well hello to everyone it is Wednesday and we do have fights today so we’re
going to talk about the pfl we got that coming up we’ve got the UFC with one of my favorite Fighters Max Holloway going
at it that’s going to be an incredible fight between him and the Korean zombie but we got all kinds of things outside
of the world of fighting well I guess kind of attached to fighting I don’t know so much stuff going on you’re
you’re all the way look at you you’re reminiscing of California with your your Bellator Long Beach shirt on very famous
shirts I thought they did a great job I thought they did a great job of making this show they did it’s a good with the sunset kind of looking thing it’s kind
of cool I like it it’s pretty nice that actually that one right behind my shoulder that way is my favorite shirt
that’s from Fort Lauderdale that way yeah that one right there oh I know you like that one that one is not you put it
on the black light and it pops real well I like it not that I hang out in black lights or anything but you know I will
obviously somebody does pretty cool shirt man it’s a pretty cool shirt that one and this one these are my two favorites I mean I’ve got a bunch of
other ones they just came out with the Chicago one right the one we last time we were in Chicago and it just looked like the Chicago
Bulls logo and I was like yeah yeah yeah it wasn’t too good it was all right it was like you know but it was it was nice
it was both sides oh man hey John Chicago was one of those towns that like the first time I went the first time I’d
ever been to Chicago is when I fought Benson Henderson like eight weeks before yeah it’s the first time I’ve ever been and uh I have been in the airport but
I’ve never been like in the town or in the city and so when I fought Benson they took us out there eight weeks before to promote the
fight radio stations you know meet and greets all that stuff anyways I was like man I was really mesmerized
with how beautiful it was it’s beautiful people were nice food is [ __ ] awesome
food’s great the food is food’s good um you know it was really when I but
then when I went back for the fight it was miserably cold miserably cold it was in January yes it was a lot of fun I
still had fun you know uh it was a great spot dude I you know I remember before
that fight with you and the best I rounded the corner of this building and I’m walking in it’s all icy
everywhere and everything and I round the corner and the wind just hits you
and I’m like start to walk in it I said no [ __ ] that and I start to turn around but as I turn around now it’s pushing me
and I’m ice skating it’s just making me slice I was like this is not good and I
can’t even go the way I want to go the same exact thing happened to me after the fight so I’ve got my little Sling from my wrist and my my hand being all
[ __ ] up so I’m gonna sling and I’m trying to cross the street we’re trying to get to a diner it’s like two blocks down so we walk two blocks but the the
buildings were blocking a lot of the Wind but then when we came straight where the the street went through
man we tried to cross the crosswalk it pushed us on the downhill a little bit and absolutely yeah we were trying to it
was almost like trying to swim across a river you know yeah yeah so we were just we were getting pushed down as we were
trying to get across we just kept trying to move forward move forward finally got to the next block and we’re able to get across there to walk up the icy sidewalk
to get up to the restaurant we need to get to but it was pretty funny dangerous but funny
um Chicago’s Chicago Chicago is a great place though it really is yeah if someone’s never been there they got to
go in the food I will say it’s got some of the best food of any place I’ve ever had dudes I just think people need to do
themselves a favor turn the [ __ ] TV then the news off and you’ll actually go to these places
and be like wow this place is really nice if I was to ever listen to the news I
don’t but if I was there or listening to the news I mean I get small Clips on my social
that pop up and it’s like it’s there they talk like it’s the worst place in the country to live it might have it
might have some its own problems but every [ __ ] city does you know and
uh from out like every time I’ve been there the people have been nice the food’s been amazing the restaurant’s been nice hotels have been nice wherever
it is I mean everywhere I’ve gone throughout that City it’s been it’s been fabulous and I got nothing bad to say
about it yeah fantastic I agree what the hell is that noise John talk to me please
it is I want you to see this because it’s oh they’re away just drawn into you see
that cool light they are mesmerized it’s like stay away from the light zip John I
have you mentioned it yeah I was like I was like okay okay like four or five the whole show like four or five
something blew up I thought someone was toenails I mean these little tiny gnats
and I was like I can’t take it I got it in here it’s gonna be a good show
instead of those things flying in front of my face I was the last show I was like what the hell happening here it was
like because of one of the the sodas or something I don’t know but because I don’t have any food in here huh don’t
know I must have left to open monster I think it’s one of the ones that blew up probably from what do they call it
they’re called like uh sugar flies or what fruit flies yeah yeah yeah all right well I can tell
you right now they are all dying that’s very mean so every time you
hear that I think another one goes down yeah
um all right well let’s uh let’s go ahead and start rolling into these this fight card man there’s a lot going on this weekend uh we got the pfl we got
some boxing we got the UFC uh we got a little bit of drama at the uh Jake Paul Dylan danis along with figuring out who
the alternate is which is I think is fantastic I wish we could just push Dylan right out of the position and just
put Platinum Mike Perry right there that’d be awesome because I’d love to see that fight more so and I think if Platinum
Mike Perry was to fight Logan Paul I think he’d [ __ ] him up I think he’d [ __ ] him up I don’t think I
I think I’m looking forward to seeing that fight hopefully I mean look if history
now you want Dylan to pull out let’s follow the agenda here hey hey who’s up
who do you think you are silence silence silence
no I get it um all right look what we’ll talk more about it you’re right we’ll go
back more about that let’s you got the pfl here tonight we got the pfl it is
the playoffs as they call it and this is to go into I think their next show isn’t until November though but that would be
their their Championship run with their million dollar payoffs and stuff but you got the main event is obviously it was
kind of set up a little bit people I know people were upset about it I wasn’t on honestly but they they took points
away from a fighter based upon the performance which made Shane Burgos who they had brought in as knowing one of
their you know main attractions uh for the new signings and uh he lost his first fight to Olivier Obin Mercier you
know got a very tough win against a tough young opponent from Japan and then they put him into the finals against the
number one seed in clay Collard against Shane Burgos who’s the number four seed
but this is a great fight Johnny’s this is a fight you want to watch just hear what you just did for about a minute and
20 seconds that’s why [ __ ] people don’t watch the pfl it was way too [ __ ] much to describe
how these guys got into the into the playoffs it was just too much what I’m sorry the best fighter needs to get into
the playoffs and the guy who won and the other best fighters get in the playoffs and they need to fight that’s what it needs to happen now the
other two the ones it that basically when people it’s so funny because when we talked to I I did that whole nation
yeah he’s the one that got uh do you remember I did that I did I did something talking about how Fighters
were skewing uh they could potentially skew um their their opponents and they could
find ways to Buck the system with the betting lines and all this other stuff and this is exactly what I’m talking
about that’s exactly what happened you had two friends that train together didn’t want to hurt each other you know
and I don’t know if they rock paper scissors or scissors for someone to win but whatever happened happened and the
pfl caught on to it and they heard about it and they realized it and I’m glad they did something about it look you get
paid to fight you don’t get played to play grab ass out there you get paid to fight so the fight didn’t happen
basically if I didn’t happen well the fight happened but it didn’t happen it
wasn’t the fight it was and this this is my problem with it and this is where I told you know there was people that called me about and stuff and talking
about I said look at the pfl is the promotion they’re paying those guys to
fight those guys are making money and the way they make that money is by fighting and what they are doing when
they say okay I’ll accept that fight is they’re saying I will fight to the best of my ability
and you’ve got to say neither guy did neither guy did well you could tell it
just wasn’t their their they were not going after each other with an intensity
that you could buy into yeah it’s um it’s in your contract that it says you
will fight you will fight pretty much to the best of your for the best of your ability it says something else there’s a
different verbiage for it but yeah but yeah it basically says that and that you will give it your all and you know do
whatever you can to finish the fight whatever it is has it has all these little breakdowns in it what’s the promoter paying for
no I I understand exactly where you’re coming from in this situation and scenario though Shane Burgos he’s the
beneficiary of it all of the situation but yeah both those Fighters I wouldn’t have them on my phone in my organization
anymore if if well if you’re gonna do that if you’re gonna say hey I’m taking the
other then I’m gonna cut you there’s because I’m not gonna I’m not gonna sit there and say that oh it’s okay and I
believe that you’ll never do it again I can’t I I can’t trust that you’re gonna always give it your best performance
yeah there’s just no way and with with the way you can bet on fights now
you’re gonna see more of this and I I just I I get nervous especially
in the point system type tournament not the best Fighter moves on the guy who wins moves I think it’s not that you’re
not getting the best of the person who who won the fight you’re getting the one that won the fight but they did it and
they worked together and team together these are things that people should be concerned about um I know the promotions are I know the
