Noche UFC Reactions, Sean Brady, and Ray Longo | Anik & Florian EP. 438


In this episode of the Anik & Florian podcast, hosts John Anik and Kenny Florian discuss the recent UFC fights and share their reactions. They are joined by guest Sean Brady, a UFC welterweight fighter, and Ray Longo, a renowned MMA coach. The topics covered include the upcoming fights, the performance of certain fighters, and the role of referees and judges in MMA. Let’s dive into the highlights of this episode.

Sean Brady’s Upcoming Fight

Sean Brady, a UFC welterweight fighter, is set to face off against Kevin Lee in an upcoming fight. Brady discusses his preparation for the fight and his confidence in his abilities. He believes that he has what it takes to defeat Lee and is excited about the opportunity.

Ray Longo on Referees and Judges

Ray Longo, a respected MMA coach, shares his thoughts on the role of referees and judges in MMA. He expresses his frustration with some of the decisions made by referees and judges and believes that there needs to be more consistency and accountability in their actions. Longo emphasizes the importance of fair judging and refereeing in ensuring a level playing field for fighters.

Analysis of Recent Fights

Anik and Florian analyze the recent fights in the UFC. They discuss the performance of fighters such as Bryce Mitchell and Dan Ige. Florian highlights Mitchell’s rap album and his impressive skills in the octagon. He also praises Ige’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and his ability to hold his own on the ground.

Predictions for Upcoming Fights

The hosts and guests share their predictions for the upcoming fights. They discuss the matchup between Raphael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot. Florian expresses his disappointment in Gamrot’s performance since his fight against Guram Kutateladze. He believes that Fiziev’s striking skills and improved cardio will give him the edge in the fight.


In this episode of the Anik & Florian podcast, the hosts and guests provide insights and analysis on the recent UFC fights. They discuss upcoming fights, the role of referees and judges, and share their predictions. Stay tuned for more exciting episodes of the podcast.

Kenny Florian podcast John annik and Kenny Florian I [ __ ]
love them I can’t get enough of them let’s hear that Boston next big job
oh my goodness I believe there are a couple of absolutely self-involved here are your hosts John anik and Kenny
Florian I’m the winner but it was a draw
it was a John if my if I’m Mike Bell I’m skipping this week’s episode of the Anarchy flooring podcast great to be
with you Monday September 18 2023 back in the home studio for episode
438 of the end confirm podcast presented by DraftKings on the DraftKings Network
YouTube channel we appreciate you checking out the show wherever you are finding us Clips on the Anakin flooring
podcasts YouTube channel we don’t discriminate on that as well oh so much to get into kenflo’s got his Nirvana
shirt he is uh nourished he just ate his breakfast was which probably means he was pushing uh heavy weight this morning
uh how we doing kid how we doing oh my goodness uh I’m feeling okay but I I
just how many weeks in a row John do I need to get poked in behind the behind by
these judges I mean it’s just one thing after another something’s coming up I can’t catch a break
oh I mean I just I I there’s some days I I just I I I want to stop giving pics
John I’m just getting murdered over here so oftentimes when we’re on the road my
twin brother was there we were with our friend Ronnie Pellegrino this weekend and we talked about the Anakin Florian podcast remember we’re always trying to
make this show better always trying to make the show better and make the main event challenge better and
my brother always bemoans the fact that you don’t like having to pick fights nor do a lot of these analysts right it is a
Cornerstone of the program and now we are on the DraftKings Network and you’ve been making picks though on this show in
the main event challenge since this Show’s Inception essentially so it is nothing new but we are trying to come up
with creative ways I think for 2024 so that a it’s a better reflection of how you
would do it the actual window and be so it’s not so uh just pick heavy for Ken
flow because it is difficult it is a very difficult thing and uh I do think mathematically there’s a way to come up
with something that uh you know is scoring close fight there’s a lot of different things we can do abstaining uh
multiple unit plays proposition bets but uh our listenership we always value your input as well but yes can flow was on
Valentina shipchenko and uh was unable to cash that ticket a lot to get into today of course we will recap the UFC’s
first Noche UFC I have a lot of respect for the Mexican Combat Sports Fan because well for
Myriad reasons but I started my career as a Combat Sports journalist as a boxing radio guy and I had the absolute
privilege to cover so many HBO pay-per-views with the mouthpiece boxing
radio show and so I got to go to so many fights involving Juan Manuel Marquez and Eric Morales and Marco Antonio Pereira
my personal favorite and you know just uh you really sort of get a sense for who Mexicans are and the way
they nationally support their athletes and certainly As Americans at times we bemoan the fact that we don’t have more
of that patriotism uh and instead it’s you know Boston versus New York and everything else but um man it was a
festive atmosphere for Noche UFC and it was Capstone by an outstanding Championship contest between Alexa Grosso and Valentina shevchenko and uh
you know I guess we can talk about the martial arts first and then maybe if we could uh talk about Mike Bell no I’m
just kidding hey I share [ __ ] shuttles with these guys right so uh you know I do consider Mike Bell an
acquaintance and a good man and uh but yes a lot to get into Ken flow what did you think about what was a really
entertaining high level mental and physical chess match between Alexia Grosso and Valentina shevchenko that
ultimately ends in a split draw I think this is a good approach start let’s start with the fight itself the fight itself was tremendous I think that both
ladies had awesome moments in that fight I thought it was highly technical I think it was very interesting to see the
adjustments that Valentina shevchenko made heading into that fight clearly her
boxing was way more on point than it was in the first time around against Grasso and I think Grosso made some really nice
improvements of her own as well perhaps not as consistently and thoroughly as
Valentina shevchenko but um I I thought that when they had their moments they really tried to capitalize
so as far as you know bringing that energy bringing that high level of
technical skill I think it delivered on all fronts and of course we had a lot of
drama as well a lot of drama within the martial arts within rounds round three
seemed to be the tightest submission of the fight despite this public narrative
about round five and certainly in the final minute of the fight when Valentina shevchenko makes a mistake surprisingly
a again and allows Alexa Grosso to get a submission attempt late in the fight it
wasn’t nearly as tight or so it appeared than the guillotine in round three that chefchenko had Grosso in and if you
listen to the commentary Dominic Cruz doesn’t Trot out there that’s tight two or three times unless he really believes
without a shadow of a doubt that it’s tied and Daniel Cormier the same thing and in round five you could hear DC
saying you can’t see the lock I also watched some content from Demetrius Johnson in that third round Kenny and
you know he thought that fight was going to be over right there at that point in time so I don’t even know what question
I’m asking you but uh what did you make of round three and how close the fight was to ending there how it compares to
round five when maybe because of the nature of when that happened everybody thought uh Valentina chefchenko maybe
was fighting for her life when she wasn’t necessarily I don’t know yeah I think it’s an astute observation and Not
only was it a guillotine it was a guillotine from the mount position in which is totally totally different than
say hey guillotined from guard or half guard right so you’re talking about a very dominant position with the mount
and that Guillotine from Mount now I thought that the squeeze uh meaning the
grip around the neck was very tight there’s a slight positioning something
that I learned very recently actually from Mr Ryan Hall where the position wasn’t quite where it needed to be
meaning the head and neck position in relation to the body of Valentina superchenko however you don’t always
have to be there to finish that joke because of that squeeze the squeeze was tight make no mistake about it it was
constricting the blood vessels of Alexa Grosso now um I think that absolutely was a much
tighter submission than the submission that we saw Grasso have chefchenko in which she had her back the angle again
was not all the way there The Squeeze wasn’t all the way there it was kind of on the jaw a little bit and of course we
saw that submission the first time around that where you don’t have to have it around the neck but we’re talking a
completely different thing this was not a locked in rear naked choke so I think
that’s extremely important and it highlights how much worse that 10 8 call was by Mr
Bill so zhangwei Lee versus Joanna yonjech this was not but gosh if I’m not just
overflowing with buckets of respect for this fight and these two fighters right
you just knew going into this rematch and this Valentina shevchenko was going to have one of those [ __ ] you training
camps at Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand for three months and come back an improved version and as focused as humanly
possible I mean she was absolutely Ready for War and Alexa Grosso I mean gosh if
she wasn’t ready to compete just cardiovascularly and mentally and otherwise like so locked in so confident
in our fighter meeting that she was gonna find a submission or find a finish over these 25 minutes and uh you know I
do believe when you watch back the fight in totality for me that Valentina shevchenko won the fight and won three
rounds of it I did go back through round four and took notes as I watched the fight which obviously when I’m calling
the fight Kenny is not an opportunity that I’m afforded and uh I think round four is where where this fight should
have swung and unfortunately because of this 10-8 in round five this is not the
uh The Round In which this fight swamp so round four for you Kenny I know you
didn’t have the benefit of watching it back but you know a few of my notes chefchenko won the first two minutes striking in her Jab Grosso lands these
big knees to the Head she gets a takedown didn’t really do necessarily much with it there was a mistake there
uh Valentina did end up on top there then chefchenko with an elbow opens up a
cut at the 140 Mark and these are just some of these awful notes in front of me
uh chefchenko take down zero really with it but she does land a big right hook in combination late in the round and for me
uh it was round four Valentina chefchenko DC and I kind of not argued about it off the air respectfully I
looked at him I was like really you know and and he was right yes there is an argument to be made for Alexa Grosso in
that fourth round but I didn’t see it that way and Sean Sheehan actually made an argument for chefchenko 10-9 in round
five Kenny right never mind a 10-8 so uh what do you have for us on that on all
that champ yeah I I would disagree with DC on that as well um there’s always an
argument to be made is it a good argument is a different question but uh yeah I listen I think that this was a
great demonstration of who these two women are meaning we saw exactly who they are now chefchenko very
well-rounded she’s good everywhere right but when it goes bad it can kind of go
bad and then you have someone like Grasso who is not as well-rounded as far as not as complete however she is more
potent of a fighter than chefchenko in my opinion she’s more of a finisher that she’s a she’s a she has that Killer
Instinct I think a little bit more than chefchenko in some ways so when she has her opportunities to submit or knock you
out it seems like she goes for it a little bit more than chefchenko so we saw those aspects of their game of their
personality of their game in that fight um And in regards to the scoring I I had
it three rounds to two for chefchenko I did not have any Tate 10-8 rounds anywhere
um and Cody just put a note in in the chat out of four about fourteen hundred cards 1.4 percent have a 10-8 uh
scorecard I don’t know if I’m I’m interpreting that correctly but not to say that just because that is the case
that there should be a 10-8 in some fight but they are rare right they’re rare for a reason because you don’t see
that kind of a mismatch over the course of around too too often and again if
you’re let’s say let’s go back to the Israel to Sanya fight I would have had a much easier time if someone said hey
Strickland won that first round 10-8 than I would with round five even that was be a little bit of a stretch in some
ways but the fact that they had a 10-8 round in round five
it’s just it’s just very uh very confusing very frustrating for me so
the scoring criteria we know it to be flawed we know the judges don’t have nearly as many tools as as referees and
commentators but because we don’t have half points judges have to be more liberal handing out these 10 8 to
differentiate between 10 9 rounds now that doesn’t mean they do things that fly in the face of the criteria to do so
right it’s very simple when you’re trying to determine a 10-8 round its
dominance duration damage and if you start with dominance Kenny in round five it was not a dominant round for Alexa
