UFC 293 Breakdown | Strickland Upsets Adesanya | Volkov Submits Tuivasa | Kape Beats Dos Santos


In this article, we will be discussing the recent events in UFC 293, including Sean Strickland’s upset victory over Israel Adesanya, Alexander Volkov’s submission win against Tai Tuivasa, and Manel Kape’s victory over Matheus Nicolau dos Santos. We will also touch on the importance of combat sports like boxing and MMA for young individuals, as well as the upcoming Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermall Charlo fight. But before we dive into all of that, let’s take a moment to appreciate the impact that combat sports can have on people’s lives.

The Power of Combat Sports

Combat sports, such as boxing and MMA, have the ability to transform lives. They provide an outlet for individuals to channel their energy, discipline, and determination. These sports teach valuable life lessons, instill discipline, and build character. They can be particularly impactful for young individuals who may be facing challenging circumstances.

Teddy Atlas, a renowned boxing trainer and commentator, shared a powerful story about a young man who turned his life around through boxing. He mentioned a 14 or 15-year-old boy who was hanging out with the wrong crowd, living a destructive lifestyle, and even drinking a bottle of vodka a day. However, this young man found his way to the gym, dropped out of school, got his GED, and eventually became a champion person.

This story highlights the transformative power of combat sports. It shows that even in the face of adversity, individuals can find a path to success and personal growth through dedication and discipline. It’s a reminder that champions are not just defined by their victories in the ring, but also by the positive impact they have on their own lives and the lives of others.

Sean Strickland’s Inspiring Message

During the discussion, Teddy Atlas also expressed his admiration for Sean Strickland, who recently won the middleweight title in the UFC. What impressed Teddy the most about Strickland was not just his fighting skills, but the message he sent to young individuals. Strickland took the time to reach out to kids who may be facing similar challenges and encouraged them to make positive choices.

This act of reaching out and inspiring others is what truly makes Strickland a champion in Teddy’s eyes. It goes beyond the physical aspect of the sport and shows the impact that athletes can have as role models. Strickland’s message serves as a reminder that success is not just about winning titles, but also about using one’s platform to make a difference in the lives of others.

Upcoming Fights and Exciting Matchups

Moving on to the world of combat sports, Teddy Atlas briefly touched on some upcoming fights. He mentioned the NFL season and college football being in full swing, as well as the recent upsets in the Texas vs. Alabama game and the Patriots vs. Giants game. Teddy also mentioned the New York Jets and their upcoming game against the Buffalo Bills, highlighting the potential challenge they face with Buffalo’s strong defense. He expressed hope for the Jets but acknowledged the tough competition they will be up against.

Teddy also discussed the upcoming Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermall Charlo fight. He mentioned his friend, Pedro Martinez Fargo, a renowned lawyer and boxing enthusiast, who predicted a tough fight for Canelo. Teddy agreed with Fargo’s assessment, noting that Canelo may be slipping in his skills as he gets older. He believes that Charlo, despite being the smaller fighter, has the potential to give Canelo a run for his money.

The Importance of Offensive Line in Football

Teddy also touched on the importance of a strong offensive line in football, specifically referencing the New York Jets and their need to secure their offensive line to protect their new quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. He expressed surprise that the Jets hadn’t prioritized this aspect of their team, given the caliber of Rodgers as a quarterback.

Closing Thoughts and YouTube Channel

In closing, Teddy thanked his viewers for joining him and encouraged them to like and subscribe to his videos, as it greatly helps their channel. He then introduced his grandson, Joseph, who has his own YouTube channel called “Joseph and Mara at 720.” Teddy asked viewers to support Joseph’s channel by subscribing and watching his videos.

Joseph briefly shared what viewers can expect to see on his channel, including videos of him at the bouncy house, in the pool, and doing various activities. Teddy and Joseph concluded the video by thanking everyone for their support and wishing them a good week.

Combat sports have the power to transform lives, inspire others, and teach valuable life lessons. Athletes like Sean Strickland serve as role models, not just for their fighting skills, but for the positive impact they have on others. As we look forward to upcoming fights, such as Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermall Charlo, we can appreciate the excitement and anticipation that these matchups bring. Additionally, Teddy Atlas emphasizes the importance of a strong offensive line in football, particularly in relation to the New York Jets and their need to protect their new quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

In closing, Teddy thanks his viewers for their support and introduces his grandson, Joseph, who has his own YouTube channel called “Joseph and Mara at 720.” He encourages viewers to subscribe to Joseph’s channel and shares a glimpse of the content they can expect to see.

Combat sports have a profound impact on individuals, providing them with an outlet for their energy and teaching them valuable life lessons. Athletes like Sean Strickland inspire others through their actions and serve as role models. As we anticipate upcoming fights, such as Canelo Alvarez vs. Jermall Charlo, we can appreciate the excitement and anticipation that these matchups bring. The importance of a strong offensive line in football is also highlighted, particularly in relation to the New York Jets and their need to protect their new quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. Teddy Atlas concludes the video by thanking his viewers and introducing his grandson’s YouTube channel, encouraging viewers to subscribe and support Joseph’s content.

Please subscribe to Joseph’s YouTube channel, “Joseph and Mara at 720,” and show your support.

