Max Holloway Stops Korean Zombie | UFC Singapore Recap | Usyk-Dubois Debate | Morning Kombat Ep 482

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you doing upgrade it’s Monday morning I’m here to bang Tui and uh you know hey there was a it was some weird fights
over the weekend but it was a fun fight weekend I’d say overall Luke so I’m here to talk about it if you’ll have me yes I
certainly will of course I think the fans will uh demand it and of course the what you had referenced was quite right so we had UFC Singapore which actually
had some pretty big implications if not some gigantic fights and then we had the USIC Dubois fight which had not so much
much big fight feels but had some interesting controversy that was spawned
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um oh I guess we’re gonna do a quick recap on okay bet picks let’s see if we have a Graphic for that I think I did
poorly I think you did better than me here’s my yes I got the max Holloway win congratulations Aaron blanchfield edged
it out the park report a bit absolutely just moronic yeah that was you putting your hand in a bear trap look what are
you doing I mean that was that was Robert Whittaker Jon Jones level just stupidity uh Smith spin not going the
distance I felt like it should have not gone the distance but it did and the other fight the kazami Armfield fight it
did end uh prematurely or I should say before the Bell uh the final the 15 minutes there was a TKO win I believe or
a KO win so it didn’t become a sub I’m coming here you go three and two I
was on Saturday you were two and three so I gained another game in the standings as you see usick and chicadsi
did their thing I got burned on Tyler Santos although she fought very well especially in round one we’ll get to that about seconds from now and you see
the rest of them right there Luke uh I’m about 3 three I believe correct picks
away right now three some three or two you know what I have very much slept on you as a worthy adversary but I think I
might need to start changing that a little bit yeah also I will say I will say you trying to follow my lead and
game the system by picking the women’s fight to go the distance and then that one not going the distance I have to say
I enjoyed that did you hear that guttural scream from JJ Aldrich when she delivered that stoppage win uh and it
was almost aimed at me Luke I felt it in my in my field it was a little a little
bit awkward to be fair uh all right well with that it might mean the graphic I mean my hand was right here at the edge of the graphic Mikey just you know you
gotta like you put the graphic up one more time I just wanna I just wanna you know be awful by May
he’s like oh there we go here we go [Music] do it BC do the other side of it do the
other side of it oh Mikey’s so bitter at us right now I’m
sorry we had to bro we have oh yeah yeah all right with that in mind now we are ready for topic number one if I may all
right let’s start with the main event from UFC Singapore Max Holloway stops
the Korean zombie in the third round so there’s a lot of different pieces of this conversation we want to get to BC
first let’s actually talk about uh zombie what can we say about his career
now that it has basically come to a close well we can say a lot of great things I think about this ending we can
say this is one of the best I mean for a guy that got absolutely splattered maybe you want a young j-check getting the
same against young Whaley in the rematch is the only rightful comparison here where she walked away on her own terms
right after the fight and even though this fight had more a difference because he kind of announced it ahead of time
there was like some real re like royalty and regal-ness to a man walking in there
in round three with his hands down and and bringing the the ride or die brawl upon himself and even though he got
absolutely splattered and just violent spectacular fashion how good was this exit I mean it’s not quite Robbie Lawler
and Amanda Nunes going out with a win family all around them having their big moments there but live by the sword die
by the sword that’s what tkz has always been about never got over that hill
right a two-time title challenger but never accomplish his true goal but even with a long I believe it was a 3 free or
break in between for military service this guy consistently has just been such a such a crowd pleaser such a a great
I’d say Ambassador for for um Southeast Asian MMA Luke in particular because
I’ve interviewed him a bunch of times and it’s always for a guy that’s Blood and Guts and basically uh you know
almost a villainous movie character it was always about honor to him it was always about giving the fans what he
believes they deserve and expect and it was always about representing his country the Creed the Bushido all of
that and he did that here I mean the zombie entrance with the old cranberry song both before and after was it like
brought a tear to your eye it moved you it was incredible and the crowd in there uh in Singapore completely bought in on
this but Luke it’s it’s maybe really comparable to Joanna in that sense where it’s the worst disastrous ending you
could have yet chefs kiss Perfection because that’s what that dude is was and
will always be all about I think that’s right you know if you
if you wanted to script like a more perfect ending obviously he wouldn’t have been fighting Max Holloway to be
quite honest with you he would have been fighting someone a lot less difficult to compete against although if he still wanted to be in a title conversation
which I thought was kind of strange he was saying he was still pursuing that I mean I get that every or most Fighters still want to be that but I I haven’t
thought he’s been close for a while um I mean especially since he got just wrecked by volkanovsky but okay putting
that aside I mean I think this is what really stands out to me about the Korean zombie very rare athletic courage right
a guy who went out there and fought usually the very toughest of his generation the very best that he could
taking risk in unusual ways which is how he got the nickname but it wasn’t just
from taking risk it wasn’t just from biting down on the mouthpiece lots of guys do that it was also the natural
Flair for the dramatic that he had and his willingness to try crazy things Beyond just being willing to take a shot
I mean the fact that he is for example the first UFC fighter to successfully pull off a twister or in MMA a rare
submission the the the wherewithal that he had to even go for that in the fight
that he had I think was the rematch with Garcia I mean this is the sort of thing that it tells you about right this is a
guy who just had not only a willingness to fight in the most difficult of ways but a certain kind of offensive
creativity and offensive willingness that paired with it that absolutely earned the Adoration and love of fan
bases all over the world and this is to me really part of the interesting story BC they had this fight in Singapore
again if you were a boxer for example and wanted to have kind of a retirement fight maybe he would have fought
Holloway maybe he wouldn’t have you know that’s too hard to say but it probably would have been in South Korea right it’s probably been in Seoul or some
other place where he could have had the vast majority of the hometown adoration but here’s what’s so funny about Korean
zombie even though he was in Singapore which is not like I mean it’s not close but it’s not like on the other side of the world let’s say
the point about Korean zombie is his fans Not only travel but his fans don’t have to travel he has a worldwide in at
least in the MMA space he has a worldwide fan base and dude when they sang zombie as he walked out of the cage
as they replayed the music is the Cranberries music and all the fans in attendance there were singing for him it
sort of tells you what he meant to the fan base it tells you how far his reach had gone and for a guy who you know the
Jose Aldo fight was weird because it was injuries but he was never close in that volkanovsky fight for a guy who never
won a UFC title it 100 maybe not to him but to the fans never mattered it never
mattered what kind of fan you were a fan from North America you know a guy from North America a
woman from Singapore a dude from this part of the world whoever any piece of part of the world the things that he did
right in the cage and the flare for the dramatic that he brought it was a universal language of fight fans and you
saw that on Saturday when he made his last exit from the caves that to me is what stands out to about his career yeah
yeah totally I mean look that’s what fans want the most at the end of the day not just a willingness to take risks and
and walk through punishment which he’s all about but you know start to finish like I mentioned his attitude the way he
represented the sport he just kind of had it all where he did kind of become an Arturo gati of MMA I mean you
remember that stretch right right before his uh his military EX in particular I mean he was becoming a headliner uh and
a guarantee of that yet still walks away from the sport for a long time and actually came back better than ever came
back more calculated more mature and Luke even though the second title shot he had against volkanovsky was largely
ceremonial due to its last minute nature uh if he would have beaten Yaya
Rodriguez in 20 18 and one of the craziest fights ever the final second reverse elbow from from yair on the 25th
anniversary night in Denver he probably would have fought Max next for a title at that point anyway so to to be all of
those things at once to be the crowd favorite to be the mythical figure to be the ambassador of the sport and be
absolutely legit that two separate runs before and after an extremely long break
from this sport he was able to get to the title level it’s pretty damn impressive across the board to carry you
know sort of multiple identities like that and at the same time be this attraction
um I I don’t know how it could have gone better I mean look he he wanted that finish meaning either he was going to
kill Holloway or Holloway was going to get him but he didn’t make it easy for Holloway to Splatter him he did I mean he was
putting the chin out there and he was like let’s bang uh you know I’ll play the role of llamist if you want Holloway let’s do it man that was Reckless and
you kind of knew that moment was coming Luke you could feel it even though even though that’s him dude he got splattered
and that was a little rough to see on the on those so this is something we all talked about uh before the last show
that we did maybe the use of more polls Mikey if you can if you can maybe put up a poll because here’s a question I’m
going to ask BC I wonder what the fans might say BC here’s my question to you and I like to ask the fans the same one
if we get some good results we’ll see what happens but BC does Korean zombie and I’m not talking
about for a individual fight I’m talking about just him does he deserve to be
into the inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame well any question about the UFC Hall of Fame is going to need me to add the
asterisk of Are We comparing to their standards which are very low or if we would be comparing it to more
competitive standards like the pro football or Baseball Hall of Fame um even in both Luke
I I could almost see him being rightfully so as a hall of fameric so never won the title but that level of
being a extreme fan favorite draw like Arturo Gotti was who was also in the
Boxing Hall of Fame in a somewhat disputed manner although he was a former title holder uh in multiple divisions
but he did he did represent an area of the world that you know where UFC has always
wanted expansion and he represented it well and he was a character he was all these things yeah Luke he might be I
mean I do believe there’s a home in hall of fames not just for Champions right like a Dustin poirier’s resume is just
ridiculous even though he’s only been an interim title holder I think cowboy Cerrone would have and should have gotten in under any classification
because he’s one of those rare guys tkz is more like cowboy than than he is uh you know other people in that comparison
so yeah I I think it would be I’d be more than happy with it Luke if that was the way it went down I’ve under any kind
of criteria I have to say his case to me is a little bit more complicated because again you could put him in for one or
two fights that you you know whatever your favorite might be um but like a guy who never won a title
who was this offensively potent like for example hitting the first twister in UFC
history then he followed that up with the seven second which at the time was the fastest KO if not in MMA history
certainly UFC history I think that has either been tied or amended or whatever but at that time a record-breaking
performance in back to back fights and then the fight after that was actually in Fairfax Virginia against Dustin
Poirier where it was a fight of the Year Contender and he finished him off as well you know you don’t get guys who are
that good who can do those kinds of like break the barriers of what is possible
essentially or what we think is possible anyway in MMA to do it consistently and
then never reach that title but we should also sort of add another component here he had sever several years of his prime taken from him due to
mandatory Korean military service um you know he was that he was able to come back and do really well is a
testament to how good he was but that problem to punch it’s three and a half years three and a half years he took off
I mean and then right smack in the middle of what would have been his Prime in all likelihood so not only did he
never get to be as good as he could have been everything got delayed and pushed back and dude we know this dude three
and a half years at MMA is an eternity I mean the World Turns so fast in just a
year forget three and a half times that amount so he really had some of that taken from him now we have a poll and
Mikey says that the fans have voted I’m sure this might change a little bit over time but right now 68 68 say he should
go in I do think his case is a bit of a bubble case because he didn’t have a belt but of all the guys who didn’t get
a belt Korean zombie is either going to be at or top of the list us when you say who didn’t get a belt but maybe still
deserves a place by themselves inside the UFC Hall of Fame it’s got to be him yeah I mean his case is unique you
