Chris Weidman's Comeback: Ray Longo Admits Nervousness over Possible Leg Injury

As the UFC 292 approaches, the world of MMA is buzzing with anticipation, excitement, and, in some cases, apprehension. One of the most highly anticipated fights is the return of former middleweight champion, Chris Weidman, who is making his comeback after a two-year hiatus due to a catastrophic leg injury. However, Weidman’s return is not without its concerns, especially for his head coach, Ray Longo. In a recent interview, Longo admitted he was “a little nervous about the leg,” fearing that another injury could occur during the fight.

Overview of Chris Weidman’s return to UFC 292

Chris Weidman is slated to make his first Octagon walk in over two years at UFC 292. This will be his first fight since suffering a gruesome compound fracture of his right tibia and fibula during his rematch with Uriah Hall at UFC 261 in April 2021. Now, after a lengthy recovery and rehabilitation process, Weidman is set to square off against promotional veteran, Brad Tavares. This fight carries significant weight for Weidman’s career, as a win could signify a successful comeback and reignite his journey towards the championship.

Ray Longo’s admission of nervousness over Weidman’s leg injury

While the MMA community is eagerly awaiting Weidman’s return, his coach, Ray Longo, has voiced his concerns about the potential of another leg injury. In an interview with CBS Sports, Longo admitted, “I’m a little nervous. I’m nervous about the injury, because if he (Chris Weidman) fights the fight he wants to fight…It would kill me if he hurt that leg again.” This admission reflects not only the physical risks involved in Weidman’s return but also the emotional toll it has on his coaching staff. As we draw closer to UFC 292, it’s clear that Weidman’s fight carries more than just the usual stakes of an MMA match, but also the potential repercussions of his previous injury.

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Background of Chris Weidman’s Career

The road leading up to Chris Weidman’s return to the Octagon at UFC 292 is punctuated by triumphs and trials that have shaped the trajectory of his career. An understanding of this journey is integral to appreciating the significance of his comeback and the concerns his coach, Ray Longo, has raised about his leg.

Weidman’s Rise to the Middleweight Championship

Chris Weidman’s ascent to the top of the MMA world was nothing short of remarkable. A former collegiate wrestler, Weidman transitioned into MMA and quickly made his mark in the UFC. His technical prowess, combined with formidable strength and agility, propelled him to the pinnacle of the middleweight division. His crowning moment came when he dethroned the legendary Anderson Silva to become the undisputed middleweight champion. Weidman’s reign at the top was a testament to his skill, determination, and resilience.

The Devastating Leg Injury at UFC 261

However, Weidman’s career took a devastating turn at UFC 261. In a gruesome twist of fate, Weidman suffered a compound fracture of his right tibia and fibula within the first minute of his rematch with Uriah Hall. This marked one of the most horrific injuries in UFC history, eerily mirroring the infamous injury Silva suffered during his fight with Weidman. This incident sidelined Weidman, forcing him to take a hiatus from the sport he had dominated.

Weidman’s Recovery and Rehabilitation Process

Weidman’s road to recovery has been a grueling process, filled with physical therapy, surgeries, and the mental battle to overcome the trauma of his injury. Despite the odds, his determination to return to the Octagon never wavered. His resolve, coupled with an intensive rehabilitation program, has seen him make significant strides in his recovery. Now, more than two years after his injury, Weidman is set to make his eagerly anticipated return at UFC 292.

As we approach UFC 292, the spotlight is not only on Weidman’s physical readiness but also on the psychological aspect of his return. His coach, Ray Longo’s expression of nervousness over Weidman’s leg underscores the lingering concern about the potential risk of re-injury. Nevertheless, the upcoming fight against Brad Tavares offers Weidman an opportunity to showcase his resilience and determination, traits that have defined his career thus far.

Ray Longo’s Concerns for Weidman’s Return

A pivotal figure in Weidman’s career, coach Ray Longo’s apprehension about his student’s return to the Octagon is hard to ignore. Longo, who has been with Weidman through the highs of championship victories and the lows of debilitating injuries, is understandably anxious about the potential for another leg injury.

Longo’s Relationship with Weidman and His Role as His Coach

As Weidman’s head coach, Longo has played an instrumental role in his development as a fighter. From the striking prowess that earned Weidman the middleweight championship to the mental fortitude displayed during recovery, Longo’s influence is imprinted on Weidman’s fighting style. Their bond goes beyond the confines of the gym, making Longo’s concerns about Weidman’s leg more personal.

Longo’s Fears About Weidman’s Leg and Potential Re-injury

In an interview with CBS Sports, Longo admitted that he is “a little nervous about the leg.” Weidman’s catastrophic injury back in 2021 was a gruesome reminder of the risks involved in the sport. Despite assurances that Weidman’s leg is now akin to a “bionic leg,” the fear of re-injury is a legitimate concern for Longo. A potential setback could not only affect Weidman’s performance but also have lasting implications on his career.

Longo’s Perspective on Weidman’s Aggressive Fighting Style

Weidman’s aggressive approach to fights has been both a strength and a potential liability. His intent to throw “the hardest leg kick of his life” upon his return, as he revealed in an interview, is a testament to his combative spirit. However, this very determination also makes Longo apprehensive. The coach is understandably nervous about the prospect of Weidman suffering another leg injury, especially considering the severity of the previous one.

