Is Raul Rosas Jr rushing his career?

Raul Rosas Jr is a young athlete who is making waves in his sport. He has all the qualities that coaches and mentors often talk about – toughness, desire, discipline, motivation, and sacrifice. But as Chael Sonnen points out, having all these qualities doesn’t guarantee a successful career. In fact, many athletes have experienced peaks and valleys in their journey, where their motivation and physical abilities don’t align.

Sonnen gives the example of child prodigies who excel in their sport at a young age. These individuals may have natural talent and strength that sets them apart from their peers. However, as they grow older and their bodies go through changes, their performance may decline. On the other hand, there are athletes who may not have stood out in their youth but blossom later in their careers when their bodies have matured.

Raul Rosas Jr finds himself in an interesting position. He is saying all the right things and has someone looking after his career, ensuring that he is matched up with opponents who are not overly experienced or top-ranked. This strategy can be helpful in building confidence and maintaining a positive record. However, Sonnen cautions that relying solely on favorable matchups may not be sustainable in the long run.

Sonnen shares the advice given by Aaron Pico, another young athlete who experienced early success but learned the hard way that rushing into high-level competition can have negative consequences. Pico advises Rosas to slow down and take his time, emphasizing that success in one area does not guarantee success in another. This is a valuable lesson for any young athlete who may be tempted to rush their career progression.

Sonnen also mentions the case of Sage Northcutt, another child prodigy who faced setbacks and injuries that led to a break in his career. These examples serve as a reminder that timing is crucial in sports. It’s important for athletes to have the right balance of motivation, work ethic, and physical development to achieve their goals.

While Rosas is currently saying all the right things and displaying the necessary qualities for success, Sonnen raises concerns about the sustainability of his approach. He points out that the motivation and drive that Rosas has now may not last as his body continues to develop. It’s a delicate balance between pushing oneself and preserving one’s physical and mental well-being.

Sonnen acknowledges that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to success in sports. Each athlete’s journey is unique, and there are no guarantees. However, he cautions against buying into the idea of working smarter, not harder, as it can lead to complacency and a lack of drive. Winners, according to Sonnen, believe in going all out and giving their all to achieve their goals.

In conclusion, Raul Rosas Jr is a young athlete with great potential. He possesses the qualities that coaches and mentors often emphasize – toughness, desire, discipline, motivation, and sacrifice. However, Sonnen highlights the importance of timing and balance in an athlete’s career journey. While Rosas is currently on the right track, it’s crucial for him to consider the advice given by experienced athletes like Aaron Pico and Sage Northcutt. Slowing down and taking the time to develop both physically and mentally can be beneficial in the long run.