welcome to the fight with Teddy Atlas presented by Dynamic striking I’m Ken
rydow joined as always by the voice of all Combat Sports the legend Teddy Atlas
Teddy how you doing good Ken we just finished a really good interview with Sean O’Malley right
off the top just want to let off people know offense no you can look forward to seeing that here on Thursday I believe
we’ll put it up on Thursday and um you know you saw the electricity
in Boston Garden you were there I was there um calling uh talking about the fights
afterwards with all the UFC people with ESPN and you saw not only the electric atmosphere
which not every fighter gets but the superstars get it and you saw
that and you saw the electric performance that you know went along with it uh he
did it just the way that a future Superstar or budding Superstar to add to
the throne of a Conor McGregor if you will should do it and would do it in
spectacular fashion I mean he brought the curtain down you know he’s that star that goes out on Broadway and it’s going
to be the next star and you bring the curtain down and that’s what he did and
there’s always something behind the star that you know doesn’t have to glitter
quite as much as the talent the promotional stuff that goes along with
it you know the way that he can talk the things that is said there’s substance
there’s and and there’s a quiet greatness behind the loud greatness if
that’s the proper way to say it and I think if you watch the interview Thursday
you’ll be able to see some of the some of that quiet greatness
um that goes in to making a guy that is potentially the next Superstar
there’s there’s so many great fighters in the UFC so many of them and so many deserving there I mean they’re Samurai
they’re Warriors but they’re all only a few that
again sort of you know carry that torch of the next pay-per-view great you know
if that puts it in proper perspective uh the guy that’s not only good in the
Octagon but that draws the masses because he’s got the X Factor he’s got
all the other stuff that goes with it and um he’s a guy that has that and the
more importantly than me knowing it and the fans knowing it the guy that
runs things up there in uh at the UFC a guy named Dana White he
knows it and they’re you know obviously you’re gonna see him put into position I
think from the way everything has unfolded so far to carry that torch of a Conor McGregor
you know and and of course all the other great ones are that are out there so I just wanted to give that little strong
promotion off the top Thursday to look for that interview I was up in Bristol Connecticut uh at ESPN Studios
this weekend working with Rashad Evans then Thomas Phil Murphy all great guys
to work with uh you know doing a ESPN
uh pre-fight and post fight for the for that big show of course we had a big
upset Adam gets upset by Strickland but
I was up there working with these and again just just good guys to work with
and um I’ll just before we get into it and I
let you sort of set the table what an upset obviously that was and
it’s reminiscent of at least in the world of MMA UFC in particular Ronda
Rousey getting beat by Holly Holmes it was not quite you know in my world in
boxing well it might be the greatest upset in sports of all time and it
doesn’t quite go to that level of Buster Douglas Mike Tyson
um but perhaps it was Bisping over Rock holes yeah but there’s a bunch of them
in the UFC uh when uh the spider lost to a Chris Weidman but I think it’s equivalent in my sport in boxing
to for a couple reasons more equivalent to any Ruiz because everyone was trying
to figure out wow where does this fit as far as in the pantheon of upsets where
does it fit and for me Andy rules Ruiz upsetting Joshua uh similarities that’s
a perfect one that’s right on the screws that’s a perfect description yeah because the similarities in other ways
too because Strickland wasn’t originally supposed to be the opponent with adesanya was supposed to beat the
plessis who who had just beat Whitaker in a also a very big upset and just like
it wasn’t supposed to be Ruiz with Joshua but Jarrell Miller found the drug
test and Ruiz stepped in to fight Joshua so comparable definitely comparable uh
for all those reasons I think that that one and both of the opponent and both the opponents on paper were kind of
dismissed I think even we discussed it like yeah this is a one-sided it’s going to be a walkover and the opponent had
something else in mind yeah I mean but same Vibe I picked going in like a few
people but I picked uh I’m I picked I’d assign you to win but I
also we we had a really good breakdown I think the clip was up there it’s probably still up of how I pointed out
that and no doubt I thought Strickland would win but I mean um not Strickland
um I thought I’d assign you would win it but yeah we all but I
in the clip that when we talked about the in the pre-fight and I thought we had a pretty good
breakdown of it and as I said it I think the clip was put up by Rob where it got a lot of views
I was talking about where Strickland was much more cerebral we know how cerebral
out of Sonya is how talented he is how he creates his own music how he’s one of those phenomenal you
know not come every day kind of talents but
I also talked about how strickler was much more cerebral than people thought he was
um much more tomb that first meets the eye you know and and I I remember
thinking when he was saying all that nutty stuff you know I I really remember
it was just about a week before the fight I said to myself
Maybe crazy like a fox and you know what
he was crazy like a fox and I’m not being a Monday morning quarter back when it’s easier to tell you who’s going to
win on Sunday I already told you I thought I decided he was going to win but
I did think those things before the fight like there’s more tomb that meets
the eye and and also we’ll get into it later it’s a reminder that you can have all
the great talent in the world a you got to be mentally right and and B
there’s also something to be said for the quiet Talent you know he doesn’t match at his Sonia he being Strickland
with the kind of you know genetic Talent just explosive Talent
neon talent that He has but he’s got
he’s very solid technically he’s buttoned up he uses the
jab he does things in a very conventional responsible manner unlike
he used to do maybe some years ago he’s made a transition ways not that caveman anymore and I I
did talk about that before the fight with all those great UMC people up at ESPN where he’s not that caveman we’re
walking around with a torch he’s got a flashlight now you know where he’s
he’s not as Reckless that that worked for him early on and got him wins it also got
attention form but now he’s much more cerebral now he’s much more responsible now he’s much more buttoned up now he’s
much more traditional boxer where he comes in nothing fancy very simple comes
in behind the jab as I always say sets the table with the jab eats with the right hand
doesn’t make mistakes doesn’t help you beat him there’s something to be said for that
Talent what talent am I talking about being reliable being consistent being steady
being you know being technically sound there’s something to be said for those
abilities being obviously mentally durable where he showed that consistent
on a mental waiting full apartmently where he didn’t get over anxious he
stayed patient he has made a transition and he made it before that night
and I don’t think any of us appreciated what a transition he had made
I think he snuck up on us and not only what a transition he made
but how again how weighty how meaningful how powerful just being
buttoned up technically mentally you know
reliable steady consistent that those are talents
though those are elements of ability that we don’t always weigh in on as
being as heavy as the more obvious towns of speed
explosiveness power you know those are more obvious and we put so much Credence on those that we
forget about the other ones and he reminded us of that he reminded me of it of how you could take a fighter who’s
not as fast not as athletic not as good but if you make them good technically and reliable and steady he’s got a good
chance to to pull off a wind that some people don’t think he can pull now having said
that there’s always X factors floating in the air where as he didn’t look the same as he
where he looked off a lot of That’s Got to Do with Strickland we shouldn’t take credit away from him but I’m sure that
there was other stuff there too where he wasn’t quite himself
and before we go on I say what my thoughts are on that because I think right off
the top people are here to hear about the Izzy fight and and how he lost
and so I’m going to get right to it my son has talked about this to scouting
in the NFL Teddy Atlas the Third he
I’ve seen it I’ve seen it in my business in boxing I’ve seen it in Combat Sports
where there’s an emotional letdown now look
you’re a pro you still got to go in there do it no excuse I get it but we are they are human they’re not
machines and my son would talk about it in
football in his profession where he would say Dad I dig this team
