In this article, we will discuss some recent news and updates in the world of combat sports. We’ll cover topics such as Khabib Nurmagomedov’s upcoming title defense, a preview of the upcoming fight between Dawson and Green, and the possibility of a matchup between Mike Perry and Darren Till. Additionally, we’ll touch on Dylan Danis’ training with Alex Pera and Oscar De La Hoya’s plea for promoters to put on the best fights. Let’s dive in!

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Title Defense

One of the most highly anticipated fights in the MMA world is Khabib Nurmagomedov’s upcoming title defense. However, there has been some discussion about the use of boxing gloves in this fight. Many fans argue that since both fighters are skilled in MMA, it would be more exciting to see them fight with MMA gloves instead. They believe that using boxing gloves takes away from the true essence of the sport.

Dylan Danis’ Training ——————— Dylan Danis, a well-known MMA fighter, has been training with Alex Pera. However, it’s important to note that they were not sparring, but rather doing drills. This is a significant distinction, as sparring involves actual fighting, while drills focus on specific techniques and movements. Despite this, it’s great to see Danis working with Pera to improve his skills.

Concerns About Danis’ Training

While it’s commendable that Danis is putting in the work to prepare for his upcoming fight against Logan Paul, there are some concerns about his training. One major concern is that he doesn’t have a trainer or anyone in his corner. This lack of guidance and support could potentially hinder his performance in the fight.

The Importance of Having a Trainer

Having a trainer is crucial in combat sports. They provide guidance, strategy, and help fighters reach their full potential. It’s surprising that Danis hasn’t chosen anyone to be in his corner for such an important fight. Without a trainer, he may struggle to make the right decisions and adjustments during the fight.

The Money Grab and Pay-Per-View Points

It’s worth noting that Danis negotiated a contract without any pay-per-view points. This means that he won’t receive any additional compensation based on the number of pay-per-view buys for the fight. Considering the amount of promotion Danis has done for the fight, it’s unfortunate that he won’t benefit financially from its success.

Oscar De La Hoya’s Plea for Promoters

Oscar De La Hoya recently made a plea to promoters to put on the best fights and work together for the sake of boxing. He emphasized the need for super fights and for fighters to face each other. De La Hoya believes that this is essential for the survival and growth of the sport.

The MMA vs. Boxing Debate

There is often a debate between MMA and boxing, with some arguing that MMA fighters should be paid as much as boxers. However, De La Hoya points out that boxing is facing its own challenges, such as lackluster undercards and a decline in interest from fans. He suggests that boxing promoters should focus on building up young talent and putting on exciting fights, rather than solely relying on big-name fighters.

The Importance of Building Young Talent

De La Hoya emphasizes the importance of building up young talent in boxing. He believes that promoters should not only focus on their top fighters but also invest in developing a group of fighters who can entertain the fans and bring excitement to the sport. By doing so, boxing can create a sustainable future and avoid relying solely on a few star fighters.

The Problem with Boxing’s Ranking System

One of the issues in boxing is the ranking system. When a top-ranked fighter loses, it takes a long time to rebuild their reputation and get back to title contention. De La Hoya suggests that boxing should adopt a system similar to MMA, where fighters with one or two losses can still be considered top contenders. This would create more opportunities for exciting matchups and keep the sport fresh.

The Success of MMA Promotions

De La Hoya acknowledges the success of MMA promotions like the UFC and Bellator. These promotions have been able to consistently put on exciting fight cards and attract large crowds. He believes that boxing can learn from their approach and start focusing on creating a similar level of excitement and fan engagement.


In conclusion, Oscar De La Hoya’s plea for promoters to put on the best fights and focus on building up young talent is a valid one. Boxing needs to adapt and evolve to stay relevant in the ever-changing combat sports landscape. By putting on exciting fights and investing in the development of young fighters, boxing can regain its popularity and compete with the success of MMA promotions. It’s time for promoters to come together and prioritize the growth and sustainability of the sport.

