Rafael Fiziev is 'GUARANTEED' to Win?!

In this article, we’ll be discussing the recent conversation between Sal and Jared on their podcast. They cover a range of topics, including potential matchups, recent fights, and their predictions for the upcoming UFC Vegas 79 event featuring Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot. Let’s dive into the highlights of their conversation.

Potential Matchups

Sal and Jared start off by discussing potential matchups in the UFC. They mention that they believe Ilya Toporiya has the potential to become a champion and suggest a fight between him and Yair Rodriguez. Sal is enthusiastic about this matchup and suggests booking it for UFC 300. Jared agrees and expresses his excitement for the fight.

They also discuss the possibility of a rematch between Bryan Battle and Jared Fletcher, as their previous fight didn’t go as planned. Sal believes that if Yair Rodriguez wins his next fight, a rematch with Bryan Battle would make sense.

Derek Brunson’s Departure

Sal informs Jared that Derek Brunson has been cut from the UFC. He explains that Brunson had a fight scheduled against Roman Delizze but pulled out, leading to his release from the promotion. Sal reflects on Brunson’s career, describing it as “weird” but acknowledging his talent. He mentions Brunson’s win over Anderson Silva, which he considers one of the worst robberies in UFC history.

Jared expresses surprise at the news, as he was unaware of Brunson’s departure. Sal concludes by saying goodbye to Brunson and noting that there’s only room for one Derek in the UFC, referring to Derrick Lewis.

Impressive Performances and Potential Champions

Sal and Jared discuss recent impressive performances in the UFC. They mention Roman Kopylov’s dominant win over Josh Fremd, with Sal predicting that Kopylov will become a champion. Jared agrees, noting that Kopylov’s performance was brutal despite facing lower-level competition.

They also discuss Marina Rodriguez’s upcoming fight against Michelle Waterson. Sal mentions that Rodriguez was once in title talks but has since fallen off. However, he believes that Rodriguez will easily win this fight against Waterson.

Predictions for UFC Vegas 79

Sal and Jared share their predictions for the upcoming UFC Vegas 79 event. They quickly go through the main card fights, offering their picks for each matchup:

  • Ricardo Ramos vs Charles Jourdain: Jared picks Charles Jourdain.
  • Brian Battle vs AJ Fletcher: Both Sal and Jared pick Brian Battle.
  • Marina Rodriguez vs Michelle Waterson: Both Sal and Jared pick Marina Rodriguez.
  • Bryce Mitchell vs Dan Ige: Jared picks Bryce Mitchell.
  • Rafael Fiziev vs Mateusz Gamrot: Both Sal and Jared pick Rafael Fiziev.

They end the conversation by joking about their potential interviews with Dana White and expressing their gratitude for each other’s company.


In this podcast episode, Sal and Jared discuss various topics related to the UFC. They cover potential matchups, reflect on Derek Brun son’s departure from the promotion, highlight impressive performances, and share their predictions for the upcoming UFC Vegas 79 event. Sal and Jared provide their insights and opinions on each topic, creating an engaging and entertaining conversation for their listeners.

It’s always interesting to hear the perspectives of passionate UFC fans like Sal and Jared. Their knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport shine through in their discussions. Whether they’re discussing potential matchups or sharing their predictions, their banter keeps the conversation lively and engaging.

As the podcast comes to a close, Sal and Jared express their gratitude for each other’s company and joke about their potential interviews with Dana White. Their camaraderie and humor add a personal touch to the episode, making it enjoyable for listeners.

Overall, this podcast episode provides an entertaining and informative discussion about the UFC. Sal and Jared’s insights, predictions, and banter make it a must-listen for any UFC fan. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and follow their podcast for more exciting content like this.

