Sean Strickland Teammate Chris Curtis: Dricus Du Plessis Broke The Timeline | The MMA Hour


In a recent interview on The MMA Hour, Sean Strickland’s teammate, Chris Curtis, discussed Strickland’s fighting style and his upcoming title defense. Curtis also shared his thoughts on potential opponents for Strickland and how he believes Strickland will celebrate his victory. Additionally, Curtis talked about his own injury and future plans in the sport. Let’s dive into the details of the interview.

Strickland’s Fighting Style and Title Defense

Curtis began by discussing Strickland’s fighting style and how it can confuse his opponents. He mentioned that Strickland often throws jabs that get blocked, but then follows up with powerful strikes that catch his opponents off guard. Curtis noted that many fighters struggle to continue their combos after being interrupted, and Strickland takes advantage of this. He emphasized that Strickland’s style has been consistent throughout his career, and people should not be surprised by it.

Potential Opponents for Strickland

When it comes to potential opponents for Strickland’s first title defense, Curtis mentioned a few names. He expressed his desire to see Strickland fight Paulo Costa, as there has been some beef between them in the past. Curtis believes that Strickland would enjoy that fight and really wanted to beat Costa. However, he also mentioned other contenders like Derek Brunson and the winner of the Hamza Chimaev vs. Li Jingliang fight. Curtis admitted that he hadn’t given it much thought yet and was still digesting the fact that Strickland is now the welterweight middleweight champion.

Strickland’s Celebration Plans

Curtis shared some insights into how Strickland plans to celebrate his victory. He mentioned that Strickland is not one for big parties or clubs. Instead, he joked that Strickland would probably show up at the gym and everyone would be like, “kickball.” Curtis also mentioned that Strickland has a big sweet tooth, so he expects there to be plenty of sweets involved in the celebration. He even speculated that Strickland might stop by In-N-Out for some burgers, as it is one of his favorite fast-food chains.

Strickland’s Self-Awareness and Limitations

Curtis praised Strickland for his self-awareness and understanding of his limitations as a human being. He mentioned that Strickland doesn’t drink and avoids situations where people are drinking and acting foolishly. Curtis explained that Strickland’s patience wears thin in such situations, and he doesn’t want to put himself in a position where he might end up in trouble. Curtis commended Strickland for knowing himself well and making choices that align with his values and personality.

Curtis’ Injury and Future Plans

Curtis discussed his recent injury, clarifying that it was not Ian Gary’s fault. He explained that he had already injured his rib the day before while wrestling and decided to spar regardless. Curtis mentioned that he had been receiving stem cell treatments to aid in his recovery and that he was feeling better. He expressed his excitement to get back to training and mentioned that he would be grappling for the first time since his injury. Curtis also revealed that he and his partner are expecting a child in October, which may affect his fighting schedule. He mentioned the possibility of fighting in December but acknowledged that his priority is his growing family.


In this interview, Chris Curtis provided insights into Sean Strickland’s fighting style, potential opponents for his title defense, and his celebration plans. Curtis also discussed his own injury and future plans in the sport. It is clear that both Curtis and Strickland have a deep understanding of themselves as fighters and prioritize their well-being and happiness outside of the octagon. As fans eagerly await Strickland’s next move, it is evident that the Sean Strickland era has begun in the world of MMA.