and now weighing in out of the blue Corner Josh the Thompson 100% And on the
other mic he ways in from the Red Corner Big John
McCarthy don’t be flexing when there’s nothing to flex what the hell I’ve told
you how many times if you’re going to flex there has to be muscle there I could show you my boobies dancing but
but it’s black shirt it’s a black shirt and it doesn’t show as much my yeah you got writing on it like it’s
never mind never mind jeez even a dad bod like me come on dadbod dad you got
to know when you break 70 it’s the Grandpa’s now it’s Grandpa you’re you’re in the grandpa stage buddy no more Dad
can’t even talk about Dad stuff now no dad shit’s Gone John it is gonna be a
packed busy week oh it’s gonna be super packed but that’s good it’s gonna be crazy it’s going to be crazy what’s
going on right now super packed all kinds of good things UFC’s back with a
actually it’s you know it’s a small card but there’s a lot of fun fights on that card it’s a actually G to be a good card
I think to overall Bellator has got a good card they did lose we’re gonna talk about y Ryan Bader Linton Vel sayara you
are not fighting which if you’re Ryan Vader man you gotta be pissed you gotta be pissed
there’s so much I would like to say but yeah but there’s so much that you but I’m not Ariel
helani so I’m going to keep my mouth shut and no it just you know like
there’s things that like we hear we talked about I talked to you about it off air yeah we talk about it after air
I was just like man I want to talk talk about it on our last show but it was like Hey things you’ve got to let the
media you’ve got to let the promotion do their job and uh who knows maybe things will change you never know so yeah there
was a good chance that that fight was gonna be lost but in the did you see what Cory Anderson
put out though yes I really loved what Cory put out I was like okay there you go smart move by Cory I mean it’s not
it’s not going to happen but smart move by Cory no but but you know what if you’re Cory that’s the right move and that’s the that’s the way to do it you
know cuz if Cory doesn’t have to cut weight loved it all he can fight he fight he can fight someone he’s already beaten what’s the like why not yeah you
know um but look I look at it though it’s a I look at the fight card is just for me I felt
like look F four title fights at one night it could potentially be a long night it could be a fast night you know
you never know um but it’s it’s uh we we’ve seen too many times that when you
put three title fights on the same card things happen yeah history has shown that it has I mean there’s there’s been
one time I think the UFC had one time where like all three title fights were pretty good one was like a little bit longer the other two I think were yeah
were DEC were good fights but they were one finishes or they went the distance and were good I can’t remember the cards but I remember they had three title
fights one time and that card after the historic [ __ ] show that they had the first two times they did it it was
horrible well UFC 33 yes it was the very the very first show in Vegas in
Nevada uh they had the three title fights and all three title fights went
the distance all three title fights basically Su and it was like just and
they they actually they went over because at the time they didn’t understand the pay-per-view window the
same you know the people concom who is their their production team they knew
but Dana didn’t understand it at the time and he was like oh no it’s GNA be fine my wife was the one she was talking
to him saying Danny you’re gonna go over there it’s gonna cut off and it did yeah
and they lost money and it was like oh that never happened again Dana took over from that point yeah I mean like you’ve
got to do something because the fights can drag out and when we talk about when you’re saying there there’s there’s a
catch to both sides John you know the one side because we work in the TV industry right now and it goes if you go
too long it sucks like you you get penalized if you go too short then the
fans just get bored and they turn you off because all you’re doing is feeling you’re just filling in you’re like it’s us talking if you hear us talking more
it means that there’s something going on fights are ending too soon or because if you don’t hear us talking it means that
the fights are going too long like you want to have a it’s called being heavy or light yeah and when man when when
when you’re light it’s not good and when you’re heavy it’s not good I mean for for us right when we’re light it’s like
cool we get to talk more but in the reality we know that like we may have to stretch this thing and talk about the
same stuff oh yeah and bring up the it’s like you’re coming up with new ideas on the fly to fill on TV which everyone and
they they only have they only have so many scripted tapes of the fighters and it’s like what are you gonna do I mean
there’s been times where like especially early when uh we when I first started working for Bellator they were Coker was
still trying to build up the young Stars you know I mean you still trying to build up like MVP you know six years ago
when I started working for the guy for everyone when I started AJ mck those guys so those guys they were fighting
guys that were tough like guys like Brian Moore and other guys but they were tough but not quite at the level of like
AJ mcke to matches athleticism and stuff but there was fights that sometimes you didn’t know if they went long but AJ
would finish quickly and you’re like okay crap now we got to feel because we didn’t know how how we didn’t know we knew AJ was good but we didn’t know how
good he was and then we started seeing wow he’s really good wait he’s getting a lot better you know and um you could you
see what he did with Patricio the first fight no one expected that nobody and then you see the second fight and you’re
like all right we didn’t expect that either we didn’t we were expecting a lot different so you just don’t know with
fights as much as we want to sit here and predict what we think is going to happen you just never know so but uh
speaking of fights man we got a lot of top level fights coming up this weekend though for Bellator this weekend and UFC’s got a couple Barn burners as well
you know I’m a big Bobby green fan as most people know I fought him um I never I didn’t have a chance to train with him
but there was chances of us training together at one point and that got squashed I can tell you guys the backstory on that but um but yeah it was
uh there’s there’s a lot going on Bobby Green’s fighting Dawson and Dawson’s out of American top team I believe and
trains with Johnny no no is he I think he is cu Johnny Elin put out a big thing going hey let’s go Grant Dawson so I
would imagine out of American top 10 he he’s been he’s been on fire these last couple fights yeah he’s really made some
big strides and improvements in in what he’s doing let’s do B first though since we got three big title fights yeah there
goes Dave pushing us in one direction again what do you think you are the producer come on man this guy always
trying to tell us what to do I can’t half the time I can’t understand what he says so we just do what we want anyways
but oh man Dave all good you’re Dave you’re doing your job good job Dave is
on this thing right now he’s sending me clips from Instagram of these Scottish people trying to speak English but no
idea what the hell they’re saying I [ __ ] it I can’t even though I can’t understand them I can’t stop laughing at
them it’s so good it is so good oh man if you guys get a chance Scottish TW is
the best place but remember you and you and a buddy that I met you guys used to do this thing called Scottish wordss
with friends or some [ __ ] right what was it called yeah Scottish wordss with American friends yeah and so like they would it was go ahead give give me a
couple of examples of that real quick there Dave yeah so so we’d uh so we we’ set up like a camera and like mainly it
was a lot of times in San Francisco we set up a camera we’d set up a camera and like somewhere in San Francisco where there’s a lot of traffic coming through
and then we stop people in the street and we’d ask them to guess what a Scottish slang word meant and so we’d
give them the word and then they’d have to they’d have to guess what the word meant what they would think it would
like kind of sounds like it might mean so give me give me an example so John so John if you were hear the word tajger
what would you think a tajger is what I think a tajger is a tagger is a guy that
paints [ __ ] on the side he’s a tiger that actually wears a tiger outfit while
he does it that’s a tger wow that was pretty good Jos what about you very creative uh someone who takes it in the
bum damn I’m just giving him the tag I went from I went from painting building
to take it in the ass hey buddy wow I bet you I’m closer than you
are tajer is a dick basically yeah I said someone who takes the someone who
takes in the bomb with the you know with the Dicker never heard of never heard of so
that’s what we do we we’ put it together compilation and then uh we’ put it on and it got pretty popular for for a bit
and then uh you know just sometimes friendships don’t work out oh no oh no
someone got feelers got in the way um but I I thought it was a pretty cool little
concept you guys were doing for a bit and it was uh it was fun I mean like it just sounded it sounds better like when
you when those guys that have the strong Scottish accents like when I was watching that guy on the roof and I didn’t understand anything except for a
[ __ ] and and bastard or whatever he said but then you said yeah he said put my foot here and he said fet means foot I’m
like no it doesn’t I don’t know what fet means but it sure the hell doesn’t mean foot
but uh yeah anyways but good stuff man good stuff it was hilarious all right we’re going to jump right into um
Bellator 300 coming to San Diego this weekend you got usmanov versus Brent primis but before we get started on that
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to us and uh John let’s go ahead and jump right into this Bellator 300 Landmark it’s a landmark for Bellator
Bellator 300 in San Diego 300 man we passed that the weighing in podcast
passed 300 100 shows ago yeah we’re so far ahead of them jez n but look this is
this is a a hell of an event in San Diego you gota look at it I love the fact when they put this fight the Usman
nagam met off versus Brent primis as the main event they had the heavyweight
championship now that that got lost and everything but this was the right one because it’s part of the lightweight
