Sorry Merab, But ‘Chito’ Rematch Will ‘Make The Most Money’

Sugar Sean O’Malley is campaigning for a rematch against Marlon Vera, claiming that it will be more lucrative than a matchup with Merab Dvalishvili. O’Malley believes that a rematch with Vera has the potential to bring in higher earnings and wants to explain why. It seems that Vera and the backstory that accompanies him could lead to a bigger payday for O’Malley. In addition, O’Malley expressed his belief that Aljamain Sterling is a superior fighter to Dvalishvili and confidently states that he can knock him out. With all these factors in mind, O’Malley believes that a rematch with Vera is the next logical fight for him.

The first fight between O’Malley and Vera was controversial, and O’Malley is eager to get that win back. He feels that the outcome of their initial encounter was clouded by controversy and wants to rectify that in a rematch. As O’Malley waits for the UFC’s decision on his next opponent, he remains hopeful that the organization recognizes the significance of a rematch with Vera for both financial gain and personal redemption.

Stay tuned as the UFC is expected to make a decision regarding Sean O’Malley’s next opponent in the coming weeks. O’Malley’s ranking, record, and age showcase his readiness for the next challenge and his determination to prove himself in the octagon. Will a rematch with Marlon Vera be the fight that catapults O’Malley to new heights? Only time will tell.

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The Controversial First Fight and the Backstory with Vera

The first fight between Sean O’Malley and Marlon Vera was filled with drama and controversy, leading to a desire for a rematch between the two opponents. This matchup took place on August 15, 2020, at UFC 252. It was a highly anticipated bantamweight bout that had both fighters eager to prove their skills inside the octagon.

Throughout the fight, O’Malley displayed his striking prowess, landing precise and powerful shots. However, in the first round, an unfortunate injury occurred. O’Malley suffered a foot injury, causing him to lose mobility and ultimately leading to Vera’s victory via TKO. This turn of events sparked intense discussions and debates among fans and critics alike, questioning the legitimacy of the outcome.

The controversy surrounding their first encounter has fueled O’Malley’s desire for a rematch. He wants the opportunity to prove himself against Vera once again, with the hope of rectifying the previous loss. O’Malley believes that this rematch will be an opportunity to showcase his abilities without any injuries hindering his performance.

As O’Malley continues to rise through the ranks of the UFC, his desire for a rematch with Vera stems not only from the controversial outcome but also from the backstory between the two fighters. O’Malley and Vera have engaged in a war of words outside the octagon, heightening the anticipation and making the rematch all the more enticing.

O’Malley vs. VeraAugust 15, 2020Vera wins via TKO

O’Malley’s Opinion on Dvalishvili and Sterling

Sean O’Malley holds the belief that Aljamain Sterling is a more formidable opponent than Merab Dvalishvili, and he is confident in his ability to secure a knockout victory against him. While O’Malley acknowledges Dvalishvili’s skills, he believes that Sterling’s overall fighting style and record make him a more significant challenge.

O’Malley’s confidence in facing Sterling stems from his own impressive record. With a record of X wins and X losses, O’Malley has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the octagon. His remarkable footwork, striking ability, and unorthodox techniques have earned him a reputation as a rising star in the UFC.

To further back his claim, O’Malley points to his previous victories, showcasing his ability to finish fights in spectacular fashion. His knockout victories over opponents such as Eddie Wineland and Thomas Almeida have solidified his position as a dangerous threat in the bantamweight division.

The Next Logical Fight for O’Malley

Sean O’Malley firmly believes that a rematch against Marlon Vera is the next logical step in his UFC career, driven by a desire to rectify the controversial loss and generate substantial earnings. O’Malley has openly expressed his belief that a fight with Vera carries more financial potential than a matchup against Merab Dvalishvili.

“Vera brings a lot of backstory with him, and that can lead to a bigger payday,” O’Malley said. “I want to avenge that loss and show the world what I’m capable of.”

O’Malley’s confidence extends beyond his desire for a rematch with Vera. He believes that Aljamain Sterling, currently ranked higher than Dvalishvili, is a superior fighter. O’Malley has expressed his certainty in his ability to knock Sterling out, further solidifying his conviction that a fight with Vera is the next logical step for his UFC career.

The first fight between O’Malley and Vera was shrouded in controversy, leading O’Malley to feel that he was denied a victory that was rightfully his. The desire to set the record straight and emerge victorious against Vera serves as a strong motivation for O’Malley, making the rematch a priority for him.


Sean O’Malley’s pursuit of a rematch with Marlon Vera reflects his understanding of the financial potential and personal significance attached to their previous fight, while his opinions on Dvalishvili and Sterling showcase his confidence and determination moving forward in the UFC.

O’Malley believes that facing Vera again has the potential to bring in higher earnings, as their first fight was marked by controversy and left fans wanting more. The backstory between O’Malley and Vera adds an extra layer of intrigue, making it a marketable matchup. O’Malley’s understanding of the business side of MMA is evident as he pushes for a fight that will not only satisfy his desire for redemption but also maximize his financial gain.

Additionally, O’Malley is vocal about his belief that Aljamain Sterling is a superior fighter to Merab Dvalishvili. He expresses confidence that he has the skills to knock out Sterling, further showcasing his determination to face top-ranked opponents and prove himself in the Octagon. Despite his young age, O’Malley’s record and ranking demonstrate that he is a rising star in the sport and ready to take on formidable challengers.

In summary, O’Malley’s pursuit of a rematch with Vera and his opinions on Dvalishvili and Sterling highlight his ambition and confidence as a fighter. He understands the financial implications of his choices and is eager to rectify the controversial outcome of his previous bout. Fans and the UFC alike are eagerly awaiting the final decision on O’Malley’s next opponent, eager to witness his next exciting chapter in the octagon.

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