Jarno Errens

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MMA Fighter

Jarno Errens is an accomplished featherweight MMA fighter, known for his remarkable skills and dedication in the ring. With a professional MMA record of 13-5-1, Errens has proven himself as a formidable force in the combat sports world. Affiliated with Team Thriving Training Center, he has honed his techniques and continuously pushes himself to new heights.

Born to be a fighter, Errens began training for MMA as a form of conditioning for his motocross career. His passion and determination soon led him to pursue fighting as his main focus. Errens made his UFC debut on September 3, 2022, marking a significant milestone in his career.

Throughout his journey, Errens has faced off against renowned opponents, including Seung Woo Choi and William Gomis. These memorable fights have showcased his tenacity and ability to perform under pressure.

Errens’ dedication and hard work have earned him notable titles such as the SHC Benelux champion and NFC European champion. Inspired by fighters like Max HollowayZabit Magomedsharipov, and Conor McGregor, he continues to push himself to new limits.

Outside of the octagon, Errens has a different career as a metal worker, showcasing his diverse skill set and work ethic. This dual career speaks to his commitment to both his craft and his personal development.

When it comes to techniques, Errens has a preference for the D’Arce choke in grappling and a powerful straight right punch in striking. These signature moves have become synonymous with his fighting style.

Looking ahead, Errens has his sights set on the ultimate goal: to reach the pinnacle of the UFC. With each fight, he sets new goals and continues to strive for greatness in the sport he loves.

With a professional MMA record of 13-5-1, Jarno Errens competes in the featherweight division, showcasing his talent and determination as a fighter. Affiliated with Team Thriving Training Center, Errens has honed his skills alongside a team of dedicated coaches and training partners. He has fought in various promotions, including the prestigious UFC, where he made his debut on September 3, 2022. In his UFC career, Errens has faced formidable opponents, leaving a lasting impact in the octagon. Notable fights include his thrilling match against Seung Woo Choi, where Errens displayed his striking prowess and resilience. He also went head-to-head with William Gomis, showcasing his technical skills and determination to succeed. Errens has held championship titles in his career, further cementing his status as a rising star in the MMA world. As the SHC Benelux champion and NFC European champion, he has proven his ability to excel in the sport. Inspired by fighters such as Max HollowayZabit Magomedsharipov, and Conor McGregor, Errens continues to push his boundaries and strive for greatness. Aside from his commitment to MMA, Errens also works as a skilled metal worker. This dual career not only showcases his versatility but also highlights his dedication to both his craft and fighting career. Errens has further distinguished himself with his favorite techniques. His mastery of the D’Arce choke has garnered attention in the grappling community, while his precise straight right punch displays his striking prowess. These techniques have become synonymous with Errens’ fighting style, earning him recognition in the MMA world. Looking ahead, Errens is focused on reaching new heights in the UFC. With each fight, he sets new goals and continues to train rigorously to achieve his dreams. As an MMA fighterJarno Errens represents the epitome of dedication, skill, and determination. His journey is one to watch, as he navigates the competitive world of professional fighting with unwavering ambition.

UFC Debut and Notable Fights

Jarno Errens made an impactful UFC debut on September 3, 2022, and has since faced tough opponents like Seung Woo Choi and William Gomis, proving his mettle in the octagon. His debut fight against Choi showcased Errens’ skills and determination, as he displayed a strategic and dominant performance, ultimately securing a victory. This win served as a stepping stone for Errens, propelling him into the spotlight of the featherweight division.

Following his debut, Errens went on to face William Gomis, a skilled fighter known for his striking abilities. The match was highly anticipated, with both fighters aiming to further solidify their positions in the UFC. Errens showed exceptional resilience and adaptability throughout the fight, unleashing a combination of striking and grappling techniques. Despite a tough battle, Errens emerged victorious, demonstrating his versatility and ability to overcome formidable opponents.

Errens’ notable fights against Choi and Gomis have established him as a promising talent in the featherweight division. His impressive performances and unwavering spirit have earned him recognition among fans and fellow fighters alike. With each fight, Errens continues to evolve and showcase his potential as a future contender for the featherweight title.

Championship Titles and Inspirations

Jarno Errens has earned prestigious championship titles, including the SHC Benelux and NFC European championships, while drawing inspiration from renowned fighters like Max HollowayZabit Magomedsharipov, and Conor McGregor. These titles serve as a testament to Errens’ exceptional skill and dedication to the sport of MMA.