[Jared]: Salvador Garcia. What’s going on my friend? [sal]: What’s up, brother? How you [Jared]: I [sal]: doing? [Jared]: didn’t even say your name. I said, Salvador Garcia.
[sal]: It [Jared]: We [sal]: counts. [Jared]: got Salvador. Dude, how are you? How are you after a beautiful. UFC Noche. How are
[Jared]: you after [sal]: I like, [Jared]: this weekend? [sal]: I like how you switched it. UFC no chain. [Jared]: No cha UFC. [sal]: Yeah.
[Jared]: Whatever. I couldn’t hear it again. I was so over it. I was really over all of
[Jared]: it. Honestly. [sal]: Yeah it was a little corny. I think they could have done it a little more legit but
[sal]: you know whatever they threw it together last minute. [Jared]: The thing is, I just want to know why. I guess the whole time I’m just like, they
[Jared]: don’t do it for any other countries independence. Like why? [sal]: Um…
[Jared]: Why? [sal]: I mean, I guess because of like, you know, at least in boxing, Mexican,
[Jared]: Yeah, [sal]: Mexicans go deep, you know what I mean? And Canelo [Jared]: for sure. [sal]: usually fights [Jared]: For [sal]: on Independence Day. [Jared]: the scene. OK, so this is marketing. This is just marketing.
[sal]: Yeah. And I think this was the only, this is the first one in a while that he hasn’t [sal]: fought on. So I guess they wanted to take
[Jared]: You know, [sal]: the spot. [Jared]: if we, if this is what we need to do to be able to get Brennan Moreno doing commentary,
[Jared]: then that’s fine because that was the best two fight commentary I’ve ever heard. [sal]: Yeah.
[Jared]: And dude, that he can’t do that anymore.
[sal]: What do you mean? [Jared]: He can’t go back to the desk. [sal]: Why?
[Jared]: Um, because he talks too fast. [sal]: Oh, you’re being sarcastic. I got you. I got you.
[Jared]: Yeah, he talks way too fast, dude. [sal]: I thought he was fine. I think he just sounded nervous. And you know, he’s [Jared]: Hehehehe [sal]: even said it like English is not his first language.
[Jared]: Okay, don’t make me out to be the asshole. I’m just the guy trying to [sal]: I didn’t [Jared]: pay [sal]: mind. [Jared]: attention pay attention to some fights here
[sal]: I thought it was better than Dominic Cruz, so I was alright. [Jared]: No way Dom’s good Dom say Dom takes a cerebral approach
[sal]: Yeah, I [Jared]: Na, [sal]: was, [Jared]: dude. [sal]: you know, I’d rather [Jared]: Duh. [sal]: Michael Bisping, you know, your favorite. [Jared]: I would rather bizbing than Brandon Moreno.
[sal]: Wow. [Jared]: Yeah. [sal]: It’s big news, big news. Ha [Jared]: This is very big news. [sal]: ha.
[Jared]: Did you enjoy the fights? [sal]: Yeah, I thought it was a good card. I think the last, you know, the energy kind of
[sal]: dropped out on the last two. I mean, I take that back on the co-main. I think the [sal]: energy kind of dropped. The Shivchenko fight was pretty awesome. But, um.
[Jared]: That fight could have gone either way, man. The Kevin Hollen fight. It’s just because
[Jared]: you [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: want it to be something like fireworks and you want it to be everything that it has
[Jared]: potential to be. But at the same time, it’s always, there’s always that chance it’s [Jared]: just going to be a boring strategic thing.
[sal]: Or even just like a little bit definitive, like it was pretty up in the air. You could [sal]: honestly give it to either guy and have solid points.
[Jared]: Yeah, [sal]: Um, [Jared]: which is not what you want [sal]: no. [Jared]: with either one of those guys. [sal]: No, you know, but they’ll move on. I think it’s better than it’s better for at least
[sal]: Holland taking the loss to be like, you know. I didn’t get wooed by this prospect or [sal]: whatever. It was pretty competitive.
[Jared]: Right. You know, my thing is like, I want, you know, Jack to climb the ranking
[Jared]: and knock out Ian Gary, but my, my fear is Ian could beat Jack.
[sal]: Well, [Jared]: Which is like, which is really hard for me to say. [sal]: I have something written down that I guess ties into this because I wanted to bring
[sal]: up what potential hype trains are there right now that could get fraud checked in the [sal]: near future.
[Jared]: Well, [sal]: And [Jared]: I [sal]: I [Jared]: like [sal]: think, [Jared]: that. You wrote this? [sal]: yeah, hype train fraud check. [Jared]: That’s very professional.
[sal]: And I think that it could be Ian Gary versus JDM next.
[Jared]: Yeah, [sal]: I think. [Jared]: but right now based off of Jack’s last two performances, I feel like Ian could win.
[sal]: I don’t know. I don’t think so. I think that’s the, I think the boxing is pure enough [sal]: that it’ll break through because in has been clipped very frequently.
[Jared]: but he’s the striker of the future. Ha ha ha.
[sal]: I See look I kind of remember the name of this guy, but it was the The Asian dude
[sal]: he fought the [Jared]: Yeah. [sal]: one right before the he clipped him hard like [Jared]: Right, but nothing happened. He recovered [sal]: But I’m saying
[Jared]: and… [sal]: if you can get clipped from that guy Cannot can on song Who I mean no disrespect,
[sal]: you know the guy can hit hard but still I think if JDM is able to really get there
[sal]: in the range and box him up then Kevin Hollen’s hard to hit for anybody. I think Wonderboy [sal]: is the only one who’s made it look easy and that’s because it’s wonderboy. I mean that’s
[sal]: you know the kicks were the big difference. [Jared]: Um, all right. So throw out some other names here.
[sal]: Other hype training fraud checks? [Jared]: Yeah. [sal]: I think Bo’ Nickel could very well get fraud checked next fight.
[Jared]: Is that considered fraud check though? Because he’s only had four fights. [sal]: Yeah, that’s technically what it is. Like if they get matched up with anyone like
[sal]: semi good and they get destroyed or something, then. [Jared]: So you don’t think Bo-nickel is good?
[sal]: No, I think he’s good. I think he’s got good ability, but we haven’t seen against any [sal]: like decent competition. You know what I mean? He’s
[Jared]: Yeah, [sal]: he’s [Jared]: but [sal]: looked [Jared]: it’s… [sal]: good against what he’s supposed to look good at. So [Jared]: Yeah, [sal]: there’s no real
[Jared]: but now he’s knocked out a dude, and now Raul’s knocked out a dude, so it’s not [Jared]: like they just have this grappling wrestling thing going on. They got hands too.
[sal]: Yeah, but even like even
[sal]: Raul’s win over J-Parrion is more credible than like what Bonocu has done to this point.
[Jared]: I don’t know, that last guy Bo-nickel fought was pretty good, man.
[sal]: The… [Jared]: Uh… [sal]: the… the long guy. The long carry guy.
[Jared]: That’s rude. That guy’s a fighter. [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: That guy’s [sal]: But, [Jared]: a fighter. [sal]: uh, I think he could get checked next. I think Patty Pimley, I, I like Patty Pimley,
[Jared]: Oh [sal]: but [Jared]: come [sal]: I definitely [Jared]: on, [sal]: think [Jared]: he’s already [sal]: if you, [Jared]: been checked. [sal]: not technically, not like someone just went in there and just whooped him. Like he
[sal]: had a close fight with Jared. [Jared]: Yeah. But that’s Jared Gordon. [sal]: Exactly. So it’s like whatever.
[Jared]: Mm-hmm. [sal]: But um, but now they’re talking about like him, Moe Kahn on these bigger matchups.
[sal]: I think that’s somewhere where he could uh, Get hurt [Jared]: Did you hear Moekano on Believe U Me? [sal]: No.
[Jared]: Dude. [sal]: Is it good? [Jared]: Yeah, I feel a little bit like you and I started this Moekano social media train.
