Noche UFC: Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2 FULL CARD Predictions and Bets


We will be discussing the upcoming UFC event, Noche UFC: Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2. We will provide a breakdown of the main card fights and offer our predictions and betting insights. This event features some exciting matchups, including a highly anticipated rematch between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. So let’s dive in and analyze each fight on the card.

Cocky Fighter Gets Knocked Out in 30 Seconds

One of the most popular videos on YouTube featuring a fighter is titled “Cocky Fighter Gets Knocked Out in 30 Seconds.” This video showcases a fighter named Raul, who was known for his arrogance and trash-talking. However, in a fight against Kaikar France on The Ultimate Fighter, Raul’s cockiness got the best of him, and he was knocked out in just 30 seconds. Despite this loss, Raul is a skilled fighter with impressive striking and grappling abilities.

Raul’s Redemption Fight

Raul’s upcoming fight is against Terence Mitchell, and it is an important one for him. This fight will be a test of his composure and whether he has learned from his previous mistakes. Raul should be able to secure a victory in this fight, as he has a strong grappling game and Mitchell is susceptible to takedowns. Raul is expected to come forward and utilize his grappling skills to secure a win.

Co-Main Event: Jack Della Madalena vs. Kevin Holland

The co-main event of the evening features Jack Della Madalena taking on Kevin Holland. This is a highly anticipated fight, as it will be Della Madalena’s toughest test yet. Holland is known for his accurate and powerful striking, as well as his improved takedown defense. While Della Madalena is a high-volume striker with an incredible jab, he will need to be cautious of Holland’s striking and grappling abilities if he wants to come out on top in this fight. Della Madalena’s takedown defense is solid, but he will need to be prepared for Holland’s relentless pressure and power.

In their last fights, Holland looked impressive with his accuracy and power, while Della Madalena struggled against the power and pressure of his opponent. However, it’s important not to have recency bias when analyzing this matchup. Della Madalena is a dangerous striker with solid takedown defense, and he has the potential to give Holland a tough fight.

The conventional wisdom might lean towards Della Madalena being the busier striker and potentially taking the decision. However, the author of the transcript leans towards Holland, recognizing his toughness and power. The only real bet here might be over two and a half rounds, as both fighters are tough and durable.

Main Event: Alexa Grasso vs. Valentina Shevchenko

The main event of the evening is a rematch between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko. Grasso previously defeated Shevchenko earlier this year in a surprising upset. While many people recognized Shevchenko as the favorite, Grasso proved to be a formidable opponent.

Grasso is a fun striker with good volume and takedown defense. She has shown improvement since moving up to the flyweight division and has looked unbeatable at 125 pounds. However, it’s important to note that her power may not be fight-ending, and it hasn’t fully translated to the flyweight division.

On the other hand, Shevchenko is considered the GOAT of the flyweight division. She won the belt in 2018 and defended it seven times before losing to Grasso. Shevchenko is a well-rounded fighter with great striking and grappling skills. Her recent fights have showcased her evolving game, incorporating Judo trips and takedowns.

While Shevchenko lost to Grasso in their previous fight, the author believes that it was a fluke and that Shevchenko will come back stronger in the rematch. The author acknowledges that Shevchenko didn’t look good in her last fight against Tyler Santos and that Grasso seemed to have success in the striking department. However, the author predicts that Shevchenko will rely on her wrestling skills to secure a victory in this rematch.


In conclusion, the upcoming UFC event, Noche UFC: Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2, promises to be an exciting night of fights. The co-main event between Jack Della Madalena and Kevin Holland is expected to be a close and competitive matchup. The main event rematch between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko will be a test for both fighters, with Shevchenko looking to reclaim her title. It will be interesting to see how these fights unfold and whether any upsets occur. As always, betting on these fights comes with its risks, so it’s important to do thorough research and make informed decisions.

