Noche UFC Predictions: Grasso vs Schevchenko 2 Full Card Betting Breakdown


We will be providing a full card betting breakdown for the upcoming Noche UFC event headlined by Alexa Grasso vs Valentina Schevchenko 2. We will analyze each fight on the card and provide our predictions for the winners. Let’s dive in!

Daniel Zel Huber vs Christos Yagos

I believe Daniel Zel Huber will come out on top in this fight. Yagos doesn’t have the wrestling skills to control Zel Huber on the ground, and I think Zel Huber will outstrike him to win a decision. The betting lines also favor Zel Huber, with him being the favorite at -230 and Yagos at +195.

Raul Rosas Jr vs Terence Mitchell

Raul Rosas Jr is a promising 18-year-old prospect, and I expect him to win this fight against Terence Mitchell. Rosas Jr will likely use his strong grappling game to control Mitchell on the ground and eventually find a submission finish. Mitchell has some experience in the Alaskan MMA scene, but I don’t think he’s at the same level as Rosas Jr. I predict Rosas Jr to win by rear naked choke submission. The odds heavily favor Rosas Jr at -600, so it’s not a bet I would recommend.

Kevin Holland vs Jack Della Madalena

I’m picking Kevin Holland to win this fight. Holland has the reach advantage and knockout power, and I think he will be able to land significant strikes on Della Madalena from the outside. Holland also has a strong submission game, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he finishes the fight with a submission. The odds are in favor of Della Madalena at -130, but I believe Holland will pull off the upset.

Alexa Grasso vs Valentina Schevchenko 2

In the main event, I’m predicting Alexa Grasso to defeat Valentina Schevchenko for the second time. Grasso pulled off an epic win in their first fight, and I believe she will do it again. While Schevchenko had some success in the grappling exchanges, Grasso showed her striking skills and ability to get back to her feet. I think Grasso will win this fight by decision in a hard-fought battle. The odds are in favor of Schevchenko at -160, but I’m going with the underdog in Grasso.


Overall, I believe Daniel Zel Huber, Raul Rosas Jr, Kevin Holland, and Alexa Grasso will come out victorious in their respective fights. These are my predictions based on the analysis of each fighter’s skills and the betting lines. However, in MMA, anything can happen, so it will be interesting to see how the fights play out. Enjoy the Noche UFC event and may the best fighters win!

UFC these are the full card predictions and the betting breakdown Main Event
Alexa Grosso versus Valentina shevchenko two really looking forward to talking
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companion and let’s get into the fights starting the card off ladies going after
it Josephine Knutson versus marnick man I like Josephine Knutson to win this
fight a lot here now she is a Victor on Dana White’s Contender series but was
not awarded the contract after that performance now she has a very good
mixed martial arts game her striking is solid but she also has very good control
and she’s able to out muscle and outwork her opponents in the grappling positions as well so the win here against Isis
verbeck it was a battle of two girls with solid striking backgrounds and I
feel like Knutson even though she didn’t get rewarded a contract in that fight there was positive things to take away
her hurting her opponent in the first round badly she does have dangerous kicks that I think could be a factor in
this match up here on the side of marnick man I feel like she’s got a good pressure
grappling game has some good top control I just feel like in the Striking she’s
outworked and Knutson I think stops the takedown onslaught of man note that man
was brutally knocked out by a high kick by Bruno Brazil on last season of Dana
White’s Contender series I think that Knutson could catch her with a high kick here too I know that Knutson didn’t get
that highlight reel finish over Isis virbik but there was an exciting moment in the first round I feel like her
control time in that fight was very good and I think she can get a win here I
I think KO I’m going KO even though Knutson didn’t show uh you know great finishing
ability on Contender series I feel like she’ll be jumping into this fight with a point to prove and I feel like marnick
man’s stand-up is not great I feel like at times she’s quite Square I’d say she has okay kicking skills with a rather
lackluster boxing game she is a southpaw and like I said she has good clinch
pressure and takedowns where she can control her opponents but I think that Knudsen is way more athletic more
technically sound in all areas of the game and Knutson should get the win in the first fight of the night wide
favorite minus 440 for Knutson to marnick man plus 340. I think it’s a fun
matchup I’m glad that knutson’s getting this shot inside of the UFC and I think
she’s gonna deliver here against marnick man and show that she deserves to be on the roster and she should have got a
contract straight off Contender Series so Josephine Knutson for the win in the
