guys how exciting is this history was
made this past weekend at UFC 292 in
Boston we have a special guest here too
digest and uh look back at a totally
historic night in MMA history coach Tim
Welch thank you so much for taking your
time out of your super busy week I I
imagine there’s a bunch of stuff
happening for you this week after that
massive massive moment we saw here on
Sunday afternoon in Australia and
Saturday night in the US gotta Kick this
off by asking you this man how’s it
feeling right now that it’s kind of sunk
in it’s been just over 48 hours or so
that Shawn’s the new Undisputed champion
of the bantamweight division
yeah it really is starting to sink in
it’s pretty crazy going to the gym and
seeing that UFC belt and uh now knowing
knowing that we have a Target on our
back though pretty much the the real
hard work and discipline it starts now
because now is going to be the the Hard
Road but we’re super super pumped we’re
gonna have a proper celebration this
Saturday to celebrate the belt and uh
yeah I mean he freaking earned it I
still still can’t believe it and just so
have you had a chance to sit back and
sort of appreciate the work yet
yeah after the fight we didn’t get done
he had two about two hours of media
right after the fight so we got back to
the hotel room at about 2 30 closer to
three and we just sat up till 6 30 uh 6
30 a.m smoked a joint ate some pizza
watched the fight and just talked about
it and let it soak in a bit
what was it like like
you sitting there I imagine like that’s
the crazy thing right you have such such
a like the high of highs right that
moment celebration in the media and then
it’s almost like you’re in the hotel
room just a couple of guys eating pizza
you know doing regular things and that
belt’s probably just sitting there
staring at you guys what was that moment
of almost like realization and letting
it all sink in like man we did it
after all these years we did it
yeah it was it’s so wild just I mean I
was going through a lot of stress too
because I couldn’t train Sean for that
fight how I wanted to how I knew I could
I know I could properly get him prepared
with the takedown defense with uh
developing his guard
um but we literally had to just focus on
what we could control and that was just
mitts and striking and and good footwork
and just keeping the distance and when
he gets close to the fence being so
creative and so juky with his eyes and
his the little subtle faints people
don’t even see on TV and it really froze
up Al Joe and I think aljo is used to
being about two three feet apart from a
person but Sean’s a good four feet away
from you so it’s hard to set up a
takedown when you’re four feet away from
um so like I said we’re just focusing on
what we can control it was a stressful
week so to get back to the hotel and
that belt sitting there was just
probably just the biggest I can’t even
explain the emotions but a a big relief
for me that the fight was over and
that we took out that guy he’s such a
monster he’s such a beast of an athlete
so tricky what the most dangerous match
for us in the division easily because of
how big he is how strong he is and not
just how good of a wrestler he is how
good he is at Jiu Jitsu and uh knocked
him out in the second round couldn’t win
any better and still still in Cloud Nine
good unbelievable what so take us into
that environment like when sean gets
hurt and training camp we’ve had you
know that that’s and you’re like all
right he can’t really grapple I know
Sean said that for six weeks basically
he couldn’t really wrestle and you’re
going up against one of the best
wrestlers in the division a guy that’s
known for is grappling what goes through
your mind when you realize okay we’re
gonna have to edit this Camp we’re gonna
we’re gonna be able to do this aspect of
it and at any point did you think man
you know like maybe we should delay this
like maybe this isn’t maybe we should
come in at a little bit of a hundred
more percent situation than have to uh
have this big part of our game sort of
not be where it needs to be okay
uh yeah I mean I didn’t really really
mention it but that injury would have
caused probably 95 percent of people to
pull out but I I kind of was beating
around the bush a little bit but I just
was kind of getting his feel for it and
he was like no way there’s no way he’s
pulling out of the fight so I was like
well we can still do the air dying we
can still do ladder footwork drills we
can still hit mitts really hard
um we could do a lot of single leg
defense but we can’t really wrestle and
grapple but it could be worse people
there’s been Champions there’s been
people who’ve fought for the Bell or
that have fought with with worse
um the sparring wasn’t that great either
every time we were sparring we were
it was mostly kickboxing
um we only got a few sparring sessions