wouldn’t be out of bounds if you argued against it but he does have a few wins we need to remember and circle on him
most of his big wins were by stoppage his last one of course was the decision win over Dan ige in 2021 but here’s who
he’s finished in his MMA career Frankie Edgar hinato moycano Dennis Bermudez
Dustin Poirier Mark hominick and also subbed Leonard Garcia after losing their
first fight in the wec by split decision so it’s not a typical lot of the amount
of wins that that would make somebody a slam dunk but when you have finished any version of Frankie Edgar Dustin pory I
mean this is you know this pretty damn good look pretty damn good along with being you know such a such a prominent
figure and character in a lot of ways uh you know positive character in this sport I I never would have expected that
exit to feel that good look I mean it took the zombie song it took the crowd buying in on that level but like that
that moment they put him over as like a a hero I mean it was it was pretty impressive to see that moment on
Saturday well I I’m glad you brought that up because we should talk about how the UFC handled his retirement I gotta say dude I thought they handled it well
I really did now in the case of Robbie Lawler and in this particular case of Chan song Jung they had some indication
that it could be coming Robbie Lawler had basically declared it was going to be his last one and Chan song Jung had
kind of hinged it on the result so he didn’t necessarily say it was going to be a guarantee but uh in the end it it
ended up happening that way so you know the UFC had a bit of a heads up that this could be coming but nevertheless
nevertheless they did it right Robbie Lawler was a weight class Champion one of the most special Fighters at MMA in
UFC history so they had a big presentation ready for him but I thought the way they handled this one BC was
great for two reasons one I thought playing his music again because his walkouts are so tied to one particular
song around this zombie identity it’s a really special Union that he has but more to that point the broadcast didn’t
say a word they just let it all play out they let the fans do the carrying of him
so to speak and for my money I thought it was a home run the UFC has gotten
much better about this I think you would agree yes oh 100 this has been one of
the brighter spots of this calendar year for the UFC they’re handling of exits uh including uh Amanda and the family just
throwing down cold ones Luke in the middle of that cage having a dance party that like you that doesn’t normally happen in the past in the UFC to sort of
see them Embrace that human side which I think a lot of times we ask more of them that they don’t do you know tell the
stories better like present that they they presented The Human Side in all of these three uh recent retirements in a
very nice way all right now with that in mind BC let’s talk a little bit about Max Holloway before I ask what’s next
because that’s obviously going to be a part of the conversation let’s just take a step back here and ask first how did
he look to you not as good as the Arnold Allen fight but still very good the key question and
you and I sort of teased it ahead of time of will Korean zombie have a moment will he be able to land single huge
strikes that can shake Max a little bit we ended up seeing that and Luke I think it comes down to this Max is still great
I mean you know you take out the third volkanovsky fight which really showcased
how really how how much better volkanovsky is than pretty much everybody in the world not named majev
but then you look at the fights around that Decatur fight the Arnold Allen performance it’s still there for Max when he needs it my fear though Luke is
is the overall resistance we can talk we talk Ad nauseam about the wars he’s been in yet he’s still able to kind of
reinvent himself constantly and that’s what great Fighters do but the time is ticking on the amount of clean shots you
can take and a couple that he took here granted against a a big puncher which is
you know tkz’s calling card um I I get a little nervous I’m getting a little nervous that that the
expiration on the chin will happen sooner for Max than his actual
degrading of his ability his ability to me especially offensively especially the way he gained plans and adjust is still
super Elite Luke but sometimes the chin betrays you before the skills do and we’re not there
yet I’m a little nervous look a little nervous about it a little nervous about moving forward I didn’t have any of these reservations
I’m a little surprised here I mean it’s not that I think it’s crazy or anything like that but I mean he’s 31 years of
age which is not the fair indication of how many miles that he has uh in his career
but he’s never been dropped he got hit with some hard shots and they didn’t even slow him down I mean we’re talking
about one of the all-time greats in a couple of different ways in this particular context in terms of
durability the durability of Max is is legendary dude he has over 3 000 I think
minutes no sorry 3 000 significant strikes that he’s landed more than that in his career like number two is short
by like 1500 right I mean they’re not even close to this guy in terms of the amount of times he’s just been trading
with guys and obviously doing much more dealing than taking but nevertheless he’s been in some knock-down drag outs
never been dropped he got hit with a Korean zombie yes did he look better in the Arnold Allen fight okay I agree with
that but I also think that’s partly due to the matchup because that was Arnold is much more careful much more cerebral
Korean zombie was literally just walking in trying to get a dog fight going and so he is going to land some big punches
that way a but I didn’t think he looked worse meaningfully I mean again no I I
agree that the Arnold performance was better but only because of the way in which the two guys fought him
differently you know part of part of my take is rooted in the respect and love I have for Max in that you know he is
still so young despite the odometer being so high and I still think he’s you know title ready right now you know it’s
going to be tough moving forward again with the whole volcanovsky situation but he didn’t dissuade me in that regard I’m
just saying Luke when it goes It’s Gonna probably go in a spectacular way and although that’s this guy’s calling card
and although tkz was never able to really capitalize on Landing one big shot here
or there it didn’t move Max couple times did Rock him in fact even what made maybe the The Knockout so clean is
before that he kind of got whacked a little bit but Max hung in there fig you know stepped in and delivered the big
blow um but I think there is something to that even if I’m ahead of it even if I’m a
little more nervous than I should be I think he’s one of those guys Luke where the Chin’s gonna go before the the elite
ability does I just don’t want to see that happen is really what I’m trying to say here okay but could you know should he be in a big fight next is he still a
legit title Contender for this division absolutely and he didn’t do anything to sway that but uh you only get so many
though Luke you only get so much you’ll get so many but still I would put him on par I mean I don’t know what the right boxing comparison is and I don’t know if
our audience will understand but it feels a little this is not quite right
what’s the closest comparison Triple G in what sense
to be to have faced so Triple G I think is even sturdier but I get although he
got banged up in a couple of those fights I guess the point I want to make is oh in terms of his chance that many Dynamic punchers and never go down
absolutely Triple G never down as a pro never down in 350 amateur fights either
and has gotten I mean they’ve slow-mo’d some of the shots in triple G’s biggest fights whether it be against Canelo or
Danny Jacobs you know the the combinations or the Clean Home Run left hooks that he’s taken and his chin an
entire you know it went that way and he just turned back and shook it off yeah Max has a legendary chin on a Triple G
level there’s no question but Max does show a little bit more vulnerability in terms of wearing some of that damage
than Triple G does different sport different circumstances that it has led me to that bit of worry but Luke offensively carrying it out he did what
he had to do in this fight he did it efficiently for the most part it was just when he got rocked a couple times I was I was uh I was hoping we’re all good
here any when we were in the end yeah in the end we were okay so it leads to the question of and by the way here’s the
problem like before I even answer the question it doesn’t really matter who he fights next whether it’s whether it’s
volcanovsky a fourth time whether it’s duporia which I’m going to ask about a second it’s not like this fight told you
how either of those are gonna go because neither of those guys are going to fight Max very much the way in which Korean
zombie did but let me ask the question just the same to you BC what the hell does the UFC do with this guy Max
Holloway was at the post five press conference saying I’m gonna stay here and keep digging until I get a title
fight I want to have a title I want to defend a few more times what the hell do they do I think he may have to do what
he did right here again stay busy and a fight against the name now this one had special circumstances because of the
Romanticism of these two legends having never fought each other and we’re doing it in Singapore and it turned out to be zombies last fight and he announced that
ahead of time so it’s sort of like this Mulligan stay busy show us something get it done move forward the thing is he may
need to do that again Luke and it is dependent obviously upon volkanovsky and whether we are going in the direction of
a an eventual move up to 155 or if he’s going to stay the course which it sounds
the more I listen to volkanovsky like he’s not against that and pick apart oporia Pick A Part who’s necked and
climbing if we are in a season of of uncertainty that is not leading directly
to volkanovsky uh giving up the title then Luke it may have to be another big name rematch and I’m talking about Brian
Ortega and yair Rodriguez who are ranked two and three at the moment um it it was there’s not a lot for Max
to gain unless he just wants to stay busy put on another big performance remind everybody why he he inevitably
deserves another you know a fourth shot at voknowski if that’s the case uh those would be big fights you could feature
them prominently Luke would you advise him to tell me to shut the hell up and sit there until the title is available I
mean what do you do you may have to get creative and look into another division or go BMF but it seems like Max’s
biggest goal and the reason why he’s he wants to keep going is not for them the money or any of that Luke it is to win
back this title he’s the ultimate competitor it’s ultimately at the end of the day fueling his backbone fueling his ability
to walk through anything is this guy’s never going to stop believing himself never going to stop you know Reinventing
himself and making a run at being the best he can be he’s still really damn good I mean look is what if I told you
without knowing that Max is still the second best for other weight in the world so he knows if volkanovsky decides
to get off the pot the max can put the [ __ ] crown back on and be the king Again Luke okay he knows that and I don’t
think he’s done anything in the Allen arcader fights to dissuade that from being true if
if Volk had beaten makachev would we be having this conversation
no because I think he’d be full-time at 55 if he did yeah I agree with that I think if he don’t think he should look
what is Walt gonna gain from toporia I don’t understand this like I’m if I’m vulk I’m looking at my age I’m looking
at the situation I know there’s big money against Macha or some level of big money you know in a big opportunity for
sure to to redeem himself and announce himself in a new weight class again but
this is part of me the max fan in me saying like Volk go so we can make new matchups and we can see if Max can
against this new general I mean Max against stuporia for the belt Luke you’d be fired up for that wouldn’t you you’d love that super Fired Up Wait Wait Max
at 155. no Max uh we have 45 against deporia oh against Emporia sorry I
missed I misheard you uh yes that dude that would be great dude Max versus Ilia taporia is one of the best fights you
could make at featherweight I’m not saying it’s so are you ready as a as a city kickboxing Super Fan are you ready
to join me in the chorus of saying Volk we love you so much man but your the
rest of your history the history that you’re making for your legacy is that 55 and you know this man so why don’t you
move now so we can do Max versus suporia and we got a whole new set of fresh matchups or big money rematches after
that imagine if Max wins back the belt then suddenly yair and Ortega are huge rematches again so I’m saying there’s
business to be Arnold Dallin would be another huge rematch there’s business to be done are you willing to sit in front
of this mic and tell Volk it’s time to go to 55. stop dancing it’s time I will in just one second so I’ll say this
we’ve got 294 UFC 294 which will be makachev Oliveira 2. I think that I mean
it basically doesn’t matter either way but I’ll say this definitely if makachev wins so he’s got you know basically not
quite back to back but two quick wins so to speak over Oliveira then I think you
just have to do the rematch with Volk after that and just move him on up because to your point if like Max we’ve
seen him at 155 I just don’t think he he can win fights there but I don’t think he’s best suited there whereas I think
volcanovsky with the time that he has remaining in his career could be well suited to go to 155 and
get some wins and we’re supposed to be a star look for whatever level of stardom that voknowski has not hit in my opinion
moving up to lightweight and facing what’s left of established names like poorie gechi along with chasing the
crown would get him everything he needs or would want huge money of chance at a
second title and really big names that you haven’t fought yet to completely solidify your
Journey which is making a run at the upper room right now volkanovsky’s making a run at trying to become one of
