Noche UFC: Pre-Fight Panel


In this article, we will be discussing the pre-fight panel for Noche UFC. The panel consisted of several fighters who will be competing in the event, including Raul, Valentine, Danielle, Tracy, and Alexa. They shared their thoughts and expectations for their upcoming fights, as well as their experiences in the UFC. Let’s dive into the highlights of the panel discussion.

Raul’s Approach to Fights

Raul, one of the fighters on the panel, talked about his approach to fights. He mentioned that he used to fight back-to-back in an attempt to break records. However, he has now decided to pace himself and take more time off between fights. Despite this, he expressed his eagerness to get back in the Octagon and put on a show for his fans.

Valentine’s Thoughts on the New Bout

Valentine, another fighter on the panel, expressed her excitement about the new bout. She described it as a breakout performance opportunity for her. She emphasized that she is a well-rounded fighter and is ready to showcase her skills in all areas of MMA. Valentine also mentioned that this fight is a turning point for her career and she is determined to make a statement.

Tracy’s Pressure as an Undefeated Fighter

Tracy, who is undefeated in the UFC, was asked about the pressure she feels going into Saturday night’s fight. She responded by saying that she loves what she does and feels nothing but love from the fans. Tracy sees herself as a performer and is excited to put on a great show for everyone watching.

Alexa’s Support for Her Fellow Fighter

When asked about the main event, Alexa expressed her support for her fellow fighter, Alexa. She stated that she is rooting for Alexa and believes it would be an honor to fight her for the belt in the future. Alexa’s loyalty to her fellow fighters and her desire to put on a show for the fans were evident in her response.

Raul’s Future Plans

Raul was asked if his approach to fights would be different moving forward and if he would like to have a rematch with Christian in the future. He mentioned that his approach might change, but he is currently focused on his own journey. Raul stated that if he and Christian continue to win, they may meet again in the Octagon in the future.

Valentine’s Potential Move to a Higher Weight Class

Valentine was asked if she would consider moving up a weight class and becoming a double champ now that Nunes has retired. She responded by saying that her focus is solely on her upcoming fight and she hasn’t thought about moving up. Valentine also mentioned that her intention to move up was primarily to fight Nunes, and now that she has retired, the motivation is not the same.

Alexa’s Victory and its Impact on Women’s MMA in Mexico

A question was posed to Alexa about how her victory has impacted the development of women’s MMA in Mexico. Alexa expressed her happiness and mentioned that she has seen a significant growth in the sport since she started competing. She highlighted the increase in the number of female fighters in tournaments and the growing interest from young girls. Alexa believes that it is important for parents to support their children’s interest in MMA and allow them to learn and grow in the sport.

Fan Reception and Fight Week

The panelists were asked about the fan reception and the atmosphere during fight week, especially with this being the first event where fans can attend. Alexa mentioned that it is amazing to see the support from Mexican fans and how they have traveled to be there for the event. She expressed her gratitude for the fans and their enthusiasm. Raul, being a Mexican-American, shared his excitement about the growth of MMA in Mexico and how he always knew it was just a matter of time before the sport would be embraced by the country.

Tracy’s Return to the Octagon

Tracy, who hasn’t fought in a while due to injury, was asked about her excitement to remind the fans of who she is and what she wants to achieve in her division. Tracy expressed her eagerness to make her mark and mentioned that she is healthy and well-recovered. She hopes to have a successful fight and continue her journey in the UFC.

Raul’s Record and Future Goals

Raul, being the youngest fighter on the UFC roster, was asked about his thoughts on someone breaking his record if a 16-year-old is brought into the Contender Series. He responded by saying that records are meant to be broken, and he would be honored to see someone break his record. Raul wants to see new fighters come in and achieve great things in the sport. He also mentioned that he wants to prove himself and put on a Mexican-style war for his fans.

Valentine’s Main Event and Being the First Mexican Champion

Valentine was asked about being the first Mexican champion in the UFC and headlining the main event. She expressed her gratitude to the UFC for the opportunity and mentioned that having three Mexican champions at one point was something they never expected. Valentine emphasized the importance of their achievements and how it has positively impacted the sport in Mexico. She also talked about the unique design of the belt, which represents Mexican culture with its handmade patterns and colors.

Tracy and Alexa’s Journey from Invicta to the UFC

Tracy and Alexa both started their careers in Invicta, a prominent platform for women’s MMA. They reflected on their experiences in Invicta and expressed their gratitude for the opportunities it provided. Tracy mentioned that it is mind-blowing to see how far they have come and how their hard work has paid off. Alexa shared her dream of being in the UFC and how it felt amazing when it finally happened. Both fighters continue to strive to be the best and make their mark in the UFC.