is the action man Chris Curtis kind
enough to join us to talk about what
transpired on Saturday can you we’re
sitting here Chris saying like I can’t
believe it how do you put this into the
world how do you put this into words
have you even digested this yet like is
this real to you it was it was weird
because it was like for like two days
I’m gonna be waking up like man we’re in
a world where Sean’s Champion hey baby I
woke up today and it hit me I was like
I’m never gonna hear the end of this
they hit me today like I am never gonna
hear the end of this like it’s hot we
have an argument he’s just sit the belt
down like well Kurt let me tell you
something I’m like oh it’s I’m never
gonna hear the freaking end of this but
uh you know what he he earned it he he
freaking earned that right and uh it’s
just it’s crazy man it’s really cool to
see like I think he’s should be landing
here sometime uh this evening so I’m
looking forward to that but like what a
you know what thank you dreikas dreikas
broke the timeline by beating Robert
Whittaker and everything has gone crazy
since then so good job Drake is he like
Snapped his fingers the timeline broke
and now here we are okay so I I’m just
curious like going into the fight now
you can tell us in retrospect your level
of confidence did you think he could get
this done I don’t know like when he
talks about it I don’t even know if he
thought that he could do it like this
right like this one-sided beat down what
were you thinking and feeling going into
the fight
I do like here’s the thing I’ve always
said like Sean is probably the toughest
human being that I’ve met like when it
comes to fighting like I’ve I love
fighting like he’s probably the only
person I genuinely know who enjoys
fighting more than I do
I knew he could win this fight I didn’t
think he would make it look that easy I
don’t think he thought he would make it
look that easy like I got we knew we all
knew he could win we’re like Sean’s you
know he’s tough as Nails he’s patient
he’s you know he’s aggressive he’s you
know he’s trying he can he can do this
he’s gotta make it an ugly war and get
Izzy to you know like fight a dumb fight
no one ever thought that he would like
out kickbox Izzy anyway I’m watching and
I’m like this is not what you trained
but oh my God but like you know
uh hats off guys to uh Danny Davis uh
from extreme Couture is uh one of the
fighters there she could have stepped
into a coaching role a lot lately big
tall lanky guy he put a lot of time and
effort into getting Sean to like check
low kicks finally
and uh hand fight a little bit more and
man that paid off so like shout out to
Danny like a big part of that like
smarter Sean Strickland was Danny Davis
uh putting time and effort in so like
that paid off so well that that is great
Insight I appreciate that you you said
that um when you’re watching you’re like
man this isn’t what you train for but
you’re pulling it off what were they
training for
uh honestly this like the pressure yeah
but like we really hoped
yes not one takedown Chris not one
really I mean look at Sean like watching
Sean Spar like whatever he was just like
he would shoot but he was still just
kickboxing people fighting like Sean so
like you knew I was gonna be a part of
it but you’re hoping like okay he mixed
in wrestling make it you know hard drag
him down wear them out and everybody’s
like is he gonna wrestle I was like he’s
trained to wrestle but like it’s Sean so
he’s gonna get in there and I said it a
while ago somewhere I gotta find it I
was like if I go in there and have
kickboxing match and lo and behold he
went in there and he freaking won a
kickboxing match against Izzy like I
don’t think anyone saw that coming what
was his Vibe like you know it wasn’t a
Long training camp right I mean the
fight was announced the month before and
then he gets Australia and I was saying
like I was blown away at how he owned
the week he seemed so comfortable the
fans were showering him with praise he
was the baby face going into the fight
who saw that coming he’s walking around
on a bed with a girlfriend he’s entering
the arena or the girl where who was this
guy like what was your take on his
demeanor going into the fight
Sean I mean he was going to win or lose
he knew that yeah he you I mean we all
know that you’re going to fight you’re
gonna win or lose but
honest to God like knowing Sean like he
as much as he was I know he has respect
for Izzy as a fighter he knew that like
I could go in here and get beat up but
as like a person and a man I don’t think
Sean has any respect for Izzy and you
see like that kind of come out during
the week to where he’s like I’m fighting
a man who’s not as tough as me one of
the best things about in fighting
especially when you get in there and you
know you’re fighting a dude who’s like
not as hard as a person as you you’re
like okay like you can be good but like
when I beat on you how long are you
gonna be good so it was kind of cool to
see that week uh KJ was there with him
and you know she she’s uh people always
give people always give me credit like
oh you helped change Sean like nah man