betting I know the betting organizations are I’m sure the commissions are all of these things I mean it’s very concerning
and so I’m glad they did something but they got to do more I mean I’m personally like they need to be cut like
what cut release what’s that oh you’re saying I think I’m gonna be fine also too by by the commissions
sorry you’re you you’re you’re you’re um you’re fixing a fight
you fit I can tell you I’m being honest what I have I’ve had people from commissions so executive
directors call me and say uh I don’t think it’s right that they took him out of that spot you know or I you know I
look at it and yes you know look at their whole thing is it’s a point system and so with that point system
you know those guys knew hey if I get the points I’m in the playoffs and now you’re taking them out that’s just not right and I go whoa whoa whoa stop I go
the pfl is a promotion and and in in their promotion they have
a tournament and they look at and say if you don’t perform to the desired level to be part of that
tournament I could take you out and put somebody in that wants to be part of that tournament and wants to give the
performance you know that we’re expecting I go so I don’t see where the problem is there’s
nothing that says oh I’ve got to give you points I said they have a point system I understand
that but they’re a promoter and the promotion wants to put on the fights that people want to see because that’s
how they make money yeah just makes sense yeah like I said
um the commissions need to take um there needs to be harsher penalties by the commissions especially now that
gambling’s involved it’s going to be more problems later on down the line they’re going to find ways to Buck the
system and I’m sure this is what happens what you’re talking about is the whole thing that happened
with the UFC yeah that’s why the UFC took it so seriously yeah you got to let them go hate to say that but you got to
I mean it’s it’s a look maybe bring them back yeah I don’t know how old they are but you know maybe bring them back in a
year or two you know say look first time slap on the wrist we suspended you or we kicked you out of the organization for a
year or two whatever it is if you’re still around hopefully both of them both of those guys both of them have been
tournament champions both of them nope I’m not doing that man
if I’m a promoter if I’m somebody that is paying you guys a substantial amount
of money to go out there and performance to the entertainment business I’m not putting up with that and the commission shouldn’t be allowing it
um there should be partial penalties there should have been a six month suspension maybe even a year-long
suspension you cannot mess around now that there’s gambling involved
just my personal all right then tell me what is your personal opinion what is
your take on the match-up between clay Collard I’m sorry and Shane Burger you
know it’s funny that I mean they’re basically stylistically they’re very similar both are good on the feet clay color I think
is a little bit better of the grappler but I don’t think clay can get him down I don’t think Clay’s gonna waste a lot
of energy to get him down so I look at the two of these guys really throwing the exchanges but I also think that clay
color is going to go to the body a lot more he’s gonna hit to the top he’ll go back to the body and uh he’ll come back up
top now look I also believe that Shea but Burgos has got the power yeah he’s got the power but John
even though he has the power he’s up at 155. he is a better fighter at 145 he’s a monster at 145. he doesn’t want to
make that weight anymore and I think he matches up a lot better with the guys at 145. I mean the guys that I see down
there are 145. you know me wrong they’re all studs you got um Chris Wade you got
uh Bubba you’ve got uh the the the uh yeah we got potato no what about banana
dude that kid is freaking good and you’ve got a uh
yeah so you’ve got him um you’ve got that whole crew the one that gives the hardest time is move it obviously
because of the wrestling in the pit the pedigree there the explosiveness but the other three will stand in trade and
we’ll try to take him down and try to put pressure on him but that they make for great fights because they will all stand a little bit before they wrestle
um Shane is the I think Shane is the better fighter at 145. now this is a 155 clay collar to me is just someone that
he can take the damage he can take the big shots and he can still walk forward and he can make you pay and Shane and
Shane Burgers has been known to get tired he doesn’t push a fast action-paced fight and when he does he slows down so much now that was because
he cut down to 45. now it’s a 55 but he’s still because he’s got so much power because he’s he’s kind of he’s
pretty explosive those things tend to tend to slow you down as the fight goes on he throws everything with bad
intentions when you throw bad intentions you tend to slow down as the fight goes on click hard he throws things with bad
intentions but he does it in spurts a little bit like how the Diaz brothers do okay they touch touch
to the body back up to the head they then he knows exactly what he’s doing
um in terms of conserving the energy when he needs to and and having more output when he needs to he’s a fantastic
fighter man I I didn’t I wasn’t a Believer until I saw him you know put it
on a pedest then when I saw him putting on pedals like oh wow okay okay you’re
good and then I saw his next couple performances I’m like wow you you are really good it’s not just a one-time thing where pet is to the fire under
your ass and uh you know you got it done no you’re good you’re really good yeah and so um yeah when I look at these guys
I look at them like I’m gonna go more with Clay because clay at 155 is a natural 155 pounder Shane Burgos is a 55
pounder he’s a big guy I get it yeah but I just don’t see he hasn’t quite caught
on to carrying the weight as well as someone like clay who’s fought us pretty much his whole career at 55. Shane’s now
getting into 55 and he’s fighting there I just think that clay is used to taking more damage there uh Shane doesn’t have
a lot of out as much output as the round as the fight goes on Emma lean more towards clay
I can’t blame you I think it’s a fantastic I you know when we look at matchups and you know in the pfl and
some of them I look at it and I’m being honest last week you know I looked and said that’s not a good answer I’ve
already seen that fight and this fighter is going to walk through that fighter this one I can’t tell you this has got
Shane Burgos can absolutely win this fight the number four can beat the number one but the number one can
definitely beat the number four too and it’s just a matter of who’s able to fight at the range that they’re
comfortable at can Shane Burgos land counters when caller comes in and
college is always going to leave he likes to exit with body shots he’s gonna put those to the body just to you know
start trying to punch a hole in your gas tank and if he’s able to land enough it will do that because if there’s one
thing that I’ve seen out of Burgos and it may be that I saw it more at 1 45 than I I have seen it at 155 is that
he can start to lose that energy and get tired now like I said I’ve seen it more
at 145 I really haven’t seen him lose any energy at uh 55 I thought his fight
with oam the way that he um he fought that he showed that he was in great
shape you know he was in it the whole time but this is a great matchup I really I cannot wait for this fight this
is one of those ones I’m looking forward to watching that I mean I gotta agree with you I I ca look I caught I said
clay color to win but I gotta be honest it’s a 50 50 fight like you said it’s it’s a toss-up fight I just look at what
Clay’s been able to do at 55 and Shane not having quite the success in the pfl
at 55 is but as that goes for all the guys that have come over from the UFC they haven’t had success at all but well
and this you know and I’ve heard people talking and you know I had some guys you know talk to me about the fight and they
go well you know but Burgos man Burgos was he was you know Burgos Burgos is someone the UFC should never let go I
said yeah I agree with you but they did and he’s making more money and I I think he did the right thing you know and uh
they go but you know you know Collard is you know he’s good but I know college was in the UFC before Burgos what the
[ __ ] are you talking about you know it’s like don’t sit there and say well one’s a one’s a UFC fighter no neither guy is
a UFC fighter they’re MMA fighters who are fighting in the pfl and the pfl has two guys in this fight in this matchup
that are both outstanding and both can win yeah I just I look at the guys that have come over from the UFC as of
recently and none of them have had hacked success none of them it’s not easy I get it today it’s that
whole thing everyone thinks there’s so wow they’re so you know I look I agree
the UFC does an unbelievable job marketing well you know there’s a lot of people out there that look and say man
you know that they’re the best of the best and they do have some of the best fighters there are but there are those
guys outside of the UFC they’re some of the best fighters in the world too and
can match up with anything we can say that all day long but let’s I mean the reality is that sometimes when Fighters leave the UFC they feel like they’re
fighting guys that are on their level and they just don’t they don’t fight well yeah but they don’t fight well they
believe that like oh I’m better than you guys because I was at the UFC for so long that’s not the reality is is that
no the guys that they’re fighting they’re they’re making their way up and they’re just and they want to prove oh I
want to prove to you the other thing but if you’ve seen guys that come over from other organizations into the UFC they have very similar problems in the
beginning you know you can look at guys that they didn’t have great performances uh in the in the UFC when they first
came over Shogun Hua being one of them uh Quentin Jackson didn’t have a great performance his first fight in the UFC
either I mean certain guys have come over well hold on okay well you’re just making a statement there who did he
fight in his first fight oh no no that’s right Marvin Eastman yo no you’re right it was Marvin because he had already had
a fight with Marvin Eastman and King of the cage long before and so that was a rematch
and Marvin Eastman if in all honesty when you’re looking he’s the perfect style to give Rampage problems because
he could throw the biggest problem is every time he tried to drop in weight his chin kind of went bad
no I get what you’re saying what I’m saying is when Fighters leave one organization to go to the other their
