Parlay Pals Pick Best Bets for Noche UFC


In this article, we will be discussing the best bets for Noche UFC, as discussed by the Parlay Pals on The MMA Hour. The Parlay Pals provide their insights and predictions for the upcoming fights, including their favorite picks and potential outcomes. So let’s dive in and see what they have to say!

Noche UFC and Other Exciting Fights

The Parlay Pals start off by discussing the upcoming Noche UFC event. There seems to be some confusion regarding the name, as the poster says “Noce UFC,” while the official UFC Twitter handle says “UFC.” Despite the confusion, the Parlay Pals are excited about the event and also mention other exciting fights happening, such as KW 86, LFA 167, One Championship, and ACA Young Eagles.

Tracy Cortez vs. Yasmin Has the Vis

The Parlay Pals begin their discussion of the fights by focusing on Tracy Cortez vs. Yasmin Has the Vis. They mention that they are leaning towards Tracy Cortez and Yasmin Has the Vis over two and a half rounds. They also have a playful conversation about the pronunciation of Yasmin’s name, with Frank trying to get it right and the others jokingly imitating him. They ultimately decide to lock in their pick of over two and a half rounds for this fight.

Alexa Grasso vs. Valentina Shevchenko

Next, the Parlay Pals discuss the fight between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. They express their excitement for this matchup and mention that they like the idea of trading picks for this fight. They ultimately decide to stick with their original picks, with Rick choosing Alexa Grasso and the others choosing Valentina Shevchenko. They discuss the different possibilities for the outcome of the fight, including a potential knockout or submission. They also mention that Valentina Shevchenko is the favorite in this fight.

Raul Rosas Jr. vs. Terrence Mitchell

The Parlay Pals then move on to the fight between Raul Rosas Jr. and Terrence Mitchell. They mention that they are taking Raul Rosas Jr. to win by finish, with the possibility of a knockout or ground and pound finish. They discuss the odds and the potential for a first-round finish in this fight.

Other Picks and Parlays

The Parlay Pals continue their discussion by sharing their picks for other fights on the card. They mention their picks for Edgar Chyz and Daniel Lera D Silva, Roman Copylove, Lupita Godinez, and Donnie Gak Jackie. They also discuss the main event between Jack Del Melena and the co-main event between Valentina Shevchenko and Alexa Grasso. They mention the stats and factors that could influence the outcomes of these fights.

They also mention that they have put together a prop parlay, with the picks for the fights to not go to a decision. They also mention a Mexican favorite parlay in honor of the event. They discuss the custom belt and whether Valentina Shevchenko should keep it if she wins. They end the video by thanking the viewers for watching and encouraging them to like and subscribe to their channel.


In this article, we discussed the best bets for Noche UFC as discussed by the Parlay Pals on The MMA Hour. They shared their insights and predictions for the upcoming fights, including their favorite picks and potential outcomes. From Tracy Cortez vs. Yasmin Has the Vis to Alexa Grasso vs. Valentina Shevchenko, they provided their thoughts on each fight. They also discussed other fights on the card and shared their prop parlay and Mexican favorite parlay. Overall, the Parlay Pals provided valuable insights for MMA fans looking to make informed betting decisions.