[Jared]: Cause like, I think we were one of his first interviews. Like, I think we were, [Jared]: I mean, cause he, at that point he didn’t even have a channel. So if you go back
[sal]: No. [Jared]: like a year ago, like he is his pre-Moekano’s channel. He wasn’t, I mean, this was right
[Jared]: after the Moekano Wants Money. He really wasn’t. I remember when we did that interview, [Jared]: because I was like looking up other Moicano interviews and then like he went on
[Jared]: aerial, but like there wasn’t like [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: a bunch of people hitting up Moicano for interviews. [sal]: Well no, he had never been that vocal before, like he had put on good
[Jared]: Dude, [sal]: fights but… [Jared]: dude, he is so vocal now. It’s awesome. [sal]: Yeah. Haha. [Jared]: It’s crazy. [sal]: His [Jared]: It’s, [sal]: Twitter’s [Jared]: it’s a [sal]: the [Jared]: literally [sal]: best.
[Jared]: dude, but he is, he was talking to Bisping and Anthony Smith and it genuinely
[Jared]: sounds like that. It’s like, it’s, it sounds like a soundboard of just like [sal]: Hahaha [Jared]: clips. Like it just sounds like he’s like hitting these clips. He’s like, my God
[Jared]: wants money. Bisping. [sal]: Hehehehehehe [Jared]: It’s just wild. Like I love it. It makes me so happy.
[sal]: He gets [Jared]: Dude. I [sal]: it. [Jared]: entered his live stream. like two weeks ago, because it was like, Oh, more kind of
[Jared]: live. I’m like, go check this out. And as soon as I entered it, he’s like, he [Jared]: literally is like subscribe motherfucker. I’m like, Oh my
[sal]: Hahaha [Jared]: God. Like he’s like calling me out. [sal]: We gotta [Jared]: Like [sal]: get [Jared]: I [sal]: him [Jared]: think. [sal]: back on again sometime.
[Jared]: Yeah. I’m a big fan of his channel though. [sal]: for sure. [Jared]: It’s, it’s, it’s good. It’s good stuff.
[sal]: Man, so what did you think of the sixth ever split draw in a championship fight this
[sal]: weekend between Alexia Grosso and [Jared]: There’s [sal]: Shevchenko? [Jared]: been six draws in title fights?
[sal]: There’s been six. I think the last one before this was, um, Figgy and Moreno. There
[sal]: was Tyre Woodley and Wonderboy. Um. BJ Penn against somebody I can’t remember their
[sal]: name. [Jared]: Dude, these things shouldn’t happen for title [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: fights. [sal]: I mean, I don’t agree with the 10-8 round, but I
[Jared]: at [sal]: do [Jared]: all. [sal]: think, I think Alexa won. I think they just, I don’t know. I think they boofed the
[sal]: scorecards on that one. [Jared]: I think both ladies fought really well.
[sal]: Yeah, it was super, super competitive. [Jared]: Yeah, I think [sal]: I [Jared]: it [sal]: just, [Jared]: was a great fight. [sal]: I just think Alexa had the more dominant moments. Um, did more damage. She dropped her.
[sal]: That was very big. [Jared]: Do you know, this is one of those fights that you listen to people that you respect
[Jared]: and who they think won the fight. [sal]: Mm. [Jared]: And it’s pretty interesting the amount of people who really think that Alexa won three
[Jared]: rounds and think that Valentina won three rounds. [sal]: Yeah, it’s very all over the place. I haven’t seen like a Like a set narrative on
[sal]: who won. [Jared]: No, but people like I would normally get my information from it’s like, you could [Jared]: be like, Oh, this person thing. Like, I mean, you get John McCarthy who thinks Alexa
[Jared]: won three rounds. You got Bisping who thinks Valentina clearly won three rounds. [Jared]: Like it’s, it [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: may be even four rounds. He said, like there’s, there’s a lot of people that are just.
[sal]: I saw that, I don’t know about four rounds. I don’t [Jared]: Right. [sal]: think you can. [Jared]: But I mean, I don’t know. I mean, she obviously did great on the ground and she,
[Jared]: and her job was really doing, doing a lot. I mean, she did a good job all around.
[Jared]: So it’s a tough one, but okay, okay. It’s a tough one until she got on the microphone.
[Jared]: And then I’m like, I really don’t want her to win. So. [sal]: Yeah, she gets salty when she loses. She’s
[Jared]: Dude, [sal]: not [Jared]: she got, [sal]: a… [Jared]: she got, she got horrible. [sal]: This is… This is ridiculous!
[Jared]: If this [sal]: See, [Jared]: wasn’t… [sal]: judges? [Jared]: Oh man. [sal]: On the [Jared]: Yeah, [sal]: Mexican [Jared]: no, she… [sal]: Independence Day!
[Jared]: That is not 10-8. [sal]: Yeah, I don’t know. [Jared]: I don’t know.
[sal]: I get the frustration because it was close, but I also think you got to do a little [sal]: more than what they’re pointing out that she did to win the
[Jared]: And, [sal]: belt back. You know what I mean? [Jared]: and right after, um, when you’re standing there with somebody who literally just went
[Jared]: through the exact same thing you went through, just [sal]: Hmm. [Jared]: have some class, go back to your locker room, watch the fight, and then gain
[sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: some perspective. You were just in there for 25 minutes. How are you going to [Jared]: be able to be like, definitively I won one, three. Like how are you,
[sal]: Yeah, [Jared]: you can’t do that. [sal]: and that didn’t look like a Shevchenko fight. Like, you know, she struggled at certain
[sal]: points way heavier than she’s ever struggled before. So it’s just, I think she was frustrated
[sal]: that she wasn’t able to dominate like she thought she would have dominated.
[Jared]: Yeah. She was thinking for total domination, get [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: her out in the first round. She was um.
[sal]: She was even saying it about the first fight, like I was winning all four rounds and [sal]: then I just made a mistake. She’s kind of in denial of what Alexa’s capable.
[Jared]: I think so too. [sal]: Which is [Jared]: But [sal]: a [Jared]: I [sal]: lot. [Jared]: think, I just think, well, these women have closed the gap on the talent. I mean,
[sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: there really is, I mean, this top four, they could all give Valentina problems. And
[Jared]: the thing is, that doesn’t take away from how good Valentina is. It’s just saying [Jared]: other people have gotten better.
[sal]: Dude, she’s a pioneer. She there’s [Jared]: Right. And she’s [sal]: she’s [Jared]: still great. [sal]: top three, top two all time women’s MMA
[Jared]: Yeah, [sal]: is Valentina. [Jared]: look at look at Tony Ferguson, also a pioneer. He’s not so great anymore. So like
[sal]: No, [Jared]: she’s. [sal]: and he didn’t have anywhere near the success unfortunately as [Jared]: Unfortunately,
[sal]: Valentina [Jared]: unfortunately, [sal]: had [Jared]: I know. I know because, because you could go back and watch Tony. versus any good
[Jared]: fight before he tripped over those wires. And it’s [sal]: Uh. [Jared]: better than every Valentina fight that’s ever happened.
[sal]: bold statement [Jared]: It is, that [sal]: but [Jared]: is a [sal]: i [Jared]: bold [sal]: agree [Jared]: statement. [sal]: i agree
[Jared]: Okay. Well, whatever, just watch Tony versus Josh Thompson. Like that’s, [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: that’s the only fight you ever need to watch for the UFC.
[sal]: Or [Jared]: Round [sal]: Tony [Jared]: two. [sal]: versus Pettis. Even that’s even right after he, he destroyed his leg. He still came
[sal]: in absolutely demolished. I don’t know. Every fight is great.
[Jared]: But there was other great fighters on this card. There was [sal]: There was. [Jared]: an amazing performance by Lupico Dinas.
[sal]: Loopy looked like a world champion. [Jared]: Yeah, she… [sal]: And I granted it was against Elise Reed. So, I mean.