first fight of the night and uh one more note about that fight she was supposed to fight lucindo which she took to fight
on short notice now marnick man jumping in for lucindo who was pulled out of the fight yeah knutson’s gonna style on her
here I think exciting debut on the way for the All-Stars team member let’s jump
to the second fight Charlie Campbell versus Alex Reyes if you don’t know who Alex Reyes is he’s
the brother of Dominic Reyes and he hasn’t fought in nearly six years had a
spinal infection some injuries that have kept him out of the fight game he’s fighting Charlie Campbell who you know
has uh been fairly active as of late Charlie Campbell’s a good Prospect and I
think he’s going to win the fight here Reyes has been out from high level mixed martial arts for so long in his sole UFC
fight he was badly knocked out with a knee by Mike Perry granted it was up a weight class at 170 pounds whereas Reyes
is normally so you know as strong as that 155 but this is a long time ago I mean his last
win about six years ago it’s been a damn long time
since he’s been fighting since he’s been active and I look at Charlie Campbell training at the longo Weidman team you
know that he’s going to be capable on the floor on the feet is where he shines the dude is a powerful kickboxer that
definitely can swing hard and was on his way to winning by knockout on Dana White’s Contender Series against Chris
Duncan he was dominating that fight drop Duncan with some uppercuts multiple drops and then he gets clipped with a
beautiful straight shot and gets his lights put out I feel like in this matchup
he’s going to be able to stay striking he’s going to be able to shine I can’t pick an Alex Reyes who has not fought in
years who had a brutal knockout loss who’s been battling injuries I don’t even know the level Reyes is gonna come
back in at we really have no idea I’m gonna say Charlie Campbell wins Reyes
his best way to win this fight is going to get it to the floor that’s where he shines got a good arm triangle overall his strangle game is good with arm
triangles and rear naked chokes in the Arsenal that’s where he’ll shine I just feel as though he’s not gonna get past
the Striking onslaught of Charlie Campbell so I’m gonna ride with Campbell to win the UFC debut but we have to note
that Charlie Campbell is taking this fight on short notice with Alex Reyes initially booked to fight against Natan
Levy how does Campbell look coming in on short notice is Alex Reyes a hundred and
ten percent the lines are minus 400 for Campbell to plus 300 Reyes I’m gonna
cost you guys to be very careful with the Charlie Campbell side not that I don’t think he’s winning I do think he’s
gonna get a knockout but the fact that he’s on short notice the fact that Reyes has been out for a while there are some
intangibles and unknowns about Reyes who’s a very big Underdog against Campbell who ultimately doesn’t have you
know the highest level win like yeah cff sees a decent level yeah he’s fighting fighting on the Bellator prelims right
Alex Reyes is a wild card so we’re going Campbell for the win but he shouldn’t be a minus 400 favorite here I think
something like minus 200 would be more fair I’m expecting Campbell to start fast the ring rust being obviously
evident for Reyes and I do think Campbell’s gonna end up knocking him out so we’ll go Campbell for the win but uh
Alex Reyes is a wild card on this card next fight
ladies going after it Tracy Cortez versus Jasmine Jazz davicius I’m going
to be picking Jasmine Jazz divisius to win I think she’s clearly better than Tracy Cortez she’s going to be the
stronger Grappler and wrestler between the two and I also think she has a striking Advantage being uh you know the
slightly taller and longer girl ultimately jazz divisius is gonna chain takedowns here Cortez has relatively
good wrestling in her own right and take down defense I like her double leg specifically doesn’t have great finishing ability has
had moments on the ground where opponents have gotten to her and you know put her in bottom position I think
jazz divisius is going to be prepared to outwork her for the three rounds I don’t think this is an easy fight but Jaz
divisius definitely has the bigger win the Miranda Maverick win and then obviously you see the loss there to
Natalia Silva that ain’t looking that bad because she’s solid now gato Victory quiche Split Decision egg or win Vanessa
mellow win then obviously beat agapova on Contender Series so Jazz divisius
higher tier win I feel like a streaking Prospect coming in with a lot of
momentum because Miranda Maverick is a pretty decent fighter and I think Jazz divisius getting that win more proven I
guess at the higher level of the game I feel as though her wrestling is better I feel as though her striking can Showcase
in this matchup too so I’m gonna go with Jasmine Jazz divisius to win a decision over Tracy Cortez and out doger and Jazz
division is is an underdog she gets slept on by The Bookies a lot here open that plus 145 currently sitting at plus
105 to Tracy Cortez at -125 the favorite give me Jazz divisius give me decision