whether it’s Alabama whether it was Clemson whether it was you know Ohio
State whether it was you know Oklahoma at the time whoever one of the big dogs
one of the big talented dogs George or whoever where he would say I think they might
have trouble this week and I’d be like why would they have trouble they’re so much better
you know definitely on paper but they’re so much better than this other team it’s a drop-off he said yeah but they had a
very emotional game the week before where they won a game that they wasn’t expected to win
and and they they did it in dramatic fashion and now he would call the next game he
said I think they were in a sandwich game I think they’re in a sandwich game where
you caught in between the next game with a lower level opponent supposedly
where emotionally you can’t be at the place you need to be and that you had
just been at I think some of that might have happened without himself no excuses strictly deserves he’s champ for a
reason he went in there ready and he performed but I like to examine everything
for the fans out there and I think some of that might have been at
play I’ve seen it where a fighter will pull off a huge upset and then he’ll fight a lesser fighter
where it’s supposed to be a walk in a park and it’s not a walk in the park and the same things yeah you got to be
physically ready but you also have to be emotionally and mentally ready and they are human you know they don’t drink oil
you know they drink water and whatever else they are not machines
so I think that some of that I think some of that was at play or
possibly a play at the end of the day it doesn’t matter um Strickland is the champ and that’s
all that does matter right now but I just wanted to give that sort of uh
you know View of the whole thing uh and again Strickland
had a I talk about it all the time knowing what being prepared and whatever you do you want to be great
be prepared do your homework he was prepared he had a great fight plan and
he executed it perfectly um so he deserves nothing but
appreciation from everybody of just accolades uh from me and everybody else
for pulling off the upset and in a dominant fashion so I just I thought
that was a good way to just let the people say or know that yeah we’re gonna
satisfy you today we are going to be on what you want us to be on which is the
concentration of that fight that main you know upset
um but we’re going to also cover as we always do the entirety of the night all
we try to do so take it from there Ken sure on the main card City kickboxing
gets the action started with a big bang in the light heavyweight division Tyson
Pedro knocked Anton Turkish into the uh Shadow realm just blitzed them knocked
them out quick and easy um man that guy is big and strong Tyson
Pedro and there was some pretty good trash talk and from the uh side of Anton
um Tyson not much of a trash talker but did all his talking with the fists and uh blasted the Swede uh right back to
Sweden how’d you like that one yeah first of all that for these undercard fights I’m gonna go
shotgun style I’m gonna rifle through them uh maybe it was or foreshadowing
of things to come because I tweeted that Pedro did it the way that
Strickland likes to he set the table with the champ and he hit with the right hand and that was it
that was Bang he finished everything on his plate you know I also talk about
someone being you know not wasting anything he finished everything on his plate
um as any grandmother would love and been proud and in boxing we use a hook to the body
to put water in the basement that I like to talk about you know to the body well
in MMA Pedro showed you what they do he used the leg kick to the body to put
a little flood in the basement too to help his cause
next next up we have another Aussie getting it done with Justin taffa knocks
out the big guy Austin Lane in the heavyweight division Austin Lane
interestingly enough product of Murray State uh a defensive end drafted in the
fifth round by Jacksonville Jaguars he spent time with Kansas City Detroit Chicago this kid is an athlete
um not much trash talking from either guy they were both all business but uh taffa much more on the business and took
care of business and blasted um Mariota 122 of the first round I was hoping to
see some rounds in this one I always like when guys transition from uh one sport to another and you know defensive
end there’s some there’s some positions in football where you could kind of slip through the cracks without being the
toughest guy in the world uh kickers quarterback I mean you know they have to be tough obviously but they’re not
linebackers defensive end those are the positions where you’re getting cracked and animals on every single play so I
always like seeing these guys transition Justin taffa was having none of it blasting him first round how’d you like
that one and the hits keep on coming I always say that uh
the Samoan athletes and athletes from that part of the world
you know whether in boxing or football my son
always told me about this too or MMA that the thick boned they have natural
power not from the weight room like talk about football maybe you get it from the
weight room um sometimes you know which is great but natural
and their bodies defy what you’d expect to see no adana’s bodies
you know nothing chiseled out of stone and muscle quite frankly soft looking bodies he
wouldn’t use his body on promoting a product of protein shakes right or you
know Charles Atlas or you know Jenny Craig ain’t giving him a commercial okay they’re they’re not giving him an
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if you will like a good stiff jab well I put it on the teeth but you know I like I know you like to play t-ball I put it
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well 300 with a t I’m doing pretty cool no hopefully hopefully a little higher
um but if as far as athletic greens I will say
this in all kidding aside if you wanna try to Chisel that body a little bit
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good for anybody but it does give the body that is on the go
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to you um and it gives it to you in a simple way and in an easy way but to finish the
point I was making talking about bodies that might not be
um they might be taking athletic greens you could still be taking it and giving yourself the nutrients you need but the
ones that don’t that put it this way they’re not going to do the sequel of
the Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger um those don’t get uh Conan you get fooled
by those bodies and in this case tough is a perfect example of that where you
know they they defy as I said earlier what you would expect to see with a powerful
guy but they have that natural power a boxing guy that was from New Zealand
from that part of the world David tour do you remember him Ken uh
from of course I mean that guy had he didn’t have an Adonis body but he had
great power spectacular power almost along the lines
of how I brag and give credit uh to Wilder for having power in that right
hand David too I had power in that left hook incredible
um and so does taffa and I’m finished with punches or born they’re not made uh
uh another one round KO as I said we started off hot out of the
box with that main card the heads just kept coming
next next up we have Manuel Cape against the
last minute opponent he was supposed to fight kaikara France this one I was really looking forward to uh Manuel Cape
to say the least can talk trash uh I don’t know if you saw it or if anyone who hasn’t at the press conference he
started stood up and started screaming at Kai car friends who happened to be at the press conference because again fights in Australia it’s a huge
homecoming fight for City kickboxing all their guys were in action and uh kaikara France was their supporting his guys he
had to pull out of the fight had an injury and Manuel Cape stood up started screaming at him and and one thing about
those City kickboxing guys if you want one you’re getting all and uh Izzy stood
right up and uh defended conference I love family I love loyalty
I think we I’m not alone with that but yep I I just love uh family I love
people you know and you don’t have to be connected with blood I just love the people uh stand up and stick together uh
I know I’m not talking about you go when you beat up the guy together I’m just talking about as you just pointed out of
course that they’re that they’re with that guy and you know they’re loyal to their guy I I mean I I think that speaks
to somebody’s character um below the surface below the skin uh
where you know a little bit more about the prayer and that’s one of the reasons why I love Izzy but and and a lot of
those guys um but anyway as far as
um we’re pronouncing it Cape right Kate yeah yeah what I was getting what I was just going to finish with saying is that
he got a last minute uh opponent felipto Santos who came off the contender series uh 6-0 as a pro
um looked on paper like a one-sided walkover for Cape but ended up being a much more difficult fight than probably