because the fight week and the weeks
before we didn’t want to inflame that
rib at all zero see so we weren’t even
gonna test it not even in the locker
room not even fight week we were just
gonna stay away from grappling and just
focus on the footwork and keep it in his
mind that if aljo takes you down you’re
dead you’re done
so that was kind of stuck in his mind
that isn’t that insane now like you guys
didn’t know how it was going to be until
Fight Night the fact I mean it makes
sense don’t don’t inflame the rib but
it’s also insane like going to that
fight having no idea what that’s going
to feel like
yeah for sure and we’re just trying to
not inflame it at all so in his mind
maybe he’s thinking it is okay and I was
trying to put in his mind too if that
thing pops out like just try to grit
through it it’s 25 minutes of one day
grit through it and tough it out uh but
we didn’t have to go there and he did an
excellent job on the on the fence when
aljo was up
um had a good shot on him he had a
wizard wrist control defending the
single leg like it was just such a
picture-perfect crazy moment in that
Arena that it’s hard to even explain it
seems like a dream or a movie
I remember when he tweeted out uh lady
into the fod that you that um Sean could
knock out Al Joe I needed to talk to us
about that you know he was having a good
training session that day and you would
have seen something in the training
session that prompted you to put it out
now that we’re getting a little bit more
context about the kind of training camp
that you guys had and the fact that you
would have had a lot of ups and downs in
this training camp I just want to sort
of go back to that moment was that the
moment where you were like all right
we can get this done in the way that it
happened this past weekend knockout and
that was it was there something in that
moment where you found that extra
confidence all right we don’t have 100
of the game plan that we might have
usually but I see something and Sean
here where I know he’s going to stop
yeah I mean we train with such good guys
we train with such good guys that know
Sean’s trick no Sean’s tricks and
they’ve sparred with him before and
still he’s hitting these guys clean on
the chin and I know they’re better
Strikers than aljo and watching all the
footage of aljo all the mistakes he
makes on his feet
um dropping his hands he sometimes he
gets some weird scrambles and starts
running away I know for a fact that he
could crack him and we knew the whole
time that he’s gonna hurt aljo
um but he ended up hurting him uh bad
and and putting him away so
that’s it that sequence
um the sort of pullback counter was that
something specifically that you guys
trained for how like how how heavy in
the Arsenal was that as far as like
fight ending or like you know
um things that you guys thought would be
very like sort of successful in the
fight yeah because we also just to add
to that we saw you guys had the footage
in the back and if you guys actually
literally drilling that sequence
uh that literally was probably the main
sequence we drilled all fight Camp I
love fight Camp try trying to bait him
in trying to bait him into Russian in
all of his fights
he starts in a southpaw position and he
walks forward with the left hand into an
opposite stance but the problem is if
you’re not good and you’re not
good enough with your range with that
there’s a point in that in that sequence
where your feet are squared up and sugar
floated perfectly out of the way uh we
thought we throughout that fight camp we
probably did the exact same sequence
with that right hand and me walking
forward with my left hand all over like
hundreds of times hundreds of times
I I know Sean admitted and I really like
this that he it’s the most nervous he’s
ever been and he sort of like gave Al
Joe his flowers I can’t imagine what it
would have been like for you man what
was going through your mind making that
walk knowing what you knew knowing what
we didn’t know at the time what was
going through your mind making that
entrance uh the the more more my nerves
were the week before the week fight week
and the week before that knowing what
we’re gonna go have to do but once the
the walk once they said walk and we
started walking uh a weird sense of
calmness I know how calm he is a weird
sense of calmness for me like whatever’s
gonna happen is going to happen so the
best the best thing to do right now is
focus on what we control and that’s
staying calm staying calm and giving him
the best advice I can right now and
let’s see if we can make it happen and
he he literally is a Michael Jordan type
athlete any time we’re playing different
games like we’re playing spike ball
we’re playing honey ball we’re playing
basketball we’re any games we’re playing
you want to give Sean The Rock he’s the
play maker and for him to knowing what’s
