In this article, we will be breaking down the full card for UFC Noche Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2 and providing our picks and predictions for each fight. The main event features a flyweight championship bout between Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso. We will analyze the fighters, their recent performances, and the odds for each matchup. So let’s dive in and see who we think will come out on top in this exciting night of fights.

Kevin Holland vs. Jack Madalena

The first fight we’ll be looking at is the matchup between Kevin Holland and Jack Madalena. Holland is currently the favorite at -105, while Madalena is the underdog at -150. Holland has been receiving a lot of attention and support from fans, but there is a belief that the late money will shift towards Madalena as the fight approaches. Holland’s last performance was not impressive, which may lead to some people betting against him. However, in this article, we will be focusing on the main event of the evening, the UFC flyweight championship bout between Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso. Shevchenko is the challenger, currently listed at -170, while Grasso is the champion, listed at +145.

Shevchenko is a highly skilled fighter and is considered one of the best female fighters in the world. She has a record of 21 wins and 4 losses, with notable victories over the likes of Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Holly Holm. Shevchenko is known for her technical striking and dominant grappling skills.

On the other hand, Grasso is a rising star in the flyweight division. She has a record of 13 wins and 3 losses, with notable victories over the likes of Ji Yeon Kim and Karolina Kowalkiewicz. Grasso is known for her aggressive striking and relentless pressure.

In their previous matchup, Shevchenko won the first three rounds on all three judges’ scorecards. However, in the fourth round, she was caught in a chokehold and tapped out, resulting in a loss. Shevchenko was visibly frustrated and embarrassed by the loss, and it is expected that she will come into this fight with a vengeance.

Many believe that Shevchenko is the more skilled fighter and will be able to dominate Grasso once again. Shevchenko’s technicality and experience in championship fights give her an edge over Grasso. However, Grasso has shown improvement in her recent fights and has the potential to pull off an upset.

The odds for this fight are surprising, with Shevchenko listed as the favorite at -170. This is a great opportunity for bettors to take advantage of the value in Shevchenko’s odds. Given her skill set and determination to reclaim the title, Shevchenko is a strong pick to win this fight.

In conclusion, the main event of UFC Noche Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2 features a flyweight championship bout between Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso. Shevchenko is considered one of the best female fighters in the world and is known for her technical striking and dominant grappling skills. Grasso, on the other hand, is a rising star in the division with aggressive striking and relentless pressure.

In their previous matchup, Shevchenko won the first three rounds but was caught in a chokehold and tapped out in the fourth round. Shevchenko was visibly frustrated and embarrassed by the loss, and it is expected that she will come into this fight with a vengeance.

Despite the loss, Shevchenko is still the favorite in this rematch, with odds of -170. Many believe that she is the more skilled fighter and will be able to dominate Grasso once again. However, Grasso has shown improvement in her recent fights and has the potential to pull off an upset.

Overall, the odds for this fight present a great opportunity for bettors to take advantage of the value in Shevchenko’s odds. Given her skill set and determination to reclaim the title, Shevchenko is a strong pick to win this fight.

Stay tuned for more analysis and predictions for the rest of the fights on the UFC Noche Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2 card.

because it’s not on Jack Jenkins to say oh I’m hurt I’m out it’s on the rest to
recognize that his arm is broken and he probably should not continue and four times in a row Jeff Molina really wished
he finished him what is this this fight is terrible it’s Christos Gallegos yeah
oh man I don’t know dude I don’t really give a [ __ ] about this sport welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the most
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later anyway Maddie Mage what is first up on the docket I imagine the elephant in the
goddamn room yeah I mean we can’t go without talking about this uh some people are calling
this you know the greatest upset in the sports history not me but some people I
would be wrong Sean Strickland is now our UFC middleweight champion oh
man I don’t know dude I don’t really give a [ __ ] about this sport yeah I hear you Sean um some people act like it’s the biggest
upset no there’s like five that come to mind right off the rip and that even goes for the betting line betting lines have I think it would fall ninth maybe
betting line wise um in the UFC history but you got your what a couple years ago Shayna Dobson that’s the biggest one
ever plus 950 she won Matt Sarah was plus 850 against GSP and he finished him in the first round imagine you hit that
[ __ ] bet back then I don’t even know if you could bet rounds back then was McGregor although like what were their lines like 200 200 200 like minus 240.
no I wasn’t I don’t think it was even I think McGregor was like plus 180 which is yeah crazy imagine at that point in
time you could get him on that line I don’t remember Maybe I’m Wrong you can fact check me later on that I don’t really care Juliana Pena
and I mean at that point Leon Edwards knocking out kamaru uh that was a huge
upset because where Camaro was at being up so so many rounds and dominating
I agree with that too especially like you said with the way the guy was dominating the whole fight and then let
me ask you this if Sean Strickland had gotten that knockout in the first round
yes and we talked about this I know you me and Maddie watched the fight together it took the moment away yeah 28
consecutive strikes 28. I don’t give a [ __ ] who you are I don’t care what title
fight you’re in the only reason Goddard did that is because Izzy was in his ear from the first time and we were there
maniflight was over too Pereira beat him that fight was over I’m sorry he turned
his back multiple times the shots he was letting off when they were standing bro you could just hear
the thumps 26 consecutive shots right and he in the
first one that knocked him down the one number one of 26 was [ __ ] lights out
City so everything else was just unguarded every from 99 fights out of 100 stop and
they took that moment from him and then he becomes just another decision because he is a decision fighter yeah recency
bias yes he he got a boost out of there in the second round but a boost had two fights in the [ __ ] UFC we shouldn’t
have picked him up yeah but hey he went there with the champ and dominated him and we tried to find an Avenue like we
were saying and I didn’t think that was going to be the Avenue but it makes sense his forward pressure if Izzy wants
to just do that off the fence [ __ ] this isn’t Pereira man you’re not just exchanging power shots Strickland doesn’t hit that hard but
when you land a clean straight it doesn’t matter if you hit the button and it was magnificent but that fight was
ruined absolutely that moment by that moment and So my answer to your question
would be no it still wouldn’t be because in the same exact country I think when Holly
Holm did that to Rhonda I know you guys weren’t totally into the sport then but
you gotta understand how massive Rondo was and to go down there and put her away with that kick that was special so
yeah I mean so I it would be similar it would definitely be similar but oh you know Strickland did it with 28 shots
yeah what I mean what do you think from what you from your in your shorts man of what you’ve seen and your feelings on
watching these things was that I think that I think that Rousey moment it’s just like I feel like that was like
all over headlines like everything it was massive yeah it was absolutely massive so to me I think that would be
the biggest upset with everything surrounding it you could say Leon and Camaro Kamara was on you know we kind of
knew we had the weak legs and he’s kind of trending where we thought he was going but Leon just fast we knew time
was coming but Leon just fast forward but so now let’s get into this we have a guy who we we’re pretty sure
Dana doesn’t want him as Champion he didn’t want to give him that fight Izzy talked him into giving them the fight
and the quick the automatic oh we’re absolutely having a rematch
why the [ __ ] we having a rematch a lot of excuses man he was tired he was saying you know maybe he was tired
something was off or whatever why are we taking the win away from Strickland that was a high level fight man I don’t care
what [ __ ] say bro the way he was he is he could not touch him correct you know what I mean you can’t just say
oh is he had an off night this Strickland beat him at his own game everybody going into this fight yes
