PFL, the Professional Fighters League, has made a major move in the MMA industry by acquiring Bellator. This purchase marks a significant shift in the landscape of combat sports and has sparked discussions about the future of both promotions. To shed light on the implications of this acquisition, we turn to two seasoned experts in the field: Big John McCarthy and Josh Thomson. In their podcast, Weighing In, these industry veterans provide valuable insights and analysis on the PFL’s purchase of Bellator, discussing topics ranging from potential cross promotion to the impact on Kayla Harrison’s career.

Key Takeaways:

  • The PFL’s acquisition of Bellator has created a significant industry shift in MMA.
  • Expert analysis from Big John McCarthy and Josh Thomson offers valuable insights into the future of both promotions.
  • Potential cross promotion and super fights between the PFL and Bellator are generating excitement among fans and fighters.
  • The impact of the acquisition on fighter Kayla Harrison’s career remains to be seen.
  • Despite the acquisition, discussions are ongoing about Bellator’s independence and creative control.

The Official Announcement

PFL chairman Donn Davis has officially announced the purchase of Bellator. The deal is said to be a stock trade, with the PFL acquiring majority ownership of Bellator in exchange for granting Paramount a minority stake in the PFL. The purchase price is estimated to be in the range of $200-$300 million.

“We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of Bellator,” said Donn Davis. “This strategic move solidifies the PFL’s position as a major player in the MMA industry. We believe that the combination of the PFL’s innovative format and Bellator’s established brand will bring exciting opportunities for fighters and fans alike.”

The official announcement has generated a buzz within the MMA community, with fans and industry experts eagerly discussing the implications of the PFL’s ownership of Bellator. Many are speculating on potential cross-promotion opportunities between the two promotions and how this acquisition could impact the landscape of professional mixed martial arts.

As the PFL takes the reins of Bellator, all eyes will be on how they navigate this new venture and the direction they choose to take the promotion. Only time will tell what this acquisition means for the future of both the PFL and Bellator in the ever-evolving world of combat sports.

PFL Buys Bellator – What Happens Next? 
Key Points
  • PFL acquires Bellator in a stock trade.
  • Purchase price estimated to be in the range of $200-$300 million.
  • Official announcement generates excitement and speculation.
  • PFL’s ownership opens doors for potential cross-promotion opportunities.
  • Future plans for Bellator and impact on fighters remain to be seen.

Future Plans for Bellator

Bellator, under the ownership of the PFL, has exciting prospects for the future. The promotion intends to continue running shows at least until 2024, with a specific focus on international events and title fights. This move opens up new opportunities for fighters and fans alike, as it paves the way for champion vs. champion matchups and showcases the best talent in the sport.

A commitment to international events demonstrates Bellator’s dedication to expanding its reach and appealing to a global audience. By hosting shows in different countries, the promotion can tap into diverse fan bases, attract new talent from around the world, and create an even more vibrant MMA community.

Title fights, as the pinnacle of competition in the sport, will remain a key focus for Bellator. The promotion’s commitment to showcasing high-stakes matchups reflects its goal of providing thrilling and meaningful fights for its audience. Fans can expect to witness intense battles between champions and top contenders, with the ultimate prize on the line.

Bellator’s Future Plans:

  • Continued shows at least until 2024
  • Focus on international events
  • Emphasis on title fights and champion vs. champion matchups

With these future plans in place, Bellator is poised to cement its position as a premier MMA organization, captivating fans with its global reach and delivering unparalleled excitement inside the cage.

Benefits of Bellator’s Future PlansImpactExpanded reach with international eventsAttracts new fans and talent from around the worldPromotion of high-stakes title fightsCreates intense and meaningful matchupsShowcasing champion vs. champion boutsHighlights the best talent in the sport

Fighter Reactions

News of PFL’s acquisition of Bellator has garnered attention from fighters across the MMA community, including former UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou, and celebrity boxer, Jake Paul. Both Ngannou and Paul have voiced their support for the purchase, signaling their excitement for the potential opportunities that lie ahead.

Francis Ngannou took to social media to express his support for the PFL’s acquisition of Bellator. In a heartfelt message, Ngannou praised the move as a positive step for the sport and expressed his eagerness to see what the future holds for both promotions.

Jake Paul, known for his boxing career and viral knockout wins, also showed his enthusiasm for the acquisition. In a video message, Paul suggested the potential for a champion vs. champion matchup between the PFL and Bellator. His endorsement further fuels the excitement and speculation surrounding the newly formed partnership.

The support from high-profile figures like Ngannou and Paul highlights the buzz surrounding the PFL’s acquisition of Bellator. As the MMA community eagerly awaits further developments, fans and fighters alike are eager to witness the potential crossover events and matchups that may arise.

