Uncovered: How Much Do UFC Gloves Weigh? Find Out Now!

UFC gloves are essential gear for MMA fighters, and understanding their weight is crucial for both fighters and fans alike. The weight of UFC gloves plays a significant role in the safety and effectiveness of the sport. In this article, we will explore the weight standards and variations of UFC gloves, as well as the safety concerns associated with their design.

Key Takeaways:

  • The typical weight of UFC gloves is 4 ounces (110gms), but larger-sized gloves up to 6 ounces (170gms) are allowed for fighters who require them.
  • UFC gloves are designed to protect both the wearer and the opponent, minimizing lacerations and facial damage.
  • However, the design of UFC gloves has faced criticism for causing accidental eye pokes.
  • MMA coach Trevor Wittman has developed gloves that promote closed-fist strikes, reducing the risk of eye pokes.
  • MMA gloves, in general, weigh between 4 and 8 ounces, and their weight can vary depending on the type of training and competition.
  • It is recommended to wear hand wraps underneath MMA gloves for extra hand and wrist protection.

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UFC Gloves Weight Specifications and Safety Concerns

While the typical weight of UFC gloves is 4 ounces, there are specific specifications and safety concerns that surround the weight of these gloves. The UFC has set guidelines and established a weight range to ensure the safety of fighters and maintain fairness in competition. According to the UFC’s regulations, gloves weighing up to 6 ounces are allowed for fighters who require larger-sized gloves.

The primary purpose of UFC gloves is to provide protection for both the wearer and the opponent, minimizing the risk of lacerations and facial injuries. However, the existing design of UFC gloves has received criticism for causing unintentional eye pokes during fights. This issue has led to concerns about the safety of fighters and the potential impact on the outcome of matches.

“It is crucial to address the problem of accidental eye pokes in MMA,” says Trevor Wittman, a renowned MMA coach. To tackle this issue, Wittman has designed gloves that feature a modified structure, forcing the wearer to keep a closed fist. By implementing this design, the likelihood of eye pokes is significantly reduced, ensuring a safer environment for fighters.”

It’s important to note that MMA gloves, including UFC gloves, come in various sizes and weights. Typically, MMA gloves weigh between 4 and 8 ounces, allowing fighters to choose gloves suitable for different types of training and competition. However, when it comes to official UFC fights, the weight range is more specific and regulated.

UFC Glove Weight Range Specification
Minimum Weight 4 ounces
Maximum Weight 6 ounces (allowed for fighters who require larger-sized gloves)

It is worth highlighting that in addition to wearing UFC gloves, fighters are advised to use hand wraps underneath for additional hand and wrist protection. Hand wraps provide stability and support, reducing the risk of injuries during training and competition.


Understanding the weight of UFC gloves is essential for both fighters and fans to ensure safety and fairness in MMA matches. It is crucial to adhere to the weight specifications and consider additional protective measures like hand wraps.

The typical UFC gloves weigh 4 ounces (110gms), but gloves up to 6 ounces (170gms) are allowed for fighters who require larger-sized gloves. These gloves are specifically designed to protect both the wearer and the opponent, reducing lacerations and damage to the face.   

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