everybody was saying there’s no Avenue include nuts and stuff but that’s the thing that when that happened Strickland
took him out of his game and beat him just striking it wasn’t it wasn’t like
it wasn’t like Izzy got anything going it was it was strange I was sitting there watching it I’m like what is going
on man well everybody kind of looked at like what is going on he did such don’t blame this on you
Eugene bearman either no like that’s so stupid you’ve seen the Tweet like it’s time to have a conversation I joke around about City kickboxing listen man
everybody has their runs yeah the Sarah Longo run that the city kickboxing run
the [ __ ] when Moses getting hot this ATT the ATT run you’re gonna have these
runs of gyms where guys are coming out and just like Trevor Whitman’s Camp right now all those guys are kind of I
mean gay she’s obviously still doing this thing but these other two lost their belts you know it’s everything’s
cyclical this is all just get what goes it comes around that’s it and Strickland just had his Knight
instant rematch I do not agree with at all because if that’s the case aljo deserves one way more way more oh yeah
way more fitting of a goddamn rematch than this and guys I’ll ask you the
question do you want to see him get an instant remit don’t you want to see this division get shook up a little bit now
because now you can now you gotta Costa match up uh
well that’s why I’m getting pissed off about it’s like can [ __ ] hot well who knows if that fight even goes on right
with all that [ __ ] like I just want to see Hamza storm his way up this Division and [ __ ] let’s get what about let’s
get some new [ __ ] going why you got bow nickel now I’m ready to let him enter the conversation
somebody in the top ten right now I need top 10 right now we can’t have no more valve wood burns I’m just saying you
have the opportunity now to put up again put a lot of guys with names and faces and up against each other and you got to
do it and I think you just don’t want I don’t know they just signed the deal today the WWE
merger and they changed it to TKO or whatever right they got Strickland as their champ I mean maybe there’s some type of there’s
some kind of core corporate talk there they’re like I don’t know if we should have this guy is the champ that’s right okay run it back fast so we can get Izzy
back at the top but who knows if Izzy wins that fight man I don’t know who says that goes different I saw nothing
in a way that would make me think that that fight would go any different if I saw it a second time Styles makes fights
and I think a lot of guys behind the scenes knew not a good style for him to fight don’t give me the oh he just
fought prayer and all his emotions nah dog the way he described the way he was going to beat Strickland so easily well
I told him you should just want to learn beat him easily like he was skills where there’s going to be enough anyway he did he take him seriously I asked that
question last week I don’t know I guess I believed the wrong thing I’d like to pose a question for you guys yes is this
the the final run of the last style Benders the is the light going to be put out soon yeah I mean I had a [ __ ]
poster in my room kind of over my bed took that [ __ ] down that’s just [ __ ] done man
you know he he had his title run lost to Pereira got it back
and now his next title his this was supposed to be maybe a second title run lost title again and I don’t think you
deserve a third run like that right away I tossed that poster in the trash so fast did you burn it uh just just in the
trash pick it up later cool I understand I mean you don’t think so right now you
don’t want to see it nah I’d almost rather see Strickland fight strikas and then the winner of
that fight is he or the winner that fight the hanza well no obviously what I’m saying if they’re going to give Izzy
another shot I would rather see Strickland I was I was just thinking oh because I was like I was like that
[ __ ] sucks because if Whitaker beat drinkas bro like that that’s I I think
they put him in there oh yeah probably right I think they put Whitaker yeah because he’s a big name
that sucks well not really he just got again yeah we’re phasing out yeah you guys are coming in but you see how fast
we just ripped off five names that we would like to see in the mix right off the bat there’s five names right there
that we could give you and I’m sure again there’s guys are gonna more guys are gonna be coming up and like I said if you add a bow nickel there’s a six name fifth name
it’s there to be had let’s slide them back a little bit rely on the fact that he has a little bit of star power I’m
going to keep saying a little bit you know I’ve never been super high on I want to know what these pay-per-views do his chair can in your pay-per-view could
not have done a lot this one could not have done a lot so he’s yes he’s carrying the brunt of these things but
he’s also not you come out to that Undertaker was that the Canon air fight yep yep come out to that and you can go
to a decision in a pissport performance yeah this time he comes out nothing just straight regular energy just comes out
no dancing no nothing and he does that I don’t know man him in Romero would it
I’m good with him I’ve been good with him I I got tremendous respect for him one of the most active UFC Champions you
know he said always in there always active always game and even him fighting Pereira after he’s been knocked out
twice and still going after he’s always he’s always the type of guy that’s up for any type of challenge but when it
comes to like delivering sometimes it’s just like 50 50. you know what it is it really is I don’t want I as many Great
Performances like you think of the Pereira moments and then you go to like Costa no that was a good one no I’m saying Costa and then you go to Romero
Strickland but then he had Whitaker yeah I’m not gonna count the Brunson and [ __ ] that was early in his combo or whatever
and that’s Jaylen Jalen Brunson hey where you going again Bronson shout out to New York Knicks son oh man shout out
my Raiders too baby you want to know that’s why we’re wearing it this week it’s probably the only chance will be above 500 because we got those bills
next week um anyway so I I just think that this is
okay for the sport I actually think if you let Strickland no pun intended keep running his mouth
I think he could sell more pay-per-views than Izzy am I wrong I mean I know he’s worldwide but like am I wrong I don’t
know if you guys have seen the domestic Harrison of what Shawn O’Malley’s octagon interview did compared to what
Strickland’s interview did and O’Malley’s was at like 590k
stricklands was at 2.3 million wait say I say one more time so Malley’s octagon
interview after he won was that like 594 000 views that’s it just a half a
million yep okay Strickland’s octagon interview was 2.3 million so what are we
talking about tremendous for this Division I think it’s from it’s tremendous for this sport
I think drikis is the better matchup to keep him with the belt but I also I said this when somebody on
the live asked us the question of like where would you like to see a fight held and I’m like dude I think they [ __ ]
they obviously fumbled the bag on a couple of fires but you still have an opportunity here to get that dracus first versus Izzy in Africa and it will
be the [ __ ] most massive thing ever right but so you wanna I don’t drink is probably does he take out Strickland I
don’t know we’ll cross that bridge when he get when we get there do we all think shamaya will probably come up and take it from everybody yeah but we’ll cross
that bridge when we get there we don’t know you never actually know the [ __ ] plays out but I that right there alone
that’s [ __ ] four times the amount or three times the amount of views for Strickland because you’re what is he
gonna say this is about the anticipation like what he might do I think you can really make some money
here with this kid if you do it the right way putting them back in there is he might actually help because I think he dominates him again gets him a big
bag keeps the pay-per-view points going into the next one right yeah I think he could beat a lot of guys in there
wait till somebody comes up and tries to wrestle him because he can do that I really don’t think like chimaya walks
through him I don’t either because of the wrestling factor that we don’t really get to see because he loves to
stand up yeah no I’m with big on tomorrow I think I think he ragged those one yeah I’m big on tomorrow that’s how
he felt about it so that wasn’t even the no he went completely against this game plan that’s
that’s that’s you can say whatever you want okay that’s fine okay anyway um other than that on this car I don’t
think there’s anything that really stood out other than to me and we’re going to talk about it broken arm
that’s the one that’s the one I’m gonna talk about yeah Pedro had a great knockout uh topha had a great finish that’s great that’s just run-of-the-mill
Aussie [ __ ] that was like I said it was an Australian card whatever I want to talk I just want to say [ __ ] football
players stay in your own sport I will say that too yes we don’t want to see
