Patchy Mix on His First PFL Fight

Patchy Mix, the undisputed Bellator bantamweight champion, is gearing up for his first fight in the PFL. With the acquisition of Bellator by PFL, Mix finds himself in a bit of a limbo as PFL currently lacks a bantamweight division, but he sees this as an opportunity to pitch his next opponent.

Having already defeated many top bantamweights in Bellator, Mix believes a rematch with Juan Archuleta, the only fighter to hand him a loss, is the fight to make. Eager to prove himself and right his record against Archuleta, Mix is excitedly preparing for this potential rematch.

In addition to his PFL aspirations, Mix has recently signed a new long-term contract with Bellator, securing his future in both promotions. This new deal further solidifies Mix as one of the top fighters in the bantamweight division, making him a force to be reckoned with in the MMA world.

Patchy Mix’s Excitement for the PFL and Bellator

Despite the recent changes in the MMA landscape with the acquisition of Bellator by the PFL, Patchy Mix remains optimistic and excited about what the future holds. He acknowledges the uncertainty that comes with corporate restructuring but values the opportunities that both organizations have provided him. Mix expresses his heartfelt gratitude towards Bellator for giving him a platform to showcase his skills, allowing him to become the undisputed bantamweight champion before the transition.

With a new long-term contract in hand, Mix is grateful for the financial security and stability that it brings. It is a testament to the faith both Bellator and the PFL have in his abilities. Mix sees this as an exciting partnership between two prominent organizations in the sport, offering him the chance to compete against top-level opponents and further solidify his position as one of the best bantamweights in the world.

Looking ahead, Mix eagerly anticipates his first fight under the PFL banner. Although there is currently no bantamweight division in the PFL, he remains optimistic and determined to pitch his ideal next opponent, Juan Archuleta, to the organization. A rematch with Archuleta holds personal significance for Mix, as it presents an opportunity to avenge his only loss and prove himself in the new chapter of his career.

As Mix continues to prepare for his next fight, he remains grateful for the opportunities that both Bellator and the PFL have provided him. With their partnership and his new contract, he is more motivated than ever to showcase his skills, entertain fans, and make a lasting impact on the MMA world.