anyone anticipated he gets a unanimous decision but I this was a good fight I
mean I guarantee you Cape wasn’t expecting this kind of action from those Santos I thought those handles handled
the moment really well because this kid came hyped this fight up so much everyone was paying attention including
me because even when Izzy stood up to defend Kai Chira France you could see that Cape was sincere about his
aggressiveness he didn’t back down he was like ready he was ready to fight everybody and uh looked like that he
then takes the mic after a fight and shoots himself in the foot by using homophobic slurs I don’t understand why
you would do that to yourself like I don’t understand like why would you say things you know that’s on you yeah I
don’t get it but it’s also would help if they just had better people to kind of
what am I looking for just like a kid needs a parent guys proper guidance they need guys just wear kid needs a parent
for obvious reasons you know during their life unique guidance you need
direction you you just you know need people that can tell you things that
some people that just want to make money around you won’t tell you because they just want to make money around you and
they don’t want to upset you they don’t want you to get rid of that and yeah they want to their job is to stay there
rather than to help make you better in areas and a parent a friend a real
friendly job is only one thing to make you better to tell you things that could hurt you to make sure that you don’t as
you say shoot yourself in the footage you don’t do or say things that are detrimental to your growth you know to
your future and so yeah it’s on the person don’t get me wrong but you just
wish that they had people around them maybe they do and they don’t listen maybe I’m being wrong about that but in
general I just wish that these guys had more than just guys that are there because they’re getting paid and they’re
part of the Entourage and some do but not all of them they don’t know I don’t know if he does or does it but
where you got guys that aren’t just caring about the paycheck they’re caring about the person they’re caring about
telling them even if it upsets them what they should hear but anyway getting to the fight
cape dos Santos here’s how I saw it a star I was
watching a star forget about the other stuff I’m talking about just in the ring in the Octagon in the cage
I was watching a star a special talent in Cape and it’s not like as you touched
on that he was in there with an Easy Touch first of all there’s no easy touches in the UFC we understand that he
was in with a monster that might be another future star that’s really I mean
that he took this fight and put this kind of perform first of all it was the fight of the night it was it was that
good and that dos Santos took that guy
and fought the kind of fight that he fought he could be he could be
Sensational too but right now and and like I said dos Santos is a
monster but Cape is I I was watching something really special
um and he needed to be to win this fight with dos Santos as it turned out that’s
how good those Santos is uh great fight and once again you know in the UFC great
matchmaking I have to say that um Cape was truly tested he showed that
he’s he’s for real um you know he’s more than just as you said or Bach and and talk with that
other stuff that we’d rather not hear but the guy can fight and he behaves in
a ring like a fighter and he thinks like a fighter um
again he showed he’s real because Santos is that tremendous Cape reminded me of a
young Manny Pacquiao the way that he used his legs to close distance and gaps
so fast so explosively and then exploded with his power with his punches inside
with those strikes uh he’s an explosive well-rounded smart fighter as I said
great fight I want to keep seeing I don’t maybe I don’t want to keep hearing him but I definitely want to keep seeing
Cape uh and and for that matter I want to keep seeing dos Santos both guys did
everything Cape not only close those gaps fast but the way he
counted his timing his instincts you know the quickness the power everything
but the way he counted was tremendous just great match and as they said uh
nothing but kudos to both Fighters and to the matchmakers yeah the last thing I
wanted to say about that though with with regards to how you talk on the mic is if you’re a young fighter and you
listen to us right now please put yourself in the UFC’s position if you go out there and dominate it looks
spectacular it’s easy for them to get behind you and stop promoting the crap out of you the minute you start using
racial or homophobic slurs you put the company in a difficult position how can they promote that it’s so when people
pull that clip of you using those words it’s just dumb it doesn’t help you cause
use your brain if you don’t have anything productive to say just maybe say I got nothing else to
say I do my fighting with my fist if that’s the way you’re going to talk and believe me we’re no like we’re not trying to promote woke ideology over
here I’m just saying comments woke you go broke you know that’s right
I mean or we saw something uh I forget what it was somewhere where there was
some example of that and basically it turned out a Bud Light I think yeah yeah you go walk you get yoked
um here I gotta I got a good example for you remember when they told Djokovic he couldn’t come into the country in
Australia missed the Australian over Denny missed the U.S open because he wouldn’t get the shot which you know in
hindsight maybe he looks like the smart one there I did get vaccinated but I digressed uh he comes back and wins the
US Open and Teddy one of the promotions in literally you couldn’t make it up it was like a Saturday Night Live skit
they’re showing Djokovic and then they go and here’s the moderna shot of the day and and it’s Djokovic score in the
winning point to win the US Open they literally tried to destroy the guy for exercising his right to choice but again
don’t want to get into a vaccine debate but that was just an interesting um interesting Twist of irony there that
he gets the modernist shot of the day at the U.S open when being banned from the tournament for not taking the shot
um let’s jump into the co-main tied to ivassa uh always a crowd favorite at the
UFC homecoming fight I was pumped to see him he always brings the he always brings excitement matter of fact he
jumped up between cape and um and now he’s got ahead like yeah like yeah he had his he had
his hair going he had the whole um at the press conference he had the whole um Islander uh Decor or dress code uh he
looked great uh in tough against Alexander volkov and you know with Tai tuivasa I think of him along the lines
of a Derrick Lewis he’s just gonna throw big shots he can take a time and he’s going to hope he catches
you get him that’s a good comparison that’s right yeah and volkov is just too
well-rounded for that if you don’t catch him the problem is he mounts you and puts you in an Ezekiel choke which you
very rarely see people get choked out from that it’s a super hot highly technical Jiu Jitsu move hard to get
hard to submit someone with but when you got a guy 265 pounds putting that squeeze on your neck and you know
proficient super proficient in Jiu Jitsu is just nothing you can do chokes them out with an Ezekiel in the second round
how’d you like it well I love the way you’d say kazukio or whatever that is I love that is is Ezekiel I love it I I I
think of it as the sauce that you that you put on
um uh what do you call them uh Gyros oh you’re thinking of Tennessee I was
thinking a sauce for the Gyros I love that sauce that white this is Ezekiel Ezekiel thank you for
clearing that off I only know because my son Cameron after every submission will be like Dad was that move and then I
have to Google it on YouTube and we watch it together the last one we looked up was the Twister so we now we got the
Twister and the Ezekiel added to our arsenal of um
um had tremendous height and reach Advantage right
um but more importantly and I always would talk about this Ken he knew how to use it he knew how to
fight her um not everyone does uh remember that fighter what was his
name in boxing that was undefeated I I knew that sooner or later he was going to get knocked out and I said it uh
fontara remember fantari was undefeated for oh Fontana right uh Sebastian Fundora yeah
Fontana or front door hold on see this it’s embarked me very tall like six foot
he was like a freaking Junior middleweight that was like six six um
gonna be like a tall building he’s gonna get Windows broke that’s right you know and because really you stand there like
a tall building and a short guy gets close to you he’s gonna break Windows yeah you know you gotta it’s one thing
to be on the outside you have the edge but when they get close you got a problem now you got a disadvantage because being taller gives a lot of
surface a lot of Target to the shorter guy and so you got to know how to fight
tall you got to know how to use those physical assets as an asset and
otherwise it’s not a physical asset so volkov knows how to use it that’s that’s