any of you in the ring any or in the Octagon anymore it’s the [ __ ] waste of our money in our time yeah so I’m
tired of blowing my money on guys who just look supremely athletic to the other guy and he just takes one stiff right to the face and he’s [ __ ] dead
Yeah Austin Lane rest in peace but anyway I want to talk about the broken
arm okay Jack Jack Jenkins amazing we have to talk about this and it’s not
guys this is a betting show essentially right I mean I like to think it’s more of an entertainment fun show but we got to
talk about the betting aspect here so as me and Matt are watching the fights
everybody’s playing just doing their little round bets and all that stuff and obviously you know I like Jenkins a lot last week
my wife who always mushes us and just just drills winners exact she goes I
want chepe second round knockout that’s what the [ __ ] Matt looks over and goes I
like it I said because Matt took him last week 27-1 Matt also has it Matt also has ten to
one I think straight up knockout eight and a half eight hats one right so we’re talking we’re talking hundreds of
dollars here being exchange hundreds of dollars let’s just keep it at that hundreds of dollars
that happens everybody in the room starts cheering even me because it’s me and my wife was it’s my account you know
but that’s her bet but like the winning is going and that’s 27 to one dog you’ve got 27 plus eight and a half I mean we
think we got it verbal submission is announced in the octagon
well I’m not gonna name names but most of the gambling websites
did not honor the fact that that was actually a TKO on every single Instagram
every tweet that UFC put out TKO win TKO and well after it ended TKO win and it
was it I think I haven’t checked typology because I’m not a topology Warrior but I don’t know if that was called a
TKO or a verb or a submission somebody should look that up for me right now Matt that’s you
um if so I’m cool with it if it says TKO on there I’m pissed we should have been
paid out we send something to their support team the support team comes back almost as if they’re gonna pay us out
it says verbal tap out from arm injury so I’m not getting TKO nothing doesn’t
even say submission no this is [ __ ] well they still haven’t figured out but all I know is when the company and the organization is
tweeting win by TKO and I bet TKO or you bet TKO
I expect to be paid their retort was whatever is said in the Octagon after
the fight whatever it is announced that is what we go with house rules [ __ ] your house I am fi that makes me so mad
because the company that runs the [ __ ] organization the runs the fights TKO win by TKO but all you other lame
gambling sites want to stick by what they said in the Octagon no just because Bruce announces it what if Bruce has a
[ __ ] brain lapse and [ __ ] forgets I’m pissed we should have been paid out everybody should have been paid out if
not you cancel the [ __ ] wager because it’s not on Jack Jenkins to say
oh I’m hurt I’m out it’s on the rest to recognize that his arm is broken and he
probably should not continue and who who actually stopped that like I didn’t even see like Jenkins just looked
like he was just like laying there yeah like once he landed it looked like the ref was just like it’s done he was late
yeah but he was late to get over so you could see Jack do it I’m done I’m done you could hear him say that I think
that’s the audio over here but yeah either way should be paid out
we said I said [ __ ] MGM a couple weeks ago [ __ ] all y’all at this point all the ones you know what I’m talking about
definitely not bet online.ag those are our boys but [ __ ] the rest of you your pieces of trash
ah dang it all right anyway let’s move on let’s get Let’s Get Closer to the pick so we got anything else
um I mean stemming off of the UFC 293 in Australia we did see algeman Sterling
was in attendance yep um we saw the meme that he posted correct yes sugar next or whatever it
says rematch sugar with the money signs all underneath and then he comes back with yeah sugar came back with no
um Cheeto chimed in says Cheeto chimed in and said I’m next
and then marav comes in wait here’s her number six comes in with your turn
number six and Cheeto today extended it two
Palo AKA suck it suck on it okay yo first of all my Rob’s is pretty funny
man sit down number six is [ __ ] first whatever he says it’s like that’s pretty [ __ ] great now that’s some funny
stuff I actually like their little banjo they have going back and forth we just wanted to get T fired up over [ __ ] anything where Rob does it’s not not
even funny yeah it looks like he’s just he’s so frustrated he’s so frustrated
a UFC fighter from the featherweight division yes
was arrested with his brother who seen basketball yeah basketball yeah and his
twin brother cassan ashkabov have been arrested in Thailand
robbery and kidnapping yeah they kidnapped the ladyboys probably they need a cash out for us he wanted someone
he came in and he lost he blew his balls Jamal Amber [ __ ] him so he’s a piece of
[ __ ] more ways than one [ __ ] that guy what’s he out there doing like I said stealing the [ __ ] like what’s he involved in some [ __ ] high gambling
ring geez or some human trafficking these guys are nuts these guys don’t make a lot like Shawn Strickland
literally can finally just not I can buy a car that’s not a Honda like you know what I mean like think about that he
steps in from a boost driving his Hyundai to like all right I’m making a bread now now now we’re doing it so
salutes all that and I did want to touch on this Eric Nixon coach of the year that guy’s [ __ ] outstanding amazing
guys are great for you so that’s the kind of guy I would want great great speeches yeah he’s he’s
amazing bro yeah so shout out to them guys over to stream Couture what we got Matt we done he could he could add to it
too he’s got a big fight coming up at the end of this year yeah he does with what huge fight huge fight I’ll [ __ ] off
Francis I don’t [ __ ] have that [ __ ] time that guy
give me a [ __ ] break I don’t care about that fight I’m not gonna care till the day it comes and I’ll be like oh
cool wow is amazing Francis got his head knocked off anyway when are we gonna get some James Krause news I just thought
yeah I need I definitely need some more juicy James Krause news or some juicy Tim
Elliott’s [ __ ] whole entire Corner gang banging his wife news anyway but it’s time to get into the picks Maddie
for UFC [ __ ] for my [ __ ] McDonald’s all right who
also love the Raiders you know what’s up yes sir UFC Fight Night Grasso versus
chefchenko two yes sir first fight of the night we got
two debuts coming up Josephine Knudsen minus 650 going up against marnik Mann
Knutson [ __ ] Josephine nut son what the [ __ ]
and the mark man dog marnick man the sawed-off Savage dude marnik man she’s
not Mick this isn’t her debut this is her second fight or she fighting Contender series she fought in contention so this is her actual debut
right yep sorry my that’s my bad that’s my bad but she got her head [ __ ] knocked off by our girl Bruno Brazil in
that one fight then we got the newcomer minus 650 is absolutely nuts first of
all lines brought to you by betonline.ag please hit the link down below go deposit 25 or more okay and if you hit
me up on a DM I’ll send you back 10 on the uh venmo okay that’s a deal if you
show me it’s a free 10 free 10. you know what I’m saying so put the go over there deposit at the bottom anyway so back to
that line that’s brought uh sponsored here Josephine nuts and is minus 650. she’s had six professional fights right
is she Swedish correct how many finishes does she have one finish that’s it
that’s what I was gonna say we have a decision machine it’s a female fight
I got a plus 475 number there’s a there’s a couple like these numbers are a little wild here today boys it’s gonna
be big we’re gonna have to reach a little bit if we’re going to want to dig into the you know bag of tricks with some dogs in it this can’t be the one I
can’t do it yet this is this you’re gonna be your JJ Aldridge pick of the week I just see Newton [ __ ] playing around
dancing the whole time I feel like man isn’t going to be able to really do much about it yeah they both this is stupid
fight this is terrible this could be the who gives a [ __ ] fight of the night it’s up there it is up there but I do like her [ __ ] nickname and uh she does get
finishes she she gets a couple finishes from a bunch of people are three and three and
oh and five or six and five at the [ __ ] Fusion Fight League then got her head you can’t give a [ __ ] what you did in Fusion Fight League you’re better off
telling me you got into a [ __ ] fight in your high school locker room yeah it’s the same [ __ ] especially when it comes to the ladies no offense unless
you’re Top Notch like the girl fighting in the main event tonight unless you’re one of those two ladies I’m sorry I don’t give a [ __ ] what you did what did
you just say I was gonna say she got a triangle choke on a Josh friend LFA card Jesus Christ why his friend headlining
their card and he’s on this car tonight too he’s gonna need a friend after tonight I’ll tell you that uh let’s not
waste too much time and let’s I’ll just say it’s gonna be the JJ Aldrich pick of the week for me too I’m gonna go with uh
Josephine nut son minus 650.