Israel adesanya was literally the most parlayed fighter in the history of UFC
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six to one favorite shows up looking like that doing nothing here’s my opinion I’m not a conspiracy
guy I don’t think he took a dive none of that but if he was to take a dive no he didn’t do that in all seriousness no
I’m gonna give Izzy some respect and I’m gonna tear him down he’s probably the most active champion in the history of
UFC it was like 11 title fights just showing up getting it done we should
appreciate how much we’ve gotten to see him fight because the fact that this kid was being talked about as being the
greatest all-timer almost the greatest of all time right he’s number two if he’s not number one he’s not number one
he would just go out there time and time again defend that belt and continue to fight over and over and over one of the
most active champions ever so congratulations good for him frankly I think he only took this fight against
Sean Strickland because he’s like it’s probably an easy fight and let me give the Australian fans some love right
that’s where this is where I am I live in this general area let me give them some appreciation I’ll headline this
card what he should have done is sat out and waited for drekus that monster payday is probably gone now they got to
figure out what to do but let’s give some easy some respect in that regard as far as his performance isn’t concerned
straight up [ __ ] straight up [ __ ] you can’t handle Sean Strickland’s pressure Sean Strickland had zero power and then
all of a sudden in this fight this dude’s a one-hitter quitter Fighter the fact that Izzy couldn’t handle just
backing up the entire fight is absolutely shocking to me is he supposed
to be one of the best strikers ever ever not this month not this ever
and he couldn’t handle Sean Strickland just marching forward one two one two couldn’t handle it that was shocking I
don’t know if something’s going on I don’t know if you know listen just a bad night or that pressure is just insane
and he couldn’t handle it but the biggest [ __ ] move not being able to not handle the pressure I’m sure no matter
how much you train you’re just not ready for somebody marching forward the biggest [ __ ] move
the way he handled everything went out of there no interview the press conference he sent his coach I mean
that’s that’s just whatever so respect for the amount of fights that he takes putting himself out there for us for the
fans disrespect for like just the [ __ ] antics you took an owl Al Jermaine Sterling take some notes from
him a lot of people didn’t like Al Joe based on all his [ __ ] and how he won the belt he took his loss like a man he
went out there I lost he did the Prescott he did all the things be like Al Joe Usman same thing took his loss
went out like a regular human being not this crybaby tantrum that’s Izzy the
chepe fight chepe the underdog lock of the week reality is I broke down that fight and I said chepe could win this
fight I’m gonna be on the other side I think the leg kicks are the difference and if you watch that first round it looked like the leg kicks were going to
be the difference check base calf was swelling it was getting bad but then he had that dog in him he came
out in the second round far more pressure in uh Jack jenkins’s face and then tried to make something happen and
he did a lot of people calling that a fluke listen I had a bet with Jack Jenkins so I would have preferred if
Jack Jenkins won a lot of people calling the chip they win a flu because Jack broke his arm no fluke that initiated
with chepe he came forward he stayed in his face he tried to work the wrestling Jack tried the wizard and chepe the
college wrestler threw over the top of it and that’s what happens I mean the one of the first things you learned
while doing Judo or wrestling as a kid is how to fall you literally they literally teach you how to fall first
Jack Jenkins doesn’t have that skill set he didn’t wrestle that way he didn’t learn how to fall brace when he shouldn’t Embrace boom shoulder I’m not
saying Jack Jenkins wouldn’t have won that fight I’m just saying let’s not call chepe’s win a fluke
yes he lost that first round but he came out in the second made adjustments got in his face and then came forward and
won that fight so chepe nice win Jamie malarkey I had a bet on JB Malarkey that bet cash I think Jamie Malarkey lost
that fight close enough that it’s not a wild controversy he’s at home let’s give
him the home recall I was kind of hoping for a home recall and is he he’s at home let’s give him a homework call but the reality is
the damage he he was the one every time he got hit he reacted it looked like it hurt I think John mcdess he won that
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time let’s go ahead and break down this card no J UFC is an interesting fight
card because it’s at T-Mobile Arena which is where they do all the big pay-per-views but it’s a fight night
there’s a title fight but it’s a fight night it’s also a Mexico theme you would think that this was in Mexico City but
it’s not it’s on Mexican Independence Day at T-Mobile arena with a title fight but it is a free card for everybody on
ESPN plus and that’s what makes it so interesting there’s a very Mexico heavy theme here they even built a belt a
custom belt for Alexa Grosso so let’s go ahead and break down this card I’m gonna give you the picks my predictions and my
bets opening up the card is marnick man taking on Joe Josephine nuts and you’re gonna say who are these two people and
this is a completely new fight Josephine nutson stepped up on short notice to replace somebody she was supposed to
fight Eisman lucindo then Eiseman drops so then marnick Mann shows up to replace Eisen so both of these women are here on
short notice to fight each other marnick man six and one not a wild depth of
career but that’s a decent amount of experience she is 30 years old she’s a well-rounded fighter she can be aggressive with her striking her
