PRIZEPICKS: UFC Sao Paulo: Almeida vs. Lewis

Welcome to We Want Picks! In this article, I will be sharing my favorite PrizePicks entry for the UFC Sao Paulo event. If you’re not familiar with PrizePicks, it’s a daily fantasy platform where you predict whether a certain statistic will be higher or lower than the number provided. You can win up to 10 times your money, and even if you get some predictions wrong, you can still get paid. To get started, simply go to and use promo code “WWP” to instantly match your deposit. Let’s dive into the picks for this event!

Marc Diakiese – Under 45.5 Significant Strikes

Marc Diakiese is facing Kyle Fernandez, who is making his UFC debut. While Fernandez is talented, Diakiese has recently transitioned into a wrestler and may focus more on grappling rather than striking. Therefore, it’s best to avoid this pick.

Denise Gomes – Under 75 ———————– Denise Gomes is facing Angela Hill, and the line for Gomes’ significant strikes is set at 75. While logically speaking, this line seems high, considering Gomes’ potential takedowns and finishing ability, Angela Hill is known for her durability. Gomes may not be the highest volume striker, so it’s best to go with the under on this pick.

Jalin Turner – Under 15.5 Significant Strikes

Jalin Turner’s line for significant strikes is set at 15.5. While Turner has gone above this number in some of his previous fights, his opponent, Derrick Lewis, is known for either knocking out his opponents early or quitting after being taken down and beaten up. Considering this, it’s unlikely that Turner will surpass 15.5 significant strikes in this fight.

Other Picks

There are a few other picks that are worth considering. Renato Moicano’s takedown lines are appealing, but it’s best to leave them alone since they are already set at high numbers. The Bon Brothers also have the potential to surpass their numbers, but again, the lines are already quite high. Eduardo Garagorri’s line is a bit juice, so it’s best to avoid that as well.

Fight Time Minutes

If you’re looking at fight time minutes, the fight between Jalin Turner and Derrick Lewis is likely to go to a decision. However, the line for fight time minutes is not worth touching. The same goes for the fight between Jamahal Hill and Darko Stosic, as it’s difficult to predict what will happen in just four minutes.

Final Picks

For our final picks, we have Kyle Baralho over two takedowns and Renato Moicano over three takedowns. These picks align with their fighting styles and previous performances. Both fighters have a tendency to shoot for takedowns, so it’s likely that they will meet or exceed these numbers.

Conclusion In conclusion, when it comes to PrizePicks for the UFC Sao Paulo event, there are a few picks that stand out. Marc Diakiese’s significant strikes line is best to avoid due to his recent focus on wrestling. Denise Gomes is likely to have fewer than 75 significant strikes against Angela Hill. Jalin Turner is unlikely to surpass 15.5 significant strikes against Derrick Lewis. Other picks, such as Renato Moicano’s takedowns and the Bon Brothers’ numbers, are already set at high levels and should be left alone. Fight time minutes for certain fights are not worth touching. Finally, our final picks are Kyle Baralho over two takedowns and Renato Moicano over three takedowns. Remember to take advantage of the free money offer by going to and using promo code “WWP”.