gotta go prop here like I said decision machine decision machine English
[ __ ] do you speak it apparently not I don’t um it’s definitely a big decision that’s all she does decisions
and I don’t see man really being able to do much either about it so give me Josephine nuts son my decision
hammer yeah I mean it’s tough man you know I I
see that minus 650 and you guys jump all over yes no I love that number but also that plus 475 is
but I see him at the top of this one man can’t do it I may pull the trigger later yeah I got
one later it’s cooking something later go ahead what we got next up we have Charlie Campbell let’s go minus 400 gone
up against Alex Reyes my [ __ ] guys 300. charlie [ __ ] cannibal
cannibal Campbell at a [ __ ] Longo Sarah okay so I’m always gonna be a
little [ __ ] biased toward them boys all right this guy’s a big fella for the division I think he’s coming from uh
Bellator no no no no no no no no cffc yes but he’s two yes but he’s two
he’s two and all in Bellator I always find that weird these guys go like we’ll have like a 3-0 record in Bellator and
then like they’ll go somewhere else before they go to the UFC it’s weird it’s like there’s not a direct line from one to the other unless you’re like a
Michael Chandler apparently yeah uh the guy stays busy as well he likes to Grapple in the off time he did lose to
Chris Duncan yeah and Duncan knocked him out though in the
first yeah and I don’t know I’m just more aptly like I said I’m always gonna lean toward a
Longo guy he’s got a he’s got a good amount of finishes who hasn’t fought forever Reyes has he was he was Mike Perry’s last fight I think and I think
he got two years ago when how long ago he’s had three bouts six years ago bro
yeah 2017. yeah it definitely wasn’t Mike Perry’s last fight but whatever but that was his last fight and he was supposed
to fight yeah but he’s supposed to fight in 18 and then twice this year Nazareth Trevor Peak and naton Levy like this
what a combo of [ __ ] guys he would ask he probably would win I think this is Dominic Reyes his little brother
isn’t it who’s that Alex right now it might be I don’t know I don’t know good call if it is Google check them folks
check this [ __ ] yeah I mean Campbell’s obviously minus 400
for a reason this dude hasn’t fought forever this is you watch about knocking the dust off good luck yeah good luck
you haven’t been in there since 2017 it’s like
a couple weeks ago he was in the UFC then left for a while but he was obviously acting like doing something
yeah this guy we don’t have anything to go from yeah um yeah I’m gonna give this [ __ ]
a chance here uh he lost his Contender series at Duncan is what it is minus 400 we’ll try to figure a way out to make
some more money on it so give me Charlie Campbell minus 400. hammerum
yeah we’re going prop heavy early like I said if we’re gonna have to if we’re gonna be prelim Killers we’re gonna have
to do it like this first two fights minus 650 minus 400 this is looking like a Bellator cards
yeah stay tuned uh so give me uh I actually uh think he gets it done here
by finish with the hands I think Campbell knocks him out um give me Charlie Campbell mine give me Charlie
Campbell by knockout TKO DQ English [ __ ] do you speak it
give me Campbell Soup chunky
knockout action Campbell’s Chunky Donovan McNabb is that you
all you guys are too young for those diamonds chunky commercials next up oh
my goodness we got Tracy Cortez minus 120.
[Applause] we’re not done
she actually deserves four or five because she’s literally one every single time she’s fought for me but go ahead
going up against Jasmine jazudavicious plus 100.
now this line is split right down the pipe this is essentially a pick em fight right Cortez you wanna talk about
decision machine we got one in Cortez now if you’re dealing with those decisions so because them cheeks be
flying oh doggy she just sits there and I don’t even care I bro I sit back during those decisions and I’m just like
hey you know those are the her decisions I like those decisions her side control decisions [ __ ] amazing yeah dude this
when she gets inside control it’s just out there bro it’s the best um and so we know what she likes to do
though she likes to grab her she likes to we know she’s heavy Jujitsu she like but she could she could easily dominate her and make this real boring yeah
Jasmine’s gonna try to keep it on the feet right you got to think especially the way she’s looked her last couple of fights out she’s on a little bit of a
run the Canadians rolling um she’s looked she just looked sharp
and she’s dominated I think I don’t yes but it was the 30-27 on both those
fights like her last two fights against uh I remember the screen either I don’t have to have it on there but she killed
Miranda Maverick bro yeah and Maverick went in there the favorite am I correct yeah she was plus 200 uh two to one dog
goes in there and dominates Maverick you know and you know what Maverick likes to do same things Cortez likes to
do that’s the only problem I’m seeing here styles again again Styles make
fights just who divisions has crazy cardio too I know
um I mean don’t get caught up in the tightness that that’s the thing with this you can’t this is one yeah you gotta bet how you who you think’s gonna
win you can’t get caught up with the tightness and the tightness I like that that’s not because I’ve been taking both
of them I know yeah I mean I’ve been picked well no I haven’t I go against Jasmine I thought maybe I didn’t maybe you’re the one that holds the book so
maybe I don’t know they all blend every now and then yeah but I do know I’ve picked Tracy ever since every time she
started this goddamn show so yeah as I always tell you guys it’s hard
for me to get off the train I like to keep the streak going I don’t want the streak to end they’re both on streaks no
no I mean for like I know I bet Tracy every single five yeah I went against Jasmine not one of those fights
yeah she’s tight the numbers tight I like everything about it I think she’s single still so you know you know give a
play a [ __ ] Tracy Cortez at -18 120 minus 120.