first couple fights in that new organization are not the best and when you have fighters from the UFC they go to another organization they almost
carry themselves as if like I’m I’m in the UFC I don’t need to worry about it I don’t need to you know I’m gonna win no
matter what and they get there and they don’t have success is because there’s tough Fighters everywhere we’ve said that I don’t know how many times they’re
gonna continue to be but it’s a mentality though also um you have like Shogun he came over I believe he lost his first fight in the
UFC I think it was to force yeah right Forest Griffin UFC 70s Clinton came over and he had a it wasn’t a super tough
fight but he wasn’t an easy fight against Marvin Eastman you know there’s there’s several guys Silva same thing
came over to the UFC tough fights like just they struggled they weren’t they weren’t as dominant as they were in
their their other organization you wanna know why because it doesn’t feel like home you got to get you got to get in there
you gotta there’s not that company is you really do feel like you’re fighting an enemy territory in Shane Burgers I
feel like he’s not he hasn’t figured it out yet he’s still trying to get in there he’s probably trying to figure out the people in the back who tell him hey
are you ready let’s go like let’s get moving you know like the Bert Watsons of the crew different people yeah you have
different people back there trying to tell you what to do and and push you around you’re like man I don’t know you what are you talking to me like this for
you know I mean like there’s a relationship you build with the people in the back um the refs that’s true sometimes the
refs are different certified certain refs only you know a lot of them work a lot all the other organizations I get it
but they lean towards one organization more often so you don’t see them as much in your organization if there’s another
event that same weekend which there is normally and so you tend to see the same
refs all the time now you go to that other promotion and now they’re the different refs the ones you don’t always see because there’s usually conflicting
uh you know uh fights you know scheduling for the for the fights there’s a lot of little things the
people that when you show up they pick you up at the airport the people that when you get to the uh to the office to
sign all the posters they’re different people now telling you what to do telling you where to go telling you do the interviews it’s just a relationship
you’ve got to build you got to start to make it feel like home and I feel like Shane he hasn’t been there quite long
enough it’s only been I think a year and just getting it getting it under him a little bit you don’t understand like
this is my home now that’s where I’m gonna be I’m making a ton more money it’s hard it’s hard to make that adjustment we haven’t seen the best
Shane burgers at 155. I’m hoping to see a lot better Shane Burgers now that he’s in the playoffs but clay Collard I think
I’m gonna give the S to because it is his home he feels comfortable there and he feels he is comfortable there no
doubt about it you’re right all right then in the co-main event we have the guy who was the champion and the guy who
beat Shane Burgos when he first came to the pfl in Olivier Oben Mercier going up
against Bruno Miranda and Bruno Miranda has been basically on fire for a little bit here he has been lighting people up
he’s been having really good performances but you really got to give it oam when he first went to the UFC was
he was all wrestling he was a wrestling based guy who would you know ground and pound was good but stand up it was
always the is he going to make it to to getting into the clinch to get the fight to the ground and now his stand-up man he
actually is landing good combinations he’s much smoother on his feet he moves laterally he does a lot of good things
and he’s been very successful you know since coming over to the pfl
I mean I’m trying to remember does he even have a loss in the pfl I think he
does does he who beat him I think Dave pull up his record real quick for me
please oh sorry I clicked him now you had it no that’s why I know but I
changed that okay there we go in the pfl oh yeah in the pfl he doesn’t interesting
undefeated in the pfl one two three four five six seven
eight eight in a row like I said he’s he’s really coming to his own
you know and you could take a look again he’s got a couple in here he’s got the you know the two that we talked about
that were season uh playoff winners and stuff as far as they won the titles in Schultz and man and
Theo you know got to win against marcine hell who is obviously Bellator and the
UFC fighter you know then he got Stevie Ray Shane Burgos
Anthony Romero he’s doing great I mean with him he’s got a big body frame for
the weight class um a lot of people wrestle really well he’s getting to understand what he needs
to do to faint the shots and let his hands go land the big shot if it doesn’t land then get right into the wrestling
smother the space almost like a Bernard Hopkins Bernard would throw his shots he’d be he’d be out of range and then he would
throw his shots and then he would just go right to the club smother smother you clinch you hold you I mean he made it
that’s why he fought for so long was he 51 years old by the time he retired because now he can get away with that he found his way to slip off get his head
offline you know and throw his big punches and then get into the clinch and hold you from there until the ref broke
you up he made a career off of it I think that with um oam same thing he’s
up but he’s falling a little he’s falling in love now a little bit with his power he knows he’s got power He’s Got The Knockout over Stephen Ray and
then he’s also got the knockout over Romero I mean he’s got power he understands he’s got power but it is all
set up at this wrestling he doesn’t utilize yeah it’s set up with his wrestling but his Resurgence because
look he was having problems in when he was in the UFC he just everyone knew how to beat him and for the most part just
started he was just in that downhill spiral of it just wasn’t working for him and his like his stand up in the last
you know two years it’s become way way more proficient way
more that he can rely on being on his feet and he’s not diving for takedowns like he did in the past
yeah I look at this matchup though even if he wins then I’m looking to see him fight clay
collard I mean that’s well you that’s because
you’re saying clay collar is going to be changed no what I’m saying though is I’ve already seen the chambers I’ve already seen the chamber yeah I’ve seen
how it went you want to see you want to see him fight that collar I mean I don’t want to see the same that’s the problem with that’s that’s another that’s one of
the other problems I have with the pfl format it’s the same guys it’s almost the same guy as every tournament give me
some new blood give me some new Fighters give me somebody new every time take the winner of it and give me three new or
four new or eight well I don’t know how many people eight new people whatever it is give me give me a new tournament
every single time give me the top two guys put them in there in the opposite ends of the bracket from last time the ones that are in the finals
and go from there don’t keep giving me the same same Fighters and that’s what I’m getting it’s hard to stay it’s hard
to stay um interested in what goes on when the point systems can dictate where where
you know the fighter who won actually lost you know and doesn’t get in with the fight of the loss and then actually
won another fight got a submission now he’s in automatically or she’s in automatically it’s just it’s a little frustrating I
look I I see the vision of where they’re trying to go with it yeah it’s just too hard to make it work
and make sense and I think Joe Rogan said it best if I give a little a little bit of advice to the PFO
get rid of that quirky ass system of all the numbers and the scoring this the
best fighter fights the best fighter and then you move on whoever wins moves on it’s pretty [ __ ] simple like it
don’t make it more complicated than this that’s really what it comes down to I want to see the best fighters fight the
best fighters I don’t want to see the guy who just skated by with the you know with a little bit of a win here in the
split decision come over the guy who come over the guy who went for the went for The Knockout and they got knocked
out himself like you know I don’t want to see I want to see the guy who went for it I want the guy who [ __ ] was
going balls deep in you know I agree so I want to see the guy going for it that’s exactly they got something they
do have something I just the scoring the point system thing is it’s hard to follow looking and for and the
supporters becoming more casual based there’s just so many fights and so many shows people just like they because
they’ve all become casuals you know and then uh I mean if you listen to them in our comment section they’re they’re all professionals but if you if you if you
get around them you understand how casual I don’t know yeah hold on it’s the one thing our last show we were
talking with uh about Bo nickel and his thing was he did make one great comment he said you know it’s the it’s the sport
with the people who think the the fans who think they know the most don’t know a damn thing about it so it’s the truth
it’s hilarious um no but look I love our listeners I love our listeners a lot because I know most of them are not casuals uh but if
you follow some of the if I go on to some of these other shows and I go to their comments there a lot of them are they’re casuals they’re all casuals we
we attract the hardcores John you and I that a baby those are the ones we want right oh man I’ll tell you what Carlos
Miranda has come in he’s shown that he’s a tough dude I don’t think that he has the technical ability to stay with
sadabusi unless he can get soda boot to the ground and that’s not an easy thing to do anymore Sodom who is really uh
upped his level as far as his uh defensive wrestling is damn good now and
he’s good at throwing upper guys that want to take him down he’s sitting there waiting for the knee waiting for the
uppercut he’s uh look there’s a reason why he won the you know the title last year and it’s
because he’s freaking good now and he’s got a he’s got that Josh Thompson
perfect Physique in that tall long and lanky man you talk about the perfect you
know build at 170 pounds he’s got it okay some Fighters have it man
um he’s got the ability to to um continue to be the champ he got the
ability to keep knocking people out he just gotta have a little more output got to believe in what he’s doing hit the
knock on him before before he won the title was that he just didn’t have enough output and when he did have people in