the top five fighters of all time Luke I thought and he’s he’s got a chance here so I need you to join me collectively in
saying Alexander the Great greatness is at 55 go there please it’s interesting
the way you put it because it’s almost like Max is forcing him to go to 155 but
not in the usual way where it’s like oh well here’s another young tough up-and-comer It’s not really worth it to
him just go on up in this particular case it’s a guy who there there’s really no public appetite for a fourth fight
there’s like public appetite to see Max I think get his potential fully realized if such a thing can happen again but
what really is sort of motivating this is like they’re at 145 yes volkanovsky
can say that I think is really your point but all of the interesting fights that could be remaining plus what he
wants to do in terms of his goals if I understand you correctly that’s all at 155 Max can’t really go to 155 so you
could get a you could get a neat split in that way where the guy you’re just too you’re it’s just he’s too good for
featherweight Max is very good at featherweight but maybe not quite in that same Dimension go to 155 and to
your point get the big names there to only add to your big name I think it’s I think you’re right BC I think you’re right well I just I gotta ask like what
does he gain by going and beating topori I don’t think he gains anything it only you know what I mean like so Chase Chase
where you can double down on your legacy and and that would open up a chance not to open the door for Max but to open the
door for two guys that are deserving right now Max Holloway and Ilya duporia for the title so put them against each other for the vacant crown and let’s
find out who’s next after that yeah I’d love it but that’s the answer to the question from you of what what does the
UFC do with Max because if Volk is going to stay on the crown which by the way is his right then unless you do unless you
don’t like my ideas of rematching those two big names that are ranked at two and three where what else you gonna do Luke
what is it gonna be so Mikey’s asking an interesting question which is what about doing with
Volk what they did with Anderson Silva so folks know who may not understand this when Anderson Silva fought Forrest
Griffin uh part of that was image Rehabilitation like everyone knew he was
really good everyone knew he was special but you know coming off of I forget the
exact timing of it but after the Demi and Maya fight his brand took a huge hit a monster hit and they thought what what
are some interesting ways in which to rehabilitate this given there really there weren’t other interesting 185 contenders at the time so they said [ __ ]
it let’s just have him fight Forest Griffin Force Griffin’s a was a big 205er the whole nine yards and you guys
all saw what happened what about that PC where oh forget the makacha fight forget the Olivera fight just have okanovsky
fight more like a to your point and you you didn’t exclude these names but like going right after the poirier’s right
after the gates he’s not worrying about the title just big name action fights where he can shine essentially no for
volkanovski no that’s a horror blood I think Mikey was presenting to you that they would do that with Max by the way if you did with vulcanovski all you’re
doing is keeping the belt hijacked at 45 if you’re going to bring them up for one-offs he doesn’t need image Rehabilitation Max could do big One Max
could go the BMF route if if volk’s going to stay put that’s probably the best chance to do big fights but you got
to probably do it against light weights that can still crack and be in fun dangerous fights but there is something
there the whole point is we all believe that you know Max is good enough to be Champion here so let’s figure out Volk
what you’re doing um I don’t know Luke I I also I’m going to argue this I think that toporia versus
Holloway is uh a better fight in the sense that it’s more competitive I think
volkanovsky’s a little bit too far ahead of toporia right now um you know obviously tuporia is
dangerous and rapidly improving and he’s a threat to anybody but I think Max is
going to be a little bit more willing to oblige him in dueling whereas a guy like
volcanovsky is not and that would change the complexion of the bout so you actually get I think a little bit more
of a Blood and Guts ish affair with the taporia Holloway contest which for a
title that ends up being what it is BC kind of a nice way to do it plus new school old school that whole bit sure
sure my question on the or my reaction to the Anderson Silva thing is um you know I don’t think those the division
you know he was operating in a division that that they needed him to do stuff like this there wasn’t a bunch of killers coming
you know up in line until the Weidman rockhold level group uh arrived and really established himself so it was
more attraction building in that regard I don’t think Volk will gain anything in there I mean it’s time it’s time for a
run at 55 but it’s time for me to stop talking about this what else yeah by the way the uh I got some of the I got some
of the um the pr wrong here I did wrong myself in real time so the Patrick Cote
fight happened which his knee blew out and it was weird and then the talus lytese fight happened which was not a
disaster but it was boring it was not considered good it was considered to be just whatever and not fun and he was
overmatched so then they gave him the force Griffin fight after that is actually the Demi and Maya fight happened after
um the Griffin fight and then you might be asking what happened after Damian Maya that’s when Chael Sonnen swooped in and used all of the bad PR that was
happening around him which started by the way around the lytese fight uh that whole time it was obviously a reprieve
for Force Griffin so it was not the Maya he was trying to fight off in terms of bad PR it was the lytese fight well the
only reason I don’t like Mikey’s idea of showcasing Vulcan that same way is if he’s going to stay Champion Max tells
nowhere to go thank you yes I mean that’s sort of the idea right because he he didn’t give up
his middleweight strap to do that that would be the point yeah yeah that would be Max’s fault if he can’t be Vulcan is
what it is you’re right but uh I would like some some closure on this thank you
Mikey’s right in the sense that if Max can’t beat him yeah whose fault is it it’s it’s his own and I I fully
understand that but on some level it’s like how do you manage a guy’s career in the case of volkanovsky who is trying to
pursue like the highest level of Excellence by keeping him in a division that he’s already kind of conquered a
few times over and beaten the very best guy in that division three times you
just kind of can’t get there plus featherweight I think would not bloom but featherweight might have a little
bit more to offer in terms of um give and take if he does do he’s such a powerful force that like if he leaves
the division it opens up the parody uh or I said yeah it opens up the parody a little bit so anyway an interesting set
of circumstances to be clear all right let’s go to point number two topic two so how about this one BC this was close
this was real real close and I think it really comes down to a second round
error but Aaron blanchfield edges and I do mean edges Tyler Santos in a tough decision
contest now BC what did the fight prove did it prove that blanchfield was able
to rise to the occasion with high pressure or that Santos was vastly
underrated by a lot of folks including yours truly yeah but I think it proved both at the same time I think I got out
of this everything I wanted in terms of the questions I asked uh did I think that Tyler was going to be a very tough
striking out for for blanchfield if she can stuff the takedowns well that’s what happened in round one in Tyler Santos
off of her own long layoff coming off of the title lost to Valentina looked like a million bucks here’s what I
underestimated though about Aaron blanchfield and I’m very happy to find this out not just the continued
evolution of her cold-blooded toughness because she took big shots big counter shots from Tyler Santos that blood eater
nose in round one and you know we had legit questions at the end of round one but I underestimated blanchfield’s gas
tank Luke she is in she she’s a force so some of those breakthrough dominant wins
the Molly McCann fight the Jessica and drudge fight which I threw out there hey there’s still possibility this is fool’s
gold these are one-sided performances although she get tagged a bit against andrage uh where she you know is is in
first gear and what happens if it doesn’t go our way round one did not go away in a big way against Tyler Santos
and the way the Moxie that blanchfield showed to make adjustments and then gasp
Santos out we kind of you know we got answers to all our questions Tyler Santos is better than than people give
her credit for but she did Valencia did find her weakness in using round two to be just a scramble Fest and constantly
try to get her down and doing that she succeeded in weaponizing her cardio and I wasn’t sure blanchfield had that in
her Luke blenfield’s in absolute force and I did see a little bit of a mix of
people’s responses in terms of if she is did she prove to be against Santos as
good as you thought she was coming in and some people were disappointed because maybe they expected another piece of one-way traffic I come out more
on the blanchfield train now after finally getting to see this level of high resistance and seeing the
adjustments she made her striking’s not perfect but she made really smart adjustments in the second and third
round in order to you know stop the the trend that was happening around one which was her getting pieced up with
hard shots the mixture the threat of the wrestling there was a lot to really like about blanchfield and I think she’s only
going to keep getting better at 24. this is a big win in my eyes for her Luke and I think she’s you know I think she’s
ready I think she’s ready now I mean she’s going to keep getting better if she doesn’t get the title shot next there’s still room to grow but this is
what I wanted to see I wanted to see her get dirty and get in there and look at how she passed that test yeah it was a
close fight yeah you can make a case for Santos but because blanchfield was even though we’re not scoring this from Pride
rules because she had figured Santos out made the adjustments and then was
outlasting her now working her in the third round I don’t have to bring up that it was a closed fight and he could have scored it
the other way I was fine with two to one blanchfield she completely turned the tables on Santos made that fight her own
and had to go through some legit adversity to do so let me ask you a question then because I
have a slightly different view I mean I think I generally agree with the broad strokes but not totally can you say broad Strokes because they’re women look
because certainly not okay the question is this for you what would
you consider to be a fair criticism of Aaron blanchfield’s performance on
Saturday um her I believe her striking in general from head movement defense to getting
off her strikes is still a big work in progress I think she’s finding out how to supplement it to be a threat and she
she you know she gave Tylers not those couple couple uh things to think about with some overhand rights but it’s not
perfect I do believe it’s going to get better she’s only 24 and she continues to climb the ladder at a high pace so
Luke that biggest weakness I’m talking about actually she used it as a strength even though it’s it’s a little bit raw
and limited and with and so I don’t I don’t know right now what the big weakness is I’d like to see more head
movement and defense but she seems to have a huge chin on her she definitely has the eye of the tiger I mean she is
coming on to take over take over the world I mean it’s it’s a you know we we questioned after interviewing her
because she was almost like nonchalant almost naive about talking about yeah I’ll go up there fight Valentina and now
obviously Grasso’s a champion and we’re like man maybe she doesn’t realize it shouldn’t be this easy no Luke I was
wrong she is she’s wired To Be A Champion so the only thing I could say
is her striking if you if you show me a picture of this fight and five fights for now it’s gonna look completely
different she’s gonna get better very quick in that category but um I I don’t see many other glaring things jumping
out what about you yeah I mean I think again so let’s don’t I’ll ask the myself the same question I asked you which was
what is a fair a fair criticism of Aaron blanchfield’s performance I think one it
showed that yes she went up against an opponent who was very tough it’s not easy to take Tyler Santos down but I did
think she was going to have more success than she did and there was a couple I mean she got close several times so I
guess what I would say is understandable that taking down Santos was tough but it also kind of shows there’s a level of
finishing refinement on some of these takedowns that can be achieved that needs to be I think that’s fair to say
that’s the first one the one that was a little bit more concerning to me and when I re-watched the fight I didn’t see
it quite as badly the second time but still enough that I think it deserves mention you see this a lot in MMA and it
drives me kind of nuts especially because in MMA as opposed to boxing they stand a little bit further apart and so
you can do this a little bit more easily again relatively speaking this is a high level MMA contest but faking and
fainting before striking she did a little bit of that where like she would kind of fake low and then come over the
top and some of that would land but then you had Santos counter-striking the whole time and not just counter-striking
did you notice she was always finishing last and usually with a kick so she was always finishing last all was going last
all was going last and all of it landed all the time but the point I wanted to make was she was doing what I like to call jousting some sometimes not every
time but she was doing it where you know you just kind of just go when the person moves into position or go when you feel
the moment is Right rather than getting them to more calculatedly transfer defense or bite on a particular look
like for example like you think of the better Strikers some of them do a little bit of jousting but in general not volcanovski does not do that is he