wrestling and her grappling she has no issues coming forward she will get into a slugfest and then she’ll transition to
wrestling on top she’s gonna pound away if you create a scramble she’s gonna roll with it she’s gonna look for
submissions she is far more impressive than her lone Contender series loss she’s taking on Josephine first of all I
spell Josephine so wrong and I’m looking at it now she spells it
j-o-s-e-f-i-n-e but I didn’t even spell it the right way I wrote Joseph phone so we’re just going to move past that
because yeah it’s already recording Joseph foe nutson is an accomplished kickboxer she
uses forward pressure and combination she likes to overwhelm her opponents her volume is impressive on her way in and
she does a great job just blasting your legs and Blasting those kicks on the way out while she is a striker she can also
grapple her she’s mostly looking for cage control but she ends up on top she’s got solid pressure she’s coming
off that Contender Series win just a few weeks ago very quick turnaround for her where she did work in a takedown quite a
bit of cage control against a very dangerous Striker I like marmick here she’s a three to one Underdog and I’m
not sure why because both these women are stepping up on short notice so there’s no oh full camp for short notice
and I fully recognize that nuts and is going to be the better Striker overall but marnik has slick grappling a nice
level change for her takedowns and I’m gonna go with her very low confidence pick here but when the prop bets drop I
might do a plus three and a half if you don’t know what that is we talked about that before you can buy points on the judge other scorecard you know football
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fix is 99 of the problems it101 last thing before I move on her name is
Josephine nutson can we take a bet let me know in the comment section don’t tell that Ginger
can we take a bet how many times or if Jacob is gonna try to nuts in your mouth
positive he’s gonna do it I’m you know how many times a week he tries me to get to say Yukon my wife drives a Yukon
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next up at Noche UFC we have Charlie Campbell taking on Alex Reyes Charlie
Campbell is stepping up on short notice he’s replacing the Tom Levy Natan Levy poor bastard had two fights canceled
when he was supposed to fight Pete Rodriguez that guy sucks he’s at the UFC fine they finally give him a fight he’s taking on
Alex Reyes how Dominic Reyes his younger brother who hasn’t fought in six years oh great here you go Natan you’re gonna
get a nice easy win and then in like his pre-fight blood work
I I’m not a doctor and I forget exactly what Natan said it was but it’s like
Wild Blood issues so hopefully Natan is okay and that guy can’t catch a freaking break we got Charlie camp
seven and two this guy’s a technical Striker he likes to pick his shots he uses accuracy instead of just coming
forward with wild combination so one shot at a time he’s gonna move bang bang instead of just he is a bit hittable
because his hands are low he does have nice leg kicks he has great takedown defense and he’s very busy on top he’s
coming out of that Sarah Longo fight gym the AL Joe the morams he’s coming out of that gym so you know that even though
this is UFC debut he’s been getting some high level training and some high level looks for a little while now he’s taking on Alex Reyes this kid’s coming back
after almost six years away he had some major health issues then a couple of small little ones after that but he
assures us that it’s all in the past and he’s good to go he is light heavyweight Dominic Reyes his little brother or
older brother I forget which one’s which but he’s Dominic Reyes his brother and prior to his layoff he was a forward
pressure guy he would Brawl on the feet he would quickly look to Grapple on top he would pressure up and just throw big
heavy bombs looking for a stoppage he has been gone for six years and that’s what so I can watch all the tape I want
to watch but that was six years ago maybe he’s a completely different fighter he’s older now he’s more mature
a 30 year old guy versus a 36 year old guy there’s so many nuances there but all I can do is assume that he’s
basically what he was and maybe a little better maybe a little worse there’s a
brand new fight uh the odds just dropped late last night or early this morning Charlie Cameron’s a four to one favorite
and I find that seeing the odds before predicting fights can definitely affect the prediction so I try to avoid them
and I did this whole breakdown before seeing those odds and I love Charlie in this spot he has the Striking he’s got
good takedown defense to sort of keep the fight wherever he wants to keep it Alex has gone way too long without
fighting and even the most popular video of Charlie even though the most popular video of Charlie that you’re gonna find
is him getting knocked out by Chris Duncan I promise you that is not a reflection of who he is as a fighter
he’s a solid guy he could absolutely dominate here I was really hoping the
books were going to slip up and give us like two to one odds on Charlie or something because he’s a short notice
guy but they know better they know better he’s a minus 400 favorite here and he absolutely should be don’t just
Google him see because all the videos because Dana White reacted to the Chris Duncan knocking Charlie Campbell I was
like that’s 90 of the videos on him do not let that fool you first of all Chris
Duncan’s a Savage second of all Charlie Campbell is so much better than that one loss the minus 400 makes a lot of sense
you know I don’t know if I’m gonna do anything with it because that’s still a lot of money to spend on a UFC debut who’s stepping up on short notice but
he’s certainly worth it and he’s certainly going to win this fight then we have a grappler’s delight we got
Tracy Cortez taking on Jasmine jazzoo de vicious Tracy Cortez is a fantastic