tournament it is for the lightweight championship and man I’ll tell you what this is
a was I hearing something did you hear something no no I heard something okay
so this is the fight that you look at it should be the main I don’t know all I
had like a uh like like I was getting a phone call in my head pretty [ __ ]
weird that’s the marbles ringing around in there buddy like there’s only like three or four you probably turned your
head left to right a little too fast and that [ __ ] just started clinging together three or four hit each other the right way man it’s making music you know when
you get those two balls in your hands and you Circle them around they make that noise those little metal balls
that’s probably what just happened right there I hate that so anyways this is h a
great fight it’s a great matchup you’re talking a Striker versus a Grappler but Usman is much more than just a striker
he’s got fantastic wrestling prise has been the champion he’s a guy that’s got
fantastic submissions uh if there’s one weakness if you were gonna look at Usman and say
where would you say he would be the weakest I in my opinion it would be in the submission game his wrestling is
damn good his striking is freaking topnotch he is so good in the Striking
and I think that’s going to be one of the things I believe Brent primis is going to look at and say I can strike
with until he does and I think that’s going to be him looking for that takedown it’s
not going to come easy against Usman yeah Usman look he’s he’s really good on the ground but if there was one area
where I said look if Brent primis has the advantage it would be in the grappling department but in the
submission game not in the wrestling Department um Usman even though he was not known for his wrestling when he
first came to AKA and he don’t get me wrong him and his brother Umar have always had good wrestling they just
chose to keep the distance with with their long their long style of stand up the Taekwondo style side kicks long jab
long jab right left straight lefts the way that they fight it keeps people at range it’s kind of like you said those
Taekwondo style kicks that are Snappy that make you think oh there’s nothing on those and all of a sudden you get hit
by one ask ask Henderson and then next thing you know you’re on your butt going [ __ ] how did I end up here and usman’s
on your back choking you out the those type of things can happen so fast when
you’re dealing with somebody who is as fast as Usman and training with him or being around him watching him Spar the
speed will be the biggest difference in this fight it will be on the feet it will be like target practice and I don’t
have anything I can’t say anything bad about Brent primis just he a lot of people will tell you and if you watch
his fight he is not the fastest fighter in the world but when he lands he does cause damage he’s got heavy hands okay
he’s got heavy heavy leg kicks and Usman has more of that wider stance when he is
kickboxing so that’s where I could see the kicks play a factor but Usman will switch left to right to minimize how
much damage he takes on the leg so John on the feet I’m definitely going with Usman there’s just no doubt about it and
in the wrestling Department I’m definitely going with Usman there’s no doubt about that yeah um the physical
strength here’s the I know I know that Brent primace is f I know he’s strong
but I just look at the way he utilizes his strength versus how Usman utilizes his strength the The Leverage cuz of the
height as well as his strength I think is going to be the the thing that evens them out
Brent primace is not short he’s definitely not short but he’s not as tall as Usman on top of that the
leverage of the length and the limbs of Usman I think it’s going to give him a little bit more of a strength advantage
over Brent primis and not many people would say that because if you see Brent primis he’s built like a goddamn
bodybuilder he’s [ __ ] sculpt it and just shredded and bu like a break yeah he it’s it’s I’m like I I have no idea
the first time I ever saw him I was like how that the hell do you make 155 there’s just no way I couldn’t believe
it and this I said the same thing with lar cuz he’s 61 you know 6162 you know
I’m like how the hell do you make 155 you guys cut your limbs off it’s crazy
but um the one weakness that I would say with Usman in I have to give it I wouldn’t even say it’s a weakness I just
give Brent primace the advantage but you know as well as I know what does what is Brent
PR’s downfall when it comes to fighting guys on the ground go ahead John say
it he goes after the same thing multiple times and doesn’t switch it up and
that’s where he could end up getting in a position where he just gets into that
flow of he thinks he can get after once you once you’ve seen it’s like anything
when you roll what it’s when someone catches you is when you you don’t know it’s coming or you don’t understand how
they do it how they apply it then all of a sudden they catch you in it you go how the [ __ ] did you do that and then it’s a
matter of all right well you may get me again with it but then after you get me
again with you’re not going to get me again with it because I now I know how you set it up I know where you’re going that you’re not that chess move ahead
and that’s where Brett is so he has so much confidence in his
submission game that he thinks that I can just continue to go after it and do the same submission no once they’ve
stopped it and once they’ve shown okay I see what you’re doing much harder to get get that submission
he needs to switch it up especially as the fight goes on you become sweatier as
you get is the sweat kind of starts building up and things get a little bit slipperier like it just becomes harder
and harder to get those type of submissions that he’s trying to get to he likes the omal Plata the gogo Plata
he likes to attack that high guard triangle almost the Eddie Bravo style stuff which is good when you’re dry in
that first round you know maybe even early in the early in the second but but
also Al Tires your legs out makes you exhausted all of that man stuff that that is a tiring attack you know I love
Eddie stuff and not saying but I can go through aund fight with guys that are
10th planet that you watch them going after people they can’t get the submission and all of a sudden they’re
exhausted based upon how much effort goes into those things and the use of your legs so you know it’s it’s a great
system but you’ve got to make you got to apply it and make it work or you end up getting tired prise is going to have to
understand that he can’t afford to not just keep doing the same attacks and be on bottom he’s going to have to try to
sweep or submit and then s not just submit he’s going to have to try to sweep and get to the top position either
come underneath or he’s going to have to try to just get back to his feet he can’t afford to keep trying to chase
those omop platas gogou platas the arm bars and the triangles from his back from inside the guard that’s where I’m
afraid and concern he’s going to have problems with because wman has seen it all from that position he has seen it at
all from that from that guard position anytime you’re inside someone’s full guard literally if you start putting
your legs up and I put your back to the fence and your neck to the fence and I put my head to the fence I just got rid
of the arm bars because you need to throw the leg over my head to get to the arm bar I pretty much got rid of the triangle because I can use the fence
with my forehead to keep my my head leveraged up so you can’t pull me forward into it so now I can use that to
leverage myself back up and if you try hitting the goo plat omop platas I’m already kind of with my forehead against
the fence now you’re having elevate your hips too much I can just kind of stand up and push off the fence and create my
my third leg almost now I’m using the fence is almost as if I’m using it to scrape you off yeah balance point
exactly and so there’s just so many things that go into it and I wish he could see it because I’ve seen him lose
two fights doing that he chased after the submission chased after the submission and that’s where he ended up
coming up short but I will give both guys this both are coming off probably
the best performances of their career as far as far as the way they perform because Usman was it was Benson
Henderson and you look at you know as a young fighter going up against a veteran
like that a guy that’s you know had these titles and has fought everyone there is
a this this is a big fight for me and man he just just went through him like
it was nothing and then premise against barow that was a fantastic that was a
fantastic performance by Brent primis because they were back and forth and he
just never stopped he got hurt in it he kept going really showed a ton of heart showed everything that made him the
champion but he’s better now than he was back then so usan is getting the best Brent premise I think that we’ve ever
seen I agree I think with this much on the line right an opportunity at the title because Brent primace is the
former title after beating Michael Chandler so he’s the former Champion there at lightweight division getting the chance and opportunity to win that
title back and then coming off that that great performance that back and forth battle with baroi and just digging deep
having to dig deep like that gives you that confidence going into your next fight like there’s nothing you can do in
a five round fight that I haven’t just went through last fight yep and so the thing that scares me a little bit with
Usman is that a lot of the times he’s made it look easy because he’s that damn
good you know and so when you end up having to you end up having to bite down on the mouthpiece and have to grit
through it I know he can I’m not even worried about that I know he can but it
it’s just different when you’re under the bright lights I want you to think about this think about this statement
okay because you you know Javier Mendes Very Yes and he’s like a father to me known Javier forever he’s a he’s a
[ __ ] phenomenal guy Javier Mendes has been the coach for a lot of great mixed martial artists and
if I go if I start going down the list crazy it’s incredible he said that Usman magamed is
the most talented fighter he’s ever won that’s a hell of a compl when I
would say I would say probably especially when he still got Islam there too yeah but when I look at athleticism
I look at Usman and Umar as those two guys their athletic ability their ability
to um there’s their ability to to think on the fly to make adjustments all those
