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In this article, we will be discussing the recent interview with UFC fighter Matt Frevola on the Morning Kombat RSD show. Frevola talks about his upcoming fight against Paddy Pimblett at MSG, his thoughts on the BMF belt, his training routine, and more. Let’s dive into the details!

Passing of the Guard and the Volkanovski Factor

When asked about his upcoming fight against Paddy Pimblett, Frevola expressed his belief that he will pass the BMF belt to him after knocking him out. He sees this fight as a passing of the guard and an opportunity to give Pimblett a glorious death in the arena. Frevola is confident in his abilities and is ready to take on the challenge.

The Appeal of the BMF Belt

Frevola also discussed the appeal of the BMF belt and how it can be a ticket to stardom if the timing is right. He mentioned that he is here to collect belts and would gladly take the BMF belt. He believes that the UFC hasn’t said anything about it, but he is open to the idea of fighting for it. Frevola sees the BMF belt as a unique opportunity to make a name for himself in the sport.

Frustrations with UFC Communication

Frevola expressed his frustrations with the lack of communication from the UFC regarding his next fight. He mentioned that he is about 10 weeks out from MSG and everyone is asking him when his next fight will be. He relies on his manager for updates but finds it frustrating to not have any concrete information. Despite this, Frevola remains focused on what he can control and continues to train as if he has a fight on November 11th.

Training and Sparring Partners

Frevola talked about his training routine and the importance of being a reliable sparring partner for his teammates. He mentioned that at his gym, it’s always “next man up” and he steps up to spar with his teammates who have upcoming fights. He believes that this helps him improve as a fighter and prepares him for his own fights. Frevola is currently in shape and training hard, even though he is not in fight shape yet.

Concerns about CTE

When asked about concerns regarding CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), Frevola stated that he is not too worried about it. He mentioned that he has lost twice by TKO but was never completely unconscious. He believes that he has had worse concussions playing football and lacrosse than he has had in fighting. Frevola also mentioned that he went to a neurologist before his UFC debut to get his brain tested and plans to go back after his UFC career to see how his brain has been affected.

Protecting His Hands and Lifting Gloves

Frevola emphasized the importance of protecting his hands, especially for early catch knockouts . He mentioned that wearing gloves while lifting weights is not something he believes in. He shared a debate he had with his dad about wearing gloves to lift when he was younger, stating that he believes gloves are unnecessary and that calluses on the hands are a sign of hard work. Frevola mentioned that he has seen professional athletes like Shannon Sharpe wear gloves while lifting, but he still believes that gloves are not needed.

Considering TRT and Testosterone Levels

The topic of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) came up in the conversation. Frevola mentioned that he has considered getting his testosterone levels tested and potentially going on TRT in the future. He shared that he has encouraged his dad to try it, but his dad didn’t feel any difference after trying it for a short period of time. Frevola believes that there is a safe way to do TRT with proper monitoring from a doctor.

Bare Knuckle Boxing and Retirement Plans

Frevola discussed his plans for retirement and his interest in bare knuckle boxing. He mentioned that after retiring from MMA, he wants to come out of retirement for a bare knuckle boxing debut. He jokingly mentioned that he has already told his coach, Ray Longo, to remind him of this conversation and not to train him for the bare knuckle boxing fight. Frevola expressed his excitement about getting jacked after retiring and coming back for this new challenge.

The Perfect New York Bagel

Frevola shared his love for New York bagels and described his perfect New York bagel. He mentioned that he prefers a “flagel,” which is a skinny bagel. His go-to order is a bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel, well done bacon, with salt, pepper, and hot sauce. He also mentioned that he might add avocado to make it healthier.

Badminton and Sibling Rivalry

Frevola talked about his annual In this article, we will be discussing the recent interview with UFC fighter Matt Frevola on the Morning Kombat RSD show. Frevola talks about his upcoming fight against Paddy Pimblett at MSG, his thoughts on the BMF belt, his training routine, and more. Let’s dive into the details!

