Noche UFC Post-Fight Show | Reaction To Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2 Ending In Controversial Draw

In this article, we will discuss the reactions and analysis from the Noche UFC Post-Fight Show. The hosts discuss the impressive performance of Tracy Cortez and her potential for growth in the UFC. They also talk about Loopy Godinez’s dominant win and the excitement surrounding her future in the strawweight division. Additionally, they highlight the standout performances of Daniel Zellhuber, Roman Kopylov, and Charlie Campbell. The hosts also discuss the funny and unpredictable moments that have occurred in the UFC this year. Overall, they express their love for the sport and their excitement for future events.

Tracy Cortez’s Impressive Performance

The hosts of the Noche UFC Post-Fight Show were impressed by Tracy Cortez’s performance in her fight. They discuss her evolution as a fighter and how she has grown leaps and bounds since her debut in the UFC. However, they express concern about her lack of activity in the octagon, as she has only fought once a year. They hope that Cortez can find consistency and fight more often to showcase her skills and continue her growth in the UFC. The hosts also mention the emotional significance of Cortez’s fight, as she recently dealt with the tragic passing of Henry Cejudo’s sister, who has been a significant support system for her. They commend Cortez for pushing through her emotions and delivering a great performance on a big stage.

Loopy Godinez’s Dominant Win

The hosts also discuss Loopy Godinez’s dominant win in her fight. They mention that one of the hosts had predicted that Godinez would win inside the distance, and they were impressed by her performance. They highlight a moment in the fight where Godinez peppered her opponent’s face and then lifted her up in the air and slammed her to the ground, showcasing her strength and power. They describe Godinez as a fun fighter to watch and express their excitement for her future in the strawweight division.

Standout Performances

The hosts mention several standout performances from the event. They discuss Daniel Zellhuber’s impressive Anaconda choke submission, Roman Kopylov’s knockout victory, and Charlie Campbell’s body shot knockout. They express their admiration for these fighters and their skills inside the octagon.

Funny Moments in the UFC

The hosts take a moment to appreciate the funny and unpredictable moments that have occurred in the UFC this year. They mention Sean O’Malley’s win and Sean Strickland’s win ending in a draw as examples of these funny outcomes. They also mention the unexpected events, such as the light heavyweight title situation and the booking of Chandler vs. McGregor not happening. They express their love for the sport and their enjoyment of these humorous moments.


In conclusion, the Noche UFC Post-Fight Show provides reactions and analysis of the recent UFC event. The hosts discuss Tracy Cortez’s impressive performance and her potential for growth in the UFC. They also highlight Loopy Godinez’s dominant win and her exciting future in the strawweight division. The hosts commend the standout performances of Daniel Zellhuber, Roman Kopylov, and Charlie Campbell. They also take a moment to appreciate the funny and unpredictable moments that have occurred in the UFC this year. Overall, they express their love for the sport and their excitement for future events.

Now ladies and gentlemen normally at the time you would hear the victory horde
unfortunately we don’t have any Victory horns to play new because there is no winner in the main event of Noche UFC
Main Event between Alexa Grosso and Valentina II a matchup that delivered in
a lot of ways one that dare I say delivered even more so than
the first fight but in the end it all comes down to round five looks
like Valentina is going to curse to Victory she’s jabbing away she’s peacing Alexa Grosso up and then she makes a
mistake and Alexa Grasso gets on top almost gets her out of there almost submits her
the final horn sounds we go to the judge’s scorecards one for Grasso one for chefchenko and
then we get Mike Bell’s card 47.47 it is a split draw and we’re thinking to ourselves selves
this doesn’t seem too terrible like maybe we can make a case for round two a 10-8 for Alexa Grasso
we’ll wait till the cards come out and then the great John annik lets us all know it was round five round five that was
score to ten eight and if the that card was scored the way everybody else on planet Earth scored it a 10-9 for
Valentina or a 10-9 for Lexa Grosso Valentina shivchenko is once again the
flyweight champion of the world but Alexa Grosso leaves his Champion she didn’t get the official win but much
like in the world of professional wrestling you gotta Beat the Champ to win the belt and you get to do it
the right way and we got ourselves a draw we’re gonna react to all of it right now thank you for joining us for this live post fight show appreciate you
guys being patient with us I am Mike Heck let us say hello to the rest of the panel Mr Shaheen al-shadi joining us Shaheen
how are you my friend I’m sure you get all sorts of feelings going on after the straw and the scoring especially this
fifth round yeah I’m doing well Mike it’s I’m glad to be on here uh that was a hell of a
fight first of all like I know we’re gonna get to the scoring we’re gonna talk a lot about it but man that was a
ton of fun right like I in my opinion I had a 3-2 Grasso I could have seen three two chefchenko
but to end up in a split draw initially you know I didn’t I liked
the result but I didn’t like the method that we got there if that made sense because I once it ended up with a split
draw it makes sense but Mike Bellman what are you doing what are you doing
and a man who probably didn’t love the card but in hindsight probably appreciates what this all means and just
kind of going with The Branding of what 2023 in the UFC and this sport has been another funny crazy absolute chaotic
result Mr no gray area Jean bashu how are we feeling about 25 30 minutes after
this this result was scored and even seeing the the reaction of Sean Shelby to finding out this is going to draw
I got a lot of feelings just so many feelings um we’ll get into that through all of
this uh the two most important things that I want to say is first we didn’t need Victory horns we got the drums of
competitive equilibrium and that’s totally fine like we’re we’re right here and that’s okay and two and most
importantly I think I’m about to get on this program and I’m about to defend Mike Bell not
for what happened because look it’s a bad scorecard but people
have you ever beefed you ever screwed up you ever looked at something and been like
that was a mistake and not like uh looking back at your high school yearbook photo and thinking man a high
top fade was probably not the move for me at the time this is like a oh I just immediately regret the decisions I made
and I’m staring down at this scorecard and it’s looking like if I score this at
10-9 for Grosso because she won the round she’s gonna lose the belt that does that feels a little bad inside so
I’m just gonna give in eight and then it’s all okay we’ve
all been there Mike Bell took the opportunity to change a thing against all logic and reason because the outcome
was the one he wanted to make happen and you know again probably bad process but
we’ve all been there I see you Mike I totally know what happened here and I’m not gonna crucify you for it even though
it’s bad Shaheen are you gonna crucify Mr Bell for this because I feel like I feel like
Valentina might have some words for the man and if you have seen Valentina shipchenko’s mindset the fact that she
hasn’t still has not cracked a smile since she lost the belt I think she might have some words for for Mr Bell
how are you when you found that it was round five Shaheen round five it almost
like to me it almost like soiled how good the fight was yeah that’s it was like yeah it stunned it was like a
stunning thing I was like man I guess you’re giving round two a 10-8 like I don’t love it but I guess but when I
found out it was round five I’m like it just like ruined the whole thing for me in a weird way yeah I think that’s sort
of where I’m at right because you watch this fight and all throughout it the the twists and turns the ups and downs the roller coaster nature of it it was a
tremendous fight you know I had it one one after two uh going into the final round I had it 2-2 it felt like anything
was up for grabs these near submissions knockdowns it it just the the wild swings it was it really felt like one of
these moments of like man we were about to see who’s who can dig deepest in this situation this could be an all-time gut
check moment for either one of these women a True Legacy fight sort of set sort of setup and so as we exit this
fifth round it’s just you know it was almost that that thing of like Valentina shipchenko had this wrapped up right
like she she very much it felt like she was about to win this fight and then she made the same mistake more or less that
she made in the in the last one gives up her back again and it’s just like oh my God this is happening again there’s no
way we can actually be seeing this play out again goes to the scorecards I had it three two Grasso as I said
and then it just you hear the split draw takes a second to process it like okay this fight felt like it could have been
a draw right because I think 48 47 chefchenko is a completely defensible scorecard if that would if she would
have ended up winning the belt I would have had absolutely no problem with it whatsoever and so okay if you want to
call this fight a draw like I can I can sort of get there with you but then it’s just again it’s what you
said it’s it’s the method by which we got there that almost makes this
it ruins what what to me was one of the best flyweight title fights that we’ve seen in maybe ever at least certainly in
a long time for the women’s division right like that was such a great fight that was such a great fight I was on riding such a high afterwards and then
right now I just don’t know how to feel and I’m reminded of I think it was like 2013. I’m I’ve been in this a bit so
I’ve seen some of these fights 2013 when Mark hunt and and Bigfoot Silva just
went to Absolute war in Australia just absolute chaos type of fight
pure scenes and then at the end a few of the judges gave the final round of 10-8 to Mark hunt just to sort of end up at a
draw even though it wasn’t a 10-8 it was like Hey this fight was so much fun it feels like it should be a draw we were
just gonna figure out a way to make it a draw and it’s like that’s cool that was fine in that moment is a very low stakes
heavyweight fight it wasn’t for a title or anything like that I can accept it in that moment