doesn’t not do that right these are guys that make you set up in a certain way and walk you into things when they can
or they just completely trick you the whole way this was to me she’s 24 and it’s understandable that she fights this
way but to me the criticism would be she’s so full of Not Just Energy she had
great cardio by the way we should note that like that was on point but she’s got a real pressure heavy style not a
thing wrong with it but to beat the Elite guys you can see a pressure heavy style without the requisite pre-strike
or pre-engagement calculation it only gets you so far and this one to me came
down to that second round when Santos went for that like lateral drop and then basically just pulled blanchfield on top
of her we should be honest BC if she doesn’t do that yes I think if it had been a five round fight Blanchard would
have worn her down that that to me I don’t think is in dispute but it wasn’t it was a three round contest and who’s
to say how the rest of the fight would have gone but I mean to be that razor thin between Victory and and defeat by
the error of an opponent that you didn’t force them to make they made on their own you know some rethinking I I do believe
needs to happen if you’re in her Corner in her Camp about getting some of that refinement over the hump no doubt no
doubt she’s able and and this is exactly what she did in rounds two and three she’s able to lean on these what are
seemingly large and tangibles the weaponization of her cardio which I did not know she had I mean it absolutely
absolutely wore down somebody who could have been the champion right look like over five rounds she had done enough
against Valentina and after doing that after getting pieced up so badly in round one yet keeping the composure she
leaned on her composure her toughness her gas tank all of that and it kind of in the end made up for some of the
mistakes I agree you’re right which is which is here’s what’s interesting I think it’s this fight which blancheville
won and the Rose versus manolfaro fight which is going to be this coming Saturday as sort of a final four like
who’s coming out who’s gonna look the best to get that next title shot um
I almost don’t want her to get it yeah if she gets to the title level let’s say
Grasso defends it and beats Valentina in the rematch which is the week after in September um could she win before her game fully
gets refined and rounded out could she become Champion it’s possible she has the Moxie like I said she have all the other things there but I I’d almost like
to see her have to get one more because you know I did have questions Luke based on the resume what were the fights that
she dominated more about the opponent and more about you know her no she
showed against she showed me against Tyler Santos that that she’s got what she needs it’s just not perfected yet so
I I’d almost like you know uh her to take one more short of that but um what can you say negative about some
of those you know foundational elements to her Luke she should not she should not have what car she should not have
weaponized cardio on that level but it might be enough to to win a championship with that like it’s that good
comparatively in a great division by the way which is wild so I got a nice party
was great dude like listen Kane Velasquez had great wrestling Kane Velasquez actually had pretty decent
striking and Cain Velasquez is obviously a terrifying grounded pound but the thing that brought it all to life was
the dude was a heavyweight who couldn’t you know have cardio like a flyweight I mean you just did never seen anything
like that we’re not we’re not saying blanchfield is is on that level but the point I I agree with you like that that
cardio that she has dude that’s gonna be a force for any single person she goes up against especially when she gets to
Main Events especially when these main events are obviously going to be title fights like it’s just gonna be a serious
problem for everybody else and I also want to say something too you may have noticed this the commentary team didn’t
pick up one at least not in real time I don’t know if they what angle they were looking at do you remember the pass that she got I think in the second round that
she got it she got it was actually off of that maybe it was off the field take there but whatever it was and she moved
all the way out and Michael BisMan was like oh she’s looking for an arm bar it kind of looked that way it wasn’t it’s actually called a Sao Paulo pass or a
tozy pass it’s the same one that Rick has hit on Robert Whitaker you know that’s a very hard pass to get and not
just that it’s the kind it’s a smash pass right so it’s the kind of pass that you get from literally forcing your
opponent into such a contortion that they have to open their guard and let you pass in order to relieve the
pressure that’s actually how it works dude like she’s out there roughhousing these people you know so this is what I
mean a little bit more refinement in some of the finishing details she’s already got the physical presence she’s
already got the cardio she’s already got a lot of other things killer but I agree with you I don’t want a title fight to
be next because the the foundation the cement on the foundation hasn’t quite dried yet it’s almost there but not
enough for me to be like confidently saying oh she can beat anyone in this division on any night I’m not so sure
that’s true right at this second that was interesting that you use the term smash pass not only have I never heard
that before but I thought it was some type of skit and bit leading to talk about O’Malley’s marriage but that was well done by You Luke
let me just tell you man let me just tell you I mean you know no one no one cares what the [ __ ] I think but open
relationships open relationships dude I mean unless you’re unless you’re in a cult or
you’re like you know I don’t know who makes polygamy a big a
big deal these days but in general uh it won’t it won’t work out well for you especially with the divorce lawyers okay
um anything we want to say about Tyler Santos and where she goes from here still a viable candidate by the way yeah
her stock air stock kind of went up a little bit right I agree even though she
lost the fight and would only have herself to blame for faltering and as you said potentially that mistake on the
ground but look would you agree with me that after round one it looked like she might be the next Champion like she was big counter punching stiff shots wrong
too strong control distance very well did we did we find out though in this fight that that that she’s still got
some deficiencies yeah Luke she gassed out that’s why she lost the fight we could say it’s close but she lost this
fight because she gassed out on the ground that’s a true fact Luke and that’s tough to swallow but I think it can be you can I think you can fix that
I think you can still fix it at this point yes I do believe that as well so she she definitely outperformed what I
thought was possible and uh but that second round lateral drop where you just throw someone on top of you that was
costly to put it mild okay BC with that in mind let’s talk about another fight on this two more fights on this car and
I really want to get to one how about this one topic number three Anthony Smith he did get it done against Ryan
Spann but barely so it leads me to a point here where like I thought what was
interesting for Anthony Smith was he got hit with that left hand that that really blew up his left eye and I thought the
fight might have been over there but he hung on and he got it done so showed incredible toughness then he was
interviewed by his uh podcast co-host Michael Bisping and he was like you know for 35 this is pretty good which I agree
with however at 35 it’s not really clear exactly what the next step would be and
frankly for Ryan span I guess you know continuing to hang around and take more interesting fights is a thing but I
don’t know like all these 205 205 fights happen and I never feel like it gives us a lot of clarity about 205 what did you
learn from this country the player is a great way to say it I learned a lot because a lot ultimately went down in
this weird rematch of a fight so let’s be honest about what the design was to see if Anthony Smith at his age can
still be a you know either a super Elite gatekeeper or has one more run at the bell in him which I’m sure is a big part
of the motivation to get him back after big defeats like this and in that regard they gave him a guy he had already
finished but a guy who if Smith wasn’t still that guy could have issues against
overall Smith showed me he still got it Luke there was a Rejuvenation especially early in this fight with the Striking
and the setups and the like you can see that he’s not willing to go away quietly
and and I think was able to resuscitate his name and hold serve which again was the the point of this the only issue I
had Luke is I don’t think he won the fight I thought span won that two to one and I don’t I don’t think I I thought it
was fairly clear by my eyes that span won it two to one and I was surprised to see that result at the end
but it’s one of those fights that whether he did win it or lose it I think he won the The Narrative of what what we
were trying to find out at his age he did not bad for his age absolutely not bad because it’s showing you Luke that
he’s still working at it that he’s still trying to find new ways to be better and I think it would have been different if
he went out there and only took a ton of punishment it’s not like he didn’t take punishment I mean his his eye was was gnarly and I and I was worried it would
uh ultimately cost him the fight in a stoppage loss short of that did he take big shots yeah well Anthony Smith does
he he he gets in there and fights but for what he’s trying to prove and show I
think he proved it Luke I think he did I’m okay I’m okay with him moving forward I thought this was a nice nice
little comeback uh but I know I’m giving mixed messages and telling you I didn’t think he won I didn’t think he won Luke but I like the performance Okay so
all right so we agree Smith won the first round and we definitely agree span won the second very easy call so really
just comes down to the third round in real time I will tell you how I felt about it I watched and I go okay
definitely could go either way you know you just know like that’s just what it could be but I
thought that Smith had edged it for sure personally now that was personally speaking let me give you the fight
metric odds here if I may because I didn’t know this until just now I was like what’s the odd what did the number say
dude the biggest striking differential and again these are quantitative totals how how much they differ qualitatively
is a different consideration but quantitatively the biggest difference in
numerically in terms of what Smith landed over span happened in round three rounds one Smith to span 24 to 10. that
makes sense round two we were both 22 but again the qualitative difference there would clearly go in favor of Ryan
Span in round three Smith 45 span 27. I
mean that’s you know I I kind of felt like he did he was a little bit busier and he landed a little bit better but
you know you never know what the judge is it could go either way in that sense I’m surprised you thought it was a clean round or clean-ish round for span why
was it a finish round yeah I’d have to re-watch now look here you’re forcing me to reawaken to that in the moment I I
felt like it was two to one Smith or span but I but I get what you’re saying on that and I actually like to re-watch
that today Luke to figure that out then if we cancel that side of it and my concerns there do you Echo what I’m
saying that what Anthony Smith was trying to accomplish of this fight did he expect to get his eye mangled in a
near you know serious way no but good Lord the Moxie the toughness the the rebound ability that he showed and the
evolution of his game altogether would you Echo what I’m saying like Anthony Smith showed us he’s still there he’s
still here man I think he I I I you know I have great respect for Anthony as a talent and as a tough guy he has you
know more than earned my respect on both of those accounts and I do agree I do agree you get a hard-earned win like
this one especially after getting your whole eye just mangled in the second then coming out in the third even though
even if you thought span win just to force for Smith to kind of
collect himself and go back out there and fight I thought was very very impressive the only thing that I would
say is and I say this out of someone with great admiration form at 35 dude he’s getting hurt every time he’s going
in there win or lose that’s the part to me that’s a bit of a problem and some of these win you know
the the injuries are you know are happening related to the fight event and some are just you know a combination of
age or the wrong step or whatever but I don’t know man like at 35 he’s getting he’s just taking a lot more damage than
I if I’m being honest more damage than I am comfortable watching most of the time
um so I would say that you’re right he does you get a win like this you keep it
moving let’s see what’s next it’s an interesting conversation about Ryan span because dude this was
dude this was his shot this was a great opportunity to beat a guy with a name
who the UFC has kind of positioned as a broadcaster at time certainly an on-screen analyst who does analysis work
and how of course he does a podcast with Michael Bisping and everything else in between and he had this guy really
really really hurt in the second if you’re Ryan span there are some questions to be asked about how did you
let this guy off the [ __ ] hook what would you say yeah I’m with you on that I mean did you
think that fight was gonna get stopped in round two I thought it was I did I did I thought I thought uh oh that looks
real bad look he hit him with a flying knee right or knocked him down with one I forget the exact seat he did get him
with a flying knee but it was the punch that just blew up the eye because of the the ain’t the sharp angle yes but I’m saying what knocked him off his feet
whatever that was when he fell off of his feet I was like oh because Ryan span’s gonna just unload here and that’s
gonna be that and then it just didn’t and I was like dude this this was his
chance to turn the corner from being kind of like a guy who fights some of the more profiled names in the division