my name is Angelo and welcome to we want
picks I’m going to give you my favorite
prize pick entry for UFC sou Pao and if
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you have even more free money if you’re
wrong well you only lost the free money
so no skin off your back wew want
prisi promo code
wwp let’s go ahead and build an entry
this card I feel is a pretty easy card
when it comes to picking winners but a
tricky card when it comes to some of
these props but we’ll go ahead and try
to find our spots the first one is Marc
deazi 45 and a half significant strikes
that is a tricky tricky one because Kyle
Fernandez is a UFC debut but he’s on a
wild like he’s good and I think he can
win this fight and Mark Dei all of a
sudden has become a wrestler so he may
be diving at legs grappling heavy and
not throwing strikes so we’re going to
leave that alone Denise Gomes same thing
75 a half significant strikes seems high
the less probably actually makes sense
here we’ll go ahead and add it and then
I’ll show you what I actually built the
less makes sense here because I think
she can get some takedowns I think she
could potentially finish the normally
very durable Angela Hill but the reality
is you know denisi Gomen is not the most
high volume person Angela Hill’s very
durable 75 and a half is a solid line
logically speaking you look at the
historical data you look where we are it
should go more but I think Angela Hill
is a little too old in enemy territory
Denise Gomes we have seen fight ending
power on more than one occasion um so
potentially less than 75 and a half
significant strikes uh I also like the
rat but we’re going to leave that alone
because I have him in the takedowns that
I’ll show you and the rest of these are
pretty tricky except the jol no made up
15 and a half significant strikes that
seems like a very number if you go
through his fight history um he has
gotten above that number a few times he
got above that with Shamil like he’s
gone above that number a few times but
what makes this fight unique is it’s
drick Lewis Derrick Lewis is either
going to knock you out immediately or
quit after he gets taken down and beaten
up a little bit I hate to call him a
quitter but we’ve seen him break we’ve
seen him just say forget it if you go
look at the Sergey SPAC versus Derrick
Lewis fight which I think this looks
like except even more dominant there was
not 50 18 and a half significant strikes
landed there so I think JT ala is going
to shoot instantly as we know he will
and on the ground I think is’s going to
be a little bit of peppering and then
you know he’ll grab a neck or grab his
back or something like that so I do not
think he will get past 15 and a half
significant strikes even though that
seems like a very low number and jolton
almea has more than one fight where that
number hasn’t been touched and so does
Derrick Lewis Derrick Lewis has more
than one fight where 15 and a half
significant strikes were not landed on
him win or lose and I feel like the
under on this number protects us on both
sides Derrick Lewis one punch early
knockout like his last fight well this
will still hit I’ll have other issues
but this will still hit fantasy score
I’m probably going to leave this alone
the only ones I would consider are the
over for renat but again I like his
takedown lines and then the Bon Brothers
can certainly get past their numbers but
we’re going to leave it alone because
these are pretty high numbers to begin
with and you know even with a all of a
sudden Gabriel bonim wins in the second
round instead of the first and he’s not
at 118 fantasy points Jolo made it he’s
already Juiced 120 fantasy points a lot
needs to happen to get there so I don’t
love any of these Fantasy Point lines
even eduarda MAA is a little bit juice
so we’ll go fight time minutes if we’re
looking at fight time minutes again rat
this should go to a decision I like I I
actually love all the rat lines but
we’re going to go takedowns on him vtor
patrino 11 fight minutes that is
probably a another more mesus is a
pretty tough guy vtor is a pretty tough
guy I think we can get uh Midway to the
third round or to a full decision um the
bonfim brothers we’re going to leave
both of those alone fince Michelle is
very tough Ishmael bonfim is a canonball
But Ken Cod to a decision we’ll leave
both of those alone and jam made a four
minutes what the hell you going to do
with four minutes so I’m not going to
touch that either and the very last one
that will go ahead and make something
happen o I’m flying over here Kyle
baralo over two takedowns I think that
that’s his path in this fight and every
other fight and then rat over three I
think renat is again that’s his path to
this fight and most others as well and
he’s gotten past three takedowns in the
majority of his fights he didn’t need to
in his last fight because he had that
fight ending power against a now retired
Kevin Lee but I think we can trust Kyo
and R not to do what they do which is
just dive at legs shoot takedown after
takedown so we do have a five entry here
I already have an entry built that I put
up I’ll walk you through that one and
this one we’re going to go ahead if I
want to leave this at 20 bucks 20 is
going to pay out 200 if I get four
correct meaning I got one of these wrong
I will still double my money if I get
three correct which means two of these
are wrong I’m still going to get some
money back we’re just going to
throw cool 10 at it because I already
have an entry built and let me show you
those entries so the one I just built
Denise GES fewer than 75 and a half
significant strikes and actually fewer
is the proper way to say it’s not less
it’s fewer but they’re not going to
write fewer out so they’ll just be
grammatically incorrect denisi Gomes
fewer than 75 and a half significant
strikes jolton all Madea fewer than 15
and a half significant strikes then we
went more on the fight minutes for vtor
more on takedowns for both Kyo and renat
the play that I did earlier 20 bucks to
win 100 it’s the exact same entry
essentially minus a couple legs we had
the jolton renat and Kyle whether you
agree with this or not the most
important thing you can do is get the
free money go to prisi use promo
code wwp get that very free money build
yourself a baseball entry a football
entry a UFC entry or combine them all
get the free money pris promo

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