yikes Hammer them no prop needed just bring props to the set when she comes
over later yeah I want to I want to say Tracy Cortez by decision yeah you can
see him at the top on this one okay see you at the top I don’t know why this is not going to get much money yeah I don’t
know why this is the third fight in why can’t we have this on the main card I you know and he’s not being a smartass I
actually think we agree that her name value at this point her presence on social media she should be up higher why
not oh I know why because you know the higher you are the more they got to pay you you just are looking at pay scales like we’re gonna get to copy love in a
minute copy love should be the [ __ ] co-main on this [ __ ] or no sorry you should be under Jay yeah right he should
be right under JDM with the Run he’s on [ __ ] Tracy Cortez under there because I don’t know why Raul Rose us is the
[ __ ] third point and me right we’ll get into it and then me right under trees [Music]
getting them I like her she’s good looking man and she wins so what do we got next next
up we got Edgar chayres any chairs minus 240 going up against Daniel laserta plus
205. low boots Lucerne let’s look at them little boots little boots with
Serta has got to either I mean this is it this is you want to talk about make or break four not finishes in a row right he’s
lost four times in a row three by uh TKO or knockout and then one was the knee bar to to minifigure raid
out yeah [ __ ] you lost it to me terrible uh fergara that was the fight
where Vergara was like running around the Octagon right I think so that one but these are these guys finished
[ __ ] four times in a row Jeff Molina really wished he finished him he did with the counter right he finished him
guys Jesus so I just don’t understand how he’s here being on four and then getting the fifth fight is that fly is
that just basically hey that’s flyweight for you yeah that’s Flyway for you this would really be the who gives a [ __ ] fine tonight no this fight does not it
doesn’t need to be had I don’t need to see this any [ __ ] chairs what’s he done for you like he’s a [ __ ] beast
is this just because it’s Noche he’s all in one and Contender he was all in one in the UFC gave up a good fight against
tattoo attire someone wanted the UFC uh yes yeah yes that was a good one well he just basically tired couldn’t get that
one sub that was that fight we’re tired kept chasing that one specific submission and couldn’t get it off am I correct correct yeah other than that we
got wins in Fury FC and [ __ ] a loss and combate before this guy’s every other I don’t even know how he got that
this fight I mean I guess he got the fight because of who he’s fighting
but this fight shouldn’t even be taking place this is terrible I mean this is terrible the line is
brutal and I almost want to take little boots with Sarah to get off the snide and break this one
I’ll break the streak just because I feel like 80 chairs don’t belong he don’t belong
what run it down bro he’s got the Lost attire but if I go before he’s got two wins and some [ __ ] you never heard
of a loss in the contender series a win in naciones MMA and then a loss I mean
what is this this fight is terrible yeah I like this card I’m not [ __ ] on this car this card’s actually kind of
fun this fight is absolutely ridiculous so with that said you guys kind of know how I feel when I talk like that I’m
just gonna take a dog shot here I am going to take a little boots little service give me Daniel assertive Plus 205.
thank you hammerum like I said this this is [ __ ] terrible
um as far as betting wise yeah anyway yeah stay away from this one this is
[ __ ] terrible I’m just gonna give yeah give me the chair man Eddie Edgar chayiras minus 240 minutes
we got our own names around here here we go thank you for being a friend
yep Next Step Roman copylov minus 410 going up against
Josh friend plus 310. yeah uh yeah like
I said earlier Joshua’s gonna need a friend after this one this copy love on
a run we just previously stated why is this man not third or fourth fight out
from the main event when you’re on a run like this the way he’s winning he’s putting paws on on dudes man just
killing dudes in the stand up he if he goes phone booth with you he seems to get the better of these exchanges I’m
still baffled at his loss to do ragdurayath his other losses to
crackhead Roberson listen Carl rollover Roberson Robert Roberson Yeah Carl the
crackhead Robert Roberson um Google it if you don’t know the story but Roberson at a given night he’s he
can be really good and he’s a he’s a tough out yeah the Daria fight is still kind of mind-boggling to me
but man those three finishes in a row to a guy like Soriano riviero who’s a big monster yeah you
know I I forget how he went to that fight I think I did take hobby love but I’m always scared to go against Ribeiro
he’s a powerful [ __ ] guy I can put your lights out um copy loves just look another level
man I think so right now he’s hitting his [ __ ] I was gonna say the same thing like after watching that last
fight watching how crisp he was with that striking like I was watching him I’m just like bro this I think he hit
like another level in his [ __ ] he just got it yeah when he’s in there he’s scary too he’s like not scary because he
looks like a little curly-haired happy but I mean like just what he exudes in the Octagon is
scary I was like oh he does not give a [ __ ] you see the division too man what a wait oh yeah oh no another guy
another great another guy this one a lot of names can be injected into here you
know you don’t have to keep riding out this Izzy wave I know EA Sports would love that and boy they’re gonna hate if Valentina don’t win this not you
um I don’t think friend has any chance man you beat a picket and you beat a Cedric Dumas in his debut where a lot of
people were on Dumas Dumas whatever you want to call him call him Cedric’s Dumas um and you got choked out by Trey songor
did Jamie pick a fight dog you can’t get him out of here he’s [ __ ] 13 and 13. I know he’s 13 and 9 and 13 and 10 or
whatever but the the Dumas fight again a guy making his debut anytime he fought somebody good Trey Sean Gore get your
ass out of there all right friend his friend doesn’t belong he’s an LFA headliner right that’s what this guy is copy love is a pay-per-view Main Event
fighter right at some point in his career I think this guy can tell any man this dude can make a push so you know
how we feel around her we love we love love love this pick uh Roman copy Love minus 410.