like she she’s uh turned Sean to a
different animal it’s not even bad but
she’s like definitely uh made him kind
of Step Up the person he was which is
really cool and I’m glad she was there
during this week and it’s just he he
knew this was his time and he treated
the week like it was his time and he
fought like it was his time so sometimes
things just come together and you’re in
your moment and I think he found his
Moment by the way you know I was talking
about all the theories as to why he
performed so well why Izzy didn’t Etc I
feel like the unsung hero of the week is
this woman can you tell us about like
his last fight was he dating this I feel
like she’s The Missing Link you see him
he’s doing the he’s holding hands with
her he’s doing like the nose thingy with
her he’s like in love maybe that’s what
he needed he needed to soften up a
little bit she’s been around for a while
now and uh nah man she’s she’s probably
the greatest thing that’s happened to
him since I’ve known him like I’ve known
Sean I’ve seen him uh date a few times
it’s never been anything quite like this
so uh
uh as as a trite as it is you know
there’s nothing changes the man like
quite like a woman so uh there’s that
motivation so hey you got the woman you
love on your arm and you got UFC belt on
the other like he’s uh he’s winning life
right now were you surprised at how much
the Australian fans loved them
no it’s Australia like this is a country
that was foreign like a colony of
criminals who were like you know what
screw it we’re gonna go build our own
thing we’re gonna like everybody threw
us out we’re gonna say screw you guys
we’re gonna build our own [ __ ] I have no
there’s no surprise in my mind they
loved him so much anyway this is the
super Australian story like people kind
of counted you out and you said screw it
and you went and did something great so
I have no I was like not people like oh
I can’t believe Australia loves them I’m
like bro like he’s probably the most
Australian dude there
like you know you guys don’t think I’m
anything but why watch what I do so I
have no no surprise at all I saw you
were doing the stream with uh Jen’s
Pulver and the crew over there on UFC
Fight Pass and your reaction that first
round when he dropped is he oh man it
was amazing somebody sent me that today
I was like oh [ __ ] can you describe what
was going on in your mind when you saw
that unfold
it’s so like here’s the thing man if you
don’t realize like Sean actually hits
hard it’s not like she’s gonna knock you
out one punch hard but like it’s it’s
enough budding to where it stuns you so
when he went when Izzy went down I’m
like okay he’s down he’s Landing shots
and I’m like part of me is like oh my
God if you finish easy in one round like
the the World’s Gonna implode and like
you know it’s you’re excited and it’s
crazy but then I’m like you know you got
to remember the Ferrera fight and I’m
like kind of like bro like don’t don’t
take a bad risk here so it’s it’s really
you’re kind of like going like win the
fight win the fight but man please don’t
screw up here like don’t screw up here
and it’s crazy because I’ve never seen
one someone bad a thousand like that and
he just did everything right I don’t
think he made a mistake that fight the
only thing that you could say is I heard
Eric Nixon say like yo can we get some
takedowns that’s the only thing he
didn’t listen to the rest was phenomenal
once again Eric nixik being like the
freaking one of the greatest coaches
I’ve ever witnessed man uh you ever hear
him say like you know even Laura senko
pointed out I’ve got in trouble for this
as well he’s telling us like hey man
like don’t don’t look at the state
charmer like you you can’t fall for the
stage armor Izzy’s one of those guys
where he’ll use a lot of movement and
thanks to kind of lure you into that
like what I don’t want to go do you go
and Eric called him on it he’s like hey
man like we didn’t come here lose the
decision like don’t don’t fall for the
state charmer like keep doing you Sean
listened he reacted and like you know
Eric Eric’s freaking great Eric’s one of
the best coaches I’ve ever met my entire
life I’m glad he’s getting the shine
that uh he is now because
fighting’s hard especially when you
think you’re doing well even when you’re
doing well you can be doing something
better you just don’t see it sometimes
and Eric’s got a really good way to
motivate you to like hey man like this
is the fight we need and you’re like
okay yes sir let’s go hats off to Eric I
was beautiful to watch him work and I
said like a great coach needs to know
how to speak to all his students
Fighters play if you know if the
difference more like differently right
like you need to speak in their language
like he maybe doesn’t speak to Francis
the way in which he would speak to Sean
right does he speak to you like he
speaks to Sean because we they kept
going back to him in between rounds and
I was like this is I was getting fired
up listening to him I can’t imagine how
sean was feeling
Eric has a universal ability to fire you
up like he I mean so Eric comes from a
