oh God yeah my my neck finally feels
free for once no one’s breathing down it
you know telling me to do this telling
me to do that it’s kind of feel like we
can just do it without them I mean the
response was great I mean I think we
look good the caricatures I mean yeah
beautiful low low maintenance easy
breezy easy I’ve been in that chair
before now we’re sharing and you’re in
the big chair and I think you look at
home there uh yeah it’s nice it’s nice
to not have it this isn’t that hard dude
I mean this is people give him a lot of
things easy do you feel like dare I say
dare I say it’s uh it’s easy yeah I mean
don’t want to give me the old ball a
little bit don’t yeah yeah yeah go ahead
I already ordered the margarita machine
oh no we can’t do it let’s go I mean
you’ve been pushing for that margarita
machine forever I mean three o’clock
yeah can we can we all give ourselves
the old Barry H the old Barry Horowitz
here just a nice little pat on the back
I mean good job everyone Frankie happy
backstabbing [ __ ] what is that
backstabbing [ __ ] he wasn’t
supposed to be so nice oh well would you
look at this you know I wanted to come
on here with my Black Pencil by the way
to know yeah the dark day that this is
yes I switched it up for all of you to
note that this is such a dark day but
there’s so many good vibes there’s been
like four Mensch references already on
yeah what is this how did you even get
indoor into our our Mainframe how did
you hack the system what is this well
you didn’t even have any music or
anything ready like we were supposed to
be like well oh by God that’s that’s how
juani’s music I mean no we crash we
crashed the party that’s what we do
that’s the kind of entrance that we have
you guys look fantastic I must I’m
sitting here like a proud father I
didn’t even want to crash the party
because I was having so much fun except
for that little bit at the end there but
you know you guys not having anyone
breathing down your neck uh I’m watching
this like a proud father I may never
come back I’ve seen some of the comments
by the way oh yeah I think we’re cool
you know I may never come back and enjoy
it enjoy enjoy vacation enjoy the fruits
of your labor I gotta say it’s a little
different when you can just spit you
know me me and Connor sitting in the
chairs and spitting the guest booking
part that’s a little bit more difficult
that maybe I don’t know listen quite a
few people were saying
quite a few people were like uh where’s
the lineup who are the guests uh well it
turns out our guest Booker is also on
vacation as well uh not not as easy as
it seems not quite as easy as it seems
first of all you guys are doing
fantastic this is one of the proudest
days of my life this is what I’ve always
wanted for the show to kind of exist
um with the people who are part of the
show and me not be able to be there so
this is tremendous it’s only happened
once before and coincidentally it was
back in 2016
October 31st 2016 when I had just
welcomed my third child to the world and
now here’s New York Rick welcoming his
third child of the world the second time
that he does it with GC in the chair for
the first time I mean this is Kismet my
friends this is crazy so this is a
beautiful thing that just transpired
first off muzzle well first I’ve been
here for like three minutes I just said
first off uh muzzle Tov to both you and
Holly I hope everyone’s doing great two
girls and a boy tremendous I have two
boys and a girl it’s great to have the
the mix and I couldn’t be happier for
you guys and uh shout out to you for not
only working on Saturday but showing up
on uh on this Monday afternoon to do
this that’s incredible so you have a
very supportive wife and shout out to GC
looking great in the Plaid got the big
boy chair tremendous intro thank you
thank you I appreciate it I have to say
I I actually had to go out and get this
I mean I don’t want to rip on you or
anything but uh went to Old Navy went to
the clearance rack I mean in 1999
the inspiration too I mean if we can I
believe we have it uh yep there it is
just uh a little helwani inspired shirt
I mean
pretty much matches it got this thing on
clearance I mean they couldn’t they
couldn’t give this thing away fast
enough I had the I lost the watch the
the bracelets the wristbands I mean I am
just I am fully drip free now I am uh
you know I have a confession classes too
right glasses I usually wear glasses
Yeah well yeah oh yeah yeah yeah I have
a confession I also have that shirt and