[Jared]: Oh c- oh come on dude, Elise Reed is a great fighter. [sal]: she didn’t look like she knew how to fight at all.
[Jared]: Dude, no, that was the first women’s fight. [sal]: That fight also, that fight I think had all 10-8. There was one scorecard that was
[sal]: like 30-24. Yeah. [Jared]: That’s ridiculous. But, um, probably the right scorecard. Yeah, I was, uh, I was
[Jared]: bummed out [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: for the, for the, the stoppage. They’d no contest that was unfortunate.
[sal]: Um… Oh yeah, I- [Jared]: the choke. [sal]: Yes, with [Jared]: I [sal]: the, uh-
[Jared]: always get bummed out for that because nobody got their win money and it’s like [sal]: No. [Jared]: what are they gonna do? [sal]: And it [Jared]: And [sal]: makes [Jared]: you know [sal]: the [Jared]: what? [sal]: ref looking competent like everyone loses.
[Jared]: everyone loses, they, I mean, there’s no right answer in that. You don’t like restart. [Jared]: Like there’s no, there’s
[sal]: Hmm. [Jared]: nothing really that you can do. But the thing is I would hope for like, cause these
[Jared]: guys train so hard and to, to go out there and just get your show money. I would [Jared]: hope that like they’d split the money. I would hope like split the win money or give
[Jared]: them both win money. Because, [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: and, and let us know that you actually did that, like as the UFC, because they didn’t
[Jared]: do anything wrong. Neither one of those guys. [sal]: And the guy who won, I mean, that’s not fair to him. Like he’s not stopping the fight.
[sal]: He locked the choke in. Ref [Jared]: Right. [sal]: pulls him off. He thinks he just got a submission win in the first round. And now
[sal]: they’re like, no, it’s a no decision. I mean, that what a up and down of emotion.
[Jared]: Yeah. [sal]: But that’s, that’s how it goes in the fight game. You know, you can ask Jake Paul
[sal]: about it. He knows about the fight game. [Jared]: Yeah, he’s pretty good. But are you getting excited for Jake Paul’s next fight?
[sal]: No, not at all. I don’t even know what it is. I [Jared]: I [sal]: don’t think [Jared]: don’t [sal]: he’s [Jared]: know. Does [sal]: fighting. [Jared]: he have one?
[sal]: I [Jared]: Are [sal]: know [Jared]: you [sal]: his [Jared]: getting [sal]: brother’s [Jared]: excited [sal]: fighting. [Jared]: for, are you getting excited for that? [sal]: Not really. [Jared]: Are you getting excited for KSI versus Tommy Fury?
[sal]: Not at all. [Jared]: What about just John Fury doing any form of [sal]: that. [Jared]: content? What
[sal]: Yes, [Jared]: about that? [sal]: 100%. [Jared]: Are you excited [sal]: Very. [Jared]: for that? Dude. Um, one of the craziest things I’ve ever clicked on was yesterday.
[Jared]: I clicked on Aiden Ross interviewing KSI and Tommy Fury and John Fury.
[sal]: Yeah, [Jared]: in [sal]: I just I saw that happened. I haven’t seen it though [Jared]: Dude, I’m not going to lie. Like content like that, like that level of just, um, it’s
[Jared]: a train wreck, you know, it’s [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: a complete train wreck, but it’s awesome. Like it is such a beautiful train wreck that
[Jared]: they have, dude, they had, uh, Aiden did a Sean O’Malley and Alja when they were
[Jared]: fighting. [sal]: Yeah, I never got around to- did you watch it? [Jared]: Yes. [sal]: Was it [Jared]: And
[sal]: good? [Jared]: it’s so funny, man. Like that’s the thing, it’s so funny. Cause he’s like, dude, [Jared]: he literally goes, dude, [sal]: It’s a casual very much.
[Jared]: that’s why it’s so funny. Like [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: that’s why it works because it’s not this serious thing. Dude, he literally asked
[Jared]: both of them. He goes, Sean, Aljo, who do you guys think is gonna win?
[Jared]: It was awesome. Sean’s like, oh, I think I’m going to win. And he’s like, and [Jared]: you? He’s like, I think I’m going to win.
[Jared]: It’s pretty great stuff. [sal]: Speaking of young guys, [Jared]: Yeah. Ha ha. [sal]: Raul Rosas got a knockout.
[Jared]: I liked it. It worked.
[sal]: That was pretty nice. [Jared]: It was. It was nice. It ruined my parlay, but that’s fine.
[sal]: You bet against him. [Jared]: No, I didn’t bet against him. I had like an over under parlay and I really, I had [Jared]: that one over one and a half rounds,
[sal]: interesting. [Jared]: which was big mistake. [sal]: I picked him by sub first round because [Jared]: Nice.
[sal]: I thought he would have been heavy chasing you know he’s a good [Jared]: Yeah, [sal]: grappler but [Jared]: for [sal]: I was [Jared]: sure. [sal]: not expecting the hands
[Jared]: But he’s [sal]: like [Jared]: also [sal]: that. [Jared]: gone. He’s also gone to decision quite a few times. [sal]: Yeah, [Jared]: So I don’t
[sal]: but [Jared]: know. [sal]: I mean those are against other grapplers that can kind of hang with him. Like [Jared]: Right. That’s true.
[sal]: if there’s a deficiency, he’ll probably submit them, but good for him. So my question
[sal]: here is, do you think Raul Rosas Jr. can become champion before John Jones did to
[sal]: make him the youngest UFC champion of all time? [Jared]: No. [sal]: 21. Think about it. He’s 18 right now.
[Jared]: Uh-huh. [sal]: Getting wins over solid veterans. Knocking [Jared]: Who? [sal]: them out. Finishing them. Raul Rosas.
[Jared]: Who’s he [sal]: Terrence [Jared]: getting [sal]: Mitchell. [Jared]: winds… He’s a veteran? [sal]: Terrence Mitchell was on the Ultimate Fighter with Kai Carr France that season. He’s
[sal]: been around for a while. I’m just saying like he’s 18 [Jared]: Is he, [sal]: getting [Jared]: but what [sal]: real [Jared]: do you
[sal]: wins. [Jared]: mean? But you’re talking about a title. Terrence [sal]: Yes. [Jared]: Mitchell is not in the top 15. [sal]: Well, no, that’s what I’m saying. I’m saying he’s getting good wins now against veterans.
[sal]: You don’t think that three years is enough time to develop and break into the top 15 and [Jared]: Not if he [sal]: get [Jared]: doesn’t [sal]: a shot.
[Jared]: have it. Not if he doesn’t have the… I’m just saying, sure, it’s enough time, but
[Jared]: if he doesn’t have it right now, the ability to hang with those guys. I just need
[Jared]: to know right now if it’s that he’s just fighting easy talent or not. I don’t know [Jared]: that. That’s what I’m saying. [sal]: I just think it’s
[Jared]: So… [sal]: so early to discount him because he hasn’t even grown up yet. He looks way bigger coming
[sal]: into this fight than he did last fight. [Jared]: So you think before 21 he’ll be a champion?
[sal]: I think so. [Jared]: You [sal]: Or [Jared]: do. Okay. [sal]: at 21, I’m saying. [Jared]: He’s [sal]: think [Jared]: what? [sal]: so.
[Jared]: He’s 135? 145. [sal]: 135. 35 I think he’ll eventually end up moving to 45 because he does look pretty
[sal]: big [Jared]: Uh-huh. [sal]: for 35. I know it’s easier to cut when you’re younger but then you can start getting…
[sal]: Unless you’re Jose Aldo. Jose Aldo somehow reversed [Jared]: Yeah. [sal]: everything.
[Jared]: I don’t know. He seems alright. [sal]: They [Jared]: Hehehe [sal]: call him, they call him meep on online.
[Jared]: The Conway. [sal]: Cause meep meep, like the road runner from the Looney Tunes, meep [Jared]: Uh [sal]: meep. [Jared]: huh. Yeah.
[sal]: Cause of how he sounds. It’s pretty mean. [Jared]: That’s interesting. I, okay. I hear it now.
[sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: That’s that’s funny. I like that. That is what he sounds like.
[sal]: Yeah, so if you look at all the comments, it’s like, oh, meep got a knockout. [Jared]: Okay. [sal]: Meet meep won meet meep 2024 champion or something like that,
