NBA player thinks he beat Jon Jones?


In a recent interview, NBA basketball player James Johnson claimed that he could defeat Jon Jones, the greatest mixed martial artist of all time, in a fight. As a former UFC champion and current MMA analyst, I can confidently say that Johnson’s claim is nothing short of absurd. Let’s take a closer look at why this matchup would be a complete mismatch.

A Basketballer’s Delusion

Johnson, standing at an impressive six foot eight, is undoubtedly a big man on the basketball court. However, his belief that he can take on Jon Jones, a highly skilled and experienced fighter, is simply unfounded. In the interview, Johnson mentions that with a year of training in ground defense, he believes he could defeat Jones. But let’s be real here, learning the intricacies of wrestling and jiu-jitsu in just a year is a tall order, especially when going up against someone like Jon Jones who has been training in martial arts since a young age.

The Reality of MMA

While Johnson may have some experience in amateur martial arts and even claims to have a second-degree black belt, his fights cannot be found anywhere outside of his interviews. This raises questions about the legitimacy of his martial arts background. Even if he is undefeated in kickboxing, it’s important to note that the level of competition in his fights may not be on par with professional MMA.

Wrestling Takes Time

One of the key aspects of MMA is wrestling, and Johnson admits that it is not his forte. Learning wrestling takes years of dedicated training and practice. Even seasoned fighters who have been training in MMA for years struggle with wrestling. Johnson’s claim that he can learn wrestling in just a year is highly unlikely.

Jon Jones: The Greatest of All Time

Jon Jones is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters in MMA history. He has an impressive record and has defeated some of the toughest opponents in the sport. His skill set, which includes collegiate wrestling, makes him a formidable opponent in the octagon. Johnson’s belief that he can defeat Jones is simply unrealistic.

Stick to Your Court

While Johnson may be a talented basketball player, the world of MMA is a completely different ballgame. It’s important to recognize one’s strengths and limitations. Johnson’s claim to be able to defeat Jon Jones is akin to someone claiming they can learn basketball in a year and beat professional players. It’s simply not realistic.


In conclusion, James Johnson’s claim that he can defeat Jon Jones in a fight is nothing more than a delusion. While Johnson may be a skilled basketball player, the world of MMA requires a different set of skills and years of dedicated training. Jon Jones, on the other hand, is a proven champion and one of the greatest fighters of all time. It’s important to separate fantasy from reality and recognize the skill and dedication it takes to succeed in the world of mixed martial arts. Johnson’s claim is nothing more than wishful thinking. So, let’s leave the fighting to the professionals and let Johnson stick to what he does best on the basketball court.