in fact famously I don’t know since the
starchy this just came to mind I believe
last time one of the last times that
Ariel and I were at an event it was in
Chicago and we were at media day and I
believe we both coincidentally wore that
shirt that he was wearing in that photo
I also wore a similar shirt Nabi of
ufcpr took a picture of the two of us
doing a little bit of a twinning thing
so fortunately we’re not all three
coordinated today it’ll be a little too
matchy-matchy yeah helwani not in in I
know what is it what is happening it’s
Bizarro world yes uh guys vacation now
why do you know yourself you know can we
break the fourth wall on vacation yeah
what have you been up to man we see you
posting you know it’s just like good
morning and you’re ziplining it feels
like The Vibes are Immaculate can we
really break the floor and like he’s
he’s almost like vacation shaming us you
know he’s just like uh hold on let me
get back to you guys in just a minute
just gotta Park my ATV I’ve been
four-wheeling oh sorry guys like uh just
just got out of the water like it’s it’s
nice yeah I mean it’s ready for three on
oh there I am yes there’s Claire and I
um we went ATV riding earlier today I
mean I I like I said to you guys on text
I couldn’t feel further away from our
studio right now uh oh yeah it must be
nice it must be nice man because we’re
in the trenches right now we are we are
anxious I’m happy someone is I’m happy
someone is as you can see in those
photos uh Claire who is riding shotgun
with me uh she’s got some uh grapes in
her hand I mean she’s living the life we
got very dusty so I had to go take a
nice little bubble bath now to clean
myself up
in the in the bubble bath yeah of course
champagne champagne on Ice uh next to it
absolutely absolutely I’m missing dinner
right now to do this a little bit
didn’t you
look at the form and I had to go with my
daughter because uh she’s not uh she
doesn’t weigh enough you have to weigh I
think you have to weigh like
at least 180 combined or something like
that so we had to do it uh my mom took
that and I have to say my heart was
beating so fast my Palms were I mean it
was it was one of the scariest things
and that was a lot I mean that was like
a good 30 seconds that I just kept
saying to her I love you Claire I love
you Claire she was just laughing yeah
she’s not nervous at all she’s not
nervous at all she’s ready to go and how
excited were you by the end that you did
by the end I I I felt like I had truly
well today I zip lined and I ATV rode
for the first time in my life both of
those for the first time in my life so I
really feel like I’m living it up I’m
yoloing it up uh I’m doing big things so
I’m very happy but I’m I’m happy that
the show is going on and of course as
you can tell uh over the weekend I I was
keeping an eye on UFC 192. I don’t know
how you guys do it so not not much of it
yeah there you go you know what I was
thinking it’s so funny you say that I
was trying to see if I’m truly getting
old and I was trying this morning to
remember what 192 was and I finally
figured it out it took me longer than
usual uh DC Gustafson in Houston I
remember I actually that was one that I
would have known
yeah so I was just trying to compare you
know where we are a hundred
pay-per-views later but yes 292. I don’t
know how you guys watch them
um in the middle of the night all the
fans overseas you guys are incredible I
don’t know how you’re fans of the sport
watching things at like five six seven
a.m I just wanted to throw out some
quick thoughts and then I’m gonna leave
it all to you guys because I want to sit
back and relax and watch this and uh
enjoy it and download it and follow and
rate review and comment and all those
yeah uh I’d be lying if I didn’t say
that the first thing that came to mind
was like ah damn I this you know most
pay-per-views uh they’re tough to book
this would have been a relatively easy
one to book you know Sean O’Malley Tim
Welch uh Ian Gary uh a brad Katona uh
Cheeto Vera a patron like I could have
gone five six deep on this post
I really know I actually did think no on
vacation no I don’t think you were
taking anything I was thinking of you uh
like yesterday morning I was like man I
wonder if there’s a little bit of
helwani I know he’s enjoying vacation
but I wonder if there’s a little bit of
him that’s like man we we could have had
a spectacular show uh on this post
pay-per-view Monday
not a little bit a lot of it I mean that
was the first thing in fact I actually