wrestler very good Grappler whose last fight was canceled at weighance she showed up supposed to fight Amanda he
boss weighed in boom canceled something very it was very mysterious honestly something happened at the like pre-fight
medical or something that it’s canceled I want my privacy and then her and Brian Ortega broke up I had my theories I’m
not going to say what they are now because yeah there’s no reason to but I had my
theories about what it was but anyway very good wrestler very good Grappler she’s listed as having a positive
striking differential but please keep in mind that she also gets almost three takedowns per fight and she spends the
majority of these fights on top so while she’s on top she’s Landing punches and not getting hit so the fact that she is
hit with almost three significant strikes per minute combined with the fact that she spends
90 of the fight on top tells you that her striking is pretty bad and she’s getting lit up on her feet I mean that’s
that’s all that means she’s not doing well on her feet but the reality is she is a wrestler she’s always looking to
get it to the ground she’s coming up that 29-28 win over Melissa Gatto before the canceled fight where she had only
two takedowns but more total strikes and control she’s taking on Jasmine Jazz and
the vicious as you know she is our girl we picked her to beat Miranda Maverick huge Underdog people weren’t a fan of
that pick we love her here this is a really tough fight this isn’t necessarily Jasmine versus Miranda
Maverick Jasmine is a wrestler though she likes to come forward she wants to push a pace with her striking before
working in her takedown she does have a solid clinch where she can control your body throw heavy knees and then she’ll
work in some takedowns from there she’s a very accomplished wrestler she’s not just started wrestling when she took up
MMA she wrestled long before MMA and then transitioned into MMA she’s got
fantastic hips as well so even if she has a bad entry or if there’s a scramble she’ll usually end up on top she’s
coming off that destruction over Miranda Maverick where she only needed one takedown and she took the opportunity to
showcase her striking that’s the most impressive part about that fight to me is that Jasmine not only had one takedown she didn’t need a wild wrestle
heavy game plan she controlled the Striking her takedown defense was good enough and she went one for one on
takedown attempts I like Jasmine here obviously we were all over her in the Miranda Maverick fight we made a bunch
of money off that this fight feels similar Tracy is a wrestler with poor
striking as Miranda was her BJJ is actually very very good but that only
matters if Tracy can get the fight to the ground Jasmine is a genuine wrestler she’s competed at a high level taking
her down is not really an easy thing to do if you go back you’ll see that Natalia Silva did take her down but
Natalia Silva was able to take down Jasmine because her striking is so good she used the Striking to set up the
takedowns and Jasmine just sort of all out of sorts couldn’t find a rhythm Tracy doesn’t have good enough striking
to get Jasmine worried and then transition to wrestling so Tracy’s gonna be all in on the wrestling and I have
always said this this is going to contradict my pick my pick is Jasmine I have always said it is easier to take
somebody down than it is to defend a takedown so even though Tracy’s not as good of a wrestler as Jasmine if she’s
shooting first if she’s initiating the takedowns she actually could have quite a bit of success because it’s much harder to defend than it is to finish
I’m still gonna pick Jasmine two reasons one she’s a dog like she’s an absolute dog
she just says what she thinks comes forward and fights she’s in your face Tracy has a lot going on her last fight
was canceled for it was it was a medical thing it was canceled for a medical I don’t know how severe how insignificant
it was but there was a medical reason her last fight was canceled was super like weird about it quiet about it then
her and Brian will take a breakup then like all these dramatic posts there’s a lot going on there and then couple that
with the fact that she absolutely needs to get this to the ground to win and she has to go up against somebody who has
better wrestling credentials than her I like Jasmine to win I have a half a unit on her at plus one plus 100 much better
odds now I missed out on that line I think she’s like plus 150 now or something to that effect
I get people who think that Tracy’s gonna win and if Tracy comes in shoots a million takedowns and wins this fight it
would not be the most shocking thing in the world but I am on the Jasmine side of this fight
then we got Edgar Chargers taking on Daniel lucerda Edgar Cyrus this guy’s a
solid fighter he did make his short notice UFC debut against tatsuro Tyra he almost shocked the world he was a plus
600 Underdog his striking offense is fast it’s in your face his takedowns are decent his BJJ is very good as well the
only real issue for him is that he is hittable but he’s got a good enough chin that it doesn’t always matter he’s gonna
come forward he’s gonna throw long kicks he’s gonna box you up then maybe he’ll snatch a single leg and look to get it
to the ground he’s coming off that decision loss to Tyra tatsuro tatsuro Tyra but he did knock that dude down he
almost played spoiler as the biggest dog on that card taking on Daniel lucera
this kid’s still looking for his first UFC win he’s been 0-4 in the UFC so far but he’s not a bum he is better than
that record style wise he’s a solid Striker with good kicks and forward pressure if he gets it to the ground
he’s got really good control and pressure from Top as well but his takedowns aren’t great so that’s not really a guarantee he is a feast or
famine guy all 11 wins and five losses are by stoppage he’s very dangerous but
he is willing to put himself In Harm’s Way to chase his stoppage he’s coming off that second round loss that CJ Vergara but if you remember he almost
