Suga Sean O'Malley Is The UFC Bantamweight Champ | TimboSugarShow | EP.249

and we’re back and uh Sean’s the UFC champion now yes indeed you can find out
about that they might not have they might not have seen it it’s not everywhere in the planet yeah it’s weird it’s
weird I’m the biggest athlete in the world right now or at least I was
yesterday um wait you know what’s well know what’s crazy I fought
today yep I fought this morning you did that’s wild in well
I guess in East Coast time careful is you don’t drown I fought I fought at
12:30 in the morning Sunday August 20th it’s 300 p.m. August 20th how sweet are
jets yeah we hopped on this jet we hopped on this jet literally the car just pulls you up to the jet throws the
bags off throw them on the jet you get on get into these lazy boys you got snacks you just Cruise you can lay out you can do with Elena being a little
turd ski she was she was good for a little bit she wasn’t uh the week went smooth overall it it really did the
whole team went there The Encore was a freaking sweet Hotel felt like we’re in Vegas yeah but if we were in Vegas we’d
be at Resorts World man come on now yeah of course but the the the casino it felt like it was a a big yeah we had a we had
a good Suite we had a good spot we had a good team me Dan Garner Emon Tim Ezra
tank Brandon seven of us Garrett eight we had a we were just there we were doing our
thing and we did it Mama we did it second round KO yeah I mean the weight
cut the weight cut went smooth you showed up fight week about 100 what did you what were you
monday1 no 50 or 14 out of the look
something like that something like that the weight cut 15 over 16 over it just went smooth and it went smooth because
of how good your discipline is yeah I always know just like the further out I can stay disciplined I’m always un a
little bit lighter like well I could eat more but I’m like well then I have to just suffer a little bit more when I do the weight cut just keep it
clean keep it simple one thing Sean uh does that I think all amateur most Fighters should do is when you start
cutting weight record how much you were on these days record what you did on the
weigh in day like did you do 15 in the hot tub two 15s in the hot tub or 10 minutes on the bike first record that
because literally it just came off perfectly yeah and and having Dan Garner
there for the first time it made it just every it was always our weight Cuts were always pretty good he had a protocol for
us we kind of did stuff but having him there and just doing this and it was so much more smooth having him there
was a huge benefit for sure yeah and I mean Striker versus Grappler obviously
if we were healthy this fight camp we probably would have grappled and Wrestled a lot more and pro
realistically who knows but probably the exact same thing would have happened yeah but not being able to wrestle and
grapple versus aljo and then he got in there and across from me to show he didn’t look big at all but for for to us
we’re like holy he looks shredded he looks F well cuz we’re right behind you so we’re seeing your build right in
front of his build so I’m looking like a bit well you’re just looking a little bit smaller the skinny wise because I
was towering over him yeah I mean I was I could see the back of his heels pumped you were thinking that and then uh but
all week all week I’m like we just decided we’re not going to wrestle zero we’re not going to go on
our guard zero we’re not going to do do zero wrestling um the one thing people don’t
realize though is finishing a single egg on you is very very tough yeah which is good we’ll talk
about I I don’t want to give away all all our details and tricks but um for
just hitting mits for the last five weeks for our hard cardio sessions we pretty much did aerodine mits got
creative went on the went on the uh ladder we did a bunch of stuff where your heart rate was damn near 200 for 25
minutes yeah I have a high heart rate but yeah that was crazy literally didn’t grapple for 6 weeks still haven’t grappled till this day that was the most
grappling I did fight day I was I mean I know you were and I was confident it because not much run in this fight Camp
either but I was confident your legs are in shape for how hard you pushing on that Airy dude just every I mean
pretty much ride the Airy every day I do some kind of workout on the aird pretty much every day and I hated it
and then on the hard days the literally goal was just try to break you just Gass me 25 minutes break you 25
minutes I was hoping I’d lost that so I go back to threes I’m dead ass serious I was trying to lose I was like
that right hand dude has a mind of its own but dude people people just
don’t understand when going into a fight at this like this huge
everyone’s talking about it literally everyone’s talking about and know in your mind I haven’t grappled for 5 weeks
and I know this is going to Sprint at me and me how did you battle
that in your mind just focusing on what you control that’s it I just knew I was
C I knew for a fact that I was capable of knocking them out just could I do it August whatever
19th Saturday Night Live on pay-per-view could I have done it that night that was
the night I had to do it and I knew I could I just how crazy is it though like no matter how your
sparring goes what matters you show up in that moment in that 25 minutes on that day yeah I mean I was able to
kickbox no issue but even if someone barely pushed me up against the cage and just kind of grabbed my like put me in a
clinch I was like oh and then we had to like stop break like so I could kickbox but anytime it was any clinch couldn’t
but no one I could kickbox all right he has to grab me I’ve been training we only have small cages I’ve
only been sparring or doing anything in small cages I know how good the big cage feels and I was just confident that he’s
never fought anyone like me bro you’re you’re in that in that big cage in your style and your confidence
right now you’ll be a nightmare to fight for any I mean people in
here good people some of the best wrestlers in the world some of the best fighters in the world they know your
game and they still can it’s tough taking you down so I don’t know bro I
was I couldn’t there was so much relief off my shoulders for real I felt
that yeah fight week was definitely battled more demons than I ever had but it wasn’t it never it never got out of
hand it never kept me up super late where I was like it literally to us just and your ice cold it’s crazy when
those thoughts come in you know how to deal with them I just deal with them yeah it’s a super power but I also think it’s just the confidence I
have from doing the I’ve done yeah and I mean I put in as much work as I possibly could without grappling I’m
like I did everything I possibly could I was trying to let that heal so in my mind I was like maybe it
is heal when I just walk in there is healed and I can grapple with I mean I’ve been grappling for a long time not in 6 weeks but I’m like
everything I did leading up to those until I got injured like I’ve been training a lot years of grappling yeah so I was like all right and how perfect