Grosso so I’m not even going to get to duration and damage is that okay oh 100 no 100 I think that’s accurate and even
the shots that she was throwing get really excited even the shots that Grosso was throwing from Mount largely
were being deflected by the arms of shevchenko in those if you go back and look a lot of those shots are are
skimming off the arm of sovchenko so these aren’t heavy shots that are landing that are rocking Chef check
going almost putting her out like if that was the case and she’s like her head’s bouncing off the canvas you know
eyes kind of going in and out looks like she’s not responding well I would say maybe but not even that John and I think
you you put it beautifully and simply yeah absolutely there’s there is no you know High duration of dominance uh or
any of that so I don’t know it’s confusing I love Alexa Grosso I really do I have no problem with her still
being the champion in a close fight I I hope they run this one back Francisco Grasso is my coach of the year I’ve determined that on September 18th uh but
I do think that Valentina shevchenko got a [ __ ] done in this fight that she is not being given credit for even in that
fifth round and I’m not going to waste too much of our time here today arguing a 10-9 chefchenko in round five because
I certainly had round five four Alexa Grosso but everything was heightened by
everything that was going on in that building and that that was the fifth minute of the fight and Mike Bell got way will lean way too much into all of
that I mean Valentina chefchenko landed some very significant shots of her own
in this fifth round including a big right hook late chief caused further damage to a cut that she opened up in
the fourth round that maybe some people don’t want to give her credit for so I’m certainly not going to waste my breath arguing on either side of round four it
was close I thought watching it live that it was a clear shevchenko round I understand if people want to be on the
Grosso side there but this 10-8 can flow right yeah even in a close fight is is
indefensible and for those people out there that argue that John McCarthy and others right that there were only eight
to ten Elite judges in the world and Mike Bell is one of them well give me some not only judges page and all the
[ __ ] not Elite judges out there give me all the pretty good judges and let’s go five wide for the judges put them in
a back room without any [ __ ] noise right give me five wide on the judges and I honestly think UFC president Dana
White and Hunter Campbell are about the only people then that can affect change when it comes to this and I’m not you
know publicly asking for my bosses to uh to make this happen as much as maybe I am doing exactly that but Kenny at this
point right short of half points which is just seems like such an impossibility to get long-term effect uh long-term
change with the rules I just think that there’s just got to be a way to just uh
to just get more judges and to oh to try to figure out a way to to lessen the
margin for error and just go five wide as as soon as humanly possible for the sake of the fighters yeah you know I I I
would hope that that would help solve some issues but as we know sometimes introducing these
um these factors can sometimes make it more complicated I don’t know hopefully that that is a solution I think more
than anything else though you know it’s when I’m looking at this fight and I see rounds one three and four pretty clearly
for chef chenko and rounds two and five pretty clearly for Grasso uh you know
but those are all 10-9 rounds you know you look at the consistency of how it is so to me the 10-8 round almost seemed
like a makeup call in some ways you know I don’t I don’t know if that’s the case I’m not I’m not trying to Levy anything
against Mr Bell here but I don’t know it was just odd it was odd because it was
completely unwarranted there there’s no consistency and I guess my other question John is when when you guys are
talking about how judges are encouraged to look for 10-8 rounds
I guess um more liberally is is that is that is that
and we talked to Sean Sheen about this there was a time probably two years ago
where you saw 10h being handed out more liberally and then for whatever reason
there was a pullback on that unfortunately right this wouldn’t even
qualify though in that time right two years ago when we were handing 10 8 out
liberally this is this is a really historically awful singular round card
and I I don’t even know I’m I’m really
speechless right I’m really truly speechless because yeah I got nothing yeah no John and this
is kind of what what bugs me you know I think about you know certain bad luck or
certain things that happened to me before a fight during a fight whatever and but this one this one if I’m
Valentina chefchenko this one hurts man I mean they were there were a few fights
where I literally did not sleep and I just kind of replay the fight in my head over and over again and just try to
figure out what the heck happened or just I I don’t know um that’s got to be one of the ones for
chefchenko where I I I just I wouldn’t be able to sleep for a long time over that one because
she did everything right you know yeah there were a couple mistakes here and there and and Kudos goes out to Grasso
for fighting her ass off and fighting an amazing fight on her own but I don’t
know man and then I hear some fans like well you need to you know the old you need to take it you need to Beat the
Champ convincingly shut up that is not the way that works stop repeating some
old boxing thing that commentator said from 30 40 years ago okay that is not
the way it works if you win more rounds than the other person that’s it they win over
can you actually believe that there was a time in boxing when I was like a close round I guess I’ll just give it to the
champ yeah that is insane you know
let’s just call it a draw let’s just say the other guy did really well because it was super close and you know like the
other person was the champ so I don’t know it it’s so silly so earlier in the night Josephine Knutson beat marnick man
badly Mike Bell gave every round a 10-8 right so he is one of the more
liberal 10 8 users out there and that to me is a positive thing because this
scoring system doesn’t give you a great point of differentiation when it comes to the 10 9 rounds so I like that
historically he’s doing that but in a title fight right you can’t have a makeup call here I’ve even oftentimes
said man it kind of would be nice if they could score the fight in totality right you don’t want them bailing
themselves out with a draw in this situation but yeah maybe in retrospect he thought oh man I don’t know I don’t
know I gave chefchenko that fourth round but he kept waffling on that and then for some reason I don’t know if it was
the crowd or what but and I will say too Dominic Cruz really is right I you know
I don’t I feel like if you’re a referee or a judge man you gotta you really gotta know the grappling you really have
to know the grappling yes no question about it man and I think that sometimes we see certain positions and we go well
she took her back the other one was mounted or it’s the same thing right no it’s not no it’s not not all submission
attempts are created equal not even close and and I think that is a very
important distinction there John absolutely Cody just wrote they also have to know the Striking the difference
of a hard head shot and a blocked headshot yes but for commentators I can attest with the Striking it goes so
quickly you try to watch both Fighters you try to pay off strikes on both sides you know sometimes that even can be
inexact whereas the choke is more definable that ah it’s not tight or it
is and you got all this nonsense you got 19 000 Mexicans who believe that Alexa Grosso is about to choke out Valentina
and then DC aptly says you can’t see the lock right nor can 18 5 of those 19 000.
right and it’s interesting because if you are in a uh highly biased crowd
right and you have almost submission which isn’t very tight and The Crowd Goes Nuts and you have chefchenko with a
very tight submission and the crowd is completely silent that could absolutely
influence things yeah do you think there’s something more going on than there actually is now again there’s a
ton of factors involved and this is not an easy job don’t get me wrong right but
as far as consistency of how we’ve been looking at 10 8 rounds have they been scored traditionally and and even over
the course of this actual fight it’s just not a 10-8 round yeah what’s that
so oftentimes I think that the most qualified guys and women to judge these
fights are are scorers right the guys at 30 to 27 that have worked so hard for so
many years watching this stuff with such a fine eye and when you hear those individuals make the argument as to what
is a submission attempt and what isn’t right obviously if they were in a room with Ryan Hall they would defer to him
but right they’re pretty stingy right and I think largely with good reason because there’s guys out there like kenfold like yeah it’s not even a
submission sense okay but that’s why I always say I prefer to have a jiu jitsu analyst to my right Joe Rogan Laura sanco right Dominic Cruz I
mean we have a ton of great ones obviously kenflo used to be to my right oh but yeah it uh it is a really hard
thing right I hope this doesn’t Inspire everybody in the comments to say you know who needs to go back to jiu jitsu
class John annik because uh I’m not going you know but no I mean I do think there’s you know we have monitors right
there’s so many different arguments you can be made as to what we can do to effect change when it comes to judging
uh and again it isn’t so much a huge issue with a split draw it’s that we
arrive there with one of the worst singular round scores that I’ve ever
seen and it came in a championship fight and uh I have some yeah so I was listening to Sean Sheen’s severe MMA
podcast Graham has co-hosted a great job sorry I don’t know your surname but he said this was a direct quote he
said something to the effect of you know a judge being this incompetent in a title fight is a problem
and we all need to do whatever we can to figure out a solution right and
I I don’t know I don’t I don’t know what we do about all that but uh I guess we have a rematch that’s what we have a
third fight that’s what we do right uh yes but yes they don’t always come
McDonald Graham McDonald they already have they don’t always come to fruition right it’s because this one person gets
injured then another person gets injured it’s like you know Tony Ferguson and Habib Maga
metaphors are supposed to fight for a while too you know it’s like sometimes these things I hope I hope that’s what
happens and I hope that both ladies stay healthy and we’re able to see that trilogy because it is absolutely
warranted um you know it was just unfortunate all the way around but um yeah we’ll see
we’ll see what happens man but that is the solution it’s just have these ladies fight for a third time I just as I said
so much respect for both athletes and the way they approach this now rivalry
and uh yeah you can argue if you’re Aaron blanchfield and Manuel fjor this is a little bit annoying this is the one
result that maybe you would not want to have is something indecisive like this maybe you would have preferred Grosso
finality or even a chefchenko finish one thing that I did want to go back to before we move along so you said Alexa
Alexa grazo is more of a finisher and then you sort of went on to talk about her Killer Instinct yeah and I find it
interesting because when I was handicapping this fight beforehand one of the things that we were talking about up in this beautiful
penthouse suite shout out to Big Ron just rolling out the goddamn red carpet I was at virgin hotels the UFC put me up
there and he upgraded me to uh this pretty small Suite right below him and then I was just you know up and down all
weekend just but I will say as somebody who spent 1200 nights a year on the road over the last 12 years to have that type
of square footage to prepare to prepare a dining room table right overlooking the strip uh it was very liberating and
a great setting in which to complete that back to back for me at least professionally speaking so but Alexa
Grosso more of a finisher and then you went on to talk about the Killer Instinct and we know historically that
Alexa Grosso is not more of a finisher on paper than Valentina hang up hang on
I’m I got I’m going somewhere however cloudy headed I’m going somewhere here so
Alexa Grosso has never had a knockout in the UFC but two of her last three wins have come by submission against Joanne
wood and Valentina chefchenko and you can’t judge Alexia Grosso as finisher based upon the body of work because this
version right now is [ __ ] lethal even if you want to say the knockdown was partially a byproduct in round two of
Valentina shevchenko being off balance right she was athletically able to flip and immediately recovered right but
that’s a knockdown and Alexa Grosso has developed her power and is the best Striker she’s ever been and as a
Grappler I’m sure even you and your buddy Ryan Hall would attest she’s a real [ __ ] in that realm right now defensively offensively Diego Lopez
a real problem as well so Alexa Grosso right now is probably the more potent
finisher right at this stage of their careers which may be the crazy saying but you know Valentina in my mind won
this fight largely with her Jab absolutely dude I think that’s spot on it and that’s kind of what I’m alluding
to it’s you know I I statistics don’t always Define what’s going on right and I think that if you
look at the way that they fight chevchenko is going out there to out point you if she gets you hurt then
absolutely she’s going to try to take you out whereas Grasso is trying to hurt you almost all the time and when she