we’re not done right no [Applause]
what do you think the street continues with the streets what is this for this will be four it’s four in a row really
[ __ ] put a stamp give him somebody up top eight yeah what do you think give us Roman copy love bye knockout TKO or DQ
hey it’s a gun baby Hammer him in case you were wondering see you at the top yes
sir all right what do we got Mage next up we
have Lupita godinez minus 425. going up
against Elise Reed plus 325. okay so here go ahead this is another crazy one
man um how is Lupita minus 425 I know she’s good I know she’s good
but can we look at Elise Reed’s record you you can she does she can dominate on
the ground Elise Reed has a couple I think she has a ground and pound win she’s gonna be a problem for for loopy
she’s going to be a problem she’s going to be relentless I think with takedowns I think I think she gets it done I know
this sounds nuts I saw this and I couldn’t believe it I go this would be the women’s fight I jump on because I don’t think Luke loopy is that good I
don’t think she’s like next level Aaron blanchfield like she’s not a minus 425. she’s not a minor in any way shape or
form against anybody in this division like there’s no way yeah I mean we’re clearly on the same page as
soon as we saw this I don’t know what you guys think this where I would take a chance at the women’s fight I think one of the women’s fights is gonna the Big
Dog’s gonna win I’m just hoping it’s this one yeah because I can I see an Avenue I see a lane in which Elise Reed
can just drag her down make it real ugly super boring again
you got to expect that coming to these women’s fights all 3DS women’s fights are most likely going to be a decision on Saturday you know that I know that so
what’s the best way to play that my [ __ ] decision you know and then if you’re telling me I can get almost [ __ ]
over three to one on my money on two Duds but she can definitely win this
fight that’s it yeah that’s really it I can I can see her just grappling godinez all night long that’s where I’m at I’m
taking the dog here again guys give me a lease read Plus 325. yeah man I mean I another fight where
you’re betting on also the value of you know if you’re gonna bet with Lupita by
decision what’s what is that gonna [ __ ] pay minus 200 like get the [ __ ] out of here give me at least read Sierra
top second I’m taking the dog Hammer them
let’s do it next up we have Fernando Padilla minus 241 going up against Kyle Nelson plus
206. dude I was trying which one’s the Mexican I don’t know
which one no that’s the Canadian uh Jesus Christ Honestly though I was
looking today I was looking around you know I was looking around this fight and I I go I’m trying to pick Nelson I’m
trying to pick Nelson I’m like oh man dude just he gets finished quite a bit if I’m not mistaken right
no yeah yeah no he was finished three of his last like six five fights right now it’s Billy Q don’t get me wrong it’s
Billy Q um Matt sales I mean what are we talking that’s that’s a bad one yeah I mean he’s
a bad one man he beat Blake Builder last time out in that decision where I think a lot of us took Builder
you know what I mean and if I think he was the blank Builder was the favorite so he he came in as a dog and
got it done you know what I mean so the guys guys not a stranger to being a dog and get it done maybe Blake Builder’s a
little overrated Padilla what am I gonna do with this [ __ ] guy these guys all these fights
fights yeah you beat Juliana Rosa then you have fairy FC yeah he’s got three straight wins he’s got a good reach out
man he lost a spike Carlisle bro do you guys know who Spike Carlisle is Google him
look that picture up it’s a funny looking fella I just there’s nothing here for Me
Julian Rose is on his way out the door he’s either killed or be killed every time he steps in there this fight is is
another brutal one I’d say keep your [ __ ] money keep your wallet in your [ __ ] pants I can’t take Kyle Nelson like I can’t
take Padilla either this is like my Miranda [ __ ] like the intake you’re gonna take the verses no this is why I wish I had them I should that’s a good
one I wish this is when I sometimes I wish we had over under numbers this early in the week yeah we really do you
know because this would be something I would probably take uh the under because one of these morons will just finish each other they don’t care they’re going
there get this check and get the [ __ ] out of there yeah you know I don’t know what are you going with you gonna take the dog
I don’t know Padilla quesadilla will [ __ ] take them minus 240. give me Fernando Padilla
Cameron Fernando quesadilla Padilla I see you at the top I’m with you all
right I don’t care I just don’t care about this fight next stop those two I don’t care about
yeah next up uh we got uh our boy Daniel Zell Huber minus 260.
AKA Ryan Garcia’s Down syndrome cause I work with retards going up against
Christos gallagos yeah plus 220.
[Music] has [ __ ] 10 losses dog my Manziel
Huber the uh Down syndrome brother of uh Ryan Garcia The Golden Child
everything’s Golden Boy around here um now
he lost to Trey Ogden he went into that fight as a favorite I think that was his
debut correct short notice yes he was a massive favorite Trey Ogden [ __ ] on the
[ __ ] octagon ruined Everybody’s Day he ends up getting the fight against another seasoned vet capable vet Lando
vanata and goes out and looks great 30-27 disast dominated Zell Huber is a striking machine this
kid is he’s nasty he’s nasty again Trey hog can fight maybe he’s the first time under the lights again that [ __ ] matters
we’ve talked about this with this kid’s young hungry he’s got the dog I think he’s not is he like
eight inches in height advantage in this fight it’s something ridiculous it’s like six inches reach Advanced it’s got
a crazy eight inch height it’s something no not eight I’m [ __ ] bugs no it’s three inches high Advantage six inch six
inch reach that’s what I was probably thinking of the reach but clear length discrepancy here
zellhuber’s gonna want to use that range stay a distance and strike and I think
he’ll be able to all night long I think I’m gonna have a hard time picking these smaller guys around just
from watching this past weekend watching to avasa like not being able to just
trying to close the distance but just you can’t because if one guy’s that much bigger and the reach is six inches man
like I can literally you can just keep him away from you yeah the whole time similar things happen here I’ll be
honest if zel Uber never loses to Ogden this number is probably minus 450. oh
yeah yeah right that’s that’s true I think it’s minus 450. so I think I like the value there’s a ton of value here
against a journeyman like yeah yeah okay so I think it’s an easy decision
um I don’t know how we’re gonna pick them because he’s been going to decisions lately so I think the number’s
good enough guys if you you can use this one in a parlay as T would say parlay peace yes sir yeah give us Daniel
zellhuber at minus 260. love it
see you at the top I like them what we got next up
we got your boy Raul Rosas Jr hell no [ __ ] coming in at minus 800 hit that
again hell no [ __ ] minus 800. going up against Terence Terror bear
minus 800 on a guy that absolutely did not strike the entire time in his last
fight this is what oh my God I just I just look at the position on this card
and I get pissed off because they’re trying to push the youngster and against the guy push him in the push him in the
[ __ ] prelims I I agree with you no no I agree with you God and especially like
for this kind of fight so Terence Mitchell is actually more of a jiu jitsu guy
so if Raul Rose is going to go out there and just try to like drag him down that could be another really boring fight
where he’s not throwing any strikes because he uh he could not strike last fight like we saw he tired him he gassed himself out by about the either the end
of the first or the beginning of the second he was done that was what five months ago it’s not like he’s gonna be some striking machine
no but he’s so young man we’re talking about an 18 year old kid 19 year old kid who’s gonna obviously improve Leaps and
Bounds over the next couple years absolutely yeah or he could be Sage Northcutt you know what I’m saying or it could be
a sage Northcutt just [ __ ] we hype hype hyped a super young cat up got all these skills just for him to
disappear I can’t I can’t explain to you A minus
800 like I can’t tell you to go bet that I can’t tell you to put that in any par list I would find it to be a waste of
money there’s no value because what if they go to the ground and Mitchell puts them in a in a [ __ ] arm bar a
triangle because he can this guy’s fully capable of that and his striking is probably just as
good if not better than Rosas if this minus 800 is based on name alone
now I’m not saying I’m going to sit here and tell you to take Mitchell I’m not going to pick him on the show but the number’s ridiculous and for what
I saw in that last fight from what you saw in that last fight I’m saying [ __ ] [ __ ] Mitchell actually has a chance of five and after one yeah a lot
of people don’t think Strickland had a chance you know yeah you can show us your receipts you know all six out of a
thousand a year but for the most part you wouldn’t expect that five and a half to one to win right you wouldn’t expect
to either here but this guy’s 18 years old minus 800. it’s wild it’s wild I just don’t really have
nothing to give you because I don’t even want to say Raul Rose’s Junior money is 800 I almost want to have a little [ __ ] fun so I can put it in a clip in
case I hit it [ __ ] it give me bro I’m lying give me Terence Mitchell Plus 550.