[Jared]: Yeah, [sal]: you know. [Jared]: he does have a very interesting [sal]: He does. [Jared]: sound to his voice, that’s for sure.
[sal]: But I’m rooting for him. I think, uh, I think he’s got a bright future. [Jared]: You young kids got to stick together. I like that.
[sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: You’re rooting for your own. I like it. I’m rooting for Valentina. I’m an old guy.
[Jared]: I get it. [sal]: So, uh, we were talking about Jack Daylor earlier. We
[Jared]: Mm-hmm. [sal]: mentioned him. I’ve been seeing this fight rumor circulate a lot. JDM versus Gilbert
[sal]: Burns. What do you think about that? Too early, too soon, too late. What do you
[sal]: think? [Jared]: I wish Gilbert hadn’t have taken three fights. So back to back. Because.
[sal]: What if you think the matchup specifically are just fights in general? [Jared]: Um, I just wish he hadn’t taken that below fight.
[sal]: Right. Just that [Jared]: I [sal]: one. [Jared]: wish. Yeah. Everything else was looking really good, but I wish he waited longer for
[Jared]: the below fight, even though it was, I’m sure a great payday and they saved the [Jared]: card and everything, but, [sal]: Yeah.
[Jared]: but that [sal]: I [Jared]: was, [sal]: mean, he took [Jared]: that [sal]: a [Jared]: was [sal]: chance. [Jared]: a bummer. Yeah. He, no, for sure. And that’s the thing about a chance is if it would [Jared]: have [sal]: Yeah.
[Jared]: worked out, nobody be saying anything like this, but, um, that’s a great fight. I
[Jared]: just. I think that’s too big of a jump for Jack right now.
[sal]: Got you. So having seen the Holland fight, you think the jump to Burns is so much.
[Jared]: Well, there’s a lot in between that make more sense. [sal]: So then [Jared]: I [sal]: what [Jared]: even [sal]: do you [Jared]: think… [sal]: want? You want like a JDM shop, cut fight? Is that what you’re talking about?
[Jared]: Um, [sal]: Is that what you’re proposing? [Jared]: no, I think that even like JDM Vicente Luque makes sense right now. I think JDM, uh,
[Jared]: Sean Brady makes sense right now. Um, I think JDM Ian Gary makes more sense. I think
[Jared]: JDM, uh, like Jeff Neil, um, JDM.
[sal]: Oh, I didn’t even think of that. That needs to be booked ASAP. [Jared]: Like I think these make more sense. Like the,
[sal]: Imagine the boxing in that fight. [Jared]: that’s a great fight, right? Yeah. [sal]: Yeah, [Jared]: Yeah, for sure.
[sal]: you [Jared]: I [sal]: heard [Jared]: like [sal]: it [Jared]: that. [sal]: here. Jared Harrow wants Jeff Neal versus JDM. [Jared]: Yeah. I like that fight a lot. Um, and then, cause I think Shavkat, I mean, Shavkat’s
[Jared]: already gotten through Jeff, Jeff Neal, so you can’t just skip these guys. That’s.
[Jared]: I know JDM’s on like a 17 fight win streak, but at the same time you can’t skip [Jared]: because the middle of divisions are basically in the top three without getting
[Jared]: the fights. [sal]: Okay, I got what you mean, yeah. [Jared]: Like a lot of those divisions, they’re just like, like any of those guys could be,
[Jared]: you know, look what Sean Strickland just did. He was in the middle of a division. [sal]: So with that logic, why is that too much of a jump for Jirek?
[Jared]: Because it’s disrespectful. [sal]: But what if it’s, what if it’s [Jared]: To [sal]: against [Jared]: the middle. [sal]: a person like burns who doesn’t
[Jared]: Uh-huh. [sal]: care about the rankings been very vocal. He’s like, we’re fighting and I’ll fight anyone
[sal]: anytime, any place. I mean, look, he took on number 11, Shafkat, who I think was
[sal]: not Shafkat 11, uh, Hamza, who I think was a much more terrifying prospect in De La
[sal]: Maddalena.
[Jared]: I think [sal]: You don’t [Jared]: it’s [sal]: think. [Jared]: a really good, no, I want the fight. It’d be a great fight. I just, I want a little
[Jared]: bit of a slower burn right now for [sal]: Gotcha. [Jared]: Jack.
[sal]: Jack should also take some time off. Cause [Jared]: Yeah, he’s fought a lot. [sal]: yeah, these last two months, he’s taken pretty tough fights. And it doesn’t, it hasn’t
[sal]: looked better cause of it. You know what I mean? It’s pretty [Jared]: Right. [sal]: lackluster last fight. Way [Jared]: Yeah, [sal]: more [Jared]: and he’s, [sal]: lackluster than the one before.
[Jared]: and he seems a little too relaxed right now based off [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: of like them going, like you don’t want to, okay. He’s getting wins, but he’s
[Jared]: definitely losing the excitement factor of the fans. And [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: you don’t want, like you don’t want that.
[sal]: Yeah, he’s getting a, I hate to say it, but he’s getting fraud checked. [Jared]: Well, because the thing is he doesn’t have a very exciting personality that people
[Jared]: are going to [sal]: Mm. [Jared]: be like, Oh, we love, they love him because he knocks people out in the first round.
[sal]: And what he had yeah, that’s what he had coming in was just violence, but [Jared]: Right. [sal]: that has not been there I mean, I guess just this fight because the last fight was
[sal]: very exciting [Jared]: For sure, that last [sal]: That [Jared]: fight [sal]: one [Jared]: was [sal]: was nuts [Jared]: way more testing. [sal]: Yeah, this was not nuts at all. This was pretty boring I’m surprised it was so boring
[sal]: not from JDM’s side because I can see him It looked like he would he couldn’t figure
[sal]: out Holland, but Kevin didn’t really [Jared]: Too [sal]: do much [Jared]: much. [sal]: like usually he’ll make [Jared]: Yeah. [sal]: it a little dirtier. I guess he got caught in this hole. Like I want to fight for my ranking.
[sal]: I got, you know, a wind streak. You got kind of caught up in that whole pillion and
[sal]: safe thing, I guess. [Jared]: Yeah, I don’t know. They’re both great though. I really think it was like a style
[Jared]: that was gonna create a boring fight because nobody wants to get knocked out by [Jared]: either one of those dudes. [sal]: Yeah, yeah, and at least one time each they both got tagged with a heavy shot. I’m
[sal]: sure they felt that and were like, I’m good. [Jared]: And they’re having fun in there. I mean Kevin
[sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: they were talking they were there They’re having a good time [sal]: Dude, [Jared]: The [sal]: uh… [Jared]: literally Kevin was like you want to train with me sometime?
[sal]: The, uh, Kiesa curse, it stands. [Jared]: It does. I found [sal]: Every [Jared]: that to be
[sal]: stands. [Jared]: interesting. I found that [sal]: And [Jared]: to be very interesting. [sal]: for all the people who don’t know, every single person that has beat Michael Kiesa in
[sal]: his career has gone on to lose the next fight. And Kevin [Jared]: Which [sal]: Holley [Jared]: is a [sal]: kept it alive.
[Jared]: pretty crazy curse. [sal]: That is, that sucks. [Jared]: Yeah. [sal]: Like is it even worth beating him if you’re just kind of, you know?
[Jared]: Yeah, just take the loss against a [sal]: Yeah, [Jared]: Kiesa. [sal]: just move on.
[Jared]: We got a card coming up this weekend. [sal]: Yeah, I got some, I got some nice points up in here, you know, some, uh, some talking
[sal]: points, [Jared]: What you got? [sal]: man. So this weekend we got Rafael Fazeev versus Mateusz Gamrat. Um, I want to ask this
[sal]: question because I’m looking at this fight. I’m looking at what both guys do. [Jared]: He’s [sal]: I
[Jared]: technically, [sal]: feel. [Jared]: I don’t mean to, I don’t mean to correct you, but he’s technically not a half ale.