does she’s trying to take you out right there so as far as their approach right it’s just a different style as for for
both of those ladies but uh it was an awesome fight and um just unfortunate with that controversy at the end both
women essentially went right back into training camp Alexa Grosso took two weeks off and uh I think for Alexa
Grosso to be able to retain this is nice because maybe she can catch a little bit more of a respite
for chefchenko this is tough right because she has to continue to live her life as the former champion and put in
another training camp not unlike the one she just put in and uh it is hard to do that but
bouncing a shipchenko at 34 years of age I believe I have my notes right here talks
35 years of age she talks like a fighter who’s going to be around for some time so um congratulations to both women on
uh a fight they’ll be talking about uh deep into uh the weeks to come
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get to uh the star of the program a recovering from hip surgery Raymond
Peter Longo
Florian podcast great to see you how’s your hip
how are we doing yeah John let’s get there we but we put your Physicians it’s a
boring existence what was that your physician is we booked your physician on the show Thursday
who’s that to talk about we booked ah yeah he’s like I don’t have a primary care physician so no how are we doing
how’s the hip going you had the surgery in late August you’re about three weeks in when I was in Australia and all the
noise I sort of buried the lead but I’m really curious how you’re doing and uh when we can expect to see you back in a
UFC or mixed martial arts corn oh man I tell you what definitely longer
than I thought so it’s three weeks I mean you know I went to the gym yesterday but I just can’t do much so
yeah I just did it to uh go watch some people work out and that was it yeah
John yeah thanks I know I feel same thing I feel good I just you know I’m
limited to what I could do I still have a lot of restrictions you know you can’t bend past 90 degrees so you can’t pick
something up off the floor you can’t get your socks on you know yeah it’s one of those things
that I’m telling you the things you never hear from the people that have hip surgery I I thought I’d be running
around Kenny in two weeks once that got shot down I had to take a different approach so I’m in for the longer I’m in
for the long game now I’m with you man I’m impatient so yeah
yeah if you’re a patient this is the worst thing trust me yeah because yeah you know whatever
let’s talk about a brighter now let’s talk about that Kenny yeah no we’re going to there is uh there is a light at the end
of the tunnel though and we wish you all the best as you continue on the men there is a little bit of a delay now I
only bring it up in the context of the ray Longo Minute Men Who perpetually
think that I am cutting you off when it’s just a delay on your connection or
your phone and these people are coming at me so I’m gonna pause deliberately
today pregnancy to make sure that you have the floor wow okay that’s good but I think I’m
interrupting you though because you know I can’t hold it oh Kenny I can’t hold a thought for more than two seconds
something just goes into a black hole somewhere so what do we got we got Charlie
Campbell coming out guns blazing another guy in the UFC we got too many guys in the UFC now I don’t like it I like the
old days three three four now we got like 10. so so before you and can flow go back
and forth on the 10-8 let us talk about Charlie the cannibal Campbell you talk
about being ready to make a UFC debut he told us in the fighter meeting that the UFC contract slipped through his fingers
essentially when he fought Chris Duncan the kid from Scotland and started well and and then got unceremoniously knocked
out but man Charlie look ready to go Ray and uh congratulations got the bonus and everything else yeah nice I mean look
he’s uh he loves to fight that’s for one thing a kid really does love to fight so I think he’s in the right spot he’ll be
a good fit for the UFC too because I think he’ll be jumping in and just fighting you know one of us so uh sounds
good so how about him cutting that promo too and Cody I just saw your note that would
have been great Cody suggested Ray that I ask you about Charlie Campbell and say what’d you think of Charlie Campbell doesn’t matter what you think of Charlie
Campbell right yes but the kid can cut a promo too and he’s so it really does speak to who he is Kenny that he’ll just
cut a promo on DC like that and uh these things should have dumped him right on his head he kind of alluded to it too
like oh look this is your first time in the Octagon I’ll let you live I think that’s what he said yeah but uh yeah you
know you know that [ __ ] I could all do without that that I couldn’t give a [ __ ] well thank god DC didn’t dump him on his
head because that would have been very wwe-esque and thankfully it wasn’t me doing the interview because that
reference would have been lost on me oh wow yeah I had I have no idea what it was either to be honest he he told us
though it was the rock yeah all right 10-8 Alexa Grosso in round five and then
the judge handed that in on a piece of paper effectively changing the live forever
I gotta tell you absolutely horrendous and horrendous more for the for men
I I tell you it’s hard not to think conspiracy with this no Kenny I mean a
10-8 you know in a fight that really was close and what a competitive great fight
loved I I I actually look it was a good fight it could have went either way but
that there should have been a winner in that fight it shouldn’t have came down to that because uh and I and I did think
Valentina won the fight but I wasn’t really judging it but I think Grosso had the big those moments like everything
would be going good for Valentina then one slip up and she’s in bad shape but I thought for the most part Valentina came
out a different person like you could talk about it you know I was like she said no destruction you could see she
was focused she honestly thought she won and I think that’s the real tragedy of this I thought I did think she won the
fight a great fight on both people absolutely great fight but man uh the
10-8 at that Junction to change it just man that is
that just smells rotten to me man I don’t I don’t know what else to say there’s something yeah go ahead Kenny
how do you feel as a coach seeing a 10-8 like that you know heading into Corner a
guy you know whenever you’re gonna be ready so how does that make you feel as a coach number one seeing a 10-8 score
like that and then what do you tell a fighter that did everything possible to win that fight won the fight and then
still didn’t get the win ah don’t man those are the Injustice listen it go it
always is going to go back to you can only control how you react to it right I mean we come down to the same thing all
the time so valentina’s now got to react to What they’ve given us you can’t control it and uh that’s all you could
say man I mean I that was you know that’s not because it was such a competitive fight it’s
kind of getting overlooked but that that’s a that’s a travesty man I mean he took that one away from that girl
with something that is bullsey as [ __ ] to do and there’s no way you could have
thought that was a 10-8 round I don’t know I think he’s gonna have to issue a statement yeah I mean I think he’s going
to have to issue a statement see the problem is there’s enough wiggle room in there where you could do that [ __ ] and
come out with something and somebody’s gonna go ah maybe yeah okay you know like even if it was a 10A round it would
have been balls either to give her a 10-day right yeah right right now that’s right it’s like at that point and that
freaking fight yeah I mean there’s nothing to I mean I don’t
know uh Valentina Rome she had to kill it mounted Guillotine at one point
too that looked pretty freaking tight why is that you know why is that not a 10-8 like Kenny you’re right it’s bad
it’s actually bad really bad for a lot of reasons even if this was a borderline 10-8 rap yeah that’s like a pull out
your testicle situation yeah it’s like you know what I might
come well you could come home my girlfriend’s gonna be like Mike what have we done yeah we’ve done tonight the
only thing that could have saved Bells if the other two judges had it for Valentina exactly
yeah I mean where but Wayne I tell you I that’s a tough one
man these are my text messages from Ray
Longo on uh Saturday night I got three of them first one Insanity wow I don’t know what that’s in relation to the next
one said damn Dom Cruz is Relentless LOL and the next one says 10 8 insane yeah
so yeah cruisy was on one as usual what a [ __ ] stuff you’re never gonna stop him it’s
impossible by the way this will never end Kenny never ever end by the way this
is kind of unrelated but uh my daughter was watching a little bit of the fights with me and the Toyo Tires commercial
came on and she was blown away by the fact that John annik and Dominic Cruz who were at our house like they knew she
knew that you guys did TV stuff but when she saw you do a commercial she’s like oh my gosh I had no idea that they do
commercials you know like she is she you’ve earned her respect by the way
let’s go trip but yeah Kenny isn’t it isn’t that awesome though they have those moments where they I did I think
that’s what it’s all about man he was blown away it’s like oh my gosh they do commercials yeah
you actually have to love them no you have to you yeah you actually yeah it’s
gone it’s gone so far over to the other side it’s the the stick is unbelievable at this point even even DC tries to back
out of there with some Grace he doesn’t let him off the hook he just keeps pounding them but uh I think we first
off in in defense of uh the referee toe I the way his arm I I know wasn’t a
choker can I just set up the context yeah let me just start the contents up real quickly for yeah so no you’re good
so there was a preliminary fight at flyweight Edgar chiras Daniel lucera
there was a submission up against the fence and the referee got involved premature
stoppage overturned to a no contest go ahead yeah no it was just the way that guy dropped his arm was kind of the way
somebody when they go out just it just goes from like a one position to just going limp so not that that means
anything but if that guy’s in there to protect people and he doesn’t want to see anybody get choked for too long
whatever it was running through was said I I think I think that’s a lesser offense than the
10-8 that’s all I’m saying I do too can I ask you about that he reacted to
something you know Kenny I don’t know if you saw this did you see this I did not
all right so Chris tanyoni was the referee and one of my broadcast Partners who shall remain nameless texted me
that perhaps lacerto played the game and faked it he was getting limp when the ref pulled him off I agree let him sleep
but he was doing stupid [ __ ] now that is the minority opinion most people believe
that you have to stay calm in that situation you can’t be worried about
giving the referee a thumbs up you’re trying to you know stay present defensively uh I do think they got it
right over turning it Ray but uh I do think it speaks to something we
were talking about earlier is that especially when it comes to the blood chokes the the referees really need to be put in those at the very least
put in those chokes yeah yeah and I think it’s a very
different thing than being in a joint lock where you could do permanent damage to a joint as opposed to the neck where
again we’re not we’re not trying to hold that for long periods of time to put it up put them out and create any kind of
brain damage but you know a choke and this is the big misconception a choke is way safer way safer of a control
mechanism than say a joint lock for a lot of different reasons so I think that’s one of those things where you can
kind of Let It Go but I agree again I haven’t seen it but if you are looking
like you’re out or looking like you’re limp then you kind of don’t give too many options to to the ref at hand right
uh yeah I think that one was a little I think Dom is really on point I’m not
disagreeing but I I could you could at least understand why the ref did what he did and and John
whoever texted you that I wouldn’t put that past that kid I wouldn’t put it
past them you don’t know what’s running through these guys Minds you just don’t know and uh they’ll they’ll game the
system any way they can you know uh yeah look I thought even uh and that and it
wasn’t even closer I don’t think I thought Grosso got needing ahead illegally not not garage so uh Valentina
once she had a hand on the floor but I guess it wasn’t weight bearing that’s a tough call to make but you know
certainly Valentina I think she could get neat and then she had to deal with that so you know
uh yeah it’s it look it’s It’s Tricky as long as you have something to react off or whether you’re right or wrong I think
at least you’re trying to do your job you know that that’ll definitely swung down who the hell knows maybe something
else happens you don’t know but so you can’t choke a guy like that but maybe something else happens with him and his arm goes limp I don’t know but the way
that arm went down it looked like it looked like he was was out you know what I mean but Dominic Cruz is 100 right but
you’re starting to ask for a lot you know but yeah you can put the refs in those chokes all you want they’ll just
properly stop to fight quicker Kenny and now Edgar it’s like the yeah now
Edgar Chira is probably gonna have to go to Sao Paulo in November to fight Daniel lucerte in Brazil uh it is too bad at
times that they can’t like restart that fight but they certainly can’t because they can’t put the dude back in the submission I guess they could but you’re