UFC noce as I said we’ve got no UFC okay
that confirmed I’m asking you I don’t
know is it called No UFC perhaps yes you
said noce UFC a couple times uh the
poster says noce UFC yeah you’re right
you’re right you’re right is a couple
hashtags but then the UFC’s official
Twitter handle says hash UFC no no
that’s that’s a confused I’m going with
no UFC okay I just want to say there’s
also KW 86 there’s LFA 167 one
championship uh let’s not forget about
ACA Young Eagles so there’s a lot there
uh what are we what are we looking at
Frank will lead us
off yeah so I’m going to keep it simple
G to go with Tracy Cortez and Yasmin has
the VIS over two and a
half that’s
amazing that was great can we do that
again yeah so Tracy Cortel and Yas men
has the busiest over two and a
half I’m not going to lie I heard him
listening to that interview earlier and
I uh I thought he was just trying to get
pronunciation I didn’t realize he was
going to clip it off though can you do
one more time because because even there
I feel like I’m not saying it the right
because she’s saying Jazz deicious but
later I think she told me that she
preferred yadavas because that’s like
the true Lithuanian way of saying ja the
busiest oh my it just rolls right up the
so good so good
what start cutting this when Ariel’s
talking from now on are you just gonna
drop it in please I think so that is now
uh up there with Tommy
aspel it might be better it might be
better Tom is a great champ you you’ve
Frank you’ve become Fred Norris how do
you do it so quickly um I have my ways
okay so it’s just two and a half cuz I
thought maybe you’d be siding with the
uh the Arizona gal no that’s where you’d
be wrong I’m going over two and a half
and is one and a half available just out
of curiosity okay not avilable but it
can be if you if you feel more
comfortable with the one and a half I’m
saying the point is when we’re done
doing our pigs we like to have a total
on the show I feel like that locks it in
so I know we’re making an exception for
Juliana but that’s the only exception no
we’ll make it for anyone if you if
you’re more comfortable with the one and
a half we we’ll absolutely do that I’m
doing two and a half locked in lock it
in yeah okay all right minus 475 on the
over two and a half that that brings us
Rick yeah I am going I’m going one and a
half I’m going to the alternate totals
and I’m going to go Alexa Gro Valentina
shevchenko o like that like that I like
it too that’s a great one yeah that’s in
fact do you want to trade that’s a solid
ringer right there I think that’s that’s
a good one that’s that’s a good way to
get back on track Rick uh that’ll bring
us to me last but not least uh I’m going
to take Raul Rosas Jr but not money line
I’m going to take him to win by finish
uh get that to much better odds Terrence
Mitchell he’s not here for uh for a long
time he’s here for a good time a lot of
first round finishes on the man’s record
I I I would be surprised if this one
goes to full5 that gets us to plus 122
so got to love
it um I do love that yeah I wasn’t sure
if that was a drop or Frank really
actually said it it felt like a now
you’re paranoid that some someone was
coming after us for like a plus 177 on
four legs bro people are going to come
after us for every decision we well I
was going to say we did a one better
plus 122 on four legs how’s that sound I
offered up a a parlay last week and it
was a minus and people gave me crap for
it and it didn’t even get it didn’t even
hit I do minus parlay all the time who
oh my God that is crazy um all right
what else we got as far as picks yeah
yeah yeah let’s rip them and speaking of
having fun we’re going to have some fun
this weekend I I am all over the board
uh just just kept firing I actually am
surprised how many bets I ended up with
so I will keep these uh these little
breakdowns brief if you want the long
long form uh you know where to find us
no bets SP let’s start it off Frankie go
ahead and hit that for me
man didn’t even move
oh what are you trying to say her
name oh you you gotten it down yeah it
is so good CU you can like hear her
accent too oh my God it’s so good you
can almost hear her smiling yes yes
either way I mean we’re Team stay
vicious here we if you don’t know the
history uh she came on the show right I
got the thing right here I got the we we
had we did this segment immediately
following it I picked against her she
made me to look like a fool tweeted me
as soon as she got back to the locker
room uh so yeah I’m not going to go
against her rode her on the Miranda
Maverick fight she cashed as a huge
Underdog she continues to be underrated
by The Bookies I think the size is going
to play a factor here I think she can
stuff the takedowns of Tracy Cortez um
and I think she gets it done hard to go
against Tracy Cortez but uh we will be
hashtag by way why is it hard to go
against Tracy gortez you know
just CZ next
up Edgar chyz and Daniel Lera D Silva
however you want to say it Lera on UFC
website D Silva on you know tapology and
other places uh either way I’m taking
the under one and a half here anytime he
fights last time if if you were with a
CJ varara and Lera that was just to pull
your hair out under one and a half Miss
misses like by like 90 seconds could
have been finished a million times over
I’m ready to get hurt again I’m going
right back to the well the Silva Lera 14
of a 16 fights under the one and a half
shz only eight of his 15 but 12 of his
15 have knock onone the distance so he
does have that finishing capabilties I
think this one is just going to be
Madness uh ler Da Silva he needs to get
back on track because this is probably
his last chance 0 and four in the UFC to
this point I think this one’s going to