trouble he sat back because he was afraid of being taken down so with Miranda he’s just got to get into his face get into his grill make
him make a mistake give him a lot of faints do it if you’re Miranda try to
fight him a little bit how uh Sean O’Malley fought um
uh Sterling get into his grill get like uh get in the face fight a little bit
and then give him faints and then go ahead and react off of that you’ve got to do that you’ve got to make him you gotta make him react before see if he
throws something and then react off of that that’s exactly how sean O’Malley fight fought aljo he got him to react
waiting for him to go and then when he went he slept right outside the position and then landed a clean shot that’s what Miranda’s got to do to stop Lucy
now we’ll see true magma and magmed karamov taking on Solomon Renfrow
I feel bad for Solomon Renfro because that’s a tough fight uh Solomon’s Got Talent he’s a good
fight he’s good in the stand-up he’s got decent grappling I don’t know if it’s good enough to stop what uh karimoff
does basically when he gets into that clinch when Maga Med karimoff gets in the cliff he’s slick he does a lot of
nice little tiny things that end up putting you on your back because you’ve got to catch them right away and if you
don’t you’re falling behind and then he’s got you where you watch it he’s done you guys are just a very good
technician yeah I mean uh margarmed Maga mad care off he’s really good in terms
of mixing up his combinations mixing in his wrestling he’s got the ability just to be on top and do a ton of damage
there’s not much I can say about the fight I mean in terms of referral is just gonna have to to try to set the
tempo don’t let karimov dictate the pace of the fight it’s gonna be difficult it’s not easy to do this because Karam
off is not bad no he’s good he’s actually pretty damn good on his feet and um and then he knows how to mix in
the wrestling what he needs and when he gets on top he’s got good grinding pad he’s got great control he pushes you
where he wants you to push and then he goes and then he goes in and let’s go to the ground a pound so I’m looking at referral he’s really just got to make
sure he doesn’t he doesn’t um give him too much respect and he
tries to dictate the pace of the fight when he allows uh karimoff to go ahead and dictate the pace of the fight then
he’s fighting defensively you’ve got to be offensive against somebody like karimoff you’ve got to dictate everything yeah so I agree and John
the ollie wash kid man he’s back it’s gonna I’m sure it’s another amateur
fight uh staying as an amateur like they’ve got
their plans for this young man and hey I don’t have a problem with it you know
I I look at it the the if I was going to say that there’s one problem I have with it they take an amateur fight and they
stick it in this position on the main card and it’s a little awkward but you know I
understand that you know they’re looking and this is the grand the grandson of Muhammad Ali he is talented he’s got a
lot of you know uh speed he’s got power in his hands he’s working hard I know
people that are working with him they all talk about hey man he’s a good kid he you know he’s dedicated all this all
the things you want to hear I got nothing but compliments to say to him
it’s just that it’s an amateur fight and you know don’t expect that they’re going to put
him against someone that’s got a ton of talent because they are they want to work with them and they want him to be a
star of the future and that’s what they’re working towards so they got a little bit of a boxing you know MMA has
never had that whole boxing element of we’re gonna build you and we’re gonna just feed you these Fighters that we
know that you should be able to beat and beat pretty convincingly and we’re going to do this over time to get you to a
certain record and then we’ll start putting you against Talent you just don’t see that in MMA much this is kind
of what you’re seeing with Walsh I mean the only but it’s at the amateur level
the only promoter I’ve ever seen do that is really Scott Coker Scott did a little bit with Kung Lee
uh you know he did it yeah and see again Kung cut came from a
different background right he was a standout in what he did
and to come into MMA you got to give him some time to you know get used to the sport
that’s understandable yeah you did with AJ McKee
AJ McKee no he started him off let’s be honest yes but he saw him as an amateur and started him off as a pro and at
least Scott Coker is smart enough to say look I think you have talent let me
help me to help you is really what he’s doing he’s saying don’t I’m not going to
pay you a ton in the beginning because I’m going to give you opponents to try to get you comfortable in this
sport gets you comfortable under the lights do all these things I’m going to help build you during these fights we’re
going to hopefully get some you know some great footage of you and highlight real stuff and we’re going to be able to use it we’re going to just start
building that’s that is you know a coalition between the the fighter and the promoter
and it’s smart on both ends yeah I mean they did it for for a while with James Gallagher they did it with AJ McKee uh
they did it with Johnny eblin they’ve done it with they did it with Austin maniford I mean did it with Dawson
Dalton Ross they’ve done a lot of good Fighters I mean even Amazon you know Amazon had some good fights obviously a
lot of fights before he came but they they helped him up though also did they
yeah what tell me who
okay I’m trying to think of the fighters that Amazon faced yeah I mean I know he faced Dave Rickles okay kind of remains
forward in I I admit he was tailored made for him he faced Eric Silva tough
fight right Gerald Gerald Harris Gerald Harris a tough fight people people give Gerald Harris enough credit
he’s dude Gerald Harris is a tough son of a [ __ ] he has a hell of a record he hasn’t lost to a whole lot of people so
they gave Gerald Harris okay Eric Silva David Ed Ruth yeah Ed was still young in the sport
yeah but we’re talking about a three-time nc2a division one right Champion not just you know and so it’s
like no I get it yeah they helped and maybe uh I don’t know I look at like Gerald
Harris wasn’t isn’t he’s good he’s very good he was probably okay Gerald Harris
when he fought Amazon was probably I’m guessing 25 and 6 26 and seven somewhere in there
yeah not that’s not an easy he’s got power too Eric Silva’s chin wasn’t all that great
but you know uh talented uh you know Dave Rickles kind of Taylor Made for him uh Ed Ruth
was shocked me in that fight was he was able to take everyone down several times oh yeah yeah the mark lemonger fight
Grace stoppage that just showed you how good his wrestling is for a guy that
never right yeah if you didn’t believe in how good his wrestling was go up and watch the very first Logan story fight geez
it was crazy to watch anyways fantastic fighter all right uh let’s go ahead and uh let’s go to the is there any other
fights on this card you want to chat about I didn’t see anything else nah I think we’re good with that you know
there’s that’s good let’s go to the UFC card but everyone tune in Wednesday here
this tonight make sure that you tune in for the pfl all right John you know what
I’m the one that always does this I’m gonna have you go ahead and do this read go right ahead John what read there’s nothing for me to read
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get some pig footage on there come on give me depends on what kind of footage you’re talking about I want some [ __ ]
what do you guys call it is it shabby Acres I want some footage of that buddy
give me some footage I might start doing it just don’t if you if you have any of the footage of you getting knocked out
of the tree I want to see that though that’s what I wanted I don’t have any footage now all right I didn’t think
that was gonna be a big thing it was a pretty big thing it was what I swear I swear to you I got
a guy that every uh three well three times a year so there’s an auction here
at a place called Tyler Brothers Daryl Tyler runs Tyler Brothers he is a fantastic dude love the guy uh just a
great businessman really helps people out when he can and stuff but
three times a year I go to that auction and they just had it and it seems like you know a lot of people come up and
talk to me and stuff and so this one guy just kept on coming up man he’s an older you know he’s my age probably a little
bit younger but you know a little bit more uh weathered but Farm stuff he
starts and he’s got this nice stitch pattern over his face right he says that’s what we said well what happened
he says oh man a tree and I went oh you got a tree story oh let me hear your tree story right he says he goes man he
says you know this tree giant treaty is split he goes and he says I want to have it on one end of it standing up one end
of it falls I go I got a story just like that right keep going right and he says he goes well there’s this one branch and
I go man this thing’s good it’s getting good too good because it’s the same thing hey he goes and I’m like I’m
looking at it he goes and it’s up there and I says if I get rid of that I said oh my God this is sounding exactly the
same right he goes well I I go up there and I cut it he goes and it goes forward
and bounces and he goes and it bounces back into my face he goes and just split me open he goes knock me over yeah he
goes that’s what happened with me he goes he said so I had to go to the hospital get off all cut up I said well I’m glad to know that I’m not the only
person that trees attack in Tennessee oh my gosh it’s gonna be like a
geriatrics convention like little Park everybody that’s been attacked by trees
and the [ __ ] tree wins every single time oh dude guys are cracking me up all right hey let’s get into the UFC what is
this what UFC what single Singapore Singapore this is not pay-per-view though right this is on a
Fight Pass no no no I’m not fight past uh please ABC it’s on ABC hello I think
it’s I think it was on something else because I think that was the whole yeah I could be wrong it’s on ESPN
don’t they normally run them simultaneously anyways ABC and ESPN Plus
I think they usually run them Side by they do I mean I think I’m thinking of another fight night card yeah this one’s ESPN
plus got it all right well hey let’s go ahead and jump in as one or there was one you got Max Holloway versus Korean zombie
let’s go John I you know I’m being honest this is one of those ones right I love Chan song
Zhang he’s a dynamite fighter but he is he’s reached his Peak and he’s overspeak
and uh he slowed down as a fighter he’s still a great Grappler but his stand-up has slowed down he
doesn’t uh he doesn’t create the same angles that he used to create with his footwork or he’s not catching guys in