[Music] thank you back on the couch back on the couch
Where We Belong right yeah because it’s a couch where we get inside our guests
but more in like a mental way yeah what’s up I’m Matt frivola they call me
the steamroller we’re out here in uh Jersey City got to have a nice little talk with uh Luke and Brian
how are you how are you I didn’t know you’re so big man yeah mostly just old and fat but uh I’ve been listening to
Luke Thomas for a long time for like 10 years he’s got awesome breakdowns and uh
he’s the man what about uh Brian I don’t know [ __ ] about Ryan
what’s going on guys it’s me Brian Campbell all right it’s time to sit on that
crusty couch let’s do this you ready to go PC ready to go you know we only want the true Maniacs
on this show and we have found that if you go to a strong island they are plentiful our next guest is a man who
has worn many hats including military police in the United States Army is also looking for one patty pimlet we’ll see
if he’ll get it but he has an interesting story to tell if he’s going to do it today it is Steve roller Matt
frivola rock and roll uh thing that horror you
know how are you doing man no cell is strong already yeah that’s right off the start
okay how you doing Matt I’m doing good man you know I don’t make my way out to Jersey too much but for you guys I’m
here well you know what that’s a good way to not get lice is to avoid jerseys recognize the T-shirt because I mean
this guy’s wearing a a Grand Theft Auto Ray Longo Mafia shirt put the camera on him yeah incredible
all right now with that in mind uh do us a solid what is the story behind this
shirt oh man this is a classic uh Anakin Florian shirt and I got this shirt and
I’ve pretty much worn it to like every UFC fight every ring a combat fight every cffc fight when we got guys
fighting and it’s my it’s my lucky shirt now yeah yeah all right uh how did you end up at Longo’s I mean obviously
you’re in Long Island they’re the big gym you just must have heard about them but give me the story how you actually ended up there yeah so um I started I
found Matt Sarah first I started doing Jiu Jitsu there and then I moved down to Tampa Florida I went to University of
Tampa and did a lot of drinking didn’t you I did a good amount yeah but uh Matt Sarah hooked me up with
mataroyo Who’s down there uh Ultimate Fighter alumnus yep yep and then uh I linked up with mataroyo and uh I
actually met Billy Q my first day there and uh Billy Q is like 1-0 or 0-1 is an
amateur fighter I had no fights I had like five months of Jiu Jitsu under Matt Sarah what year is this roughly this has
got to be uh 2010. so Matt was either close to done or had like where was Matt
at that time yeah he was done fighting and he opened he just opened up Gracie’s Tampa style okay okay and uh and he had
a he had like a amateur fight team he probably had like seven or eight guys fighting and then me and Billy Q walking
to the gym just like these two young kids we didn’t even know each other either like I remember walking in and
it’s Jiu Jitsu class and I see some skinny kid with like UFC gloves he bought from Walmart getting ready to do
uh Jiu Jitsu and you should beat his ass just for that oh I did I did it exactly that day and uh me and him like hit it
off right from there we ended up living together in Tampa and uh fighting amateur you know just coming up in Tampa
with matter Arroyo who really uh showed me showed me the ropes of like of a
fight camp and and what you know how to be a fighter and whatnot and then while I was down in school in uh Tampa I would
still come home to Long Island for uh uh winter for Christmas and for Summers and
I would train with Ray Longo and I would train with Matt Sarah whenever I was home and then I’ll go back down to Tampa
for school and train with the Royal when did you end up back in Long Island full-time I moved back home uh probably
2016. oh that’s relatively well I guess it’s now been you know seven years I know right Jesus Christ yeah it’s a
little hard to say okay so what ultimately prompted you like why did the Tampa experience come to an end
um you know I had I had my fiance at the time her whole family was from Long
Island my whole family was from Long Island and I I always knew I would end up back home in Long Island you know I
was I’m a Long Island guy New York guy uh but you know I branched out I had some fun in Tampa I made some you know I
met a lot of people I did a little on my own thing down there and uh graduated
from college somehow down there and uh blue tarsky zero point zero best seven
years of his life for sure yeah what was your major uh criminology yeah oh yeah
you were [ __ ] off I mean you weren’t even trying all right so tell me the best part about Tampa the worst part
about Tampa uh the best part about Tampa is that leaving I mean well actually you
go down in Tampa and everybody from Tampa is from the Northeast they all like moved down and and Tampa’s like
almost felt like a Melting Pot like everyone I would talk to was from somewhere in the Northeast snowbirds
they’re weak yeah during like a man up north yeah but Temple was fun man I had
a great time down there and especially fighting amateur man me and Billy Q were on all these amateur fight cards in like
the parking lot of a strip club okay and then then should we be surprised that
you and Billy Q have adopted the style that you have as the bio to your Instagram account of all gas no breaks I
mean you guys are action heroes that go out there to uh bang first and ask
questions later did that extend to The Nightlife scene I mean this must have been like like two you know two single
guys ready to have a buddy cop movie out there you know yeah man we definitely had some fun down there and uh we were
on uh South Howard you know uh definitely got into a couple fights out down there um and you know it was it was
great it was a great come up and uh you know it definitely molded me to who I am now it’s it’s crazy how me and Billy Q
are like very similar in the way we fight we just you know we’re dogs man we don’t we don’t back down we keep coming
and um and it’s it’s we’ve been competing our entire like careers it’s
like Billy cool win a fight and then I’d be like all right I gotta go win a fight and then I’d win a fight then he’d got to come back and win a fight and uh even
now you know since I’m not down in Tampa uh I don’t train with him as much but I’m always talking to him we’re always
you know meeting up in Vegas meeting up in Tampa he comes up here every once in a while and uh we feed off each other’s
uh success and and it’s great so how many fights did you have by the time you
returned in 2016. um I was when I came up here I was 5-0
as a pro as a pro how many amateur fights did you have I had eight amateur fights eight no did they do any blood
work for your amateur fights uh
the application said are you on Peds yes or no that’s the only thing it doesn’t matter what you answer you’re just gonna say yes anyway no man it was a wild time
uh those amateur fights down there but it was great man one of my favorite things as an amateur was I got to go
down to Costa Rica and I got to kind of go down there to fight their like Hometown hero the guy was like 9-0 like
knocking out everybody in Costa Rica and like I was 3-0 as an amateur and it was
really the first thing I ever got out of fighting is like they flew me down to Costa Rica they paid for all my meals
they paid for my uh hotel and I got to fight this Hometown hero and I ended up
uh arm barring him in the third round and uh oh wow I I don’t am I you can tell me if I’m being culturally here
comes the race was there a riot afterwards I mean you don’t go you know you should have been told pro wrestling style you put the guy over in his
hometown you know I’ve done the Bernard Hopkins and then tear the Costa Rican flag but then you gotta get the [ __ ] out of town for that yeah they they
definitely weren’t happy that I went down there and beat their guy up and they actually flew me back down to
defend my title so this was for an amateur title down there amateur title didn’t they didn’t like you huh no no
but then what happened in the second fight uh I thought their next like up and coming guy and it was actually a
five round War like I remember like I almost arm barred him in like the first round and like I I felt his arm like
Snapped when I was arm bar and the dude like fought through it and like the crowd was going wild and then it ended
up being like a crazy fight that I I got to win it’s by decision decision wow you
even went to the home town of this [ __ ] and got the five hard down there yeah and it was fun though
especially like my dad was there my brother was there all my uncles came out oh yeah cousins by the way bufferville
is dead wearing a Daryl strawberry match Jersey which is about the coolest thing I’ve ever [ __ ] I gotta get behind that
in a big way yeah I gotta tell you the dad the stun combo with the T-shirt game today on point one point that’s how we
do it I don’t mean for you to put that bullseye on your chest but on this series room service Diaries Ray Longo
might be the best interview we ever had look okay he was pretty good yeah you know Matt frivola follow that I want to
ask you this uh Steamroller because you are like you have the spirit of like the everyday MMA fan but you’re
in the job so you get to like we said you have this balls out badass style you get to almost play the video game style
in real life like I know this is real for you this is your profession this is your life but do you
even have pinch me moments like right now like when you walk out at Madison Square Garden like are you like holy
[ __ ] I’m I could be in the stands like that and that might be me in a few years who knows like like you do have that
every man Vibe are you still like are you embracing this is what I am I’m a UFC fighter is it still weird to you no
I am brave this is crazy man I mean I like to think of myself as a man of the people you know because I am I’m just
like a normal dude you know I’m a I’ve been a UFC fan like I’m a sports fan and
uh I’m just a tough [ __ ] I mean and I and I work hard and and I go for
it I mean I know that you know on my best day I’m capable of beating anybody in the world and I just got to go out
there and go for it and like and prepare the best I know how and leave everything I got in the cage and as long as I do
that Win Lose or Draw I’m I’m happy with it you know it’s interesting a lot of Fighters we talk to they’re like yeah I