was that sequence when I I threw a kick if I if that’s if I would have got choked by Falling and him not getting a
good entrance I threw a kick was it a te head kick I don’t know and I just fell on my ass and then he gets in
up against the cage and I saw his his right arm go really deep on the single like and when the right arm goes really
deep on the leg they’re going to be able to get to your hips with their left hand that’s what he wanted oh and you did a
good job with your collar ties your frames and then people like I said single legs finishing single eggs on you
like good luck boom got out hit him with that right hand dink good
night yeah I get more nervous for the press conference than I do the fight I think I think Joe’s going to maybe watch
that back because from my angle I’m like alj Jo’s getting traumatic brain TR me he’s getting up and you said you
saw his ey eyes roll back I feel like I saw him like roll back a few times I was like oh my God my hand well this hand
just hurts from Hammer fisting him and then and then uh even when I went over to say like dude you’re a
Legend um he his eyes were still up his face was cut he’s just bleeding like yeah he’s super
tough though obviously he’s not going to want to fight the end unless he’s out cold I’m I’m PR I’m pumped that he’s
getting a fat payday cuz I like Al man I in this whole fight this whole leadup I didn’t say anything really mean about
him because I I do like him he’s a good person he was a great Champion I uh I know that’s what that’s
why it made it hard to just even really talk cuz we’re like God he’s he’s probably pretty cool dude yeah’s I mean
he always seems pretty cool and he’s so skilled I’m not going to go out there and like he’s not that good I’m not going to make up so yeah I mean
I thought the fight obviously didn’t have to talk really to sell that fight the biggest bantamweight fight in
UFC history the biggest gate at the TD Garden 7. what four million or
something breaking records and the energy in there was weird but it’s weird
cuz now we expect it so much so I mean I know you’re like that too but when we walk out there it’s almost like you’re just so in the zone just complet really
calm even me in the corner I was like well whatever’s going to happens happen I might as well stay calm as possible I
think that’s what it is I just literally accept whatever happens
happens my biggest fear was like getting seriously injured like like a serious
injury where I wasn’t May mentally brain or some physical like snap I don’t know
mostly mental I guess the concussions but see with that for me I wasn’t really worried too much about that because I
was like he’s he’s going to try to choke you so it’s like worst comes to worse you tap out maybe he might stretch your
back a little bit cuz that body triangle I didn’t want I did not want that g a lie I’m like do not get
my B don’t body trangle me bro yeah but yeah I think I just literally accept and
I truly like like if I lose I got a jet home in a couple hours and be home and life’s good back home so I’m
not really that worried about it not going to get on the Internet or I’ll make funny videos like that was
easy I ID just troll and just be whatever and life would be fine and I truly like feel like that and it just
gives me this acceptance to not really like if I lose what’s the worst
thing that’s going to happen people talk on Twitter dude I won and Henry and all these are talking
I won you didn’t just I mean you you beat the out of it his five last
five were peteran win Peter Yan or no Cory Peter Yan win Peter Yan win TJ dhaw
win Henry cejudo win his last five fights I mean yeah he’s still still the I mean he was pound-for-pound
number seven I think so I think number seven fighter in the world and it’s crazy people are going to be like
now they’re going to think he’s not as good as he is cuz I sniped him
well no he’s not good he’s that he’s good I did I was more nervous for that fight by far than any fight
ever Peter yon fight I was pretty confident that one I was still had confidence but I was
like all right we’ll see and dude and aljo goes to the press conference literally makes no excuses he he could
have all in the world like blah blah blah blah but he just doesn’t have any shows he’s a Champ but dude
looking at his build across the cage I was like he looks like a 45 he’s yeah he he’s shredded I I’ve landed some
good body shots though and I don’t give a how shredded you are I’ve I’ve dropped shredded people with body shots
if I hit them enough times they’ll fall and I was hitting I was Landing some really good body shots couple straights
the body couple right hands the body the game plan just we had a game plan I didn’t overthink it a lot of times
Fighters can just overthink situations and overthink stuff I had a game plan I said I’m want to go out there and
execute it and that’s my only option and if I don’t I lose it whatever but I’m going to go out there and just execute and the game plan was like
simple it was simple we knew exactly I mean box box let’s box this
first round I even said John anic on the pre on the pre-fight calls I’m like this this fight might be boring this fight
this first round could be very boring a win for me is not getting taken down
every on all the judges scorecards I supposedly lost that first round which I don’t I haven’t really watched the first
round but I didn’t really think little for you at the end where he put you against fence and was upper cutting you yeah see see I didn’t I wasn’t playing
for to win a decision I wasn’t going into that fight at all zero trying to win rounds didn’t even cross my mind I
was going to go in there my only option to win was put his lights out cuz if it was going to go 55 like what
are the chances I don’t get taken down and he takes me back the chances are probably pretty high so good
at that position yeah I mean and a lot of the punches to the body dude it’s hard to shoot through those punches to
the body it were just walking forward with knees TS up the middle it’s like you got to shoot into a you could
shoot into a t and that is not going to feel good I mean and I guess it doesn’t matter but in his last three
fights in the first round he pressures someone and tells they kick and when they kick he catches the kick runs them
down so that’s why I really wanted him to think we were going to kick in the first round or to think he were going to come out and throw a flying knee or
think we’re going to throw Marlon Mar’s or something um and I I don’t know I don’t know if it fro froze him up I
don’t know it made not of at all but dude the plan was beautiful it was a per
perfect game plan but the fact that perfect game plan but the fact that you could do it with with those mental
battles with that energy of the arena with who the you’re fighting and who he just beat that’s special freaking
nature when I before I walked out I kind of always talked to how a talk myself all right like let’s so let’s let go let
my higher self take over feel like I can do that through my breath and I felt like I remember thinking I’m going to
channel this energy on the walk out into a right hand I literally felt like I had that thought in my head like