had CJ out cold no less than five times he had CJ half dead and I guess kudos to
that referee he was like yeah I will let you die CJ put it together he was fighting at home and then got it done in
the second round Daniel lucera is owned for in the UFC but he keeps getting fights honestly it’s probably because
he’s insanely excited he’s never been in a boring fight he’s very talented and you can see flashes of UFC caliber
fighter in there his loss to CJ was wild he was absolutely perfect most of that fight and that loss says more about CJ’s
durability than it does about lucerius lucerida’s fighting abilities well
Sarah’s at plus 185 as an underdog almost a two to one dog here a lot of people are gonna blindly bet chares
because they’re going to look at both their last performances wow Chara has looked incredible against a massive
favorite and Daniel is there to own four in the UFC people are going to see that they’re gonna blindly parlay and bet on
Edgar charez Edgar is still the pick here he should absolutely be the favorite but he is hittable lacerto hits
insanely hard I think the the better way to go is fight does not go the distance it’s going to be Juiced maybe you can
parlay it maybe they’re dumb enough to give us a two and a half round line there’s no way that’s going to happen but
I’m not gonna bet on Edgar here I do think he’s gonna win this fight but man the beating that CJ just took I don’t
think Edgar could take that same beating so be a little careful when you’re looking at the three to one favorite
here and thinking that it’s gonna be easy money because he’s fighting a guy who’s winless in the UFC
then we have Roman copylov taking on Josh Freeman with a quick turnaround Roman comilov is a fantastic kickbox you
got professional high-level kickboxing experience he picks his shots well and then he’ll settle in he’ll weave
together some really nice combinations he started his UFC career with two losses he was taken down in both of them
he had no answer on the ground no ability to work back up he has since put together three knockout wins in a row
and he has reminded everyone there that there are levels to striking he’s coming off the exciting the great fight with
Claudio Ribeiro in that second round knockout Win Second on Josh Freeman this kid’s a Grapplers solid athleticism he
does have some sneaky power in his punches and when he can initiate the grappling exchanges he can do very well
when he can’t he looks a bit lost he does have cardio he does have speed he doesn’t have Sparrow he’s a pretty
well-rounded guy and he’s well-rounded enough to make adjustments in fights he has no true mixed martial arts
background or any martial art background he just started competing in MMA we’re going to see more of that as this sport
continues to evolve he’s coming off that disappointing performance over Jamie
Pickett yes he won he was actually in the safety parlay and I put him in a safety parlay because I thought so
little of Jamie Pickett and I shouldn’t have done that because Josh frame looked like [ __ ] in that fight over three on
takedowns he was taken down twice I mean Josh frame in that Jamie Pickett fight
was terrible to A1 safety parlay cash good
to go but Josh Green looked terrible in that fight don’t just see the decision oh he looked bad in that fight this is
Roman all day he’s minus 275. he frankly might be the best value on this card
literally right now at -275 I think Roman copy love is the best value on this card what’s Josh gonna do take him
down he struggled to take down Jamie Pickett because he didn’t do it he isn’t going to knock Roman out he’s not even gonna
be able to hang on the feet Josh is a tough kid Roman striking is absolutely Next Level Josh being the much better
Grappler only matters if he can get it to the ground Roman’s gonna be the high confidence pick here I do think he’s
safe for Farley’s you know Josh’s Big Win was against that street fighter from
Florida that’s his big win he just took him down over and over and over the kid had nothing to offer on the ground Dumas
I just don’t think that’s going to be Roman copula this is a dude who has competed at a very high level for a very long time and obviously every fight out
there is takedown defense is just getting a little better and a little better so Roman copy law of high confidence pick for me
then we have loopy godinez it’s Lupita but you’ll see her listed as loopy she’s
taking on Elise Reed this fight was a a mix around right at least supposed to fight somebody else and they did some
shuffling and here you go loopy versus Elise Lupita gadines is big I mean five
two this is relative for the weight class big strong wrestler she’s got solid striking good clean boxing she has
great setups to both be wrestling and the Striking she is big for this weight class not tall like she’s just strong
and and can make stuff happen and she can bully she uses that size she used that strength and she pushes you around
she’s got all the talent in the world and can genuinely beat 90 of this
Division if she fights to her potential the problem is she can be a bit unreliable just go watch that razor thin
razor thin win over Cynthia calvillo where she just wasn’t doing what she was supposed to do or even that loss to
Angela Hill she’s taking on a lease reach she’s a busy Striker she sets an incredible pace she has surprising power
for her size in weight class she’s a decent Grappler as well with very good cardio like loopy she can be hot and
cold in her performances she had that big upset win over Corey McKenna then she came back and she got dismantled by
Sam Hughes and she came back out she beat Melissa Martinez where she knocked her down had a whole bunch of takedowns
and then she just lost Alone look boom me but if you zoom out you watch that fight
that was a quality loss because she showed us how insanely tough she is and then after that she beat jinyu fry who’s
very well-rounded genufry she’s starting to age out a bit but that’s a quality Win For Elise this should be loopy all