win and I do believe it’s gonna go over two and a half which sits at minus 350 just worth noting Jazz divisius W in
this matchup I’m going for the underdog in this one next fight on the card Edgar chaidez
versus Daniel lacerda let’s say there’s on a four-fight losing streak in the UFC
he’s Owen four inside of the octagon and he is a guy that really has a round
round and a half in him as at best whereas chariz on the other side does have some losses note that he’s never
been finished in under a round and a half he got finished late in the second round once I’m going with charez for the
win I do think that lacer does early storm is always scary for fighters to deal with I mean he was able to you know
get to um Carlos Vergara in the last one and nearly knock him out in the first round
Victor altamariano there was moments for Lucero where he heard him on the feet his striking game is really dangerous
early on he’s an explosive guy his fight IQ though being Daniel lucer that is on the lower end obviously 014 for the in
the UFC for a reason they’re giving him another chance here which is not normal for an 0-4 guy who you know Owen Ford no
wins started it off as a prospect and really hasn’t looked great but because it’s always entertaining fights unless
Sarah throws caution to the wind and bangs I’d say he’s a damn good Street Fighter but inside of the cage you have
to be prepared for fights going long whereas I know Cyrus is prepared for that and I also think that he does have
a pretty good defensive striking guard with a bit of a you know somewhat boxing
High guard but at times he’ll be sniper-like but more so boxing High guard using the lead hand range finder
also feel like with shot as we have to bring up he does have a submission threat that he brings here and a tired
lacerda could definitely be the victim of a submission loss I’m thinking second round finish for shaides potentially a
TKO lacerto really lets it go in the first round but I don’t think he’s going to be able to hurt chaidez like he was
able to with CJ Agora in his last fight a child is threatening on the feet a bit
with the boxing with some kicks punches and it all the Sarah they’re kind of letting the kitchen sink go trying to
look for the stoppage and it all falls apart as we get into the second round where shirez takes over I have written
down sub or KO I could see a grounding pound TKO but I could also see lacerda
getting stunned a bit on the feet after fatiguing and shot as jumping towards the submission so inside of the distant
shirez and I’m feeling like it’s going to be in the second round now for shirez to win he’s minus 205 the favorite and
then La serada sitting at plus 175 as the underdog you can see under one and a
half is minus 180. it’s a lesser that fight that’s normally how it is with the books man they normally think it’s going
to end early because that’s his style he comes out like a madman in the first round does it go on the one and a half I
think you’re in like coin flip territory because I could see it heading towards the end of the second round and try it
as finishing there as well could also be early it’s not impossible that Shiraz gets him
out of there in the late stages of the first round I’m saying that lacerda four fights down
as much as I like him I actually enjoy lacera’s fights I’m gonna be disappointed when he gets released off
the roster because he’s got a real fun style and he’s got an emphatic knockout ability but dude the fight IQ is so
suspect man five months ago CJ vergar almost had the fight ultimariano Francisco figuero Jeff Molina all
finishes too I’m gonna go shy res to get him because shires looks like an absolute pit bull given tatsuru Taira
hell in their fight and finish and obviously super strong there throwing the submission attempts up and I feel like with lacerda I don’t
have that same type of Faith outside of the first round needs to knock out a bus and Charis is not a guy going down easy
here so unless Sarah catches him with the absolute perfect shot to put the lights out I think shaira scrambles gets
back up to his feet brings the heat to lacera and hurts him it’s very hard to out dog a shirez and I mean it helps
that he’s also nicknamed Pitbull and I think for a reason we’re going with Edgar shy it is for the stoppage win
next fight on the card we got Roman copylov and Josh froomed
I think that Roman copy love is going to knock Josh out man I picked Josh last time out against Jamie Pickett he was
able to use that physical strength and presence Back Him Up Against the Cage control him there but now he’s taking on
a copy love who note is a master of sport in hand-to-hand combat over in
Russia which sounds badass and he’s a badass guy I think copy love is getting better as his career is going on
in the UFC with three straight wins all Knockouts he’s also a southpaw I’d call him a pretty crisp and Poise Striker who
has a nice technical game and is willing to take his time but when he does attack he’s really precise he has scary kicks
man and I think that’s a factor in this fight body kicks potentially his punches I think could be on display too I know