going on for him to go in that Arena how
electric it was and for him to just stay
present and calm and nasal breathed that
whole fight and make the greatest
bantamweight of all time look that bad
it’s like he’s he’s just an incredible
athlete dude it was phenomenal you would
have also gotten a little bit more
confidence after that first round right
in the corner did you feel a little bit
more at ease like knowing that Sean you
know stuff to take Downs did what he was
supposed to do
yeah I really did feel a little bit more
at ease because I I saw how much trouble
aljo was having cutting him off and I
knew I knew probably he’s going to come
out and take a little bit more of a risk
that second round uh and like I said
taking a risk against Sean that’s why he
froze up so many good guys like I said
every fight these last probably 13
fights every single one of them the game
plan is to put Sean on the cage cut him
off and put put him on the cage and you
don’t know how hard that is until you
actually Spar him and I saw how hard it
was for aljo that first round and I just
I got a big confidence boost after that
what’s gone through your mind when you
see that sequence land in the second
round you know it’s over before the ref
has to step in
uh yeah I mean I was nervous too because
we knew we were gonna hurt aljo and
we’ve talked about it all week when you
heard him we’re gonna stay super
composed you can stay super composed so
when he heard him and he was still
moving down there a little bit I was a
little bit nervous because I know he was
emptying a lot of his a lot of his uh
tank on putting him away but then once I
talked to aljo in the cage I could see
he wasn’t all there his eyes weren’t all
there uh Sean said he saw his eyes roll
back a couple times when he was uh
bouncing his head off the canvas and he
was bloodied up and it was a good a good
stoppage it really was
yeah because it was a bit of you know
there was a bit of algebraj in the old
social media Murad was saying that he
felt like it was stopped a bit earlier
what was your reaction when you saw some
of those people some of those reactions
yeah I saw all the reactions but I
didn’t see the reaction from algo I
don’t I don’t know if he said it was
stopped early but he he didn’t seem to
be complaining at all when that ref
pulled him off Sean he seemed to be like
thank God that’s over and you saw
it happen to Thomas Almeida Thomas
Almeida took some serious brain damage
got some a lot of swelling in his brain
and is he’s probably gonna have a CTE
from that fight so if they would have
kept let it going Let It Go who knows he
could have gotten knocked out cold worse
than Marlon Marias and that would have
been a bad bad night so it was a good
job by the ref in my opinion
a win like that I mean it really
couldn’t have gone any better right and
like the the injury in the background
kind of makes it even more
um just incredible for anyone prior that
thought you know what I’m just gonna
take Sean down and like that’ll be sort
of his Kryptonite similar to like with
Israel sort of earlier on in his career
what what kind of message do you think
this sends to everybody in the division
and like I think you you guys mentioned
like this is the hardest stylistic
matchup in the division going forward
what kind of message do you think this
sends to anybody else in the division
who thinks oh you know I’m just gonna uh
cut Sean off and you know try and take
him down I think if you got a real
special Striker like someone like Izzy
or Volk or these guys they see Sean and
they’re like wow like he is a problem
but then you have stupid people like
Henry sujudo and stuff that think
they’re just gonna go in there and kick
his legs and they’re gonna take him down
easy and uh that’s all you got to do is
just kick his legs and pressure them and
then uh I think marab too I I think that
might have put a little fear in morab
also because morab makes a lot of those
mistakes too yes he’s got a scary scary
gas tank he’s going to come forward the
whole time but he reaches and he does a
lot of bad stuff fundamentally too so
if that fight happens eventually he’ll
probably knock marab out too but I think
to to actual skilled Fighters that can
see it they they see how dangerous he is
I saw um sehuda he’s trying to call out
obviously Sean to fight what what are
you making of some of this campaign that
he’s sort of driving on social media
trying to get the fight with you guys
I mean I I would I would like to see the
fight I would like to see the fight but
it’s gonna be it’ll be sad for suhuto
because he’s got such a good Legacy he’s
got the two belts the Olympic champion
and now if he has to end his career
getting knocked out
cold by the kid with pink hair and now
he’s got to go into retirement and every
time he tweets something every time he
says something people are just gonna
flood flood it with uh him getting ko’d