apologized to some people uh I’m sure
you’re wondering why I’m not asking you
to come on it’s because of this reason
I’m not in studio on Monday so I I just
was like damn uh that would have been
that would have been good but anyway
um I will be back soon so I want to give
obviously massive props to Sean O’Malley
what a walkout what a song Choice when
you walk out to to that song they say
you uh I have no idea who sings it but I
was like I want to listen to that I’m
like there it is yeah I was like man
this guy is calling his shot uh and then
you find out I spoke briefly to uh to
Tim Welch um afterwards he said it was
their worst Camp ever and he could
hardly grapple the same stuff that they
said afterwards as well so I was like
um talk about having you know confidence
and self-belief so uh congratulations to
him you know you could say what you want
about the road to get to the Belt you
could say what you want about him not
fighting since October you could say
what you want about the resume you can’t
can’t say anything about who he beat and
how he beat him and to me
knocking out
tkoing in the second round after that
very close first round algeman Sterling
of all people who was on one of the
great runs in the history of the
bantamweight division uh to do that
erases any doubt that you can have like
that guy earned that belt
um you know we talked and I talked about
it he had not fought in 11 months maybe
the resume wasn’t as good but like you
do that to algae made Sterling you
deserve to be a champion of the world
there are no knocks that could be made
about that guy in my opinion that was
supremely impressive that doesn’t happen
every day look at the guys that Alex
made beat Corey sandhagen to the world
the Peter Johns of the world the TJ Jill
stars of the world on and on it goes and
aljo got knocked out tko’d by Sean
O’Malley beautiful sequence
um those clips of him in the locker room
practicing are just tremendous and you
knew that that was good the way in which
he was going to win the fight so that’s
incredible unfortunately for Al Jermaine
I I don’t think he’s going to get an
immediate rematch
um obviously Sam Higgins there obviously
maraba is there but if sugar Sean truly
wants to come back in December the fight
has to be Cheeto that would be a massive
co-main event to I would think either a
leon Colby in December or uh Yuri Alex
depending on what they do maybe they
bump Yuri Alex to January and just leave
Jon Jones in November it’s come out that
Jon Jones doesn’t want to be on the same
card as Colby because of their history
and the things that Colby has said about
him so it’s going to be interesting but
if he truly does want to fight in
December and San Hagan is out and marab
is out then I think you do the Cheeto
fight so um and I think aljo should
probably stay at 135 if you ask me
would you potentially think about trying
to give O’Malley a headlining show on
the back of this and I asked that for
the reason
they posted a finish from a pay-per-view
Min event which is something that is not
done right they are clearly giving Sean
O’Malley the big push now as champion
and I believe that YouTube video had
like 4.7 million views overnight all the
social media attraction is there a
possibility that you’re kind of
diminishing that and not taking
advantage of what they’re trying to
build by not having him in a main event
by having him potentially as a Coman
see you’re on your game I’m off my game
you’re a thousand percent right the
reason I just went to to Coleman event
was because of the 135 thing and I was
thinking heavier weight class Shawn
O’Malley’s one of the biggest stars in
the sport right now you could see the
explosion you can see everyone tweeting
talking about a KD it’s all over the
place they posted it on social they
posted it on YouTube one million percent
the next time that was the stupidest
thing I’ve ever said one million percent
the next time he fights he should
headline of course he should headline
even if it’s against Alex or now Leon
Colby I could see them maybe giving
those guys the respect but like he is a
true blue headliner and a massive star
and deserves all that praise and
connects with younger fans so yes
absolutely I just don’t think you know I
see aljo kind of campaigning a little
bit I don’t think it’s gonna happen I
don’t think he’s going to get into me to
reimage unfortunately the timing is is
what becomes the issue here they’ve got
these fights that are that they need to
make they’ve got Colby and Leon on Deck
