brandon leaves will that be a real sad day that might be the most approached me to get
hey man we all have a journey everything happens we’ll be here for you I appreciate it [ __ ] son I’ll be moving
in with one of his girls I’m joking if rooms open up rooms open up jobin’s
and I know people so yeah baby train keeps rolling yeah he’s gonna
live at that house forever and there’s been about 300 different people there Sean what I will you your new property
you see there’s a little corner for a little tent for a little I was showing you where I said I want to put Tim Tim
and Mariah’s house right oh yeah bro your land is so sick dude if I could if I could just I want to eventually talk
to somebody fight one or two more times talk some mistake I want to take that section out and literally just put a dope ass [ __ ] double wide there and
that backyard is literally the horses like literally the trees right where those owls were you guys have that Spa
as your backyard because Danny and Mariah I feel like would just hang out so much more if they
lived on the same property oh for sure which would give us more free time to play Call of Duty spread the good word
you know travel uh speaking of traveling this week
weekend going to Montana Thursday to Sunday so the Pod might drop on well it depends what time I get back Sunday I
think I might get back early so we could still do it
I think you get back at 1 47 p.m yeah yeah that sounds right um sounds right so we could do it after
that um just hit a little later afternoon one and then uh who’s recording that Jay or
gear I think Jay so Gary Garrett did his team we can just tell you yeah we just tell them like four five just record a
later one drop it Monday so then but what is there any fights this weekend
I mean I don’t know dude you just became champ run chill what I don’t even know
what the schedule is with UFC anymore Electra Grasso versus Valentina chefchenko Kelvin Uh Kevin Holland
versus Jack Dylan Malone rollos junior fights this weekend or next weekend
um Tracy Cortez I’ll watch that one seems like the September and October is
going to be pretty busy well I don’t think the next pay-per-view is still [ __ ] Charles not not for UFC
but just for traveling wise oh yeah well we have something we’re doing but we’re not gonna say
and then um because I don’t think we should I don’t I don’t really want that to come out I think it’d be cool if it just comes out in October
October winds New York card New York is November something probably go to that
and might be going back to Montana for our boys October 14th oh that’ll be fun
and then October 28th my boy Jimmy fights for a little title for the belt five rounder against the tough kids
that’s exciting how hard was everyone laughing when someone did the edit with
uh the please when Al Joe that [ __ ] had to laugh and hella yeah
that was good um yeah we gotta we’re gonna have a good traveling schedule here this week or
this next month or so still no update on the sugar show and when Big Daddy’s getting back in the
Octagon um hopefully sooner than later but you never know okay you and Tim should just
go on that RV you got and just go do a little I know actually I wanted to be more of
us if we were gonna do the RV and some of the boys it’d be so fire yeah I bought my mom’s RV so I wanna I’m gonna
take it up into the White Tanks and take it up in the mountains and just Camp just practice driving it and [ __ ] yeah that’s big bro I think it’s huge we
could bring some archery bring my archery bows yeah I could do that I don’t think I’m strong enough to
get a bow back no you can I got this one that’s for women okay perfect
that’d be so much fun and good content no it would be fun if we did it for a little four day four day trip decided
where to got a flat tire none of us know how to change it so you can start I worked a tie around for three months
you’re drunk I got my goddamn Cliff so I have an idea [ __ ] forklift or lift lifting
RV Tire would be tough though oh wouldn’t it oh yeah that’s content baby
whatever happens happens don’t say content content you won’t even do a chewy bet with Sono yeah that’s
true this [ __ ] acts like he can’t he’s like do it for divine what what fight was that for again uh for Ty
two oh yeah I think man speaking of that freaking voice off hit him in that Ezekiel choke
I mean God tattoo bosses just didn’t have some great amount of Escape since easier said
than done when you got that guy on you and it’s hard to do a proper amount of skate where you have both forearms on
the leg when there’s elbows involved but still he bucked he bucks he was gas and
then just locked up that tight Ezekiel choke I don’t think there’s been like what three or four of those in the UFC I
was sad to see everyone wanted to see title of also so bad Kraken but dude that volkov did a good job too dude that
volkov had so he’s been fighting for so long it’s like the amount of heavyweights that dude fought that are
similar to Ty Roy Nelson like his whole yeah it’s like that’s a pretty typical kind of like heavyweight you know when
you’re that tall 90 will be shorter than you and their game plan’s gonna be [ __ ] throw bombs so he’s been
fighting that style for so long Yeah Tim hello I’m counting what you
said to me earlier me and Brendan made a five dollar bet each a Ten Dollar Bet Ty was the one that [ __ ] our five fight
parlay and I had Sean Strickland on that parlay no but we wanted to make some weird but gertune Vlog for Sean and we
want to make some fun little little stuff and he just absolutely wouldn’t even do a chug of a beer or I mean a