Josh friend is going to be a bit taller than him six four to six feet but the reach is only one inch favoring Josh and
note that friend is much slower on his feet than copy love and his striking game is not nearly as technical I see
copy love sniping him putting his lights out knockout win for Roman copylov he’ll
fend off to potential grappling attacks by the big Josh friend and I think we’re getting a knockout win man the
submission threat I don’t think is a factor here copy Love’s Gonna Stay on his feet and out kickbox don’t beat him up
minus 270 for copy love to Josh frem that plus 230. I got copy law for the
win I’m confident that he’s gonna get it done look at these wins for a second Claudio hibero which is like a scary puncher coming in and easy work head
kick knockout epic KO for copy love Soriano who was a heavy-handed prospect
he whooped him and then also dick taking a digital out the Italian stallion you gotta like what you’re
seeing for copy love in the last three this traitian Gore lost 10 months ago I don’t want to say it was a fluke but the
performance is after that are making it seem more like it was speeding Jamie Pickett’s not you know a bad thing and
uh Cedric was Dumas and note that the picket fight right what is it a week ago two weeks ago by the time we get to the
fight it’ll be like uh you know two-ish weeks two-ish weeks out he was fighting
and copy love style it takes a while to prepare for he’s a big step up in competition compared to Jamie Pickett
he’s way more dangerous and I don’t think Josh friend is ready for it I think he’s getting knocked out we’re going copy love with the KO win from was
knocked out on the regional scene by Gregory Rodriguez as well and I think that the kickboxing of copy loves gonna
be on display copy love the master of sport for the w featured prelim of the night it’s Lupita
godinez versus Elise Reed some scrambles of matchups have put these two together
I like to fight for Lupi godinez I think she gets her decision over Elise Reed uh
you know this side of Elise Reed is actually not bad though she’s a light-footed striker who’s got a pretty
well-rounded game I’d say she has a pretty nice kickboxing onslaught she rips to the legs well she punches
fairly well and strings combinations together with decent speed where I feel like I have no faith in Reed is in
punching power and in this matchup specifically the grappling entanglements the wrestling to me far favors Lupita
godinez being godinez her stand up has actually improved a good amount and I
think her boxing in her last fight looked better than before she does have some crisp hands and she’s got a bit of
pop on her strikes she’s also the more athletic girl and a wrestling Advantage too which we’ll see if she decides to
bring that out and use it I think she will I suspect that she does I’m gonna pick lupito godinez to win a decision in
the featured prelim here over Elise read now the odds for this fight have Lupia minus 375 a bit wide for my liking
looking at the matchup as it is I think that how I would really write
the lines down is more like a two to one because at least read is still a decent
practitioner like she’s a decent fighter Lupi should win by decision so then we look at the over minus 200 for the over
I do anticipate this fight going long godina is I don’t want to say she’s got no finishing ability but you look at the
UFC wins we got decisions Galore over here uh Elise Reed on the other side getting some decisions she does have
some stoppage losses though it’s just godina hasn’t gotten that that stoppage capability in my mind just yet
now I’m not saying it’s impossible for her to stop read seeing that you know Sam Hughes stopped there with some
ground and pound and then noting that you know um freaking Thai Prospect what’s her name
Loma Luke boom was able to beat her up using some grappling Loopy’s definitely live for a finish too so the over two
and a half I think I don’t know could hit could hit his or probably he’s not gonna be the word I’ll use could hit but
Elise Reed’s been finished before loopy not a great finisher I’ll pick loopy godinez to win the fight by a
unanimous decision as the official call but yeah the betting odds are too widely favoring loopy they shouldn’t look like
this in my opinion next fight on the card brings us to the main make sure you guys smash that like
button and if you’re new to the channel subscribe it’s Fernando Padilla versus Kyle Nelson I’m going to be picking
Fernando Padilla to beat Kyle Nelson not an easy fight because Kyle Nelson is a
game Canadian coming off of a nice upset win over Blake Builder who is supposed
to be a pretty good Prospect and Kyle Nelson’s Muay Thai game from the outside is really good he’s experienced inside
of the UFC at this point he does walk his opponents down fairly well and holds his ground well too physically strong
guy that obviously has a nice Thai boxing uh you know striking style his
kickboxing game I would say is pretty solid man I like his movement I like his punches even though he doesn’t have a
ton of thought in him they’re decent shots and he’s got kicking skills as well quite mobile I’d say he’s got a