a basketballer called James Johnson in
the NBA a basketball star says that he
can defeat Jon Jones The Greatest mixed
martial artist that ever lived in a
fight that is correct a basketballer
granted six foot eight he’s a very big
man very big man he dribbles balls he
puts them in baskets I need to defeats
the greatest mixed martial artist that
ever lived hold on if you want to know
what I’m talking about take a look at
this I think I could beat him for real
but like I said with a year of training
defense I just need ground defense I
think the scary thing because we’re big
athletes it’s like okay JJ can move how
you move and he six eight that’s the
scary part like where okay he can do
everything you do and he’s six eight
like that’s where the the big difference
comes in yeah and the opposite is he
started learning how to use your hands
and your feet what after college like
I’ve been punching and kicking since I
was five six years old so like the same
thing for me though is the opposite for
him because he’s been rap especially for
that long you know his wrestling moves
and things like that for that long for
me you know what I mean I started
learning the wrestling game and all that
Middle School the Jujitsu you know he
has a big Advantage there because no one
wants to get on the floor but as long as
I can keep him from going on the floor I
win as long as he can keep him from
going on the floor he wins the fight
listen it’s different I’m six foot eight
bro I’m a badass I’ve done a little bit
of amateur martial arts all I gotta do
is learn how to stop a takedown I’ve
just got to learn wrestling it’s that
easy give me a year give me a [ __ ]
break that’s what we really need right
here because listen this James Johnson
I’m sure he’s a lovely guy I really am
but this is hilarious you know we’ve all
done it we’ve all watched a martial arts
film and at the end we’re all hyped up
we want to go we’re looking at it we
watch Rocky we start Shadow Boxing we
think we’re a badass you go down the pub
you have a few beers you think you can
take this guy on
the list goes on right okay he’s a big
man his sixth fight he’s an athlete he’s
got competitive drive and I’m sure right
from what he says he can fire and I’m
sure according to what I’ve read online
apparently the man’s got a second degree
black belt in martial arts he said he
had his first MMA fight at the age of 18
and reportedly finished his opponent in
97 seconds he earned the moniker of
little Ali because of his notably fancy
footwork during fights that resembled
the late Muhammad Ali he goes on to say
I’ve been fighting my whole life that’s
my first love that’s my first Passion I
would love to fight in the UFC after my
NBA career the fighter mentality the
fighter heart it never goes I still see
the guys right now trying to kick away
like Chuck Liddell Anderson Silva you
got guys that just can’t get away from
the game right
listen he goes on to say listen I’ve
rocked with Jon Jones but he says I
would just need a year my stand-up is
great but we all know about Jon Jones
he’s a Collegiate wrestler really really
good on the ground and that is not my
forte now this makes martial arts bro
listen if you look at Sports Illustrated
they’re talking about this guy Now
Sports Illustrated have done an article
on this and they say that the six foot
eight 36 year old Johnson wants to try
his hands at beating Jon Jones he’ll
first have to fight professionally in
mixed martial arts despite being a
bloodbot in karate and already being
undefeated and kickboxing 20-0
apparently and mixed martial arts seven
and oh but Johnson’s bouts mysteriously
aren’t credited anywhere outside of his
interviews well guess what I had a
little look on topology topology
registers all fights okay you don’t have
to be an NBA player you don’t have to be
someone famous you can be anybody and
one fight you will be on topology you’ll
be in the showdog database but when I go
to topology yeah there’s lots of James
Johnson’s James Johnson Las Vegas James
Johnson two and one James Johnson 3-0
amateur James Johnson one and five does
not that’s seven and oh there are none
that are six for eight there’s none that
a basketball players right this guy’s
having a laugh he’s out of his goddamn
mind but hey God bless him God bless him
God loves to try it okay now all right
all jokes aside as I said I don’t know
this guy I’m sure he’s a lovely lovely
guy got nothing against him but it is so
hilarious that is like me saying granted
if I was a foot taller oh no no not a
foot taller four inches taller that’s
like me saying listen give me a year I
will learn how to play basketball even
though I’ve only got one I have known
depth perception whatsoever I’ve got
defeat I’ve got the skills I’ve got the
cardio I’ve got the will to win it’s
nonsense it’s stupid okay this guy’s
fights can’t be found anywhere even if
he is 20-0 in kickboxing we all know we
all know someone that’s a British
kickboxing champion or a regional
kickboxing championship and when you
look at the the fights there were seven
people in a Sports Hall you know what I
mean and the opponent was well out of
shape and never trained in his life and
to get given a big shiny medal and a
belt and all of a sudden they’re a