I’m just going to use this energy I’m not going to like I’m just going suck it up into a right hand bro
well it’s it’s nice we’ve been around so so many times I mean around so many coaches World title fights and people
get their energy high they try to get up for the moment and they it’s a 20 25 minute fight bro you have to
save that energy all day until that 25 minutes some people warm up so long
they’re anxious they’re bounced around but we learned that I mean learned that lesson from other people I took a couple
naps it’s weird fighting that late bro we fought at 12 we fought 12:30 in the
morning it’s like I don’t I didn’t even fight Saturday it’s
insane yeah and then I mean even in the in the warm-up too it’s like God Way’s like almost finished her in the first
and our warm- Up’s perfect at that point I’m like if we walk right now we’re perfect and then she doesn’t finish her and then the second round she gets her
back and I’m like get a little more a little more minuts like a couple more seconds then we’re perfect again then it
went all the way so that was another 40 minutes sitting in that locker room I know we recording J no I’m
joking High yeah no that was annoying I’m like just finish her but uh yeah bro
the way you handle that pressure is is unreal bro that’s crazy that I think yeah it’s still I don’t even
know if it’s settled in yet it’s literally like that Michael Jordan type athlete like you give you the rock you
you’re the playmaker dude just that night I just know I just I show up on the night that needs to be
show there’s Saturdays sparring days where I really try to show up but sometimes it’s not my day but I
just if it’s fight day it’s my day yep I just know how to I gu show up but the yeah after party nothing
really too much cuz we didn’t even get out of the Arena till like 3: I felt like 233 late as nek boys were
there super pumped that they’re always be they’re showing the support showing love Jimmy gambles was
hammered Steve was hammered love the boys it was so late there but when we got back to the hotel
it was just like a lot of people just like yeah it was so do we had to
get the security to escort the elevator and stuff and then just hanging out in the room eating some pizza reminiscing
just just thinking about the night it’s you know what’s crazy is you don’t see you won’t see this maybe not I
mean you don’t see this but pay-per-view Main Event finish they posted the full
round you they don’t even post clips of the Finish because ESPN owns the rights and all this stuff that was
everywhere Sports Center ESPN UFC every single I don’t think they’ve ever done
that and I don’t know they just went out to the higher ups and said it let’s let’s run it let it rip let it rip the
views the is crazy I went back and watched cuz I didn’t watch him as much as this fight cuz like I said I was
I was pretty nervous for this fight but the Peter Yan fight I was really love watching the pros picks everyone pick against me but this fight
I’m like I don’t I’m not even going to I hardly even thought about the fight I try to fight think about the
fight the least I said I have a game plan I’m showing up in shape I’m going to execute so I didn’t even really like watching fight at all I
was watching Survivor and Jimmy uh Jerry Springer yeah um what was I saying uh what you’re
watching all week and stuff just getting your mind off it fight day a little bit we’ll watch some some counters I was going somewhere with that forgot I think
you got it I think you hit that on what was I talking about that weed’s got me cooked too bro oh yeah the after party
I’m dude how good did it feel hitting a puff of a joint well you I hadn’t smoked in probably five weeks or
something I mean I didn’t smoke all that week no weed that week oh I took and I was trying to make that video you had a
that video was your idea the you’re the man I’m the man that video went are the yeah that video was good
you laugh at that one Jay so I hit I tried to make that video like three or four times so I’m puffing that right and
I’m getting my de sucked while the sunrise that was lit I just love it just
enjoy made me happy oh the pros picks that’s what I was talking about remember and I went off I I didn’t watch it
this fight so after the fight 6:00 a.m. I’m watching I was sending you links to all the pros 30 people picked aljoe and
some of them are so confident well I enjoyed going back to the Twitter people because the Twitter people some
of those media things like what the Al was going to kill this guy is not like just I’m like holy you guys are
smart you guys know but D honestly I feel like just I I’m different so maybe
they just never they didn’t expect that I was capable of that yeah for sure and I don’t I don’t necessarily blame him I
mean the odds if you look at it who he beat his last five fights my last five fights his style style you’ve never seen
me I mean you’ve seen Peter ywn take me to down a couple times literally literally that’s why yeah which you
can’t be mad at people but the way they were saying like they couldn’t wait to see you get killed and that’s what
was annoying but yeah they your last fight you watch pet ya you get against the fence you’re pretty gash
your leg your feet are together you’re not really going to sprawl you get dumped to your butt easy so they think wow if Peter can do that still can do
that with ease MH yeah it wasn’t the case that was
remember that no I think I think I remember being blacked out and hearing about that that was last night oh yeah
no I didn’t I didn’t drink well I didn’t see that send me that is it funny me uh Arthur came up Jimmy
gamble Kyle came up and we we we sipped a couple happy dads I didn’t even finish one I don’t think I was like I’m not really going to drink it’s 5
a.m. G the show yeah gamble shirt off belt on reminiscent on his
tusy hell of a time just screaming it was pretty fun oh yeah but
that was good that was good uh yeah trust the Brad man that’s what I got WR down here towards the process and then
uh the Cheeto thing worked out nice Cheeto beat Pedro but Cheeto he’s he needs to settle down a little
bit he’s like sign I’m ready to sign the contract I’m next for line I’m like chill bud I finished Pedro in two
rounds yeah you went to a decision in a boring fight the only reason you wouldn’t get a title shot after that
fight if it if I wasn’t for me so you need to settle down or I’ll pick Henry cejudo and don’t think that I
don’t have the power to pick who I want to fight right now I mean God so you better go on Twitter and say
daddy will you fight me and I’ll think about it but you need to settle down acting like you call the shot right
now because I’ll I’ll go box Dante I’ll fight Henry I’ll wait for Corey you need to chill out with
your ugly ass outfits yeah you know what I’m saying he’s acting like oh yep I’m getting the title he’s like title shot
next you need to settle down yeah put some oh I bet imagine Henry in
his in his little his little chair oh his little chair with his little clothes on just probably like probably
like Flex and pissed with his Olympic gold medal Alo dumped him four times I
know I told him though I I genuinely told him like if you want to come down to por I’ll work on that no work no