good overhand right that opponent should watch for now note that on the opposite side though Padilla is going to be
bringing in a five inch reach Advantage alongside of a two inch height advantage in just being the better Striker from
the outside Padilla has very good straight shots and he also has a pretty solid Jiu Jitsu game now both guys I’d
say are capable on the floor but note that Padilla has you know some 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu under his belt
I think that he’s also got a sneaky uppercut to watch for on the inside that he could catch Kyle Nelson with he does
have being Padilla a bit of an upright kickboxing style but he uses the lead
hand well he’ll throw straights down the line he’s got a nice kicking game he’ll attack the legs on the feet he does a
lot of things right and I like Padilla’s win in his debut taking out Julian Arosa that was an awesome debut for him and I
feel like Kyle Nelson is going to struggle with the range difference could Padilla stop him Kyle’s durability is
pretty dangerous man I know Padilla’s got some stoppages right but it’s not like he hasn’t gone distance before
and we haven’t seen a stoppage loss for a while I guess Billy Q caught him like three years ago Jai Herbert there the
decision over giant Herbert does Aid to my confidence for padillo the decision for Jai you know being a tall guy in Jai
Herbert and Padilla being a tall guy with length Padilla by a knockout is live here it’s
Noche UFC I’m going for violence bro let’s call a knockout let’s go knock out I was thinking decision initially but
I’m kind of thinking a third round Knockouts possible here we’ll go Padilla I think he can get the finish I
definitely think he can get the win minus 241 for Padilla Kyle Nelson Plus
206. a little wide for Padilla being you know a bit of an underdog against Julian
Arosa I thought he would win there I picked him as a dog there and Kyle Nelson here in this spot obviously
coming through uh you know as a dog if you played him last time out with Blake Builder so we got two live Savages
facing off I think Nelson will put up a good fight but Patia gets him I called knockout for now but decision or
knockout is the truth I want violence so maybe I’m leaning towards the side of knockout in hopes that Padilla can put
it together and knock Kyle Nelson out in a fight of the night type performance I think he’s getting it done Padilla for
the victory next fight on the card we got Daniel
zellhuber versus Christos yagos I like zel Huber here the kickboxing
from the outside is where I expect him to shine but damn bro this Trey Ogden
loss is like uh a stain in my mouth that’s just sitting there because I don’t love that L granted the way he
came back in the next one and really put it on Lando vanata I was like all right Daniel zohuber’s still a good Prospect
he’s got some abilities yagos is a guy that he does have some pretty decent hooks he’s coming off of a knockout win
over Rick Glenn I’d say he’s got a you know pretty fair punching power but he’s gonna be at a disadvantage of reach by
five and a half inches with a three inch height Advantage favoring zel Huber I’d say zohuber’s the quicker Striker the
more mobile Striker the more athletic individual here and I don’t think yagos has the wrestling game to get a hold of
zel Huber and Bully him in the ground position so I’m gonna pick zel Uber to win I think decision I know yagos has
been finished a couple of times as of recent but when you dig into the opposition Armon who’s a blue chip
Contender really I was going to say Prospect but top tier as far as the top 10 of lightweight goes Thiago Moises
who’s a very good Jujitsu practitioner so Hoover should win this fight but I think yagos is going to be tough to get
away so I’m gonna go Daniel Zell Huber on the judge’s scorecards to beat Christos yagos in this fight right here
now as far as the betting lines for this one so Uber’s minus 230 thiago’s at Plus
195. listen he’s got the statistical advantages being the height and the reach and then you got the age Advantage
which adds uh you know to the statistical Advantage for zel Uber there’s a lot of things in his favor add
into the fact that at just 24 his rate of improvement fight to fight is going to be something that is potentially vast
note that he fought four months ago against Lando vanata I thought that was a pretty impressive win to take out an
experienced guy like Lando and style on him in the kickboxing realm and I think that Zoe Hoover is going to style on
yago’s here it would be epic to see him get the KO but you know through the lower level scene he’s getting Knockouts
when the shift in competition’s gone upward we got three straight decisions obviously one being a loss I’ll pick zel
Huber to out strike Christos yagos and win a unanimous decision on the judge’s
scorecards in front of the fans on uh you know a very special day for the
Mexican people so we’re going Zell Huber for the w next fight on the card brings us to our
featured bout of the night it’s Raul Rosas Jr versus Terence Mitchell note
exactly what the UFC is doing there using Terence Mitchell as an opponent for their Noche UFC card to build up an