things now he’s I don’t think he’s ever going to find someone more mentally strong than khabib that’s the one thing
with him I’m not saying that but athletic athletically and gifted I know that even after like we were talking
Islam was more athletically gifted and allaround better fighter than khabib but khabib was just mentally couldn’t be
just mentally just it didn’t matter like not a lot of guys in the gym were able to get a hard time even guys in the
upper weight classes but you look at these two guys athleticism mixed with
that mental strength and also understanding that their cousin’s already done it and their best their
their brother brother Islam and all you know and everyone else in their camp they’re consistently doing it and the
two of them have each other to bounce things off of Umar and Usman and just continue to get better these guys are
babies they’re 20 23 and 20 or 23 24 and like 26 I think 27 now little 2 27 and I
want to sayon is 24 yeah yeah super they’re they’re so young and both of them will achieve tried to have achieved
their goal I think probably by the time they get to you know being 30 years old they’ll probably getting close to want to re entire sorry that’s my that’s my
dog Ah that’s my dog that’s my doggy dog so
um no but the the two of them they could they understand when you’ve got somebody that is coming after something’s coming
after you that the two of them have someone to build off of each other so
great fight though good fight another next championship fight you have Chris cyborg taking on katson G this is kind
of been a fight that’s been thrown around since cat came to Bellator and uh
just never ended up coming to fruition until now cat lives down in San Diego
she accepted this title fight against uh Chris Justino and there’s I’m not gonna
say that there’s bad blood but there’s been a lot of nastiness and harsh words going both ways in this where the
Cyborg’s been there done it in every promotion she’s been with cat has come
that close but has never touched that Pinnacle this is her chance this is her
last chance I would say honestly so does she get it done look I look back at when
cat fought Ronda Rousey just didn’t fight a smart fight
it just came out just well it was only I’m saying but here’s the thing if you’re fighting someone like her what is
your strength your strength is wrestling try to keep the distance I know you weren’t great on stand up but Ronda
Rousey was no as we found out she was no diamond beater either yeah she wasn’t great on the feet no matter what
everyone said that she could beat Floyd Mayweather it was ridiculous anyways it just came down to the fact that like it
just came down to the fact that the best part is there was people that believe that there’s no way there just’s no way
oh my god um but no look maybe yeah anyways um but Rhonda but uh anyways if
that’s what you were good at she just whoever like at that moment was coaching her and working with her I didn’t
understand the thought process was to sprawl and brawl they didn’t have that let’s run across the cage jump and do
something and make a mistake and then get submitted it just was not what I don’t I didn’t understand that but now
in this fight will she fight smart where is to where if everyone where where is
Cyborg’s one weakness it is in her wrestling Department it is her on her
back her weakest exactly her off her back we haven’t never really seen it cuz people don’t really try to take her down
or they the people that she had to fight not all of them are Grapplers you know they could yeah they just they weren’t
they weren’t they didn’t have the wrestling pedigree of someone like uh Kat zanu cat if she gets after the
wrestling just grinds on her make her cat’s a goodest she’s a good wrestler if she is able to threaten um the wrestling
make cyborg work in the wrestling department so focused about getting taken down that she’s a little bit more
timid letting the hands go maybe a big shot on the feet can land and then they get the taked down maybe a big shot on
the feet lands and you drop her and you can finish her but that is kind of your your Avenue or your your path to Victory
with cyborg it’s the same thing every single time spraw brawl make you pay well I look I look at it this way
there’s no doubt in my mind Kat Zano can win this fight but cat’s got to win a
majority of this fight to Come Away with the win where cyborg only needs to win a small
section of it to get the win she’s got the power in her hand she’s got the ability to hurt other women in the
standup she’s done it too many times and so for cat cat’s got to be that that
wrestler that’s gonna get on top and grind her and make her work and make her have to carry her weight and just do
small damage that starts to lead up to her slowing down and do do that round
after round she could get the win this is where I look and say cyborg
cyborg can come out and if someone’s gonna get the big knockout I believe it’s going to be cyborg the fast
knockout and she could you know she could end up losing four rounds and come out in the fifth round and just land
that one shot that puts the fight you know in her corner so I think cat’s gonna be have to just look at it it’s
like it’s going to take me a long time but I’m just going to slowly and methodically just start to pick her
apart take her down and slow her down yeah I agree with you uh you know the
next fight Liz Caro versus Alay McFarland these two used to train together they’ve been friends for a long
time they they actually care for each other I’m interested to see because when
I look back at the guys that I’ve trained with and mainly just being Gilbert Melendez the guys that I’ve trained with and guys that I’ve fought
which was Gil and there was other guys that I had trained with and eventually fought but like in small small circuits before I even got to the
see it seemed like almost like the feeling out process was gone and so we ended up having a way better fight yep I
mean it was more painful for me and for him because we already understood what each other could do you know you you
know what he’s good at you know what you know what he’s going to do you know how he does it you know his you know the the
steps that he takes in the standup to try to throw something you see it because you’ve been in there in the
workout room with them and done it for hours you know it’s not like a 15minute
fight it’s been hours that you spent doing things with them and you get that feel for him but and it can definitely
open up to fight here’s my one question is look Liz Liz Carmo can be a killer
she’s physically gifted as far as her strength she’s super strong everything
alima’s got that she’s she a sweetheart yeah I don’t
know if she can actually go after her friend I can see Liz going after alimay
I really couldn’t and I’m not saying alimay you know she’s going to give it everything she has but she’s such a nice
person you know she cares about people so much you know she’s always thinking about you know what’s I’m just I want to
see Al mle go after this if when she does I’m going to say okay she’s there this is where I think I would normally
agree with you but in the fact that they’ve trained together so much they know each other so well I think it would
but it’s been a while since they that’s true but I think that it would I think that these two have probably had a
conversation that if you don’t give me your all I’ll be more upset at you like
I want the best out of you because I think Liz is like look I want to know that I beat the new version of you not
the one that I used to train with you know and the one that I the one that I was used the one I was used to I want to
know that I got the best I got the best one that came that night not the one that was just that I that maybe I used
to be in the gym or before I want the new one I want the best one I can get my hands on and bring it to me and show me
show like I’ll know and that’s the thing that’s friends will know oh yeah you’ll know you’ll know yeah and so absolutely
there’s not a doubt about it yeah and this you know all three fights are uh five rounds so look I’m not going to get
into too much of the prelims but there are a couple that I want to mention down here let me throw these uh which one me
throw these glasses stop right there don’t you which one don’t move well there there’s one that you’re not going
to talk about that I have well I’m going to talk about because because we watched him in Ireland have a fantastic fight
Dimitri henko from the Ukraine he is fun to watch on the feet and he’s going against Justin M Montalvo Justin
Montalvo had we have seen him time and time again put on great fights he got
beat in his last fight against Archie kogan it’s his first loss but he went out there and man he he went out on his
shield he just he decided well either I’m Gonna Knock You Out or you’re gonna knock me out that’s what happened but
man the kid goes to the body well henko is going to be there for him to you know
take those shots in the standup both of them have about the same grappling I would say Demitri might be a little bit
better uh as far as his takedowns and stuff Justin might be a little bit better on the ground but that’s a great
match up it’s fun yeah I would agree with you and no loss in losing to Archie kogan who’s just an absolute stud also
stud um Bryce meridith uh runner up in uh University of wyomi good wrestler
wrestler phenomenal wrestler trans out of the lab that he’s always good to keep watch on Bobby ceronio III really
explosive good like taekwondo style kickboxing mixed in with a little bit of grappling uh Sarah McMahon and Liam
mccort there’s a couple fights on here I’m wondering why they’re down so far but the only thing I can think of is that they may they they’ve kind of
scheduled this to if it does run over that you have a couple pre postlims and towards the end so those last fights I
think when you get to like s McMahon and Liam MCC cour this is really to see who’s going to fight next in line for the title of the winner of the uh cyborg
fight and um true and cats and the kai kamaka and Henry caral fight should be a
stand up great fight stand up battle huge standup battle great fight but for me the best for me the best fight on on
the card that’s on this undercard here I mean for me is the Romero cotton versus Grant
Neil I can’t wait to see that fight the two of them should be able to get after it like I know there’s a lot of bias
there but I like I like both of them though you go ahead you go ahead and tell I like both of them I used to to
train with morero I used to work with him on the pads I I’ve trained with him at AKA for a long long time uh great guy