[sal]: Rough file? [Jared]: He would have to be, he’s not Brazilian. [sal]: Oh my bad, I’m just so used to it. [Jared]: I know, but
[sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: I just, you’re casual [sal]: My [Jared]: when [sal]: bad, [Jared]: you say that. [sal]: my bad. Raphael Faziv. Um, I believe.
[Jared]: He’s like from Croatia or something crazy. [sal]: I think [Jared]: He’s [sal]: he’s… [Jared]: not from Croatia. He’s
[sal]: Isn’t [Jared]: like [sal]: he? [Jared]: Georgian. [sal]: He’s not Georgian, right? Is he? [Jared]: I think he might be. [sal]: See, let’s figure this out before we
[Jared]: Yeah. [sal]: continue talking on this man. [Jared]: I know he’s not a half aisle, that’s all I know. [sal]: Oh, he’s from Kazakhstan.
[Jared]: Yeah. Okay, I said, [sal]: They’re nice. [Jared]: okay, okay. [sal]: All [Jared]: Yeah. Yes, he much. Uh huh.
[sal]: right. So is Rafael Faziv. I mean, in my opinion is a luck to win.
[Jared]: Nice. [sal]: It’s a 100% luck to win. [Jared]: Yo, Gamrot’s so good though. What are you talking about?
[sal]: I think Gamrot is very good. I think Gamrot is scrambly. He’s kind of awkward. He’s
[sal]: got great jiu jitsu. But having watched the half-filed Dasanju fight with Fiziv and
[sal]: how he was able to stuff [Jared]: Mm-hmm. [sal]: any grappling attempt. [Jared]: Right. [sal]: I don’t think that holds up and I don’t think Fiziv… I’m
[Jared]: that [sal]: sorry, [Jared]: they can [sal]: I don’t [Jared]: strike. [sal]: think Gamrot can hang with him on the feet. [Jared]: Right. He’s gotta be a heavy favorite based off of the logic you just broke down.
[sal]: Probably and you know, he he’s his stock didn’t drop after the last fight with gaichi [Jared]: No.
[sal]: If anything it went up, I know a few people that had him winning [Jared]: Definitely. [sal]: Um Let me see the odds
[sal]: Yeah, he’s a favorite. He’s not a huge favorite, but he’s a favorite. [Jared]: like over 200.
[sal]: Minus 160. [Jared]: Oh, that’s nice. [sal]: Yeah. So, [Jared]: Based [sal]: you [Jared]: off [sal]: know. [Jared]: of you saying 100% Locke, that’s pretty good.
[sal]: Well, you know, I’m biased, I guess, or whatever. [Jared]: No, he’s one of my favorites too. [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: I’m a big fan, big fan. Cool, well, I would take him for sure. I also am very excited
[Jared]: for, this is where the Danege fight is on this card, right? [sal]: Dan Ege? I also have another Dan Ege question.
[Jared]: Yeah? [sal]: Can Dan Ege break through the gatekeeper role? You don’t think so with his power
[Jared]: No. [sal]: and his ability. Cause he showed flashes before [Jared]: Yeah. [sal]: where he’s just like a fricking afraid train, but I guess these bigger fights, they
[sal]: just kind of kind of crumbles. [Jared]: I…
[Jared]: I don’t think he’s all there enough to get to the top. [sal]: Mentally [Jared]: Yes, [sal]: or
[Jared]: yes, [sal]: interesting. [Jared]: yeah. [sal]: How so?
[Jared]: I don’t know. Come on, dude. Come on. [sal]: Come on MMA guru lay it down for me
[Jared]: I’m not the guru, dude. There is already a guru. [sal]: Get into this man’s psychology. [Jared]: No, I don’t want to do that. He’s a really, really nice guy. I just think if you’re
[Jared]: cracking into the top five, I think he’s just taking too much damage already. Yeah.
[sal]: Yeah, I mean, he’s fought a lot. [Jared]: Right. [sal]: He came off contender series, what, like 2018, 2019.
[Jared]: Yeah, but I think that plays a big part of getting into the top three of any division
[Jared]: is not having as much damage done. [sal]: So this weekend though, he’s fighting Bryce Mitchell, who’s
[Jared]: who [sal]: another [Jared]: is coming [sal]: guy [Jared]: off of [sal]: that [Jared]: a horrible [sal]: like, [Jared]: performance. [sal]: who’s coming off a horrible performance and is saying insane stuff in the media. Just
[sal]: like, [Jared]: Like, [sal]: have [Jared]: what [sal]: you seen [Jared]: do [sal]: any [Jared]: you mean? [sal]: of that? [Jared]: Any new stuff? [sal]: Dude, he was saying that,
[Jared]: New stuff, he’s always crazy. What do [sal]: dude, [Jared]: you mean? [sal]: I know, but it’s been worse lately. [Jared]: I’ll [sal]: So for- [Jared]: have you know, I usually agree with him. So what’s he saying
[sal]: Well, [Jared]: now? [sal]: the first thing that came out that wasn’t [Jared]: Yep. [sal]: like him saying anything crazy, but it was just a crazy video. He was like guys my
[sal]: ex-wife just Uh, what was it? She destroyed my fruit trees and she’s trying to kill me
[sal]: and my family She destroyed [Jared]: Okay. [sal]: all my fruit trees and she’s coming after me. She’s trying to kill my family And he’s
[sal]: just doing this on like his instagram or whatever [Jared]: Right. [sal]: He’s like I need all of the people of arkansas to protect me. This lady is coming
[sal]: for me She’s trying to kill my family and then the next video was like [Jared]: Uh-huh. [sal]: I think the day before 9-11, he goes on and he starts saying that it was a hoax
[sal]: and he started like all of that. He starts doing a whole, [Jared]: the whole that
[sal]: you [Jared]: 9-11 [sal]: know, [Jared]: was an inside job stuff. [sal]: yeah, dude [Jared]: He’s doing that [sal]: on [Jared]: on.
[sal]: a week before his fight. [Jared]: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm [sal]: And people are just like, man, he has lost his mind.
[Jared]: has he though? [sal]: Yes. [Jared]: People can’t forget, Sal. [sal]: Maybe I don’t think he had his mind. I’m just gonna ignore
[Jared]: People can’t [sal]: this. Yeah. I [Jared]: forget. [sal]: don’t [Jared]: That’s [sal]: know. [Jared]: all I’ll say.
[sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: Stick with, [sal]: That’s for [Jared]: stick [sal]: the [Jared]: with [sal]: other [Jared]: Bryce. [sal]: podcast, bro. That’s for your.
[Jared]: Stick with Bryce. Bryce is trying to help us all out. [sal]: Yeah. Yeah, man, he’s enlightening
[Jared]: That’s [sal]: us. [Jared]: for your other, what other podcast? [sal]: I don’t know, didn’t you say that you got like demonetized like three times or something?
[Jared]: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha [sal]: Or taken down?
[sal]: Choo-choo-choo. Or strikes. [Jared]: Uh, yeah, I got some strikes, but like that, you know, YouTube and I are good. We
[Jared]: sat down, we had a meeting. We’re [sal]: homies. [Jared]: good. Yeah. I said, I’m not Steve. We’ll do it guys. Come
[sal]: Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo [Jared]: on. Yeah. [sal]: Well, before we get too far into the card, I have another thing staying on topic
[sal]: with 55 and Fazeev and all that. We obviously have Charles Islam coming up in
[Jared]: Yes, [sal]: October. [Jared]: yes we do, on my birthday once again. [sal]: So let’s say both scenarios that are primed up after that fight, Islam wins, you’re
[sal]: doing the Valk rematch, Charles wins, you’re in this weird like do you do an Islam
[sal]: rematch, does Valk fight Charles. So essentially the top is tied up with matchups
[sal]: already. Now looking at you got like Gagey, Poirier, Fazeev, all these guys that
[sal]: are top 5. Who do you think? rightfully should get the title shot. Like do you think
[sal]: there should be more fights between those guys in the top 5 or there’s somebody already [sal]: that’s clear? [Jared]: Gage is clear.
[sal]: Gitch is completely clear. [sal]: interesting. [Jared]: Yeah, Fizzi wins this weekend, he bites poriadext.
[sal]: like that. [Jared]: Thank you. [sal]: That [Jared]: I’ve been [sal]: is a [Jared]: thinking [sal]: f**k. [Jared]: about it. [sal]: Man, you got some bangers going on today, huh? Jesus. Jeff Neal, JDM, Poirier Fazeve.