Alexa’s Journey as a Champion

Alexa, being the first Mexican champion in the UFC, was asked if becoming a champion happened at the pace she expected. She mentioned that life is unpredictable, but she believes the timing was perfect for her. Alexa feels that she is mature and ready for this role, and she is grateful for everything that has happened as a result of her hard work.

Closing Remarks

The pre-fight panel for Noche UFC provided insights into the fighters’ thoughts and expectations for their upcoming fights. They expressed their gratitude for the support from Mexican fans and the growth of MMA in Mexico. The panelists also shared their goals and aspirations for their careers in the UFC. With their determination and passion, these fighters are ready to put on a show and make their mark in the Octagon.

okay welcome everyone and thank you for
joining us today for the Noche UFC
Grasso versus kenko 2 q a panel
takes place this Saturday September 16th
at the T-Mobile Arena here in Las Vegas
tickets are still available and you can
get them at the T-Mobile box office now
um no one needs an introduction here but
we’re gonna introduce them anyways we
have the champ Alexa
we have the rising star Tracy Cortez
the young Phenom Raul Rosa Junior
The Golden Boy Danielle the Uber
and one of the greatest of all time
Valentino savchenko
all right let’s get started with these
questions uh let’s start with the
champion first Alexa raso how you
feeling this weekend how’s everything
going how’s the Las Vegas been treating
you well it’s been an amazing week I
truly love to fight in Las Vegas and
thank you everyone for your support and
you’re gonna enjoy the fight thank you
so this is a huge event what does it
mean to you to be the first Mexican UFC
champion and to be able to defend your
title on such an important day for
Mexican fans
it means a lot you know Mexico is
growing so fast in the sport and as you
can notice we are living the heart in
every fight
I think this is an important question
for everyone so Tracy Cortez you’re a
Mexican American how important it is for
you to fight on this day as well oh
it’s an honor it’s an honor to be here
and represent you know not just Latinos
Mexicans out here and
I’m excited how about for you Raul how
you feeling on this card no it’s another
two you know
um like we said Mexico has like is in
good hands so is
and same question for you Daniel how you
feeling about fighting on this card
um as everybody’s saying it’s an honor
fighting in in Mexican Independence Day
I’m excited to put in a show for you
guys see yeah
and Valentina you spent plenty of time
in Latin America you know what does this
mean to you to be a part of this card as
um preparations
Valentina it’s been six years since
you’ve been coming off a loss how
re-motivated are you heading into this
my motivation come from every single uh
thing what I do in the life every single
person motivate me every single uh event
motivates me martial arts it’s my
passion martial arts it’s everything
what I do already for 30 years what I
practice in martial arts that’s why it’s
kind of for me be the champion it’s my
nature that’s why I go in with all my
power with all my desire for this belt
so Teddy Atlas says when you win the
title you become 30 better
how did winning the belt and gaining the
number one pound-for-pound spot impact
your confidence coming into this fight
well yes um every single site I’m
evolving I’m improving I’m learning a
lot and as you can notice you know every
single side I’m a different nothing I I
every time show different weapons and
this time it’s gonna be better than the
last time
all right Raul this one’s for you
you’re coming off your first loss
you’re a pro your pro MMA Premiere but
many people say you learn the most from
your losses what were some of the main
things you learned and how much better
are you now
um there was a lot of things I took from
my last fight and I’m just excited to go
in Saturday and show all the corrections
that were made from the last one and I’m
glad that it is on a special day you
know so Saturday night we’re gonna sign
let’s go let’s go
all right Danielle this is your first
time on a UFC main card
and it’s for such an important exciting
event how much does being on this card
mean to you and your focus going into
this fight
you know I feel that uh fighting in this
car it means a lot for me because as you
say it’s my first main main card uh
fight I want to prove that I belong to
these these big fights so sorry now I’m
planning on putting on a war hope
Christians is is playing the same man
yeah you know I’m just ready to to
perform yeah what do you think of your
I think that yeah he’s a well-rounded
guy but you know like everybody in the
ufcs will run at this point so you know
I feel that eventually he’s gonna try to
take the fight to the ground but where
is in the ground or on top you know it
doesn’t matter I’m ready to fight ready
anywhere huh yeah all right Tracy it’s
been some time since we’ve seen you able
to perform uh what have you been working
on during your time away and what kind
of performance will you give the fans
this Saturday
uh I’ve been I’ve been working on
everything mostly I want to say
just sharpening up my wrestling you know
keeping it
keeping it sharp and then uh my striking
I’ve been working a lot with my striking
I went over to Brazil for a while I I
trained with the Pitbull Brothers wow