be a barn bner going to be really fun
next up Roman copy love I’m going to
take him inside the distance uh he’s
he’s getting Juiced up to be like a
minus 400 favorite at this point 10 of
his 11 wins come by way of knockout and
I’m getting the inside the distance at
plus 100 I know Josh f is tough but I
think if this thing stays standing copy
love is going to have a a nice striking
Advantage uh in this one so I will I
will take him two continuous ways of
getting Knockouts and and continue it
here inside the distance uh next up Lupa
Godin as I am going to take her minus
three and a half points I mean
Jacqueline Hyde uh with litaa sometimes
I want to trust her sometimes it’s tough
I’ve bet on her I’ve bet against her
this is actually going to be her eighth
fight since I started on the show uh she
remains active anytime anywhere but I
just think there’s such a clear path to
victory in this one Elise Reed 50%
takedown defense she’s been taken down
in every single one of her UFC fights
been controlled for almost 27 minutes in
just six UFC fights the path is there
hopefully Lupita takes it and I think if
she does I think she’s live for a finish
or a dominant decision now let’s let’s
have some fun oh yeah young man Raul
Rosas everyone gonna tell you by
submission I’m gonna Zig where others
zag uh I’m going to take the KO just
because of the price I mean submission
is like minus 170 or something right now
uh I think he’s just as live for a
knockout Terence Mitchell uh never been
submitted he does have a pretty Solid
Ground game
um but I do think rul Rosas has the
skill advantages to win this one um and
I could absolutely see a world where he
gets him to the ground he can’t submit
him and then he finishes him via ground
and pound we just saw it in the Cameron
Simon fight uh Terence Mitchell both
times he has stepped up to the UFC level
he has been finished uh in the first
round and that’s why why not an
additional little sprinkle R Rosas KO
round one took this one at Plus a
thousand very small sprinkle most likely
going to get the submission um but I
feel good that that R roses gets it done
in there on Saturday night next
up hopefully the T-shirt does not come
into play oh yeah but you know it Donnie
gak Jackie three names back in there JDM
tough matchup tough matchup I mean
confidence isn’t through the roof on
this one Kevin Holland is a tough
but ride or die with my guy Donnie G uh
so that’s where I land on that one uh no
more no more explanation needed to the
event what were we calling that one
again by the
way Jack Del Melena money line no no no
like is it the K Co headline oh that’s a
yeah that’s this a good this is a good
debate right here that’s actually great
I should have teed that one up better I
I should have hit the we head to the
either co-main event I say it’s a
co-main event I think it’s I think it’s
co-main I think this is the perfect
example of a co-main event yep that is
not uh primary
support chief chief support what now
going is there a new one jeez primary
trying to keep up with the tears I’m
trying to keep I need does I need a
tears thing all right so the main event
this one is tricky I mean we know the
stats I think it’s 5 and 12 now after
Izzy beat Pereira and Nunes uh beat Peña
it’s tough to get the belt back after it
gets taken from you also UFC Champions
and Underdog fights I believe it’s 159
and one um so the stats don’t stack up
for chevchenko to get the belt back she
is 35 years old we just saw kamaru
Usman not get the belt back after
getting finished in the in the later
rounds and then rematching uh and
they’re not in Mexico but it is uh no
UFC this is sort of centered around
Alexa Gro similar to Leon Edwards and in
London a lot of things not pointing well
for Valentina shevchenko but I don’t
know why I mean it just the years of
watching her I still have faith in her
to get it done I’m not going to play her
straight just because she is a favorite
uh but I am going to go by decision I
like this number uh at plus 180 not not
doing a ton on it but going back and
watching the first fight I felt like she
had some success Alexa Grasso was very
tough I think this is going to be a very
close fight and I do think uh if
Valentina wins it it’ll be through all
five rounds so I’m going to go with
chevchenko by decision wow but I won’t
be shocked if if it’s and still and we
we get the custom belt around Alexa
Grasso’s waist on Saturday night two
quick parlays a prop parlay do you think
it’s fair that Chef checho doesn’t keep
the custom belt if she wins oh you’re
saying Chef chenko gets gets to take the
custom belt with her yeah why not I mean
I like it I like it you like what that
she that she takes the custom belt she
should I mean you’re putting it on the
line it’s but I think gets I don’t think
she gets it I mean we’ll see on we’ll
see on Saturday night all right uh
little prop parlay like all these
to to not go to a decision and then ctez
Jazz deicious over one and a half and
then had to do it in honor of it noce
UFC a little Mexican favorite parlay to
finish us off there it is oh wow are we
doing this that’s great I love that I
mean you got to show some love man you
got to show some love I’m going to get
some this is what we didn’t do in
Vancouver right exactly exactly we hit
it in Paris and it hit it was like plus
430 or something in Paris I I mean you
get just got to always do this at this
point uh yeah get some nice Mexican for
lunch on uh Saturday be ready to roll
wow thanks for watching we appreciate it
very much hey if you like this video
give us the old thumbs up subscribe as
well you can get many more of these
videos on the channel so please do that
we would love you forever if you did so

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