that’s that’s real take down defense you teach him a wizard you can teach him a limp leg you can help him a lot with his
footwork just like yeah cuz he not to get in yeah get in the center of the Octagon but and a lot of his timing
punch back there’s a lot you can help him with and I would I genuinely would help the little guy yeah so I don’t know
I I I sent that invitation off but he’s oh dude I could do I wish there was a video and they probably is remember they
took a video when I fought Peter Yan and his wife she was going yeah you remember that I guarantee
they have a video and they don’t want to post it because they were he probably hit her no I’m kid I’m kidding
but he’s probably so mad he probably just a hole like really low in a wall
yeah oh yeah can you imagine oh he’s probably not happy oh
and Darren till he said bet everything you own on Sean yeah aljo is gonna take him out
easy in the first round oh man Darren’s having a tough time getting a win these
days yeah I mean lost everything but also I mean if you say it like like meanly but also if you pick someone to
lose it doesn’t mean you don’t like him no no no but when you say it a certain way like like he’s going to get
SM well still even then may doesn’t seem you don’t like him yeah true cuz a lot of people there was a lot of guys like
God man I really like Al but I think uh you know I think G was going to beat him but then there’s guys like oh yeah
I was going to smoke him strong Strickland he predicted it pretty close that lose that was close yeah uh he’s
fighting dude it’s crazy they’re fighting soon like three weeks fighting Izzy that’s pretty cool Izzy picked you
yeah is he picked Sean oh picked me yeah he did so no vul picked aldra but vul
had nothing but great things to say about me that was cool uh yeah we even told kind of Alo at the press conference
like bro you don’t want vul oh yeah before the fight he’s talk about going F vul I’m like dude chill let’s be realistic here G I ain’t calling
for vul but I mean Alo big huge he’s I mean he’s not it’s a
different it’s a different fight he’s not the sniper counter puncher you are he’s more of a a bigger guy not that he
wouldn’t get his ass kicked but it could be a sweet fight I was also talking you know that was my little way of talking
like come on you don’t want to fight Alo but if Elia goes up there and beats vul I’d go up to 45 and fight
elah um I just don’t think IL will fight or will beat vulk IL would be a i’ be another fight I’d be like this
skilled yeah skilled I don’t know how huge of if he
went out there and beat vul cuz he is doing a good job building his name his performances do that themselves
yeah I guess like a huge fight for fight fans that know like skill like this guy’s skill this guy’s skill wow
it’s going to be great match I wonder what Connor I feel like he never I feel he always watches all the pay-per-views always chimes in always says something
something I mean he has before he’s gave me my you know my praise and I’m just looking for a little like a little shout
out I thought he I thought I was hoping we’d see something too of him just fired up cuz people put him knocking out Jose
right next yours and it was so Sim I do every fight I watch Connor fights every single fight week I’m watching Connor
so you know just want just want to see a little love from Connor want to do some drugs with yeah maybe we said
something back in the day but it’s always been good things I thought I probably said I’ll fight him yeah
probably something crazy I yeah fight week but bro seriously
having to cut the weight having to I mean eat all that tiny stuff with cameras in your face constantly that was
CRA the dude the documentary I don’t think we really told people at all no there’s the the UFC shooting a sick
documentary like some behind the scen with like Hunter Dana business side uh me I think Jon Jones or Stipe is
going to be on this like documentary so they’re following me around like the last nine days before the fight like
damn you know talking about like my injury and like not being able to MMA Spar they had footage of K just
kickboxing sparring and then I mean you’re cutting weight and you’re you’re doing media literally nonstop so it’s
like that media takes a lot of energy out and then you have the three c three people just camera c will you put
a mic on you take a mic off will you put a mic on uh it’s like yeah it was it was a lot but it’s going to be worth it when
that comes out and those guys were cool those were working hard too they were they were doing their job
yeah and they were they definitely didn’t want to be in the way at all they were they were very Cog like conscious of like not wanting to around and
good at good at what they did I can’t I can’t wait to see the shots they got yeah that is crazy just cutting
weight will be an interesting thing for people just cuz like oh my God it
probably doesn’t even look as bad as it feels because I try to just just do it don’t just do it but I
there was times I just wanted to get out of the hot tub because I was so hot and my heart was racing so bad and I
was just like you you could you can Panic for sure in the hot tub or under those
blankets if you can’t control your breath well I had I was saying something real smart in my brain if I if I
can’t or once I lose control of my breath I’ll lose control of my mind so I was constantly just trying to follow my
breath and keep like some kind of count in and out and just play with my breath because that do being that hot for that
long I mean you do 15 minutes in the hot tub 15 minutes under the blankets 15 minutes in the hot tub you’re doing an
hour Well yeah if you literally just I mean your your your body temperature is whatever whatever temp but you just
sucked out two three l pounds and you’re about to go back in and try to suck out more when you’re already depleted scary
it’s scary dude and you just it’s I dread it if I fight in December I’ll dread it right now like no I don’t
want it but we all do it I mean it’s not like I’m not we all do it the
thing is though you’re doing it in a healthy way that’s going to make your longevity a lot longer shout out Dan
Garner baby yeah for sure compared to people who just like they’re they can tough it out but they were eating
and the water’s just not coming off and it’s just like they just have to legit kill themselves and then they rehydrate
the wrong way but yeah having d Garner there to help you rehydrate go to Whole Foods with you big dick Dan Garner that
was fire what else I mean after party I didn’t do much didn’t sleep slept for maybe an hour maybe I don’t
know something like on there sun was Rising it was
uh that was crazy I I want to I do have a couple little injuries that I need to I know I said I want to fight in
December and I still do so I just need to figure out I’ll keep everyone updated you know how how many weeks would that be three weeks long time three weeks
hope I mean yeah 3 weeks to December no three months uh I would
probably start camping October I’d probably take September just heal up start uh
October well depends on when in December if it’s the end or the beginning uh my hand from Hammer