don’t watch MMA like I do it but like Robbie Lawler for example I kind of watch this [ __ ] but then you get some like you guys were like you’re all in
how did you become an MMA fan um you know it was Matt Sarah you know watching Matt Sarah knock out GSP and
then watching Chris Weidman knock out Anderson Silva if my math is right before the Weidman won uh the Sarah GSP
one you would have been a junior in high school yeah right yep yep and uh just watching and then knowing those guys are
Long Island guys too I’m like these guys can go out there and you know become champion of the world you know why not
me you know I I’m a tough guy you know I thought I was a tough guy coming up I mean uh you’re a tough guy yeah right
then it’s not no one’s just a certified gangster yeah but uh honestly in high school I was a
football player man who was your position I was a linebacker and a fullback were you the free you’re the linebacker okay uh and the fullback they
don’t do a lot of fullbacks anymore not anymore not anymore man and I didn’t get the ball either I just blocked you
weren’t the Michael was Mike All-Star fullback yes but uh with Tampa Bay right like also exactly so did you wrestle at
all in high school I did and but I wrestled really because it made you better at football also I mean you
double egg somebody and then a tackle is pretty easy oh I see okay so just to work on your form yeah yeah and you know
wrestling high school wrestling those practices are still you know some of the hardest hardest practices out there you
know I played uh lacrosse I played football and I wrestled and like during the wrestling season I hated every
second of it especially because you know I’m a big guy a natural big guy you see my dad over there you know
um I like to eat and then in high school wrestling I wrestled That 160 which is
crazy you know like almost like 15 years later I’m fighting at 155 but I wrestled
That 160 and it was like I couldn’t eat like pizza Bagels after dinner and I was
pissed like to be fair Pizza bagels are the shoes are [ __ ] amazing let’s just
be honest about it but uh how many years did you wrestle I wrestled uh four years of high school and one year of Middle
School uh give me for folks who may not have ever wrestled in high school give me an example of a practice that you
would be like Jesus I just want this to be over this is awful give me an example yeah you
know you start out with that uh mazzola or my my old wrestling coach Greg mazzola he would have us do reaction
drills which is just all just wrestling stuff that I don’t even remember now but
and then it’s just just wrestling man takedowns and it’s exhausting it’s a and
I would always like see this guy Mason who like was a chubby guy too and I whenever we were doing like hard
Drilling and stuff me and him would meet eyes and I would always be like all right Mason this is my easy my easy
round right here but um it definitely molded me man it molded me into into an
athlete you know I was I was a little chubby kid until I wrestled and then I lost all my baby fat and I became an
athlete and so at what point does it Dawn on you through for folks again we talked about this a little bit on before the we went live which was you were an
officer in the United States Army Reserve uh thank you for your service I really mean that and you know at what
point between leaving Long Island going to Tampa trying all the stuff it will Point did you like now wait a second I I
think I can do this really well not just being inspired but actually thinking this can actually be a job for me you
know it had to be those Costa Rica fights you know when I finished that guy that was 9-0 and I had my first like
amateur title I remember the like after that fight I had like this like cardboard like title that I was so proud
of and I remember like I just finished it I get all suited up I put like my belter on my waist and I walk out there
getting ready to party and then I just like see the guy I just beat up over there like looking like he’s crying and
I’m like oh man like sorry bro you know but after that after that I was like man
you know maybe I could do something with this I didn’t know Stifler from American Pie was gonna make it but this is great
this turned out wonderful he’s gonna start joking about banging our mothers I mean here’s the thing though he swings
big so we catch Matt for volat an incredible time with a three fight win streak all by knockout but Luke you love
stats you live for them I do I got a stat from dick boy let’s hear it Richard Mann you know from fightmetric that that
is just mind-blowing in his last three fights Matt frivola has averaged nine
knockdowns per 15 minutes of fight that is uh drastically absurd nine knockdowns
per 15 minutes that’s a man who sees an opportunity doesn’t wait long to weigh the odds and
goes after it yeah you know a lot of those knockdowns I could thank uh to uh the toughest guy
I ever fought uh Valdez the Mexican gangster zombie I call him because I kept knocking that guy down he kept
coming back up like throwing that guy you know what let me ask you about that one did Mike Beltran let that one go a
little too long I would say so yeah I thought so too you had him roughed up maybe like 30 seconds before he wrapped
it up yeah but I’ll give it to Valdez he kept getting up and he kept getting up throwing he did it would be fair if you
carry the facial hair that suggests you stab the man at the ultimate concert but you’re probably gonna let him fight a
little longer just to make yeah never I never but I do love Shea
Stadium we grew up there uh that was our [ __ ] all right our [ __ ] okay yep
I was at a Subway Series game in the World Series I want one of them back yeah Bobby Jones one hitter when they
eliminated the Giants in 2000 okay yeah you know what I’m talking about with the Mike Hampton three hit shutout against
the Cardinals you know yeah hey we’re coming I mean it’s a rough year right now for the Mets but uh but we’re coming
all right let’s Circle back here a little bit so where do you feel like you’re at in your career at the present
moment as we talk to you today I’m not I mean I’m at the the peak right now I mean three three fight win streak
I’m in the prime of my life right now I’m 33 years old I’ve been doing this for a long time and uh I’m I’m ready for
big fights you know I I want what I’ve earned I think I’ve been in the UFC now for almost for six years you know I’ve
got great fights I’ve got wins I’ve got losses but I’m on a roll right now and uh I’m hoping to get some fight news and
a nice new contract and a big fight for hopefully MSG now you say big fight
people are going to be like Patty freaking Hamlet yeah that’s the fight he’s his correspondence is that he wants
to fight you as well so has it just come down to UFC pick the date here exactly I think it comes down to the UFC like a
lot of people are saying you know Patty’s scared Patty you’re just going to knock him out which is really crazy to me you know because people have been
counting me out my entire career you know three fights ago people were telling me I didn’t belong in the UFC I
couldn’t take a shot I got knocked down seven seconds what are you even doing there and you know it was tough you know
a lot of people and then even after that fight everyone you know they give me the undefeated 10-0 Valdez everyone was said
he was going to beat me up and then they give me undefeated uh ottman they said he was gonna get me and then they give
me Dober they say he was gonna get me so it’s kind of weird being on the other side and now everybody’s saying that
like this guy’s scared of me it’s like keep keep the same attitude you know three fights ago when you said I didn’t
even belong in the UFC yeah they don’t I mean social media they’re only as good as your last fight in their eyes and you might not be ever good in most of their
eyes because they’re a bunch of a-holes but uh I get what you’re saying it can change quickly in terms of whether they roast you or toast you but this does
feel like you and Patty like the right fight at the right time for both of you yeah exactly you know he’s on a
four-fight win streak he’s got three finishes and he’s got a lot of hype and uh and he’s a good fighter man he’s he’s
very slick with his Jujitsu he throws he goes for it on the feet and it’s an
exciting Fight Man like just the build up the atmosphere is what I’m looking for forward to and then putting on a
great fight man and a lot of people forget that uh I got some Jiu Jitsu myself I got some grappling myself and
so I’d be interested to uh to Grapple with them a little bit all right so let’s talk about Patty pimlic now
I I don’t I mean it would be great for the collection if you said outrageous [ __ ] about them but I’m actually not interested in that I actually feel like
you’re a pretty fair guy so let’s talk about his game I think on the good side I’m not saying this is comprehensive but I think on the good
side it’s fair to say good back control good submissions from the back good ability to maintain it right he’s really strong from that position holding
attacking the whole nine yards seems to be a gamer it seems to be a gamer yeah he wants to smoke for the most part I think uh the bad side would be he leaves
his chin out on a plate to get decked right is that a fair assessment of his game or what am I missing yes it is I
think he’s the most dangerous in his transitional Jiu Jitsu like the way he caught uh Jordan Levitt’s arm you know
with the rear naked choke right um and you know his jiu jitsu’s high level [Music]
um but he does leave his chin out there and I know you know Jared Gordon was catching him uh here and there but uh he
was eating them and and still coming forward um and I mean that’s what excites me you know I want a guy that’s going to go in
there and go for it and I’m the same way I go for it and that’s what makes an exciting fight do you like I mean it’s
kind of a weird question and I’m asking you do you like your Knockouts of course you do but I guess I’m saying as you develop here right as you with three
fights to win together and I don’t know if you know this it’s not fully true but like in two of the three fights you had
just one in the streak you were the underdog in them and then several other ones against Pena you were the underdog you sort of sort of outperform but I
guess what I’m wondering is is there any part of you are you Fighters are always two ways one I don’t get paid by the