day but she is minus 450 almost a five to one favorite with her inconsistent
performances the ones that we’ve seen so far I don’t think a bet is worth it we have seen how insanely tough Elise Reed
can be and we have seen loopy freeze up and not make adjustments in some of these fights the loopy that fought
Cynthia calvio loses to Elise read so with that being said loopy is going
to be bigger stronger the better fighter more talented she’s training at a better team loopy should win this fight she’s
absolutely the pick but these odds are far too wide for me to spend some money on somebody who has let us down before
at odds like this she has let us down before then we have Fernando podia taking on I
mean that didn’t even sound Spanish Fernando Padilla taking on Kyle Nelson
Fernando Padilla is a long rangey guy but he wants to fight in the pocket he wants to keep it dirty he’s an
aggressive Striker who plots forward he’s got that pocket style boxing and then he works for clinch where he’s
gonna fire knees up the middle and then if you’re unlucky enough to get to the ground well he’s going to use his length
to wrap you up and work various submissions he likes to come forward and take risks but he has no wrestling
whatsoever so if he wants a fight to get it to the ground he’s gonna have to nerd it up with some guard pulls he’s coming
off that win over Juliana Rosa where the stoppage might have been a little bit early but it did show us how accurate of
a striker Fernando can be he’s taking on Kyle Nelson this guy’s a solid Striker with very real power in his hands he’s
been in the UFC since 2018 and he just got his second win in the UFC his
overall record now is two four and one he has a solid takedown defense he does
a really good job using his opponent’s shots and then he’ll create scrambles will end up on top he did a great job
making fights ugly and then winning with toughness he’s coming off that win over Blake Builder where his pressure and
takedown defense were the difference Kyle does a great job right he stays in your face he makes fights ugly but
unfortunately for him that’s exactly how Fernando wants to fight he’s long and ranged you would think he wants to stay
in the outside but he doesn’t he loves those gritty in your face fights he wants to be in the pocket and I think
he’s going to get his wish here so Fernandez accuracy and clinch is probably going to be the difference I
wish he were a little better value right now he’s minus 241 but I’m going to keep an eye on that I’m going to use the line
movement tracker see if that’s going to tighten a bit and I could finally or find a better spot later in the week if
you don’t know what the line movement tracker is it’s a tool available to premium members it’s going to give you the opening odds for every single
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and interact with this to quickly identify who’s becoming a favorite who’s who’s tightening where’s the line
collapsing and look at those Trends and use those Trends to potentially hop on or hop off or in my case I already know
I want to bet on him I don’t like the value now so I can just monitor that Trend see where it’s going if it’s going
to go in the wrong direction maybe I pull the trigger if it’s tightening then maybe I sit and wait and take a look if
you’re not a premium member become one it’s only ten dollars a month go to click the button at the top if you are a premium member just click
on tools and it’s one of the many many tools you’ll see in that pull down menu then we have Daniel zellhuber he’s got
taken on Chris Jos Gallegos Daniel zellhuber incredible record at 13-1 he’s
an impressive Striker very aggressive he’s got a nice Dynamic style he’s got really long Limbs and that gives him
power range and leverage for grappling as well despite his long legs he’s got solid takedown defense and does a very
good job kneeing and striking his way out of those exchanges if he is taken down he’s wrapping his opponents up he’s
using that length to threaten submissions and now he’s coming off the win over Lando venata where he showcased
his technical striking and he used his length well taking on Christos Gallegos this dude is a Grappler you’re gonna see
The Knockout he is a Grappler who has proven he’s never out of a fight his grappling is solid he does have some
tricks up his sleeves as well his Strike King didn’t definitely use some work on the technical side of things but he
absolutely has insane power he’s fast but he’s unorthodox and he just wings those punches he’s coming up that early
knockout win over Ricky Glenn and this should be a Daniel zellhuber win all day
he’s the more technical guy he’s got fantastic takedown defense but if you look at his loss to Trey Ogden you’ll
see that he defended a bunch of shots but he never got his hands going if Christians comes forward to wrestle
heavy he may not get all the takedowns but he will get Zell Huber to back up and to be gun shy and could potentially
take a decision look what Strickland just did to Izzy literally the same type feeling except Chris shows is going to
have to threaten the takedowns to get him to back up and do nothing but you can get Daniel Zell Huber on his back
foot afraid to throw and then you can take over the fight if Chris shows sticks to that stays in his face backs
him up works for the legs he could get him afraid to throw and he could win this decision but I I just don’t think
that’s gonna happen Zell Huber’s still going to be the pick he’s too accurate of a striker and Gallegos does have a
path but he’s proven to us multiple times that these insanely tough he’s
insanely dangerous but he’s not necessarily going to stick to a game plan so Daniel’s L Huber is going to be the pick but I’m not doing anything with
this fight just yet as I’m filming this I get an Instagram DM from Joel he threw
50 bucks put up 4 500 in a parlay he dm’d it to me on Instagram thanks boys