fisting and boom my my just this I don’t know if it’s just it might just be really sore cuz I can move it around uh
legs are a little beat up he landed some leg kicks but a lot of them are just Shin to shin oh and I’m like I
know that hurts you too so quit throwing that dude so my shins hurt a little bit nothing crazy uh my rib is
super sore and I haven’t really watched it back enough to where to see if he did land a good hard kick or if it
was literally from that little bit of scrambles we got in not even scrambles uh the little wrestling so I’m going to
have to really let that heal not do I guess anything which really
sucks cuz that’s the only way those muscle strains heal and I looked into I’m like I went
took got MRI want to see if I get a cortisone shot for it to just like numb it for the fight and they said it’s too
close to the lung to do anything that’d be a big risk I was like well it I guess I’ll just tough it
out well God there all their Corners were hanging over like Mor’s like hanging over Ali Quint is like smiling
at me like these gonna get killed I bet yeah they I mean they were cool after
though I mean they’re respectful and cool after and I always had uh I mean respect for Ray Longo been in it for a
minute yeah I like Ray I like Matt Sarah Matt Sarah is a funny bro he’s just a character yeah
uh maybe we did it you know what I’m saying what else we got it’s just we
still probably hasn’t really sunk in that you’re you’re the champion of the world right now I I really don’t I don’t know how to make it sink in I don’t know
if it’s like a time I know I did a video the other uh this morning was like what’s up guys UFC champ and I was like
whoa yeah I heard you making that I was like weird bro seeing the belt around my
skinny ass waist I bet Al like this belt weighs more than me I
bet Al couldn’t wait to grab a hold of me though I I didn’t feel in those exchanges I didn’t feel like he was
crazy strong I’m not weak I have like a little decent strength I’m never the strongest guy I never like going to
overpower a really but I’m always going to be more surprisingly strong I think than people think Bro
you’ve been working on your core and L and just your legs and just your build with Brandon for so many years every
single week and he’s literally the best training there is for fighting I believe like strength conditioning wise
yeah we’re doing we’re doing the right it’s funny people don’t see like the dedication to the some people do like the true Jin like that are on the
Pod we talk about training I guess we don’t even really talk too much about but it’s like it’s just living this lifestyle for so many years not
getting off track sometimes we party with the boys a couple weekends and people think we’re doing that
every day but we really don’t do other than train well we we’ve treated it like our full-time job for the past
well I mean I’ve been 15 years yeah since I well since I
was 19 to now I never had a job all I did was train train to fight be in the
be in the gym learning and for you yeah how how long now well I started
kickboxing when I was 16 and then when did you start your full-time job when you yeah when I moved here I was 18 19
so nine years yeah been had it for a minute bro yeah and working hard
yeah and training with like Tenino five six seven years ago that’s what
literally almost in every area trying to find people that can beat us yeah just experts in every field I mean Dan
Garner’s an expert you’re an expert tank K’s an expert Brandon is an expert yeah
like the guys MMA lab just the studs coming up Mario Batista went out there and got the job done yep Kyler got
the job done earlier Marcus like we’re coming off four wins in like month and a a month yeah the lighter weights we
might have got four wins in August that the MMA lab the the mecca for those
lighter weights it’s unreal there’s no other team out there like that from at those weights yeah with
that level of Partners and we got the bonus I told you I said I’ll give you a
bonus if we go go out there and finish aljo they got me fired like it really it really did they got me fired oh
I’m sure well I know I was like I just I know you you were going to be in it anyway in the fight in the I
knew I wasn’t worried about that but I knew like I want to get extra
fired up and uh I mean I did a little more film study than I usually do uh we
have our boy TJ who does a breakdown for us most of it and I go back to those and I watch those and I watch those and I watch the Tendencies he does and try to
form your and your your stuff through that and it worked out perfect
yeah the you added to like what I already kind of had in my head on what I wanted to do and then you like hey this
would work this would be good this would be good this would be good and we just form a solid game plan that’s executed and it’s nice cuz
if we if I think it’s something too and then we’re working on it we’re working Spar on it you tell me like I just don’t really feel comfortable doing it that
moving this way or this way it’s like okay let’s change let’s change it up I’m glad you tell me that yeah damn instead
just listening and sending it you know yeah no it’s crazy how long we’ve been at it going yeah and then Uncle cha you
know Uncle CH loves loves the Timbo sugar show maybe not the Timbo sugar show show but yeah he likes the
show in the cage always talking about how good of a coach you are and that’s so crazy uh Henry cejudo
just tweeted hey Ronald McDonald AKA trans Barbie at Shan congrats on Landing a punch get ready to go down faster than
Logan Paul fiance in the bathroom of the SPs are we allowed to laugh at that or is that mean laughing at those well that
mean if you if you had a natural giggle to when you read it I mean I I I don’t know why I did maybe because I’m high
but he said get ready to go down fashion of Logan Paul’s fiance sign the contract Island boy oh
yeah he’s just adding on to Dylan stuff yeah Island Boy why is he throwing shade at uh these guys need to
understand that be nice to me I am the king ask me maybe they’ll maybe they
maybe they will start to learn if he says hey Daddy will you fight me I’ll say I’ll
think about it but this call me a trans Barbie what if I really was trans
and I’m offended now now I’m not going to fight you I was thinking about transitioning well maybe he might want
to learn some takedown defense from you I would teach I would literally teach him while we fight you know you you
could probably help him with tactics bro this guy thinks he’s so good
it’s so funny I loved when Connor was just roasted him after the Alo fight saying oh there the he was saying
it was so funny it’s it would suck being 53 though I I get it you know what I
mean you gotta life’s tougher life’s life’s taller
tougher anyway big fight coming up Joe Rogan messed me cool cool Robert
Griffin the thir messed me Kevin Durant tweeted at me that was cool biggest name in sports right now it’s crazy
done that Sports Center’s top 10 I remember sitting on the couch watching sports center ESPN all the time looking
at the athletes make sick plays like knowing I was like I can I could do that
I could do like that I can do I can make plays I’ve been making plays since I was little in like Little