not gonna do that all right Raul Rosas Jr Ray Longo I’ve been dying to ask you about the 18 year old Raul Rosas Jr now
you can be a minus 700 favorite against Terence Mitchell but it’s another thing to go out and do it at 18 years of age
and I say to this audience all the time like I was such an idiot when I was 27. now in many respects my kids would tell
you I’m a lunatic at 45. I’m completely unhinged right like I really am a
psychopath in a lot of ways but 18 years of age to be competing in this setting with an entire nation
behind you on this night in particular you still got to go out and do it and then as a submission guy to go knock a
[ __ ] out like that what do you have for us and coming back after a
devastating loss you know there’s a lot I like what I saw right of that kid I really do he came out guns
blazing he put that other loss behind him uh again I think they matched him up
really well uh which is a big part of everything a lot of guys don’t get that opportunity but he got the opportunity
and he did exactly what he was supposed to do he got rid of that guy so uh you
know Kenny it’s a tricky thing you could match guys up to where they’re never going to make it you know what I mean they know but they gave them they gave
they they like you you could tell the guys they like you know the pen Blitz yeah they always get like a favorable
matchup so um yeah I like what I saw though man he came out guns blazing his his stand-up
look better he definitely was more confident on his feet he was going forward uh I think he did exactly what a
young kid in his position had to do I I I really liked it in the last fight I
really didn’t like you could see God he got exposed and that that could happen again but you know if you if you’re
learning every time you’re losing like they’ve always say I mean and I think he’s in a good spot because uh you know
he’s not taking damage and yeah what I mean 18 years old that that’s that’s crazy that’s crazy can’t
handle all that pressure I think the kid are giving me I give him an A plus on that gets his mom out of his Corner Kenny and
he’s ready to kill a man but it does hearken me back to the high school all-star photograph of Kenny foreign
versus Raul Rosas Jr like give me Raul Rosas Jr well I tell you I don’t know
let me tell you that Kenny Florian right there where the folded like fresh laundry right I’ll tell you there’s 18
years old he wasn’t ready he wasn’t ready he was immature
do you know what that is Ray have we not told you what that is that Flatbush reference went way over my head what is
that what is that it was I think it was Stallone’s first movie you know one of
those old 50s movies it was great with the Flatbush no but nothing I saw
it Oh see that’s good you geez you got I’m a chem flow born 1976 long ago
significantly before that let longer you born early 60s or what are you born in the 50s 50s
so who are we talking to today right I mean I’m not the pop culture police they show celebrities on TV all the time on
the UFC telecast I have no idea who these people are but gosh man I’m sure all your Minutemen will defend that
reference every day I’m basically basically talking to myself that’s what I’m doing I do think for Raul Rosas Jr
it’s Instagram Instagram it’s interesting because I was on his Instagram after the fight and he’s got
all these live shots all these women you know like just they’re scared with the
you know the Entourage maybe isn’t quite all the time like 20 deep or whatever but Cody just writes in the chat you
know his biggest obstacle is going to be what goes on between the ears and I do think that the Christian Rodriguez fight
was huge for him in terms of the mental because he just doesn’t want to experience that feeling again but my
goodness like you know women right yeah between two obstacles right between the
ears and like probably the opposite sex will be something that he’s gonna have to navigate because if the world this is
oyster as far as that is concerned at 18 years of age as professional athlete you know just gotta be careful that’s all I
don’t know maybe yeah I think you’re women women will take you down they
could they could be you know they could be good for you or they could be bad for you so he’ll he’s going to learn that
lesson real quick maybe you guys should go on his Instagram later and check out some of those uh Raul Rose house Junior
lives all right let’s talk about the co-main event can we do that can we do that yeah Jack Della madalena over Kevin Holland
by Split Decision Ken flow I’ll uh I’ll have you lead us off kid gosh I I nailed another Kevin Holland uh prediction
didn’t I uh no I did not I can’t get one correct I I jinxed myself before the
last pick because I said it I I don’t know which Kevin Holland is going to show up there’s certain nights where he
looks absolutely phenomenal he’s maximizing his use of range and length and he’s mixing up his strikes and then
this one he just wasn’t as active as I had hoped he would be and I also think
you know I thought it was a very close fight but I do think he allowed madalena de la matalana to really lead the dance
a little bit too much and some of those shots weren’t Landing but it doesn’t look good if you’re just shelling up you
know going backwards letting someone throw shots on you even if they’re not Landing or if it’s skimming off the
forearms or whatever you have judges that may not be seeing those certain angles and don’t know what’s what and
looks like you’re moving and you’re actually getting hit with shots now he also so got hit with shots too which
which doesn’t help but I think that he he just allowed Jack de la matalana to
get a little bit too aggressive to back him up a little bit too much um he he certainly had his moments at
Kevin Holland but I don’t think he did enough to sway the judges to go I
absolutely won that round he kept it close and it looked like he was fighting to preserve rounds as opposed to win
rounds and I think that’s where he may have gone wrong there and this was a huge fight for both these men I mean you
you beat someone like Kevin Hall and you beat someone like JDM those are big wins
and I just felt like Kevin Holland kind of fell short here and in a pretty big and important spot
yeah it’s pretty well put I mean that that that’s the key is like who shows up
for the fight like you could here’s the problem he’s almost too talented where he’s so he gets so comfortable
he’s kind of having you know like fun instead of looking for a w where madelina wanted the W so he’s pressing
forward and not that it was even doing anything that’s how I think how talented Kevin Holland is but the will the desire
that burning desire to win at any cost you’re just not seeing you know what I
mean he’s and it could be because he’s he’s never even in danger because he’s
super talented I don’t know but you’re not getting into that other gear for some reason and that’s what he’s got to
address I mean I think he’s like again super talented guy that could
have won that fight there’s no question about that but you know I think Jack Della you know JDM was the more you know
consistent guy in that fight and that’s why he got the wow absolutely and I wonder how much it has
to do with these guys that you know perceived or or not real whatever where
they say you know I have to be fighting four fights a year or I I have to fight every two months and they have that in
their head well you know we’ve already established this for years it is extremely difficult to fight at a high
level and be consistent with your performances if you’re expecting to fight four fights a year period you get
one shot so you got to make sure you’re fresh You’re motivated you’re putting in
a training camp you’re evolving throughout that process because you know it’s a way different thing than say you
know in NFL Sunday where you have other guys that need to rely on you know I’m injured listen the quarterback’s gonna
have to stand up you know uh step up or the wide receiver or the o-line or whatever like it’s just one person in
there and if you don’t have a great day out there you’re screwed um and I think that sometimes that busy
schedule can hurt certain Fighters and I think that may have I’m not trying to build in any excuses for anybody but
that may may have played a factor and not a Sonya like who’s been more busy than adesanya even aljo aljo
didn’t want to fight at that time he wanted more time to prepare why because he’s smart you know it it helps you out
to kind of be able to have that time in between fights to recover think things out don’t get burnt out what whatever it
is for that fighter and um I think that uh could definitely play a factor in guys like Kevin Holland who
keep such a busy schedule yeah I agree 100 the algo reference
early is good because you know you could have even first round wins it’s the camp
that kills you it’s it’s pretty grueling I mean guys are dropping 30 pounds it’s it’s look it’s not good for you losing
that weight like that that is not you’re not going to get a doctor around that tells you this is a good thing to do so
the more you keep doing it and it depending on where your weight goes after the fight you know which I don’t
know what a lot of the guys but you know to lose 25 30 pounds not you know
and then you’re going to put it right back on again not not the best thing for you how many times a year can you do
that it’s like yo-yo dieting four times a year where you starve yourself and you know I mean like it’s never gonna the
end result is never gonna be good but you know everybody everybody’s individual everybody knows their body
aljo’s been very outspoken about it you know like again I think you know aljo
sometimes says to things most people want to say but they don’t and that and this is one of them where he says look
it’s not easy for me to make the weight I need another month but nobody get nobody cares that fell on deaf ears no
matter what anybody says you know and then you know then they’ll entice you with more money and you know everything is money
money tangle money in front of somebody they’ll do anything you know sometimes I’m not saying that was the case but
that’s the only way you could rectify it you know is try to sweeten the pot a
little bit because most guys don’t want to do it you know and then and then there’s the guys that you know maybe you aren’t taking off
that much weight where they don’t have to go through and it’s easier for them
but even for Kevin Holland and Israel a lot of Sonya who seemed to make the wake up look easy you’re still having to
perform at that weight and I know for Kevin Holland in particular uh it is a hard cut even though he does it
masterfully with Charles at the ufcpi and everything else a couple things on what you guys were talking about yes for
Holland balancing activity with contention is a very difficult thing and always will be in terms of him being
detached from a singular result a lot of our fighter meetings centered on this dominant Cruz was sort of pressing him
on it being a strength that he doesn’t perseverate on the result but in this
case he had one two in a row right he won five fights in 2020 Capstone by that
upkick against Jaco desos or whatever he won the fight off his back whatever he did right right now he’s four five and
one since that time but in this fight had he wanted it would be three in a row and given the way he performed against
kiessi it kind of felt like he would bring that sort of Killer Instinct back wasn’t flapping the gums as much in this
fight can flow until late was like hey we should train together and then it’s like oh there’s that you know Alter Ego
rearing its ugly head again I believe that this kid has the skills and the finishing instincts to really Excel and
contend but yeah sometimes he’s almost too detached from the result where he’ll
put himself in position to perform great training camp cuts the weight well but winning isn’t something he prioritized
as much as uh you know maybe going to get tacos afterwards I I think that’s beautifully said you know I think
there’s that balance right and I’ve talked to other Fighters about this of having that balance of not caring too
much you don’t want to care so much that you become neurotic and you’re so kind
of fighting to protect that win right and then you’d kind of just go play yourself and then you don’t wanna not
care at all where now you don’t give a [ __ ] if you win lose whatever right so it’s like it’s really about finding that
balance and that’s not an easy thing for a lot of guys man um but yeah it’s a balancing act
yeah and the other thing too is that you know what I love about the UFC I don’t care what fight you are on that card to
me they’re all championship fights they do a great job at really you know uh
highlighting that to me anyway so if you keep fighting it’s almost like you’re sparring then you you lose that the
excitement of this is a huge fight you know what I mean just going in there to fight and then it becomes more like a
sparring session which that’s what it looked like to me with Kevin Hart looked like he was sparring Jack Delaware you
know JDM he didn’t wanna you know push it to the next point but you know like again only he knows those those
questions and he might say we’re completely wrong on that but something’s something’s definitely going on there
well I I think there’s a point there and I was talking to this about my you know talking to this with my wife and I was
just pointing out some things that Kevin Holland does and you know there’s a lot of things that he does to make himself
comfortable in a fight and I think that uh cowboy Cerrone used to do this a lot you know the hugs before the fist
it’s almost like a thing for him he does throw you off in the process right she’s
like Hey we’re buddy we’re just kind of sparring we’re just this is a normal thing that we’re doing right now hey isn’t this fun and it kind of allows him
to kind of go to a different place yes he can get his opponents to go there as