this one though man I don’t know I I don’t know normalize that normalize that
Shaheen what I’m hearing from you right now is not um it’s you just trying to work your way
process and what you need you need to get to the end result which is if we didn’t know what rounds were scored if
they just gave us the scores at the end we’d all be fine so let’s just let’s just live in that world I don’t need
uh you know like when I get a bill I don’t go and look through line by line the items I don’t got time for that
they’re going to charge me to charge me and whatever it’s all I’m concerned think about doing
that when you get a bill not necessary because I I that’s not how I choose to
live my life I don’t get caught up in the minutia of things Shane I’m here about the end result and the end
result’s fine we should all be happy with it I’m let me tell you I’m probably
more happy with that than if Valentina like wins the belt and then this discourse for the next three weeks or
however long is well did she really deserve to win because I didn’t think she did I scored it three to two I gave
dueling 10 8 in rounds two and three but I thought crossover should have retained either way the answer is these two women
will be fighting a third time and now you know we just have this to talk about tonight it’s a great outcome we should
all be very happy with the draw we are just too reflexively against draws in this sport because it feels you know uh
like Ted lasso said I but but I don’t think that’s something I disagree because I’m not against straws I kind of
again I kind of I tweeted it in the moment like I felt pretty good about the draw like that was a pretty good result
ultimately if you’re gonna throw it up in the air and it seemed like everyone was kind of like ah this could go either way like I can accept the draw in that
moment especially because it like if you just put it on the ether of hey there was a 10-8 somewhere you could bring
back a lot of results right you scored two different ten eights I think there were multiple rounds there where you if you felt like throwing a 10-8 out and
it’s not the craziest thing in the world it just wasn’t round five where Valentino shipchenko won half the round
and then Alex aggresso one half the round that’s not a ten she won she won more than half the round she won
65 of the round I’m not a math guy I don’t don’t trust me on that but you know three minutes and 30 seconds of the
round she won I see some comments saying where’s the PO where’s the press conference see the
beauty of tonight is and the beauty of of this show and you see the little duck in the corner as uh we could do both at
the same time we figure out a way to do it so if you want to tell people yeah get you a website they can do both I
don’t like to tell you to leave what I’m doing to go do something else but at least we’re going from one thing on our website to the other so if you want to
watch post by press conference uh you can go ahead and do that you can do that right now or you could stay here and
join us and guess what you could watch it later it’s all there for you all the the options are plenty and Jed
it’s amazing to me that you have found are you the new Prince of positivity
you found a silver lining in all this feels like you found a silver lining and all this and I think it’s a good one I
think it’s a good welcome for me this is this almost I can’t lose this pretty
much guarantees we’re gonna get a third fight because I think you have to do it now and this fight was awesome like
their first fight wasn’t that fun um like it was very high stakes intense this fight was really tense down the
stretch like heading into that fifth round when you know it scorecards were sort of all over the place and even more
so than we knew apparently um and you know it felt to me and I think largely what you know and turned
out actually to be true that kind of win the fifth you’re gonna end up winning this fight um and so like it was just it just built
and there were big epic moments you know in the first fight really there was the moment the finishing moment which was
this uh you know crescendoing experience and uh I was on the wrong end of that
and I was very sad about it this one there there were swings and there was back and forth and I’m live blogging and
after round two when when Grosso drops her and then kind of puts it on her for a lot of the rest of the round and
shevchenko Dives in a double and just holds on for dear life from top position like I’m writing in man I don’t she
didn’t look great in the corner that’s a really bad round is is this the moment when time is just caught her by she just
got dropped blah blah she needs my exact words orchenko needs a really big something to happen in the third to
change this and then she immediately gets that in the third she comes out and has her best round of the fight uh gets
that Guillotine that gets um extremely close to my opinion not for the whole part of it but there was certainly a
time when when she’s immediately rolling to mount where it’s like that’s bad and then she has back control for you
know two and a half three minutes or whatever and that’s I know that we had this argument at the beginning of the year I’m sorry if you if someone’s on
your back for three minutes you lose the round and in my opinion you use their own by it today measure because that’s
all defense all the time baby and so there there were Ebbs and flows in the fourth round was super competitive and
then the fifth shivchenko has pulled away it’s just like out of sort of nowhere her her best round for a lot of
it was that third round she was moving the best the jab just couldn’t miss uh Grosso didn’t really have answers and
then shivchenko does the dumbest thing possible and goes to a move that his cost her fights before and it all like I
thought it cost her I wrote at the end I was like she heaved a belt she was winning this fight she was going to win the fifth round and she just threw it
out the window and Alexa crosses where in the Alexa crossover error and then this happened and
I feel like it’s pretty close to the right outcome I don’t think either woman like truly asserted themselves much more
than the other over the totality of the fight if I’m picking one I do think Grosso should have won so I’m very I’m
happy in that regard shouldn’t lose the belt and we get to do this all again and it’s a great matchup it’s a great fight
and I’m I’m fine with it because also we’ll talk about this more later but
Aaron blanchfield versus Man all four that’s gonna be fun and then we’ll have like a no doubt about it here’s our path
to a title there’s no ifs ands or buts it’s very clean so I’m okay with this it was a good night man
because sure she doesn’t get her title shot neither is Aaron blanchfield but you said this when we were in pre-show
judge now she gets to fight Aaron blanchfield which is not a great consolation prize from maybe where you
thought you were headed plus she didn’t screw up like chefchenko’s a big loser but she went for that dumb ass head and
arm throw so that she’s at fault for that my knowledge just minding her own business beating the women that they
keep putting in front of her and now it’s like hey sorry about that Whammy
I will have to say too if we’re just trying to print some positivity to this there is one other positive outcome to
this that I’m now deeply intrigued in because Mike you sort of alluded to it when we were setting this up of Valentino was a very different Valentina
this week and maybe the lead up uh than she has been in a long time she was very intense very focused a lot of the
interviews looked like um interrogation scenes to use a a word a phrase from our own slack room
who was deeply intrigued by sort of the the Valentine we were getting in this and now she’s only gonna be more pissed
off because now there’s two fights in a row where she feels probably like in both instances she was the better
fighter and yet she didn’t win either of them so the lead up to the third fight she’s going to just be carrying around a
pistol and going to shoot somebody more or less like I can’t I can’t fathom the level of a frustration she’s gonna be
throughout the lead up to the next one because there is going to be a next one like let’s not kid ourselves right at this point right like she is the
greatest champion this division has ever seen there I think there’s a real case she could have won this fight even if I didn’t score it for her
the whole way that this fifth round was the decider this is gonna be a third fight and she’s just gonna be the most
salty person in the lead up to it and I’m super here for it she’s gonna have a freaking Mohawk it’s
gonna be incredible she’s gonna do something wacky with the hair she’s gonna be a whole different person and
for a UFC schedule especially on the back end of 2023 that is kind of unknown
we kind of we might have another option here if we need to throw in a title fight maybe not as a main event but as a
co-main for December like if we can’t get O’Malley on there you can Chuck this one in there as the co-main event to
Sean maybe Sean Strickland versus DDP or whatever ends up being the main event of December because we don’t know so this
is just another additional fight that we can add to the equation unless you want to wait till January and do in Toronto but it doesn’t really seem to make sense
to do it in Toronto again though it is almost not like a
fast turnaround but it’s quick three months yeah yeah but I mean like if if they want to
take any time at all that’s three months to get right back I mean that’s I always it’s just they took a difference
amount of damage in this fight it might take him a bit Yeah but it’s generous in Toronto yeah February will probably be
in like Australia again so maybe March in Vegas we do it again do it in Australia it’s fine who cares
it does kind of feel like we have the makings here of essentially what happened on the men’s side of Flyway
right where we have this weird Trilogy with Moreno and figuerado that ends
yeah yeah like if they this ends up being one one we kind of have to figure it out at that
point right like Aaron blanchfield is going to be fuming just beating poor women senseless and
just looking like I would murder them just let me Adam please coach let me in
oh man of this whole division right man let me tell you there are very few things I want to see more uh than and
again we’re talking to the number one Valentina chefchenko Stanton for like a decade at this point I just desperately
want to see her try a head and arm toss airplane field and see how bad that goes for her because Valentine has a lot of
abilities but the moment someone gets like on top of her she is cooked every
second Grasso has been on top she has been just obliterating this poor woman so uh Aaron