League games diving catches in the baseball field like nothing recorded cuz you don’t have recordings back
then but I was like I could do sweet like that and here we are it’s got to be on Sports Center
poop stain Al Alman poop stain that was a good one you had that one I was like that was a good one I gotta use that
well you know you said Alman poop stain I said aljo poop stain oh yeah you said aljo poop stain I was like wow we were
we were thinking stuff for the Press huh oh the Aiden Ross one more comfortable yeah that was I felt like I
was I mean if I had something to do with streaming like I sit in front of a camera and I get the concept I kind of
get what Aiden was yeah I felt I felt just at home this was the first time not streaming yeah that that one seemed more
uh I mean you had those on liners too that Sports liner good one then the morab one was good you had you had some
good ones to the Press too holy Cheetos here that’s kind of funny honest where the Cody Garber at yeah
those ones worked out good uh the Aiden Ross one was pretty I needed that press conference cuz the one in
Abu Dhabi I did not do too hot I was got melted in your suit I’m just like my hair look like my
glass I was just like cuz Danny’s not there to fix it yeah Danny would be in there to do my hair every time was way
and and all his boys are looking at you right front row and I just look like a prostitute I’m looking at like a little
lady boy that Peter was hooking up with before he flew out yeah like God yeah so I needed a couple on liners but
uh God I wanted to go to kill Tony so bad but I’m like I don’t want to go I don’t want to I don’t want to get on an
airplane if it was Private again I would but that shit’s crazy so I don’t
really want to I’m my God I don’t I don’t want to fly dude I don’t want to get on
an airplane yeah I’m good with not dude so but then again you’re thinking about
having a boys weekend huh I mean we need to have a proper celebration and Mariah agreed she said you we need to have a
proper celebration yeah I’ll see if I’m allowed to Dany been acting up so uh I might not
be able to but if you guys go out bring this with dude I will tell Schmid no shirt that thing ain’t
wrapping around his gut no yeah we we need to have a proper proper celebration with the with the boys and uh let’s just
let it rip yeah was let it rip get a little arbn B down
J downtown uh have a hell of a time uh Theo vau tweeted it’s sugar season
congrats Jin’s Rejoice bro Theo randomly hit me up it’s
like yo I’m in Boston I said dude it would be sweet to just like say what’s up he came
weren’t planning on recording anything like Garrett was just there recording and we recorded a hourlong
podcast no mics no nothing just sat down weren’t even talking to cameras we’re just having we’re talking
definitely had to take some out um but it was just he is so funny I haven’t
had like a hard belly laughs like that for a while oh he uh bro he just
came in ripping stories literally like it was just a personal podcast for us that we could just reply with too
uh that was funny I dude yeah Theo’s so funny bro I wish I wish I wish we lived or at least had more
interactions with him or even Andre schs like or someone like him if he was like your neighbor and he just didn’t do
anything but just works outside so you talk to him whenever he’s always watering and gardening or or working on
a he’s got like a little mechanic shop junkyard back there that would be sweet he would be a perfect mechanic
neighbor oh did you see this I I’ll send it to you Jay I wouldn’t be surprised if they they do that they got to Bro put me
on the UFC game oh my God they got to what the they better they better up my attributes ever that
I still can’t believe that played out like I’m pretty sure I wrote in my journal like this this how that
how that was going to play out I probably rewatched it 50 times 50 hund I
mean I still haven’t seen the first round good we’ve seen it from Mariah point of view Mariah shout out railio
bro yep Rao getting a suite for all the girls
and uh so they could watch the fight and big dick Dan Garner was up there they said the view is sweet the the
Arena’s so cool cuz the high up seats are over the top of the cage so you’re not like far away and high you’re just
like high so it’s uh pretty cool that every seat in there was
crazy it’s yeah I mean it was just like everyone was saying I didn’t
really look around a ton but it was they said it was just a sea of your merch I did see I did notice that walking out in
the Octagon looking around like dude everyone at Old merch new merch I was
like Jesus Christ This is a main event I remember I won and I I H like
flipped a Bott a glass of water it was just like really what the dude I
because I’m I’m sure I mean Dana said in the postf fight interview he asked 70
reporters in there there was 71 reporters in there he said who honestly I don’t M win in this fight one guy
raised his hand the dude from Montana no yeah one dude had me winning the fight the guy from Montana the dude from
Montana that’s fire yeah so and they were just I mean I’m sure Dana and
Hunter and Sean were like you know probably thinking like oh
big fight but they’re looking at it the same way freaking everyone else is but how easy Peter took you down and you
went to all fours multiple times Al’s expert back taker yeah you watched him
take Peter back one of like after the fight I’m like I’m so glad I didn’t even give him that opportunity yep I’m
not and people it’s weird CU either people think I just don’t know how to Grapple at all I feel like that’s like
the case M I’m not that bad it’s I mean we haven’t even had to show it yet I
fought Peter that that one I did I did some good did some the wrong
but yeah I mentally was not really wrestling in that fight and I made some mental mistakes uh that I could fixed
with with mental I had the skills but uh just yeah decision making even even after that fight though just working as
much as we work been working with Bryce and Ezra and just all those guys dude I swear to God I come in here and
I’m like I I get beat my ass beat well it’s nice in this gym too we got that corner with all the mats and then I can
put these wrestlers on you and have them try to Corner you and cut you off and just and all of them are really padded
so we can wrestle hard against those mats yeah that’s sweet dude my Warehouse is getting built right
now I got the dirt laid the concrete’s going to be coming soon going to be getting the warehouse set up 4,000 ft
going to start hanging some posters and get a fulls siiz octagon in there hit some deadlifts while we do drugs yeah
Metallica I love caffeine have our ARS too dude yeah oh I’ll have a wall
where we just unload it um the boys Schmitty Brandon Sono
Brock War there’s so many Obin that came out there yeah Tony Redbox L Fran pre
real mom gaming uh Jim time big ship all these people were out there supporting
that’s crazy yeah the boys all lost their voice bro they went out hard
Friday night I was seeing their stories and Friday night after before the fight then Saturday night doing it again
those boys are going to come back with a serious recipe of son sent me a pick of a rather large chick hanging around War