18 year old prospect that has good height behind them listen this is the Mexican Prospect to
watch he’s a young kid he’s about to be 19 now so you’re not going to be a baby anymore in the game here soon I’m gonna
go Rosas to win this fight I do think he’ll stick to Terence Mitchell Like Glue and use his strong grappling game
uh you know to outwork Mitchell on the ground then eventually find the submission finish I’m gonna give you
guys some notes about Mitchell right he is an Alaskan MMA veteran so he’s fighting on that Alaskan scene we can
dig into the competition four in one fighter four months ago with a win there four and two fighter before that and
then we’re digging back five years beating a three and three guy and then taking out uh you know a guy that’s
record doesn’t even show up here in Travis zenk he comes back and Simon him up that was only two months
ago and I think that rosas’s grappling game is gonna give Mitchell fits here I
know that in Mitchell’s own right he’s known for good submission skills with eight submission wins and he’s got long
legs with Aid into his grappling he’s got a tricky frame but I do think rose sauce can beat him I don’t feel like
Mitchell looked all that UFC level I don’t believe it I’m gonna say that Rosas finds a submission here he’s
coming off a loss over Christian Rodriguez who’s a real good Prospect and before that he ran through Jay Perrin
who was in high level Mitchell to me is not high level and I think rosehaus is going to be able to strangle him I’ll go
rear naked choke submission as like the Mystic Max submission call now real sauce is a minus 600 favorite
listen guys I won’t be throwing 800 bucks on Rosas I made that mistake once before betting like a
degenerate and that was a dark time but uh We’ve definitely improved ourselves since then I look at Rojas at Rojas
Rosas at minus 600 and this is what my brain says yes he should win the fight the odds are way too wide for a kid
that’s not even legally able to drink alcohol in America yet so your best bet is probably not betting it not
locking the parlay down with it we’ll see what the sub prop line is and maybe it’s a Sprinkle right now obviously we
don’t have those we just have an over under the over is actually Plus 215. I
kind of think that rose sauce is live for a first round sub though rose sauce is six to one minus 600 Terence Mitchell
plus 425 listen Rosas Jr is a
disgustingly wide favorite take away the betting odds let’s not look at the betting side I do confidently feel as
though he will beat Terence Mitchell it’s just about does it actually happen he’s a young dude I believe it does odds
are though way too wide way too wide rose sauce he submits Terence
Mitchell Mitchell also fought on Ultimate Fighter and got brutally knocked out by kaikar France during that flyweight season then obviously took a
long Hiatus before coming back and now he’s in the UFC I think Rosas is going to beat him here
next fight on the card is the co-main event Kevin Holland versus Jack Della madalena
guys I love me some jack Della fighting it’s fun to watch but I think Kevin Holland
is the Kryptonite I am picking Kevin Holland to win this fight how does he win it I’m kind of thinking club and sub
Jack Della madalena I think on the feet having a disadvantage in reach of eight
inches is gonna be getting stung from the outside that nose is going to be busted up and Kevin Holland is going to
find some precise shots potentially jump on a guillotine a DARS or a rear naked
choke I’m going club and sub Kevin Hall and Club in sub win I think Jack Dell is a great Prospect I love this fight I
think we’re in store for an absolute banger but Kevin Holland is dangerous as hell on the feet he gave hell to
Wonderboy on the feet and hurt him in that fight and that was a five round main event where Kevin Holland maybe if
he decided to Grapple a bit who knows the fight’s going in a different direction respect to the gentleman’s agreement those guys just throwing down
in the Striking realm I expect striking here for Kevin Holland to be on display but when the time has to come that he’s
got to lock up a sub that’s what he’s gonna go for look at this submission darstroke over Michael kiesso who’s a
really good Grappler in his own right that was a month ago didn’t take any damage there taking on Jack Della
madalena bazel have Fez I don’t want to say he exposed him completely but I think it really pumped the brakes on the
hype train of Jack Della at least for me basil came in and gave him hell in that fight Kevin Holland’s reach Advantage is
a substantial factor in this matchup and I think when you look at them striking Kevin Holland from range is going to be
landing a lot on Jack Della madalena it’s gonna be hard for him to close that Gap over the lengthy Kevin Holland
without getting stung with big shots and Holland is not a peppering puncher he has legitimate knockout power and a
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt to go alongside of it Kevin Holland for the win club and sub here looking at the
odds Kevin Hall and Underdog plus 110. I’m going with Holland as the dog here I think he pulls this off Jack Della