what I had to say um he made the shorter tavasa go through
as I often say a bad neighborhood to get to him and he mugged them on the way in
and uh his straight hand the straight right hand all night long was consistent
and it was like a spear I mean bang you know it makes me think about my brothers
and sisters over of course the pond I miss you guys when I don’t have a chance to talk about juice or with Jews about
something going on across the pond um you know it makes me think about you
guys with dots where you just throw that perfect dot right into the center Bang
bullsey why and that’s what to that’s exactly what zolkov did he threw that
dot of a right hand straight in and um all night long tavaza did what he could
to make it interesting but he just couldn’t really get into his punch and range where he could create a slug out
which he kind of needed where he could Land one of his big powerful Hawks he
landed one if my memory serves me right against God
um you know uh the the I think he landed one against Gunn who’s a hell of a
heavyweight probably number one now behind Jon Jones or number two maybe but
he’s very good Striker right he lost to Great Jon Jones but I believe that
tavasa when he fought God dropped gun with a with one shot and then of course
God survived it and and got rid of him uh as you said it kind of like Derrick
Lewis you get him or he gets you um but
vocals showed all of his skills and dominated and as you touched on even taken tavasa
to the mat eventually getting the submission you just don’t see too many guys that is
six seven doing stuff like that very impressive performance to me uh for
vocal yeah excellent fight well that brings us to the main we touched on
it earlier um I had commented um I think I mentioned it to you and raw but I know I
mentioned to a couple people that he for me prior to the fight I thought Strickland looked very uncomfortable in
the pressers now obviously I’m completely wrong right I’m not trying to shoot myself in the foot but as is the
common theme on this podcast we tried to be as honest as possible I thought this was going to be a walkover I thought it
was he was going to kill him I thought Sean looked so uncomfortable I never say afraid because Sean Strickland’s a
killer but he looked out of character a little bit well that must be his demeanor when he’s ready to put on a
hell of a performance because for me he actually fought the best game plan fight
plan I’ve ever seen him have he just he seemed to do everything right had Izzy
going backwards in and seemed to keep him off balance all night at least from my untrained eye but I’m dying to hear
what you think he’s seen it seemed to me like every time Izzy would start to get set Sean would keep moving I think he
could have used a little bit more faints to stay a little bit busier but I’m dying to hear what you think on this one
new champ uh Sean Strickland takes the belt off Izzy what’d you think I to your point I don’t disagree
completely see I’ve been in this business 50 years I thought he did look a little
uncomfortable but of course all that matters is what you do not how you feel
you know like because tomatoes the great saying what’s the difference between a hero and a coward in a war uh the only
difference is in what they do they both feel nervous they both feel obviously
scared apprehensive um concerned
but the hero has the discipline to do what the coward didn’t do all that
matters is what you do not how you feel and again that’s all that matters professionally and anything you do
and whatever it is that’s your craft that’s your profession
that no matter how you feel that day the night before whatever
don’t have to be in the ring fighting all the madness is what you do
and Strickland had the discipline to do it now to your point the reason I jumped on is
is because I thought he was a little bit like those sponge figurines that I get from my
grandkids when they take a bath you they’re real little and you throw them in the bathtub and they they blow up
all of a sudden they get bigger I thought to a little bit of what you’re touching
on that Strickland blew up as the fight went on his confidence
that I don’t know way was completely going in but he grew
and part of why I grill was either as he was in himself or just strictly what Strickland was doing took it away from
well a combination but he grew and if Strickland a vision
could have done one thing a little more and it’s easy for me to say just a little busier
and then yes Strickland’s defense was good
but not impenerable impenetrable but where you couldn’t penetrate it but
if you throw one or two shots at him that is defense is hard to penetrate
his defense was really good like his offense but but just
simple stricklands very simple his offense was used to jab pressed behind
the jab put bugs on the windshield of the other guy so he doesn’t see you coming so he can’t time his vision ain’t
good use the jab to set the table for the right hand to eat
use the jab so you don’t get out of position you don’t reach in you don’t give count opportunities
you don’t make mistakes very basic very conventional like a boxer yeah like a buttoned up
conventional boxer where he that’s what he did and his defense just as simple
step out of range just enough to make a miss and then close enough to come back
with the jab so he doesn’t get anything started so you don’t let him get a rhythm going you don’t let Izzy get a
rhythm going you don’t let him get himself together and and that’s what he did stepped out
of range controlled range understood distance beautifully and he blocked he didn’t move his head he
blocked with with that concocted look in the hand here hand over there you know
that looked a little awkward but it was effective awkwardly effective
awkwardly clever where it did the job now to finish on what I said
a busy the one thing he could have done with that defense
put a little bit more hands together it kind of fell into what Strickland wanted
by drawing one two shots if when a guy’s doing this and blocking what you want to
do in my world for me the way I teach you want to put punches together on them
when you can because you want them to handcuff himself where he’s busy
blocking at here block one or two there’s no doubt and he did but then if you put the third and the
fourth there it’s hard to block all of them it’s hard to block them all and Izzy
didn’t put him in that predicament that was one of the if I’m going X’s and O’s that’s one of
the X’s I would touch on and I was with the great Rashad Evans and then Thomas
two MMA experts UFC experts and all night they kept saying where’s
the third punch and they were right now part of it was maybe is it wasn’t right maybe he didn’t have the
confidence to do it because they want to get in trouble and he didn’t want to leave himself open we don’t know what’s
going on in his mind I could guess at some of that but what we do know is that third punch
never came on the fourth obviously so
I thought that before the fight I said it early but we
started this show that there was more to Strickland he made a transition he changed over the
last few years he was more responsible more buttoned up you know more of a patented
boxer of a guy that again just just good fundamentals and he came with good
fundament not the Neo not the neon stuff just reliable dependable consistent
technique you know crosses T’s dotted his eyes with the technique
that that is valuable sometimes that’s just as important
sometimes more important than just a pure talent sometimes you can beat better Talent than yourself
with better Talent than yourself with just that guide Ken I’m sorry one of the
things that we always talk about on this show is the fact that UFC fighters MMA fighters in general is they’re not so
desperate to cling on to The Undefeated reckon of course they all want to be undefeated but they’re not afraid either
the organization or the fighter is not afraid to put them into deeper waters and progressively step them up and
challenge maybe that knockout loss to Alex perea taught Sean some lessons that
he was able to take and there’s no doubt that he did to take into the Izzy fight and that loss against perea actually
made him better to what to the point that you’ll always make sometimes you learn more from the losses than the wins
and maybe he buttoned up the defense because that loss was what a lot of people were predicating their prediction
prediction of Izzy by knockout in this fight including myself well he obviously
learned some lessons there and wasn’t making the same mistake he wasn’t going to be Reckless here and he fought like a perfect fight to do what he had to do
yeah no it’s a it’s a true good point no doubt a good point uh
You Know You Gotta Lose to Win somewhere in your life you know in some Dimensions to to to
learn what it takes to win and so to that point I always preached I
don’t talk that or explain that as a teacher because a train is supposed to
be a teacher more than just a coach um so yeah
but also to that point Pereira moved his hands and his feet more
um as he didn’t do enough of that pereiro really created