I’m sorry you’re the champion in my heart give it some time
look we’re gonna go back to all this because we’re going to be joined by someone in a little while who actually
stands he’s okay with the 10 8 and round five stands by it says it’s okay
and we’re gonna bring that man in to to for him to share his wisdom with all of you in a matter of months before you do
that uh call me an event another very very close fight Shaheen Jack Della
madalena versus Kevin Holland super close fight could have gone either way I
saw somebody score at 30-27 for Holland that is an awful scorecard so maybe not put that out there in the public eye
anymore but uh 2928 either way is okay but JDM gets the win Shaheen did uh did
the judges get this right did you score for JDM and what did you think of his performance especially considering how
people kind of viewed him after his most recent fight where he went to another Split Decision with the newcomer and
some people thought he lost that fight yeah I mean I did score for him I scored a 2-1 form 29-28 it was a good win for
him I think it is one of those fights where you look at the statistics and maybe the statistics don’t tell the whole tale but they certainly tell a
little bit of the tale right and I think one thing I mean we were talking about it amongst ourselves the Optics of the
game plan with which Kevin Holland approached this fight with it was he was going to have to fight more or less a
perfect fight to get that decision just because when that is sort of the approach you’re taking uh fighting that
defensively and also just sort of turning your back and running and doing a lot of the shoulder rolling things that he was doing it’s just not easy for
the judges to pick that up in real time and just optically they will always tend to go uh favor
man who was marching forward the man who they view as sort of being the aggressor and also I mean it was just you know he
kicks and all of the stuff that Kevin was barking and Landing I just don’t know that that goes a long way with a
lot of the judges so it’s a tough fight man that could that’s another one could have gone either way but I did have that 29-28 and it’s a good bounce back for
JDM though I do wonder if the last two have maybe slowed this role a little bit
because it felt like we were getting hot and heavy with with the JDM is going to be a future Champion talk pretty hard
after his first few UFC fights and I think now maybe it is a moment to settle down on that like he’s certainly someone
who’s going to matter in this division certainly and he has a long way to go he has a long future ahead of him but I
think this was a good indication that you know hey like let’s take some time here this isn’t something we need to rush
Jed you you were very hard on JDM you questioned his fight IQ were you are you back on track here did
did he show you enough to be a little bit easier on him here after this performance or you still have
questions I’m gonna still have questions but this is exactly the performance you want to see from him this was a super
disciplined fight from him um which you know I think a lot of people guessed and you could have
guessed uh that he you know he got an earful from his coaches at the end because they were telling him during the
fight stopped doing this dumb man um and so you know he went back to the well and again very very disciplined
performance he clearly had stuff that he had worked on and was trained trying to do and then trying to figure out this
fight in a way that best benefited his skills um with Shaheen I think um Kevin
Hans approach to this fight was uh both good and bad it was good in that it was a really competitive fight and I think
there is an argument that he won the fight but I was really confident we were talking on the slack uh that the judges
would not score this fight I scored it for JDM uh and I think the way that Kevin Holland was fighting was not
conducive to success for most people because the Optics are pretty poor um Luke Thomas this week uh on one of his
shows was taught talking about uh Sean Strickland in the Philly show and uh it’s really great go listen to Tim
talking about it but one of the things that really stood out to me particularly in the context of this fight is
Strickland’s Philly show like caused a ton of problems defensively for Israel dysonia and we saw the same for Holland
but the primary difference between those two and the way they employed them is Strickland’s Philly shell was used
almost entirely moving forward and um one that’s like pretty rare and two
that still gave him the initiative in most of the exchanges to Perry slide slip and and get off a one-two get back
at him whereas Hollins was almost exclusively moving backwards and so instead it just created more
opportunities for JDM to continue throwing combination that is something JDM has always been really good at and
we’ll keep doing if you are close enough to hit he will keep punching you until you are no longer close enough to hit or
you’re unconscious and so even though Holland was blocking like a lot of that like those combos that happened that’s
just it just looks like a dude is teeing off on you and you’re trying to cover up and
run away and and that’s not the same as Strickland doing that against dizzy basically so
um I thought it was really disciplined performance from JDM uh really good performance still have tons of questions
um and I will say that you know the the Basel fight tempered me on my expectations for him but this is still a
dude who’s gonna hang around at the top 10 of this weight class for years to come and honestly outside of the
Tactical choices that I disagree with from Kevin Holland very solid fight from him still looks good like he’s this guy
who can still make noise in Walter again the welterweight division um just might want to rethink some of
how he’s approaching some fights sometimes because it does appear that every couple of times he gets caught up in something that’s
probably not the best way to go about fighting like you probably shouldn’t try and do a kickboxing match with Stephen Thompson for four rounds and just get
battered around the head probably could have gone to more takedowns or had more aggressive game plan against JDM here
but you know fun fight yeah in discipline it seems like is is
the imperative word the key word that you kept using right because I think that was a very legitimate very
legitimate questions that were being asked regarded JDM after that last one right where it was a very puzzling fight
IQ that we saw from him in that half his fight very puzzling decisions throughout the fight and that was a that was one of
those takeaways coming from that of like is this who this guy is or was this just a weird circumstance with a short notice
opponent for a guy who cut weight twice in two weeks I’m willing I was willing to give him a mole again after that last
one of this potentially being a weird circumstance and what we saw tonight I think is a good return to form for like okay yeah like that was that seemed to
be an aberration comparatively with what we saw tonight of what was a very intelligent fight from Jackie three
names as far as bonuses go uh all the finishers got bonuses all of them so
good on that hey finish bonuses finish bonuses we’re all Roshes Jr who we’re going to talk about in a moment
Daniel zellhuber uh loopy godinez Roman copy love and Charlie Campbell who
channeled The Rock and kind of made DC look a little silly but DC with a great comeback I thought he did a great job in
that moment as well uh real quick before we bring in our special guest and take some questions uh Raul Rose is JR Jen
michoud in the featured spot this is perfect matchmaking Jed was it not I mean this is this is tremendous
because you need to come back you need to come back in a big way got to show his hands
he got a knockout win it’s only the second of his career usually he’s just going out in sub and dudes and boy did
he have a great dance partner and Terence Mitchell who just the perfect guy to get him over I think Terence
Mitchell should have a job with the UFC for the rest of his life as long as he wants to continue fighting I think Terence Mitchell has a apartment in
place in this company because of what he did tonight and what he could do for guys like Raul Roche Jr or anybody else
who gets into the octagon with him Jed what did you think of that fight I think about six years ago maybe I
wrote in um you know I formally did Miss fist with AK Lee before I was unceremoniously
thrown out of that um Endeavor but at the time I we were talking about something I think it was like a Bellator
prelim and I don’t remember who but um that this per whoever it was just got
their doors blown off in spectacular fashion um and I wrote a thing that I’ve come to
believe is one of my great offerings to the MMA world and that’s look being a good fighter is all well and good and
you you want to have many of those if you’re a promotion but what you really want to have you want to have stars
Conor McGregor stars and then right after that you want to have people who
lose in in good fashion you don’t want to have tough outs who are gonna like
have boring fights you want to have guys who you can call in and get smashed and
you know and look I I don’t care how disrespectful this is to Terrence Mitchell I am sure he is a lovely young
man and I hope the best for him and his family but anyone with two working eyeballs and the ability to actually
read could have looked at his topology and said I know where this is going and it has
nothing I mean yes the betting line could have clued you in but you look at his career is Alaska Fighting
Championship honestly a really enjoyable promotion I don’t know if they still do they used to have events on Fight Pass
it was very funny to watch them all the time enjoyable not good all of it’s an Alaska
Fighting Championship he gets called into tough for the Tournament of Champions loses to Kai conference in 30
seconds the first like here’s a prospect 30 seconds blows his doors off goes back
to Alaska fights in Alaska again gets pulled in and gets eight no Cameron Simon super Prospect gets his doors
blown off in 30 seconds your the point is to have this man fight somebody
you’re trying to get over a young talented Prospect and I’m not sure how
talented Raul Rosas Jr is we can get into that in a little bit but he was obviously going to do this the whole
time and that is a skill set you should pay for if you’re the UFC just have this
dude come in every six months to fight the next young dude who you want to get a big win on Mexican you know
Independence Day Noche UFC event or whatever the next one of those they’re doing he should have a job forever