Grant Neil I got a lot of love for that guy he’s always the nicest guy super nice guy every time no matter where you
go he’ll yell at you from across the casino to get your attention to say what’s up and say hi I love to be around
people who don’t have the ego and have just that personality of hey man looking forward to you know talking with you
chatting with you whatever it is he is he’s definitely one of those guys so who do you want to give some love to
I I was going to say Romero cotton and Grant Neil is a great fight but I also I I don’t know if it’s going to be
happening you got Davon Franklin who’s a monster from Jackson wink uh Winkle John
in New Mexico he’s fighting a guy named slim treli slim is a dynamite wrestler
now Davon comes from a wrestling background davon’s got the more power in the hands slim is super controlling on
the ground so it’s going to be an interesting thing because we have seen Davon get tired can slim get past the
power and wear him out on the ground I don’t know if he can keep him Josh hoki is a heavyweight he’s got a brother um I
know bad but they’re just they couldn’t be more opposite in terms of size no oh
my God and so it’s just funny but uh he’s making his debut good wrestler Isaac is a is a quick batam weight and
then there’s Josh the heavy the heavyweight so keep an eye on him he’s the very first PR of the night should be available on YouTube I know burkhoff is
really good he’s good you know good fighter all the way around he’s coming off that one loss to Loren Lin nasty ass
elbow but man I mean he is fun to watch he’s a good he’s a great Fighter um but keep an eye on him as well so that’s
going to wrap up our Bellator 300 talk uh we didn’t want to drag it out too much because you know Everyone likes to get in the comments and say we’re we’re
a little biased we just talk about it too much but look this is a this is a big milestone for Bellator uh make sure
you guys tune in this uh Saturday on Showtime and hopefully you guys enjoyed it also join us over at in wein we’re trying to bring more athletes onto this platform doesn’t matter if you’re an athlete hit me up in
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a ton of males on there that you could sell your product to so go ahead and hit me up go to wayin I’ll try
to get you guys connected so you guys can start making some money that was good that was a good
little read by Josh Thompson pretty not bad it’s because you didn’t read that’s right because I don’t if I have to read
it it’s like I sound like stuttering Stanley stuttering Stanley stuttering Stanley that’s from a all right we have
the UFC Fight Night from the Apex in Las Vegas with the main event being guys
that we were talking about earlier Grant Dawson taking on Bobby green green seems to be on that rooll again almost like
remember you when it was um the whole Co time he fought F like six times like a
year dude he fought at least five or so man he was on a roll well back on that roll now and you hey give me that money
you know John you know what surprised me is how many fighters were afraid to fight during
Co I’ve talked to people at the UFC they’re like no Fighters were turning down fights like no I don’t want to fight it’s co I’m like I’m sorry uh
they were having fights every [ __ ] week like I didn’t want to fight I’m like sign this motherucker up I was
coming out of retirement for that [ __ ] come on like yo pay me pay me [ __ ] but
this should be a really good fight man 21 and one 20 and one and one1 and one
yes that’s a pretty damn good record you got Bobby green though with a lot of losses but he’s got 34 and one Bobby
Green’s losses though have been against who some of the best guys in the business and it’s Al you know okay one
of his most recent losses was against the champ in makf he took that thing I
think on a week notice 10 days notice six days notice you know it’s like what what do you expect I mean it’s like it’s
he’s willing to fight anybody anywhere at any time and that’s what you like gota love about Bobby green but Grant
Dawson I and I really believe this you can go into his last three fights man
you have seen some improvement and look he’s like like you said he’s got a great record but his last three fights have
shown a just a maturity in what he’s doing let me see his fight IQ has gotten
way better he’s being a lot smarter no that’s Bobby dude try to try to listen
to the conversation at least Dave yeah man I love him I love him if you if you guys are listening to this make sure you guys hit in the comments I want you guys
all the blowup podcast Dave in the comments so I can just take clips of it and I make a real on it okay and my uh
on my Instagram you guys can follow us over there I can’t wait to but keep it right keep it right there Dave but if
you take a look he had the fight with Ricky Glenn and that was one that he won the first two rounds and he almost got
finished in that third round he lost at 108 and on h two cards and that’s why it
was a majority draw one of the judges gave it a 109 which it wasn’t even
freaking close but Ricky Glenn was able to get it back and that was the draw so
then he came out fights Jared Gordon and he puts it on Jared Gordon that fight gets the submission win right near the
end of the fight but just a beautiful performance overall because Jared’s one of those just guys that just tough hangs
in there makes it difficult for you he beats The Undefeated Marco Madson with a submission the rear naked choke and you
go man it’s really looking good well then is his last fight against
ismagulov and you know demir’s good in the standup and he’s talent and he just
dominated the fight as far as all the engagements he didn’t get rid of him but I mean it wasn’t close and it was just a
fantastic performance and it showed how smart he can be in there difference
being I do believe Bobby green has faced way better competition over you know the
career you know obviously ones at about 35 fights On’s at about 22 fights but
Bobby green has faced The Who’s Who yeah what you’re going to find with Bobby green though is the speed’s going to be the factor and the style of which he
fights it gives people problems you know and like everyone just thinks oh I’m just going to walk him down he’s not going to be able to hit me and then he
hits you and you’re like oh wait that punch where did that punch come from it’s just came right from his chin and down from his waist which one you yeah
exactly and so it’s I think the referee just I look at I look at a little bit I look at him almost like a little bit
like a Shan Strickland I don’t want to put him quite into that category of a stepen Thompson or Macha because he
doesn’t have style but anytime you’re dealing with somebody who has a style that you’re just not used to it it poses
a problem I think you’re absolutely right because Strickland kind of uses a little bit of a shoulder roll as his way
but he squares off Bobby doesn’t square off really Bobby kind of he keeps himself bladed but he’s difficult to hit
well the reason why Bobby keep the reason why he keeps himself more bladed is because he knows that at that weight class there’s a lot more wrestlers if
you snatch my single or you snatch on the single I can start to give you the HP try to give you the whizard and then start shoving your head down in the
185lb division those guys can’t wrestle man there’s like one guy in the whole damn Division and we’ve talked about
this they can’t wrestle and so it’s that’s why that’s why Strickland can just walk people down be a little bit
more square and still kind of shoulder roll do the the Floyd Mayweather Bobby’s got to Blade himself a little bit more
and uh and just worry about defending one leg versus two and so he does a really damn good job of that he’s
explosive um he will attack from anywhere what I like is that all he’s got to do I think in this
fight is really keep his back off the fence and don’t let the size I think of Grant Dawson Grant Dawson to me I think
is going to be a little bit bigger than Bobby green Bobby Green’s not a huge 155 pounder you know and so Grant Dawson I
think is the bigger fighter and if he’s able to kind of hang on Bobby make Bobby work in areas and maybe get to the top
position if he can get a takedown use that size get to the top cuz on top Grand Dawson’s got really good on top
he’s got that good top pressure good good control all of those things and on the feet I’m going to give the slickness
to Bobby let’s just be honest Bobby is not a guy who’s on his back very often and he does he’s he’s not a he’s not a
threat from his back best thing he can do is get himself back up yeah and many times he’ll turn his back to get that
and sometimes it works for him sometimes it doesn’t but I just look at it speed I
think is going to be a surprise in some ways for Grant he’s going to think that you know he’ll be you know as fast if
not faster Bobby is deceptively fast and very difficult to hit and so it’s going
to be a matter of how smart is Grant Dawson in this fight if he fights it smart he’s got a lot of advantages that
he can use but the wrestling defensive wrestling Bobby that and that’s the whole thing Bobby will give you his left
leg yeah how you take Bobby down is to get to his right leg very true that’s how you get him down so we’ll see we’ll
see what Grant Dawson does with it next fight Joseph feifer against Abdul razak
alassan this is one of those ones you know fifers that guy came off of the contender series uh Dana kind of took
care of him which was a nice thing to see you know helped him out of some uh financial problems got him a place to
live basically and Fifer has been proving that it was a money well spent because he’s been fighting his ass off
but what was his last fight I I believe it was a loss Fifer’s last fight there
WR on this one pull up Fifer real quick I’m just GNA leave these bad boys on no no okay so it wasn’t Dustin STS
yeah and and getting past Gerald merart as far as a you know a veteran a guy
that’s great on the ground you know nice job but he did it in the first round on the feet that’s the way to do it if
you’re going against mirar but I was wrong he hasn’t had that loss we we both know who Allen almodi is tough dude with
heavy power but that’s what Fifer brings Fifer’s got power he’s got heavy hands
and when you’re looking at alhassan he’s got the same thing alhasan had two
fantastic fights against homasi where they both just basically said okay we’re gonna stand here and throw our hands
that might be what we see in this because feifer will stand there and throw his hands and so will alhassan
well feifer is a ginger man so I gotta always go with the ginger Ginger’s man do have that like that