happy Dad I know I [ __ ] up I was even the one that brought it up I’m the one that goes hey Sono it’s uh Ty wins you
gotta drink a chewy and then they bet oh boy did that backfire yeah I sure [ __ ] did Bud chewies are gross too
I was trying to get Sono to do not me you’re [ __ ] with the thing on the bottom
is that good you can hear yourself um what else been going on not a goddamn
thing I rode my bike for about 12 minutes outside the other day hot as [ __ ] about died
I’ve been trying to stay way more hydrated speaking of [ __ ] didn’t bring my glass bottle water water bottle
I don’t drink out of plastic anymore as I see you do [ __ ] embarrassing I try not to I’m that’s what I’m trying to
think about my little place am I gonna get paper cups or my uh Earth I’ll probably just do the paper cups
because you want like for it to go cup yeah and I’m even I’m even thinking I want to do one size and it’s either 24
ounces or 32 ounces of the aminos magnesium coffee yeah for those to start though ice right
after training you know how good those those Amigos are bro they’re so addicting they’re good for you yeah
uh that’ll be fire what do you think you’re gonna have that up and running I’m hoping October 1st the mats come on
Tuesday say he’s gonna help me hook them up hey um so how you should probably give me a
date so that I could put my my notice in the Sprouts they said they’ll give you a five dollar raise
Tim I say well buddy I say okay let’s give
me that eyebrow pushing that paper back to Tim’s getting out that fresh razor sure true true yeah negotiating prices
here let’s see what you think and the negotiation is done for them no I
promise you I’ll tell them no I’m sorry big things are lying for Schmitty and the team
I think you’re gonna do a great job hopefully my [ __ ] Warehouse will be
done someday supposedly isn’t that thing getting done soon or hopefully five six weeks
really um you should have a little section where you do like photo shoot [ __ ]
uh yeah I’m gonna have a lot of sections to do wouldn’t that be fire
it’s a cool idea Smith oh yeah hey yeah sure I’ve been thinking about for years I know champ damn oh [ __ ] that’s a [ __ ] that was so smart
photo photos remember the car one like where they do their cars too damn
deep you think so deep way deeper that’s crazy damn you guys what can’t we do
when these two minds click dull should I sell merch yeah
that would be crazy I want to start a podcast this is pretty magical right now dude we want to start a film I wish your
hair was like that for real so do I so I thought you’d get yeah you should just wear that [ __ ] that or no hair
would you rather have a matter of like Curly cues again dude because with dreads isn’t it like you cannot wash
them at all yeah they’d smell bad they would smell like what about like people don’t want so you wouldn’t do hair
implants they offered it for free well doesn’t Jolly have dreads he never smells bro I just feel like the fake
hair wouldn’t look good on me I look fine ball Ariel just did it really oh did he yeah Mike did it like so much
it’s not weird anymore it’s just get out alone no they did it for free I said
I had curly hair I was like is it gonna be curly I wonder I wonder if it’s no
it’s gonna be straight and parted yeah dude it’s your own hair or is it like it’d be
nice because I have hair I have a Halo I’ve seen that [ __ ] got it we just let that grow for a month no please
that’d be pretty hard I’d be wearing hats would you rather I wonder who gets I wonder if William Montgomery gets
[ __ ] would you rather get your teeth fixed to
your hair my teeth 100 teeth I wonder I wonder if you went into the Invisalign people and they could [ __ ] fix that
my Gap that thing’s crazy I know for sure they could I bet dude I would I wonder if it would take like four years
two I bet maybe one I think no I bet it more than two that shit’s [ __ ]
it’s a little bit yep I think these two they’re tiny like these two not my front
two teeth but the teeth on the next to those guys they’re real tiny um
did you have braces Brendan I did but uh my bottom teeth got kind of realigned
because I didn’t keep my uh I did it for six months on the retainer but then I didn’t consistently do it after six
months oh so the back row kind of readjusted a bit we should be done here
my top row is pretty solid but I priority I did have braces yeah
yeah well I know I wonder I wanted to go in to where I got my Invisalign in and have them do like a thing just see what
they say about your teeth because I feel like that would you do when I got myself fixed it my confidence
yeah way the [ __ ] up I feel so sexy sometimes you know I see old videos of me talking
I’m like oh like how did I get [ __ ] now I’m like how do I not get [ __ ] oh yeah
oh we should go in there one of these days and and just see what they say if it’s something they can do maybe I’ll
sponsor a little sponsor I’d be down and do it that’d be phenomenal because I feel like you’d get
some serious Confidence from that oh yeah I’ve always hated my Gap dude it’s just the thing I don’t talk about let’s
talk about it off camera [ __ ] and then we’ll figure it out so ladies I’m a good kisser still though
all right guys hit that like subscribe button hope you enjoyed the show comment what you think below
um and uh at uh for the merch always fresh drops coming
and then um Redhawk Academy and then Tim Welch Mt on Snapchat we’re letting her rip and then the Brendan
Schmitty show every week right fellas yes sir yeah really that’s it shout out Marcelo hey all right guys see you next
week love you all bye-bye