yeah I don’t know we we offered on the
podcast too we could help see hudo he
could come to our gym and help him with
some footwork and stuff we could help
him with his help him with his tactics
maybe help him with his takedown defense
because when aljo put Henry on the cage
he took uh Henry down when the uh aljo
put sugar on the cage fresh he couldn’t
take sugar down so be open to help uh
help Henry with some of his skills wow
so there’s an open invitation right now
that stands right now Henry’s welcome to
come and learn some stuff from you guys
yeah I mean we could we could help him
out he’s a he’s a smaller guys could
help him out with his his techniques
um hey the other thing is and this is
obviously the wind was unbelievable the
way that it happened the story you guys
getting into the UFC your journey
together but the other thing is
not only does Sean have the title but
he’s got a great amount of challenges
for him and a lot of great fights that
people want to see which doesn’t always
happen because a lot of the times when
people win titles in the UFC they kind
of have to beat all the best contenders
to get there and then we struggle
finding good matchups for them people
are looking at the division right now
they’re looking at morab uh Cheeto
sanhagen sahudo maybe aljo if he comes
back and fights again and they’re
talking about this is one of the
toughest divisions toughest top sixes in
the UFC rankings right now what’s your
reaction to not only being in this
position where you guys have the title
but also being in this position where
there’s literally like so many different
fights that could be made that people
want to tune in for
yeah like I said I mean all jokes aside
all those guys are are killers like
Corey sanag and he’s a nightmare Cheetos
so durable tough he kicks really hard
Henry Sudo is a stud he can wrestle good
he’s he has great conditioning all these
guys are beasts and anything can happen
in fighting so in my mind right now I’m
just we’re gonna enjoy this week enjoy
this weekend but we got to get back to
work there’s still so much growth that
Sean can have he’s not near his
potential right now
um so there’s so much work we still have
to do and the hard works and discipline
really has to start now I’ve got to also
ask about algae obviously the guy is
super classy man the way that he handled
that loss and the way that he spoke at
the press conference was super inspiring
and adds to his legacy for sure but do
you think we see him fight Sean again in
a rematch down the line I know like he
said that he’s probably not going to be
moving to featherweight now he’s
probably not going to be fighting
Arsenal kanovski not going to be trying
to get that fight do you think he works
his way into another rematch with Sean
do you think that’s a rematch that goes
much differently
uh I mean potentially but maybe the UFC
looks at that and they’re like aljo was
probably going to move to 145 and and
looking at him in the cage I was like
damn this guy this guy’s big and strong
like strong
um so it’s it’s hard to say but he said
he is a great champion and he was so
humble it was hard for us to talk any
on aljo because we generally know
he’s probably a nice guy and we’d
probably be friends with him
um and he handled it like a champ I mean
if he put a get put together a win win
or something I wouldn’t be surprised if
they made it again potentially uh do I
think it’d be different I just don’t
truly I know everyone around him’s like
yeah the rematch rematch but in aljo’s
mind does he want the rematch I’m I’m
not sure because you get in front of
someone like Sean that you’ve never been
in front of someone like that and they
never made you feel like that uh you
might be hesitant to want to fight him
I’d love to see him on on the show man
on the timber sugar show I think that’d
be awesome I think that’ll be also sick
for him as well like to come on so soon
like after the loss and just kind of
like you know chatted up now that like
all the fight promotions done and in the
rear view don’t you think yeah my that’s
funny my girlfriend literally just said
that yesterday she’s like you should
have him on your podcast and just talk
about like his life and his routines
because like I said he seems like he’s
genuinely a good guy and the crowd the
crowd hates him and I think he tries to
put on this character and the crowd can
see that’s not really him and that’s why
he gets so much hate so I like that idea
and he probably would come on so that’d
be cool he’s a great dude I don’t know
him personally or anything but like the
few times we’ve spoken he is a great
um as for in terms of like what’s next
you reckon Cheeto most likely it seems
to be you you whispered something into
Sean’s ear when he was on the mic was
that sort of to call that Cheeto yeah I
messed up I met I messed up because he