actuallyy amazing sign of respect right
there you ran through this tournament
you ran through and got the job done in
the second round of this fight over
Sergio every time someone grabs a belt
you know there’s going to be debate are
you patchy makes the greatest batam
weight in the world right now yeah I
really believe so um my opponent there
uh Sergio Pettis I mean they look at his
25 run but this kid was young when he
was in the UFC he’s great I mean he just
beat Patricio pipo he he smoked the only
man to beat me aru didn’t win a round
against him I think that Sergio is up
there with one of top three
bantamweights in the world right now you
know um I feel like he was so young in
the UFC at 24 25 years old like he just
turned 30 years old him and I you know I
feel like we’re both entering our Prime
um you know they they hold sha oy to
such a high regard it’s like sha Elly
never beat someone of the level of
Patricio piple like Sergio Pettis did
and that’s why I respected him the way I
did you know I took this fight very
seriously I feel like a lot of people
underestimate him and I overestimated
him because I knew how good he was I
mean the first shot you know busted my
face up so you know that’s why I was I
had to respect them you’ve had your team
here Tatiana by your side all through
this journey now leading to this belt
what has your team Tatiana everyone
around you meant to
you um you know it’s just it’s a
testament of hard work you know Tatiana
is a World Champ she’s going to be a
world champion uh she she trains like
she already is a world champion and I
just um you know I kind of just get um I
get motivated by her you know she’s
she’s going to be my wife and uh we love
MMA you know we we share the same
passion in the gym we don’t take days
off you know we train six days a week
religiously um even when we’re not in
Camp so everyone has seen the
improvements I’ve made of recent but I’m
just getting started you know I’m just
turned 30 years old 19 and one now with
15 finishes I’m just getting started um
I’m cleaning the division out from the
bottom up and um I know there’s a guy
named archuletta that has a win over me
I know STS just won um and I’m not sure
what’s going to happen with the
promotion still so you know I’m just
going to take some time help Tatiana get
ready um just’s keep improving and uh
we’ll see what’s next last one for me
you just alluded to it there’s plenty of
competition waiting and and chopping at
the bit to get a shot at your world
title but what has Bellator meant to you
obviously multiple belts right there
what did they meant to your career your
legacy and everything that you’ve
achieved as a professional fighter uh it
means a lot you know I come from
absolutely nothing man my mom dirt poor
piss nothing uh you know I was a kid my
mom scrounging money and paying
with food stamps you know like Bellator
changed my life Mike Hogan Scott Coker
they all gave me an opportunity when you
know we didn’t I was a young kid that
chased in a dream that didn’t have
anything you know I don’t have any
brothers or sisters or cousins or
anything that really have done much so
it was just me trying to make a way for
my brothers and sisters and me trying to
make way for my family you know so um
Bellator changed my life you know a kid
that comes from absolutely nothing with
an opportunity to make everything so you
know I’m grateful for Bellator I’m
grateful for Mike Hogan Scott Coker and
just given the opportunity to fly across
the world to Ireland to Japan to Hawaii
multiple times and you know eventually
get multiple chances at this world title
you know this is my second chance I fell
short short the first time it took me 3
years to get back here three very hard
long years um struggling with mental
health struggling with um a lot of
things just Within Myself to get back
here and now I’m back thank you congrats
you right over here paty congratulations
amazing performance this is something
that you’ve manifested for years now how
does it feel for everything to play out
the way that you really wrote it and to
uh finally you know close the chapter
and be a dweight Champion it feels good
you know 19-1 with another finish um of
course got paid tonight um you know uh
feels good you know I feel like I can be
one of the fighters of the year you know
within a Year’s frame I you know I
choked magamed magamed off to sleep he’s
never been finished I um knocked ruon
stats out cold he he was on an 11 fight
win streak for seven years and I’m the
first one to finish Sergio in about
eight years you know he hadn’t been
finished in a long time Al ceras caught
him years ago in that same choke and a
fight that I thought Sergio was actually
winning you know what I mean and he kind
of got lucky ceras so you know this guy
I feel like the run that I put together
was a testament of my team my coaches my
training partners and just everyone in
Las Vegas you know everyone that’s
helped me out there’s so many people
Kobe far in the room he’s going to be
one of the best flyweights in the world
um Farid Javid basharat shorty Torres
Kennedy um side to side all these guys
man I’m just around so many people and
um you know my coach Harry St Ledger
gave me my black belt my last fight and
I feel like I really earned my black
belt tonight and I think we can all
agree that through the run through
everything all the fights that you’ve
had to make it here and tonight to be a
champion we can all agree that through
it all you’ve been a class act you’ve
always been a classy fighter tell me
about the importance of being so classy
and being the guy that you are and uh
you know how that led you to being the
Champion you are
tonight well you got to be uh respectful
and gracious in Victory a defeat but you
know it comes with a lot of emotions
like you know we’re all fighting for the
same thing and uh it comes with so many
emotions you know we’re trying to hurt
each other out there so you know but
after the fact you know like I said um
no matter the result had I won or had I
lost I was going to get up and shake his
hand and um if he had beaten me tonight
the better man would have won I would
have had no excuses um same with the
archuletta fight had you know when he
beat me you know no excuses so um just a
real moment and just you know just
grateful to be able to be healthy and
I’m honestly happy that we’re both
healthy you know we’re both not walking
out here with stitches or our hands
busted up or anything broken I’m just
grateful that we both can go back to our
families and uh we both just made a
bunch of money together you
paty which is sweeter the Grand Prix win
cuz I see you have both belts here the
Grand Prix win or the win
tonight the Grand Prix win man you know
the Grand Prix win changed my life uh
you know you make a million dollars is