yeah and I I just grew you know got out
of my my comfort zone I wanted to evolve
not just as um
as a person but as an athlete
I just felt like it was time and I’ve
been I’ve been really trying to
evolve overall
excellent how is that relationship with
the the Pitbull Brothers team and your
team in Arizona correct yes yeah how’s
that been going you guys grapple over
there grapple over here and go striking
over there yeah you know I’ve I’ve known
uh Patricio for quite a time now and
I’ve been
when he does come to fight ready he’s
just he’s he’s such a good teacher and
he’s always giving me these new tools to
work and to uh practice so I could you
know get better and um
yeah it kind of just hit me where I was
ready to try something new get out of my
element and I shot him a message and he
told me to he said come on by
so went over to Brazil stayed over there
for a while came back told my coaches
hey I’m ready to come back now it’s time
yeah those are great bangers to train
with over there right yeah um let’s talk
about your fight on paper this fight
looks like a battle of two high-level
Grapplers how do you see your grappling
skills stacking up against Jasmine’s
um I’m I’m very confident in my
wrestling uh I’m very confident on my
uh I believe
it is pretty difficult to take me down
and if you do it’s going to be hard to
keep me down but it’s going to be a good
all right for the champ Alexa a lot of
people say that in a rematch the person
who lost the first fight has the
advantage because they know what they
need to work on when you revisit the
first fight what sort of opportunities
for improvements do you see
well I did a lot of adjustments for this
second side we already shared the
Octagon 20 minutes together we always we
also felt what we can bring to the table
you know I love striking fights honestly
I do I I’ll do everything to keep the
file on my feet and you know I was doing
pretty well the first round was amazing
and I was
I was doing pretty well so I’m gonna
bring everyone an amazing fight this
this Saturday night so you’re working
you’re working your sprawl and brawl you
want to keep this fight on your feet
show your boxing offshore you’re
striking off yeah always you know that’s
a Mexican warranty
Valentina for you you were championed
for many years what did you learn about
yourself after losing the title and how
will that benefit you in this fight
you know it’s kind of like
um I don’t have to learn anything
because of the lost or something like
that Alexa she’s uh you’re saying like
you was doing pretty well but I say not
enough for the victory it’s kind of like
good point because
um if you could see the fight it was all
four rounds like winning the fight for
my side before they of course what
happened in the fight but um it’s kind
of like uh the moment when it put you
um worked double hard work uh like
remember what you did like at the very
very beginning and it’s kind of like yes
everyone’s speaking about the lost or
something like that but I wanna remind
to everyone 17 time world Muay Thai
Champion seven title defense and you
cannot re get rid of this it’s gonna
stay in you forever it’s gonna like you
can be better you can be like what you
adjustment whatever where you wanna do
the power but the confidence and
experience it’s still here and it’s
gonna like explode on Saturday
Alexa do do you agree with that
assessment do you think what do you
think about the score card what was the
score card leading up to your fight what
did you think about the scorecard well
well I don’t know
round one was my second second round you
know even like being in my Thai Champion
I thought you wanted to be on striking
with me but you decided to go to the
ground so it’s fine I mean fourth round
I made a lot of adjustments and I think
it was two too for me it was 2-2
2-2 all right Valentine I have another
question what do you think about this
new bout here and um you know what does
it mean to you if you take this home
I think it’s gorgeous first of all and I
come in for that belt
all right uh Raul this is the longest
time between fights you’ve had since you
went pro how much of that helped you
improve and are you going to keep taking
more time off between fights to focus on
yourself are you gonna do quick
um yeah it’s the longest I’ve taken off
um I used to fight month back to back
because I was trying to break break
records and that’s still the plan
um but yeah I don’t think I can stay out
too long because I miss all my people
putting on the show for y’all so after
Saturday night we’re gonna come back and
you already know we’re going for that
belt yeah Raul you you seem you seem
more comfortable and comfortable or do
you feel Comfort because you’ve been in
the Octagon a couple times yeah every
time I come more experience I feel more
comfortable so I’m just excited to keep
putting on shows for all my people I
appreciate them and I we put on all the
words despite them so I just can’t wait
to execute
all right Danielle
this could be a breakout performance for
you what can you tell the fans to expect
from you this Saturday night
you know uh I feel that I’m a well-round
fighter and I’m ready to put in a show
for you guys I’m always training hard my
boxing my striking wrestling like all
the areas of MMA so with this fighting
Saturday what I try to show to everybody
in here is that I’m here you know I’m
not really brilliant fighter and you
know I’m just keep coming up and with