strength yeah there’s the other we use then freak strength but yes we do we do I was being good yes you were you were
being very PC um but yeah so but Fifer look he will stand and bang he will uh
mix it up I think there will be a little bit more threats to I think he will threaten some takedowns to slow down uh
alhassan like not not to just make him think about just I’m goingon to stand and bang with you he’s gonna have to do
that because I think the the athleticism alassan is going to be a little bit too much for Fifer I think Fifer’s going to
have to fight a smarter fight but I I gu see 5 for wi in this fight but to me the the two the next two fights are probably
the best two fights on the card these next two fights damn we were just talking about one of them a little bit
Alex Morano against Hae Buckley look at you can say whatever you want about Alex
Morano the dude can fight he doesn’t look like he can fight he doesn’t look like anything man his ground game is
outstanding both in the top position and underneath he’s got a hell of a a submission game and man he can stand up
in fight he’s got power in his hands he takes a shot well and he’s gonna have to
against Buckley who’s got big Power he’s got a lot of you know lot of spinning
attacks a lot he’s had some great knockouts and stuff we both love Walken when he was at Bellator and they got rid
of him I what the [ __ ] is wrong with you but you look where he’s gone and look what he’s done so thank you very much
proved us right he was that that much fun to watch he just had problems with
wrestlers big time wrestlers would take him down hold him down and he couldn’t get himself away now he’s gotten a
little bit better with it but he’s not going to have to worry about that with Morano because Morano’s going to be in his face throwing shots the whole time
see you said that you said he’s going to be in his face Alex Mor will be in Buckley’s face in his face throwing shots and walking Buckley has been known
to kind of Wilt a little bit under the pressure and if he can’t hit a clean shot on you when the second or halfway through the third round or second round
he starts to start to go backwards he starts to slow down he starts loading up on his shots and leaving himself open I
love watching him fight I love all the crazy wild [ __ ] he does the flying knees the spinning head kicks spinning back
kicks all those things I love them all he’s got big Power in his hands when he pulls the trigger and he lets it all go
which he pulls the trigger quite a bit but Alex Morana will he will make it look like he he’s just making you miss
slightly he’s never absorbing a full shot and is he making you pay after that he kind of fights you almost almost like
a little bit how Sean Strickland fights you he he just kind of slowly pressures you the whole time and next thing you
know you’re tired you’re you’re like man why is this guy still in my [ __ ] face I’ve hit him three or four times with
big shots and he hasn’t taken a step backwards and with Alice Morano which is a little bit different than the Shan
Strickland type analogy is it Alex Morano’s really good on the neck you start shooting you start he can grapple
the guy’s got good submission his submission game is good and so if Buckley starts to get tired and just be careful for that Guillotine that arming
Guillotine to happen because he’ll try to attack that thing quick and uh and try to get this fight out of there so
Buckley’s got to be cautious and careful careful on how much energy he exerts when he thinks he’s got Morano hurt
that’s one or two when he’s getting frustrated and tired that you keep pressuring me I can’t just start keep
loading up and throwing I’ve got to find other avenues to to make this a fight don’t just bite down and start throwing
more that’s going to make you even more tired that we’re going to this is going to be a fight that’s going to test walk butley um fight IQ it really is yeah I
agree next fight Drew Dober against Ricky Glenn we were just talking about Ricky Glenn the fight
that he had with Grant Dawson and how he almost finished him in that fight in the third round got the majority draw out of
it but Drew Dober I mean just a just a gamer I love
watching Drew Dober fight because he just you know he’s had some big wins had you know both these guys have fought the
guys that are in the main event because Drew Dober had the big win against Bobby green when he was getting lit up let’s
just be honest he is getting touched and touched Often by Bobby green and finally said you know what I can’t be on the
outside with this guy I’ve got to get inside and you know bit down on the mouthpiece did what he was supposed to
do got a knockout you know and just look fantastic doing it and then like I said Ricky Glenn doing the same thing going
after uh you know the man Dawson this is an awesome
awesome match up Dober on the feet I think is better than Ricky Glenn Glenn
on the ground I think is better than Drew Dober but does Ricky Glenn have the wrestling to get Drew Dober down especially be Drew Dober being that like
this short he’s only like what 53 like trying to shoot on those tree trunk legs 5 S yeah maybe five I’ll give you 56
buddy give you 56 but he’s got those tree trunk legs it looks like he’s just got a trunk of his body like he’s just a
trunk like he goes chest goes right do his hips and then hips to just [ __ ] massive legs huge legs and he’s got a
big ass he’s got a big ass so that’s a little like a big hammer right just easy to kind of whizzer and give you the hips
and you know and kind of hammer you down and so Ricky Len’s got his his his hands full with trying to get this fight to
the ground does he does so but that’s a that’s a fun fight yeah I agree next
fight Philipe Lind going against Ian calava Philipe Lind has really come on
his own as the light heavyweight with uh the UFC he’s had had a couple tough fights but he’s got a couple of big wins
he’s been utilizing his his range a lot better picking his spots instead of just
throwing you know crazy windmill shots he’s been very smart he’s gotten some nice wins calaba we know he’s gonna come
out and he’s going to try to hunt you down grab a hold of you throw you on the
ground and punch you into the canvas if he can do that against Lind
he’s gonna get the win if he can’t and it stays on the feet for a while look for Philipe Linds to do uh good work
against Caba because technically as far as the technician the better technique yeah but I think with Kaba he’s going to
be able to pressure him so much going to take Lind out of that being you being a technician and he’s going to end having
a bite down his mouthpiece and just exchange and the two of them are going to end up exchanging the center of the cage until someone goes down and if
someone does start to go wobbled out then look for calaba maybe to take this fight to the ground get to the top position and dominate whereas Lind he
gets to the top position against him look out yeah next fight though to me is a good fight yeah oh that’s a great
fight Alexander Hernandez against Bill alio Bill alio is just a a dog of a
fighter Hernandez has got everything when you’re looking at someone you know fast athletic
strong he’s one of those guys that you look and go how the hell do you beat that guy and Al’s got to get into that I
just need to really start to frustrate him in this fight everything I do make
him think damn damn damn and you’ll see Hernandez start to tail off with that
mentally I think he gets frustrated when things aren’t going his way with fights where alio we’ve seen alio is super
mentally strong tough just keeps on grinding knowing what he’s got to do and how he’s got to get there so athleticism
it’s on Hernandez’s side fight IQ I’m going Bill Al this is one way to look at
it what do coaches normally say about people that are young kids I would rather have the the kid with the the
hard the work ethic kid with the work E versus the kid with all the talent because those kids with all the talent
have a tendency to do what I think with Al with Hernandez does work hard I think he works hard I think what it is though oh no I’m not talking about Alex
Hernandez I’m saying the whole thing is kids with Talent sometimes sometimes they don’t work hard but also too when things don’t go their way they get
frustrated at themselves thinking that they’re better than they are but because they don’t they don’t work on what they’re doing they don’t know how to
handle those type of situations they think their talent’s going to get them through that I’ve trained young kids Jiu-Jitsu wrestling kickboxing mainly in
Jiu-Jitsu where they’ve learned they get frustrated they think they can just jump past someone’s guard no no that’s why
you hold the ghee and you walk around their guard and misdirect their legs one way like you’ve got to walk them step by
step with Al with Alex Hernandez I think algo what he’s got to do is just walk
him down make him feel uncomfortable and anytime someone has made him feel uncomfortable he starts to mentally fold
and it’s I’m not trying to take a knock at him I think he’s a fantastic fighter he’s super athletic he’s got good power in his hands he can sprawl and brawl
he’s got some good technique on the ground with the ground and pound like he’s good he’s a very talented young man
but I feel like things maybe came a little easy for him when he first came into the UFC in the beginning and he
started biting off more than he can chew and then you know guys like Cerrone put him in his place and then you you know
you started seeing like oh he just wasn’t the same guy anymore the confidence wasn’t what it was confidence away went away Bill Al Alo has got to
put him in put his back to the fence make him feel uncomfortable put him on his back foot make him fight you know
having to cut angles make him feel uncomfortable if he does that you’re going to see Hernandez start to kind of Wilt a little bit under the pressure now
I’m not saying he’s going to go away because he still got the power in his hand still have athleticism but I think that Alo this is his fight to lose if he
fights a smart fight yeah I agree with you uh John is there anything else on here you want to talk about ah there’s a
couple you know let me just say that uh kako marada is taking on Vanessa
dumop who is a fantastic Grappler uh she’s fun to watch on the ground she
doesn’t have the greatest record you know but she is a dynamite Grappler and
when she gets the fight to the ground she really moves well and if she can do uh that with Mar to get her to the
ground that should be a fun fight to watch that’s itom keep an eye on the uh mandoka and
the man the Manis fight Nate the Manis fight it should be a fun fight I’m not saying that it’s going to be a barn murder but I’m saying it should be a fun