[Jared]: Yeah. So that’s what I think. And I think that if Islam beats. Charles easily and
[Jared]: doesn’t take any damage. I think that you could book him and Gage you pretty soon.
[Jared]: After that. [sal]: So you’re saying you don’t do vogue, you do Islam-Ghaji. [Jared]: You can’t, you got it, because Ilya and Volk hasn’t been booked yet. That’s going
[Jared]: to get booked [sal]: You think so? [Jared]: first. Yeah. You, they’re not going to book Islam versus Volk before Volk versus
[Jared]: Ilya. [sal]: But check this out, right? Volk just defended the 45 bow. So he doesn’t have to
[sal]: defend it again [Jared]: He said [sal]: immediately. [Jared]: he’s going to. [sal]: He said he’s doing it next. I thought he said [Jared]: Yes. [sal]: he’s calling for the Volk rematch
[Jared]: No, he said he’s [sal]: for the [Jared]: gonna, he said [sal]: Islam. [Jared]: he’s, no, he said I’m gonna beat Ilya and then fight Islam at UFC 300.
[sal]: So he’d have to fight what in December and then turn around in like March. He’s going [sal]: to [Jared]: Uh [sal]: do [Jared]: huh. [sal]: that.
[sal]: Dude I think they should hold out Volk until you go see 300 vs Islam. And then if
[sal]: it’s not Islam you fight Topuria, let Volk’s- I know he has a few injuries right [sal]: now, let him heal up a little bit. Imagine 300 VULK VS ISLAM 2?
[Jared]: Imagine Max Holloway versus Ilya Toporya to get to VULK.
[sal]: To get to Volk. [Jared]: Yes. [sal]: I think that’s more likely to happen than him just getting a shot.
[Jared]: Ilya? [sal]: Yes. [Jared]: No, I think he would get a shot right now. [sal]: It doesn’t seem like they really want to do it though. I feel like they would have
[sal]: booked it already. It seems like they’re waiting out for something. [Jared]: He’s definitely the number one contender.
[sal]: I guess. Yeah. How’s Brian Ortega doing? How close is he to coming back?
[Jared]: Um, dude, it’s so crazy because that’s still the craziest fight folks had.
[sal]: It is, it’s the toughest fight maybe other than Islam. But Islam [Jared]: Yeah. [sal]: never had him on like almost finished like that.
[Jared]: Those, [sal]: That was [Jared]: that, [sal]: fully locked in. [Jared]: dude, those fights were, that fight was nuts though.
[sal]: So say Brian Ortega, he’s been out I think over a year already. Say he’s able to
[sal]: come back by the end of the year. What stops you from doing Brian Ortega, Elia Toporia?
[Jared]: It’s a good question. It’s a really good question. What, [sal]: Because if you… [Jared]: what stops, what stops Ilya versus Yair right now?
[sal]: Exactly, like I think look I’m a top or you’re a fan. I think he can go to the top. [sal]: I think you can become champion But but a win over Josh Emmett who just got beat the
[sal]: fight before that He’s [Jared]: Right. No, I’m with you. [sal]: not [Jared]: Oh, [sal]: it’s not the [Jared]: no. [sal]: best look. You know what I mean? [Jared]: Okay. So Ilya versus Yair.
[sal]: I say book it. Book it right now. You know what? Book it on 300. Who wouldn’t want
[sal]: to watch that? [Jared]: Yeah, I would love that. [sal]: Right. [Jared]: Yeah, for sure.
[sal]: That clears up 45. I mean, at least if Toporiya wins, if Yaya wins, that’s a weird
[sal]: spot. I think if Yaya wins, then you rematch Bryan. Because that fight didn’t really
[sal]: happen. [Jared]: That’s true. I really like I like you out here a lot.
[sal]: Yeah, man, that was, that sucks that he didn’t, he didn’t pull it off. I mean, he [sal]: had moments. He definitely had Vogue like scrambling in there. You can tell that
[sal]: was it’s like, Oh shit, I gotta get this guy down and finish this cause it’s not looking [sal]: good.
[Jared]: Oh yeah? [sal]: Yeah.
[sal]: Yeah. How, who is it that says your rear? Is it, is it tail? Your rear,
[Jared]: Ha ha. [sal]: your rear Rodriguez. [Jared]: sales wild.
[sal]: Oh, chile chile. Man, well speaking of 185ers, Derek Brunson got cut from the UFC.
[sal]: He’s gone. [Jared]: I didn’t know that. [sal]: Yeah, he had a fight coming up against Roman Delizze. He pulled out and they cut him.
[sal]: And that’s [Jared]: Interesting. [sal]: the end of Brunson. [Jared]: Blonde Brunson. [sal]: What a [Jared]: Blonde. [sal]: weird career Derek Brunson had. Such a weird career.
[Jared]: Talented though. [sal]: Very, I think the man has a win. I mean, I don’t think he won really. I think that’s [sal]: one of the worst robberies ever, but he has a win over Anderson Silva.
[Jared]: Oh really? I didn’t [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: even know that. [sal]: It was at UFC 200, I think. Not, no, [Jared]: Oh, [sal]: not 200.
[Jared]: interesting. [sal]: But it was just a horrible decision. It was insane.
[sal]: But yeah, [Jared]: I did not know that. [sal]: great career ish and
[Jared]: Well, goodbye, Derek. [sal]: we’ll miss you Derek Brunson. [Jared]: There’s only room for one Derek in the UFC.
[sal]: Derrick Lewis. Yeah. [Jared]: Who’s just looking better and better every day. [sal]: Dude, I’m really hoping he can make some kind of crazy ass comeback. I still think they
[sal]: gotta rebook him and Volkov. Especially after how he looked against Ty.
[Jared]: Can’t believe Ty didn’t get his win. [sal]: Dude, Volkov looked amazing.
[Jared]: Well, the cup is just too big, it’s not [sal]: It [Jared]: fair. [sal]: was insane. Like he, I’ve never seen a beat down like that. Like it was so surgical
[sal]: at like in his home town. Like it was, it was depressing. [Jared]: Yeah.
[sal]: Um, [Jared]: Do you have any other [sal]: well, [Jared]: sweet notes? [sal]: yeah, yeah. Before we completely jumped to off of last weekend’s card, I think that
[sal]: Roman Kapilov is going to be champion of the world. [Jared]: Do you? [sal]: I think that’s the kind of prospect that he is and it’s just been very quiet up until
[sal]: now. But [Jared]: Yeah. [sal]: that was a ridiculous performance. [Jared]: Right. [sal]: Ridiculous. Granted [Jared]: What are you going to do? Two
[sal]: against [Jared]: years? [sal]: Josh Fram, so it’s not like, you know, super high level, but that was, that was brutal.
[Jared]: That’s the thing with these guys who are obviously better than their opponents right [Jared]: now.
[sal]: Mm. [Jared]: Like, I just want to see them against somebody that’s on the same caliber.
[sal]: Yeah, well, I mean, to be fair, also, this was a short notice. [Jared]: Mm-hmm. [sal]: Um, yeah, but I think, I think the fight to make right now and that he called for it
[sal]: is him against Roman Delizze. Uh, also short notice. [Jared]: the fight of the Romans.
[sal]: Fight of the Romans. [Jared]: I like that. [sal]: And then we’ll see who’s legit. Cause Roman Delizze is also, I guess, still up and
[sal]: coming. And he, you know, it got set back in the Vettori fight. [Jared]: He did, because that was a… Ugh, I really… I had him destroying Vittori in
[Jared]: my head. [sal]: Yeah, me too. I, like I do every time I underestimated how fricking brain dead Martin
[sal]: Vettori is. You just, you can’t hurt him. [Jared]: It’s [sal]: Even [Jared]: so [sal]: Jared [Jared]: annoying. [sal]: kind of near had
[Jared]: I [sal]: to [Jared]: know. [sal]: land like 300 strikes and he still just like rocked him a little [Jared]: But [sal]: bit. [Jared]: the thing is about Marvin Vittori that’s even more annoying than how he can’t get, like
[Jared]: you can’t hurt him, is how he’ll do a performance like that against Roman Delizze [Jared]: where you’re like, oh, he’s, you know, he’s not terrible. And then he’ll
[sal]: Right. [Jared]: be what he was against Jerry Cannonier. [sal]: Yeah, I mean, I think that was more Jared than it was Vittori. Like Vittori fought like
[sal]: how he usually does. [Jared]: For sure. [sal]: I just, Kenanier was on something that night. Like he