this fight as you say this is like the
breakpoint you know like this is where
it all starts for me I’m coming to this
fight with this approach and yeah I’m
ready to show to everybody what I’m
talking about all right
okay for Tracy being one of the most
popular fighters on this card
sorry about that and being undefeated in
the UFC how much pressure if any do you
feel going into the Saturday night
I didn’t know that thing I’m reading off
here man you’re pretty popular it says
being one of the most popular fighters
on this card and being undefeated in the
UFC how much pressure
you know just how much pressure do you
feel all right there’s a spotlight’s on
you you’re you’re a rising star right
now A lot of people are watching
sure man I love what I do I’m a
performer I love being
he shows there’s nothing but love man
it’s it’s a great feeling wow that’s a
that’s a great way to to look at it
right I have a question about the main
event how do you see this Main Event
playing now and who would you rather
fight for the belt uh respectfully
yo I I Alexa has all my support I’m
going for Alexa I stick with rasa and um
I think it’ll be an honor here in the
you know uh put on a short show and
fight for the belt one day wow that
would be a huge huge Main Event yeah all
right I’m gonna ask a question this is
from uh
it looks like Ethan Ethan Ocho this is
for Raul
is your approach to the fights different
moving forward and do you want to run it
back with Christian in the future
um for sure the approach is probably
going to be different you know
um I’m just looking to put on the show
this time Pace myself and yeah for sure
everybody wants to run their laws back
but I’m just focused on my journey if
Christian Rodriguez keeps winning and
we’re meant to meet each other in the
future then we’re going to share the
Octagon again
excellent excellent for Valentina we
have uh a question from Blue poet three
now that Nunez has retired and the 135
belt is again up for grabs after this
if you win
any thoughts about jumping up a weight
class and be a double champ
uh you know it’s kind of like for me um
I’m focused right now only on one day
it’s Saturday and for me there is no
Sunday it’s kind of like everything what
I think about like getting ready it’s
only September 16th but uh if I decide
to move up I don’t want people uh think
this has happened because uh Amanda is
not there because
um my intention was fight her it was
number one it was only one reason why I
would move up because of Trilogy with
Amanda and now once uh she is not there
it’s kind of like losing a little bit
the point but um still not discarding
the opportunity okay
uh Alexa this is from you from a from a
fan as well for you it says from and
manutra I’m not too sure at menu tree
how did it feel beating Valentina after
so many years where people couldn’t
um well I trained so hard since I moved
to 125
um always the goal of course I’ve seen
her career like for so long she’s
someone that has to uh done so much for
this bird like
so when I was in 125 always liked the
focus when she was a champion I was like
I want to go for the video I would love
to be a UFC champion so it was amazing
honestly it was amazing to have this
this win to to be able to get developed
for Mexico
and and to beat her in the fashion like
a submission some you worked on I mean
it’s something else you guys you guys
working on
may want to share with us or something
we can look out for I I always work
everything you know of course you guys
know I truly love striking fights but
I’m ready for everything I’ve been
building with my grappling and my and my
Jiu-Jitsu I like everything everything
I’ve been doing so anything can happen
it’s a fight but I’m ready for for
everything and to give you an amazing
excellent we have another one from
Robbie ACM how do you feel your Victory
impacted the development of women’s MMA
in Mexico
that’s for you Alexa oh so the
development in Mexican for ladies in MMA
your win it’s growing so fast I’m super
happy that now in tournaments I remember
when I used to compete there was just
one or two girls just white belts and
now I I see the tournaments and there
are blue belts purple belts a lot of
girls you know even little girls
competing so I think it’s growing so
much and I think it’s important for all
the parents to allow their kids to
defend them to learn how to how to be
excellent excellent I think we’re gonna
have some fans from some questions from
the media do we have some media
questions here we’re here we’re back all
right take it away it’s kind of a
journal question for everyone I’ll start
with Alexa and kind of work our way down
when they announce this card the
Assumption was pretty much all of you
would probably be on this card but now
that it is fight week this is the first
event that fans can attend and see you
so how has the fan reception been and
what has fight leak been with all of
these Mexicans here to see you guys
compete oh it’s amazing I mean it’s not
just me we’re all a lot of Mexicans in
this car so it’s beautiful to watch all
these people that have had a time to
come to travel to be here to support us
it feels amazing thank you
media like I actually have a question
for you girl oh my goodness obviously
for years it was Fighters like you Diego
Nick and Nate Kane like you were the
Mexican Fighters that we all tuned into
you made your pro debut in 2002. Roe was
born in 2004. thank you for pointing