well and then he just takes advantage of them right so yeah you kind of saw that a little bit even before the fight I
thought it was really smart if you guys notice this JDM before the fight he goes over and tells uh he goes yeah tell
Stephen Holland we’re not fist bumping before don’t shake my hand I’m coming out to fight because he didn’t want to
play by Kevin Hollins rules right right during the fight he kind of dragged him back into it so anyways I thought that
was an interesting point which kind of ties in with which I think what what Ray is talking about yeah we’re not touching
gloves I love that yeah yeah I you know what’s funny even the commercial he does
uh with the Wonder Boy I think it sums up both of those guys you know what I mean I think that commercial is kind of
kind of perfect right where they got the drink and they put it on there you know they’re just two nice guys but
yeah you know you gotta you gotta be able to switch gears somewhere I think he’s looks like a nice kid I really
don’t know but you know I think he’s he might be having too much fun or
something happened but he’s got a he’s got to switch his mindset to just you know I got to go in and start finishing
fights and that’s my only objective all right so very long commented every week on the Anakin flooring podcast that
will get you out of here on this 19 74. the Lords of Flatbush was released
Sylvester Stallone Henry Winkler set in 1958 the coming-of-age story follows four lower middle class Brooklyn
teenagers known as the Lords of Flatbush the Lord’s chase girls steal cars shoot
pool get into street fights and hang out at a local Malt Shop you guys both have seen that motion picture
oh excuse me man I mean I was born in the 70s Jesus [ __ ] go back go back and watch it’s a great it’s a great
period piece the good old days where you could Rob cars get laid steal it steal
some [ __ ] off the street have some ravioli yeah I’m gonna start
calling Raul Rosas Jr the Lord of Clovis New Mexico
oh the Lord of Clovis his nickname is El Nino problema but I
think the Lord of Clovis has a good ring to it let’s get that going print the shirts Raul Rosas Jr 18 years of age the
Lord of Clovis because Longo’s quote 1950s movies that’s right baby all right
guys take it easy and John I expect a full report on the Lords of Flatbush by
next week I will watch the movie and I’ll call you later buddy
I’m actually not gonna call him oh I pop it on the way out nice little
kicking I’m not gonna call him that was just for effect all right we’re gonna bounce it right back to the guest line much younger gentleman gonna join us
right now and look at this guy handsome man right there one of the UFC’s top welterweight contenders fresh out the
gym or so it appears I mean I’m in the gym I’m still in the gym right now what’s going on guys well if you don’t
know that voice or that face he is the number nine ranked UFC welterweight out of Philadelphia Pennsylvania Sean Brady
we appreciate your time sir how you doing all right I’m good man I just got done training with one of uh one of your
boys Paul Felder oh yeah back in the gym we just had a hard session I’m in the
back room right now so he told me to tell you guys what’s up that’s amazing the iron lung potentially coming back so
I was reading about you this morning and uh I actually should have gone into my Sean Brady notes in my fighter card
library but so you went to school to be an auto mechanic in Northeast Philadelphia is that right yeah and uh I didn’t like my teacher and
then I’m like I gotta do something else and this is kind of how where where I uh ended up at kind of crazy do you
remember when you sort of and I’m asking you to be a little bit maybe conceited
here but do you remember when you felt like in your mind like not only could I be a good fighter but I can be a great
fighter I mean I’ve heard Paulie talk about you superlatively strongest guy he’s ever filmed when did it click in
your mind that you know not only could I be a good fighter but I might really be able to be one of the better ones out there yeah I mean going back to Paul I
was training with Paul uh Jonathan Webb was in the UFC at the time we had a bunch of guys just like coming up and
before they were even in the UFC they were fighting for cffc they were getting belts and I was an amateur and all of
some of these guys main training Partners you know and I didn’t I was 20 21 years old and they’re like listen if
you keep your head on right you keep doing what you’re doing you can end up where I’m at now and uh you I just I
always just stayed consistent like I’ve seen so many groups of guys come in and out of the gyms and one thing I never
did is whether we always get hurt we always have injuries but I always stay consistent whenever I can be in the gym
I’d always be in the gym so um yeah I had to be speaking of Paul he’s right
here uh these guys telling me that I could make it happen and yeah and that’s
what it was popping you right here
what a trace they were they were just asking me when I thought uh I could make
it as a fighter and I was telling them when I was an amateur and you guys were fighting for cffc and then you guys were
going to the UFC I was still young
17 yeah yeah
[ __ ] I mean how long have I been telling you
that he truly has the potential
yeah part of the reason Paulie uh started doing triathlons get away from that Sean Brady now I’m in shape John
I’m telling you that’s all I’ll say listen to it
thanks for popping on there for a second ah you’re the man so uh before I let
Camp flow jump in here if you haven’t been tracking Sean Brady’s every move uh pretty significant Health scare that
started with a small blister on your left elbow and uh Kenny comes from a medical family I’m not going to read all
of these medical terms but um I’m glad you’re out the other side of it but ultimately your summer was built towards
this big fight with a guy that now I think you believe without a shadow of a doubt you’re gonna [ __ ] murder and then obviously you have to deal with
this health issue so can you walk us through that if you’d be so kind man so even like kind of before that obviously
everybody knows I lost the law I lost my first fight and then after that I was trying to come back super fast I got
home from Abu Dhabi I started right back in the training running doing all kinds of stuff and I went up tearing my groin
and um I I was taking a flight I was supposed to fight Pereira Michelle Pereira we were booked a tour of my
groin we’ve rebooked a fight I tore my groin again so I tore my Brewing twice
um my I tour my eye doctor and um my adductor I had a whole bunch of stuff going on rehabbed it got back
scheduled my fight with Jack I had my my I had my wedding on a Friday I started
my training camp on Monday like eight weeks out started my camp like locked in for Jack two weeks out from Jack I wake
up Monday I go to train I go to sleep I wake up and my wife’s a nurse and um she was like I was like I
showed her my arm and she was like yeah like you gotta go to the hospital because I had back when I was supposed to fight Kevin Lee I had almost the same
thing in my ankle only two times I’ve ever had infections in my life they both put me in the hospital and um yeah it
turned out it wasn’t MRSA it was actually uh some type of strep and it could have turned into a flesh eating
bacteria but I was in the hospital for a week and unfortunately obviously that pulled me out of the fight with uh with
Jack and honestly like my elbow didn’t get better for at least a month like I still like my I have a hoodie on but my
elbows just formed from it like uh my elbow sticks out further than it should so it’s been a rough year but uh it it
happens you know it it it it stinks but I’m keeping my head up I’m hoping to fight by the end of the year
so yeah that’s where I’m at now I’m healthy and I’m just ready to get back to it you know every fighter has like
can you know every fighter has a a bad year or a bad moment in their in their career in their life but um I’m ready to
get back to it and I’m ready to get back to my winning ways Sean yeah it can be really frustrating man injuries
infections all those things what do you rely on during those times where you I know you want to just kind of get in
there and compete and come back and and prove prove yourself as a great fighter that you are just my family my family
and my team and just uh believing in myself and knowing how good I am and that’s what sucks I really want to get
out because everyone like my team and all the guys are trained with they know how good I am but I want to get back out there and show the world and prove it to
the UFC and prove it to all these people that I belong in the top ten and I’m going to be a UFC champion uh it’s hard
to do that when you can’t get back in there and and fight you know because of infections and injuries but those things
are out of my control so I just focus on the things I can control and um just believing in myself and my team and
knowing that it’s going to work out and where I’m supposed to be I’m going to get there whether it takes a little bit longer I’m only 30 years old I I feel
like I can do I feel like I’m just getting better and every year I get older I beat up the younger version of
myself so I’m getting better every year and even if I’m not fighting I’m training my ass off and I’m always
getting better so yeah I’m focused on just getting back in there and um luckily I have a great support system my
wife my family everyone loves me and they just want to see me get back in there and do what I do
and we just need this division to keep moving along
so I thought you had a great quote when the fight with Jack Della maddalena went
away uh it was sort of a mix of class but competitiveness and acknowledgment of what was probably a surprising
comment from him you said I’m sorry we won’t be able to get to share the cage together I know you worked just as hard as me but as for saying Brady [ __ ] the
bed I expect that from an Internet troll not a fellow fighter himself so shame on you and I hope you slash none of your
teammates have to go through this in the future uh we’ll see each other someday soon so he just fought Kevin Holland
what did you think of that contest I do I’m not in like the like Fighters
come on here or any other and they [ __ ] on each other you know every time you get in there it’s not going to be your best night I didn’t think it was the
best performance from either one of them but it was a good fight uh yeah like I I
don’t know like uh I expected a little bit more from each one of them and then like when I took the Jack fight people
they get on these hype trains and then they everyone was like you’re gonna get knocked out this and then they seem Jack
like basil and they’re like oh [ __ ] this guy kind of got exposed and I’m like I’ve known this I’ve known his takedown
defense wasn’t the best I’m not out here just taking fights that I don’t think I can win like I know I can beat the best guys in the world so I’ve already seen
those things I think Jack’s a great fighter but do I think I can beat him 100 do I think I can beat Kevin Holland
100 but um yeah it was a good fight but this division like I really don’t know what’s going on because me and uh
Vicente Luke we’ve been dming back and forth trying like we both agreed to fight um I went to fight in November at
the MSG card he said listen give me a little bit more time I just bought RDA would you want to fight in December
super respectful we both said yeah and uh so I have no idea what’s going on I’m just at this point I’m just training and
whatever they bring to me I’ll be ready it is good I guess in some way that
the division is where it’s at because I think you’re coming back at a really good time but hopefully it present day
Luke or Jack Della madalena the one thing about Jack you at least know that he’s wanting to fight all the goddamn
time you know yeah that him is always wanting to fight and uh there’s so many good matchups and like the divisions the
best it’s ever been we just got to get uh we gotta get some points books you know and like me me and Vicente I’m nine
he’s ten we’re right next to each other I know there’s a December second card they haven’t announced where it’s at yet
and then I know there’s one at the end of the month in Vegas so there’s there’s options out there but um I’m sure I’ll
be hearing something soon I think they were waiting for that Jack Dello fight to happen to see kind of how things
shake out so we’ll see UFC welterweight Contender Sean Brady with us here on the Anakin Florian podcast at Sean Brady MMA
on Instagram if you are so inclined uh to what extent are you a Philadelphia sports fan I mean the iron lung Paul
Felder couldn’t name 10 Philadelphia athletes to save his life uh I’m not the
best but I’m so late obviously uh Lane Johnson plays for the Eagles Jalen hurts
we have the same uh strength and conditioning coach so I’m actually getting I’m getting ready to go to Lane’s house after this uh my strength
coach does all of his work out of his house I’m I’m pretty cool with those guys so I’m a huge Eagles fan we’re 2-0
yeah Rocky star Rocky start but we’re still 2-0 so we gotta we got the
Phillies so I’m getting more into the sports but yeah I’m so locked in with MMA and there’s so much going I try to
watch UFC pfl Bellator it’s it’s so much contact it’s so hard to keep up but uh
I’m a I’m a die-hard martial arts fan so it’s a great that’s a great answer I ask it and really because it’s a great time
to be a Philadelphia School yeah I feel like the Eagles have a great chance to get back to the Super Bowl and the Phillies
have a great chance to make a run in the playoffs but I have a few more minutes with Sean Brady so I’ll table that stuff for now so uh a couple quick ones for
you on the way out buy or sell Leon Edwards makes his first title defense before 2024.