hour fast as possible is the best or I really have a desire at some point to Showcase that I you know yes can I back
down on the mouthpiece absolutely but I’m not limited to that yeah you know after all those fights I’m always like I
finished it in the first round I’m like oh man you know I still got I wish I could fight more you know I got more I
want to show and I still I’ve got like so many weapons that I’m excited to show
the world in the Octagon you know but I’m I’m never mad at a first round finish okay well well some of the spirit
of what he’s asking or at least how I interpret it is is this style and to say your All or Nothing wouldn’t be
respectful to the complete game and the game planning you’re doing your team and all that but you do swing big and go after after it is that sustainable all
the way to the top right quick yes that’s right yeah yeah I mean I think so and and I’ve I’ve proved throughout my
career that I can fight you know three round Wars and uh a lot of the a lot of
these fights you know I I would win the first round I would lose the second round and then I remember going into the
third round you know saying you know who the third round comes down to who wants it more you know and uh nobody wants it
more than me and I always pride myself in winning that third round and a lot of these fights that came down to that
third round and which I won is I know you said wrestling molded you do you think there’s anything else that like
made you that um yeah that guy in the strawberry Jersey you know what a [ __ ] man you gotta be
to walk around with the Daryl stronger the best kind yeah dude that is amazing that is great it’s like a Len Bias
Jersey I was saying I’m just saying yeah I’m gonna say my dad over there definitely molded me and then my twin brother over
here the the cheese roller you oh oh so he’s a twin is my twin yeah but like fraternal yeah fraternal okay yeah
Luke’s just like to clarify I don’t see the same time I didn’t we so I hadn’t seen you yet and one of the other
producers had and they’re like yeah he brought a friend yeah the uh the cheese roll has been helping
me out a lot and ever since we’ve been kids you know we’ve been competing our entire lives and scrapping our entire
lives and you know I was I was the linebacker he was the safety I’ve beaten up many free or he was like he was a
strong safety he would come up and hit people yeah yeah uh but he was he was never the fighter you know he was like
the lover I was like the fighter and like he was the talker I was like I don’t talk too much I kind of just talk
with these right here and uh there’s definitely been times you know growing up where somebody every everybody knew
that like if you messed with him you messed with me and like Vice so you were the hockey goon yeah you were the
enforcer dude that is amazing that’s I mean listen I like the steamroller identity don’t get me wrong it’s great
it works hockey enforcer or some kind of enforcer type that’s a that’s a great thing to be yeah that sounds about right
that’s awesome uh before we get off the Patty pimple thing I do want to finish there so let’s imagine a world where you
win and not just that let’s imagine a world where the streak continues and it looks like it has that is the kind of
win you achieve you know you can imagine what that might mean where are you then what does that actually do for you in
real terms I think you know after I beat Patty hopefully at MSG I think we’re
we’re two fights away from a title fight I think I think I beat Patty and then
maybe I I beat Dan hooker after that and then maybe I beat uh Justin gagey for
the BMF belt after that and then we fight for the title Dan hooker Justin gaichi thing his vision board has blood
stains on it okay good Lord I mean you gotta have a plan and I love that ambition and how you see them you search
this guy for sure seriously if you forget B if you fought Patty pimble at
MSG in like a sort of people’s Main Event type of spot where it’s like to fight everybody’s talking about that
would be massive enough for your career in terms of like the phone picking up and your DM’s getting probably crazy and gross and I hope you’ll show them to me
but if you beat him there that’s almost like a title win when you beat somebody who has that much hype and momentum
behind him that you you wouldn’t even need to be like okay what’s my ranking where do I fit in the title picture I feel like you’d be
getting you know the momentum shift to that to go all the way to the top you know yeah definitely and then Dave portno you’ll know that he made the
wrong choice are you surprised you know what like I’m not an auntie Dave Portner guy we
actually met him for the uh Paul was it Silva okay but while I’m not an
anti-dave Portnoy or big cat guy they refused to sell any of our material on
it yes that is they made a conscious decision that they will not sell for us and so that was what it was you know uh
I’m not but I I was surprised that I Patty is popular but the scouting report
at a bare minimum has to note his deficiencies everyone has them his are quite noticeable are you surprised that
they went kind of all in on that without I don’t know due diligence they did the same thing with me Paul they should have picked a blanchfield right uh probably
yeah well not really I mean I think they they signed they signed him when like he was I think he like just won his first
UFC fight and he was blowing up um but I was kind of pissed about it you know I I love I love Dave portno I love
Barstool I love big cat I love all those guys I was a day one story like grown up on Barstool VIP commentator yeah I love
them all and uh I remember when I found out I was like oh they signed Patty pimlet to a seven figure deal I’m like
are you kidding me man I’ve been a day one story how are you not gonna support your uh Northeast day one guys uh did
you did you have you ever told him this I mean I definitely sent him a DM I don’t think did you really yeah I don’t
think you read it how how cordial was it I think it was good uh from what I remember uh were you intoxicated no I
wasn’t I was I was just uh I think I just let them know I was a day one stoolie and uh you got to support your
own and I’m coming for your boy and ever since he signed them that’s kind of what made me want to fight Patty the most was
that Barstool chose them and I was like all right you know you’re gonna choose your Champion I’m gonna take take them
out what has UFC told you about the likelihood this will happen the UFC has told me nothing yet which I mean I’m
hoping to get news soon you know from it looks like Patty’s training for a fight looks like he’s going to be ready by the
end of the year and all the interviews that he says he says he I’m the I’m the easiest route to the top 15. so and I
love that he thinks that because that’s that’s what everyone thinks well I got I got one more in this what would the crowd be like if it is MSG because In
fairness you are the hometown guy I do think they’ll represent he has a gigantic following that will matter and
especially from New York obviously getting uh the fans from England oh man I think it would be electric I think it
would be pretty good wouldn’t it I was just going to tell you that I think it’d be Atop The Marquee this could be a co-main event it could be or a featured
fight below the title fight to top it like it would be a major deal especially with the questions about Patty and his
most recent fight mixed with the All or Nothing style that you bring mixed with the fact that you are on the verge of major contention anyway whether you
fight him or not that that’s the fight to make I hope they make that fight um you already fought an MSG though last
year um I grew up in Connecticut so MSG is is always going to be the the cathedral you know I always say everything you put in
there concert circus hockey game is the best version of that that you’ve ever seen um
actually describe what that feels like because you were actually you were in a preliminary fight last time so it was your second appearance at MSG but it was
you know it was a pretty good placement to walk us through when you walk out and how different that is at an arena like
that and it also happens to be more or less your hometown it it’s unreal it’s the most famous arena in the world and
um the first time I fought at MSG was actually the the craziest thing for me because you know I was an undefeated
amateur I was uh 5-0 going into Contender series won that fight was 6-0
going into the UFC so I was pretty you know young in my career and then I have my UFC debut and I again knocked down
the first round my first loss ever you know before that I thought I was like I thought nobody I thought it was
Unstoppable you know I had no game plan going into fights I was just like what do you mean I’m just gonna go in there
and steamroll them that’s what I do but my first my UFC debut I lost and and
from right then I was like all right a guy no longer in the UFC yeah surprising yeah exactly and uh after that you know
I had to reassess everything you know again Ray Longo got my head on straight it got me using my head you know and uh
and then after that they uh they offer me uh Lando vanata at at Madison Square
Garden coming off my first loss ever and I mean I remember Lando I’ve been watching Lando for a long time you know
I’ve watched him almost beat Tony Ferguson because he is UFC debut yeah yeah exactly and uh I knew Lando was I
knew him for a long time and uh and to be fighting like the first name the
first guy that I’ve known coming off my first loss and at Madison Square Garden it was huge fight for me and uh and then
you know just walking out like had the all my friends all my family everybody was there and uh and then that fight was
insane you know me and Lando we come out round one he like drops me with a head kick in like the first like like 30
seconds and then I and like my mouthpiece goes flying out of my mouth and then I come back and like I’ll end
up like rocking him at the end of uh at the end of the first round and then he comes out and just beats my ass in the
second round and then again it came down to that third round and I was I don’t lose the third rounds man it comes down
to who wants it more and I ended up winning that third round and uh the fight ended up being a draw a majority
draw so two of the judges said that Lando tenated me in the second round and
then the one judge said he tend nine me so the one it’ll be fair did he no no I