hammerum what serious dead serious dead
Terrence Newman uh no I I think Terence Newman no inside I think the UFC’s just
they gotta find a guy that Rosas can win against they tried to do it in the last one but he was actually [ __ ] good I
can’t remember his name yeah I forget I think rose sauce yeah man I I hate I hate to give you
guys this I mean you know me I’m gonna put him in wrong money in this but Raul Rose us minus 800 man
[Applause] [Music] um submission’s probably gonna be minus what 300 250 250 so give me I don’t know
Raul Rose us submission in the first round Wow first round you ain’t got
super fancy yeah I just I think this I think Mitchell’s good enough to not get subbed in like early by this kid to be
honest with you I don’t think he’s got the cardio to seven late though I don’t I agree that’s why I said it’s
disgusting all right it’s so disgusting again this was like last week where I just said I didn’t trust Gabriel
Miranda’s mustache that was a toss-up I could flip a coin and tell you I’m going to bet but if you’re gonna be five to
one against this [ __ ] goofy kid I’m gonna take a shot yeah I [ __ ] blew money on him last time bro I put
him in a lot of [ __ ] Wagers for him to go out there and [ __ ] the bed like that I’m sour don’t care don’t care I’ve
seen so many I over the last 20 something years man so many hype trains have come and gone in this sport it’s
unbelievable yeah and he’s he could be one of them It Maybe not maybe he goes out there and
Subs Mitchell I think we found out after this one if he if he loses this one like the same way that he lost the other one yeah they found him a guided not to make
sure that doesn’t happen go ahead co-main event co-main event of the evening we have
Jack Della madalena minus 145. going up against our boy Kevin Holland plus 125.
okay he’s black yes sir Kevin Hall and the hero baby Kevin Hall’s been in the
chat in case she does you guys didn’t know I know a lot of people want to take JDM
here and I think jdm’s minus 145 simply again based on like Jack Madeleine and
like it’s a cool thing it’s almost like the cool thing to do remember guys odds on fights are literally made just to
draw two-way action and this is a good number to draw two-way action like I
if you made Jack the Dog I’d I’d be more apt to bet him but because you made him
the favorite I’m Morgan I’m gonna lean towards Holland now yeah and I love Holland I think Holland’s Gonna Keep he
if he keeps his [ __ ] distance keeps that range good luck Jack because you’re it’s gonna be really hard to land those
big bombs that you know he’s gonna look to land especially after what you just saw him go through on a guy how many days notice did the guy fight
him on last time four four [ __ ] days notice right um what was the gentleman’s name
and earned himself a whole I think he earned himself another fight right yeah yeah right hearing himself another fight
we saw a lot of holes in jdm’s game a lot of rest and I think Kevin pause can fill them hole like I think Kevin is
going to be able to pick him apart on the outside not let him in
and if we take it to the floor we all know who’s got the advantage there right now yeah and everybody wants to talk about
maddalena’s power Kevin Hollins got [ __ ] power he was been seeing it bro he’s knocked out guys at 185 with ease
yeah do we think Jack JDM is going to have the some kind like the kind of power that like a Stephen Thompson
possesses late in the third like Thompson did to him and just pouring it on I don’t see that happening we’ve seen
Jack again that last fight you gassed out and most of his other fights end in the first [ __ ] round so you don’t get to
see his cardio you know what I mean and what his Hamza fight I’m not even gonna count that against Holland I literally
don’t even count that they shuffled the deck so many times that weekend I’m never counting Netflix right he just went there give me a paycheck because
they probably paid him tremendously for doing all that right the Thompson fight was incredible that was a great [ __ ]
fight then to go out and [ __ ] starch ponzanibio right and then darce DARS
choke the guy who was supposed to darsh choke you most likely come on man I love this
guy yeah I absolutely love Kevin Holland hard for me to bet against him I think I think too many people are
gonna be betting JDM this weekend and I I think this is I told you I’d rather be Vegas I’d rather be Vegas this week on
this fight yeah oh you think what do you think I think he might end up going I think it might be closer to even money
by the time this is done I don’t know I think so more money coming in on Holland it should in my
mind it should but right now as of us doing this show he’s the dog and in my mind I think a lot of money is going to
be placed on Jack throughout the week but I feel like the late money is going to hit Holland like the sharp money the
real money well the early money is definitely hitting Jack because Jack being minus 105. correct that’s well
that’s what I’m saying that’s why I said during the week comes right back around Holland is not is not going to get play
all these people JDM JDM they love this guy by Saturday somebody’s coming through and dumping on [ __ ] Holland and I
might be one of them guys so you know we you know we do over here we love we love Mr Holland we do like JDM
too but I didn’t like that last performance so give us Kevin Holland the
Trailblazer Plus 125. beautiful number Hammer beautiful number
beautiful what’s up man see you at the top I think it’s gonna be a close fight I mean madelina don’t get me wrong the
[ __ ] is good but could end it in the first but if it gets to I think we get halfway through the second it’s a wrap and if Kevin hone even thinks about
like trying to fake the takedowns or whatever he’s that just opens up a whole new Avenue man so I like he’s just
longer I think he’s going to be longer and stronger man pause what we got we got the main event of the evening
UFC flyweight championship we have Valentina shevchenko the
Challenger at -170 going up against Alexa Grasso the champion Plus 145.
[Applause] Grasso finally gets a tighter Runner
I mean compared to this [ __ ] Russian hit man it [ __ ] sure is cute yeah he
put them two next to each other I definitely think she’s good looking uh all right guys I can’t believe
you’re catching valentina’s chefchenko at minus 170. crazy that’s where I’m gonna start
on both or sorry on all three judges scorecards it was uh 20
it was 29 28. after the third round Valentina right we
all know what happened in the fourth round where she gets choked out and she Taps really angrily such an angry tap
she did not want to tap she was embarrassed I feel like she’s one of those people man just like kind of kind of like
Amanda like oh I [ __ ] let you do that to me she probably went and she’s been
training her ass off I think she wants to kill this [ __ ] woman right what am
I going to see different from the first three rounds I get it the fourth round we’re a little tired up she was get she was getting pieced up a little bit and
then it got to that position where she gets choked out but the first three rounds were what they were Valentina won those
she’s done this a ton of times she’s been here so many times is it is Grosso going to be a long-term
champion or is Bounty just gonna grab this thing right back like Amanda I’d say and say give it to me like where you what do you
think because I know you love her T just so we clear the air T’s a massive Valentina chefchenko fan I’ve never been
a huge fan but I’m fully aware how [ __ ] crazy good she is yeah I mean in
my opinion I know you’re gonna say Nunez but in my opinion just technicality-wise I think
Valentina is the best most technical female fighter we’ve ever seen in the octagon
minus 170 great number you got Grosso here who you know lost those three rounds you and then I’ve seen one one of
them yeah yeah I think third I think the way do you remember when she came
out against who was it so she got taken down by Jennifer Maya or no and and
everybody was talking about how she lost that round then I think she’s following Santos yeah and then she fought uh who
was it and Josh knows when she fought Maya and then she fought andrage and she [ __ ] like he killed him and they
questioned her yeah everybody who was questioning her she walked in there and that’s when she made a serious [ __ ]
statement and just destroyed dude she had her in that crucifix and she was just [ __ ] burying her with elbows it
was it was nasty and I think she’s gonna come in here with that same [ __ ] just Stone Cold face you know we love grass
so we don’t don’t get us wrong I prefer grocer to stay Champion guys I’ll make that clear I prefer her to be the champion again I like fresh new blood
it’s nice it’s nice it is nice switch the [ __ ] up move the belt around but there’s a reason why you’ve never seen
this type of number on chefchenko for a reason -170 which I I’m very surprised given
how that last fight went yes obviously Grosso it if Valentina doesn’t throw that spin and back kick she wins a fight
I’m curious you’re right I’m I’m curious to know what what was Amanda going into going back into that rematch against
Juliana Payne she was still like minus 250 I think yeah yeah it was still big it was still big I think it was almost
still minus 300 and I think this should be there too grass was really good though mine is
260. it wasn’t my see I almost nailed that yeah I think that should be this too so I think we’re getting a lot of
value here guys I mean a ton I mean the bullet you just said it you
you said what I had was alluding to I think she is [ __ ] pissed the way she
tapped alone tells me how mad she was that’s embarrassment to her she her mother is like the head head chairman of
[ __ ] movie tie for the last 20 years over in their [ __ ] country like
watch how she approaches fight week man you’re gonna you guys are gonna see the embedded Vlogs all these things watch
her she ain’t playing no games guys [ __ ] it let’s uh let’s let’s let’s wrap this [ __ ] up uh in the main event you can
definitely give the boys and new again the bullet Valentina
shevchenko at minus 170. hammerum no prop needed for me it was
weird to say that my valencies crazy it was like Jon Jones minus 150. go ahead yeah Jon Jones that was the craziest Jon
Jones might want to say oh you don’t say that I’m very similar Vibes here yeah very similar Vibes for that very similar
vibes from The Amanda rematch oh I don’t see her not making the necessary
changes I really just that I don’t see I cannot see her going away for the last however many months and just not making
those adjustments she’s the type that has to make those adjustments if not I would say she should Rob in the sunset I
think she gets it back and keeps going yeah anyway all right guys it’s parlay
time your favorite time of the week where we give you parlays from the people from the show from cheap ass tea
from Maddie Mage and from bombs away Sean over here so without further Ado
let’s get into it the people’s parlay is up first we got my guy Josh t
Maddie Mage what has he got for his three picks for the 25 free roll
Josh T is rolling with Alexa Grasso wow oh man five
rolling with Jack Della madalena at he’s now at minus 150 he’s starting to
move up even I said all the money’s gonna go to him then late’s gonna go the other way so Jack madalina and minus
150. oh he knocked him down and finally Jasmine jesuita vicious plus 100. oh he
knocked him down we know what that’s paying that is paying plus 7 17.