football background initially and you
can tell like even even your corner he
kind of has that football mentality
still which honestly like he might just
played football like you understand like
you understand that fire up that coaches
fire up but he did you know he’ll he’ll
talk to everybody differently but
through all of that the Common Thread is
Eric is that guy in your corner who’s
gonna make you want to fight harder like
he’ll be calm he’ll talk he’ll laugh but
when it’s time to go Eric will tell you
it’s time to go so he’s really learned
how to like approach everyone in the way
that works for them but at the same time
like Eric’s always 100 energy he’s he’s
having fun in the corner as much fun as
you have him fighting he’s having that
much fun in the corner watching it like
uh don’t let Eric Foyle you guys Eric
enjoys fighting he likes the violence
and when he’s in the corner he’s having
he’s probably having a time of his life
more than most people there you know
it’s always hard to to gauge these
things like was the performance because
of what Mr X did or what Mr y didn’t do
how much of that fight was is he not
showing up in your opinion was it all
Sean is that not fair it is he is that
not fair to Sean like what is your take
on that because clearly you could say
like that wasn’t the Izzy that we’ve
seen in the last few fights that was
that was the same easy here’s the thing
okay like God I sound like Sean I know
you guys
here’s the thing guys so let me shot for
a second if you watch Sean’s fart on
anybody it goes very similar to that
especially like I’ve been we’ve been
chill like it’s like seven years now
I’ve seen him fight a bunch of people
like spot a bunch of people
you can get better fighting against Sean
but every time someone has their first
like rounds with Sean it goes exactly
this way where people are like what the
hell is going on so since everybody’s
like oh Izzy looked off I’ve seen this a
thousand times like Shawn’s that you can
get better at fighting him but when you
initially run into him you are just
confused because I always laugh
everything he does is like on paper
wrong like you’re just like it’s not the
way you’re supposed to move it but like
he moves weird he throws weird he goes
from like he Kung Fu blocks he shuts it
like he’s really good at shutting down
the things you’re supposed to be good at
but you hear at one point is he say I
can’t find my jab it’s hard to find her
jab against Sean because he creates so
much random traffic with his jab or when
you start jabbing he’s pairing weird
he’s Kung Fu blocking and most Combat
Sports especially the kickboxing boxing
everything’s predated off of what your
jab right everything sets up a good job
so when he just takes that away from you
like no it’s not there you can’t out jab
Sean like he’s gonna win that battle
he’s either going to counter you or just
make your jab pointless and look at Izzy
is he throwing Jabs he’s getting his arm
blocked up high a few times he throwing
sharks backed his arm up and away
it makes you second guess because like
most people
aren’t great at once you know say I go
one one two once I go one one two I
touch with the jab jab I know I’m
touching my cross right if I go jab and
you just Parry my jab away a lot of
people stop the combo I just had this
type of people a few days ago people
aren’t great at continuing combos once
they’ve been interrupted and Sean
interrupts everything so I’ve seen
people have this same like what the
hell’s going on every time they show up
they squash on it first I’ve seen it
happen for years so all the [ __ ]
about is you look different like no you
look confused like I look confused and
like everyone else looks confused when
they spare Sean because you’re like what
are you doing so like no that’s
is always going to be whatever but like
no that’s [ __ ] I’ve seen this happen
for seven years and like no this is what
he does okay so like people want to take
his flowers for everyone like no man
give the man his flowers he went out
there and he fought like him
who would you like to see him fight in
his first title defense
not Izzy like how many times can you get
a instant rematch she’s like holy [ __ ]
[ __ ] I don’t know I dude I even thought
about it like you’ve got trick us out
there you’ve got the winner of Hamza
Apollo you’ve got Izzy Jared Cannon here
flew all the way there honestly I want
to see him fight Paul though because I
know they had beef like I know him and
Paulo had these and I know Sean really
wanted to fight Paulo so I think that
would be fun I think Sean would really
enjoyed that fight like he really wanted
to beat Apollo like there was some uh
talk going on there and Pablo found a
reason not to fight so I think he really
I think it’d be fun to fight Apollo but
I don’t know man I haven’t even thought
about it yet like right now I’m still
kind of digesting the fact that we live
in a timeline with Sean Strickland’s
welterweight middleweight champion how
do you think Sean will celebrate like
like what are the plans what are you
guys doing he said like I’m just gonna
show up to the gym and everyone’s gonna