thanks for everything there’s a premium member absolutely crushing it I started this video with the premium members or up twenty thousand dollars well it’s 24
36. 24 5 36 24 536 it’s up that’s the
problem with filming these so early after pay-per-views all the winning tickets and stuff start coming in while I’m filming or after I’m done anyway
let’s move on we got Raul Rosas Jr taking on Terence Mitchell Raul Roseau
this kid is a Non-Stop Grappler barely old enough to go to a titty bar but he is old enough to get in that cage and
start diving at legs he has eight takedowns in three fights with 19 minutes of control time his striking
definitely needs some work he’s gonna come out a little reckless he can put himself in a Harm’s Way just for no reason at all but he’s fast he’s
athletic he sets a Relentless Pace he is coming off his first loss where he reminded us that he’s only 18. he has
some very low fight IQ moments where he was just hanging on his submissions that weren’t there he was gassing and not
because he had poor cardio he was gassing because he was doing the wrong things too intensely
when you start fighting and you have more and more experience you learn when you can rest you learn where you can take your breaks you learn where you
should go all in you learn where you shouldn’t and because he’s so young and he’s so excited he goes out there everything with a hundred percent and
then he started to slow down and he lost that fight he’s taking on Terence Mitchell this guy’s a long lean Grappler
who doesn’t have the best takedowns but he’s very dangerous on the ground unfortunately for him his most popular
video on YouTube is cocky fighter gets knocked out in 30 seconds
because he was an absolute [ __ ] to kaikar France on The Ultimate Fighter and then was knocked out when they
actually fought he does not suck on his feet though he got caught he got blasted by a very good Striker he’s fast he does
a great job throwing up Kicks without notice he’s just right in your face boom kick right up the middle he can knock
you out he can submit you and he also has the cardio and the takedown defense to just hang out and keep going but
he can also be held down taken down and just ridden out while squirming off his back Raul got a massive reality check in
his last fight he lost that fight because he’s young and he’s inexperienced he lost that fight because he has not had to push through adversity
just yet so the first time he hit a wall it didn’t go his way but he didn’t know
what to do that was new to him and I think it was very important that that happened to him and it happened to him
on that stage and it happened to him early because I think that he’s going to come out here hopefully be a little more composed composed hopefully he got that
out of his system he’s uh he was getting pretty full of himself and hopefully that brought him down just the peg I do
think he’s gonna win this fight he should absolutely be able to beat Terence here Terence can get taken down
Raul gets takedowns this should be a pretty straightforward grappling win for Raul I think he’s going to come forward
dive at legs do do what he does normally but hopefully be a little more composed about it because Terence Mitchell is a
durable guy he’s not somebody you’re just gonna whoop whoop done especially in the grappling department so Raul
should be good he should be good to Parlay I haven’t done a parlay yet but I mean Raul and Roman copylov I mean that
should that should hit 99 out of 100 times and the hundreds time is is he losing the Strickland
and we have the co-main event of the evening this is a great co-main event I am very excited for this fight Jack
Della madalena having his toughest test yet taking on Kevin Holland Kevin Holland is an accurate and Powerful
Striker who has slightly improved his takedown defense to 53 but he’s very
solid in the grappling department when he is taken down other than the wrestling defense which we historically
have given him a very hard time about he’s a problem for a lot of people he’s a sniper on his feet he’s got great
accuracy great range he can also grapple as I mentioned and be competitive on the ground with his length just because it’s
easy to take him down doesn’t necessarily mean that you can just take him down and hang out he’s going to create scrambles he’s going to create
openings he’s going to strike from bottom he’s going to try to make stuff happen he’s coming off that very lopsided win over Michael kiessa where
he defended five takedown attempts and he got the submission in half of a round
he’s taking on Jack Madeleine this guy’s a high volume Striker with an incredible jab he plots forward on his toes he
pumps that jab if his opponent throws back he’s going to move restart that cycle he’s got solid power his nose is
facing west when his eyes are facing East but this guy’s dangerous on the feet his
Jujitsu is there if he needs it his takedown defense is solid and while he was taken down three times in his last
fight he defended 17 attempts you’re gonna see an 81 takedown defense I was
surprised I’m like that seems a little high and then I look I’m like oh okay well because half of Baez attempted 20
takedowns so it’s a bit inflated there but he does have some solid takedown defense a very very dangerous Striker
this is a great fight and there’s gonna be Jack matalana’s first real test and I’m looking forward to it and I’m trying
very hard not to have recency bias here because if you look at just their last fights you’re gonna remortgage your
house or in Jacob’s case ask your parents if you can stay in the basement a little longer and throw it all on
Holland because the reality is madelina did not look good in his last fight he had a hard time with the power and the
pressure of baselhoffes and even though he defended takedowns he did give up more takedowns in that fight than he
ever has before in Holland’s last fight he was accurate powerful and he looked like the prospect that we all want him
to be conventional wisdom is going to say that madalena will be the busy Striker and he’ll take the decision but