likes couch I saw that she was RA rather large I’m not saying just rather large
I’m saying large oh like it looked like she was giving him a back massage is
that what it was that looked like a post I’m going to go back and look was that in the gr group chat War like you
better own up which is cool War like it no yeah I don’t give a oh
it definitely was a back [Music] massage holy sh and he said don’t worry
nothing happen send it to Jay she big send it to
Jay no she’s not she’s got a nice she actually has a nice butt yeah she actually does Jay look real quick no
don’t look put it on the screen for I put Onre and nothing wrong with that because no you hate that show there’s
there’s people that like that a lot so don’t worry about that young lady J what
G uh shout out everyone that bought the sugar merch we really
released that the bantamweight champion merch baby get that I was going to drop it even if I
lost I was still going to get bandmate champ sh merch were you really that yeah I was like it dude I’m champ I
don’t give a seriously oh yeah Ryan Garcia thank you
for bringing that up it’s like dude I didn’t what do you why you trying to pick a fight with me I didn’t call I called him out before he lost to Dante
then he lost jante like why would I fight him he’s a loser I’m fighting winners I’m fighting what did
you reply to him on about the oh yeah he said uh he said this boxing different
than MMA I’d come back for a tuneup fight and knock you out I said like you got knocked out or
different and then he said something your tuneup fight or something it’s like dude I don’t want to fight you you lost
yeah I’m trying to do big pay-per-views Floyd Floyd dant I guess it’s dant I’ve
been calling him Dante that jaante but it’s dant D
Dantley Dantley yeah so I want big fights like that I’m not saying I want this next would I take it next yes but I
understand I got what I got to do got to go out there and you know build some pay-per-views get some fat fat
numbers I’m so curious what this one did do you like when Ian Gary said that no one’s watching this fight for
me uh I hey I get it you got to be you got to be a little delusional I mean I said some like that Pride too like
when I was on pay-per-views like he just a young buck I mean he was so mad it was because I shared his video of Lloyd his
manager saying that Jeff Neil pulled out cuz his hurts yeah because Ian before at Old fights was always cool
yeah he’s super cool to us and uh but I shared that he posted it I just re-shared it and said that’s funny
Vayner Sports is you know representing you and saying that one of the MMA fighters pulled out cuz they’re Pussers
that’s just really I mean it’s just a man manag thing to do so I res shared it and was just shedding some light on it
and now he’s you know upset but what am I going to do he beat me up he too goddamn big this video of all
the people’s reaction over Chan watch Cory San wow oh Cory was a good one when
he said I’m going to L that was fire um oh Michael oh that’s cool seeing
the reactions just who’s that patchy mix Gilbert Burns Chandler oh my God Cory and one
tricep was that Ryan Hall next yeah Cory hates me cuz I make money and he doesn’t
think I should make money people say oh look at your last fight you I’m like dude I just beat Peter Jan and
alamain Sterling I’m building a resume beat Peter beat Pedro beat Cheeto
beat aljo I’ll beat some good guys and Dana walked right up to me after and he said you have no idea how much money
this guy’s going to make yeah he did say that but we’re the dumb ones but I’m stupid I didn’t take where take
different fights no Dana I had a good conversation with Dana on the phone for like five minutes Dana and Hunter just
talking they were just yeah saying like this was the biggest bantamweight fight in history before the fight even played out and how pumped
they were and how the just just how pumped they were is you know for me and uh yeah I I wonder when it’s going
to hit in I was telling Danny on the way here I’m like What’s tomorrow she’s like Monday I’m like what the am I going
to do tomorrow I thought I got is comp training here comp train come get some coffee and I mean and people who listen
do not come to get pictures and autog this is not the place to do it this is our workplace so if you come I I want
will want to and want to be nice but we can’t just be doing that when we have to come to work yeah I feel bad too cuz
there’s I did so much people don’t even realize how much media did this week and there’s just all the fans which is
cool you got the sugar merch you love it made you feel good sometimes if I’m not in a great mood and I’m just
like exhausted I’m never really mean to anybody but if I have like I’m like kind of attitude cuz I’m tired man well
especially if if if we’re like we got to be able to go home and come to training and not be bugged too much like couple
here and there no Big E but when it’s all the time and people that aren’t even training at the gym and they think they’re going to come it’s like yeah I’m
going to I think I might get a helicopter and just pull up up top they’re cool watch this video so
funny Ben Davis posted it
that’s the guy you had on you that’s funny he actually good at that that was actually a good
video that was funny I think that was someone else I don’t think that was Ben Davis oh that kid that kid looked like
he had done a video of mine before mhm I think so I think so damn that I
was surprised Ali Quinto was going to be cool I thought he was going to be a little after cuz way he was looking at me I was like looking at I’m like you too at before but then
after he was he was cool he said congrats he was a nice guy yeah I feel like he didn’t he doesn’t like me but
uh I I just feel like not a lot of people like me it’s funny cuz I mean there’s quite a few that do but no there
is that for sure but the pros picks is funny like I just don’t like his hair and like like what is there not like
about my hair it’s cool you know I need to get a champ tat
on my face somewhere that’s probably what’s next that’s probably what’s next it was crazy how much money they were saying Dana was gambling cuz he got in
like Thursday night went and put 250,000 down 100,000 got up left like next night
won another 100,000 the third night was down a million came back to
1.125 but who knows who knows those are just stories stories but that’s crazy he
does that then he gets on a jet flies to another city Wild G Teddy Atlas tweets say
hello to the new new king McGregor is out no Ali is in yeah that’s that’s a huge com and I wonder if that’s why like
Conor wouldn’t but dude imagine me and Conor on a pay-per-view right now me and Connor in December does that do 1.5 mlie
VI and that two and then after we get the Afterparty with them too both Kos I
mean I I don’t want to see Chandler KO because he’s such maybe fight someone else yeah yeah I’m like dude where’s
that yacht G let’s go yeah that forari one
Lamborghini uh then uh Teddy Atlas says when you’re in the W when you’re in with a great counter puncher like well Ali
you cannot reach in Sterling reached in dink dink actually it was dink it was