As the SHC Benelux champion, Errens showcased his dominance in the featherweight division, defeating formidable opponents with his technical prowess and relentless determination. He further solidified his status as a champion by claiming the NFC European title, affirming his position among Europe’s top MMA fighters.

In his quest for greatness, Errens finds inspiration from fighters who have left an indelible mark on the sport. Max Holloway’s tenacity and striking prowess have pushed Errens to continually evolve and hone his skills. Zabit Magomedsharipov’s fluidity and creativity in the cage have encouraged Errens to explore new techniques and expand his repertoire. Conor McGregor’s charismatic presence and unbridled confidence have inspired Errens to embrace the spotlight and pursue greatness in the UFC.

Beyond his championship titles and inspirations, Errens’ journey in MMA is also characterized by his dual career as a metal worker. Emphasizing the importance of hard work and discipline, Errens showcases his diverse skill set both inside and outside the octagon.

Dual Career and Metal Work

In addition to his successful MMA career, Jarno Errens also works as a skilled metal worker, showcasing his ability to balance his passion for fighting with his professional endeavors. Errens’ dedication and diverse skill set extend beyond the octagon, as he applies his precision and attention to detail to the world of metalwork.

Errens’ talent as a metal worker can be attributed to his background in motocross, where he gained hands-on experience with machinery and fabrication. His technical knowledge and craftsmanship have allowed him to create unique and intricate metal pieces, demonstrating his creativity and ingenuity in this field.

Known for his commitment and relentless work ethic, Errens tackles each project with the same intensity and drive that he brings to his fights. Whether it’s welding, shaping, or designing, he approaches metal work with the same determination and discipline that has made him a formidable force in the MMA world.

Errens’ ability to excel in both the octagon and the workshop exemplifies his versatility and dedication to his crafts. He continues to prove that pursuing multiple passions is possible, inspiring others to pursue their own diverse interests and follow their dreams.

Favorite Techniques – Grappling and Striking

Jarno Errens excels in his favorite grappling technique, the D’Arce choke. This submission move has become one of Errens’ signature moves in the octagon, showcasing his technical skill and ability to control his opponents on the ground. The D’Arce choke involves trapping the opponent’s head and arm, creating immense pressure on their neck and forcing them to either tap out or risk losing consciousness. Errens’ mastery of this technique has earned him several impressive victories throughout his career.

When it comes to striking, Errens demonstrates accuracy and power with his favorite technique, the straight right punch. Known for his precise timing and devastating knockout power, Errens has displayed his striking prowess by delivering lightning-fast straight right punches that have left his opponents dazed and defeated. With his ability to land clean and powerful shots, Errens has proven to be a formidable force in the featherweight division.

Errens’ ability to seamlessly transition between grappling and striking makes him a well-rounded fighter. His skill set allows him to control the pace of a fight, adapting to the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents. Whether it’s locking in a tight D’Arce choke or landing a devastating straight right punch, Errens consistently showcases his technical abilities and determination to secure victory inside the cage.

Favorite Grappling Technique Favorite Striking Technique
D’Arce choke Straight right punch

Goals and Ambitions

Jarno Errens aspires to reach the top of the UFC and continuously sets new goals for himself, fueling his relentless drive to succeed in the world of MMA. With a professional MMA record of 13-5-1, Errens has already made a name for himself in the featherweight division.

Since his UFC debut on September 3, 2022, Errens has faced tough competition, including renowned fighters such as Seung Woo Choi and William Gomis. Each fight serves as a stepping stone towards his ultimate goal of becoming a champion in the UFC.

Having already secured titles like the SHC Benelux champion and NFC European champion, Errens has proven his skill and determination in the cage. Inspired by fighters like Max Holloway, Zabit Magomedsharipov, and Conor McGregor, he strives to emulate their success and leave his own mark on the sport.

Outside the octagon, Errens works as a metal worker, showcasing his versatility and work ethic. Balancing his dual careers, he continues to refine his techniques, with the D’Arce choke and straight right punch being his go-to moves inside the cage.

With each fight, Jarno Errens pushes himself to new heights, always setting his sights on bigger and better achievements. His unwavering dedication and commitment to his craft make it clear that he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of MMA. The journey to the top of the UFC is not an easy one, but Errens is determined to overcome any obstacles in his path and leave a lasting legacy in the sport.