won that fight then and uh so the one judge said that I won and two judges said it was a draw so it was a majority
draw but I won that fight all right you hear about the the late finishing ability the
ability to rise to the occasion in the championship round or the decisive round kind of feels some Robbie Lawler Vibes
right because someone probably all their Vibes a little different though it’s a little bit more uh chasing down the street with a shot off
I saw it off shotgun you know what I’m saying a little there’s a little bit more you know what it’s a little bit more Maniac I mean Robbie had a maniac
but it felt like he was like I don’t know how would you say Robbie was how do you feel like the comparison is I love
it man is the man yeah oh he’s a legend I think I think I like talk a little bit
more I’m like a little bit more funny than him I’m a little bit more of a joke I guess yeah he did kind of live that
serial cyborg killer mindset the whole time you’re just the same expression but
um you roast the occasion that’s been a consistent theme you’re part of action fights which has been a consistent theme
what is the crowd’s effect we’re talking about being at Madison Square Garden and being in a war and you know you know what it’s like when the crowd gets the
first taste that oh this fight’s going to be special this is good wait I better I better get ready I better Buckle in how much does that actually affect you
in the cage when you know you’re in the midst of a war I love it man there’s no better feeling than hearing the
steamroller chance like throughout the arena while I’m fighting um I would say the one time where it
might have like uh like affected me like a little bit uh was when I fought ottman at MSG and then I started here in the
USA chance that like fired me up so much I was like and I almost just like threw
my game plan out the window and just like went for the kill when I started hearing USA chants but uh I kept my
composure can we talk about Ray Longo and your relationship to him a little bit namely uh I have other questions I
want to ask about it but the way on the one the top of my mind is explain to me in the most clear terms you can
specifically what Ray Longo has done to your striking game what has he done to
it he he got stones in my hands he developed stones in my hands and um it
was really you know after after that Terence fight you know after that Terence fight I was questioning everything I I went to bikini the seven
second knockout or whatever it was yeah exactly I get knocked out in seven seconds and uh it was tough man because
the one thing about me fighting is like I want to go out there and I want to show the world you know my years of hard
work I want to show them all what I’m capable even even in a losing effort as long as I go in there and I show you
know my technique I show my training I put on a great fight um you know I’m happy with it but that that seven second loss I didn’t get to
do anything I didn’t even get to fight him I walk out he throws a perfectly timed one-two and I’m out
um and then after that you know I I went to work for my dad after that and my brother like I went to the construction
site I put my heart I put my hard hat on and I was like I don’t know if I can do
this anymore uh and it was tough man and I mean and they they even like they told me that they they believed in me they
they let me come to work just so I could know how much it sucked to like want to go back to the gym you know yeah you’re
just [ __ ] on their lives right yeah [Laughter]
they gave me the worst job too they had me just like loading sheetrock up like flights of stairs that’s parenting he’s
trying I’ll tell you what they’re trying to I’ll tell you what construction putting shingles on a roof in July that’s that’s an honest living that’s an
honest living eight hours a day of loading sheetrock up the stairs you got to wash down a day like that
with some cold ones so what was the canned beer of choice in your upbringing in Huntington New York because for me
it’s like bush like can I’ll always be back home you know what I’m saying it’s Bud Light I mean when I was I just
choking chugging Bud Light I mean I I don’t I’m not like a big drinker but
when I do drink like a drink you know um he’s like I’m not like a big fighter but
when I do go for The Knockout I splatter guys yeah yeah yeah I mean uh drink I mean I’m liking that funk Harbor shout
out the camera existed you had a favorite
drink what was it um Blue Moon I like I like blue you know what I’m not against the Blue Moon wouldn’t be my favorite
well despite your tough exterior and some marine sergeant you know mindset I did reach the rank of Sergeant yeah you
you um you do buy drinks with umbrellas in it I was freaking regular that’s true you know what Luke’s up move is he’s
like let me find the the most absurd drink for 33 let me try one taste and go ah they make it like a [ __ ] here and
just push that’s your go-to movie oh you’re 33 right do you have 33 relative to how I feel now uh it’s like being
Superman okay and I I’ve been I’ve been just swallowing Kryptonite for 11 years I used to drink like a [ __ ] like
yeah I you know I got well there’s one time the NYPD had to wake me up with night sticks because I had fallen asleep
on someone’s porch like the whole bit but I can’t drink like that anymore you know what I’m saying I can’t I’m a fighter who took too many punches and
I’m in my 40s now so yeah you’re Chuck Liddell shave the Mohawk so so we know what I do I get I buy two cocktails I
get two cocktails off the cocktail menu and that does me right what where’s the crime what what crime did I commit hey
you found you found what you like making what works for you yes [ __ ] fruity ass drinks yeah they’re my favorite [ __ ]
does that does that come with a tampon Luke uh you know what I I would because I’ve seen you tackle Three Margaritas
and I Know How It Ends no listen it wasn’t my finest day it wasn’t my final all right but uh going back to so I was
working uh construction I probably did like a week of construction before I was like all right this sucks I gotta make
fighting work and then I go back to the gym how long were you out of the gym for this period uh not probably a week I
probably did like a week of uh working and then I go back to the gym and and I have a sit down with uh with Longo and
he looks at me in the eyes and he says we’re not going out like that yes dude this is like dude I’m feeling like he’s
got to chill yeah holy [ __ ] yeah he says we’re not going out like that he tells he says that I’m a talented fighter he
believes in me and he says that I could win a lot of fights in the UFC and then let’s get back to it let’s get back to
the basics and I said you know Ray Longo Lead Me lead me to the promised land and
uh we started this Boxing class and he wanted me to work on my hands a lot and
we started this Boxing class where we would just cut the cut the cage in like fours so it was like Close Quarter
boxing and we would just get a bunch of boxing rounds in and uh I think that really you know developed my awareness
and and using my head you know baiting people setting people up seeing the punches moving my head and uh and then I
was working with Ray hitting mitts with them just on the basics really and uh you know ever since ever since that
convo with him you know I’ve been on a three-fight win streak all Knockouts with my hands so Ray Longo developed
these these stones in my hands and uh we’re gonna keep it going he should have posted and say Get Stoned with Ray Longo
I’d sign up right away I want to I want to clarify one thing are you also saying that he helped you develop specifically
your power yeah definitely definitely and and my timing and my awareness and using my head you know uh again like I
said before when I was undefeated amateur and I was undefeated Pro you know I was going in there with no game
plan I was like I’m gonna fight my fight and they’re gonna deal with it and then I knew at the highest level in the UFC
that doesn’t work you know everybody’s good so you gotta really watch tape you got to break people down you got to come
in with the game plan and uh and he really developed that with me and uh we
worked on my boxing you know because I I love I love throwing kicks I like I was a big Crow cop fan so I was always in
there like throwing kicks I love Muay Thai I love elbows and knees um and boxing was like I was always like
what boxing come on man I got too many weapons just for hands and then everybody just drilled in the uh the
sweet science with me and I fell in love with it and uh you know the the results are showing you got a favorite boxer uh
Canelo man I’m the Canelo of the UFC wow they should have put you on UFC noce
what is it about his game that you like in a sombrero don’t do the racism
dude I just I just love uh his his awareness like I love like his body
shots uh I’m starting to fall in love with like the liver shot and uh and just finding those body shots those body
heads and uh and I feel like a lot of people say I either look like Conor McGregor or Canelo so now now Saul you
know I love you we go back a long way but are you okay with canelo’s aggressive tattoo move in which he got
his wife’s eyeballs on the side of his arm which in theory means she’s always
watching and you know I mean there’s there’s love and there’s limits and there’s passion and
are you okay with that move I mean I wouldn’t do it but uh you know it seems
to be working for him you’ve got what yantra tattoos on your back yeah I got the sake on I’ve been in Thailand uh
three times like I fought out there uh good work oh I love it man I always like
whenever I’m out there like I feel like I’m just so dialed in I’m away from my family I’m away from my friends I kind
of I I see it as a training trip you know and a train cation I used to call which gym do you go to I would go to uh
Phuket and I trained at Tiger Muay Thai a bunch and uh and I would train at a bunch of gyms uh the first time I was
there I actually went to uh Bangkok and I trained that like just a strict Muay Thai gym there was no MMA there and like
I really like engulfed myself in like Muay Thai and like they had these Thai fighters there they’ve been fighting
training their entire life and I would just like do everything they did and uh and it definitely got my game to the
next level did they [ __ ] you up a little bit oh yeah what’s the hardest part like what were
you struggling with Technically when you had to spar or work with them well I would say at first you know uh just like