fight for people to watch yeah all right guys hey um that’s going to wrap up our UFC talk and Dave’s got a little bit of
news for us and we’re going to let Dave go ahead and just chime in hopefully he’ll speak English this uh this time
around uh Darren t and Mike Perry have been going at it and there’s talk of a
boxing match what do you guys think about the potential of that happen sign me the [ __ ] up I will I will pay I
will’ll pay for that I’ll pay for that you want to make it a pay-per-view I’ll pay for that fight I’ll pay for it is it bare knuckle is it boxing or is it just
bare knock Sounds like box I listened to this interview with the two of them on
Darren till was in the car mike Perry was in studio this is great I can’t remember who the hell is and man they
had me cracking up Darren till was as honest as he could be throughout the
interview saying you know hey you know I love I want to fight you you know he goes I think you’re tayor made for Bare
knuckle boxing we’re not doing bare knuckle boxing it’s like SMU and he’s right I
think Mike Perry is he’s that guy in bare knuckle that man he’s going to be hard to get rid of if you if he doesn’t
do anything stupid on the outside he’s got the the grit the balls to to be a
monster in that sport Darren till you know is in that position he’s been
looking at boxing he loves the standup game you know he’s been very good at it sometimes when you know with Mike
Perry you just got to look and say yeah yeah he can be beat boy it’s going to take a hell of an ass whooping to do it
though you know in MMA I was like okay Mike Perry I
just didn’t like all the Antics that came along with it maybe it’s because I come from the sport and I’m like I came from the a little bit younger uh the
older not younger older generation where it was like we didn’t have a lot of money coming in at the time and we just
wanted to [ __ ] fight to make some money we didn’t we weren’t talking about trying to do this and do that and not
big money it wasn’t big money but um and it just seemed like it seemed like a little bit like a stick that what
he was doing but then the reality said in this is this is Mike Perry and then I realized that and I’m
like okay and then when he left I’m like you know I wouldn’t mind seeing him back in MMA but then as I started thinking about it this is perfect for him whether
it’s boxing and whether it’s uh uh be knuckle these are perfect for him because remember the Dorito chip [ __ ] uh
that that that promotion that was around for a second but he was perfect for that cuz
it was it was boxing with MMA gloves I thought it was amazing you know we had a couple guys um that were on their um d d
compos was fantastic in that and then gerts was in that too I think like there was there was guys that I was like man
you guys are more tailor made for this type of fighting your explosiveness how fast you are with your hands you guys
throw everything with heat you guys have got great cardio you guys are perfect for this Mike Perry has made a thing
with Baron knle I don’t know if he should end up going to uh to this now I
think if they did do this boxing match I think you’d have to make some sort of stipulation that it’ll be like with MMA
gloves it it would be it’d be more beneficial for both guys it’d be more entertaining for us as fans
no it may be more entertaining for us as fans but it would not be more beneficial for both guys well look Darren Till’s
got a nice smile so I I get it I understand Mike Perry don’t give he don’t give two shits about his smile you
don’t give two shits about your but have you not noticed if I follow Mike Perry on social have you not noticed that he’s
got a good energy about him right now he’s great I think he was in a spot when
he left the UFC it just wasn’t the same John oh no look I did his first fight in the UFC and you know and so you know you
go in the back and you know you go into the locker room where he’s at hey you know I tell hey man how you doing I’m
John I’m gonna I’m Gonna Be Your referee and he started exactly what you’re saying he starts talking and the guy that he was gonna fight was from South
Korea I I had refereed him multiple times the dude was a monster at 170 as
far as the size he looked like a a light heavyweight and he was good and Mike Perry was telling me he says man he says
I’m telling you I’m Gonna Knock this [ __ ] out he just starts in right I’m going all right that’s all good stuff well as I walk out I’m thinking
I’m not too sure about this dude he doesn’t seem like all the [ __ ] uh all the [ __ ] floors are opening up on
this the elevators not reaching the top and then he went out and did exactly what he said and I was like well he
knows more than I do man and he was tough as hell so I mean I do I do think that though he is exactly where he
belongs now and he’s not gonna make the money in MMA that he’s making right now
in in bare knuckle boxing man stick with that stick with it it is it is made for you and you are made for it and man
recognize that you had a great time with the UF see sayara you know that’s uh
you’re going to be an average fighter there yeah here you’re a star yeah this
is true this true look look let’s do this um go to the news Dave on our on
our on our text thread and there’s a hrio you actually sent it it’s the hrio
Fino Jimenez um picture there’s a female on there I believe that
M done barole boxing and you can see the difference and I can
see why Darren till doesn’t want to be a bare knuckle boxer you want to pull that picture up can you pull that picture up
Dave yeah it’s loading right now okay anyways she there’s a they do a before and after of her like you can see look
at that oh yeah the teeth are out like this is this is insane like I think I
think all this runs me back to is it runs me back to Luke rockold oh because Luke’s got a he’s you
know got a decent smile he’s you know obviously kind of a good-looking guy but then after that he had to have his teeth
redone I mean look at this girl that’s Brit and you look at you look at people
you look at people like um Darren till and I I can see there was a interview of
Darren till in the car the other day and I I saw clips of that but that guy’s got some pearly whites man he’s got he’s got
a beautiful smile I have said it for you know the last 40 years of my life cu my
dad was very very big in saying hey don’t play another man’s game if he’s coming at you you know with you I used
to arm wrestle in competitions and I and back then they they only did one side was right arm really didn’t do left but
youd get the you know the odd guy that would come up and say I’ll I’ll challenge you left-handed so I win the tournament and this guy go I’ll
challenge you left-handed my I was like all right my dad looked at me he goes how [ __ ] stupid are
you like it’s true oops uh made a mistake no you know and that’s what this is yeah
you’ve got to look and say man I know my lane and bare knuckle you know Eddie
Alvarez said it perfectly you got to be a dog man you want to do bare knuckle you may not be the greatest you know
technical fighter in the world but if you got the dog in you you can do a lot
in that Sport and Luke rockold flat out can fight I’m not going
to take anything away from Luke Luke Luke was a hell of an MMA fighter his
standup is you know fantastic but his kicks were you know his question mark kicks one of the best there is his
grappling game was [ __ ] phenomenal but when I heard that Luke and we talked about it when I heard Luke was gonna
fight Mike Paris that’s not a good fight for him dude you know he’s not that style of fighter he’s a great fighter
but not bare knuckle fighter no I agree with you there’s just a difference no I agree like you know and this goes for a
lot of like Darren till but I would like he doesn’t want fight bar knuckle I would like to see them fight with MMA
gloves you know maybe you get the little bit more poofier ones whatever it is like they did with the Dorito chip thing
but I mean I just I don’t I have no interest in watching two MMA guys fight with boxing gloves on where there they
can be so defensive and cover everything up no I want to see things come through that’s why what one FC is doing we
talked about this on the last show what one FC is doing with mu Thai with MMA gloves they even had a boxing match on
that last card where they had boxing match they had a boxing match with MMA gloves the shots land there’s more
frequent shots at land people get rocked more it gets through the threads it threads through between the guard it
comes around the guard it just makes the fight a lot better of a fight for the
viewers not for the fighters but for the viewers no but these are two guys that understand what it’s like to fight with
MMA gloves on already so why would I want to watch them fight with boxing gloves on let me see you guys do MMA or
let me see you guys box but with MMA gloves if you guys want to get a little bit more of the poofier ones you know the the six out remember the old Combat
Sports ones they had with the big po in the front let’s go ahead and do those something along those lines but I think
that’s kind of the way to go when you’re talking about these two guys what else you got for us Dave all right one guy who has a fight
coming up Dylan dnis recently posted a video training with Alex Pera so I want
to get your thoughts on on this change uh well this like addition I guess this
value add to his Camp I mean we’re what a week two weeks away
well first off you know let me just say this I saw that and saw the whole thing
of you know oh you know sparring Dylan danis sparring against al they weren’t sparring they were drilling there’s a
big [ __ ] difference okay there’s a huge difference between you sparring with somebody and you doing drills
that’s all they were doing with drills there was no sparring involved so it’s great that he’s working with Alex I’m
not saying anything about it you know but this this is a matter of when you’re looking at Dylan danis you know he’s got
this fight October 14 supposedly against Logan Paul if if he falls out Mike Perry is the one that’s going to come in but
you know he doesn’t even have a trainer Josh how many fights did you have that
you didn’t have a trainer okay yeah yeah I mean he has nobody in his corner he
hasn’t picked anybody in his corner right what do you mean you haven’t picked anybody in your corner what what
do you think this is you know yes it’s against a YouTuber in Logan Paul Logan Paul is gonna try to
take your [ __ ] head off for all of the stuff about this fiance and stuff
come on now I I personally think that’s all a good thing for Dylan hey I want a