more if not havoc um
more problems by moving his hands more where is he again was more into one or
two shots allowing that defense to be productive or to be what it was
that was part of it but um
first round so important especially for a guy who’s a big Underdog and he wins the first round
and it didn’t look like
all the lights were on in the house of is he you know you go buy a house and
you say gee not that don’t look like anyone’s home all the lights aren’t on it just didn’t feel like all the lights
were on and I’m making no excuse because I don’t want to take nothing away from Strickland I’m just doing my job to
point out that to me to my eye it just didn’t look like you know the same
I don’t want to say animated but electric sort of Izzy that you usually
come and expect to see in certain ways you just and look as he changed just
like I said Strickland’s chain he’s changed over the last year or two he has he’s not quite uh as Bruce Lee like as
he was where he’s doing all those extra things in a octagon where you know
he’s his music is toned down a little bit he’s become I’m not saying subdued
but a little bit more flat-footed uh a little bit more is it fair to say
conventional um where before you saw the unconventional you saw you
know that neon Talent used in the only way that neon Talent really can show that it’s neon talent
and uh in a different sort of way and in a less conventional way
that’s how you use neon talent and usually in a less conventional way I
think he you haven’t you’ve seen him become again a little bit more
settle down um you know and and part of that maybe with
age you know he’s 34 I think 35 years old now part of it with you know because
you’re an older guy that depends on reflexes like avoid Jones you depend on
reflexes you depend on timing you depends on speed as you get older
that slows down a little bit and you start becoming a little bit more
standard conventional human yeah with the humans
so to speak you know what I mean and I think some of that’s taken place I
think that’s fair at least for me and something to be said about that when you depend on those talents Ken and
you do start to slow down which time does for all of us right and and the reflex a little slower
timing’s a little less what can show up is
the gaps of not having technique then if you don’t have technique and you don’t
have the other things you can pay a price you could become again closer to the guy
that doesn’t have as much ability but has technique and I think that’s fair
Strickland never had that kind of talent in his life but he’s developed good technique
and he got in there with a guy who’s always had more talent but now his talent maybe maybe has dissipated a
little maybe part of it’s emotional maybe part of it is what I said earlier
he was in a sandwich game where he was coming off such a high knocking out in a rematch Pereira
that he wasn’t all there that’s why the lights falling on the generator wasn’t you know ramping up
the way it normally does because he had an emotional low I think that was part of it I’ll be honest
but I think the other part is fair to point out too that when you’re the guy that is more
talented than anyone else in a room and suddenly that talent’s not shown itself
at the same level or is Dependable on as it used to be
now you need technique now missing technique
can show up it can show up as you know as a shortcoming for you
where you know you didn’t need the technique because you had the talent
and I think part of that was shown a little bit but I think the emotional part was there too Dana White
made a comment that I thought was interesting
where he said they would talk about what’s next and he said maybe a rematch nobody was
thinking that at the moment and he said even though we always rematch rematch region but people would think of more of
you know more of guys who think like um duplexes
um where you know it was supposed to be him and he’s an unbelievable Talent big
strong uh incredible performance against Whitaker uh you know
and and he’s good he’s technically good he’s smart he’s not just big and strong
I was very impressed and I met him after the fight he talked to me for a while very impressed uh I really was very
impressed with the blesses but then the other names because
shemaith uh he’s fighting Paulo Costa and shamaya was to get a you know super
impressive uh win and kind of blow it out of the water
against Costa a very tough opponent all of a sudden his name’s in the mix
but interestingly the boss said no
maybe he didn’t say no but he just said maybe the rematch if he wants it is he because
and and he brought up the point I’m bringing up he said he just came off
an emotional High and beating Pereira beating the way that
he did and now he may not have been basically right so he’s he’s thinking the same
thing that I was thinking and I don’t know if it’s going to be that for me as a train if you ask me what
and then I could ask me because he’s got good people around him like Eugene who’s
a tremendous trainer tremendous human being but for me I might want to just give him
some time off I wanna I might want to just give him some time while he’s still gonna get this shot he’ll get it
um but give him some time off physically mentally emotionally you know
he’s been very active like I said he’s gone he’s gone to the he’s gone to Mount Everest when you come off Mount Everest
you know what you you need to give your lungs a chance to to kind of stabilize you know really
you really do your mind everything yeah you gotta give yourself a chance to kind
of settle in again and maybe he needs that um I’ll go through the breakdown real
quick as far as first round very important when you’re an underdog
to have a good first round build confidence bang right out of the shoot what does Strickland do he wins the
first round um and the funny thing is even watching we’re waiting for the other shoe to drop
we were like ah that don’t matter is you get it going now right didn’t you think that way Ken like it don’t matter is he
gonna get it going now and then the next one yeah he’s gonna go and then finally we got to a point is he ain’t getting it going
except that’s exactly right I was like man he’s letting this get pretty far along like one of the things O’Malley
mentioned is I don’t worry about rounds I’m just trying to win the fight and and I was like all right man whenever you’re
ready let’s get it going come the fourth round you’re like dude now you have to knock him out and I don’t see anything
to indicate that you’re gonna get to him the way you’ve been it’s been going interesting interesting very and so
first round okay second round Izzy uh he wins around for me because of his length
and his speed um so he wins it but then strickler wins
every other round he he wins the third the fourth and the fifth and again not
just Chuck that’s just an upset that he won but that he won in such a dominant way
um and you know again I’ll repeat what I said early
when I tweeted out with my the best tweeting team in the world
right Rob Brennan Ian all those guys thank you
always thank you even when I don’t say it I’m saying it I’m thinking it
um funny thing when I tweeted this out I I said it at the top I thought back to
the other day when and like you say you know sometimes Strickland says these nutty things and uh I was thinking
people were saying he’s crazy I was he’s crazy like a fox so you know I mean I
like it yeah at the look at the end of the day um we’ll see what’s next for fancy I know I
wish him a new two he’s been on the show a couple times nothing but well uh it’s
one of our favorite people consider him like I like poorie another member of the broadcast he’s a champion certain guys
come here enough yeah when you’re a champion that that doesn’t go away because that goes beyond Talent physical
talent that goes to character that goes to you know those kind of substances and so he’s got
that so you know at the end of the day obviously um he’ll be fine
um I as far as
Strickland now you know what he what he what he
does next um you know whether it’s a rematch or not
if it is a rematch and like I said already I thought that maybe history should take some rest but if it was
rematch because it could go either way um Strickland you know
can do what I always talk about the old time is set he improves 30 with the
title as Leon Edwards did with another Superstar at the time right uh he did it
with uzban um Edwards did and he’s great he’s been on a show you gotta love that guy his
temperament everything about him uh uh you know he did it with uzban after
he upset Usman in that title fight uh he got better he in the rematch you saw it
he did improve whether it was 30 percent or 25 whatever but he did get better
um or it could go where is he you know corrects the mistakes and
revigorates himself uh with this challenge you know to get his title back
the same way he did with Pereira you know that that he took after that
um so you know uh to I didn’t enter
I think to elaborate on the comment that Dana White made saying is she deserved a
rematch and talking of a scenario where emotionally after the Pereira fight