the same thing and that’s in my opinion based on just speed uh he’s going up
against one of the best damn stand-up Fighters there is in the game Max Holloway is just a freaking animal when
it comes to the stand up I think this fight for the most part is going to end up in the stand-up position throughout
it the real question is you know with everything happening in Hawaii is that taking any attention away from Max
how’s he doing you know where where is his mind at and and things you know he’s
a professional so you know I have no doubts in him but I look at this fight
at one time this was an incredible fight where 50 50 I would
say it’s not 50 50 now Max Holloway is is by far the guy that should be the the
favorite in this I think uh the Korean zombie is going to be a big Underdog in this fight and uh it’s gonna be tough
for him to get a win yeah I’m looking at this fight I’m thinking to myself with Korean zombie he just can’t take the damage he used to take he doesn’t take
it as well as he used to take it uh he’s been in too many battles been in too many wars knocked down drag outs and uh
his fight with Volkman he just he just got punished the whole fight was punishment and uh I’m gonna be honest
this fight’s gonna be the exact same way he’s gonna just take nothing but punishment nothing but punishment and um
and with Max Max I agree with you in terms of we don’t know where his mindset is
but he’s a motivated son of a [ __ ] when it comes when it comes to things like this
yeah it comes to fight night he’s always fight night I believe that I believe that the Hawaiians man they’re proud
people they’re very proud people and uh but no Hawaiians are Fighters and
they’re Warriors and all the stuff that’s going on over there right now and you know and all the stuff that
Hawaiians are posting about you know the government the all they’re not happy at
all and I believe if I believe that he is someone that is he’s gonna make it very vocal
um and he wants to make sure he gets that microphone in front of him to say what he wants to say at the end
um now I I don’t know if it’s going to be positive or negative but I would imagine it’s going to be something along the lines of my people are hurting right
now and we need all the help we can get so please support us that says that’s what I see coming out of Max Holloway’s
mouth there might be some other stuff involved but he is a true um
genuine person when it comes to um him as a father him as a husband him
as a Hawaiian and uh if you guys can’t support him I can’t I can’t help you in this sport man this guy’s a [ __ ]
amazing person and so um I just think stylistically he’s a really bad matchup for Korean zombie the
speed his accuracy especially at this point in this movement and zombie just doesn’t take the punishment like he used
to but three or four years away I think it was three years away uh zombie had to join the military for yeah
it it ruined his career I wouldn’t say ruined he came back strong came back strong but he didn’t get better I
wouldn’t say it ruined his career but yeah it was a time away that he wasn’t getting progressing yeah and the game
just evolves you see that all right next fight I agree
Anthony Smith taking on Ryan’s band wait a second wait a second sorry I’m sorry to interrupt you John starting go back
go back to that fight John we we got to talk about this where does where does he go next with a win over Korean zombie
let’s be honest what who is it that you can say
who is it who is it in the featherweight division that
the UFC has signed that you would say is a favorite in beating
Max Holloway who did they just sign they just signed somebody didn’t they yeah who I don’t remember I can’t remember now
we’ve seen Arnold Allen face him and I I think Alan Arnold Allen is a fantastic
fighter but Max was able to shut him down in a lot
of ways and just prove that you got a ways to go there’s things that you got to change Calvin cater we watched that
fight Calvin cater showed you know how tough he is but there was a level difference there
Josh Emmett’s really not even in that now you know if I was gonna put anybody
against him at this point and say all right here it is you want another shot at volkanovsky
this is your chance to get it with a win and if the and if you can’t get the win
I’m gonna give it to this guy and that would be super yeah yeah but then do you really want to get
rid of your number one contender not not Max I’m saying you get rid of temporary because support is the only
guy that hasn’t really faced Volk or hasn’t lost to Max yeah but and that’s the whole point you
know you take a look in vulcanovsky I think is out for a little bit here right uh healing up so I’m not expecting him
to have a fight and you got to look and say well you know
Max is the is the the consensus number one in that weight class obviously vulcanovsky being
the champion has had three fights with him and he’s got three wins against him now the second one was super close
first one and the third one weren’t that close so maybe the fourth would be super close and we and look we we have seen
where we’ve had you know guys face off against each other four times and
usually they’re good fights so I’m not saying it wouldn’t be a good fight with volkanowskian and Holly it’s just a hard
sell It’s A Hard Sell but it’s if if you got Max Holloway
who else are you gonna put him against besides tapuria or going back to a championship fight
yeah I don’t know man I know I don’t know I mean be being honest he’s taking on
he’s a number one Josh I want you to think about this when you were number one and you were at a time
did you want to take on number eight no [ __ ] we’re not doing anything for you after I beat Nate I was number two or
three and they were trying to give me [ __ ] uh rustam kabuloff and I was like yeah go [ __ ] yourself
okay but why but why I had never heard of him I had never seen the guy fight I
didn’t know who he was no disrespect to him I know he’s a really tough fighter I just didn’t know who he was but but but
when you’re number one why is it you don’t want to fight number eight doesn’t do anything for you no it doesn’t no
you’re stuck here’s the thing though John you’re supposed to be there’s certain guys that I would have fought had they offered them to me but they
didn’t offer them to me like I would have fought a cowboy Cerrone and I don’t pedest with the champion at the time but there were certain guys that motivated
me because I just had so much respect for them there’s no disrespect sure I I was a fighter when I got to work
especially when I went back to this UFC the second time I was motivated by I was motivated by other Fighters it was hard
for me to get up out of bed go yeah that guy doesn’t really do it for me man and you could see it in some of my performances there was guys that should
have never been in the cage with me ever but for some reason we ended up going the full distance and there was guys that motivated the [ __ ] out of me and I
got him out of there in two rounds you know I mean like look there was no and no disrespect to this young man I love
this guy a lot he’s a [ __ ] great person his name fan I want the distance with him it was a one-sided fight but I
want the discipline the mic I just couldn’t get him out of there but there wasn’t a lot of motivation and trained as hard for him I was like yeah this guy’s not better than me on the ground
there’s no way he’s gonna outstrike me I’m faster than all these things but then guys it motivated me Dwayne Ludwig
how do I not get motivated for that guy kick your [ __ ] head off you know I mean like there’s there’s just things that you know and with him there was a
lot of extra motivation because my dad had passed 10 days before I woke up the morning of the fight sick as [ __ ] like
green [ __ ] coming out of my face it was just there was so much motivation in
that fight for me to get that win there was nothing that was going to stop me Fighters motive certain fights motivated
me I wanted to fight the best guys the guys are the biggest names and when I got to UFC they didn’t offer me that these guys like taporia if I’m if I’m
Max Holloway you got to give me the guy that you guys that you guys think is gonna beat me those are the guys that
motivate me tapori is the guy exactly but if I’m but if I’m sipporia knowing that you’ve Arnold Allen’s already lost
to Max uh Brian Ortega yair and Max have all lost to bulk it’s like why not just
put me in the title fight like if if I was listen you’re gonna have the same [ __ ] fight that no one gives a [ __ ]
about again but let’s be honest Max Holloway has beaten Jerry Rodriguez by Brian Ortega
yeah I know he beat him but I’m saying it was it was a it was a little shaky of a fight there light kicks yeah it was
pretty it was pretty clear it was but I mean yes it was your year had his moments but Max beat him he beat Brian
Ortega he beat Arnold Allen cater he’s gonna end up fighting you know Korean
zombie here you just look and you go yeah you know
it’s a it’s a tough road but that’s why I say I would you know if I don’t have
volcanovsky to fight someone like deporia then I’m gonna put him against Max Hollywood yeah the only guy that I
could see in that whole thing that I’m kind of interested in seeing where he goes is evil off is um see it I know
he’s got to work his way up and I’m not saying he should fight to Corey at all I’m not saying that but um watching evil
off against somebody maybe like a Josh Emmett maybe an Arnold Allen you know why not give him someone like a Brian
Ortega oh I would love to see that I agree um but you know I’m going to be honest
the if you recall ever lost last fight was Diego Lopez Lopez
that kid’s tough that kid that kid yeah and it’s it’s hard to sit there and to
say well Diego looks he he put evil off in a
lot of problems and then you watched him in his next fight you go that kid’s just good so you know it’s gonna I don’t know
where evil off is as far as you know he could have been taking you know back by not expecting someone to be as good as
as Diego was Diego’s good but you’re right avalov is a guy that you’re looking at where where’s he gonna fit in
but I would say with evil off I would put him against Calvin Gator all right
let’s see then we’re going to see you hopefully we’ll see if Max gets past uh Korean zombie maybe we’ll see the
temporary fight because I believe taporia said the only other guy I’ll find is Max Holloway that’s it which is smart he said I’ll
fight Volk yeah I want the title fight if it’s not volt then I want max if it’s not Max I’ll just wait
dumb the way but I understand this reasoning because there’s no one else really there up that in that division for him to fight if you go to Brian
Ortega Brian’s been out for a little bit you know you can see the Brian fighting him and Brian Brian threatens him a lot