someone’s saying we’re overselling a win for railroads Junior we’re not we’re oh I’m overselling we’re overselling
Terence as as being a valuable commodity here exactly because I have in my notes of this um all people are way too high
on our roses Jr coming off of this like I saw a lot of comments after this being like wow I was like you guys remember he
was a minus 800 favorite and we all knew this was gonna happen and like sure credit to doing the thing that you’re
supposed to do but like maybe pump the brakes on that a bit but yeah this has nothing to do with raw roses this is
everything to do with Terrence Mitchell and his unique set of skills which are extremely valuable
what did you think of Raul Russia Jr Shaheen go ahead yeah I will I will give the 18 year old who did something pretty
well on a big stage some credit because I certainly couldn’t have done anything remotely like that at age 18 right I
continue to be like I understand Terence missile Terence Mitchell is Terence Mitchell like we’re not going to
oversell what this was but the Poise showed by that man that that teenager is continually impressive to me
because he is doing the all of this on a stage where most 18 year olds like I couldn’t even tell you never mind I’m
not gonna I was gonna say I was doing some weird at age 18 as we all were right like come on man what
were you doing at age 18 I couldn’t have been answering I couldn’t have been answering all these questions from the
media and being the sole focus of the week and like all this stuff because like we’ve we all sort of see the metrics we see the views like people are
very interested in real roses Jr any content revolving around this kid does well his scrum usually does the best of
the group like like whatever this is people are invested in this kid’s journey and he is still just the kid and
so for him to continually be able to not only handle that with a level of a plum that is pretty damn impressive if we’re
just being honest with ourselves but show out on moments like this where yeah it was he was a fight where he was designed to show out but but either way
he still did it and that to me like that was that kid that was a violent 18 year old I saw tonight man that kid was
putting some aggression out in that fight like that was that was some frustration of having all these adults
just asking him questions about why did you lose for a good six months or however long it’s been I was impressed
by it man like that we’re not gonna oversell We’re Not Gonna over hype it we’re not gonna say what it was say it was something that it wasn’t this is
still someone who was very very very very very very far from becoming the finished product that he will be and
very far from becoming a person who matters in this division in terms of contention but I don’t know man if you
if you can get an 18 year old out there who can put on a performance like that in front of the world I’m impressed by it
just how the world’s going these days Sheen it’s all going to be children it’s all children in every sport now you know
it’s just it they’re better prepared for this so look it was great I’m not here to downplay his thing just like
we can find a happier medium than this do you match this dude up while he’s guaranteed to be big star and a champion
like I don’t know people were pumped about Sage Northcutt and but here we are with sage North Dakota
yeah but what was sage northcut like 22 23 I feel like there’s a big difference
I there’s I I feel like if there’s a big difference if that is less in the favor
of the 18 year old obviously like he might wake up tomorrow and just not want
to do I’ve said this long time like he probably won’t probably won’t keep fighting but he’s 18. like I might wake
up and be like I want to be a race car driver or I always try and do that he can do anything that’s what being 18 is
so I I just want to see him keep fighting keep winning and you know if every once in a while you throw him a
can to crush and he gets to do this and it’s great then that’s fine but you know just don’t need to say this guy’s a future
star because no no just keep performing because I also have no idea
he’s the thing he’s definitely an Intrigue I don’t know how much of that Intrigue is sustainable once he is no
longer 18 year old Earl Rose’s junior or 19 year old or I was supposed to Junior because it feels weird to be like 20 year old roses Junior you know I don’t
know is there just I I want to be clear if he’s really good for a long time I’m
keeping up the bit 35 years old like that’s we’re just gonna do that but you
know I I think a lot of it at least at this point feels to me a bit um you know gaussian oh he’s 18 years
old I want to look at this and I don’t know if that keeps up as that no longer becomes true but it’s a good performance
a great bounce back and great hat I would say with Habib out of the game that Sombrero is top two hats
in in MMA right now this is good um ultimately this night was ultimately
not even with this fight just this whole tonight was built around either the fights are really competitive
or they’re squashes that’s it like that’s what this card has built for me there’s only like what did we say Jen
outside of the main event the co-main event and the
great that fight was awesome when they probably got a fight of the night
but every what every single favorite was like minus 250 or above something in
that neighborhood yeah and the one fight I thought was mislined was the one that the dog cashed and it was Kyle Nelson I
thought him being uh plus 250 or whatever he was or plus 200 was I thought that line should have been was a
little too wide but this is kept me from a perfect Kyle Nelson dude yeah it was a
fun night this this I loved that the UFC did this in an execution it played out in a really cool and fun way where this
felt big this was more or less just a fight night right is a Fight Night type of card with a really really really good
Main Event right like this is a championship fight underneath just what is essentially an apex card but the way
they designed it the production around it just all of the little features with it and everything that sort of went into
it to make it special all we ask for every single week is for the UFC to make things feel special we we see your
financial reports we understand that you guys are making billions of dollars like it’s ridiculous the amount of money that
this Corporation is making to reinvest it into the sport in a way that A Night Like This free for everybody more or
less like free with a subscription obviously but free title fight really cool setup
Squatch matches Galore but it was a great crowd they were super fired up this felt like a big fight night this
felt more or less it had a pay-per-view type of vibe to be able to give us something like that on you know ESPN
plus I love that man I hope that they do more in of this I hope that they see how much all of us enjoyed this and lean
farther into it and we can get Regional variants like this just cars that are sort of specialized in this way and feel
different than UFC Apex 4000 where we’re seeing you know the same people fight
over and over again in front of nobody like this this is this is cool this was different and all I all I ever asked for
the UFC is cool and different yeah this is fun I loved uh the ceremonials being outside the mariachi
band like everything about it was just cool like more fun more fun give us more fun we’ll all be very happy
um if we’re not if we’re not doing a Bastille Day card next July with all the Pomp and Circumstance what the hell are
we even doing here you know like it’s a great point go go to nice you don’t have to do it in
Paris if that’s you know too hard as you know they are celebrating just come on make it happen guys this is great it’s
wonderful it’s really fun time it all worked out um you know
I had a great time tonight and I don’t care about that I had a great time I was really really enjoyable I had a great
time even though I had a great time Mike Bell yes uh apparently Valentina
goes at the press conference uh just ripping my bell and judges in general so I feel about the fuel turn
how did we feel about the heel turn because I mean look she’s a salty she’s planting seeds dude he’s playing the
seats for the next fight look I get it um I don’t think that’s the pure explanation of in a fair and just world
I am the winner like that was just she just straight up was like the I think
the judges felt pressured because of Mexican Independence Day and that’s why this happened
by the coward sitting in the judge’s chairs tonight basically what
she said they would hear their reactions yeah so I missed an incredible heel
promo I missed it and I was watching I had the um the captions on so you’re
gonna say yeah all I saw was like oh it’s Mexican Independence Day and I was like oh she shouting out the day and
then I went then I went back and rewounded and I was like oh now I understand why the crowd was like what
the f what the hell was that like that was completely out of nowhere she is not one of the worst anyone’s she
is not here for your my and their and I am I I kind of appreciate it frankly like that
takes incredible balls to just go up there and say that the thing is I appreciate it I can’t
think of one that was more like do you want to infuriate a good amount of
people watching this like I cannot think of another fight that was more designed to maybe Colby in Brazil
that’s fair yeah speaking her truth of I was robbed by the cowards and the
judge’s chairs who didn’t want to cause a riot and I just wish whatever I wish
you would have specifically pointed just founded them and pointed to them and been like you guys you need to explain
the time [Music] it’s gonna be the best she just goes and
finds Mike Bell and just stands over him and she’s like tell me now puts a microphone in his face and forces him to
give an explanation at least that’d be a change that would be nice yeah that wouldn’t be it would be a better job
than anyone else has ever done with these judges what an incredible job These Guys these people have really to
where you can you can be doing something so deeply important to so many people something that’s meaningfully impacts so
many different people’s lives and you could just be so flippant with it where it’s like hey you know this doesn’t
really make sense but it feels fun and it’s gonna lead to some cool talk talking points for people I’m gonna do
it and then I’m just gonna walk out and no one will ever get to ask me any questions about it ever and there will
be zero accountability and then it’s just we all move on what a cool thing I wish I had that level of
non-accountability for my job it’d be great Shaheen think about what you just said
that’s why I’m okay with what Mike Bell did because you know that I would do exactly the same thing the whole time if