getting off the plane I started went right in training and uh you it’s like I was the airport to the gym yeah I just
went right to the gym and uh like I was just sweating so much by like the second or third day my whole body was just
cramping and that’s when I found out by like electrolyte powders so I started drinking these electrolyte powders which
brought me back to life uh but just like the grind out there it’s two two training sessions a day Muay Thai and uh
the regiment that they always do it’s like always you run you shadow box or you run you jump rope you shadow box you
do bag work you do pad work you do clinching and then you do sparring every day twice a day at two hour practice and
uh just just the regiment and the grind um I loved it man and uh and just the
traveling aspect too you know like uh not not knowing what anybody’s saying not knowing anybody there like traveling
around there it was completely solo like not even like a training partner or a coach yeah it was just me for the first month but and then of course my dad and
my brother and my holy [ __ ] my wife met me out there I can’t go anywhere without these guys so
okay so I mean how many of those [ __ ] up shows did you watch in Thailand with
your Bros
yeah those you glorifying the sex trade where are we going with no dude yeah they got how would you say it it’s like
a it’s like I don’t know it’s it’s not like Amsterdam’s red light district but it’s like that but more yeah so there
they did some crazy [ __ ] there but the ping pong shows were I had I had to go man I had to go check it out you are
degenerate I mean you’re a Jets fan bro you’re a Jets fan I am who I am uh how
are you feeling about the season I mean we’re gonna win the Super Bowl this year get the [ __ ] out of here come on Aaron
Rodgers listen I’ll give you I think he’s gonna have a great season yeah but uh no I’m not buying that I’m not buying
we’re coming for at least or at least do a you know a great run and uh I’m I
still loved Zach Wilson too I mean I love Aaron Rodgers but I think Aaron Rodgers give him two three years one
Super Bowl it just mold Zach Wilson into the future star and then Zach Wilson’s
gonna you know lead us into our uh Dynasty bro there’s gonna be hasn’t happened yet but I can’t wait for the
New York media versus Aaron Rodgers all blowout you know War it’s coming I don’t know when but it will be a glorious day
to watch from afar oh it’s gonna be great you’re looking forward to it yeah man
I’m trying to uh I definitely want to go to a bunch of jets games this year and uh try to get on the field and like meet
those players man that’s like I mean yeah you’re in a point where you could actually potentially party with Aaron Rodgers oh man that’s like my favorite
thing out of like this whole fighting UFC thing is that I get to like connect with like I’ve been I threw out the
first pitch of the Mets game which is insane I’m like buddies with the cohens now you know these are the owners yep
the owners of the Mets and then uh I got to go to the Islanders game in the owner’s box and now I’m buddies with
barzel I’m training with barzel damn you like all the teams I hate [ __ ] man okay do you is there a line though because if
at Zuck calls you up and it’s like hey man I just finished rolling with vulc and Izzy wanna roll bro I mean do you do
you take that call because Luke Luke’s got a few things to say about it I don’t care of course I’m taking that call come on yeah you know I don’t care if you’re
trying to set me up to do something stupid Always setting you up Luke I’m not doing that uh real quickly I do want to go through this Islanders how you
feeling about them hockey starts like what 42 days something yeah yeah it’s coming hey I think we got a great team and uh barzel is a man and I love that
he he loves uh MMA he loves the UFC is that right and he’s like fascinated by
it which which is like so cool man especially like all these you know uh baseball players football players hockey
players they have so much respect for Fighters because you know we’re not in there playing a game you know we’re in
there fighting and uh these guys are millionaires you know and they have so much respect for us which is is so cool
man and uh I’m excited to go to a bunch of Islanders games and uh and watch the watch them crush it right you’re a
degenerate Knicks fan right I am I am um I mean what do you want to say about this you know what I’m a Washington
Commander’s guy so we had the worst owner but now he’s gone so I feel like y’all got the worst owner yeah yeah I
mean I’m not I don’t think that’s all that unfair I mean I’m not a big basketball uh basketball guy but the Knicks are my
team and I’m rooting for him [ __ ] the Knicks you know what isn’t Connecticut a piece of [ __ ] state it is right it’s a
piece of ships oh no Connecticut is hard-working blue-collar people yeah well you know it’s a lot of you uh you
like Connecticut it sucks right I mean it’s not horrible we’ve gotten on the boat and went to Bridgeport a few times
yeah what is your hometown like uh set the table for us yeah Huntington’s a great time man uh I’m in the the old
frivola beach house uh it’s been in my family for five generations and we live
uh right on the North Shore of Long Island right on the water and uh now it’s a big family house it’s like me and
my wife on one side my brother and his wife on the other side my dad’s got the basement apartment down here and then we
rent out the other apartment down here to one of my buddies who I grew up with it sounds like a party house a and is it
you have an incubator this is right on Long Island Sound right like right out your back window oh
you’re from Huntington so I always go on the Wikipedia page to see where does he fit in the hierarchy in his hometown
because like I think that’s in in reality everyone’s deep goal inside can I get on my hometown’s Wikipedia page you get on your high
school’s Wikipedia page of like famous alumni right even that is there you go then I looked at your your town which
has 200 000 people right dude you don’t have a free you you could cure cancer and probably not make the top 10 with
like Billy Joel and like every other famous people in your hometown yeah we also got Chris algieri Chris Algiers the
other Huntington Harbor that’s why I say like I’m the Huntington Hammer beside behind uh Chris algieri dude what’s up
with that place that’s amazing what like what’s I could read you the list it would change your life keep talking Chris Algeria we saw him in Vegas for uh
Spence Crawford he’s the man shots Chris algeri he’s awesome yeah super smart too uh and uh yeah man there’s something in
the water up in Long Island and like Long Island Fighters were just tough tough as nails and then that combined
with our fearless leader The Godfather Ray Longo and then Matt Sarah
um you know we we we all train hard we all you know help each other other and
it’s not it’s not like one of these like big ATT gyms where you know people are traveling all over to come from most of
us are all just Long Island New York guys who have a dream and come in here and work hard and help each other and uh
and it’s it’s great to be a part of that all right from his from his town here yeah okay Jason Alexander Mariah Carey
the Seinfeld Jason Alexander yeah I I mean I’m John Coltrane Jerry Cooney Bob Costas Eric cootie’s the man shout out
to Jerry I mean Edie Falco from uh we got Mark gastono Jackie Gleason Jesus
Tom gugliata Wally zerbiak Sean Hannity
Melissa Joan Hart oh am I being told that I have the you’re just giving out fake news Mariah
Carey went to my high school she actually she did go to his high school I’m being told it’s the surroundings area there but that’s still a pretty
impressive uh breeding ground for talent we can’t let you out of here without covering some of the current headlines
so the algyl marab thing now both of them have basically said it doesn’t matter who you offer it to
we’re going to let that person get it but this is what have been my thing it’s like my Rob’s getting beaten up a little
bit for loyalty which I can understand some of the criticism but ultimately it’s like was he offered the fight yet
did you have to call him and say Here’s the fight do you want it or not he didn’t turn it down right they haven’t
done this yet so how is the conversation even relevant yeah that’s true and you know I can’t understand how anybody
could give marab a hard time like marab is the nicest guy the most helpful guy
like he’s truly living the the American Georgian Dream you know a guy who comes from Georgia loves America loves his
team loves his family and uh you know he’s loyal and and I think that’s a little bit of what Long Island and and
has uh gotten on to him is a loyalty and and you know it’s it’s not all about the
money for him he’s made his money man and he’s he’s got the relationships that we build through this and that means
more to him that to all of us than the money is the the relationships the brotherhoods the and uh the memories and
uh I respect I respect him so much for how he’s uh handling this whole situation and you know he could have
really [ __ ] with the team if he had gone in a different direction it definitely could have and uh I I think it makes sense for uh for him and
O’Malley in December I think it should be marab and O’Malley in December and uh I think I I don’t think the UFC’s
offered that yet but they should um I will I’ll give you the argument against barab it’s not a question of his
commitment or courage or there is you know some people who complain about the Aldo fight being a little bit boring but in general people know he’s a Workhorse
and a deserving one at that it’s that your window to make any money it’s just the criticism is fairly finite like when
you get a UFC title opportunity like what percent of fighters ever get that you know not not many when you get one
you have to seize it but my whole point is let’s see if he accepts it when he’s offered it so yeah exactly the time is
now you know O’Malley wants to fight in December um I think uh you know morab’s ready to
go into summer um if they I don’t think aljo wants to fight in December I think he wants his
like his time off that he has earned um so I think if if O’Malley wants to
fight in December I think it’s got to be murab I don’t mind immediate rematches but I will say in aljo’s case
um his body was beaten up like even getting to the finish line and then The Knockout