in a lot of areas yeah so all right next fight yeah Anthony Smith going up against Ryan
Spann what do you think well Anthony Smith is uh somebody that’s got a little bit more cardio than Ryan’s
man I’m sorry man we don’t know I love Ryan
Spann I think he’s got all the athleticism and all the abilities but guess what he can’t seem to get past the
first round with a little bit more cardio I don’t know what it is John he just finds a way to exert himself too
much in the first round by the end of the first round or into the second round he’s a shell of a fighter it sucks
because you know he’s got the talent he’s got the talent he just doesn’t have he doesn’t have the cardio and Anthony
Smith is he can take a shot he can deliver shots he’s got power he’s pretty fast himself and I think on top he’s the
better fighter if the fight hits the ground if I hits the ground and Anthony Anthony Smith is in the top position I think
Ryan spans in trouble yeah but this is a it’s a good light heavyweight
matchup because they both I think that uh Anthony’s a little bit Slicker on the feet and I think Ryan’s fans got more
power you know when you look at them both but they both have their their strengths here but overall look at Anthony’s he’s
one of those guys man take a look at all those fights man he has got over 50 fights you know
I’ve been watching him for God knows how long I did I I think the first time I wrecked him was when he
fought Audra Gracie you know back in Strike Force
and uh that was a long time ago I didn’t even realize he was in Strike Force until we got to the UFC oh my God yeah
yeah yeah that was the one and only time at least like in strike force it might have been then
he was in Bellator fought a couple times yeah before she fought fight next fight down no no no
yeah they had a couple fights in Bellator and stuff and you know he’s got wins there he’s just been everywhere and
fought everybody you know take a look at some of the names on the list that you know he’s competed against he’s got a lot of names
and he’s he is he has definitely ducked nobody no he’s a gamer he’s a gamer
um how do you see that fight going
experience wise and exactly what you’re talking about I look at Anthony Smith as Anthony’s got
to get past the first round with him he’s got to you know make him work but
don’t take any big chances don’t put yourself in any kind of you know situations where you’re taking big shots you know
use your lateral movement and make him work in that first round once you get through the first round now you can open
up a little bit more and take the second and look at putting him away in the second to Third uh if you’re Ryan Spann
I want to go after him you know I gotta go after him hard and you know at this point he’s got the power to put
anybody away I don’t care who you are you get touched on the chin the right way you’re going to go out so I I look at Anthony in the long run if it goes
past the second round you know Anthony Smith is going to be my winner if it’s early I look more towards Ryan’s man got
it uh next fight man I think he has the potential to be fight of the night ah I think this could be a great fight
and the fact that like Giga is a dynamite stand-up fighter
obviously the ground is you know where he’s have he’s been working and stuff and getting better Alex caceres was
basically the same fighter just he didn’t have the power of the Giga did but when he first came in he was he was a dynamite stand-up very you know
exciting a lot of spinning attacks did a lot of you know crazy you know
you know double kicks and things like that and would get taken to the ground and submitted
well now he’s actually got pretty goddamn good wrestling defense and his
his ground game is not bad he actually uses it at times and and gets you know
guys in trouble on the ground so I look at this and you know Alex has
a lot more experience in MMA he doesn’t have more experience in fighting because Giga has a has a bunch of kickboxing
in the stand up I’ve got to give it to giga chikaze I think he’s just the the
better overall stand-up fighter but Alex carries a lot of movement and a lot of problems in range and getting to him but
I can see Alex Sarah is taking this fight to the ground and controlling him on the ground and getting the win yeah I’m actually because there’s I think
number 15 a gig is at like number nine I think or something even lower maybe even seven click on see where geek is out in
the rankings he’s nine and you’ve got 15 uh Alex caseras is at 15. I’m gonna go with
casares over this fight I think I think look on the feet I’m gonna lean towards Giga but the fact that because Sarah
with his footwork his movement the way he’s in and out he’s got he’s got long
limbs his ability to use he’s good at catching kicks he’s good at Sidekicks keeping the range in the distance
hitting the sidekick and then coming back with a combination and then going right into his takedowns he’s pretty
fast on his double legs and his takedowns if he gets to the body he jumps to the back really fast and where Giga Lacks it’s not it’s not even close
when it comes to the grappling Department Giga is just not good in the grappling you’re gonna look where Alex
caseros is just a way better Grappler on the feet casares can hang with them but
isn’t that funny that now you’re saying that Alex is serious dude when it comes to grappling I was serious is your man
here and you’re looking you’re going wow how time has yeah and it lets you know
that hey this young man has spent the right time getting better and making himself well around and I admire that
about him man his last loss was a submission to Chrome
Grace that’s Chrome Grace yeah dude there’s a difference yeah and the last Chrome Gracie we’ve seen is not the same
Pro Gracie we saw fight Alex um all right next is there any other fights
on this card you want to talk about look the car is not a very stacked car but it’s still a pretty good car there’s some there’s some catch me fights in
here you know they’re those stand out Aaron blanchfield against Talia Santos I
think is going to be a really good fight I think that’s a great match up there and uh it’s one of those ones where man
both of them have their strengths blancheville I think on the ground is is the superior Fighters Santos on the feet
of superior fighter so where where does the fight take place and then honestly
you know fight way down the list Chidi ninja kawani taking on Michael ohlchuk
that’s gonna be a good fight because olichek if if engine kawani is going to
win he’s going to win it in the first round and if if he doesn’t win the first round look out for oluchuk he’s gonna come get
him but it should be good I’m gonna say tafa and Porter someone’s getting knocked out I’m just gonna go out on a limb there and say that just you know I think
Porter if he’s if he has a chance to get to take down and get on top I think he’ll he’ll be with a ground a pound and get some get some work in there but I
think eventually this fight’s gonna end up back on the feet like it does every single round and someone’s gonna get knocked the [ __ ] out so it’s gonna it’s
gonna be uh it’s gonna be a good a good Display of Power I think in that fight especially if it gets into the second round when they sort of get tired
someone’s Chin’s gonna go all right hey that’s going to wrap up our UFC talk and uh Dave you got any news for us buddy
are we gonna talk yeah what do we got um do you wanna there’s a box in fact this weekend anything you want to say on the
box John’s got a little love for Dubai and usick go right ahead buddy yeah Daniel Dubois my man Alexander usick
he’s a stud that is for us WBO ibf WBA whatever else I think he’s got what
three of the titles so he uh look usick is a stud he’s fun to
watch He’s fast he’s got power but I’m being honest he shouldn’t be fighting down into why he should be
fighting Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder that’s the fights I want to see him in but that fight is uh August 26th so it’s
coming up I want to see him in Andy Ruiz I agree with you I think that would
actually be a really good fight yeah Andy Ruiz is you know got good hands
good movement man and he is slim down holy Jesus and he Ruiz is a new man yeah
I’m interested in seeing that fight we make for a fun fight I think I guess we’re gonna have to wait and see
some more hopefully hopefully we see that fight anyways all right well hey that’s gonna wrap up the boxing taco and let’s uh let’s go into some news what do
you got first Dave um I want to get your reaction to 20 Ferguson’s recent Tony Ferguson’s recent
at uh Twitter post or Instagram whatever um he said he said a bunch of things he
um and he listed them in like numerical order so I’ll read them off to you guys and then just you know you can get
comment on the ones that he misspelled your name yeah he sure did number one he
said and I’m the punch drunk one huh yeah yeah right
uh haven’t sparred good since Barboza or Thompson number two only time I find
myself in a cage is when I fight number three since pandemic none of this [ __ ] has been fun number four I used to smell
a lot more when I was competing number five being so busy taking care of others instead of myself number six is taken
absolutely everything to find myself happy number seven created boundaries between those who are bad for me
number eight structure myself so I don’t make the same mistakes number nine no I’m not retiring and [ __ ] those who
think I should number 10 I have work to do and I’m one pissed off MFR
um yeah not sparring is not a good thing like no he’s saying he hasn’t sparked good which he hasn’t had good sparring
he also says in there that he hasn’t been in the cage except for when he fights that’s another thing that’s not good those are all things that you need
to have surrounding you look we spawned in a ring when at AKA in the beginning and then you start realizing when you
Spar in a cage how much difference how much of a difference it makes because there’s nowhere your butt can’t scoot
out you can’t defend takedowns as easy you know it’s it’s more difficult it’s more difficult to defend the takedowns
Against the Cage as it is against the rose because now I can just sit on the rope and you can’t really get me I can kind of grab the Rope a little bit stop
you from taking me down with my elbow armpit whatever all those things there’s
things that you have to put yourself into these situations on a daily basis so when you get in there just come
second to none you just you’re it’s just muscle memory um you know the pandemic you know none
of this shit’s been fun since the pandemic no you know like he hasn’t won since the past yeah of course it hasn’t been that’s the thing is that
I’ve said this I don’t know how many times winning solves everything solves your problems at home solves the solves