be like kickball I bet you 10 bucks he
goes in and out on his way back he’s
gonna stop it in and out he’s gonna get
burgers like we’ve had I ate it out it’s
not great I don’t know why he loves it
he’s gonna get in and out he’s gonna
have a table full of cookies she’ll
probably make him sweets because like
they do what after he fights he is like
the biggest sweet tooth ever so it’s in
and out in like sugar that’s it that’s a
celebration no clubs no no partying no
nothing I’ve never seen Sean go to I’ve
never seen Sean Parker never really
she’s not his thing uh hats off to him
he’s well aware of his limitations as a
human his limitations with people so
like if you put him in a situation where
Sean doesn’t drink he put him in a
situation where other people were
drinking and acting stupid you can kind
of see his patience like you can visibly
see his patients wear down so instead of
going to jail he doesn’t put himself in
that situation so he knows himself
really well so yeah I can’t imagine Sean
party imagine maybe maybe go boat get on
a boat and go somewhere I don’t know
imagine a world where Sean Strickland is
defending his title at UFC 300 in the
main event
but it’s freaking badass to see man like
it’s it’s just great man like the entire
world counted them out and uh we knew we
could do it and I think you know he had
doubt I think in his heart I think he
knew that he can do this because he’s
just a man
uh and you know he caught a lot of [ __ ]
after the prayer fight but
hats off the shot hit change who he was
he didn’t change you know that’s why I
say like can I cuss sure go ahead yeah
hey [ __ ] a lot of you people because a
lot of you people gave him so much [ __ ]
for the prayer fight and oh he can’t do
this he can’t do this his style sucks
[ __ ] all of you because he went out and
once again the easier way would have
been the smart way would have been the
wrestle right and he [ __ ] went out
and he did it his way so like somebody
edited this that [ __ ] video of Sean
in that fight I want Frank Sinatra in
the background my way somebody do that
for me please because [ __ ] all of you
guys that told him he doesn’t know what
he’s doing like he went out and he did
it his way yeah he absolutely did uh do
you think he actually spars tomorrow
yes yes
there’s no Spar tomorrow like just
because what else is he gonna do have
you talked to him
uh I talked to him after the fight yeah
I talked to him Eric everybody we talked
into the fight and uh he should be
flying but he should be landing tonight
at some point what was that conversation
like when you first talked to him
he was he was kind of like all right man
like it’s kind of I don’t think it’s set
in yet but like he was like Champions
he’s just kind of like lack of days
before like yeah man it’s weird and uh
I’m guessing like once he woke up Sunday
or I guess today for him it uh it
probably said in a little bit more so
I’ll talk to him when he gets back but
like crazy he he seemed just kind of
like out not out of it but it hadn’t
settled in yet yeah you know like bro
you’re the best guy in the world right
if you are undeniably the best guy in
the world right now
what about you unfortunately you uh you
got injured recently
Ian Gary I think responsible someone
well so was it was it so let’s just
clear something out okay
like the day before that I had wrestled
and I had taken uh I took somebody down
I took a knee to the chest when I took
him down he’s landed weird so it was
kind of weird it felt kind of odd and I
was like whatever I’ll deal with it so
Ian happened to land a kick we were
sparring it bounced off my elbow and it
just hit that bottom rib that I heard
earlier and it just completely separated
the rear and it like tore all the
cartilage in my chest so like wasn’t
Ian’s fault like I probably shouldn’t
have sparred but I wouldn’t be I wanted
to help out and that was not Ian’s fault
guys like he was really great guys good
at sparring really controlled it was
just a freak accident that’s probably
already a little hurt wasn’t it okay
like he got some [ __ ] over that it
wasn’t me
um how are you feeling
oh I’m better man uh UFC insurance plan
I got like stem cells in the chest like
twice a week for like three weeks so I’m
feeling better been sitting around in my
ass for like six weeks she’s kind of
resting so it’s the first time I’ve
really like in a few years I’ve just
kind of had time off so
I feel good man I’m gonna start practice
again today I’ve been sparring a little
bit here and there I can’t I’ve been
afraid to Grapple So today we’re gonna
grapple the first time uh see how it
feels hopefully I’m good to get back
into it because my life is really empty
when I can’t train and uh yeah it’s not
great for mental health so hopefully uh
I get to get back into it today does
does something like Saturday’s result
like does that give you Newfound I don’t
know confidence adrenaline like you feel
like that like [ __ ] why can’t it happen
to me right like what I’m not too far
away from this a year confidence
confidence no so for me like I’m like
I’m happy as I am I’m like well now I’ve
got to do more because I can’t let the
