Israel Adesanya & Alex Volkanovski Prepare Mark for Elon Musk Super Fight

In this video, we get a glimpse into the intense training session of Israel Adesanya and Alex Volkanovski as they prepare their teammate, Mark, for his upcoming super fight against Elon Musk. The energy is high, and the fighters are focused as they go through their drills and spar with each other. Let’s dive into the details of this training session and see how Mark is getting ready for the fight of his life.

Training with the Best

Israel Adesanya and Alex Volkanovski are two of the best fighters in the world right now, and Mark is fortunate to have them as his training partners. As they hit the pads and spar with each other, it’s clear that their skills are on another level. Mark is in good hands, and he knows it.

Controlling Emotions and Having Fun

Before the training session begins, Israel Adesanya reminds everyone to control their emotions and have fun. This is an important reminder, as emotions can sometimes get the best of fighters and affect their performance. By staying focused and enjoying the process, Mark can make the most out of his training session and perform at his best.

Impressed with Mark’s Progress

Israel Adesanya is impressed with Mark’s progress, considering the amount of time he has been training. Despite being relatively new to the sport, Mark shows determination and tenacity, which are qualities that Adesanya admires. Adesanya even mentions that Mark asked to go another round, showing his eagerness to improve and push himself further.

Coaching Mark Along the Way

During the training session, Israel Adesanya takes on the role of a coach, providing guidance and advice to Mark. Adesanya is impressed with Mark’s ability to absorb information and apply it in real-time. This crash course training style allows Mark to learn quickly and adapt to different situations, making him a formidable opponent.

The Toughness of a Fighter

As the training session progresses, Mark sustains an injury that requires stitches. Despite this setback, Mark shows his resilience and toughness, continuing with the training. This display of determination and grit is a testament to the mindset of a fighter, willing to push through pain and adversity to achieve their goals.

A Mix of Training and Fun

In addition to the intense training, the fighters also take some time to have fun. They engage in wakeboarding and surfing, showcasing their athleticism and love for adventure. This balance between training and enjoyment helps create a positive and supportive environment, where fighters can bond and recharge.


In this article, we witnessed the intense training session of Israel Adesanya and Alex Volkanovski as they prepare their teammate, Mark, for his upcoming super fight against Elon Musk. The training session was filled with energy, focus, and determination. Mark’s progress and resilience were evident, and he is fortunate to have such skilled and supportive training partners in Adesanya and Volkanovski. The reminder to control emotions and have fun is crucial for maintaining focus and maximizing performance. Adesanya’s coaching and Mark’s eagerness to improve highlight the dedication and determination required to succeed in the world of fighting. Despite sustaining an injury, Mark’s toughness and resilience shine through as he continues with the training. The mix of intense training and fun activities like wakeboarding and surfing helps create a positive and supportive environment for the fighters. Overall, this training session showcases the commitment, skill, and camaraderie of these fighters as they prepare for the fight of their lives.

I love you I love you boys man this is
what we do Warfare every [ __ ] year
and every [ __ ] day it doesn’t last
forever the wall is here [ __ ] ride
yes ride and it’s into the wheels fall
off the [ __ ] we go spare tires
I always got a couple of run Flats
my God
welcome to Salt Lake City where your
local time is 806 p.m wind’s coming out
of the Southwest yes temperatures in the
78 degrees with a low of 64. clear skies
ahead shot the gates
welcome yeah
all right
got that
they’re just hitting pads right he is
but oh no
like sparring
Kai will be with Mark warming him up I
shouldn’t have to say this and I know I
with the best in the world right now so
that should be pretty easy but like that
let’s control ourselves control our
emotions and
really have fun out here appreciate you
guys awesome
as long as that’s under you okay I can
stay stay there okay
were you impressed with what you saw
trading with him yeah for the amount of
time he’s been training the amount of
time he trained and also like I put it
crash course inviting so I was coaching
him as we were going along and he was a
smart man I’ll tell you he’s a smart man
I was impressed with her afterwards he
liked I think I’d be done with him like
Israel can we go another round I’m like
sure I I wasn’t like I said I wasn’t
being easy on you so I was like he wants
to go again
yeah he’s a gamer I like that he’s
as well
gonna do it
I’ll throw you away
what’s it like
I’ve got told fresh water is bad for the
I’ve got stitches man
look at that toughest guy on the planet
thousand pounds videos
that’s good
once you start like surfing all
wakeboarding when you were younger
I have to go brother
thank you good coach
oh that’s the training it’s worse
let’s work
let’s go
[ __ ] off
let’s roll for a few minutes and then
everyone roll partner up let’s do that
yeah I bet
that’s the thumb pad because it’s a
wrist lock so when he goes it’s a big
and down okay that’s it
so slow on the thumb pad
sketch it yes big circle
hey guys what’s up Izzy here like
subscribe and comment if you enjoyed
this video
thank you

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