I was in that position I would just do whatever I wanted because it felt right so I get it Mike Bell I understand where
you’re coming from buddy I see you no one else does I get you I think we
have set up a perfect transition here because we’re we’re talking about speaking truths and saying what you feel
and being your true self so at this point it’s time for me and the man who’s been patiently waiting
um since we began he’s been sitting in the The Green Room the virtual Green Room this is a man who’s actually defending
Mike Bell he’s defending Mike Bell there he is right there he’s defending
he’s defending the 10-8 fifth round he said and I quote I got no issue with it
I have no issue with it I can see a 10-8 fifth round so
Casey Lyden producer extraordinaire uh gets to sit in The Coho seat today please explain yourself to the people
have you been talked out of this take at all because you we almost done
during these days actually I think the only person that scored this fight correctly was Judd
Michelle nailed it nailed it that’s right this is another this is what you said
earlier it is not what I said but uh Jay did make a good point I’m right uh round
three was the rounds of deep the round the round three is around the Deep Gilly right that was around three yeah and the
extended back control take it back okay I just really I want to remind people we
at home have a better view of the fight than the actual judges do that’s very we don’t know where the judges are so
deeply hard to judge a fight at a fight it it really is it really is very dumb it’s it’s kind of silly
this is true yeah if if you’ve ever had a chance to if you get an opportunity to
sit cage die for a major fight you’ll realize this go oh I think this guy’s
winning um and I guess I’ll have to watch it at home dude be confident because you don’t you just don’t know when you’re there
and I’m going to assume Mike Bell from his angle
thought that joke was just talking about round five was just in super super super super super duper deep and
that’s why he gave it a 10-8 birth and the guillotine attempt in the back Mount
or whatever um in round three he just didn’t feel quite made the 10-8 uh to
jump from 10 9 to 10-8 and this goes back to a bigger issue why I hate the 10 points scoring system because how can
round one be the score the same way as round five around three but that’s a larger stupider issue that will never
get resolved but all I’m saying is I think it’s justifiable uh I didn’t score I didn’t score around
um five a ten eight I did score the fight for Grosso uh overall but um
I think the right person quote unquote still won so that’s kind of nobody nobody didn’t
lose all right right exactly the right person didn’t lose right rather
um yeah okay I meant admittedly as soon as it started we were off air I was I went a little harder in the paint I
really did yeah well I was kind of shocked yeah you guys came after me hard too you’re going
but um you were digging it well at least at least okay so the point we were making and by
the way I was emotional that’s why we get it we all work Jed real quick for those who don’t know
how did you score the fight just so we can we can go back to this I scored the fight uh 47-46 for Grosso um it is
another of many instances where I am the only person with the correct scorecard I never made decisions
um if you could I don’t know if they let you search like my name there but you’re gonna find a whole Litany of those
because I’m doing it right and everyone else isn’t uh I gave rounds two and rounds three ten eighths uh dueling 10 8
I gave around two eight ten eight for Lexa Grosso because under the rules I am absolutely within my rights to give her
that round um based on how scoring criteria works and I think that that round had substantially more impact and dominance
uh that led to an effect that was tangible and so scored that a 10-8 similarly I think the third round where
shevchenko got the very tight Guillotine uh and then spent three minutes in back control which is an asymmetrical
position that Alexa Grosso had no answer for and no offense I felt that that was enough dominance and duration to Warrant
the 10-8 round uh I am actually at least somewhat on board I think that it is not
entirely unreasonable to score around five eight ten eight I think it is unreasonable to score that at 10 8 and
not score 2 or three as those were more clearly dominant rounds I could be talked into it why I didn’t
give that a 10 8 is because up until the first three minutes and 30 seconds of that round were pretty clearly uh
chefchenko dummy Grosso for large portions of that with the jab and so I
just went 10-9 but I I thought Grasso probably won three rounds and
that’s that’s why I’m like fine with what happened I don’t think she should have lost her belt it wouldn’t have been the worst scorecard ever if she did but
I think she did enough had enough big moments in that fight to deserve to retain
that’s why this is also don’t like all of this is so dumb because there are so many defensible easily explainable ways
we could have reached sort of the result we reached round 2108 is super defensible I think there’s a very clear
case for that round 3108 is also very defensible the whole thing is just
that’s the thing Shaheen the I I’ve come around on the 10-8 scoring system in MMA
it’s very fraught and super complicated thing um and I think it’s not the best but I
think it can be ported over fine the problem is creating a system that is for
a large portion of its history is too restrictive on 10-8 rounds and that’s
dumb because boxing is three minute rounds which is substantially different than five minutes and boxing has a very
clear structure of how rounds get weighted more a fighter gets dropped that round goes down and that like and
that actually works in this in the whole combination of the system of boxing because hey that guy got dropped if you
got dropped it it was clearly real and thus it deserves more weight it’s much it’s much more fluid and now this like
well let’s bring some ambiguity into when it should be it should just be pretty clear like hey if this fighter
did substantially more of something than the other then that’s a 10-8 round and just add more of them in and this it’s
so much cleaner holistically and it’s really frustrating well so so I have a
question for all y’all and then I have two statements that are that are separate question Pride rules which are
the ultimate rules the king’s rules the the rules of the greats who won
Mexico for sure
I hate Pride rules they’re dumb look here’s the big problem
with pride rules is that Pride rules say that it’s like who won the fight as a whole but that just functionally is who
won the last three minutes and looked like they were winning that is super not how Stuff played out
it largely translates out but I think under either term Grosso won but yes
Grosso won the fight uh yeah
Grosso won the fight schoolyard rules yeah who do you want to be who would you have rather been at the end of the fight
who that’s sort of where I always do it too quick aside I would I would still rather be chefchenko because Grosso has
a cut and stitches uh suck and I don’t think shifchenko was cut but you know
took like 20 knees at the head trying to play and that was yeah so that was one
of my first things the two sides I have one who’s the reference
I hope you had a great night great night perfect refereeing by Herb Dean and I love that that’s the rule now because
those knees were sick in round four that was monstrous I I hope we see more of
that because you saw Valentina like trying to play the game and Herb just being like nah you got a deal like you
put yourself in this position yeah it was killer man I love that the aggression like the instinct to do that
it’s tremendous what’s up oh I just want to be like I’m so I’m with you one I thought that was
brilliant from Grosso I hate the world we live in because
like what is shivchenko because sitting there and like trying to play
the game and feeling like she is getting hard done by because it’s not working for her and it shouldn’t but also
um the rules aren’t unified and so in some places where they fight you can play the game and it’s so dumb to have
this like one very dumb rule
of why all of this is dumb there are no there’s no basis of there’s no like
Baseline for any of this a lot of these people just doing stuff and then being like it’s all Calvin ball
my big takeaway though from that moment was first damn sure’s getting beat in
the head right now that that probably sucks she should stop letting that happen and then immediately it was not
great I was like you know it was just man um why is there any ambiguity about this
why can’t we all just decide what is fine to when it’s fine to need people in the head and when it’s not so
she would have done something better instead of playing the game so that was just a frustrating moment but good on likes aggresso because that was some of
her best offense yeah and that that’s maybe the second aside that I just wanted to say here which is
I am truly truly impressed at this point with who Alexa Grosso has become
because I I’ll be honest I did not see this coming right like the the evolution
of what she has sort of achieved with this final form she showed tonight that the first fight
was clearly no fluke and she also showed that like results or not whether she got the win or not flyweight Alexa Grosso is
very much for real and that is a staggering fact considering that like four years ago basically to the day more
or less four years ago she was two and three over her last five and she lost the fight to Carla to make it to put
herself on that slump like she looked like someone who I mean obviously entering from Invicta there was a lot of
hype around her and Al Donna it was just this idea of like hey these two Mexican Fighters these two Mexican women are going to come into here they look killer
and Invicta and they’re gonna come take the OC by storm and it super did not happen at the for a large chunk of Alexa
Grasso’s career and this moved to 125 is why I is you know we don’t we don’t talk
about often but like I’m so glad that UFC ultimately instituted this division because the 115 to 135 Gap there was
just too much there and so much talent now has found their way at 125. Alexa Grosso looks incredible man she looked
like a world beater tonight she looked like a champion tonight and for her to become this all-around just demon where
she’s throwing out these knees the jab was working all the groundwork where like you said Jed earlier when she was
getting on top of Valentina she was just tearing her apart and the heart that she continually shows in all of these fights
you saw in the first fight coming from behind to get the to get the choke when nobody thought to get the submission when nobody thought she could get the