champion right we see it all the time
and this started probably because of
that YouTuber Bradley Martin would you
be a Ministry fight huh you think you
beat me in the street fight you on the
street fighter yeah you’re caught in
your podcaster brother
okay he’s like 265 pounds he’s jacked
out of his mind he’s never trained to
date in his goddamn life he thinks he
can beat Demetrius Johnson he thinks he
can beat Diaz and that guy is out of his
goddamn mind as well look listen
we’ve seen this a little bit we saw with
James Tony right we’re in the UFC I want
to show them what real punches real
fighting is all about the boxing Legend
the heavyweight champion came over to
the UFC fought around the guitar got
taken down ankle picked and choked out
within seconds realistically even if
he’s been training nine months that’s
that’s real short order to pick up
everything you need to know from mixed
martial arts and that was an actual
fighter okay
yeah listen it’s great the sport of
mixed martial arts is getting so popular
but Jon Jones is the greatest of all
time Jon Jones is undefeated John Jones
will be fighting Steve
John Jones will be fighting Stephen
Madison Square Garden against the
greatest heavyweight of all time okay so
listen I mean I don’t need to tell you
about Jon Jones and on top of that Jon
Jones is Round the Bend it’s a little
bit crazy he’s got that nasty streak in
him and whether or not you want to
criticize him for it and of course he’s
done some things that are very very bad
he’s put on some amazing Vibes and that
meanness that [ __ ] craziness that he
has that helps you in a fight and I’m
sure this basketball is flipped out on
the tennis court on the basketball court
should I say I’m sure he’s got a real
reputation right but you ain’t going up
against Jon Jones no way the you’re the
baddest man on the planet Tyson Fury he
said that he would take Jon Jones heard
him say that Jon Jones could [ __ ] me up
if we went in the room together I don’t
think so not a man born for him mother
can [ __ ] me up in a room on our own
whatever happens in that room I’d be
walking out not a [ __ ] problem and
everybody laughed at that and that’s a
guy that is six foot nine that’s legit
the best boxer in the heavyweight
division the best heavyweight of his
generation Amanda has incredible speed
incredible cardio that is way heavier
than this Johnson guy and is actually a
fighter Jon Jones will take it down
pretty quick Jon Jones would have a
field day he would submit him he would
kick him to death he would literally
just do whatever he wanted apart from
box okay you don’t want a box with Tyson
Fury simple as that the man’s ridiculous
okay and again if the table’s returned
we’ve got that coming up soon Francis
nanganu John Jones listen Tyson Fury is
going to have a field day with him so
it’s not a knock on Tyson Fury but
horses for courses stick to your courts
the basketball courts right no one’s
bouncing balls in octagons the only
thing that’s getting bounced is your
head all over the place via vicious
elbows from Jon Jones when he takes you
down with relative ease now let me tell
you apparently he’s done a bit of Jiu
Jitsu and that’s all well and good
competitive Jujitsu is very different
from the flowery Parish stuff you’re
doing the dojo if you hit someone hard
enough with key which I will certainly
not do today you can stop the heartbeat
doing it in the Octagon doing it in a
mixed martial arts contest where people
can punch you in the face elbow you in
the face that is very very different
okay but let’s just assume that he can
do that he can’t wrestle okay and a year
he said give me a year no chance
wrestling takes years and years to
master I started doing Japanese Jujitsu
when I was eight years old I didn’t
start doing any wrestling until I was
training professionally as a mixed
martial artist you know Japanese Jiu
Jitsu utilizes a lot of Judo hip throws
or gosh he’s all sorts of guys I know
the Japanese terminology because you
gotta do I’m a black belt in Japanese
Jiu Jitsu but even though I’ve done all
that learning to wrestle was very very
hard even though my mind and my brain
was already formatted to learn grappling
learning wrestling making it work in a
competitive environment is really hard
and I’ll just say this right now
learning Jujitsu is easier than learning
to wrestle wrestlings are much harder
hard to learn simple as that we can all
lineup I could do it onboarding five
seconds there’s no way you can single
leg someone and put them down on the
ground it takes a long time and it seems
like a weird language that they’re
speaking I remember challenging My First
Single Leg I’m thinking this doesn’t
work this is [ __ ] but it does but it
takes a while certainly takes longer
than a year certainly when you’re going
up against the greatest of all time the
best buyer that we’ve ever seen in the
30-year history of this beautiful
magnificent sport anyway God bless this
guy right fair play I’m sure he’s the
type of guy you wouldn’t want to meet
down a dark alley he’s 648 he’s a badass
and he’s had 25s that I can’t find
anywhere they’re not on topology but go
on with your bad self bro have yourself
some fun take it easy subscribe ring the
bell and I’ll see you soon