your relationship problem solves solves your coaches problems it solves your mental problems it solves all that [ __ ]
and it’s it’s not easy when you when I lost when I lost two in a row
I had never lost two in a row I was like what the hell is going on it just it just baffled me it baffled the [ __ ] out
of me but then when I lost three and a lot my third one was to him my mentality was way different man I was like [ __ ]
it’s time to go I just lost three fights in a row you’re three like you’re thinking yourself
three fights this guy’s lost five or six in a row seven I think it’s six right it’s just
it’s not winning makes you feel like you’re
unstoppable and this sport like every sport is about confidence
six six yeah and so go back to his list please and um
you need that confidence that confidence is what gets you through the next fight which gets you which get makes you want
to push a little bit harder when you feel like you might be behind on the on the judge’s cards
he doesn’t have that right now and it’s not I’m not knocking him man like I said this I I continue to say this
he is when he started his losing streak was it Justin Oliveira and vanillaichi was it
yeah I mean like it was gaichi Oliveira and banil he was the same age that I was when he beat me
it’s it’s just it’s father time man there’s nothing there’s nothing I can tell you there’s nothing I like Tony a
lot Tony’s gonna probably take him up Tony doesn’t take his fence to whatever it is I’m saying because he’s he’s already come out publicly and said
things about me too like oh you’re just mad because I beat you up I pieced you up
you can say what you want man things like that don’t bother me I’m just talking realities and I had a nice I had
a nice long look in the mirror with myself after I lost to him it was like you need to figure out what you want to
do in life because it’s coming to an end real quick I didn’t think it was coming to an end just went the distance in a
split decision lost to Benson Henderson who was the Champ for a long time you know was supposed to fight Pettis for
the title then lost a very narrow Split Decision lost to Bobby green who I shouldn’t have lost to I was out there
[ __ ] lollygagging then I got destroyed by Tony Ferguson it was like a mental it was a mental
thing yeah the other two fights I came up short no big deal this guy can’t do anything to me [ __ ] he proved me wrong
there’s just a mentality just the mentality was different but then I got I went I went home I was like three in a
row you just you have to take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror and go this is coming to an end real quick
it’s going to come sooner than you think and if not if it doesn’t come to an end real quick there’s a there’s a hole and you’ll
notice it within a couple years of you being retired and I’m do I’m saying this directly to Tony
is that you’re going to notice things in your brain you’re going to notice things in your the way you talk to people you’re going to notice things in the way
you the way you talk to your wife the way you talk to your kids the way you the way you handle yourself
and you need to have a reality check I can’t even explain it you have to
understand how to reel it in because you’re the only one in charge of your mentality and your and your body
language and the words that come out of your mouth that can affect your relationships with everyone and it’s it’s a I’ve had these
conversations with myself a lot you know because there’s times where words come out of your mouth and it’s you don’t
realize it and so I get nervous for him watching him take these else
so it becomes become a little emotional it’s it’s a little [ __ ] up but I care
for the guys I care for all these Fighters it’s the truth yeah and the and it’s it’s people have no concept
of how lonely it gets it’s lonely when it’s
you know when you’re winning Josh everyone wants to be around you everyone wants you know oh you do this do that
when you’re losing there’s still the people that want to be around you and they’re still the people that you know are there for you but they just
they don’t know how to communicate and you know make things better for you so a lot of
times they’ll hang back because I just I’ll just give them the space and the space is basically the
last thing you need at this point with some of them and it’s a matter of like I said I love Tony I’ve known Tony for a
long time he’s a hell of a [ __ ] athlete he’s a hell of a fighter
I don’t know if he doesn’t want to retire that’s okay I understand that
but there comes a point you know what are you gonna do here
you know it’s what are you gonna do to change this up because really now it’s come to the point of
you know they’re it’s they’ve not given him easy opponents in anybody no
none of them you know when you take a look at you know obviously the gaichi was for the interim Championship uh to
then fight Habib and so that didn’t work out and then Charles Oliveira becomes the champ you know and then he fights
pineal a tough goddamn fighter he fights Michael Chandler you know Nathan is
Bobby green you know so who are we going to say is the easiest fight there Bobby green that ain’t an easy fight for
nobody Bobby green is a pain in the ass so I I sat there before and I thought based
upon pay the UFC might say you know we’re gonna we’re gonna let him go but they haven’t
done that and that’s you know hats off to him for not doing that and give him fights but I think it it comes down to
that it’s they’re not gonna this is the same thing that happened with BJ and when you know I did BJ’s fight against
wasn’t his last fight but it was his fight against yair Rodriguez and I did I’m being honest you know I
did not want to rough the fight because I knew what was going to happen and I loved BJ as a fighter I love him
as a person and I knew that this is just a bad fight for him this kid is too fast
too good now for what BJ is now and I and I asked you know I said why
are you doing that why are you [ __ ] putting BJ against this young kid and stuff I go you know what’s gonna happen
I know what’s gonna happen and he goes yeah John I do know what’s gonna happen he goes but he makes a lot of money and
I can’t give him somebody that he can just beat because then he just wants another fight and more money so he’s going to have to earn that money
and I was like yeah fighting sucks it’s just you know but he
I I understood it I was like okay you know I get it but man it just sucks and and Tony’s in that position he’s got to
fight people that are good and I don’t think I don’t think he wants to find anybody that’s not good but he’s gonna
have to figure this out you know well I can that that whole that whole
thing that whole Rundown Josh is what it’s 10 years off his life
well it’s and and it’s it’s one of those I don’t know what to do well here’s the
thing though John is the Justin Gates you find that Charles Oliveira fight
those two fights alone I can and I speak from experience because it happened to me with him at that age the damage he
took in that gaichi fight he changes you changes your body it changes the way you
think I’m the first one to tell people that all the time I said look you can’t crash that car like that you do that a
couple of times it’s not the same car it’s not even so much a couple of times it works it’s sometimes just one time
and at the age that he was at I believe he was 36 37 at the time of the gaichi fight it it’s a
you’re not the same and after the Tony thought I was I was never the same
I never fought the same after that I fought more conservative I didn’t I was I was always a step behind
um I was fighting guys you know when I fought Paulo Villas like a talented young man 11-1 I think it was his record
but I mean he should have never even got to the second round with me but it was one of those fights I was more concerned
about getting hit by him because he was younger and he had power and he was short in stock and all those things that
I kind of were like man I get hit by this guy could be over it’s it’s just I dug deep in the Tony
Ferguson fight as deep as I [ __ ] could still be there to finish the fight I
just I never wanted to quit that second round was was brutal it was brutal tough
and I I tell this story it’s in it’s probably was one of my most viewed shows
um that I did back before you and I joined is um I was in the back of that
for about probably 45 minutes to an hour shivering in the shower and the shower
was on hot steam water and my body was shivering I couldn’t get my I couldn’t control myself I was shivering so much I
lost so much blood my body was in shock you know and um it took me a long time you know that
night to actually get my body to stop shivering I’d say it took me probably about two hours three hours for my body not to shiver that’s
what’s on that sweaters on we were in San Diego by the way the [ __ ] yeah it was cold weather was nice
um it wasn’t until I got like probably two or three drinks in me that I read that my body stopped shivering you know
it’s just you’re not the same fighter I think those fights from the Justin gaichi and the Charles Oliveira but Neil
Darius Chandler The Knockout he took against Chandler like those fights right there that that kind of knockout is huge
yeah like I mean I’ve seen guys in the gym got knocked out very similarly and
with shin pads on and with headgear on and all that and they were never the
same ever again ever again um look I’m not saying he should retire
if you don’t want to retire cool do what you want but you’ve got to look like I said you got to take a good look in the
mirror and just realize that even at 40 years old 41 years old
I said this on Rogan’s show when I was on there if you live another 40 years think about you have a home of the life ahead of you
that’s right what are you gonna [ __ ] do you got to start thinking about that now your kid your kids like he’s got
young kids they’re not going to get to College until you’re 60. that goes through my mind every single
time John like the kids will your kids won’t even get to College until you’re 60 years old or 58 that money that you
made through your career is gone it ain’t there what else are you gonna
do you imagine how much money you spent just just to get to where you’re at
how much money you’re not making the money you’re making during that year those years after you retire you’re not
making any of that it’s gonna go fast it’s gonna go real fast and so as much as I care and I want the
best for him and I have no ill will towards Tony this is the fight game man this is the game I I admire him a lot
for what he’s done in his career he I think he’s chasing this is my own this is my own thought John he’s chasing that
fight that never happened against Habib he thinks it’s gonna he I and I’m not saying he’s trying to get the heavy
fight I’m saying that he’s chasing that one big fight he never got it he was