submission tonight fighting out of the guillotine pulling it out in these final few rounds
even pulling the 10-8 in the round five whether you agree like the heart the heart that she shows out there man
combined with the skill set and the talent of what she has truly become frankly incredible because I super did
not see this coming and I was still a little bit doubt I still doubted it a little bit after that first one because it was somewhat of a I
wouldn’t say flukey but it was one of those things of just like is this for real and no questions this is obviously
is this a safe space is this are we in we in the circle of trust oh boy
I still have some doubts um not about her not not about her heart or toughness or anything like this but
like I mean there were look again I scored this fight for her I thought she won and
there were parts of what happened tonight that was just tremendous there were also parts of it that were really
bad like she’s fighting Valentina man she is and that’s why this was like a
really fun but interesting fight like I’m yes Fountain shipchenko one of the greatest of all time like a terrific
fighter crossover simply couldn’t work around a jab like she was she had could not figure out how to work around this
jab and that’s other people who are smarter than this than I am are going to
go into deeper about this this week because I don’t know all the answers but it is so evident that like just fighting
Val and Sh in Southpaw like totally jacked her up like that first round for
like the two minutes when when Grosso was in Orthodox and chefchenko’s whipping the body kick in her offenses
in Rhythm and she’s looking really strong to start as soon as it switched back it was just like oh all I can do is
jab like that’s the only thing she could do to a fellow Southpaw and that and
then Grosso couldn’t even figure out a way around like there were some I would say problems the whole thing is great
like the outcome the heart what she showed her grappling but like I don’t know
you choked her out the first fight every second you were in in dominant position in this fight you were smothering the
life out of her maybe go to a takedown before the last minute of the final round of the fight and see if that works
for you like uh she was Finding success in various aspects of the strike she did and that’s
the thing I feel like you’re dealing with the underrating what we’ve seen her do twice now to one of the greatest
female fighters in the history of sports I don’t think I’m underrating I think it’s just a weird thing where she has
had really great moments in these fights she’s also a pretty bad moments in the in these fights the it those it’s hard
to pin it down but the Ebbs and flows of this fight felt more to me like uh the
opposite woman’s failure than the successful woman’s successes if that makes sense it’s not that it’s not that
simple though it’s not like she’s fighting you or I in there she’s fighting someone who’s so complex and so tricky and so dangerous like it’s I
don’t think it’s nearly as simple as you’re making it now to be a lot of people have lost fights because they can’t figure out how to get around a jab
that feels like a very gross sort of uh minimalization of of what we’re watching
I mean but you know she’s gonna have a job and you spent ostensibly this whole Camp preparing and you still struggled
so hard with it that but foreign
it is but if if Val doesn’t go for the most bone-headed throw um in recent
memory probably the most um heaved of a move since Chris Weidman did a spinning attack on uh Luke
rockhold the entire narrative is we’re talking about the first fight or this fight this fight this fight this is the
first fight okay yeah because she doesn’t think that makes Crazy mistakes and fights I don’t
that’s the thing is I don’t think in the first fight that’s a mistake Valentina shipchenko went for a spinning back kick it’s a weapon for her that was Grosso
being drilled and timed on on a trigger and motioning on it that’s nothing but upside for her at this fight real quick
no she didn’t she didn’t spin at all except for that one time when she wasn’t spinning she was trying a head in arm
throw which is idiotic and but if that doesn’t happen then this whole fight is wow down the stretch Grosso ran out of
answers and you know we are talking a lot about but it’s like when the answer was just the jab like
your only answer was to go to Southpaw and that took a lot of of her things away but how why weren’t you mixing
things up a little more effectively I like I said I’m not saying she’s a bad fighter I think she’s the best flyweight
in the world that’s not named Aaron blanchfield but I still just have questions about like the whole piece of
her game at this point because there are there are weaknesses like she is not a
champion who is bulletproof there are flaws and that makes her really compelling but I still have questions
well we shall see and we’ll we shall see where she will go from here uh we’ll
take some questions here about some different things uh first one we kind of touched on this but shahino start with
you was this draw the best outcome for everyone and I don’t think it’s the best outcome for everyone but Valentina could
do anything but knowing her she’ll demand a third fight or will fight an Eliminator uh best outcome for everyone
here before you answer that Shane real quick I did a poll who do you think won the fight on our of
our uh listeners right now 46 for Grasso
45 for chef jenko and the rest being draw so right now
and if you look at MMA decisions it’s incredible the fan basically is split 50
50 between Ross and Chip jenko uh with the media and the fans themselves
47.8 had Grosso 47.8 head chefchenko the rest being a
draw this fight is the closest I’ve ever seen between media and fans it’s actually very incredible yeah
we’ll get that out there before we go on and that’s what I go back to just I like the result a lot actually ultimately I
just don’t like the process the process of how we got here is infuriating
yeah if this is just a 10-8 round two super different conversation who scored
the fifth round I’m curious who scored the fifth round for algerman Sterling against Henry sahuda was it Mike was
that Mike Bell too oh I can look real quick I’m curious I don’t know if it was but
I’m just I’m I’m throwing that out because that was the other like super weird one where like
in a in a world where the fifth round was scored appropriately like Henry sahudos the ban away champion and not
John O’Malley what event was that no Michael Michael Bell scored uh it was
Derek Cleary that’s the word very Cleary okay but Michael Bell was also judging that
card and he scored the fifth round for sehudo so um yes which is the right call
yeah Michael Bell think about it think about it
usually a good judge I guess yeah yeah he’s good this is why I just I really
wish I could there was some level of I’ve already explained it I would love to hear from him
I’m so certain that this was a I I made an oopsie and so she’s gonna get an
eight because that will correct my oopsie it’s like I’m so certain that’s what happened here honestly
um it is what it is all things considered I just can’t get over the fact that four years ago this woman was
two and three in the last five and really looks like it was just not going to become this and then now she’s we’re
having legitimate conversations about her kind of beating Valentina twice in a row like that’s what what happened I
think that’s a great Point Jean because I I don’t think a lot of people saw this coming the the Improvement she has made
I still do have questions but she’s come astonishingly far in the last few years absolutely we say that by Grosso but it
sounds like we could be saying the same thing about I mean I don’t talk about Strickland is out of signing too much but I mean
I was like is it almost the same like I could not see him being champ like just like you were saying about grossa I
cannot see Grosso being champ even though we’re kind of saying a couple years ago with Strickland we were saying it last week yeah but we did this we did
this after Strickland where like you look through his resume it’s not that bad there’s never a stretch where he’s
two with three over five and you’re kind of wondering whether he’s he belongs in this sort of conversation like he was losing to the guys you’d think you’d
lose to an Usman you know those type of things but like yeah I don’t know I
don’t I don’t know that it’s comparable but it’s certainly like it should it’s another example which of which we see many you can’t judge these people these
Fighters before when they’re Midway through their career right give up on them way too soon or push him way too
fast you know so that that’s the beauty of everything Colorado wins it in double
overtime by the way guys
squeaking one out over Colorado State and double OT I don’t know anyone who’s in Colorado so
I’m good all right did Colorado State go for a hand in arm did Colorado State go for a head and arm throw no they got put
on like fourth and ten um and that they just couldn’t get there so um their defense was awful in
overtime but you know all right so what an impossible
we’ll keep on rolling here uh we this is a very interesting night because we had a judge in the main event that wasn’t
great uh Herb Dean Hokey Pokey her was actually uh did a really good job in the
main event I thought he was fantastic uh we had some hair pretty good we had some hair pulling we had some hair pulling in
the Jasmine Jazz divisius Tracy Cortez fight and that only made that much better wasn’t called props Jason Herzog
for letting that thing go but not all the refereeing was great tonight um
Edgar chayres versus Daniel lucerda can we break it down will Edgar Cyrus be
successful in his appeal so for those who don’t know oh yeah yeah or foreign
who is Owen four in the UFC with four stoppage losses went in there with Edgar Cyrus and they
had a fight Edgar puts in a gilly looks kind of tight and then he
readjusts and then looks real tight and Chris tyony I mean the dude pulled out a
monocle and was this close to looking at things that’s how close he was he had his monocle on and everything
but unfortunately the monocle was just on the arm of one Daniel acerta but nothing else
and at first as I’m watching this I’m like oh this is the right call because lucerito’s arm just goes completely limp
and as soon as it does Chris coyote jumps right in and stops the fight and Daniel cerda is pissed he immediately
protests it they go to replay Chris tyony when they come back from break says I was wrong I screwed that up
apologize to Daniel lucera who for a moment was Owen five in the UFC with