they got Yuri and Alex they have to kind
of squeeze these in they’ve got Connor
and Mike in the wings they’ve they’ve
got all these that they have to squeeze
in so there is going to be some some
ones that could have been potentially
Headliners that get turned into co-main
and so I get where the the thought is
and I get where the intention is but
looking at the way they hard pushed Sean
O’Malley after this event it feels like
they have to put him in the main he has
to have a card it has to be the O’Malley
and and you’re 100 right and I don’t
have an issue other than maybe if I
bought the pay-per-view and I’m like
damn you posted this five minutes later
like this is the stuff that they should
do this is how you build stars like
people are like oh look at them favoring
Sean O’Malley like no that’s what you
should do when you have a superstar on
your hands you should put the entire
fight on SportsCenter you should put it
on YouTube you should put it on social
let the world know who this guy is
because he’s that damn good and that
damn entertaining and he deserves all of
that by the way the Finish was 100 on
point mark Goddard doesn’t deserve any
criticism there and the dynamic between
shoda and Cheeto is fantastic like those
two guys with their fan bases they’re
amazing I’m just blowing by Frank’s
thing because we don’t have a lot of
time to go back and forth there
I saw some people talking about that
that’s just silly okay so Sean O’Malley
Superstar he called it you feel for Al
Joe he comes back the guy fought three
times in less than a year he he he just
fought in May tough you know tough hand
to to play with and he was a stud going
in and an absolute Class Act going out
and uh he’s not done by any stretch and
he’ll be back he’ll be back at the title
picture as well I just don’t think he
gets it immediately because of the
history with Cheeto uh jeanway lee is
incredible I would do the Tatiana fight
right now what are we waiting for all
due respect to Yan Chao Nan if I’m her I
let them to beat each other up and then
I fight the winner if they have the
China thing planned obviously it makes
more sense to do that fight there but uh
to me why are we delaying the inevitable
Tatiana versus John Wayne Lee is one of
the best female title fights that they
can make curated in the history of the
UFC dating back to 2013 when Rhonda
debuted I want to see that fight it
feels inevitable that Tatiana is going
to fight for the ball what are we doing
beating around the bush especially with
their health issues let’s go let’s do it
right now that’s my take on the come
Main Event Ian Gary talking about
someone who called his shot unbelievable
like what he put out there and then
doing that thing on Friday and like
you’re like man if if you slip up you
are going to get killed for those that
missed there was an open workout at a
bar he was basically at a bar doing
agreed and he’s working out in the bar
full pads doing the whole thing letting
people know I’m here I’m here in Boston
also somewhere we’re working out no ring
no anything in there like they just
cleared the people out and he was just
front and center in the bar working out
on the floor with people
he’s doing a brilliant job and uh he’s
really getting people behind him I would
put him in Dublin next this to me feels
like like
there’s one more and then you’re in the
title picture for you and Gary what are
you waiting for
them put him in the Dublin put it in the
top five Dublin fight now yeah and have
him headline and then have him be in the
title picture next year but maybe it’s
too late maybe it’s too late in the game
to book that it seems like Dana White is
alluding to wanting him in New York
they’ve they’ve kind of Dana has alluded
to like I have laid out the blueprint
for building the Irish star it’s going
to be New York and then maybe headlining
Dublin that and Gary said I’d rather
fight in Vegas Texas high in New York
but it seems like that we might be
seeing Ian later this year and then and
then maybe Dublin and all six of his UFC
fights so far have have been in the
states yes
crazy to see him yeah which is which is
crazy right because uh he could have
fought in London no he he’s done a
tremendous job
I didn’t love the stuff with Neil and
the kid and all that I get like I don’t
know Neil magni seems like one of the
most liked fighters in the UFC scumbag
middle finger yeah uh I didn’t love it
but uh look he’s hyped up he’s young and
he was grabbing onto something and uh he
delivered like I mean that was as