more money you know than tonight but
also the Grand Prix um it’s you know my
mother was there in Hawaii had never
been there and to win that million
dollars I just seen her face and the
level of her not struggling anymore was
everything you know to see her not
struggle was the most important thing
for me and um you know I’ve taken care
of my mom since April you know what I
mean so this fight didn’t mean as much
you know as win or lose you know I knew
my mom was set so it was okay and um I
feel like this one was harder for me cuz
I got respect for Sergio cuz we trained
together and I like I look up to this
kid he gave me a bunch of gear like six
years ago when he left Jackson Wing he
gave me a bunch of gear and like he
didn’t he was like a normal person
headlining the UFC card and I was only
4-0 and this dude was like just normal
as the next person and like when I got
involved in MMA I never I I wasn’t
accustomed to seeing the high level guys
yet when I met you know Sergio so young
he was just a normal dude same age as me
gave me a bunch of gear and then I
followed him like this kid I was like I
remember he got his braids and he fought
John Morag in the UFC you know I was a
fan um I was a fan when he fought
Brandon Marino I wanted him to win cuz
you know I was in the camp so like this
one was hard for me as opposed to ruon
Stats because you know we didn’t really
like each other so like this one was a
little harder but I wanted to be
professional because um you know
we’re both chasing at the same thing and
sometimes like you got to cross paths
with people you know and you can’t let
it deter you from your route you know
and I’m glad
like like I’m glad it was like that
respectful and I’m glad that um he came
out and he he put you know he
put some hands on me like where other
guys don’t you know cuz he went for it
too and I can respect that
100% wonderful last one for me you
mentioned uh rafan STS and he mentioned
that you all talked before the fight and
that you talked about running back but
you also spoke of archeleta who would
you like to see most in uh defense um
like I want to avenge the loss that I
got of course but archuletta is tied up
in Japan and he’s fighting like I think
he’s fighting in New Year’s and like I
necessarily don’t like to wait and see
and I know know he’s got his deal over
there I’m not sure what bellator’s deal
is but I’m not necessarily chasing
anyone now that I’m the title holder
whoever they um approach me with I’m
willing to do you know I don’t mind I
can run it back with all three of them
you know any one of them if they wanted
to do me and serge again if they wanted
to do me and stats again or if they
wanted me to do me and archuletta or
even me and Maga you know I fought all
the top guys and um I just want to fight
who they believe is the best you know
who’s on the best run I know stots
looked really good tonight he beat a
tough guy in Danny sabatello I knew
Danny sabatello was coming to try to get
him I thought STS dominated him and um I
was impressed you know and uh I talked
to him backstage you know uh I got much
you know we got respect for each other
now too now that we we’re done with our
business but if our paths do cross again
no doubt my brain I could you know
accomplish the same goal hey Pat you
over here we covered the topic just now
you just mentioned one Arch lettera but
I just want to mention that you did say
you wanted that you wanted the rematch
you commented on me and Arch’s interview
I bear a text from Han right now he says
congratulations you’re the man super
excited for what the future holds for
you not sure if we will get the rematch
the way no one knows anything but I
would love to have that rematch with you
yeah much respect like I said he’s
fighting kayar on December 31st and um
without a doubt me and him are going to
rematch you know we have to so you know
I want that one back and we’re going to
run it down the line I know like he said
with the promotions and um you know who
knows maybe I’ll be on a one-way ticket
to Japan to try to go get that belt you
know who knows so without borrowing the
promotions the sale seeing how it goes
we’ll see but right now man just focus
on trying to get better you know I was
trying to get better this week during my
weight Cuts I was just training tomorrow
I’m going to take a day or two and then
we’re going to go back to the gym next
week I’ll be grapp on next Monday
Tuesday it feels like just yesterday you
were fighting at senica Niagara Falls
Casino now that was one of your first
fights now we’re at our 30th win if you
include amateur how proud are you of
yourself that you stuck it through this
professional fighting career from start
to finish to now this Undisputed gold
around your
waist um I have to be proud my mom’s
even prouder you know I don’t know what
I do I don’t my eggs are all in one
basket man you know um I left college at
a young age um I didn’t want to go to
school I wanted to be a fighter um I
left you know the only like I put all my
eggs in one basket if I wasn’t doing
this I’d be working on a roof or
something you know what I mean a hard
labor cuz that’s what I used to do I
used to hump 60 bundles a day and then
go train so this is my life and um you
know just let it be man you know just
take my time I’m just grateful that I
stuck it out like you said stuck with it
and now you know my life has changed I’m
a world champion I got more money than I
know what to do with and more
opportunities than I’ve ever had in my
life now after this I’m I’m sure you and
Don and Harry have been talking about
this moment for years so it’s great to
see it finally uh happen for you last
one for me about a decade ago you post
on Instagram that Alaine Sterling was
your Idol now you’re at his level or
even past him do you feel a sense of
fulfillment knowing that you’re living
proof that hard work pays
off yeah man I just want to be a
representative to my nephews and my
family you know I coach high school
wrestling for years I just want to be a
representative to those kids that watch
me you know I’m no different than any of
them so just anybody that’s really like
doesn’t come from much you know I mean
my mom did bad drugs when I was a kid I
was adopted you know what I mean at one
a pound man like you know like uh my my
cousin Rose adopted me and my brothers
and sisters we came with from absolutely
nothing so just to inspire like any
other kids that are watching me or see
this story um that’s the only reason you
know that’s the only thing I want to
give back you know I just want to
inspire anybody I could uh see what I’m
doing and uh you know I want to go
achieve the same than no matter what
even if it’s not MMA mhm keep putting on
for Angola for

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