I hope so I know I I think so I and
listen Kobe Kobe might beat him Colby’s you can [ __ ] on Kobe all you want I know
a lot of people do um I’m not the biggest fan of them but um he’s got a style that could beat Leon so yeah it
just has it just has to happen though so yeah I think it’ll happen I I think
that’ll happen I do too on December 16th so if um to save a dog’s life who wins that
fight Leon Edwards Colby Covington Colby I’m not going to kill a dog if Leon wins but that’s interesting and then I guess
if you could hand pick a fight right I know Vicente Luce is next right but Colby Covington would be a huge fight
for you right up allow Muhammad rematch obviously would be a big fight so maybe it’s the future that’s the future is
maybe internally for you like the Bilal rematch if he could become even an interim Champion that’d be big for you
and yeah 100 like what’s the dream fight for you like in terms of the big name that you’d like to go pluck or is it the
Bilal rematch what is the the big fight for you I mean the law is obviously the one obviously I want to get back and I
respect the law I think he’s just obviously he beat me super good fighter but um I think that was just he had the
best night of his life I had the worst night of my life and um I know eventually we’ll get back to it but I
would like I I really want Vicente like I really like that’s like I think we’re right next to each other I think that’s
what would get me to next the next level you know I need to I need to get a top 10 win and that’s what I would I was
honestly hoping RDA won that fight because right I have so much respect for RDA and he’s such a legend like I want I
want my Legend fight you know so um right like if Damian Maya was still ranked I was trying to get a Grappler
match with Damian recently but uh and it’s out of just pure respect for these guys you know like I just want everyone
gets their Legends fight and I’m like I wish you would have pulled it out but uh Gilbert burns like Gilbert’s a [ __ ]
Legend all these guys so yeah Gilbert would be awesome there’s just so many guys well I think we might be staring at
a budding Legend Sean Brady number nine in the world right now and uh Poise for what I believe is a big 2024 we
certainly hope to see you later this year my man and uh we appreciate you hopping on with us we’ll let you get back to it and uh stay healthy my man
we’ll see you down the road okay thank you Kenny and thank you I appreciate you guys have a good one thank you thank you brother there it is UFC welterweight
Contender out of Philadelphia PA Sean Brady with us today here on the Anakin Florian podcast
really good dude and uh health is wealth obviously and he mentioned the groin thing that’s a nasty injury and you see
how mentally strong an individual he is I can just say as the terrible maybe High School athlete that I was dude I
dealt with a nagging groin my high school basketball junior year at just brutal man like it just absolutely one
of the worst injuries my my understanding it’s one of the worst ones I remember George St Pierre was dealing
with an adductor issue and it’s so easy to re-injure and then you think you’re
totally fine and then it tears again so that is very common uh because you think
you’re okay so that’s unfortunate he sounds like he’s good spirits he’s healthy can’t wait to see him back then
it seems like a really good dude one thing that I do think is different about Boston and Philadelphia in a broad sense as Sports towns and I’m not banging on
Philadelphia whatsoever Kenny wasn’t the biggest Boston sports fan in the world at every moment of his life and
certainly there were times during your career where you couldn’t have cared less about the Boston Celtics but you
are unmistakably a Boston sports fan now and completely locked into the Patriots and it is interesting for me a lot of
these guys from Philly uh I thought Sean and he was a little bit of a step up than Felder you know but like you Paul
felder’s brother Tommy is [ __ ] locked in you can be sure it’s interesting for me a lot of these guys in a rabid
Philadelphia sports town like Philly they don’t really give a rip right yeah well yeah I think it’s that and I also
think that you know to Sean Brady’s credit you know it’s like he’s so locked into the MMA game and he’s such a
student of the game he’s trying to consume everything and I love that too but yeah it it’s hard man but Boston
dude Boston’s a different level as far as sports fan and you know anyways yeah
um all right we’re gonna get to Brian Petrie in about 60 seconds but I just wanted to make sure you didn’t have anything else on the 18 year old Raul
Rosas Jr because this is a phenomenon to me he walks into our fighter meeting
room and there is something undeniably special about it I’m not saying I get Star Struck around an 18 year old boy
right but to come back from this Christian Rodriguez loss in this manner
against any man right hand-picked matchup or otherwise I know Longo reference Patty pimlet but you know
there there you get all you do easier than Terence Mitchell if you’re really trying to get a guy a win I know he’s a
massive favorite um but you still got to go out there and do it and to do it with style points like that and I don’t know man I’m here
for it I’m here for the Raul Russ Jr show I don’t think he’ll be still fighting the UFC when he’s 36 but I’m
here for it bro here’s the thing like I kept growing until I was like 19 20. I
do everything late I do everything late so the fact that this kid is 18 years
old in a man’s sport this isn’t like tennis okay this isn’t soccer where you
know we see this common place where physicality you can kind of get around this is a big deal that an 18 year old
is fighting at a professional level and it’s also one of those situations where it’s
um it’s sink or swim too right because you can get into the UFC too early things get mismanaged and now you’re out
of there you’re in the lower leagues and then people remember oh that there was some Rosso Sky who was in there so you know the fact that he’s in there and
he’s doing well and it seems like he’s you know staying focused the question is can he stay focused right with all
that’s going on in his life that’s going to be critical and not an easy thing to manage and I go back to you know Mike
Tyson when he was champion of the world you know at such a young age trying to manage all of that the youth you know
the hormones the the fame the money the women all those things it is not an easy
thing uh and the fact that he’s competing at the highest level right now in the UFC with all those eyeballs
watching I wouldn’t be able to do it at least I I pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to do it at 18. so uh yeah it it is very
remarkable that he’s able to pull it all together well the good news is he really is a true martial artist talking about
choke variations and a lot of drills and making submission adjustments and I
think the nature of his training camp for c-rod was so bad that he can feed off of
that right that I know what I didn’t do during a training camp that resulted in a loss and even at 18 I’d find that to
be hugely valuable for him the other thing is that you know he’s got a mean streak and he’s
a little bit of a dick right which I think is good everybody I think in
like the public sees that he’ll willingly get on a microphone and
say things like oh I’m just here to take out the trash for Dana White right like yeah this dude doesn’t care about your
feelings and he’s true to who he is and that side of him you see it in his post-fight interviews so uh I don’t know
man I just think he has an edge maybe that’s a better way to put it like he definitely has an edge to him even though he’s only 18. so uh very excited
to see the future for Raul Rosas Jr all right we got another UFC Fight Night coming up this weekend so we’re gonna
call on the able mind of Brian Petr handicapper from the MMA takes podcast to help us with our main event Challenge
and our pronunciation of the week and uh it’s good to see you I uh are you and kenflo excited for uh for a dark week
you guys have been making a lot of predictions we get through Raphael FaZe and Metallica you guys get a week off I mean right now it sounds nice but then
by like Tuesday Wednesday like man I want you know I like it exactly I’ll miss some fights you know what I mean
but no we’re uh we’ve been we’ve been lights out Ken flow and I so uh yeah it’s good yeah see here’s the thing BP
is on kind of a on a roll right now I need a reset so I might need this dark week to kind of reset refresh you know
what I mean so make sense yeah we’re giving you the whole week off the Anakin Florian podcast is going to be dark it’s
one of I think two scheduled dark weeks the entire year I’m going on vacation we’re shutting it down
and we’ll be back the first week of October but we have work to attend to until we get there we have a pronunciation of the week it involves
our main event athlete it is not Rafael fazeb this man is a Polish Mauler this
is my favorite division in the UFC not because kenflo fought for the lightweight title three times I tried on
my one more RAM cam flow t-shirt before the show today I looked a little tight so I didn’t wear it but I love this Division and I love this
Main Event so much and I really love hearing Brian Petrie attempt to pronounce names like this so polish
fighter polish Fighters suggest to us that we can’t even as Americans say these names so what do you have for us
on physiv’s opponent Brian you know so funny is the hardest fight for me to pick so I did a ton of tape study and
completely ignored how they pronounced it so I didn’t mute or anything I just my dumb brain was like ah so I’m gonna
go mentus gamrat well you got the last name right and ultimately for your
purposes in the main event challenge all you need to master is the last name sure camera first name uh uh was butchered
like the local guy cutting up red meat uh Cody do you have the file for us my name is
one more time my name is gamrod my nickname is gaimer
Kenny yes he says his first name so clearly that
every time I hear anyone else say Mateus or he says matauge clearly twice yeah it
feels like it’s pretty easy to mimic that sound no right yeah
fighting Raphael fuziv we’ll get into the odds for UFC Fight Night here at a moment first want to update the
standings positive week for Brian Petrie plus 292 dollars takes you to minus 1306
on the year that included a four unit whack on Jack delamat Elena Ken flow one and three a
three unit Loser on Kevin Holland minus 5 16 for the week put yet minus 43.79
is going to have to take some chances if he’s going to avoid cracking a beer bottle over his head reminder if you put
rocks in the beer bottle first it’ll soften up up the glass before you and Cody smash those over your head I also
thought if you guys wanted to um just like staple your head instead that
might work too I don’t know if that’s you know there are options just know that uh yeah you want to not get a
haircut for a few weeks before you pay just not for me and Petrie it’s rough all right first election of
featherweight Charles Air Jordan minus 148 taking on hikardo Hamas Plus 124.