dominant as can be it gets a really
tough guy to be dominant again so he is
a superstar as well and he has called
every you know like to have that
confidence and back it up every step of
the way and the amazing thing about him
is his first couple UFC fights it was
kind of like a little come see comes out
like he got rocked the opponents weren’t
tremendous you were like okay let’s see
if he is truly something to write home
about and now as the competition has
gotten better he gets better which is
amazing right like d-rod Neil like he
continues to get better so I can’t wait
to see him in Dublin and nmsg of course
would make a lot of sense him versus
Wonder Boys seems to be the direction
but let’s see what ultimately happens uh
spoke about someone a little longer uh I
wanted to propose something you feel
free to disagree it seemed seems like he
has the momentum that maybe Patty kind
of had initially it seems like he’s kind
of taken the Baton and run with that
with especially the level of activity
especially the way much obviously the
comparisons of Conor is never going to
go away and that’s what it’s going to be
but calling your shot now delivering
absolutely dominating Neil magni having
the next step in mind right now he wants
Wonder Boy he’s very he seems very sure
very focused has the path kind of laid
out for him and soon if he’s headlining
in Dublin I feel like the roof comes off
his potential right he becomes one of
the biggest stars in the sport the way
O’Malley has also kind of called his
shot and called his path along the way
it seems like he’s the guy who has that
momentum whereas if you if you ask me
early on it seemed like it would have
been Paddy right and now I feel like
with the injury with the split decision
against jargorn he’s kind of cooled and
he and Gary has slid very much into that
spot where he’s taking the Baton and
running with it
100 obviously the fan bases are a little
different right UK versus Ireland but he
is past Patty at this point in terms of
strength to schedule like Patty doesn’t
have a Neil magdi yeah on his uh resume
and he you know Jared Gordon d-rod maybe
you give Gordon a bit of the nudge there
like the nod in terms of like who’s
better and who’s more accomplished but
he doesn’t have a Neil magni type so yes
at this point I would say and you know
everything he’s doing with his social
media and all that
um you know he’s really he’s really
making a strong push so credit to him um
thrill for Cheeto obviously we love
Cheeto here and he bounced back in a big
way against a tough opponent and if he
like who would have thought back in
March when he’s losing to Corey
sandhagen like that that he could be
fighting for the belt in December uh
that’s a crazy turn of events 135 is
just bananas but it’s completely opened
up now including for the likes of Pierre
Young Who felt like he was in purgatory
now all of a sudden you know Jan could
say like hey let me run it back or if
Cheeto wins or if San Diego wins John
could be like yo what about me so that’s
um you know that’s obviously a great
thing you know I’ll let you guys talk
about tough congratulations to the
winners it is a little weird that
there’s a two-time winner now like what
did we really accomplish we already knew
he was an Ultimate Fighter winner yeah
it’s a little bit weird do you think
team McGregor won I mean Brad Katona
winner of 135 hollaba winner of 155
that’s 1-1 team Chandler team McGregor
and then the coach’s challenge team
McGregor won okay but sure right here’s
the thing
and correct me if I’m wrong you would
know this better than me was Katona not
team Chandler switch if you want to play
technicalities but what color was he
wearing when he got to Hoist the clear
he was always SBG my biggest issue with
it is that they didn’t they didn’t bring
out his original tough trophy that they
didn’t give him the double trophies
for that moment they stole them MSG yeah
100 like you had a historic moment and
you weren’t ready for it I cannot wait
to sit back and hear you dissect and I
hope I don’t even know what you had
planned for the show to be honest but I
need a full breakdown of that six minute
uh voice note that he left yesterday I
mean I listened to it three times it was
unbelievable like the way at one point
when he’s talking about Brad like I’d
like to know like where you got the
motivation now and all this stuff like
it’s just the whole thing is riveting
obviously the the top story is him
saying December 16th no no dice anymore