always right there he never got the one big fight he never got to fight Conor he never got to fight Habib he never got
the fight that won the the fight because that that Habib fight was there five
curse five times I mean you talk about a cursed fight you’re right that is
exactly what it was I mean he Tony blew out his knee doing media the week before that fight
unbelievable that wasn’t the week before it was the week up it was on Thursday Wednesday Wednesday or Thursday yeah I
have I have the tickets for the fight because I was going freaking crazy I have the tickets to the fight because I
was going yeah they’re like the black like card uh
plastic like black silhouette with gold on it yeah it was a big deal nope
anyways uh him and uh him and Connor got into it also Dave you have that
yeah so Connor uh tweets in response to that message Connor tweets I’m gonna end
you badly I’ve not forgotten but then also Tony responds back too
oh what did he say yeah I finally got your business what does he mean what does he mean he’s not forgot
what was the the yeah I I didn’t actually know that and that reference
there uh Tony response saying ah there’s my [ __ ] took a few to get your attention a remember when you used to
work for me and I fired your ass for not doing your job when you’re done signing your legal issues saying on the darling
yo Audi used to manage Tony I believe wasn’t it Audi I think uh I believe that
he was managed by Paradigm for a second he looked that up oh look last time I said something about Audi it wasn’t true
he got all he got it got all the set of me but I believe Tony they can’t say the
wrong stuff to leave I believe Tony was managed by Paradigm at the and he ended up leaving I don’t know just type in
Tony Ferguson manage my Paradigm Sports yeah yeah Tony Ferguson responded after
this is from 2022 accused uh Conor accused him of uh constantly changing
management which is why Paradigm no longer represents him so maybe at one time he did something along those lines
yeah yep I don’t know hey is I just want him
there but they’re both I want him to have they’re both in that position though yeah yeah I want him to have a good life I want yeah exactly I’m not
worried about Tony’s career I’m worried about I want Tony just to have you know there comes that point you know
and you said it and I agree with you that you know you got to give up your old life to start your
new one and then comes that point you got to figure out when that point is going to be that you’re going to start your new life and it’s not an easy thing to give up
your old life because it’s what you know but there’s so many things out there for Tony yeah so many things and Tony takes
the same work ethic that he’s had in fighting and puts it to
whatever he decides it’s always going to be a success yeah
no I know he just gotta have the same type of motivation he did in fighting to do anything else that’s it
all right next to what else you got first Dave all right we find out today uh Tuesday
that Mike Perry is the backup player for Logan Paul hell of a backup fighter I love that
I mean look look now Logan better pay Dylan not to [ __ ] I mean I’m like Dylan
man step aside dog let uh let Platinum Mike Perry step up in there Mike Perry I
think Knox [ __ ] Logan Paul out Mike Perry is a dog yeah Mike Perry is just a
Mike Perry’s one of those guys you know do you remember a guy named Tex Cobb
Randall Tex Cobb he fought Larry Holmes for the heavyweight champion believe so yeah he played football I want to say it
was that maybe it was Texas not Texas Texas Tech but he was played football
and then he became a professional boxer and he was also an actor but man he
could take a shot and he would just keep walking forward and he was Randall text Cobb was the the epitome of
the guy that you know you’ve had those guys that you know you could say in sparring but you’ve been in a fight you
hit the guy with everything you have it’s a perfect shot and they just go yeah and they come forward and you go ah
[ __ ] yeah That’s Mike Perry That’s What I Love About It Mike Perry’s got that just dog in him I
think I couldn’t ask for a better backup fighter I mean personally you know he’s gonna come to fight you know he’s going
to be there and you got to get me ready you got to give it up to bkfc that they’re allowing him to do it yeah I love that I love that about them perfect
yeah there was a lot of talk that Rocco was going to end up fighting uh Logan Paul also in a boxing match we’ll see if
that ever pans out for afterwards there was uh hey there was something else that I sent you Dave
uh yeah no no not that not that pull that up last um there’s another yeah there was
another thing that I said I wanted I think I sent you it was the thing with um Juliana Pena
Juliana yeah her and the oh maybe I didn’t send it to you damn it look it up
talking about because her and uh Bueno Silva they got into it well so Bueno
Silva’s gonna have problems right now yeah yeah well let’s talk about that too buenosovo tested positive for
performance enhancing drug which apparently lines up with her ADHD medication I’m I’m just saying it’s it’s
called the performance dancing drug am I right okay but it lines up but then you have Julianna Pena coming out
calling her the chitara the chitara living up to her nickname
back to being a curtain jerker on the Apex and can go and and there you go you might you fought you fought two 41 year
olds this year and you had to cheat in order to get it done can’t pass a drug test keep my name out of your mouth you
dumb broad she’s [ __ ] well Juliana Payne is [ __ ]
Juliana Pena first off Julia Juliana Pena has a very sharp tongue it is razor
sharp and she goes down to you she’s gonna say whatever the hell she wants but you know look
I don’t I don’t know what and and this is where you know there is a question when you’re talking about Bueno Silva
you’re saying she said look I I took this medication no doubt about it it’s prescribed to me it’s for ADHD
um I normally I stop it the week of you know the fight and that seems to have
worked in the past it didn’t work this time okay I want to know what does that drug that
she’s taking do to to enhance your performance does it
you know and this and the reason why I’m saying that in in that fashion Josh is you know everything that they have as a
performance enhancer because they have marijuana as a performance enhancer I’m sorry it’s not a performance yes I thought
they removed it there are plenty of places where Texas
okay you can’t get caught with marijuana performance answer and so
I’m not saying what she did you know is good or anything like that but I want to
know exactly what does that drug that she’s taking do to enhance your performance that’s my question
I don’t know I want to know can you imagine if Juliana Pena was your wife or your
girlfriend she would [ __ ] verbally abuse you and then after she verbally
abused the [ __ ] out of you she would beat the [ __ ] out of you probably with the bloody end of your dick
[Laughter] you were talking about chimpanzees before ripping something off well you
could have a girlfriend that could do that or a wife can you you better be a fighter to deal
with her she is her husband’s a Chicago Police he better be he better have a badge and a gun to protect him he’s got
a gun hahaha she is [ __ ] ruthless with her tongue
man like I do she but you know what she’s awesome yeah she is yeah she really is she’s an awesome
person uh you know she just is she gonna tell you what she thinks yeah I love that I mean she’s out there
she’s out there making it work man I love it I love it um yeah it sucks because look no matter
what uh Bruno self was gonna end up getting a six month suspension no matter what
yeah no matter what so she’ll be out for a while I don’t know how that affects the rankings I don’t know how they’re gonna put it but but look the reason why
some of this stuff is uh test positive is that it helps mask the age it helps mask
um the use of other drugs other yeah yeah could be so I mean I don’t know could be
all right and the last thing you got for us Dave all right I got a picture from UFC this
past weekend of alderman Sterling and Sean uh sugar Shawn facing off and in
the middle is Bruce Buffer I know you don’t have a comment about the fight you have a comment about something yeah Bruce Buffer man I love you brother I
love you and I’ve always kind of admired your uh your dress code but brother that thing looks like John
said it looks like it came with batteries I’m sorry man I man I’m trying to I’m
trying to end these shows with a little bit of laughter and some fun that that is hilarious man like look John you
brought up a good point earlier when we were talking about it off air I if this was worn in December like it’s like the
Grinch yeah or Christmas I would be like you know what good call good call because it lights up like a Christmas
tree it looks like it comes in August in Boston Bruce I love you you are you are the man
you have I can be an incredible career and you are a classy dude that usually dresses to the nines
tell Kings Bay they need to reinstall the battery pack on that packet okay it
will change colors as he moved it was like the it was like a you know the paint jobs you get on the guy on the
kids that have the the the drift cars the 19 year olds that have the souped up Japanese drift cars and they’ve got that
paint that just changes that was that jacket and I was just like yeah you should have saved that when he moved it
moved with it and it lit up even more and it went dim and it was yeah but here’s the thing though as I’m looking
at this picture I just realized brother if you not watch the movie Boomerang you gotta coordinate you have a blue face
watch on with a red and green jacket come on brother you got to get a green
face watch get a green face Rolex it’s about coordinating you gotta you gotta coordinate but you got to coordinate dude now you’re making it hold it you’re
making the man actually have to go out and buy
I gotta say this is the last thing though is Bruce it might not be the batteries it’s just your persona that’s
lighting that is true that is okay brother I mean it pops really well with the Monster energy drinks in the
background you know it’s Shawn them out and Sean O’Malley’s hair look at that you know all of Sean’s
tattoos and his pants all work with it the pink characters I mean [ __ ] Sterling’s got green hair his his uh
braids were dyed that’s true good stuff man maybe he just coordinated with them interesting all right wait that’s gonna
wrap up our show today and I hope you guys enjoy it make sure you guys tune in for the pfl tonight don’t miss it tune
in watch pfl tonight John take us away clay cargo click cargo clay cargo
Collard clay Collard again Shane Burgos will be a fantastic fight so go and
watch it now we’ll see