where is he won back his title that is he may have or mostly not been quite right
um the way I said it maybe it is the right word for terminology
you may have looked a little drained and I don’t mean drained necessarily
physically but emotionally um you know and again taking a lot away
from Strickland who was 100 prepared uh for the opportunity took the title
um you know but again whether it’s in Combat Sports or boxing or football uh
you know I said it before like my son would always say those sandwich games
those sandwich fights uh they they they could give you indigestion put it that
way um so I guess
uh I guess everybody would be wondering what’s next uh I thought both men I
wanted a I wanted to say that uh both men handled themselves I thought
very well I don’t care what Strickland said before and what he says so I get it
but as far as now and at that moment
I thought both men handled themselves very well and classy uh after is he for
you know in defeat even though he didn’t want to be there he showed up at the post-fight
press conference uh he was gracious he was a little you know he got out of
there he didn’t he didn’t stay a long time but he showed up and it was gracious and Strickland
he behaved not only in the Octagon Like A Champion but he’d behaved Like A Champion right
afterwards by sending a beautiful message to all people to basically have
a dream no matter where you come from or that you what you’ve been through in
life have a dream and work hard don’t believe what you may hear others say to
knock you you know he’s he’s been he has saved himself he’d say I I was like
nothing um and he didn’t think nothing of himself at that time and he said you
know basically don’t listen to what others say to knock you believe what you
hear inside of yourself in your heart and go out there and allow yourself to prove people wrong and and
yourself right and he was so he was just so gracious and right when he said that this belt
that I hold right now doesn’t Define me and who I am what I do does and what I
believe does uh as great as all these Fighters are and the Champions they are
it’s when they take the time to help make others better that’s when they’re really at their
greatest as far as I’m concerned and Strickland gave credit to MMA for giving
them a purpose and Direction he otherwise would never have had
I’ve seen boxing do the same thing uh and and it’s to save
I’ve seen boxes save lives quite frankly and Strickland said it MMA saved my life
I’ve like I said I’ve seen it in boxing where it takes kids with nothing inside
of them other than sometimes quite frankly um doubt
and sometimes hate even hate for themselves and it gives them Direction purpose uh of reason to like themselves
and even feel proud of themselves and confidence that they could be something
other than as Strickland said nothing because that’s how many of these these lost kids
feel in their environment that they have nothing that they don’t count and boxing
MMA other sports can make them realize that they do count
that they can light themselves and even depend on themselves it allows these kids to have a chance to be what they
were supposed to be counted successful
and good people winners um I just wanted to finish with that uh
the the thing I add to it it’s the exact reason why my charity Foundation
for 10 years funded three boxing gyms in at-risk areas tough areas where
sometimes there’s not enough fathers um but beautiful people
needy people that deserve to to get help in those kind of ways
um even smart kids that some people think they’re not smart but they’re brilliant
and how do I know that because when I opened these gyms up
and we funded them the foundation funded them for 10 years and of course of about
a hundred thousand a year and we stopped after 10 years uh uh I thought we did
our share but we the reason I say they’re brilliant
well a lot of these kids didn’t go to school they found out of school they quit school so Teddy how are you saying
they’re smart because when we put forward the way we did boxing where
we had I created three rules in those gyms one you had to bring a report card to
get in no no charge we paid for everything two you had to pull your pants up no
second it’s a sign right up there no problem sign no second respect yourself and respect others and if you don’t
understand how maybe you’re not respecting someone else you know sometimes they say to a kid um how would you feel if somebody came
here with their backside showing in front of your mother’s sister I I wouldn’t let that happen well
then don’t be letting it happen don’t be letting it happen with yourself
and the fight is the kids the older ones they would be right in line with that
message because they understood right in line with the younger kids yeah you can’t do
that come on you gotta get better son so and the third rule was my Foundation
paid a little extra money for a certified teacher to be there five days a week where you
had to go into the computer room little tiny room where you got tutored
and you had to go in there one day a week to make sure you’re doing okay in school
if you didn’t you couldn’t come in the gym that was the Carrick and that’s why I saved we
found out how smart they were because the the marks went up all of a sudden they became smarter boxing made them
smarter I don’t think so I don’t think so what made him smarter Teddy
interest that boxing gave them a reason to take interest in something they had no
interest in before and I think these are the programs that should be run in our
cities now programs like that instead of spending zillions of dollars and nothing
gets done nothing gets helped you still get the same damn problems so anyway
I’m not patting myself on the back we don’t do it no more uh but we did not share I’m I’m we didn’t do any more than
other people until we we did our part uh and there’s plenty of good places out there that do great things
but for for me the greatest success we we
had world champions come out of those gyms we had Olympians we had I don’t know hundreds of Golden Glove Champions
that came out of that gym those gyms but that was for me that
wasn’t a success I’ll be honest I’ve been blessed I’ve had a few Champs I’ve been lucky that wasn’t a success you
know it’s a success I’m going to mention two and that’s the importance of what I’m
talking about why boxing is important why MMA is important why these things are important for these kids
we had a girl that was living in a car in Brooklyn with her mother
you know what she is now Ken where the United States Navy
wow that’s the that’s it right there I almost get emotional as I talk about it
that’s it right there that’s it right there we are also had another beautiful
kid I think was about 14 years old 15 years old and he was
you know a lot of these kids had no fathers nothing but this kid had a family a beautiful family goes to show
you that it could come anywhere and he was hanging out with idiots out in the street they call
themselves whatever gang bangers whatever the hanging out and he was
from what I was explained at the time he was living that life and drinking a
bottle of vodka a day can you imagine 15 years old no and you know the family
threw him out good family they they threw him out of the house came to the gym
he dropped out of school came to the gym back in school
got his GED got a job boxed didn’t become a world champion
but became a champion person so that’s that that I wanted to finish with that
um that’s what I liked about Sean Strickland the most I can forgive a lot of things that you know maybe he says a
little whatever but for me that’s what it that’s what he represented to me when
he won that title and when he took the time to send out that message to other
kids out there to me that’s when it was the great it wasn’t in the in the third and a fourth
in the fifth round it was right there that he was he was a champion anyway
that’s that’s my take on it kid the last thing before we sign off I
can’t believe we didn’t touch on it we had a lot of excitement today with the Strickland in it with the Strickland sorry with the uh Sean O’Malley
interview which will be up Thursday if you’re listening please tune in Thursday for the Sean O’Malley interview it’s excellent uh but we didn’t touch on
before we sign off NFL underway College in full swing Texas upsets Alabama
Patriots and the Giants get handed else to start the week so not the best week
for us but are you on the Jets now the Jets might have something going with um Aaron Rodgers tonight against Buffalo
although I don’t think Buffalo is the way you want to start the season what do you think I love Aaron Rodgers I just
love him I love them I do I love them as a person obviously as a generational Talent
um one of the greatest quarterbacks ever uh but you know at 40 what is he 41 42 you
you don’t know yeah you just don’t know I mean Tom Brady spoiled us all doing it
to the degree that he did it at the level he did it to the age that he did it but then it comes a time you don’t
know when that time is going to come I hope it don’t come for a while for the New York fans and parent because like I