which I think we all kind of saw coming
but uh I can’t wait for that breakdown
one last thing and then I’m Gonna Leave
You guys alone please much love to Chris
Weidman to come back after two and a
half years and and to just step foot in
the Octagon after that injury is is
nothing short of amazing one of the true
good guys in the history of this sport
broke my heart Brad Tavares did nothing
wrong he did what he had to do to win
but let’s let Chris Weidman decide when
it’s time to go remember he was getting
knocked out he wasn’t getting outclassed
that’s a massive massive massive entry
that he just had to overcome and it
involved multiple surgeries I think he
deserves one more chance
um and if it’s on in the UFC then you
know God Bless but I I don’t think that
Chris Weidman I don’t think it’s fair to
come back after a two and a half year
surgery to fight all the way back and
lose to his solid veteran who had a
great game plan and then be told it’s
time to hang it up I don’t think on that
night Chris Weidman deserved that and I
don’t think that Dana White was being
malicious I don’t want this to come
across as being malicious I think it
actually came from a place of care and
love because he likes Chris as he said
in his family and Matt Sarah and all
those guys but I think Chris deserves
another crack and I don’t think on that
night he deserved any of that rhetoric
so I was happy to see him back I was
bummed for him that it didn’t work out
Tavares had a great game plan and he did
what he had to do to win and I hope that
Chris you know isn’t uh isn’t too down
right now because just coming back to me
is a victory in its own right I know
that’s not what he wanted but to come
all the way back from that is is truly
one of the most amazing things that
we’ve seen because it was it ended up
being worse than the Anderson injury
um because he had to have multiple
surgeries and things were going wrong so
much love to Chris Weidman one of the
great guys and uh much love to you guys
you guys are doing things can I just sit
back and watch the show now because like
yeah go to YouTube go to your your
restaurant your Michelin star restaurant
enjoy enjoy your dinner uh enjoy diving
yeah whatever else yeah whatever
Adventures I mean this this man like
he’s he’s too afraid to touch a door
handle when we’re in the office because
of the germs but now you’re ATV your
your zip lining I mean it’s it’s
unbelievable hey
shout out to my guy Danny Rick for the
uh the sweatshirt you guys know what FEA
stands for no tell me
Walter close your ears
uh before I let you go last note though
that was that would have been a nice
outro the pencil thing is great yeah I
feel like I feel like I’m conducting a
conversation over here and I got plenty
of them I mean you’re gonna come back
you’re going to have plenty of pencils I
mean look at this thing I mean I’m I’m
ready to roll on some UFC 292 talk I
mean this and that and bang and boom I
mean we’re we’re ready to roll here
number twos uh it’s a Condor Road why
does this hotel
Six Flags number two pencils right in
front of me it’s bizarre leaving you uh
leaving you a sharpener as well that’s
on the house don’t even worry about
venmo thank you that’s fine thank you
you must say we’ve improved the space no
like I feel like no this is frustration
the renovation has been great great I
don’t know if I ever want to come back
if I’m being honest today when we see
you man maybe just next time you’re in
New York hit us up maybe we can have you
in studio get some darts going
yeah love you guys see you when we do a
great job Mazel Tov to the family Rick
GC you’re killing it everyone’s killing
it back there I actually do miss you
guys uh I’m I I can’t like I said I
cannot feel further away from the studio
but this is a treat for me to sit back
and relax and watch an episode and I’ll
be back in two weeks have a great rest
of the show much love to the chat I love
you all
to the chat we’ll see you uh in
September peace I’m out of here take
care guys
wow what a treat that was there we go uh
Ariel helwani on the show there joining
the MMA hour uh thanks so much to him I
hope he is enjoying that vacation and
and now it’s just the two of us I mean
finally right then there were two
honestly I mean you said you said his
mic was out he came here thanks for
watching we appreciate it very much hey
if you like this video give us the old
thumbs up subscribe as well you can get
many more of these videos on the channel
so please do that we would love you
forever if you did so