wasn’t great you know he took some shots take some time off I know he wanted it but it’s an important moment right now
to recharge Yeah a hundred percent I mean uh me and aljo fought on the same card at uh 288 and then Al Joe fought
what like last weekend like I I couldn’t have been ready by last weekend you know I got my whole process after a fight you
know I gotta I fight and then uh I’m the I’m the cream roller for a week you know
I give my I give myself uh you know a week to eat to to decompress to kind of
let everything settle in and then and then I get slowly get back on and and start uh working on my development you
know uh and I think that’s big you know you need you need your time sometimes these guys who rush you know fight after
fight after fight you don’t develop as much and um you know I think aljo has he
was kind of rushed into that fight like they they announced him and O’Malley before he even got his ex x-rays for his
foot that he banged up in the sahudo fight they announce it they pressured him into that fight and uh you know he
he wasn’t even I didn’t even think he was going to take that fight like when they announced it I was like what do you mean man uh but he he you know he got he
dialed in he got ready the best he could and he went in there and fought um it
didn’t work out for him but I give him I give him props for just making it to that fight uh that soon because uh I
couldn’t have done it in terms of what happened he he knows that he was he was lunging in but has he said anything
about it um about like why it happened that way um I think I think he told Bradley
Martin maybe it was footwork of uh yeah of his opponent yeah yeah he was saying that he was uh O’Malley’s uh O’Malley’s
movement his footwork his faints were were really big and uh you know I think it was it was patience you know in that
first round aljo had the patience O’Malley had the patience too but uh uh
aljo you know edged him out in that first round and then the second round was starting to go the same way but then
aljo went for it you know I think he he lost a little bit of the patience a little bit of focus yeah a little bit of
focus and and I’ve I mean I’m the same way man like that’s why one of my key words like during the fight I always
tell that’s my my brother’s like one job in in the corners to tell me patience patience patience uh because sometimes
I’m like all right let’s just [ __ ] fight man I just want to let’s go for it and I think aljo kind of probably had a
little bit of that feeling he threw that that straight left didn’t move his head afterwards and he got caught and I mean
you can you can break it down in so many ways I mean same thing for me with the Terence fight I looked at it so I was
like what went wrong what did I do and then it just came down to got caught he
got caught and what about the story you can fight that one it’s a hammer I mean like we can just yeah he’s good right
that’s a funny one actually man because uh that I remember going I was supposed
to fight opman for that fight and that’s when ottman uh smuggled the bag in oh a flat
island or whatever yeah it was a fight Island during covid he like he like scaled the the uh the balconies smuggled
some bag in and then got caught and got cut and then uh I remember weighing in
not having an opponent and uh mataroyo at the time is like I’m cutting weight I’m like I don’t even have opponent I’m
like what am I doing right now he’s like make weight you know you could be fighting McGregor you could be fighting
Chandler you’d be fighting you know one of these guys they’ll have you and I weighed in I was an alternate and then I
go to the face-offs not even knowing if I’m fighting and they’re like all right you’re fighting Armin I’m like okay man
let’s go and I had I had like a little bit of a backstory with Armin so uh from Tiger Muay Thai yep yep so it was before
he was in the UFC and I was out there at Tiger Muay Thai and uh I was the cream
roller then I was in I was in uh I was like out of shape and and I was sparring and I did a sparring round with Armin
and I always I remember about that sparring session is he hit me with a spinning back kick to the chest and it
landed so good and knocked the wind out of me I didn’t go down or anything I kept I mean I finished the round strong but uh he hit me with that spinning back
kick and I was just like holy [ __ ] that kid is good and then I started looking him up after that and I was like that
kid’s going to be in the UFC one day and then again of course he gets in the UFC and uh and like I remember being in
Flight Island I’m running around with Arroyo it says I’m still supposed to fight uh Atman I see Armin I shake his
hand I’m like what’s up man and then I’m running with Arroyo who’s managing me at the time and I was like you see that guy
we don’t fight that guy until we’re in the top ten you know and then just just so happens that like that week the whole
thing switches up and I end up fighting him and I feel like that was a test for me I was like so how badly do you want
to be a fighter this was the I did not like like I remember him like hit me with that spinning back kick I’m like I
know he’s good you know and like and then the universe made everything happen and made like the worst like what I
didn’t want the most to happen to test me whether I wanted to be a fighter or not and I was like all right let’s
[ __ ] do this I want to be a [ __ ] fighter let’s [ __ ] go and uh and then like because
he hit me with that spinning kick I thought he was gonna try to stand with me I thought he was going to strike with me but then he comes out and I think he
I hit him with a couple right hands and then after that he wanted to wrestle the whole time and uh he out wrestled me man
he out wrestled me but that’s when I want to get back he’s going to see him again I was just going to say that I know I can I can I can hear it in his
voice he’s he’s the only guy who’s actually beat me the the first the other
guys who beat me they caught me they they caught me in the first round but Armin beat me for a decision when and
I’ve never uh that he’s the only guy who beat me so I want that one back okay so let’s talk about the top of the division
do you believe marketev beat volkonoski or not yeah I mean it was a close fight
but I think he edged it out I mean I think Islam’s good man what’s going to happen with Charles
Oliveira the rematch I think Islam is going to beat him again I think he’s
he’s too I think uh I mean Oliveira is great and he’s got uh he’s got you know
a great striking great Jiu Jitsu but I think it’s it’s Islam makachev’s time
and uh I think the only chance that he loses he gets caught that’s it yeah you
know I know a guy who who throws the type of punches that gets people caught when you think about that you really
could be three fights away two fights away spectacular performance away who you never know in this game right the
phone can ring like at any point do you watch him despite the dominance and go I respect him but I can beat him yes a
hundred percent and that’s how I feel you know I truly feel that on my best day I can knock out or submit anyone in
the world and all I can do is prepare the best I know how being the best shape
I can and go out there and and go for it um
also in the division let’s talk about what’s going to happen with Conor McGregor does the Chandler fight happen you know and if so what happens gotta
beat yourself first exactly again assuming it happens at some point uh who wins and does it happen at all yeah and
and also what weight class I mean I guess it’s going to be 170. probably whatever Connor wants yeah yeah uh I
don’t think McGregor is making 55 anymore um but I think I think I think McGregor
knocks him out I think uh wow I think like McGregor is so good when he has the
reach you know when he’s got the reach and he can use that that that uh that range and find that left hand he really
doesn’t lose you know but against these taller guys uh like the Nate Diaz’s of the world they give him a harder time so
I think I think uh I think the fight happens I think it happens in December and I think uh McGregor knocks him out
Chandler couldn’t grind him out I mean he could Chandler’s a beast you
know Chandler is a beast but I think that’s a that’s a matchup made for McGregor and what happens do you think
with the last of these Legends the gaichi’s obviously beat Poirier but they still have a future what happens with
them and also like the volcanovski factor as well I wonder how you see that playing out I think that they got to do
a passing of the Guard I think uh gagey’s gotta pass that BMF belt to me after I knock him out and uh send him
give him uh give them what every Gladiator wants a glorious death in the arena and that’s and that’s damn man
that’s what I’ll give her when you as a fighter because some people are gonna get turned away by the BMF you know or
uh Islam has [ __ ] on it many times I love it because of the type of fights it creates when that thing gets announced
are you like that’s my trip that could be my ticket to stardom if the timing is right yeah you know I mean it’s a it’s a
championship belt whether you say it’s the baddest [ __ ] belt or it’s the world championship belt I mean I’m
I’m here to collect belts so I’ll take that BMF all day because the USC ever said anything about that have you had it
like what do what do conversations about the UFC that you have typically revolve around the UFC doesn’t tell me [ __ ]
you just sort of wait to hear pretty much man and then uh and then I bug my manager for some news uh but like that
that’s like a little bit of the frustrating part like especially right now you know we’re about about 10 weeks
out from MSG and like everybody and their mom is asking me when’s the next fight who we fighting in MSG who’s like
my dad as always I’m getting bored we gotta get a fight booked uh and like you
could just ship them off to Thailand for a month they’ll be fine but uh I mean I just I I focus on what I can control man
I have a date I have no November 11th I will be ready in November 11th I’m
training like like I’ve got this Patty pimla fight at MSG and that’s all I can control man and and at my gym it’s
always next man up you know we got we got guys uh fighting for cffc this weekend we got guys fighting for Ring of
combat next weekend we got guys fighting for contender Series in in like three four weeks and these guys need sparring
partners and I’m the guy who’s who’s uh stepping up to sparm and that only makes me better and uh I’m getting these