said I appreciate Aaron Rodgers a lot um for the way he stands up for certain things
um you know uh things you touched on even earlier that that you know he wasn’t afraid to say what he what he
believed in even when he knew a certain sect of of society would go after him or
whatever so I appreciate that um and I appreciate him on the field I think they’re connected I think when
you’re strong off the field and you have the strength to stand up for certain things that are not easy or convenient
or comfortable that you have to straight in the field or wherever it is that you
happen to make a living um that that same strength goes with you or doesn’t go with you
um and it’ll show up sooner or later in a good way or in a bare way but the only
thing I could say about these poor New York Jet fans is that
every year is their year until it’s not
I I hope I hope I’m wrong I I think I’m Mark Darrow one of my sons Anthony
D’Angelo my sons best friends couple of his best friends
um since he was a kid and Mark Darrow was one of those guys that you know he
um he’s wearing green and Jet stuff you know on Saturday all right on Saturday
and his kids are wearing it to bed in pajamas you know what I mean and then as
always the year as always the Year my son is blessed he has good kids whipless because he’s got good friends I should
say so yeah every year so and you know what I hope that they don’t break Mark Daryl
and Anthony D’Angelo’s heart again uh because I know that would upset my son it would upset me a little bit a little
bit um but well they’re in tough this week Buffalo tough one yeah this is their
yeah they’re supposed to go all the way but my my son tells me that they got a
really good defense they got Aaron Rodgers obviously they got some good weapons but the one thing that you got
to be a little concerned about that offensive line that offensive line you know it’s hard to believe that they
wouldn’t secure that offensive I guess they couldn’t but they wouldn’t secure that
offensive line if they could when you bring in a guy like Aaron Rodgers you would think that okay let’s secure the
offensive line right we’re bringing Aaron Rodgers in um you know but uh
well we’ll see it’ll be interesting only saving great only saving grace
tonight is that they’re at home unfortunately they’re facing yeah that’s a tough one Monday my bad quack man is picking Buffalo
crack man Bill krackenberger if you guys don’t know him you know he’s probably one of the best uh Sports uh
handicappers out there uh you know uh he he’s he’s he’s good at what he does he’s
got his show he’s got a podcast you know he’s in Vegas he does that um but uh he likes Buffalo
I Buffalo my minus two on the road yeah oddsmakers think these teams are pretty
evenly matched minus two usually three points is uh no matter what happens it can’t be as bad as what happened to the
Giants yesterday
they opened up a candle whoop you know what on them hey they opened up a can of
whoop yeah that’s a rough way to start the seasons
wow wow the only time you want to see these is
in the morning when you have eggs right I mean for those not watching I’m putting out
zero I’m putting a circle a circle yeah
circles two eggs two eggs over easy please these women even over easy they
were they were poached yep no no salt
jeez tough one well we’re underway it’s gonna be a slow couple weeks coming up but at the end of the week we’ll be here
every week per usual at the end of the month we got a big one Canelo Charlo
um that’s gonna be tough huh we’re gonna get into it as it gets close to us set it up but I’ll tell you right now
right now my friend good friend greatest lawyer one of the greatest sites in in the
world is all World court lawyer um Pedro Martinez Fargo I’ve talked
about him before he’s already told me ahead of time he says I’m telling you now
I’m I’m not saying that canelo’s gonna lose I’m picking him to win a split decision but he’s gonna have a tough
time you know what I agree with him I think that it’s going to be tougher than
people think not because Charlo is you know he hasn’t been active uh that
I’m not saying he’s the unbeatable he’s already lost it’s the smaller man he’s a
smaller guy the smaller Charlo that that he’s fighting because the bigger fellow you know wasn’t ready to fight yet
um I not because of but because Charlie’s good enough and and still
young enough to be able to Canelo who’s a really good
solid fighter no doubt about him I I should call him more than that I guess but I think he’s slipping
I see Canelo slipping I saw it in his
last fight he’s slipping you know it happens as you get older and
I think that could be a more interesting fight maybe because of that slippage
um I think it could be a little bit more interesting then people
then people think I want to do one quick thing to finish up before you do that
let me just tell everyone we will have a fight plan for um Charlo Canelo fight
coming up we’ll put that fight plan up to Thursday before that uh Canelo fight
so everyone can tune in we’ll have uh Canelo Charlo fight plan per usual Teddy now will be in the ring we’ll probably
be down at the Trinity Boxing Club in New York City and uh per usual deliver
the uh the goods and tell everyone what they should be looking for from each guy those always are a big hit all right
here comes my son-in-law and my best buddy in the whole world I have a few
best buddies my little grandson Teddy in Vegas and my granddaughter Mara and my new granddaughter Adeline but closed
this big show there’s been a big show Big Show we had to finish with a big star on this big show because we had a
big show today we’re talking about a big upset uh with a fighter named adesanya
and everything else but I figured no better way just got home from school no better way to close the show than
with my buddy who’s the next Superstar see we got an interview that’s going up
Thursday with O’Malley O’Malley’s the next Superstar you’re in MMA in UFC and
I think you’re the next superstar in the YouTube world so I just want to ask
Superstar and wrestle and wrestling and wrestling okay YouTube and YouTube
wrestling he’s been doing a lot of good wrestling just like just like his cousin Teddy is in Vegas doing a lot of good
they have wrestling matches matter of fact when they get together but let’s get to your YouTube channel now right
now and I’m gonna ask we got great fans out there they’re the best they’re
they’re the best I’m gonna ask them can you do me a little favor and a favor for
my buddy here can you subscribe to his YouTube channel you know can you can you
give us some of that can you give us a little of that love give give a little love so do you wanna you wanna tell them
a little something about your YouTube channel uh um it’s the name of it is Joseph and Mara
at 720 Joseph and Mara at seven I don’t
wear that 720 number come from your dad made it all right what what is
that oh Joseph put this there’s a little thing here that’s an ad right no it’s
just that’s it oh so it’s 27 20. okay sorry I
I had to prove once again I’m not very sophisticated when it comes to
technology and stuff can I put the headphones yes of course Joseph and Mara
2720 okay that’s that’s the YouTube that’s his YouTube Channel Please Subscribe
come see and he wants to talk to you real quick go ahead buddy what do you want to say to the people
hey Joseph how you doing nice to see you nice to see you
can you give them a quick example of what’s on what they’re gonna see on your YouTube you’re just starting to get
going you’re just starting to get going uh me at the bouncy house and
and me and the pool the pool out uh nice
yeah and uh
and me when I was for uh cleaning the table nice
and then good job what about Finance what’d you find yesterday what did you
dig up yesterday in a park you went on a treasure hunt with your sister yesterday and you and we found 36 diamonds
calm down I don’t want everybody running over here is that now I’m looking for diamonds we’ll win because we’re not
going to tell them where that where that locate don’t give them the location because we’ll get too many people here
yes and then they’ll take the dime then they’ll step on the mushroom and then
there’s no more nice yeah there was a there was a magical Mushroom in the woods where the diamonds were buried it
was an orange mushroom and they spawned the diamonds
we’re gonna find more diamonds but we got a lot of them uh yesterday okay you wanna you got anything else to say you
want to say goodbye to everyone I know well say goodbye and say bye and say
please come to my YouTube Channel please come to my YouTube channel And subscribe
This and like like And subscribe gotcha okay he knows how to say unlike wow that’s
that’s pretty good that’s pretty good all right well that was a good one that
was thorough we covered everything including the YouTube channel so um guys thanks for being with us
appreciate everyone as always please like And subscribe to the videos it helps us a tremendous amount and we’ll
be back next week thanks Teddy thank you for enduring me
I appreciate this all it’s all good that’s what we do have a good week