Industry Experts Weigh In

With the recent acquisition of Bellator by the PFL, industry experts have been quick to share their opinions and provide analysis on the impact of this significant move. Many believe that this purchase signifies a major shift in the MMA landscape and has the potential to create more competition for the dominant force in the industry, the UFC.

Experts have highlighted the potential benefits for both the PFL and Bellator. The acquisition could elevate both promotions in the eyes of fans and fighters, providing more opportunities for athletes and increasing the overall quality of matchups. Some experts speculate that this move could lead to more strategic partnerships and collaborations between the two promotions, paving the way for exciting cross-promotion events and super fights.

While opinions vary, there is a consensus that the PFL’s ownership of Bellator will bring about positive changes and open up new possibilities for the sport. The future looks promising as these two promotions explore innovative ways to enhance the fan experience and showcase the best talent in the world of MMA. As the industry continues to evolve, the opinions and analysis from industry experts will play a crucial role in shaping the direction and success of these promotions.

This acquisition represents a significant milestone in the MMA world. It’s a bold move that has the potential to reshape the landscape of the sport and bring about new levels of excitement and competition.” – MMA analyst

The Impact of the Acquisition

The impact of the PFL’s acquisition of Bellator is yet to be fully realized, but industry experts believe it will have far-reaching effects. This move has created a new dynamic in the industry, forcing all promotions to reassess their strategies and adapt to the changing landscape. The increased competition among the PFL, Bellator, and the UFC is expected to lead to better fights, larger purses for fighters, and ultimately, a more vibrant and thriving MMA ecosystem.

OpinionsAnalysisPositive outlook on the acquisitionThe acquisition could lead to increased exposure for both promotionsExpectation of more cross-promotion eventsCross-promotion events have the potential to generate significant fan interest and revenueAnticipation of enhanced competition with the UFCThe acquisition may push the UFC to raise its game and deliver even more compelling fights and events

Potential Cross Promotion

One of the most exciting aspects of PFL’s acquisition of Bellator is the potential for cross promotion between the two organizations. Fans have long awaited the opportunity to see top talent from both promotions face off in super fights and dream matchups. This partnership opens up new possibilities for matchups that were previously only imagined.

Matchup Possibilities

The cross promotion could lead to thrilling matchups in various weight classes. For example, a super fight between PFL’s lightweight champion and Bellator’s lightweight champion would be a highly anticipated event. Fans would also love to see top fighters from different promotions go head-to-head, such as a clash between PFL’s top welterweight contender and Bellator’s reigning welterweight champion.

The potential for cross promotion not only generates excitement among fans but also opens up opportunities for fighters to prove themselves on a bigger stage. It allows for more diverse competition, giving fighters the chance to showcase their skills against opponents they wouldn’t normally face within their respective promotions.

Creating New Stars

Cross promotion can also serve as a platform for emerging talent to gain recognition and build their careers. Fighters who make a significant impact in these cross-promotional super fights have the opportunity to become household names in the MMA world. This exposure can open doors to new sponsorship deals, increased fan support, and future opportunities to compete in other top promotions.

In conclusion, the potential for cross promotion between PFL and Bellator brings a fresh dynamic to the MMA landscape. With the prospect of super fights and dream matchups, fans can expect thrilling events that showcase the best of both promotions. This partnership has the potential to create new stars and provide fighters with exciting opportunities to elevate their careers.

PFL vs. Bellator Cross Promotion 
Super fights and dream matchups between top talent from both promotions
Opportunities for fighters to prove themselves on a bigger stage
Platform for emerging talent to gain recognition and build their careers

Impact on Kayla Harrison

The acquisition of Bellator by the PFL has sparked speculation about the future of top fighter Kayla Harrison. As one of the shining stars in the PFL, Harrison’s career trajectory and potential opportunities within the promotion could be influenced by the ownership change.

With the PFL taking over Bellator, there is a possibility of increased exposure and cross-promotional opportunities for Harrison. The PFL’s vision for international events and champion vs. champion bouts could provide a platform for Harrison to showcase her skills on a larger scale.

However, the ownership change also raises questions about the direction and priorities of the PFL. It remains to be seen how the organization will navigate the integration of Bellator fighters into their roster and whether they will continue to prioritize Harrison’s career progression.

Ultimately, the impact on Kayla Harrison’s future and career will depend on how the PFL leverages its acquisition of Bellator and whether they can provide her with the opportunities and support needed to further establish herself in the MMA world.