to just kind of staying where he is which is not the end of the world but not it’s not an elevation it’s not an
escalation this was a great chance for him it just it just didn’t work I agree I agree all right with that in mind
let’s go to the last fight of note from this card which of course was the uh return of Giga chikaze he gets a
decision uh winning his return it was a weird fight over over Alex castleis but BC question to you is as follows he got
the win he looked I thought for the most part fine right had I had a really
gung-ho post-fight speech did he look to you like a real title threatening
Contender at 1 45. for a lot of this fight yes it would have been great
catapulted in it with the exclamation point of a finish without question but we did have to put more respect on Bruce
Lee where his name would come in with seven wins and eight fights and you know he was able to to wield some of that heavy power from Giga and then find
moments of countering too but yeah Luke this was a reinvention there was a lot of time off and you have to believe the
one-sided nature of that humbling Fiverr on loss uh to cater really caused really forced Giga to go back to the drawing
board and kind of figure things out what’s missing what am I doing wrong in that regard with the time off and in a
tough fight here over 15 minutes um I’m happy I’m happy moving forward here Luke he’s back he’s back in a big
way the post-fight speech which we’ll see and have you seen this [ __ ] was kind of quirky but also kind of like his way
of showing us that that he’s still a force I don’t leave this fight questioning that Luke uh I do have
questions with the performance against cater this was the right rebound at the right time I felt okay what uh what
about it with this particular performance what would you say was the best thing that Giga chikaze showed you the land clean strikes like clean hard
heavy strikes put be an Intimidator I mean like there were moments I thought he had hurt because Sarah’s hurt where
he could would have where he was closer to it to a stoppage than ultimately happened but um you sound like you’ve got you’ve got
some ill repair you want to share here not exactly not exactly I think when you’re off this long and the premium is
going to be just get the W you know just get the w I think it’s just unfair for a guy to be
expected to go out there and just Razzle Dazzle you you know so I don’t want to be clear that’s not what I’m doing here at all I thought he got a hard-earned
win no doubt about it but the disparity and Strikes between them now Chicago had
the superior number in round one and round three but not in round two but listen to the disparity in total strikes
landed 17 to 15 in favor of Giga 23 to 24 in favor of Alex and then 25 to 23 in
favor of Giga the one thing that I would say surprised me was not that it wasn’t giga’s best performance ever or
something like that I I fully expected them to be a little bit Rusty when it all worked out I just thought he could have done a little bit more work I
thought the work rate was surprisingly a little bit low um you know I I think it might match
some of his more average no actually strikes under per minute is about a little higher than four so he didn’t
take as much damage but he didn’t quite he didn’t step on the gas pedal of this one a little more than I thought he
could have not recklessly that’s not what I’m saying that’s not what I’m saying but the fact that every round was
kind of numerically close that they basically were doing these not the same quality but the same level of more or
less activity that surprised me a little bit am I okay I mean you gotta no but I think some of
that falls into what Alex caceres was doing here having won seven of eight coming in and just not going away
quietly it seems like anytime Giga did land a big combination or or a big shot there was a counter there was sort of
something to give gig a pause from maybe doing exactly what you wanted him to do I give him the pass for not getting the
Finish considering the the the level of the opponent across from him and the time off
but I could see what you’re saying I mean maybe it’s the next fight that fully decides exactly where he’s going I
just think all things considered I saw the the mean streak back in him I saw a lot of what I needed to see but it it’s
just a tough opponent I mean look I’m waiting for you to finally put some respect on Bruce Leroy’s name and not
necessarily for his critical standing but more than show him the respect enough to pronounce his last four
different Native Spanish speakers yesterday because I had a bunch over how to pronounce it it’s casares
to somebody else okay well Luke I’m gonna work here did you admit that in the past you had the same one-sided
feeling that you were right on Rhonda’s last name until we played you the video of no I didn’t I wasn’t nearly as confident I wasn’t nearly as confident
but we had an argument about Bruce Leroy in the past in which I said well if Annex says it this way and you were like
I don’t care what annik says I want to hear a native speaker would it change your opinion about what Bruce Leroy says
Mikey hit it
hey my name is Alex caceres from the UFC whoa look at that Luke I mean yes that’s
what he tells English-speaking audiences let’s see what he tells Spanish thinking audience you can tell your four native
speakers that you talk to unless any of them are related to you where to shove it Luke and if they’re related to I apologize great find me someone who
speaks Spanish who pronounces it caseras doesn’t it doesn’t exist the point is
it’s like does it look like [ __ ] it’s Marty from Nebraska all over again people who have names from different
languages they will tell English-speaking audiences how to pronounce it a certain way so that the
same thing is it Adrian Yanez or is it Adrian Yanez which one is it because he tells everybody it’s Yanez on purpose so
he doesn’t have to deal with people [ __ ] up his last name that’s why it’s it’s Marty from Nebraska all over again
I know I don’t think so Luke I don’t think in this case if he’s I’m sure like on that video I’m sure he tells other
people like other Americans yeah it’s caseros I have no no doubt no doubt I’m just saying doesn’t it come down to the
horse’s mouth doesn’t come down to the fighter if he says it’s this it’s this I’ll tell you I’ll tell you what if if if he tells uh anyone else who speaks
Spanish it’s caserus I will completely say let’s serve up Crow I will eat it
then we’ll we’ll pause this and wrong for the future okay we’ll pause it that’s a deal that’s funny though you
got that ready though that’s funny that’s a good bit I see you yeah yeah I see you I forgot the guy’s name that DM
me that he’s like please play this for Luke tomorrow and I’m like yeah again telling English-speaking audiences how to pronounce it doesn’t prove jack [ __ ]
but okay well yeah but you’re you’re aggressively if you guys if you guys I mean I don’t
understand the confidence that y’all have to look at a name that is common in this part of the world and then to look
at it and be like oh no no the Gringo way of pronouncing it that’s the correct way I don’t understand that I don’t get
that and like we have other examples of Latino guys automatically changing their
names to American audiences and it doesn’t at least at least give you a little bit of pause about how people
navigate these worlds between two languages I don’t I don’t make judgments based on
where people are from I let them tell me how to say their name okay that’s the difference it’s between you and me I
mean really that’s it right yeah I pronounce words uh the best I can according to the language that they’re in yeah that’s true yeah you put the
language above the person though no I do the uh no I I don’t I put the
language in its proper position that’s what I do there unless they’re not BB I
know this whole bit like Luke is an elitist [ __ ] he likes to do stuff like this
but when you actually know people in the world who have had to change the way they pronounce their name to just fit
into other places it gives you a little bit of pause about declaring what you see when you see other people like that
trying to navigate those spaces it can’t be easy for them maybe he’s just comfortable doing that that could be the
case but what I’m trying to tell you is it’s not a name that only he and his family have it’s a vast name across a
vast expanse of the world and every time I find a native speaker to look at it whether they’re from Guatemala Colombia
Mexico they all pronounce it cassades all of them all of them so I’m just
trying to explain something to you he might be navigating the world in the best way possible or he can tell me it’s pronounced that way I will eat [ __ ] for
it I am but I’m a little bit skeptical that him talking to English-speaking audiences is the most accurate
reflection of what his name is that’s all okay Luke all right I mean I mean
that’s fair that’s a fair comeback but I have to say I have to say that’s a good bit you pulled I ain’t even mad at the bit the bit is funny the bit is funny uh
any final thoughts on him by the way his record his record is weird right what is Leroy’s record is sitting in a just this
bizarre place he wins a couple he loses he wins a couple he’s like 35 and like yeah better than ever kind of sorta
right kind of but this was the fight he needed to win against a name who had questions coming off a loss in a long
layoff and again I thought he fought well which is what I believe stopped Giga from from putting on the
kind of performance we all would have wanted to say oh he’s back with a bang put him in a title shot or put him up
against the number two or three guy um I’ll give Ruth’s Leroy credit for that but look he also needed this win to
get out of that grouping of sort of you know a guy that’ll juggle a winning or a loss here and there here and there seven
of eight has been great but you need name value on there this was that chance and you know I don’t know Luke I don’t
know how he gets out of this and makes another run uh maybe you got to double down and go right back in another tough matchup and try to try to score a big
win here he’s coming off two wins uh and obviously this one was a loss but I’m saying before that the Julian Arosa win
and then the Daniel Pineda win like those were two good ass wins and it wasn’t like he got beat up in this one
exactly I don’t think he’s fell that far I mean I know your point I agree with it there was a graduation opportunity here
they kind of fell short of but nevertheless it didn’t do major damage I’ll put it that way it didn’t do major damage to his standing he’s still pretty
pretty good pretty useful as a as a real quality test for opponents I think all
right with that in mind BC let’s go to the one kind of boxing note we had over the weekend
an interesting one a weird one right what would you say something a little bit unusual so here’s what happens the
here’s the overall result Alexander usick stops Daniel Dubois in the ninth round basically with a jab which was
kind of interesting he scored two knockdowns on the fight the second one was the one obviously that closed the show he never he got counted out and
then stood up after the counter right as the count was ending that was it so he scores a USIC scores a ninth round
stoppage but there was a fifth round weird shot
no I believe we have a little bit of footage to go over here before I spin it back to you BC if we can I want to take
a look at this uh if at all possible I don’t know if Mikey can punch it up or not yeah here we go this is the shot
right there that’s the shot in question that’s the one everyone has
talked about it’s that shot that is technically below or at however you want to describe it the belt line now I’ve
done a little bit of research on this I got some opinions but BC you’re the boxing guy so you go first question
number one was it a low blow my response is almost A Tale of Two Cities here because I did not watch this fight live
but was but knew about the results because I was uh running an errand in between a long day watching fights and
got a lot of DMS from fans with that video saying Hey BC is this is this on the like legit so or is this on the up
and up or not so if you only saw that footage we just showed you it’s a borderline shot and I’m here to
say that most referees are you know a lot of referees would have allowed that
and that would have been a knockdown effect people were even bringing up footage from earlier in usic’s career I forgot the opponent where the same thing
happened there was a a borderline shot he went down thought he was going to get time but the referee ruled it a knock
down and usick popped right back up and dealt with it um if you’re only looking at that footage it looks okay it does
but there are two elements that shrunk that footage one the letter of the law and two the referee’s discretion so
here’s what I mean the letter of the law on the rules of a low punch are that the navel the belly button is the line and
if a punch touches even impartial below the belly button it’s officially a low
blow that punch right on that logo because usik after getting up did kind of pull his trunks up a little so you
could see where his navel was it was right at the top of that belt line so technically yes officially technically
that’s a low blow but even what trumps the letter of the law during a fight is
referee’s discretion unfortunately for this fight we got Luis pabone who does not have a
good reputation in boxing mostly for the Vladimir Klitschko championship fight against Alexander povetkin in Moscow in
which Pabon allowed Klitschko to lean all over povetkin and constantly follow him and just you know just clench him
and elbow him and lean on him in ways that just didn’t give povetkin even a chance to compete in that fight but
Bone’s been largely Hit or Miss since then although he did the USIC AJ rematch without a major issue when you see Luis
pabone out there in fact you can search your favorite boxing writers on Twitter and search their history people are usually saying bad things than good
things poboned in the when the referee’s instructions when they were on camera in the ring did not mention the belt line
at all which means he talked to them in the locker room beforehand which is standard for everyone so it actually
comes down to wherever Luis pabone in the locker room told them was a legal
Punch or not basically he’s setting his own line that they have to deal with it’s like a umpire having his own strikes on right but in the third round