The upcoming fight at UFC 292 will be a significant test for Weidman, physically and mentally. Regardless of the outcome, one thing is certain: Ray Longo will be in Weidman’s corner, supporting him every step of the way.


Weidman’s Upcoming Fight at UFC 292

As the lights dim and the crowd roars, Chris Weidman will step back into the Octagon, marking his first fight since the gruesome leg injury he suffered in April 2021. The former middleweight champion will face off against Brad Tavares, a seasoned UFC veteran, at one of the most anticipated MMA events of the year, UFC 292.

Overview of Brad Tavares as an opponent

Brad Tavares, a notable name in the UFC middleweight division, is known for his striking skills and resilience in the octagon. Having competed in the UFC for over a decade, Tavares brings a wealth of experience and tenacity that could pose a significant challenge for Weidman. His strong stand-up game, combined with his fierce takedown defense, could potentially exploit any hesitations Weidman may have due to his previous injury.

The significance of this fight for Weidman’s career

This fight is more than just another bout for Weidman; it’s a testament to his resilience, a litmus test for his recovery, and a potential stepping stone back to the pinnacle of the middleweight division. A win against Tavares, a respected and experienced fighter, would certainly silence the doubts and bolster Weidman’s position within the division. However, a loss may raise questions about his future in the sport, making this one of the most critical fights of his career.

Potential impact of Weidman’s leg injury on the fight

Despite the confidence Weidman has shown in his recovery, the potential impact of his leg injury on the fight cannot be overlooked. Weidman’s coach, Ray Longo, has voiced his concerns about the possibility of reinjury, particularly if Weidman resorts to his aggressive fighting style and lands leg kicks. While Weidman’s leg may be healed physically, the mental hurdle of throwing kicks without fear of reinjury could be a significant factor in the fight.

As UFC 292 approaches, all eyes will be on Chris Weidman. Will he overcome the physical and mental challenges linked to his injury? Or will Brad Tavares capitalize on any signs of hesitation? Only time will tell. For now, we eagerly await the return of the former middleweight champion to the Octagon.

Betting Perspectives on Weidman’s Return

As UFC 292 looms, the buzz surrounding Chris Weidman’s return is palpable. It’s not just about the thrill of the fight – the betting world is also watching closely, evaluating odds, and making predictions.

Betting odds for Weidman’s fight against Tavares

In the world of MMA betting, the odds are constantly shifting, reflecting the latest news, developments, and speculations. So, where does that leave Weidman and his upcoming fight against Brad Tavares? Given Weidman’s two-year layoff and the severity of his leg injury, it’s reasonable to assume that the betting odds could lean towards Tavares. However, Weidman’s previous accomplishments and his determination to make a strong comeback could sway the odds back in his favor.

How Weidman’s leg injury might influence betting decisions

The severity of Weidman’s leg injury is a pivotal factor that could significantly influence betting decisions. In MMA, a leg injury could potentially limit a fighter’s offensive capabilities and mobility. Ray Longo’s admitted nervousness regarding Weidman’s leg further underscores these concerns. However, Weidman’s declaration that he plans to kick Tavares “as hard as he can” with his now “bionic leg” adds an element of unpredictability to the mix, making the betting scenario even more intriguing.

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As Weidman prepares to step back into the Octagon at UFC 292, the betting world waits in anticipation. Whether you’re placing a bet on Weidman or Tavares, remember to stay informed, analyze the odds, and make calculated decisions. After all, in the thrilling world of MMA betting, every punch, kick, and takedown could tip the odds in your favor.


The anxiousness that Ray Longo, Chris Weidman’s coach, expressed over Weidman’s UFC 292 return is a sentiment shared by many. After a catastrophic leg injury that had Weidman sidelined for over two years, the stakes are high. As much as the thrill of the fight draws us in, the risk of another injury to Weidman’s leg is a sobering thought.

The importance of Weidman’s return to the UFC cannot be overstated. His comeback signifies not just a personal victory, but also a testament to his perseverance, resilience, and unyielding spirit. For the UFC community, this is a reminder of the raw determination and grit that defines the sport.

From a betting perspective, Weidman’s return to the Octagon introduces a new layer of complexity. His leg injury could sway betting decisions, adding an element of uncertainty to the equation. However, this doesn’t diminish the excitement around his comeback. On the contrary, it heightens the anticipation, reminding us of the unpredictable nature of MMA.

As Chris Weidman prepares to face Brad Tavares at UFC 292, the narrative is far from simple. It’s a story of recovery, determination, and the will to overcome adversity. It’s a story of a fighter who refuses to be defined by his injuries, choosing instead to face his fears head-on in the Octagon. But above all else, it’s a story of a man who, despite the odds, is willing to risk it all for the love of the sport.

The risks associated with Weidman’s comeback are real and could have serious implications. But the potential rewards, both for Weidman and the UFC community, are immense. As fight night draws nearer, we stand in anticipation, hopeful for a triumphant return and mindful of the challenges that lie ahead.