I am going to lean Holland it might be recency bias I’m hoping it’s not and I just think it’s going to come down to I
know how tough Holland is I know how powerful he is he has fought some of the best middleweights in the world and now
at welterweight he’s looked very very good the only real bet here though is probably going to be over two and a half
since both of these guys are very very tough but I am on the Holland side I’m going to take a look we’ll see what this
line does if Holland becomes a big Underdog then maybe I’ll throw something at it but I think this Line’s probably gonna go up and down I think we were
going to bet on that Elena and then they’re gonna look at how I’m being this guy’s way too good to be a two to one dog been on Holland well Madeleine is
very good and it’s just I think it’s just gonna yo-yo but I’ll keep an eye on it we’ll see I do think Kevin Holland can absolutely win this fight he’s
bigger he’s more accurate is he faster and busier no I mean look at the strikes landed per minute on Jack madalina but I
think Holland can get this done and uh we’ll see what I do betting wise later in the week and that takes us to our
main event of the evening as we know this is a rematch Alexa Grosso beat Valentina chefchenko earlier this year
Valentino was a minus 1200 favorite so everybody’s talking about Izzy the biggest upset Valentina was literally
statistically a bigger upset loss I think the difference between the
perceived upset with Izzy and Strickland and Valentina and Grosso was that most
people and everybody’s how many people in the comment sections now oh I knew Strickland would win oh you didn’t say
it before the fight where was that energy before the fight anyway I think
the reality is a lot of people did not think Strickland was going to win so when he did it was shocking where most
people recognized Valentina is probably going to win this she’s the goat but Alexa is very good people didn’t give
Strickland that same credit so Valentina was a minus 1200 favorite the fight was
close it did look like Valentina was going to win it looked like she didn’t look like a 1200 favorite but it looked like she was about to win before she was
submitted in the fourth round it’s gonna be a fun fight because Alexa grassa is across so is a fun Striker she’s got
nice volume good takedown defense at 61 she stays busy she’s Landing almost five significant strikes per minute she’s
gonna move really well she has no problem slugging out in the pocket and while she does have some power it’s not
fight ending power and we don’t think it’s translated all the way up to 125. she has 5-0 at 125. let’s not forget she
started her career as a 115 pounder had some you know the three losses and then moved up to 125 and now she looks
unbeatable which really says a lot about her actual skill set and the fact that maybe she’s not cutting weight gets her
a little more comfortable now she’s a little faster than these bigger women she’s taking on Valentina chefchenko the
goat she’s she is the goat of this way weight class right losing your belt doesn’t remove that status right we’ll
see over time if that holds up but as of right now Valentina chefchenko is the best flyweight in the women’s division that we’ve ever had she won the belt in
2018 she defended it seven times before she lost it to Grosso great Striker
great Grappler true Championship composure and mindset her striking is some of the best in any division she’s
technical she’s got enough power combined with technique that she’s just putting people away the last few years
of her game we have seen it evolve all of a sudden she’s working in beautiful Judo trips and takedowns she has 25
takedowns in her last six fights including four against Grosso my gut reaction is well Valentina lost on a
fluke you should bet the hell out of her at minus 164. I went through all of her fights to look at the odds for every
single fight that she’s ever had the last time that her odds resembled minus
164 is all the way back in 2017 when she fought Amanda Noonan yes but when I take
a step back I look a little closer I see that she barely beat Tyler Santos a lot of people think that she lost to Tyler
Santos and then in the Grasso fight we all think she was winning that fight
but she did not look good Alexis seemed to be controlling the
Striking Alexis seemed to have a lot of success there so then Valentina because she is the champion she’s got that
composure said let me wrestle this isn’t go let me wrestle and that’s where she started to have the success was the
wrestling but the Striking did not go the way that a lot of people thought it was gonna go I’m still picking Valentina
despite the poor performance against Tyler despite her losing this exact fight just six months ago I think that
she’s gonna show up like in the Margaret Madoff sister and just wrestle heavy I think she’s just gonna come forward
shoot and I think this is going to look closer to you know
her regaining her Swagger and her Championship than it is to like the
Usman Edwards fight I don’t think this is a Changing of the Guard I think this Alexa is a game fighter who fought a
great fight and sees her opportunity and I think Valentina recognized why dominated with the wrestling so let me
come in here and stick the wrestling so I like Valentina Chef Shanker here no bet though and maybe I’m just burned I
don’t know what it is but I’ll tell you right now remember when Amanda Nunes fought again she lost her belt fought
for her belt back and the odds were like reasonable it was like this is the greatest value you’re
ever going to see that might be this case minus 164 on the women’s goat might be the greatest value
we’re ever going to see we’ll see what I do with that later in the week right now I got some PTSD from UFC 293 but I’m
going with Valentina chefchenko here I fully recognize how good Alexa Grosso is let me send you fifty dollars I pay out
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