he wanted to he wanted to call out
Javonte and get a big boxing match a big
boxing match with Javonte a big boxing
match with uh Floyd but I don’t know
he’ll probably sit down with the UFC and
just figure out what’s the biggest fight
to make right now what’s the biggest
fight what’s going to bring the most
numbers try to get on the Conor McGregor
um card and make some make some real
bread so yeah Javonte Davis man that
would be a crazy crazy crazy fight when
did you guys start thinking about
potentially getting that together
because that that could really be one of
the one of the big big pay-per-view
events of quite some time
that’s been that’s been in our mind for
probably three years or more three years
or more knowing that he’s going to want
a big boxing fight one day because Sean
can box he can box a lot of rounds he
has I think he’s
is he too no professional boxer with
might be 1-0 but with a nasty KO
um he can box and people are just think
we’re so stupid for saying that but if
he goes out there and he puts his hands
on gervante
and then people are just gonna be like
well yeah but it’s just like it’s never
ending with with people and how stupid
they are but uh I mean why not Javonte
is a little short dude Sean is an expert
at range and we know gervante is a
monster it would not be an easy fight
but give us four or five months to to
focus completely on boxing and uh I
think it’d be more competitive than
people think and is this something that
the UFC’s open to like have you heard
back from them obviously a huge huge
collab between them but uh we know
they’re also hesitant to uh collab with
other promotions
I mean if it makes sense for Dana and it
makes sense for to make a lot of money
then I’m sure they’ll be on board like
Sean has one of the best relationships
with the UFC they love him he loves them
um so whatever’s the best business deal
whatever’s going to be a huge huge fight
that people want to see they’ll they’ll
probably be interested in it hell yeah
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good time isn’t that right Dennis that’s
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afterwards where’s Ale House perfect
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Lifesaver another great one by the boys
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yeah that’s right big apps to fanzo uh
but Tim going back to you man and we’ll
let you go in a second but I’ve been
wanting to ask you this for a while just
because the the cheetah rematch is the
most likely um you know next one that’s
gonna happen and you guys would have had
a long time to sort of go over that
fight go over that first one and think
about it and see what you guys would do
differently I am curious what would you
guys most likely do differently and what
will be the the biggest sort of
Difference Maker
um if and when they finally have the
long way to rematch
uh yeah it would be in a big cage it
would be in a big cage and it would
probably look a lot it’s going to look a
lot similar to how Cheeto looked versus
Corey sandhagen Cheeto stands there
flat-footed he’s gonna I mean his
biggest weapon is he yeah he does kick
pretty hard he has hard shins so he’s
gonna kick hard but realistically over
five rounds
man he’s gonna have to really get lucky
again but again cheeto’s super tough
when we were definitely not going to
take him lightly and we’re going to
train for real as hard as we can for
Cheeto and prepare for a war against
that guy but
I I just I just really see Sean knocking
him out especially if that the same
Cheeto shows up that fought Pedro and
the same Cheeto shows up that fought
Corey sandhagen
um he’s gonna probably
it’s probably going to be a paint job
well I’ll tell you what man I’m excited
to be in the sugar air congratulations
again and by the way UFC throwing up the
fight on YouTube basically right after
it finishes and Instagram as well with
the Finish yeah that was crazy
yeah uh one of the me the guys that were
doing the social media back uh backstage
he said yeah Dana and the higher-ups
have never done this they said let it
rip throw it out there on everything who
cares let it rip so did they say why
I I don’t know probably just they they
know just all the social media
um all the influencers are behind Sean
all these people probably just to make
him more of a superstar
tell you what uh it’s like John Berthold
and the Bear right let it rip guys make
sure to follow Tim of course your
YouTube channel man check out all the
great content make sure to subscribe
we’ll have a link to Tim’s YouTube
channel in the description below of
course follow him on social media as
well at Tim Welch Mt man so much going
on for you guys so happy for you guys so
excited thanks so much for taking the
time Tim and enjoy those celebrations
man long overdue have a big one hey
thanks so much guys I’ll talk to you