two rounds before the body shot knocked down USA got hit in the exact same spot with the exact same type of punch by
DuBois and right away pabone said nope that’s a low blow and went and put and was facing warned him so what I’m
basically saying is with the combination of the locker room talk and that instruction in round three and the fact
that Pabon in round five when the punch happened right away said nope it’s a low blow it’s a low blow guys it’s legally a
low blow based on the rules and pabones discretion trumps that and it was a low blow that doesn’t mean there’s no
problems with what happened right and the biggest problem was Pabon giving usik F the full five minutes forcing him
to take the full five minutes and then afterwards when music’s like no I’m ready let’s fight encouraging him to
take even more time which made no sense and began to scream an idea of impropriety that the favored
championusic was getting special treatment I also think usick sold the punch too much I’m not going to say it
didn’t hurt because legal or not right on the Belt Line we’ve all been kicked above the crotch before right or had
some type of mishap there you can get the same feeling of getting hit in the crotch I have no question that that hurt and he was reacting to that but once he
knew which was instantly that it was going to be ruled in a legal punch I think usick milked it too long and then
when he was given that extra time it made it look bad did it look bad yes but based on everything I just said should
it have been a knockout win for Daniel Dubois no look the answer is no it actually played out the way legally and
all things considered it was supposed to yeah so that’s a great answer that’s a great answer I’m really glad you
clarified it that way are there other ballots that Luis Pabon has had a
similar impact making questionable decisions in the middle of a fight yeah
I laid out for you the pavatkin versus Klitschko heavyweight title fight Moscow in which he tarnished his reputation and
then since then like I said you can search on Twitter he’s he’s Hit or Miss in the big moments you know sorry sorry
okay fair enough so uh if you can show it Mike if you don’t have it it’s okay but if you have the replay show it one
more time one more time guys pay attention not the thumb just the knuckles right on Dubois just the
knuckles there if you look at just the knuckles and not the thumb it actually I mean you can like one more time just
look at the knuckles right you see it’s significantly lower and the trajectory of the punch BC as you can see it’s
coming up this way so folks are kind of getting it where the park with at the end of the strike zone like where the catcher is then moving it to a little
bit versus more where it’s making initial contact but if you look at just that and then you look at the space to
your point anything below the navel in Nevada is the rule I looked up the rule in California it’s anything below the
hip line although the rules themselves don’t specify the hip line and that’s measured different ways but in this
particular case however the rules were whatever rule set was governing them you’re right it is technically a lobo
here’s where my question comes into play it’s not so much about the Pabon side one I’m surprised that about that’s
airing on ESPN granted it was in Poland and everything else I understand but bouts of significance why isn’t there
more instant replay is one thing I would say yeah the crowd the crowd sorry the British commentary was talking about VAR
I’m not I’m not still talking about vars I think from soccer if you don’t know BC we don’t need that but there is a question of instant replay and sort of
here’s the other part to me that I well actually you know what answer that one first why why isn’t there more Instant
Replay for main events in boxing it’s based on the state and the
commission and the ruling there and it’s usually a messy thing on top of that in terms of the execution of it for the
most part but in this case it wasn’t there I mean look like whether it’s you just mentioned you just Illustrated how
state by state the rules can be different it can be the naval or in California says it’s the hip line or whatever it comes down to what the
referee says not just in the locker room beforehand but most importantly in the moment and in the moment pabone called
it a low blow so it’s a low blow no matter what I get what you’re saying could we uh should we have had a replay
that could have changed this my only issue is that is it would have stopped the fight probably for even longer than
the time pabone gave usik and I think it would have been inconsequential in the end because it’s close it’s borderline
technically illegally it did stray below and if it Strays and even touches below that’s where it is if this was rule they
knocked down in the moment we would have to go with that nusic would have had to suck it up hurt and get up and try to
get there it really comes down to the referee but man okay so let me ask you on this level then and I also what about
this based on what you’re saying about Poland not being maybe a key spot for a huge fight this big uh it was raining
out and they had nothing in terms they had a top to the ring but it was ill-equipped for rain the rain the ring
was wet and the you know usick slipped at one point nearly went down and then also Anthony yaget on the undercard
um basically dealt with negligent medical attention on site after his loss uh to Baron chick and so all in all this
looked a little bit like a clown show Luke in terms of the commission and organization of it but again on that
decision referees call that’s what pabone did that’s it that’s that’s yeah also I don’t know if you saw this I
didn’t say anything on Friday’s show but like the the graphic they had for the weigh-in for this fight it said the
weight in not the way in so it’s like I wonder if there was a native speaker who was building all the stuff out yeah
they’re here or there here’s my question how come I’ve seen certain referees
not just allow it in real time but even at the instructions when they’re facing off say certain shots on the Belt Line
are okay why is there I I maybe the answer is referee discretion but it seems like I can understand why certain
fans are at a bare minimum confused or like I see guys land this all the time I think why is this one so different
because what said during the forced handshake in the referee’s instructions
in the ring is really just a summation of the 15-minute speech that the referee gives both Fighters and their teams in
the locker room beforehand about all the rules when they do it sometimes on TV just to reiterate it’s more for our
visual to see okay because the trainers are standing right behind them as they close up and it’s referees saying of a
reminder this is the line it would have helped if we can go back and rewatch the tape and pabone had done that he didn’t
he kind of pointed toward the waist but didn’t really Define it but he clearly does that in locker room because it’s
part of the job you have to so the fighters knew and Luke you know when I bring up that third round shot same
exact shot but bone instantly ruled it a a low blow it’s ref he’s calling all
this stuff that’s what it is so like I don’t you know I don’t know why people were I don’t know look the question
comes down to this if pabone had ruled it a legal shot in the moment would have usik have gotten up that’s
the real question here that people but nobody knows the answer to that it’s impossible to know
so what what are we supposed to do here it’s pabone’s call and letter of the law it’s true it was a low blow that’s what
it is it just he shouldn’t have given us like 25 minutes to to to figure it out I mean that was BS that was but that’s
that’s the highest level in boxing we got Lawrence Coles we’ve got Luis pabones we’ve got these guys Luke who
freeze in the big moment never seemed to catch a receipt for it and are shoved out first in line when we have a big
fight once again that’s a larger issue that than than anything usick did you know okay is there now an argument to be
made because uh afterwards there were lots of people who had found footage from various fights I think all of them
really a cruiserweight well maybe one from Joshua but whatever where he took a shot to the midsection
and some of them were quite legal and he went down or was like visibly affected by it can we now affirmatively conclude
that if you’re gonna fight usick it appears that his endurance and ours should say durability to the body is
questionable yes and Tim Bradley who I think is really starting to stand out I know he’s got some [ __ ] that people
don’t like but Tim Bradley on the ESPN call at the start of round one said Dubois only chances by going to the body
and he gave all the reasons why you would want to do that I think it plays into this part of what makes what usik is doing at
heavyweight so beautiful so incredible so extreme art is that he’s so small for
heavy I know he’s six three but you know he’s a Cruiserweight physically Luke he takes on a lot of a lot of damage to win
these fights like Pacquiao Pacquiao when he was running up all the way to Margarita at 100 you know in that 150 pound catch pound catch weight fight he
took a beating in that fight even though he dominated Margarita because he’s facing such bigger guys I think at times
usick has looked a little bit more human in some of these heavyweight fights particularly the Derek jasorophyte which
was his first big test in the division because Styles make fights and the guys that are able to use their physicality
on him uh you know he’s got a really good chin and he’s bitten down on some big shots but it’s physically taxing he
even said after that first AJ win that he was hurt he didn’t show it but he was you know he was beat up in that fight so
I think that you know the box look the body thing is smart because he’s a mover for the most part usik especially if
he’s ever going to be in trouble you’re going to really see him move but Luke I think what makes him great is he’s
welcoming so much risk in bigger men across from him but dude he operates right in front of you for being a guy
who’s known as a trickster a classy boxer a technical you know fiend he does stand right in front of you and he’s and
he’s there for you to to take big swings at like he dares to be great and dares to take on danger in such an extreme way
that being physical with him and slowing him down is the only way you’re going to beat him I will tell you what though was kind of
interesting so in the ninth when it all finally stopped he gets hit with the jab but you know I’m not saying a jab like we just popped his head back it was at
an angle where it actually Twisted it so he actually got hit with a nice hard jab okay In fairness to Dubois but he gets
counted out and then stands as the basically the count is over and they called it okay boy let me ask you something BC because
it’s something I just don’t fully understand boxing media [ __ ] trashed him trashed
him and not just that a lot of other boxers on Twitter too and they’re like Dubois may have had whatever he had in
the fifth but in the ninth when he got dropped he could have stood up and he just quit calling him dude I saw a
boxing media calling him a quitter how come you don’t like you see people trash MMA fighters but you don’t
typically see like credentialed MMA media calling someone a quitter calling someone a clown or trash why does boxing
media do that boxing’s Cutthroat in a lot of ways I mean MMA but it’s really
brutal and I think also look this is a fighter from the UK um in a big fight in Europe and in the
UK media in particular it the culture is much more Cutthroat in that regard but you’re right you don’t see anyone
hesitating in American media from saying that because it’s true Luke so here’s the deal
when Dubois lost to Joe Joyce in that battle of unbeatens in the moment it looked like he quit and he got a lot of
criticism for it it looked like he could have continued despite the the the intense swelling on his eye we would
come to find out like Vitale Klitschko when he quit against Chris bird and we found out after that his shoulder was
basically that in you know that far away from ripping from the bone and him his career being over we found out no you
know Dubois Facebook was like I was badly broken like anybody would have quit there and rightfully so we all said
all right let’s let’s not talk about that like should we talk about that in general Luke no probably not but we do
see some I don’t know if you remember Andrew Ruiz against Tor Hamer I mean at the at the highest level Sometimes some
guys sometimes just quit they just quit they’re like no more no ma there’s no monster Amir Khan against Bud Crawford
yes so I think people gave Dubois a pass and yet here he is back in a much bigger
fight against the unified heavyweight champion in a fight that he may have actually had a case in making an
argument that he should that he could have or or did knock out usick based on that debate we just had and then when
the fight started to really not go his way with the first knockdown in the eighth round and then eventually the ninth round stoppage when they saw what
seemed to be teasing elements of of quit again it’s sort of like oh I told you so I told you he was
a quitter we had to give him a pass last time but right there but Luke even though that’s extremely harsh dude it’s
true he quit now I’m not going to say that he didn’t get hit real as you said that jab was more than a jab it was like
a power cross it was like using squared up and then with his right hand came with a cross and for a guy whose same
eye was already broken in the past could that have hit him and hurt him in a way that it’s sort of like oh I’m not going down that road for my own health I got
no issue with that if that’s the case and that turned out to be the case against Joe Joyce but he absolutely took
the knee waited till 10 and then stood up there’s no question about it could he have continued Luke yes did he have
legit reasons why he shouldn’t have I mean that’s his call and when you’re talking about health especially here I I’m not going to come out here and and
use it as a negative and say oh Dubois has always been a quitter no he’s a warrior and he went in there against
arguably the best heavy weight in the world and one of the top five pound for pound in the world and had a moment had