rounds in the bank this far out of Camp uh when I’m not I’m not in in uh I’m in
I’m in shape right now I wouldn’t say I’m in fight shape but I’m still getting these rounds in and I’m training like
I’m fighting uh November 11th and uh you know I’m hoping the the UFC will call
soon do you have any concerns seriously about CTE long term uh no not really I mean
not uh like I’ve lost twice by like TKO but I was never completely you know
unconscious um I I could definitely say that I’ve had worse concussions playing football
in Lacrosse than I have fighting uh because I would run full speed helmet to
helmet guys that were like twice my size um and uh you know Longo’s got me moving
my head a little bit you know how many concussions do you know you had uh it’s like asking a woman her age and
her amount of Partners I mean I mean you know he’s I mean how many like a time we got to do he’s here let’s ask him okay I
don’t know man uh I don’t think too many people people make it taboo I’m just you know you got upset when I asked Big John
McCarthy if he’s ever shut down a toilet in Tokyo I didn’t get offended I just didn’t know the Necessities but I also
uh one of one of these guys I went to high school with actually became like a neurologist like a brain guy doctor and
uh he’s got a Zone practice out in California and uh before my UFC debut I went out there and met with them and he
took like all my brain like like whatever my brain notes or my my test
levels and did all these testing on my brain like my reaction time and all this whatnot before my UFC debut and now I’ve
had nine fights in the UFC I’ve definitely had a couple of concussions in in that time and uh so I’m curious to
go back to him and then have him test my brain and see where was you know before
I started my UFC career you got to protect those hands because they’re the
mechanism that gets these early catch Knockouts so you don’t have to take it punishment you can keep winning and a
great way to protect those hands particularly when you’re lifting weights would be to put them in gloves right no
man if you lifting gloves you’re a [ __ ] [Music]
that’s like Luke’s true test of a man if he can answer that question correct then I know it drives you nuts [ __ ]
I’m right my dad forced me to wear gloves to lift when I was 14. he forced me you have tried calluses on your hands
you have tried I’m right [ __ ] I’m right we’ve had this debate he they get mad at me because I’m like dude just
do not [ __ ] wear gloves you don’t need Shannon sharp wears gloves she has Sharps the man have you ever seen Shannon sharp this dude’s like mid 50s I
saw him do on incline bench dumbbells 135 for like 10 reps dude he’s strong as
[ __ ] but he wears gloves and I’m like dude what the [ __ ] Shannon you think he could pass me you saw the test no [ __ ]
no absolutely not but God bless him he looks he looks now Matt you’ve heard Luke complain that he’s an old piece of
[ __ ] at 44. um I hope he doesn’t die this you know today or ever Luke we gotta keep
building this partnership would you advise him though now that he doesn’t have to pass drug tests to fight he
should just go full trt like where cowboy Cerrone is doing right now just go after it right I mean have you gotten
your test levels tested well I mean I don’t need a doctor to tell me they’re alone it’s not like a giant mystery
don’t just talk about it Luke be about it no it’s just dude I’ll tell you what man 20 to 30 I don’t think that’s a big
rotation people make it a big rotation it’s not a big rotation [ __ ] 30 to 40. people get sick of me talking
about it don’t don’t let it catch you by surprise there’s gonna be a beat your ass if you’re not ready for it one day
warning you I’m warning you it’s a much steeper clip it’s an old set of balls and you have to answer okay so keep
fighting the good fight why not get on the T and get like all jacked done about I’ve kicked tires on the idea I haven’t
gone I haven’t purchased the car yet I’ve kicked the tires I’ve been I’ve been telling my dad to get on the testosterone for so long and like he
actually he like tried it for like two weeks and he’s like I don’t feel nothing and then he just stopped you know what
he was like he already had a high test he didn’t even need that [ __ ] Pacer Allen Arnold Allen yeah yeah you
know Arnold you know Arnold Allen the featherweight his dad but they kind of talk openly but he would have his own backyard gym and would like definitely
did steroids right in front of him a couple times and uh he just did steroids on Arnold Allen’s blog like a week ago like he really rejected it with yeah
they’re just pretty open about it having a good time yeah not Arnold but like his dad and whatever hey nowadays I mean you
go to a doctor they test your your T levels and they they prescribe it and they monitor it so I think there’s a
safe way to do it you know and uh I mean when I’m done fighting I’m definitely gonna get jacked I’m talking I’m gonna
get jacked come out of retirement for my bare knuckle boxing uh debut you know so
I will I I always tell Longo I’m like listen Ray when when I after I retire
and I get on the tee and I come back and I ask you to train me for my coming out of retirement fight bare knuckle boxing
don’t train me tell me remind me of this conversation and don’t train me what’d
he say he’s like all right all right I’ll remind you all right
come on fumble it see now I lost my train of thought well I was gone I was going down a really
good road though you know with the bare knuckle boxing yeah no no hold on because this may fall into this
conversation when I imagine you and Billy Q in Tampa as amateurs knocking people out and titty bar parking lots
throwing the booze chasing the Muff around I imagine like Sean and Marty the
Rockers like pro wrestlers just living it up but all great pro wrestling tag teams at the end storyline wise one has
to put the other through the barbershop window you and Billy Q have any thoughts at one day meeting
in the middle and having your own Griffin Bonner one I mean me and Billy Q have beaten the
piss out of each other many of times man I remember we were aventurians and lived together uh we wouldn’t do the dishes so
there’d be like the sink filled up with dishes and then we would have sparring like that night and we’d
be like all right whoever loses the spawning assistant has to do the dishes and we would like fight so hard not to
do the dishes uh so I mean uh we fought so many times in the gym man I’ll I’ll
beat his ass tomorrow in the gym if he comes up to New York so I mean uh but at
the highest level I don’t think so man we’re brothers you know I’ve he’s been he’s in my corner every fight I’m in his
Corner every fight you know iron sharpens iron and uh that’s that Long Island loyalty that he’s been talking
about right that’s it dude uh I think your favorite thing right so after you beat Dober I might be getting some of
these details wrong so correct me if I am but you took to Instagram with like what you consider to be the perfect New
York Bagel is that right oh yeah okay what is the perfect New York Bagel I
love the flagel so I’m not gonna lie I’m a flag I don’t know what the [ __ ] that is it’s like a skinny bagel skinny
Bagels skinny Bagels sort of defeats the purpose right and then I get a bacon egg and cheese classic bacon egg and cheese
well done bacon salt pepper hot sauce over medium eggs and uh that’s uh that’s that tastes like
Victory what kind of bagel what kind of bagel everything everything I don’t know how I feel about the everything Choice everything else on that one sounds good
with BC go all that he goes all in in life he goes after it it did look good okay maybe I’ll throw some avocado on it
if I want to be healthy who has better uh Bagels Long Island or Manhattan Long Island all day is that true all day baby
they’re pretty good in Manhattan they’re not bad yeah they are oh I I hear there’s an epic uh badminton competition
for full of compound every year on the water are you the same Alpha in the
frivola badminton lineage that you are in the cage nah so uh I’ve won I won
that tournament we always have a big badminton tournament every summer and I’ve won that tournament I’ve won it
like five years in a row but the last three years I’ve lost it in the finals
to my twin brother oh and uh three p yeah you know I thought I
thought I had him this year I’m not gonna lie like the last couple years like I fought and I got fat and then
that’s why you beat me uh but this year I was like in shape I was like training for it like uh and uh and then like
I I think I think uh he got me this year man I’ll give it to him he’s an athlete he’s an athlete
all right 11 November that’s the hopeful Matt frivola MSG date 11 November what
are you British let me just say well if the Marine Corps 11 November 1775 is a very important day all right excuse me
10 November what am I saying yeah I wish I had an American flag shirt on right now so I could properly celebrate this country uh we hope we hope you get it we
hope you get it I do think it’d be a great fight I think it’d be a great test and uh a real level up moment so start
There’s an opportunity to become a household name a star in this game imagine if he splattered Patty let’s see
what happens and I really hope you get the fight and you know I look forward to seeing what happened now legally how much can you grow the beard and still
bring it into the cage it has I think as much as I want I want to have the uh what’s the one the one ref who’s got the
like beard Mark Voltron yeah beltran’s got that beer I’m trying to grow my hair out you know I want to uh have the
Viking braids for the next month no we’ll see we’ll see what happens uh I
usually this is like the longest my hair has been in a minute so we’re gonna we’re gonna have fun with it a little bit well I look forward to seeing
um what what the what the total show is yeah uh when you when hopefully you get that far thanks for coming to our Studios man and uh sharing your story
and you’re a [ __ ] Maniac but um we’re digging it so we really appreciate it thank you Luke too and you too man for
kind of just saying it how it is you know you don’t sugarcoat anything you you tell it how it is even like when a
lot of guys gotta kiss the UFC’s ass you don’t do it you tell it how it is and I respect you for that oh [ __ ] look at
that bouquet I appreciate that but that’s
that’s not that note Matt frivola everyone Steamroller hope he gets a fight against
Patty pimlic we’re out