[Jared]: Ha! [sal]: hit, he hit another level. [Jared]: He has some serious crystals. [sal]: Yeah, he brought out all the crystals for that.
[Jared]: Yeah, you should have seen their the warm-up room just crystals everywhere
[sal]: Oh my goodness. But yeah, this card this weekend, I’m liking it. It’s pretty stacked
[sal]: and maybe you wanna give some [Jared]: I don’t know many [sal]: picks. [Jared]: of it. I really don’t know much of it. Okay, [sal]: Let’s do it, let’s go through them
[Jared]: I can [sal]: real [Jared]: go [sal]: quick. [Jared]: through it. Yeah. [sal]: We’ll go through the main card. [Jared]: Okay. Break it down.
[sal]: I am sad that we’re back to the apex already. [Jared]: Yes. [sal]: We had a few events that were all crowd [Jared]: I know. [sal]: but um real good card starts off with Ricardo Ramos vs Charles Jordanne. Jordanne
[sal]: banger. [Jared]: I’m a big Charles Jordan fan. [sal]: Yeah, [Jared]: So I’m going [sal]: for [Jared]: with [sal]: sure. [Jared]: him, yeah.
[sal]: Charles Jordan. That’s the pick. [Jared]: Yes, [sal]: Brian [Jared]: for [sal]: Battle [Jared]: sure. [sal]: vs. AJ Fletcher.
[Jared]: And Brian Battle has been really good lately. [sal]: Yeah, he’s like completely past my expectations coming off of tough.
[Jared]: 100%. [sal]: He’s looked amazing and he dropped down to 70 like. [Jared]: That last fight was just ridiculous in his hometown.
[sal]: Oh yeah, with um, Horiguchi? [Jared]: The [sal]: No, [Jared]: head… Yeah, [sal]: Gabe Green. [Jared]: but that
[sal]: My bad. [Jared]: head kick, it was like, [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: happened in like two seconds. [sal]: Gabe Green. [Jared]: I’m gonna go with him, even though AJ Fletcher, he’s okay, but I’m gonna go with
[Jared]: Brian Battle. [sal]: I like it. I like it. And we got Marina Rodriguez versus the karate hottie who I you
[sal]: like don’t like for some reason I don’t every [Jared]: What? [sal]: time I brought her up. You’ve been you’ve been like, I’m a show waterson
[Jared]: I don’t think I’ve ever said anything about Michelle Waterston at all. [sal]: This is an interesting one, this is a weird… Like…
[Jared]: Wait, which Rodriguez is fighting? [sal]: Marina Rodriguez. [Jared]: Okay, she’s gonna win.
[sal]: Like Marina’s in a weird spot because two fights ago she was in title talks and now [Jared]: I know, [sal]: she’s like [Jared]: I know, she’s [sal]: not [Jared]: gonna [sal]: even [Jared]: win. [sal]: close. [Jared]: This is a good fight for her.
[sal]: Alright, [Jared]: This [sal]: so we’re going marina. [Jared]: is a layup for her. It’s gotta be. Dude, [sal]: A layup. [Jared]: dude, [sal]: That could bite you in the ass.
[Jared]: Michelle Watterson is like 40 years old. [sal]: Hey bro, be nice bro.
[Jared]: She’s not listening. It’s okay. [sal]: All right, Joe. Then we got Bryce Mitchell, Dan
[Jared]: Uh-huh. [sal]: Ege. Who you got? [Jared]: Um, after the nine 11 conspiracy talk that you brought up earlier, we’re going to
[Jared]: have to go with Bryce Mitchell. [sal]: Okay cool, that’ll be a nice clip.
[Jared]: for sure. [sal]: And then main event, Rafael Faziv versus Mateusz Gamra.
[Jared]: Going with the Rafael. [Jared]: Yeah, for sure.
[sal]: There you have it folks, that’s [Jared]: Yeah. [sal]: Jared’s pics. [Jared]: Take it. Put your house on it.
[sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: Put your kids on it. [sal]: Bet your life, bet your soul on it. [Jared]: Yeah, put your soul on that bit.
[sal]: Man, oh man. Well, [Jared]: Got anything else my man?
[sal]: I mean, you got anything else? [Jared]: No, man, I’ve just been dropping matchmaking hits [sal]: Yeah, [Jared]: today. So
[sal]: some gems. [Jared]: yeah, my work here, [sal]: They should hire you. [Jared]: my work here is done. I’m gonna call Dana White and tell him, A, not to ever do
[Jared]: an interview with Piers Morgan again and to let [sal]: Whoa. [Jared]: me do the matchmaking. [sal]: I thought it was a good interview.
[Jared]: I just don’t like Piers. He’s British, man, you know that. I don’t like [sal]: Yeah, [Jared]: British [sal]: yeah, [Jared]: people. [sal]: true. [Jared]: Yeah, [sal]: That’s fair. [Jared]: it’s not that it was bad. He asked the good questions, it was fine.
[sal]: Yeah, [Jared]: But. [sal]: it did seem like slightly disingenuous the whole time, but I guess
[Jared]: It [sal]: that’s [Jared]: is. [sal]: just how British people sound. [Jared]: No, no, no. It was because, [sal]: Like he was asking good questions, he
[Jared]: well, [sal]: was [Jared]: cause [sal]: staying [Jared]: Pierce, [sal]: quiet. [Jared]: yeah, well Pierce is very left and he knows Dana’s right. So [sal]: Yeah. [Jared]: they, you know, he definitely, a little bit of it was disingenuous. I don’t disagree.
[sal]: But you know, he did what he did. [Jared]: He’s like, Oh, so what were the repercussions when you slapped your wife? He’s like, Oh,
[Jared]: what? [sal]: Your parents died. How do you feel about that?
[Jared]: That must’ve caused you to have a lot of drive to be so successful.
[sal]: Your parents died last week. Thoughts? [Jared]: Yeah. He’s like, Oh, actually I don’t have any. I’m not fazed by it at all.
[sal]: Yeah, [Jared]: Right. [sal]: I mean, but yeah, great time. And honestly, we should have Dana White. I think we’ll give
[sal]: them a better interview. [Jared]: For sure. We would. [sal]: So let’s [Jared]: We were. [sal]: make it happen. [Jared]: Yeah. I won’t ask you about your parents dying, Dana, or about your new year’s, uh,
[sal]: Yeah, yeah. [Jared]: controversy. [sal]: We’ll just ask you about 9-11 conspiracies. [Jared]: Yeah. I’ll just ask you for two. I’ll be like, Hey, my name is Kyle from Nelk boys.
[Jared]: Could you give me $200,000 Dana? Yeah. We’ll [sal]: We’ll do the light stuff, you know. [Jared]: be like, Hey, here’s my address. [sal]: Can you wire me some money? Is that
[Jared]: Can [sal]: how [Jared]: I [sal]: that [Jared]: be, [sal]: works? [Jared]: can I be your son? [sal]: Can [Jared]: Hey, [sal]: I bring [Jared]: you’re. [sal]: a little person around and you’re just going to be like, Oh my God, this is awesome
[sal]: and put them in a video game. [Jared]: Hey Dana, your parents died a few weeks ago. My dad died, can I be your son?
[sal]: Can we be best friends now? We have so much in common.
[Jared]: I think I would be a great addition to your family, Mr. White. [sal]: You just become like obsessed, you shave your head bald. You start talking
[Jared]: Dana, [sal]: like him. [Jared]: you know what your family needs? A blind son.
[sal]: Let me in brother, [Jared]: Yeah, you [sal]: let [Jared]: can, [sal]: me in. [Jared]: it really, it’ll help you be friends with Trump. You don’t
[sal]: Jared [Jared]: have to worry [sal]: White. [Jared]: about it. [sal]: It’s got a nice ring to it, Jared [Jared]: Yeah, I’m [sal]: White. [Jared]: white. I’m white, [sal]: Yeah, [Jared]: you know?
[sal]: it works. And [Jared]: And let’s wrap
[sal]: well this [Jared]: this up. Ha ha ha. [sal]: yeah this is this is what we know to just go to sleep or something
[Jared]: Boop, boop, boop. [sal]: Thank you guys for watching. [Jared]: Yes. [sal]: Don’t forget to like, subscribe, follow, all that fun
[Jared]: Yeah, [sal]: stuff. [Jared]: fun. [sal]: Jared you got anything else? [Jared]: Now I just want to say thank you. Thank you for talking to me, Sal. Really thank
[sal]: Of [Jared]: you [sal]: course, [Jared]: to you. Yeah. [sal]: of course, man, thank you. [Jared]: It means a lot. [sal]: We should get that, Thank you for being my friend.
[Jared]: Yeah. [sal]: The Golden Girls theme song. [Jared]: Later!

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