Raul Rosas Jr is he being rushed what do
you guys think
only guesses that you could give
everything’s clear in hindsight but
especially somebody’s career like
there are so many things that have to
come together and they have to come
together at the right time like you’ll
have coaches tell you have to be tough
and you have to be of desire and you
have to be disciplined and you have to
be motivated and sacrifice you you’ll
hear all of these buzzwords but you
could do all of those things and not
have the kind of career that you want
particularly if and this is extremely
common with most human beings
not just athletes
you do have all of those things you do
have motivation you do sacrifice you do
have discipline you do have desire you
do have hearts you have all of those
at all different times
some of those things are the mental side
of it
then you get the physical side
you guys all grew up with somebody that
was a child sensation
right any sport whatever you play
wouldn’t matter if it was PE and recess
it wouldn’t matter if you were out there
on the on the field of the courts that
that guy whatever the rules whatever the
sport is going to be the best he just
and then when you grew up and you look
back a little bit and you started to
learn about maturing and puberty and you
could look you could see that he was
going through that before everybody else
had a natural strength just by example
there’s a number of things that could
happen where you have some of those
prodigies but just by example another
time he gets to high school and
everybody else has done it he’s now died
off he went from the Star he’s JV in the
local lineup
by the time the college recruits come in
there’s nothing left they don’t even
talk to him like you you know guys like
this and you also know guys that were
the JV guy in high school they get to
college and you’re reading about oh my
God he was doing that I can’t believe it
and the primary reason for that is you
have all of those parts that you need
the motivation the desire the work ethic
the sacrifice but it it doesn’t come
along at the same time that your body is
developed in any position
see all the desire and all the other
things your body’s weak by example so
you go out there and you’ll get the
results that you want then over time
your body starts to grow but now you’re
losing motivation right and that is
definitely something that Peaks and then
motivation is a very terrible thing for
anyone to ever believe that they need
but I trust that your teachers your
parents and your coaches have all told
you you need the only reason I say you
can’t control it motivation is is for
the week motivation you’re very lucky if
you have it but consider it that
consider know it recognize it
use it while it’s there and know it’s
not gonna last discipline
can be there at all times
I bring you that back story because
when I look at roas
he is saying all of the right things but
historically speaking there’s not very
many guys that have walked in his path
that got the desired results
I could top of my head Aaron Pico
and Aaron Pico who is awesome but but
Aaron Pico did an interview and he gave
Rosa some advice and just said hey slow
down take your time
and he was talking about himself you
know I came in I I had a ton of hype
they threw me right in I want to be
World chamber right away whatever it
takes give me anybody
and then I found out the hard way that
this is a sport just because I had
success over here it’s not the 90s
anymore this is a different sports very
good advice by Aaron Pico
but I could also look at another child
prodigy in Sage Northcutt just by
and Sage had some experiences and they
led to injuries and he took some time
off his career
Rojas is just in an interesting spot
he’s saying all the right things
and he’s having somebody else do all the
right things for right like Rob us roast
is saying I’m going to be champion at 35
45 and 55. but then he is somebody else
that makes sure to match him up with
who aren’t overly experienced or top
ranked or very good frankly
that’s helpful
and when I do listen to robots I can
just remember feeling like that at times
in my life I remember feeling all that
that energy and that motivation or
wanting to train and do everything right
and sacrifice you’re absolutely
but I know young athletes at that age
that did that and that stuff all goes
away by the time your body matures by
the time you’re finally in your Prime
you’ve already fired all of those
bullets those bullets that he has today
and thinks I’m gonna have them forever
I’m different
I’m different than everybody that’s ever
lived before me I’m gonna feel the same
way 20 years from now right it’s it’s
one of these things
that can be very tough to match that
desire and that work ethic and that
willingness at the right time when your
body has the ability
to go out there and overpower another
trained athlete it’s an interesting spot
I hope that it goes well
I’m just sharing for you that
the advice that Pico gave about slow
I don’t know that roast needs to slow
anything as long as he keeps having
somebody looking after him that’s giving
him matches that are favorable to say
Hey you are 17 year old kid
child for that matter that had to get
special permission to come in as you’re
now 18. deep breath
you’re one and one in your last two
love the idea of being a three Division
champion but you’re one and one in your
last two
slow it down just a little bit
and that’s some of the advice that’s
that’s being given
it’s a real slippery slope what you
choose to believe right to save a little
to have something in the tank to have a
couple left in the chamber for when the
time is right when physically
you match up with the the mental drive
and desire you have right now
that is a perfect recipe and those guys
often go on to be champions
but it’s a very tough thing if you ever
buy into even slightly work smarter not
harder it’s over
you have never heard those words out of
an athlete’s mouth where you can’t then
go track their Trends and it is nothing
but downhill
you’ll hear people tell you everything
in moderation you won’t hear a winner
tell you that nothing in moderation
if it’s worth doing it’s worth overdoing
and anybody that Waits generally doesn’t
get what they want right I just don’t
know other words like the message being
hey wait be patient that isn’t really
what you want the guy to hear you just
don’t know other words
nothing Goods to anybody that waits in
his patient
but at the same time there are things
that have to come together there’s a
physicality that has to match up with
your desire and your methods there’s a
body that you’re using for tools which
is what you’re going to choose to
it’s the soul commodity you have to
that doesn’t get better with time it
wears down with time
so it’s an interesting game
it’s a tough game and it’s an experiment
the whole time nobody knows
but I have seen and I lived at the
Olympic Training Center so I have
athletes from all fields
that were very good in their youth
so they foregoed whether it was military
service whether it was College
opportunities whether it was to join the
labor force and the apprenticeship they
missed those opportunities of 18 to 24
when most people did it they become 30.
now they’re washed out of the sport not
on their own term they weren’t done with
the sport the sport is now done with
them they get into the open market they
don’t have a resume they don’t even have
a single skill
and it ends up being one of these really
tough spots
where what do you focus on and when do
you focus on it there is things called a
once in a lifetime opportunity there was
no guarantee that his opportunity in
this lifetime is going to come when he’s
25 years old it came now it came when he
was 17. he seized at the moment
there’s no part of this where I’m giving
him a hard time
I celebrate him and what he did but I am
observing it
hasn’t been a 17 year old sign before
I can say he’s one and one in his last
two okay great well there’s nobody
that’s one and one in their last two at
18 years old in the UFC because there’s
nobody that got one or number two right
like these are first times everything is
going very well
but to preserve your body and try to
make sure that when your body finally
does have that physicality and can match
up that you still have a little bit of
motivation left and that’s a that’s a
very tough game to play

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