Key Points 
Kayla Harrison’s futureUncertain
Potential for increased exposurePositive
Possible cross-promotional opportunitiesExciting
Impact of PFL’s prioritiesUnknown

Independence of Bellator

Despite the acquisition, there are ongoing discussions surrounding the future of Bellator and its ability to maintain its creative control while operating under the ownership of the PFL. This independence could potentially be beneficial for both promotions in terms of maintaining their unique identities and catering to their respective fan bases.

While the PFL plans to continue running Bellator shows at least through 2024, it is unclear how much influence the PFL will have over Bellator’s operations and decision-making process. It is possible that the PFL will allow Bellator to run independently, giving them the freedom to book fights, sign new talent, and create content that aligns with their own brand.

This level of creative control could be advantageous for Bellator, allowing them to differentiate themselves from other promotions in the MMA landscape and continue to carve out their own niche. It would give them the flexibility to experiment with unique formats, promotion strategies, and even potential cross-promotion opportunities with other promotions if mutually beneficial.

Impact on Talent and Fan Experience

The independence of Bellator could also have a positive impact on the fighters and the overall fan experience. With creative control, Bellator would have the ability to showcase their roster of talented fighters in their own distinctive style, potentially offering a different flavor of MMA entertainment compared to other promotions.

Furthermore, allowing Bellator to operate independently would likely foster a sense of loyalty among the fighters, who may feel more connected to the promotion and its vision. This could lead to increased fighter retention, as fighters may be more inclined to stay with Bellator rather than seeking opportunities elsewhere.

For fans, the independence of Bellator means the continuation of a unique MMA promotion with its own identity and style. It offers a different product that caters to a specific audience, providing diversity and variety in the MMA landscape. Fans can look forward to more exciting matchups, innovative events, and a fresh perspective on the sport.

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The acquisition of Bellator by the PFL represents a significant shift in the MMA industry. With the purchase finalized, the future looks promising for both promotions and the fighters involved.

The PFL’s plans to continue running Bellator shows at least through 2024, with a focus on international events and title fights, ensures an exciting future for fans around the globe. Additionally, the potential for cross promotion and super fights between the PFL and Bellator opens up new possibilities for thrilling matchups between top talent.

Despite the ownership change, discussions are underway to allow Bellator to maintain a degree of independence and creative control. This autonomy could prove beneficial for both promotions, ensuring the unique identity and success of Bellator in the ever-evolving MMA landscape.

Overall, the acquisition of Bellator by the PFL sets the stage for an exciting future in MMA. It creates more competition for the UFC, elevates both promotions in the eyes of fans and fighters, and promises to deliver thrilling bouts, international events, and champion vs. champion showdowns. The MMA world eagerly awaits what lies ahead.


What is the official announcement regarding the purchase of Bellator by the PFL?

The PFL has acquired majority ownership of Bellator in a stock trade deal, with Paramount receiving a minority stake in the PFL in exchange.

What are the future plans for Bellator under the ownership of the PFL?

The PFL plans to continue running Bellator shows through at least 2024, with a focus on international events featuring title fights and champion vs. champion bouts.

How have fighters reacted to the acquisition of Bellator by the PFL?

Both Francis Ngannou and Jake Paul have expressed their support for the acquisition, with Ngannou posting a message on social media and Paul suggesting potential champion vs. champion matchups.

What do industry experts think about the PFL’s purchase of Bellator?

Industry experts see the acquisition as a significant move that could create more competition for the UFC and elevate both the PFL and Bellator in the eyes of fans and fighters.

Will there be cross promotion and super fights between the PFL and Bellator?

There is a possibility for cross promotion and super fights between the two organizations, which has excited fans and fighters alike.

How will the ownership change affect fighter Kayla Harrison’s career?

The ownership change raises questions about how it will affect Kayla Harrison’s career and potential opportunities within the PFL.

Will Bellator continue to run independently and maintain its creative control?

There are discussions about allowing Bellator to operate with a degree of independence under the ownership of the PFL, which could benefit both promotions.

What extra content is available from Big John McCarthy and Josh Thomson?

Big John McCarthy and Josh Thomson offer extra content through their OnlyFans account and the Weighing In XTRA series on YouTube, providing fans with behind-the-scenes access and additional analysis.

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Fans can show support by purchasing merchandise from the official website or through the partnership between Bloody Elbow and Revgear, which offers t-shirts, hoodies, and hats.

Where can the Weighing In podcast be listened to?

The Weighing In podcast can be listened to on various platforms, including iTunesSpotify, and Google Podcasts, providing fans with multiple options to stay updated on the latest episodes and discussions.

How can fans stay connected with the Weighing In team?

Fans can follow the Weighing In team on Twitter and Instagram to stay connected and engage with the hosts and other team members, including Big John McCarthy, Josh Thomson, and podcast producer Dave.

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