five stoppage losses was in the history books and then it gets overturned to a no decision and as we reported on add your chyirez is appealing this and wants to get his win so that is
kind of the breakdown of this so Shaheen what four or five hours later what do you make of this and does Edgar Cyrus
have any chance of being successful with this appeal uh B no he has zero chance there’s this
is absolutely not going to work I hate to spoil it for him but there’s zero chance that he’s going to what like what
are you expecting to get out of this a win because you’re not gonna get a win it’s already a no contest they can’t
just run it back they should have been able to just run it back in the cage it’s very dumb that’s interesting in the
fight from the offending position but but to answer your first question I almost just want to go to Casey because Casey felt very very strongly about this
in the moment oh yeah go ahead he might have mellowed since yeah Casey tonight he was very
much facing out while I was talking I could tell right there yeah yeah Chris aioni he screwed up and they just he
okay the big thing we say the arm went limp first of all I didn’t go limp because if you look at the replay he
never actually checks his arm if his limp he literally uh limb it appears good but he was stuck in
the eating he just puts his arm down it and if you notice uh uh grassa did
pretty much the same thing but she was on her back she was looking at anything and she goes oh wait never mind I’m just gonna relax
doesn’t bring gravity into play which is a problem and like what I kept saying about uh taione if he’s going limp what
happened to his legs his legs did not go limp think of the Jon Jones machine thing like when when Machida went out
his legs went out and he fell down so somehow this guy is only his arm goes left and his legs were still holding him
underneath this I’m not Christianity he’s a he’s a professional wreck he just
made a mistake he just made a mistake and they fixed it thankfully and it sucks it sucks for Edgar Charis it sucks
it just sucks because he was most likely on his way to winning that fight maybe
not that submission but he was going to win the fight eventually yeah
I think he was going to win with that submission he might have readjust for the he might
have to readjust this Mission but the position he was in right then yeah he was not getting this mission right then but he could have been adjusted for it
but maybe not now on the other side Daniel losardo may or may not have
already broken the UFC record for most UFC appearances without a win making
I don’t I’m sure there’s some weird stuff that I can no no he’s there are there are one two three four five uh
Fighters uh the wonderful AK Lee actually pulled this together this week who uh are oh and five in the UFC
um with including no contest so he joins that illustrious Group which includes people like Pat Healy Shane I know you
stand to post to that one thoroughly disagree with that I watched that hilly beat Sean Soriano I don’t care how high
he was during that Jesse Ronson um I’m sorry uh if we don’t follow the
rules we live with the animal Shaheen and he broke them John Alessio also owned five so he does join a very elite
group of people um and since he probably gets another shot maybe he’s the first one to go on
six so there’s that um that is on the table now I think that’s so we did something like
this not that long ago and I said the same thing like it’s an unfortunate circumstance I don’t blame Toyota that
much um I don’t think he was like perfect operations but uh can you grab his freaking arm and lift it he didn’t grab
his arm yeah it also would have been like a little
knocked out like there’s not a crazy sense of immediate urgency there so that’s part of that like that’s my only
real thing it’s like it’s a it’s a blood choke like you’re fine if he goes out like you can hold it for another second
or two but um like ultimately I totally get why I did it uh because it it looked
like he went to sleep like he probably should have checked the arm but it was like a little awkward against the cage and that may have been tougher
um and it looked like his arm does just drop and it’s something similar half of Robbie Lawler been asking it’s not a
great circumstance but he owned up to it and that’s really all you can ask you know roughing’s hard mistakes are going
to get made and it’s hard yes it’s like it’s really tough sometimes things are going to happen it’s unfortunate
um but you know they did the best they could with the thing and then the rest of the conversation is like you guys mentioned ways to make this better hey
we can just restart this fight like that’d be okay um figure out how to do solve things like this in ways that don’t adversely
affect the fighter when they happen because you put on a thousand fights a year a couple of them are going to get wonky that’s just the law of numbers
how about Edgar Gyros what a year that man has had he was in a submission he
was part of a winning submission hold that went on way too long for Fury FC uh that almost killed a freaking dude and
like ripped the dude’s arm apart yeah um it’s pinned to my Twitter if you guys haven’t seen that or anything about it
uh did a whole breakdown of that Edgar was a part of that fight gets signed to the UFC next steps in on short notice on
a pay-per-view has fun fight and now he’s on the end of like a submission that was stopped too short and now he’s
appealing it’s been a year for that dude holy
it was and it was a legit one of the best Regional fights I’ve ever seen too so uh yeah so that guy’s back on his
horse though yeah crazy and uh since you brought up since you brought up one young Johnny Vasquez uh I spoke with the
man last week about that win and about everything going on with his fight against Texas so uh stay tuned for that
just trying to squeeze out a a time frame to to get that out and figure out how a way to put that out to you a
little follow-up to the big story from earlier uh I forgot Mike Bell also gave uh a 30-24 score card earlier today for
the first fight of the night in Knutson I didn’t hate that one at all I thought those are all tennis
hey remember yeah that was a 30 24 and then one ref gave it a one judge I gave
it a 30-27. so we should anticipated we’re gonna have some 10-8 tomfoolery by
the main event yeah but these were like these were like okay anytime you turn a TV on to watch fist fight Monica that’s
the thing actually I thought we were going to have 10 8 Tom Foley I just didn’t think uh Grasso won
the or I thought I thought Grosso won the fourth and so I thought it was going to be a 48-47 scorecard for her and then
when it did I was like okay I guess some people in our slack had said that ship Shanker won it and that was like okay I guess Grosso got round two and they gave
Chevy the fourth and then it was like round five interesting okay
yes I’m actually um it was round four who what who how did
you score round four was that a close round round four okay one judge extremely competitive but I
thought the need meaning the knee sold it to me yeah and
he’s the knees were the difference for me in that round I scored it for Chef jenko the knees made it closer a closer conversation but
I still gave it shipshin go to the judges also gave it to shipchenko um I believe Mike Bell is one of those
judges if memory serves you correctly no he was yeah yes
you watch a football game and they don’t call the the you know face mask penalty that results in a touchdown next time
they get down the field they let the o-line get away with like an egregious hold happens all the time he just did it
in a very public setting on ESPN plus it’s okay see you Mike Mel is fine mix
martial arts is a sports that’s how it is [Music]
yes please can we briefly before we go I don’t know if we’re answering more questions
um all right we’ll do one more maybe these
questions maybe these questions will be what I was going to say so let’s let’s find out well I wanted to bring this up because I
thought Tracy Cortez was one of the stars of the show tonight um the only girl that beat Aaron
blanchfield I don’t know if you actually watched that fight but
it looks good on the Wikipedia it sure does uh and she looked good tonight
it yes uh she only girls who beat Aaron blanchfield uh and look good tonight versus a surging Jasmine Jazz division
while coming off of a long layoff uh is she a top Contender if she can fight
with regularity and that’s something you and I talked about Casey on the people’s pre-fight show uh and this is something Shaheen that I thought was very
interesting coming from Tracy Cortez saying hey I know you guys haven’t seen me for a while
I got heart for days and guess what I’m gonna come for that belt not in three
years not in four years next year I’m gonna be the champion she plans on being active and getting to the belt so
thoughts on Tracy’s performance after the long layoff and her saying hey I’m
chasing the belt next year so be ready for me I thought it was a very impressive
performance I hope she’s telling the truth about the activity level because this is somebody who been UFC five years
now and it’s literally for one fight a year like she we’ve not seen her twice in a single year that throughout her
time and I’ve been impressed man I feel like her Evolution you can just see it like she has grown leaves and Bounds
since who she debuted as coming off Invicta but I don’t know man I just I hope that she can find the level of
activity that she needs to sort of become someone who matters in this position because I she she reminds me of a similarly of sort of how Arnold Allen
took a really long time to become a contender in the featherweight division because he was just kind of fighting
once a year against the Rando and then you wouldn’t remember it because he’d be gone so long and then all of a sudden
there he is again fighting against a rando and he’d win and all the and you look at it it’s Arnold Allen is like 5-0
in the UFC but he’s not mentioned at all when we talk about people who matter in that Division and then he was able to
find consistency and fight a little bit more often and now he is who you know he’s that guy I hope that Tracy Cortez
can make that make that push because I’m really intrigued to see who she can become especially because man I know
that it may feel like something just to be said to the or that something that
people would just throw out of what she was dealing with dealing with Henry sahuto’s sister tragically passing away
yesterday but that is very meaningful like the suhudo family has been very important to Tracy as if you sort of
look at her backstory and her history like they’ve that is I when she calls her her big sister I believe her like
they’ve been very important to sort of getting her where she is and and bringing her through some really tough