guy that’s wants to take my head off I want a guy that’s going to be mad and angry because you don’t fight well he doesn’t get any pay-per-view points
though his dumb ass negotiated a contract with no pay-per-view points dumb [ __ ] he’s done all the promotion on this
thing exactly he’s done it all that I’m just wondering like you heard Lan come out not Logan uh uh Jake he’s like no he
doesn’t get any pay-per-view points he’s getting a flat fee why why would you ever like
especially the way you’re especially the way you’re active on social media he’s like the the biggest heel on social
media I think I’ve ever met I mean I can’t think of another one I mean outside like Connor who after he got
money he just became the biggest hill like he just he had no problem telling everyone to piss off um but
Dylan look from the beginning we knew this was a money grab and the fact that he that
Jake or not Jake but Logan put in this stipulation where if you pull out you owe me 100 Grand I can sue you for whatever the
promotion well he’s already suing well Logan and his little fiance are already suing Dylan all over the place for so
stupid putting putting stuff out it’s say come on I mean where is it that you
have a fight the I I say it all the time Josh and it’s the truth you know the
best part about fighting is Dylan danis can say whatever he wants
he can go and do all his stuff at a certain date and time I get to go in and
punch him in the [ __ ] mouth and no one arrests me and I get paid for that’s
a great [ __ ] thing and it’s like you’re gonna bring lawyers into this so
stupid I don’t understand the whole thing but you know I I do hope I hope Dylan shows up for it I still don’t
think he’s going to you know but I hope he shows up for it but I I am concerned that you know this
whole thing of oh I’m traveling all around doing training in different places and I don’t have a trainer and I
don’t have anybody’s in charge of my training come on yeah you know you know
where that leads doesn’t make any sense doesn’t make any sense it leads to failure what else you
got for us hey Dave actually the last thing that I sent you actually there was there was a thing on the commission
thing that we wanted to talk about but there was something I want to talk about the last thing I sent you with the Oscar
De La Hoya because we talked a little about the Canelo fight will you pull that up
he Oscar De La Hoya is pleading with all the other promotions or promoters
promoters to we have to put the best fights together we have to do this he’s right no he’s he’s absolutely right this
is the problem John is that we have media who tends to say hey MMA you have
to do what boxing’s doing and pay them more but then look at what boxing is going through it let’s listen to this he
just showed up for a pche Canelo obviously like I said on quick throwing bombs he want easy but anyway look if we
want boxing to survive if we want boxing to thrive we need Super fights like all
the time Fighters must fight each other we have to come together promoters Eddie
Hearn Al hayon Bob arum whoever’s out there let’s come together I’m calling
you out let’s come together let’s meet the power of the minds and come up with
something because boxing can die I’m calling you all out let’s do this and
plus don’t miss sudo Ramirez on the Z there he goes now he’s
selling look that’s PR’s job is always to be selling but that’s it always be selling the thing is is that we we we
have to be very careful when I when I hear the media the MMA media talk about this is what we we need we they should
be making what boxers are making well boxing is in the situation they’re in because that’s what they make so you’ve
got to kind of split the difference on do you want to have you well because if you look at the last week’s card right
the co-main and the fights before that no one gave a [ __ ] about and that goes for every boxing card no one ever pays
attention you look in the arena it’s dead till the main event starts when you go to a UFC event or you even like as of
lately you go to a Bellator event they’re [ __ ] the Crowds Are the crowd’s packed by like second third
fourth prelim you know for Bellator like in when we were just in Ireland yeah you
got to figure say okay you had 21 fights Jes 21 fights by fight two or three it
was [ __ ] packed it was packed you had you know you had 8,000 9,000 people in there you can’t say you have that at
boxing matches they they give zero [ __ ] who’s on the Ender card and until boxing
starts spreading some of that money to the lower guys or figuring out how to make it a little bit more um
appealing to the the fans at home it’s gonna I don’t want to say it’s gonna die but these Fighters are not these these
promoters are not joining together like he’s pleading but he was one of the problems to begin with for a little bit
absolutely but think about this you sit there and you say exactly what you’re saying and I agree with you you’re being
honest you go to a boxing event for the most part usually around the co-main is when the crowd really starts to fill
this true but okay so you’re the promoter for that
last event with Canelo against Charlo and you had uh you know Ramos I think
was fighting uh h i l exactly that’s my point John You just prove my point thank
you okay no no you’re right but but it’s a$2 million gate yeah Josh a no $20
million gate do you know how much each one of those goddamn tickets are now a lot of it is being bought by
corporations and things like that that are then handing them out excuse me but $20 million they don’t
give a [ __ ] what the undercard is yeah I get what you’re saying I get what you’re
saying I mean the that that’s a good that I get what
you’re saying but like the fact that you don’t you’re not building young talent to come up and now we’re just we’re basically just trying to advertise the
fighters that have a zero next to their name and only in the heavyweight division can you get rid of the zero and
still have someone that’s kind of marketable you know um and that’s it only because there’s a lack of options
that it but when you get down it’s also the way he looks what’s that it’s also the way he looks well I mean no but it
could be Anthony Joshua no it could be anyone like I mean like uh there’s other fighters in the heavyweight division you’ve got Ortiz even though he like not
a lot of people will come to watch but he’ll but he will fight he’s still around for a reason though because they have a lack of options he makes for a
tough fight his fight with wilder put him back on the map because he was beating Wilder until the last punch in
the last round that’s why but the the heavyweight division is going to be a a division that’s always going to be that
it’s always going to be that way but that’s the heavyweight division but boxing boxing needs to he Oscar de la ho
I never thought I’d say this Oscar de Hoya is right they need to come together need to have their Fighters fight but I
also think that they can stop trying to just have their one fighter that they’re putting all their time and effort into
and have a group of Fighters and stop caring so much whether they have a one next to their name or an O next to their
name soon as they get rid of the O people forget about that boxer the promoters kind of forget about him also
and there’s a long process to build them back up no let’s see the the the second best guys fight each other and then
after that let’s see if that fighter now can go back up and fight for a title again that is the problem with boxing is
that when your number one guy leaves when number one guy loses there’s no one to take their place and it takes you
guys forever to build that person back up of him fighting 10 to 15 more fights of no-name people I’ve never heard of
and then we just keep telling me that these guys are the best this guy’s the best I would rather see the guy who has
the one or the two next to his name like we get in MMA all the time that [ __ ] ends up winning the title I want to see
that guy fight I want to see that guy who stylistically is a horrible matchup for for this person who’s the champ
who’s undefeated I want to see those fights and until these guys can start doing that I don’t want to say Boston’s
gonna die but it it’s not going to beat MMA it’s right now it’s behind MMA right
now it’s behind think about how many how many MMA promotions there are that are signif are doing decent are doing well
right UFC is doing the best obviously very profitable the other promotions are doing they’re they’re doing okay doing
the best yes doing the yeah doing the best doing the best out of boxing also I think you know so they’re they’re
crushing it I just think that he’s on to something but I just don’t I mean he’s gonna have they’re goingon to have to start building up their younger talent
and who gives a [ __ ] if they lost but if they’re if they’re a fan favorite or they’re a crowd pleaser you’ve got to start having them fight stop just
carrying about about the O next to the name that was my rant for the night you guys all right guys nice rant well hey
uh go to wayam pick some of our merch is available there we got the old logo we got some of the new logos up
there uh John’s got the Let’s Get It On sweater and the hoodies available John always loves to wear hoodies during uh
during the winter because he’s in his his little box there where he films I’m hoping your new house has a
studio I do have a studio Som day I’ll get in yeah hopefully will it be in the next six months no no like it’s been
over a year you know that right thank you I’m glad that you want to remind me of that yes and you’re saying not not
another six months close I mean the you will you be
in though in the next six months and then just finishing touches like after that gez
John yes I should y the fact that you even had to count is ridiculous oh dude
it’s like hey okay the whole thing is this see I brought someone in to do all
the work and then when you see that they’re not able to accomplish things now I’m doing the work and it’s like it
takes me a lot longer because you know I got other things I got to do and stuff so I spend one day doing this one day doing that and that’s just the way it is
so that sucks just time going by oh that sucks alrighty well hey we’re gonna
leave you guys with that but John go ahead and take us away buddy hey for everyone out there I hope you uh watch
everything that’s coming out the UFC’s got a fantastic fun card not a lot of big names but a fun Fight Card
bellator’s got an incredible fight card for you so watch both of those coming up
and we will see you don’t miss Bellator 300 don’t be

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