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Stephanie Egger, a formidable Swiss mixed martial artist, has made a name for herself in the world of MMA. Born on August 12, 1988, Egger competes in the Bantamweight division of the prestigious Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). With a background in Judo and a black belt in the discipline, Egger’s grappling skills are second to none.

Hailing from St. Gallen, Switzerland, Egger began her Judo training at the tender age of five. Her dedication and talent propelled her to win the 2010 European U23 Championships and become a multiple-time Swiss Judo champion.

In 2015, Stephanie Egger transitioned to mixed martial arts, where she has since amassed a professional record of 8 wins and 4 losses. Known for her well-rounded skill set, Egger has secured victories through knockout, submission, and decision.

Early Career and UFC Debut

Stephanie Egger had a successful start to her MMA career after transitioning from Judo to mixed martial arts. In her early bouts, she showcased her skills and finished her opponents in the first round. This impressive performance caught the attention of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), leading to her debut on October 11, 2020, at UFC Fight Night: Moraes vs. Sandhagen.

For her UFC debut, Egger faced Tracy Cortez, a tough competitor in the Bantamweight division. Although Egger put up a valiant effort, she ultimately lost the fight via unanimous decision. Despite the setback, her performance highlighted her resilience and toughness, proving that she belongs amongst the elite fighters in the UFC.

Notable Victories

Stephanie Egger has achieved noteworthy victories throughout her career, showcasing her skill and determination in the octagon. One remarkable win came against Shanna Young on October 2, 2021, at UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Walker. Egger displayed her striking abilities in this bout and secured a technical knockout victory in the second round. It was a testament to her growth as a mixed martial artist.

Another impressive triumph for Egger was against Jessica-Rose Clark on February 19, 2022, at UFC Fight Night: Walker vs. Hill. Utilizing her grappling prowess, Egger dominated the fight and won by an armbar submission in the first round. This victory not only showcased her technical skills but also earned her the well-deserved Performance of the Night bonus.

Notable Victories:

  • Shanna Young – TKO victory at UFC Fight Night: Santos vs. Walker
  • Jessica-Rose Clark – Submission victory (armbar) at UFC Fight Night: Walker vs. Hill

UFC Record and Recent Fights

Since joining the UFC, Stephanie Egger has had a mixed record in her fights. On August 6, 2022, at UFC on ESPN: Santos vs. Hill, Egger faced Mayra Bueno Silva. Unfortunately, she suffered a submission loss via armbar in the first round of the fight.

However, Egger didn’t let the setback define her. She returned to the octagon on September 3, 2022, at UFC Fight Night: Gane vs. Tuivasa, ready to prove herself once again. This time, she faced Ailin Perez and showcased her skills with a rear-naked choke submission in the second round, securing a victory.

In her most recent fight on April 29, 2023, at UFC on ESPN: Song vs. Simon, Egger faced Irina Alekseeva. Unfortunately, she faced another submission loss, this time via kneebar in the first round. Despite this recent setback, Egger remains determined and focused on her journey in the UFC.

Grappling Accomplishments

Stephanie Egger’s skill in grappling extends beyond the realm of mixed martial arts. Her achievements in various grappling tournaments highlight her expertise and technique. One notable accomplishment is her victory in the prestigious Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) European Championship in 2016. Competing in the +60 kg category, Egger displayed her grappling prowess against top-level opponents and emerged as the champion. This triumph served as a testament to her dedication, skill, and ability to execute effective grappling techniques.

In addition to her success in the ADCC European Championship, Egger also participated in the 2019 ADCC World Championships. During this highly competitive event, she faced off against renowned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner Gabi Garcia. Although Egger did not secure the victory, her ability to hold her own against such a formidable opponent further solidified her reputation as a formidable grappler.

Other Notable Information

In addition to Stephanie Egger’s successful career in mixed martial arts, she possesses a notable background in Judo. Having started training in Judo at a young age, she achieved the rank of black belt in the discipline. Egger’s Judo skills have undoubtedly contributed to her success in mixed martial arts, particularly in her grappling and takedown defense. Her ability to utilize Judo techniques and leverage her opponent’s movements has set her apart in the Bantamweight division.

Egger is affiliated with Buddy Gym, which serves as her training base. This gym provides her with a supportive and conducive environment to hone her skills and constantly improve as a mixed martial artist. With access to top-notch training facilities and a team of experienced coaches and training partners, Egger has been able to refine her techniques and stay at the forefront of the sport.

The combination of Egger’s Judo background and her dedication to training has resulted in a well-rounded skill set in the octagon. Her ability to seamlessly blend striking and grappling techniques makes her a formidable opponent for anyone in the Bantamweight division. As she continues to evolve as a fighter, Egger’s Judo foundation remains a key component of her overall game plan.

Personal Life and Work

Stephanie Egger’s life extends beyond the confines of the Octagon. When she’s not training or preparing for fights, she actively participates in her family-run restaurant in Berneck, Switzerland. This commitment to both her fighting career and her family’s business showcases her strong work ethic and ability to balance multiple responsibilities.

Egger’s involvement in the restaurant not only highlights her versatility but also demonstrates her dedication to her roots. She brings the same discipline and determination from her fighting career to her work at the restaurant, ensuring that she excels in both arenas. This commitment is a testament to her unwavering work ethic and her ability to find fulfillment in various aspects of her life.

“Working at the restaurant has taught me the importance of hard work and perseverance,” Egger shared. “It’s a constant reminder that success doesn’t come without dedication and sacrifice. I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to my family’s business while pursuing my dreams as a professional fighter.”

As Egger continues to excel in the UFC, her ability to balance her personal and professional life sets her apart. Her work at the restaurant not only showcases her commitment to her family but also serves as a grounding force, keeping her connected to her roots. With her strong work ethic and unwavering determination, Egger is poised to make waves in and out of the Octagon.