Kamaru Usman back-up fighter for Chimaev vs Costa

In this article, we will discuss the possibility of Kamaru Usman stepping in as a back-up fighter for the highly anticipated match between Khamzat Chimaev and Paulo Costa. Usman is a fighter that I personally care about as a fan, and I always look forward to his fights. However, if a fighter sits out for a year, regardless of the reason, their time in the spotlight is over.

Usman fought in March of this year, and if his next fight is not announced within the next eight weeks, it will likely be pushed to March of next year, making it a year since his last fight. It is important to note that no fighter, no matter how talented, can sit out for a year and come back to be meaningful in a competitive division like the welterweight division. The human body is not made to go 25 minutes in a fight, and it takes time for fighters to prepare and get back into fighting shape.

Kamaru Usman is a fighter who deserves more respect than he is currently being shown. If he chooses not to fight, that is a different conversation. But if he is willing to fight, he should not be kept waiting indefinitely.

One suggestion for Usman is to move up to the middleweight division (185 lbs). Usman has previously competed at 184 lbs in wrestling, so size is not an issue for him. Moving up to a higher weight class can provide him with an easier path as he gets older. The higher the weight class, the less skilled the fighters tend to be.

The reason Usman has not moved up to middleweight already is because he did not want to have to fight Israel Adesanya. He did not want to put his fans in a position where they would have to choose between him and Adesanya. So, he stayed at welterweight to avoid that situation.

However, with Adesanya no longer pursuing the middleweight championship and stepping aside to give others a chance, the landscape has changed. This opens up an opportunity for Usman to move up to middleweight.

There is currently a potential fight between Paulo Costa and Khamzat Chimaev. However, before promoting this fight as a number one contenders match, the focus should be on getting the fight to happen. It is crucial to have a backup fighter ready in case the Costa vs Chimaev fight falls through.

The right person to fill in as a backup fighter is Kamaru Usman. He has already expressed interest in the fight, he is always in shape and ready to go, and he has the name recognition to make it a meaningful fight.

In conclusion, Kamaru Usman should be considered as a back-up fighter for the Paulo Costa vs Khamzat Chimaev fight. He has the skills, the size, and the readiness to step in if needed. Usman deserves more respect for his accomplishments and should not be kept waiting indefinitely. Moving up to middleweight could provide him with new opportunities and challenges. The focus should be on getting the Costa vs Chimaev fight to happen, but having Usman as a backup fighter is crucial. He is the right person for the job, with the name recognition and readiness to make it a meaningful fight.

It remains to be seen what will happen in the welterweight division and if Usman will indeed move up to middleweight. But as a fan, I hope to see him back in the Octagon soon, whether it’s as a back-up fighter or in his own fight. Usman has proven himself to be a formidable competitor, and I look forward to seeing what he does next.