Gap keep widening because at one point I
felt like I could fight him on even
ground and now I’m like the gaps
widening so I’m like well I can’t uh I
don’t want to be ordering lowball like I
don’t want to be on a mobile tools
Connor so uh yeah that’s not it’s not my
goal in life so for me you know it
definitely lights a fire under my ass to
where it’s like okay I’ve got to make
some changes and get things different
because uh
as much as I love him I refuse to be art
of love I can’t do that so uh you know
we’re making some changes uh what do you
mean by changes
uh we’re we’ve been looking at maybe 170
next year going back to welterweight I’m
not I’ve never been a middleweight and
uh it’s it’s hard man it’s it’s really
hard fighting just Giants to where I’ve
always been shorter but like now when
you get close to somebody everyone’s
like got 30 pounds on me so I’m like oh
this sucks so maybe uh maybe go back to
170 or uh maybe it makes me change the
85 just not sure yet so but yeah man
it’s uh
I probably I may fight in December hope
maybe but we’ve got a kid on the way so
it’s kind of like this kind of uh yeah
October so schedules kind of uh
congratulations right now thank you I’m
looking forward to it it’s uh it’s
interesting like I waited 17 years uh 16
years between kids so I’m like all right
what a time to start over I was almost
done wow yeah right what a time yeah I
was almost done yeah my son’s 16 yeah
now you’re rewinding the tape
my mom laughs at me like what were you
thinking I don’t know like I wasn’t bad
I don’t know but it’ll be fun I’m
excited so maybe I’ll fight in December
if all goes well and then uh next year
you start looking at making some big
changes okay wow and uh what about the
next episode of the podcast I mean now
oh my God
this is going to be
I can’t
you guys so like waking up today my like
one of my first thoughts was like man
we have no idea that hell that’s gonna
be Unleashed upon us because Sean’s
always been like a cocky dick but now he
has the irrefutable proof that his
Cockiness and like shot he’s like so
even the way he trains like we argue
about the way he changed but now he’s
gonna be like well the way I trained
it’s got me a world championship so now
I’m like I have no leg to stand on right
now and I’m like oh I’m just like I woke
up rubbing my eyes like God damn it
yeah so this podcast should be fun
um you know whatever’s up for it we’ll
do that that should be interesting but
like uh yeah I’m never gonna hit the end
of this and yeah now you guys won’t
either so congratulations welcome to my
health I love that you keep saying you
guys like uh like he does it’s amazing
speak like this
we uh it’s weird I think we’ve slowly
like have begun to bleed into the same
person I don’t know if that’s good for
me or bad but
but um I don’t know he lives across he
lives next door to me so you spend that
much time around somebody interacting
you kind of picked up on habits
do you believe do you believe him when
he says this doesn’t make me happy he
said that at the press conference
yeah I almost say here’s the thing
so I I I’m gonna argue that was mine
before he took it from me but when you
look at it I I’ve lost I’ve when I’ve
lost fights before like my losing a
fight is very different than Sean losing
a fight when I lose a fight it’s like
you know it’s like somebody killed a
family member for me like I am
distraught like I’m going through
everything trying to figure it out Sean
is not that way Sean will be salty for a
little bit and then he completely moves
on and we’ve had talks about this and
he’s like one of your problems is is
that you don’t accept it it’s just it’s
just a job it’s just a fight there’s
he’s someone who firmly believes as much
as he loves fighting Sean as
even as much as he loves fighting he
loves his life outside of fighting and
that’s something that he’s getting he’s
gotten on me about is like I need to
have a better life outside of fighting
I I think he’s entirely being honest
about that like I think it’s a
validation for him but I don’t think
that’s gonna be
like something that should know defines
happiness for him like no does it
validate him yeah happiness do I think
Sean’s happiness is like with this lady
on a boat eating burgers like that’s
what makes him happy like shooting guns
into the air like that’s that’s Sean’s
happiness so
as much as people think he’s an idiot I
think he’s done a better job than most
at figuring out Life as a fighter
tremendous Insight really appreciate
this Chris uh get well soon hopefully
we’ll see you back in there congrats to
you and the team thank you for coming on
as always appreciate it and enjoy I
appreciate it guys it’ll be in in uh if
you’ll be partaking with the in and out
enjoy that later
I appreciate it guys you know I just
want to say welcome to the Sean
Strickland era okay explore the [ __ ]
thanks Chris all the best to you there
he is Chris Curtis welcome to the Sean
Strickland era we had the machid era we
have the O’Malley era now we have the uh
Sean Strickland era thanks for watching
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