that’s brought to you by the wonderful people we’re at betonline.ag hit that link down below and go deposit 25 show
me that you deposited and we’ll send you a 10 on the venmo what do we got next Maddie Mage are we
doing the major money line parlay of the week he hit a little bump in the road this week guys he was feeding you free
money for three straight weeks or four straight weeks right or four straight weeks two to one three to one three to
one four to one almost five on that one last week he still hit the Aussie only parlay I paid I think two and a half to
one but that was over on we want picks.com code mouth check it out right now mage major moneyline parlay of the week
yeah we are getting back to winning ways here got a boy I’m going with Daniel zellhuber minus 260.
I’m going with our boy Kevin Holland to get it done plus 130. oh
and I’m going with the bullet man Valentina chefchenko to get it done get the belt back
she is minus 170.
let’s ride this week boys all right [ __ ] Russell [ __ ]
Russell still take a walk yeah [ __ ] all right folks and now for uh what seems to
have hit a little bit of a wall it’s a tease cheap ass parlays on a two-week losing skid with the parlay like I said
he needs to stay away from these Josephine nutsens of the world but you know he’s gonna Dive Right In and find you those big big money lines to get you
some guaranteed Roi without further Ado let’s give you a tease cheap ass part of
the week cocaine isn’t cheap it’s not cheap not cheap at all no we’re trying to get
back in the winning column this week you know it’s been hitting last week had a bit of a stumble but here we go
we’re gonna start off with just a slight number Daniel Zell Huber
minus 260. okay he’s black and then we’re gonna bring it up a little bit
give me Charlie Campbell minus 400 Chucky Campbell okay he’s black and then
give me my favorite one of my favorite picks of the week Roman copy Love minus
410. okay he’s black that’s pay plus 115. hey he’s back I got plus money on
that the plus money is back he’s got all the plus money weeks you hit yeah it was the minus monies super super cheap yeah
the super Chiefs we’re not [ __ ] hitting at all but you know that one did all right uh time for me bombs away
parlay now every week when I do this this parlay I always make it to where every one of them is plus money
well I’ve come up with a new structure for this for to make it a little more fair for Daddy okay as long as it’s ten
to one or more so my goal is to get you to ten to one or better so no matter how I get there
we’re gonna get there all right I don’t need to give you plus 200 plus two it’s just [ __ ] hard man you know I hit that one week and it was massive but
it’s very hard to hit two plus two hundreds and a plus 150 it’s just hard right so this week I’m
shaking it up a little bit but we’re still gonna get you over plus ten to one my first plant I you heard it in my
voice guys give me Elise read at Plus 325. okay I know it’s crazy putting her in
there now up to plus 350 plus 350. bring [ __ ] bring it buddy then give me my
boy the hero Trailblazer Holland Kevin Holland Plus 125.
and to finish it out because the number is so goddamn good this is still going to boost this to over ten to one
it’s Valentina chefchenko minus 170 guys what is that pan plus 15
44. I got an almost total one favorite in there and we’re still getting 15 to
1. no I know we’re [ __ ] banking on Elise Reed I get that but that’s it’s a women’s MMA fight dude
I don’t know how to say that anymore it’s just a women’s MMA middle pack [ __ ] fight those are when you strike
on these numbers it has happens all the [ __ ] time we’ve hit multiple times oh my God not at least a lesbian lad yeah
not at least those those women’s fights man flip a [ __ ] coin we’ve seen it multiple times multiple multiple times
man [ __ ] a tremendous amount of times so anyway it’s not crazy last up we got the show parlay the infamous show parlay
we go around the room we try to put one together try to get you anywhere from four to six to one odds using our uh a
couple of our favorite picks tonight we’ll uh let Maddie go it’s more like a draft because you know if Matt picks one I can’t yeah we don’t have this
pre-picked guys we just [ __ ] roll with it Mage you’re up first yeah I
think I’m gonna go with Roman copy love to win inside the distance at
-125. I work with retards okay T you’re up next okay I’m just gonna take my girl
man I’m gonna take my girl Valentina minus 170. I work with [ __ ] let’s go
third pick you know that’s the [ __ ] part right it’s [ __ ] my name’s on the [ __ ] banners you know I gotta [ __ ]
do all this [ __ ] I get stuck with the dog [ __ ] guys see how I get treated I never get first pick I’m [ __ ] Taking
My Ball I’m going home with that being said I I was on it all night and you guys pretty much stole my good ones but
so I’m just gonna stick with I’m gonna go I’m gonna go Kevin Holland guys to stop this JDM uh mythical training at
Plus 125. what’s that It’s gotta be about 12 to one it is
14 wait you said by knockout no no just plus 125. it is five plus five seven oh
I thought you went with oh you took copy love inside the distance all right beautiful beautiful beautiful all right
ladies and gentlemen real quick like I said at the top of the show we’re doing an extra show where we
go around and we’re gonna give you our absolute can’t lose locks lead pipe [ __ ] guaranteed winners to put money
in your pocket free episode a week please click the link for that video after this video ends or just come back
later in the week and watch it and remind yourself on Saturday who to play who’s Maddie’s favorite who’s T’s
favorite who’s my favorite um if you want to see how many units we’re playing and all our extra parlays that we play
please go over to we want picks.com yes so and thanks for joining us uh we
appreciate it tell your daddy your sister your brother your uncle your cousin um casting tickets let’s go

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