what do you do with Kamar Usman
right and there’s guys that I care about
like I don’t mean from a personal
standpoint like I care as a fan I I do
care when they’re going to fight if
there’s an announcement I’m going to
make pieces on it I’m going to build it
up and I’m going to mark that on my
calendar at least my mental calendar and
usan is one of those guys but I can’t
hold on to that forever okay if if Usman
or anybody was to sit for a year we
don’t need to discuss how they’re going
to do anymore we can still want to see
them fight we can still support them and
do really nice things if you sit for a
year your time is now done it doesn’t
matter if there an injury it doesn’t
matter if it’s illness it doesn’t matter
if it’s your inability to get a fight it
doesn’t matter if the promotion doesn’t
have an interest in you to an extent
that they can financially honor your
contract and give you a match it doesn’t
matter what the reason if you sit for a
year we don’t have to do the competition
we can we can do it for good sporting
exercise but there is nobody good enough
in a competitive Division and 170 is
very competitive there’s nobody good
enough to sit for a year and come back
and be meaningful that’s just the truth
from the day a Kamar Usman fight gets
announced it will be three months until
they get into the ring okay he fought in
March of this year which means he is two
months if they don’t announce his fight
in the next eight weeks that
automatically will push it till March of
next year which will make it a year
which will make it irrelevant it won’t
matter who the opponent
is a guy on his best of times is going
to be in a very trying situation to go
25 minutes the human body is not made to
go 25 minutes every guy that’s ever
taken illegal drugs in this sport is
take it for the same reason that the
guys that do the tour to France take it
the human body is not made to do
that I bring it to you it’s it’s very
relevant because I I don’t know what’s
going on
there that is a meaningful guy that
deserves more respect than he is being
shown now if he doesn’t want to fight
we’re having a totally different
conversation no problem no he is
definitely done enough but that’s not
what we’re being told we’re being told
just the
opposite I believe that Kamar
Usman should go to 185 PBS that’s Cha’s
Poli now I also followed Usman as a
wrestler who wrestled at 184 PBS so I
know that size is not an issue for him
that’s his actual
size none of you got
smaller with time none of you weigh less
now than you did in college he does he
does he used to compete at 184 and then
he spit a decade down at 170 I mean not
for nothing he could go 185 and the
reason I like
that I like the parody it’s an easier
weight class right as you get older
you’re always looking for something
easier to do the higher you go in
fighting the worst they get you want
terrible guys you barely even have to
know how to fight go up to
heavyweight start working your way down
from there you want to get really good
and get really good skills great go to a
lighter weight and prove it but the
heavier you go the easier it gets and
the reason that Usman didn’t go 185
already the reason he didn’t do that is
he didn’t want to have to fight osna I
get that and I respect it and so do all
you and we’ve interfered with plenty of
things from teammates to friends but we
interfered with the
reason with the nationalistic ties where
Usman and H sign showed each other a
respect we never interfered with that
did we so we understood that
Usman was willing to fight Jamaya even
wanted to fight him but would not fight
him at 185 pounds it was never disclosed
why I’m here to tell you why it was not
a size
issue Usman is just fine at 185 I’m I’m
telling you that until I’m blew in the
face but it’s
true he didn’t want to do it at 18 185
because it would have become a number
one contenders match and if he beat
chamay which he planned to do he did not
want to be in a position where he drew
into Izzy he didn’t want to put you guys
his fans in that position where he goes
hey I’m sorry I got in this spot but I’m
not going to do it he he didn’t want to
do that so he got ahead of it he was
professional he was upfront and he just
tried to change the way he would have
done it 183 lbs he would have done it
183 and 3/4 PBS he would have done it
anything but 185 for that very
now there is a skunk at the garden
party as it pertains to Paulo Costa
chamay if you can get that fight in the
if you can get that fight to the ring
you have a big success but before you
promote that fight before you Market it
before you name it a number one
contenders fight all energy has got to
be to get that fight in the ring cuz
that is not on track to
happen so the move now that Izzy is not
the champion Izzy’s not even pursuing
championship Iz he is not called for a
rematch which he could get like that he
hasn’t called for it
he is stepping aside to give Shawn a
moment and to give the whole division a
moment so if Usman was to come up now
the landscape is totally different and
the opportunity is only a month
away they need it is Paramount that they
have a backup fighter in Abu Dhabi for
paoc Costa versus shmaya it is
paramont and it can’t just be anybody CU
that’s the feature match that’s the main
event as far as we’re all
concerned that’s the match that we’re
all getting ready to see that’s the
match that was promised 6 months ago
that’s the match where a fight was
broken up in Salt Lake City to make it
happen that’s the match and we all know
it what you don’t know is getting them
in the ring at this point is going to be
very difficult so when and if that news
come comes out the right guy has got to
be ready it’s the whole
card is dependent on
that the right guy is not Jerry caner
I’m not saying that to be negative it’s
not the right guy is out there the right
guy has a name the right guy’s already
asked for the fight the right guy’s in
shape and he’s ready cuz he’s always in
shape and ready and the right guy that
needs to position himself today cuz this
is less than a month
away right guy to fill in for Paulo
Costa or chamay of whichever one of them
blinks first and they’re both blinking
right now little inside news for you
right guy is Kamar

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