some moments was okay but Luke I think it was fatigue and I think all of that got once it was sick really started to
zoom in just so people know using stood so close to Dubois swiveled with his head to to you know Miss shots and then
just sticking him and even though sick is not known as a big puncher at heavyweight his punching is so accurate
so clean so fast that he beat the fight out of him did usik did and so that’s
why you see people piling on Dubois in that regard I’m not gonna pile on Luke but if he asked me if he quit he quit
it’s the truth yeah I mean I think he did quit as well but again if he had something wrong with his Ai and you know
who knows what his reasons are for quitting ultimately but yeah I do think agree it was just jarring to see it was
jarring to see normally mild Manner and media members there’s a lot of M’s there but uh
just [ __ ] trashing the guy I was like whoa this is this is new I hadn’t seen
something quite like this before but okay neither here nor there last thing I’ll say on this and then we’ll put a bow on this conversation
does the result of this and the controversy in terms of maybe some of the weaknesses shown about USIC
does it make a fight with Fury after and ganu more likely or does it not really have an effect I think um it may end up
not having an effect but if if two if if forced to choose either way I think it’ll help it I think it shows the path
to Victory it shows some vulnerability Fury will always be a favorite against USIC most of us are going to end up picking Fury
um when you know if and when this actually happens there there is some element to the idea of Fury realizing that usick’s the only
guy that could beat him truly now look could Wilder land a big punch right could Joshua Land one big punch it’s
possible but reality Luke who’s actually beating this version of Tyson Fury at heavyweight the only guy who has a
legitimate chances usik even though he wouldn’t be the betting favorite I do wonder if Fury’s just trying to wait him
out U6 not young we’ll see is he 36 or 37 Luke not young at all I have his information here he does take heavy
physical damage even in wins even in some one-sided wins because he’s a daring fighter who stands so close right
there in the pocket 36. I do wonder if Fury’s even though we don’t panic about age at heavyweight if Fury’s just like
look I’ll cash out and ganu here I got my reality show here the thing is Luke we not only want Fury to act the part of
being heavyweight champion and welcoming all comers to take on History we want it in our timetable and we want it we want
him to be honest he’s not doing any of the of the sort right because every time he speaks he goes in 10 different
directions but the reality is after the sangano fight there would be no other excuse they gotta do this fight it could
happen let’s say spring of next year and I think Fury probably saw a little bit more to give him more confidence that if
he comes in with a style meant to lean on Fury which AJ was never able to do never able to cross that line and be
more physical to the point where it was like potentially helping him win now he did he did bother usick he did push him
physically couldn’t get over the hump could Fury do that could he lean on him and go to the body with giant hooks you
damn right he could Luke so I wonder if in the long run this is a net positive for for usik to finally get the the
fight now just to remind you usick had to sign with that Saudi Arabian based boxing promotion and a lot of people
thought that was a prerequisite to get in line to fight Fury ringside in Poland
was Amir Abdallah from that from that promotion in Saudi Arabia does that mean that that does that have connections to
Fury does that mean that we’re still likely to see Fury and usick early next year it makes sense right also Luke did
you notice Jake Paul and Nikita baderian were there I did yes well and Jake had a couple social videos out with usik what
do you think that was about I don’t know I mean I part of me wonders
like you know is he a genuine boxing fan and you know he’s obviously a multi-millionaire so he can just go to
big boxing events when he wants it could be but I tend to think it’s probably not just that there’s got to be some sort of
business component but if you have a better read on it than I do by all means let me know no I I think it was just that there was some level of business
component with somebody right whoever could be Saudi Arabia it could be anybody who knows they were there to do business with someone and also see the
the USIC and Dubois fight but what the business is I don’t know I guess we’ll find out all right now BC that’s it for
our top five normally we would do DMS here but I think what might make more sense is maybe to push those to
Wednesday and we just get to what I’m told is an absolutely epic bag well I don’t know
about epic it has a chance Luke it has a chance to be great this this this batch of [ __ ] we got here so I’m leaving you
Brian giving me clearance in the runway because right after we filmed this look I’m gonna be getting on a plane anyway
um for La Big Business to come so I’m gonna hit you right now with what I did yesterday Luke which was Scott wearing
the globe I actually did it on Saturday right I looked for the highs and the lows The Good the Bad the Ugly in Combat Sports uh and in between too and there’s
some elder abuse and there’s some you know really weird stuff going on it’s called have you seen this [ __ ] let’s [Applause]
all right Luke there’s our new theme song on there which I by the way I dig it I love it it’s so much better it’s
better than than us making uh you know like those kind of noises let’s go to UFC Singapore Luke apparently Max
Holloway is the heat did you see this pre-fight what are we doing here Max let’s listen hey guys guys this guy told
me bring the heat tomorrow that joke’s on him I am the heat let him know
but that what Joe Rogan was there so that couldn’t have been Singapore uh oh really dude was that that was that
an old one show it again oh I got hey guys this guy told me bring the heat tomorrow
that joke’s on him I am the Heat Luke the joke’s on me you’re right the
joke’s on me that’s an old clip but uh great due diligence there yeah it was a core ball dad joke but I was into it for
Max though so thank you very much uh the Giga show is back Luke let’s listen in on Chicago giving the nice full job on
us and I have a big announcement today to say
so it’s been a long time and uh
I decided to you guys always back [ __ ] I’m coming back for everybody schedule
Movies 16 December I want to be there I never
bought the paper you’ve got three times I Wanna Be There look that was pretty good I popped for
that that’s pretty good I popped I popped for it too actually I would like to tell you that I didn’t but I did it worked all right we just took it from
Connor but hey if it works just keep doing it there it is uh Parker Porter Connecticut’s finest Luke finished his
tour of taffa and he finished it face down Luke which helped me on okay bed here’s a a little look in here just the
worst bed ever I mean but Luke you have alluded that there are actually two
other Combat Sports taffa Brothers what how awesome would it be if this guy can
retire having fought Jon Jones in all four taffas it would be uh he would go
into the Connecticut hall of fame or maybe New Zealand Hall of Fame I don’t know but uh yeah that was that was a
tough ending for old Parker Porter Let’s go to heavyweight Waldo costes Acosta Luke I made the really bad Godfather
joke of him sending Lucas sabreski to live with the fishes but it turned out to be true face first bro dude not just
that like that could have been bad the way he landed first of all this this donk came right over the top nice shot
and then look at him that’s like me on the dance floor right there look dude oh yo dude landing on your head like that
that is insanely dangerous yeah that’s bad that’s insanely dangerous
[Music] post whippets in the uh back yeah there you go uh pfl playoff time Luke this is
a holdover from Wednesday from New York City Biagio Ali Walsh the grandson of the greatest scored a pretty gnarly KO
they’ve been featuring him pretty high that’s that’s Ali Walsh in the red yeah I’m gonna guess the guy the white guy
with dreadlocks is not a Ali descendant Luke his brother uh and boxing lost on
over the weekend you see that on the top ring dude he closed or in some places as a minus
2 000 favorite and then lost a decision yeah I mean he’s been shaky in some wins
he’s gone through a ton of different trainers he can punch a little bit but yeah that was a uh he’s gonna find dude he’s gonna fight Jake Paul right like
that’s gonna happen oh that oh dude I didn’t even consider that yeah oh my gosh okay uh Luke future wife alert or
no let’s go to the Ball Game you tell me
[Music] play that one more time play that one more time
do you think it’s staged Luke is it my imagination or is she just
eating sausage and then washing it down with Tito’s vodka yeah she’s drinking she’s
eating a Joey Chestnut Style Just raw dog in it Luke just just grossly yeah wife material no not wife material but
uh Friday night material material yes uh Luke uh remember that
those famous kickboxers that went tip on tip and it started the Revolution and we put their poster up on the uh bomb
shelter Studio yes this is the one that well you know you say we I don’t know
that it’s a wee thing more than it’s just a new fashion project of yours like
that Frozen rope McGregor had for Mayweather at their way and these two men were so jacked up at the idea of
fighting each other that they got aroused the same thing happened in this Queensbury promotions boxing bout over
the weekend look look at that guy in the red holy crap look at the unit on that guy
[Music] I cannot believe we have a podcast where we encourage readers to look at men’s
dicks dude I’ve been sent that video probably 350 times in the past like week
of for people you know what the other guys but here’s the thing okay I’m gonna do I promise I want to do this for
everyone show it one more time we have to show the whole thing but just check this out it’s you’re saying to touch it
it’s really just the guy on the left yeah but they’re touching tips Luke this is happening I know but if you’re the guy on the right you got to back up a
couple steps right yeah you do yeah you do unless you I mean let me know you know you gotta You Gotta Lose the the
battle to win the war here alone you know you got to find out if you’re really about that life turned out he was though Luke turned out he was uh time
for your Kos of the week let’s watch this referee closely here I don’t think I’ve seen this before
oh he got hit with the Thunder yes he did they’re gonna need another from
Mexico versus Ireland or whatever yeah yikes oh wow all right yeah amateurs bro
they’d be doing the Spazzy stuff you gotta yeah Regional MMA too anything can happen that’s crazy uh let’s go to the
hockey game here let’s see we haven’t seen a good hockey fight in a while on this show caps open up in uh 46 days oh
Jesus oh [ __ ] yeah that’s a double that’s like a good hockey fight that was
like Fedor and matrion and Metreon on Ice Luke that was great dude that was
that was great they were killing each other Russian MMA I think this is like a
weigh-in show of some kind they always fight on the show Luke watch this oh yeah right oh
okay real question real question how much more popular would UFC be if there
was an ESPN show equivalent to this and they were like regularly bringing on people that hate each other and they
were fighting and brawling before the fights like regularly Luke oh damn she got dude she gets hit yes I tell you
what you know what instead of press conferences they should just allow UFC fighters to do Palace at the malice and
just start beating the [ __ ] out of fans you know what I’m talking about because the fans get up there and be like hey my question is for Izzy Izzy uh I just
wanted to know why you paint your nails like a [ __ ] they’ll do all that stuff and then the crowd goes crazy but the rules should be if you ask a question
like that he gets to run into the stands like Ron our test and just [ __ ] your [ __ ] up doesn’t he are you talking about
uh Captain Jack Stack five our colleague Luke he went in there and gave that kind of the business okay meta World Peace uh
he wasn’t he was brought our test at the time but middle World Peace would [ __ ] your [ __ ] up too they’ll be throwing water bottles at Metta World Peace oh
and when we’re working with Steven Jackson at the boxing fights we’re very polite because we’ll let Steven Jackson
your ass there’s no question our final KO of the week nominee comes in this backyard fight
all right just oh what oh [ __ ] god dude I like how he just posts up on his elbow
he’s like nah I’m just gonna go to the beach just dude he’s turned into a Pez container that’s insane look at the way that neck you know I don’t think he One
More Time Monkey I don’t think he had the sturdiest chin I’m just gonna oh I don’t think he had a chin or a neck
I like how he just posts up right here he’s like yeah I’m good yeah I’m dead I’m dead uh Luke the great workout
gloves debate it’s continuing it’s an ongoing thing let’s go to new member of ESPN’s First Take Shannon sharp are you
gonna attack Shannon sharp too I like Shannon sharp first of all it kills me that man’s got to be like 50 years old
and he is jacked as yeah he’s jacked as [ __ ] he’s mid 50s those are 115s the
range of motion isn’t full but it’s pretty good and this is incline on top of that and he’s in his 50s you know I
can’t say my man’s not strong he’s strong as [ __ ] also also I will say this constantly
wearing a uh belt is a little much it’s a little much you’re not going to say
[ __ ] to him about gloves when he’s this Jack there’s nothing I would I would I’d be like Shannon you’re too good for this
walking down the gloves friend I wonder if situationally you will allow gloves
at the gym like maybe not near the machines or weights but what about in the bathroom if something big is brewing
let’s go to the next one Luke had to max out the toilet at the gym are you okay with the straps in this case look yeah
so this is not a glove this is a strap which is used to lift heavy weight that’s pretty funny that the guy is in
the uh the disabled person stall and using that to rap so he can take his protein [ __ ] yeah there you go Luke uh
look I don’t know if you knew this during your vacation but apparently you went to Home Depot and got in a fight and every one of our audience sent it to