Jordan has been very active Bry fought three times in 2021 three times in 2022
and coming off what I thought Brad was a real clean win over chrome Gracie UFC 288 back in May and now he draws hamos
uh who’s also coming off a win but his was all the way back in June of 2022 over Danny Chavez bonus winning knockout
at that what do you have for us on this one BP yeah I like this fight this is a really good matchup unfortunately Charles
Hernandez not going to get credit uh enough credit for his win over chrome Gracie because everyone’s gonna be like what the [ __ ] was Chrome Gracie doing in
that fight what is it 1995 but uh I think Jordan’s still a young fighter he’s talented he is a black belt I know
there’s levels that his wrestling is the one thing that I think he really needs to work on wrestling defense that is and
Ricardo hamos ohamos here explosive spinning attacks he likes to Grapple a
little bit nowadays too he took the audio down eight times I think Bill Algiers long for the division Charles
Rodan not quite as long but very similar body types I like Jordan striking I think he’s more precise I think he’s
more technical almost is more explosive I do think homos has the X Factor on taking this fight to the ground
everything’s leading me to take the dog but I can’t pick against Charles Jordan uh I like this guy I think he I think
he’s talented I think this could be a close fight not gonna put a lot of money on it probably goes the decision and
we’re gonna see what kind of Judges show up but uh I like George him campho Charles ordain hicardo hamos who do you
like yeah you know in regards to Jordan’s last fight against Crone I think that the positive was was that he
was disciplined and he was clearly the better fighter no question about that but I think in past fights he doesn’t
always stay disciplined it’s almost like I want to be more exciting that trumps everything else so I’m going to be that
dude uh and the fact that he was disciplined he was focused he didn’t get out of his game plan I thought was a
really solid sign now he’s going against a guy in hummus who I think could really pose some problems they are very similar
in their approach and how they fight a little bit I think they’re they’re similar in skill and because of that I’m
just kind of gonna lean on the underdog a little bit here in hamos um I could see either of these guys
winning this fight but when I see this fight that’s very closely contested I’m going to lean towards the dog here
Thomas got injured late 2022 then he missed weight for a scheduled fight with Austin lingo earlier this year so his
first start of the year we’ll see how it goes against Charles ordain that brings us to Brian battle -180 against AJ
Fletcher plus 150 in the welterweight division so battle coming off that Monumental 14-second knockout of Gabe
Green in front of Kenny Florian in Charlotte North Carolina now he spins It
Forward takes on Lafayette Louisiana’s AJ Fletcher who was built like the side of a backyard shed there he is cancel is
going to lead us off here who do you love Brian battle minus 180 AJ Fletcher plus 150. yeah this is interesting man
yeah AJ Fletcher is uh jacked I think he can go into bodybuilding if this whole fighting thing doesn’t work out but um
yeah you know I like Brian battle here I think he’s the favorite for a reason um you know repping repping the
Carolinas and um I think that uh he’s turned into a very Dynamic and dangerous Fighter
um I think that as as long as he’s leading the dance it’s staying aggressive I think he wins this fight so
give me battle Fletcher I mentioned what a bull bride you gotta like this AJ Fletcher I mean
he’s one and two in the UFC thus far try to make it two wins in a row here against Brian battle Yeah I just wish he
had longer arms you know he’s got those alligator arms which it hinders them because he likes to stand up you know
you think this guy’s built like a wrestler you know he he takes a couple people down but he’s not primarily wrestler he’s explosive and gases
himself out all that but all those Beach muscles they need oxygen right and Brian battle I think has gotten leaps better
since the ultimate fighter I think this guy is is clean on the feet he’s got a nasty head kick you know he fought we’re
not uh we’re not [ __ ] her Dean off and got bully balled in that fight but that dude’s a special special guy and Brian
battle came back mentally strong said I’m gonna go out there I’m gonna do my thing I think he has AJ Fletcher here
could be a finish possibly uh Fletcher is tough um but I do think battle maybe
maybe late round uh second third round Fletcher slows down battle doesn’t slow down give me Brian gotta change that
nickname I mean has there ever been a nickname that ends in that ends in uh um you know like Brian battle test it
you know what I mean like that’s a good nickname so what is his nickname Pooh Bear
yeah no good so yeah Brian battle tests that I like I’ve talked about this too
if Johnny Walker right Johnny Walker’s on the cusp of contention legitimately just grab blue or black and put it on
the end of your name and have George buffer announces Johnny Walker Blue you know and people be like what Johnny
Walker Blue everybody be talking and the fact that you’re dropping a renat [ __ ] or dinov just speaks to your elevated
confidence when it comes to the pronunciation game so I’m getting better boys I’m getting better the marbles are starting to slowly fall out of the mouth
starting to get a little better boys all right rematch alert straw weight
division like why is he screaming why is he screaming people who don’t listen to this podcast and then do for the first
time are like what is this guy’s problem like on TV uh straw weight rematch guys Marina
Rodriguez minus 310 Michelle Waterson Gomez plus 250 first fight
was a main event at flyweight at the UFC Apex that was in Enterprise Nevada by the way Rodriguez won that fight rather
dominantly I thought now they run it back down 10 pounds so Rodriguez went from winning four in a row by to now
being in danger of losing three in a row big spot for her but a huge price I tend
to see some value on that Waterson Gomez side at plus 250. how do you see it bro
yeah I think I think you’re 100 right I’m gonna go with mahina Rodriguez because I love saying her name and I
crashed it um she’s she’s Owen two in her last two
which is you know ran into a right hand with limos and then dropped the decision uh she’s getting up there in age a
little bit but I still think she’s really clean on the feet she’s so polished on the feet in uh with the karate hottie you know with that with
that Boston accent you can drop really good uh Michelle Gomez or Waterson Gomez excuse me she’s starting to get really
just Nails in there right before it was like this pretty striking throw some cool kicks didn’t like the fire fight
now she lives in the fire fights she’s proven to be extremely durable has some problems on the ground with some
submission don’t think that’s gonna be a problem here Michelle Waterson also likes to take the fight to the ground herself laying it won’t take down the
first fight she’s uh doing that more hopefully it’s not the head and arm throw because you know that’s going to
get countered you know what I mean we gotta we gotta clean those up yeah but um I think there’s tremendous value on
Waterson for sure but I’m gonna go me and Rodriguez um because I just think she’s cleaner more polished has the win over go uh
um Watterson as well and um yeah I just I don’t know I got a feeling it is it is a high price I think this is a parlay
piece there’s two other female fights in this card I think you can throw it in a you know I know chicks parlay if you
want to go all chicks um something like that uh we we can do that but uh give me give me honey yes
that’s yes yes the the way you said Marina
Rodriguez that first time bro yeah I can’t even listen to the analysis that follows I’m just so mesmerized you gave
Cody another sound bite right there second time he’s got a two closing out the selection yeah you could probably
[ __ ] cut that one up too uh but we got to move on Ken Flo Waterson Gomez has not won since a split decision not
it came against Angela Hill back in 2020 but very competitive competitive she was in a split decision lost to Luana Panero
in Miami back in April and uh I really have leaned into a lot of what Brian was
just saying she she lives in the fire fight now that has been a switch flip
for Waterson Gomez she’s always been tough but she just seems to really enjoy the taste of her own blood these days
and uh I think some might see value on her plus 250 the line continues to climb towards Marina Rodriguez which way you
go in here absolutely and I agree and I think she kind of needs to do that here in this fight against Marina Rodriguez
and um I do think it’s going to be a difficult fight for her I don’t love the numbers on Rodriguez here but um
Michelle Waterson Gomez does have does have a path to Victory I just feel like
her game plan is going to have to be absolutely perfect here and I do think
she has some advantages of she able to put Rodriguez on her back I just don’t think she’s gonna be able to do it enough and consistently enough to win
this fight I think Rodriguez is gonna it is kind of the more well-rounded Striker she’s a little bit more versatile on the
feet um and I think that you have to believe that she’s been working on her takedown defense in the last couple fights both
these women on a losing streak here very very important fight but I like Rodriguez here all right that brings us
to the co-main event back to you Petri at featherweight 10th ranked Bryce Mitchell minus 205 we have seen this
price steadily climb on DraftKings Sportsbook towards Mitchell 12th ranked Danny gay plus 170 was plus 140 24 hours
ago now he can be had plus 170. he’s won two in a row and that team’s got a lot
of momentum right now Sean Strickland Daniel Zell Huber among others Mitchell on the other side has dealt with some
injuries surveillments but he returns here does so with much fanfare Bry he’s 15-1 lone career loss of course came
against Ilia topuria he was far less than 100 percent I’m not trying to take away from the Spaniard but his health
was an issue for that fight and then he had to pull out of a fight against monster I have Loya due to a back injury
famously replaced of course by Diego Lopez but now thug nasty is back Brian and uh he’s a 2-1 favorite here against
Danny gay your thoughts I I feel like I’m getting punked I feel like John is
going to take off a mask and it’s going to be legendary coach Diego Sanchez coach Joshua Fayetteville I feel like
I’m getting punked here why is Danny against the underdog I mean are we seriously right now I’ve already loaded
up at 140. I’m loading up again at 170. nothing taken away from Bryce Mitchell
he’s great but if you look at his wins Bobby Moffett one and three in didn’t
make in the UFC Tyler Diamond uh Charles Rosen not long worth of promotion Andre Philly was a great performance Edson
Barbara was a great performance you can make the argument he’s getting better but now he’s got some all outside the cage stuff he’s got some ex-girlfriend
stuff that’s going on social media with the fruit trees and everything I don’t know have you seen it he’s distracted
and I don’t know if he’s really excelling and getting better like I think he should Dan ige is a Savage we
all saw what daniga did against Nate lanwear those stance switches those switching up the stances hurt and Nate
left and right I think Nate’s a better fighter than than Bryce Metro I think Bryce Mitchell is an entertaining guy
he’s fun seems like a good guy to root for I like root for him he obviously was
sick fell ill or was sick and looked looked sick against depory I was there live he was getting tossed all over that
cage which is surprising because he says Arkansas strong farm boy that takes you down lays on top you and beats you up
right hit a twister early on his UFC career against Matt sales who again one or three in the promotion no longer
there so his wins aren’t stacking up for me and Daniel’s been in there with everyone he’s hard to take down he’s
only at fifty percent 56 take down the fence but nine of those came for against most are you love I mean I mean that guy
that guy’s a different level so Danny get Underdog money here I’m putting three units on it I’ve already got real
money on it so let’s go three units on daniga here I think there’s a lock of the century I couldn’t believe it I
thought I was getting punked for a minute but uh yeah give me Danny yeah I don’t know if he’s gonna get a stoppage but I like him and we’ve been seeing
this thing too where Grapplers tend to win fights but then you got sugar shot on Molly with the footwork taken out
algel you got Cyril gone taking out Thursday spit box so the tides are turning a little bit Strikers are
finding out a way to use their footwork and slow down some Grapplers and I think Daniel is going to do that here not to
mention his cardios through the roof uh teams on fire give me Danny and defensively Danny gay is a Brazilian Jiu
Jitsu black belt of course there are levels to that game but uh I can understand why people see value on Danny gay and increasingly so now plus 170.