yeah it was just a dink floating back like that dude and I said leading up this fight and I said in every interview
I did pretty much all the big ones I said for me this is life for death I cannot let him take me down I can’t do
it a lot of it was I I wouldn’t have had that same mindset if it wasn’t for my
injury cuz I would have been like I can survive on the ground I’m not he’s not going to 100% take me down and just choke me like I’m pretty decent
off my back get my guard back play my guard do that whatever so but the fact that I knew this was hurting in every I
was just say I’m like this is like I can’t let it touch the ground I have to keep it on the feet that mindset just made me Zone into that
literally it’s crazy literally I mean with khabib and with uh Connor it
looked like they were just they wrestling so much wrestling wrestling wrestling so Conor was just almost
waiting for him wrestle could it be different who knows yeah uh this is what Teddy said the success at the end of the
first round by Sterling led to his demise it made him more aggressive and vulnerable I think his Corners I’m
curious to say what hear what his Corners said to him I I feel like they might have said to him cut him off and then then you got to go yeah I I knew
have to go I didn’t give a if I lost that first round on points I I I don’t I don’t play that game dude I’m a
sniper I’m going to try to take you out in my mind in the back room I’m like this is going two rounds it’s either going our way or I I mean we talked
about that so I’m going to go out there and give it 10 minutes of L and then just whatever happens happens third CR
comes you just limp oh God no I knew I was in good shape and I just had to trust that I couldn’t overthink that I’m like I’m in good I’ve put in the work if
I’m not in good shape I don’t know how to get in good shape CU I put in the work bro all those Zone twos
you do go go on an airdine for 45 minutes to hour and those Z two those are thresholds those ones are hard okay
zone two the zone two is on a spin bike zone two I usually do on the spin bike low lower heart rate but the threshold
ones where it’s like 45 minutes at 180 that’s that’s the real D you
people can’t even keep their minds like yeah busy enough to go for 15 minutes go
for 15 minutes on air that’s impressive but go for 45 with your heart rate doing that over and over doing those those MMA
workouts that we were doing where your heart rate was 195 200 we were doing that for a while I knew you were in good
ass shape too especially for that kind of and after that first round not getting taken down each minute that went by I would just wanted to win each
moment each minute that I could go in without getting taken down was a huge
win for me because mentally this fight is not where he wants it to be whether I’m piecing him up on the feet or not
I’m more comfortable on the feet 100% if we’re standing there at range I’m comfortable he’s not as comfortable he’s
still a good Striker good everywhere but that’s not where he wants that fight to be he wants that fight to be on the ground so we go 5 minutes with and
didn’t hit the mat once the win I’m that was a huge win for me yep and uh yeah I
just don’t know when this shit’s going to sink in because this maybe I get my first di
sinking jokes gos what uh I mean dude alj Jo’s beat three previous Champions
he beat cejudo he Beat Dilla and he beat Yan yeah that’s a real deal I
mean it’s no but it’s it’s yeah it’s crazy that it’s still like yeah but I literally just fought the best striker
in the division people were saying he’s the best box am I the best boxer in the UFC yet can we can we say that uh best
Bo best one of the best strikers in the UFC the best striker in in the Bandon way division other than me I think Cory’s up there but Peter Jan is
dangerous still dangerous best Grappler in the division You could argue morab
Alo I think Alo was more technically a better Grappler beat him but there’s still people chirping
I mean I love it though I do you think there’s a point where it well no because look at ear say OT
beat vul you go knocked out OT yeah would there still be a butt oh yeah but
Islam yeah they’re always going to do that what did uh what did what’s his face
Bryce uh the Bryce Hall no BR Barth Bryce the
the you know what I’m talking about the hit kid that he had the go milk your cow Mitchell Mitchell oh yeah aljo round one
sub that was a good tweet that was a good idea that was Tim’s idea again I was like what should I say like go mil
cow I’m like that’s a good one that one I haven’t looked at it since my Instagram video one million likes that
the first million like video that was crazy Jesus um 1 million likes
11.4 million views on igz
uh that’s crazy Shaquille O’Neal you’re the man thank you you’s got a
message from isik 1,149 541 likes 15,000 comments Snoop
Dog sent me a text message that just took me to the next level what Snoopy say Snoopy said let me see what
he said let me see let me see great win champ is Uncle Snoop you made me some money last night
so we love that G the video Garrett put out Garrett put out let me
see one two three four five six six videos fight week bro
he was working he was I don’t think he literally slept that last video he just posted 730,000 views in 5 hours
holy that’s insane the Dan Garner video I almost
didn’t want to give too Secrets away big Garner video Garner video yeah but uh
you know I do want to help transcend the sport and I just don’t want to do it during my time I’m I’m the youngest male UFC champion I think because remember
when we looked it was all 30s everyone was in their 30s I’m the youngest and I’m the Hest I tweet that you actually real
quick that’s funny just the y u n g s t youngest
and oh yeah guys night coming up here youngest and hung UFC
champ let it rip let it rip guys night Jay you coming guys night are you booted
up no I’ll ask he’s booed up oh he’s booed up have you been booed up a little bit lately je take slow come
on oh this demetrius’s reaction reset oh
oh oh oh oh oh he’s out he’s
out he’s still in it back up this pass guard pass guard boom
boom that that was a good stopage he didn’t know he was disc combobulated
damn he found the chin I found the chin baby I said it all week I’m a
sniper oh man I was really hoping Rob font beat Cheeto or Corey because that
would have been a good one uh me versus Robbie or yeah damn top G congrats
appreciate that five times boosted that’s
crazy uh well man this is just crazy I’m G to go stream damn my stream would probably go you’re you’re
your next stream might pop the off I know I’ll probably I’m going to probably let it rip right after this just for 20 damn that’s a good idea so
big moments big moments bigs that thing’s real this is real life
this is a real life right now crazy ah man I feel like I need to go
work out or something my day just feels crazy but uh yeah that’s about it I think that weed’s nice that weed was
nice that was a very nice bag of weed um suar shop. check out the merch what you got plug your uh I got some redhaw Academy and then uh my YouTube page did you drop some Vlogs this week VL on the patay T the travel
day Tuesday Wednesday and then I try to get focused I like that all right guys hit the likes and subscribe