me let’s let’s look at it in a bit tell me this isn’t you Luke please
looks a lot like you I’m telling you wait is this after the Montgomery brawl that the white folks are learning how to
get around the chairs dude that’s you that’s Spider-Man meme
come on I know I wish it wasn’t I did I wish it wasn’t but it is people sent
that to me I just immediately block them you know uh time for some extreme I’m teasing gonna do that we love that on
this show I call this two ice cream cups one man [Music]
I gotta tell you man I gotta tell you like how do we feel about constant if not so
much molestation but constant use of fast food workers first for our Tick
Tock videos do we feel like that’s fair as a former McDonald’s uh drive that
it’s considered yeah all right uh Luke I used to be that teenage kid who would put so much ketchup on his plate that I
would dip the entire Burger into it it would be like dripping when I take a bite I was a Savage but I wasn’t this
Savage okay you want to do this for a long time double cheeseburger Heinz Ketchup
it’s beautiful
stick it in here like that go all the way to the bottom oh
um like me trying to clean myself in
Colombia after my bout with diarrhea oh that guy I guess yeah I don’t even like
oh you’re laughing about that where exactly is the humor he’s just being he’s just being stupid
right you’re like this is what those people do those dub tees Luke uh the LA that guy looks like every dad from my
hometown by the way I’ll say that our final extreme the burger looked quite nice he just ruined it but you know what
are you gonna do yeah I mean but let’s check out this guy trying to take down the whole car in his mouth watch this
okay that’s a little better that’s a little better that’s definitely Joey Joey Chestnut the grossest person in
America yeah hot dog buns all every every July 4th
imagine having a French kiss that guy if you’re if you’re like dating him Luke that’s gotta be just there’s so much
pork in there that’s gross all right it’s time to rate that tat Luke this is where you do your best work you and Cheeto Vera
big trouble big tattoo check this out Luke that is a 10 out of 10. I wouldn’t
want it I wouldn’t get it Kurt Russell got a bit of a weird nose but in general that is
Kim Cattrall wow you got Kim control I got the whole nine on there huh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
that’s very uh by the way a couple of the faces below like near the ankle are a little bit jacked up but in general in
general this is an extremely good tattoo very very good Dan hooker’s had a big
2023 adding ink to his body here’s the latest Luke your thoughts
it’s a lot it’s a lot to be quite candid with you I would
agree look yeah that’s that is uh you know that’s hard to go to the PTA meeting with that you know what I mean
um that’s right all right what do you think about vegan tats
looks like when you go to Columbia eat everything yeah all right Luke all right yeah exactly same rule applies time for
your car bumper sticker of the week or it’s not quite a bumper sticker Luke what do you think of that
okay you know if you’re gonna deface your own
property that’s probably the best way to do it probably it look you ever go to a high school football game and see those
old ass newspaper reporters I’ve been covering the same local area for 52 years and they you know they they smoke
cigarettes in bed like before and uh you know it’s just the worst watch this guy’s luck on the sideline here you got
to watch out when they run that sweep oh no oh no
that’s worst case scenario in every possible way right
oh dude does this [ __ ] not have suspenders or a belt uh he dropped his dungarees for the
world to see there Luke I want to point out something listen one more time Mikey if you can one more
dude look at the size of my man’s underwear you could you could you could
use his underwear as a raft to get from Cuba to Florida you could absolutely do that we have Leonardo DiCaprio’s
character could have survived with underwear like that Luke in Titanic for sure uh let’s go to the punch machine
it’s Instant Comedy at all times right baby
oh we don’t have that one but what we do have just in its place Luke is Oscar De
La Hoya being weird what do you think about this is
uh what is he saying
glad to see Oscars staying sober these days you know
his uh social media has been in a TR it’s just been out of control is it me
or is he picking more fights than ever these days ever yeah he is all right time for your fails of the week uh this
is why old people shouldn’t jump rope for this reason right here Luke oh no oh oh what the [ __ ]
dude that did not go how I thought it was gonna go I thought I was getting ready for a face plant my man just
teleported through the yeah goodbye uh look speaking of place face plants you
ever try to jump a stream with a with a BMX
oh no well hey look he ended up where he
belonged the whole time yeah six feet under that’s just dude look at this by the way that that white guy could barely leap across
I mean just enough speed to get I want to point out this [ __ ] had just enough speed to get paralyzed that’s it
all right let’s go over to the the back nine here for our third fail of the week but this is actually on purpose pretty
funny though yeah great open field tackle right there look
that’s great dude if that was golf was more of that I’d be I’d 100 would watch uh okay okay hey Luke um I know you
stand by DC at all times ever been to U Street in Washington yeah you street is famous yeah okay well let’s go on
and see the ladies on U Street look
ladies of the Night On You by the way so that area you see that Warby Parker there that’s actually where I got these
glasses that’s a real true story nice the uh that area is actually pretty nice but it’s right near this like sports bar
where all of this craziness happens called Nellie’s and uh dude [ __ ] be acting they act wild
out there they act wild out there you know I’m too old for that [ __ ] now yeah I can’t do it look you and I will be back in studio this week in Jersey and
um I already petitioned to malka to pick this item up this is the only way I’ll sit next to you is if you’re wearing
this okay
[Laughter] dude I literally let a fart go this
morning when I got up and my wife goes don’t assault me don’t
assault me with your fart oh my God that’s how bad it was wow she she had Dutch oven flashbacks right there look
you know it was it was it was ugly hey I got good and bad news about Gary Busey Luke
the good news is he’s still alive what he got sober that would be the bad news no no the good news is he’s still alive
the bad news is Luke buttered sausage first of all Gary thank you for being on let’s talk about the current real estate
market and talk about buttered sausage talk about buttered sausage where it comes from what it does why is it doing
what it’s doing get it out of my face buttered sausage buttered sausage
I take it real estate’s not your jam it’s not my jam I don’t buy Jam buy honey and I kiss it on the lips
oh my God hold on is that what is that what is is that
real I don’t think so but it’s brilliant just I mean no it is kind of real right like I I believe Gary Busey said that I
but the interview feels uh set up it does feel like uh let me see that one more time I gotta go
let’s see I Gotta See crazy Gary one more first of all Gary thank you for being on let’s talk about the current real estate market and talk about
buttered sausage talk about buttered sausage where it comes from what it does why is it doing what it’s doing get it
out of my face buttered sausage buttered sausage I take it real estate’s not your jam
it’s not my jam I don’t buy Jam buy honey and I kiss it on the lips oh my God
that’s how BC ends every phone call I don’t bother you I buy honey I kiss it on the lips
that was so good look if I end up that like the grandfather version of me will probably look and sound exactly like
that inevitably right let me explain some to you ending up that way would be infinitely better than how I’m probably
going to end up yeah you’re right you’re right all right I got one more uh or I
got one more for you Luke I don’t know if you ever ordered a Coke in a drive-through uh I don’t know if you
ever wanted a Coke and drive through like this guy did let’s listen uh Pepsi we only have Coke I’ll take a gram
just the coffee’s good [Music] see what I mean harassing these these
fast food employees yes for your dumbass tick tocks that was brought to you by coach Craig Jones thank you very much
that’s all the [ __ ] that can that’s fit to print uh Luke do you remember um to close here
MK documentary number two which still arguably the best one and it closed with
a song a member of our donkey verse wrote um saying uh uh I can be your
co-host Baby by Ricky Martin yes or Enrique Iglesias Jr one of the two yeah
I think it’s a major yeah and that guy’s name is uh uh Damien O’Hara I believe
Ohana uh this guy started his own podcast and interviewed uh John S Nash about uh the Anti-Trust and fighter
relations so a uh another podcaster has been birthed Luke from the uh charred remains of MK loins and I’m very happy
to see that all right very good looks like I don’t know that guy I don’t care that’s that’s
more good publicity than you’ve than I’ve ever gotten from you about my personal Channel I just want to point
that out I’ve never I’ve told people of where they can send their money Luke and whether you know in the value that they
can get yeah you want them to shove it up their ass is what you want yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah by the way how’s the Cameo business is it still yeah I got
two in the holster right now I gotta I gotta knock out it’s still it’s still moving product Luke you know it’s a nice one I’m gonna make you do a cameo
and I’m gonna I’m gonna I gotta figure out exactly how I’m gonna do it but you’re not gonna like it okay okay I’m
into that what’s the cheapest Cameo what’s the cheapest one you mean I mean you set your own prices
you don’t have like a I don’t don’t they have like oh it’s a hundred bucks for this person it’s 50 bucks for that person you have one price for a regular
Cameo then there’s a really expensive price if you’re doing a corporate version like for another company and
then they can add they can order off the menu and add on special requests or they can DM you for a couple bucks uh I don’t
know look there’s a lot of ways to scam your audience there but at least I try to do it consensually you know what’s the most anyone’s paid you for a cameo
uh well they can tip you afterwards so I’ve been tipped the full amount that they paid for the Cameo because they
were so happy Luke I mean look you know like 2x read my reviews the proof is in the puddin as Floyd would say Luke okay
yes it certainly is all right let’s remind people about the put and we’ve been putting in that work so why don’t you vote for us if you can for the world
MMA Awards there is the graphic right there you can put your phone up to the screen you can do all the voting you can
vote for morning combat best MMA programming for the 15th annual World MMA Awards and of course world MMA is going to be the place to do that of course is the
label that pays you can go there too for all the showtime stuff uh let’s see
morning combat for fan Subs did it wrong now BC we should do this I’m kind of calling an audible here but
I do want your participation if we can very quickly yeah we have toyed with the idea of doing like a DMS from Doc’s kind
of segment where people send in either audio clips that they have recorded of themselves yes or video clips would you
like to kick the tires on that for Wednesday I would so here’s what we need from you
folks we need you to utilize that email address where you send in your fan subs and dead wrongs morningcombat
Mikey’s on the other end but we need some multimedia like Luke said if you if you got a face for a radio and you can
only do audio that’s cool but you want to get fun you want to get cool you want to get your question answered you can
send them in over video you can roast us you can do whatever you want go to morningcombat and uh Luke this
could be the beginning of taking that segment to the next level okay yes I would love to do this so BC gave you all
the info just take a you can use your phone record it send an MP3 to us at morning combat or morningcombat do all that or take a video we would you know I’ll be honest video preferred but not required not required
and if you want to do that we would love we would love to do more of that kind of stuff with you guys I think it’d be a
lot of fun it would also help like that trivia challenge I had while you were gone Luke for Shaq to try that I was
meant to just solicit how many 10 out of 10 responses we can get to find out who are the real p1s that will most likely
try to harvest your organs in a pool inside a tub in an abandoned building so now if we get video footage of them
speaking it’ll help the authorities win the show inevitably uh okay Ends by co-host death so I love it I love this
tragic tragic stabbing yeah yeah all right I gotta go to the bathroom and get on a plane look I’ll be hosting the um
Canelo Charlo pay-per-view undercard press conference tomorrow in La we got
your Dennis ugas we got Erickson Lubin we got Jesus Ramos Jr we got so many big names uh um Mario Barrios Elijah Garcia
on and on so tomorrow afternoon people can check that out on the Showtime sports YouTube channel all right so BC’s
got to catch a bird we’re done for the day we’re gonna have some fun on Wednesday we’re gonna be in studio on Friday and a whole lot of stuff between
now and then thank you guys so much for watching for showtime for CBS thank you Mikey I know we busted your balls up
front but you did a great job today thank you Mikey you think everyone else involved in the process we’ll see you guys on Wednesday and until then may all
of your gains be loyal welcome class do you guys know the theme of the book The
theme is the NFL and CBS streams live on Paramount plus that’s not the theme of
the book Josh high class that’s Josh Allen what Tony meant to say was the NFL
on CBS streams live on Paramount plus that’s exactly what he just said what does this have to do with English Lit
because the NFL on CBS streaming live on Paramount plus is lit
feels good to make a difference Tony I’ve seen my future let me show you
yours [Music]
it’s a win-win [Applause]
[Music] you can’t deny the people what they
crave I like this plan it’s a good plan