can flow before you make your selection there is a reason why money has been pouring in on Bryce Mitchell the rap
album the country rap album is called pasture fire and uh nice got a little taste for you folks here today here we
go Bryce Mitchell thugness
yeah just wait can’t fall just [ __ ] wait
dude that’s 70 seconds of your life I feel like a DJ trying to fill this music bed before president
he’s got bars
phone I’ll keep it on that habit I learned out in Cabot
I’ll go get a pound and put it in the Attic if I need to find anything I’ma go grab it fight good but that [ __ ] is
sporadic I ain’t gonna lie lighting is good but that [ __ ] is sporadic
Ally Mississippi
I mean you prefer I’ll just so dumb or this at an accordion pod
s for me thank you very much man the darkened saw let me ask you a
question Jay I know you used to spit a little bit back in the day he’s better take it you better than your heart I
didn’t know if you were taking it if you could get a hot 16 and better and Bryce he’s better than me so but that’s not
freestyle but I’m sure he’s a better freestyle rapper than I uh and uh he probably can write hip-hop lyrics better
than I can that was pretty good now I gotta figure out a way to drop a dark inside though if this guy wins the fight
bringing out the dark and saw tonight uh kenflo we need a selection here
who do you have I could do that for you um listen I think that uh Bryce Mitchell
does have a lot of things going on outside the cage you know obviously there’s you know the relationship thing
but there’s the injuries too like how healthy is he right now I know about back injuries and they stay with you and
they can come back to haunt you at very odd times especially punch that yeah
yeah especially when you’re cutting weight and you’re at the end of a training camp where you’ve been building
up a lot of volume of trading of training so yeah I’m a little bit
worried about that but I’m worried about Dan ige and the power that he has in his hands the fact that he is a Brazilian
Jutsu black belt he’s not going to be lost on the ground I do think Bryce Mitchell moves very fast on the ground
he’s going to be very aggressive there and you have to worry about a lot of different things submissions positions
against Bryce Mitchell but I think Dan ige can do way more than just survive on the ground but I also think that his
takedown defense is getting better he’s not a perfect takedown uh defense guy but I don’t think he needs to be against
Bryce Mitchell necessarily I think he needs to be good enough to stop a lot of those takedowns
um frustrate Bryce Mitchell and land a big shot when he can and I think if you could do that not only can he win rounds
he could perhaps win by finish here I think Mitchell can as well
um but I just have too many question marks for me and I think there’s a lot of value on Dan Eagle I was hoping that
Brian Petrie was going to go the other way with Brian with Bryce Mitchell but come on this guy’s too sharp come on
we’ll see if that plus 170 sticks around I find that very interesting both of you landed on that side 30 Cent price move
in the last 24 hours and uh Peter we’re gonna need you to come in on Sunday food oh I made a vet 155 pounds the
division all the others are chasing Raphael fuzzy minus 162 metage Gamera
plus 136. so physiv is coming off that absolute war against Justin gaichi he
had been 7-0 in the UFC going in and gamrod another chest absolute Warrior
repping American top team in Poland coming off a split win over Jalen Turner UFC 285 in March outstanding main event
I can’t wait to watch it and not talk during it and it’s at the ufca Apex coming up here Saturday night 25-foot
octagon can’t flow Nowhere to Run nowhere to hide for zebra gamer on the main event for you yes sir this is such
a great fight man um I I think that early on especially when when gamrod had that absolute nasty
fight against sarukion I was super high on camera but I’m not sure I’ve seen him
take it to that same level since that fight um I think that you know there was you
know some good performances here and there no question about it but I I think that maybe I overestimated his abilities
a little bit too much I think submission wise I expect a little bit more a
striking wise he hasn’t made the adjustments or the evolution like I had hoped uh not to say he’s bad there not
to say he’s a bad fighter he’s a very good fighter don’t get me wrong but I thought that coming off of that sarukion
fight that we would see his game really Elevate I just haven’t seen that as much
as I had hoped uh and you’re going against a guy in physive who is an absolute killer he’s extremely difficult
to take down I think that when you fight a guy like gaichi you are going to learn
so much about yourself about your heart about your Technique about your vulnerabilities all of that the pressure
that he had to deal with so I think we’re going to see a physique that is gonna come in pretty damn hot and I
think that he’s gonna frustrate gamron a lot and I think that if he’s able to Tire him out and if he’s able to find
those spots to take advantage of gamron on the feet I think he will and I think there’s great value on physique here you
know what uh minus 160 I don’t think we’re going to see that too often out of
physiv against match-ups that are similar like this so I’ll I gotta go for it man I’m in big trouble I need to give
me five units yeah five unit whacker on Raphael fazie
for Ken flow that is an 810 dollar wager to win 500. Brian Petrie the flow is
yours who do you like in the minute love that pick love that breakdown from chem flow this fight was really intriguing
when I first got announced I really Dove deep into it I love when a main event like stumps me right uh I gotta dive in
I gotta look at the tape you know I gotta go over the stats and gamrod is a guy who’s super durable and tough but in
the Benny Darius fight would impressed me was he got rocked and Benny could crack and he got up but he rushed so
many takedowns instead of letting his hands go he doe Forte takedowns and it warms off out and Benny was ready for it
and that just shut him down it’s you know he’s a very aggressive and good fighter and he rushes takedowns too much
when I think his stand up it’s coming along pretty well he’s obviously good on the ground they didn’t get physique well this guy debuting UFC gets knocked out
I’m like oh you know this world-class Striker gets knocked out runs off some amazing performances had a little
stutter against Bobby Green in my opinion some people thought Bobby green lost he just slowed down I thought for Z1 but then he gets Justin gate to his
majority decision lost he won the first round lost the final two in my opinion in the third round he just got you got
chopped up a little bit got bloodied up a little bit but this guy’s stand up is so shiny it’s a shiny little polished
tool I love it I love it my only critique with him and this is coming from a fat head kid from Cincinnati my
only critique from him is he kind of gets in this rhythm of like the Muay Thai kickboxing rhythm with his striking
and gaichi read that by the third round I wish he would be just a little bit more flowy but that’s the smallest
critique ever I think his stand-up is phenomenal he looks to be in insane shape we haven’t really seen anybody really test his grappling I’ve heard
worlds reviews about it in the gym how hard he is to get down he’ll toss you on your [ __ ] head so this is going to
prove it here and he answered the question over the cardio that’s another thing he’s improving got knocked out debut hasn’t been knocked out since
stuttered a little bit cardio wise against Bobby green goes out there and finishes Jaffe do send us in the first round he’s proving himself constantly
taking this seriously this is a guy that’s lights out I agree with Kenny price is low um I’m gonna go ahead and put two units
on it as well uh for my remaining five uh I love his Eve here I think he is this is gonna be a banger of a fight I
love there’s some questions that need to be answered and uh I think we might have one here at 55 boys I really do all
right nicely done any uh other preliminary selections or otherwise before we let you go uh I do not I think
Jacob malcoon is really overpriced but I do think he’s gonna absolutely steamroll um but I don’t want to give that out
because I mean any any trained gorilla can give out of minus 410 so uh not not right now boys all right well I will
leave you with this your Cincinnati Bengals are 0-2 as are our New England Patriots if I were you I don’t even know
who Cincinnati has in week three straight wage or money line on their opponent right yeah you gotta try to get
the dude you’re right yeah they’re playing the Rams who haven’t looked super bad so we’ll see
Super Bowl rematch we’ll see what’s going on all right buddy appreciate you man have a good week all right Brian Petrie with us here and
uh I know he’s dealing with some some family stuff health issues uh with his mom so we wish
Brian Peacher the best MMA takes podcast at Brian Petrie MMA on social media all right I’m going to leave you with this
Cody if you could send this video invoice to Bruce Buffer via Instagram that would be great so here’s the
invoice from iPhone wizard so uh we had a nice steak dinner Katie at my uh my friend big Ron sweet at the Virgin this
past Thursday night I invited my dear friend Bruce Buffer who went on to drop Ronnie Pellegrino’s iPad on the floor
and he apologized I don’t think he knew the nature of the foul and really at the
time I think for all of us it was no harm no foul until Ron opened up his iPad the next morning and the thing was
completely [ __ ] shattered so we have an invoice here 216.74 cents perhaps uh Bruce Buffer
and the uh the it’s time Empire maybe can pay for the iPad repair uh perhaps not but it’s iPhone Wizards and uh they
did a great job fixing the thing so uh but buffer yeah man buffer dropping iPads he was sober too I think oh man
what’s he doing juggling it was did he think it was like one of his cue cards yeah he was doing a cameo I think all
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we gotta get on out of here shout out to Big Ron Pellegrino for all the hospitality Paradise Cantina open 24 7
365 Paradise Road Paradise Nevada I think it’s actually Paradise might be Las Vegas but thanks
to everybody Our Guest The Great Sean Brady Ray Longo Brian Petrie thanks to our unbelievable listenership and
viewership we absolutely love you guys we are resetting next week as the UFC is dark on the last Saturday in September
but we will be back guns plays in first Monday in October and uh can’t wait to be back in your lives then for our
executive producer Cody mail for Kenny Florian I’m John N thank you all for listening for watching we’ll talk to you in less than two weeks until then
God because
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