times and for for so who for Henry sudo’s sister to pass away yesterday and
to be able to push through that and have a performance like this today on a really big stage like this not fighting
for more than a year that’s impressive man just emotionally like as a human to be able to push through those emotions
and perform I was super impressed great fight great performance uh Jad I’m gonna bring up a
different name for you loopy godinez uh you went on no bets bar and you predicted she would get a win
inside the distance I think there was a moment in that fight where you were like um maybe she won’t get it inside the
distance but man she peppered that face and then like immediately like after the
last punch landed she was already she already had a poor Elise read up in the sky somehow she punched her in the face
and still lifted her up in the air and slammed her to the ground all in one motion it was incredible uh Lupi godinez
what did you think of her performance tonight how high are you on her after this showing at 115 pounds
um one let’s just start with Lupe godinez’s dope two I need to put you guys in the correct mind frame of the
day I’ve been having because I hadn’t been uh it’s it’s been around wake up this morning I’m very excited Atlanta
United game into my armies in town um this guy named Leo Messi plays her into Miami uh it’s gonna be great we’re
gonna have a fun time the family came in we’re gonna go see it oh what’s that oh Lionel Messi is not um even in Atlanta
didn’t even fly up to wave at people while he sits on the sidelines tough beat particularly when you look at the
retail value of those tickets uh go have a good time anyway except for that
game’s going on the same time I beloved Georgia Bulldogs South Carolina in town supposed to Wampum or like 20 point
favorites 14-3 for South Carolina at half not not enough The Vibes all day were
off and then I get home I’m watching this fight I’ve got a loopy inside the distance she breaks the woman’s arm I don’t
understand um that was ridiculous man it’s I just don’t understand the the r
the arm angles um is that what MMA angles are because I heard it was 90 degrees to her elbow
like I don’t like I remember um when I used to train like like you
know not everybody can you can’t break everybody’s arm you know some people are just really bendable and I never like
came across a person that was super that way uh and I guess at least read is I don’t get it and then she almost she
like finished her anyway and I was like this is just gonna be a day of awful beats and then even even up until the
finish I was terrified because she is lamping her Against the Cage killing her and then she goes for the takedown and
one credit to loopy she’s got some high amplitude tosses when she gets in on you she can she can chuck a woman in the air
uh like few others in this weight class but I was concerned totally fine in the end
she just rolls over uh I don’t know what her ceiling is because you know she suffered some losses but when she’s on
she’s game to give anybody a damn good fight um and she’s just one of the most fun
fighters to watch you know in the strawweight division right now she’s just gas so uh terrific performance
um against you know Elise Reed who’s competent but I wouldn’t say like a great Fighter um yeah it was awesome really really fun
and then Casey real quick uh who impressed you the most tonight Daniel zellhuber
Roman copuloff or Charlie Campbell there’s a right answer Casey there’s a
right answer you pick the right answer Casey uh I wasn’t gonna say loopy but of those choices
um I’m gonna go um can I go Heber no is that the right hand oh what was your answer
right it’s definitely one Zell Huber had the cool the Anaconda was awesome though
like that was yes it’s dope but also zellkuber looks like a middleweight fighting a lightweight so
like you gotta docking points for that and I like delhiwer and um rib Roasters baby couple off with the with the
burners like oh oh the answer will always be body shot KO for me I have I have long arms so I’m
very when I saw the Anaconda off off after stuffing the takedown getting the headlock and then going for the Anaconda
it’s just so beautiful it made my heart excuse me I was just like yes
those long arms to punch that dude in the body work the body
yeah that that liver shot that liver roasting was very beautiful also not a
great violence tonight can I just ask all you we can close all this
four in a row now loses his first U2 in the UFC kind of didn’t look super great in them and now all of a sudden four in
a row knockouts how for real do we think this is dude look pretty good man
I feel a little bit Vindicated I feel a little Vindicated with this one uh we’ll
talk more about this on on some next one tomorrow because I think we’re gonna automatically bump Roman up to uh to an
official pick uh for the main car because I think he frankly deserves it but after that second loss everybody had given up on
the man oh he’s one fight away from getting cut you know who didn’t you know who used him as a wild card even coming off of a loss because I believed in him
so much this guy right here this dude right here and he’s paying it off for me
he’s paid it off for me four straight finishes dude’s good dude’s real real good
um I I can’t look at him okay it’s just Chase Hooper on the juice that’s the
thing he just he was like Eli like what actually he needs a reason to the cage yeah so who actually won
this fight is this a win for Chris Curtis or Anthony Hernandez since these guys both replace those two guys I
don’t remember how we tracked this down in the pre-show um because this was an easier one I think Cynthia calvillo lost
tonight if I’m remembering uh the the main car the the first fight of the night opener but I could be wrong
um I don’t know uh you know what I’ll get with the mathologists and we’ll figure out who who were the end Slayer
winners and losers um in the thesis’s ship of this fight event because coffee was supposed to play Hernandez so
technically it’s Chris Curtis then I guess so uh but she came to your point
to your point um one it’s five time world combat Champion
um and uh if you look at the history of world combat Champions uh we do pretty well the UFC it’s headed me
pretty well particularly multiple time world champions um they
it’s very strong base for mixed martial arts odd to lose to the dudes that he lost to at the same time look great but
also like tough to know how good because Josh friend
Hill Soriano like these are guys who are not bad
Fighters by any stretch but like that’s a pretty clear tier of guy at middleweight and not a top tier of guy
so um I don’t know but I mean it’s on a great run I think he’s gonna get a shot at top 15 guy next so
um that’ll be the one where we can really determine but five times five times five time world combat
champion yeah do we just give him either Chris Curtis or Anthony Hernandez whoever’s
ready first yes I think that I think that’s totally fine um I agree I like that like it’s good
let’s see if you can get past a boost
you know what happens [Laughter]
I do want to ask one thing I just want us to take and appreciate how lucky we
are because I’ve been following this sport for 20 years I think I think this is my 20th
year of fandom um maybe it’s one less or one more give or take
I think I think here September 17th at 2 40. I’m I’m willing
to call it stop the fight match is over this is the funniest year in history I don’t I do not think a collection of
funnier outcomes have happened and we still have like the whole back stretch of the year
I mean Sean O’Malley winning Sean Strickland winning the this fight ending in a draw
like that is a series of heaters right down not to mention at the beginning of
the year we got the whole light heavyweight whatever that was in a ranch here’s our
new title fight and then by the summer the guy they crowned Champion blows his Achilles Aaron Rodgers’s himself out of
the company for the next nine months he says he’s vacating the belt he’s sitting in a sombrero cage side for this and
they’re still calling him the champion despite the fact that I believe they are working on a title fight between Alex
Ferreira and Yuri brashka this is they didn’t even get his freaking year of all time they didn’t even put the press
release out before they took Yuri out of the title before they officially strip yuria the belt but yeah you actually
forgot the funniest part of the whole year is that the fact that Chandler Connor is
not actually happening yeah
a year of his career away with the whole Bellator pfl stuff is hilarious Francis
is Gonna Knock Out uh Tyson Fury at this rate this is the funniest year I’ve had
so much fun there have been so many post shows where I’ve just been like this is incredible and hilarious and it’s I mean
even Grasso beating chefchenko the way she did and me taking that L is funny as hell like this has just been a chef’s
kiss year for humor I love this sport so much I love what you’re saying
[Music] that would be 20th year no no keep the music music I
know it’s in the background just very slightly yeah
5000 happened in 2016. no that’s the funniest fight that’s the funniest that
makes the year the funniest that’s the goat fight that’s all it is no no that is the goat fight but this year has too
many other funny moments okay it’s best I’ve had so much fun this
year and I have so much fun sharing these moments in the aftermath with with all of you not just the men who are on
the screen here but all of you watching this program right now but we are done funniest outcomes that can happen for the rest of this year I mean Stevens
will make this the funniest joke this would be the fun I came up with the funniest one on a heck of a morning by
the way uh the funniest one would be they book Yuri versus Alex in December something happens with Alex and Sean
Strickland steps in on short notice because nobody else is available
that would be the funniest thing oh my God he would say yes
I thought of that now I kind of want that I kind of wanted to what a year I
think it’s the best all right but we’re done everybody thank you so much for Shaheen for Jed for Casey I am Mike Keck
uh next week they’re back at the hallowed Apex that’s just how you want to follow up an event like this three events in a row baby
bro we have a hell of a main event next week we have matush gamra versus Raphael
faziv which is just gonna kick ass we get Danny gay versus Bryce Mitchell not a bad one not a bad one but we are back
at the Apex so thank you very much uh on to the next one tomorrow I may are on Monday it’s gonna be fun thank you all
very much good night everybody love y’all Sean Strickland two division
chair two divisions what I think it’s funnier if he fights Alex Pereira for the light heavyweight title

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