that out so what’s it like to see crop
of fighters in a whole fight week just
centered around Mexican MMA it’s it’s
actually amazing you know though I’m I’m
born in America I’m a Mexican-American I
remember gathering around the TV to see
Julio Cesar Chavez fight I saw all the
great warriors fight and um to see it
come to this point I knew it was a
matter of time before Mexico would
Embrace mixed martial artists and it was
a matter of time before all these
Fighters would develop their skills and
show that that Mexican heart would stand
out and I’m really happy to be here
today and see the Next Generation uh you
know do their thing
question over here for Tracy
Tracy you’ve had on your Twitter you
know the Tracy Cortez era for a long
time we haven’t seen you fight in a
minute how much are you looking forward
to reminding the fans who you are and
who you want to be in this division you
know I originally I was scheduled to
fight when was it coach March I believe
March or April and then I got injured
and I had surgery and all that other
stuff but
um I’m you know I’m here to make my mark
now I’m I’m healthy I feel strong I’m
well recovered and hopefully after this
one if all goes well and no injuries are
are uh that show up after the fight I’m
I’ll be ready for the next one
then I have two for Raul Raul obviously
a lot of people talk about it youngest
guy on the UFC roster if they bring in a
16 year old to Contender series are you
going to be a little salty about it no
um records are meant to be broken so you
know I would it would be an honor for me
to be there and you know cheer him on I
want somebody to break my record you
know I want people to keep coming and
breaking the records that I’m gonna put
on the company and yeah that’s that’s it
now obviously younger in your career
looking to bounce back what are you
hoping the fans get to see on Saturday
night from you
um just a war you know Mexican style I
got to put on the show for all my people
and for me and I gotta prove to myself
that I am who I say I am
Alexa in Espanol
go with us Alexa is
Alexa being the first Champion the first
Mexican champion in the UFC and also
being the first main card
um Main Event in this Independence
Mexican and Penn State event can you
talk about that
look at all the Champions at one point
we actually had three Champions
something that we never expected before
um this shows and we’re so grateful to
UFC for this opportunity and look at
everything that has happened so far as a
result of everything we’ve done
can you talk about the belt as well made
in the colors and so different patterns
and colors and Mexican style
it’s a beautiful artwork every single
pattern there is everything’s handmade
there’s a meaning to every single
pattern and color and represents our
such a rich culture something that we’re
very proud of
a question for both Alexa and Tracy you
know both of you guys kind of got your
starting Invicta a little bit I just
want to know well first of all like you
know what your experience was like
starting there but now when you reflect
on things and look back on when you were
an Invicta do you could you ever ever
imagine you’d be in a spot like you are
right now here together on this stage
um honestly it’s kind of mind-blowing
you know it’s and I’m extremely grateful
and Looking Back Now where I think we we
both started you know and seeing all of
our accomplishments it’s it’s
you’re able to believe you know as
as an individual that it is possible
seeing someone where you were once at
rise to such a beautiful level you know
that we all work so hard for and it’s
well Invicta was amazing you know it’s
one of the biggest platforms for women’s
it was beautiful my experience there was
amazing I I don’t know remember it’s
beautiful you know that’s a an amazing
place to be so it was always a dream to
be in the UFC like you always watch you
know Ronda and Holly and all these big
stars like it was a dream and and when
it happened it was it was amazing so I’m
doing everything in my in my hands to be
the best every day every week in the gym
and training and every single fight
and Alexa I mean did becoming Champion
kind of happen at the pace you expected
do you think it would take a little bit
quicker or maybe longer or is this like
the perfect time you would have imagined
when you thought about it
uh well you always have plans and lives
life is kind of tricky you know but I
think it was the perfect timing you know
I’m gonna
um I’m over mature right now and I don’t
know I think it it was a perfect timing
for me best luck about you thanks
I believe we have one more question
my questions for Tracy um I just wanted
your thoughts on Aaron blanchfield and
her run in the UFC since year her only
just what are my thoughts on her yeah I
think she’s being incredible she’s doing
amazing um proud of her and I know
there’s going to be a time where we
cross paths and when that time comes
I’ll be ready thank you
all right everyone that will do it thank
you everyone for your questions and
joining us here today let’s hear it for
our Noche UFC athletes
be sure to join us tomorrow for Noche
UFC’s ceremonial weigh-ins at the
Toshiba Plaza in front of the T-Mobile
Arena will be there at 2PM once again
tickets for Noche UFC Grasso versus
ochenko two are still available and you
get them at the T-Mobile box office now
thank you guys all

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