madalena minus 130 as the favorite I think Kevin Holland does this thing under two and a half very likely at
minus 165-2 not really recommended throwing down on it but just an idea you
know just looking at it plus 110 for Kevin Holland the official pick I think he’s submitting Jack Della it’s gonna be
a club and sub hauling right now I think it’s peaking I think he’s hitting his prime right now he’s looking better than
ever before and we give him a match up that I think is very favorable towards him being a striker in Jack Della
madalena I think Holland is going to style on him love me some jack Della I still think
he’s an awesome Prospect but I pumped the brakes on him right now and you can compare one opponent Randy Brown had a
similar frame to Kevin Holland Randy Brown could not hold the jock strap of Kevin Hall and if they faced off
Kevin Hall would run over Randy Brown yeah they got similar frames but Brown doesn’t have the power Kevin Holland has
the length the power and the submission threat and strength and besides all of those things the mental game he’s an
extremely confident fighter and I think that’s going to get him to win over Jack Della we’re going Kevin Holland for the
win upset he strangles Jack Della Club in sub man I’m going clubbing sub now could he end up getting a knockout of
decision sure Kevin Hollins is the pick here money line plus money main event of
the evening make sure you guys smash that like button if you’re new to the channel subscribe it’s Alexa Grosso
versus Valentina chefchenko two I’m damn excited for this rematch and I feel like
this is a crazy fight be because Grosso pulled off an epic win in the last one
where chefchenko throws a spinning back kick to the body Grosso capitalizes gets
the back gets the rear naked choke I’m gonna pick Alexa Grosso to beat her once again but this time it’s going to be
cleaner than last time if you know chefchenko did have success on getting to the top position beating up Grosso a
bit from that top position specifically side controls your tranquil’s strong from that position on the ground Grasso
did have striking moments on the feet and was able to get back up to her feet on multiple occasions in that first
fight I think that Alexa Grosso can win this one better than the last one before
note this after you’re 35 now losing the belt getting it back the odds of that
diminish just statistically when you look I mean Kamara uzman lost his belt in a fight where he was winning against
Leon Edwards and then you look at the rematch how clean Leon beat him on the judge scorecards I think Alexa Grosso is
going to win here against chefchenko again gonna be hard to repeat that epic finish with the Mexican fans behind her
this card I think she’s bringing the fire out I’m gonna say Grosso takes it on the judge’s scorecards and an
action-packed war between these ladies where Grosso touches up chefchenko a bit on the feet is still threatened in the
grappling positions and taken down she finds ways up faster than before and does defend more of the takedowns and I
could even see her stinging up chefchenko with punches hard-fought five rounds one of those women’s Wars they
both put it all on the line and I’m going to say Alexa Grosso beat chefchenko more cleanly this time not
just you know a submission where people will say oh it’s a mistake and that’s why it happened no it’s Alexa Grosso
getting it done by a decision putting a stamp on it that she is the champion I’m
riding with the underdog no Alexa Grosso Underdog Chan happy and I’m saying and still last weekend Sean Strickland
Underdog beat out of Sonya the last paper of you before that Sean O’Malley takes out Al Jermaine Sterling now this
is an and still Underdog but it’s still plus money and I think Alexa grazo is going to prove to everybody that first
fight was no fluke and she’s beaten Valentina shevchenko once again now looking at the betting odds plus 140 for
Grosso shevchenko minus 160. and one for the main event on the dog I’m going for
Guadalajara Mexico I’m riding with Alexa Graz so to pull it off over Valentina
chefchenko she’s going to win this thing man I think she’s getting it here this card is going to be epic Noche UFC
Mexican Independence Day card you couldn’t ask for a better way to cap it off with Grosso getting the win in a
back and forth War getting presented that a special belt for the Mexican
Champions and still Alexa Grosso as in Underdog takes out Valentina chefchenko
and proves that she’s uh really the baddest girl at 125. she’s got some
scary contenders coming up like man of furo Aaron blanchfield and I promise you soon we’ll be talking about those
matchups after this Saturday Grosso for the w beat chefchenko a second time and
proves that she is the real champion no fluke in that first one guys I hope you enjoyed the breakdown make sure you
smash that like button if you haven’t and if you’re new to the channel make sure to subscribe let me know what you
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video because there’s daily content here on the MMA experts Channel much love everybody see you all in the next one
peace guys [